Putin War Warning, Syria Update, Benghazi Lie, Economy Not Good and Market Rally

12By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 213 10.23.15)

The biggest headline this week came from Sochi, Russia, and it plays right along the increasing war theme. Vladimir Putting is worried that the chances of a wider global war are increasing and not decreasing. At a global conference discussing war and peace prospects, Putin said, “We had the right to expect that work on development of US missile defense system would stop. But nothing like it happened, and it continues. This is a very dangerous scenario, harmful for all, including the United States itself. The deterrent of nuclear weapons has started to lose its value, and some have even got the illusion that a real victory of one of the sides can be achieved in a global conflict, without irreversible consequences for the winner itself – if there is a winner at all.”

Russia is stabilizing the Assad regime in Syria. Russia war planes have been pounding the so- called Syrian rebels and, for the most part, the U.S. is going along with it. The U.S. and Russia have set a deal that will ensure there will be no accident in the air between the two countries in the skies over Syria. Meanwhile, the battle for Aleppo in Syria is raging. Without airpower, the probability of victory for the rebels is dim. This doesn’t mean everything will be over soon, quite the contrary. Saudi Arabia and every other Sunni Muslim country is vowing to send more resources against Iran and Hezbollah, who are providing most of the foot soldiers in the Syrian war. The latest country to threaten to get involved militarily is Qatar. Why is this important? The U.S. has a military base in Doha. If Qatar goes on the offensive in Syria, it leaves them open to attack. Of course, that could involve the U.S. The same is true for other countries friendly to the U.S. such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who all are not happy with Iran’s involvement in Syria. Oddly enough, Israel has quietly opened up a hot-line with Russia. Reuters is reporting that an unnamed high ranking Israeli source says Russia’s intervention in stabilizing Syria, leaving Assad in place, is “not necessarily bad” even if it does involve Iran and Hezbollah. The long short story is things will get much worse in the Middle East before they get better.

Hillary Clinton testified in the Benghazi hearings on Capitol Hill, and my take on Ms. Clinton’s testimony is security was not her job. She is not responsible for the death of four Americans. It was a highly partisan hearing. It did reveal a stunning new fact, and that was Clinton herself, while Secretary of State on the night of the 9/11/12 attack and the day after, said it was “al-Qaeda related” and “had nothing to do with the (anti-Islamic) film.”   In her own words, she knew it was a terror attack right from the beginning and lied with the Obama Administration to the world. That was a stunning revelation. This is not her biggest problem. Her private unprotected email server, along with possible felony criminal charges under the Espionage Act, is her big problem. The FBI is investigating this and is not talking. Legal experts contend other possible felony charges for Ms. Clinton or her staff range from perjury to Obstruction of Justice.

Finally, the economy is tanking and, yet, the stock market is in rally mode. The headlines are awful week after week, and that is good news for the markets. Traders think the Fed will be forced not to raise rates, especially with the ECB hinting at more money printing and negative interest rates. Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says this rally won’t last, and it is being propped up with “financial wizardry.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. paul

    Now that Russia is effectively in military control in the Middle East … Iran and Hezbollah have more openly joined Syrian forces to take out the western backed ISIS terrorists … once Allepo falls cutting off western arms shipments to ISIS … the ISIS capital “Ragga” will be the next target the Russians attack with full force and fury … when Ragga falls … ISIS will be finished … and Assad will firmly “be back in control” and working against the US puppets Saudi Arabia and Qatar … who now won’t be able to put in a pipeline from Qatar through Syria to ship gas to Europe … and thus put an end to their plans to reduce demand “for Russian supplied” gas … instead … Russia is now “top dog” … challenging the Saudis for dominance over Middle Eastern energy supplies … and it puts Russia in a powerful position (along with its ally Iran) to dictate oil and gas pricing … and what currency do you think Russia will accept for their oil and gas?
    Putin is quickly moving toward checkmate … and he will make King petrodollar toast … once the US dollar loses status as the world reserve currency … it will fall in value relative to other currencies … and gold (which Russia owns a lot of) will rise in dollar denominated terms!

    • paul

      Once Putin achieves checkmate in the Middle East … Israel will have only one option to sell its gas … through Russian pipelines to Europe … a better deal can probably be made now with Putin before he has everything locked up and in the bag … make Russia a partner in the Israeli gas fields … and Israel’s now more powerful adversary’s (Hezbollah and Iran) will automatically “be constrained” by Russia to toe the line!

      • paul

        Some may say that Russia having helped construct Iran’s nuclear plant at Bushehr and joined together with Iran to fight ISIS in Syria has such a strong relationship with Tehran … that they would likely take Iran’s side in any Israel-Iran conflict … don’t be so sure … Russia has huge economic priorities that could easily trump political considerations …chief among them is that Russia must ensure that its vast energy resources help to keep it a global superpower … Israel can take advantage of this fact … by signing a deal with Russia “now” to let Gazprom develop Israel’s Leviathan gas field in the eastern Mediterranean … Israel along with Cyprus are upcoming gas exporting “energy superpowers” … and Putin without a doubt knows this … so Putin has a big economic interest in seeing that this “new upcoming energy superpower” does not pose a threat to Russia’s interests in its very vital European market … so Israel has some powerful bargaining cards “to make a good deal” … a deal that not only provides Israel with a vital source of income but also guarantees by a joint partnership “Russian protection” from its adversaries.

      • RadarNJ

        That would be a smart chess move Paul. Israel is stable and provides much of the optics for Russian military. Plus with new possible large oil finds in the Golan Heights both countries would have much to partner with. With trust lost in the US perhaps some trust can be eared with Russia for Israel. Also Russia is not positively identified to be Gog in the Bible. It can also be Turkey a more likely northern nation to join in the destruction of Israel.

      • frederick

        You mean Gazan gas fields and Syrian oil fields right Paul because thats the reality you know

    • Jerry

      You have totally nailed the BRIC Alliance plan in a nutshell. Besides money printing, the petrodollar is the only thing left holding this country up. When its gone so are we as a nation. The departure of the Roosevelt Carrier battle group from the Persian Gulf was proof enough for me that the United States is preparing to fold up the tent.

      • Sandy Beach

        yeah, and today’s news on zero hedge that three Chinese warships were heading for Florida….adds up to the US backing down. About time! the Russians and Chinese want commerce. Americans have a lot to look forward to with a new world order including the yuan in the basket. Oh, remember a posting earlier this week, Cryptic Little Sister said Obama would sign the NDAA bill. WRONG! Whoever CLS is, she’s a disinformation agent….what with all that “I have sources and can’t reveal them now” rubbish. Cryptic Error Sister, lets call her.

        • NV Gal

          According to https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/114/hr1735, that bill was vetoed on October 22 and there has been no override attempt. CLS’s “sources” have not got a very good track record, but then Jerry has put forth several predictions that have not come to pass, also.

          I am waiting to see if what I was told by my angels about my husband’s Oct. 21 puycheck being his last one will bear fruit. His next payeheck would be on October 28, so not long to wait to find out.

          • paul

            NV Gal … don’t put Jerry down … “International Monetary Fund representatives have (just) told China that the yuan is likely to join the fund’s basket of reserve currencies soon” … like maybe next month?? … http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-23/imf-said-to-give-china-strong-signs-of-reserve-currency-blessing

            China and Europe buy a lot of oil and gas from the Middle East … and with Russia and Iran now effectively moving to take control of the Middle East “energy market” … what reserve currency do you think “they” will ask for in payment for the oil and gas they sell to Europe and China? … will they ask for the dollars of a country that excluded them from “swift” and has been hostility trying to destroy their economies … or will they ask for yuan? … if they ask for yuan reserve currency in payment … the dollar is toast! … and if the dollar is toast … gold will boast a much higher price !

            • Galaxy 500

              We are fighting an economic war with China. You don’t give the yuan leverage in that scenario.

    • Art Barnes

      Greg, Hillary got away with it again, “not my job”, great soundbite, she outsmarted the committee once again. Obama’s won’t allow his new attorney general to bring any charges no matter what the FBI finds as possible felonies charges. Teflon Hillary makes monkeys out of everyone who gets in her way, now she will get on the stump and see how many give away programs she cam spout off to the new Socialist American entitlement society/culture. Donald Trump won’t win unless he can get Reagan Democrats on board, if there is any left, frankly, I don’t know any and this isn’t 1979 any longer. Now I mention this in connection with Hillary that you may well be calling her Ms. President, no indictments, no Biden, no Obama opposition, republicans divided, Bush’s people told to stay home by the “family” the RINO’s), women voters, black & Hispanic voting blocks (90 percent Democrat), Corporation money in droves, foreign money, and so on and so on. Greg, anyone who gets in the way of the Clinton’s gets hurt, also, when she wins she will be vindictive as well, that is why the big CEO’s etc. are lining up on her side because they are afraid of the retribution. My point is that everyone underestimates her, including you Greg. The truth is that the Clinton’s have spend decades getting the goods on all the players in Washington D.C. and they make it plain to all that if you don’t support them they will out you; everybody, including the RINO’s are afraid of them; reason, they are all dirty and they don’t want to be outed as the traitors & thieves that they are; she will smash their glass houses in a heartbeat.

      • Charles H

        The only time I will believe that Hillary is out: is when she’s out. Until then, Art – I must agree.

    • OutLookingIn

      paul – Very insightful. Barring any big “surprises” or “black swans”, your prognosis of the ME situation at this point in time, may very well be very close to the course of events.

  2. md4

    Trouble is, we keep hearing “this (whatever) won’t last”…

    …and yet, it does.

    I’ve become convinced to end this madness will require the American people pull the pin themselves.

    The longer it goes on…

    Request: please start asking your guests what action(s), beside the usual pointless exercises (eg voting) the American people could take to stop it. We should begin to at least talk about this, before we get even deeper. Something HAS to be done, and WE’RE supposed to be in charge.

    Thanks for your work.


    • Roger Huddleston


    • Your fan in Japan

      Gerald Celente has a plan over at occupy peace. check his name on you tube or his site.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Here’s something to consider MD4,
      Recently, the Next News Network reported that many banks next strategic move is to charge you a fee for both depositing and withdrawing your cash ( thereby discouraging the use of cash and thereby generating some much needed profits for themselves). The reporter suggests that this maybe a golden opportunity for the American people to send a strong, yet crippling message to the banks (along with avoiding getting fleeced in the process)–by taking a goodly sum of their cash and purchasing physical gold and silver. Over time this would effectively allow you to starve the “beast” . Granted the percentage of our citizenry currently invested in physical metals is small but if that changes, these institution could be effected by hundreds or thousands of current customers slowly reducing their positions in what is now viewed as the only game in town. This approach may have considerable more appeal, than those who are considering or already count themselves among the “unbanked”.

      • paul

        Good idea … especially with the manipulation going on in precious metals making them dirt cheap right now … it is the “crime of the century” according to Bill Holter … Bill recently noted that “COMEX inventory has now been bled down to $200 million dollars … yet they are manipulating a $5 Trillion dollar market … something is not kosher!”

    • Galaxy 500

      Voting isn’t pointless but many that say they oppose the evil of govt don’t vote. Which plays right onto the hands of the Democrats

      • frederick

        Why vote when both parties candidates are chosen for us by TPTB are you kidding You seem to be the disinfo agent galaxy 500

  3. D Hinton

    Hillary wants to control the entire government, but she can’t even manage the State Department correctly. Just what we don’t need – another victim “leader” that won’t take responsibility for anything that happens on their watch.

    • Calgirl

      D Hinton
      Agree………and they call gold a “barbarous relic”……….

    • hoopshound

      She’s not even close to George Bush’s league, though, when it comes to evading responsibility for actions. He was certainly a dry drunk!

    • md4

      Respectfully, I disagree.

      In the first place, all the talk about sacred PM’s is foolhardy. It really makes no sense for ordinary Americans. While it MAY be true that gold and silver will rise in value as fiat declines, NO ONE can be sure what it will BUY when TSHTF. Joe six pack doesn’t have the disposable resources to acquire much today, and would likely exhaust a short stack rather quickly, even as purchasable goods eventually disappear.

      THEN what?

      Secondly, this doesn’t solve any problem. If any of you want to actually live in “Bartertown” tomorrow, I’d suggest we think again. NO ONE can live in a place like that indefinitely…UNLESS they’re a whole lot of us not living anymore.

      NO…NOW is the time for people to rise in the millions to plow asunder the current mechanisms ( banks, Fed, Wall Street racket as we know it, and the core problem: greedy, shortsighted corrupt western corporations) that have brought us here.

      Say what you want about the sixties…

      …THOSE people MOVED the country.

      Never has that–times a hundred– been more urgent.

      Without THAT kind of energy, we won’t survive.

      Let me say it again…without THAT KIND OF PASSIONATE ASS-ON-THE-LINE determination…we are dead.

      WHEN do WE march?


      • Galaxy 500

        In the sixties, they voted

        • frederick

          And in the sixties we elected a REAL man president and what did they do to him? What do you think they would do to a free spirit today Look at what they did to DrRonPaul for an idea

      • Faith

        @md4: I respectfully disagree with your comment about the PMs behing “foolhardy” for “ordinary Amercians.” Why do you say that? And the only solution you offer is revolution? That is foolhardy. Revolutions rarely end well. Civil war is a special kind of hell that is particularly cruel and that rarely has a happy ending. The US revolutionary war was an exception to the rule.

        Silver Eagles and silver Maple Leafs cost about $20. I often ask people, if SHTF which would you rather have? A $20 bill (or FRN) or an ounce of silver that you purchased for $20? There was a time when 1/10 an ounce of silver was enough to pay a man for a full days labor. If this were the correct price of silver I estimate silver ought to be worth around $600 US FRNs. Approximately. I often do a reverse calculation. It is stunning to think that one could hire a man for a week of labor and pay them 1 ounce of silver and that they would be happy to be paid that sum.

        There are alternatives to revolution. I usually tell folks that are hot for revolution to slow down. There is a revolution in Syria, right now. Would you like to see your home town look like that? For those of us that have read even a smattering of history, the French Revolution, also known as the Reign of Terror, strikes fear into the hearts of those that have learned this terrible story. What alternatives, do you ask?

        Charles Hugh Smith, has a most excellent book, “Survival +” where he talks about people that opt out and remain as Remnants. I have read his book twice. It is not your average prepper book but well thought out. He also has a new book on creating work. Dmitry Orlov, from http://www.cluborlov.com also has some interesting comments on how to survive during a collapse.

        Please note these authors are the most mild with regard to how to handle a collapse situation. I am also a fan of “Locusts on the Horizon” which takes a firmer view than does CHS or Orlov.


        I have not read it but I will buy it today so that I can comment on it. The premise of the book is simple enough: people need to be trained to learn over time, to acquire skills rather than to acquire degrees which are expensive and may be useless in the future.

        Anyone can dig up their back yard and learn how to grow greens. Cooking is a skill that many will have to relearn at some point in time. It does not take a degree in the culinary arts to prepare healthy food. Nor does it take a degree in agriculture to raise some type of protein (chickens, rabbits, pigeons, quail, duck, geese, turkey) and some type of nearly-year round green to make sure that one survives difficult times.

  4. spirit

    Dear Greg, may i dare to ask a question to all your informed participants? If a world-wide banking system crash happens in future, will it be driven/planned through inflation or deflation or something else?
    Thanks to all in advance.

  5. paul

    As for the insane loony tune Nuclear First Strike Doctrine put in place by Bush … Americans should be demanding that this Doctrine be trashed … the United States should clearly state that the only purpose we hold nuclear weapons … is to deter the use of nuclear weapons by others … we should not be saying we will drop nuclear weapons on people first … but only in response “after” being hit first … even for conventional threats … there is no conventional threat we cannot counter “after” being hit first.

  6. Dan S

    I still think WW3 “officially” gets underway in August 2016 even though it has already started.

  7. frederick

    First of all of course its a big fat lie. Dont they say that Caterpiller is a bellwhether of the health of the economy? And as far as the Russians in Syria i have been reading alot about an allegeg “jamming” technology that they supposedly have set up in Latakia area which is capable of disabling our radar and communicationf for a 600 km radius Two drones were lost in that border area between Syria and Turkey recently and some attribute those to this system. Nuclear war as we all know would end life as we know it on the planet so somebody had better grow a pair and make nice before its too late for humanity.

    • Honor Blackmore

      Reagan made nice, but now the neo-con looney tunes have tried to take over the asylum and failed miserably, so now it’s first strike capability. But all is not lost, the man up-stairs will have to take action, or were all sunk!

  8. Michael Harvey

    On Oct. 13, Americas national debt was $18,405,206,763,987 (trillion) and counting. I see today that in just nine days Americal took on more than $10 billion of extra debt —
    Puerto Rico is bankrupt and the “Obama Administration is drawing up plans to help Puerto Rico deal with debt.”
    An intelligent world is sometimes forced to be drunk to digest the nonsense coming from the so called experts of society.
    I think the word is ‘hypocrisy’
    Resident in Ireland

  9. Mason


    I hope you are right, that Hillary will not be the candidate for the Democratic party.

    Unfortunately, Martin Armstrong doesn’t agree and thinks Hillary will be candidate. See his article “Biden Bows to Hillary & Bankers”:

    “Joe Biden will not run. Sources say that Hillary has the banks locked-in for they owe the Clinton’s big time for (1) repealing Glass-Steagall, and (2) handing them student loans as non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. Those two factors mean that Biden would find it very difficult to match the money Hillary has coming from the bankers. This means we have Hillary as a Democratic candidate.”

    Hillary as Democratic candidate would be a sad state of affairs indeed, and confirmation that the US is in even worse shape than we already think.

    Not that it really matters who the candidates are. Even if Ron Paul would have been elected (which I would really would like to have seen), this is what would happen.
    I’ll quote Doug Casey (founder of Casey Research) on this one:

    “First, there would be a “sit-down” with the top dogs of the Praetorian agencies and a bunch of Pentagon officers to explain the way things work.
    Then, should he survive, he would be impeached by the running dogs of Congress.
    Then, should he survive, whipped dog Americans would revolt at the prospect of having their doggy dishes broken.
    Remember, your fellow Americans not only elected Obama, but re-elected him. Do you expect they’ll be more rational as the Greater Depression deepens?”

    So there you have it, folks!

    • Maggie

      Biden received a phone call from Hillary before his press conference announcing he would not run. Then a day or two later Lincoln Chaffee bows out. I am no political analyst, but I’d say the Clintons are taking their opponents out behind the scenes. Webster is out. Is Bernie Sanders the only one left?

  10. Jerry

    Great wrap-up as usual! Before everybody piles on CLR about the veto of NDAA please note that this bill will come up again for signature. Its not over.

    Isn’t it interesting there hasn’t been a whimper from the main stream press about this bill, but yet its in RT news? What does that say about how the military is viewed by this administration? I can only wonder what would have happened if we would have elected a President who actually loved our country as much as our veterans do.

    My family has spilled blood in decades of war in order to preserve the Constitution and our freedom. I am so glad most of them are not here to see what has happened to our country.

    • 8Ball

      With morons who are unable to keep their pants zipped leading America the path it is following leads downward… Add to that a general public who does not seem to care about the character & behavior of their so-called “leaders” and you have a serious problem.


    • Donna

      Mason, I do not believe for a second Obama was re elected.I believe the election was rigged.I pray oversights will be in place for this never to happen again.

  11. Russ McMeans

    Hillary gives me the creeps. May the Trump crush her. If it’s Bush (thank God unlikely) and Hillary, I will be busy working on Election Day, but not having anything to do with ‘electing’ – I’ll spend my time trying to sock more $ away for the crappy weather coming our way. All this stuff in the news is horrible! I think I’ve snapped, but luckily found a way out. Besides the Lord I’ve been steadily purchasing more ‘Angel’ music:
    6 albums- now 7 by Tori Amos and additional Sara Mclachlan- and my British rocker girl Chrissie Hinde. THANK GOD FOR MUSIC!

    • frederick

      creeps you too huh Russ İ think she has that effect on alot of us İts going to be a long year and 3 months having to look at that face and hear from her everyday God give us strength

  12. Russ McMeans

    Oh I forgot Bonnie Raitt! With a drink in hand.
    If you have any relationship problems with your lady- she has all the advice way better than a marriage counselor. !

  13. Russ McMeans

    The politics of our day our summed up nicely in a song by Megadeath: Google “Symphony Of Destruction “. It’ll remind you of our ‘King’ in the White House

  14. Jerry

    China just cut interest rates.

    Talk about pressure building. So now what will the Fed do? I’m telling you guys they are setting the table for their IMF meeting in November. With the deals they’ve made in England this week, and now this, its going to be hard to deny SDR. I mean when was the last time the United States gave 75 Billion to Oxford for research? The best way to grease a socialist palm (which is what the IMF is composed of) is by donating to their biggest cause.

    • Jerry

      Yep. An accident could happen on November 3rd alright, and the Republicans would get to be the whipping once again.

      • WD


        What a coincidence, I deal with foreclosures as well, more on the anti-bank defense side but I agree with you.

        They will destroy you for the houses they want and walk away from the ones they don’t want.

        We file big fee liens on every house in pre-foreclosure and the attorneys representing them go ballistic on this tactic and I mean enraged go figure…

        Many times when we try to help a home owner in foreclosure, I will see a boat, 3 cars massive entertainment systems etc….I see why they are in foreclosure.

        Jerry our foreclosure rate is still very significant in my area how about yours? I still see this as another major problem.

        • Jerry

          WD. Its hard to gauge. I live in a retirement area where most people who come here have money in hand. I spend hours on casnet and its very sobering to see how overextended most americans are. Credit card debt out the wazoo. Buy we’re no different than our government. The only difference is the Chinese are getting ready to cut our credit card. Most americans (especially some of the ones here) are like my clients. They live in denial until the notice is served.

          • WD

            Is “casnet” something that would help my services?

            Or is just in your area….curious about different approaches…


  15. Russ

    Thanks Greg, I value your perspective.

  16. Spanky

    It’s a sad day when I have more respect for Putin than I have for a whole host of American politicians, including Obama, G.W. Bush, both of the Clintons, and John Kerry. Yes, Putin is a thug, but, compared to many of our politicians, he’s a competent thug.

    • Spanky

      During the 2000 Democratic primaries, there was a political ad touting Hilary’s experience over the likes of Obama, the other presidential front runner at the time. The campaign ad essentially stated that “When he phone call comes at 3:00 in the morning, this country needs someone in the White House with enough experience to handle the crisis.” What a joke that turned out to be.

      As it happened, a phone call concerning Benghazi reached the state department when Hillary was the Secretary of State, and she, for whatever reason, failed to act. It occurred on her watch and she failed to respond accordingly. If she wasn’t directly responsible, then she should have ferreted out those were accountable, and fired them. She didn’t folks, which makes her culpable.

      Will someone please explain to me what is it about her that inspires people to support her candidacy for president? Her entire tenure as the Secretary of State was lackluster, at best. But, to be honest, John Kerry isn’t any better.

    • Dan S

      Hear Hear Spanky. My father, grandfathers and great grand father must be rolling over in their graves to see the sorry state of this country that they gave up their lives for.

    • Sandy Beach

      Putin a thug? I’ve head so much about Clintons, Bush family, LBJ and the rest of the syndicate Americans think of as their government, I no longer think of even an ex-KGB guy as a thug. We have the worst thugs right here. Oh, and they never closed Gitmo Bay—still forcing those poor guys to live on. Thugs? It’s in the CIA, FBI, CFR, Tri-Laterals, Bilderbergers, etc

      • frederick

        Exactly how many people feel Sandy its all propaganda At least Putin seems to show some concern for his fellow countrymen and is a Christian so right there is is way ahead of the pack of satanists you listed İMO

  17. Russ

    continuing… I watched the Hillary hearing long enough to know that her story had not changed even if the emails tell a different story. So I watched “Phantom of the Opera” instead, much more pleasant.

    I agree with all you said regarding Putin. He’s not a good guy, but he’s not out to destroy the world. Anyone who thinks global thermo-nuclear war is winnable is “bent” — not thinking clearly or they’re sociopathic and simply don’t care. “WarGames” had the ending just about right, “the only way to win is not to play” & “There’s no way to win. The game itself is pointless! But back at the war room, they believe you can win a nuclear war. That there can be “acceptable losses.” “.

    The market (if you can call it that) is also “bent”. No one is making significant earnings, but the DOW, S&P, NASDAQ keep going up… until they don’t. That day is coming and all these guys who think they can play that game will find out the can’t when all the paper markets go no bid and you can’t buy physical at any price because the holders are not selling.

    It’s going to be an ugly day and going full circle, that may be when WWIII takes off — when you’ve lost it all, you may as well have company. Sociopaths, they know they can’t win but nobody else will win either. What as that Putin joke about sh**ting on the chessboard and then knocking it over…

    • Spanky

      I’m also willing to bet that if Chelsea Clinton had been at the compound in Benghazi, a regiment of marines would have been sent (immediately, if not sooner) to guard the place.

      • Art Barnes

        Try a whole division of marines, ass kicking all around. Those pour old boys, all four to them were sacrificed, there were over 800 requests for additional security by the embassy all went on deaf ears; this came out in the hearing; imagine 800 and not one additional personal for security. But fear not, as she said ‘”that was not my job, I didn’t handle security”. Well Killery, you could have helped instead of continued the movie charade of Obama and Ms. Susan Rice, the liar in charge of damage control for the event. The commander in charge and his liar in charge Ms. Rice along with Ms. Killery all acted with total indifference to the deaths of the Benghazi 4, not forgivable nor forgettable in my mind. Just think how you would feel if one of those dead young men were your sons and you got to see that the person who wants to run the country state simply that she wasn’t in charge although she was the top person in that department, after being advised on many occasions that there was immediate need for security. This is why Benghazi will not go away even if Killery wants it to; what’s right is right and wrong is wrong, the Benghazi 4 cries out for justice to be served. It will be served when Killery gets defeated in a general election, she may have to admit at that point in time that her indifference for American lives finally caught up with her. She put Benghazi on the map & can’t erase now.

      • Honor Blackmore

        Maybe not Spank, they knew too much. Chelsea may only have been spared on the grounds she has no brains!

      • Galaxy 500

        So very true

    • Calgirl

      Putin’s Point of View in his own words:

      Nuclear Armageddon:
      Interesting site where you can position a nuclear bomb anywhere in the US, set the size of the bomb, and see the number of causalities and the fall-out area:

      Ireland’s banking crisis:
      Meanwhile, in Iceland, the 26th banker has been jailed for their role in the 2008 financial crisis:

  18. Wayne

    Was at an export terminal in NJ yesterday. Their was noticibly less being shipped than I’d ever seen there and lots of workers standing around waiting for loads. I was in and out in record time. Things look to be slowing down, at least for exports.

  19. Iv

    “God’s in charge.” I like that.

    Seems to me that it all comes down to the hubris, arrogance and greed of those who have found ways to game the system, who have bought and sold our psychopathic leaders.
    Of course it will all be washed away, and when the tide goes out all those masters of the universe will be standing naked and ashamed. When will we ever learn the lesson of the very first story in the Bible?

  20. Chip

    CAT 34 consecutive months of declining sales…
    Market on a tear again this morning! But I definately agree will NOT hold… Chip

  21. Anne Elliott

    The only reason the stock market will “continue to go up” (if it does) is because of ZIRP; there’s no other place that people or pension funds can put their money to make anything more than zero interest.

  22. Jerry

    I normally don’t follow this guy, but I think he may be right about November based on some of the information I have been able to gather.

    There are thousands of moving pieces so exact dates and time lines are a fools errand as I have found out in the past. But that doesn’t remove the fact that we have accelerated exponentially toward a total global reset of monumental proportions. The links I put up each week all draw a picture of a major economic shift involving the United States. If confidence in the dollar is backed by military muscle, I would say the picture of the United States leaving the middle east with its tail tucked between its legs speaks louder than words. The BRIC Alliance has filled the void left by the United States and one would have to ask, are we still a global power?

    On the world stage China has beat American central planners every way a person could be beat.
    – AIIB
    – CIPS
    – BRIC Alliance
    – Gold Exchange moving to Shanghai
    This week Chinese PM Xi met with English leaders to finalize the plan for the RMB offshore trade platform with England. Months back he did the same thing with Angela Merkel making Frankford the major RMB hub for Central Europe. Are you getting the picture yet? China is setting itself up for SDR drawing rights in November with the IMF. There seems to be a sense of urgency on the part of PM Xi to get the deals done. As a business owner I can attest to the fact that when you see this level of focus, things usually happen.

      • Jerry

        ITS OFFICAL. RMB to be Reserve Currency.

        As I have been saying November will be an interesting month. The Chinese are drawing up documents with the IMF as you read this. For those of you who don’t understand the significance of this information, ask yourself how long can the Federal Reserve can continue to print money without the dollar being the worlds reserve currency? That’s the 54,000. question.

        • Sandy Beach

          Truly, I thank God for this.

        • JMiller

          The article does not say it is official Jerry. The article says that Britain backs yuan’s inclusion into SDR basket.

          • Galaxy 500

            Thanks for saving me the trouble of pointing that out

      • JC Davis

        Jerry I look for a time when China will nod back as to say no thank you, But no thanks. We are backing everything with gold. See ya don’t want to be ya.

        • Faith

          @JC Davis: I agree. China has been disrespected by the west and has been building their system for a while. They don’t want to be part of the SDR and the IMF. The Chinese have been building an alternative structure to compete with the west. They want to rule the world. Once the Chinese show up and declaire their gold reserves and say they are going the back the Yuan with gold the world will rush to the Yuan. Silver is still cheap. So is the Yuan.

          • JC

            Well said Faith. Love the name Faith BTW.

            • Faith

              It is a family name. But thank you.

      • Calgirl

        Agree that the RMB will make it into the basket. That will give China voting rights. At present the US controls the vote but if Saudi Arabia goes with the BRICS and thereby shuns the “petrodollar” it is curtains for the dollar remaining reserve currency. It is my opinion that without the Saudi backed petrodollar, the dollar will collapse. TPTB will try to make the SDR the new reserve, but I think the RMB (yuan) will eventually become the reserve currency because it will be backed by gold whereas the SDR is not.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Jerry, respectfully, although this is a recently-posted article, I don’t see this as breaking news. The IMF will include the yuan in the SDR when the SDR and everyone else is ready, just like they’ve been planning to all along.

        There just isn’t enough world-wide liquidity in the RMB yet. Think about the relative sizes of the markets for US Treasury debt and Chinese sovereign debt: it’s a mountain and a grain of sand. That must change before inclusion will be workable, and it is changing.

        When enough sovereigns and private companies can, and do, trade in yuan-denominated bonds, then the inclusion will come. This requires additional currency swap lines, much greater yuan “liquidity” (or, “market-making”), and a genuine decoupling from the USD.

        These are taking time, and the world just isn’t quite ready. But when everyone is ready, the IMF will make the change, just as they’ve been planning to all along.

        • Alex

          Agree with the last comment – I am ready to make a bet that the RMB will not be included in the SDR basket this year. It probably will be in the future, but not just yet.
          I don’t see how the Chinese economy won’t collapse in case they resort to RMB currency backed by gold. All the US and European large companies will leave China and with chinese export power gone, chinese economy will tank – Tienanmen square will be full of angry peasants wielding heavy sticks (statistics show that it is hard enough for the white collars to find a job even now with 35 applicants for just one position in the bigger cities, imagine when all the blue collars join the party). China won’t just shoot herself in the foot – it will be like committing a seppuku with a (Japanese samurai) sword -Japan won’t just stand by and watch a weakened China. Last but not least, I have the impression that chinese are patient people – I personally don’t see a bold China declaring war to the petrodollar, at least not any time soon. I see China as a calculating player who just started to realise that he has some power. Still, China is way too quiet on the international scene for a country that would (supposedly) become the new superpower. China still needs more time – economically, militarily, structurally…
          However, I realise that I might be wrong (even the most knowledgeable analysts make mistakes and I definitely don’t consider myself as one of them) and that unexpected events, or black swans do occur! A sudden and big stock market collapse in the USA, for example, could be a trigger to a much bolder China and Russia, but hopefully not to a world conflict! Let’s fear not – these are some wise words from our host Greg.

        • Jerry

          O – You’re not getting it.
          RMB into SDR- Petrodollar x Shanghai Gold Fix= New international currency.

          The Chinese have Gold to back their currency. What do we have? Militray might? Three Chinese War Ships parked in Jacksonville say no.

          • Faith

            I@ Jerry: I agree. This is what most people fail to understand. China has created a financial infrastructure to rival that in the west. The Chinese did not build that intending to be added to the IMF bank and the SDR basket! China has created their own nversion of the IMF bank: the AIIB. The Chinese have created their own version of the Forex: CFETS (Chinese Foreign Exchange Trading Service). The Chinese have most recently created CIPS: China International Payments System (there is a page on wiki if you do a search) otherwise known as the Cross-border Interbank System is a planned (key word here is PLANNED) alternative to the SWIFT system otherwise known as the Society for Worldwide interbank Financial Telecommunication. The LBMA: otherwise known as the London Bullion Market Association is the only thing that stands in the way of China dominating the gold market.

            I hope we are both wrong Jerry. This is not a matter about being right or wrong. This is going to turn out to be a catastrophe and much of the world are sittting ducks with absolutely no clue.

            I do not have a subscription but their was a headline, from 4 days ago, The Financial Times. The title of the article is “Future of London gold market up for grabs” at http://www.ft.com and the article was posted 4 days ago.

            • Occasnltrlvr

              Infrastructure does not equal volume.

              The point of the infrastructure is to eliminate the political leverage that the US enjoys, not to supplant the current system.

          • Occasnltrlvr

            “J” – You’re not getting it.

            Apparently, you believe the Chinese are well-prepared to abandon their export-driven economy. I do not.

    • frederick

      Jerry from what İ hear about BoPlony you would do yourself a favor not to follow his work He doesnt have as they say a “stellar” track record

  23. eddiemd

    It is amazing how Clinton is still in the race. I have spoken with educated older folks here in the Phoenix area who are actually pro-Clinton. They say she is the smartest one in the race. According to them, Benghazi is a conspiracy against her and that the right is out to get her. Unbelievable. When confronted with the email scandal they just don’t believe she did anything wrong. They plan to vote for her. They are like zombies. The MSM is doing a great job keeping people stupid.
    Visited the local pawn shop to check out the availability of silver and gold. Plenty of silver bullion and coins available to buy. Ten ounce bar of silver going for $190. He has them in the store. Coins are a little more pricier. Krugeraands are 1170 as of Wednesday and in stock. I like to be able to buy coins: dimes, quarters, half-dollars. They may spend easier if needed as opposed to bars. I get the bars also.
    Received the quarterly 401K statement this week. Overall 6% loss in the last quarter. Year to date down 4%. Equities way down for last quarter. For example, Oppenheimer down 17%, PIMCO down 16%, DFA down 16%, ad every other equity fund down close to 10% for last quarter.
    I noticed the statement at the bottom of the Investment Performance states:
    1. Not FDIC insured
    2. No Bank Guarantee
    3. May lose value

    It may be a good time to cash out, take the hit, and buy more silver and gold. In addition…food, ammo, water. It might be a good time to cache goods along a route out of the Phoenix area. Phoenix is going to be ugly when the collapse occurs.
    Of note, I have noticed more people flying the American flag around the Phoenix area when riding my bike. Not just on holidays. I am wondering if flying a flag alerts officials to 1. friendly government worker, or 2. constitutionalist, 3. veteran, or 4. all/any of the above.

    • Brandon

      If only things were that simple Calgirl…gapping holes in your logic

    • Honor Blackmore

      ” According to them, Benghazi is a conspiracy against [her] and that the right is out to get [her.] Unbelievable”.


      Just ask them what were we even there for. Every other country had pulled out long ago including Britain. Taking care of business? This is haunting deep state, Chris Stevens and the blood of those other brave souls is crying out. . .

      “How loyal and righteous and unblamable we proved to be.”—1 THESS. 2:10.

      BUT WHAT do Delilah, Absalom, and Judas Iscariot have in common? They were all disloyal and treacherous!—Delilah to the man who loved her, Samson; Absalom to his father, King David; Judas to his Master, Christ Jesus. The name Judas has been synonymous with “traitor” ever since, especially one who betrays another under the guise of friendship. In each case, their deplorable actions wreaked havoc on others! But why should this be of concern to you? Because it’s in our face today in Biblical proportions. The Amerikan people are being betrayed by our own trusted so called leaders, misleading us. Who think were all a bunch of nincompoops, deserving of being mislead!

      A modern-day author lists betrayal among today’s most common vices. That is to be expected. When giving the sign of “the conclusion of the system of things,” Jesus said: “Many . . . will betray one another.” (Matt. 24:3, 10) “To betray” means “to give up to, or place in the power of an enemy, by treachery or disloyalty.” Such a lack of loyalty confirms that we are living in “the last days” when, Paul foretold, people would be “disloyal, . . . betrayers.” (2 Tim. 3:1, 2, 4) Even though authors and screenwriters often dramatize and romanticize treacherous acts in literature and in the movies, in real life disloyalty and betrayal cause pain and suffering. Indeed, such acts are an ominous sign of the our times!

      Have we as a people learned from these biblical warning examples? Absalom and Judas both met a shameful end because of their having turned traitor against the anointed of Jehovah. (2 Sam. 18:9, 14-17; Acts 1:18-20) Delilah’s name will forever be associated with treachery and feigned love. (Ps. 119:158) How vital it is that we reject any tendency we may have toward blind ambition or greed, which would cause us to lose God’s favor! Could any lessons be more powerful to help us reject the loathsome trait of disloyalty?

      The Bible also describes many loyal individuals. Two of these we can learn from, starting with a man who proved his loyalty to David. Jonathan, King Saul’s eldest son, would likely have been the heir to the throne of Israel—except for one thing. God chose David to be Israel’s next king. Jonathan respected God’s decision. He did not jealously view David as a rival. Rather, Jonathan’s “soul became bound up with the soul of David” as he pledged his loyalty to him. He even gave David his garments, sword, bow, and belt, thus bestowing royal honors on him. (1 Sam. 18:1-4) Jonathan did all he could to ‘strengthen David’s hand,’ even to the point of risking his own life to stand up for David in front of Saul. Jonathan loyally told David: “You yourself will be king over Israel, and I myself shall become second to you.” (1 Sam. 20:30-34; 23:16, 17) It is no wonder that after Jonathan’s death, David expressed his sorrow and his love for him in a mournful song.—2 Sam. 1:17, 26.

      There was no conflict of loyalties on Jonathan’s part. He was completely submissive to the Sovereign God of Israel, Jehovah, and he fully supported David as the anointed of God. Likewise today in life, even if we may not have been given a special privilege in a leadership position, we should willingly support those who have been appointed to take the lead among us.—1 Thess. 5:12, 13; Heb. 13:17, 24.

      The other good example we will consider is that of the apostle Peter, who avowed his loyalty to Jesus. When Christ used graphic, figurative language to emphasize the importance of exercising faith in his soon-to-be-sacrificed flesh and blood, many of his disciples found his words shocking, and they left him. (John 6:53-60, 66) So Jesus turned to his 12 apostles and asked: “You do not want to go also, do you?” It was Peter who responded: “Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life; and we have believed and come to know that you are the Holy One of God.” (John 6:67-69) Did this mean that Peter fully understood all that Jesus had just said about His coming sacrifice? Probably not. Even so, Peter was determined to be loyal to God’s anointed Son.

      Peter did not reason that Jesus must have the wrong view of things and that if given time, He would recant what He had said. No, Peter humbly recognized that Jesus had “sayings of everlasting life.” Likewise today, how do we react if we encounter a point on [USAWatchdog] that is hard to understand or that does not match with our thinking? We should try hard to get the sense of it rather than merely expecting that there will be a change to conform to our viewpoint.—Read Luke 12:42.


      Betrayal in any form is a vile act that must not be allowed to disrupt the peace and unity of the Christian family and the congregation. With that in mind, let us consider how we can be steadfast in our loyalty to our marriage mate and to our God.

      Adultery is one of the most devastating forms of betrayal. The adulterer has violated his fidelity to his marriage mate and shifted his attention to another person. The betrayed mate is suddenly left alone—with a life that is turned upside down. How does that happen between two people who once loved each other? Often, a first step in that direction is taken when marriage mates become emotionally distant from each other. Professor of Sociology Gabriella Turnaturi explains that alternating “between being fully present in a relationship and not being fully present is where betrayal finds its niche.” This distancing of oneself from a marriage mate has happened to some even during middle age. For example, a 50-year-old married man divorces his faithful wife of 25 years in order to join up with another woman to whom he has become attracted. Some excuse this as a midlife crisis. However, rather than making it sound as though it were unavoidable, let us call it what it really is—a midlife betrayal.

      How does God feel about those who leave their mates without a Scriptural reason? God ‘hates a divorcing,’ and he has uttered strong words against those who abuse and abandon their marriage mates. (Read Malachi 2:13-16.) In heart harmony with his Father, Jesus taught that one cannot drive away or cast off an innocent mate and act as if nothing has happened.—Read Matthew 19:3-6, 9.

      God’s Word says: “Rejoice with the wife [or husband] of your youth” and, “See life with the wife [or husband] whom you love.” (Prov. 5:18; Eccl. 9:9) As both mates grow older, they must be “fully present” in their relationship, both physically and emotionally. That means being attentive to each other, spending time with each other, and drawing closer to each other. They have to focus on preserving their marriage and their relationship with God. To that end, couples need to study the Bible together, regularly work in the ministry together, and pray together for God’s blessing.


      There are members of the congregation who committed serious sins and who were reproved “with severity, that they may be healthy in the faith.” (Titus 1:13) For some, their conduct has required that they be disfellowshipped from the congregation, [no longer on speaking terms, except of course extenuating circumstances.] For “those who have been trained by it,” the discipline has helped them to become spiritually restored. (Heb. 12:11) What if we have a relative or a close friend who is disfellowshipped? Now our loyalty is on the line, not to that person, but to God. He is watching us to see whether we will abide by his command not to have social contact with anyone who is disfellowshipped.—Read 1 Corinthians 5:11-13.

      It all may seem harsh, yet it’s what was called western civilization, brought to us from a book in the east and just as we have seen the east falling apart and in flames, let not, let ourselves, lose faith and fear not!

      We live in a treacherous, disloyal world. Yet, all around us we can find loyal examples to imitate. Their life course speaks for them, as if to say: “You are witnesses, God is also, how loyal and righteous and unblamable we proved to be to you believers.” (1 Thess. 2:10) May we all remain ever steadfast in our loyalty to God and to one another.


      • eddiemd

        Keep it shorter next time.

        • G.Berkshire

          I hoped this would be a lesson in humility for our treasonous and traitorous, adulterous dear leaders! I think they got the point and it wasn’t at the end of an arrowe_ shirt!

        • Galaxy 500

          Amen, I scrolled right past.

    • CatalystNeeded

      Hello Greg and Fellow Readers,
      I have been following the blog silently since Sept. and must say job well done for how many eyes you’ve opened! Thank God for your efforts.

      In response to eddiemd, it would be great if it was that easy to simply withdraw funds from your 401k. I looked into mine recently, and it turns out you can only withdraw from it based on a hardship. I’m in PA. As far as I know, this is not a law but is a stipulation enforced by the company. Their cash match-their rules. So I have cancelled my contributions and will be reinvesting the extra cash. I don’t see a way of not losing the money already invested other than hoping the system bounces back. I’m smart enough not to hold my breath. Anyone else have any tips reguarding retrieving current 401k funds that cannot be withdrawn?

      Ps. I would have gladly taken the penalty in order to liquidate, but I have no qualifying “hardships.”

    • Faith

      @eddiemd: do you know that you can transfer your 401k funds into PMs that you physcially possess? If I had a 401k I would certainly do anything I could to convert that fund to PMs that I was able to keep in my hope. I am not a person that does this but there are certainly lots of commercials.

      The bail-ins in Cyprus and Greece should have been a wake up to everyone in the US. Your money is not safe and there are no guarantees.

      • CatalystNeeded

        That’s a great suggestion Faith, I will look into it. Thanks.

  24. BakerTim

    Here we are nearing the end of October, and still no crash. I love it, my brother is a nutjob like you people, and I just rub it in his face every chance I get. So what now, is the crash going to be in November?

    • Greg Hunter


      • paul

        Greg … let BakerTim have his say if he does not want to think … he is just like those who keep saying that the Fed can “never raise” interest rates … when all one has to do “is think about” what you would do if you were running the Fed and found yourself in a box … my thinking is that … the Fed will first push inflation up with QE4 (by stealth or an announcement) … then gradually begin to push the “nominal interest rate” higher (contrary to what everyone believes) … the reason is … if the fed can generate sufficient inflation of the money supply … then boosting the interest rate numbers “will have little effect” on imploding real estate, derivatives and the economy … because … “the real interest rate” in nominal dollars really “stays constant” … and as the “nominal” interest rate rises … the global carry trade (which depends on getting US dollars at a cheap rate and buying foreign assets that pay a greater yield) will tend to unwind … such unwinding will put downward pressure on the US dollar … so the result of Fed doing QE4 “and” raising interest rates … achieves two important goals … first, it gives itself room to lower rates in the future … and secondly, it drives the US dollar down giving US industry a better competitive advantage when selling into foreign markets … and by pushing the dollar down … gold and silver prices will rise!

        We USAWatchDoggers should be preparing and hoping for the Fed to raise rates … purchasing our gold and silver now … because when the Fed does raise rates … it will open the gates … and the horses (gold and silver) will run” non stop” to the finish line (six years from now) as the carry trade unwinds … pushing the US dollar downward!

        • Sandy Beach

          Fed CANNOT raise rates, according to Jim Willie, Bill Holter, Ellen Brown, etc.

          • paul

            Did any one of those people you mention … ever think that the Fed can simply say:
            Derivatives will no longer be “marked to market” as interest rates rise!
            The way they have already done with other assets on the banks books!

      • Spanky

        Baker Tim may or nay not be a Troll, although I suspect you’re correct about him. He is, after all, entitled to his views, regardless of how irrational they may be.

        His argument is that because something hasn’t happened , it’s proof that nothing will happen. Even a simpleton can spot the absurdity in that line of reasoning. I ‘m in my sixties and, by that logic, I’ve never had an automobile accident. Just because I haven’t had an accident, Baker Tim, doesn’t mean I wont have one in the future, and it sure doesn’t follow that I shouldn’t have automobile insurance.

        The concept that Baker Tim doesn’t seem to grasp (though very easy to understand, and very logical) is that it’s better to be prepared for a calamitous event and have it not happen, than it is to have a catastrophe occur and not be prepared for it. “A stitch in time saves nine” is an old adage that sums up my position fairly well. Better still, “The prudent person sees trouble and prepares, but the naive continue on and suffer the consequences (Proverbs 22:3).

        By the way, Baker Tim, just because something is inevitable doesn’t mean it is immanent. This statement line from Forest Gump summarizes Baker Tim’s position extremely well: “Simple is as simple does.”

    • JC Davis

      Tim the crash has happened, yet folks like you will not believe till your homeless.. Hungry.. Thirsty.. and no prospects of what to do. Felonious use of carnal knowledge.

      • JC Davis

        Greg. I started in 2010 telling (Everyone) there would be a crises in the currency by 2015. Spent hundreds of dollars to inform people. Most threw it in the trash including my brother. He thinks I am crazy till others set him straight that my predictions have never been wrong. From a family of 21 there is one uncle left that nailed him. This economy can not be fixed by any. The dollars days are gone .. Not numbered.. There gone. What we are now living is the illusion of currency.

        • Charles H


          I think people, like BakerTim, are straining to keep believing – even though circumstances are devolving. Facing something as dire as the future holds is too much: so they cling to the Status Quo and consider downturns as nothing unusual or abnormal, with the caveat that the future will brighten and improve. But at some point, even the well placed and still prosperous will find circumstances to be unsustainable. And then they may even think to themselves it was just bad luck for them; but others are still OK. Not until they are hungry and thirsty will they believe. You nailed it.

    • Linda louin

      Baker Tim:
      I guess it’s just easier to insult your brother than to spend the energy educating yourself on matters you apparently know nothing about. But do not fear, you have lots of company (unfortunately and quite sadly, the US seems to be filled to the brim with fools just like you).

    • FC

      He who laughs last, laughs the loudest and I trust your brother has the good sense to make you suffer a little over the arrogance you display towards him.

      • brian

        Its sentiments such as yours that ensure when the collapse happens the impact will be extremely agonizing for us all. The vengeful, bitter resentment of those who did not make any preparations will not serve those who harbor such feelings much less act upon such feelings very well.

        My advice to you FC is to pray to God for the strength to forgive those who laugh at you now, so you are not open to the temptation to hate them later….you don’t want to be like Jonah, angry enough to die, up on that hill, under the worm-ridden vine, looking over Nineveh with nothing but a savage, irrepressible lust for vengeance in your heart….not a good way to enter into the end my friend.

        No FC, you are to love as your God has shown you to love; do not tolerate evil, do not turn from those in need, do not follow in the ways of those who turn from God. Instead you are to be a beacon, a flame, a light, a rock, an immovable, bold and relentless reminder to the world that there is a God and that you are a creation of that God.

        • FC

          Brian, I appreciate and respect your comments and in an ideal world, I would do exactly as you say, but unfortunately Eve, took a bite from the forbidden fruit and we now live in a world we have today.

          I did mention in my post, for him to ‘suffer a little’ because with every action, be it good or bad, there is always a re-action and without the re-action, a person will never learn whether he or she has done good or bad.

          • brian

            Its is not for us to teach, not for us to judge but only to show others simply by following God. We forfeited the ability to do anything more on that day when, as you point out, Eve took a bite from that fruit and we stepped into this world that we have today.

    • Jerry

      Baker Tim
      You’ve got a 50/50 chance of being right. If you’re right, we’ll laugh right along with you. If we’re right give Greg your address, so I’ll know where to send the body bag. What a goof nut!

    • frederick

      Baker Tim if you cant see the writing on the wall for what is ineviteably coming İ guess we cannot help you Keep your money invested in the market/banking system and let us all know how that works out for you

  25. vettingthenation

    Greetings Greg,
    One must realize that the term “precious metals” becomes an oxymoron when countries engage in QE on the scale it is presently being conducted. As evidenced by what is going on in the stock market, the adjective precious can and should be used instead on the word stocks. I have tried explaining to numerous people how inflation is an amoral device to steal by stealth. Now, when you combine it with the Fed policy of maintaining essentially 0% interest rates, the pillage of the middle class is in a full frontal assault. I maintain that the average bank robber exhibits less turpitude than the US government because at least they conduct their trade out in the open. We definitely live in interesting times and I feel sorry for the people who do not have a faith in God to sustain them. Thanks again for having this site and offering the means for your great audience to express themselves.

  26. Cryptic Little Sister

    Jerry, thank you for the support in your post.

    Does the following make sense to you: The Yuan will be active as an SDR currency next year, seems in October? What I see is that that causes trouble in the global economy next year? But the decision that happens next month also adds them to the basket at that time. The currency will not become active until late next year.

    And to Brian, who thought I might be several different posters, this morning I was thinking that you were going to say that. I heard myself telling you that I was having a Tony Clifton moment. But no, I am only ‘lil Sis.


    • Sandy Beach

      Wrong call, CLS, who ever you are. You made a lot of mistake calls. No one would care if you didn’t make yourself sound like you were a deep throat or something.

    • Jerry

      Things are moving much faster than people realize. China and the BRICS don’t need the IMF. The inclusion of the RMB into the IMF basket was just for show in order to draw more countries into the AIIB. The hammer will drop when the Gold Price Fix goes active before the end of 2015. That will lock all exits. But before that, the Derivative strings holding up the ECB will snap. The Chinese will stand back and say “welcome aboard” to the EU.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Yes, I understand what you are saying. The United States will introduce a new dollar, perhaps next year, although I’m not sure about the timing. Perhaps this is the two-tiered dollar. That would make sense because the government would have to shield the domestic dollar from the rise in the gold price to its newly fixed level.

        I do agree that the European economies will realign. Their Euro will collapse after the dollar crashes. This has been seen in visions. But there is more to it than China simply welcoming them into a new alliance. The Germans and the French will introduce a new currency next year. What it will be called is unclear. One term that has come up is The Alliance of Economies. This has been seen in headlines at the time of its event. The headlines are clear that this currency will be seen as a safe haven after the collapse of the dollar. Many nations will seek to join this alliance.

        I believe that, because of this new currency in Europe next year, the inclusion of the Yuan into the SDR basket of currencies next month and the effective use of this currency only in October of next year is significant. The fed will prop up the current dollar through much of next year.

        • Macray

          You may want to listen to the Gregory Mannarino or the Jim Sinclair interviews. Also Paul, Jerry and several others on this site have posted some excellent comments and provide links and sources on the dollar, the stock market, geopolitics, etc. I have found this to be very helpful and I thank them.
          This may improve your speculative comments in the future. Of course, your always entitled to your opinion. I pretty much have seen the devastation caused from the sanctions that China have placed on Russia over the last year and half, that you have pointed out to us.
          I was wondering though if you had and close sources that could provide me (I know I am being selfish here) with which professional baseball team will win the 2015 World Series. There is at least a 50/50 chance you can nail this one!!!

    • tim

      And another remark by the great predictor who has yet to get one thing correct!

      • Beligarant

        @Tim : Yep, my B.S. meter is maxed out. CLS is lining up to be yet another wannabe making a huge call that will go down in flames. I guess the good news is on the internet no one knows what you look like so you can still walk down the street without being insulted. It also explains why they use a cryptic handle versus publishing anything that could like back to them.

        All this blood moon, silver price hike, stock market crash and related hoobla is crap! Might as well listen to Moe, Larry and Curly and their calls for the silver market. As Catherine Austin Fitts stated some time ago, it’s a slow burn and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

        • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

          You got that right!

        • Southern Girl


          Just now getting to read your comment. I love the “my BS meter is maxed out.” Thanks for the laugh. I had a terrible migraine yesterday for 12 hours and sure need your levity at this time. If you find a description of her/him let us know so some one can post it online.

          Please let me know what Moe, Larry, and Curly think about the economy, gold and silver. I’m sure they have it all wrapped up in a nice package.

    • brian

      Well lil’ sis, did you tell yourself that brian has no clue as to who Tony Clifton is?

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Yes, that’s why I gave you a link to the video.

        • brian

          but I do not trust you enough to go to the link, where does that leave us?

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        I also saw this morning that an individual, someone here, would question me the way you just did.

        That’s the way it works.

  27. matt

    Russia Iran forming energy deal with it’s own bank. http://www.zerohedge.com

  28. matt

    3 Chinese warships now docked at naval port in Florida. http://www.zerohedge.com

    • Jerry

      I’ve been told they own the ports. America wasn’t conquered militarily, it was bought for a song by the Chinese.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Given that that is a naval base, I REALLY hope you’re wrong about the Chinese owning it.

        (I would bet one tulip bulb that they are here to retrieve something. And I’d give half-a-dozen tulip bulbs to know what.)

        • Calgirl

          Mayport is a Naval Surface Fleet base, home to the U.S.Fourth Fleet (all surface vessels) and the Littoral Combat Ship Squadron 2. There was a big fight with Norfolk, Virginia over a nuclear aircraft carrier and I believe Mayport won as there has been a lot of dredging going on in the harbor. The government didn’t want all the East coast nuclear ships assigned to just one port in Norfolk. Mayport is next to a huge commercial harbor where over 30 ships can dock. I saw a cruise ship docked there many months ago. It’s a protected harbor just north of Jacksonville, Fla.

      • Sandy Beach

        Chinese ownership of US property will save us from destructive fascism……the Chinese don’t want their assets damaged and will make sure it doesn’t go that way, despite what Willie, Holter and others think. The Chinese are far too prudent to waste the US assets. Glad to know they own the ports. Keeping some big ships there is a good idea, while the US gets whipped in the ME.

        • Greg Hunter

          The most dangerous place for a ship is in port. Check Pearl Harbor.

          • Mary Casey

            Greg, Absolutely true; and our military also knows the most dangerous location for ships is in port….so it does make one wonder about Pearl Harbor. And by extrapolation, the Lusitania and the World Trade Center.

            • Occasnltrlvr

              I think it might have been a little more difficult to take the World Trade Center out of harbor.

        • paul

          What amazes me is all the fuss and concern about some dredging operations in the South Pacific (that makes these new islands into permanent Chinese aircraft carriers) when there is no fuss at all when Chinese ships are docked right here on our shores (East Coast, West Coast and in the Panama Canal) … yet some “shipping route” thousands of miles from US shores is more important to the US then its own east, west and southern boarders?

  29. Rod

    I’ve come to realize, over time, that no one knows when, how or why things happen. Everybody has the GUESS and their guess is the one! I have followed the economic mess for decades, the gold question since the 80’s and the political corruption from the time I could barely read. Some get it right most get it wrong and everyone knew what to expect AFTER the fact. God is in control and he is sovereign and until he allows us to know its all hot air. Everyone wants to predict the future, Good Luck! By the way I still read WD and enjoy it immensely.

    • Charles H

      Sign-posts, Rod. Sign-posts. We don’t see them till we get up on them; then they are past. There must be purpose for us not to know it all. And enough to know a little?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I smugly think of myself as succinct. Then, I read a comment like yours.

      Some people see, and continuously scrutinize minutiae. Some people are blind, and occasionally troll. A few people reach peace.

      As our gracious host reminds us (with a little of my embellishment): fear not, for the one, true, almighty God, and Father of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, IS in control.

      • paul

        The “way” He is controlling things … is by putting control in other peoples hands … and out of the hands of the bankers and Neo-Cons!

  30. Hurricane

    I do not post comments too much but I felt the need to reply to BakerTim. The problem is not that you bother me much when you are trolling and making fun but it will be a problem when you are begging your brother to take care of your A$$ when it does happen. Take care because I hope he slams the door in your face.

  31. Calgirl

    Well, soon some finagling will have to be done again. The Plunge Protection Team can keep holding the DOW up forever with their “Hali Mary” passes at the end of significant losing days. They will have to remove low performers from the DOW 30 in order to keep the fantasy going: Can’t have these companies dragging down the average.
    Catepillar will have to be removed….YTD change = down 22%
    Wallmart: YTD change = down 32%
    American Express YTD change = down 20%

    Just like Apple was added to replace ATT.

  32. Cryptic Little Sister

    Someone asked me about a man named John Titor. I haven’t really looked too much into him. I cannot really tell you anything substantial about his story. It did occur to me about a year ago, as I was staring at the ceiling, that there must be time travel, since I can see the future. It must exist outside of three dimensions.

    Here is something I wanted to share awhile back. You may find it interesting. I don’t know this person.



    • Occasnltrlvr

      CLS, these are legitimate questions, not a “swipe,” or rhetorical.

      If any person is well-convinced that they are perceiving yet-future events, or are having some understanding, as knowledge, of yet-future events, then, what might be the mechanism, or means, of imparting that knowledge or experience to such a person?

      And, this would be being done by whom? And for what purpose?

      Might that purpose be nefarious? Might, then, the things being imparted, be intentionally falsified?

      CLS, unless you are playing games, you must have asked yourself these questions. Can you share your thoughts my questions?

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        I understand your question. I’ve never been given wrong things. My speculation, though, has been wrong at times. Of seeing I can give you a small example from seomthing that occured to me last year: for about two weeks in late November, I would come into the kitchen and see the neighbors coming over knocking on the garage door and asking to use our phone. I kept having this vision, like a drop of cold rainwater on my forehead. I would look through the window, at the lawn. And then one day I came downstairs, and the neighbors were in the house using the phone. They had been locked out and needed to use our phone.

        That is an example of a waking vision. They are very direct and clear. But sometimes, oracles are symbolic. Especially lucid dreams. One morning earlier this year, I saw dark blue velvet pushed from underneath by a face. I was barely asleep, awake in the dream. I could see the form of the face in the velvet but not the material of the face. I was on one side of the velvet face, and my sister was on the opposite. I could hear my mother’s voice very weak coming through the fabric. She was fading away. I awoke and felt very sad. Later that morning, my mother called to share a big piece of news about her health. But I knew when I heard her voice that something was wrong. It was exactly the voice I had heard early that morning.

        This last type of vision is the most difficult because it is very packed with information. One must be careful to interpret the vision correctly, but in that case, any error is on my part, not on the part of the vision. The more you look at it, the more there is to learn.

        Sometimes it is like a film slowing down, a single frame caught out of the blur. I took a nap one afternoon on the sofa, and as I was waking up and it was as though a film stopped, and I saw instantly a frame of my friend standing in the foyer in front of where I was then on the sofa. She was facing me, her hand reaching toward the closet door, and there was a terrible odor coming from the kitchen. It bothered me because I like to read old books in that place, sitting on the sofa. So I tried to avoid anything happening. But a few days later, there she was standing at the door, her hand out and the smell of fish wafting from my right into the living room. I grabbed my book and fled upstairs.

        You hear a lot about visions, but there are oracles in other senses. I was at my desk in my study, when I smelled a man’s cologne. I had to stop and sniff the air, but it was gone. About a week later a man was in the house, and he reeked of exactly that same cologne. Afterward, I sat at my desk smelling that cologne and shaking my head.

        You should know that ever since Obama was elected I have experienced a black pall over everything. Even on sunny days. It is like feeling the darkest night.

        Love has always been metaphysical in its higher researches. It has dealt not only with matter and motion, but with form. The last book of Aristotle’s metaphysics has been properly called a theology. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

        • Occasnltrlvr

          Thank you for the elaboration.

      • Don

        I’ve been able to read the future since I was 26, I’m 62 now. Its called the bible. And better yet, theirs know guessing about were the knowledge comes from. A great place to visit, if your a truth seeker, and will repent and turn to God in faith. Its at that time, God begins revealing himself, to that individual. Not trying to be a smarty, its just the way it happened.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Are you the same person that a few days ago whilst commenting on Axel Merk’s interview said, and I quote [misspelling and all];

          “These people are uneducated, uneducatable, Muslims (to compare them to Catholics and Protestants is insulting and ignorant).”

          If you are one and the same “Don” then you are indeed a very sick puppy. You obviously pride yourself on being a devote Christian and yet your bigotry is truly monumental and appalling!

        • JC

          Don what CLS is experiencing is a form of what the wiccan’s call white witchcraft. They have called me a seer because I told there future in the spirit of God. Just as I have told CLS to run away from them. Repent and believe in the lord Jesus. None so blind as one that will not see.

    • Faith

      @CLS: To quote “while I was staring at the ceiling” and “since I can see the future.” You forgot to mention that you also seem to think you can read minds.

      Go take your meds, honey, you are off your rocker.

      • JC

        Faith. He / She or who ever it is has continuously ignored request to reveal where it gets information. I still maintain it is Demons threw occult line of thought that give it what it gets. What is wrong with the heart that can not lose there income to warn folks ? ? Too many hiders and few standers. I have listed who I am on every post. Stand for something or fall for anything.

  33. Coalburner

    Don’t forget it took only 56 million voters to elect Obama the second time. That tells a lot about the level of stupid, Libtards in this country. There is no reason to think we wont get 8 more years with Hillary. IT will be time or past time to go Galt.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I am of the opinion that it is not in the hands of the electorate to select the Chief Executive of the USA, and I am in agreement with our host, Mr. Hunter, that the office shan’t be occupied by Hillary Clinton.

      The Chaplain said, years ago, that she would not be President, but would become the president of the World Bank. That was about the same time he said the west was going to be flooded with Muslims.

  34. Coalburner

    Today they were talking that in Kalifornia the state health insurance agency just dropped a turd requiring all insurance and providers to pay for abortions, no exceptions for anything. IT got me to thinking, how appropriate it was Kalifornistan. Consider that it is 99% Libs, what are the odds that they are killing a new crop of blood sucking Libtards. I know, not nice but they are doing it, not me. Kaliforniastan may take care of itself.

  35. Occasnltrlvr

    I rarely look at equities. On Marketwatch yesterday I saw that this “Alphabet (Google)” thing has a market capitalization of over one-half of one TRILLION dollars.

    Only the truly blind cannot smell the tulips. (Yes, discreet pun intended.)

  36. Don

    Greg, as I’ve have said both here and in an email to senator Inhofe of Oklahoma. During the Gorbachev era, Reagan and the west promised Russia that nato would not expand east by an inch, and now there is at lease two, maybe three different countries the west has put ICBM’s in. This would be know different than the Cuban missile crisis during the Kennedy administration. Its this type of aggressive poster that could a nuclear war. Thanks to the PNAC group, created by Bush, we have a bunch of hardline globalist, like Chaney, Rumsfield, and others known as the neocon’s today, to thank for the mid-east mess. Mr. Bushes first order of business was to go after the oil fields for him and his globalist buddies. These groups of globalist, entrenched in our leadership are following the illuminati doctrine of Alfred Pike, for global dominance. You did another great job, your-da-man

    • Calgirl

      NATO putting ICBM bases right next to Russia in violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed in 1987 is what Putin has rightfully been miffed about. The US and NATO are threatening Russia with this provocative behavior. NATO needs to be disbanded and the treaty needs to be upheld. As you wrote, we didn’t like Cuba having nuclear missiles aimed at us as Russia doesn’t like having them aimed at Russia! Another treaty broken by the US!! The damn neocons and the military industrial complex in DC need to be erased from US governmental influence.

  37. WD

    To all US A Watch Doggers:

    ” An oppressive order is likely to appear all-powerful until it is on the verge of collapse”

    Richard Folk…

    • Calgirl

      I couldn’t agree more except the WTC was an inside job! Our “leaders” want to control the world to the degree that they will kill thousands upon thousands. It’s despicable, and I’m ashamed. I see Putin as a stabilizing force and a great leader. I don’t think he wants Russia to return to Soviet style control or that he wants to expand his country. What he does want is for the world to work toward peace. Take Obango’s shirt off and put him next to Putin and you see the difference. Our skinny, bony impostor next to a real man. JMO

      • WD


        You are right on about Putin….he is the one getting things done. I believe the world will tilt toward Russia…simply because they have to.

        He wants Russia to be great again because he loves his country, he is not a communist. His years at the KGB gave him insight to its failings. OUr battleship group left when they sent the cruise missiles in.

  38. r.j

    would someone please invent a perpetual motion machine already, and put an end to this insanity . also spanky referred to putin as a thug , i must disagree as i see him as a stabilising force in the middle east,unlike the thugs in washington . A bunch of ham handed power hungry knuckle draggers w ho cant see past tommorrow. Here is the plan. Instead of comjng to a consesus so that the world can live in harmony and come up with solutions to geopolitical strife , we w ill take out anyone who threatens our u.s. dollar hegenomy by selling oil in an alternitive currency. Lets start with iraq and lie to the american people about some weapons of mass destruction BS . After all didnt they attack the world trade centre . OOPS sorry i think it was the afghanis lets go bomb the hell out of them ‘mission accomplished”. Hey that khadafi guy he’s not cooperating lets pull the plug on him so his people can be free.While were at it lets install a fascist government in the ukraine and free them from that democratically elected tyrant Yanokovich.And last but not least lets cooperate with our sworn enemies al qaida who at one time we had blamed for bringing down the twin towers, lets arm them so they can help us remove that other democratically ellected non cooperative pain in the ass assad. What i am trying to say here is that the thugs dont reside in moscow, they reside in washington. Any thugs that reside outside washington,were placed there by washington. r.j.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      I couldn’t agree more.
      In fact I rarely bother to comment on WD any more after witnessing a good portion of the comments portion insidiously deteriorating into petty religious bickering, secular intolerance and bigotry.

      Incidentally this is exactly what TPTB would have us do. It is one of the most effective tools in their extensive arsenal. On a far grander scale this is exactly what they have accomplished in the ME where they have managed to destabilize the whole region to the stage that significant areas have been rendered uninhabitable.

      No doubt the military/industrial establishment and their cronies will be chuckling away in the background as we join the global pastime of perpetually throwing large rocks at one other. If we had the presence of mind to realize it we would identify the real enemy, put down the rocks, and set about the task of challenging the stranglehold that TPTB have over each and every one of us.

      The amount of Russia and China phobia I hear on this site is quite frankly staggering. Given that WD followers could be assumed to be some of the more informed and enlightened amongst the US population, this is very disturbing. So too is the continual petty squabbling as to how we as individuals must interpret the scriptures and the intolerance amongst some of anyone that is not Christian.

      It is gradually dawning on the Western world that Putin is indeed a true statesman with more grey matter between his ears than all leaders of the US and its pathetic vassal lapdog states combined. His agenda is not hegemonic but centers around making the survival of humanity the absolute priority. He knows only too well that everything hangs by a tiny precarious thread.

      Year in year out, Putin must somehow summon the patience and the humility to deal with bumbling morons like Nuland, Kerry and Obama and not be lured into an all out full-scale military war. This is just one humble opinion from the antipodes but I think he has shown extraordinary composure, patience and humanitarian foresight in his handling of both the ME and the Ukrainian situations.

      I still remain punch-drunk from the recent revelation from Greg Hunter, no less, that he considers Noam Chomsky to be, and I quote…… “a left-wing wacko”. I notice too that he was supported by at least one sycophantic and very prolific commenter. These are the most disturbing comments I have heard on WD to date and most definitely causes me to question my continued participation.
      Greg…..you don’t know it, but Noam is on your side in all of this!!!!

      It is sad indeed to witness the deterioration of what I once considered to be the premier global geopolitical/financial blog site to this current level.

      [Greg by all means please yourself re posting the above]
      It no longer matters anymore to me as I regard myself as a free spirit and an independent thinker. I like to think that I am somewhat unencumbered by the generational bombardment of the western establishment’s monumental propaganda machine. I don’t have the time or the patience to indulge in fairy tales anymore.

      Some of the commenters on WD have this quaint notion that I should moderate my opinions and the way in which I convey them. Why on earth would I do that? I don’t take any of their criticisms personally and I most certainly don’t consider this forum to be some sort of popularity contest.

      With a curious mix of sadness and amusement I treat their reactions as just more proof of how effective, dangerous and far-reaching the western brainwashing machine has become.

      • Greg Hunter

        You said, “It no longer matters anymore to me as I regard myself as a free spirit and an independent thinker.” I did not get this message from your comment. If we don’t think disagree with you and “Noam,” then you think you are “witnessing a good portion of the comments portion insidiously deteriorating into petty religious bickering, secular intolerance and bigotry.” Spoken like a true close minded leftist with zero tolerance for opposing views which include belief in God the Father. You come off like a condescending atheist. Let me say it now, you will be missed.

        • JC

          Greg I did not always like what Colin had to say, but he did make me think of the flip side. He will be missed. As a wise man said Full grown adults should be able to disagree.

          • Greg Hunter

            I didn’t say I was banning him but I anticipate he will leave. I too have strong words sometimes.

        • sk

          I will sorely miss Colin if Greg bars him or if Colin decides to leave. Don’t leave, Colin, please. You are a ray of rationality and hope.

          • paul

            At least “keep reading” Colin … for it’s the trolls, loony tunes and God fearing people that make this site so very interesting and thought provoking!

      • frederick

        @Colin We who understand the situation in the world “get it” is to why the mainstream media constantly bashes the Russians and the Chinese Sadly many or most i should say Americans are either asleep or drinking the Zionist neocon Koolaide cheers from an American in Turkey

      • Charles H


        No one is telling you to moderate. Do you think Galaxy 500 has been moderated? Maybe you need to unplug a little.
        It is hard not to ‘read-into’ what one reads, those things which the reader is disposed to – like disappointment or disillusionment. Looking through ‘colored glasses’, or swapping from a positive ‘glass-half-full’ viewpoint to a negative ‘glass-half-empty’ is common for those who are worn-down or worn-out.

        You mention “the comments portion insidiously deteriorating into petty religious bickering, secular intolerance and bigotry”. Some people argue just for the sake of arguing. Author Phyllis Schlafly terms this a symptom of Grievance Culture: who are indoctrinated to find fault and accuse others of perceived offenses and injustices. The opposite are those who argue in defense of important issues, when challenged. You feel strongly in secular terms; in governmental and financial dishonesties, like the Fed: others feel as strongly concerning spiritual and Biblical issues. Belief systems are as old and universal as barter and monies – so you concern yourself with one but ignore or discount the other. Likely ‘they’ will crash this current system, only to replace it with another, felonious one. But belief systems, though subject to scrutiny and controversy, can and do stand in their own merit of value – as they exist and operate in intangible realms. Principles, truths, standards – if correct, they work; if wrong, they fail. As a Biblicist, at times there arises the need to defend sound doctrine and teachings – if you don’t see, or understand, or agree with what is being said: then it is a grain of salt. I will reason from my point of understanding those items and issues of a spiritual nature; just as you would over the tally of a billing or sound economic policy. Can you really say that one is more important than the other? Who of us has no pride? Who thinks we could possibly be wrong in our statements or perspectives? NOBODY, or we’d keep our fingers off the keyboards. I’m sorry to put the pin to the bubble, Colin – but hypocrisy and bigotry is part of the human condition; as part of imperfection. Do you think you are not touched by these?!?? There is a discernible twinge of bigotry in your very accusation.

        You have a real head on your shoulders, Colin. What a Statesman you would make – like the Golden Age of British diplomacy – real pros. You see things well; and it is clear you care a great deal from the manner you write. But isn’t it the course of Nature that – you get your feet wet; there’s a productive period of improvement and accomplishment; then in time, a deterioration toward the end; then an end?
        Greg Hunter has only so much control of who shows up and how they behave – it’s a tremendous job. And I figure his end will come when the PTB pulls the plug. As his popularity and hard work gains notoriety – more and more problems will manifest; more trolls and those with agendas will probe and disrupt his site. Perhaps it is true that some aspects have deteriorated some: but in the glass-half-full aspect: this site is still pure gold.

        You haven’t time or the patience to indulge in fairy tales anymore??? All I can say is that your belief as to the nature of Fairy Tales – doesn’t make them untrue. They ARE true to others; just specifically – not to you. So you believe those who believe in fairy tales are deluded and wrong; and they think you are deluded and wrong. Are both wrong; are both right? If there is more of us than those of you – then are we right? Or is it if there are more like you than those like us – then that makes you right?
        I concur and agree with truth coming from a higher and perfect power beyond man – and experience has convinced me of it’s worth. Perhaps you think there is no higher power than man and so man alone decides what is true; from an imperfect standpoint. I am sorry you seem to have lost patience to agree to disagree in this realm. We express ourselves in the standpoint of conviction, the same as you do. Perhaps the intolerance you accuse others of – is something you are not exempt from either.

        Colin – in many ways you are a better commenter than I am. You definitely get more response to postings; plus being from down-under makes you … special. If you decide to throw in the towel – then I’m sorry. If you decide to come around from time to time – then be welcome. A grain of salt – the Golden Rule. It is common sense and decency.
        I urge you to consider coming here as a part for the good. If not – you are the kind I would stand with in a fight. And I wish you well.

        • Southern Girl

          Charles H.,

          Thank you for your post. I always enjoy learning something new. ” Author Phyllis Schlafly terms this a symptom of Grievance Culture: who are indoctrinated to find fault and accuse others of perceived offenses and injustices. The opposite are those who argue in defense of important issues, when challenged.”

          Gad Zooks!!! Sounds like my family. When one of the siblings would leave my Mom’s house she would start off with, “Did you see the way she was dressed”….Never a compliment. Took me years in therapy (Just kidding) to get out of that mind set. It is totally defensive.

          Really enjoyed the rest of your post. ..well thought out and well said. You are a reasoning man and I commend your for your thoughts.

        • FC

          Don’t worry Charles H, Colin will only throw in the towel when Australia whips NZ in Rugby World Cup 🙂

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Thank you for your wise words.
          Unless Greg bars me I will comment occasionally and I will continue to listen and read and to learn as I go. I will probably use the scroll button a bit too, just as any of you can scroll my comments.

          My very best wishes to you Charles, and to Paul, sk, JC, Frederick etc who have clearly understood what my message has been. I will say it one more time…I have absolutely no political, religious, or racial agendas. All I have is a personal opinion and a very genuine concern about the warmongering of the west and the real possibility that a full scale military war could escalate at anytime and threaten the very existence of the planet.

          I am not critical of any religion per se. I am however appalled at how prevalent religious bigotry is around the world, how this leads to extremism and how it is cultivated and used as a weapon by TPTB and their military industrial machine against mainstreet and the disadvantaged.

          My very best wishes to Greg and all you WDers out there. And by the way..I still think it is a great site and acknowledge and admire Greg’s tremendous work and dedication.

          • Greg Hunter

            I did not mention baring you I just answered you. Good men can disagree.

          • Charles H

            Thank you, Colin. You really DO contribute a lot here. And you represent a lot too – not just as a Kiwi either.

      • WD


        Chomsky is a left wing psycho….and the comments on this site keep getting better….

    • frederick

      Take a closer look at what REALLY happened on 911 and let me give you a clue İt had nothing to do with Afghanis whatesoever

  39. WD

    “On the current trajectory, we doubt the market can stay stable beyond a few quarters, especially if some SOE and/or LGFV bonds indeed default.”
    – Bank of America 10/23/2015

    Some banks are thinking that the outlook ain’t so good…

  40. CAK

    CLS, I asked you about time travel, and thank you for sharing the links you did. I am also grateful you continue to comment here, albeit with so many now seeming to want to burn you at the stake. You never said “when” Obama would sign the bill, only that he “will” sign the bill. The NDAA will be passed, in somewhat revised form now, but Eisenhower warned us of the “military-industrial complex” decades ago … they simply will not allow their appropriations to go into the entire CR (continuing resolution) state of current government.

    The elite of the world have made their plans, and while Lindsey Williams has stated they do not always get what they want, usually they do, and this time around, they need a supernatural event to help them in bringing about their NWO. The supernatural event has not yet occurred. I would say God (others would say the cosmos) is being incredibly merciful now, in allowing this delay, but eventually, there can be no further delays, and what was set at the foundation of the world, must unfold.

    The world will not end. Far from it. But it will be a much different world, and very soon indeed. Ask yourself, if someone had a date, and it matched perfectly for when all these changes would occur, honestly, how would you prepare? What are you preparing for? All those who rejected Jesus the first time He was on Earth, were preparing for something quite different than what His initial mission on Earth was for … and so it is true again now.

  41. dave roselle

    Hi Greg
    You kinda contradicted yourself by saying<US first strike(true)then Putin being the bad guy.Putin has been trying to keep peace.The bad guys are here.

    Thanks for your great reporting


    • Greg Hunter

      The point is we are on the verge of global war and it very well could go nuclear. I was giving you the signs I am seeing. You are in the weeds here but thank you for your comment.

  42. Larry Galearis

    For the most part I agree with your commentary, Greg. But “ruthless Putin”? I think in the comparative sense of Washington foreign policy, his foreign policy is still minimalist reactive. It has to be given what I consider to be complete lunacy out of the White House. And this too is recognized by Putin when he made that out of character comment about “mush for brains”. I finally listened to Putin and once more he tells it the way it really is. Essentially he is going on record to the world in defining Russia’s position and Washington’s position in the M.E. and elsewhere. It is really impossible to argue with his points. And it is no wonder that none of this is allowed to be repeated in the MSM in the US. Please keep in mind that the United States is hands down the most bellicose nation in modern history – with its generation of wars and policies of domination and destabilizations. It is a good thing Americans believe more in their myths than the realities that contradict them; perhaps Washington’s other war, the one at home, is keeping its citizens dumb and without a disturbed moral conscience?
    Best regards,

    AAR, another magnificent effort; by being open and candid Putin is still carving out a very superior foothold on the moral high ground and is proving himself to be THE leading global statesman. I expect him to do this at every opportunity and he is IMHO winning the propaganda war. By simply stating the obvious….The longer Washington sits back and sulks and makes up lies for supporting terrorism groups in an illegal involvement in Syria, the more it will blow back on the Empire. I suspect that Ottawa may be siding with International Law with its withdrawal of its planes from Turkey and bombing efforts. The good thing about doing the right thing is that Trudeau can fall back on legalities as THE good reason for doing so….And Canada swings back to peace-keeper? Hope so…. I am tired of being a citizen of an captured state. I am tired of being a citizen on the wrong side of history.

    For any doubters out there, this is a must see speech by Putin. HE is the good guy and the sooner he is seen as such, the sooner we can back away from the war scenario.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please keep in mind that while Americans can still criticize our leaders that is impossible to do in many countries including Russia. A version of USAWatchdog.com IE: RussiaWatchdog.com would NOT be allowed. Do you ever see criticisum on Russia Today (RT)? Of course no,t and you never will. Therefore your comment “Please keep in mind that the United States is hands down the most bellicose nation in modern history.” Is really just more of the propaganda you are buying into from China, Russia and Iran to name a few. IE: “America is all bad and Russia, China and Iran are all good.” Sure, America has problems, but so do many other countries, and in China, Russia and Iran criticism is NOT allowed or tolerated. That is a stone cold fact.

      • JC

        Archie Bunker nailed it.

      • Calgirl

        I find it very difficult to reconcile my belief that Putin is a force for peace and the fact that political dissent in Russia is almost non-existant. As you cautioned previously, I have not found any “dissent” of Russia on the RT website. But, I also have little faith that what America prints about Russia is the unblemished truth either.
        However, I observe that America is not so liberal in allowing dissent either. At the PRESENT TIME, we “small voices” have little to fear from the TPTB other than being labeled a “terrorist” and placed on a Homeland Security “list”. Are we in the US suffering any negative ramifications of being on that list? Are “non-treasonous” whistle-blowers protected? Is the government working toward “restructuring” the internet to “control” certain websites? Does the NSA monitor everything but the contents of my snailmail? Have I lost untold freedoms over the last couple of decades? I fear that in the coming months & years, that we too will have much less freedom to voice our views.

    • sk

      It IS mind-boggling how the US went from wearing the big white hat ……to what it is wearing now. Wherever the Trotskyites-reborn-as-Neocons go, a big black hat follows. Russia 1917, USA 2017? 2015? 2016? What’s a year or two?

  43. Mike from the North

    Expect change and expect it soon.

    We are in the process of the world realigning itself and when complete the world will be a different place and hopefully a better place.

    Value of something is what value others are willing to give it. Value is short lived when that value is affected by the threat of violence, and when that fear that no longer holds meaning.

    FEAR is the belief of loss. If the loss is already taking place and you realize it that fear is loosing its power.

    What is left is simply the world acknowledging the loss.

    Loss of freedom.
    Loss of buying power.
    Loss of respect.
    Loss of trust.

    If you choose to ignore HISTORY you are heading for a time where you will be ill prepared to travel the storm.

    We are entering a Category 5 financial storm.

    For now it may be out at sea but it is making its way towards shore at an increasing speed.

    Thank You to all the great caring people who come here to share their thoughts and opinions.

  44. Michael Harvey

    On the 26th August Jim Sinclair declared that gold had very little downside from here-on-in. On that date gold was $1125.40
    Even after the gold take-down on Friday the price was sitting at $1164.0 which represents a gain of $38.60 (3.4%).
    I have followed the gold market on almost an hourly basis since that time and it reeks of Central Bank Corruption.
    This was confirmed by IRD on Friday 23rd October.

    Take heart fellow followers of USA Watchdog, Jim could be right?
    My only fear is that China’s admission into the SDR could play against the gold market as Christine Lagarde has openly admitted that bringing back a gold standard of any description would be a disaster. China may well have to go along with the ‘old boys club’ and depress the gold market as the West has done for the past 4 years.
    I would welcome your thoughts
    Mike Harvey
    Resident in Ireland

    • Calgirl

      Of course Legarde’s opinion that bringing back the gold standard would be a disaster. The whole Ponsi scheme would collapse if they could not print money. If China, in trying to right their economy, pegs to gold and in so doing, re-values gold, it would be the death knell for the BIS and associated crooks. Gold is anathema to the banksters, thus the incessant, flagrant manipulation of the price…..which infuriates me to no end. The only “barbarous relic” in America to day is named Hillary.

  45. Diane D

    The Middle East has been thrown into absolute chaos. Thousands of innocent people have been killed or displaced from their homes. Where are the war mongering neocons now? Ah yes, success has many fathers; failure is an orphan. So which sovereign nation should we bomb next? Twenty eight years of war in the Middle East. For what? Even worse, what did we learn from our crimes of aggression? It makes me sick.

    Our Founders’ Republic is bleeding out. Folks speculate about God’s Judgment. I cannot help but wonder if God has ALREADY passed judgment. Perhaps we are witnessing His destruction of an evil nation.

  46. Cryptic Little Sister

    I wouldn’t worry about that huricane. It will not come.

    The weather will be alright.

    • JC

      Tell that to Mexico tonight Stevone.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        If you call someone in that part of Mexico, they will tell you that there was no hurricane.

        • Old Dog


          Quotes from the article:
          “That is not to say the damage is not severe. While the hurricane spared the densely populated centers of Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, it appears to have done the most damage to villages between the two cities. For many in these impoverished communities, it could take much time to recover from even moderate damage.”

          “Manuel Montes, 83, said the storm ranked among the worst in the 78 years that he had lived in Melaque. He rode out the storm in his apartment in town, but his real fear was what he would find in the aftermath.
          “Mr. Montes denounced the lack of electricity and fresh food and the disproportionate toll of the damage that would be borne by the poor. To assess the recovery, he said, he decided to station himself in the park so he could better see the goings-on of his small town. The experience had left him melancholic.
          ” ‘I guess being alive is better than being dead,’ he said. ‘But I just feel so sad for those whose homes were destroyed.’ ”

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            You are being lied to.

            I’m very sure that there was no hurricane. In time people will know the truth.

            • Old Dog

              My family lives in Houston, Texas.
              They are telling me personally of the heavy rain and flooding they have experienced over the weekend, due to the remnant of Hurricane Patricia.
              They are not lying to me. They are dealing with the flooding.

              • Cryptic LIttle Sister

                Stop spreading lies. I am not talking about flash flooding in Houston. That happens easily and you ought to know that.

                I saw the rain coming from the north west, not from the hurricane.

                It is a separate storm. The media is lying to you. There was no hurricane.

            • WD


              I am experiencing the storm right now!

      • Old Dog

        Accidently posted in wrong location. My apologies.

  47. Cryptic Little Sister

    I would like to share some insights that might help to make sense of the Economist cover for January 2015.

    At the top right-hand corner of the cover is a picture of Janus, the two-faced Roman god of beginnings and endings, war and peace, motion, conflict. He represents the end of one year and the beginning of another. On statuary of this god you will often see him protrayed with an old face (bearded and lined) on the left hand side, and the young face (representing the new year) on the right side. This can be reversed, but I believe that on the economist cover, the god wears a pate of white hair (or snow) at the top of the left-hand face.

    This Janus face is, I believe, a key to the graphic design of the entire cover image. Magazines and book publishing reserve the top of newspapers and books for the most important key elements of design. That is why we have headlines. The Janus face occupies this important place.

    The cover image begins in the background, with older figures like Napolean in the very background, like the Janus face, the old year going out and the new year beginning. Look at the near ground of the image, and you will see pictures of youthful things, modern things: the pied piper who played for little children, a baby, a football showing the same part of the earth as in the Janus face. If you draw a line straight along the leaning angle of the football, the line will terminate at exactly the Janus face. The car is also pointing roughly forward and to the right, a signal to read in that direction.

    The mushroom cloud has become an icon for the end of history, so its appearance on the back (or end of the year) of the cover makes sense. It is, after all, placed above an image of Churchill giving the peace sign. The Panda bear symbolizing China stands in the foreground, ahead of Obama, but which one is ready to kick the football?

    Alice looks back to the Cheshire cat. She is the only figure who is looking back at all the others. Significant, no? “I can’t go back to yesterday–because I was a different person then.”

    She and the panda bear seem to represent something new.

  48. Harry

    *** spending one minute on USA politics is a huge waste of time…the candidates are 2nd class ‘actors’ and puppets and the outcome is already determined…

    elections are a farce meant to distract…the winner is pre picked…

    How could a low life like Clinton (fired as Sec of State, right?) even be considered…just shows yankee dumbness, a people becoming numbed to the bone, to allow this rape of the political system….

  49. glen

    what is the Russian and Chinese position on ‘the war over drugs’?
    conservative for sure?

  50. paul

    Russia, the United States, Turkey and Saudi Arabia met in Vienna a few days ago … where they discussed “a political solution” to Syria’s civil war … what we need is Russia sitting down with all Israel’s enemies and discussing “a political solution” to Israel’s war with its neighbors … now if Israel had Russia as a partner in its vast gas fields … I bet any such “political solution” with regard to Israel might be more beneficial to Israel’s interests … when Assad met with Putin “in a surprise visit” a few days back … he was told “to prepare” for parliamentary and presidential elections … seems to me Russia may be better at getting things done in the ME then the US … the US has been trying to get a political settlement between Israel and its foes for decades “with no success” … perhaps it will be Russia who will finally “bring peace to the entire Middle East region” … and finally stop the senseless slaughter of so many women and children going on there for decades … all people deserve “the God given right” to live without the fear of death in God’s Holy Land!

  51. paul

    Oh Boy … It looks like “Open Borders Ryan” has the job of Republican Speaker of the House “in the bag” … the powers that be putting Paul Ryan in this job can only mean one thing … they want someone who will go along with “their agenda” promoting dangerous trade deals, continued intervention in Syria, not repealing Obamacare and not de-funding Planned Parenthood, etc. … now the question is … will Democrats “give in” to Ryan on many of these issues “in exchange for” Republican approval of a higher debt limit??

  52. Chris

    Good comments in this broadcast Greg. I need to point out one thing for people commenting about Chinese ships in American ports. This is called a port visit. Our ships have visited their ports in the past. It’s a good way to build relationships. The Navy hosts a site where you can see all of the port calls including Singapore, Hong Kong and (gasp!) China. People need to get over this. China isn’t our enemy – they’re just a very competitive global payer that happens to be setting up a very ambitious run at becoming a dominant global player (economically and militarily). The US twisted the arms of other nations for years in order to bend them to our will, and then we squawk when China starts making noise over a small disputed Island chain. So far we are being outmaneuvered by key opponents at every turn. This is a catastrophic failure of our current Washington D.C. administration and policies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chris.

  53. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg,

    With respect, my views are no more extreme than Stephen F. Cohen – and he is the top Russian expert in the United States. I had hoped that you would have him on your show, but now I think you should at least listen to the John Batchelor show:

    You will note that he is highly critical about American controlled media – while acknowledging, as I do, that propaganda is rife on both sides. But Russia has the freer press (mostly based on MSM decline in the West) by far, and yes, one is allowed to criticize Russia on RT. And I also think you should take note of how often Putin emphasizes adherence to International Law and how often Washington foreign policy ignores it in its treatment of other countries. Obama has even stood in front of the U.N. and stated that the United States WILL ignore it if it wishes to. So I stand by my statements and agree to disagree….
    Best regards,


    • Greg Hunter

      You said “Russia has the freer press” and I say no it does not as evidenced by the fact Putin or the Russian government is not allowed to be criticized by RT or any other news organization within Russia. It is forbidden and folks on RT have resigned over this fact. That said propaganda is flying on all sides in the mainstream media.

  54. Mary Casey


    Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/25/2015 11:49 –

    Overstock’s Chairman Jonathan Johnson is as vocal an opponent of the fiat system, and Wall Street’s tendency to create bubble after bubble.

    “We are not big fans of Wall Street and we don’t trust them…..we don’t trust the banks still and….at some point there is going to be another significant financial crisis.

    ….we have about $10 million in gold, mostly the small button-sized coins, that we keep outside of the banking system. We expect that when there is a financial crisis there will be a banking holiday. I don’t know if it will be 2 days, or 2 weeks, or 2 months. We have $10 million in gold and silver in denominations small enough that we can use for payroll. We want to be able to keep our employees paid, safe and our site up and running during a financial crisis. We also happen to have three months of food supply for every employee that we can live on.”

    • Faith

      @Mary Casey: I read that article too.

      Greg is it possible to interview the CEO of Overstock and get his perspective on world events? I find it interesting that he has acted in a manner similar to how former business acted in the old USSR as described by Dmitry Orlov from http://www.cluborlov.com in his book about collapse. He discussed how some factories had places that had excellent food cafeterias for the employees along with other services. Dmitry Orlov’s book, “The Five Stages of Collapse” discussed this concept in detail. It was not only a way to make sure that people showed up for work it was a way to make sure they survived. I like this model very much. Modern era CEO’s view workers / employees as disposable. As throw away items. I find this point of view appalling and despicable. People that create wealth for you, and support your lifestyle, are not disposable. Until they disappear of course.

  55. Calgirl

    Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny

    • Faith

      @Calgirl: I was aware of this but thank you for the link! People need to pay attention.

  56. Larry Galearis


    I recall a couple of resignations by American commentators on RT who, from my point of view decided that the plethora of nonsense, anti-Russian “news” stories was believable, more believable than the alternate news from RT. That is all the events meant to me…. So they quit. That still represents people who cannot see objectively when looking through their own flag. I think Americans should start to wake up and see their country for what it is – a danger and aggressor according to the Wolfowitz Doctrine (Mackinder’s World Island concept). Any country that disregards International Law the way Washington does, is by definition a rogue state. It has not been my wish to change my views about your country, but digging into these realities makes it inevitable. As Putin keeps pointing out, it is also not deniable. And now we watch as the EU begins to see the world this way; they begin to see how following Washington’s anti-Russian campaign is causing huge disruptions in Europe. I am a Canadian and quite frankly, am not an admirer of Ottawa siding with Washington either. I think our former Prime Minister had a plan to turn Canada down the road to fascism in the same way as your country is being re-invented. Canada and all members of NATO are vassal states to the Empire and I can see that the lunacy out of the White House is leading to WW3. For me that trumps blind patriotism right there….Can you honestly point out how Putin is being aggressive against the USA? Or is it simply policy following the Wolfowitz Doctrin? I think EVERY American should look up the Wolfowitz Doctrine and then perhaps some objectivity can be found as to why Washington is behaving this way,…


    • Greg Hunter

      The fact still remains, you will never see criticism of China, Iran or Russia within their respective borders. It is not permitted-period. I have been plenty critical of my country (which I love dearly) and nobody is beating down my door and throwing me in jail. That is exactly what would happen in the above named countries and in fact it did recently in one of them. A Washington Post reporter was just sentenced in Iran http://www.thewrap.com/washington-post-reporter-jason-rezaian-sentenced-in-iran-espionage-case/

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Mr. Galearis,

      I don’t necessarily disagree with your premise, but I feel compelled to comment upon something you refer to, “international law.”

      You wrote: “Any country that disregards International Law…, is by definition a rogue state.”

      Any country that disregards international law is, by definition, sovereign. There is no such thing as “international law.”

  57. Larry Galearis

    Wolfowitz Doctrine (Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfowitz_Doctrine
    I would urge everyone to read the intro at Wikipedia!
    Every American – or any other country that may be treated as Ukraine, Libya, Iraq etc. have been by Washington should know why they have been attacked. This is a small paste of the Wolfowitz Doctrine. This is the ideology of the Washington Neo-cons and the recipe for destroying sovereign states by Washington:

    Superpower status[edit]

    The doctrine announces the U.S’s status as the world’s only remaining superpower following the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War and proclaims its main objective to be retaining that status.

    Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.

    This was substantially re-written in the April 16 release.

    Our most fundamental goal is to deter or defeat attack from whatever source… The second goal is to strengthen and extend the system of defense arrangements that binds democratic and like-minded nations together in common defense against aggression, build habits of cooperation, avoid the renationalization of security policies, and provide security at lower costs and with lower risks for all. Our preference for a collective response to preclude threats or, if necessary, to deal with them is a key feature of our regional defense strategy. The third goal is to preclude any hostile power from dominating a region critical to our interests, and also thereby to strengthen the barriers against the re-emergence of a global threat to the interests of the U.S. and our allies.

    U.S. primacy[edit]

    The doctrine establishes the U.S’s leadership role within the new world order.

    The U.S. must show the leadership necessary to establish and protect a new order that holds the promise of convincing potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests. In non-defense areas, we must account sufficiently for the interests of the advanced industrial nations to discourage them from challenging our leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order. We must maintain the mechanism for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role.

    This was substantially re-written in the April 16 release.

    One of the primary tasks we face today in shaping the future is carrying long standing alliances into the new era, and turning old enmities into new cooperative relationships. If we and other leading democracies continue to build a democratic security community, a much safer world is likely to emerge. If we act separately, many other problems could result.
    In other words, you are either with us or against us. There is no mention here of respecting International Law. It is only about building and maintaining an empire. This is why many of us, including many Americans refer to the United States as the Evil Empire. In fact, Americans invented the term “Evil Empire”.
    This is fact and sadly rarely known by Americans.

  58. Larry Galearis

    Note that Hitler, and/or most morally depraved governments, do not warn of war, rather they threaten it. That is a personal historical perspective. And,…

    At the present a modern USA navy that is at a war setting will last less than an hour against opposition anti-ship missile systems; in port, the target will receive more secondary attention and survive longer accordingly. Not my opinion, but one from the Pentagon.
    Best, as always,

  59. Larry Galearis

    To Occasnltrlvr

    Interesting. But I reject the logic as a semantic aberration. This is basic: To reject a nation’s sovereignty as a legal right in the global society is to reject your right to exist as well in the national.

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