Russia Hoax Coup and Epstein Interlocked – Kevin Shipp (Part #1)

By Greg Hunter’s (Click Here for Part# 2) 

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the Russian hoax and attempted coup of President Trump and the sex trafficking case against Jeffery Epstein are linked together by the same Deep State players. Shipp explains, “The FBI has completely raided his vault, and they have some pretty damning material. I don’t know why it took so long, but they have raided Epstein’s island . . . So, there is a lot of damning information the FBI has now on certain people. At the top of the list, and the one who flew the most, was Bill Clinton. Then he lied about it. They are intertwined in that regard and with the Clinton Foundation that we know is a fraud. It is known around the world, and you’ve got these two intersections with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Of course, Hillary Clinton is tied to the dossier in an attempt to get rid of Donald Trump. So, these webs interlocked with each other, and these people interlock with each other. Welcome to the global elite. Welcome to human trafficking. These things are connected, and with Epstein dead, there are a lot of prominent people breathing a sigh of relief—for now. Is Barr aggressive enough? He says he is going to pursue this case anyway. Is he going to call in the people seen on the CD’s, videos and photographs? That remains to be seen.”

On Epstein’s officially ruled suicide while in prison, Shipp says, “Epstein tries to commit ‘suicide,’ and his cellmate, a four-time convicted murderer, said he didn’t see (or hear) it because he had his headphones on. Attorney General William Barr was in charge of the safety of Jeffery Epstein. There should have been an entire contingent of U.S. Marshals to protect this huge witness, but there were none. Why is that? . . . . It is just unbelievable how they left this huge witness to die in prison. The prison guards were off, as we know. The cameras were not functioning. He was taken off of suicide watch and on and on we go. There are so many things that add up to this not being a suicide that it is remarkable. . . . We are all still hoping that Attorney General Barr will do his job and people are charged, but this is starting to bother me a little bit. A major witness that was connected to high level people in government and finance was left alone to die in prison, and I think he was murdered. This was all left to happen by William Barr. The pieces to this just don’t add up. . . .We’ve got so many strange things going on here that do not add up, and Attorney General Barr is ultimately responsible for this happening.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp.

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(This is Part #1 of a two part interview. Click here for Part #2)


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  1. Rodster

    Kevin Shipp, is da man but I gotta say the more I read and hear about Russiagate, $21 trillion disappearing, Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, the Clintons etc. It sounds like the USA has turned into a Banana Republic

    • regaleagle

      Just substitute the word ” oligarchy” for the word “Banana Republic”. Then go look up the true definition of “oligarchy” and you will see this is exactly what has occurred.

    • Anthony Australia

      Not only America, there are plenty of whacked out freaks here in Australia too.

    • Mike Prteslar

      Some time ago I would say. My opinion is they’re all involved on both sides of the aisle and just jockeying for power. Unfortunately that power they want is over you and I.

      • Steve

        Mike P., that is my view as Well, they blow with the prevailing winds to further the goal of global dominance. I’m not so convinced Trump is anti deep state, unless Shipp’s def of that is the Dems. He seems to be keeping the foreign policy game goin quite well imo. He’s certainly not making America Great Again for the avg Joe’s in this country, nor does he seem to be trying, quite the opposite. I also find it difficult to believe they allowed him to get elected in the first place. For sure the Clintons and their ilk are scum but Trump the savior? Idts

    • Rob

      The USA is not a banana republic but a ruthless corporation called “Mystery Babylon” that will be the first nation nuked off the planet immediately after the tribulation as the day of the Lord commences:

      • paul ...

        Rob … As seen by the attached article … if we don’t nuke Russia or China, etc. … they won’t nuke us … so we have to continue to vote in politicians like Trump in 2020 “and beyond” that want cut back on military weapon and troop deployment so as to reduce tensions (not increase tensions to the point of a new war so the Military/Industrial/Bankster Complex can profit)!! …

        • Rob

          Trump will be voted in for a 2nd term but the one after him will give many nations no other option but to nuke “mystery Babylon” all in one day after the tribulation:

          Revelation 18:8-10 Therefore in one day shall her plagues come, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judged her. (9) And the kings of the earth, who committed fornication and lived wantonly with her, shall weep and wail over her, when they look upon the smoke of her burning, (10) standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Woe, woe, the great city, Babylon, the strong city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

          The prophets clearly proves who “”mystery Babylon” is!

      • paul jr.

        Your opinion.

        • Rob

          Sorry bro but not an opinion as a simply study of the prophets such as Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah and John clearly identifies ”mystery Babylon” hidden in plain sight:

          Colossians 2:2-3 that their hearts may be comforted, they being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, that they may know the mystery of God, even Christ, (3) in whom are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden.

          • paul jr.

            How sad to see people like yourself with different beliefs saying what they believe is not an opinion.

            • Rob

              If you understood these passages you would understand why expressing “opinions” flippantly is very dangerous:

              Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be found true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy words, And mightest prevail when thou comest into judgment.

              Revelation 22:19 and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the tree of life, and out of the holy city, which are written in this book.

  2. Markp

    Sorry, but I am not convinced on the Blue Dress analysis, that “we are going to get you, DJT”. The painting is dated c. 2012,

    however, unless the artist had a premonition of the future, DJT wasn’t even in the running [for President] at the time. The dress could definitely be Hillary at the Kennedy Centre Honours, as that was on 5 Dec 2009 (I found an image of her [in that dress] and the recipients of the honours), but it could also be the artist’s interpretation of Monica Lewinsky’s famous blue dress. I mean, that’s what artists are famous for – interpretation. The image in the background could be anyone. It looks like James Dean, to me, but then, I’m half blind.

  3. Frederick

    How can this Kevin guy speak and write about the “ deep state” and not get whacked that’s what I’d like to know

    • Greg Hunter

      They tried but did take away his pension.

      • Frederick

        Took away his pension? Don’t they need a legal reason to do that? Speaking out doesn’t seem to be a legit reason But it is the deep state so as Carlin said “ we ain’t in it” Wonder if Julian Assange will get his pension ?

  4. Frederick

    Barr stinks to high Heaven NONE of this makes ANY sense at all

    • markp

      Frederick, consider the alternative: AG William Barr is a noble and faithful servant of the people of the USA. (Personally, I believe this to be true). If this statement is true, then the implication is that Epstein is not dead. I suspect AG Barr “did nothing” because Epstein is now not in danger of being murdered to silence his testimony. I tend to agree with Revd Andrew de Berry, Rick, Kris, Auntie Seize (see below), all of whom have doubts about the veracity of the reports detailing Epstein’s demise. Perhaps we shouldn’t shoot from the hip but wait a while to see what’s what. Just saying. Markp.

  5. MAL

    “I’m just going to call it a murder” …Well Greg, you do realize that doubting the official conspiracy theory officially makes you a mentally ill paranoid terrorist according to the FBI’s latest report.

  6. PCP

    a psychiatrist must have taken the person off close observation,
    suicides in lock up institutions using this method are crude self strangulations not actually hangings,

  7. Marie Joy


  8. paul ...

    You know … I keep thinking about the “ear” on the “dead Epstein” having a “tonsil like” protrusion that the “live Epstein” never had … could it be his death “was faked” by Barr to put him in Protective Custody under the Witness Protection Program and thus protect him from the Clinton gang that almost killed him the first time??? …×360

  9. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Re Jeffrey Epstein I think we can all safely rule out suicide. My understanding is that he was in a solitary cell where self-strangulation was a complete impossibility (low-slung bed, sheets made of a near paper fibre, etc). Also the suggestion that he shared a cell with a four-times murderer wearing headphones as JE suffocated is totally absurd.
    But was he murdered? I seem to remember a picture of him being stretchered out by medics with one carrying a drip to clearly suggest that he was still alive. This leads to Wayne Jett’s clear belief that JE was spirited out of gaol to visit another Caribbean island but not one of his choosing, namely Guantanamo. To publicise his death would bring temporary relief to JE’s numerous VIP acquaintances., but being stupid they will talk more readily of their relief and thus spill more beans!
    Personally my instincts tell me that William Barr is on the side of the angels, and that Donald Trump knows everything. Listen to Wayne Jett on SGT report below.

    • Chip

      Great interview with Jett.

      Greg, didn’t you interview Jett before? I know I’ve seen him somewhere before… Chip

  10. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Further report on AMTV to insist that Epstein is still alive, and that he is under witness protection. Persuasive. See below:

    • paul ...

      Probably Epstein’s lawyers insisted that Barr “declare Epstein dead” so Epstein can never be prosecuted for any his crimes … and only then (when he is officially declared dead) would Epstein give the Government incriminating evidence on others (that would have incriminated him too) … like helping politicians kill children and get rid of the bodies after the politicians used the kids for sex!!

      • paul ...

        Epstein probably needed to dig up a lot of kids skeletons … seal them in concrete and then dump the concrete slab in the ocean in the back of his house … so he ordered a $50,000 dollar concrete truck and had it shipped “by express mail” to his Caribbean Island !!! …

        • paul ...

          After ten o’clock … “all our kids” are fair game to the evil perverted politicians … who have a clear conscious and absolve themselves of all guilt … because they say … “well we warned you”!!

  11. Jack Hayman

    Mr Hunter, check this out!!

    HRH Prince Andrew pictured inside paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion two years after he was convicted of sex crimes,

  12. Jack Hayman

    Pictures emerge of Prince Andrew inside Epstein’s mansion after paedophile was convicted of sex crimes

    • Frederick

      No big surprise Look at how close Prince Charles was with Jimmy Savile who was a known weirdo pedofilie and necrophiliac

      • paul ...

        Jimmy Say “vile” … will be paid back for having sex with dead women … as pedophile Satan will rape his dead body in Hell for all eternity!!

  13. eddiemd

    The ruby red shoes in the wizard of OZ that the wicked witch of the west coveted.

    Interesting analysis of the dress worn by Clinton.

    Google is censoring that image today using a cropped image so that the books on the shelf cannot be seen.

    Keep up the great reporting and interviews.

  14. Anthony Australia

    You brave and honest as they come Greg Hunter. If Jesus Christ knows of your work, I’m sure he is very proud.
    P.S, I mean no religious offence.

    • Bob

      There is only one issue that NWO freaks, Freemasons and Christians can all agree on: the importance of Israel.

      They are fundamentally opposed in so many other things, but not this. Why?
      Is there an explanation?

      • Greg Hunter

        Why do you hate Israel? Is there an explanation?

  15. Bob

    I have no confidence in the AG will do anything to even begin to clear this deep State plaguing the U.S. There has always been and always will be a double standard. Washington D.C. is nothing more than a sanctuary city for corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and the tax payers are financing it all, no justice on this side of heaven.

    • Frederick

      Bob my son went to Georgetown and during my few visits there I personally witnessed criminal behavior being covered up by the so-called capitol police It was truly eye opening for me

  16. andyb

    There is no question that the whole Epstein case stinks to high heaven. My nose also tells me that there will be no accountability because Barr has a history of being a Deep State “fixer”, from Iran-Contra forward. And for this same reason there will be no accountability for the coup against Trump, although it is obvious due to the revelations from FOIA requests (thanks Judicial Watch) that at a minimum, at least 6 conspirators should be imprisoned: Clapper, Brennan, the 2 FBI lovers, McCabe and Comey. And let us not forget those in the WH and State Department that also should be indicted.

    Unfortunately, nothing is gonna happen folks. The Rule of Law died a long time ago.

    • Chip

      Don’t forget the Ohr’s… Chip

  17. lancelot

    After Hillary received confirmation that Epstein was dead , Hillary said to Bill , You know Bill , that’s the best five million dollars we ever spent.

  18. al


    This Administration seems to fake-trust the establishment as a measure of respect for the institution’s ability to do their proper job. The NYPD was trusted, then they failed, thus exposing the Deep State actors within the NYPD including THE MAYOR who’s true last name is NOT DeBlazio.

    If Barr took over the NY Prison System with National Guards that would breach the trust level for the NYPD and instill animosity against the Administration who depends on the Police.
    Their Prison System lost a prize witness, but Barr has all the evidence and right after Epstein’s MURDER, both the NYPD and FBI were able to raid his compound without a warrant or fighting the law.
    They needed him dead in order to raid, that’s obvious. Epstein’s lawyers were setting up legal roadblocks that would probably take years to plow through, which is why Epstein was in good spirits and was MURDERED to end the fiasco!!! His death allowed the raid before all the tunnels were cemented in and evidence destroyed. Drone footage showed the Temple torn apart inside with bloodied mattresses and computers being confiscated.

    Kevin Shipp is one of my favorites, he knows best and makes a whole lot of sense, but I don’t think Epstein was all that important. The data they recovered is damning whether he is dead or alive.
    The Declas is being dripped out piece by piece, sort of a slow torture to the Deep State.
    In my eyes Barr chose to trust the system that failed him to expose it, and believe me, the World is now watching and more importantly… MORE AWAKE!
    Epstein’s death woke up the World and the Enemy Media is scrambling for a narrative looking like the liars and CIA globalist shills that they really are.

    How do you expose a failing system? Allow it to fail. Now comes the consequences.

    As for Epstein’s first “attempt at suicide”, his jail-mate in the same 6’X8′ room had headphones on and didn’t notice Epstein trying to kill himself ? Is this an Abbot and Costello skit where Costello nearly chokes when he sees a ghost and Abbot, sitting right next to him, reads a map like nothing is happening? (Hold That Ghost)
    The truth is his headphone wearing hulk roommate was about to kill Epstein before he got stopped. Pedophiles don’t last long in prison, that’s why he was moved to a jail cell to be alone and to be murdered with no visible evidence other than a collapsed trachea.

    This “investigate the investigator” waste of time could be a stall tactic for the information to be brought out a few months before the 2020 elections, people forget easily and the Enemy Media is there to divert and spin.
    I’m frustrated as well but I can see the logic behind this slow walking tactic, data is being slowly leaked and more and more people are waking up. There is something to say about that. It takes time to wake up hundreds of millions of people.

    In conclusion, Kevin’s deciphering of the sick picture showing TransPedo-Billy in a dress is spot on, but wishful thinking on the Deep State’s part. Remember, Trump dealt with the Mafia and has several levels of security plus the Military. Unlike Kennedy, the man is untouchable and the Deep State operatives are nothing but a bunch of proven losers. If Trump wasn’t even wounded or shot by now, THEY FAILED! Trump is NOT JFK, he doesn’t trust the establishment’s “protection” agencies.

    Sorry for the long post but it’s stuff that needs to be said.

    • FC

      The Globalists will never or allow the assassination of their escape goat.

      • al

        FC… Elaborate please

        • FC

          Al, since 2006 I have been prepping for a major down turn and it has never happened apart from the hiccup in 2008.
          I was confident at the time that Trump would be elected as President because he’s a businessman and not a career politician making him the perfect escape goat when the economy collapses at the Fed’s discretion.
          The majority of people will blame Trump because he has proudly taken credit for the Stock Market rises and for the strong economy.
          Today we see Trump calling on the Fed to drop interest rates by 100 bases points and to start QE up again and without doubt the Fed will do exactly that and every USAWatchdogger knows they are the 2 very things that have weaken the economy.
          So Al, when all this collapses, pops or explodes the majority of people will point the finger at Trump and his supporters with the Fed saying, he told us to do it……………hence the Fed’s protection of their escape goat.

          • Frank D2

            FC, I respectfully disagree. Trump has done (and continues to do) an admiral job of “blaming the Fed”. The Fed is boxed into a corner. With Trump publicly blaming them, if they do nothing, Trump will be vindicated. And if they cut rates like Trump is demanding, Trump will be proven correct. Sorry, but many people are now “woke” to the fact that any downturn will be the Fed’s fault, not Trump’s.

            • Greg Hunter

              I agree “D2.” Trump has done magnificent!! Especially when you consider the constant attacks from Democrats, NWO Globalists, Rouge parts of government, foreign governments and the Mueller (total fraud) investigation. Magnificent and all for the low, low cost of $1 per year!! I kid you not!!! The President donates his entire salary every year, except $1, to charity.


  19. Rick

    Can we be sure Epstein is really dead and not tucked safely away, being questioned under duress?

  20. Doug

    Gregg. I love listening to Mr. Shipp.
    Here is another possibility with J. Epstein.
    When was the last time you saw pictures of a suicide? A “important persons Suicide”? Hmm.? Dead…end of story…..see, look at the picture we provided you!
    If you look at the picture of the supposed J. Epstein on the gurney, his ear looks different than in other pictures….his nose hooks down at the tip rather than a straight ski slope…
    The story is that he was reclared dead AT THE HOSPITAL!……then WHY is he being photographed on a Gurney at the jail without ANYONE performing CPR on him….Just laying there.
    Could it be that he is actually STILL ALIVE? In witness protection and spilling the beans?
    The only other explanation is that he was left to be killed by William Barr etal……..but look at the picture of him on the Gurney and you tell me if that actually looks like a man being administered to in a life threatening situation or J. Epstein for that matter.
    Just another possibility to consider.
    Great interview as always.

  21. Country Codger

    Great interview Mr. Shipp. Please compare the border of the rug beneath Clinton to the symbol in the center of the rug that was in the Clinton Oval Office.

  22. Jerry

    This is what popped in my crazy little head when I saw Billy Bob in that blue dress.

    Can life get any crazier? I personally have contacts in Arkansas that were friends with the Clintons. It was not uncommon for Bill to use his security personnel to hook him up with women he would see in a crowd while speaking somewhere. It was generally known in those circles that his relationship with Hilary was strictly a professional one. He had his sexual taste, and she had hers. One look at Anthony Wiener is all you need to know to see where Uma fit in the equation.

    But hey, if your sunshine pumpers still want to believe we live in Camelot and everything will be o.k. be my guest. The truth is President Trump can’t fix a system that is so mired in theft and corruption without breaking it, to remake it. That is the primary reason he signed off on all the executive orders involving military tribunals. The bigger question is, does he have the nerve to pull the trigger now that everything is in place? Or….will someone else pull the trigger for him? I don’t know, but whacking Jeffery Epstein was a sure sign he was getting close to something the shadow government didn’t want the public to know. Trust me , there are days after seeing this nonsense I think of taking the blue pill and joining Stan in LaLa land.

    • paul ...

      Love it Jerry … Devil-rat with a blue dress on!!

      • paul ...

        Married to a Demon-rat with pants on!!

    • Jodyp

      There ain’t enough blue pills to turn you around.

      • Jerry

        I’m afraid you’re right. My parents raised me to never run from a fight. I don’t know any different. That’s what happens when your mother is Jewish and your father is Native American.

    • Bob

      You are assuming Trump WANTS to fix it.
      That’s a big assumption I’ve seen no proof of.

      • Jerry

        I’m still holding onto hope. Some of my contacts who know Donald Trump say he got into this mess to save his empire for his children and grandchildren. I honestly don’t know, but I can’t imagine anyone talking the daily bucket loads of crap he takes without it being personal on some level. He doesn’t need the money or notoriety.

  23. Rock

    It is always great to hear from Kevin Shipp. Thank you Greg!
    I think that Epstein had layers of a death switch in place in case anything ever happened to him by those that he had the book on. By that, I mean if he was murdered, he had a release of information on multiple layers ready to go. That insured him as much as possible that the evil people he lived with would make sure he stayed healthy. I do not believe for one minute that he is dead now. He has been taken out and placed in a safe place until such time that he can come out because there will be nothing anyone can do about it. To think that this has happened by our government is frightening, but a real wake up call.
    Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand folks….get right with Him through His one and only Son, Jesus Christ…time is short before He intervenes in this world.

    • Frederick

      Rock I agree 100% He was too well connected and too smart to not have his own” insurance policies” as Anthony Wiener called them

      • Rock

        Right you are. The whole thing stinks. Everyone who says he was murdered or committed suicide immediately is suspect with me. It is so bad that the highest power players will not let this get out. Eppy is on vacation somewhere now…I feel like something big is about to happen somewhere and break this whole manipulated world apart. hang on to your hat, cause it is going to be a bumpy ride…

  24. Sands

    Greg, what’s interesting is the Epstein/Maxwell connection to Lynn and Nathan Rothschild, major shareholders of the Federal reserve…..Also interesting how hard Lynn Forrester de Rothschild was shilling for Clinton during the election…This thing has the potential to be HUGE….

    • Frederick

      Key word “potential” Do you actually believe anything will be done if people like the Rothshilds are involved because I sure don’t

  25. Robert

    In the painting, the digit ratio of the fingers is female…the ring finger shorter than the index finger is indicative of a female skeleton. Women have a longer index finger than men do.

    • Bob

      I don’t believe in that finger theory. I’m a finger denier.

      I know guys with index fingers longer than their ring fingers. It’s an indicator, not proof of anything. Sometimes the “rule” works on one hand and not the other? How do you explain that?

      Nobody says anyone over 6 feet must be a man do they? Why do they repeat this finger garbage? It proves NOTHING. Have you even checked it yourself on a reasonable selection of individuals?

      • paul ...

        Bob … Perhaps Clinton had six fingers and cut the long one off … so he could to look “more normal” in his blue dress and red high heel shoes … but is really an evil perverted Annunaki !!

        • paul ...

          This is why the American Indian’s always said: “How” (and raised their right hand) … they were looking for “six fingers” … because the Annunaki look similar to us (but have very evil souls and forked tongues)!!

          • paul ...

            We regular Americans should take up where the Native Americans left off … and become Nephilim Hunters (I think Trump is a Nephilim hunter and is going after these evil perverts) … years ago the Nephilim resided in the Grand Canyon (now they have taken up residence in Washington DC swamp) … and these blue dress, red shoe cross-gender perverts call us “useless eaters” (who’s population must be drastically reduced) … these Satanist Nephilim believe in human sacrifice and roast human babies on alters to Baal, drink our blood, abort and kill already born babies and send our 18 year old’s to die in continuing non-stop unending wars … we tried to live and let live … but know now that every single one of them have to be taken out!!! …

            • paul ...

              For those who say this is not “Godlike behavior” I refer you to the Bible …

              • paul ...

                If Saul didn’t lie and had followed God’s orders to “completely eradicate” the Amalekites … we wouldn’t have these Demon-rats aborting our babies, taking away our guns, destroying our Constitution with rights to privacy and freedom of speech and we would be on a gold standard using what God made precious!!

  26. Rodster

    Greg, just a thought and not telling you what to do but why not do Part #1 of these interviews on Sunday and Part #2 on Weds whenever you do these types of interviews? Having a little extra time during the week is always good !

  27. Kris

    Epstein is not dead. Ever hear of a dead man’s switch?

  28. Mike

    The “facts” on Epstein’s death make no sense but it does make people including that airhead AOC doubt the “suicide” false narrative. Destruction of the CIA controlled media seems to be working. Epstein was not needed as a witness is the only reason for Barr to let the warden handle security.

  29. donna s.

    I am not sure if true but heard that AG Barr’s father was the one who hired Epstein to work as a teacher at the elite school teaching math and physics , which he wasn’t qualified to do

  30. brvalentine

    Some good investigative journalism here. Be sure to read all 3 parts with finale coming soon

    • William Stanley

      Good link. Thanks!

  31. Tom

    Apparently Mr. Shipp does not realize that Barr has a long history with the CIA. Reference the book “Compromised” by Terry Reed.

  32. Auntie Seize

    If Epstein is in protective custody, i.e. in the witness protection program, what would one observe? Well, exactly what has occurred. A manufactured/staged “suicide” event (sloppily performed), apparent incompetence and buffoonery by the Keystone Kops/police, the prison system, the US Marshal “Service”, the medical examiners, the Attorney General /DoJ, the CIA run MSM (who can never get their lies straight nor consistent), etc., etc., etc.

    JMHO. YMMV. We’ll never really know for sure because NONE of the narrative is independently verifiable, and now that the case is declared to be a suicide, NOTHING will ever be investigated.

    I would, however, be ROTFLMAO if JE made “a special guest appearance” at the trials of all the “untouchable” elite perps (even if he really doesn’t need to because of the mountains of irrefutable evidence against them). We shall see.

    • William Stanley

      Well, Auntie Seize, the “protective custody”could involve a “debriefing” in Saudi Arabia (or some other suitable location) where the Globalists are extracting any and all information that Epstein may have hidden or divulged. Otherwise, I’m hard pressed to see why they would keep him alive . . . for awhile.

  33. Mike

    What is justice? A known pedophile getting off on double jeopardy due to a corrupt plea deal or a known pedophile brought in as a witness who is murdered by the deep state?

  34. oqwazyme

    I think it just means Ole’ Billy liked his women’s clothes !!

  35. Bob

    Barr IS to blame and who does Barr work for?
    Enough said.

    • Greg Hunter

      Who did Jeff Sessions work for? He was fired the day after the Mid-term election!!

      • Russ F

        So isn’t President Trump ultimately to be held accountable for Epstein’s murder, as Barr works for him?

        • Greg Hunter

          No, just like Sessions was fired for not doing his job. Trump hires people to do a job. He can’t do every job in his Administration. Can trump replace Barr? Yes Will he? depends on the job he does. So far Barr sucks! I hope he pulls it out.

          • Russ

            Ok, I agree. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors, but hopefully Barr got his you know what kicked (hard) for allowing Epstein’s
            alleged murder. In the end, Trump is our last and only hope to rid of us all this corruption, greed et al.

            I really appreciate everything you do for we the people.

            Probably time to bring Greg Mannarino back on. He is really not happy with the Fed.

        • Bob

          There is also the untimely departure of secretary Acosta to consider.

  36. john duffy

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven. There is no rule of law, if there was ever any doubt.

    • Frederick

      Yup, and NO there never was any doubt In my mind anyway

    • paul ...

      John … Epstein (born Jan 20,1953) was a man who systematically sexually abused and trafficked women and children to a large slew of the most degenerate, evil, wealthy and powerful people on the planet … then when he had collect blackmail money in the amount of 666 million dollars he was “officially terminated” by these blackmailed Satanists when he reached the age of 66 years and 51 days (5+1=6) … while their first attempt to get rid of him took place at 66 years and 33 days (3+3=6) … because these Satanist’s love playing numbers games!!

  37. Blather

    Really shows all in power from the last illegal administration need to be removed. They are not legal to be up there, anyway.

    Why don’t Trump and his team remove them immediately? You are in control now so NO excuse.

    That’s why we elected you. DO YOUR JOB.

  38. tsuki

    Let’s speak of attorneys. I am in Florida, probably the only state that got any news of Epstein back in 2007-2009. When the case started falling apart in FL. The feds were called in and Acosta stepped up.

    I have watched as Acosta has been ripped by the mainstream media, but I have to say, when Acosta announced he was being pressured by the intelligence community that Epstein belong to intelligence and the situation was above Acosta’s pay grade, all I heard was crickets from MSM. They should have come running.

    Even with the pressure Acosta was able to convict and tag Epstein. I feel that most attorneys would just have walked away. And as to the deal, not only was Dershowitz acting for Epstein, but also Starr and Roy Black. Quite a team.

    During the decade after, the victims tried to bring suit, but their attorneys were portrayed as ambulance chasers.

    Those that have been reporting on Epstein over the last decade are Papantonio, Cernovich and the Miami Herald. Cernovich has reported that when he filled his suit for discovery, he was warned off and only was allowed cover when the Miami Herald filed a similar suit.

    Today, Barr is getting slammed by MSM. But, the lead prosecutor in the Southern District of Noo Yoik is not being mentioned. I am talking about Maurene Comey, daughter of James Comey and never Trumper. Where was she when Epstein was being taken off suicide watch by the “prison authorities” and left unmonitored in his cell?

    This case stinks on a number of levels. Certainly bring in the corner who did JFK’s autopsy to do a second autopsy. The magic bullet is not dead.

  39. Chip2

    The idea that the government stole Epstein to preserve him as a witness is just stupid. To bring him out later would only show that they involved all kinds of people in yet another lie, further muddying the waters. If he was really escaped by some people, it wouldn’t be for some “good” reason.

  40. Kip

    I thought that the red shoes in the Clinton Blue Dress pic. (specially in Epstein’s decor) maybe signified or was something tied in to the pedophilia ring and the many videos, etc..about that and who wore them and what they’re supposedly made of.

  41. Agent P

    To people who say ‘this makes no sense at all’…

    It makes ~perfect~ sense – if you have the eyes to see. Sessions, Huber, Whitaker and now Barr. The government (which is in large part, a direct reflection of the electorate), is near Completely Corrupt, from top to bottom. And has been for a Long Time…. Face it. Understand it. Prepare for it.

    The bribery, nepotism, revolving doors, long-standing relationships intertwined with business and politics, ad-infinitum, is TOO BIG to Jail, Too Big to Fail.

    ‘Gird your loins’, because this snowball is now rolling at terminal velocity and cannot be stopped.

  42. Keith wilson

    President Trump wants to purchase Greenland. If I was Denmark the price is 8500 tons of gold and 85000 tons of silver to start the purchase talks. The ship’s from Denmark will be in New York harbour on September 1st to collect payment. Do you think the US would still want to purchase Greenland if Denmark wanted payment in gold and silver bullion.

  43. Chip

    Excellent interview Greg…. Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Chip!!

  44. Stan

    Looks like Gold has finally entered crash mode. Dropped right thru 1500 like a hot knife thru butter. Did I not warn you this would happen?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are funny “Stan”! It’s down to $1,500 per ounce and all your shorts you have been bragging about since the 1,300’s are what are “crashing”!

      • Stan

        This is the beginning of the crash.

        • Greg Hunter

          I thought when you shorted at $1,300 was the beginning of the crash?

        • Frank D2

          Not a “crash” Stan. Its called profit taking. Your brilliant and very public claim of shorting at 1300 isn’t looking so brilliant now. LOAO.

    • Frederick

      Not really Stanley It was at 1503 and change an hour ago Presently trading around 1500
      It’s a healthy pullback after such a fast run up I’m looking for something to happen in the world to spark the next bull run up to 1600 plus shortly

    • paul ...

      Stan … a palm tree may sway back for an instant in a mighty hurricane wind … but it does not mean the storm is over!! …

      • paul ...

        Stan … it’s a good thing you never became a meteorologist or a meteor-ologist … for like “chicken-little” you continually go around screaming “the sky falling … the sky is falling”!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … you sold gold short in Feb 2019 at $1349 probably expecting it to fall to $700 … you should have covered your position in May 2019 at $1266 for an $88 dollar profit when you saw gold holding support … instead you are continuing to hold and like a fool adding to your short position … I tried to tell you gold would rally to close the gap at $1550 … now I’m telling you again … you are now idiotically selling more gold short right into gold’s “strong seasonal trend” where people in India buy gold like crazy and with extra demand for gold coming from people in Hong Kong who fear a “commie” occupation … powerful forces of demand which can fuel a quick rise in gold to $2000 plus!! …

          • paul ...

            And remember Stan … once gold gets to $2000 … silver should sell for $22 dollars (at a gold/silver ratio of 90) … which is “a sufficient price” to put Deutsche Bank and five other major world banks (who hold massive short silver derivative positions) into default and drive them all into bankruptcy … which will be the catalyst to then drive gold to $5000 and beyond … will you still be holding your shorts then???

            • paul ...

              PS: Stan … If you are still not convinced … look at how the five mega banks reacted recently when the Dow plunged 800 points …

              • paul ...

                A wise man once said: “You got to know when to hold’em …
                Know when to fold’em …
                know when to walk away … and know when to run!!!

                • paul ...

                  For those buying silver now (below $20 dollars per ounce) … you will make a fortune when silver goes over $20 and drives the five mega-banks into bankruptcy … as they won’t be able to cover their huge silver short positions … and silver will go limit up … day … after day … after day!!

          • Stan

            If Gold hits $2000 I’ll jump off the GWB bridge – Gold will NEVER get to 2,000, NEVER!

            • Jodyp

              Ya better ask for a parachute for Christmas.

            • Frederick

              That’s funny I thought you bought that bridge last year

    • Jerry

      Why don’t you admit it? You took a dump in your own mess kit by predicting Deutsche Bank would go to 20. It’s now 6.9

      How about 38% losses this year. Just admit Stan, you’re a fraud. Nobody can be this stupid. But hey, if want to be Greg’s bitch be my guest.

  45. R wicks

    Barr, or rather his father, is reported to be the one that got Epstein his start in life, teaching math without even a degree. Barr himself is linked to Epstein, and Barr was also involved with getting a bunch of Neocon criminals off under Bush Sr. with the Iran Contra Scandal.

    So you can be hopeful, but I’d mediate that with a ton of skepticism.

    • paul ...

      Barr’s father was forced to resign from the Dalton School by the Board of Trustees who did not like Barr’s father hiring “a college drop-out” to teach calculus (most likely Barr’s father did it for perverted sexual favors and was blackmailed into giving Epstein a job where he could recruit young women (his “real” job)!!

      • paul ...

        Someone should look back into the old Dalton school records to see how many young girls got “an A” in Epstein’s calculus class for doing “favors for well connected men” who Epstein could then blackmail to make a fortune!!

        • paul ...

          Now that the info is out in the public domain … just imagine “the possible headlines below” blasted on the front pages of the NY Times or the Enquirer (if some investigative reporter finds and interviews the girls in Epstein’s calculus class) … “Barr’s Father Helps Epstein Recruit Young Girls”!!

  46. jennifer ohman

    Hi Greg,

    I have a membership with a local Spa where I receive monthly massages. It’s easy and it’s convenient and it’s very relaxing.. It’s only 5 minutes from my house. If instead of traveling for just 5 minutes, I had to travel to the airport, then wait hours for my flight, then change flights in order to travel for thousands of miles more to my final destination… to get my monthly massage, and then to reverse this process to come home, do you really think that I would do all this just for a massage?!! How exhausting!!

    Well…this is what Alan Dershowitz claims he did…just to get a massage from an old lady named Olga!! REALLY!!! As you like to say, “This is too stupid to be stupid!”
    But wait…he’s not a stupid man! He is, in fact a brilliant man, an observant man, and a questioning man. So, what did he see when he was on that Island? Who did he see? And did he see young, underaged girls or children there? And did he ever go back for seconds…repeating this same exhausting trip, oh yeah, just for and hour or two massage with an old lady named Olga? Innocent until proven guilty, yes, but I ALWAYS trust my gut. I don’t see innocence here. It is absolutely disgraceful!
    Anyway…good reporting.

    • Greg Hunter

      One day we will all know the truth. Your points are well made and well taken!!!!

    • paul ...

      You have to watch those tricky lawyers … Olga is “an old lady now” … but when Dershowitz was traveling half around the world to get “his massage” Olga was probably 14 years old!!

      • paul ...

        Of course there is nothing wrong with a 14 year old girl giving someone a neck massage … but if the massage was lower down on the body … and the girl wasn’t using her hands for the massage … Dershowitz could be in trouble (especially if Olga is highly insulted and doesn’t take kindly to being called an “old lady”)!!

  47. Stan

    You got to know when to hold’em
    Know when to fold’em
    know when to walk away and know when to run

  48. francisreps

    The analysis and theories of Mr. Shipp regarding the Epstein situation are intelligent and logical. Pre pubescent “Honey Traps”are probably the most effective way to control important public figures. Shipp’s ; and other people’s focus on the many different the efforts to “Take Down” Trump cause me to ask Why ?. The Foreign Policies of the USA are continuing on the same path as Earlier Administrations. Domestic policies inimical to Traditional Family values continue as before. Trump’s recent endorsement by LGBT Groups is a case in point. I think that President Trump { the legitimately elected Head of State } has faked us all out with his appealing { pre election} promises… well as his positioning himself as a persecuted ” good guy ” victim ; as he continues to preside of the destruction of our country by the Elites.

  49. oneno

    Greg, read Contact Report 202 from August 24, 1985.

    Read about Hitler, human and animal cloning, and references in the Bible (and Koran and Quran) to cherubim and the seraphim referred to as angels (messengers) in those monotheistic texts, but were actually clones and animal human hybrids.

    If this is true, then someone has been planting false information for thousands of years. The Hitler part appears as a mix in this report as an example.

    Thus, Hitler, with absolute certainty, has no longer been alive since 1945, as Sfath said. Then another question: Sfath said that at the turn of the century, respectively the millennium, genetic engineering, respectively genetic manipulation, would very strongly step into appearance again, as this was already the case a long time ago and was practiced here on Earth by extraterrestrials, as well as in a space-time configuration that is shifted to our space-time configuration of Sirius, when there, a large group of humans from the Henoch line became genetically manipulated by the Sirians. Sfath said that in a coming time, animals such as monkeys/apes will have human brain parts or entire brains implanted into them, and also genetic manipulations are supposed to be made, from which animal-people will then emerge, whom you call cherubim. These, then, are beings that have an actual animal body yet a functioning human consciousness and, therewith, also a creative human spirit form. The same applies to the seraphim, who have half human / half animal bodies and likewise a consciousness and, therewith, a creative human spirit form, such as in the old mythologies with the fauns, the Minotaur, and the centaurs, etc. The Bible even mentions the cherubim and the seraphim, but there, they are called angels, that is, messengers, who have been or who should be intermediaries between God and man, as the monotheistic religions lay this out. Now, the time of these genetic manipulations, as well as the transplants of brain and body parts, will soon stand at the door, according to Sfath’s information.

  50. Heinrich

    Greg Mannarino on twitter:

    „Bottom line.. I would vote for a cockroach before I would vote for Trump again. He lost my vote big time…“

    „I have defended the President until NOW with regard to him NOT being a racist. Out of my own ignorance I overlooked the fact that this pathetic man is a racist. Forgive me…“

    • Greg Hunter

      I got an email from Gregory saying the President was getting “widespread condemnation” for his comments about Jews voting for the Democrat party with anti-Semites like Representatives Omar and Tlaib. Here was my response:

      “What you really mean is “Widespread condemnation from the propaganda main stream media.” Please stop with the racist theme. The New York Times hatched plan that got revealed a few weeks ago to start a new hoax to get the President: This is pure propaganda and no mention of all the Jews that agree with the President. Again, this is “Wide spread propaganda” to trash the President just like the NYT plan hatched weeks ago, The NYT should be covering how so-called “the paper of record” told a FAKE Russia Collusion story for 2 years. It was a HOAX which is now proven the CIA, DOJ, FBI, State Department and White House made it up. They should be covering how these seditious traitors should be and will be going to jail for a soft coup. But instead, they are pushing the “racist” story which is yet another phony charge. Do you hate the President this much that you fall for contrived propaganda?”


  51. Charles McNeely

    Trump needs to Expose the Federal Reserve for the Banksters organization that it is. He needs to tell the American people the Truth about the Federal Reserve.

    All Trump need to do is Tweet Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money episode #4 and the World would wake up !

    • Frederick

      Ain’t never gonna happen Remember JFKs fate or Saddam or Khadaffi ?

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