Radical Economic Reengineering After 2020 Election (#1) – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Part #1(Click Here for Part #2)

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says what is going on in the economy is going to come to an end after the Presidential Election no matter who is in the White House. Fitts explains, “I think we have to face it. We are in trouble now. Is it going to get a lot worse after the 2020 election? Absolutely. When Trump came in, he may not have realized how bad it was.   What he’s tried to do is grow out of this. He has basically gone full-on fiscal stimulus and tax reduction to try to grow his way out of the problem. It’s not working, and one of the reasons it’s not working is he is discovering the model in Washington is everybody is on the take. Nobody is interested in building up the whole. I think what Trump is saying is if you don’t make the pie bigger, we are all going to starve.”

Fitts says we also face multiple risks such as “Inflation that is averaging 10% nationally.” The cost of money is another big risk as the “the little guy has a credit card charging 17%, and big banks can borrow from the Fed at 2%.” Another risk is “healthcare freedom.” Even the quality of the food you eat is a growing risk because of deregulation voted in by Congress. Finally, there is risk of conflict both domestically and abroad. Will the U.S. dollar maintain its role as the reserve currency? Fitts has long said, “That is a military question.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of “The Solari Report,” in Part #1 of this must see interview.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information at Solari.com. If you want more information or want to buy copies of “The Real Game of Missing Money,” click here.

To see Part #2 of the Catherine Austin Fitts interview titled “Living in an Ongoing Financial Catastrophe,” click here.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    Excellent and brave interview Greg.
    The year 2020 has always been my marker. I used to watch Sealab 2020 as a kid and this date has always stuck in my mind.

    • Hockey Puck

      II second that motion, Anthony. Truly a brilliant interview and shocking.

      It reminds me of something that G. Edward Griffin said 4 years ago, your sole interview of him, Greg. The last step in the move to one-world-government will be a “command economy”, or in other words, a “Soviet system of government”. This is precisely what Ms. Fitts was saying from 12:50 to 13:43. The move toward centralization and hidden books is a move toward a command economy. See: https://usawatchdog.com/federal-reserve-system-a-run-away-machine-g-edward-griffin/. Time: 11:35. Mr. Griffin said 4 years ago everything we are saying today.

      I would just add a caveat to Ms. Fitts’ last statement at 12:37 “… more central control will just make it worse.” YES! Worse for “the people”! BUT… not the oligarchs. And that’s the whole point! We have been moving toward one-world government at least since the creation of the Fed and even before. It’s always been “The Plan”. It’s certainly what the British Empire was about, and it’s ultimately what the American Revolution was about, if you see it in the context of a resistance against empire. Sadly, the spirit of the revolution is now dead with every single politician in Washington. Think about it! Everyone voted for FASB 56??? That’s what Ms. Fitts just reported. Yikes! Everyone voted for slavery and we voted for them. And we call that democracy?

      In my view, the latest thrust for centralized control started not just in the last year or two. It’s been happening big time since 2007-08. When Bill Gross in 2016 accused the central banks of destroying capitalism with their zero interest rate policy, what was he saying? He was saying that the Western World was all moving in unison toward a command economy. That was the essential purpose of QE, make no mistake about it. And then if you think of Mussolini’s famous quotation: “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” This is what QE accomplished. It’s the concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands.

      So whether you call it fascism, corporatism, communism, a command economy or centralized control–it’s all the same thing. God help us! We are in for a period of great suffering on the planet. The Tribulation! It will purify the world like nothing else. But it will be very, VERY painful, especially for the ignorant who still worship materialism (Mammon).

    • Rob

      Please do not forget that Trump himself proclaimed one month after his inauguration that a “level playing field” was coming much sooner than most people think:


      The “Radical Economic Reengineering After 2020” is what the UN with Trump are planing iwho work in decades not years and thus passed Agenda 2030 in September 2015 for full implementation of all their agenda by the year 2030:


      This agenda needs to start by 2021 to meet the quota of a population of 500 million left on earth by 2030 in “perpetual balance of nature”:


      One of the cleanest methods of disposing of “useless eaters and harvest organs is to decapitate:


      Which just happens to be the primary method of death for the Christian in Revelation:

      Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus, and for the word of God, and such as worshipped not the beast, neither his image, and received not the mark upon their forehead and upon their hand; and they lived, and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

      Prepare accordingly:


      • Loxie Lou Davie

        Thank you for the amazing comments!!! We DO need to get away from an Earth-centered overview! We are but players in somebody else’s Video Game….that’s how I make sense of it all!! 😉 I have found it also helps to get away from the programming given us by the Roman Gov’t with the Jesus Fable. We are Creators, which means we do not have to abide by anyone else’s “script”….nor do we have to participate in forwarding that “script”!!

        We are Eternal, Sovereign Beings housed in these “meatsuits” for a brief moment in time learning lessons we will need as we move on to our next assignment!! If enclosing oneself within a Belief System is helpful for one….to each his own!! This near 75 year old Grandma has much to review in this last stage of Earth life!! Just trying to learn my lessons!! 😉

  2. Politically correct politician

    Global dynamics indicate adversaries do not believe military is dominant

  3. Colin

    Hi Greg, look at what the Australian Govt. Is proposing, banning cash .. eventually, this is the start. They frequently use Australia as a testing area.
    Great show Greg keep it up!

    C. Illingworth

    • paul jr.

      Just to correct what you said. The Australian government is proposing banning cash transactions over $10,000. That draft legislation is not proposing to ban all cash transactions as you make it sound.

      • Anthony Australia

        The Bill before parliament will be passed. The penalty is 2 years in prison or a $25,000 fine. The Globalisation plan is in play.

        • paul jr.

          It may be in play but it will be at least 5 years to 10 years before any country goes to an all cashless society.

  4. FC

    Dan Pena uses colorful language to explain that rising sea levels and climate change is a fraud.

  5. H. Craig Bradley


    I think what Ms. Fitts is driving at is corruption. Its not just how much money has been “printed” or who got it, but the fact there is just so much corruption in government. Nobody I know really talks about it or cares. They are hiding.

    Let’s take what the general public should know: $22 Trillion dollar deficit. Current views are debt does not matter “because we owe it to ourselves”. What do we owe “ourselves”? By keeping global interest rates artificially low, we can deduce economic growth is not enough to get us where we need to be. To fill in the gaps, we just borrow (more). Is that management?

    Now, Congress suspended the debt or borrowing ceiling and previously agreed to spending caps, as well. Clearly, the message is we have an election in 2020, so they are telling everyone to spend, spend, spend and not to worry about paying it back. This approach to National Finance only takes you so far. https://www.usdebtclock.org/

    Gold seems to be picking-up on the early stages of inflation or worries about dollar solvency. This is not good because the dollar is still widely used around the world. If it is devalued someday, like Latin American countries periodically do, then the American Middle Class will really be screwed and be “up stream without a paddle”. Once easy way for the government to affect a devaluation would be to somehow knock a few zeros off your bank account or stock valuations. Italy used to just add zeros to their currency to make it seem more valuable. Either way, you feel poorer when everything went up except your income, of course.

    Re-engineering the financial system will sound pretty good when its done by officialdom, as it always sounds good. Denial is a trick, say there is nothing wrong, so it must just be you. Everyone is confused and nobody agrees. Come to think about it, that is exactly our current situation. President Trump has only convinced the top 10% of households the economy is good and growing, as they are the ones with the money. As proof, the stock market is still up.

    Everyone else carries a balance on their credit cards, but is “saving” money at the same time. Spending equals saving. Get it while its hot. Sounds like the status quo for me. The Clintons still go free. That is a reflection of reality. Little has changed so far. Smoke and Mirrors?

  6. JC

    For only $10.00 , if anyone wants to understand what all this insanity is leading up to, read the new book by G.A. Stewart, Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars (The Prophecies of World War III).


  7. Marie Joy

    I voted for Trump and I’ll vote for him again but my interpretation, of this CAF interview, is that DJT is as Deep State as the rest of them. Please criticize that statement. Tell me I’m wrong.

    • WD


      There is a saying “If you are going to charge or indict the devil; all of your witnesses have to come from hell.” It sort of ties in….

    • Heinrich

      I think there is no clear line between good and bad, decent and evil. Everyone in power is somehow involved in the dirty business, every member of congress or parliament is part of the deep state, one person more another person less. Therefore, draining the swamp is an impossibility. None of the crimes committed by the DS and their stooges will ever see the light of the day, except that Trump will take advantage of some minor accusations and allusions, in order make his supporters believe that the big purge is going to happen. Trump is not the big saviour….Bolton, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Barr, what a freak show ! In bed with the prince of Saudi Arabia, the biggest terror state on earth, and giving trillions of dollars to the military-industrial complex, the heart of the DS. No declassifications, no indictments, the Epstein case will completely disappear from the radar screen. Business as usual, sadly.

      • Frederick

        Heinrich Sadly I agree I had an evenings long discussion with three likeminded guys over a couple bottles of vodka two nights ago here in Warsaw More people are awake than we know especially in East/ Central Europe
        Funny thing is I come here for a week of RnR every year and this year I met three Americans who live in Warsaw and don’t intend to return to the US First time that occurred Coincidence or NOT

  8. al

    As KF says, “WE ARE THE REAL MEDIA”. The puppet media is immaterial, it is to be ignored like a babbling moron, it is to be laughed at and marginalized like the demented fools that they are… much like this Socialist Democrat contrived drama playing on the boob tube. IGNORE IT! IT’S IMMATERIAL!

    What KF has to say is real, except for Trump and the Bush machine working together… ??? Maybe I heard wrong but she’s making it like this Epstein thing will not be explosive. I disagree. And as for the people, no, we don’t want to see “some people” go to jail, we want ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY for ALL ! WE WANT IT NOW!!!
    I’m not a fighting Man, but I declare that this is how revolutions start.
    Let the system collapse, Trump and the Patriotic people out there will pick up the pieces.
    Little accountability will just anger people. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. JAIL THEM ALL FROM THE TOP DOWN!

    By the way, I have been banking with small banks for decades. One time my bank got bought out by a big bank, guess what I did? I took my money out and banked with another small bank. IT’S WORTH THE TROUBLE !

    Wow. 2 parts. Problem is I had to go to Youtube to get the 2nd part.
    Great Interview Greg, I wish KF would answer questions more succinctly and not constantly digress where the question is forgotten.

  9. Montana Guy

    We talk about ‘markets’ and ‘freedom’ yet every solution is a government solution. And of course, the next election will be critical.

    It was MAGA! in 2016. For 2020 it’s ‘¡Haz que Estados Unidos sea grandioso de nuevo!’ Voting is a clever exercise to make slaves think they are free. The Slave Master keeps changing. The plantation doesn’t.

    Ridiculous you say? OK, name two Republicans in Congress who have steadfastly supported true conservative principles and articulate what those principles are.

    • Greg Hunter

      Montana Guy,
      Do you live in Montana? Did you vote for the commie Tester?

      • T-Train

        Testers elections were always close, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Indian vote didn’t make the difference. The odd thing is that Indian are supposed to be members of a sovereign nation, example Northern Cheyenne, which is supposed to be like France, Canada, or any other foreign country. It is a major mess, and nobody wants to figure it out. There many Indian reservations in Montana!!!

        • regaleagle

          There are somewhere close to 2 million India(n) immigrants living in the DFW Metroplex now……most being able to legally vote……and that’s just the DFW Metro area. If you wish to talk about that large group from India now living here in the USA. Their country is only the 2nd largest populated nation in the world at 1.3 B……well past the 330m of the US.

  10. Diane

    I need to make an audio tape of these two interviews so can listen to them dozens if times.
    Thanks Greg and Catherine.

  11. Russ

    Excellent discussion Greg, CAF always shares good information, The Epstein thing smelled of getting control of the control files. I doubt many of the poor peeps in Epstein’s black book will go to trial, the control just shifted hands.

    Another concern is the control of people through debt. It’s like a new form of indentured servitude where the servant doesn’t have a job, just a huge debt. What’s the point?? Any money they make officially would be subject to paying their debt, so options in life like a starter house and family are severely limited. Off book jobs that pay cash is the only option and that’s no way to run an economy. A debt jubilee in concert with a GCR may be the only way forward. Something else?

    Thanks again.

    • regaleagle

      Another way to create a multitude of “indentured servants” in America is to block their access to credit or create roadblocks to building a good credit history. This program has been put into the system and is now working against all Americans, not for them.

  12. Paul Anthony


    I loved this interview. I hope Catherine Austin Fitts is wrong too about the lid comment at the end of part two. We will see. And you’re right about all that stuff about Sessions in the background and Mueller being a white hat – I think is obliviously bogus.

    By the way …. The “look” and high definition” and professionalism of your channel is really really looking good visually. Very professional. Especially for a one man news operation. I pray one day you have your own legitimate news organization IF that is what you want. At any rate – It really is looking visually professional – and then to have people like Catherine Austin Fitts on as a regularly… do you get more professional people than that ? Nope! 🙂 – Thank you for being a True Professional

    Paul Anthony

  13. eddiemd

    Crazy weekend of shootings so far. I lived in El Paso for a year back in 2001-2002. That Walmart is less than 2 miles from the border. Adjacent to the major oil refinery on the southside of the I-10 that supplies pipelines to Arizona. Juarez one of the most dangerous cities in the world; still. Original reports by the El Paso police stated “No doubt, multiple shooters”. Wonder if Sinaloa cartel members involved as payback for El Chapo lockup.

    The oil refinery is a strategic target. Saw a recent video on Sinaloa cartel members dressed in military armor sporting automatic weapons, sniper weapons and anti-aircraft weapons. Probably have RPG capability.

    El Paso has largest contingent of Border Patrol, DEA, other feds in the entire nation outside DC. They have Comms that listen in on everything across the border. Border was closed yesterday right after shooting.

    William Beaumont military hospital probably busy with trauma. I was working there in the hospital on 911.

    The MSM on Sunday morning are blaming Trump for everything.

  14. Tom Wigand

    Greg: I have to say these two interviews may be your best yet.

    Fascinating; disturbing; informative and (I believe) prescient — in that it is borne of prior experience and knowledge on the part of Ms. Fitts.

    One intriguing thought occurred to me re: the $21 trillion. Wouldn’t it be something if DJT was using their own weapons against them, and “off the books” removing encumbrances on the U.S. gold supply (if it was leased-out in whole or in part) — and/or otherwise accumulating physical gold for the U.S. — while our “reserve currency” fiat confetti still is exchangeable for physical. But doing so “off the books” so as to get to desired level before the rest of the world is any wiser?

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if he used to the central banks’ suppression of the gold price to help prepare for their displacement on “the other side” of a reset!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom,
      I tried to make them different.

  15. Rodster

    “Dan Pena uses colorful language to explain that rising sea levels and climate change is a fraud.”

    FC, sea level rise is real. The question remains by how much? It’s a matter of, how much. Some of the estimates sound on the hyperbole side. But sea level rise is real and is happening right now.

    I live in SW Florida so I know these areas as I used to live in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Miami and parts of the Keys (heading towards Key West) are already dealing with. Parts of Miami and the Keys are already experiencing flooding with what’s being called “King Tides”, where sea water is bubbling up through the sewers and flooding parts of downtown Miami. It doesn’t even need to rain. All you need is strong onshore winds and high tides.

    Broward County has spent hundreds of millions of dollars installing pumping stations to pump out sea water so it doesn’t get into the aquifers. The Miami Mayor a few years ago had to reconfigure parts of downtown Miami walkways by elevating them because they were constantly dealing with flooding issues, not because of rain but because of SLR.

    Here’s an article about a town in California who’s watching the ocean swallow up their coast and they are now having to deal with the prospect of having to vacate that coastline.


    • Greg Hunter

      What you are saying is highly debatable. The seal level is lower than it was in 1914 according to this scientist from Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mjOmsqIibk

      • Rodster

        According to the Miami Herald it’s a problem Greg because seawater is bubbling up thru street manhole covers. Broward County would not have spent millions to pump out seawater intrusion in the clean water aquifers.

        I do believe in ocean sea level rise. What I do question are the outlandish claims of 100-200 ft rise in sea level. That’s just silly talk but if you like I can try and dig up a few Miami Herald articles that show what Miami has been dealing with

        And just for the record even Dane Wigington doesn’t deny certain aspects of CO2 climate change and the threats from sea level rise.

        • WD

          Many of these cities are also sinking; especially in US see New Orleans….due to the fact that in past they pumped out water to develop. Also as Miami and surrounding areas explode with people and construction. Water has no place to drain ( in the ground) and it appears like levels are rising when in reality its a complete hoax.
          It seems like there are more tornadoes but as cities have expanded further into those lands where tornadoes are more frequent it just appears that way b/c there are people there to suffer. There is an explanation to everything, besides climate change hoax

        • Galaxy 500

          Build on swamp and you get that. It’s a natural process. The land is sinking, sea level isn’t rising

      • Frederick

        Greg I lived on the east end of LI in a old whaling town called Sag Harbor for 15 years 100 meters from the bay from where I could see Plum Island And yes I got Lyme disease but getting back to sea levels I think they have either stayed the same or risen slightly based on seeing seawater in my neighbors lawn often I was also neighbors of Billy Joel and the Brown family ( Ron Browns widow) They were very nice people and his grandson was the cutest little kid Loved to watch me whenever I did any carpentry work at their house
        But I agree that the whole climate change thing is way overblown I would love alittle global warming as I sit here having my coffee in Warsaw watching all the girls run to work

    • al

      Rodster, you’re talking about California where the land is over molten rock and platelets constantly moving. Florida is over coral and ancient sea beds, not molten rock. In other words… it’s geologically stable (key word)..
      Try and follow my overwhelming proof that what you say is FAKE NEWS.

      I have lived in Florida since the early 80s on the same east coast (ocean side) barrier island. I know sea levels. They have not gone up. We don’t have pumps or walkways here, just raw land and it is NOT flooded !
      As a matter of fact a famous City very close to where I live is over 450 years old holds some original structures. They weren’t lifted and are NOT flooded!
      You can actually see the original foundations of several forts in the area. An archeological park close by has Indian remains exposed and they are NOT FLOODED OR UNDERWATER.
      If what the fake ENEMY MEDIA says is true then these structures and artifacts would be under water. 450+ YEARS DUDE!!!
      If you’re in the Left Coast, it’s time to move.
      The fake news and fake politicized science shows are not doing you any service.

    • FC

      Rodster, your argument is nothing more than natural tidal movement caused by the gravitational pull from the moon.
      “Ocean swallow up their coast” is caused by storm erosion not rising sea levels caused by climate change.

  16. john duffy

    What you must know about vaccinatiions:
    start at 8:00 minute mark.

    • Stephen Way

      Anyone who believes that vaccinations are somehow dangerous ,really needs to get a medical science degree

      • Greg Hunter

        So anybody that disagrees with you is wrong? That’s rich. These folks employ people with science degrees: https://vactruth.com/2013/02/10/vaccines-are-unsafe/

      • Frederick

        Stephen You seem to know it all but from my experience whenever you put something in your body that doesn’t belong there problems can occur Especially with very young children

  17. Jodyp

    C.A.F. unleashed! Bravo! Stock more salt. Works great on ‘slugs’.

  18. Rick G

    Just a thought in light of the two back to back mass shootings. I heard all day today everyone saying what can we do to stop these shootings? Naturally the gun grabbers are coming out again of course. Then the “make more laws and regulations” are doing their routine talking points. Greg everytime what is missed with these people is the down deep root cause of these horrible acts of violence.
    It is because there has been a deliberate push from the securalist left to push a God fearing structured traditional society to abandoned God in both schools and everyday life itself. Then replace God with a large intrusive government. During this transition create so much chaos and disturbing news that the masses will cry out for the government to do something to stop the madness. Thats when freedom loses. This movement is nothing new existing since the late 1800s and it has been creeping slowly so the masses would adjust and not even notice the changes in everyday life.
    In this country (USA) they are called Progressives. In the UK and Europe they are called Fabian Socialists. Read about Antonio Gramsci and Saul Alinsky. When you destroy a society based on the nuclear family ie:man woman children then remove God and replace it with violence, pornography and filth then mass shootings among other reprehensible things is what you get. No suprise actually when you know who the enemy is. Hard to stop them cause they sell their agenda as entertainment.
    Thank You


    • Tom Wigand

      Rick G,

      You are absolutely right. Started reading about Alinsky after Obama was elected, and that led to reading up on Gramsci, Frankfurt School, Cultural Marxism, Progressivism, etc.

      At root Collectivism in its various flavors — Communism, Fascism, Progressivism and Socialism (Fabian, “Democratic” or whatever) — are all Satanic in origin, and bound and determined to deconstruct our Divinely-inspired nation. They are within sight of achieving their goals.

      • Rick G

        Thank you. Sometimes I feel like a voice crying out in the wilderness.

  19. Stan


































    • H. Craig Bradley


      Knab, Utah Rancher Lavoy Finicium died while holding-up at the Malheur Nat’l Wildlife Refuge HQ during the Christmas Season of 2015. He was shot to death after a traffic stop by the Oregon State Police on the way to a protest rally in nearby Burns, Oregon.

      Pressure on the Range had been slowly building-up during the Obama years, as Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administrators and bureaucrats (“range managers”) proceeded to execute a series of regional grazing reductions on Federal Land. Recall the incident at the Bundy Ranch, as armed BLM “Special Agents” confronted armed militia members from throughout the West at the Las Vegas Ranch and home of Cliven Bundy.

      It was a clumsy protest in which each side had experienced (military trained) snipers proned and ready against the Government’s henchmen. Luckily, there were no hot heads and so nobody was harmed. However, in both incidents, names and addresses were taken and all militia participants were eventually rounded-up by the U.S. Marshall’s Service and taken into custody to the Las Vegas Federal District Court to be charged with Felony violations of the US Criminal Code and tried before the court. In the end, the Bundy family was acquitted.

      The Bundy exoneration was one for the home team and a loss (setback) for the Feds, but remember, the Government can afford to wait you out and eventually, WA-la, you are composted. Federal Deep State government bureaucrats have a memory of an elephant and usually NEVER forgive or forget. So, its a multi-generational family feud not unlike the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s.

      Like forest fires in the Pacific Northwest or Northern California, they flare-up from time to time. More tension on the range can be expected in future years as all ranchers with term grazing permits are gradually composted or reduced and pushed out of business. Their operations are then acquired by big agriculture, such as Simplot of Idaho.

      Unfortunately, the outcome in Oregon was not so lucky. Lavoy Finicium was shot by a Oregon State Police trooper in a snowy forested area just off the main state highway. ( the whole incident, from pursuit to the shootout was captured by a government drone and made public on YouTube, as I carefully viewed it).

      Upon close analysis, I determined the news account that the FBI pulled the trigger on poor Lavoy was probably inaccurate. More likely than not, it was the Oregon State Police did the dirty work on this protestor. Why? Because ALL FBI Agents are trained exactly the same way at the same FBI Academy and issued the same firearm ( make, model, caliber). All FBI Agents use a Modified Weaver Position in shooting their semiautomatic service weapon. So, they are very predictable and consistent when “duty calls”.

      I watched the drone video where the shooter delivered the fatal round in Lavoy’s back ( shot him in the back) with arm extended and perpendicular to the ground. This is NOT how FBI agents are trained. So, its highly unlikely the FBI did this hit job. That leaves the Oregon State Police, by process of elimination. You have to think for yourself or risk being buried or composted along with everyone else ( the mindless masses of conformists). Die a man or be a coward, its a personal choice. We rather be secure than free so composting is the future for most everybody ( Soyolent Green ).

      Reference: the late FBI Agent Cliff Browning, Glendwood Springs, Colorado, 1984, Glenwood Springs Gun Club public shooting range, Glenwood Springs)

    • iwitness02

      Wow, there really is a Stan.
      My feelings exactly… justice is always a day away.
      Then media fade sets in and all the crimes evaporate.
      The hard part is, they don’t evaporate from my mind.
      My heart and soul cries out for justice, and there is none.
      Maybe tomorrow…
      Guess my faith is on trial right now.

    • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

      Wow, DB down 3% today and a further 1.7% after hours!
      OUCH, right, Stan?
      Of course, gold’s up huge, but too late for that, right, Stan?
      Too bad. Of course, Jerry tried to tell you, but nooo, you had to be a snot instead.

      • Greg Hunter

        “Run Stan Run”!!!

    • K.Wayne

      You know its a criminal offense to impersonate someone……and I don’t mean for entertainment purposes. Who are you ? What did you do with Stan….The Loser ?
      Your expose has more observations and relevancy than the person we have come to know as Stan…..ever had!!!
      Have you suddenly had an epiphany……. or a change of heart?

      • Stan

        I am the real Stan

        • Greg Hunter

          How’s that gold short working out for you. You are going to love what Nenner has to say about DB! “Run Stan Run”!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump is President, not King.
      How about inaction against stupidity put the Damn Commies in charge?

  20. Hilde

    Google psychiatric medication and side effects, and psychiatric medication and mass shootings.

    • Frederick

      Hilde There is no doubt they SSRIs cause violent behavior in people not prone to it I can attest to that from my own use Xanax is also a crazy dangerous drug especially when abused or mixed with alcohol

      • Hilde

        So true , Frederick, I hear you.
        The side effect are awful.
        A real eye opener to read up on how big that industry is, and how new “mental illnesses” are made up yearly by psychiatrists, so they can continue their multi billion deadly industry, tricking people into starting taking the drugs. Also, the withdrawals symptoms can be so severe it’s sometimes really difficult to stop, even gradually. When an anti- depressant has the side effect of making a person want to commit suicide, that says it all that it’s an evil industry. I find it particularly alarming reading up on the link between mass shootings and the shooter being on a cocktail of psychiatric medication.

        • eddiemd

          Paxil. SSRI. Bad medicine.

          During marketing of Paxil and other SSRIs and SNRIs, there have been spontaneous reports of adverse events occurring upon the discontinuation of these drugs (particularly when abrupt), including the following: Dysphoric mood, irritability, agitation, dizziness, sensory disturbances (e.g., paresthesias such as electric shock sensations and tinnitus), anxiety, confusion, headache, lethargy, emotional lability, insomnia, and hypomania. While these events are generally self-limiting, there have been reports of serious discontinuation symptoms.

          Patients should be monitored for these symptoms when discontinuing treatment with Paxil. A gradual reduction in the dose rather than abrupt cessation is recommended whenever possible. If intolerable symptoms occur following a decrease in the dose or upon discontinuation of treatment, then resuming the previously prescribed dose may be considered. Subsequently, the physician may continue decreasing the dose but at a more gradual rate

      • Galaxy 500

        Xanax isn’t an SSRi. And they tell you when they prescribe it not to mix it with alcohol. Anything abused is bad. Do I have to point out that you can drink enough water for the water to be toxic and kill you?

        • Frederick

          Galaxy I was prescribed Xanax during my divorce and never drank while taking it and the stuff still messed with my mind I think you are being flippant with your opinions on this garbage

    • iwitness02

      Are you the Hilde from Orange Street News?

      • Hilde

        No, I’m just a normal person 🙂
        I had to google Orange Street News to find out what is was:)

    • eddiemd

      Maybe Chantix. Non stop promotion for smoking cessation everyday on the nightly MSM propaganda networks.

      Stop using varenicline and call your doctor at once if you have:

      •a seizure (convulsions);

      •thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself;

      •strange dreams, sleepwalking, trouble sleeping;

      •new or worsening mental health problems–mood or behavior changes, depression, agitation, hostility, aggression;

      •heart attack symptoms–chest pain or pressure, pain spreading to your jaw or shoulder, nausea, sweating; o

      •stroke symptoms–sudden numbness or weakness (especially on one side of the body), slurred speech, problems with vision or balance.

      • Hilde

        Eddiemd, thanks for posting. A very good colleague of mine got exactly those last symptoms shortly after starting to use Champix. He eventually wound up in a wheelchair, and passed away within a couple of years. Can one prove he got the neurological disease because of Champix? Maybe not, but the indicator is strong, since the symptoms started shortly after he started taking Champix.
        But he quit smoking…!

    • Frederick

      Give it up Stanley Gold is rallying hard and you’re a fool obviously

    • H. Craig Bradley

      Liberals and Pop Psyche.

  21. H. Craig Bradley


    Get Ready to eventually be “composed” as the Deep State slowly bleeds you out, one at a time. Kinda reminds me of the old Smith Barney brokerage ads back in the day: ” We take care of each individual investor the old fashioned way, one at a time”. Right now, there are 2-3 home owners on my block (street) who probably are in economic distress. Mind you, this is a mature, established, Middle Class Suburb (Bedroom Community).

    So, the (slow) bleeding-out process referred to by Ms. Fitts is entirely individualistic, meaning your neighbor can be living the “Life of Riley” (retiree) while you have to economize by driving a 20 year old car and eating beans and wieners to get by this soft patch in the regional economy. If there are thousands in such dire straights, then political discontent builds-up ready to erupt on the street at some point after the 2020 Elections.

    Right now, lower rung workers and small business are just sucking it up and hoping for a change. When no change appears, civil unrest may very well erupt downtown. Meanwhile, back at the suburban ranch, its zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Frederick

      They bled me out long ago but I got outta Dodge with alittle gold and silver Life elsewhere can be a real eye opener I love the US it’s just not what’s best for me any longer
      I meta young black dude from Cleveland here and he’s involvedwith the startup scene here in Warsaw He’s loving it As I boarded the bus for the airport he rode off down the royal route on one of those “ bird” scooters that are EVERYWHERE thIs year Download an app onto your phone and your off Pretty neat but I almost got run over by a swarm of young blonde girls coming around a corner REALLY fast My tenant is a lawyer and he said they need regulating which is true I suppose but we don’t want overreach either do we?

  22. Jodyp

    subprimecontained. Stan? Is that you?
    39 minutes ago
    I just shorted a truck load of Gold (with leverage) – see you suckers at $765 Gold w/in 12 months. Oh, and I was here screaming to short Gold at $1874 years ago but y’all laughed at me

  23. Mike R

    the dow is down 808 points of this posting.

    You have to wonder if Trump had put the pressure on the Fed in order to boost stocks to new highs, and that whether the Fed is ‘in on the jig’ in terms of knowing that Trump was already planning to raise more tariffs. Mnunchin and Powell, and Trump have to be talking regularly, its just that the MSM doesn’t know about it, and its confidential anyway. The MSM is spinning this as Trump doesn’t know what he is doing, but I’d bet he really does, and the benefits we are getting now is that US corporates recognize that we are done allowing China to wage war on us, stealing so much, and infiltrating our US technology from top to bottom, in addition to all the subsidization their gubmint is doing to unfairly gain massive business advantages. All of their goods are ‘rigged’ in terms of way below market prices, so now US businesses are moving as quickly as they can to source elsewhere to migitigate the effects of the war (that is stealth to the avergae american) they have been waging against us for 20 years. The tariffs are a brilliant idea, as they bring the stealth war into the public eye, and everyone becomes aware of how they have been screwing us silly, and taking so much from us, and not just stealing jobs or stealing from our economy. Corporations were too naive, and simply overly complicit with China, to gain the almighty profit. The benefits Trump is accomplishing will be long lasting and if we never buy another good or service from China, it will be a saving grace of our country. China is just a nasty nasty country, hell bent on destroying us, and then controlling us with communism. They are more likely behind all the money going into the Clintons, and then that money, being used to infiltrate our US congress with plants that are loyal to China, and many cases they dont even know it. The Commie 4 squad is more likely to be infiltrating for China, via proxies, that they dont even know are doing this all for Chinese advantage. Its the Chinese not the Russians who have interfered in elections, and the Chinese were skillful enough to make it look like Russia is responsible, and the demoncrats themselves have been duped and compromised by the Chinese, and spreading many false illusions. China is intentionally trying to break us up from within, and tear apart our country, using our own politics and political aspirations against us. Trump is on to them. Obama wasn’t and in fact was aiding china to help take down our country. Eventually he and others will be held accountable, but it will likely be via other easier to prove and prosecute crimes. Too many Obama minions have now filled the ranks of many levels of many of our agencies including the military. China has way more control, and access to us, than just via their simultaneous cyber attacks. We’ve been in a war with them, and dont even know it, and its just now coming to the forefront, all being down without a kinetic war. No shots fired. (yet). This is much more complex than a simple ‘trade war.’ and in fact, much worse. Could eventually lead to a hot war, but the causes will be propagandized by the left, and used against Trump and others who are the real patriots. Never has the word patriot and what that means been more important than today. Yet liberals and leftists, are not only denouncing it, they are unwittingly playing right into our enemies hands. Those people dont even realize who the real enemy is. They are helping us lose the war, and lose our society and lose our freedoms and liberties all at once. This is also not about a currency war. This is about world domination, desired by the communist chinese government. Its massive imperialism. and we have been totally blind to it occurring, thinking ONLY of how can we buy,buy, buy, and consume, consume, consumer, and pig out for decades on so many cheap goods.

    We have been played big time by the Chinese. They have fed our every wicked desire. If you dont realize that now, you will never be able to save yourself, or help save our country from being taken over, if it hasn’t been already.

  24. tim mcgraw

    CAF and others are right about the high inflation. It’s about 11% here in Sonoma County, CA. Sonoma County has a weekly flea market in the huge parking lot every weekend at the Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Rosa.
    The cost of living here, especially housing, is very very high. Sonoma County lost a few thousand in population last year. No doubt some of that was due to the wild fires.
    Thanks for the interview.

  25. Hilde

    This is one of many links one can read up on re psychiatric medication and mass shootings. It’s old, but it’s good. There is so much more info out there.

  26. oldbat

    just started the vid. what they did with it is buy their own treasury bonds cuz no one wanted them. let’s see if that is how this vid plays out.

  27. WD

    Greg, I cant imagine how this is good news for USA TODAY, I may be wrong but many “mergers” like this are one company saving another company….I hope USA Today is a “Dead man walking”

    Plus Starbucks to stop selling print media- This cant help NYT or USA Today either.

    GateHouse Media owner to acquire Enquirer owner Gannett

    Starbucks to stop selling newspapers in US stores


    • Greg Hunter

      They announced a new CEO. Let’s see if they keep on with the money losing ways of the social justice crowd and start reporting news again.

  28. francis rerps

    Was long as Fitts had a chance to read my DELETED comment. She will { privately } agreer.Willful ignorance is not too bad.

  29. Galaxy 500

    A buddy of mine sent this. I thought it was ducky so I posted it here.

    In November of 2016, I saw a miracle. A man who had never been even elected dog catcher, aspired to the highest office in the land, the leader of the free world. A builder and a reality star. They mocked him, they laughed and then he started picking off one candidate after another, of what had been called, the most formidable line up of Republicans ever. He was attacked by Democrats, msm, Republicans, late night host made him the butt of every joke. Then when he was the nominee, Bush’s nephew leaked the Access Hollywood tape. They tried to sabotage the convention vote.Then the bogus assault claims. Ryan rescinding an invitation to a rally. He was given a 97% chance to lose. Do you remember how hard you prayed that night, as each state turn RED? He, a novice, who went up against Hillary Clinton and the Democrat machine and won. But then came the Dirty Dossier, Taxes, Russia, Collusion, Obstruction, Racism, Stormy Daniels,White Supremacist, Islamophobia, Unstable, Dangerous, Misogynist, Hitler, Xenophobe, White Nationalist, They went after him and his children for a crime punishable by DEATH. They tried to destroy his marriage and threatened his minor child. This man, who gave up everything for us. This man who has been to Hell and back for us, has done nothing but fight for us every single day in office. More than any politician in my lifetime. And yet I hear those who are ready to abandon him over what he might do with RED FLAG Law. Others have decided no one is going to be charged for the attempted coup. I’m sure glad the future of the country, didn’t depend on you. You’d have given up before the debates. Has he been perfect…No! The only perfect person who ever walked this Earth, was Jesus Christ. God sent us a Warrior. One who has stared evil in the face and won. I will say again, we are in a battle for the soul of America. Do you think he doesn’t know his base’s feelings about guns. Do you think, if possible, he will let anyone walk, who tried to destroy his marriage and children. What has he done, so egregious, that you’d be willing to give up and chance the madness of the left, having control? He has been loyal to us. Don’t throw your hands up and say you’re done, at the first signs of adversity. God gave us a miracle in 2016 and believe me, with the corruption the left has planned, we’re going to need another miracle. We’re going to need every vote and every loyal Patriot fighting for POTUS. Have you seen what they have planned for us? That’s the tip of the iceberg, to what they’ll do if they every gain power. Say goodbye to your freedoms and your children and grandchildren’s future. God says FEAR NOT 365 times in the Bible. One for every day. Pray and trust God. He didn’t bring us this far to fail. In war you don’t always win every battle But its important to win the final one. God bless

    • Old Geezer

      Galaxy 500, So glad you shared that with us.

  30. susan

    WOW Galaxy. That was absolutely the truth and the best. Thank You.

  31. Mike R

    Gold just cracked through $1500. First time since 2013.

    Once it gets over that, and stays above a little bit, you will see shorts blowing up, left and right, and then you will see some $100 up days, sequentially, and the sheeple will start to notice. Just think – all of this, and the dollar has yet to barely crater. Once the dollar goes down, the path from $2000 gold to $5000 will happen so fast, people will think its Bitcoin. Once its above $2000, just like when it was $300 back in 1999, you will never see that price ever again. $2000 won’t even be any kind of a low anymore.

    Remember when people whined about how it would go below $1000, and get crushed ?

    And silver ?

    Well its just going to slingshot way higher. It’ll be screaming above $50/ounce before you know it. Its been so suppressed and so heavily bludgeoned by firms like JPM, that they ought to be in jail for it. Save that for another day though. Gold will see $1700 by fall. or even before.

  32. Mike R

    World wide, there is now $15 TRILLION in negative yielding bonds (debt.).

    12 countries have negative yielding 10 year bonds.
    Germany’s bonds keep cratering more negative by the day.

    Think about the implications here. That much in negative yielding bonds:
    + so many people will eventually flood from those into US bonds, and bring them negative too. NIRP anyone ? The Fed can’t stop it.
    + think about what happens to stocks.
    + think about what happens then with gold and silver.

    Why would any pension, any massive size fund, want to persist in holding debt that is costing them money to hold, and doing that rather than cash ???? Well because all cash (fiat) is actually doing way worse than that debt. And that is why gold is now going up strongly, and ripping up all the shorters which includes massive amounts of derivative paper shorts, and leased gold, by many central banks, that have been hell bent on suppressing gold so it LOOKS like there is no inflation at all. At least inflation in all the services and goods that we really need, but deflation in nearly everything else because of $260 trillion in global debt. Debt that is on an exponential curve higher, and is dragging the servicing costs of that debt higher at an exponentially increasing rate.

    Its all utter insanity. When do all these large money management firms start cashing out stocks to bail out their mistakes holding all this debt, that has gone negative on yields ??????

    At some point, no amount of Fed dropping rates, and even below zero will do anything to keep the stocks propped. No amount of new QE will help. And no amount of Fed buying stocks directly will help. Look at all those fiat dollars that have been printed, and essentially BURNED, by every single central bank, trying to keep their stock markets propped, and banks from declaring insolvency, when all the banks were insolvent 10 years ago. This is all a big charade they have running now. The jig is up.

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