Real or Fake Bombs? Trump Will Stop Caravan, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 358 10.26.18)

There have been nearly a dozen so-called bombs sent to top Democrats around the country mainly on the east coast. None of them were detonated.  I say “so-called” because police are reporting that many of the bombs “could not have exploded.” White powder sent with some of the packages also turned out to be harmless. What gives? Law enforcement is treating this as a real threat, as they should. They are going to get to the bottom of this. Is this an attempt by an idiot wacko to hurt people, or is this an attempt by desperate Democrats to garner positive attention and play the victim for the midterm elections. Many around the internet are calling this a total hoax.

The caravan of illegal immigrants that is still nearly 1,000 miles away from the southern border of the United States is slowly making its way north through Mexico. President Trump is shutting down the border and promises they will not be allowed to illegally cross into the U.S. Trump has told them to “turn around and go home,” and some of them are. Trump also says there are gang members, human traffickers and Middle East terrorists in the group, as well. The President is sending the military to the border to make sure none of them get into America.

The stock market was on another wild ride this week, going down and up by hundreds of points in both directions. Is this a healthy market or one that is about to crack?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about the top stories of the past week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Steve Quayle will be the guest on the Early Sunday Release. Is civil war coming? Quayle thinks so, and lays out his reasons why.

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  1. mal

    Hi Greg,
    I hope you lead the real media in calling on the white house and congress to launch a full scale investigation into these “bombs”. Three of the people who received them , a former President and two former first ladies are under Secret Service protection. I would very much like to hear the agents accounts of how some presumed Trump supporter managed to get past the secret service and put a bomb in Hillary’s mailbox. We might even find out who really did it. In fact maybe Trump should appoint a special prosecutor. He could be authorized to hire , oh, say, 16 Trump contributing attorneys and they can get a budget of millions with an open ended mandate to find anything on anybody anywhere. Maybe they could even indict some Russians for sneaking up on those poor democrats and terrorizing them that way.

    • Tin foil hat

      “In fact maybe Trump should appoint a special prosecutor. He could be authorized to hire , oh, say, 16 Trump contributing attorneys …”
      That’s a great idea, lol.

    • Vonu

      The question should be why former presidents and first ladies need the protection of the Secret Service instead of providing their own security, if they want to maintain high profiles.

  2. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, your deplorable Republicans are so filled with hatred that your people are sending pipe bombs to Democrats. Your ilk are all racist white entitled conservative trash. There is a reckoning coming. Leadership is forming and there will be a backlash for all the racist and elitist activities of this KKK white supremacist supporting administration. Your people are obstructing the people. We are fed up. We are going to make some noise. We are tired of being ignored and ostracized. NO MORE !!!! NO MORE !!!!! We are rising up ! We are going to take charge !!!!! We are taking OUR COUNTRY back !!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Some historical facts: Democrats started the KKK in the south after they lost the Civil War. Democrats own the KKK and Senator Byrd is also owned by Dems. Democrats were also the slave owners and did not want to give up[ the free labor. Republicans freed the slaves and the Republican President at the time was Lincoln.

      While I am at it, Democrats who call themselves Democrat Socialists are, in fact, Nazis. The term came from National Socialist. They shortened the two words to Nazi.

      Spoiler alert: You are about to lose again because you cannot sell open borders, tax increases, suppression of the Constitution and all of it’s Amendments including the 2nd, sanctuary cities, not deporting criminal aliens, universal basic income and all of the other crime and theft that goes with socialism/communism/Marxism.

      • Mme. hedin

        And, Democrats don’t want “open borders”, tax increases, not deporting criminal aliens and “crime and theft…” , either. Who would?!? We the People, however, DO NOT want money to continue to go to the corrupt, wealthy Congressmen who act as tax-payer dollar “channels” for the benefit of their Big Business sponsors. Vote them out this November 6th! Stop (mostly Republican) Congress members from becoming multi-millionaires through the backing of their Big Business sponsors!

        • Greg Hunter

          This is what the leaders of the Dem party want and that is a fact. Hillary was overwhelmingly backed by Wall Street and that is also a fact. So, buzz off with your lies.

      • Tin foil hat

        The left often confuses nationalist here with fascist. They can’t see the difference between the freedom loving constitutional nationalists here and the progressive authoritarian ultranationalists in Nazi Germany.

        They also brand American nationalist as White nationalist which baffles my mind. Why can’t there be Hispanic American or African American nationalist?

        • Robert

          How about just simplifying it by saying nationalist vs globalist? One stands for national sovereignty with distinct borders as opposed to the globalist who want open borders and regional no borders government, like we see in Europe? Notice theres no major forces in China and Russia trying to break up their nations like like the far left is trying to do to America and Europe. The leftist globalist have succeded in Europe, but the right is finally standing up to the left there. The far left in both north and south America are now banding together. That is what we are seeing with these mobs in south America trying to invade our borders unlawfully. Many on the left, here in the USA, don’t support the direction that their Democratic party is taking, but are fearful of supporting the republicans and Trump because of the awful labels the far left is succeeding in attaching to those who oppose the globalist agenda. Nationalist are not against free trade, just the loss of national sovereignty and past identities that each nation had.

          We’ve got to stop the far left, anti American liberal media and their socialist backers from defining who the right is . Trump is doing a good job but the rank and file needs to be more vocal. Problem with that is, especially in leftist metro areas is, the far left literally attack people who publicly display support for Trump and lawful immigration. Where I live, if you show support of Trump in any demonstrative way, youre property is vandalized. Weve had cars set on fire that had Trump stickers. The rural divide is real.

          Many Democrats literally believe we are nazi, racists, white supremacist, even though the right has many people of all persusaions and races within it.

          The vocal left is who is controlling the democratic party and the CIA hacked media…theyre a small group as many people who identify as progressives and on the left are realizing the democratic party isnt what is used to be, and the right isnt either. Actually the right has become more centered while the left has moved far left. The antifas and Black Lives Matter crowd are the new Brownshirts. Those two groups are who Hillary and Maxine Waters and the others who promote the violence and harrassment of our Republican leaders are talking to and enabling in those well known videos and audiotapes weve all seen and heard on right-wing radio shows, where theyre calling on their jackboots to be uncivil. I reject that man the leftist have labeled the MAGAbomber. He’s not who the right is en mass. Notice how much coverage he’s getting as opposed to the ricin attacks that happened against Trump and his admistration. Theres no difference in the severity of those incidents, except the liberal media is using that nut in Florida and making him the face of our side. The ricin attacks and Scalise shooting never got this much attention. Just saying. Weve got good rational voices like Sean Hannity, Rush, Mark Levin, Michael Barry and many others countering the left, but the liberal CIA media is un equally and overwhelmingly controlling the official globalist narrative.

          • Robert

            For example, theres many minorities who are not in the democratic party camp…many many more than the leftist media acknowledges. In fact, minorities as a whole error more on the conservative side than not. That’s the big secret the liberal media refuses to cover.

      • Ray

        Perfect reply!
        Well said Mr Hunter!!

      • Derek Sinclair

        Well said Greg.

      • Larry

        Greg not to change the subject, but I consider this a (wag the dog) story, you should watch the movie if you haven’t already, seem pelosi could have.

    • Justn Observer

      Gina…. Good luck in your endeavors?

    • R. patrick

      Gina, you sick monkey! We deplorables are not sending bombs stupid! Dems are sending bombs!
      Why, because they really hate themselves!

    • R. patrick


      Red is good , Blue is Not! Take some time away from this to recharge your batteries! It’s been hard I know but you deserve a break!

    • Colateral Damage


      Talk about an eye opening perspective on the real world.

    • Jerry

      You are one sick puppy. You typify the mental illness of the communist left. You’d better check meds. You’re about to have your behind handed to you next week. And then what? Violence? You know nothing about it. Bring it on!

    • Angelo


      I live among the cancer of society called leftists. Leftists like you! You do not offer anything but ignorant comments like the your revisionist history knowledge of the origins of the KKK. You could at least verify the origins of the organization you are trying to “rise up” against. The first thing you should be taking charge of is your own mind. You do not seem to be in control of that either if you believe the propaganda of the Democrats.

      The country you are referring to taking back is not the Contstitutional Republic that we “deplorables” are living in as well. Perhaps the country you’re referring to is just in your head. Did you check with your handlers to see if they can tell you if that place really exists? Oh wait, did they dictate that to you so all of you can chant about it?

      For the record, Mike Adams from Natural News already predicted this false flag activity several months ago. And here we are today. Last, God placed your head higher than the rest of your body so that you don’t sit on it. I would recommend chelation therapy because I think all the aluminum, barium, strontium from the massive Geonengineering is getting to your brain. Have a great weekend!


      • Frank D2

        Angelo, that is because “Gina” is probably a Russian troll who is paid to sow discord among the US population. That explains her utter lack of US history. “Gina” is a fake. “Gina” has never, not once, predicted anything that came true. You can’t reason with “Gina”. We would all do better to simply ignore “Gina”.

    • Karen Reardon

      To Gina,

      My words are lost in response to your total stupidity and lack of education on all the facts. You are the blind leading the blind and the only response anyone can give to you is REPENT and then maybe you will receive some God given grace to open your eyes and let the film that covers them come off. I will pray for you and the many others who bark those ideotic falsehoods that you spew out like venom..

      May Heaven have mercy if any of you ever get power over our country!!!

    • Frank D2

      Gina, you are a Russian troll. Go away!

    • Alan

      LOL! Oh my Gina you really brought a lot of laughter my way , reading your absurd and transparently inane msg was just the comic relief I needed on this Friday. I have a hunch I am not the only one who appreciated your pathetic attempt at humor, but hey you get an E for Effort! Now how about you simply go away? Please??? hahahaha

    • Mike R

      Gina – those were not bombs. They could not have ever detonated. they were fake. maybe intended to ‘scare’ but they did not even come close to reaching their targets. Fake news = Fake bombs. This is a media fabricated exploit, where some whack job sends pretend things that morons like you THINK are bombs. The fake media wont even back away, and admit they are fake, always been fake, and could not harm a flea.

      This is about as lame as some teens pulling a prank, where they are using squirt guns that LOOK like real guns, and then try to go to a protest of some politician, and the police apprehend them for being doorknob teens, who were just trying to scare someone, not harm them. To even attach this to any political part, let alone Trump, is beyond ridiculous. This is a whack job, a lot like you even, just stirring up trouble and being a troll. everyone on the internet spotted that even the fake clocks on the pvc tube made it wholly obvious these junk tubes sent in the mail, were fake,fake, fake. Where were you ? Living in momma’s basement, and trolling some other website, so that you missed all of the obvious facts. Grow up.

    • Anthony Australia

      Then what Gina, try take the world?

    • al

      Sorry Gina… Democrats failed again, no sympathy. Trump’s team will prosecute (and rightfully so) and will look GREAT in the process! And as they get to the bottom of this I think they are going to find that this “deplorable”, as you democrats like to call everyone, is actually one of you people posing as a Trump supporter. It’s very possible, the timing points to this fact…
      That van was way overdone with stickers, much like everything Dumbocrats do to fake something. The windows were filled which is against the law. I’ll bet all those stickers were put on one week before this dummy puppet sent out his failure cartoon bombs by means of a paid off complicit US Post Office.
      NO SYMPATHY … YOUR SIDE FAILED!!! But it’s not too late for you to see the light and come to the embracing love of the true Patriots, the Conservative Republicans.
      You keep coming back to USA Watchdog. You must have a little sense in you, just squeeze it out, come on, #WalkAway

    • susan

      Gina, you are hilarious. Just look at what you wrote. It is beyond ridiculous and everyone knows it. Everything you write is not factual and we, who know the facts just shake our heads over your idiocy.

    • Sayonara

      You are a very sick, wicked and mentally disordered lunatic. Your sick tyrannical party is drenched in the blood of your promotion of hatred, racism and violence. The only platform your Democrat Party promotes is tyranny, hatred and racism.
      I now live in fear for my life as Constitutional Republic and Trump supporter.

    • Dan

      Gina –

      I suppose you are Unfamiliar with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      You state “your deplorable Republicans are so filled with hatred that your people are sending pipe bombs to Democrats.”

      So you have already assessed the limited information available concerning this matter, evaluated it, and issued your judgement.

      You then state “There is a reckoning coming. Leadership is forming and there will be a backlash for all the racist and elitist activities of this KKK white supremacist supporting administration. Your people are obstructing the people. We are fed up. We are going to make some noise. We are tired of being ignored and ostracized. NO MORE !!!! NO MORE !!!!! We are rising up ! We are going to take charge !!!!! We are taking OUR COUNTRY back !!!!”

      Just HOW are you going to “take YOUR country back” Gina ?

      By violence or the voting booth ?

      By legal or illegal means ?

      By discarding the US Constitution and the BILL OF RIGHTS in favor of your own form of dictatorship ?

      By being prosecutor, jury, and judge yourself ?

      By being exactly the SAME as the people you accuse ?

  3. paul ...

    If like the chlorine gas attacks in Syria this attempted bombing of top Demon-rats is a total hoax concocted by a handful of Demon-rat A-holes in the mental asylum called the Congress to make them look like victims … we definitely need to flush these evil rats down the drain … permanently removing them all from office on Nov 6 !!

    • paul ...

      Well well well … seems it was a patriot (terrorist) named Cesar Sayoc …

      • paul ...

        You know … it would be nice to see Trump put the same effort into apprehending the commie terrorist(s) stirring up caravans of immigrants from all around the world to flood into our country and illegally vote to do a regime change to change our Republic into a Commie Dictatorship!

      • Tad

        He may be someone’s fall guy. I wouldn’t race to convict him yet.

        • Frederick

          Of course he is the “fall guy” perp” so quickly Too bad they couldn’t do such great police work with the Seth Rich murder Oh right they wouldn’t dare do that now would they?

  4. paul ...

    In keeping with it’s policy of banning people who have a “hateful attitude” (like being against war) Twitter bans Paul Craig Roberts!! …

    • Frederick

      But, but, but Gina said

      • Tad

        She’s a pipe smoker.

    • Frederick

      Paul (((Twitter))) doesn’t like the truth getting out you know that No better than any of the others ie Farcebook, CNN, Yahoo, Youtube etc, etc.

    • Mohammad

      Paul ,

      I have been writing about this all those years on the blog here.
      Israel is using US to clean up M.E. from the river to the river, and when it is done it will collide US/EU and Russia/China in a major war that will allow Pax Judaica to rise on the ashes of Pax Americana.
      The Dollar then will be replaced by the the new digital currency backed by the gold Israel secretly accumulating without any one noticing.
      Let me repeat it:
      Just look who is heading the federal reserve bank and serves on its chairs and there is your answer.


      • paul ...

        Mohammad … It is said that “money” is the root of all evil … but God’s money (gold) is the path to goodness … it’s the “fake money” of the money changers that Jesus rebelled against … so he was labeled a “terrorist” and Crucified on a Cross for his moral actions (overturning their tables) … so isn’t it amazing that the same people who generate “fake money” out of thin air for us … accumulate “real money” for themselves … look at JP Morgan Chase loading up on silver … and why would the Fed not allowing us to see or inspect “our gold” at Fort Knox if it was still there … we must become our own “money changers” … and change the Criminal Cabals “fake money” (fiat paper) … for “real money” (God’s gold) … just like smart Nations are now doing (i.e. the Saudi’s, Israel, Russia, China, India, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, etc., etc., etc.)!!

        • Elusive Joseph

          Paul, the money in Jesus Christ’s time was real money coined of precious metals by Caesar and Tiberius through physical labor, unlike the fake money created “out of thin air” by The Fed. When Jesus Christ turned over the tables of the money changers at the Temple, it was because they were committing sacrilege inside a sacred place of God – the Temple by engaging in commerce and trade inside a holy place that is exclusively for prayer and worship, not because He was rebelling against the currency of the time. Jesus even said, regarding the (real) currency at that time, “Render onto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”.
          Jesus Christ was crucified for bringing His Divine mission to the world, not because “He was resisting the bankers” of His time.
          Secular “truthers” like you use false rhetoric to garner opposition against The Fed by dissolving the Divinity of Jesus Christ to mere humanity and a worldly, not Heavenly, mission.
          The Fed does need to end and be replaced by the U.S. government producing & issuing real money as currency.

      • Tin foil hat

        “ALL GOLD IS UNDER ISRAELS HANDS. Comprendo…?”

        If that were true, it doesn’t make Israel the richest country in the world post reset, that will make Israel a target of every nation on earth!!

        Hence, gold is allowed to go east because every core nation on earth has to have a fair amount after the reset. Otherwise, nobody will regonize or support having gold as the new global reserve currency.

        • Mohammad

          After colliding superpowers do you think there will be nations to go after Israel’s gold…?


        • Tin foil hat

          In your prior comments, you don’t seem to believe that gold would have a place in the post reset monetary system. I wonder why your sudden interest in the ancient relic.

          Anyway, since you are a doctor, I’d try to convey the following in terms you can relate to.

          We can’t treat Myelomonocytic Anemia with iron supplements just as we can’t fix an aging fiat monetary system with pro-growth economic policies. The treatment is blood transfusion (injecting real money into the existing fiat system – Freegold via the FX market).

          If we failed to do that, we’ll have to deal with the next stage. Leukemia means either death (colliding superpowersor) or chemo therapy (the old gold standard). Comprendo…?

          • Mohammad

            You are missing the whole point…!

            Going back to gold standard means depopulation.

            Who will do the depopulation and let all the world suffer are the ones sitting in the heads of major financial decision making institutions…..COMPRENDO?


          • Tin foil hat

            We are talking over each other again. I’m not advocating for the gold standard. Hence, I equate the traditional gold standard to chemo theraphy.

            I hope you don’t provide chemo to your patients with Myelomonocytic syndrom. Perhaps you don’t understand the concept of Freegold. Currently, gold prices are not fixed or pegged to any currency in the FX market. it is floating freely in accordance to the free market. However, you and I both know we don’t have a free market at this juncture.

            When all core nations have sufficient amount of gold and the deep state is ready to let go of the dollar’s reserve status, gold prices will truly be allowed to float freely and unmolested alongside other currencies in the FX market. That would be like blood transfusion for patient with Myelomonocytic syndrom.

            This is a good blog on the subject of Freegold. However, be mindful that as knowledgeable as FOFOA, FOA and Another, they have been wrong in regard of timing for a very very long time.


            • Tin foil hat

              Correction: Myelodysplastic syndrome rather than Myelomonocytic syndrom, my bad.

    • Chip

      On PCR, insanity.
      On the other hand, great wrap up Greg… Chip

    • paul ...

      But like David we can take the head off Giants with big swords (who never imagined in their wildest dreams what “little people” could do to them when they are stepped on)! …

      • paul ...

        And to regain “the Moral High Ground” … Trump has to disassociate America from “the outright murders and killers of this world” … it is time to toss off all the perpetrators of 9-11 (they have been an albatross around our neck) … simply stop funding “all nations in the Middle East” the way we have cut funding to Mexico and Central American Nations … and perhaps … just perhaps we can teach them some respect for human life, dignity and liberty!!

    • Paul Anthony

      Wow !

      Paul Craig Roberts is a sweetheart! That’s amazing! Thanks for the info wow. Twitter is crazy

    • sk

      Paul, re banning PCR – when you start getting flak, you know you’re over the target!

      • Frederick

        Exactly sk it speaks volumes about PCR accuracy

  5. Connie Barrett

    Obama DACA Recipient Sentenced To 35 Years For Kidnapping a 3-Year-Old & Sex Abuse
    The girl was left for hours or even days as the adults left the house for work or hosted paid sex visits with visitors. The little girl was so badly sexually abused, she couldn’t even stand, according to initial reports from the police.

  6. Connie Barrett

    Ratings for ‘The Conners’ Take a Nosedive After the Spinoff Killed Off Roseanne in Its Premiere
    by Madison Summers 16 hours ago

  7. Connie Tab Barrett

    MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Fears Russia May Be Behind Bomb Scare (VIDEO)
    02:18 26.10.2018
    The FBI and other agencies are continuing to hunt for the person or people responsible for shipping a number of explosive devices to prominent Democrats beginning with billionaire financier George Soros on Monday and most recently Hollywood actor Robert De Niro on Thursday.

    • Frederick

      They must be kidding right? Those pesky Russkis AGAIN

  8. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a truly insightful precis of a week full of corruption that never seems to end.
    We are lead to believe that all this is recent,indeed not.Mr Revilo P Oliver,if you can stomach his analysis,writes of the agonies and anguish of those caught in the political crosshairs which are of historical accuracy.
    If too gall erupting perhaps a visit to the Sedition Trials of 1942 and its impact on decent people.
    “The most notorious and ominous instance of the perversion of law occurred more than twenty years ago, and it has not yet excited the alarm and indignation that such outrages necessarily arouse in nations that are viable. The obscene and tragic farce called the “Sedition Trial” began in 1942 and ended only in 1947. It was an act of Soviet-style terrorism carried out to intimidate Americans. Thirty men and women from all over the country, most of whom had never even heard of one another and who had in common only outspoken criticism of the Communist Conspiracy, were hauled to Washington in hand-cuffs and leg-irons, imprisoned in cells kept dark so that they could not read, and subjected to the most fantastic trial for “conspiracy” ever conducted outside the Soviet Union. The actual trial, based on pretenses so transparent that they cannot have been intended to deceive any intelligent man, was staged in 1944 by the infamous E.E. Eicher, a protege of Felix Frankfurter and Chief Justice of the District Court of the District of Columbia, in open collusion with an incredible Assistant Attorney, Oetje J. Rogge, another protege of Frankfurter and a long-time admirer of the Bolsheviks, whose part in the persecution earned him the distinction of being the personal guest of Stalin in the Kremlin a few years later. The scoff-law judge, Eicher, repeatedly and flagrantly violated the Constitution of the United States, innumerable laws, and the elementary principles of equity and justice on which all laws are based. But the vicious creature that lawlessly presided over a federal court did not succeed in doing the job for which he had been appointed. He died while articles of impeachment for malfeasance in office were in preparation and before he could be brought to trial in the Senate. His sudden death, reportedly from natural causes, averted an investigation and exposure that our enemies in Washington were desperately eager to prevent. The absurd case — ludicrous but for the suffering and irreparable loss inflicted on the hapless defendants and even their attorneys — finally came before an honest judge in 1946 and was dismissed as a “travesty on justice.” But the criminal elements in what is called our “Justice Department,” in an effort to distress their intended victims as much as possible, persisted until the case was finally terminated by order of the Court of Appeals on the last day of July, 1947.[1]”
    Do you think that Yale and its law department learnt nothing from these show trials that Hilary did not guzzle down whilst being nurtured there?I doubt she was ignorant of any of this but she will have put it all to good effect with her Bolshevik chums.

  9. Oracle 911

    What said Einstein about human stupidity?
    Or was it about human idiotism? 😉

    Regarding military on borders:
    The troops will be from ME and Afghanistan?

    Trudope was put in office to bring down Canada. So far he did a great job.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  10. Mark James

    The banksters got those trillions in bailouts, but when the Fed is asked… no one knows where they went!!! Guess what, we do!!

  11. paul ...

    Yes … but we love Gina just the way she is … no clever conversation, etc,, etc. … love the way Barry sings her praises …

    • paul ...

      Gina … you speak of racist white deplorable trash filled with hatred … but say nothing of the non-white deplorable trash filled with hatred toward gringos now journeying up in caravans to America to obstruct and overwhelm our welfare system and create regime change … you speaks of a backlash Gina … yes … there will be a backlash … against all those non-white gringo haters … Trump is making noise now … he is tired of America being raped by a continual onslaught of criminal MS13 gang members and ISIS terrorists … NO MORE !!! … NO MORE !!! … America is finally rising up!!! … “We” the legal citizens of the USA are going to take charge of our own destiny!!! … sorry Gina … “We” Republican Constitutionalists are taking back OUR COUNTRY from you Demon-rats!!!! … at last count around 7,000 illegals were participating in the trek (a great deal of them rowdy angry men ages 17 to 40) … however more than 2,000 have been sent back home on buses … the organizers of this caravan (Sore Ass and you Demon-rats) will face legal consequences for your actions … this caravan is a strategic and well organized tactical assault upon the United States of America “that is very well funded” (there are rest points along the route with food, water and shelter for the migrants as well as medical care) … there is “nothing spontaneous” about this army of migrants (organizers are shouting instructions in Spanish and putting select persons in front of cameras for interviews to say the caravan is not about politics but about poverty) … the truth is … it is an invading force of radicalized gringo hating deplorable’s intent on destabilizing America … and like the cowards they are … are using women and children to risk their lives facing the US Military (armed with microwave weapons, machine guns and cannons) who in no uncertain term will put a stop to this invading army!!

  12. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Great as usual Greg. I love the fact that as a Christian you speak about hating the weasels. So many Christians I know behave in a wimpish way by arguing that we shouldn’t speak negatively about anyone! But as the psalmist says: ‘I hate with a pure hatred’, and boy there’s a lot of pure hatred needed in fighting this good fight.
    Blessings, Andrew

  13. Mohammad

    Sinead O’Connor Reveals She’s Converted to Islam: ‘I Am Proud to Have Become a Muslim’
    “This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim,” O’Connor wrote on Oct. 19, explaining that her new faith “is the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey.”


      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        Mohammud – Are you aware that a large percentage of Muslim Rape Gang members share your name? Yes, many of them are named Mohammed. Yours is a gutter religion which condones all manner of perversion as being pleasing to Allah.
        “Allah is Satan and Mohammed was his messenger.”
        And please, Sinead O’Connor is not exactly the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.
        Merry Christmas!

    • Greg Hunter

      Islam started 600 years after The Son of God came to earth. Christ is real and can be scientifically documented and sourced.

      • Mohammad

        When will you see Greg?

        Truly yours with love and respect,

    • Tin foil hat

      I’m so happy for you and Islam. I sincerely hope more people like O’Connor will convert to Isalm.

      • Freebrezer

        THF – So True !!!! Maybe they can take Madonna, Gloria Stienman (great addition to Islam!) … can not forget the Hillary … I can go on and on but all these feminist would be great for Islam!

  14. Mike

    The fake bombs are an obvious publicity stunt and the operative responsible will be caught before election day. The fake media will drop the issue just like the fake Russian meddling and never acknowledge their role in criminal activity.

    • paul ...

      Lots of hoopla over “fake bombs” the last few days … yet no concern is raised over Trump pulling out of nuclear accords to control “real bombs” … or his budgeting billions to build even more “real nuclear bombs” … seems Trumps “weak point” is his lack of a scientific background and total disregard for the real destructiveness of nuclear weapons and the radioactivity these weapons release … otherwise he would not be putting insane warmongering neocons around him who think a nuclear war is winnable with a “first strike” … and their desire “to save humanity from the Russians” by destroying the world and regressing all of humanity back into ignorant mutated monkeys like themselves!! …

  15. Roger D

    Re. the bombs. I don’t give a rat’s patootie about these evil doers receiving fake bombs. Meanwhile they support real bombs being dropped every day on innocent people in the Middle East.

    Secondly, let me get this straight. Republicans have held control of both houses of Congress plus the White House for 2 years. And yet ‘The Wall’ was not built. Now over 7,000 foreign invaders are marching to our border. And we are supposed to keep Republicans in power? Will we ever learn that Republicans are the enemy we are sleeping with?

    • paul ...

      Roger … We have to “divide the enemy” in both houses of Congress “in order to conquer and defeat them” … so lets first go after the Demon-rat enemies of our Republic on Nov 6 … then once there are no Demon-rats left in Congress … we can go after all the Republicans that we know are really “closet Demon-rats”!!

  16. Anthony Australia

    Can believe that the 60% or so rise in the DOW over the last couple of years was credible.

  17. Dana McMichael

    The moment I learned that “bombs” had been mailed to senor democrats, my immediate perception was that this was not a legitimate attack; but rather, it was a desperate effort to make Republicans look evil to the voting public, and to garner sympathy for the democrats.

    It is a sad state of affairs in America when there is no way I could take this as a legitimate concern.

  18. Questfortruth

    If a “pipe bomb” has no possibility of exploding, isn’t it just called a PIECE OF PIPE? or what?

    • paul ...

      This patriot (terrorist) who was “obviously just sending a message” with these duds … should have used his noodle and simply sent a copy of our US Constitution to all these Demon-rat traitors (underlining the important paragraphs) … and thus he may have avoided getting a 58 year jail sentence!!

  19. Gina's Macaroni

    Media HIDES Obama’s laughable crowd size, while Trump has MASSIVE rally in Texas
    Trump Fan Network Published on Oct 23, 2018
    Obama’s recent speech attacking Republicans and the President — though he never mentioned Donald Trump by name — was widely covered by the media, seemed like it was a must-see/must-attend event for Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen, currently struggling against incumbent Republican Sen. Dean Heller.

    By the media’s account, Obama was surrounded by energized Democrats and enthusiastic voters. The bleachers behind him were packed to the brim, and the people in front were numerous.

    Or were they?

    According to some cell phone footage, the media’s packed house was a camera trick. The house wasn’t as packed as they’d have you believe. In fact, for it being a speech featuring the left’s golden boy, it seemed pretty sparse with a ton of empty seats where the media’s cameras weren’t going to focus.
    The people Try And Lick That

  20. Thomas Blow

    Who can you interview on irregular warfare?
    It is reported for example that chemical shells inducing passivity were used in Desert Storm and that dazed Iraqis in bunkers were scooped up. So how hard would it be to use passivity (poof) shells against a border mob. Wouldn’t that remove the risk of allowing Dems to “wave the bloody shirt”?

  21. Gina's Macaroni

    Panic, The Deep State Projection In Full Force

  22. Roger D

    Americans who call themselves Christians are immersed in news of fake bombs, yet they are silent about military air strikes dropping real bombs every 12 minutes. Fake Christians I say!

    • paul ...

      That’s a good point Roger … the establishment is in a lather about some “fake bombs” sent to elite Demon-rat commies by a patriot … and not a word is said about the “real bombs” being dropped on women and children in Yemen and elsewhere by the Deep State Demon-rat traitors!!

  23. Russ McMeans

    This journalist at Capital Research Center did an excellent job exposing who’s behind the Caravans:
    Cudos to Matt Drudge for posting the link.

  24. Russ McMeans

    The uncivil left media and Democrat party cries “foul!”
    But they are the ones that started it. It started when Obama belittled that cop that busted that professor for trying to break into his own house. That was the beginning. Then Trayvon Martin came along. I predicted- after listening to Mark Levin’s warnings in 2007, that the election of Obama would bring south side Chicago lawlessness to the entire nation. AND HERE WE ARE.

  25. Da Yooper

    Good rap up

    Did you see this ?

    Twitter Bans Former Asst. Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts

  26. Russ McMeans

    Just one more thought: Maxine Waters- that b…. from Calitopia ( she boils my blood because she’s so crude and uncivil) , anyway; she is the epitome of all the Socialist – Marxists and Communists of the world.
    Why? … she creates victims and demons in her rabid populist speeches to the poor masses of under educated people- including her district of Compton California (mostly a hell hole of crime- it’s not a “nice” place) BUT SHE LIVES IN OPULANT LUXURY IN AN UPPER CLASS NEIGHBORHOOD IN SOME SUBURB NEAR LOS ANGELES. Google her damn house if ya want too.
    That’s these politicians and our f’d up world in a nutshell. Sad people actually give these evil nut jobs power by voting for them. Then they come to our doorstep and wallet to torture us……..

  27. Tommy

    My initial reaction to the mailing thing was that it was fake; a false flag. When Cuomo said he received one then had to correct himself later by saying that he hadn’t received one it pretty much confirmed what I believed. The only way he would say that he was a victim is if he had knowledge of the scam beforehand. After seeing the amateurish mailing and that none of the weapons were active, well. Add to that what person actually would think that any of these people actually sit down and the kitchen table and open their mail. Yesterday CNN said they were dropping the w-t-w coverage of the Honduran invasion because it “didn’t represent a threat to the US”. Another indication that the whole thing was staged, has gotten way out of hand, and even Democrat voters don’t want 10’s of thousand of these “refugees” that look quite comfortable, well dressed, well fed, and are obviously finding someplace to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. The elitist Dems are truly in panic mode and their useful idiots are not up to par in carrying out a believable scam.

  28. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great news wrap. The “caravan” was very poorly timed considering Nov. 6th is right around the corner. Talk about a gift from the open border crowd.

    Blue Wave??? Not gonna happen. We’re voting Red just to put an exclamation point on Nov 2016. Unfortunately, we’ve got a Dem vs. a Socialist in the Senate race here and our representative is a Dem who’s fairly safe — gerrymandering rules. That said, nationally, the Republicans could gain seats in both the House and Senate. I too see a Red wave, not a huge Red wave, but big enough.

    As for cooking off on Warren Buffet … 🙂 No problem, at times some heat is good.

    • Russ

      As for the fake bombs …
      MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: Bomb Scare Could Have Been A “Russian Operation”
      …”We don’t know what’s more surprising: That a left-leaning US cable network just tried to blame this week’s bomb scare on Russia, or that it only took 48 hours. During a panel last night on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily”, host Chuck Todd, the cable network’s chief political correspondent, told a panel of guests who were debating the motives of the as-yet-unidentified attacker who mailed out more than seven mail bombs to prominent Democrats earlier this week that he has a sneaking suspicion that the bombs could have been a “Russian operation.” “… Really??? Russians again?

      Laughable, any Russian group who would try such a thing would know how to build a bomb that was real. As I understand these bombs didn’t explode because they couldn’t.

      Let’s just wait for the FBI et al, to run this to ground and we won’t need to listen to Chuck Todd’s mindless speculation.

  29. andyb

    Greg: I live in South Florida and I find it difficult to believe polls that indicate that Gillum is leading DeSantis by 6+ points. Even decidedly leftist Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties will not elect a Marxist who wants to “redistribute the wealth”. Early polling suggests a red, not blue wave. At my early polling place in Broward, all voters were over 40 and it was packed with long lines. My guess is that they were predominantly voting for the Republican ticket. BTW, I agree that Floridians would start a civil war over a state income tax. It aint gonna happen unless there is massive voter fraud. DWS, my Congress person, a Mossad operative and traitor, will be (probably) re-elected, but by a slimmer margin than in the past. Unfortunately, a do-nothing Nelson might beat Scott; the MSM has shown its true Marxist colors in its overwhelming endorsement for the Democratic ticket. You should know that during the DWS/IT/Awan scandal there was not one single article about it in the Sun Sentinel or the Miami Herald.

  30. JC

    George at Urban Survival is quite eloquent today regarding the “bombs”, he mentions in one his charts, ” The idiotic phony bomb story.”
    He would be a great guest to have on USA Watchdog.

  31. Tin foil hat

    I don’t think the caravan was created to make Trump looks bad just as the caravan in Europe wasn’t created to make Merkel looked bad.
    The globalists are trying to destablize the west by breaking the nationalists with “Open Border”.

  32. Cheryl

    Despite Nate Silver’s sloppy projections, he continues to presume unearned authority. I don’t get it. He knows very well how sampling affects voter poll validity. He also knows very well how polling design is more of an art than a science — meaning, if you can’t get good data, you can’t make accurate projections.

  33. SusanD

    Thank you for all you do Greg! I so appreciate you! Teh truth is so refreshing!

  34. iwitness02

    Rolling, rolling, keep them doggies rolling
    Tensions, tensions, keep them tensions growing
    Wow! Evidence keeps growing, and the list of criminal charges keeps getting longer.
    Names being named, and outrageous behavior being exposed. This is my kind of news cycle. Current events are off the Richter Scale. H/T G. M.
    Greg is now running the Busy Bee Blog, aka
    This is the first I have heard of the underwater listening posts. One more sellout.

  35. Jerry

    I’m going to stick my neck out AGAIN and make a prediction. If the yuan continues to slide against the dollar, you’re going to see the Chinese break completely from the petrodollar and start trading with in their own exchange system.

    They’ve been planning for this event for decades, and I think behind
    Closed doors President Trump is working out the details with President XI. Let’s face it. The global markets are collapsing under the weight of the U.S. bond buying, feeding frenzy. It’s just to much for these emerging economies to take.

  36. Rick Swatman

    Nothing on our national news about listening devices planted off our coast ,thank you Greg for news I can not get anywhere else. Canadians should be embarrassed on being deceived saying the devices are for research . Rick

  37. Rick

    Nothing on our national news about listening devices planted off our coast ,thank you Greg for news I can not get anywhere else. Canadians should be embarrassed on being deceived saying the devices are for research . Rick

  38. RTW

    Wow, you’re not wasting any time, this week, weighing in with your inane comments. These fake bombs are just another desparate attempt to keep your sinking ship afloat. Your party (slavery) has proven that nothing is beneath them when trying to get back power. Every despicable, vile, tactic you have done has failed, so this is you’re “hail mary”. The “blue wave” , that’s been shouted about ad nauseum, has turned into a ripple and the dims are in a panic, as they should be, because people aren’t on board with their socialist policies. In summation, They got nuthin!

  39. Open Eyes

    I think I identified that book I wrote about on Greg Mannarino’s interview this past week regarding banker manipulation and huge stock market crashes. It’s called Passage to the Millennium by Mary Carter.

  40. Open Eyes

    That Passage to the Millennium by Mary Carter is the book. You can read some of the relevant parts in the Amazon preview.

  41. Rick Hester

    Here is a commentary from Oliver North, President NRA.
    It his plea for everyone to vote.
    I have contacted 20 people to tell them to vote. Everyone MUST VOTE. This is one of the most important elections in the history of the USA.

  42. Rick Hester

    Here is my suggestion to stop the invasion from Central America.
    Line the border with razor wire and use the Active Denial System (ADS).
    The Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military. This will back them up.

    • flattop

      Rick Hester;
      How about arming the border guards ands army with tear gas like the police use that will spray a long distance. Also, put in some yellow skin dye that can not be washed off.

  43. Johnnie

    Blue wave/tsunami is probably a load of MSM/Deep State programming. Saw a TV news piece on Beto the other day. At one of his speaking engagements, a worker/volunteer was exasperated trying to figure out how to get him out of the building as she said there are 100 people out there. If there was, then that’s more people that were listening to him talk on the inside! I just can’t see anything to support this blue wave speculation.

  44. JC

    From the website regarding fake bombs.

  45. Rick Hester

    When will the sealed indictments be opened and people start going to jail, or the gallows? It is time for criminals to answer for their crimes. The public should be made aware of the crimes and punishments. It would be great for Americas morale.

    • paul ...

      Sealed indictments are just as useless as fake bombs and fake news … they don’t eliminate the traitors (who are destroying our Republic) … Trump needs to open up his sealed indictments “soon” as a preventive measure (to keep his frustrated patriots in check)!!

      • AndrewB

        You are 100% correct. While the swamp creatures walk free, they continue to snipe at Trump (and by extension – all libertarians). Some of their shots hit the target. Charge them, try them, and lock them up. They need to be discredited in the eyes of the wider public before their concerted efforts achieve their evil aims.

        • Frederick

          Sessions is strangely silent regarding “ locking her up” lately

  46. JC

    More from the website regarding bomb suspects’ van.

    No, it would not be legal to drive this van in Florida.

    And here is another problem. These are not individual stickers. These are large single adhesive panels that have been photoshopped with images from the internet!

    Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

  47. RTW

    Well, as Gomer Pyle would say, “SURPRISE SURPRISE!!
    The bomber has been apprehended and astonishingly he was taken alive. I figured that when they found him, he would have been dead and his residence would have numerous items indicating he was (a) republican and (b) a rabid Trump supporter. I predicted “Dead” because as everybody knows “they tell no tales” and the planted evidence showing he was a MAGA devotee, so there would be no doubt that Trump caused him to do it. I also believed that for good measure, his radio would be preset to conservative talk radio and that he even had a subscription to CRTV.
    Excuse me if I sound cynical but this whole thing reeks of Deep State. No bombs went off and some of them couldn’t even be classified as bombs so it was obviously meant to only cause panic and concern. It was one step above just phoning in a bomb scare.
    As far as his van goes, a Wall St. advertising firm couldn’t have done a better job decorating it. Everything was perfect and every square inch of window space was covered. Also after being in the blazing Florida sun, none were faded. The other mysterious thing is how did a van that was festooned with so many pro Trump stickers not get vandalized when trucks get burned for having one Trump bumper sticker on it. I think “They” went a little overboard this time, pulling out all stops, trying to sell this narrative and I for one am not buying it.

    • AndrewB

      Spot on about the ‘unvandalised’ Trump stickered van! How is this possible? It’s not.

  48. dlc

    The above illustrates the repeating of history. It is the same crowd hoping to bring it all down in November.

    Had a very pleasant visit with the conservative fragment of my family. Don’t know how typical we are, a family of alienated progs and MAGAs. Distance has become the only workable solution.

    I remarked to my brother and nephew how I walked in on my father many decades back as he was burning all things political in the living room fireplace. I swiped one clipping while he was occupied which turned out to be a photo of dad attempting to get into a limo with Gerald Ford while being surrounded by war protesters. His friend, Hubert Humphrey, was deceased and dad had soured on the transformation of the Dem party into something dark and unrecognizable.

    I gave my nephew a copy of that picture and he promised to show me his album regarding dad’s political years, the photos dad didn’t get to destroy. Even I had no idea how close Humphrey in particular and my dad were. I would not say they were the dearest of friends but they stayed in each other’s homes, dad spending up to a week with Humphrey — and Humphrey came to my hometown to stay. They passed Xmas cards, letters, made calls to each other. All the memorabilia went up the chimney except for some fragments held by the family.

    Humphrey had my dad in mind for secretary of transportation once he became president. He was impressed with my dad’s managerial and engineering skills. Dad was a Trump can-do type, which is why I like Trump so much, neither ever accepting failure as an option.

    All that pie in the sky came to a halt with the “Chicago 7.” The Chicago convention riot showed the public the ugly underbelly of the newly emerging Dem party. Humphrey won the nomination but lost his bid for president, I believe, as a result of the Abbie Hoffman types who were getting a foothold in the Dem party.

    The Boomers were a different breed. I agree with Gutfield that the Vietnam War was the first noticeable crack down the middle of the country, one half hating the other’s guts. Their treatment of the Viet vets is a black eye on the Boomer generation who Celente calls the sellouts who were only interested in shielding their own sorry backsides. They especially go mute on war if it erupts under a D regime as opposed to an R.

    The violent revolutionary faction, still very much with us today, is having fits over having almost tasted total control over every facet of this country only to hit a wall named Trump. Just hoping history repeats in that the people are once again sickened by the 2-year sideshow — enough to show up at the polls.

  49. John M.

    Thanks Greg for being so FEARLESS. You have a natural gift of being a great communicator and explaining things clearly, and we are blessed to have you share that with us on a regular basis.
    I can’t wait for the hammer to drop, and I’m hoping it’s more like a 6-ton wrecking ball dropped from a high altitude. The MSM constantly has pushed this phony narrative of Trump and Russian collusion, when it has been our leftist government leaders that have sold and shared many of our military and industrial secrets with several foreign powers. Justin Trudeau in Canada is probably a light-weight traitor compared to those treasonous bastards and bitches in our own country.
    I want those military tribunals to be churning out real justice and really soon; it better happen for sure after mid-terms.
    I’m predicting that the GOP will have modest victories in the House and Senate, and possibly a lot better than that. Then the GOP must be purged of the enemies and traitors among its own, and be serious about working with Trump to really clean the swamp. The deep state must be getting really really desperate by now, and if they do have the actual ability to produce major false flags, then they must do better than mailing a bunch of lame bombs and blaming it on a Bubba from Florida with a van full of a pro-Trump stickers. Hopefully, that’s the best they can do to hurt us.
    Pray hard!!!

  50. Dennis Skorek

    Hi Greg, Omar Trudope is a trader to our country….people are waking up to baby face Justion Liberal is he.. he absulotly hates Christians…I love Chritian friends do to….This is spiritual. I have never have seen people with such violent hate for one man …It’s scary . AND ITS HERE IN CANADA TOO. LOVE YOUR PROGRAM AND I SHARE IT WITH MY FRIENDS….
    Till we all meet

    • Greg Hunter

      I love Canada and all Canadians. I am quite sure you would never hear of the Chinese listening post in your media or our MSM either. Everybody on both sides of the border should be red hot over this treason by your PM True DOPE who is selling out the Canadian people.

    • Gina's Macaroni

      He shoots, he scores! He’s Skorek!

  51. Anthony Australia

    CNN Business, The Wild Stock Market is staging for a rebound.

    “We see this as much more likely to be a correction as opposed to a bear market,” said Evan Brown, head of macro asset allocation strategy at UBS Asset Management. “It’s very rare to get a bear market outside of a recession.”

    Colas said he’s confident the bull market isn’t over. Investors are merely anticipating a deceleration in profit and economic growth.
    “I strongly believe this is a correction. Underlying economic fundamentals are still very good,” said Colas


  52. al

    Greg, awesome WNW again!!

    I live in NE Florida and I can tell you for certain that Gullum has no support here, oh but you know it’s because we’re all racists up in these here parts. Polls have lost credibility, why do people even look at them? They are as accurate and honest as CNN!
    Buffoon Biden had a rally for Gullum, 400 people showed up. Trump had some 100,000 in a Texas rally the same week!!! Do the math people!!!

    As for the “bomber”, I have a few hard questions.

    1- Why did this “Trump supporter” decide NOW to mail multiple bombs amidst an upcoming election, a stock market crash and a major invasion of paid off idiots who want to cross our border? WHY NOW? Besides having a criminal record, what drugs is he on? The timing is making this whole bombing fiasco very suspect.


    Incredible!! Just incredible.

  53. al


    Why use airplanes or trucks? Send your explosives through the mail, it will be delivered ON TIME, with NO RISK OF HAVING THEM DETECTED!!!

    If I was a Post Office employee I would quit today!

  54. Peter

    Hillary Clinton told her followers to be uncivil toward Republicans until democrats win the midterm elections. Eric Holder told his followers to even go low and kick them. Maxine Watters told her followers to confront Republicans, get in their face and tell them they are not welcome in the US. These are three well known democrats which have contributed to incivility in politics. Somehow the phony news networks failed to mention them and only want to condemn Republicans based on the actions of one crazy loon, whom Republicans do not follow or condone.

    • paul ...

      What makes the incivility of a Republican sending duds to Demon-rats any different then the incivility Demon-rats express toward Republicans by getting in their face and kicking them low??

  55. Gina's Macaroni

    Wow, you nailed it once again! I was L O L! Then near the end I felt great sadness. Then I got it. Love. What we all need is a caravan of love.
    Love in the last day’s? I don’t know. Was there love as the Titanic disappeared beneath the ocean? Yes. Life is really sad when you think about it. Thats why we don’t like to think about it. Hope those guy’s are doing well.
    Cheerio, Cheer’s! I guess those words mean, try to be cheerful. I’ll give it a try, thanks!

  56. Genocidal Politician

    Waving nationalist flags of the nations that are so terrible they have to flee?

    Caravan of dangerous antisocial narcissistic thugs

    Are they fleeing horrors in their own nations or delivering new horrors to where they are headed

    Answer = new horrors

  57. Mohammad

    Greg and all

    His site is:


  58. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for WNWU,
    The ‘caravan’ poses great danger for Trump (and the libertarian movement). When it reaches the U.S. border it will be stopped by the National Guard / Army / people in U.S. uniform. Imagine if a child is (apparently) shot dead by those same U.S. forces. There would be an international outcry and Trump would be demonised as the ultimate perpetrator. In the so-called Ukrainian uprising (deep state organised coup), provocateurs dressed as policemen deliberately fired on public gatherings in Kiev, killing many, in order to stoke anti-government feelings. A similar scenario would be all too easy to engineer as the caravan arrives at the border.

    • Gina's Macaroni

      Fake new’s, Fake bomb’s, fake National Guard? Whats this world coming to?
      New fake world? No. New real world!

  59. R.J.

    greg i am from westertn canada . our leader is a complete moron. he is stupid beyond words and so are those who voted for can see as plain as day the u.n. soros puppet strings propping him up. up here we call him either peter pan or justin castro .justin castro because his mother slept with fidel and he is their spawn. just look at pictures of fidel when he was young and compare to trudeau .this boy is an embarrassment to all right thinking canadians. if i had a list of all the people i truly hate it would be george soros and justin trudeau not neccessarily in that order.there is a special place in hell for both these scum. being canadian all i can do is say sorry

  60. John Q. Public

    🔴 Trump Rally LIVE: President Trump Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina – October 26, 2018
    16,165 views American Patriot Streamed live 6 hours ago
    WATCH: President Trump MAGA Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina – October 26, 2018 – President Trump Charlotte Speech, North Carolina Rally

  61. John Q. Public

    NSA White Paper by pHYSOPS Employee of NSA
    The advantage of Mind War is that it conducts wars in nonlethal, noninjurious, and
    nondestructive ways. Essentially you overwhelm your enemy with argument. You seize
    control of all of the means by which his government and populace process information to
    make up their minds, and you adjust it so that those minds are made up as you desire.
    Everyone is happy, no one gets hurt or killed, and nothing is destroyed.

  62. Wes Beever

    Q – The Plan To Save The World (Subtitles)
    Storm Is Upon Us Published on Jun 30, 2018
    Disclaimer: I am not making accusations of guilt towards anyone featured in this video. That is Huber’s job, and if they have done crimes, they will be exposed – if not, they won’t.

    Many people have asked permission to share. Listen up: SHARE IT. I don’t care if you credit it or not. Download it locally, mirror it, put it up on your own channel, whatever you want. It’s not like I filmed all that footage.

    Others have asked to donate. NO. We work only for freedom. There are people taking bullets for the republic, the least we can do is scramble whatever talents we have to ensure their sacrifices are not in vain.

    The good people of America, Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, White or of color, young and old, are witnessing the take-back of America from a large number of very powerful criminals who have been destroying society and the world for several decades, maybe longer. This is the greatest story of our time.

    You have the choice of either scratching your head in confusion when seeing events unfold, or looking at the information provided by Q to understand the real story. These are people I trust to bring you the right information.

    Look on Twitter for:@Jordan_Sather @prayingmedic @LisaMei62 @CabalPunisher
    @tracybeanz @SGTreport @LionelMedia @IntheMatrixxx@_ImperatorRex_
    @StormIsUponUs (me)

    There are many others you can find too. Don’t be a sheep. They want you divided. They have been working to divide us forever. It’s time to wake up and experience true freedom instead of the fake kind we have been living under.

    The good guys, with control over the NSA, began the Q intelligence dissemination program to invoke an online grassroots movement that came to be called “The Great Awakening”. It started on underground internet channels, then moved to the mainstream.

    Q has been a fun distraction for those who follow world events and desire truth, but it is about to begin a much more important and necessary phase – keeping the public informed when the Deep State war breaks out onto the surface. By this, I mean high-profile arrests.

    Yes folks. The criminals I am referring to are famous politicians, actors, singers, CEOs and celebrities. People who have earned our trust, respect and admiration. They have done very bad things that are all fully known and documented, and they will be severely punished.

    Those of us who have followed Q since the beginning will be here to help you make sense of the coming events. We are among the first to realize that our petty partisan divisions are just trivial distractions, and we are all enslaved by a hidden enemy.

    We realize that the problem was never Capitalism or Socialism, Democrat or Republican, black or white, Muslim or Christian. We know it was just very powerful criminals who had too much power and were crushing us under debt and asinine entertainment,

    Fellow slaves. It’s time to buckle your seatbelt, recognize your true enemy, and embrace a new future that we all owe to the brave patriots who risked their lives to achieve this victory against the greatest force of evil the world has ever seen.

  63. Wes Beever

    Meeting confirmed for 27.10.2018 prep

  64. bob

    this all smells of a false flag to get the sympathy vote as you said. the pics of these envelopes show no postmark across the stamps.. how did these packages make it to their flag. the van that this poor patsy lived in had non sun faded window stickers . how about he has a felony/felonies and registered democratic in florida.. he can’t VOTE!!! i agree with 100% with you greg.. god bless you and this country

  65. Elusive Joseph

    Sinead O Conner has a borderline personality and she lacks a backbone. Even more, she’s a narcissist, hence, her “conversion” to the false religion of Islam isn’t real. It’s a publicity stunt and another antic to “wow” her sheeple followers.

    • Tin foil hat

      Elusive Joseph,
      O’Conner should join the Pentcostalist and take up snake handling for her next publicity stunt.

  66. Bloody Brain Dead

    5 Bizarre Facts About Cesar Sayoc & His Fake Pipe Bomb Scare That Are Making Americans Shout “False Flag!”
    Dean Garrison, October 27, 2018

    • paul ...

      BBD … Very interesting that the patriotic Republican (terrorist) pipe bomber was “registered as a Democrat”!! … which indeed shouts “False Flag”!!! …
      About Cesar Sayoc
      Cesar Sayoc is 56 years old and was born on 3/17/1962. Currently, he lives in Aventura, FL; and previously lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Hollywood, FL and Edison, NJ. Sometimes Cesar goes by various nicknames including cesar a sayoc and cesar a sayol. Other family members and associates include madeline giardiello and christina villasana. Learn More

      Birthday: 3/17/1962
      Political Party: Democrat Party
      Ethnicity: Info Pending…
      Religion: Info Pending…
      Income: Info Pending…
      Net Worth: Info Pending…
      Relationship: Info Pending…
      Kids: Info Pending…

      • paul ...

        Seems his party affiliation was recently changed to Republican? … look at the Van he owned … pristine … with band new Trump posters all over it including the “rear windows” … someone should check with Motor Vehicles to see how many tickets he received for having blocked windows (if none … then how long could he have been a Trump supporter)??!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Bloody Brain Dead,
      Who cares if this nut job were a registered republican or democrat. If one of his BS dildo bombs actually went off causing serious injury to one of the intended target, I’d call that even with Scalise who suffered extensive physical injuries in the hands of another nut job.

      Trump doesn’t owe anybody an apology and I’m glad that he didn’t.

  67. Bill Bradshaw

    This pipe bomb thing has got a strong smell to it. Something just aint right.

  68. Red Shorts

    Michael Savage suggests arrested bomber is a patsy: “I pray to God there’s no Jack Ruby in central casting!”
    Savage: “That he’s not a cracker like McVeigh, this is the part that throws me off … Maybe they couldn’t find the patsy to fit that who was willing to take the payout”
    Does Savage mean, the Oswald payout? Hope not. Let’s hope he sings to high heaven in protective custody in, SingSing prison!


  69. JungianINTP

    Gina: Pretty name! What’s your favorite flower . . . favorite perfume . . . favorite color . . . jewel . . . cookie . . . animal . . . season . . . sport . . . ? // Consider telling us about your interests. How did you come to embrace left-of-center politics? Were you raised in an intact mother/father family? // Regarding your name, my wife and I had chosen, “GINA,” if our first baby had been a girl, but it was a boy. // My childhood was an innocent one, growing up from the late-Forties into the late-Fifties believing girls were the healers/nurturers in society: “Sugar and spice and everything nice.” What became of that, Gina? -Rick

    • Galaxy 500

      You were raised in a time where people were educated classically and thought to think for themselves. A time where if you wanted something, you worked to get it instead of believing it was “owed” to you. You were raised on a time where people were raised to be moral, kind and civil unless it was absolutely necessary to protect yourself and yours.
      During a time when men where men and deviants were not celebrated .
      I am younger than you but things were still that way when I was growing up

  70. Sayonara

    Great weekly wrap up. Thanks for bringing clarity and sanity to the pas weeks current events.
    I believe events are going to get crazier as we approach the mid-term elections that may very well seal the fate of this once great nation.
    As for tyrannical, hateful and racist Democrat Party, I truly live in fear for my life if I am identified as Constitutional Republic and Trump supporter after seeing the acts of assault and violence against Trump supporters.

  71. Cool Jerk Mulberry Malone

    As far as his van goes, a Wall St. advertising firm couldn’t have done a better job decorating it. Everything was perfect and every square inch of window space was covered. Also after being in the blazing Florida sun, none were faded. The other mysterious thing is how did a van that was festooned with so many pro Trump stickers not get vandalized when trucks get burned for having one Trump bumper sticker on it. I think “They” went a little overboard this time, pulling out all stops, trying to sell this narrative and I for one am not buying it.

    The American people and the whole of the English speaking world ain’t buying it neither! Also the so-called called stickers were professionally copied and pasted professionally on plastics. How could that bum afford that kinda work?
    The crooked cops there in Broward county should be able to find out who supposedly did that work and get to the bottom of this con job! But they won’t, just like they didn’t, in their precipitated shootout at the high school there in Broward. To receive funds from the Obama administration program, to go soft on young men whom are on a criminal career path and their police chief was on the take for all those taxpayer funds. So as to make sure our youth stayed on that criminal pathway, pathetic! Now their holding this pathetic phoney? Phoney names, phoney nationality’s. With such a phoney narative, he must be a creation of the Langley Obama rejects. When they were fired, they should have not just of been escorted out the building, but out the country!
    If that imbecile comes out of that county jail alive, it’ll be a miracle! Because he will sing! They can’t permanently gag him. Maybe they’ll destroy his brain somehow, so he can’t talk? Never underestimate the infinitesimal depravity of the criminal moronic minds of our former, discredited unintell spooks! LOL!

  72. Diane

    Sent from my iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:

    Subject: Fw: Dr. Ford an EYE OPENER

    Dr. Ford an EYE OPENER

    Difficult short read, but so important that you do! (VERIFIED)

    If you think this chick wouldn’t lie about Kavanaugh to protect Roe v Wade, you are living in another universe…

    “Corcept Therapeutics ( manufacturers and markets an abortion pill drug called mifepristone, and Christine Blasey Ford is a co-author of at least eight published scientific papers produced by the pharmaceutical giant to promote its pills. You can see Blasey’s name listed on several publications at this web page detailing their research papers.”
    You ask why Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford would do this? I’ll give you 4 reasons:
    1) She owns a major portion of the company that makes the morning after abortion pill and she is afraid Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v Wade, therefore making her million dollar empire go caput.
    2) She’s a professor at the same college (Palo Alto U) where Diane Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, is on the board of directors, she has worked with Blum on the “resist Trump” movement for two years.
    3) Dr. Blasey-Ford’s brother, Tom Blasey, is business partners with Peter Strzok’s cousin Jill Strzok for a company called Exelis Inc. enough said there.
    4) Feinstein and Chuck Schumer appointed lawyers set up three GoFundMe pages for her the week BEFORE she testified, which are currently up to over a million dollars for her to keep as payment for her testimony. I can go on if you would like…
    Don’t believe for one minute this “professor” came out of nowhere.

    Date: Sat, Oct 27, 2018, 1:58 P

  73. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, So now a Trump hater comes out and kills 11 people. Yeah Right ! Make America Great “Again” ! This just after your bomber tried to kill our democratic leadership with pipe bombs.

    And you think our normally peaceful liberal base is just going to sit back and be okay with that ? How much abuse, torment and wrong doing do you think we are going to take ?
    Do you Republicans really think that we are going to just sit back and take all this shit ? I’m telling you as sure as I am sitting here that this mother is going down. We are going to freak this mother so down down down ! Your asses have no idea. No idea ! Our electorate is so motivated now. And we are not taking any shit or prisoners.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you understand what you write? You said, “a Trump hater comes out and kills 11 people. Yeah Right ! Make America Great “Again” !” This guy was one of yours. Just like the wacko that tried to kill all those GOP Congressmen on the baseball field in D.C.

      Then, you finish with more threats of violence and cursing. You are unhinged. Please seek help and Jesus Christ.

      • Sayonara

        Gina is obviously infected with intellectual rabbis.
        No need to point out the blinding glimpse of the obvious.
        Be Well!

    • Bill

      Gina; Please contact your psychiatrist at once.

    • Galaxy 500

      How and when did a bomber try to kill Dems? Are you referring to the Playdough filled tube with a $2 Chinese clock without an alarm sent to people in the mail?
      Calling those “bombs” or “dangerous” is like calling you reasonable

  74. Freebrezer

    Greg – I an not so sure that the Wealthy got a tax break!!!! My sister, an accountant, and her husband (MD) … she is saying they are getting clobbered with new tax system! They can not deduct the House tax … think of a 2 million house at 1.0% = $20,000 property tax that can not be deducted. Plus state tax … say a couple are making $250,000 @ 7.0 % state tax – another 17,000 that can not deducted. Plus all interest on house over $10,000 can not be deducted. A house loan on 500,000 at 4.0% gives 20,000 in interest of which 10,000 can not be deducted! That is $47,000 that can not be deducted off federal earnings and at 33% tax gives ~$15,500 more they have to pay. Oh but they got a 2% reduction which is $5,000. People that own expensive houses, have big house loans and make a lot more than $400,000 are going to get soaked! Loosing the property tax and state tax deduction is going to be huge tax burden for those that live in the blue states!

    • Greg Hunter

      The wealthy (Buffett) did get huge multi-trillion dollar bailouts though.

  75. paul ...

    The Demon-rats are trying every trick in the book and failing on every front … they need to start WWIII somehow someway … Russia is preparing “to win the coming war” … and for the first time in history American cities will be destroyed … with many American casualties all across America … the time for US sheep to awaken is now … vote all the Demon-rats out of office on Nov 6 !!! …

  76. Mohammad


    Have you noticed that not one single caravan headed for Russia?


    • paul ...

      Mohammad … And no caravans are headed to the globalists Commie Utopia “China” either!!! … China’s strategic goal is to “take all of South America” out of the US sphere of influence (they want everything from the Panama Canal down)!! … we need to grab “gringo hating Mexico” (and all their silver mines) for National Security reasons … then immediately replace all the US gold stolen from Fort Knox by the globalists (with Mexican silver) to prevent a re-set that takes our dollar down and makes America into a third world country!!

      • paul ...

        And let take Canada also (that traitor on our northern border) for National Security reasons … who just gave Russia the ability to spy on our nuclear sub fleet!!!

        • Mohammad

          It is beyond gold/silver Paul.
          It is invasion from both south and north.


  77. Jennifer Ohman

    I obviously don’t condone violence and bombings of this nature, but that this supposed “insane” bomber so accurately targeted a broad list of those who DO deserve some form of retribution and justice against them…does not seem to reflect the workings of an insane mind. And no real bombs. No one was hurt. Something is wrong with this picture. It just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    When there is a breakdown of the “Rule of Justice”, it makes people angry and that is when people are ripe in taking the Law into their own hands, when they feel that the laws are no longer serving them. Is that what this guy did? I’m not sure. But, it is this kind of unraveling of our country that the left wants and they have been working hard to make it happen. The Left is also notorious for blaming the Right for what they are actually doing.

    Incidentally, I did not say the “Rule of Law” as virtually every commentator likes to say when they describe America. No were in the Constitution does it say that we are a country of the “Rule of Law”. I say this because many nations are governed by the rule of laws. It’s NOT laws that make a nation GREAT! It’s ONLY JUST AND FAIR LAWS that make a country great! It is the Just and Fair laws within our Constitution that has made America great! If the Socialists gain power they will definitely change the laws. They will eliminate the good ones and add many more oppressive, unfair and bad ones…and we will still be a nation of the “Rule of Law”, God help us!! But, I digress…as you like to say…

    …but I agree with you that something is not right with this picture. I would not be surprised, either, if the left has played a part in this incident, in order to build a public perception of their being victims…as a road block for the tribunals that seem to be coming their way.

  78. Mike

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for all you do.
    WNW you state FedEx received bailout money via Buffet. I work for FedEx, and wasn’t aware of any bailouts. A quick search found this site with bailout lists, and FedEx isn’t on it. Can you tell me where you got that info? I’d like to think FedEx isn’t the type of big company that people normally complain about.


    • Greg Hunter

      If I said “FedEX I meant to say AmEx. So sorry for the slip up. This is why the tax cut issue is a farce. The bailout were in the trillions of dollars all told. Buffet has many companies on that list. So when he says I pay less in taxes than my secretary, I say yes but your secretary does not get multi-trillion dollar bailouts. Oh, and this is the best part, Buffett was a consultant for Obama Administration on who got the bailouts.

  79. Derek Sinclair

    Great stuff. You’re on fire today Greg.

  80. Bette Pena

    Finally! Got this in my Junk mail after many months of nothing frm you. So happy to rcv and we’ll see if it comes to my inbox next time you pub. Thanks for everything Greg!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bette for the feedback and support!

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