Provoking Nuclear War with Russia – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary and international award-winning journalist, is warning that NATO and the U.S. is deliberately provoking nuclear war with Russia in Ukraine.  PCR explains, “In the middle of a serious situation that can already go out of control, we are adding new provocations.  It is clear Washington intends to push these provocations to the hilt.  In a normal sane world, everyone would understand that it is recklessly irresponsible to put Finland and Sweden in NATO, particularly at the present time. . . . The Russians have a high tolerance for provocations and, therefore, the provocations that the West commits never have any costs, and they increase in number and severity.  At some point, these provocations are just too much to stand, and that’s where you cross the line and the situation becomes nuclear. . . . How much can you provoke them and they let loose and it hits the fan?  I see everything Washington doing is designed to further provoke Russia.”

PCR says people do not realize how dangerous the Biden/Obama administration policy is regarding Russia.  This sort of provocation of Russia has simply never happened before.  PCR says, “This strikes me as dangerously irresponsible.  No other President in our history has ever done that.  Nobody in the cold war provoked Russia.  It just was not done, you avoided that.  You tried to reach reasonable understanding as Kennedy achieved with Khrushchev and, later, what Reagan achieved with Gorbachev.  So, what we are witnessing is unprecedented.  That’s why it’s dangerous.  Washington is doing everything it can think of to provoke Russia.”

In closing, PCR says, “At some point, lightning is going to strike someone in the Kremlin, and they are going to say we are at war and this is World War III.  It’s got to happen.  Why isn’t it World War III?  We are sending another $33 billion to Ukraine.”

We are stumbling toward nuclear war.  PCR says, “That’s the avenue we are traveling on, and it is not possible to discuss it except to blame it on Putin.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with award-winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for 5.03.22. (There is much more in the 55 min. interview.)

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Great interview Greg,

    Will it come or is it just another fear trauma based mind control operation.


    • Astraea.

      There are some strange people in the world – OUR world – who believe that they are different and better than the rest of us and those really very stupid people who like to believe that they are very intelligent, are simply destroyers. Very cunning, but certainly not intelligent – at least, I do not think that living in the world in a state of perpetual envy and hatred is intelligent! They feel separate and they keep separate and they are envious of all the rest of mankind!
      While pretending that it is the rest of mankind who keep them separate!They have everything back to front and always have had – but they complain endlessly about how they are treated and how all of mankind is “anti- semiticc” !! That is how they control us – and they own all the media. It is they who are anti all the rest of us.
      They rule America and are known as “neo-cons” – and they are very powerful in the World because they control the banking system – and our money.
      They rule the Ukraine and they use the Nazis there. Or, they ARE the Nazis there!
      These people want the Ukraine which they intend to call “Greater Israel”.
      They originated in that area – or part of what they call ed Kazaria is part of Urkra

      • retired 22

        Either you are a drug addict having a downer or a megalomaniac.
        Whichever it is,you should turn yourself in & get some serious psychiatric help!!!

    • Rob

      Awesome interview with Dr PCR. His chuckling humor is well received as so many are Brainwashed and STUCK ON STUPID.
      I’ve been praying and would encourage others to Pray that the 3000 or so worldwide satanic war mongers get exposed by the BILLIONS of Peace Loving God Fearing People all around the globe…they really don’t stand a chance with the numbers.
      The occupying XIDEN Regime needs to go and President Trump needs official vindication for Peace To Prevail…he’s proven the path to Peace before and will easily again given the opportunity of Law & Justice to Prevail in the 2020 Stolen Election.

      • retired 22

        This Biden Regime in Washington is like the P’etain government in Vichy France in 1940.
        Biden &the puppets in the Democratic Party are just following orders from their masters,the Globalists in the EU.
        And their masters in the EU are half crazy degenerates going down with a failing financial system & getting desperate!

    • Mike

      ISA cannot kill people fast enough. The leaders go snuggle in their bunkers while innocents are blown to bits.

    • Art Simpson

      Ez 38:10 says at the same time Israel is attacked so will be the land of unwalled villages –or, U.S. Just read it. The 3rd seal is famine, followed closely by the 4th seal war that kills 1/4th the earth. Famine is coming in a few months.

      • Dave

        We have yet to enter into The Great Tribulation. That can only begin when the Anti Christ signs a peace treaty with Israel. These are just “birth pains” forewarning us of what’s to come. Help Jesus.

      • Dwight Branson

        I agree Art, I also expect to see the building of the third Temple in Jerusalem soon.

      • David Bagley


      • Brian Dougan

        Art: Ezekiel 38 needs to be understood in full biblical context. Contrary to popular teaching; biblical Israel consists of the physical descendants of the ten tribes of Israel. The land that today calls itself Israel has named itself after the ancient land. Not the people. Their nation is actually Judah; not Israel. God split the twelve tribes into two houses–Israel, and much smaller Judah. The linear descendants of the patriarch Judah became known as the Jews–Or Judahites/Yehudis. The term Judahite denotes tribal membership. The tribe of Dan were Danites. Reuben/Reubenites. Asher/Asherites. Simeon/Simeonites, and so on. Jesus was a Judahite; descended from Jacob’s son Judah. Was Jesus a Danite? No. Were Danites Judahites? No. They were Danites. Biblically, and logically; the descendants of the ten tribes were non-Judahites. Therefore; they were not Jews. It’s very basic, and has the support of scripture. Moreover; God promised the exiled ten tribes that he would–(pre-Millennial promise; see Hosea) multiply them greatly.

        Joseph’s two non-Judahite sons (Ephraim and Manasseh) were foretold to become a “[Great] nation, and Commonwealth [company] of nations.” Their descendants would inherit the multiple; tangible–and spiritual–birthright blessings. When? Read Genesis 49. The blessings would reach fruition in the “latter days.” (Genesis 49:1, KJV.) None of these blessings/promises were fulfilled in the Jews. Nor could they. “The birthright was Joseph’s”–Passed along to his sons, and their future descendants. The Jews had the blessing of becoming the royal tribe; through whom the Messiah would come.

        There is no specious “spiritual Israel.” That is completely at odds with the prophetic voice of scripture. The multitudinous descendants of the (non-Judahite/non-Jewish) ten tribes are a powerful force on the earth–today. In full accord with the birthright blessings; this group of related nations would be very wealthy; powerful, and spiritually blessed. They would “possess the gates of their enemies.” (Military chokepoints.) They would serve as God’s “battle ax.” They would have countries geographically protected from invaders–Oceans of their sides. They would be a missionary people–God’s “servant people.” They would have God’s laws “written on their hearts.”–Unlike any other nations.

        They would be estranged from their sister Judah. Over the long ages–away from their homeland–They would lose their identity as Israel. Judah would always be recognized as the Jews/Judah. Read Zachariah 2:7. God would lead a “remnant of JUDAH back into the land of their fathers.” Judah; not the house of Israel; ten tribes. When? “Before the great day of the Lord’s anger.” Most scholars agree that the regathering took place ca 1948.

        Judah is NOT biblical Israel. The multitudinous “Nation, and commonwealth of nations” are the modern descendants of the ten tribes. History traces them. Jesus and the apostles knew where they were located. The Jewish historian Josephus informed us–in the early first century–That “There are but two tribes subject to the Romans. The ten tribes are beyond the Euphrates; a great multitude, and not to be estimated by numbers.” *Antiquities of the Jews. 11:133.* It has been estimated that they were about six to seven million strong at that time. They were the founders of the mighty Parthian Empire; who defeated the Roman army several times.

        History leaves them migrating to the edge of the Caucasus Mountains. By sheer amazing coincidence; a “parallel people” appeared on the European side of the Caucasus–At very nearly the same time, and in the same place. Modern (anti-Bible) historians have not bothered to connect the dots. However; were none of this true–Much prophecy would be left unfilled. God did not need a “Plan B.” The physical descendants of the ten tribes exist; a vast number; in a “Nation, and commonwealth of nations.” “Spiritual Israel” is a human invention.

        Back to Ezekiel. Study the whole Old Testament. Particularly Hosea. God did not permanently reject the ten tribes. Far from it. God makes it extremely clear: The house of Judah, and the house of Israel–Are two separate; distinct entities. They are not interchangeable. Judah is emphatically NOT Israel; ten tribes. Note well: A Judahite–the Jews–Were descended from the man Judah. Therefore; Jews. Members of the ten tribes were not Judahites, and therefore–Not Jews. Jew/Judahite is merely a tribal distinction.

        Ezekiel makes no mention of the house of Judah being attacked in the latter days. Make no mistake–They WILL be attacked; as described by other prophets. Around the same time as the “mountains (nations) of Israel.”

        The attack on/against the “mountains of Israel”–in this context–can mean the countries of Israel. Moreover; tiny Judah (mid-East “Israel”) does not have real mountains–Nor have they been uninhabited; as described. Note also: “Dwelling without bars and gates” means–literally–Dwelling carelessly. Weakened militaries; weakened people; etc. Who does sound like to you? Finally; as a few other learned Christians have begun to realize–In agreement with the ancient national names described in Ezekiel; properly translated–The former Soviet Union will join forces with China, and Iran. (and a horde of other anti-West countries.) God will “hook them” and pull them down on his people “From the north” Look at a 3D representation of the earth. China–And Russia–Sweeping down over the north–and into Canada. This also fits with Russia and Europe. Russia has strategic stations to the north of parts of Europe.

        “Have you come to take a spoil; cattle and goods?” The Chinese covet our huge; fertile land. The USA and Canada–Abundant water. Mineral resources; agricultural land; huge unspoiled land mass. Fisheries; strategic geographical positions. We will be a juicy prize. The Chinese are desperate for more land. They are out of space. They’re in a mess. Twenty years ago; Russian military leaders wrote about this eventuality. All of this dovetails with prophecy. Remember: Judah is not Israel. Do not confuse the two houses. The genetic descendants of Judah are not Israel. Yes; they are Israelites. All twelve tribes are Israelites. But; the Jew is not Israel. (Benjamin was “on loan” to tiny Judah. They became known as Jews; although nor descendants of Judah. If I’m correct; the Levites also were (sometimes?) known as Jews. And, as well; proselytes to Judaism.

        The Jews are our flesh and blood? White? What does the Bible say? Read on. [1] Israel’s Nazarites are described as being “purer than snow, they were whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies” (Lam. 4:7 KJV.) (Ruddy; blood in the face; able to blush.) [2] Here is a description of King Solomon; Jesus’ ancestor: “My beloved [husband] is white and ruddy…” (Song of Solomon 5:10 KJV.) [3] The Seventh Dead Sea Scroll describes Sarah; Abrahams wife, and half-sister. “How beautiful her breast, and how lovely all her whiteness.” Article: “Religion: The Beauty of Sarah.” TIME Nov. 19, 1956. Full Article–,33009,867284,00.html

        The twelve tribes. One father; Jacob. Twelve sons; four different mothers. All family. DEspite some nonsense; the majority of Jews are White. There has been some race mixing among the Jews/Judahites. However; on the whole–They are White. Like their brothers and sisters of the “lost” ten tribes. Most Jews live in the West. Among their unidentified brothers and sisters. Who protects the remnant of Judah in the Mid-East? The USA, and her (literal) brothers in the other Western nations. Britain was instrumental in its (re) formation. Does it not now fit? The identity of the “nation, and commonwealth of nations” is right under our nose. Staring us in the mirror. In plain sight. It’s time for Christians to wake up.

        • Tim

          Amen Brian! Thank you for sharing an UNKNOWN TRUTH to most of the church world today. God bless you.

    • Anthony Australia

      Fear, fear and more trauma based mind control

      War drums beating here Ray Mate, with the Chinese this time who practically own this place already.

    • David Bagley

      America is so evil.. it’s time to end

      • Greg Hunter

        No it’s not time to end America, it’s time to SAVE America!!! It’s time to get rid of evil!!!

        • Luther C

          Correct, America has been hijacked, the hijackers need to be arrested and brought to justice! People of integrity must be put in their positions.

        • Clint D Young

          Greg, Only God can save the USA at this point. Yet, the Lord is the one that will muster the troops against Babylon USA for the peoples have sinned against the Lord (Jeremiah 50:7)

        • Laura McDonough

          90% or more refuse to read or be informed by friends and family, or refuse to believe gov. is corrupt- saying don’t have time (would rather play tennis/golf/go fishing/ take the boat out) ,no concern about their kids futures or much else. Few patriots alive today, mostly elderly. America has been conquered and political officials are compromised and incompetent. A civil war likely to break out in communities, then spread. If food shortages and high prices continue, riots in cities will be next. Everything is broken and this is the issue.

    • HansJam

      I respect PCR, but am I to understand that the Russian Federation shoulsd behave in the same lawless manner the US habitually is engaged in? Maybe Russians feel that it is the job of the American people to keep their government in line. At least that is what should be expected in a democracy. They can’t believe that the country they helped to birth has been morally and spiritually perverted by a few psycho billionaires.

  2. Coal Burner

    Don’t know if he said why the US Government are so anxious to push Russia or destroy them but it is about Russia not cooperating about using the petrodollar. Russia is trying to dump the Dollar hegemony. The reason the US politicians will risk everyone else’s life is that they are owned by the NWO. NWO thinks they can use us like we use Ukraine, Finland, Sweden as fodder. They get the population reduced, Russia gets hurt, US Patriot Middle Class gets hurt, NWO will be happy. To close the points about the Petrodollar, When Libya, Syria, and Iraq wanted to trade oil in something besides dollars as in gold, the leaders were killed and their country’s destroyed. US did not care who got killed or how many. It was about forcing them to use the dollar and keep it as the reserve currency. I suspect Russia backing their Ruple with gold spells US failure this time. OR Nuke war. At any rate, I hope Russia hits the EU, NWO, Brussels first and the “City of London “Company second where the Rothchilds live underground.

    Roberts is right about how many people believe all the lies and have their heads in the sand. I try to tell people who should listen and get it and they cannot get their head out of the lies and think it through. They don’t want to believe the bad so much that they somehow leave reality. Otherwise smart people.

    • IIG

      The Russians have a nuclear torpedo called the Poseidon 2M39 – they can release from a submarine that can create a tsunami wave (1500 feet high) that can wash over the entire island of England (making it a radioactive wasteland and erase the warmongering plotters of nuclear war and the manipulators of gold right off the face of the Earth forever) – the only thing holding Russia back is that they don’t want to kill ordinary civilians – but remember – the US “did not hold back” (under Truman) when he knew his atomic bombs would kill millions of innocent Japanese civilians – so “the ordinary people” in England should “at least begin” sending their children out of the country (right now) – the way the Jews in New York City are currently sending their children out of the city (knowing the criminals in Washington have already placed “a dirty nuclear bomb” in New York City – to use as a “false flag” – and blame it on the Russians – so the eugenicists in control in Washington can go to a “full fledged nuclear war” and achieve their “total human extermination goals” by 2030!! –

      • LBL

        Nuclear Bombs don’t release that much radiation.

        The radiation released by one large H-bomb (Megaton+) is less than what was already released in British nuclear accidents at nuclear power plants, e.g. the Windscale fire, that helped the Nuclear Science community learn about Wigner Effect heating & material damage.

        Radioactive materials end up being stored in Nuclear Reactors – because they operate for 1000’s of hours.

        A Nuclear bomb achieves its heating & explosive effect by using geometry & materials to accelerate the half life of fissile materials such as Uranium & Plutonium.

        However the heating only lasts for about 1 microsecond, and then the bomb materials fly apart.

    • Laura McDonough

      I read Mr Roberts on Lew Rockwell, like his articles and he doesn’t ramble on like some of Lew’s other writers. The U.S. loves to meddle in everything- gets involved over there when we need to stay out. We can’t even control our southern border. Afghanistan and V.Nam (and other areas in the Middle east) were a U.S. boondoggle and failure.

    • Dawn

      Why would Russia respond to the USSA ?
      No one need answer to the USSA and rightly so

      This is the USSA fault for most part because of what NATO has done

  3. Coal Burner

    I laugh just like you do Dr Roberts. I know we sent some great weapon toys over too the Ukrainian Nazis but the idea that they can beat Russia, LOL, Ha, HA, HA, choke, gag, chuckle. Hey I enjoy watching those Javlines blow up Russian tanks but is that winning , no, chuckle. Consider too there is a Russian Crew in each of those tanks. Men dying, not a video game. Russia is going to strike back and who will they strike. My kids, Kids in DC. Yes, kids live among the morons in DC.

    • Charles H

      C B,

      Never forget; never forgive. I think Russia will have every reason to take half of Ukraine – right up to the Dnieper River. ‘In your face’ works both ways!

    • WD

      Coal Burner,

      Javelins are a disaster. They are clumsy and have little effect on the Russian tanks. Stop looking at MSM for information. The weapons we are sending there are being black marketed to more rogue nations.

      • Charles H

        It is a racket – with a killer kick-back.

  4. Coal Burner

    Anyone who can get their family to go should take a long summer vacation in Chile.

    • IIG

      Excellent Idea!!

  5. Bernhard schiffel

    Alles ganz einfach , durch die Impfungen werden Millionen Menschen sterben .
    Der Plan ist ein sodom und Gomorrha .
    Es wird ein schuldiger gebraucht der für den holocaust verantwortlich ist. ..
    Paar Atombomben und die Medien haben für Jahrhunderte den Schuldigen .
    Deutschland. dann Rußland dann China . Das dauert etwas länger aber eine
    Verdienstquelle für die nächsten 200 Jahre . Die Welt ist schön , wir holen uns den Himmel auf die Erde .

    • Paul from Indiana

      If anyone is interested in what this Schiffel guy has to say, here is a translation:

      Everything (is) completely simple: by means of these vaccinations millions of people shall die. The plan is (to bring about) a Sodom and Gomorrha. They will need a scapegoat to be responsible for the (new) Holocaust. (As a s result of ) A pair of atom bombs, the media have for centuries (now) a guilty party, (first it was) Germany, then Russia, now China.
      That’s going to continue for a little while longer, but a source of earnings (will be needed) for the next 200 years. The world is beautiful; we are making (literally “fetching”) for ourselves a heaven on earth.

      Don’t get on me; I didn’t write it! I’m only telling fellow Watchdoggers what it says. I have a master’s degree in German from the Johns Hopkins University (1976). Best always. PM

    • drew

      Du hast den NAGEL auf den Kopf getroffen.
      Aber der HAMMER ist das Banksterkartell, eine psychopathtische Mafia einiger weniger Familien, die es seit 250 Jahren geschafft hat, durch finanziellen Wucher zu manipulieren, dass Regierungen per Gesetz die Bevölkerung in eine Viehherde verwandeln, und die Tiere können sogar ihre Farmer wählen. Alles Geld, alle Einrichtungen, das Land und die Arbeitskräfte wurden ausgebeutet. Jetzt sind einfach zu viele Tiere auf dem Bauernhof.

      You hit the NAIL on the head.
      But the HAMMER is the bankster cartel, a psychopathtic mafia of a few families that for 250 years has managed to manipulate by financial usury that governments by law turn the population into a herd of cattle, and the cattle can even vote for their farmers. All money, facilities, land and labour has been extracted. Now there are just too many animals on the farm.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Drew,
        You said it ALL in just one paragraph!
        I do my best, banging on and on about the dynastic banking families needing to be the focus of our collective attention, but ‘we the people’ are so EASILY distracted. I guess that’s why false flag atrocities are so effective – emotions overcome logic and no one stops to think, ‘qui bono?’

  6. Marie Joy

    ALL Americans should learn about alpha, beta, and gamma radiation, building shelters on your property, iodine, Geiger Counters, etc. is a good place to start.

    • regaleagle

      A “good” place to start is with a one-way ticket to the jungles in Costa Rica. Once there, then the work will begin.

  7. Fredrick Getzschman

    United States Politicians are in the regime change business through never ending war, their history proves this fact. Their current targets for regime change appear to be Russia and China which will be continuously attacked until regime change is accomplished. Hato Nato nations will be used by Washington DC until the Europeans are all dead, Europe is Washington, DC’s canon fodder for the war against Russia and China and they will be depleted as Washington DC press gangs Europe nations into war against Russia and China. Great report.

  8. Paul in Oz

    Always great to hear one of the most insightful guest on USA watchdog. So much wisdom and understanding. From an outsider’s perspective the US appears far weaker than Russia especially when you combine them with their Chinese alliance. What make America uniquely weak at this juncture 1) a clearly senile puppet having been cheated into office, which is quickly being exposed (2000 mules) 2) A debt level well beyond that which can be paid, held at artificially low interest rates with skyrocketing inflation 3) a weak almost as bad as Australian manufacturing sector 3) a population so divided the country should be renamed the Un-USA, 4) a loss of respect and support which no longer commands the fierce support of the citizens of it allies. 5) what appears to be a complete loss of ability to continue the financial charade called “free markets”. i.e. gold priced in every other currency is at record highs. stock market in bear territory. 6) an increasing failure of the food supply. … more could be said … nonetheless the world needs a strong USA more than it citizens do! The world is watching and supporting the patriot movement which through the Trump administration exposed the worldwide cabal hell bent on enslaving humanity in indentured and controlled servitude. God bless the USA and God bless you and PCR!

  9. Johnny Cool

    Alternative Media includes USA Watchdog.

    G.A. Stewart: I am leaving this post open, because the Alternative Media apparently does not like to link anything from this Website, and this is a very important post that could wake people up and maybe save lives.

    Here is another spot on prediction that will come true, and it is straight out of the pages of my 2019 book, Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III.

    • Ray

      Excellent JC……
      G.A. STEWART again nails it.
      With the UK and European Lap Dogs toeing the ever hegemonic NATO line, the prophecy of “Tin Saint George” (England) being “half sunk with water” rings ominously at this very late hour.
      In a master stroke, Russia could lay waste to England and 2/3 of Europe (who are against them) by detonating an under water thermonuclear device in the English Channel, sending a tidal wave of huge proportions across the UK and Europe.
      Soon after……and I mean mere minutes after……the follow up nukes head towards the US, Canada and Australia.
      We bastards deserve it too…..utter filth we allow to lead us, deceive us, inject us.
      May Russia prevail…….all it wanted was to be left alone……but no…..THE FILTH had to hassle them at EVERY opportunity.
      The Hegemonic Bully and its’ international cohort of faithful Lap Dogs look like they are about to be kicked fair in the teeth, the stomach and in the balls really, really hard.
      Karma’s a Bitch, so they say.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • American Patriot

        Ray – I could not agree more. The people running our USA are fools and interested only in their own betterment. The chickens are coming home to roost. I feel sorry for innocent Ukrainian ones, American and EU peoples all. The central banker controlled politicians are to blame in spades.

      • Anthony Australia

        Couldn’t agree more Mate.

        The Long, Lucrative & Bloody Road To World War 3

        • Ray

          Thanks for the link to the article mate.
          Get supplies Brother……get your Trusted Ones near.
          The ‘fart in the bath tub’ can’t be held from the surface much longer.
          Both have to pull the the trigger…….
          US ……as the sham ultra financialized / woke / green economy tumbles into the depths of zero, zero, zero.
          Russia… the realisation that the US & Lap Dogs are looking to kill them to cover their abhorrence becomes inescapable.
          Go well Brother.
          If we survive this…..which I doubt, let’s try our best to rebuild a once proud Australia.
          Right now…..our nation is a shit hole…..ripe for the karmic nuking.
          Ray, Canberra , Australia

          • susan

            Ray, if there is anything we could do from the flyover part of America to help you all in Australia we would do it. In the meantime we are praying for you.

            • Ray

              Thank you Susan…..thank you xxx
              The “Fly Over” part of America is certainly the greatest part of your country.
              You are in our prayers too, and always in our hearts.
              Best wishes be with you and your family, always.
              Ray, Canberra, LDN.

    • David Bagley

      Trump knew the globalists agenda of population reduction through big pharma

      • susan

        David, we are getting a little tired of your Trump propaganda. Let it go.

  10. Mike R

    SPECIFICALLY, its the DEMS provoking war and nukes in Ukraine. Look who just visited who had NO BUSINESS being there, and that tells you all you need to know. All to justify their lies about TRUMP, and Lies about Russia getting Trump elected. So they are pretending this is retaliation, when the reality is they just use it as an excuse to upend Amerika even if it means getting us (here in the US) nuked off the face of the planet.

    The Dems and Left are so disgustingly criminal and corrupt that no words can describe how evil and vile these miscreants truly are.

    • IIG

      Mike says:”The Demons on the Left are so disgustingly criminal and corrupt that no words can describe how evil and vile these miscreants truly are.”
      Psalm 14:1 sums it up pretty well – “Only a fool says in his heart: THERE IS NO GOD – and these fool Demon Atheists are corrupt to the core – they have already done Obama-in-able things to our children – like “jab” them to death (and remove and sell their organs) – most of these Evil Demon Atheists “are queers” like Horror-e who promotes the death of humanity – and they tell our school children “Stories” (dressed like clowns) about how our children should cut off their private parts to become gay and lesbian – “so as to guarantee no future children can be born” (even if Roe v. Wade is overturned) – these Insane Demon Queer Psychos (scream “that a woman has a right to her own body” – yet in the same breath – “deny us the right not to have our body jabbed” with the HIV and AIDS they gleefully spread among themselves!!!

    • Vladaar

      @Mike R

      It’s not specifically the Dems anything.

      I get so tired of people’s paradigms thinking Dems vs. Republicans.

      The reality is it’s the patriots ( freedom Lovers ) vs. Globalists. The globalists are composed of mostly Dems, but also lots of Republicans which are referred to often as RINOS, but they are globalists.

      • Mike R

        BUT IT IS THE DEMS. It was Pelosi and her cohorts meeting with Zelenski, the guy they’ve set up to bring on the nukes from Russia. I am so very sick of people allowing the Dems off the hook. This goes back to Obama, and the Clintons. Its the dems who rigged the election IN CONJUNCTION with China’s CCP. Its the DEMS in every state who used mandates to BROWBEAT People. It was not the GOP pulling that unconstitutional CRAPOLA. Its the Dems who cheat time after time in EVERY single election. Its the DeMs who have used black people like pawns, with untold promises, but never any delivery except FREE FREE FREE. IT was the Dems specifically who have taken us in EVERY WAR. Every single one. They are warmongering whores, who have gotten millions of Americans killed. Its the DEMS sponsoring and opening and creating a porous border, that brings in the killing with fentanyl, and many other narcotics. I could go on and on, but the worst part of the dems is their destruction and brainwashing of several generations of children in schools. I have two now ruined adults kids, because of the dems, kids who were brainwashed into thinking they could change their sex, willy nilly, and could violate nature and shun GOD. I was able to save my youngest son, from the horrors of libtarded teachers and democrats who destroyed the state of Il. IL is BANKRUPT because of the Dems, and the Democratic sponsored unrepayable union pension guarantees, where teachers somehow retire with annual pensions north of $200,000. And Superintendents, get annual pensions of $500,000. Yep its the DEMS folks. Not the GOP. Not patriots. Not people with common sense and values and morals and decency. No demonrat has any of that.

        • IIG

          And the Demonrats on May 22nd (just 17 days from now) will be sending “un-elected representatives” to the World Health Organization (WHO) to vote in a World Dictator – WHO will have the right to order US citizens to take any medical procedure “they deem necessary as a matter of public concern” – effectively taking away the rights of 340 million Americans to control what is done to their bodies – on the orders of the Dictator in charge at the WHO – most likely the “un-elected representative” Biden will send to vote away our Nation’s Sovereignty over our own health matters will be that “Drag Queen” Dr. Rachel Levine –×612&w=0&h=YyyiAvSYoTK2OVSSbBYIaKKgGZ6s0m443OyE85Hkdso= – we have just 17 days to get on our Congress’s asses and prevent a WHO dictator from taking our Nations Sovereignty with regard to Health Matters (as that queer Horror-e has been calling for)!!!

          • Dwight Branson

            That picture made me woozy…

    • Charles Whitlatch


  11. Vincent

    Dr Paul Craig Roberts is an absolute legend and always love to here his perspective on geopolitical matters Greg, there a great interview with Mike Yeadon on with James Delinpole, I don’t know if your aware Greg, Mike Yeadon is living in Florida now. God bless you, Vince in London.

  12. wayne hardin

    So says the Lord . Proverbs
    24 Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded;
    25 But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof:
    26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;
    27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.
    28 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:
    29 For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD:
    30 They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof.
    31 Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices.
    32 For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.
    33 But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

    PCR has tried to warn for years / and just as the Lord will laugh at the calamity that will come upon the ones that refuse to heed the warnings . He laughs now / but I would bet that just as the Lord has shade many tears PCR has shade many himself .

    Wayne Hardin .

  13. John Pick

    Thank you Greg and Dr. Robert’s for your faithful reporting the real truth on Russia and U.S./NATO politics.

    • IIG

      Isn’t it wonderful that the Biden Administration is setting up “A Ministry of Truth” – to tell us lies!! – wonder what lies they will spin when they set off that “dirty nuclear bomb” in NYC (probably that the evil Russians set it off “a weapon of mass destruction”) – but think about it – if the Russians were going to set off a weapon of mass destruction – it would not be “a stupid dirty bomb” – it would be “a Poseidon 2M39” that would create a radioactive tidal wave 1500 feet high (50 feet higher then the Empire State building including its antenna) to wash over NYC /Long Island and way up into Connecticut and New Jersey to kill all the Demon rats that live there!!

      • Alyce

        All it took was one rigged election.
        Other people that come to mind trying to stop the insanity are Tucker Carlson and Ron Paul. Maybe Elon Musk can come to our rescue.
        Putin doesn’t react to our provocation because he’s so different from our leaders….he’s seen how we lie about everything— now he’s immune to half of what we do or say.

    • The Ogs

      Friend, there is no apostrophe in the gentleman’s name. Just sayin’…

  14. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and many thanks for providing a platform for those seeking truth.
    Your interview with PCR is outstanding.
    One minor point (compared to nuclear war!), at 41:00, PCR stated, “The Federal Reserve has a concern limited to the big New York banks. What happens to the economy is not of concern to the Fed, but what happens to the big banks is of concern. So, the Fed will protect the big banks.”
    Since the Fed is owned by the dynastic banking families who conceived its creation at a secret meeting on Jekyll Island*, PCR is not opining but stating the obvious – that the Fed’s number one (and only) concern is to protect the interests of its owners.

    *Source: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin

  15. Bill

    rather odd that the Deep State chose $33 Bil as amount of “aid” sent to Ukraine ? Isnt “33” a ritual number for the Cabal ?

    • IIG

      Yep – One third (33.3) was the amount of the Evil Fallen Angels – and a 33.3 degree Masonic Satan worshiper runs the Deep State Cabal !!

  16. Göran Löfstedt

    If you really want an inside view of what’s going on in Russia I recommend:
    Maybe a potential candidate for interview by Greg

  17. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Roberts.
    Dramatic decadence among the American political elite indeed just for a lie.So us plebs will be sending our children to die for this and of course we can’t vote for or against these actions,that would be too populist. Meanwhile the hand rubbing with glee among the World Economic Forum and the Neo-Cons in the bureaucracy are at crescendo levels.
    I just don’t know if my fellow Brits will ever awaken to this or the people of the USA will ever say enough of the clown car act. But I am somewhat reluctant to send my children to die on a battlefield with a Russian mother’s child so that the convert to Christianity,Mr Zelensky,can hide his billions of US Dollars.

    • IIG

      The hand rubbing and glee among the World Economic Forum and the Neo-Cons in the bureaucracy will be at crescendo levels on May 22nd 2022 when they install their World Dictator at the World Heath Organization (WHO) will be able to give orders and sanction every government on Earth if they don’t obey orders from the WHO – “every nation” will be sending “un-elected delegates” to vote away their Nations Sovereignty – People of the Entire World Need to Reject this move by the Globalists to Create their One World Government (by putting a single Dictator at the WHO in charge of mandating what people will be allowed to do concerning their own health care)!!! – they have the world unfocused on the One World Dictatorship they are setting up (by distracting us with their Covid plague, Famine and War) – this vote on May 22 (just 17 days from now) needs to be shut down!!!

  18. David Showers

    Sometimes people’s behavior becomes so absurd the only thing left to do is to laugh. This is true of the behavior of our leaders in Washington.

  19. Derek Sinclair

    The Russians are very pragmatic and fatalistic. Vladimir Putin said weeks ago that Russia could not deal with the whole of NATO in a conventional war. Then he said (and I paraphrase): we might hold the line for a few days but if we began to falter (as we would), we would absolutely resort to battlefield nuclear weapons. The Russians believe that a world without Mother Russia is a world that doesn’t deserve to survive.

  20. ulrich sherry

    Very good interview. One thing that PCR didn’t mention, was the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. Our “Chosen” friends have been meddling in the region for years. The USA will never discuss this!

  21. Klaus Meyer

    Whether admitted to or not, the Ukraine War has morphed into a proxy war between the U.S. and Russian Federation. The bunny rabbit, who pulled Biden away from shooting his mouth off, Susan Rice in drag, under order’s from Obomba, whom is under George Soros’s playboy son, runs the President Joe Biden, 79, and the war from the White House, with the U.S. funding, not only the war effort but also paying the civil salaries of the Ukrainian government. Plus 33 billion to the Federal Bureau of Disinformation, to threaten the truth against official US. propaganda, now legal since Oboma was officially in office.
    Whatever horrors happen on the Ukraine battlefield, any comparison to Nazi Germany has stretched world history to the breaking point. Putin said that de-Nazification of Ukraine was only one small part of the Russian war in Ukraine. As the situation evolved, Putin now fights a determined U.S. proxy war against the Russian Federation. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said April 22 that the aim of the U.S. war in Ukraine was to degrade the Russian military. So references to de-Nazification only antagonize world powers because they clearly don’t apply in Ukraine. Putin admitted April 30 that the war in Ukraine was an inevitable confrontation with the United States. Biden said March 26 in Warsaw, Poland that it was inconceivable Putin could remain in power. Lavrov doesn’t need Nazi excuses he needs only cite the reality that Russia is now in a proxy war with the dis-United States and any house divided will fall and all attempts to unify in this war is not working. Simply because the American people also feel this administration is also at war with them too and waging the dog is waging the middle class also and it’s not only animal cruelty, but bad Karma that has a tendency to bite the waging wanker in the ass!

    Elon Musk Calls Out NBC Host For ‘Sayg Republicans Are Nazis’
    by Jamie White /May 2nd 2022
    “Same org that covered up Hunter Biden laptop story, had Harvey Weinstein story early and killed it and built Matt Lauer his rape office. Lovely people,” says Twitter’s new owner.

  22. Andrew Buttersworth

    Its finally come to a game of chicken for the end of civilisation.
    I would think that Russia will eventually run out of presission weapons and this is why the Ukraine are now saying that they will except nothing less than a Russian surrender. Ukraine knows all the weapons of the West will be pointing at Russia.
    So does Russia back down or do they go to the final solution.
    The most serious game of Chicken ever played by the military industrial complex.

  23. Donald Wilson

    The simple fact no one wins in a nuclear war. Everyone losses. Once the nations begin launching nukes it’s game over. Everyone loses in the end. Remember just between USA and Russia alone their are thousands of nuclear missiles and nuclear bombs. Billions will die due radiation poisoning and mass starvation. No one wins. Hopefully more reasonable minds will prevail, unfortunately we have some real idiots and morons in Washington DC.

  24. Chris

    The reason Sweden and Finland seek NATO membership just now is cause the populations are suddenly overwhelmingly in favor cause of the aggression that Russia has shown towards Ukraine by its brutal invasion. The people want it. Not rocket science to understand this. My own country Norway….well we are shocked by what we see of human suffering after the RUSSIANS invaded Ukraine. We had no idea the Russians were THIS barbaric. Where is the criticism towards Russia in this interview…? They blow up the whole country, seen the footage? 5 MILLION + people left. Sounds like Russia had “no choice” in this matter. BS!! yes the west should have done a lot different in Ukraine, they should have settled the issue diplomatically a long time ago but this aggression from Russia is just evil and WRONG. It is possible to see both the evil from folks like Biden and Pelosi whoever, AND see this barbaric regime in Russia for what it is.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I don’t think that becoming a part of the noose that Russia feels tightening about its neck is a wise reaction.

    • Tarheel

      Chris, a nation the size of Colorado lecturing us on war. You’re welcome for that whole Nazi elimination tour we did for the world too. We just withdrew from a 20 year war where hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed not to mention American blood spilt for oil. Read what is known as the Carter Doctrine. United Snakes of America’ have screwed the peace negotiations, agreements, and pacts with USSR for decades. The former Ukraine president asked Mr. Putin for help as native Russians were being eliminated in Ukraine. Now, the crooked as a stick, sitcom star turned President if Ukraine is begging for billions to pay salaries and weaponary. Give us a break. Our dumb as a nail VP said Ukraine should be allowed in to NATO breaking yet another agreement. 4 days later, Mr. Putin rolled. I certainly don’t agree with everything going on but I vote for us to sit this one out maybe let Norway send billions of dollars and innocent lives to protect and defend Ukraine. ? How bout that?

      • Chris

        Norway has sent lots of military equipment and as far as financially nobody has more muscles financially per head and we do and WILL contribute enormously in the years ahead. And then there is the tens of thousands of refugees here… they can STAY. Yes the US is led by an alzenheimer patient and their foreign policy hace sucked again and again, but this aggression is just WRONG and freedom loving Americans should be able to see this. This evil from Russia.

        • Greg Hunter

          How about double crossing the Russians on the 1991 Belgrade agreement? Is that “WRONG” too? We all had a deal that Ukraine would be a neutral country and there would be no NATO and no offensive missiles. We broke that agreement along with the Minsk Agreement and the 1992 bioweapons agreement. It that “WRONG” too?? So, you are for backing the NAZI’s in Ukraine and are for nuclear war. You got to be sniffing glue.

          • Chaplain Leo

            Greg, right on the money and excellent reply. Our leaders are as dumb as MacArthur who sent 15k troops into the chosen reservoir in -30 weather against 200k Chinese in the Korean war. In 1945 there were only 2 atom bombs and we used them both; today there are 17,000 and more powerful therm o-nuclear. There will be a nuclear war, PCR sees this very clearly, and the end of civilization on this planet. A real prepper is prepared to meet Jesus.

        • Tarheel

          Chris – maybe y’all can send ALL of your 164 CV90 tanks and ALL of your roughly 4000 troops and get the job done. I understand Elmers is the choice glue of sniffers.

    • Nick Reynolds

      Sounds like you’re getting your info from the lying TV news. For a different view from someone who’s been on the ground watching the thing develop, check out a recent documentary at Martin Armstrong’s site. It’s the Ukrainians, egged on by the USA, who are the barbarians.

  25. Jerry

    It’s much more worse than PCR illustrated. Here’s a manufactured smokescreen to divert your attention.

    Meanwhile there is a massive military buildup taking place right now in Europe to put pressure on the Russians. Several of my sources have
    been called up to complement NATO forces in several bases in Europe. I agree with PCR. At some point the Russians are going to take this provocation as a direct threat and respond. But yet somehow the generals in Washington think they’re safe from attack and keep pushing this narrative. It’s insane. No one knows for sure how many sleeper cells are already here to launch an attack on the grid when the opportunity presents itself. Our borders are wide open, and there is no way to know how many trained military personnel have already entered this country?

    By the way Greg, it’s May 4th with 40 degree temperatures and rain predicted for the next two days again here in Missouri. My wife’s family who farm, have still not been able to get their crops in due to all the rain. More evidence that a perfect food storm is brewing. Without fertilizer and now delayed planting one can only wonder what the yield will be come this fall?

  26. IIG

    Be prepared – when the criminals in Washington set off a “dirty nuclear bomb in NYC” (the way they took down the WTC and Bldg 7 “to get us into a war”) you better have potassium iodide pills on hand and masks to filter out the radioactive plutonium particles in the air (you can use a modus pad on your face in an emergency) – change your mask frequently – and bury the radioactive one deep (but not near your vegetable garden you are growing to survive the famine they are now creating (by shutting down meat production and blowing up our food processing plants all across the country – so we will have to drink the milk they make from cockroaches)!!

  27. Rick Larson

    Stay away from Washington DC! The fascists will throw you in jail without trial and now the risk is a Russian submarine pops up and nukes it!

  28. Fred Mann

    The situation for the world is serious. It will take a major alteration in policy toward Russia by the American government to de-escalate the whole movement towards all out war. Only the removal of Biden and his democrat party by the people of the United States will do. It must begin now.

  29. eddiemd

    It is demonic ideology. Demon forces have domains over certain countries and areas of the world. There is an example in the book of Daniel.

    In the scroll of the Book it is written.

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth is King of kings. Lord of lords. He holds the keys. All power and dominion is given to Him.

    Seek Him while you can. Today is the day of salvation.

    • Dwight Branson

      Thank You Eddiemd for the awesome link you provided. It is so good to keep all of the chaos in proper perspective and accept the ultimate peace that only Jesus brings.

  30. Tammy

    Putin is a puppet too! This is all planned, don’t be fooled. All the countries Mafia’s are evil and work for just one GODFATHER! History repeats itself! Putin’s net worth is 78 million, where would he make that kind of money, unless corrupt. That’s my thoughts!

  31. Micheal Fogarty

    Interesting take by Dr. Roberts…
    We need to consider that Russian Federation non response to antagonists and intimidation is the RF method of concealing their response and intent…
    Russia appear to hold the upper hand because no one knows nor understands what the RF will do next.

  32. IIG

    Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air – if we could elect a President in the US who would on election night (after beating the Demonrats) would say on National TV that he sincerely apologists to the Russians (for all the evil things the Demonrats did to them) and will ask Congress to immediately pass a bill authorizing that $33 Billion dollars be paid to Russia “as a small token of apology” – and also authorize the immediate release of all Russian funds that were unlawfully seized by the evil Demonrats!!!

  33. Catherine Cronin

    The topic at hand (abortion child sacrifice) is intertwined with Putin and Ukraine (American takeover) dark possibilities more than you know.
    The possible future (war) is dependent on the CHOICES we make spiritually now. Therefore if child sacrifice laws are not stopped or mitigated and homosexual marriage is overturned also, then we don’t have to wonder about our future. Why? Because our CHOICES will lead us to ultimate war spoken here today. It will be our end.
    Therefore child sacrifice and homosexuals ruining our country MUST STOP BEING SANCTIFIED BY BEING THE LAW OF THE LAND. That is the current reality of laws and is the spiritually underpinning of all evil currently happening in the world. Since God cannot exist side by side with evil God has turned His back on our country which is being run by evil. (Alternatively if we choose LIFE then miraculously the war will just never occur because God will turn back to us and grant us protection).
    So if those laws are not overturned GOD will then allow the evil destroying us to win. GOD FORBID!!

    • regaleagle

      CC: I wholeheartedly agree that regardless of anything else that looms in our present and near future as a nation…..these issues are tied to our very survival as a nation. It is NOT coincidental that these issues are at the forefront of a decision at this time when a possible WWW 3 and nuclear weaponry could be released. Most likely for those that are true believers in this country……..those of us that pray daily for redemption of our nation from all of the sins it has committed by the leaders and decision makers in high positions…….this time to put down or overturn these UNGODLY laws may be our last opportunity as a nation save ourselves from God’s wrath and judgement. God’s umbrella of protection could be removed at anytime and many innocents will suffer along with the unrighteous.

  34. Roger Stamper

    one mistake can lead push button tks paul greg

  35. Astraea

    Greg, if you do not post my comment I will understand – so do not worry if you do not want to. Beides, it may be safer for me if you do not”
    Just to finish it though – in case you do not know about it, the Kazarians are the “Jews” who invaded and occupy Palestine – though they are not Semitic at all. Actually they originated in the far East – Mongolia, but since they went everywhere on horseback and so travelled without women, they became more European looking because they simply grabbed women from the Slavs – hence the word “slave”.
    There is a Jewish country called Birobighan in the place they came from originally – given them by Stalin in 1929 – or thereabouts. They never had any need of any other country, let alone one in which they are so out of place as what they now like to call “Israel”!
    These people adopted Judaism in about 685. There is a book written by such a Jew – now called Ashkenazi Jews – called The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler.
    So; they now want to take the Ukraine. They are not at home in the Middle East!
    Anyway – they want the Ukraine. Zelensky is one of them and his boss is Cholomoisky
    Netanyahu is one of them. The Jews who have left Russia recently – the oligarchs – are all of this same tribe and they are fighting Russia for the Ukraine!
    Anyway – these are the bankers of our world – and they are the ones pushing Russia. They are USING America for their own ends. Besides, the rule America just as they do Britain – and Europe etc. etc. etc!
    They have been at war with Russia for a LONG time!
    But, they do not want only the Ukraine – they intend to take control of all our lives. They are very frightening.
    They like to believe they are superior – because they have a serious inferiority complex.

  36. Astra

    THANK YOU Greg for having Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on. What a wonderful interview. How refreshing he is.

  37. john geis

    You need to get out of North Carolina and you need to stay away from the coast.
    God Bless,

  38. Alan

    PCR is without question one of THE most important, insightful, and sensible voices on the geo-political world stage today. I have never considered his laughs “nervous”, not to differ with you Greg with all respect, but more sardonic if you will, a kind of shaking of one’s head at the utter absurdity of it all. Dr. Roberts, like the late Stephen Cohen, has always taken the other side of the story into account vis a vis Russia and brings a far more balanced perspective to bear than one can likely find anywhere else, or nearly so, let alone that it is verboten to espouse a truthful interpretation of events today anyway.

    Thank you so much for another great segment Greg with the preeminent emeritus professor (imho) of global reality checks, Paul Craig Roberts.

  39. Rodster

    As other alt-media pundits have said including Martin Armstrong, America’s day in the sun is coming to an end. What we are seeing now with all the bullying tactics from the US is the sort every Empire throughout history has engaged in as they sense they are losing grip on their domination.

    It’s either dominate or be dominated. For better or worse that’s mankind’s DNA. We are no different than the animal kingdom. Martin Armstrong has been predicting that by 2032 China will become the financial capitol of the world. What Russia really has to worry about is being used and drained by the Chinese for their natural resources. It appears Russia has decided to make a pact with the Devil.

    In time the East will be the new players as it will be their turn to control world affairs. They will have their run, muck it up like everyone else and someone else will take over. It’s all cycled based.

  40. Walter Baumgarten

    While there can be no doubt that Dr. Roberts is totally correct with the idea that the demonic sellouts in DC may push Russia into a WWIII situation, there is another possibility that I see. The whole scenario that is unfolding in eastern Europe may be a concerted effort by all parties, (including Klaus Schwab), to beat down the American public to the point where we beg for more draconian measures at home to make us “safe”, like the newly established “Ministry of Truth”. A steady diet of fear worked in 2001 resulting in the (Un)Patriot(ic) Act, and the Plandemic enabled the ridiculous shutdown and wearing of feed bags, (which will never end).

    When I think about it, the possibility of another beat down of the American public is somewhat more disturbing than a nuclear war because another beat down will facilitate a takeover of American via the back door by China. Better dead than red, right? Plus, the penalty for sin is death and the American government has been sinning since the day I was born in the murder of millions of people around the world, and millions of their own children through their Sacrifices to Moloch. A coincidence that the Row vs Wade issue has popped up now? I think not.

    Great work Greg, keep it up and fear not as you always say.

    • IIG

      Our Washington Politicians believe “Better Red Then Dead” – so they darn their red Satan suits and pray in their Masonic Temples to the 1/3 Fallen Angels – these 33.3 Masons want to rule the world – and (unlike Jesus) will do anything Satan tells them to do – if it will bring them untold wealth and the total power to rule the world!!

  41. Anita

    Thank you both. Always enjoy hearing from P.C. Roberts

    • Kent

      Washington is doing the bidding of the Globalist. They no longer represent the people of the US. This war ends when we the people take Washington down and re-establish the Consitution and a true republic.

      • Bob

        Well said

  42. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg.

    Another great interview, thanks.

    FYI to all, nice post by Bill Holter on jsmineset site on 5/2. Time is running short to prepare.

  43. Felix A Renteria

    dr. roberts laughs because so many americans have drank the poisonous kool aid for so long,they are immune to the truth these days.All wars are bankers war,our job is to burn down the lying whore media whenever we can.Jusk keep preparing and keep praying for this nonsense to be resolved.Like you always say greg do not live in fear.Its funny I tell people at work what I believe is truth and they look at me like I have two heads,they are so brain washed it is scary.America has become the land of the dummies but I still love my fellow man.The sad thing I noticed very few people have GOD in their hearts that is where they really fall.

  44. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    ‘Washington’s 21st Century SATANISM” Absolutely right on!
    We are living in an upside down paradigm, as misunderstood by many, where EVIL is good and Good is evil!
    Those illicitly running this country and others, are running out of time! They will try with all their might; cause chaos wherever but, will be UNSUCCESSFUl!
    Stay close to God!

  45. Nancy McDaniel

    Our rino war mongering senator Langford was back in Oklahoma 6 weeks or so ago at a meet and greet trying to sell us on a war in Ukraine. He was met with complete opposition from everyone. He also tried to defend the UNCONSTITUTIONAL confinement of the J6 victims and said they were “bad people in there” and never answered the questions of the lawlessness of their illegal confinement and deplorable conditions. He knows his reelection chances are slim barring voter machine fraud because ALL 77 counties voted for 45 and he betrayed Oklahomans. Convention of States Article V of the Constitution is the ONLY way we will reign in the power these tyrants have illegally usurped.

  46. Marie Joy

    Hegemony has become genocidal ambition. They want us dead and WWIII and civil war would accomplish that.

    • regaleagle

      I vote for Civil War. We have a much better chance to win……all scenarios considered.

  47. Brianroy

    The Bible itself gives the timeline for a nuclear war that fully destroys Babylon that sits on many waters and mounts strength up to the heavens….the USA.
    It does not mean we cannot be struck with one or two or several nukes, only that we will not cease to exist, we will not be over-run by foreign armies UNTIL the designated time…more than 3 years into the 7 years Tribulation that is participated in by 144,000 Christian Evangelists of the 12 tribes of Israel, the 2 Great Witnesses, the Anti-Christ performing miracles and being worshiped far greater than Hitler and Obama in religious fervor by his cult followers.
    Could half a dozen fuel-air explosives of the 44 megaton range take out Ramstein and other bases, or even 1 or 2 Capitol Cities or ports in Europe before the conflict ends or simply shifts south and east to Iran and Syria and Israel, now that Israel has sent troops against Russians in Ukraine? Yes. Could, but probably won’t.
    Israel already has a rogue Mossad stranglehold upon 6 dual-citizen US Cabinet members more loyal to Israel’s interests more than our own, and Mossad is dictating policy in both the US Department of State and the Pentagon (having branched out from offices at FBI and CIA, to posts of co-management in the Federal Government). Fact. Why else do they have highest carte blanche offices with TSSI clearances in those locations? Would not surprise me if they have Capitol Offices also and a West Wing office as well by now. Maybe so close to Biden, that they would be 1st down the Oval Office 30 second slide to Basement level 5 before the Secret Service could carry and drop Biden, if a 90 second warning of incoming hyper-sonics went off, were we to even have one installed
    The blackmail of Epstein was Mossad et al. to secure power, leverage Congress and all others, and those same Israeli rogue elements would rather see this nation destroyed. Like with the top WW2 British spy (who lived in Bermuda then, and would only look up with his eyes and not his head) I met and talked with in the 70s outside a New Jersey funeral home, (diagonally across from a one story Nazi rat-line safe house, and across from a 3-story of a Seals Team 6 team member) they too think it is their patriotic duty, and have no pity on us as ALLIES at all.
    The majority of Israel in Israel is being exterminated by those same rogue Mossad in Ukraine, who like Soros, have no real moral conscience and are no different than those who caused babylon to destroy Jerusalem in 587/586 B.C, or who caused Rome to destroy Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and scatter Israel with the false messiah lunacy of 132-135 A.D.
    The Bible predicts a backlash that will cause hatred of all Jews in all nations and force a world-wide expulsion and aliyah to Israel. Could Ukraine and what’s coming be why? Could the Pfizer mega-death of Jews in Israel by those same forces be why also? Pity the masses of so many truly pious and religious Jews, but hate the despicable anti GOD of Israel ones who gave us Communism and who blackmail and move us to WW3 and genocide their own and US without conscience.

  48. William R Nicholson

    We’re all Doomed ! There is NO Hope ! All is lost & there’s no solution other than to practice ” Duck & Cover ! ” just like my 1950’s & 60’s classroom training ! Small student desks can withstand a nuclear attack & not even disturb the inkwells ! I was a bit confused at 1st since Dr. Roberts was saying ” New Conservatives ” or so I thought …… maybe I have bad hearing but towards the end of the broadcast he clearly said ” Neo-Conservatives ” so that cleared up the translation problem. I never refer to NEO anything since any NEO is an absurd so-called Idealist with No Moral Foundation whether someone is left , center or Right ! The situation in Russia is that since WWII ending , they simply don’t want to be bothered as they know themselves well enough , to know that if they ever move against anyone again …….. They WILL Totally destroy them & make their aggressor irrelevant since even the historians will never refer to that old civilization ! I feel sorry for any idiot in the Mil-Industrial Complex that still believes their future is a possibility if they keep poking The Bear ! Russia is not to be tempted past the point of no return ! They will respond in a way that no effective response will be able to make any difference in the outcome. I personally know Russians & know enough that poking The Bear is not a good strategy. The old ways will no longer work. The Mil Industry Complex is soon to be an ancient relic should the Russians go after their provocateurs ……….. Cordially , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

  49. Susan R

    Who said it just recently, earth is controlled by satan. This does not mean every one of us are for sure. If power is control then that is where satan wants to be, “power corrupts”. Remembering our revolutionary war, we may be too weak from the controls of power to rise up against this.

    • Charles H


      It is a “domain” thing, as in government under spiritual terms. The good thing is: it won’t stand forever. The bad thing is – it will get worse before it gets better.

      Technology has superimposed influences that can’t be quantified; and Scriptural influence is now only found in a few. The weapons are there; the will is not.

  50. John Duffy

    Maybe we get what we deserve!


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi John,
      If babies hearts are being cut out without anaesthesia, you can bet that a PRIMARY reason is to harvest adrenochrome – Hollywierd’s recreational drug of choice.
      WARNING: Only research ‘adrenochrome’ if you have a very strong psychological constitution. Adrenochrome harvesting is the most depraved and outright evil activity being carried out by our so-called ‘elites’!

  51. Matt Brinck

    Roberts tells the truth like it is and was….God has removed that evil and we are watching this theatrical show! Whats really funny is the people believe we have this situation at hand and Nukes exist, which they don’t! Oh well the show go’s on!!

  52. Vernon Tart

    Paul Craig Roberts is laughing at the Irony of Stupidity.

    Can’t your see? It’s all around evidence in plain site of the stupidity of the decisions being made though all have a goal, they have an agenda and it is STUPID.

  53. A Day

    NWO has captured DC. And NWO needs one world government to usher in Satan. Russia is definitely in the way of NWO plans. Thus the thrust to change leadership in Russia. Not to say Russia is without issues, but it is a stumbling block to the NWO.


    Look up 1999

    It happened under Clinton
    First 1999 event on March 12th were 3 countries added to NATO:
    Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
    Poland is very close to Russia

    3months later, June 12, 1999

    Then 3 months more

    1999 marked the ascension of Putin.

    The world was asleep, sleepwalking into a eastern european cuban missile crisis.

  55. Vernon Tart

    The American Revolution was about not being controlled by a central authority. Washington, D.C. has risen to power of the central authority the founding fathers hated. Kings and Queens and Pope and Bishops and the Super Wealth, the Intellectual educated are no replaced by Presidents, Congress men and women, Senate men and women, directors of Agencies such as the FDA, CDC, NIH, FBI, CIA, DHS, AT&F, FCC, are now the “central authority” our founding fathers hated.

  56. joe tentpeg

    Anyone seen Cindy Sheehan?

    Love ta see Project Veritas at her front door…shoving a mike in her face to comment on Ukraine.

  57. Bryce DeBorde

    Politicians whether they be left or right, when caught up in scandal, corruption, need a way out. I do believe they will sacrifice the masses to save their asses.

  58. Frank D2

    Greg and Dr. PCR, if the world’s elites are committed to reducing the world’s population to around 500 million, why are you so surprised that these same elites would take us to a nuclear confrontation? To me its just one more arrow in their quiver of weapons to use to kill us!!

  59. James LaGarde

    Obviously, the voice of reason is no longer valued in the USA and Europe. Not only sad, but frightening….

  60. samuiman

    There is still a big missunderstanding in russian mentality and also in european one. PCR doesn´t get, that russia is a big bear and US and his NATO-vasalls are only like stinking flies. If the NATO (US) still would be great and would have a superior army, they would already fallen inside, but they are weak and russia knows it. In europe, a lot of people know, that US can´t and will not fight by itself, they couldn´t even fight the cavemens in afghanistan, lol. This war is only about to bleed out europe as a competitor in world trade, the complete trade system is bankrupt and doomed, the chinese kno it, the russian knows it and this is only a last try by the lame and failing US-elites, to destroy germany as the lokomotive of europes economy. But you will see, that this time perhaps it will end different. The rest of the world already realized, how weak the US is and that the dollar is doomend. The golden “billion” of the western societies is doomend, woke, green-shit and brain-dead. The russian have everything, what is needed in the whole world-economy, completly independent, enough food, comodities without end, they only have to sit at the river and wait to see the western death bodies pass by… the same they do in Ukraine, the bleed them out slowly, the idiotic in the western world can deliver as much old crap weapons to Ukraine, that won´t change anything… The Russians are on the chessboard playing chess, during western politicians think the play “dame” :-)))

  61. IIG

    With all the problems we are having with the evil demonic psychopaths who took over America – we are making some progress – defeating Roe v. Wade – which will help stop immoral women from killing children (1 year or younger in age) – now – we have to go after the men – and stop the immoral murdering demons among them from killing our children (18 years or older in age) in their “manufactured holocausts and wars for profit”!!

  62. T.G. Spanne

    General Smedley Butler, USMC, penned in his book “War is a Racket” that “All wars are banker’s wars.” Ukraine was once known as Khazaria or the homeland to the Khazarian Jew converts. The current Khazarian Jew NATO war mongers are better known as the “NeoCons.” They run the US and US policy. Americans have been proxy warriors for the Rothschild banking empire since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was established, and Israel, since 1948. When Dr. Roberts refers to “Washington.” he is referring to a vassal state of the Jew World Order.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi T.G.,
      “Americans have been proxy warriors for the Rothschild banking empire since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was established. . . ”
      Totally agree. Good to see more and more comments pointing to the very heart of what ails the world.

    • Charles H

      Wrong, T.G.

      The over-simplistic fingerprinting toward the Jews is an intellectual hole that too many uniformed or wrongly oriented people have fallen into. The war is between God and Satan. Peoples and nations are only tools in this war. As to the Jews: they ARE God’s Chosen people. Right or Wrong, as everyone always is: if you side against them: you side against God.

      • Charles H

        Fingerpointing – not fingerprinting. Sorry. Autospell I can’t disable.

  63. IIG

    People have not been attending houses of worship as often over the last few years (to keep them on the path of righteousness) – but God finds a way to compensate – he brought us “Father Jones” to spell it all out for us (that Satan is simply “an alien” from outer space who hates humans and that “we can” defeat him)!! –

  64. ron martin

    I think I’m the last survivor of the team that occupied Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas during the Cuban Crisis when Kennedy threatened WWIII over Russia’s ICBM’s in Cuba. Both sides compromised and war was averted. This time the puppeteers pulling the strings in Washington are hellbent on nuclear war because the plandemic, vaccine, famine and other depopulation operations need to be accelerated to meet their timetable. We have all been inculcated with the idea that nuclear war would end mankind on earth. Not so. Initial impact would kill about 1.5 billion and radiation & nuclear winter would kill another 3 or 4 billion. The elites are ready for this and would survive to prosper in accordance with the Georgia Guide Stones & the known goals of the WEF. PCR is right but the dumbed down majority of Americans will still party hardy until surrounded by mushroom clouds. I’m 78 but have potassium iodide, hazmat suits & preps needed for my loved ones to survive what’s coming. Suggest you all do the same.

  65. Charles H

    PCR is an icon in the American pantheon… nevertheless: much of his narrative is speculation. Should low-yield nuclear arms be used ANYWHERE: Washington D C will be vaporized. There’s no need to launch anything.
    The mentality to be wary of is – that there are no consequences to one’s actions.

  66. Ewiak Ryszard

    Unfortunately, the global nuclear war is inevitable, like death, though not now. The disciples once asked Jesus, “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign when all these things shall begin to be fulfilled?” (Mark 13:4, Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition) He answered: “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end [τελος – fulfillment (of the sign)].” (Matthew 24:6, NASB1995) The global nuclear war, (this will be the fulfillment of the sign of Jesus), will begin as a result of ethnic conflict, “for nation will rise against nation”, like as in 2008 in Georgia. (Matthew 24:7) This time it will be a world war not only by name. “The great power sword” will then be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized him in this way: “A frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” (Luke 21:11) Because of the use of these terrible weapons there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” (in the sense of confusion and chaos). The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). This extremely detailed sign fits only one war.

  67. WD

    I believe the Russians are well aware of the West idea of pushing them out the way.
    Putin has said that nuclear war is on the table.

    I think the Russians finally have come to realize that the US is the enemy and there is no going back.

  68. IIG

    Look at a reptilian eye – – now look at the eye of Satan (it is like the eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings) – – because Satan is a snake (a reptile folks) – but the psycho Demonrats have put their faith “in a snake in the grass” – these “rats” (Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Soros, Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Schumer, Horrori, etc., etc., etc.) have jumped into a “viper pit” – and actually think are going to be saved by changing into a robot “like a bunch of dumb ass chickens who have now put a fox in charge of our hen house”!!!

  69. Dave

    We WILL get blown up BECAUSE OF Roe v. Wade

  70. George

    I don’t think the power at be want to give the world a quick death by nukes after who is going to dig like Clint Eastwood said in The good bad and the ugly holding the rifle who do you think going to dig they need ditch diggers Biden leading ww3 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 God having a good laugh

  71. Tom Grier

    The government in DC is Satan-controlled and Satan wants the human race and all life on Earth extinct!

  72. Self Exiled

    South Dakota is now among a growing list of states investigating children with hepatitis and adenovirus infection. Hmmmm I wonder why.

  73. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg and thank you Dr Roberts for an excellent RATIONAL insight into the Ukrainian situation. Our behavior is reckless and irresponsible given the Russian arsenal. I would also suggest that if the same were to happen at either our northern or southern border we too would be threatened, perhaps to act in protection. I would further suggest that this is an intentional provocation dedicated to move the population attention away from all the issues at present of immediate impact to us, ie: southern border, mid-term elections, 2020 compromised election verifications, Biden compromise in Ukraine and China, fake pandemic. What better way to move focus than a war when you have no interest or allegiance to a Republic or its people? We are truly at the mercy of these truly corrupt politicians we never considered to be our greatest enemy.

  74. William T

    I like Dr. Roberts but I don’t think he knows what is going on. The NWO/deepstate overthrew the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand recently and 45 other countries earlier. Putin understands. He says he is killing Nazis (NWO) in Ukraine; he is not at war with Ukraine. Putin is killing the Khazarian Mafia organized crime group that Biden belongs to. That is why Biden is stealing 30 billion from US citizens and giving it to his mafia. My prediction is Putin will go to war against the NWO and win because they have no military. Remember, Trump still has the keys to the nukes. Trump is still president but allows this illegitimate regime to pretend.

  75. Robert Dziok

    Problem for fake Biden in Fake White House is that the criminal Biden administration does not have the nuclear codes and the Military has even refused to deploy when asked by fake Biden (RRN ie has reported on this). Who has them? The Military with President Trump remaining Commander-In-Chief. Russia knows this and is why Putin talks directly with President Trump (as RRN also reports on) and not fake Biden. They have even begged President Trump for the nuclear codes as RRN reported. NATO will not start such war without US so nuclear war will NOT happen. Russia also requires Ruble or gold for payment now so another reason for collapsing fiat paper “money” system (Babylonian Money Magic) to crumble into oblivian as at the end of such “monies” life cycle. Had “Comrade Clinton” got in as President in 2016 then she would have started nuclear war with Russia as part of 16 year plan to destroy America. Eight years Obama and then 8 years Clinton.

    • IIG

      If it is true that Biden does not have the nuclear launch codes to start a nuclear war – then the powers behind Biden are likely trying to convince Britain to launch their nuclear weapons at Russia – – According to Real Raw News (who got their info from a high-ranking US Military source): “Biden, cannot precipitate an atomic apocalypse because he does not have the nuclear codes needed to launch our nation’s strategic nuclear arsenal” – according to this US Military source: “Biden couldn’t launch a fart – he would have to use the U.K. or France as a proxy trigger to start a nuclear war” – perhaps this is why Putin “is making it crystal clear to the U.K. “that he has a Poseidon 2M39 nuclear torpedo that can be launched from a submarine to create a Tsunami wave 1,500 feet high that will wash over England and make it into a radioactive wasteland!!

    • al

      IIG.. it’s very true that buffoon biden (China) doesn’t have the nuclear codes. Trump took them with him so that this crazy psycho zombie couldn’t use it.

      Notice the fake admin never once mentions SPACE FORCE? Why? Because half the Military and Space Force is taking orders from Trump’s side. Not necessarily Trump, but the people who got him in.

  76. Self Exiled

    18 gigahertz signal is broadcast via the 5g system for one minute three different times ——- Pathogens Released

  77. Dan Gowin

    Another Raid of Deutsche Bank, Another Dead Whistleblower

    Deutsche Bank Deaths—Spate of Suicides Involving Employees in Recent Years

  78. Richard Miller

    I don’t think Putin should have invaded, for obvious reasons. It’s true, though, that Washington provoked him to go that way with support for that 2014 color revolution and expanding NATO right up to Russia’s borders. It’s also true that the Biden team isn’t handling the situation well. Escalating the tensions rather than cooling things down.

  79. Self Exiled

    Elon appears to have a form of thought process disorientation that he has to hesitate in his speech to overcome. An interphase glitch of some sort. I hope they have this interphase fix completed before beep beep beep beep beep ——— zzzzzzz —


      You got it all wrong Self, listen to his mum. She’s got that thick South African Boer accent. To an American it sounds like somebody right off the boat from ancient Britain or someting! Elon was born and breed in South Africa. He wants to sound like an American. Like that Oscar winning actress, Charlize Theron does. Although Theron and Musk are both fluent in English, their first language is Afrikaans.

      • Self Exiled

        I really know nothing about him, thank you for the insights to his background. My comment was not appropriate. At the time it seemed humorous.

    • William T

      Elon talks openly about having Asperger’s syndrome.

      • Self Exiled

        William see my comment to James above. I had doubts after I posted this as to it being acceptable.

  80. eddiemd

    The war will start in space. Early warning satellites are always a first priority.

    I am surprised that the CCP and Russia have not already targeted reconnaissance satellites. Perhaps they have and we are not being made aware.

  81. IIG

    Gold rose today (after the Federal Reserve approved a half-percentage-point interest rate increase) – that was to be expected (as Gold rises as interest rates rise) – what was not expected – was to see the stock market rise (which kept Stock Fund Managers from panicking into Gold more forcefully) – instead – they probably bought more stocks as Powell said: “He was not actively considering raising interest rates by 75 basis points” – but you know – something doesn’t make sense – to see the stock market rising as rates are raised “is not normal” – I’m not even so sure it was Stock Fund Managers buying stocks today – what I’m thinking more likely happened “is the Plunge Protection Team” was doing the buying today (with all money the Fed is pulling back out of the economy to lower inflation) as they don’t want to see a market meltdown right before the Congressional Elections that “Satan forbid” may drive all the psycho Demonrat warmongering perverts out of Washington AC/DC!!!

    • IIG

      Hey Stan – As you can see – the Fed raising rates – has put a fire under Gold and Silver –
      as rising rates proves inflation (the devaluing of the US dollars purchasing power) is taking place in spades (the US dollar is losing value no matter what the US dollar chart is doing – because the US dollar chart just shows how the US dollar is performing “relative to all the failing fiat currencies in the world” (except for the Ruble – which is effectively a Gold Certificate and gets stronger as gold rises)!!

      • Stan

        IIG: It is a dead cat bounce. Nothing more.

  82. Bill

    The United Nations was set up to prevent war, but Satan has covered that problem too by buying votes of almost every one of the countries in the General Assembly. Whatever cash it takes to get the desired vote.

  83. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! Ahh, poor Russia. Stalin couldn’t believe the intelligence reports about Operation Barbarossa (Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.) I can understand Russian reticence for war after it lost 27 million or more people in WWII. And as Roberts points out, Russians live in eastern Ukraine and Kiev is the ancient capital of the Rus. Russia is also weak in many ways. Its economy is a fraction of the USA’s. And much of Russia’s economy and educational base is in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Wipe out those two cities and what is left of Russia?
    Imagine Putin with a .22 pointed at Uncle Sam’s leg while Uncle Sam has a .357 magnum pointed at Putin’s head.

    • Charles H

      And if Putin cuts the femoral artery and Uncle Sam misses?

      • Self Exiled

        And it will be all Gods doing.

        • tim mcgraw

          Self Exiled; There was a saying that “God favors drunks and Americans.” I wonder if that is still true? And how would one even define an “American” today? What is America? It was an idea of liberty. But no more.
          Does God still bless America?
          I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

      • tim mcgraw

        Charles H: How many cities would Putin have to destroy to cut America’s femoral artery? Perhaps just knock out the electrical grid? Putin would still have to deal with the autonomous nuclear armed Trident submarines at sea. Unless Putin knows where those Trident submarines are… he’s screwed.

    • Bob 'Spikey' Hockney

      TIM MCGRAW 05/04/2022 • Reply
      “Much of Russia’s economy and educational base is in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Wipe out those two cities and what is left of Russia?
      Imagine Putin with a .22 pointed at Uncle Sam’s leg while Uncle Sam has a .357 magnum pointed at Putin’s head.”
      I think you got it wrong. Russia’s got the .357 and we got a pee shooter!
      We’ve been fighting ground wars since Vietnam, all stalemates.
      We got all the experience and lethal fancy gizmos, for ground combat. But Putin has us by the balls with state of the art first strike capable, multiple tipped Hyper-sonic nuclear missiles. Unfortunately our arsenal of ground based nuclear siloed* single tip missiles, are basically held together by chicken wire. In other words, 50 years of jury rigging our under ground based nuclear missile’s, has possibly made it all obsolete! We will only know for sure when the button is pressed, if any will even fly.
      That’s why the US. has been willing to sacrifice Ukraine in an attempt to grind down Russia long enough, to destabilize mother Russia proper, like we did to Ukraine by pulling off the coup, of the Yanukovych government. In the 2014 Maidan Revolution, when Vic Nuland was caught in the infamous phone call from Hell, pointing out whom she was going to have installed in the new government and the EU balked and then she made that shocking statement, f*uck the EU.. That’s what we want now in mother Russia itself too now. Like we did in Ukraine, grabbing the table cloth while everybody’s eating dinner [Maidan Ci inspired protests]. Pulling the table cloth out from under all the diner’s dinner and dinnerware in one fell swoop, a surprising swipe, wallah! The pysop’s has already begun in Russia, [it’s part of the playbook now!] We have all the experience in toppling governments world wide and taking out they’re leaders quick. [Like Kennedy?] But this time it’s a very delicate operation because anything can go wrong and if Putin strikes first, he could possibly win. We can’t even attempt a first strike because, we will both lose and that means a possible WW4 with sticks and stone. The end of civilization and back to the stone age, the only best-case scenario if both are destroyed!
      Believe me they already got the new Russian government puppets picked out, just like Vic did back during Maidan, and pissed off the EU… But don’t count Putin out yet. They still have first strike now or at least till the feckless pie in the sky near do well’s, risk all our necks in this horrendous scheme.
      The Russki’s also have the best and deepest subway systems built under those cities, some 300 feet down through solid rock. Built not only as public transport. In 1930-s the country was already preparing for a possible war. During the Siege of Moscow, in 1941, metro stations were used as air-raid shelters. Today to shelter the population of those two cities to survive an all out Nuclear attack and be left over, to eventually take over, if it came to that.
      Don’t laugh, our sub’s will be left over to finish the war, yes. But we will just be a memory, in our submariners heart’s and mind beneath the sea’s. Will they finish off Russia, when they’re the only one’s left, in one piece? That’s the $64,ooo dollar question Tim. Piece’s or PEACE?
      What say you Tim, and friends here @!

      US news
      ‘F*ck the EU’: US diplomat Victoria Nuland’s phonecall leaked – video
      Guardian News & Media 200 years Fri 7 Feb 2014
      The assistant US secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, has apologised after her phone conversation about the political crisis in Ukraine was leaked on the internet. The call between Nuland and a US ambassador focused on the future of the country if it gains a new government. Nuland declined to comment on ‘private diplomatic conversations’

      St. Petersburg Metro—Take a People-Watching Ride on a Long Escalator
      116,708 views Sep 9, 2013 Rick Steves’ Europe
      The striking thing about St. Petersburg’s amazing subway system (like Moscow’s) is that it is extremely deep. It was dug by nearly free peasant labor in the 1930s and—after a break for World War II—finished in the 1950s. While London’s impressive system feels rickety, St. Petersburg’s feels industrial-strength and bomb-hardened. Getting around by metro is second nature for locals. Today millions of citizens who use the system spend a good part of their lives—about an hour a week—riding escalators like this.

      Read the fine print: Russia’s nuclear weapon use policy
      By David Holloway | March 10, 2022
      Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

      *The United States has many silo-based warheads in service, however, they have lowered their number to around 1800 and have transferred most of their missiles to nuclear submarines and are focusing on more advanced conventional ‘non-nuke’ ground force’s weaponry.

  84. paul

    First Jim Rickards and then PCR – two exceptional people with insider knowledge. Greg, you are performing a first-class educational service. I convince a few of my friends, but alas they are too few.
    Years ago, a small Christian group handed me a booklet which spoke of a nuclear holocaust in the U.S.
    Maybe we should move to Chile…

    • tim mcgraw

      Spikey: Putin has 12 nuclear armed subs, which means only 4 of them are deployed at any one time. America has many more Trident subs deployed at any one time and Putin doesn’t know where they are. Those old Soviet missiles are crap, too.
      As Dr. Ron Paul has even said, it is all about the nuclear submarines. They are hidden, lethal, and autonomous.

  85. JOE BLOW

    Now That is a Man with intuitive insight, Based on real life experience.

  86. SkeptiSchism

    Thanks for having Dr. Roberts on again as a guest, he’s always a wealth of information and a fresh perspective.

  87. Robert Schanke

    Greg, for what it’s worth PCR’s laugh does detract from the seriousness of the information he provides but its not as bad as our current VP.

    • The Seer

      The laugh reveals quite a bit.
      Remember that what is to come
      must be spoken of and revealed.
      He is one of the revealers.
      Look at where he used to work and
      did not improve the system for
      Americans. Very veiled but a few see

  88. ken

    Looking at the insanity now and over the past few years,,, I think it’s time for this civilization to go the way of the Do Do. A society as dumb as this deserves to self destruct. Look at what China is doing,,, Australia and New Zealand, over a fake virus. Europe and the US double daring Russia to nuke it out. This is not a sign of a healthy civilization.

  89. Chip

    How do you miss the obvious. Putin and leaders of the west are all alumni under Klaus Schwab’s young global leaders group. This is all a planned orchestra!!! They’re laughing at us stupid humans(slaves /sheep )

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody would go to Schwab’s “school” to infiltrate it and see what’s going on?

  90. Really Awake

    One of the very few men still living who actually had a front row seat in President Reagan’s administration. A man who has worked in many important positions. A man of integrity. A thoughtful man. Few like him left in the USA. Excellent interview.

    I’ve had a nuclear survival plan for decades. Even before Bill Clinton discontinued the U.S. Civilian Civil Nuclear Defense Program I knew that mankind has never built a weapon that he didn’t use to its maximum capacity. So I knew sooner or later it would come down to WW3.

    I have an underground fallout shelter just like was recomend by the U.S. Government in the 50s, 60s, 70s for all families. It used to be very common for towns and cities to have public fallout shelters. Somewhere along the way Americans forgot what a dangerous world we live in and how quickly WW3 can happen…
    Some people laugh at my level of readiness. Even my own sons used to joke a little about my preparedness. Nobody who knows me is joking anymore.

    Normalcy bias has blinded most Americans to the nature of evil. And evil has taken charge of Washington, the Kremlin and Beijing. Evil runs the European Union. And the secular government of Israel is run by the forces of evil… When evil is in charge very bad things happen.

    We are now seeing just how fast peace can turn into WW3 when evil is in control.

    Joel Skousen has been aptly warning about nuclear war for years. He wrote one of few books on the subject of Strategic Relocation that’s actually worth reading. I’m fortunate to have had the exposure to a number of men like Mr. Skousen so as to be one of the few Americans to be as ready as one can be for such an unthinkable event.

    The bottom line is there are no good guys in the upcoming nuclear conflagration. Washington, The Kremlin and Beijing and all wickedly run. And unless Almighty God intervenes the wicked forces will once again bring about a Great War – probably a nuclear war. So, get out your Bible, read it and pray.

  91. American Zpatriot

    Greg – You are making a difference! People are beginning to notice. I don’t mean building a web presence but rather a nationalist and patriotic view. You love America! Thank you for your “guts” to leave corp media and tell the damn truth. The world is lucky to have you as information is suppressed. If everyone would forward this site kn to 10 people – look at the effect if would have. It all begins with a kernel of truth! Plant that seed!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Z”!

  92. James Smith

    The Russians are on the wrong side of history.

  93. Marie Joy

    In May, it is noticeably harder to buy the food I want to buy.
    See ice age farmer on

  94. Neville

    Thanks Greg & Paul for another gripping interview packed with news we ought to know.
    As the arch warmongers of the world AAcrime are biting off more than they can chew
    embroiling once again the services of the feckless coalition of the willing the treacherous
    AAcrime has never been invaded and I don’t think this will happen as a result of their perpetual aggression but what is in store for you will be more devastating than anyone
    there can imagine.
    Prophecy is crammed full of what how and when the disaster will strike so this leads me to the nursery rhyme that goes like this and it applies succinctly to AAcrime
    LADYBIRD,LADYBIRD,FLY AWAY HOME YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE AND YOUR CHILDREN ARE DEAD ,All but one, and that’s little John, / And he lies under the grindle stone.
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again……that’s because he been ground to talcum powder!!!
    Best Regards Greg and your brilliant guest Paul

  95. tim mcgraw

    At 30:00 Roberts says that no President has provoked the Soviet Union/Russia in the past. Well that may be true, but FDR sure provoked Japan (oil embargo etc.) which led to the attack on Pearl Harbor and WWII which FDR wanted.
    American Presidents are not trustworthy when it comes to provoking other countries into war with us. The record is clear.

    • Cassandra

      That’s incorrect. The Japanese attacked because they wanted to arrogantly dominate and control the Asian/Pacific region, especially the warmer countries where the Polynesians, Khmer, Indonesians, and Malays inhabited for more than a millennia .
      The Japanese were a threat to the world and sought domination in Asia. The Japanese occupied much SE Asia by invading, killing, raping, and murdering the native population.
      FDR was not wrong in his decisions against Japanese invaders unlike Obama, Trump, and Biden allowing Chinese to build military bases and Chinatowns in SE Asia.

      • Dave

        Cassandra, please read the book Operation Snow. You may change your mind on why the Japanese attacked.

        • Cassandra

          I don’t defend Japanese as your ilk do. Do you defend the commies for unleashing this Wuhan Pandemic, too an all manners of evil?
          I have a Graduate degree and speak five languages and lived in SE Asia. I believe in defending and protecting the Just.
          So you can’t fool me, commie.

  96. tim mcgraw

    And then a minute or two later Roberts mentioned how JFK and Reagan sought peace with Russia. No confrontation. But what Roberts fails to mention is that both of these Presidents, JFK and Reagan, were shot!

  97. Randy Best

    Well, it appears that PCR has changed his tune. Instead of a mop up operation by Russia he now believes that NATO can extend this war for quiet a while. In prior interviews he said that NATO was no match for Russia in conventional warfare. So what gives?

    • Greg Hunter

      NATO is still not officially fighting in Ukraine. PCR never called anything a “mop up operation.” “What gives” is we are headed for nuclear war with a country with unstoppable hypersonic missiles. If you don’t like the programming here, please go someplace else, and don’t give me crap about your free speech. You are free to start your own site. It’s easy. Hey, I got an idea, let’s make this your last comment.

  98. Cornwall

    He says Ukraine was part of Russia, which is not entirely correct.

    It doesn’t appear Mr. Roberts understand global history, particularly the history of Ukraine given Ukrainians are considered foreign invaders and have oppressed the native population consisting of Greeks and modern Russians.

    The Slavs from Ukraine and Russians invaded Greece, which southern Ukraine was part of the Hellenistic (Greek) Empire and Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War is buried in what is called today Ukraine.

    The slavs from Ukraine are no different than the slavs in Russia in that they are fighting over territory and resources whilst the native population of Greeks suffered still…The difference now is that Europeans are afraid of a spill over war.

    Most importantly, Mr. Roberts failed to disclose the relationship with Putin and CHINA. It has been noted by many scholars that Putin moved West after Xi agreed to financially support Russia against sanctions.

    Most Americans have a narrow view of the world’s history and cultures and rely heavily on the media/films as though the media is a “reliable source,” which it is not and actually build lies.

    Zelensky is an Ashkenazi (German Jew) and his ilk also runs Greek politics. All those billions in aid to Ukraine will enrich him further (there’s no financial incentive for him wanting peace) and more likely propelled the war westward to other countries, which is want the Chinese/Vietnamese want to weakened the West militarily. But the US Department of Defense has already have Chinese ties– much of the weapons are made in China. Talk about self destruction and stupidity.

    Have you investigated this Ukraine War by interviewing Greek scholars?

  99. Linda Majors

    Greg, thanks for inviting Dr. Roberts on your show to help us understand what we’re up against. In my opinion, if the Russians don’t nuke us; the Chinese will take every penny, and everything else they can get their grubby hands on, including our land. China doesn’t want America destroyed; China wants our land, which they are purchasing by the millions of acres, so they can replace Americans with Chinese.
    The corrupt politicians in both parties want to destroy America. They’re getting filthy rich. Ukraine launders the American tax $$ and kicks most of it back to crooked politicians and corporations. Nancy Pelosi was over there visiting Zelensky, because her son has made millions. Same with the Bidens, and Romneys.
    Further, while we send billions to Ukraine to protect their borders, Dir. of DHS Mayorkas has deployed our military to OUR borders to ensure a smooth and orderly entry into the US by the invaders. According to Ben Bergquam, the UN, the US, and Panama are coordinating the invasion. In essence we no longer have a country, because we have no borders. (Ref. Michael Yon, Combat and Investigative Journalist, and Ben Bergquam investigative journalist assigned to the border. Also, he has a program called Law and Borders.)
    Those globalist yahoos who hijacked America are attempting to finish what the globalist warmonger, Bush “W” , attempted to do. His scheme was to merge America with Mexico and Canada. I recall years ago when Gen. Petraeus was representing America at a conference held at the Margaret Thatcher Center in London. When it was his turn to address the audience, he said with glee that “America no longer exists.” I’m paraphrasing. He said America has been merged with Mexico and Canada. America is now a regional trading bloc. (I have despised that man ever since then.) Note: Dr. Jerome Corsi wrote a book about these Bush scheme to transform America into a regional trading bloc.
    We need to pray to God for a miracle. It will take a miracle to save us and America.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good comment.

    • p

      Any proof to your statement?

      China wants our land, which they are purchasing by the millions of acres,

      I thought it is Bill Gates and Black Rock alike are in the farmland and bulk real estate business.

      • Cassandra

        Correct P. The Chinese have destroyed their land due to zero standards and the damage is irreversible.
        The EPA and many environmental organizations have noted the pollutions in land and air.
        The “lockdown” is one of many tactics they are using to further collapse the American economy and cause civil war so the average dumbed down Americans will kill each other off or die from the clot shots. They being the communists: Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Thai, Taiwanese, Laotian et Mongolian DNA have colluded with international organizations, such as the UN and WHO for replacing the “Westerners”…Also they own big corporations and the likes of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Zuckerborg, etc…
        It was not an accident that this Wuhan pandemic started in China.

    • p

      The Great Reset
      In January 2021, the hyper-elitist World Economic Forum — hosted by Prince Charles and sponsored by glowing anti-democratic monopolists including Blackrock and JPMorgan—held its 50th annual meeting from the Alpine slopes of Davos, Switzerland.

      • Linda Majors

        Dear P,

        Please check out Frank Gaffney’s show, Securing America. Frank has guests who are experts on China, America’s #1 Enemy. You can learn all about the devious methods they have used for decades to destroy America. They are all experts, including Sam Faddis. Orange County in Southern California is an example of the Chinese takeover. Americans cannot compete in the bidding wars with the rich Chinese Nationalists who are buying up the homes. Go see for yourself.

        The anti American haters are freaking out about Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, because they want the disinformation to continue, especially China, Americas #1 Enemy. The disinformation crowd prevents much of the horrible things that China is doing to destroy us..

        Yes, Bill Gates and Rock Water are also culprits in these schemes to transform America into a country of groveling serfs with no freedom, no rights, . . ., nothing. However, CHINA is America’s #1 Enemy.
        There are numerous books of the subject, such as Crouching Tiger byDr. Peter Navarro.


  100. deerflyguy

    I’d love to see you go one-on-one with any of our leftist politicians!
    Have you ever invited a leftist on your show, and what, if anything, was the response?

  101. Randy Hitt

    It seems obvious to me that the absolutely corrupt political establishment will be forced from power beginning this November because of their policies and they just keep doubling down on them.

    Will these cretinous hacks really just hand over power to MAGA… willingly? That makes no sense to me. I think it’s likely that they plan on cancelling the election in November to retain power, and they need nuclear war with Russia to achieve that goal. If they can’t cancel the election they are all going down for the count and of course they know it as the 2 to 1 Republican to Democrat primary turnout in Ohio clearly shows…and yet they keep doubling down on their insanely unpopular policies and agenda. Just like 2020 they don’t seem overly concerned that they are going to lose bigly even when all markers point to just that conclusion. Some evil trickery is obviously afoot.

  102. Good Nieghbor Sam

    Tucker: This is why Democrats are taking us to war with Russia
    Adam Shift in charge with war with Mother Russia?

    “A Very Dangerous Moment”: Russian & U.S. Escalation Raises Risk of Direct Military Clash in Ukraine 1,060,094 views May 3, 2022 Democracy Now!
    As President Biden seeks $33 billion more for Ukraine, we look at the dangers of U.S. military escalation with Medea Benjamin of CodePink and George Beebe of the Quincy Institute. He is the former head of Russia analysis at the CIA and a former adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney. The massive spending in Ukraine that outweighs public funding to combat the coronavirus pandemic shows that “there are very few things that the Biden administration thinks are more important right now than defeating Russia, and I don’t think that accords, actually, with the priorities of the American people,” says Beebe. “To support the people of Ukraine and stop the fighting, we need not to pour billions of dollars of more weapons in, but to say, ‘Negotiations now,’” says Benjamin.
    If anything Aunt Nancy’s got a lot to bury in Ukraine; like her son’s dealing’s and Hunter’s Burisma gas-lighting, along with Mitt Romney’s son.
    The ancients let Rome burn. Now they want Ukraine burning.

    This is why the Biden family corruption matters: Miranda Devine | Will Cain Podcast /Apr 20, 2022 Fox News
    What’s exactly inside the ‘laptop from hell,’ and why it matters ft. New York Post Columnist Miranda Devine.

  103. Clint D Young

    It will be much more than a “nuclear exchange” with Russia. Russia will destroy the USA within one hour to insure the other 29 NATO nations do not launch their nuclear missiles into Russia. Now is a really good time to take a long vacation in a part of the world that IS NOT in the USA, any USA Territory, Russia, or any of the 30 NATO nations.

  104. Clint D Young

    Thanks Greg for the interview with Roberts. This is most likely the most important interview that any might consider at this particular time. The increased possibility of nuclear war by a very seasoned and level headed person like Paul Craig Roberts is of great concern.

  105. Michael

    Maybe Putin should consider doing something about Obama and his influence on America’s wrecklessness?

  106. suki causely

    Saul Alinsky on His Recent Visit To Asia | The Dick Cavett Show
    1,128 views re aired May 4, 2022 The Old Young Dick Cavett Show
    Saul Alinsky discusses the differences between working in Asia and America as well as how people can get in contact with him.
    roc 1 hour ago (edited)
    Few people know that Alinksy was a big defender of the freedom of expression and an early critic of the PC, cancel culture, and too much sensitivity. He specifically mentions the right of the people to gather and protest the decisions of the government. Saul understood the essence of the American freedom more than many of his critics. [He would not approve of our new federal Bureau of disinformation, the old ministry of truth?] Nor like his young stud student student Obomba, who was a phony baloney fa’afafine, fake false flag Muslim, now chicken hawk, FULL MANCHU and traitor to the cause of peace through strength, not war. LIKE Those whingeing poms
    May 22nd 1997 (Updated Nov 2nd 2009) | SYDNEY
    FEW people know its origin, but no-one doubts its meaning. When Australians use the word “pom”, they are talking about the British, more specifically the English. Usually, they attach a derogatory appendage such as “whingeing”, “bloody” or “bastard”, as in “pommy bastard”. Australians have been using the word freely since its probable emergence in the late 19th century as a nickname for English immigrants, a short form of pomegranate, referring to their ruddy complexions. Until now. An English reader of a Brisbane newspaper recently took a case to Australia’s human-rights commission complaining that the use of the word “pom” in the paper’s letters article breached the country’s racial hatred act.
    The act was introduced more with Australia’s growing number of immigrants from non-European backgrounds in mind. Indeed, the “pom” case could be seen as an ironic subversion of official Australia’s attempts to foster racial sensitivity. But the traditional relationship with Britain is also still a touchy issue in Australia. When Australians talk about “poms”, they are often expressing national pride—particularly during sporting contests such as the Ashes cricket series, which is about to get under way in England. (The poms are confidently expected to get their usual thrashing.)

  107. Joe

    Lord Austin is going to get us all killed.

  108. Marie Joy

    Steve Poplar, on Poplar Preparedness, on YouTube, says the bird flu epidemic is in red states, only, not in Canada, and not in Mexico. Apparently, birds stop at borders.

  109. Marie Joy

    Linda, nothing short of kinetic and/or guerilla will save us and Americans don’t seem to have the stomach for either.

    • Linda Majors

      You are right, Marie Joy. Americans don’t have the stomach for another winless war that accomplishes nothing except needless death and destruction. After two decades of the Iraq and Afghanistan war, our military was ordered to “cut and run” in the middle of the night. 13 Marines died needlessly. We left behind Bagram Air Base, which cost America taxpayers $10 Billion; $85 Billion worth of helicopters, tanks, trucks, guns, ammunition, . . . . all left behind for the Taliban and China. (China is currently using Bagram Air Base, and most of the equipment was sent to China.) What is the point of another no-win war? That mess in Iraq and Afghanistan cost $9 Trillion. Thousands died and crippled. Cities destroyed. 13 Marines lost their lives due to mismanagement of the “surrender.” When we abandoned Afghanistan, there were thousands of unvetted Afghanis brought to America. According to James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, several terrorists were in the group. War is a racket. Most Americans have had enough of the senseless, no-win wars that accomplish nothing except making a few corrupt politicians and defense contractors richer. The Ukraine war should have NEVER happened. All Zelensky needed to do was honor the agreement with Russia and not allow NATO on the border. The war could still end. But, no, Zelensky is having none of it. He is getting richer, laundering our tax dollars that will be kicked back to himself, the oligarchs, and the corrupt politicians in DC. and defense contractors. In my opinion, America needs to protect our own borders and use our tax dollars to re-build our own country.


  110. ron martin

    Shockingly few Americans, even those on this site can accept the idea that the west wants a nuclear war with Russia. Their goal of depopulation would be reached in a matter of a few hours rather than a decade from the plandemics, vaccines, famines and local conflicts. The elites would survive in their underground shelters and emerge to find enough surviving slaves to build back better.

  111. Tabitha Sloan

    Yes Greg, it would be very informative to get an enemy on your show. Would love to see you disassemble them question by question! Just a thought. Great interview with PCR!!!!!

  112. regaleagle

    Are you certain, CH??? What about THE NEW COVENENT created by God Almighty when His Son Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross and then rose from the grave 3 days later to save Gentiles and Jews who would believe that HE is the Lord and Savior of ALL believers, not just Israel. Israel did NOT recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and crucified him. The New Covenant began THE CHURCH AGE and abolished all the laws of the Old Covenant with the Jewish people. It is stated many times by Jesus Christ himself in the Bible and New Testament. Are you certain that the Jews are still God’s Chosen People…..OR perhaps God’s Chosen People are now HIS CHURCH, which consists of believers from all nations.

  113. thingamajig

    Love Dr. Roberts, very logical thinker. I think the use of EMP weapons way up in the atmosphere, to kill our power grid, will be used first before a direct attack at ground level. Unless of course we use nuke to directly hit them at ground level first. China will not let Russia lose a war with NATO, and will ally with Russia. China can put 50 million soldiers into a war and not think twice about it. A China Russia alliance would crush NATO.

  114. Aleta

    regaleage – To call God a liar is blasphemy. God’s covenant with Abraham/Jewish People, He said was Forever! Forever means forever. The Apostle Paul confirms this in the NT. Olive Tree Ministries radio broadcast on 900 radio stations this weekend on this very topic is available to listen to on their website. God said He will bless them that bless thee (Jewish People) and curse them that curse thee. What God says He means!!

  115. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. I check PCR every day. It doesn’t make rational sense because it’s de-population by any means. But I think we can also expect a really virulent patholgen one of these days. It’s the great reset of everything, including population. If you’re not preparing every day, most of the time, then you’re frittering away the time we have left.

  116. Craig Carmichael

    I like to listen to PCR for his insights… and just to hear him laugh about the ridiculous!

  117. Sundance

    In the beginning of the interview, Dr. Craig Roberts comments on the Russian penchant for acting calm, reasonable and lawful and responding with “words” to US aggression. He views this as “Russia’s fault”, tongue in cheek I assume.

    Russia knows that a war with the west is coming. Russia knows that it will soon be fighting directly against NATO and the USA. While Russia seeks a resolution that will avoid war, Russia is using lawful means to both avoid a war and to then strike with ferocity and devastation when it arrives. When Russia strikes, it will do so based on internationally recognized rules of engagement and the west will have no recourse, no ability to hide behind a proxy. The world will see the ugly face of empire America and its aggression and the Russian military, far superior to the degraded US and NATO forces, will unleash a pain on the west (using only conventional weapons) that they have never experienced since WWII.

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