Fed Out to Get President Trump – Kevin Shipp (Part #2)

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Click here for Part #1)

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp thinks the Fed rate hikes throughout Trump’s two and a half years in office are a way to “get the President.” Trump has been highly critical of the Fed, and he says it is to blame if the economy tanks. Shipp explains, “God bless Donald Trump because he is the first President to call out the Fed like he is doing. He has got the Fed shaking in their boots. When the Fed gags its board of directors and its members, that is not good. Something not good is going on. Perhaps they are bringing the interest rates down to zero. Perhaps it’s the fact we are entering into, not only U.S., but a global recession. So, they have put the lid on any comments coming out, and I think they have done it for a reason that is concerning. . . . I think it is tied to an upcoming global recession, and we may see quantitative easing (money printing) rates go to zero, and they don’t want the President or the public to know what they are about to do.”

Shipp thinks the Fed is “out to get President Trump” and contends, “Under Barak Obama, the Fed raised rates only two quarter points. Under President Trump, they kicked it into full gear and have done seven adjustments (rate hikes) in just two years starting just after his inauguration. So, it is apparent the Fed waited until Trump was elected to start hammering and pounding on the economy, which apparently they did not want to do under Obama. Can you raise the suspicion that the Fed is against Trump or that the Fed is trying to take the credit for the economy away from Trump? I think that appears to be entirely possible. . . . Trump has said it exactly right, it’s a war between Trump and the Federal Reserve, which, of course, is not federal and it has no reserves. . . .Trump is at war with the Fed, and the Fed has put a lid on all its people. It’s a gag order to keep its people from talking about what the Fed plans to do.”

So, why all the negative comments about the Fed by President Trump? Shipp says, “In my view, I think that Trump is convinced that the Fed is going to try to destroy the advances in the economy to make 2020 less possible for re-election and actually manipulate the political landscape. I think Trump is clearly and wisely aware of what they are doing. . . .I think Trump thinks the Fed is going to manipulate the 2020 election and make any recession look like Trump’s fault and not the Fed’s fault.”

Shipp thinks Trump is turning it all back on the Fed and blaming them for causing economic problems we are facing. Shipp says, “Trump has been right all along.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp.

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(This is Part #2 of a two part interview. Click here for Part #1)


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  1. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Jeffrey Epstein is as surprised as everybody by the Official Story that he has died of suicide. Lol. The USDOJ operates the BOP and the F B I, three corrupt government funded departments and bureaus, nothing further will happen, case over.

    • FC

      If I was listening to this interview 30 years ago there would of be no doubt I was listening to the happenings in Russia in RussiaWatchDog.
      It’s unbelievable that I’m listening to the happenings in the USA on USAWatchDog.

      • William Stanley

        Yes, in retrospect, it looks like Gorbachev was ousted in a somewhat similar coup 30 years ago. Lots of false flags, puppets (e.g., Yeltsin, like AOC) and disinformation there, too.

    • William Stanley

      It’s looking pretty bad right now. The worst part is that even some in the upper echelons of the military may be unreliable. For one example as shown in an ongoing Federal Court case (Eastern District of Virginia, as I recall), General Flynn — even before Trump’s inauguration and through his private intelligence firm — seems to have been implicated in the attempted coup against Trump. Apparently his firm was hired, and in turn, either had or hired psychologists who were tasked with painting candidate and then President-elect and, finally, President Trump as mentally unstable. Flynn was also infiltrated right into Trump’s inner circle.


      • William Stanley

        This interview with Whitney Webb (I think she is unrelated to George Webb who is in the previous links) covers some deep background on related issues concerning Epstein and his ties to intelligence agencies.

    • Frederick

      Correctamundo Rick Just us for the 1%

    • Rodster

      I don’t see anything happening either. If it did a long host of shady characters would be in prison right now including the Clinton’s, Obama, Brennan, Mueller, etc. The Deep State has it’s tentacles in every facet of Gov’t and I don’t see any person(s) stopping it unless the United States Government enters a full blown collapse and even then it could still rise like the Phoenix.

      • Freebrezer

        I think that Trump has no choice but to deliver the hardest/deepest blow he can to the darkstate … If not his family is and will be the target … And I believe Trump knows this. Look at JFK and family. Some speculate that the Darkstate even killed JFK’s boy (John Jr.) … Remember he was thinking/talking about running for the New York Senate seat against the black witch (HRC) … Oops he comes up dead! How hard of a blow and how deep can Trump deliver – big question ???? And we all have a front roll seat to watch!

        • Janet G.

          I agree with you completely on JFK jr. He was taken out at that same time by the witch and her brood. The so called elites are mentally ill scum. Those who need control over all are condemned forever.

    • Rob

      Epstein is being used to distract the masses while the BIS who controls the FED readies the world for the next crisis that will be blamed on fiat while they have already been implementing a faster payments system that is cashless:


      No one in any position of power is going stop what the Father has ordained and written in His books from the foundation of the world:


  2. paul ...

    You know … the Foreign Economic Dictators (FED) in control of the our US monetary system … need a worldwide recession/depression as an excuse to do a currency re-set … where they close down the banks likely using a worldwide false flag EMP attack that shuts down our nation’s (and other nation’s) electrical systems … so they can set the price of gold at $20,000 dollars (according to Jim Sinclair) overnight or over a weekend … and thus make all the gold they have been “buying on the cheap the last few years” rise to a level that provides them with Trillions of dollars they obviously need to bail themselves out of the massive derivative debts they have created!!

    • paul ...

      It is obvious “we common people” need to buy gold and silver insurance NOW “before the FED re-set” … the FED’s recent “jawboning blackout” is just a prelude to the Foreign Economic Dictators electrical grid “false flag EMP blackout” they are likely currently planning to implement their gold re-set!!

      • paul ...

        Keep in mind when buying your precious metals that excess global silver supplies are much smaller than the massive above ground global gold supply (which is the result of a lot of silver being used up in industrial applications) … therefore when a rise in monetary demand for precious metals occurs it has a disproportionately large effect on silver compared to gold … so when demand for precious metals increases as an alternative to the Foreign Economic Dictators (FED) fiat paper currency IOU’s there is going to be less silver around then gold to use and trade as currency!!

        • paul ...

          You know … even though 10 times more silver is dug out of the ground then gold each year … the gold to silver extraction ratio of 10 should not be used in monetary demand calculations … in terms of monetary demand “silver is rarer then gold” and should be priced accordingly (which is at the same or a higher price then gold) … what I’m saying is … the current gold to silver ratio of 90 should really be “below 1” … think about that folks … the banksters have … the “commies” don’t teach you this in school … you must use your God given brains … or simply consider the 800 billion silver ounces JP Morgan Chase has already accumulated both here in NY and in London and follow the money!!

  3. MCasey

    “Red Shoes” has long been associated with pedophilia. I tried to find a site to illustrate this, but in good conscience, I simply could not post a link on your site which some unsuspecting person might click on.

    If you want an example, the safest way is to search on: PODESTA HOME ART COLLECTION RED SHOES and click “IMAGES” for the display. The first picture or two will be children in Red Shoes. Then, do not click on the picture unless you are prepared for it.

    This link is to a Washington Life Magazine article which featured Podesta’s art in his home. The article actually starts out with an ‘in your face’….. “If you’ve ever dreamed of strolling through a museum with a slice of pizza and glass of wine in hand, you need to befriend superlobbyist Tony Podesta.” http://washingtonlife.com/2015/06/05/inside-homes-private-viewing/

    Red Shoe Club: In addition, “…..Podesta has a “thing” for red shoes. In 1993, the Associated Press reported that he wore red hightops with a tuxedo to a (Bill Clinton) pre-inaugural fundraiser.”
    “……There’s a peculiar fascination with red shoes among the debauched elite. On March 12, 2010, Tony Podesta celebrated his 65th birthday with a party at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. As reported by Huffington Post, the party was billed as a “Red Shoe Affair” — guests were asked to wear red shoes. “George Soros’ son, Alex, too, has a penchant for red shoes. In July 2013, he posted to Instagram this pic of himself in red shoes….” No link provided, but you can use some of the verbiage to search and find it.

    This link outlines the Podestas’ association with the Democrats, particularly the Clintons and Obama. https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-tony-podesta-a-washington-power-broker-lost-it-all-1524065781

    I’m not confusing Epstein with Podesta, but they ran in the same crowd.

    • Frederick

      Red Shoes signifies Satanism from what I’ve read which would make sense with the Clintoons and the Podestas

    • iwitness02

      Why Do Satanists Wear Red Shoes? | Humans Are Free
      [Search domain humansarefree.com/2018/09/why-do-satanists-wear-red-shoes.html] humansarefree.com/2018/09/why-do-satanists-wear-red-shoes.htm

        • iwitness02

          I was trying to add support to MCASEY, but my intended links didn’t work. But you still kind of get the idea.

      • paul ...

        Iwitness02 … Good thing Santa Claus wears “black shoes” … otherwise we could have been teaching our children to accept gifts from a pedophile!!

        • MCasey

          Paul…..well since you brought it up…..

          On FACKBOOK there are several demonstrations how the “mind” can ‘read’ written words backwards, upside-down and with scrambled letters.

          STUDY THESE WRITTEN WORDS (and how the mind may interpret them subconsciously):
          live – evil
          lived – devil
          words – sword
          Santa – Satan
          Sadly, even “GOD” – dog. (but remember “God” is a title; not a name)
          believe – (be lie) = be (a) lie eve

  4. regaleagle

    Is it no wonder that justice was meted out on Jeffrey Epstein from the highest court above us all…….the judgement of God Almighty!!! There was definitely no umbrella of protection provided for Jeffrey Epstein and the crimes against humanity he committed……regardless of the many others guilty who may have been “temporarily” shielded from justice because of his death. The Truth has not changed and justice will be meted out regarding those despicables that are guilty……their protection is only temporal. Do you think God Almighty may have allowed this Epstein scenario to occur for all to see? Perhaps the real message is that there is a “higher authority” sitting in judgement that can allow or cause circumstances to occur for HIS greater purposes. The Despicables must be quaking in their shoes wondering who’s next, Huh?

  5. Keith wilson

    It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true. Henry Kissinger quote.

  6. Keith wilson

    Shortly the public will be unable to reason and think for themselves. They will only be able to parrot the information they have been given on the previous nights news. Zbigniew Brzezinski quote.

    • Frederick

      Olde Zbiggy neglected to take the internet into consideration obviously I bet he had a few pairs of red shoes in his closet

  7. eddiemd

    Where is the vile Susan Rice? Deep state Obama advisor who is an integral part of the coup to overthrow President Trump. Remember her part in the Flynn operation and FISA warrants. Obama’s right hand woman. She is up there with Clapper and Brennan.

    Here is her recent NYT op-ed from August 6th. The people who scream the most are the guilty. She knows that they are coming for her eventually.


    • eddiemd

      Read some of the comments on the editorial. You will get an idea of the delusions that have overtaken the readers of the NYT. Or perhaps their paid trolls.

      Thought shaping propaganda from Susan Rice. She should be in jail with Epstein.

      Is Epstein on a military base in the Carolinas? Wallyworld?

  8. al


    This is exciting news Greg… thank you!
    So the Fed went totally dark for the first time in History huh? Can you say “gold backed money?”… If we don’t do it the Chinese will.

    Think about it, if Voter ID was enforced in 2016, Trump would have had 80% of the votes and easily glided in. I base that on the record number of people attending his Rallies relative to the miserable few idiots paid to attend the Socialist ranting sessions.
    Trump won a voting system rigged against him! Can you imagine what Voter ID will do? Any Socialists in the house? Say your prayers..

    With voter ID, I’m looking at 90% of the votes in 2020 pro Trump in 2020, whether the market dives or goes up. It doesn’t matter. People are sick of the establishment and votes are not for sale… In this case, people are going to vote for freedom, accountability and justice, not their pocket.
    That’s my take.

    • K. Wayne

      The FED going “DARK” was intentional in my view … not because they have an announcement to make. I believe its more about the control over what their direction is. In that sense they needed to cease the external discourse which at times was contradictory. The Media blackout is about controlling the narrative…pure and simple.
      That doesn’t mean that it will bring any higher degree of TRUTH. In fact it probably implies that the propaganda will be hitting EXTREME levels over the course of the remainder of this year and well into next.

    • Coalburner

      I would be ok with him being stored in GITMO forever.

  9. Nick de la Gaume


  10. leo

    now what ? a new Beach Bum song.
    Bomb bomb Iran bomb bomb Iran
    Epstien was in his cell, but now he cannot tell
    Bomb bomb Iran bomb bomb Iran.
    Ok Ok So how much did they pay the coroner to shut his yap . 10M ?

    • Frederick

      Wasn’t that Johnny McCains song

      • leo

        yeah i believe you are right it was McCain He was a war monger like Mr Mustache John Bolton. never did like McCain but Arizona is great only been there once I saw old people driving that looked like iguanas.

  11. Country Codger

    Great interview!
    We built our own cabins in different locations and you can too!

    Greg, if you go back to my comment in the summer of 2018, I think it was a Bill Holter/Jim Sinclair interview, you will see where I outlined the cycles in 2019 and what made it unique, it began with a cycle, the middle was a cycle and it will end with a cycle. The market fall was the day before the end of the middle cycle, August 15th was the last day.
    There is a “blip that will occur Nov. 10, 11, 12 of 2019. It is not really a cycle but on the 14th of Nov. we enter another super cycle, so I am a little suspicious of this “blip”. The peak or apex is January 6-7, 2020. The point of 50% intensity or greater will begin December 16th 2019 and run until January 20-21, 2020, but just like this past cycle don’t breath a sigh of relief until after the last day. Things are too volatile. The last day is February 14th, 2020.

    Lo Iyrah!

  12. eddiemd

    You wonder if Peter Fonda had any involvement with Epstein.

    Perhaps we will know when the “evidence” comes out.

  13. leo

    Does anybody have any thoughts on this: Will G Maxwell also disappear ? It seeems she has as much dirt as Epstien did on a lot of high up mucky mucks . How in the world did 2 reporters with cameras from the east coast (Washington Post I believe) stumble on her in California in the in and out burger. The FBI cannot find her ? She will be gone if a war does not divert the world’s attention. Why on earth is she in the USA and not the UK or Israel.
    I am a prepper former military 1968-1972 and later relief worker in central America in the 80’s now living off grid near Canadian border in Wash state. If the economy flops in 2020 can Trump be re-elected and if not who could possibly be president (scary thought). What is ahead and how long can the world remain unshaken. Most people in this country are clueless and could careless. Are we really so close to this all-out madness that few see coming or believe. I am a believer in Jesus yet know there are not many who really understand what is upon us. I have lived in three foreign countries and this is the best but populated by a lot of stupid people.

    • K. Wayne

      I had that very same thought. Ms Maxwell has all the evidence (as administrator of Epstein’s affairs). OMG….she is as much a target if not more so. She needs disappearing. Expect her gone very very soon.

    • Freebrezer

      Leo – And in addition when spotted and photogrphed, She was reading a book about CIA agents that got knocked off – coincidence?

      • leo

        woe how appropriate. I wonder if she will just fade away. I think somehow this whole story will not go forward and it seems like all Epstein’s assets are already in a trust fund making them untouchable for the victims.

  14. Shannon Elam

    March 2016 a 93pg report was released by the FISA Court about the unauthorized contractors using the NSA database. One was Crowdstrike and Fusion GPS according to Joe Digeniva. The FBI knew that Mike Rogers did an àudit, but they went to FISA Court before Mike Rogers.
    They wanted to get Mike Rogers fired then but BO knew that would be a bridge too far.
    The wheels of Justice turn slow however recently the whistle blower at the Pentagon who called out the contractor’s they were paying; one being Stephen Halper. Xpres in dress is not surprising because that is the agenda the CCI & friends blurred gender religion to destroy family and male hiarchy with the Father.

  15. Mike

    The gold standard will return by stealth starting with international trade. The dollar will be dead as the reserve currency and trade settlements will be made in gold. All that imported cheap stuff at Walmart will go onto the gold standard and it will no longer be cheap stuff. The return of US industry is the only answer to provide affordable products to US consumers.

  16. Jodyp

    ” What can the little people do ?” The little people are broke. Been dabbling with some solar. Very expensive. Still good advice from Shipp, if you can afford it.

  17. Jerry

    I teach emergency preparedness courses at least once a year in our local area. This device is something I highly recommend to your readers.

    If you access to scrap wood, you can cook, bake, grill, and generate electricity for your electrical devices indefinitely. I usually cook on my deck with this stove. If you purchase a pizza stone, you can even bake bread and make pizza. Enjoy.

    • Jerry

      For those that don’t have access to wood, this is my second choice.

      You have to think long term. Gas stoves will be useless. As well as batteries.

    • Jim

      Why prepare? You’re on the USS Titanic. When it goes down you all go down. Best case scenario is you hope you go quickly and don’t prolong the agony and suffering most will experience. There is already too much false news so stop giving people false hope on top of it.

      • Jerry

        You’re an idiot. People can survive. They do it everyday where I live. They’ve been raising crops and burning wood for generations. It’s a choice. Evidently you’ve made yours. Nice plan. Roll over and die. The good news is judging by all the gutless trolls on Greg’s site you won’t be alone.

      • William Stanley

        Some people didn’t go down with the Titanic. Many more would have survived had the ship been properly prepared with enough life boats.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good point William!!!!

  18. J.

    Hi Greg, thanks for all your hard work.

    I do not understand why you, Kevin Shipp, and seemingly, many others, believe Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

    Could you please provide your viewers/subscribers/followers with sufficient, factual, relevant, and material evidence that proves Jeffrey Epstein is in fact . . . dead? Thanks!

    • MediaMike

      You’re paying attention.

    • William Stanley

      Sure, maybe the deep state loves Epstein enough to keep him alive. Maybe he’s alive but still being questioned in a way that he wishes he were dead.
      However, can you absolutely prove to us that you are a living person? Maybe you’re a bot. Maybe you’re a butterfly dreaming that you are a person. Maybe you’e a real person who is aware that you demand the impossible.
      Sometimes we just have to use our experience and judgment. I take it that your judgment and experience leads you to the belief that Epstein still lives. I’m pretty unsure either way, but based on what I’ve seen of the photos and other “evidence,” lean slightly toward the proposition that he made it out of the jail alive.

      • J.

        William Stanley, based upon your comment to my previous comment which I addressed to Greg Hunter only, I believe I can reasonably surmise, you are unique.

  19. john duffy

    This comment was lifted from another site!

    “Why are liberals so angry? Even with the orange man in the white house, all they do is win. Mass immigration, the securalization and sexualization of culture, a giant welfare state, and totalitarian political correctness–none of this has changed under Trump. Liberals get everything they want. They control all the major culture-shaping institutions–the mass media, education, the deep state, the courts, Big Tech, corporate America (“woke” capitalism), and organized religion (“Who am I to judge?”). They have the power to defame, censor, discriminate against, and even inflict violence against conservatives with state and media support (see: antifa).

    Guns are the ONE issue where liberals have failed to make meaningful progress toward their ultimate goal (disarming the American public). So that anger makes sense. But it goes deeper than that. What drives liberals is an obsessive, irrational, seething, visceral, tribal, almost genocidal hatred for the conservative “type.” They hate conservatives as PEOPLE, period. They hate that we EXIST, period. When you understand that, you get why it’s so important to hold on to those guns.

    Join the NRA.”

  20. Jerry

    I hate to disagree with Kevin, but I believe it will Important for people to have some cash on hand, since the banks will probably lock down or freeze accounts when things go south.

    All you have to do is research history to find out what banks are capable of when push comes to shove. I only keep enough in my account to pay bills, the rest is in preps, silver, or cash. As far as silver it won’t be worth anything until you get to the back side of the reset. It’s a hold strategy. Most people make the mistake of using it to survive on the front end when the prices are low like they are now.

    • paul ...

      Jerry … Trump is also seriously prepping … by thinking about buying Greenland (with all its fresh water and strategic minerals, etc.) … the only problem is Denmark doesn’t own it … the people of Greenland do … might be better for Trump to do what Russia did in Crimea and ask the Greenland people to join the US as a New State of the Union (this way it won’t cost us anything)! … and if the people of Greenland don’t want to join the US … Trump should hold a referendum in the US to see if the American people would want to join Greenland as a State of their Union!!

      • paul ...

        Trump tweeted: “Denmark is a very special country with incredible people, but based on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s comments, that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland, I will be postponing our meeting scheduled in two weeks for another time …”
        Guess Trump will have to buy Denmark first!!

    • K. Wayne

      Sorry Jerry….I have to disagree with you on that one. I concur with Shipp….. cash will be useless. Consider the events that lead up to a crisis like that. We will be in a state of Anarchy by then. The only things of value (and essential for survival) – food, water, guns and ammo and medical supplies. If you have something of “value” it will be tradeable. Cash will be good for starting fires and that’s no disrespect for our current Dollar.

    • FC

      That’s correct Jerry, cash will be good for the first 2 or 3 weeks after the collapse until the sheeple realize they exchanged a solid asset for worthless paper.

      • Jerry

        The first things to be shut down will be credit cards. The stores will still take cash…because …like you said..they wont know any different for a few weeks. My cash will be used for one last buying spree before the mobs descend. Since most people are, and will be living in denial, they will wait until the last minute to make a move. Silver? The stores will not be equipped to trade in it, much less gold.

        • susan

          Jerry, I have a list for the immediate days after we realize there is a collapse (whatever you wish to call it). Even though we have extras of all our prescriptions, we will get everything renewed. Our pharmacy will renew until the end of the prescription. Next, get everything you think you will need the most. There are many lists out on the internet that give “the first things to disappear in the event of SHTF”. In the meantime, everyone should follow your example.

  21. iwitness02

    I feel like I have a seat at The Round Table. Interesting discussion with Kevin.
    J., above, posted about one of my concerns. Do we know conclusively that Epstein is dead? What about the supreme court justoxic, RBG? She Tweets, but is she alive? It is so frustrating living within a secret government, where everything is secret. Sometimes I feel like an unwanted guest/interloper in the country I was born in. I wish government would think about the citizens with some consideration, other than pure contempt. I can hear someone, somewhere, instructing me to poop in one hand, and wish in the other, and see which hand fills up first. Nevertheless, I will still hope for Truth and Justice. There is no better way to learn to love truth and justice, than to live in a world where it does not exist. Oddly, not everyone feels that way. Some, like the darkness. Some love the darkness.
    I love the light.

    • Marion

      Top 10 Reasons Epstein is Alive, L.G. Horowitz

  22. paul ...

    Remember the “subprime” housing market … now we have the “subprime” US Treasury Bond market … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-18/brace-new-regime-goldman-warns-market-finally-pukes-illiquid-bonds

    • paul ...

      You know … ever since Aug 15, 1971 when Nixon broke gold’s last tie to the world’s financial system … the dollar went from being “as good as gold” to being as good as paper (which is mow as valueless as grains of sand in a dessert) … but the banksters have already loaned out more then all the sand in all the deserts of the world … so they now need to make their paper as good as electrons (as there are far more electrons in our world then grains of sand) … thus they are quickly developing a market for “their coming crypto currency” by temporarily allowing and encouraging Bitcoin … in order to generate “acceptance of electrons” as a currency … then when they are ready with their own electronic crypto currency … they will have the IRS smash Bitcoin and all the other crypto’s … leaving only “the banksters infinite electronic currency” as the only legal electronic currency … you don’t think Foreign Economic Dictators (namely the FED) are simply going to hand over their control of the world’s money so easily … do you??

    • paul jr.


      That article says nothing about Treasuries. It is talking about corporate bonds. You do know the difference, don’t you?

      • paul ...

        Obviously you don’t know how to read Jr.??? … go back and read the first four lines in the article which states how we are living in a “brave new world of activist central banks in which there is virtually no risk left as any downturn is met with aggressive central bank interventions, there is also no liquidity as central banks themselves have displaced all other actors and have flooded the market with artificial liquifity, and as a result (liquidity has become the new leverage) when it comes to specific risks plaguing various assets and especially corporate bonds” … they are talking about “Treasuries” Jr.!! … and then say “especially corporate bonds”!!! … they are not talking “exclusively” about corporate bonds!!!!

  23. paul ...

    To bad cows are not given the right to own “specially designed guns” so they can defend themselves … bet they would do a better job then the American (cows) “who do own guns” and don’t even rebel against their ritual slaughter by Demon-rats (that are cutting our throats by bringing the value of our dollar down from 100 cents to 2 cents and then tethering us with “CPI chains”)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-18/muslim-cleric-killed-after-cow-he-was-about-ritually-slaughter-fights-back

  24. paul ...

    Trump says: “Our Great Farmers know how important it is to win on Trade. They will be the big winners!” … but that’s only if the farmers don’t go bankrupt first and have to sell their farms to Big Chinese Conglomerates (unless that’s part of “the deal” Trump has made with China in return for China continuing to buy our Treasury Bonds so we can balance our budget and fight even more wars!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-18/corn-industry-crushed-shocking-ethanol-decision

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t want that ethanol crap in my car and I don’t want it forced on me either. Farmers should not be dependent for government to force crap on other people so they can make money. I am from a farming community.

  25. paul ...

    This description of the roving gangs in Venezuela … [regular police and armed forces were given orders to not mess with them. To let them be. They steal broad daylight, gun in hand, roaming in swarms and police can’t do anything] … sounds just like the Bush, Hillary, and Bankster gangs we have roaming around in Washington DC … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-18/lessons-venezuela-violence-crime-gangs-when-shtf

  26. paul ...

    As tensions build in Hong Kong people are beginning to move their money out … some of which I expect will go into gold … this combined with seasonal strength could push gold right to $2000 plus!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-18/i-dont-want-my-money-trapped-here-hong-kong-hit-capital-exodus-protests-drag

  27. John M.

    The needle on my gauge of trusting Trump, has gone from mildly optimistic to almost neutral once again. I’m not sure if I can ever trust Pres. Trump and his administration to do what is right with the deep corruption or with the dying economy.
    I think there’s only four possibilities with Epstein:
    1.) The Deep State murdered him which shows their superior power to keep controlling America, and shows the weakness and negligence of Trump to protect an important witness against the Deep State.
    2.) Trump allowed him to be murdered because Epstein was no longer needed, and he wants to do a tricky psy-op on the Deep State by giving them false confidence about their power and gather yet more intel.
    3.) Epstein is really not dead and is in hidden witness protection by the good
    guys and they are gathering more info from him, and this psy-op is also strategic.
    4.) Epstein was taken by the bad guys, humiliating the Trump team as they sell the story that he hanged himself.
    At this point, we are forced to trust Trump as there is no other choice. If Trump is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing, then we are all screwed and he should be more reviled than anyone. If Trump is truly fighting for good, then we are very fortunate as America probably does not deserve this saving grace from God. I’m not sure most Americans have a clue, nor do they have the desire to learn the truth. Maybe a serious hyperinflationary depression will finally open their eyes and make them realize there are consequences to letting the Deep State control our country.

    • Bill B

      John M
      Just because Trump is now President, doesn’t mean all of the sudden everyone in the govt is now legit. There will be Clintonista and Obama supporters who will do their best to discredit our President and blemish his reputation.

  28. K. Wayne

    There may be some element of Truth about “The FED hating Trump”.
    It seems logical to come to that conclusion given the circumstances “raising rates” in an environment where they perhaps could have stayed on the sidelines or even deferred.
    If I recall correctly, the everything bubble was the main concern. It needed a remedy….enter Monetary Policy…..higher rates…..aka “normalisation”. That needed to occur because of the impending Recession/ Depression (FED created). Jim Rickards said the FED’s aim was to achieve 4-5% which would give them room to lower rates in the event that a recession materialised. BUT…..
    This whole episode of America’s monetary policy being out of step with the rest of the world… smacks of a STRONG DOLLAR policy. Flight to safety….in order to curb the EUR/China/ME growth issue and restore America’s dominance.
    Combine the Strong Dollar policy with the MAGA policy and the Tariff and Trade Wars and you have some unexplained commonality.
    The consequences of these are not for the faint hearted. Nor will they provide respite for the unemployed, the homeless, the middle class. This is about global control.
    All the policies are joined at the hip. What we are witnessing is the destruction of our Nation at the quest of the Unelected Government. These foreigners have the level of control they desire to bring about the paradigm shift that Dalio so eloquently delineated recently.
    If Trump really was offended by the FED then the question to be asked is why hasn’t he dispensed with them? If they are such a hindrance to his “Great Economy” … why do they still exist? If they pose a threat to his re-election in 2020 why do they still have any space ? Clearly they don’t serve any purpose other than to make their shareholders RICH…ER and keep their member Banks Safe.
    Lets see if DJT plays the Trump card…… and rids America of this blood sucking leach on society…..and frees every American citizen.

    • K. Wayne

      Other considerations :
      What if the FED didn’t move on rates at the next FOMC meeting ?
      What of the FED raised rates instead?
      What if the FED wasn’t more accommodating in terms of an “expected” fresh round of QE?
      Can we infer from any of these outcomes what their real agenda is.
      Keep a close eye on Powell…as the designated FED speaker.

  29. Kip

    I thought the red shoes in the Clinton dress pic. had something to do w/the Pizzagate or the pedophilia ring from all the info. including the many videos, etc. about ‘red shoes.’

  30. wlb42

    May GOD allow President TRUMP to “triumph” against ALL enemies of this Great Country of AMERICA of “One Nation under GOD” with our National Motto of “IN GOD WE TRUST”. As in this prophecy:

    The Spirit of God says, “Two will be taken and three will be shaken! For I will remove two from the evil crew of 32 years” (4 of #39, 4 of #41, 8 of #42, 8 of #43, and 8 of #44) “and the other three shall be shaken to the core. The 32 years they have altogether served and empowered that entity called Baal, and the covenant they had holding up his house with the Illuminati and the New World order, shall come crumbling down.”

    “For when the first one is taken” (and #41 was taken), “it will be a sign that the New World Order shall die. When the second one is taken, it will be sign that anyone calling himself Mine but comes against my Israel, sympathizing with her enemies, will not be tolerated. The three that will be shaken, will be a sign that no one is above the most high God, not even those that hold the highest office in the land. These among many others that have tried to exalt themselves above me and my law, will be exposed and imprisoned by me for the entire world to see. Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of my throne. Yes, even the Supreme Court will be shaken. Do not fear America when you see these things manifesting, for these things must come to pass. I will clean up the darkness and it will usher in my light, for I have America in my hand.”

    1-16-18 The Prophecy “The Evil Crew of 32”
    by Mark Taylor

  31. wlb42

    Maybe the way to “upset” the “gold-cart” of the “deep state FED” and their hoarding of GOLD is for President TRUMP to have our American Treasury Department issue TRN’s (treasury reserve notes) and have them ONLY be backed by SILVER not gold. That would likely make SILVER go to at least $5,000 an ounce and drop gold to about $500 an ounce which would be the “ruination” of the world central banks to include our FED because they have been hoarding mostly gold, but very little SILVER & it would benefit the “working & middle class” and would “overnight” destroy the “deep state FED controllers”. Think about it. Yes, I know that the U.S. government doesn’t hold or control much SILVER right now but the Treasury “coffers” would be filled with the worldwide “people’s SILVER” because “We the People” hold the greatest amount of it and it would be quickly used to pay all debts because of it’s steller rise in price. Maybe I should forward this “message” to DJT.

    • William Stanley

      It’s an intriguing thought. However, I hate the fact that JP Morgan owns so much silver. Perhaps that could be “cured” with a steep tax on silver holdings of more than a couple of hundred million ounces.

    • susan

      I like what you are saying wlb42. All of it makes complete sense. Also, I like it because I have a lot more silver than gold. Probably many here are in the same position.

    • Montana Guy

      wlb42, your idea has been tried before. The last U.S. President who dared to do that lived only 171 days afterwards. Read up on Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110.

    • paul ...

      Good thought wib42 … let’s tell Trump to do it now … “and stop the gold re-set” the banksters want … it will screw every bankster except JP Morgan Chase … but that’s no problem … as we can use the RICO laws on Chase and recover all their silver and any profit they make “because they purchased their silver fraudulently and illegally” (by manipulating the silver price to ridiculously low levels)!!!

  32. Brian


    I was watching your interview with Kevin Shipp today. The name William Casey kept coming up as he protected the man, apparently. As long as yo are on the pedophile blackmail thing, I will remind you that the Franklin Coverup, involving the Republican/Bush involvement in exactly the same things, brought Mr. Casey into the the investigation a bit. Mr Casey was likely murdered as well. It has been suspected that this was because he knew, too much. My recollection was that he died in a very fishy sailing accident.

  33. paul ...

    Bitcoin should be falling on the news that a “futures market” is being developed for it … has no one learned how futures markets are used by the banksters to control the price of precious metals?? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-19/bitcoin-bounce-continues-bakkt-unveils-physical-crypto-futures

  34. Jess Tee Hasell

    Why is it the democratic nominee hopefuls
    are not apparently taking this Barr screw up and using it to smear our president and his administration ? Because there attatchment to the deep state??? just wondering

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point!!!!!!! Bing, bing, bing!!!!!! Thank you!!

    • MCasey

      Jess Tee Hasell Had not thought of that! I’m disappointed in myself….I did have a moment, but didn’t stay with it. Mmmm….crickets from the Left. I guess they don’t want to draw too much attention to it….hoping it all gets swept under the rug.

  35. TruthBeTold

    Trump promised to grow the economy and reduce the $19T national debt, instead it has skyrocketed to $22.5T and rising under his watch.

    We are also mired in consumer debt (revolving and non-revolving). In May, it stood at $4.09T. While credit card debt may not be as alarming as it was in the great recession, it’s important to note that at least 15% of US households are living beyond their means and are spending more than they receive on a monthly basis. Of these households, 45% are turning to credit cards and revolving consumer credit borrowings to finance their expenses. As credit cards have a high annual percentage rate, this means many are seeing their debts compound and grow at staggering rates.

    The yield curve – the canary in the coal mine – is signalling a recession too. There are also other signs elsewhere in the domestic and global economy pointing to a recession including the auto loan delinquency rate which is at a 19yr high.

    We can’t escape the hard truth that we are in a global economy. We are not an island state, isolated from events elsewhere. We are learning the hard way that trade wars aren’t easy to win. Trump needs to stop bs’ing us about how good tariffs are for the country and that China is paying. Tariffs are a tax on the buyer, not the seller and they invariably lead to the end-consumer paying more, particularly on finished goods.

    China, apart from imposing retaliatory tariffs, mitigates the impact of tariffs by devaluing the yuan which means collecting fewer US dollars, buying fewer treasuries, which eventually lead to higher interest rates which drive up borrowing costs. It’s a vicious cycle, a contagion, with national and global implications.

    China has relative advantage since it has a central command and control economy and a president for life. Trump needs China to compromise as no president gets a second term on the back of a recession in the election year.

    Trump’s “miracle economy,” “best ever” and people are “loaded up with money” is la-la land stuff.

    China’s theft of Intellectual property and forced technology transfers are problems, So too is China’s belt and road initiatives, a indication of its global ambitions. Its territorial claims of islands in the South China sea is also a problem. So too is the political unrest in Hong Kong.

    China will compromise on some economic issues, but on it own timetable. Trump can’t have the tariff war extend into 2020 and is desperate to paint a rosy picture of a great victory on the back of a fudged deal with China as soon as possible.

    Whatever happened to the Republicans who once roiled against fiscal irresponsibility and deficit spending? These spineless fools have folded completely. In their shameful silence, they are aiding and abetting the demise of the economy, and compromising the security of the nation in the process.

  36. paul ...

    Breaking News: … Trump is considering issuing an Executive Order indexing capital gains to the real inflation rate (without congressional approval) a move that would largely benefit the wealthy … how about Trump (who is supposed to really be concerned about the “little guy”) index the Consumer Price Index to what it should “actually be” according to John Williams at Shadow Stats … and watch the economy rocket up before the election!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-20/trump-says-he-can-issue-capital-gains-tax-cut-executive-order

  37. paul ...

    A small beginning … but a start … finally it’s not just a fine … but “actually prosecuting” those who undermine the investing public’s trust in the integrity of our commodities markets!! … now let’s start prosecuting those at the Commodities Futures Exchange … and tell (like Moses once did) the authorities there to “Let our Silver Go”!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-20/jpmorgan-spoofer-pleads-guilty-gold-manipulation-faces-11-years-jail

  38. Russ F

    Greg Mannarino is strongly urging today to get you cash out of the banks.
    Volker rule changed.
    Don’t let the banks take your savings (and paying no interest to “store” it for you) and buy stocks so that they can make money at your expense.
    Gold and Silver, hard assets, mattress?
    I guarantee the minute my bank goes to negative interest rates, I will only leave what I need with them to pay bills.
    You have been warned.
    Something big is happening in the background.
    And most if not all “dumbed down” Americans do not see this coming at them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Russ F,
      I agree, Mannarino is right about the danger. Run!!!!!

    • K. Wayne

      “Something big is happening in the background”……
      That something is called a Global move towards Zero or Negative bound interest rates … FOREVER. The exponential DEBT has them all trapped. It cannot be repaid. Nor can interest rates normalize. Let that sink in. The Central planners have created the very environment where the only incentive is not to save. One would need to consider that the possibility of the move to a Cashless society with Electronic Money…..endless supply of it.
      Do Debts really matter ?
      Hmmmmm ……. I do believe Gold will have the final say in the matter !!!
      You thought they had control over you now. Wait for the next phase. Limited access to your money whilst monitoring everything you do with it.
      Getting cash out of the Banking system then poses another problem….what to do with it….considering all the risks with holding cash.

  39. tim mcgraw

    I don’t care about Epstein. I don’t care about the coup against Trump. DC is corrupt. Who cares which maggot is on top of the pile of feces? I hate the CIA.
    Don’t care about Shipp and his CIA.

  40. Rick Martin

    No one wants to get hurt, sick, lost, or cut off from their money when they’re traveling. Unfortunately, life isn’t always accommodating, as I discovered somewhat dramatically on recently during a trip to Shanghai.
    My sister and I were leaving dinner when a frantic mother of two walked up to us with her adolescent kids in tow. She had just arrived in Shanghai and was confident that she could withdraw cash from an ATM, so she had decided not to exchange money in advance. Unfortunately, the woman’s bank thought she was an imposter and froze her account — and then did the same thing after she tried to use her credit card. To make matters worse, she had arrived at the start of a three-day bank holiday (and had no access to an in-person teller), and had limited phone service in China.
    Although this stranger’s situation sounds like the Simone Biles triple-double of travel woes, financial snags away from home are incredibly common. Whether you’re partially or completely frozen out of your funds, here are a few ways to get cash abroad, even during the worst mixups.

    Here’s a guide to how to avoid getting your bank account frozen:

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