Stocks Most Expensive Ever – Greater Depression Coming – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s 

Money manager and economist Michael Pento says if you think the worst is over in the stock market, think again.  Pento explains, “Now, the valuation of stocks today are the most expensive in history, not around or tied or close.  We are now 155% of GDP when you look at the market cap of equities.  Stocks have never been more expensive.”

Pento says stocks are going to probably go higher for now, but Pento predicts, “I am going to run contrary to Wall Street, and I am going to tell you that you should see a significant run-up into the news of approved vaccines, new treatments and, of course, more stimulus.  We’ve got to borrow more money because $2.4 trillion wasn’t enough.  My models . . . say once this vaccine is validated and approved, this is going to be a selling opportunity for me and my investors.”

Pento also thinks that most people will not take the vaccine, including Pento.  Also, Pento says, “It’s not going to be a one and done sort of thing,” but something that will have to be given routinely like the annual flu shot.  Pento says, “This is going to pave the way for phase two of this reckoning or what I call the ‘Greater Depression.’”

What does the “Greater Depression” look like?   Pento says, “Get ready for stagflation, and that’s what I call the ‘Greater Depression.’  That’s when the real chaos begins. . . . You can make an argument that the Fed can fight deflation because it can continue to prop up asset prices.  That’s true, and it’s a proven fact, but what does the Fed do when inflation starts to run intractable?  When inflation becomes the problem, what can the Fed do?  Promise to buy stocks and print more money?  What can the Fed do?  Print money to buy down interest rates when the economy is in full revolt?  When money managers are shorting bonds and driving yields to the moon.  No, the only thing they can do is stop printing money and promise to fight inflation.  That’s when you are going to get 6,000 on the Dow Jones Industrial average because there’s nothing they can do.  The Fed will be rendered impotent.”

Pento suggests that people “get out of all financial products with an adjustable interest rate” and lock in at historically low fixed rates.

In closing, Pento says, “This is the best environment for gold I have ever seen in my career.  This is in an environment where debt and deficits are surging. . . . So, debt is exploding, and what does gold like?  It likes falling real interest rates.  It likes exploding debt, and a little ticker on that is a dollar that’s weakening.  That’s why I really like gold.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with money manager Michael Pento.

(Correction:  Pento says, “It was Moderna not Astra Zeneca that went up intra-day on leaked information.  Pento adds, “Both companies are working on Covid 19 vaccines.”)

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  1. Rachel

    Awesome interview Greg! Michael Pento is a guy who has his mind firmly planted into reality…
    And as if all those Fed and Government interventions and Wall Street MMT money manipulations isn’t enough now we now also have billionaire Eric Sprott deciding to speed a few things up in the silver market by dumping 1.5 billion dollars into it.

    Guess he needs to speed up the valuation hikes on all those share prices of the small minors that he has been accumulating on mass lately. Let’s see how much he can shift the market in his favour. He’ll either get a wobble up and then back down or if his timing is right he’ll push it out of it’s trading range and cause other investors to pile in!

    • Her Majesty's Regent

      Yes this Martin Armstrong is now claiming gold and silver are going to go up rapidly. However, in previous interviews with Greg he always just made a face when Greg mention precious metals and said it’s not an institutional investment. Weather vanes have more consistently than this Armstrong guy. He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. Most people on here have seen a gold and silver bull market as inevitable.

    • K. Wayne

      I too have pondered …Mr Sprott’s sudden whim.
      He has over the last several years had ample opportunity to place his order…and yet now was seen as the most opportune time…..does he see what we don’t see? Is the Futures (CRIMEX) game finished…are we headed toward real price discovery….are the short Bullion Banks about to fold their positions (hand)? These questions and more suggest there is indeed a real momentum shift. His timing, if the above hold true, will be written into history.

      • Rachel

        Yes K.Wayne, He is a billionaire for a reason.

        • K. Wayne

          There’s an old saying…..
          You can quite easily become a Millionaire… simply making the wrong investment choices whilst you are a Billionaire!!
          Sprott’s objective would be to stay that way….NO ?
          (Billionaire’s have been known to make BAD investment decisions).

    • Self Exiled

      Rachel farther on in the comments is an event concerning your questions to me earlier about my self exile.

    • Gary C

      Eric Sprott put his money where his mouth is and bought the actual metal. JPM just made
      A lot of money on their two million ounces of silver but got hammered on their short
      positions, thanks to Sprott. “Its about time”

      The Robinhood traders should be jumping in soon.

  2. Lou Robson

    Walmart vs Kroeger On Face Masks
    •Streamed live on Jul 20, 2020

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Pento,a truly sobering analysis of the economy.From a peasant here in the UK,I can only re-iterate Mr Pento’s words,”the world needs America”and more importantly we outside the USA need the God fearing and praying people of the USA more now than ever.Here in the UK the COMMIES are deeply embedded in our lives and there is little we can do about it.The lies and deceit of our media and courts and politicians and now the medical establishment is quite something to behold,even the British Army are spying on the people of the UK via the 77th Brigade.The economy is a lying joke without US Dollars the British Pound would be dead.As for the COMMIES in Europe and their sick parades of lies that killing people by neglect and police shootings.
    Still Russia seems inordinately interested in us here in the UK because of our connections to the USA via GCHQ who are spying on the American people.
    Still our police have covert mobile phone masts that listen in on mobile phone output,which has been mirrored by Russian security teams since the late 1990s and even upgraded to 5G at our expense,go figure!
    Still the vast theft of money continues unabated in the City of London and the blood money is so gently cleaned.
    Of course Mr Xi nor China are involved in this via the British Virgin Island,seemingly,although Prof J Hobson at Hallam University has been tracking $Trillions coming out of China for years,note the US Dollars all nicely cleaned through SWIFT and the EroDollar mechanism.
    Still the only economic activity here in the UK is housing as all the builders make oodles of money whilst phage free,seemingly!Encrypted phones and encrypted house operating systems are selling like hot cakes,anything else,not so much.We are expected to “enjoy”our decrepit countryside where the STASI(formerly police)sit in wait to torture you and our weather will stun you for Summer.Never mind,our queen can flee to her little bolt hole in Scotland where the monarchy is enforcing their own irrelevance.
    The COMMIES and the useful idiots abound here in the UK ensuring religion,particularly the hated Catholics,are unable to take part in Holy Communion.Never mind that a sandwich chain,Greggs,who closed because they were UNABLE to prevent the spread of a faecal-transmitted disease,can now re-open serving faecal-encrusted food.All so fair and logical.
    Good luck with the vaccines if they ever see the light of day,after all Dr Fauci assured us all that an AIDS vaccine was not far off in 1988.
    Still our COMMIE driven economy still sucks here in the UK

  4. R J Wolf

    Another outstanding interview, Greg. HooRah!! I’m not a class half empty kind of guy, but Michael Pento looks worried, and for obvious reasons. Personally, I keep going back to “KISS”, keep it simple stupid! I’m wanting to keep my life as simple as possible. No debt, heavy on God, Gold, Guns and Groceries (stored food and water). I think that will work for me for now and no vaccines. Now, if I could just figure out how to set the alarm on my radio, life would be grand. The glass is still half full!!
    Thanks again, Greg for bringing Michael Pento on !!

  5. Marie Joy

    So, if a little white cloud came down, and ate all bankers, would all this go away?

    • paul ...

      Marie … What will eat the bankers is “a cloud of dust” and a high high old silver coin … and those millennials “to poor” to buy a $23 dollar one ounce silver coin … now seem to be hoarding US copper coins … don’t believe the “fake news” media that tells you it is due to the Corona Plandemic ( ) … people are finally waking up to the Fed’s debasement of their currency … and they are beginning to hoard “real” metal coins … it is a historical fact that the common people begin to take “good money out of circulation” when their currency is debased … way back in the 3rd Century when Rome dramatically debased its money supply … people back then also began hoarding and burying coins of the realm … that’s why today we still find tremendous hoards of these buried Roman coins … the American people are now doing what the Roman people did … they are hoarding metal coins to protect themselves from an out of control Fed that is debasing our money supply exponentially!!
      PS: What this current coin shortage in the US is telling us is: “There is a Collapse in Confidence in the US Dollar” … keep in mind how the Roman emperor Maximinus declared: “All Wealth Belongs to the State” … he was one of the earliest “commie Marxists” … hoarding of US “copper coinage” will continue on a grand scale until the Fed stops printing to bring confidence back … or perhaps they will simply have the Treasury stamp “5 cents” on the new penny coins made (and stamp “25 cents” on the new nickels made … etc., etc. … the same way German Reichsmarks were re-stamped with a higher value? … so if history is any guide … hoarding your loose change may possibly return you 5 times your money!!

      • paul ...

        However … hoarding “old silver coins” can multiply your money more then just 5 times … if a one ounce silver coin selling for $23 dollars goes to its true Debt Clock value of $3,926 dollars one can make 170 times your money (quite good investment potential if you ask me)!!

    • Self Exiled

      No, there is someone waiting ,watching, drooling to take those positions; allways. I’m listening to children yelling screaming playing in middle 0f street, no mask. Some things are just inevitable: for such is the Kingdom of God. Except you have the faith of one of these little ones!

  6. Marie Joy

    Expect Mad Max and take anything less as a gift.

  7. andyb

    Pento lost me on his inflation analysis. True inflation has averaged 7-10% (compounded!!!) every year for the last decade (Shadowstats and the Chapwood Index). Note the shrinkage of canned goods from 16 oz to 12 oz and now 10 oz. Cereal boxes from 20 oz to 16 oz then to 12 oz, now at 9 oz. Hamburger (80/20) at $6/lb regardless of the reason. If you do not drive any more, the decrease in price at the gas pump means diddley. Rents have doubled in 5 years. Etc etc.

    As to vaccines. the only effective ones were tetanus, measles, smallpox and to a lesser extent polio. All over 50 years ago. Since then no vaccines have performed well. The annual flu shots are a joke; hit or miss, mainly miss. Any vaccine for covid will be rushed and should not be trusted.

    • Paul in Oz

      Andyb, you are correct in terms of apples to apples inflation … however, the fake stats of today as Mr. Pento explained includes the use of substitution , chicken for steak, rice and beans for chicken, in terms of shelter, there is lots of funny business there as well. Since the markets are still at this point driven by fake stats, as evidenced by the “value” of the fiat currencies backed by massive debt, a stock market supported by further money printing and extremely over irrational exuberance … I believe his analysis is excellent … It is also the reason we should be thankful that Greg brings on a wide variety of voices who essentially point to. both the need for wealth preservation to the extent possible and also the stockpiling of useful supplies that will allow survival once credit collapses … Greg’s other advice to absolutely minimizing your debt to the lowest possible level is also great advice.

  8. Jerry

    My wife spoke to her niece who lives in Hong Kong the other night. Hong Kong is under lockdown again. I believe we are seeing the beginning of the second wave. This time around the technocrats will be going for the kill shot by bringing a much stronger mutated virus.

    Following the Rockefeller blueprint, mandatory testing will be coming, as this new virus rears it’s ugly head and the public cries for a resolution.. Multiple sources are saying that the test kits will be
    loaded with a hydrogel payload to link your biological system with a
    Cloud. After seeing the Microsoft patent for the program, I am no longer doubting these reports. Hard decisions are coming. Get your spiritual house in order, and pray for deliverance.

    I apologize Greg for not staying on topic, but I’m seeing a much larger agenda being orchestrated by the globalist that is staring us right in the face. Thanks for having Michael on. His work is impeccable.

    • Jerry

      As far as mandatory vaccinations?

      Just remember what Walmart did this week. Mandatory mask. They do this in stages. It’s called conditioning.

        • JC

          Bill and Melinda are leading the charge!
          Hey, another catchy phrase they are using…

          Covid 19: ‘No one is safe until everyone is safe.’

        • JC

          “Those of us who are guilty of wrongthink will not be allowed into any stores, will be denied treatment at government or corporate-owned healthcare facilities, won’t be allowed to board a plane or enter any large-venue sporting event, meeting hall, etc. You will effectively become a non-person without a certified digital certificate proving you’ve been vaccinated. No vaccine, no service. Bill Gates said this. Everything else he has said about not returning to “normal” has been accurate. I think it’s time we started taking him seriously.”

          ” Our only true place of refuge is in Jesus Christ, who surely is watching all of this and getting his army of holy angels ready to sound the final trumpet call, at which time He will descend from the clouds with a flash of lightning from east to west. Every knee will bow, not to Black Lives Matter or any billionaire technocrat, but to the King of the Universe.”

          • Jerry

            I couldn’t agree more.

      • K. Wayne

        I agree…in fact…..

        K. Wayne 07/21/2020 • Chris Martenson interview
        You have raised a few points here.
        1) The so called “Vaccine” for SARS-COV2 should not be called a Vaccine (Catherine Austin Fitts) given the toxic substances that will be used in the Injection protocols for the greater population.
        2) We should therefore start to use the correct verbiage to ensure the public is more informed – “Toxic Injections – including aborted fetal tissue, heavy metals, live strains of infectious viruses”…
        3) The current conditioning…of wearing face masks (now mandatory for Walmart and a few others)… the precursor to the Vaccine. It is the testing ground. Once they have saturated the public with acceptance and obedience, they can then move to the next phase. No entry permitted without a Mask. Refusal of service. I sense that the Virus will become overwhelmingly infectious under Wave II or III ……to the point that they will push the agenda for Vaccines (lethal injections). They will get the desired acceptance and compliance because they will have accomplished their goal of conditioning the masses to accept their solution.
        That’s where they will take the Vaccine – ensuring your life will be forever monitored and controlled, once they link it up with Tracing technology and Electronic currency….patents already in place (Microsoft ) –

  9. Ray

    Magnificent interview……..Pento The Patriot Missile into the very heart of Global Financial Malfeasance. …..right on target as always.
    Thank you Greg and Michael so very much.
    Here is my brief analysis of THE ENTIRE problem facing the financial world with its’ current rancid structure.
    Just say I lean over my neighbour’s fence and ask him to loan me 10 hammers.
    If he only has 2 hammers, then he can only ever actually loan me 2…..that’s it…..physically, just 2.
    In our financial system, the bank (your neighbour), might only physically have “2 hammers”, but he is allowed to trick you into thinking that he has lent you 18 (9:1 ratio), and then after you have used them for whatever purpose, you have to pay him back in at least 19 or 20 PHYSICAL hammers.
    He lends you something that doesn’t even exist……you pay him back, after all your sweat and toil, with something that does now physically exist (or does it?……..interesting argument right there to be sure!)
    The system just cannot remain stable……..eventually, the entire charade is utterly exposed by pure mathematics, once the multiple layers of deceit are inevitably unwound.
    So then…….here we are…..July 22nd, 2020……..Humanity at a point of complete chaos and deep set spiritual unhappiness the world over.
    Why has our species failed at such an intrinsic level?
    Sometimes I think it is because Humanity, like no other species, has an ability /need to hide the very plainest of truths from itself, even unto its’ total ruin.
    No other species does this.
    The old elephant dies after a long and magnificent life, alone in the desert…….a natural passing.
    The flower beams with colour then wilts away…..a natural passing.
    The fish swims upstream to spawn then dies away willingly…..a natural passing.
    Not so the Human.
    The Human will find any and all manner of ways to resist and cheat away the inevitable, even until its’ complete & utter destruction, along with the destruction of many and all around it.
    It is endings we seem to fear……yet nature shows us that endings are everywhere…….as are beginnings. Both are everywhere, and both need each other to exist.
    It is THE most beautiful juxtaposition.
    What the human fails to see / acknowledge is the circle…….the human can only see the straight line.
    In this epoch, we face a purely mathematical destruction in terms of financial catastrophe……yet even here, we resist the mathematics and say “No…………no……the course must be stayed”………. even to our TOTAL destruction.
    It’s just so sad.
    Then again, what better lesson for a species than to made to face the truth, even if it means destruction?
    Again, another interesting argument.
    Yet inner even more tonight my thoughts do go, and I will share these here with my USAWATCHDOG peers for their reflection and wise comment.
    Afghanistan……..a nation cruelly obliterated and lost due to circumstances unwise, unjust and unfair.
    Iraq………a nation cruelly obliterated and lost due to circumstances unwise, unjust and unfair.
    America (and Australia)……….need I even type out the sentence?
    Here we go…….this is REALLY IT.
    This probably is THE END…….for no amount of turning away, no amount of kidding ourselves about actual reality will can now save us from actual reality.
    Surely Ayn Rand dwells in heaven with tears in her eyes, that’s for sure.
    Good luck to you all, my love and best wishes be with you always.
    Ray, Canberra, Soon To Be Lost & Obliterated Nation.

    • JC

      I like your hammer analogy. Good point. Really puts things in perspective. 👍

      • Ray

        Thanks JC 🙂
        Have to admit, I picked it up from Paul Crignon’s “Money As Debt” a few years back.
        You can watch it on You Tube…..really good stuff…..done in a cool animation, but cleverly illustrates how modern “money” has simply been turned into unfathomable, unethical and unplayable debt.
        I got in contact with Paul about five years ago (he’s in Canada) and purchased a 10 DVD pack for about $110 Aussie dollars (rather than download has hard work from You Tube)……….I gave them out as Christmas presents to family and friends.
        Everyone loved it.
        Take care JC……..always look forward to and enjoy your comments mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Arma gettin outa here! Exit Stage Left

      Ray, Don’t despair,
      Be of good courage! Jesus’ prophecy about the last days indicates that several significant developments will take place during the time leading up to Armageddon. The first two events are both mentioned in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.?—Read Matthew 24:29-31; Mark 13:23-27; Luke 21:25-28.

      Celestial phenomena. Jesus foretells: “The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven.” Certainly the religious leaders will not be looked to for light?—they will no longer be identified as such. Was Jesus also referring to a supernatural manifestation in the heavens? Perhaps he was. (Isa. 13:9-11; Joel 2:1, 30, 31) How will people react to what they observe? They will be in “anguish” because of “not knowing the way out.” (Luke 21:25; Zeph. 1:17) Yes, enemies of God’s Kingdom?—from ‘kings to slaves’—?will grow “faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming” and will run for cover. Yet, they will find no hiding place secure enough for them to escape the wrath of our King.?—Luke 21:26; 23:30; Rev. 6:15-17.

      Pronouncement of judgment. All enemies of God’s Kingdom will then be forced to witness an event that will intensify their agony. Jesus states: “They will see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.” (Mark 13:26) This supernatural display of power will signal that Jesus has come to pronounce judgment. In another part of this same prophecy about the last days, Jesus gives more details about the judgment that will be pronounced at this time. We find that information in the parable of the sheep and the goats. (Read Matthew 25:31-33, 46.) Loyal supporters of God’s Kingdom will be judged as “sheep” and will “lift up [their] heads,” realizing that their “deliverance is getting near.” (Luke 21:28) However, Kingdom opposer’s will be judged as “goats” and will “beat themselves in grief,” realizing that “everlasting cutting-out” ouch, awaits them.?—Matt. 24:30; Rev. 1:7.

      After Jesus pronounces his judgment on “all the nations,” several significant events are still to occur before the war of Armageddon begins. (Matt. 25:32) Consider two of those events: the attack of Gog and the gathering of anointed ones. As we examine those two events, we need to keep in mind that God’s Word does not reveal the exact timing of these events. In fact, it seems likely that one will overlap the other to some extent.

      An all-out attack. Gog of Magog will attack the remaining anointed ones and their other sheep companions. (Read Ezekiel 38:2, 11.) This attack against established Kingdom rule will be Satan’s last battle in a war that he has been waging against us, Jesus anointed remnant since his, Satan’s, expulsion from heaven. (Rev. 12:7-9, 17) Especially since we began to be gathered into a restored Christian congregation, through out the earth and by means of the INTERNET! Satan has tried to destroy our spiritual prosperity and is proof!—But to no avail. (Matt. 13:30) However, at the time when all false religious organizations are gone and God’s people are seemingly living “unprotected by walls, bars, or gates,” Satan will see a golden opportunity. He will incite his wicked enforcers to move in for an all-out attack on those who are supporters of his, thy will be done on Earth’s, Kingdom!

      Ezekiel describes what will happen. Regarding Gog, the prophecy states: “You will come from your place, from the remotest parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great assembly, a vast army. Like clouds covering the land, you will come against my people.” (Ezek. 38:15, 16) What will be God’s response to this seemingly unstoppable invasion? “My great rage will flare up,” declares Jehovah. “I will call for a sword.” (Ezek. 38:18, 21; read Zechariah 2:8. American Standard Version) Jehovah will intervene in behalf of his servants on earth. That intervention is the war of Armageddon.

      Before we move forward in time to consider how God will defend his people during the war of Armageddon, let us pause for a moment and examine another significant event. This one will occur at some point between the beginning of Satan’s all-out attack and the beginning of Jesus’s intervention at Armageddon. As noted in paragraph 11, this second event is a gathering, both Matthew and Mark recorded Jesus’s words about the “chosen ones,” as part of a series of events, that will occur before the outbreak of Armageddon. Speaking about himself as King, Jesus prophesies: “Then he will send out the angels and will gather his chosen ones together from the four winds, from earth’s extremity to heaven’s extremity.” (Mark 13:27; Matt. 24:31) To what act of gathering is Jesus here referring? He is not speaking about the final sealing of Christians, which will occur just before the great tribulation begins. (Rev. 7:1-3) Instead, Jesus refers to an event that will take place during the coming great tribulation. Thus, apparently at some point after the start of Satan’s all-out attack on God’s people, some will be gathered to heaven.
      How does this gathering relate to the event that will occur next, Armageddon? The timing of the gathering indicates that all those who will be in heaven before God’s war of Armageddon begins, with Christ.They will receive authority to share with Jesus in wielding “an iron rod” of destruction against all enemies of God’s Kingdom. (Rev. 2:26, 27) Then, together with powerful angels and even resurrected ones, will follow Christ the Warrior-King, as he sets out to confront the “vast army” of enemies that is closing in on its prey?—God’s people, on Earth. (Ezek. 38:15) When that violent confrontation takes place, the war of Armageddon is on!?—Rev. 16:16.

  10. Joanna

    There are therapeutics to treat this but the Bill Gate trolls (Fauci, Birx, Redfield) are making sure this information is being silenced. They have an agenda and no one is going to stop them! Let’s hope Trump does!

  11. al

    I remember back in November 2019 watching “escaped” videos from China of people being snatched in the streets because some flying drone took their temperature and found them to have a fever. Vans pull up, soldiers come out and the people are dragged in kicking and screaming. A Marxist Democrap’s dream.
    That’s just one of many videos I saw concerning this virus at the time. I thought for sure China would have it contained, but since the WORLDWIDE Deep State couldn’t start a war, I guess they allowed this PLANdemic to infiltrate the World somehow.

    Then I found out through similar translated videos that this virus was created in a Chinese Military Lab and they had a vaccine/antidote for it already but the doctors who developed it mysteriously disappeared or got “Epsteined”.
    This virus should not be taken lightly, but like everything out of China, it’s of bad quality, it doesn’t work well on most humans, only the vulnerable.

    My Wife does Clinical Trials for a living and some trials take YEARS to prove a particular substance works.. Pento is 100% correct! It’s an arduous process at best!
    No vaccine could be safely disseminated so quickly unless someone had the genome at the ready.

    The BLOOD-GUILTY MARXIST ENEMY MEDIA was not only silent about this fact, they made it sound like a conspiracy theory if you mentioned the fact that the virus was MAN MADE!!! (“dr.” Sanjay Gupta of CNN!!! YOU BLOOD-GUILTY SHILL!!! )
    If the drug companies have this data in hand, that explains the quick development of this vaccine. It may actually work but I don’t pollute my body with such substances.

    COVID 19 is the catalyst they needed for a deflationary mechanism to ultimately kill the monetary system! A war would have done it but they couldn’t start one.
    This is a necessary precursor in order to ultimately usher in higher interest rates and hyperinflation in the near future, but not before the HELICOPTER MONEY PHASE (ala Ben Bernanke)

    PENTO IS ON THE MONEY! I am in the process of refinancing my home and buying everything I will need in the future for cheap, right now, or pay dearly for it later. I have no credit cards or adjustable rate debt. Like the Government, I borrow cheap and pay it back with hyper-inflated currency.

    As for PANTIfa, BSBLM and all the Marxist ploys the Marxist Enemy Media loves to fear porn on, you are looking at .0001 of 1% of the population. A few thugs empowered by Communist Marxist Dempcraps and the ENEMY MEDIA making it SEEM like it’s a large number, but in actuality it’s extremely infinitesimal number.

    As for the Federal Reserve, they DON’T EXIST ANY MORE, not in their original state anyway… They died the same time this PLANdemic/SCAMdemic occurred. The Treasury now holds the purse strings and interest rates are now dictated by Minuchin, not Powell.
    PROOF: Do you ever see Powell in front of Congress or the Senate speaking of stimulus? In times past it would be the Fed Chair to do so, now it’s Minuchin! Powell is a figure head.

    Thank you Greg for another thought provoking interview
    Pento is a great Man

    • Free Slave

      Thank you al for your thought provoking commentary. I often skip the long posts but yours are worth the read, right on as usual, and well considered.

  12. Cole Davis

    The service you provide us is truly a wonderful blessing. Michael is one of the best persons you interview. Excellent. Thank you, Greg

  13. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview, thanks.
    To support your valiant efforts to keep ‘ hydroxychloroquine + zinc + azithromycin treatment for early stage Covid-19’ front and centre – the link goes to a Fox interview with a Yale epidemiology professor who posits that failure to provide this medication could cost 100,000 lives in the US.

  14. Mike

    How can a vaccine be developed so fast? The developers had advanced knowledge of the virus before it was released into the public. The “plandemic” can be used to make lots of money if the developers embrace evil in all its forms. The moral person can be blind to what evil is possible.

  15. JC

    M. Pento:
    ‘We’re turning into Rome, bread and circuses.’

    Doesn’t that mean we’re doomed?

    • Self Exiled

      If Christ is returning soon all forms of government are doomed.

  16. Baja

    GR8. Job Greg !
    How bout dim Silver ! High Ho Silver….Away !

  17. paul ...

    You know … I sit here and listen to all the things Pento warns us about … and can’t help thinking that it points to a time of “fine wine” and roses for all of us … a time when there will be “No Fed” … and fiat monetary creation “comes to a stop and stabilizes at a set level” set by the price of Gold and Silver (as calculated by the US Debt Clock) … anyone who has ever made their own wine will understand my thinking perfectly … consider the Fed (being like a yeast cell) it is currently eating all the sugar (assets) in the economy … creating bubbles along with toxic alcohol (debt dollars) … as the alcohol (money printing) in our worldwide economic environment (the bottle of wine) gets more toxic … it is going to kill the yeast cell (the Fed) that never stop eating sugar until it dies in its own excrement (fiat dollars) … and alcoholic reading (Gold and Silver prices) rise to the necessary level to make our economy “a fine bottle of wine” … that we can put on the dinner table with some roses and begin to enjoy life once again … and get a bit intoxicated by the warm and fuzzy feeling one gets knowing the Fed is dead … in fact if Gold and Silver levels go into bubbles it will make a very very fine Champagne to celebrate the occasion … but this means we “God-bugs” must continue to put upward pressure on Gold and Silver (by owning between 5% to 7%) which should allow it reach the necessary US Debt Clock “toxic levels” necessary to kill off Société Generale, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank Bank, etc., etc., etc., down to JP Morgan and the Fed!!!

    • JC

      paul… wine and roses? Are you feeling… nostalgic?

      • paul ...

        Yes JC … we will be closing the door on the Fed!!

    • Free Slave

      Nobody ever gives up power without a fight, especially the kind of power that is on the line.

      This is going to be ugly.

      Don’t count on living happily ever after. Our generation won’t see that. Maybe our kids or grand kids will get there.

    • lancelot

      There must have been coronavirus back then because The Lone Ranger always wore a mask. Never did catch that virus, that I know of. He should have patented the mask. He then could have bought a gold saddle and silver horse shoes for Silver.

      • paul ...

        The Lone Ranger mask did not cover the mouth the way the Marxists are doing today (likely to psychologically “stifle our freedom of speech” while the evil “commie” puppet “Google” is actually banning Q from the internet for simply asking questions!! … here is question Q would have likely asked if he was not recently banned by Google and their covert helpers: Why are Demon-rats voting for a man (Biden) to be President of the United States who is currently being charged with “High Treason” in the Ukraine for interfering in that countries Justice System the way Demon-rats have interfered in our US Justice System (that still won’t lock up Hillary)???

  18. Stan

    Last night in after hours trading you saw a picture-perfect textbook blow-off in the metals. Not only am I still short Gold and Silver, I doubled down and shorted more in the last 24 hours with leverage. This feels like 1980 or 2013 for Gold. I can feel it! I even put one of my Bentley’s and my Park Ave South condo up for collateral. Hope u Gold Bugs enjoy waiving those pom poms while you can.

    • JC

      Stan, gold is at $1863 and you told “paul…” that you would jump off a bridge if gold hit $1950.00. Only $87.00 to go! Aren’t you getting nervous?

      And Greg still hasn’t received your postcard from St. Maarten.

      • JC

        Stan, now, gold is at $1867.90…

        I’m sure you didn’t forget our agreement that you would advise me of the time and location of your jump in advance so I could have a friend meet you on the NY bridge and record your jump. Remember?

        • Self Exiled

          Hey, remember I’m first in line for the Bentley. I called it first.

      • Stan

        JC: Not nervous at all

    • paul ...

      Stan … Stan … Stan … what can I say? … from what I see here … … you better re-check your parachute bag as it looks like you will soon be jumping from the George Washington Bridge … a hang-glider would be better (as it is not to likely a parachute will open in time)!! … you were talking about the steel bridge between NY and NJ weren’t you? … because I know George Washington wore false teeth … and perhaps (like those devious banksters you hang out with) … you were simply planning on jumping from the height of George Washington’s bridge work!!!

      • paul ...

        Like Q … I have a question for you Stan … are you helping fund BLM to pull down all the statues of George Washington to make the “little jump” you are planning easily survivable??

        • paul ...

          Stan … Remember “back in the olden days” on March 19, 2020 when I told you to buy Silver because at $14.80 fiat dollars per ounce it was a bargain? … well … remember what I tell you now … Silver at it’s current price of $23 fiat dollars per ounce it is “even cheaper now” then back then (because of all the fiat dollar printing the Fed is now doing trying to bail out everyone in the world)!!!

          • paul ...

            Where the price of Silver ultimately goes depends on the belief and courage of us “God-bugs” … and we have plenty of that … we are used to Satanist perverts “Feeding Us To The Lions” (of money debasement) by criminal Central Bankers (who in the US took our 100 cent dollar and made it worth less then 2 cents) … we God-bugs conquered over Rome … and we will very soon conquer over the Fed!! … right now Stan the US Debt Clock ( calculates the “true price” of Silver to be $3,926 dollars per ounce (when normalized for all the fiat paper IOU’s the Fed has created … up until today) … tomorrow is another story!!! …
            PS: Remember that back on March 19, 2020 the US Debt Clock only had Silver valued at $1,138 dollars per ounce (it’s now valued 3 times higher) … do you see Silver 3 times higher then the $14.80 it was at on March 19th?? … it should be at least $44.40 right now … so much for your false belief that we are at a top!!!

            • paul ...

              Stan … With all your losses in the gold market “you need to listen” when Jim Sinclair is interviewed by Greg … Greg doesn’t have many guests on who own a gold mine (TVX) … so use your God given brains and contemplate the fact that “Sinclair came on to be interviewed just when his stock was bottoming out back on May 10th 2020 at 65 cents (his stock is now about to break over a dollar (and seems intent on reaching its mid-2016 high) … what I’m suggesting to you Stan is that “you should take notice of Sinclair’s gold stock price next time he is on” … he could be subtly giving us Watchdogers a heads -up!!!

          • Stan

            Paul: Silver was $50 in 1980, today it is less than half than. The long term chart points to $3.75 silver. I am heavily short silver and not worried one bit.

            • Greg Hunter

              Are you worried about those gold shorts at $1,200 to 1,300????? You are so far down you can see the Titanic!

    • George Beissel

      You are sooo full of ………..!!!!!!!!

    • GVB

      Proof is never found in the agreement of all persons. It its interesting to say the least. Let’s see who is right. Never forget the physical market.

      • GVB

        Furthermore, You might be surprised that a good portion of what we consider white hats in financial communities are doing their best not to blow up the physical market. We want ordinary life to continue. No going back to Dark Ages. I intend to be part of the serious game. No betting on fake paper markets that are already in default. But that’s a well kept secret, I understand. For as long as it takes. This is it man. Place your bets.

    • Russ F

      hmmm, so what do you call today’s move?
      Almost 8% higher after your so called blow-off.
      Enjoy your Bentley and condo before your margin call.
      Assuming you even own them versus owing money to the banks on them.

    • Ray

      How much are you “selling” gold for then?
      What’s your short price?
      I’d like to buy some from you.
      Oh……that’s right….. you don’t actually have any gold to sell, do you!
      As others here have mused, the only Bentley in your possession would be a 20 year old carrot munching donkey!
      Ahhhh Stan………the delusional life you orchestrate within your mind must be quite the torturous mental prison indeed.
      Ray, Canberra, Lao Dog Nation

    • Nick-Dog

      I am sure you are a great valet Stan!

    • Free Slave

      Sounds like gambling to me. You must be young. Old people like me don’t play with our savings like that.

      Silver has screamed higher in the last couple of days and you suggest there has been some sort of blow off? That is laughable.

      You really can’t be serious. I’m surprised you continue to make such ridiculous posts on this forum. Do you get paid to troll or do you just enjoy doing it?

    • Rodster

      Please everyone, listen to the Class Clown and USAWatchdog Troll. He knows what he’s talking about. Sell your Gold ASAP and buy Deutsche Bank stock instead. If you follow the sage advice of the Class Clown you too can own 45 imaginary Bentley’s and rub shoulders with the banking elite.

      But just an FYI, you may not have enough Gold at your disposal because the Class Clown owns more Gold than China.

    • K. Wayne

      Hope you have another place to live and another ride.
      You should know full well that posting collateral is the Banker’s Wet dream. They salivate at the mere thought of those handing over assets. The rigged system….your bankster buddies didn’t let you in on their little secret!!
      The so called “Blow-off “top you refer to is more correctly termed the New Gold Era.
      The party is only just starting.

    • Jeannette Rowden

      I’m glad you checked in. I’ve been wondering how your ‘shorts’ are doing. However, I think this is just a game with you and Greg. You are probably not shorting any metals at this point. No one could be that dumb.

  19. JC

    Coming soon: War with China?
    BEIJING/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States has told China to close its consulate in Houston in a dramatic worsening of ties between the world’s two biggest economies, and a source said Beijing was considering shutting the U.S. consulate in Wuhan in retaliation.

    • JC

      CHINESE EMBASSY IN HOUSTON ***BURNING DOCUMENTS*** – Japan Did Same Before Pearl Harbor Attack

      The Chinese Embassy in Houston has suddenly begun BURNING DOCUMENTS. The smoke from the papers being burned was so thick, area neighbors called the fire department, which was forbidden to enter Embassy grounds.

      The destruction of Diplomatic documents began after two Chinese nationals were Indicted for Espionage; stealing US Secrets about the Coronavirus Vaccine, Corporate secrets and state secrets. Japan engaged in similar burnings before Pearl Harbor attack in 1941.

      How will the stock market when war starts?

  20. Tom Wigand


    Your usual good work.

    Mr. Pento’s comments about doubting that Washington could come together if the Democrats seize control (they can’t win in an honest election) I thought was well intentioned, but (with all due respect) naive.

    If you happened to watch Tucker Carlson’s monologue last night about the Senate filibuster, it’s clear (if it wasn’t before) that if the Democrat-Communists get power, they intend to ram their agenda through, period:

    This should be no surprise. All four major forms of Collectivism (Communism, Socialism, Fascism and Progressivism) are totalitarian philosophies — and act accordingly once they achieve sufficient power.

    If the Democrat Party gets Congress and the White House in November, we will be well into Venezuela status before the next Presidential election (if there is another).

    In turn, without America “as founded” — the world goes down (as Ronald Reagan told us circa 1964).

    If the Democrats get power, the markets will quickly be irrelevant — the rush for Covid drive toilet paper purchases will seem like the good old days.

  21. Dave

    The extra money that the unemployed are now getting will not be eliminated in the new Cares bill. The GOP will compromise and cut back slightly on the amount. Instead of 600 maybe 500. Bottom line, the unemployed will still receive more for not working than for working. There is the reason Pelosi made the extra money one of the non-negotiables in the first bill. She knew the GOP could not in an election year eliminate it. Pelosi maneuvered Trump and the GOP into a corner on this one. As Phil of Phil’s gang said just yesterday on his podcast – if Trump takes the money back he will lose. 15:50 – 23:00 on the podcast. Phil also reinforces much of what Michael Pento said:

    It’s nice to see yet another of Greg’s guests mention income inequality as a threat to the stability of the country. Martenson and Celente have been hammering this for a while now. If you happened to watch Tucker last night he lambasted Bezos for the huge amount of money he has made during the Covid crisis. Tucker is a “new school” conservative who has focused attention on the dangers of income inequality and the collapse of the middle class. As Tucker handed off to Hannity, Hannity tried to reinforce the “old school” conservative argument on income inequality and riff Tucker a bit. Tucker had an incredulous look on his face after Hannity did that. Priceless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah day but you don’t fix commie “income in equality” with Marxism. You fix it by bringing back bankruptcy. Those assets are re-llocated to competent people in bankruptcy instead of bailing out stupid incompetent people like Warren Buffett.

      • Dave

        No. It isn’t fixed by Marxism, but the longer it goes unaddressed the more extreme the counterreaction will be. Tucker Carlson and many in the younger emerging conservative movement have been warning about this. The Carlson/Hannity handoff the other night displayed this contrast between old and new conservatism on the issue of income inequality.

        One thing capitalisms needs is people of virtue at the helm – without that one ends up with laissez faire capitalism that exploits labor in sweatshops as happens with companies producing “cheap” products in a number of Asian countries.

        • Greg Hunter

          “People of virtue” is Bull crap. Bring back bankruptcy and Glass Steagall. Hannity and Carlson know nothing about what the hell is going on.

  22. FC

    You’re exactly right, my investments were done years ago and at the same time we have formed our own community in our rural area so we are able to survive the best we can away from the up coming violence and the political system.
    Family and friends are beginning to ask me, what can they do to protect themselves?
    My reply is for them to take the financial hit and sell their city dwellings and head out into the country, plant a vegetable garden and with any left over cash, invest it in precious metals.
    The look on their faces is priceless and I know they won’t do it voluntarily because of the financial hit they will take, but eventually they will be forced to flee for their own survival, with only the clothes on their backs, taking the ultimate hit.

  23. Gaylene Muir

    Victorian government ‘has utterly failed on the basics’
    3,813 views•Jul 22, 2020 Sky News Australia
    The Victorian government has utterly failed to do the basics in the state and was tough on what “makes next to no difference” in stopping the spread of COVID-19 says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.
    Another Economy Down The Crapper

    DHS defends presence in Portland amid unrest, answers press questions
    •Streamed live 20 hours ago

  24. B. Badenough

    Aunt Pelosi Announces it, “Coup Against Trump”
    A coup is an admission that the left knows they can’t win in November!
    Na na na na na!!!!!
    •Streamed live 4 hours ago The Common Sense Show

    Never Seen Panic Like This? It’s Time! This Is Not About Another 4 Year Election
    •Jul 21, 2020

    The tabloids have been turned, he’s now after them!
    Will He Succeed? You Be The Judge, Here Come Da JUDGE!
    Turn the volume all the way up, enjoy.

  25. SolarGuy - Mario Borsato

    I agree
    Vaccines in general are no good. This one will be particularly bad. Bad as in biometric ID and something toxic I’m pretty sure.
    Bill Gates is involved….

  26. SolarGuy - Mario Borsato

    Mr Miller
    Another good comment. I’ve wondered lately with people saying to pay down debt, get out of the market get some PM and property…. how about buy some food, water purification, ammo, comms, first aid supplies, batteries, solar gear for living without the grid….
    The last thing I’m doing with my little bit of money is putting it on to my debt!!!
    Pray and get prepared!!!

  27. donna s.

    Nice interview . This all sounds dire to me and the walk up the the election in my opinion is not going to be good. If Trump wins there will be major riots ( worse than we see now ) and if He loses there will be riots . I think this election and the aftermath is something we all have to worry about for so many reasons. This bring up a few questions.
    1( why would they run Biden when it is obvious to most that he has some sort of dementia? it is as if they wanted to run the worst possible person they could. Why?
    2( Is this about who Biden picks as his running mate ? if his health is that bad than within a few months of winning he would have to step down and the VP would then be president. ( will it be someone so radical that they knew they wouldn’t win and have to slip them in this way) Or do they want trump to win another 4 years?
    3( Is the lockdowns purely about causing all to do mail in voting? There are a lot of older individuals that will not go to the voting site if there is another wave as they will be to scared. No matter which candidate won the other side would be crying foul and it will be all out civil war in my opinion..
    The deep state has a plan and to be sure they are playing us. I usually can figure things out to a great extent but this time I am just not sure.

  28. Tom

    Another great interview Greg! Pento was a great guest. In light of the socialist-Marxist-Communist insurgency going on in America, would you consider trying to get Trevor Louden on for an interview? He has been on top of the Marxists in our government and nation. Thanks

  29. Free Slave

    DARPA also brought you the Internet.

    That said, I fully agree with your conclusion. Time is running out. People need to get as ready as they can. It’s coming.

  30. Bob

    Everybody has a vaccine that “works”.

    What’s the definition of “works”? It is this: the vaccine stimulates an immune response that results in the presence of antibodies.

    What antibodies? Doesn’t matter. Do they stop infection? Doesn’t matter. Do they lead to an immune overreaction that might kill the patient? Doesn’t matter. Will it do more harm than good? Doesn’t matter.

    Judy Mikowitz spoke about one such defective vaccine. It had an amazing immune response, few side effects, and seemed safe. However, when the test animals were then infected with the virus the cytokine storm produced by immune system overreaction killed the animals. This showed that vaccines for coronaviruses are notoriously hard to create. Hence the popular saying “find a cure for the common cold”.

  31. K. Wayne

    Masterful examination.
    Can we say “DEPOPULATION” yet……???
    I started connecting the relevant dots back in August 2019.
    From there we were on a slippery slope…. to the Dystopian world… which lies in waiting.

  32. donna s.

    What is your thought on Judy Shelton coming out and saying she is not for a gold backed currency? She was one I liked because she was a gold advocate. According to Peter Schiff the fed doesn’t want a gold backed currency but will be forced to accept one because other countries will be backing their currency by gold.

    • Greg Hunter

      Judy is pro sound money and we are going to need it, so I hope she gets in.

  33. K. Wayne

    I understand your reasoning and motive …but it is all about context.
    You see the world through a lens that brings about destruction across the spectrum. That has influenced your thought and reasoning patterns. The world will still exist in the aftermath of what transpires. Those who have taken the necessary steps to protect their wealth, health and safety….have increased their odds of survival. Diversification / preparation is a fact of life. In my neck of the woods that is referred to as Risk Mitigation.
    Diversification (in life terms) = staying out of harms way by having options.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s risky advice Mr. Miller. Bad things happen when you stop making payments and that is a fact.

      • SolarGuy - Mario Borsato

        Hey Greg
        Thank you once again for all the work you are doing. You are making a difference for the better in many lives!
        I think what Mr Miller is saying is this is the real deal. The globalists want to bring the USSA to her knees! The plan has been this for years and is required for them to do the reset of digital currency, and particularly ushering in of the NWO! Over the past 9-10 years there has been a few moments that I started to doubt my belief in what was really going on and thought to myself maybe I am a conspiracy theorist. Maybe nothing nefarious is actually going on. Then I would snap back to reality and realize there really is a evil agenda. It’s biblical as well. So that being said this is probably going to end in an almost mad max scenario, and if so paying off debt isn’t going to matter. Do you think the people in Venezuela were able to pay off their debt. I know someone that lived there until a year ago and they said it’s chaos and there is money blowing in the streets. At the time he told me the inflation was over 500,000 percent!
        The little money that people have shouldn’t be used to pay their debt down as much as possible. It should be used to get out of dodge or get preps they will need to survive. I agree with you however not to stop marking your payments yet as you could have some problems before all this gets real ugly.
        Fear Not!
        Blessings my friend

        • SolarGuy - Mario Borsato

          Typo… Stop “making” not “marking”

      • K. Wayne

        Mr Miller,
        You have been more rational and have moderated your tone with this comment. That takes introspection and that shows you care.
        Some context….I’ve been warning about the decidedly DARK future for as long as I care to remember. My take…The situation is not useless….in fact it can become very empowering if used in a positive manner…taking the negativity and the fear out of the equation and turning it upside down. Its a very powerful antidote to the overwhelming anxiety, hopelessness and the general lacking of purpose or direction.
        I agree that “People” need to find their own way out…the key is that there is not a “one stop shop” solution. I find that it is more beneficial (and generally accepted) to those in need….. to offer guidance rather than blunt statements.
        Making sense of what has /is happening….is in itself a monumental task. Shedding light on alternatives (regardless of how unimportant that may seem to you) is paramount for some.
        This forum (kindly provided by Mr Greg Hunter) has the resources that can provide some degree of assistance to those who require it. An abundance of ideas and concepts….volunteered by the viewers.. along with very astute presentations from well respected guests.

  34. Tee

    Pento for President

  35. K. Wayne

    I also find it alarming that the NIH has equal ownership in the Vaccine that Moderna is developing for SARS-COV2.
    If that doesn’t fill you with comfort…..then the fact they will try to keep the “cost” down (in the public’s interest)…. to make it more generally accepted…just might tip you over the edge.
    Who leads the NIH’s infectious disease research institute – Dr Anthony Fauci (Director).
    Evil resides in the most obvious places.

  36. Mike

    The U.S.A. Is a corporation. THE UNITED STATES of
    AMERICA. Is also. Corporation One is territorial , the other is municipal . Currently they are in bankruptcy . The queen and the pope have busted their corporations. So be it. Now is the time to finish the reconstruction that never took place after the civil war. The whole system was designed to bring the country down.
    Have no fear as all will be well – at least for some. If you want your country back —under the original constitution—— join us. Www .theAmerican states Let them choke on their fiat, we will rebuild. God bless you !

  37. Self Exiled

    Read this post on another site I never comment on.

    ”Without God, notions of good and evil are totally relative. There is no moral difference between Mao and Mother Teresa. They each just viewed things from a different perspective.”

    The usual ping-pong talk. Who would you rather have for a neighbor? To this I say:

    He said, “O LORD, the God of Israel, there is no God like You in heaven above or on earth below, who keeps the covenant and shows lovingkindness to Your servants who walk before You with all their heart; 1 Kings 8:23

    • Self Exiled

      Speaking about mother Teresa; when she passed away I heard a close friend of hers interviewed that she confided in: say, that she went threw a phenomenon called the ” The Dark night of the Soul” diagnosed by psychologists as depression. I have experienced this spiritual phenomena; it lasted 3 years. I think True Christians in the US will experience this in the coming events. It’s painful at the time, necessary, and needed, it is also a blessing: do not fear this experience. Next post is my personal definition of the experience.

      • Ray

        Well said SE…….very brave and very well said indeed.
        I look forward to reading your post mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Self Exiled

      The Dark Night of the Soul is a lengthy and profound absence of light [absolute despair] and hope – a higher consciousness – you feel profoundly alone. I feel exiled from both the past and the future – alone – keenly aware that others are not aware – fearful sense of self worth falls aware. The Dark Night is about transformation – a false sense of self has been standing in the way of enlightenment – your relationship to God. A search for your true nature – fulfillment comes from a power outside ourselves. I’m looking for a wholeness of heart. Self stands in the way [ego]. Self becomes irrelevant. Self can not deal with the suffering or the fulfillment of the heart’s yearning. Nothing the heart can think, do, say, buy, or travel to will in anyway suffice.

      • Self Exiled

        Do not fear The Dark Night, it is a healing from God [Christ hanging on the cross] as the world falls away, a freedom unknown to many, a true Precious Gift of Healing from God.

        For I will restore health to you
        And I will heal your wounds,’ says the LORD,
        Because they have called you an outcast, saying:
        “This is Zion; no one seeks her and no one cares for her.”
        Jeremiah 30:17

        Remember Believers [you who are tethered, born again] you are Zion.

        • Rachel

          Good comment Self Exiled! … Now others can know that depression ends at some point. Something you go through and can come out the other side… A chemical imbalance caused by something upsetting in your life that the body heals from slowly maybe? …Whatever it is faith that it will end is definitely helpful to know.

  38. Jerry

    As Greg would say,
    Boom Chaka Laka …..

    No this isn’t planned at all. Ya right! Consider that this series aired in 2015. Who’s fooling who?

    • JC

      This is incredible.

  39. albert medina

    Hi. Thanks for your great shows. I want to share a new “silver bullet” for all to evaluate, with 100% success and zero deaths. This is very real and here is the Dr. Bartlett and his treatment – easy, generic, inexpensive and totally effective.

    Thanks and many blessings,

    Modesto CA

  40. Self Exiled

    Wonder who has been bailing out paid demonstrators, how they get out of jail sme day. Trump here they are. Why don’t you shut these people down who are funding the left wing militia of the democrats.

  41. donna s.

    I know you watch the US debt clock and was wondering if you saw the ” glitch” that occurred today , july 23? silver yesterday was $3,890 and gold was $32,264., today I just happen to look at it while trying to explain this to someone else ( who thinks I am crazy ) and the debt clock showed silver at $9,354 and gold at $7,576. have you ever seen this before? I was lucky I got a screen shot of it cause about two hours later when I was able to go back to it , it had changed to about the previous days amounts. just curious and was wondering what you think?

    • donna s.

      that should have read gold at 77,576.

  42. Don Conrad

    I have been watching the economic landscape for years in the hopes of making the right decisions to protect my family. I occasionally look at the debt clock but get confused on why people assume the debt clocks’ price for gold, silver, oil, or other will surface as the ‘reset price’. This would only be true if the debt-to-wealth transfer happened in one asset class. It is a good gauge for 1-to-1 comparisons, interesting, and can be motivating to purchase said assets, but can also cause false hope. Yes they will go up, but it seems to me a ‘reset’ will mean the re-balance will take place with a few hard assets whose totals will equal 100 % the balancing. In other words, instead of silver resetting at the current dollar price, it might reset at 40% as gold resets at 40% and oil at 20%. These %’s are for explanation purposes only as who knows what will truly happen. Am open to opinionated views. Thanks

  43. A drink before the war

    Great interview!
    Gold and Silver up…
    Better get them sardines and tuna before their price takes off!
    Peace and love the one your with!!!

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