Trump Coup Criminals Waged War on US – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s 

Journalist Alex Newman says the case against President Trump has proven to be an elaborate treasonous hoax and now is the time for consequences. Newman explains, “The time to prove this is finished. Everybody now knows this was a giant hoax. If this would have happened in any other country, imagine a coup against Angela Merkel where senior officials conspired to make up stuff and overthrow her government. Imagine this against Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron or the President of Mexico. In any one of those countries, all the coup plotters, all the traitors would have been rounded up, arrested and put on trial. Even the people realize this was a hoax, and not just a hoax because a hoax implies something funny or playful–this was a plot. This was a conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected President of the United States and overthrow our constitutional system of government using criminal means to wage war on the United States. . . . There is nothing to discuss anymore. We know they did it. It’s time for them to be arrested and put on trial. I am very pleased that President Trump is using the word ‘treason.’ That’s the word that needs to be used, and the time to strike is now.”

Newman also says what happened in the failed coup to overthrow President Trump is much bigger than Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. Newman contends, “This is much bigger, and the reality is the Deep State you are hearing talked about on the mainstream media and FOX News is about rogue bureaucrats. They are talking about FBI officials and officials at the intelligence agencies such as John Brennan and potentially even Obama and Hillary. The reality is the Deep State goes so much deeper than that. Behind the scenes, there is this vast network of secret organizations . . . where all the Deep Staters that we see interlock and meet up with Deep Staters that we don’t see. Probably the premier U.S. example of this is the Council on Foreign Relations. This is an international movement . . . and the goal has always been, as they admit themselves . . . the goal has always been to subvert U.S. sovereignty and merge us into a global regime that people call the New World Order.”

On the outrageous open borders and baby killing policies of the now far left Democrat party, Newman says, “The crazy is now coming out of the closet. That’s why they want the open borders. They know they have lost the American people. They are now coming out of the closet with this kookiness. They kill babies, they praise a communist cop killer. . . . We knew this was the Democrat party. We knew that the elites held these crazy views, but the public at large didn’t. Now, they are revealing their true colors. . . . Democrats have now become a threat to the survival of our republic as a free republic. They have become a threat to the survival of our Constitution and our liberties. . . . It’s win or lose right now. That is the situation they are in. If they don’t succeed this time around, I think they realize too many people are going to wake up, and they are going to be in major trouble. So, they are just going for it all the way right now–full stop. It really is a fight to the finish, and I think they are hoping with voter fraud, illegal immigration and brain washing of the kids, they can still pull this off. . . . The reality is people are waking up in huge numbers, and they can’t contain it anymore, even with censorship of the internet. . . . People are hungry for the truth, and people know they have been lied to.”

Join Greg hunter as he goes One-on-One with Alex Newman, International Correspondent for The New American Magazine.

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After the Interview:

Alex Newman is a prolific writer for  Newman also has his own website called Both sites are free and packed with original analysis and reporting.


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  1. J. McPeak

    Anthony Australia 03/31/2019 •
    Thanks Greg,
    The Divided States of America.
    Sad state of affairs, who will prosecute these cowards?

    Anthony you raised an important question that raised a lot of voices here, that think justice will never be done again in these still United States. That the rule of law is finised here in America. It looked that way before. Get out your new big screen TV. It didn’t look good over 150 yers ago here, but the good guy.s won then and will win again and justice will win as always, eventually in these here states, with a little help from above of course!

    • Rob

      Please understand that Father uses every person and every country for His express purpose! Father told His Son Jesus to chose Judas as a disciple for the express purpose of betraying Jesus by selling Him for 30 pieces of silver:

      John 17:9 & 12 I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for those whom thou hast given me; for they are thine…..(12) While I was with them, I kept them in thy name which thou hast given me: and I guarded them, and not one of them perished, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled.

      Jesus has very high standards for every Christian for we are all disciples:

      Luke 14:26-27 & 33 If any man cometh unto me, and hateth not his own father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. (27) Whosoever doth not bear his own cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple……(33)  So therefore whosoever he be of you that renounceth not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. 

      A “disciple” must learn to be a living sacrifice:

  2. paul ...

    As Newman says: “Demon-rats have become a traitorous threat to the survival of our Republic … the survival of our Constitution … and the survival of our liberties” … here is how Demon-rats now think … it is perfectly alright to overthrow democratically elected President’s (not only here in America but in the rest of the world) … it is perfectly alright to overthrow our US Constitutional system of government … it is perfectly alright to fix elections … it is perfectly alright to print money out of thin air for more and more commie social programs … but the one thing these Demon-rats seem to think is “not perfectly alright” is inflation … as these Demon-rats are intent on raising taxes to control the inflation that they know will be caused by their wild money printing … to protect ourselves from the inflation that we know is surely coming … and the Demon-rats know is surely coming (because Senate Demon-rats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren want a wealth tax … and House Demon-rats like AOC want a high income tax … and commie Bernie Sanders wants a higher estate tax … and Demon-rat Wyden wants to tax “unrealized gains in investment assets every year at the same rates as ordinary income”) … now anyone who calls themselves a Demon-rat … is someone with a brain defect … imagine … the price of your home goes up (because the Demon-rats print money causing inflation) … then these crazy Demon-rats want to tax the increased market value of your home “before you even sell it”… bottom line … “You Must Own Assets That The Demon-rats Know Nothing About” (i.e. like gold and silver)!! …

    • Tin foil hat

      paul …
      “here is how Demon-rats now think … it is perfectly alright to overthrow democratically elected President’s (not only here in America but in the rest of the world) …”

      I hate to tell you backstabbing Republicans like McCain, Romney, Paul Ryan, the Bush family …. are worse than the Demon-rats. I suspect the rats have always been taking orders, knowingly or unknowingly, from the real evil doers who are the Republicans – H. Bush was the CEO of this evil endeavor. Fools like Maxine Waters, Pencil Neck, Pelosi …. can’t be the brain of this operation, they are simply too stupid. They want us to think the Republicans are the reasonable ones who will turn things around, they want to give us hope to believe change is right around the corner until it’s too late to turn the tide.

      I believe Hillary was meant to be the one pulling the plug on America in order to bring forth the NWO. I hope Trump is not just going to be a minor inconvenience or bump in the road.

      • paul ...

        TFH … when I say Demon-rat … I am definitely not excluding the existence of Demon-rats in the Republican Party … glad you helped to make that point clearer!!

    • paul ...

      If you want to own more silver … put some cash away now … and wait … the silver price could potentially drop through the $14.80 support level … and fall to $13.80 … where you may want to do some dollar cost averaging! … this April Fools take down is designed to break your belief in gold (or silver) ever being a tier one asset for the people (only for the banksters who need to accumulate a lot of the precious stuff and they want it as cheap as they can get it)!! …

  3. Anthony Australia

    Backed into a corner and exposed. Dangerous times ahead, they’ll come out swinging, that’s for sure.
    I seldom pray Greg, rather meditation is my vice, however the time might be now to look to the heavens.

  4. Derek Sinclair

    I think Alex is wrong about other countries, In the UK, France and Germany, if an outlier non-“progressive” had achieved leadership there would have been “progressive” plots (backed by the media) to bring them down. These plotters would in turn be protected and supported by the justice systems of these countries because the whole system is contaminated by “progressives” – after decades of very selective promotion of the people with “appropriate” views. Look at the how the UK justice system (to include the politicians, the police, local councils, social workers and media) ignored decades of mass rape of 1000’s of white children by muslims imported by “progressives”. The “Swamp” is international and is not limited to the US. The rest of the world is relying (as ever) on patriotic Americans bringing their swamp down and starting a domino effect throughout the world.

    • Derek Sinclair

      Sorry about the typos.

    • Alex Newman

      Yes Derek, you make great points, and I agree. The point I was trying to make (poorly) is that nobody would bat an eyelid if coup plotters against Merkel, Macron, AMLO, (or even Obama) etc were arrested, tried, and punished severely–so why should it be any different for Trump?

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks for coming on to answer a few questions!!

  5. Jaff VonBeevior

    Due to Health Concerns, Brussels Stops 5G Installation — For Now
    By B.N. Frank /According to the Brussels Times
    In July, the government concluded an agreement with three telecom operators to relax the strict radiation standards in Brussels. But according to the Region, it is now impossible to estimate the radiation from the antennas required for the service.
    “I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not,” Environment minister Céline Fremault (CDH) told Bruzz. “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt,” she added.
    A pilot project is not feasible with the current radiation standards, and Fremault told Bruzz that she does not intend to make an exception.

    No worries, Yank’s! You’ll have socilized health care! But didn’t somebody say you can’t buy health? Yes, but your leftest government will keep you healthy, as it kills your un-wanted babies and you, when you get to sick from your phone. Like Stalin, when he eliminated you, your family got the bill for the bullet!
    American Guinea Pigs, More Below. LOL! Ha ha;

  6. Allen Starr

    I agree with this guy 100%. Trump and his team should go for the throat and take those people out for good. No mercy. He needs to do it now before the imbeciles around him try to do another Venezuela and ruin what’s left of his foreign policy. Putin doesn’t want to talk to him and now the Chinese have flown in 120 of their own troops to protect their investment and tell Trump to go screw himself. The people who advised Trump on Venezuela who thought Russia and China would run away in fear have got to be totally brain dead. Venezuela heavy crude oil is a big deal for both Russia and China and they aren’t going to give it up. Russia is producing less oil now and doesn’t need to bring on new fields as they can can buy crude from Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Iran to mix with their own oil and still have volume they need for sales. Russia is bringing on one more huge natural gas field this year and they will have enough gas for the 4 new gas pipelines for the next 100 years. Germany isn’t afraid of US sanctions because they all have set up Russia companies in Russia to do German business. You have no idea how much new infrastructure is being put into place which will start producing income in the next year or two. Russia should have a very bright future once the US is dead and gone.

    • uncommon sense

      Yep, Trump has opened his mouth one too many times and now Russia and China have called his bluff. If America is made to look impotent it could hasten the move away from the dollar.

    • Freebrezer

      Allen – energy is great, but if you do not have food … well it means sh$t. Can you say revolution in China if food shortages occur … they have 1.3 billion mouths to feed – YOW! As per the USA being dead … PLEASE!!!! Per the heartland of America – it is in our blood to compete (!!!) and coincidentely the heartland of the USA is the must abundant food producing region in the world. The USA is going no where, but it will require hard work, ingenuity, and sweat to stay on the world stage with China … and there is nothing wrong with that. Plus, America produces one hell of a lot energy.

      • Freebrezer

        The USA’s Achilles heel is the corruption being integrated via the world order scum … with HRC – Thee Black witch, and the poster child! If Trump does not squash it, and prosecute it … hard time a head!

    • Tin foil hat

      I agree it’s pretty much over if nobody were arrested in the next few months. I infer we may as well party like there’s no tomorrow this summer if everytings were business as usual.
      1984 is ahead of its time by 40 years.

      • Frank D2

        I agree. If the treasonous traitors aren’t arrested and put on trial, all the good things that Trump is doing won’t mean anything if we don’t have law and order. We simply cannot survive with 2 sets of laws….one for the elite and one for the rest of us.

  7. Jaff B.

    3 Reasons Why Facebook’s Zuckerberg Wants More Government Regulation
    FacebookGovernment April 2, 2019
    Needless to say, anyone hearing such words from Zuckerberg should immediately assume this newfound support for regulation is calculated to help Facebook financially. After all, this is a man who lied repeatedly to his customers (and Congress) about who can access users’ personal data, and how it will be used. He’s a man who once referred to Facebook users as “Dumb F-cks.” Facebook lied to customers (not be confused with the users) about the success of Facebook’s video platform. The idea that Zuckerberg now voluntarily wants to sacrifice some of his own power and money for humanitarian purposes is, at best, highly doubtful. (Although politicians like Mark Warner seem to take it at face value.)
    Fortunately for Zuckerberg, thanks to the economic realities of government regulation, he can both support government regulation and enrich himself personally.

    • Roberta

      Trump surrounded himself with the imbeciles you mention. Bolton…..Pompeo….Abrahms? REALLY? Drain the swamp! LOL

      • Oracle 911

        2 things:
        1st Trump had little to no choice in this.
        2nd He is using them for THE DIRTIEST work in draining the swamp.

        If you don’t believe in my words, look at the consequences and results.
        My 2 cents
        Oracle 911

  8. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I just wonder, how old can be a baby in a post-birth abortion. Like 50-60-70 years old?
    Can these laws justify a murder claiming it was an abortion?

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • paul ...

      O … we know they take “18 year old babies” (who’s minds have not yet fully developed) into the military “and abort them” for the purpose of gaining political control of foreign countries all around the world through regime change (and then use their dead bodies to bring heroin back to the States to kill the younger children they didn’t kill with abortions before birth (or happened to escaped a Cuomo’s post-birth abortion) … the 50-60-70 year old parents are then given a flag for these Demons sacrifice of their son or daughter … later post-birth abortions are done on the 50-60-70 year old’s with “death panels” at the “abortion clinics” called Hospital Emergency Wards … where they are always “looking for good organs to sell” … bottom line … don’t ever … never sign anything … that tells doctors you want to donate your organs to them!!!

      • paul ...

        I know … not all doctors are bad people (like the abortion doctors that sell fetus organs) … but many doctors don’t use the God given brains that comes naturally to ordinary people (without 16 years of training in commie medical schools that teach them to use cancer causing radiation to kill cancer or cancer causing poisonous and toxic chemicals to kill cancer or cut the cancer out which does not cure the underlying reason the cancer developed in the first place) … now if doctors just used their brains “like ordinary people do” instead of keeping their minds closed and crazily doing over and over and over again the same thing they are taught by commie teachers “that never cures cancer” … it may finally dawn on them … that cancer was “non-existent and so rare” in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s and early 1900’s hundreds that no doctor ever heard of the disease called cancer … if they used their God given brains it may dawn on them “that cancer only developed after cars and airplanes were created that consume oxygen out of the atmosphere and input toxic chemicals into the atmosphere” … it may dawn on them that within a few years of the start of the industrial revolution cancer rates began to rise “from zero to being the leading cause of death today” … if they used their God given brains further (knowing that oxygen kills cancer) … they would likely be prescribing food and vitamins to their patients that helps to increase oxygen levels in the body … while petitioning political leaders to get rid of all polluting cars and planes that consume the vital oxygen we humans need to breathe at higher levels to prevent cancer from developing and lower the toxic gases now being pumped into the atmosphere “we breathe” … AOC (an ordinary bartender) is correct … we need to get rid of planes and go to high speed electric trains … all cars should be electric as they don’t consume oxygen or pollute the air we need “to live cancer free” … however “the old line” bribe taking politicians who depend upon donations from Big Oil (that have a big interest in keeping cars and planes burning oil/gas) and Big Pharma (that have an interest in creating more cancer with their radiation and toxic chemicals) will never change the laws to benefit the people they are supposed to be representing … this is why we need to elect more bartenders, more taxi drives, more ordinary working people … who have learned to use their own brains God gave them … rather then elect slimy lawyers and other “professionals” indoctrinated by commie teachers in our schools (that simply turn out “non-thinking robots”) … as more and more people awaken “non-thinking AI robots” will be needed in great numbers both in the military and elsewhere because “real humans” (not the fake professionals we have now in medicine, industry, politics and the news media) using their God given brains … will not be useful any more … so population reduction (think the Georgia Guidestones) will be necessary as humans that are too smart will have to be aborted … and Demon-rat Cuomo has now placed on the books post-birth abortions as being legal … so get ready folks!!

        • Oracle 911

          Not exactly an answer that I looked for but thanks.
          I asked if someone will abort these whom voted for this sic bill.

          BTW you are right, it is genocide by other means what is going on, and the general population (the object of the genocide) is paying for it.

          My 2 cents
          Oracle 911

  9. Mike G

    Well we know where this will lead, it will lead to the Peace Prize Winner, Mr holier than holy, can we really think the messiah will be touched. No there is one thing that has become quite apparent since Trump was elected, the deep state is corrupt as hell and they corrupt everyone who touches it, no rule of law in America for them.

  10. Jerry

    I’m coming to the conclusion that the deep state takedown and the global currency reset will occur simultaneously, and that trade talks with China will be the main trigger event.

    It’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that there are two indisputable facts.
    1. The central banking cabal and the deep state are embedded in the global banking system.
    2. That whatever happens here with the deep state takedown will have a direct impact on the global economy.

    For months I have labored over the question as to what the holdup is? Why the military tribunals have been delayed? And then it occurred to me that since so many countries are tethered to the U.S. economy and the petrodollar, that when the takedown takes place it will have a direct impact on the global economy. This is going to be epic! This isn’t just about the criminals that are inside our government, it’s about the blood sucking parasites that have driven the global economy into the ditch with their theft.

    Now it makes perfect since why the talks with the Chinese are so
    important and why gold has been deemed as currency by the BIS.
    Why Brexit has been delayed. And why the justice department is sitting on warrants. Where we go one, we go all. This is either going to be an orchestrated international reset, or the biggest global economic collapse in history. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m just a dumb hillbilly but even I can see why it’s been delayed. Who wants to own this? Delay. Delay. Delay. Delay.

    • Jerry

      I’ve given you the trigger event. Here is the scapegoat.

      Anytime DHS gives you a warning you’d better take it seriously. This is not tin foil hat material, or fear mongering. DHS has nothing to gain by issuing this warning. In addition, there are multiple parties that have access to this weapon.

    • nick in UK

      This seems to fit what is going on everywhere and using Occam’s razor , the law of parsimony , I think you are probably onto something.

      USA – President Trump`s draining of the swamp seems to be painfully slow with lots of crazy numbers of indictments but so far no arrests. He seems to be winning slowly but there are very odd things going on such as no appearance of Justice Ginsberg and no replacement .

      UK – The country voted to leave the EU but the MP`s have taken two years and a small extension so far to decide that we “might” be leaving with some form of a deal. Most leavers, the majority in the 2016 referendum, want no deal. So being forced to a deal with the EU is actually remaining and we know it will not be a good deal as treasonous Teresa`s Brexiteer cabinet members keep exposing how appalling it actually is.
      My analogy is the people decided to run and get into the lifeboats but our parliment have left the lifeboats chained to the Titanic. The UK may have sank anyway with our 3 trillion debt and debatable gold holdings, but we are definetly sinking by being attached to the EU and its 13 trillion of debt, with Draghi printing 50 million a day. Everything is so interconnected it probably makes little diference.

      The police have announced today that UK MPs are to get extra protection as they think civil disobedience is imminent.

      I was speaking to someone yesterday who works for Banco Sabadell, a Catalan bank that now owns the TSB. He said if the UK left the EU with no deal, UK citizens are no longer classed as Europeans and therefore his bank and many other European banks would lose access to cheaper borrowing as it is all based on customer numbers. “We are stood looking at the abyss just waiting”- his words . He also said that the Catalans will not give up on leaving Spain, which is another EU problem.

      An Italian bank collapses every month at the moment, the AFD party are making some stunning speaches in the EU, Italy just signed up to the silk road, Australia cannot get its gold back, property prices are crashing everywhere, butter is up 11%, I could write a book of these bullet points !

      Back to Teresa May, it appears her fathers details are being scrubbed from the internet as he was a Catholic church priest with all the child molestion “priviledges” that role provides (sarc) . Hubert Brasier was also connected to a serial killer.

      As Jerry stated everything seems to be in a holding pattern, but gradually detiorating and I agree with him that once one thing pops its all over, all at once. I had never heard of Bear Sterns before 2008 crises and look how that affected everything globally.
      We have no idea what the next trigger will be or the date, but I guess that a small group do know and with her stalling to get anything done I believe Teresa May is one of them but very few others in UK parliment know , due to the risk of public leaks.
      However the dam can only be plugged with paper mache (FIAT currncies) for so long.

      Whilst 99% of sheeple are all running around looking in all the wrong places at least a few of us red pill takers have a better chance.

      It does suggest a global default with a global reset and the a global solution and a global government. Biblical !
      Good luck

      • nick in UK

        sorry about my longest comment

        • Uncommon sense

          That was a great assessment of our current situation.

  11. andyb

    Most of us, and the majority on this site, agree that all the plotters should be perp-walked and preferably hung for treason. Unfortunately and deep down inside we know that the corruption is so wide spread and ingrained that this outcome is wishful thinking. To be sure, some will enjoy prison time (McCabe, perhaps Comey, Clapper and Brennan) but the big cheese like OBama and Hillary will skate. There will be trials of those that will be allowed to be scapegoats to pacify the outraged masses, but it will end there.
    The only good to come from these trials and the release of all the FISA machinations will be the Trump victory in 2020, barring 30 million illegals voting.

  12. Da Yooper

    Well Done Greg ………Bravo

    Alex Newman nails it & is spot on he gets it ……… roll the indictments & stop dicking around.

  13. Joe Lalonde


    The will of the people has been stolen.
    Governments around the world backed by the media have imposed what they believe is good for you. While getting vast amounts of “perks of the office”. Supplied by banking and big business interests. Kept secret as not to generate a vast uprisings on who is causing this mess.

  14. al

    Holy Schiff!!! What a mind! This is a Millennial? I’m glad you had him back Greg. Thank you.
    I’m sharing this one with everyone I know. This is a concise rationale on why the dumbokrauts act like Country hating NAZIs and the Enemy Media acts the way they do. This is totally worth a listen!

    God Bless or duly elected President Donald Trump as he is working with godly forces to put this criminal syndicate back in the bowls of hell where it belongs.
    Nice try lucifer.

    • Diane

      Alexander the Great!
      Like this interview Greg

      • Diane

        LOVE this interview

        • Greg Hunter

          Love your support Diane!! Thank you.

    • Alex Newman

      Thank you for the kind words!

  15. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview as always. Below is the decision of the Supreme Court of the U.S. – Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, 143 U.S. 457 (1892):
    “There is no dissonance in these declarations. There is a universal language pervading them all, having one meaning. They affirm and reaffirm that this is a religious nation. These are not individual sayings, declarations of private persons. They are organic utterances. They speak the voice of the entire people. While because of a general recognition of this truth the question has seldom been presented to the courts, yet we find that in Updegraph v. Com., 11 Serg. & R. 394, 400, it was decided that, “Christianity, general Christianity, is, and always has been, a part of the common law of Pennsylvania.”

    The conclusion of the court was that America was founded on Christian principles. I don’t think we could this one again, today. Keep up the fight.
    Lo Iyrah!

  16. Chip

    Love Alex Newman! Great interview! Knocked it out of the park! Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree!

    • Alex Newman

      Thank you Chip!

  17. Tomas Marquez

    Amazing work as always Greg! You two are on FIRE! Thank you for bringing us the truth. God bless! I hope everybody is praying for these two patriots!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas!

  18. Rock

    Greg, what a breath of fresh air it was in this interview. Alex is so spot on, and it is encouraging to know that he is a beacon of light and sense to the young generation.
    He is right, there is a spiritual war to the death raging right now. Light versus darkness.
    Life versus death. Christ versus the demonic world. It is the underpinning of everything going on.
    Thanks again for your great work brother!

    • Greg Hunter

      Newman is a future star and he’s a Christian!!

      • Tom Wigand

        Agreed. I’ve seen him speak at some Bear Witness Central meetings in Florida. Good info in person, and his material on The New American is always very informative. Alas, Fox probably won’t ever have him on — so thank you Greg for giving him another forum. That’s why I’ve come to love this site and your interviews — the kind of material Americans NEED to know, but won’t find on the major outlets.

    • Uncommon sense

      It looks more like 50 shades of grey to me. If Trump is the light we are all screwed big time!

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t agree and I only have the Hillary choice to compare the two possible outcomes.

    • Alex Newman

      Thanks so much Rock! The kind words and encouragement are much appreciated!

  19. Justn Observer

    Greg and Alex….nice! Running naked through the street ! Can only add, with their hair on fire? lol
    Looks like a Chinese lady might have been trying to ‘plant some evident’ ? And maybe throwing Biden under the bus coming if they can’t stick in on POTUS.. As GW suggests, these guys are serious…so hope a soft coup does not escalate to get Pence in anyway possible? Does not appear Fox News is being particularly helpful or speedy getting to the truth when so much IS know but never makes it into the daily dribble there either?

    • Justn Observer

      looks like Nader and Swalwell what the report out – Trump sidelined BEFORE the real story gets out and they all are exposed! Likely will be easier to just put a fence around D.C. then to move them ALL to gitmo? lol

  20. paul ...

    Notice how news about a “mysterious planet” 10x the size of Earth heading our way is released on April Fools Day (so as not to panic the people??) … … but keep in mind … that “something is out there” and it is definitely pulling on Earth’s tectonic plates … officials can’t deny “the increasing magnitude and increasing numbers” of all these earthquakes ripping the plate boundaries apart and the increasing numbers of volcano’s now erupting on planet Earth ” … and Yellowstone getting extremely active is no figment of the imagination”!! … if we can’t save everyone … the government better start building underground bunkers on the Moon and put in enough food supplies and two of every specie and use the Moon as a Noah’s Ark so that we can rebuild after the Passover!! …

    • paul ...

      Here is pretty good photographic evidence that a number of very large planets are nearing Earth … and that NASA is trying to cover up their view with their “artificial sun satellites and chem-trails” … the very large planet that is on a trajectory to move between Venus and Earth is huge (and when seen in the sky looks visibly larger then our Sun … it is what is producing the movement (we are now witnessing) in Earth’s tectonic plates and also is distorting Earth’s atmosphere and our jet stream … for you atheists out there “ignore all the religious and biblical comments” in this attachment … I’m not trying to convert anyone to religion … I just want to get the visual evidence before you (that the government is trying to cover-up) so that you may prepare in a manner that makes you most comfortable … the government manipulation being used to cover up the truth entails our government using satellites that can emit an intense beam of light to simulate the Sun so as to cover up the view of these planets now in our Solar System … sometimes the government turns on this artificial sun too early and we see “two Sun’s setting in the sky” … I know you atheists out there never read a Bible in your life … but it was written long ago to warn mankind of this present danger … don’t start reading the Bible now … it’s too late … just look at the evidence presented and “believe” if you will (probably for the first time in your life)!! …

      • Greg Hunter

        I am betting yes, just like I bet the coup was a gigantic treasonous hoax.

      • paul ...

        You know … the idiots that put a nuclear weapon on Apollo 13 to set off on the Moon (to see if it was hollow) … is like some idiots during Noah’s time putting explosives on Noah’s Ark to see if it was hollow inside … we don’t want to destroy our “God given artificial satellite” called the Moon trying to see if it has enough rooms inside to save all the species on planet Earth!!

        • paul ...

          You know … the government “has no right” blocking out some of the most spectacular events going on in the Heavens from public view (that only comes around once every 3500 years)! … I would like to see planet X moving between Venus and Earth eclipsing the Sun at noon (and everything going dark in the daytime) … instead the government is shining a bright light on the planet as it eclipses the Sun (to make it look as though the sun is still shining) and is clouding the atmosphere with chem-trails to further hide this spectacular passing … this is not fair!!

  21. Bill

    GREG: I hear often that there is a possibility our nation is headed for civil war. Do you believe this will be an armed conflict ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure Bill. There is a lot of disinformation out there and lots of hate. Look at the people who still wrongly believe Trump is a Russian spy.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Saying there is too much hate in America is just like saying there is too much salt in the ocean.

  22. iwitness02

    I always enjoy the rapid fire delivery of Alex Newman. His views and values always seem to match my own. I have a lot of respect for Alex and really enjoyed this interview. Thank you both. I need to know that I am not alone in my concerns about the world we live in. I am reassured once again.

    • iwitness02

      I read somewhere, that things are not getting worse. They are being uncovered.
      Basically it has always been bad, but now we are finding out.

      Someone recently posted a scripture referring to there being nothing new under the sun.
      That made me wonder if before the flood if they had the same technology then, as we do now. Or even more advanced than where we are now technologically? Makes sense, considering angles had offspring with women. The offspring would have a superior intellect. Even so, they still embraced evil. They could not overcome Satan’s influence. So far only one has been able to. Thankfully, He was successful. Like the wine at the wedding, the best is saved for last. There is reason to be hopeful.

      • iwitness02


  23. H. Craig Bradley

    Is this just wishful thinking or does President Trump really have the guts to pull-down on the coup plotters ?

    • Arthur L Barnes

      Wishful thinking to my mind, just my 2 cents, but in any event I fear not!

    • uncommon sense

      Oh hi Jimmy

    • uncommon sense

      Jimmy, is he just a loudmouth or does he have what it takes?

  24. Tin foil hat

    Platinum seems to have reached bottom and is on its upward bounce. It has gone up $28.78 as pallidium dropped $23.00. I’m kicking myself for not picking up more Britanias at $820. PPLT is $82.18 which is still in the vicinity of 8 years low.

  25. K. Wayne

    I say Off with their Heads – Traitors and treasonous swines… one and all !

  26. K. Wayne

    Voter Fraud = Illegitimate Government + Dysfunctional Congress.

  27. Canadian Prepper


    Great work as usual. You practice a lost art investigative journalism. Our maximum leader Justine Turdhole is up to his ears in scandal with an October election coming. Another globalist useful idiot on his way out. As for the sexuality and gender clauses in the trade agreement, we Canadians for the most part cringed in embarrassment and most of us want to see his head on a platter.

  28. donna s.

    Alex Newman, by far , is one of my favorites! He is a very intelligent and well spoken man who does his research. He gives me food for thought, as well as reporting on what he sees going on in the world. He gives me hope for our future when I see someone his age working so hard at getting the facts and opening so many eyes. I would say he is able to speak to a younger generation who will listen to him, as well as earning the respect of the older generations.
    Thank you Greg for giving us these very important interviews and Thank you Alex for giving me hope for our future.

  29. K. Wayne

    The coming upheaval, social & economic collapse and chaos in America and around the World will be attributed to the rise of Populism and the Progressive movement.
    Our Government has long since surrendered it’s Sovereignty to the powers of the Banking Elite. The Boom and Bust cycles are manifestations of their actions as is Inflation/Currency debasement along with wealth inequality. The country and it’s citizenry have been nothing more than a life support system to allow those 1% of the 1% even greater control and accumulation of power and wealth.
    These Groups, Clubs, Secret Societies that Alex refers to, have survived centuries. They have a common agenda…to usurp legitimate government and rule at every level. They are the Hidden Hand of Government…the same who occupy space behind the drawn curtains and closed doors.
    When they push too hard on the incumbent country (Debt Saturation) whilst having plundered its wealth (Collateralized every Asset) they will use tools to wreck it and leave it destitute.

    Witness the Criminal Actions of the Fed Reserve – QE, ZIRP, QT, Distortion of Free Markets, Distortion of Interest Rates, Suppression of PM prices, Interference at every level of the monetary and financial system.

    Witness the sanctimonious behavior of the CIC – where actions speak louder than words. Trade Wars and Tariffs are not the policy of a Commander whose objective is to grow his Nation. Trade Wars are protectionist policies. Trade Wars are harmful to the Economy – witness the “Slowdown” across the nation, witness the failure to create Jobs, witness the death of retail, witness the dramatic fall in exports. Trade Wars cause harm…PERIOD. And…. this is the policy at a time in America when the FED Reserve has gone into retreat. NO…this is the policy of someone who has taken ownership of a Wrecking Ball. Choices for alternatives are limited. That is our fate. By design.

    The Economic storm clouds have gathered and the Hidden Government are waiting to unleash the wrath of the storm. At such future time when the consequences are felt far and wide, we shall all cast our eyes to them again to provide a solution. They have prepared for this coming age. Their plan (already in motion) sits in the background.
    The destruction of the USD along with its hegemony, country and citizens is to allow the implementation of the NWO. For those still connecting the dots….China and Russia are the chosen ones. It is the shifting of the axis of Evil from the West to the East.
    Best be careful what you wish for… they have played us for fools.
    Great upheaval is upon us but we will not surrender or go down without fighting.
    The battle has but just begun…..all according to their master plan.

  30. Seeing Clearly

    Trump is a criminal and an embarrassment for our country, his election was a disaster and I am not supporting Hillary Clinton at all.

    • Greg Hunter


      So if you hate trump and don’t like Hill I guess you are going for the tooth fairy or Bernie?


  31. Sayonara

    Alex Newman is very articulate and a breath of fresh air. Where I believe he and you are wrong is that none of perpetrators of treason will ever be prosecuted.
    The one area that has completely stymied and neutered Trump is the DOJ. The Sessions AG appointment was a catastrophic failure. Trump has not been able lock control of the DOJ and it is obviously out of control and is akin to herding cats.
    The legal system is so systemically corrupt that even if he could find DOJ enforcers that had the cohones to indict the traitors, the legal system would throw road blocks and barriers that would prohibit any meaningful prosecution.
    I hate to acknowledge and say it – but we no longer live in country where there is a rule of law. Only great political ideological divide.
    It is really sad and scary that half of our population supports and advocates socialism which is an ideology that is factually and directly responsible for the extermination of over 100M people over the last 120 years.

  32. paul ...

    With regard to the hazards associated with 5G (the people of Brussels are not going to be used as guinea pigs) … better the Americans (who have no qualms about killing children who survive abortion) be used as the guinea pigs instead!! …

  33. paul ...

    Interesting … do you think with Trump allowing both Israel and Saudi Arabia “to have the bomb” … he will now have an excuse to take the sanctions off Iran?? …

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump allowing Israel to have nukes? Really?
      Israel has had nukes long before Trump.
      How about India and Pakistan?

  34. K. Wayne

    Alex is absolutely correct when speaking of destroying Christianity (not just in America).
    It is well known that the Elitists whilst professing Christianity, in truth actually despise it. Their religious fulfilment comes from their internally manifested immoral and disturbing beliefs.
    They desire a return to a Feudal System where they will once again be absolute rulers. Their specific agenda is to take the world to a NEW Dark Age.

  35. Jerry

    Do you think the globalist are getting desperate yet?

    Why do they need our money? Why not just continue to create money out of thin air, inslave the poor with its debt, and manipulate the markets? Could it be behind closed doors that the fake fiat stream Is being shut off to prepare for a new exchange system using gold as a backstop? I guess will never know. But one has to wonder since Basel IV is waiting in the wings if that’s not the case?

  36. Jerry

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Meet the new EU.

  37. Mohammad


    For all Trump worshipers here, whom rolled the KILLING 5G in with his exec. order on Feb 2018, and for all Brexiteers idiots that want to break the EU, here is what EU standard is:

    “Brussels Halts 5G Pilot Over Radiation Concerns As Verizon Clicks Heels Over US Rollout”


    • Mohammad

      Up to 90 gigaHZ pounding our DNA compared to the current 4G’s 5 gigaHZ…DO YOU GUYS COMPREHEND THE DANGER OUR POTUS IS PUTTING US IN??????

      Isn’t he supposed to protect us?
      Damn …. This is more dangerous that the stupid wall he is fixated on. and no one is talking about it?
      How come Greg you do not bring an expert to interview on the most lethal technology that they can put now in your Missouri farm without your consent with your beloved POTUS’s exec. order?????


      • paul ...

        Speaking of Executive Orders … wasn’t it the Executive Orders of the King of England that our Founding Fathers rebelled against?? … so our Government is no longer a Constitutional Republic??? … have we now become a Kingdom???? … our Founding Fathers must be turning (and doing flips and hand stands) in their graves!!!

        • Mohammad

          Sure they are, where are the good masons????????


  38. Sister Betrayal

    Beto O’Rourke Funneled $100,000 In Campaign Funds To Family Firm
    Daniel Greenfield April 4, 2019

    Whatever the polling numbers may say, Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are in a tight race to cash in on their political brands. Bobby O’Rourke is still an amateur. But he did manage to pick up $100K in campaign cash.
    Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke paid roughly $110,000 in campaign funds to a web development company while either he or his wife owned it, public records show.

  39. Sister Betrayal

    Either O’Rourke or his wife owned Stanton Street — a small web development firm that O’Rourke founded in 1998 — during the vast majority of those payments. MUCH MORE UTTER CORRUPTION;

  40. Truth Teller

    When folks are not educated, don’t know history, and are uniformed beyond sound bites..this is what happens. Governments fall into the hands of ruthless dictators who are more interested in their own wealth than in the welfare of their people. So sad for Americans.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are not done yet.

  41. paul ...

    Thank God … with election 2020 drawing near … Biden uses his head … and promises to keep his hands off women …

  42. paul ...

    You know … I look at Alex “New Man” and he is what I image Jesus Christ looked like … I know Trump has promised us “disclosure” on things from JFK to 9-11 … but is total disclosure going to include that we have had an intimate relationship with “Supreme Beings” since our creation!! … and are we being introduced to a “New Man” … who now walks among us??? … these human men seem to indicate as much …

    • Mohammad

      Sorry Paul to burst your bubble, Jesus is Mediterranean in skin complexion (olive) and in looks, dark eyes, chances I look closer to him that Alex, same region same traits.


      • Tin foil hat

        Do you know why some Muslims dye their beards red?

        • Tin foil hat

          Well, since you don’t know, I’ll give you the asnswer. When you see that a Muslim dyes his beard red, it is because he is trying to follow the Sunnah, what the Prophet Mohammad did.

          Now, you can skip to 14:37 mark in this video;
          You will see ancient murals of men with red beards in caves which Buddhists considered sacred in ancient times.

          Btw, many elongated skulls found in Peru have red hair.

      • paul ...

        Mohammad … Perhaps we can send Alex to the Holy Land (before the evil neocons nuke the place) where he can get a nice “deep tan” … looks like he already has the dark eyes … because he can be very persuasive … he should give sermons on the mount to the people … what we must hope “does not happen” is the present day money changers going after him (to crucify him like they did to Jesus) for speaking wisdom and truth to the people!!

        • Mohammad

          Sadly I see the point you are making, let’s pray for the safety of all humanity although we know what is coming.


      • Occasnltrvlr

        People never move?

        The light-skinned people of eastern and western Europe share the same lineage as Mary, Theotokos. The ten “lost” tribes of the Northern Kingdom, after Assyrian captivity, migrated over the Caucasus Mountains, hence the moniker.
        One of the two tribes of the Southern Kingdom, of which Mary was 50% comprised, has returned to the area in our time.

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote, “but is total disclosure going to include that we have had an intimate relationship with “Supreme Beings” since our creation!! … and are we being introduced to a “New Man” … who now walks among us??? ”
      Paul, We Martians have been here since 52

      • paul ...

        500 … I should have known with your “Galaxy moniker” … I myself arrived from the third planet orbiting Sirius in the Orion Belt way back in 1918 … I look like I’m only 35 (as we Syrians age slower then humans) … have to keep moving though (like Mo) … because killing Syrians seems to be a neocon pastime!!

        • Mohammad

          Or in 1913?


          • paul ...

            Mohammad … they had travel tours to Earth to see the sinking of the Titanic in 1913 … but I chose the 1918 travel tour … as I wanted to see “The World Saved For Democracy” … what I got was … a One World “Commie” Order” … I want my money back … but the trip was still worth the price I paid (in gold) … because Earth women “are beautiful” (and easy) compared to what is available in the local galactic neighborhood!!

            • Mohammad

              the Sinking of the titanic was 1912.


              • paul ...

                You forget Mo … we Syrians have time warp technology and can re-play events over and over again … like the continual wars that get re-played (to save the world for Democracy)!!

  43. Galaxy 500

    Great Interview Greg thanks for introducing him to the USA Watchdog community

  44. R.J.

    God bless americas constitution iam canadian and so disgusted with our current government that i am almost ready to move to the u.s. i hope and pray that trudope will lose this october and andrew scheer a christian will become our p.m. great interview greg God bless you

  45. Karen Bracken

    Alex Newman is THE BEST journalist in America. I would love to see him get a nightly spot on One America News Network

  46. Edwin Meyer

    We need to start digging…These Dims are frantically and fanatically trying to get rid of President Trump…They are using tactics never before seen in our nations political history…We need to ask ourselves “WHY”…Something stinks here…and it is not simply that the Dims lost an election.

  47. Westleigh Clampe

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  48. Ares Jeffery George

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  50. Carlos X. I. Ellison

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  56. Alexia F. U. Rollins

    Your latest blog post was truly inspiring and had some great insights. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store.

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