The Economy is Terminal-Greg Mannarino

Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says the financial crash of 2008 was “the party over moment.”  Mannarino goes on to say, “The financial system, as it had been run from its inception, literally ended at that moment . . . what we have now is a side effect that is terminal, and I am referring to the economy.”  The economy is so sick that it needs to be propped up.  Mannarino contends, “What we have now is a Federal Reserve managed market.  There is no free market at all.  It’s almost like a new form of government being installed right under people’s noses.”  Mannarinio thinks, “We do not have an economy that is designed to create wealth.  We have an economy that is designed to create debtors.”  Mannarino warns, “The bubble in debt is, without a doubt, the greatest threat to humankind. . . . When that bubble bursts, resources will become scarce.  We are going to have a loss of life on par with a nuclear exchange.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino

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  1. Rodster

    “What we have now is a Federal Reserve managed market. There is no free market at all. It’s almost like a new form of government being installed right under people’s noses.” Mannarinio thinks,

    It’s called Fascism and tyranny is what we have today. That’s why we have the NSA, TSA, FISA, CIA and FBI.

    But I like everyone else believes that Obamacare will massively hurt the economy. Unfortunately the politicians in Washington don’t care because Obamacare or a ‘Single Payer System’ brings them more POWER. That’s all they are interested in. 😉

    • jc Davis

      Rodster. 1000 times agree. Great comment,

      • Galaxy 500

        Right on

    • susan

      Exactly, Rodster. We have no say.

    • Jeff

      Last week the Democrats said that there should not even be a debt ceiling. It is not in the constitution, so why do we need it anyway? Thanks for answering my question today by your article, because I was thinking that how can all of those “smart” people up in Washington be wrong, so I need to re-learn economics all over again. Was I the one that was stupid? NO!!!

  2. art barnes

    Greg, the problem with the FED is that it got used to printing their way out of all the old recessions & that is their only paradigm (tool) they know – and our politicians know of nothing else but spend to infinity to create present real time wealth. What your guest was saying, among other things, is that this two prong approach between our Government & the Central Bank (the FED) has come to its end because its management tool doesn’t’ work any longer. The reason is obvious as your guess said, the markets are not free any longer to keep our Government & the FED from abusing the only tool they have ever used to get out of recessions. The stimulus tool (printing) was designed as a last ditch option (tool) not the first, last & always as used today. This cannot turn our good, inflation is not only on its way, its basically already here, just go to the supermarket on your regularly scheduled shopping day and or look for a decent paying job. The game is up and you, your guest, and your readers know it. The late great American dream is coming to a close.

  3. Jay

    …”almost” like a new gov’t???

    Haha, it IS new gov’t.

  4. Jerry

    Gregory Mannarino is a financial prophet. He had this “fake market” nailed down long before Stockman and Roberts came out. No one took him seriously because he was not a part of the Washington insider club.

    Forget talking about what Congress is doing about the economy. They couldn’t find their butt with both hands if their life depended on it. The only thing they care about is scoring political points for their next election. What difference does it make what party you are in if the Government is broke? The only thing that is keeping this economy from dying, is the life support from the Federal Reserve…..period. Anyone who reads this should be scared to death. If you’re not, you should be. Gregory Mannarino is right. There is no way out of this debt bubble without a collapse.

    Greg. This is one of your best interviews to date. If people don’t get this by now they probably never will. Look at Gregory Mannarino’s charts and follow the time line with the graphs. It paints a pretty clear picture where we are. Thanks for having the courage to share this information.

    • Greg

      Mannarino has been way ahead of the pack for a long time. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Ugly


    For those that know troubled times are coming, we kind of know. We read those articles all the time. That is why we are here and at other alternative news.

    I’d like an interview or an article on what people should do to prepare. We have heard gold and silver many times. I have bought some, but they don’t do much for day-to-day business. They may help later, but won’t pay my mortgage or dinner at Olive Garden today.

    My goals are:

    1. Debt reduction to more ownership.
    2. Food storage
    3. PMs and some cash
    4. Knowledge of agriculture, seeds, barter, etc.

    other than that, what can we do?

    It would be interesting to hear from a pessimist and an some-what optimist about the future and what to prepare for.

    Thanks for what you do.

  6. John

    Hello Greg, I visit Greg Mannarino five days a week as i like his broadcasts, it nice to get a perspective from someone who works in the markets. Greg’s dire warning of what this really means for people around the earth is being shouted loud and clear on many sites, but Greg offers his charts to back up what he is talking about. Sadly even with all this news many still remain asleep.

  7. Meatdawg

    Thnak you Greg for providing a platform for “the other Greg” to put into concise and cogent language what we are facing. Mr. Mannarino has a great knack for explaining complex economic trends that even a short school bus rider like me can understand. Again another great interview that everyone should listen to, thanks.

  8. Trotski

    Believe it or not, but back in the 70’s, Jimmy Carter warned the American people, that we cant rely on debt, for prosperity. He wasn’t in Washington
    to long after that. Even though, under his watch, Paul Volker came in and saved our asset’s! To think now, our fearless leader’s are ready to give up our Republic, cow tauwing to Hollywood, the media, the uniformed and uninterested. All because there nothing but cowards. This will be Hollywood’s, greatest catastrophe, that wont be just, a movie. It will leave us all broke, busted and disgusted. It will be propaganda, Nazi style, from then on out. A young, single man, warned us 2,000 years ago, there would be, not just a recession, or depression, but a great tribulation. But, never fear! That single young guy said when he returned, he wouldn’t be such a nice guy. That he was going to have to kick some booty and he didn’t just mean our asset’s, (treasure). Like the song, it’s going to get physical, physical! Don’t let the lull, before the storm fool you. He also said, when they say, (the elite), peace and security, then sudden destruction will be upon them, (the elite). The sooner the better! PS.> See and hear, (Great Day, Bing Crosby, youtube)

  9. MAL

    If I had $2 in each hand it would be nice to decide that 2+2=5 but that wouldn’t make it so. Accepting the reality that it really only equals 4 isn’t being all doom and gloom unless your a network talking head.

    • MAL

      And if the FED gets it’s way eventually 2+2 WILL equal….1

      • Galaxy 500

        No… $2+$2= $0.10 New Dollars

  10. FredQuimby

    “We do not have an economy that is designed to create wealth. We have an economy that is designed to create debtors.”

    Probably the elephant in the room for 99% of the planet!

    Thanks for your efforts at bringing us so many different (and generally wise!) perspectives Greg, it is much appreciated.


    • Greg

      Thank you Fred.

  11. Rob

    This is the best interview that Gregory M has yet to articulate on the manipulated/non-capitalistic economy, The charts are amazing that coincide with the message. IMHO, the TBTF credo says it all. TBTF is completely contrary to the USConstitution. Criminals of the 500 plus in public office in Washington ought to be be Tarred&feathered!

    Love your style of interviewing as it brings out the best from your guests…
    Congrats to both Gregs here!

    • Galaxy 500

      Can we try them for high crimes and misdemeanors after they are tarred and feathered?

  12. Julio Foolio

    Greg (Hunter)- this guy Greg (Mannarino) is excellent. This guy is genuine. This is REALLY one guy “who used to work for the big banks,” and now sees the light! This guy is NOT a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Good guest to have on. Thank You.

    Oh, by the way – check this out: this guy thinks Putin played the ultimate poker hand over the planned Syrian invasion. Interesting read!

  13. Amman

    Scary. Plus he says there is no way out! How do like them apples, Greg?

    • Greg

      Former White House budget director David Stockman says the same thing. Real trouble coming.

  14. George Silver

    Brilliant interview. Great guest. I always follow Mannarino on YouTube.

    As far as the CFTC is concerned they werwe doing what they were told. JP Morgan may actually be telling the truth. They have a secret client and it seems the client is China. It seems a deal might have been done to allow them to sell their Dollars (treasuries) in secret while shorting the Gold and Silver markets to keep the Dollar strong. In return they get cheap real Gold and Silver.

    When the Gold runs out it’s game over for the Dollar but it’s giving the USA and Fed extra time.

  15. Derrick Michael Reid

    The economy is terminal because of the absurdity a totalitarian socialistic fascist regime in DC that penalizes the productive (income taxes, capital gain taxes, inheritance taxes) and rewards the unproductive (workers compensation, welfare, social security, food stamps), which regime is enabled by the high court that has trashed the US Constitution with unlimited federal government and paper money, the later of which is used to rig all markets, and sustain the spending in a paper money ponzi scheme through QE and ZIRP and federal deficits, led by congress and ecourage by the politician in chief, and enabled by the FED and ESF and IRS, that collectively sucks the working people dry, through every increasing national debt and taxes, destroying the private sector of tax mules, and creating legions of state dependents, including government assistance recipients and state workers, the later of which is in control, feeding itself and building more and more totalitarian socialistic fascist control over the people, in an open loop positive feedback system, enslaving all Americans as tax mules and state dependents, leading to only one outcome, and that is economic and societal implosion of the whole.

    Other than that, have a nice day.

  16. Tom

    Great interview Greg. Actually, both Gregs! Mannarino makes his point clearly. This is not brain surgery. It’s simple arithmetic with some added common sense. It’s plain as day and right in front of our noses but so many can’t see it, or don’t won’t to see it. Thanks.

    • Greg

      We both thank you for your kind words.

  17. Anne Elliott

    Money volume has increased 300%!!!! Well, just take that figure times the amount you pay for a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas, and someday that will be the new price norm for America… Pray, people!!!! We all need to pray hard, and get prepared as best we can!

  18. Oracle 911

    Sadly this is true, although it is survivable. In ME and Africa it will be a massacre without doubt; in BRICS countries, Europe, Canada, Pacific, Japan and South/Latin America it will be a bumpy ride with (really bloody) civil unrests; in USA which is slowly becoming a 3rd world country will be really harsh (almost a civil war-ish), lot of gun, disintegrating civil infrastructure, lack of resources. So it is already time for prepping, setting up a kitchen garden on your family farm, buying lot of guns and lot more ammo and of course a good plan how to go back to your family farm.

    What do you think Greg?

    • Greg

      Oracle 911,
      This has never happened in recorded history and anything and I mean ANYTHING. War and financial collapse on a global level are #1 and #2 on the list.

      • Oracle 911

        I agree with You.
        You misunderstand it. I never said it will be “easy ride” or it will be pleasant, but I said 3 things:
        -You can survive it with good preparation and with some luck;
        -it will happen in cascades i.e. Europe, Japan etc;
        -the effects on population and impacts will differ from country to country, from region to region.
        If the WW3 won’t break out, because if the ballistic rockets began fly, well everybody will run out from luck.

        • Greg

          Oracle 911
          No problem. I agree with you as well. You asked what I thought and I told you. Peace.

          • Oracle 911


            I mean what do you think, above what I wrote and what You wrote as response?

            • Greg

              Oracle 911,
              Trouble is clearly coming. I think we agree.

          • Oracle 911


            The trouble is already here, at least for 12 years, but we just began notice it recently.

    • Amman

      Allow me to inform you that without a doubt, their shall be NO “massacre” in Africa as you have put it. Between now and 2050, Africa as a whole will overtake every region.

  19. Paul T

    I watch USAWatchdog every morning when u have a new interview and I watch Greg Mannarino’s videos every afternoon when he puts one on. Between you two, Mike Maloney, Chris Duane and Peter Schiff, I get all the info I need. I talk to people all the time and it seems that young people get what’s going on better than the older generation. These baby boomers are beyond brainwashed and are still invested in this system that they don’t even realize is a system to rob them! Everything is so backwards and every week when I get paid, I stop by my local coin shop and buy a few silver coins. I’ve been doing this for 3 years because it just feels to me to be the right thing to have, even though a lot of my friends tell me I’m crazy. I think they’ll be working for me one day. : )

    • Galaxy 500

      I used to watch Chris D. Right up until he decided that luring people to buy from a crook by using his former good reputation to pitch overpriced silver rounds. He has legal action for…$500k (??)
      I don’t understand why Chris did not accept some blame. IMHO, Chris is toxic at this point. And yes, I read all of Chris’
      Posts.about Rob. Rob is a crook but some of the blame lies at Chris’s feet.

  20. Larry

    If you were a person living on an island awqay from humanity for say 30 years and you were coming back to live in the US, the first person I would want to hear from would be Gregory Marrinaro. This would be the only chance for my survival. Greg once again an excellent choice in guests and a great interview. Keep it up.

  21. Allen Ols


    I’ll bake bread/bisquits/flower gravey w/bacon grease, eggs as well–over rocket mass twig burner stoves

    Bring your gold/ 🙂



  22. mohammad

    Out of the great guests you invited I found Catherine Austin Fitts stands out as an eye opener to a perspective i never known before.
    Your guest here is describing a man kind threatening project that is so deliberate and evil, that clicks with what Catherine was saying about the break away civilization, listening to her got me into two people that i was interested in listening to what they say and they came from completely different backgrounds:
    one is Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
    The other one is Dr Judy Wood
    now what all those with Catherine have in common is eyebrow raising, skin chilling perspective.
    Dr Judy Wood was suggesting that 9/11 was done with very advanced technology that disrupts the consistency of matter and turns it literally to dust:
    that goes along with what Dr Farrell was describing in many books he wrote that the nazis had this technology in their BELL project that was top secret and higher in its secrecy than the atomic bomb.
    all revolves around the theme of stressing the fabric of space and time (MEDIUM) and weaponize it.
    so when you see a presentation by Dr. Judy Wood falls in the same line, describing the same technology Nazis had, you cannot help but scratching the head and asking more and more questions.
    Add to that a united presentation between Dr Farrell and your Guest Catherine Austin Fitts and it gets more interesting.
    to add frosting on the cake all of them describe a black budget off the books to fund those type of technologies and that leads us to the current crisis we are in now.
    it seems that the nazis are still in the control seat especially if you throw in the mix that counselor MERKEL is ….guess what….A PHYSICIST.

    Please have another interview with Catherine and press her on the details of the break away civilization, what does she mean about it, what does she see in the cards.

    • Greg

      Thank you for weighing in here!!

    • Dick taylor

      911? Thermite in all the tower debris

      • mohammad

        Dick Taylor,
        Thermite is the Iron oxide mixed with Aluminum, if it will cause the melting we have seen in the towers it would of generated what the song says:
        “Blinded by the light”.
        I will refer you to the video of Dr. Judy Wood i posted in my comment and to make it easier for you, go to the time frame of 1:59:00 .
        There she revokes the possibility of thermite because of the lack of the blinding light that can result from the reaction in all the iron with its aluminum casing in the towers, rather she talks about the presence of Tritium which may suggest cold fusion, like cold nuke or that sort of thing.
        that video is very important. It deals with FACTS no conspiracy theory crap nor fiction ,,,,Just pure scientific facts, best 2 hour video you can spend.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow…device that stretches space time. And they lost the war? Non sequitur

      • mohammad

        operation paper clip??????
        Does it ring a “BELL”….!

        • Galaxy 500

          No but I.have a box of paper clips if you need some 😉
          I dated a girl in college.whose grandmother married a foreign WWII (allied) vet that blew up heavy water train tankers and a heavy water facility. Germany had some of the world’s greatest minds but the amount of energy to do what you are.claiming would require a Sun…and ours isn’t.big enough. Please don’t tell me about the Philadelphia experiment either. That has been fully.debunked.
          If.we.had.a.device that could do as you say we would be.ruling the world, not falling into third world status.
          Mohammad, I respect you even though I don’t agree with everything you write. I’ll research what you offered but unless someone really found a UFO and was smart enough to reverse engineer, I am a doubter. What you are saying amounts to Neanderthals building H bombs with.stone implements.

          • mohammad

            I will take your box of paper clips i need them for my kids school communication papers…. LOL

  23. Annie Running Water

    The Two Gregs! Oh what an incredible –and Credible — story you both tell!! I listen to you both OFTEN and am in complete agreement — if not horror — at the prospects we have before us. I truly believe that in a thousand years, whatever there might be for a civilization and whomever might be alive and reflecting back, there will be huge stories and important lessons that have Trickled Down to that future time from this present time. It’s going to be that powerfully, historically, & mythically amazing. Lately, I am asking folks I run into and “get onto this subject” with (there are more all the time, by the way, as people wake up): Do you, I ask them, think that “They” (Big Boyz/Girlz) are fumbling idiots, just reacting and not working to reach a predetermined goal? -OR- Do you think “They” are pretty smart cookies, if not completely diabolical — as if “they” know that the fiat currency cycle has run its course now and whatever they do is managing it’s downfall and managing the future replacement phase (all for “their” benefit.) In other words: Is this a Planned Event (or not)? To me, it’s Planned, but to most of those I ask: “They” are dummies who don’t know what they’re doing and are just groping along. Interesting! At the very least, there is alot of history trying to repeat itself – if not trying to rhyme — and I believe they’ve got this Creature evolving toward something they are intending. At least they are trying and who knows if they will succeed. Yikes! Will they succeed? I hope not!!!! But! as much as I believe in G & S, kept close — at least to hold value in the times to come, I will share my dream of last winter: I dreamed I was shown empty grocery store shelving. Up floated in front of the shelves a Gold Coin. Then, a voice said: Gold Coins will not help you when the Shelves are Empty. ….I get chills still when I think of this clear, concise dream. Then, I buy some food too! My Very Best to you both — you are both working immense amounts of overtime on our behalf to make sure we are informed and have our Thinking Caps on! MUCH APPRECIATION to the Two-Gregs-Dynamic-Duo!!!!!
    With Truth and Love~

  24. DAVE

    Hey Greg
    Here’s a good read for you and your readers.It’s just another step closer to kaboom.Great job Greg!Always enjoy your interviews.

    Thanks Dave

  25. Jerry

    In answer to your question, here are my top #5 gets.

    1. Get out of debt.
    2. Get food (long term 2 yr.)
    3. Get bullets
    4. Get PM. (jewelry will do as well)
    5. Get the heck out of Dodge if you can.

    If you can pay your mortgage off do so. At least you will have a place to stay. If not start looking for relocation places. Rural areas are good. I just found a lady a 5 BR house with 5 acres 7 mi. out of town for $450. a month. The further out you go from metro areas the cheaper it will be.

    At this point its about whether you want to live or die. Forget about taking the cruise and use the money to buy food. $2000. will get you a years supply and buy you some time.

    The bullets are for the people that won’t or don’t want to buy food. At some point when they realize that the government can’t help them (this usually comes after denial) they will want your food if they know you have it. You will have to deicide your situation. In my case I have my sons family that I cannot turn away.

    The PM will come later after the bubble is finished bursting. The initial impact will be hyperinflation followed by the plunging prices of depression. At least it followed that formula during the depression. But who really knows? This time the impact will be global.

    Get out of Dodge. I think you know what that means.

    I hope this helps.
    I am by no means an expert on this. But I do know about survival. If you are serious about preparing, shut the power off to your house for one week-end, and you will learn rather quickly what works and what doesn’t work and what you will need. Good luck.

    • Ugly



      I started getting ready about a year ago. I played the game myself with investments in Bank CDs, Bank Savings, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, etc.

      But now I see those games are gone for the common guy.

      Troubled days are here. I guess all I can do is just get ready. Good luck to you too and the other readers here as well.

    • Allen Ols


      Exactly right


  26. Angusdude

    And so it seems that the word on the street on the CFTC investigation is that the complainants have been advised that no matter what, if the govt. or the FED are the parties using JPM to execute shorts that depress the market, JPM cannot be prosecuted for simply being the trader for a client the govt. and the govt. cannot be disciplined/prosecuted under the law because there is a statute that protects them in the manipulation.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why is the gov’t allowed to do things that are illegal?

      • Greg

        I think tyranny is the short answer.

  27. Dan

    What a great guest Greg! I had never heard of Mannarino before. Thanks and best regards.

  28. Jonathan

    You know, I’ve been following this general sphere of thought ever since 2002 when Warren Buffet uttered his famous “weapons of financial mass destruction” prognostication. At the time, I had zero knowledge (or even interest, really — just coming out of the haze of my 20something party days) in the financial markets, and I had started an extensive intellectual odyssey in order to uncover the inner workings of the Federal Reserve and the whole fractional-reserve fiat money system, which eventually led me to the works of Eustace Mullins, among others. By 2004, I had started to piece together the implications of all of this along with other potentially destabilizing events (anomie engendered by mass immigration, Peak Oil, terrorism, government snooping, etc.) and I was honestly convinced that within a decade we’d have social conditions in America that were more like contemporary Sao Paolo or Johannesburg, with a terrified upper/middle class that lives behind electrified fences and commutes via helicopter in order to avoid carjackings.

    Yet, it’s almost 2014 and very little of this has materialized and I confess that I, among many others that are “aware”, have long since succumbed to “apocalypse fatigue.” I bought a cache of precious metals, a gun, and a reasonable supply of stored food and water but I’ve more or less placed all of this on a mental back-burner and gone on with my life, perpetually noting all the little things nickel-and-diming away the American middle class: salary increases that obviously don’t ever keep pace with actual inflation, offshoring of jobs, an increasingly stupid pop culture that does nothing but promote bestial, idiotic behavior, etc. Still, though, things are more or less ticking along semi-normally: I’m still shopping at Whole Foods, not eating cat food or Soylent Green: I still fill my car up with fairly affordable gas, keeping in mind that everyone thought $2/gallon was “expensive” not that long ago — in other words, the frog is being boiled, sure, but he’s fairly comfortable in the meantime.

    Now, however, I am really starting to think that the inevitable end game is upon us, but how much longer can it go on? If you would have told me that the Fed was outright purchasing $40-some billion a month of Treasury securities (to give just one example) a decade ago, I would’ve said no way. My point is that we really do seem to be reaching some sort of tipping point/crisis, but then again, I also thought that over ten years ago.

    Am I going to be writing a similar message to this one in another decade? I can’t imagine that this would be true but it just seems like our benevolent puppet masters are much more adept at keeping this charade going much much longer than any reasonable, rational person could possibly expect. When do things really start to get bad? I live in a “metro” mid-market city and all of the chi-chi restaurants serving $15 cocktails with exotic organic ingredients you’ve never heard of before are still packed to the gills every Friday and Saturday night. It’s just so bizarre to walk around and realize you’re living in a collective hallucination, but like I said before, it’s a very persistent collective hallucination that seems, thus far, to be immune to the realities discussed by people like us who read web sites like this. At what point does Joe Office Worker realize that something has gone horribly wrong in the Western world?

    • Rebecca

      Perhaps Joe Office Worker never does “wake up” and realize there is something drastically wrong with the New Order of things.

      Scripture says “almost shall the Elect be deceived.” If those who believe God’s Word, who study it and “watch” are almost deceived, what awaits the masses who never open their Bible and to whom God and church have relevance only on one of the religious holidays and at death beds.

      Scripture says the days will come upon the world like a “thief in the night.” Sounds like the masses won’t know what hit them until after they have lost everything.

      But scripture also clearly says that God’s children are not of the night that this time should overtake them unaware.

      If the children of night do not object to what has been happening so far, they may continue not to object to everything else that happens.

      Perhaps what they will object to — and get an eye-opening wake-up call — is when the LORD rains down His wrath upon the earth.

      How easy it is to get caught up in what government/central bankers are doing and forget that — The Almighty is the Biggest Player in what’s coming down.

      Gold and silver, stockpiles of food and ammo — may give one a sense of security against the economic collapse and renegade political powers coming up out of the ashes. But will they help you when THE LORD stands up to shake the earth.

      Hebrews 12:25-29: See to it that you do not refuse Him who is speaking. For if those did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we escape who turn away from Him who warns from heaven. And His voice shook the earth then, but now He has promised, saying, This expression, “Yet once more,” denotes the removing of those things which can be shaken, as of created things, so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an acceptable service with reverence and awe; for our God is a consuming fire.

      • Galaxy 500

        I remember a bunch Jehovah’s Witnesses preaching the end of times around 1975-76. They spent everything that they could borrow. Imagine their surprise when the day of reckoning came and went without the world ending. They ended up declaring bankruptcy.
        Please do not take this as an attack on your faith. I, too, am Christian and believe. However, the Bible says that no man knows the time of the coming, not even the Son.
        It would make sense to be prepared just in case. If the Rapture comes, I have that covered; if not, I can still protect and feed my family.

    • art barnes

      Ditto, its a slow slog to lose a great society, it does take time but its happening one good lost job at a time. Its just a matter of time when the vast majority of the middle class becomes the working poor, its happening now quicker than before, just really look around with your eyes open and its right there in front on you; very clear to see, all is not well in the middle class, a real social event now. The gradual decline is the reason the lid stays on the pot and the politicians always can (the next election) tell the lie that they can fix it if you just vote for them. But sooner rather than latter it will become obvious to people as a whole that the economy cannot be fixed as they have preached for the last 5 years or so, at that point real unrest will be seen on a national level and events will begin to more at light speed, hold on its going to be a wild ride till during the taking of the country back from the elite who stole it.

    • Galaxy 500

      About the third day he has no food

  29. The Morning Rooster

    This just in – Collapse of the dollar around the corner? Danger Will Robinson, Danger! (The following relates to Greg’s comments):

    Excellent piece…btw…Obamacare debate is a distration.

    Makes me think of these famous words….

  30. Jerry

    I to fell under the spell of live for now, right up until this last election. I could clearly see the cliff coming, and thought that others like I did, would turn the car around before we went off. Then I awoke to the realization that as long as people are having a good time, they don’t care , and have no intention of stopping.

    Now I have succumbed to the weeny principle. That we are all going to get the weeny shoved up our collective butts at some point because we didn’t want to turn the car around! It just a simple question of how much do you want? The longer you choose to live in the alternate fantasy world of “everything is OK” the more you’re going to get.
    I on the other hand checked out of fantasy land after the 2012 elections and have been preparing every since.

    All the Greg’s are doing is outlining the obvious. I see no personal agenda here at all. It is a continual cavil cade of warnings to the awakening public. An internet alert system to those that want to get out of the car before it goes off the cliff.

  31. Galaxy 500

    Obama keeps saying that this will be the first default in US HISTORY.
    And yes, he’s wrong as usual. FDR defaulted when.he.devalued the dollar.

  32. RainCoastGhost

    A return to a “World Made By Hand” as in Kunstler’s book by the same name. Old, time proven survival methods will/and are making a resurgence, as in food preservation – canning, smoking, curing, etc.

    Farming on a small scale (subsistance level) will be the foundation and basic building block of the resurgent extended family unit.

    Smaller, cohesive communities with inter-connected dependencies will be the norm. Certain skills (farming, carpentry, medicine, animal husbandry, leather working, etc.) will be highly valued.

    This will be the “new paradigm” but to get there, you must first survive the “great leveling”, if you have not started to prepare, its almost too late. Time is quickly running out.

  33. Brian Anderson

    How often do I have to hear about the economy, world , US dollar, etc. etc. terminal, end game, dead, the final hour etc.
    The majority of people you have on your website reminds me of the nut with the sign on the street corner saying the world is ending.
    If you are unable to put specific time limits to these predictions what good are they? Just having these people talk to get their name out so they can sell some book, newsletter, or some other crap is insane.
    These people do not know anything. If you are going to inform and educate the public stop using these idiots.

    • Greg

      Brian Anderson,
      Please go to the mainstream media for your news. I am free to publish what I think is important, and you are free to go somewhere else. Thank you for your comment.

    • Galaxy 500

      Then what are you doing here? No man knows the coming of these things. Have fun enjoy yourself. We “ants” will not have any room for grasshoppers…unless they look like Jescia Alba…and I’m betting you don’t.

  34. Rick up north

    Greg The sea is always calmest in the eye of the storm.I hope that FEMA camp works well for Brian A.Best regards.

  35. john

    Great interview ! Greg Mannarino has the ability to explain the complex in simple terms.

  36. Jerry

    Brian Anderson.
    Do you really believe that David Stockman, Paul Craig Roberts, Peter Schiff, Jim Willie, Greg Mannarino and the rest of these brilliant economic forecasters that Greg has had on his sight are wrong?

    Brian I’m sorry but I’d believe them before I’d believe you. But lets give it a try anyway since I’m open minded. How do you think we get out of a 210 Trillion dollar debt bubble without a collapse? I will be looking for your post.

    Hint- You won’t find your answer on MSNBC

  37. frosty

    All fiat systems eventually crash because that’s what they are designed to do, but only after as much wealth as possible is transferred from those who suffer under such a system to those who implement it. So what Mr. Mannarino is saying has been said by people going back through the centuries; it’s nothing new.

    Biblically, Proverbs 22:7
    “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

    or Tom Jefferson, more specifically, poetically and also with the solution…

    “The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushes its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks. . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. . . the issuing power should be taken from the banks, and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    How it works
    “At base, the problem reduces to an alliance between two voracious crime families: avaricious bankers and financial speculators, on one side, in league with ambitious careerist politicians, on the other. Their strategy has always been to link the moneyed class with the government’s treasury, so as to advance the special interests of both families. The bankers and speculators incorporate the treasury as an integral part of their business plans. The politicians agree to coördinate the treasury with, if not subordinate it to, the bankers and speculators in order to ensure their own continuance in office. And the common people pay the costs. ” – Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.February 10, 2012

    What’s unusual about this time is that this diabolic system has now been implemented globally and so its inevitable crash, what Mr. Mannarino calls “the greatest threat to mankind”, may well be one of biblical proportions.

    Maybe, after the American people suffer enough, they will come together for their own survival and begin look for a higher power than can be found among their enemies actively seeking to destroy their Constitutional Republic. Maybe we will lead the way out of Oz. However, starting from a moral base in which the common people can be bribed with the money of their children, we’ll have long, hard road to travel.

  38. karl

    I am sure people like Greg will be proved correct but the big question is when?
    If i was told in 2009 that they could have kept this charade going this long, I would have laughed.
    The reason is that it will not collapse as quickly as people predict is because most people just do not get it and trust the system. Sad but true

  39. nm

    Oracle 911

    What do you mean when you say the following: “In ME and Africa it will be a massacre without doubt” (in these countries, most people have very little personal debt because they can’t get loans & now, minerals like oil are being discovered all over the continent) – I actually think, that in Africa, it won’t be as bad. Most people are used to being poor & used to living very, very, simply.

    Will America become like a third world country? No. Have you ever been to a third world country? I think Americans will get poorer no doubt (no more 5 cars per household, shopping every weekend, 10 tv’s in the house, vacations to disneyland every year, etc) but it will not ever become like a true 3rd world country. It’ll become more like Europe.

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