Rising Rates: Financial Extinction Level Event Coming-Michael Krieger

michael-kriegerBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Former Wall Street analyst Michael Krieger says the key to predicting this market is to watch interest rates. Krieger explains, “Do I think that there is going to be a huge U.S. currency devaluation next month?  No I don’t, but on the flip side, there is going to be some sort of financial calamity.  What I am looking at personally is interest rates.  I’m 38 years old.  My entire life, basically, we’ve been in a downtrend on sovereign yields.  So, it’s basically been this 40 year bond bull market.  It’s a secular bull market my entire life.  When that reverses and interest rates start to rise, and it’s probably not going to be because the Fed is raising rates, when rates naturally stop going down, and they start going up, that’s going to be a financial extinction level event. That’s going to be the most important event in all of our lives because it’s going to be the end of a 40 year bond bull.  If you think about all the things going on, all of the rigging, the student loan bubbles, the auto loans, the housing loans and everything, everything is sustained by these extremely low interest rates.  If we are at the beginning of a secular bear market in bonds and interest rates are going to be going up with higher highs over the next ten years, what do you think that’s going to do to everything?  Everything that’s been rigged, everything that’s been inflated, none of that is going to be sustainable anymore.  I don’t know when that day will come.  I expect it will come in the next four years.  What I do know is it’s going to be extremely ugly when it arrives.  That’s why I think the next thing after that will be global conflict because all of these countries that have been sustaining themselves with these fake economies, all these chickens will come home to roost.  So, I look at the bonds.  For this to be a disaster, it will have to be an uncontrollable disaster, and it will be sparked by rising interest rates in the bond market.”

In the meantime, Krieger thinks stopping the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the top priority for all freedom loving Americans. Krieger contends, “I think that stopping the TPP in the near term is probably the most important thing that we could do as American citizens at this point.  Obama is not even being coy about it.  He’s out there saying I’m going to push this after the election in the lame duck session when he knows certain Congress people won’t care.  They can do all sorts of treasonous things.  They can be easily bribed.  They know they can get offers of millions of dollars a year if they get kicked out. . . . This is an enormous betrayal by Obama.  It will be his final betrayal, but he’s going to try to do it. . . . The TPP basically allows all these corporate raiders to abuse countries, and the countries can’t do anything about it.  It’s just a way to further loot and pillage the globe.  In the U.S., you have been seeing corporate criminals that don’t have to follow the law.  The can do whatever they want.  The TPP expands that on a global basis.  The TPP is just going to further erode the rule of law and further entrench the corrupt oligarchy.”

On the 2016 Presidential election, Krieger thinks alternative media is in the driver’s seat. Krieger says, “People in the alternative media have been calling out Hillary Clinton and doing it successfully.  This is why I am calling this the media wars.  I think we are in the media wars, where in 2016 for the first time, the alternative media is driving the news cycle. . . . The alternative media is driving the debate, and now the mainstream is freaking out and rallying around Clinton because they are afraid they have lost control of the narrative.”

In closing, Krieger says, “No matter who wins, Trump or Clinton, I think the next four years are going to be the worst in American history, and perhaps, a few more after that.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Krieger, founder of LibertyBlitzkrieg.com.

After the Interview: 

Michael Krieger is a prolific writer, and you can follow his work for free on LibertyBlitzkrieg.com

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  1. Gina M Mancarella

    Hillary wants all Americans to prosper. That is why preparations are now being made to ensure that jobs and productivity will be the main focus in the first 100 days of her presidency. Lets be 100 % clear. Hillary’s goal is 100% unemployment within the first 100 days of her presidency and she will fulfill that goal. Hillary will also ensure that the economy will engender fairness and accessibility for all. We will ensure that access to health benefits are accessible to all. We will win the war on drugs. We will win the war on terrorism. We will lock down all nationwide crimes that offend all Americans. We will establish safe zones and ensure that criminals can not just travel the United States unfettered. National check points will be employed to ensure the safety off all Americans. If you have nothing to hide, you will have no problems. But if you are a criminal wishing harm to your fellow man ? You will have a problem. Lets all stand behind Hillary to help the Lords will be done.

    • Greg Hunter

      What preparations? Her economic policy will destroy the economy and she backs the TPP along with her VP. This is total troll BS and we both know you are a paid troll.

      • Rodster

        Don’t feed a Government paid troll !

    • Casey Hawkins

      100% unemployment…that’s a lot off unemployment, but your right I think Hillary could have us all unemployed in her first hundred days. That’s why I’m voting trump

      • Tommy

        Haha! Gina accidentally told the truth.

    • Daniel Song

      Hillary Clinton is dying.

      • Paul ...

        I saw a video today of Hillary actually going limp as she was getting into her van … maybe she is dying?? … or perhaps she just could no longer take seeing all the grieving families and had “twinge of conscious” for any part she had in 9-11!

    • Charles H

      Yeah, whatever.

      • allen ols

        laura Ingram says “The London betting houses are moving their money over to trump 5 to 1 for trump”

    • Bob Lamb

      I agree, her goal is 100% unemployment!

    • diane s.

      LOL. ..you’re a great comedian either that or an idiot.
      I think Greg encourages you to post to lighten things up here in USAWatchdog.

    • Tommy

      Hillary will be out of the race before the first debate. Joe Biden will be the candidate. I’ve been saying it for 12 months. Biden is the best chance the Dems have to win. This is going to happen really fast because there’s just not much time left so I would imagine by the end of this week Clinton will be out and Biden will be in.

      • Gary Canuck

        Tommy, being north of the border, that is how i see it, however what is the difference between one duck replaced by another duck, however If TRUMP goes up against Biden, watch out.
        Joe does his homework, he i is SKILLED STREET Fighter like our last Prime Minister in Canada JEAN Chretien, he might be corrupt, like “all of them” however, these guys know how to manipulate public opinion, especially in a street fight.
        No wonder Trump wants Hillary to get better, he would shit his pants if he has to go up against Biden in a debate, “hell ask Paul Ryan how he felt going up against Biden”

        REMEMBER “You heard it here first Greg” Biden is coming in BIG TIME backed by GOLDMAN SACHS and the FED.

        • Tommy

          Biden is a boob. But he’s a likeable boob. Crazy old Joe.

    • FC

      Hillary’s goal is 100% unemployment within the first 100 days of her presidency and she will fulfill that goal…………….not a truer word has been spoken.

    • Jerry

      Nothing new here. Move along troll.

    • Mike R

      That right there is a complete joke. No way is 0% unemployment ever possible, when 94 million are unemployed, and per John Williams Shadowstats, we are running 23% unemployment, not the heavily massaged 5%. And then in 100 days ???? Good thing I wasn’t in front of my computer, and drinking coffee, bc I would have spit it out all over my keyboard seeing your notion of her preparations. G.M. whoever you are, just made a total laughing fool of yourself. Now we all know why Greg lets you post. To let everyone see what a total, complete, and utter fool you are.

      • Tommy

        Gina didn’t say Hillary would get the unemployment rate to 0%. She said she’d get the unemployment rate to 100%.

    • Mike R

      Here Gina. This ones for you. When Hillary drops out of the race this month due to her illnesses and weakness, you can say you heard it here first on Greg’s website.

      This was predicted some time ago, using web mining and data sets, linquistics, etc. that are likely well above your capacity to comprehend. Clif’s been pretty spot on with a number of forecasts like this over the years.

    • aussie jeff

      The “Lord’s will” and Hillary Clinton in the same sentence ,are you serious????
      That is an outrageous statement!!
      The Lord’s will shall be done regardless of who makes it to the Oval office.
      What’s more God does NOT “need” our help to accomplish His will.
      You need to wash your mouth out with lots of Solvol ……..

      • R B

        Praise the Lord, Jeff I appreciate your courage.

    • dslarsen

      “Lets be 100 % clear. Hillary’s goal is 100% unemployment within the first 100 days of her presidency and she will fulfill that goal.”

      Wow. Hillary’s goal is certainly achievable! And certainly the type of thing which I have been describing for some time now.

    • Bart

      Wow Gina, I’m so glad Hillary is going to lock down her crimes, but look carefully at Hillary’s hands – they are behind her back. Here are two different angles:


      Did she just have herself arrested? Is she’s cleaning up America already? She’s quick off the mark Gina. What a great woman!

      • FC

        Hill-derella left the Ceremony early and left behind her Goldman Sachs slippery.

        • Tin foil hat

          The last time Hillary lost her shoe. A house had fallen on top of her. Perhaps that’s why she is going to stay indoor for the next few weeks.

    • Mike R

      So here is the real deal with Hillary’s medical condition. All the facts are laid out, by an M.D. Advanced Parkinson’s Disease. My neighbor has this, and has exhibited all the signs stated by this M.D., and she said she’s convinced that Hillary has it, and is very disgusted that Hillary it not revealing it. She used to be a diehard Clinton fan, and is still a dyed in the wool democrat.
      Check out this video, and pass it on to everyone you know, bc everyone needs to know the facts. Maybe we can make it go viral BEFORE the election ? You are a patriot, and want only whats best for the country, by spreading the true message.

      Maybe she will finally drop out of her own cognition, but if not, people, every voter needs to know these facts. And what the implications are of someone with Advanced Stage P.D.

    • Frederick

      Gina do you work for “Urban moving systems “?

    • Kerry

      Not f Hillary has Parkinson’s.

    • WD


      Will she be doing this from a hospital bed or wheel chair?

  2. Anthony Australia

    Thank you Greg and all of your guests.
    Does it seem that the US elections are a war between the mainstream media, (Pro Clinton) & alternative media, (Pro Trump)
    The world will be devastated in the next four years not only America.
    I recall hearing that after rebuilding China the NWO plans for Australia to be next. So the flow around the world continues, the 50-100 year plan. Build them up and after the onset of decay.

  3. ross

    I have to agree with Michael. Trump just does not cut the mustard looking at his track record and personality. Trump is not a man courage who made it on his own.He says all sorts of stupid devisive things that alienates potential voters .

    Obama was to be the personification of moral rectitude and did the exact opposite.I doubt that Trump will be any different because of his history of being very included in the power elite. The JFK assassination is still crystal clear in the minds of all our politicians and they don’t take the job with the intention of representing the public good.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Trump has always been a rebel and never part of the elite, even after making 10 billion they didn’t want him, excluded him from all policies discussion of government, never invited him for his views. He will fix them good when he gets in, they deserve a good ass kicking.

  4. Frederick

    He is spot on about Giuliani and Christy They are both arrogant lying wind bags and I dont trust either of them any more than the Clintons Trump if he is what he claims to be wouldnt go near them His decisions in this regard will speak volumes about him

    • Paul ...

      As you say Frederick … Giuliani and Christy are bad birds … is trump using them for political purposes … I hope so … otherwise the old saying birds of a feather flock together could mean we are not going to get all we expect from Trump … but as of now … choosing a Trump turkey is better then getting stuck with a vulture!

  5. Frederick

    Greg I enjoyed Mr Kriegers interoview but I was hoping you would something about the 15th anniversary of the 911 atrocities Alittle dissapointed to be perfectly honest since that episode is so relevant to whats happening in the world today

    • allen ols

      Don’t be fooled, the 911 false flag was done by bush/chenney/rummy/ Britain, SA, and Israel.’
      Listen to this video by the Corbett report;
      “The dancing Israelis” which shows these Israelis in their own words sent to usa to film the attacks.

    • Bart

      The perps got away with it. What else can he add?

      • Paul ...

        Not For Long! … a judgement day is coming!!

  6. terry44

    How could anyone vote for Johnson? He’s a gibbering idiot. All he’s there for is to steal votes from Trump.

    • Tommy

      Hey, Johnson really wants the job. He even quit toking before he announced that he was running.

    • Arthur Barnes


  7. Dan

    NEW GUEST RECOMMENDATION: John W. Whitehead (from The Rutherford Institute)

    Dear Greg,

    I hope that despite this post being way down the thread for this week’s Weekly News Wrapup, you’ll still see/read this comment.

    I absolutely love the variety of guest you have on your show – something rarely (if at all) seen elsewhere in the alternative media sphere. Variety of guests allow different perspectives and also avoids the trap of having same guests repeat same tunes.

    To be honest, I have no idea if the guest I am recommending would accept your invitation but given his tremendous background, I think it would be worth trying to reach out to him. Here’s a bit of his personal background and some key articles (he is arguably the most prolific writer on the internet, imho):

    Bio of Mr. John W. Whitehead: https://www.rutherford.org/about/about_john_whitehead

    Contact page: https://www.rutherford.org/contact

    Selected articles (amazing and must read by all watchdoggers):

    – The Age of Authoritarianism: Government of the Politicians, by the Military, for the Corporations, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_age_of_authoritarianism_government_of_the_politicians_by_the_milit2

    – The Tyranny of 9/11: The Building Blocks of the American Police State from A-Z, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_tyranny_of_9_11_the_building_blocks_of_the_american_police_state_from_a

    – Don’t Just Blame the Cops: Who Is Responsible for America’s Killing Fields?, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/dont_just_blame_the_cops_who_is_responsible_for_americas_killing_fields

    – Dangerous Speech: Would the Founders Be Considered Domestic Extremists Today?, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/dangerous_speech_would_the_founders_be_considered_domestic_extremists_

    – If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/if_voting_made_any_difference_they_wouldnt_let_us_do_it

    – Children of the American Police State: Just Another Brick in the Wall, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/children_of_the_american_police_state_just_another_brick_in_the_wall_short

    I get the feeling that you and all present here would find him to be an amazing guest.

    Keep up the great work!

    [Sorry for the re-post Greg, as the minute I posted it in the WNW, the Sunday release got published. Hence I won’t be offended if you don’t re-post it; just sad not many people would get to see it. ]

    • Faith

      Dan, excellent recommendation! I have seen a few of his articles posted on Zerohedge and his book, “Battlefield America” downloaded on my Kindle.

    • Gary Canuck

      Dan, thank you for the “heads up on John Whitehead”
      This guy needs to be interviewed by Greg Hunter.

  8. cestmoi

    “So, so, so, so, so, so… a few things, I, I, I, I, I, …”

    How can someone this inarticulate select this line of work?

    Painful to listen to, and nothing of substance that supports the title of the piece.

    (I know that Greg tries very hard–this was a miss. Can’t win ’em all.)

  9. Randy0302

    Good interview and a smart guy…but.
    He clearly stated, as we all know, Hillary is a sociopath and Traitor. How can any informed person not support Trump?
    Do people ever consider that Trump will be more aggressive than we could ever imagine with cleaning up the system once elected?
    Juliani and Christie are both very, very corrupt. But who says they will be part of team Trump once elected.
    All politicians lie during the election cycle.
    Trumps “lie” may be he will be more of a Patriot than we could ever imagine. He may back Comey and unleash the FBI to arrest them all.

  10. Jerry

    Things are about to get real dicey.

    Ahead of the Yuan inclusion into the IMF basket of currencies on October 1, China and Russia are fully aware that our shadow government may try and pull something to avert that action. Desperate times, call for desperate measures, and true to form, when someone challenges the dollar, something bad usually happens.

    Many have asked the question, why the Chinese have not already reset the gold prices after purchasing vaults in New York, London, and Frankfort and setting up the SGE? Here’s your answer. They are using it as a countermeasure against the criminal cabal that controls the world banks. Sometime between now and Oct.1st we’re going to see how this plays out. Given the fact that Deutsche Bank can’t make delivery on physical gold tells me the Chinese are getting impatient and have nothing to loose at this point.

    • Jerry

      What does it say about the future of the dollar when China has to SELL SOLLARS in order to stabilize its own currency?

      I am by no means an economic expert, but even I can see where this is headed once the Yuan goes into the IMF basket of currencies on October 1st. Don’t be fooled into a false sense of security. The Chinese have NO desire to compete against the dollar in the IMF basket of currencies come October 1st. That is precisely why they built a separate exchange construct using AIIB and CIPS. If anything they are planning on using the IMF basket as a funneling mechanism to transition trade from the IMF into their alternate system. Think about it. If you plan on exchanging commerce using Yuan, and have a separate system (CIPS now backed by SWIFT) to do it. What do you need the IMF for?

      • Jerry

        Spoken like a true politician.

        Its kind of like when you were dating, You’re sitting there holding your girlfriends hand, looking at another woman’s ass. When she catches you doing it you say ” I’m just looking at the clock on the wall” . Really?

      • Silence is Golden

        RMB inclusion into the IMF basket isn’t just about the currency.
        The IMF was created for a purpose (as too was the SDR).
        Look into the details surrounding its creation and its purpose.
        Then cast your eye over the period from that date and in particular what the IMF has achieved.
        You are on track with respect funnelling/channelling.
        If there is anticipated future increased RMB usage in trade, then it stands to reason that the Globalists want more control and leverage.
        Hey presto….RMB is the solution.

        • Jerry

          I am of the mindset that Obama being snubbed at the recent G20 meeting had more to do with our pecking order in the NWO than a political snafu. The dollar is being isolated, and then eliminated. The only thing left to argue about is the timing of said events.

          • WD


            The Chinese, Russians, BRICS are a threat to NWO and these nuts…..

            The snub was a HUGE spit in the face. I can’t imagine that the psychopathically narcissistic Obama took it lightly….it was the third time that happened….Even Putin kept Kerry waiting for 3 hours.

        • JC Davis

          SIG. Short of war or a grid shut down or the like how can they achieve more control. Thanks for your opinions.

  11. Charles Turner

    If the elites decided that Hillary was too toxic and could lose to Trump, what would happen if she had to retire from the race through ‘ill health’. Would they be able to usher in Tim Kaine as the nominee or Joe Biden or would Bernie have another chance. I imagine some of the elites would throw their grandmother under a bus if it meant untold wealth and there must be some that that think they are now backing the wrong horse with Clinton. They have very little time before the debates and Trump will destroy her.

    • Deanna Clark

      I suspect WikiLeaks is scaring them with the prospects. Whatever happens , it was planned in advance, you can be sure. Biden would bring a Clinton scandal on Viagra…
      Many would vote for Sanders just for the relief of having a President with a lovely, clean record free of scandals and FBI investigations and charity frauds and divorces and…..

  12. Paul ...

    Talking about an extinction level event … today 9-11 Truther’s will be remembering their personal “extinction event” … they must be vigilant but also on the defensive today as they protest against all the evil immoral neocon snakes that believe “the end justifies the means” … remember the neocons will shoot up schools in order to bring about gun control … the neocons will gas women and children to effect political change in Syria … just as the neocons took down the Twin Towers to steal Iraq oil and Afghanistan heroin … and the neocons will even fain illness if they have to (to keep control of the White House) … etc. … etc. … so you Truther’s protesting today better be on the look out for a “terrorist bomb” being planted in your mist (to rain more blood on your parade) … the neocon trolls will be out in force calling Truther’s “biased racists” for bringing light upon “the immoral neocons” (who’s only sacred commandment is “The End Justifies The Means”)!! … lets solemnly remember 9-11 and keep it in our hearts this November by voting to keep all the immoral neocon snakes out of office and elect Trump!

    • Frederick

      Bravo Paul couldnt have said it better myself bro

  13. Russ McMeans

    Great interview Greg. Nice to hear from the young pups too. I want to bring up just one point:
    There’s a descent chance that Trump will do the right things in a number of areas. And since he likes building big stuff, I’m betting on that border wall too. Though the Republican congress will try and block him. (Of course Dems too). But with the Hildabeast we have an excellent chance of the same Bam Bam policies being continued. Results?
    WWIII , complete lawlessness, a race war internally, and a currency and healthcare crisis.

  14. Mike R

    Looks like Hillary just had another “medical epidode” at the 9/11 memorial. If true, I think my predictions of her dropping out of the race this month, due to unrevealed medical illnesses, is coming closer to reality. She’s going to have to ‘cough’ up the truth sooner or later, and reveal what all her medical problem’s are.
    Just the other day she was caught ducking behind a pillar, to hide another coughing jag from the press. This is not allergies folks. This is serious stuff.
    Personally I believe, all her lying, coverups, dishonesty about everything, is causing massive stress, and simply taking its toll on her body and mind. She’s gonna cave in soon. She has next to zero stamina left. It reminds me of all the drugs the doctors pumped into Michael Jackson to get him to be able to perform the soul crushing series of concerts they were expecting out of him, so he could pay off his debts, before he passed. He was in miserable physical and mental shape. Hillary’s handlers must be busy 24/7. She’s a dying prop for the elite, and all the foundation donors who’s bribes she accepted. Now she has to get elected for them, to be able to ‘pay them back.’ the stress is overwhelming her, of all the financial favors she’s been paid, that she has to get elected to pay back. How sick our country is, if we elect her.

    • Mike R

      Check out this video – notice how they are really holding her up, even before the van gets there, and then she can’t even barely move to get in it, and completely buckles, so then a lot of people crowd around to block anyone seeing how bad her self take down is. This isn’t heat exhaustion in the morning at only 80F. they are really covering up some serious stuff her. It’ll be interesting if she even makes any other appearances before the debates, or is in a wheel chair by the time she gets to debate. Wonder how much they have to pump into her, just to get her ‘up’ to do these few public appearances. If they were hiding her before for most of the 300 days with no press conferences, you have to be certain this is a serious and long term illness that has taken over, and every public move is highly calculated, completely planned for and every contigency. Nobody even batted an eye that was surrounding her, so it all looked nearly choreographed as if they knew this was coming. The amount of fraud and cover up going on here, is unimaginable. Unfathomable by the majority of the population. You can’t make a horror story of deceit for a movie even this bad.


      • Casey Hawkins

        She has already cancelled her West coast visits

      • Deanna Clark

        It’s a shame they didn’t “hold her up” before this happened…what’s an entourage for? Why didn’t they bring her water at the Memorial, and look after her? There were many older people there with friends and relatives doing more for them than were Hillary’s circle.
        OR if she really has pneumonia, she should have begged off. Her doctor could have explained this on the 6 o’clock Friday news. That’s how it’s done with honest folk.

        • Kerry

          I think she is being used. She has to get elected so the Dems can stay in power-they are propping her up literally. She is a sad, old, lying hag and they are pumping her full of drugs to keep her going. They have no real feelings for her at all.

          • Paul ...

            Are you saying the Democratic Party is effectively holding up “an already dead body” as their Presidential candidate for us to vote for?
            Guess it is in keeping with the Democratic Party’s long standing policy of having “deceased voters” vote for their Candidates!

  15. Paul ...

    Hey Gina … you state:”When we elect Hillary, we will ensure safety for future generations of Americans and also others living in other parts of the world.” … what safety are you taking about … nuclear war with Russia that will turn the sand on all the beaches of the world to glass? … that will only ensure safety to the one thing left alive on planet Earth … green algae !!

    • Paul ...

      Gina … you also say: ” We will devote whatever resources are necessary to defeat the suppliers of drugs who are trying to kill and incapacitate our youth. Drug kingpins will be captured or killed and executed for all the damage that they do to our youths. Our young people need jobs … and Hillary is committed …”
      If Hillary is committed (I’d like to know the name of the Medical Institution) … but you do make a good point about drug kingpins … pray tell … does this mean the Clinton’s will now be going after the Bushes??

  16. Mohammad

    Some went all the way to suggest -2%……


    It is coming folks, cashless society and banning cash.
    The phoenix is rising from the ashes of burning cash:



  17. Bob

    Great guest interview today ! I tend to agree with your guest that there is going to be a slow ugly descent into the financial abyss and neither Hillary or Trump will stop it – the the course has been set within the system an it has become an unalterable course – Too Big To Stop TBTS ! The little guy like me can only hope that preparing as best I can for thd inevitable will allow some sort of survival – ie owning physical gold / silver.
    As I watched today’s video there was news that Hillary had to leave the 9/11 memorial in NYC with some sort of medical event. It becomes clearer everyday that her health is an issue that the American citizen has a right to know to make an ‘informed’ decision about their vote for ‘Commander-in – Chief’ .
    As this election cycle progresses, thanks to the alternative media, all the ugly warts of what has been taking place is slowly being revealed – Clinton Foundation ( pay to play), bubbles in every sector of be economy ( crooked bankers), politicians on the take at every level, the emergence of the Oligarchy to be solidified if TPP is passed etc etc etc.
    The more we learn – the worse it gets. There needs to be a house cleaning from top to bottom. Jail crooked bankers and politicians, tighten all the anti trust laws and most importantly re-open the 9/11 investigation and get to the real truth about all that really happened, who planned it, what was the motive. I think the seeds of where we are now were planted in th actions that transpired on 9/11. Out of 9/11 came the Patriot Act and paved the way for the corporate / financial system to mercilessly rape the entire population of the world.
    Thank God that you and others in alternative media keep up your questioning and reporting otherwise we would have been naive sheep to the slaughter !

  18. eddiemd

    It won’t matter who the next president is. Both Trump and Clinton are puppets.

    Ms. Clinton may not make it to the election. Another incident today at the 911 “remembrance”.

    I don’t see how she will be able to attend 3 debates without something happening.

    Tim Kaine for president. The true pick of the globalists.


    • Gary Canuck

      I agree with your comments 100%, however Biden might sneak in there to take on Trump in the debates, however that really does not matter in the end game.

  19. David

    Hi Greg,
    Are they using a double for Hillary? Look at the Hillary with the ear piece (her face—most important—neck, teeth, and her mannerisms) used for the “Commander-in-Chief Forum” on 9-8-16. Now look at the video of the Hillary (her face, neck, teeth and her mannerisms) who made “Remarks after national Security Briefing” on 9-9-16. Not the same person—9-8-16 was a double. The ear piece for the double on 9-8-16 makes all the sense in the world now.

  20. Faith

    Great interview.

    Privatized gains and socialized losses. Great way to rig the system so insiders always win and never lose. Of course, when there is no rule of law the oligarchs they can do as they please. Until the next Marie Antoinette moment when the people rise up against the pompous and foolish elites and the next Reign of Terror begins.

  21. Charles H


    So – corporations can guarantee profit over governments, and thus their people. What is the next step? Obamacare-like mandated subscription?!? That would mean the Market will ‘offer’ only such-n-such products, and ‘we’ will have to buy those or nothing??
    In my youth, businesses competed for my income with lots and lots of good products; but now government will put in place a “soft tyranny”. Babylon the Great – a spiritual super-imposition over the Western World, in a top-down control? America used to be “the Good Guys”, having won WWII and stopped the Holocaust; but now, taken-over from the inside, is become the evil empire – which the G20 nations must struggle against.
    It’s a slow-motion, Twilight Zone train-wreck, of a re-invisioned Star Wars bad dream. (I will make it legal!)
    Lots of good, straight talk.

  22. The Seer

    Wake up everyone. The choice is to knock out the worst candidate and Gary Johnson is a front man for you know who, so not a choice either. Do not dilute the better candidate’s chances to win and bring some good things back. It would be stupid and a waste of your vote to not prevent the worst candidate’s from winning, imo.

  23. Jack-G

    Disappointed. I think his thinking on voting is very, very dangerous, leaving the court appointments to the wind. Then to state that he wasn’t sure Trump would follow through with conservative appointments was a little unsettling. Trump announced a list of suggested nominees. That, of course, does not bind Trump to those individuals, however, if you were a betting person, the odds certainly would favor Trump not a third party candidate or, worse, HRC.

    His big tell was, the next 4 or more years are going to be bad. Ya think?!?! No matter who is elected, hard times are ahead. One candidate will hopefully bring us closer to stability and on the road to a recovery at the end of the bad times. The other candidate will bring us further down the path to total destruction. I do not see the difficulty in choice here! Everyone is entitled to their own vote, of course. I was just hoping the electorate was a bit more intelligent than they are proving to be.

  24. clare doll

    Dear Greg,
    So-o-o-o, what networks are pro-Clinton, would you say, just off the top of your head? All of them? Certainly, CBS, NBC and ABC. But Fox. No! I would say they definitely lean anti-Hillary. And what network just got gutted for sexual harassment? If you don’t think there isn’t sexual harassment at the other networks, you are out of your mind. It wasn’t about Gretchen, believe me! I’ve seen too much sexual harassment at all levels to know better. She was just at the right place at the right time . . . .

    • Paul ...

      Do the opposite of what the “mind control network” tries to make you do! … they will tell you that gassing and killing innocent women and children must be done for the noble purpose of bringing happiness and peace to the Middle East … use your God given brains people … Hitler was saying the same thing as he gassed the Jews (that it will make the world a better place) and his New World Order would bring peace for one thousand years … how could our Democratic Nobel Peace Prize winning President allow Saran gas to be used on innocent women and children to advance a political agenda?? … How could our Democratic Nobel Peace Prize winning President allow his military chiefs to declare they have the right to start a first strike nuclear war (killing millions of women and children) against Russia because Russia hacked Hillary’s illegal computer server?? … I’m not saying the Republicans are saints but the dumbbell Democrats really take the cake when it comes to killing women and children for the greater good of all Humanity!!

      • Paul ...

        Look how these democrats have shipped machine guns to the drug cartels who kill and murder women and children and how they have our children shot dead while in school to advance their gun control legislation … they are rotten to the core and will use any means to advance their ends! … it is time to totally destroy the Democratic Party in America … the Republican Party that is left may then be picked apart by the voters to weed out the bad apples there!!

  25. Shadow of Doubt

    We are now seeing the dark side of a collapsing social order:
    TPTB are aware we are on an unsustainable path, they have already set in place REX84 to ensure the “Continuity of Government” or COG.
    They have set in force the means of controlling public discourse, political assembly and unacceptable opinions .
    John Kerry has signed an “Arms Agreement” with the UN that went into effect prior to 2015. Gun Control isn’t about guns, its about control.
    The Deep State wishes to manipulate the habits and the spending of the masses to run in conjunction with their plans for the future. Look for fewer choices and a ban on cash.
    What future plans? These have been set forth in a document called a: Project For A New American Century (PNAC)–all that is missing is a “catalyzing event” to help the process of transformation (U.S. Imperialism).
    How will this end? For all but our protected privileged class; it will be a chaotic time of death and destruction. Plan and prepare while you can!

  26. Tad


    I see her head shaking, not unlike Paul Joseph Watson’s YouTube video.

    Six to eight Secret Service members help/or conceal her van entrance.

    I’m trying to contrive a story about Secret Service agents and bathroom access.

    It might be a bit worse than it looks.

  27. MCasey

    Greg, you mentioned Hillary’s health; below is a more detailed video of Hillary’s “spell”……notice how she drags her foot….like a stroke. She holds her left hand behind her bracing against the post. When they start to move her, she drops and the guy’s hand reaches around and goes under her right arm to hold her up as you would a child. Notice how low her head goes as she falls. Leaving the curb, she drags her foot (like a stroke) and loses her shoe; dropping again coming off the curb.
    I’m afraid Trump will end up going against Biden?

    • Paul ...

      I must admit after looking at this video that I have been being to harsh on Hillary … upon leaving the 9-11 memorial Hillary she definitely looks to me to have had a serious medical issue or a serious mental issue (perhaps pertaining to guilt over having something to do with 9-11) but in either case what the hell is the Democratic Party doing to this women? … forcing her to continue on in the face of her medical or mental problems???

  28. Bob from Mo.

    Greg, Another great interview! However I disagree With Mr. Krieger, A vote for anyone, other than trump is a Defacto vote for Hillary.. Its either gonna be him, or( heaven, nirvana, the happy hunting ground, or what ever your choice is) forbid, her…. better to lose a finger than a hand, better to lose a hand than an arm ect… Just my humble take on it…. Bob from mo.

  29. Macray

    I have a Hillary question??????
    Every President since 1981 has played gold while Commander in Chief.
    If your person should become President of the US, will she play Golf as well????
    If not, will she partake in any fitness program?

    • Macray

      “played gold”, should be golf
      Wow – What a typo : )))

      • Paul ...

        Not necessarily a typo … Roosevelt played with gold, Kennedy(in a good way), Nixon, Johnson, Clinton, Bushes and even Obama (in a bad way)!!

  30. andyb

    Those of the 525 that originally voted for the TPP probably got at least $20million apiece (already stashed in the Caribbean, and obviously tax free), from a giant corporate slush fund. When you think about it, a total of $1billion is nothing compared to the rewards for the corporate oligarchs. The TBTF banks have paid 100s of times that in fines. The promise of a revolving door sinecure for the pols pales in comparison to an untraceable lump sum payment. With, unfortunately, very few exceptions, all of our Congress corruptocrats should be hung for treason.
    The opinions that Mike has on Trump might not be valid when the total absence of the Rule of Law is considered. No thinking candidate will overtly go after the banks unless they want a Dealey Plaza moment in their lives, and I’m sure that Trump is well aware that both Oswald and Hinckley were patsies.

    • Gary Canuck

      Great Comment, agree 10o%

  31. John Shipp

    I read an article written by some academics in New Zealand, when I was there some three years ago, guys who had gone through the proposal and they said any country that signs this agreement is crazy, as it gives commercial interests rights over sovereign nations.
    The NZ government, however, will still fall into line behind the US as usual, as will Australia and others.

    • Paul ...

      Part of the New World Order plan to eliminate all sovereign governments on planet Earth and have the noble elite rule everything by decree … voting will be done away with as a useless relic (just as gold is being trounced by them as being a useless relic) … but it seems they need 4 years to implement their plan … this is why they want to keep the details secret for 4 years … Trump will overturn the TPP tables … this is why we need to vote for Trump in spite of reservations on certain issues!!

  32. David

    If he thinks the next four years will be the worst in history, what the hell have we just witnessed for the past eight years with obama.
    The sky could rain blood for four years and it won’t compare to what we have been through with obama.

    • Diane D.

      Yet patriots never revolted in the past eight years. Anyone who thinks we will restore our Bill of Rights without shedding blood is mistaken. The globalists have gotten infinitely stronger while we patriots sat on our thumbs. Even Bundy Ranch seized defeat from the jaws of victory. Maybe patriots feel they have too much to lose to fight?

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Diane D.
        You can find your answer in the Mark Twain quote below:
        “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

  33. Louis Wheeler

    Michael’s problem is that he needs to be unbiased for professional reasons. That’s fine for him, but not useful for us.

    The ordinary voter needs to decide. Will Trump do everything a Libertarian would want? No.

    Ronald Reagan had a policy that if you disagreed with 20% of what a politician says, then that person is 80% on your side.

    Conditions in America are so dire that even a moderate movement toward more freedom is a benefit. Trump’s stated issues of the border fence, immigration reform, returning Muslim refugees to the Mideast, tax reform, bringing back our military personnel from foreign bases, asking NATO members to keep their treaty obligations, etc will be difficult to achieve. The Social issues and returning the authority for them to the states for them, plus downsizing the bureaucracy would require the cooperation of Congress. Trump has proposed removing funding from the Department of Education and sending block grants to the states for Charter schools.

    I believe that Black Swans are circling. The US dollar is losing its status as the world’s reserve currency. This means that trillions in dollars, and US Treasury notes, will return to America. What the government does then is crucial. If the government repudiates its bonds, then the US government has no credit. No one will loan to it. We will have an economic collapse. If the FED tries to monetize those debts, we will have a hyperinflation of the dollar.

    Will Hillary or Trump be more likely to cope with that crisis? My personal position is that a hyperinflation of a nation’s currency is more damaging than a default.

  34. Laura

    I imagine the talk of the day will be Hillary’s health. The MSM will no longer be able to hide the lies. How ironic that the MSM will be destroyed by their own doings!

    Friday’s Trunews radio broadcast is worth the listen. Rick Wiles and fellow team members do an amazing job of connecting the dots concerning current events. Listen to the end for news on Hillary’s health condition… it’s a possibility. http://www.trunews.com/listen

  35. Dindoo


    Ahh, Gary Johnson is for the TTP, Aleppo????….. So, Mr. Krieger has to vote for the women who could not get on the correct plane, during a campaign?
    The choice is this. It is Russian roulette. Hillary is with a S&W Model 3913(semi-auto), Trump with a S&W Model 10(revolver).
    Very simple. With one you have a chance. Figure it out.

  36. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Spoken like a true Generation X from the 1990s…and very sharp. But it’s possible this will be our finest hour. These will be the years when America rediscovers its unity and government by the people. Faith will morph from bickering and mega churches into kindness and sacrifice. People will stop complaining if large extended families fill up those white elephant suburban McMansions. Gardens will spring up…and even now I hear chickens every morning in my little post war street.
    This is 9/11……where’s Michael’s pluck? C’mom, Michael!!!

  37. al Hall

    Greg; Man you should know this- Paul Ryan is one of the elite’s pets. He is bought and paid for- he will do as told and pass the PPT for Obama. This is a must!! Treason is everywhere in the US government.

    • Deanna Clark

      Yes…it’s written all over his face and demeanor….an elite’s Eagle Scout.

  38. Walter Baumgarten

    Great guest and interview Greg, as usual, thank you. It is a shame that more people do not come here for their news but then again, many are called but few are chosen. I was speaking with a friend of my wife who is a financial analyst for a large insurance company who makes $300k a year. I asked her last week “how about Deutsche Bank” to which she replied, “Yeah, who could have seen THAT coming”. Well those of us who follow people like Greg Hunter have been waiting for this for about two years now! Is the system THAT stupid or are these people sent in the directions their owners send them?
    And on the Clinton Crime Family issue, I recently re-watched a You Tube on the Vince Foster murder and having the re-hash fresh in my mind, I think it would not only serve Vince well, but America too, to revisit the body count that the Arkansas thugs have left in their wake as well as the theft, corruption and graft that we usually concentrate on.

    Keep up the great work Greg, so many of us rely on you for there are few besides you that are, in fact, reliable, God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Walter.

  39. Paul ...

    A protest vote (voting for a third party candidate) might be useful if the stakes were not so high … all those thinking about voting for a third party candidate should reconsider because you may be allowing Hillary to slip in … this election is too important to squander votes “in protest of the system” … this election we will moral beliefs must join together to make a forceful statement against evil … hold your nose and vote for Trump if for no other reason then to bring Constitutional Judges to the Supreme Court as Greg is saying … the Nation our Founding Fathers provided us is toppling over … it needs to be set straight and put back on course … this is no time not to vote or waste your vote on a third party candidate … our children and their children’s children will look back on this important time in our nations history and ask: “Why didn’t the people act to stop evil when they had a chance? … Why did they allow evil immoral people into office who believed “the end justifies the means”??

  40. diane s.


    Greg Hunter!
    As you always say
    ” this is just too stupid to be stupid”
    Why is it that this Hillary creature ( from a lower Astral realm) always has one of these episodes after she is trapped in a Web of Lies?
    After caught in the Bengazi crime….she had a concussion. …..remember that?

  41. Matt In Pa

    Greg, it’s going to be war. That’s what they do. Sacrafice. But don’t Sacrafice your kids/love ones.

  42. allen ols

    smart man, but of course you know that;

    “The only fools out there are the ones that don’t vote Trump. And then there are the biggest fools, the ones that don’t vote.” g5str

    Now we can be assured that the mis fortune g500 VOTED for HWBush aka NWO/ORIGINATER OF NAFTA.
    And VOTED FOR willy wonka DUHHHBIA BUSH and Afghanistan/wmd’s/Iraq/al-Qaida when in reality the people in the WTC planes were; GET THIS DRUM ROLL, SAUDI ARABIAian.
    And by due process GEESTER 5 VOTED for mittens ‘romneycare’ Rommel and his side kick Paul the do nothing RYAN.
    let’s NOT forget ‘bomb bomb bomb Iran JOHNNIE MCAIN who trump calls a loser, and his sidekick SARAH ‘duh’ PALIN.
    geester 500;

    GOSH man, you have a SHI*****T voting track reckording, ooops don’t forget you backed LYING TEDDIE CRUZZER.

    • Mohammad

      When will they see that Trump is massaged, polished by the globalist shoe cleaners to sparkle in front of their eyes?
      Fox news from the Megan Kelly fiasco to O’Rielly are at his disposal from day one.
      Did he make it so far because of average joe shmoe likes him?
      I say to them get real and see..!


      • Greg Hunter

        And all of the MSM is trying to prop up that criminal, sick, liar Hillary and ignoring her global charity fraud in the Billion$.

          • Greg Hunter

            The WaPo is totally biased and is no longer functioning as a news organization. As a former network investigative reporter, I feel it is a form of fraud to the viewers/readers and shareholders by most of the mainstream media (MSM) to pretend they are a fair and objective arbiter of the facts, when in fact, they are nothing more than apolitical hack organizations. The WaPo stopped doing fair and objective reporting, and thus, are no longer a news organization. In short, they lost my trust, and are, like the rest of the MSM, and have lost all credibility. When this is finished Mohammad they are not going to get it back. Are you commenting non the WaPo sites as well?? I do not think so. Thank you for commenting here.

            • Mohammad

              I found out over the time Greg that zero hedge reports are credible, when they link to something mostly it materializes after some time. Take what zero hedge linked to with a big grain of salt. but it will be very interesting if it turns out to be true later on.


              • Greg Hunter

                I like Zero Hedge too.

      • WD


        Are you upset because he has the guts to point out the real Islam?

        • Mohammad

          Grow up please, nuff acting like a kid any more, we are in this together. reason up plz.


    • allen ols

      g mis-fortune 500
      GOSH, after further thought I can see similarities between u and Hitlery, as you both have shi***ty past records, she/he with the dems, and you with the republicans, all a bunch of ‘L’ooooosers.

      • allen ols

        Now Robert don’t go getting your underwear in a wad, I chose not to vote and u choose too vote. Its ok, I am just responding to the shit the misfortune 500 seems ordained to fling at every one. So would you kindly respond to the geester 5oo in the same way. in response to this?

        “The only fools out there are the ones that don’t vote Trump. And then there are the biggest fools, the ones that don’t vote.” g500

        Now IF you feel the same way as the geeeester, than use the above posts I poste to him for yourself, IF not, then disregard. After 65 yrs I don’t need his BS lines and ass hole opinions just because I have a different way of living life.

        • Frederick

          Allen dont let G500 and that bible thumper get under your skin They know not what they say

          • Charles H

            Actually, Frederick: we DO.

        • Charles H

          Unbecoming language, there – Allen.

    • Robert Lykens

      Golly gee whiz, allen ols, if everyone would just seek your wise advice for the day before getting out of bed, wouldn’t we just have a peachy keen world!

  43. Pvt. Mushroom

    Now Hillary has (? Chronic) pneumonia – treated of course by that diazepam- pen (valium injector) carried by her aid in photographs. Instead of going to a hospital she goes to her daughter’s 10 million dollar apartment overlooking central park in a big van rather than the usual chevy suburban.

    I smell a rat….

    • Casey Hawkins

      Totally agree. That cough has gone on too long to be any type of pneumonia…the lies grow daily

  44. Jeff

    I had to cut this idiot off. He’s too young and naive to see that America is at stake in this election. Failure to see the big picture by posers like him will ensure our destruction.
    What a waste of time listening to him

    • jim c.

      I agree, anyone that does not want to vote is an idiot, A none vote is the same as a vote for hitlary.

  45. Robert Lykens

    Here’s a conspiracy theory:
    The Democrat Party knows that Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease (PD), which would certainly disqualify her from the presidency.
    So even now there’s a feverish effort underway to purge it from her medical records so that when she admits she has PD, she can say she “just found out”.
    Hillary will admit it soon and drop out of the race. Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security will seize control of the election as he has already threatened to do. Hussein Obama will postpone the election indefinitely on the grounds of “national emergency”.

    “We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is critical infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said.
    “There’s a vital national interest in our election process, so I do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure.”

    Jeh Johnson quote, 2/18/15
    “We in the administration and the government should give voice to the plight of Muslims living in this country and the discrimination that they face. And so I personally have committed to speak out about the situation that very often people in the Muslim community in this country face. The fact that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and the Islamic faith is one about peace and brotherhood.”

    “Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, in which President Obama told him that he was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the stepson of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda.”

    • J C Davis

      Robert I cant help but think Obama will try something if Trump is seen as the likely winner. However it would take more then any one section of government, and a Supreme court approval. Well you did say it was a conspiracy theory.
      My conspiracy theory is war, then state of emergency declaration.

  46. Bruce Maclean

    Greg. Thank you so much for your public service.
    Greg, we have all heard the many dire warnings of an imminent collapse of the financial system. We have heard warnings of a “bank holiday,” when we can get maybe $100 a day maximum from the ATMs, We have all heard warnings of the supply chain collapsing leaving Wal-Mart shelves empty. OK, fair enough. Perhaps a collapse like that will happen and perhaps not.
    Perhaps a collapse will be like the people in the Southern European countries are experiencing. “Austerity,” which is a bland word for cuts in public services such as garbage removal, policing, and infrastructure repairs. Cuts in public and private pensions which leave old people destitute, an increase in taxes and the implementation of new taxes, more fees for services everywhere, more people on social benefits getting fewer and less benefits, higher unemployment rates including skyrocketing youth unemployment. family homes being confiscated by banks and left to rot. Expensive health insurance that does not cover what the participant was led to believe… The list is endless.
    The elites do not need a sudden collapse and the ensuing anarchy. The population will acquiesce to a slow and grinding collapse. The people will accept a gradual deterioration of their society, including their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being.
    So these people who predict a sudden and catastrophic collapse are just wishful thinkers who want to get it over with in a hurry. They do not want to accept the grinding pain and the impoverishment that is yet to come.

    • Pinocchio

      You forgot to mention Biometrics program (bio chip implantation) which has been going for five years in some parts of southern Europe. The bio chip has a microscopic “666” engraved on it, but you know better than I do about this suspicious thing.

  47. P.M.

    Michael Krieger lost his credibility when he said he wasn’t voting for Trump.

    Take a look at an excellent article that Rush pointed out last week: http://www.claremont.org/crb/basicpage/the-flight-93-election. Here’s an excerpt:

    “ … a Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances. …
    Will [Trump] work? Ask a pessimist, get a pessimistic answer. So don’t ask. Ask instead: is it worth trying? Is [he] better than the alternative? If you can’t say, forthrightly, “yes,” you are either part of the junta, a fool, or a conservative intellectual.”

    We don’t have time for holier-than-thou conservatives. We’re in a key battle in only two months. The progressives have gotten so bold and successful with Obama that, if Hillary wins, there is probably no hope for America.


  48. john duffy

    Modern day prophet says that there will be no elected president come inauguration on Jan 01/17.


  49. Paul ...

    For those who like technical analysis … here is the latest on gold and silver from Morris Hubbart … http://www.321gold.com/editorials/sfs/hubbartt090916.html

  50. Elizabeth

    Greg, We are in bankruptcy default even before 2008. Wasn’t Hillary involved in the settlement of giving 30,000acres as Chinese free trade zones in every state. Since then isn’t our Corp of the US leaders involved in the AZ and OR land grabs for Chinese and Russian interest? Is the email-gate just another workaround bankruptcy settlement that top, top secrets and patents be delivered as bankruptcy settlement. Traitors(like Judas) get paid( Clinton Foundation) We the people have allowed this to happen. Sovereign wealth and our personal wealth next to go. We the People will be the last asset. Our labor as debt slaves will be the final bankruptcy payment. Unfortunately the interest will never be paid in full. We have been sold out. Be good to your neighbor. Our world is about to change.

  51. DLC


    Doctor reacts to “pneumonia” claims.

  52. 8Ball

    Hillary is a known commodity… a liar and worse.
    Trump is an unknown commodity so it remains to be seen if he follows through on his pledge to “Make America Great Again” should he become the president.

    I get a bit suspicious when I see him surrounding himself with the usual suspects such as Rudy Giuliani…
    Head of Homeland Security? give me a break… more like “Fox appointed as head of Hen House Security”.

  53. Thomas

    Greg why are you descrying your reputation with this idiot who effectively plans to vote for hitlery! Voting for a third party candidates … those utterly inept human pieces of flesh! This dummy has no reasoning what so ever.. Get rid of him from your repertoire!

    • 8Ball

      Michael Krieger is an idealist… the problem with that is we do not live in an ideal world.

  54. Boo Who

    [Why The Blackberry] Their afraid of Hillary’s loss, because of Obomba’s secret phone, precursor to Hillary’s private server. This kids got guts and lays it out again, you wont hear this anywhere else.
    If you need to get to the meat, skip ahead to 24:00, but you will want to hear the whole thing. Believe me this is just the beginning of the exposure, why Trump must not win. There’s treason on all fronts and party’s, its a malignant cancer of deep proportions! Don’t lose your heads friends, you’ll go crackers! Allah Ak-mak. . . https://thrivemarket.com/akmak-bakeries-original-cracker?&ccode_force=1?&ccode=0SHIP8161

  55. Leonard T

    4 more years of this misery? Maybe worse? Nah… why not make it another 16 years?

  56. Dan

    GREAT guest Greg! Interestingly, he said the same thing I did about not being able to vote for either Hillary or Trump in good faith. I’m sure the majority of your readers won’t like that. Maybe he’s Gina in disguise or a troll too, right folks? LOL!!!

  57. Dan S.

    Here is a video of Hillary leaving 911 ceremonies yesterday


    Some other videos are being pulled from utube showing her state. She has an ambulance in her motorcade with paramedics in bullet proof vests and gurneys on standby. She is clearly very ill.

  58. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs, a Jallen analysis of HIGHLY EDUCATED LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES follows;
    They say, the highly educated are for Hillary and what does that tell us?
    The highly educated are mostly LIBERAL / PROGRESSIVES.
    Have not the Liberal / Progressives taken the greatest country the world has known and turned it into a third world country. Do the highly educated have math skills? Do they know the definition of Trillion, like in dollars, I think not, the national debt is 19 trillion dollars and counting and that does not include off budget debt, that dwarfs the national debt. The highly educated liberal / progressives have been made fools of by one Hillary Clinton, she mocks them and they come back for more, don’t believe me, ask Bernnie Sanders and his followers. The idiotic morons from Hollywood, the Press and Television have fallen over themselves as to who can be the biggest fool to support Hillary’s make believe campaign. Look at the list of fools who have donated to the Clinton Foundation, the highly educated liberal progessives sure do like to make bribes with their money. The liberal progressives have given us Obummer, the worst President since Woodrow Wilson (who signed into law the Federal Reserve, a cancer to America’s freedom and money supply). It is time to reveal a great secret; the highly educated liberal progressives have been brainwashed via their college education into giving their freedom away, never has our country produced a bigger bunch of fools, completely devoid of any common sense. A word to the wise, the house built on shifting sand known as THE LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT PARTY IS ABOUT TO IMPLODE, you see,
    the HIGHLY EDUCATED LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS worship John Maynard Keynes economics as taught in the Universities / Colleges and justifies the magic performed by The Federal Reserve to destroy the dollar. Woe unto you liberal progressives for you are about to learn economics as taught by one Ludwig Von Mises!
    The magic spell of the Petro Dollar is about to be lifted by China and others and the liberal progressive Democrats will be rats jumping ship in the near future.
    If it smells like a rat and looks like a rat and acts like a rat it is a LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT a scourge upon society!!!!!
    What say you, GINA AND DAN?

    • Rich M

      They always spin it that way.

      I don’t recall the exact %, but I remember reading this during the primaries as well against Trump voter’s….. reading that something like 35% of Trump supporters are “non-college educated and make less than $50,000 per year.) Hmm, so who are the 65% of Trump voters then? Educated and making over $50K. They always spin things that way against Trump and still are. Whether it was 65/35 or 50/50, Trump has MILLIONS of college educated high income folks who support him and many hard working blue collar folks too…. who IMHO, are often times just as smart. What I KNOW for a fact though is that Trump would likely have a vast majority of those who want to work and be independent rather than live off government assistance or hand-outs in any way voting for him. College educated or not, +- $50K or not, I have a lot more respect for people who would prefer to make their own way rather than vote according to which candidate will give out more government hand-outs or grow the government making them more dependent upon it.

  59. Dan S.

    Here is another view of Hillary from a different angle


  60. Paul ...

    Neocons like Hillary worldwide are having a difficult time … the generals in Israel under Netanyahu see Israel heading toward an abyss saying: ” it’s not Iran but Netanyahu that is the greatest threat to the State of Israel” … http://mondoweiss.net/2016/09/netanyahu-generals-corporal/

  61. Bill Howland

    Ha! This guy says EXACTLY the same things I say, but since he strokes your feathers, its ok, meanwhile you just namecall me and won’t let anyone else see my comment.

    Trump is right about one thing: People who have worked for the MSM are all scum-buckets, and lieing liars – more so than any other profession.

  62. Angelo

    I appreciate everything that you do on this site Greg. The interviews are thought provoking. Backed by expert observations and factual reporting.

    Michael is probably right. People should pay attention to the TPP. However, that is just one side of where these cowards are coming from. To think that there is no grand plan is to think that our politicians really care about the welfare of the people.

    However, what about climate engineering, UN agenda 21, food supply and genetic manipulation, social engineering, abolishing constitutional rights, and countless other issues hidden from plain sight that the masses of people choose not to pay attention to? This is a well-concerted effort and we have to see it in that context. Otherwise, we may be missing the overarching goal of these puppet masters.

    • Rich M

      The TPP is so secretive, it could contain the grand plan within itself. In fact, it being so secret and done behind closed doors makes me think it probably does.

  63. Bill

    GREG; Michael Kieger stated he doesn’t believe there will be a dollar devaluation, but he believes there is going to be a financial calamity. WHAT?. Maybe the stock market??

  64. Anna Loewe

    if you haven’t seen this yet,
    PARKINSON’S DISEASE: Hillary Clinton’s Probable Diagnosis

  65. David Bain


    I believe everyone is mindful of the potential threats if a potential elected official is running for the highest office of the land comes out and says as his platform that he is going to jail the bankers and corporate miscreants, knowing that is their lifeblood, would be signing his potential death warrant. This apparatus has been at work since the 1990’s (NAFTA, GATTA, TAFTA and TPP next) and their hands are around the throat of what remains of the American Economy. Blood can be smelt and they will stop at nothing to gain their objectives.

    Trump is no idiot and Mr. Krieger ought to be able to connect the dots between US Nationalism and Rule-of-Law that Trump proposes and has based his campaign platform on, to be able to come to the conclusion that these boys are going to need to prepare for there next orange and black jersey wardrobe. The Supreme Court Appointments should help in getting yourself to the finish line of Trumps goals of returning the USA to its Constitutional Basis.
    If Trump does a 180 degree flip then we all know we have been duped and its game on for the next revolution.

    We already know Hillary is for the NWO. Bought and paid for. Signed, Sealed and Delivered. K sir ah, sir ah. Oligarch Future! Fascism in Full View. Coup d’état. TPP.
    A vote for someone other than Trump is a suicidal choice. Someone who does not vote if they wouldn’t vote for Hillary, is a vote for Hillary as in my opinion is a vote for a third party candidate.

    Just saying.
    In reality, This is probably the most important election of MY (OUR) LIFETIME.
    I sure Hope and Pray Trump is as American as his Campaign suggests and that he will be able to undue the myriad amount of damage perpetrated upon the USA Citizens for the past 3 presidency’s, which incorporates 24 years of death by a thousand cuts.
    I pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob oversee our land of the USA and bring us through this mystic fog we have been observing and experiencing for way too long. Long live truth and Freedom in the name of Jesus Christ!

    May our Children and those which come from other lands to escape the bondage of oppression be able to witness and enjoy the Truths and Vision of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness in this Freedom Loving Land as our Founding Fathers laid out in the birth of this Nation we all call HOME and America as we sojourn for a few short years here.
    Thank You God for this Nation of Ours! May we continue to follow your path and live in Love and Peace with our fellow brothers and sisters in the Name of Jesus Christ! All Glory, Honor and Praise be Unto Thee and Thee Alone! Amen.

    • susan


    • Rich M

      To David Bain:

      I take it you are obviously NOT from Bain Capital. haha j/k

      I agree with you so much. People either see it or they don’t. I have tried to convince some of my fellow conservative and Republican friends who just can’t or refuse to see it; the difference between all 16 of the others and Mr. Trump. Just as apparently Mr. Kreiger…. as smart ashe is can’t see it either or as you put it… connect the dots. You are absolutely correct. I support Mr. Trump and a big reason is because he is the anti-(NAFTA, GATTA, TAFTA and TPP next) candidate. NONE of the GOP except for maybe a Ron Paul type would oppose TPP. The establishment GOP’s spear-headed and pushed the hardest for the still secretive TPP right along-side Obama. Of course the establishment Dems did not even have to be asked as it is what Obama sought as well. It is pure NWO which will lead a once free people further into enslavement, dependency, and bondage. Hardly any of the establishment on both sides oppose TPP, but Trump does. To me that makes it all that much more clear….

      So clear in fact that perhaps we are being given a deliverer for our time in history. If you recall in the Bible, especially the book of Judges how the Lord would hear the prayers of those facing tyranny and bondage who were still the covenant people of the seed of Abraham and often the Lord would send a most unlikely character as the deliverer. Think of Gideon and Sampson…. Perhaps Mr. Trump is our times most unlikely deliverer the Lord is providing us and is answering the prayers of all of those who still pray and seek freedom and deliverance and the rule of just law….. at this time… until ultimately the great day of the return of our Lord Himself will come….. freeing all from tyranny and bondage who accept Him.

  66. Paul ...

    It’s kind of interesting that every nuclear power on Earth says it won’t be the first to use nuclear weapons but the United Snakes of America won’t subscribe to such decency and morality … because as our military chief said the greatest nuclear power on Earth “will look weak” if we declared we will not use nuclear weapons first in a surprise attack! … so the nation who’s President won the Nobel Prize for Peace won’t even consider controlling his warmongering neocon generals!! … the American people should perform their own preemptive strike on the neocons this November and elect Trump! … http://news.antiwar.com/2016/09/06/obama-wont-promise-not-to-launch-nuclear-first-strikes/

  67. Bill

    GREG: I have a feeling that pretty soon China and Russia are going to put their gold bars on the table and say, ok US, where are yours. That’s when it hits the fan.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are correct!!!

  68. Robert Lykens

    We should elect the most liberal candidate who is running for president so that they can enact gun control.

    After all, just look how effective Prohibition was at stopping people from drinking alcohol. Nobody drank alcohol during Prohibition.

  69. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    Since Mr. Krieger has been a Wall Street analyst, he understands how those people think. He knows how unbearably arrogant and utterly greedy they are. He knows that they will never be satisfied until they have extracted every last penny from “We the People”. He knows that they regard all others among the human race as inferior, just as the Nazis did any whom they deemed not “Aryan”. He also knows, as we do, that Clinton is their bought-and-paid-for servant, and that they obviously hate Donald Trump, who apparently does not serve them. If elected, she will faithfully execute Wall Street’s plan for reducing Americans to a state of slavery.
    Nevertheless, Mr. Krieger has resolved that he will not vote for Trump, thereby expressing a willingness to accept Clinton as President, asserting that he will somehow “resist” upon that occurrence. That is a fantasy. If she becomes President, the high-minded Michael Kriegers will soon realize this.

  70. Just'n Observer

    Greg…Nice interview….All opinions matter ! lol geez… Appreciate you allow all viewpoints…or this site would suffer the same as those we detest for singlemindedness !
    That all see a problem…even Gina…is enough…and that there is NO single solution or person…but HIM…that will have the answers…is a given. All need to look within their soul…take stock of what resources they have…and prepare in the place and manner most appropriate for their situation… Mr. Krieger has his opinion as to how ‘he’ will vote…and from where he is and what he sees might be ‘his’ best choice ! I did not hear him tell anyone else how they SHOULD vote… Everyone should thank him for his analysis and viewpoint…it is intelligent and measured…and apply it…or not…to how it fits their situation or what part of the world they are in… Thank you Greg…and Michael Krieger for your honesty !
    Another opinion worth considering and passing along –
    David Robertson: https://youtu.be/2yut-saOTio

  71. Frederick

    Check out the three videos James Corbett did on 911 on the Corbett report on youtube Great work on his part well worth the time

  72. pat the rat

    Clinton is closer to a nursing home today then yesterday it is nuro problem , my best guess parkinsons . I work in a nursing home for 3 years, no degrees my teacher is the school of hard knocks.

  73. Jerry

    If these guys are right, the dollar is in the crosshairs come 10/01/2016

  74. WD

    Jill Stein?!?!? ACLU?!?!?! IS He joking?

    But thanks anyway Greg!

  75. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Hillary’s health is worst than is being reported. She will announce after she wins that she is entering the hospital for serious treatment, another lie she got away with. They don’t call her crooked Hillary for nothing!

  76. Bart

    Expert telling politicians how banks work.


    Greg could get this guy on maybe.

  77. Rich M

    ALL the establishment, both Dems and GOP are all wetting their adult diapers in fear of a free market capitalist whom they cannot control winning the white house. They will not stop at anything to prevent Trump and what the people want. I know of many friends who do not openly say they are voting for Trump but have told me they are. We are talking the will of the people here…. a movement or whatever. Similar to Ron Paul.

    Regarding Hillary’s health, I have a few guesses…. they are WAY out there for your reading entertainment. haha

    They KNOW Trump will rake her over the coals in the debates….. so they are looking for insurance policies to prevent Trump from winning.

    GUESS #1: Her illness might be staged so she can get out of the debates or be so frail in the first debate that it will make Trump have to hold back else the media will spin it to make him look like a bully picking on a sick woman (former 1st Lady). The media will play her up how she is a Mom and former 1st lady and even though sick, took it from Trump and that Trump picked on a poor sick woman or Trump will not be able to go all out on her. EVERYONE expects Trump to go hard on her and if he doesn’t, many will be dis-appointed…. including me. So it could all a set up to not allow Trump to gain all the steam he will gain. If he rakes on her and she passed out in the debates after being toasted by Trump, that’s all the press would talk about as that is big news…. not who won the debate or how Trump called her out on all of her corruption…. in fact, the MSM would spin it to make Trump look so nasty he nearly made the old woman choke. Then the next 2 debates would be cancelled due to her health and all the media would do is play up the sympathy card and how “courageous” she is to even stay in the race and how “mean” Trump was to pick on a sick woman…. Otherwise, if she were healthy, he will roast her in the debates and they all know it. So, after the last two debates are cancelled, all the sudden her health improves dramatically…. The sheeple will think it’s a miracle.

    GUESS #2: She will continue to be “sick” as a kind of insurance policy and if she falls too far behind and it looks like Trump will win by a “1980 Reagan-like” land-slide…. which I think he will after the debates if she is healthy enough so guess #1 doesn’t apply, she will drop out right before the election and Obama will cancel the election altogether. Both the DEM’s and establishment GOP will NOT accept Trump and would allow Obama to maintain power.

    I have long thought Obama will somehow not leave office anyway…. perhaps like stated above or a black swan event where he can declare martial law or cancel the elections or they will pull a JFK on Trump if he did win that land-slide. I don’t know why, I just feel it in my gut that Obama will not give up power unless giving it to the Clinton’s or Bush’s. So the ONLY way he will give it up is if Hillary can win….. and they would have given it up if Jeb Bush or an establishment GOP were in. They simply won’t allow my man Mr. Trump or a Ron Paul type to win.

    I thought maybe Biden might jump in due to Hillary’s health issues, but with 8 weeks to go, I almost feel like it would be too late…. if that is their play it will have to be soon…. or perhaps after she faint’s during the debate….. then Biden comes in calling Trump a bully picking on poor frail Hillary.

    Either way, the plan was for a Jeb / Hillary general election and so they are more and more desperate now. Like I say, if the debates are conducted normally…. Trump will roast her so bad he will win by a land-slide. Never rule out election fraud either to stop Mr. Trump.

  78. Robert Lykens

    US B-1b Nuclear-Capable Bombers Fly Over S Korea in Show of Force to Kim Jong-Un


    I doubt that a “show of force” will be enough to deter the fat little bully. If ever a regime change was needed, this is the place.

  79. Robert Lykens

    Hillary is extremely sick.

    Not only that but her health is bad too.

  80. Keith wilson

    Monday 26 September,Hillery v trump the first debate.When the wall street elite see Hillery is not medically fit ,to become president.It’s game over come Tuesday morning when the us stock market opens.Stocks,bonds,treasuries,all will tank.Just make sure your out of the market before all hell breaks loose.Don’t wait until October when the Chinese yuan is allowed into the IMF basket of world currencies.The us dollar will be toast by then.You can see this coming a mile away.All the best Greg.When’s rob Kirby coming back on!

  81. Jerry

    For security reasons I cannot give out specific information, but I can tell you this. There are massive military preparations going on right now behind the scenes, that send a clear message to me that our government is ramping up for something major. The level of weapon sophistication I’ve seen tells me it is much larger than Syria, or Ukraine. With Russia and China doing joint military exercises in the South China Sea until 09/16/16 it makes very nervous. If China even suspects that our government will try to prevent the sell off of dollars by AIIB members prior to 10/01/2016 they won’t hesitate to pull the plug on the dollar, rather than to let it die a slow quite death. This is serious.

  82. mark

    Hi Greg,
    I came across this linked at zerohedge . WABC reporting the death of Hillary Clinton.http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2016/09/SENSATIONAL-WABC-TV-Ch-7-in-NYC-Reports-Hillary-Clinton-s-DEATH-she-was-Replaced-by-a-Body-Double.html. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg and to all who come here to read and post. “For God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2 Tim. 1:7)

    • Robert Lykens

      If only.

    • Mike R

      Well, if she is not dead, her campaign certainly is. What’s interesting, is how quiet Trump has been for a few days now, and how suddenly all of these significant others (proxies) are rushing to speak on her behalf. (Her hubby in LA, Obama himself, and now Moochelle). Like a massive emergency just occurred, and quite very desperate measures. It’ll be really interesting how the debates unfold, and how they get a corpse across the finish line on Nov. 2nd. Though I highly doubt we see the real Hillary in person at the debates on the exact same stage as Donald. In fact I doubt we see much of the real Hillary at all, in person, at ANY public event until Sept 26th.

  83. Deanna Clark

    I ignore what the candidates are saying and instead read about their record. However, Donald Trump said something that truly clicked after the “basket” kerfluffle. He said that Hillary and the people supporting her don’t like American voters. They feel superior to most of us because of their ideology which they believe makes them above common people…and that definitely includes minorities and the poor. Only their Democratic votes matter, not their whole lives.

  84. Robert Lykens

    Lil Wayne, the rapper, just made a new fan.
    Thank you, Lil Wayne, for your honesty.

    “Lil Wayne says he didn’t think racism existed because white people attend his concerts, denies retirement rumors”


  85. MCasey

    I got this off of a comment by someone on ZeroHedge (and it seems to check out):

    Chelsea Clinton’s apartment is secretly Hillary’s health care facility.

    “Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, are buying a sleek, $10.5 million apartment overlooking Madison Square Park, sources said. The 5,000-square-foot pad, in The Whitman at 21 E. 26th St., is just a few blocks from the couple’s rented Gramercy Park loft. http://www.nydailynews.com/…/chelsea-clinton-buys-10-5-mill…

    Metrocare Home Services Inc.
    Address 21 E 26th St Fl 4, New York, NY 10010
    Telephone (212) 689-7000

  86. Peter

    There is little doubt in my mind that Hillary has a serious medical problem, possibly Parkinsons and the DNC must know it. This doctor has done an excellent job in examining
    the evidence. Please watch the video!


  87. sensetti

    This guy is an idiot voting 3rd party! He didn’t even know which 3rd party candidate he would vote for or what the platform was. That’s a fool pure & simple

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