Trump Election Battle Continues, Christmas Message 2020

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 463 12.25.2020)

The election fraud battle is far from over, and President Trump does not look like a man who is ready to give up–quite the contrary.  If you want an excellent summation of all the fraud and crime that has been uncovered since Election Day, please watch the President’s 14 minute video outlining the outrageous scam that the 2020 Election really was.  These are facts and NOT some tinfoil hat theories that the Left and corrupt propaganda mainstream media (MSM) keeps telling you.  Trump is not giving up, and neither should you accept the pretend president Joe Biden.  Trump won by a record number of votes for a sitting President, and that too is a fact no matter how much Big Tech or the propaganda MSM tells you there was no election or voter fraud.  God is going to weigh in on this, and the Dems, globalists and Satan worshipers will not be liking what God has for an outcome to the 2020 Election.

Christ’s birth, death and resurrection truly changed the world, and only He offers salvation and redemption for anyone who believes in the Son of God.  Please don’t let the election chaos get between you and your birthday celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Please have a Merry Christ mas no matter what.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about the progress of the election and gives his Christmas message for 2020.

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After the Interview:

Hard hitting journalist Alex Newman will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He has a list of things to look out for in 2021.

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  1. Marie+Joy

    Between biden/harris/communism, and war, I choose war.

    Merry Christmas to all Patriots

    • Paul ...

      And lets make it a 100 year war (like the Crusaders did) … and just continue Marching on Washington DC … day after day … year after year … until we finally rid ourselves of the traitorous “commie” Repug-lickin and Demon-rat infidels !!!

      • JC

        War? What is it good for?
        According to Edwin Starr…

        • Paul ...

          What you seem to fail to understand JC is that this is a Holy War … and if it results in a 100 year War “To Recover Our Holy Land of Freedom and Justice under God” (from the evil immoral Commies) it will be well worth it … considering as how we just spent 20 years and the lives of our sons and daughters to make War in Afghanistan just so some US Repug-lickin and Demon-rat Drug Lords embedded in in Congress could become filthy rich selling opium to our children!!!

          • Judy

            No war is a holy war. Just wait for Jesus to return…he’ll sort things out.

        • William+Stanley

          Say Party “A” is well armed and violent. He wants Party “B’s” wife. But Party B is not down with that and — despite all of Party B’s flaws — his wife is not ready for that much “hope and change.”

          Party A says, okay, let’s compromise: I’ll just have her one night a week. Party B says, okay, let peace reign. QED: You are completely correct; war is unnecessary.

        • Marie+Joy

          Nothing, less than war, will save the republic.

      • john edward

        U.S.A. died in 1865 in a really bad war, the only thing left is ignorant babble about slavery. If our country only Knew one half-NO ten percent of what they should about the south and the so called civil war, the challenge to live up to the U.S.Const. could have made A ll of us an ever greater blessing to the whole world. We have become an infantile people allowing computers to have our trust knowing computers are so corruptible and this has been known for years broadly. We cannot afford to replace facts and truth with emotions or should be.

  2. David

    Thank you, Greg and Merry Christmas!

  3. Mohammad


    Let me break it down, I will come back to remind you:
    Between now and Jan 20th, Iran who interfered through Venezuela with Qatar money under the thumb of China in our election through their Hizbullah weasels in Dearborn MI is going to get the taste of American resolve.
    USA will be under emergency because of the war.
    Biden will take the hike.
    Trump stays in WH as the rightful winner of 2020 election.

    And Yes…

    I will remind you all…!


    • allen ols

      Mohammad,,,,bahhha love it

    • Diane

      I hope you’re right.
      We got sucker punched in the election .

      • Mohammad

        It does not add up Diane, it is a clear invasion of US by China, no way the military will let it happen. Mark those words.

        Merry Christmas.


    • Paul ...

      “War between the Gods” has been going on “for far too long” (since way before Adam and Eve) … even the United States founded in 1776 has found itself at war 214 out of our 235 calendar years of existence … this is unacceptable “to us higher order beings God the Father created to bring peace to the world” (and who Satan hates and is constantly trying to corrupt) … this old feud between God the Father (who wants peace) and Satan (who wants war) … must stop … and God the Father figured a unique way to do it … create “us with DNA having a higher moral code” (that Gates and Fauci want to destroy with their DNA altering vaccine) … it was “us with a higher moral code” who elected Trump to stop war and bring peace … but the Demons continually promote “War” by making it very profitable for those willing to sell their souls to bring misery and destruction to the world … and think nothing of killing millions of people “for fiat paper” … these Demons now have total control of the MSM propaganda outlets and have mastered the art of persuasion … fiat printed paper (conjured out of thin air) is all it takes to bribe and control the media and manufacture support for their “continual wars”, their lock-downs, their perverted sex, drugs, baby killing for organs, HIV/DNA altering sterilizing vaccines, etc., etc., etc.) … but “people of a higher moral standard” (that God in his infinite wisdom created to fight evil) are beginning to work together … in spite of the Demons trying to keep us divided over issues “they create” … however … now is time … for all of us “of every ethnicity” (created by God with a higher moral code) to unite and March on Washington Jan 5-6″ … it is now too very obvious to all that BLM is a subterfuge (created by evil Demons to divide ethnic groups and keep us looking away from where our attention should be focused) … “THE Stealing of our Election by Commies out to Destroy our Constitutional Republic”!! … the last thing the evil Repug-lickins, Demon-rats and their Corporate and Banking Masters want is Armed, Informed, United and Moral Americans of every persuasion “determining for themselves their own higher destiny” (just as God the Father always wanted for us when he first took some clay and molded us in his image)!!

  4. Not So Free

    Merry Christ-mas to you and your, and to all of the USAW followres.

  5. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Blessed Christmas Eve to you and yours.

    During a bitter, icy storm this very evening and night in 1776, General George Washington and his men were in the process of crossing the ice-packed and treacherous Delaware River as part of their “surprise” attack on the enemy on Christmas Day. Due to at least one spy and traitor, the attack was not a complete surprise. Nevertheless, the subsequent victory — against all odds — turned the tide of the Revolutionary War.

    • Russ McMeans

      And the truth will prevail. It always does in our human history. Ugliest abounds but the truth prevails because the torch of human freedom will not be quenched. We always rise up again to raise our swords against our tyrants. ( the tyrants were those fellow kids in school that tried to micromanage us and were the teacher’s pet…. remember them??…. god we hated them. Born to rule us? Right? Not!!

    • Paul ...

      Trump (just like George Washington crossing the Delaware to defeat those helping the King of England) will defeat the Demons in Pennsylvania (who tried to fudge things so a “commie” could rule over, tax and lock us down for the King of China)!!

      • JC

        OK Paul…

        • Paul ...

          Think I’m ringing the bell to often JC … you better wake up … before you smell the burnt roasted flesh coming from the “commies crematoriums” as they reduce Earth’s population by 7.3 Billion people as inscribed by morally perverted evil globalist eugenicists on “The World’s Tombstone” they proudly erected in Georgia (right here on American soil) … but also remember … there are many hundreds of thousands of Tombstones “of Patriots” who willingly sacrificed their lives “to save the world … not end it” … ring … ring .. ring!!

  6. Sharon

    Thank you and a Very Merry Christmas!

  7. Mike R

    I hope God weighs in soon for Trump continuing as President.
    That would make for a Happy New Year.

  8. Dixie

    Give ’em hell Mr. President!!

  9. Robert Coleman

    Merry Christmas to You and Your family from a Fellow Missourian living in Guangzhou China for the past 17+ years. Keep up the excellent reporting of the Truth.

  10. MCasey


    “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14 (KJV)

    Obviously, the “star” knew exactly how to lead the Magi directly to Jesus’ home, but only did so after the “wise men” had informed King Herod so he could formulate his plot to kill Jesus.

    The “Wise Men” were Magi; see magic, sorcerer, Oriental scientist. They principally dealt with the evaluation of dreams, visions, astronomical signs and the interpretation of things considered divine. Ancient astrologers restricted their divination to nations and kings. Magi were in high regard and were “Wise Men” in the sense that they were considered knowledgeable. It is generally accepted that Magi originated from a caste of Zoroastrian priests; familiar with the writings of the prophet Daniel and would have some knowledge of writings of other exile prophets about Jesus’ birth.

    Jerusalem was the capital of the Kingdom of Judea; the likely place for a Jewish king to be born. The Magi only state they, “have seen his star”. The scriptures do not say the “star” led the Magi to Jerusalem.

    The “star” was a “glowing”. A light which appeared in such a position in the skies and at such a time that it could be interpreted by the Magi to foretell of the birth of a new King of the Jews. Modern contemporary methods with various astronomical gyrations have been unable to conclusively establish any astrological event that occurred in this time frame. Certainly not one that would stand “over where the young child was”.

    No. The Jews were forbidden to practice astrology (divination). (Isaiah 47:13). God’s sign to the Jews of their new-born king is found in Luke 2. (“And, this, to you is, a sign”….. I bring you good tidings of a great joy, which shall be for all the people: “)

    God did NOT give a “star” as a sign of Jesus’ birth to the Magi. God’s sign of Jesus’ birth was given to the Jews, as found in Luke 2: (“And, this, to you is, a sign” )

    King Herod was the pro-Roman ruler of Judea and had been appointed “King of the Jews” as his official title by Rome. The news of the birth of a new King of the Jews would have been interpreted as a threat to Herod’s throne. Distrustful and suspicious, King Herod executed two of his own sons to keep them from ascending to his throne.

    Since Herod had to inquire as to when it appeared, it is apparent that neither King Herod nor his court (nor shepherds) saw any huge, bright, shining “star”. There is no indication that this phenomenon was ever seen (or interpreted) by anyone but the Magi.

    King Herod was attempting to ascertain Jesus’ age as determined by the appearing of the “star”. Herod was reacting exactly as “the star” anticipated; by formulating a plot to kill Jesus.

    King Herod intended to kill Jesus. He saw the birth of a new King of the Jews as a threat to his throne. As later evidenced in Matthew 2:16, King Herod did not want to honor Jesus, but instead was formulating a plan to kill the Christ Child.

    The Magi left Jerusalem with no real direction except to go to Bethlehem and start knocking on doors searching “diligently for the young child”. “Lo”, they were relieved and exceedingly joyous when the “star” re-appeared to actually lead them directly to Jesus’ very doorstep.

    IF THE “STAR” ALWAYS KNEW EXACTLY WHERE JESUS WAS, WHY DIDN’T THE “STAR” SIMPLY LEAD THE MAGI DIRECTLY TO BETHLEHEM INSTEAD OF ABANDONING THEM TO INQUIRE OF KING HEROD IN JERUSALEM? Obviously, the “star” knew how to lead the Magi directly to Jesus’ doorstep, but was only willing to do so after the “wise men” had informed King Herod of the “new King’s” birth to incite Herod to kill Jesus.

    This “star” was not God’s plan to announce and celebrate Christ’s birth.

    Mankind, once again, deceived by the “traditions of men” into giving this “star” a place of honor in their home, on their rooftop or lawn. Wondrously gazing upon it with great celebration; sending cards with beautifully designed scenes of this “star” and singing songs of praise to it on Christmas morning after a sermon on following this “star” to find Christ and His salvation. Sad.

    “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14 (KJV)

  11. The Canuk

    A Merry Christmas from Canada to you Greg. And thank you so much for the effort you put forth to assist humanity during these delicate times.

  12. Stan

    The US Dollar is the only game in town. Without an adequate supply of Dollars the world economy will die. Long the Dollar for 2021 and beyond!

    • Paul ...

      You do understand Stan “that an adequate amount of dollars” to keep the Banksters debt system afloat “will cause massive inflation” (once the velocity of money picks up) … and when the velocity of money picks up … you will see gold and silver prices begin to rocket higher “like crypto on steroids” … but without the fatal drawback crypto has (being linked to the Banksters internet system and also the continual costs associated with having to constantly burn electricity to keep the crypto on line) … whereas the cost of mining gold and silver “is all up front” … once the metal is mined “that’s it” … there is no continuing cost to keep this more stable form of money as a protector of wealth!!

    • Paul ...

      You know Stan … by 2039 we will need to be mining 40 million ounces of gold from the asteroids, the Moon and Mars “each year” … just to make up for “the projected shortfall in production” we will see here on Earth as shown in the following chart …×778.png … but think about this … what will happen to the price of gold if mining operations in space “take longer then expected”?? … remember how we went to the Moon in 1969 (32 years ago) … and still … wehave not mined anything from there yet … zero , zilch, “not-a one” ounce of gold !!

  13. Gabriel

    Hi, my name is Gabriel. I have been a long time watcher and I just wanted to give you a holiday message. But first I feel a little background is appropriate. I was raised Jewish. My wife is still Jewish, but I am a new message student. Or at least I am trying to live as a new message student. I was raised in a very democratic leaning house. After 9/11/01 I started asking myself what the hell is going on. It was a very sad and difficult process but my wife and have awoke and it has cost us many relationship. I see us on the verge of a civil war followed by a CCP(China) invasion under the UN flag. If we let this fraud/coup d’état stand we will never have freedom and liberty again. And it is actually worst then that but you already know this. Watching the country head towards disaster is breaking my heart. That said,…… back to my holiday message. I want to tell you about a true story about Jesus in honor of Christ. Link below. I want to wish you a very merry Christ Mas.

  14. Reese Parsons

    Just watched on YouTube. You are correct, it isn’t over by a longshot. Keeping the faith alive and full of hope.

    But now, time to rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ, when the Word became Flesh. (I love the opening of the Gospel of John)

    Merry Christmas to all. Greg, I remember past Christmases where you said you go outside on Christmas and say in a loud voice that “Today Jesus has been born”. Well, maybe not those exact words but I hope the tradition lives on in you still.

    Have a peaceful day tomorrow, filled with joy.

  15. Russ

    Merry Christmas Greg.

    I’m convinced the past month of news regarding the theft of a Presidential election was to wake up the American public. People are still waking up. Can you believe that some people believe Biden won that election. It ain’t over.

  16. Dave's Nemesis, Ingvar

    Dave 12/20/2020 •
    Interesting. I have always thought Trump was a plant and his purpose was to sow chaos and pave the way for the Deep State to take even more control. His actions point to that – that or else he has been totally inept as President.
    Reply to Dave;
    Interesting too Dave. We here at always thought you were a Mike Morell wanna be, who since mid-2016 has been trying to sabotage the Trump campaign simply because Trump said on Michael Savage’s Show, he would like to talk to Putin. Instead of just kowtowing to Russia like your boss Hillary Clinton, for Russian Rubles. Which was a no no for you Dave, err Michael. Because of your Hillary Russian Putin derangement syndrome, syndrome. Was to cover your boss Hillery’s rear end in her sell out of the United States Uranium to Russia and Russian money for Bill’s terrible speeches, he couldn’t get anybody else to pay enormousness amounts for. Why was there an investigation of collusion between Russia, Donald Trump and the Trump campaign when there was and is ample smoking gun evidence of your collusion and more between Russian and other foreign assets, Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton crime family Foundation? The quid pro quo template for the scarecrow Joe Briben Biden crime family foundation.
    Understanding the Uranium One “Scandal”
    By Doug Hagmann —— Bio and Archives–November 14, 2017
    Despite assertions by Hillary Rodham Clinton that the Uranium One scandal has been debunked as “fake news,” there exists ample evidence to suggest otherwise—with additional corroborating evidence being revealed almost daily. In today’s environment where few people care to read a report what extends beyond a sentence or two, the facts behind the Uranium One scandal are often readily dismissed due to its transactional complexity, the complicity of those involved, and the media’s collusion in keeping this story under wraps.
    Psyop’s Dave, that is beginning to change, however, as more information is being forced into the open by a precious few members of the conservative media and truth-seeking journalists, like here at!
    Uranium One “scandal” Timeline
    Perhaps the most damning evidence today, however, exists in the form of a FBI informant who possesses video and audio evidence and documentation to support the allegations of the use of positions of power and influence to sell one of our nation’s most important natural resources, and the abuse of power to cover it up.
    Dave stop blaming Trump for your corruption and inept cover up of everything your beholding too, in the establishment elitist criminal political shadow government mocking bird brained intell cabal, psyop.

  17. Nadja Bennington

    Tucker: Congress tells struggling Americans to take ‘$600 and shut up’
    940,941 views •Dec 22, 2020 Fox News
    Tucker Carlson sounds off on bloated spending bill, with millions going to Sudan and Pakistan to build a wall on they’re border’s!

    Tucker releases never-before-seen footage of altercation between Warnock, wife
    891,465 views •Dec 22, 2020 Fox News
    Raphael Warnocks ex-wife Ouleye Ndoye tells officer her husband is ‘a great actor’ and ‘putting on a really good show’

    China’s ‘draconian’ new food laws ‘epitomise’ Beijing’s mentality
    The new food laws which have been imposed in China are draconian, almost prisoner-based and “epitomise the mentality of Beijing in 2020”, says Sky News host Chris Smith.
    “Diners who don’t eat all their food at restaurants in China will be fined under a new law designed to reduce food waste,” Mr Smith said.
    Coming to a China bought and paid for US. OZ. politicians enclave near you soon!

    United States sends guided submarine to Persian Gulf after attack on American Embassy
    66,666 views •Dec 22, 2020 Sky News Australia
    The United States has sent a guided submarine into the Persian Gulf following an attack on the American embassy in Baghdad by a barrage of rockets which caused minor damage.
    The American nuclear-powered guided-missile submarine travelled the strategically vital waters between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula in response to action of an Iran-supported militia which launched rockets at the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad.
    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attributed the attack to “Iran-backed militias”.
    The American Embassy has called on Iraqi leaders to take steps to prevent such attacks and hold accountable those responsible.

    Trump urges Americans to speak up; Defense bill vetoed; Lawsuit to block 5 states’ electoral votes
    278,802 views •Streamed live 10 hours ago NTD
    President Donald Trump vetoes a $700 billion defense bill, which he says is a gift to China and Russia, a new lawsuit tries to block 5 battleground states’ electoral votes from being counted, and attorney Lin Wood alleges that judges won’t look at election fraud evidence because they are compromised by the Chinese Communist Party
    John Tatum 9 hours ago
    Merry Christmas to Pres. Trump and family….thanks for vetoing the Defense Bill…we need Pres. Trump for four more years, because CCP is taking over all our officials and definitely control Biden.

    The Fight In The Whitehouse
    As We Challenge The Election That Was Clearly Stolen!
    It’s Not Over Till It’s Over Over There
    Across The Courts of The Land
    Like John Roberts, They Fear The Remedies and Not The American People But Antifa, The Supposed Anti-Fascist Fascists!
    More money to other countries that is Dems party plans for their pockets stay rich
    Paul Lee
    8 hours ago and this General are supposed to run the MILITARY of this country? they are corrupted like our senators.
    Kathy Wise
    7 hours ago Trump was going to open everything up, the devils new it and trying to stop him, well forget it. Real justice is coming, the Lord is with him, the land lord, the American taxpayer!

    This is how the system is designed to work. As a result there is no “attack”—it’s the process the founders put in place for elections and those who contest them

    It was not us who took your job or shut down your small business, it was Covid! It was not us that made you wait in mile long food lines, it was Covid! It wasn’t us that took you home or evicted you from it, it was Covid! It was not us who locked you up in your own homes (if you still had one) keeping you apart from your family and friends, it was Covid! It was not us who traced your every step & still are, it was Covid! It was not us who injected you with an indemnified/untested/top secret formula vaccine that eventually destroyed your body, it was Covid! It was not us who mandated a vaccination to obtain a passport/employment & took away your inalienable rights & freedoms, it was Covid! It was not us that made you divided so you could be [again] conquered by the Predator Class, it was Covid! It was most assuredly not us [bought & paid for by Big Pharma] politicians that brought you all your subjugation, oppression, fascism & made you an obedient slave, it was Covid! …Spot a pattern, yet?! 🤔🌴.

  18. mike

    lets not forget I can remember five years ago people were scared to say MERRY CHRISTMAS funny thing is you do not think about that no more. I remember and I have no doubt MR TRUMP will have FOUR MORE YEARS , a lot of people have no idea of what this MAN has done . What I love about him is he is not a political lying xxxxxxx and he has been showing the people the truth if they want to see it. coming from CANADA your little brother.

  19. Mike R

    There likely has been and may continue to be a lot of speculation about this, but I am fairly confident that a significant portion of our military overseas, is being returned to our shores as we speak, to help Trump enforce his legitimate win. It would be a massive undertaking to bring a number of them back all at once, and obviously not all can be brought back. However those that are, will be ultimately honored by Trump once he retains and resumes his role as President of the United States. And they will be rewarded by never having to return to any war theater ever for the rest of their lives.

    God Speed, and May God Bless President Donald J Trump on this 2020 Christmas Eve.

    • Mike R

      The Supreme Court justices who are members of the Federalist Society, which includes Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Roberts, and Coney Barrett, have all seen the evidence that Biden and the DNC jointly conspired with China to create 20 million fraudulent votes. They are cooperating with Trump to keep him as POTUS. This is why the military is being brought back from overseas, in order to support an ORDERLY, transition to a second term by President Donald J Trump.

      Everyone knows that the Dems have been planting seeds of danger, by stating under entirely false pretences, that ‘Trump won’t leave office.’ They are saying this to try to make a lie seem true, just like they attempted with the Russian hoax, and the shampeachment hoaxes. The Dems want the riots and insurrection to occur. So they have painted a very patently false picture of Slow Joe being the P-elect. Of course we all here at Greg’s website know that to not be true. DJT literally won in a landslide so massive, that it took more than 20 million fraudulent votes to be manufactured, to overcome the horrendously bad deficit. That is half of the number who actually voted. So Biden and China had to effectively DOUBLE the real votes, with enough fraudulent votes to BARELY context the swing states, and stay in the running in states he should have handily won, but nearly lost were it not for all the 20 million fake votes created out of thin air.

      This is why we now see idle lawsuit threats by the CEO of Dominion, claiming defamation against those who caught him and his company red-handed. Either he skips town, and gets out of the US very quickly, or actually completely vanishes himself from the face of the planet, or he too will find himself behind the un-friendly bars at GITMO.

      • Paul ...

        Any Supreme Court Judge who went to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” (like Roberts) should be “immediately removed” from their position … as we can’t have Justices in our Supreme Court who can be easily “compromised” … and don’t forget … when you March on Washington Jan 5-6 …. chant in front of the House and Senate buildings … “One Term Limit” …. “One Term Limit” … “One Term Limit” … “USA” … “USA” … “USA” … show the infidels the power we have to remove them … remind them they are in Washington “to represent us” … they are not in lifetime jobs (whereby they enrich themselves by taking bribes) not to represent us!!

  20. JC

    Christmas Medley by Frank Sinatra.
    O Little Town of Bethlehem
    Joy to the World
    White Christmas

  21. Robert+Dziok

    Excellent WNW Greg! Very insightful and helpful. Raised many points as well as to why President Trump WILL be sworn in again January 20th 2021. There are multiple paths to this as well as the 14th Amendment and Insurrection Act. The Insurrection Act is NOT Martial Law. Also, the Spending Bill had in it prevention of use of the Insurrection Act. Another reason for it to have been Vetoed. I concur and it is my considered opinion that President Trump WILL be sworn in as President again January 20th 2021! There remain multiple routes to this via the Constitution as well as National Security. President Trump is well aware of all this and much more we are not even aware of yet. His 14 minute speech on the election FRAUD Greg mentions is laying the ground work for what is to come. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

  22. H. Craig Bradley

    President Trump will be working right up to Noon on Jan 20, 2021. After that, ex-president Trump will fly home to Florida where he resides. Then Come the Democrats who are going to reverse all of President Trump’s Executive Orders and proceed to then work on America, not for America. Voters are stupid in the Blue States and cities. Never learned the difference between rhetoric and working. Guess they think that means “Woke”

  23. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Looks like a fabulous morning ‘down on the farm’.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas.
    Fond regards, Andrew

  24. NadjaBennington

    Tulsi Gabbard slams COVID relief bill as a ‘slap in the face’ to Americans
    259,595 views•Dec 23, 2020 Fox News
    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-HI, on why she broke from her party and voted against the COVID-19 relief bill and says seniors should be prioritized for the coroanvirus vaccine over young Congress members on ‘The Story’ with Martha MacCallum.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping is ‘utterly despotic’
    33,342 views•Dec 24, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Emeritus Professor Ross Fitzgerald says Chinese President Xi Jinping is “utterly despotic”.
    It comes amid news of new food waste laws implemented by Beijing which will see restaurants fine customers who do not finish their meals.
    The legislation will also see waiters barred from encouraging customers to order too much food.
    “The war on waste is just another example of him (Xi Jinping) trampling over the rights of ordinary people in China,” Professor Fitzgerald told Sky News host Chris Smith.
    “The president is utterly utterly despotic.”

    Chinese citizens can’t use heating systems, forced to bear long power cuts because of they’re presidents ego in cutting Australian coal
    63,852 views•Dec 24, 2020 TFIglobal
    According to The Australian, power shortages are increasing in China with millions of citizens resorting to rationing their heating over winter and avoiding using elevators. Watch the video for more.
    I’m Proud To Be A Coal Miners Daughter!

    Rand Paul blasts ‘socialist spending’ in coronavirus relief bill
    127,925 views•Dec 23, 2020 Fox News
    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., argues Senate Republicans who voted for the bill are ‘no better than the Democrats,’ calls on Americans to ‘elect better people.’

  25. Maria+das+Santos

    Pray,do penance and again pray,the Communists in your midst are assured of victory and are producing lists according to their mouthpieces.
    Let the world see American resolve.

  26. Wes Gould

    Restaurant Manager Kicked Out this Old Woman not Knowing Who She Really Was (HEART WARMING)
    2,137,832 views •Jul 23, 2020

    Millions Shelter To Protect The Elderly, But Biden Advisor Thinks Old People Should Just Die
    Obamacare may be weakened, but its chief designer, Ezekiel Emanuel, still wants to decide whether your life is worth living.

  27. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, so glad you linked the Trump Video, plan to watch it next. Been around your site for years now, ever since your first year, always enjoy your resolve. What is so great about you personally I find is your total trust in Him, the reason for the season. Thank you again for all you do. Merry Christmas Greg

  28. Felix The Cat

    Going back 57 years, for the first clandestine Chi-com infiltration of Spectre into our hemisphere on Crab Cay, Jamaica.
    These early films are so full of life, even today. And the new films seem so tired. Ian Fleming created a masterpiece. Congratulations to the superb cast, director, and crew for their hard work. A ground-breaking picture!
    It’s Funny how we need, or could use this very British intelligence crew today. Tough and totally unflappable. Instead we get this, in your face [lgbqrstuvwxyz] Obama Holder holdovers, trying to pass off as intelligence. But just clapper trap, using intrigue, spying treachery and against us, they’re very own bread and butter, we the taxpayer.
    To get the prosecutor fired, those screwballs screwed us the American taxpayer out of a billion, to get Hunter and Pop off the hook. The prosecutor would have nailed the slimeball owner of Burisma. “What do ya know, they fired the son of a bleep” and now your handlers are gonna fire you pop and throw you to the shark squad, to get Michelle in, not pothead dope smoking kammy. Wow can’t wait to see that film.
    Mr. President, kill two birds with one stone, stop the Chi-c0ms and Michelle from becoming president and keep America and it’s spy’s HONEST!
    Download Brave browser, you can watch the entire film without any interruption by Youtube Ads!
    Thanks for the thrills, sir connery…it was a real pleasure to see the real 007 again and a still Anglo-American world superpower and a China that only stole, copied and made junk. Don’t believe, ask Dr. No.

    • JC

      “These early films are so full of life, even today. And the new films seem so tired. Ian Fleming created a masterpiece. Congratulations to the superb cast, director, and crew for their hard work. A ground-breaking picture!”

      Yes sir, I agree 100%.

  29. Charles Turner

    Dear Greg,
    after 4 1/2 years of threats and bullying from the EU and also Obama who told us we would be back of the queue and recently Biden, the UK has had a stunning victory in Brexit. We have secured a tariff-free deal with the EU whilst we can go and forge independent trade deals all around the world. A huge capitulation from the EU and almost unbelievable. We are no longer subservient to the European Court of Justice and we can control our borders against migration. However, anyone tries to spin against this Britain won and the EU lost. I have been following this for 5 years. But the EU is also in deep, deep trouble. It decided that it would jointly agree on vaccines, jointly agree on purchase agreements and it has under ordered too little, too late. This means that the UK can vaccinate all its vulnerable people months and months before EU countries can. The EU knows it and they are running scared, that’s why they capitulated. For anyone that is interested in politics outside the UK, read this article here translated from a major German newspaper.
    History records events in context. Donald Trump will be hailed as the man that saved more lives around the world with Warp speed, than any president in history. Britain will be remembered for taking back its country. Happy Christmas

  30. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  31. Ted Cronan

    Lin Wood claims courts are compromised, explains why; Lawsuit to block 5 states’ electoral votes
    78,712 views•Dec 25, 2020 NTD
    0:00 Lin Wood: Judiciary Compromised by the CCP
    Attorney Lin Wood sat down with Crossroads’ Joshua Phillipp to talk about the 2020 US election. He claims courts are dismissing evidence of election fraud because the judges are compromised or threatened. He also alleges that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is ultimately behind it.
    3:27 Lawsuit To Block 5 States’ Electoral Votes
    A new lawsuit is seeking to block the counting of electoral college votes from five contested states when Congress meets on Jan. 6. The suit was filed on Tuesday by the Amistad Project. It seeks prevent Vice President Mike Pence and Congress from counting votes from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin until their state legislatures are able to meet to certify the votes.
    7:06 Senator Loeffler Says She’ll Stand Up to China
    Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler held her last campaign event ahead of the holidays. She says her team is looking for every legal angle to ensure the runoff election is secure. NTD asked people how they feel about the security of the upcoming election.
    10:12 US & South Korea Claim Similar Election Fraud
    South Korea held an election on April 15. The party of the incumbent president won an unprecedented majority in their National Assembly. Soon after, claims of fraud arose in a few key areas. Some Koreans claim bad actors played a role in rigging their election. We look at 5 ways these claims mirror alleged fraud in the U.S. general election.

  32. TedCronan

    Lin Wood claims courts are compromised, explains why; Lawsuit to block 5 states’ electoral votes
    78,712 views•Dec 25, 2020 NTD

  33. Matties

    Many people in the whole world are watching the USA situation and praying.

    They are considering themselves, strange as it sounds, American patriots.

    The one thing we have learned is to pray.

    If America falls, we all fall… May God bless you.

  34. Drew Huntsman

    “This May Be the Most Important Speech I’ve Ever Made”

  35. Self+Exiled

    A COVID-19 Patient Was Beaten To Death With An Oxygen Tank As He Prayed In His Hospital Bed—————–unheard of in my life time until now————spiritual warfare————

  36. Self+Exiled

    The timing is interesting——— Acting Secretary of the Department of Defense Chris Miller Thanks VP Pence for Efforts in Most Complex Military Operation in History?

    • JC

      Self Exiled,
      Yes it is very strange.

      G.A. STEWART :
      Below is the track of an E-4, The Doomsday Airplane. It seems to have been in the company of a 737, a C-130, a C-12, and a KC-135 tanker. Readers should note that the E-4 and the 737 departed Andrews AFB and traveled and landed at several regional airports in North Carolina; notice the pattern of landings in yellow. This suggests to me that this was an evacuation drill for key players in Washington D.C.

      Note how the C-130 departs the New River Marine Corps Air Station to meet the 737. The aircraft most likely contained Marines tasked with protecting the evacuees from Washington D.C. It is also a short-field take-off and landing aircraft, able to use small airfields, like those in mountain retreats. Notice that the C-130 is heading in the direction of several well-known nuclear relocation centers in the Appalachian Mountains.

      Once again, this is my supposition based on many years in military aviation.

  37. Di Rivard

    California Voters Defeated Affirmative Action and the Left Was Very Surprised
    by José Niño |
    December 24th 2020, 11:50 am
    Ideally, political elites would like nothing more than state-sponsored ethnic conflict
    Having multiple groups pitted against each other in petty political squabbles makes effective opposition against the managerial class virtually impossible

  38. Self+Exiled

    Socialist Calls Into Hannity Radio Show and Says the Quiet Part Out Loud, “We Don’t Want to Unite with You, We Want to Destroy Every Last One of You—-

  39. Self+Exiled

    Clarification—-wanna know where you stand——–

  40. RayGunston

    Insider In White House Meetings With President Exposes Deep State Traitors In Washington D.C. 12\24\20
    Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what he witnessed in the White House meeting with General Flynn where he was claimed to have called for a martial law takeover.

    • Paul ...

      Trump is only calling on the Military “to oversee new elections” in the contested States to prevent fraud!!

  41. Jerry

    It’s time for people to decide what it is they believe in. This is what Lucifer and his technocrat puppets believe in.

    We have just finished phase one ( lockstep) of the great reset. That’s right. It’s being done in phases. “ Lockstep “ involved testing, mask wearing and social distancing. Phase two. “ Operation Dark Winter” has just begun with vaccinations. It’s unclear whether the initial injections are placebos or real. Either way the foundation for herd immunity is being laid. Conditioning and programming to achieve normalcy bias must be done to achieve maximum impact. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that are clamoring to take the injection. Never mind that they have no clue what’s in it, or the fact that mRNA is being used for the first time in a vaccine, and has never been tested. Never mind that nano technology that can be converted into a receiver is being used to transfer the alleged vaccine. Never mind that the Gates foundation through GAVI was involved with the development of the vaccine. No. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is getting back to life as we used to know it by taking the vaccine. Mission accomplished! But guess what? That’s not part of the plan. Take the time to tour the mind of Klaus Schwab in the link above. Going back to what the world used to be was never the goal of this pandemic. The planning started with agenda 21 and ended with event 201. The vaccine is just the vehicle to get us there. Global governance must be achieved to create the new world order, and compliance will be achieved once your biometric information is uploaded to the global cloud. Have doubts? Two years ago if I would have told you, you would wearing a mask, and standing six feet apart in a check out line, what would you have said?

    It’s time to make a decision. I’ll make this simple. Who do you want to serve? Be a slave in Lucifers NWO? Or live with Jesus Christ during the millennium? It’s just that simple.

    • JC

      You said, “It’s unclear whether the initial injections are placebos or real.”

      Wow, now that is food for thought.


      • Jerry

        This is what they have planned. Scroll down and see which corporations are involved.

        The vaccination program requires two applications so it is possible one of them is the setup for the biometric load . Who knows? There’s no protocol to monitor anything, so anything is possible. When will we know the results of the vaccine? Next month? Next year? Maybe never? The election was rigged, why not the vaccinations? I’m sorry I don’t buy it. Donald Trump embraced the vaccine, thinking it would
        get him relented and he never questioned it. He’s been played just like us.

    • al

      I chose to live with my Lord, Jesus.

      Jerry, thank you for bringing up what you did here about the vaccines. What a bunch of garbage they are spewing! They think we are damned stupid! This is what we get with the communist core edumacation learnin’ … but I digress.
      Merry Christ Mas

      • Jerry

        Thank you. I look forward to his return.

  42. Mark Simmons

    I walk every morning in the woods and fields behind my house thinking about what has become of the country i was once so proud . In my walks, i pass through historic cemeteries where veterans of the Revolutionary war all the way to the war in Afghanistan are buried and think about the men and women who sacrificed so much for the freedoms and rights we enjoy today. Families who lost two or more sons for those freedoms and rights that treasonous politicians, corporations and foreign governments want to take away from us are carved in stone. I have faith that these sacrifices were not in vain and the time for sacrifice is once again upon all of us who believe in the goodness of heart , soul and the right to be free.

    • JC

      Mark S,

      I’m thinking of the scene in High Noon… Martin (Lon Chaney Jr) talking to Will (Gary Cooper)

      You risk your skin catching killers and the juries turn them loose so they can come back and shoot at you again. If you’re honest you’re poor your whole life and in the end you wind up dying all alone on some dirty street. For what? For nothing. For a tin star.

      People gotta talk themselves into law and order before they do anything about it. Maybe because down deep they don’t care. They just don’t care.

  43. andyb

    First of all a Merry Christmas to all Christians and Happy Holidays to the Jewish people, both of whom have heretofore established the very moral and God fearing Judeo-Christian ethic that has so well ordered our existence as a country.
    But but…..we are in the process of losing it all folks. Unfortunately the worst is yet to come. Trump has no path to a 2nd term unless he can find a way to arrest all traitors and hold trials at Gitmo. Failing that, I see Biden and Harris having a short term of office; Biden removed via the 25th Amendment and Harris declared ineligible as not being a Natural Born Citizen. Thus the Oval Office goes to Pelosi. How’s that for your worst nightmare?

  44. Carl

    Merry Christmas Greg , Great job this year thank you all your work .

  45. Paul ...

    Allow “commie” Bribe’n to take the White House … and in 4 years we will have Lee Yang running for President saying “Let’s Make America Commie Again”!!!

  46. Chip

    For food in a world where many walk in hunger, for faith in a world where many walk in fear, for friends in a world where many walk alone, we give You thanks oh Lord!

    Merry Christmas Greg… Chip

  47. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    We, the American people have to go to the mat on this. What do we do in 2024 after they have had 4 more years to, even more tightly, rig the system. We cannot afford to let President Donald Trump leave the office because if he does it will be war on all of us Deplorables.

    Also, people who say they lost their faith, in a time of crisis, never really had it to start with. I hate to quote Gen. Patton but he said, “Pressure forms diamonds.” And, remember Chesty Puller’s quote too, “Men, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is, we’re surrounded. The goods news is we can attack in any direction.”

    We’re surrounded, Greg!
    Lo Iyrah!

  48. iwitness02

    Love Peace and Joy
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  49. Billy

    Greg – are you still supporting Kevin Shipp. His twitter feed has been totally against Powell, Lin and Flynn.
    Not sure if or what you and Janda may have had a disagreement about, but are you sure about Shipp, i do not trust him now.
    Janda has put some great interviews out with Flynn and Byrne.

    On the economy you should remember the over valuation of the faang stocks, way way over valued and big risk to the whole market if they hit trouble.

  50. Ken

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, yours, and all watchdoggers.

  51. The Ogs

    A very merry Christmas to you, Greg. And thanks again for what you do.
    Well they say that history is written by the victors… but history is not going to look well upon what happened in this ridiculous election!
    Trump won big, so to cheat it they needed to give Joe the biggest victory EVER. LoL, more votes than Obama? I hope Mr. Trump is deeply angry, and that he just doesn’t care about anything else, any ramifications.
    But honestly, from here in Canada (where elections are still done the old-fashioned way) this whole thing looks like bad science fiction to us…

  52. Farmer Ron

    From the Patriots in Canada supporting President Trump and USAWatchdog, we would like to thank you for your tireless work at exposing the MSM lies and deception. Awakened Canadians and Peoples around the world are rooting for Donald Trump and the Patriots who are spearheading this fight to take our rights Freedom back.

    Hang tough and continue to do what you do so well! To you, yours and all your supporters have the Best Holiday season !
    God Bless,
    Farmer Ron

  53. Mohammad

    Merry Christmas to you all


    • Keith+wilson

      It is a scene from the wizard of oz. Joe Biden is scarecrow who has half a brain. Janet Yellen is the wicked witch from the east. George Soros is the man behind the curtain pulling all the levers. Pelosi is the dog Toto. Dorothy is Harris who is leading the cabal on the yellow brick road looking for dual citizenship and Israeli passport before the SHTF come January. Michael Bloomberg is the lion with no guts who wants America to sacrifice its youth and treasure in a war with Iran.

      • Paul ...

        And … that Yellow Brick Road they follow is measured in “OZ’s of Gold” they all seek to make their dreams come true!!

  54. Diana the Huntress

    God DID weigh in on this…. and Biden won.
    Why can’t YOU accept God’s will?

  55. Alfy

    fyi – we are at war.

    • Diana the Huntress

      Alfy, no we are not at war. We are a democracy and get to vote for our leaders, not have one foisted upon us by global mob boss Putin.

      United we stand, divided we fall.
      Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      These are life’s truths/lessons learned. You might consider learning them.

  56. Greg Hunter

    Don’t post “Brother Nathaniel” material on USAW. Apparently he has not read Genesis 12:3.

    • JC

      Greg, I only mentioned his name and a brief comment in response to someone else’s comment.
      I didn’t put any specific link or anything, as I know you don’t have a good opinion of him.
      I understand that he is considered controversial, but I have watched some of his videos and I think he makes some good factual points worth thinking about with an open mind.

  57. Fred Daake

    Everyone who runs for a government office is required to sign an oath to the state and federal Constitutions. If they win the election, they are required to take a verbal oath to the Constitutions. By the time they begin their terms, they would have taken the oath twice. But there is no penalty for those who ignore the oath. Until someone out a way to publicly throw these people in jail, there will be no hope for the long term.

    Even so, I am optimistic that Trump will stay in the White House. But he will be almost on a suicide mission with America haters in locked control over the federal reserve, the injustice system, and the revolving door of treasonous turncoats taking control of the government. With Gods help, perhaps there will be an American revival that will thrust America back to its roots.

  58. TJZ

    Thank you Greg for your interviews and upbeat commentaries of this past year.
    I, for one, have not lost the faith Greg and I am with you 100%.
    God bless you!

  59. Shiloh1

    Greg, this Nashville incident is cover for AT&T to wipe out (“like with a cloth”) the info they have on Dominion / Solar Winds election. See Twitter from Dr Carroll Quigley. The RV is sort of an inside joke by “the 17 -3 letter agencies”for Breaking Bad fans, episode using high power magnet to wipe out info on a laptop hard drive in hove government evidence building. I’m just saying this incident is an excuse for the same result. The info was destroyed by deep state insiders.

  60. Robert+Dziok

    NYS Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 12/25/20 Front Page Headline states “NY again leads US in population downturn.” Gee, I wonder why? Subtitle states “State stands to lose as many as two House seats”. One seat lose for sure. Says state population has been boosted by immigrants (e.g. Illegal Aliens) and new births (e.g. Welfare State, over 70% of African Americans born out of wedlock) , but even that has tailed off in recent years. This was also headline front page news a couple of years ago in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and I cited it back then (still have that article somewhere). Current article points out only Illinois neared New York in percent of population decline. So even “Basket Case” Illinois did not do as bad as New York State.

    NYS Governor “Comrade Cuomo” says Santa is going to treat him very well this year (Heard that said on some website). I’m sure GOD is also when his time in this life is over after his killing over 11,000 NYS elderly nursing home patients via his Executive Order (later illegally deleted from public records) mandating China Virus infected patients be put in NYS nursing homes where the most vulnerable reside thus pushing up initial death numbers (Some half of initial deaths from nursing homes). Survival rate is now shown to be 99.99% and masks shown to do nothing as virus particles are too small (e,g, American Society of Physicians and Surgeons report). Intent of Dems/Deep State/Globalists was to push mail in vote scheme fraud along with rigged election machines (e,g, Dominion). “Plandemic” China Virus and massive vote fraud (Illegal ballots and rigged voting machines) all part of FAILED coup attempt to remove President Trump from office.

    “Comrade Cuomo” won all of 16 of 62 counties in his 2018 Governor election. He won some 57% of the popular vote. Current 2020 Presidential election study/investigation shows some 650,000 NYS votes for President Trump “Disappeared”. Makes one wonder if such “creative” vote counting by NYS gave “Comrade Cuomo” his 2018 “win”. I agree with the saying there are not Blue states but only some Blue cities within Red states.

  61. eddiemd

    Nashville bombing. IED…was it propane?

    I posted this on 12/22.

    “Back in the 90s propane tanks were the bombs of choice by the FARC/ELN in Colombia and by the Sendero Iluminoso in Peru. Easily accessible and could be detonated remotely using a pager.

    Sounds like the modern philosophy of blm/Antifa. Marxist communist ideology.

    The local cell phone systems will need to be shut down to prevent coordination of blm/Antifa and to prevent the possibilities of remote controlled IEDs.

    People gathering in DC on January 6th need to be aware of potential blm/Antifa coordinated IED attacks.”

  62. eddiemd

    Some information for people with asthma on various monoclonal antibody treatments.

    I have a family member with asthma on mab treatment.

    It appears that there may be potential for protection from some mab treatments. Still people with asthma are mots susceptible to viral triggered allergic forms of asthma. Best practice is maintain control of the underlying asthma and avoid exacerbations.

    Her allergy MD recommended that she avoid the vaccine for a long while to see what the side effects will pan out to be.

  63. Brooklyn


    You are a Christ mas gift from Jesus On His birthday.

    President Donald John Trump was sent for this exact time in our Nation’s history and we will once again, as you say “cross over the Delaware” and defeat the enemy.

    My own personal theory is that much of we are watching is “distraction” and yes there will be a brief civil war within the United States, but the war Trump is setting the trap for is China, who has committed an act of cyber warfare against the President of the United States, to which we will soon retaliate. Pray for our country. Pray for our President. Pray for our Armed Forces, especially those in the newly created Space Force…- FL

  64. Paul ...

    How does just one explosion in Nashville … take out ATT’s internet and phone service in all the following areas? … … is our whole internet vulnerable to a few bombs placed in strategic locations?? … and if so … the system needs a big overhaul to make it more redundant … is this how easy it is going to be to take down our banking system and crypto???

    • JC

      Paul… yes it’s easy.
      eddiemd recently explained just how easy it is to do, by those who are trained to do it.

  65. Self+Exiled

    I like your hat!

  66. Scott

    Merry Christmas, Greg.

    Thank you for speaking the truth, boldly: that only Jesus saves, and that He is God manifest in the flesh – Jesus Christ the Lord.

    I keep you in my prayers, may the Lord bless you and keep you in His care.

    Your Brother in Christ,


  67. BADENOUGHBoris

    Trump wants special counsel ‘immediately’; Lawmakers on both sides block changes to stimulus bill
    00:58 House GOP and Democrats Battle Over Bills
    03:13 Trump Warns Iran After Rockets Hit Embassy
    03:48 Trump Wants Special Counsel ‘ Immediately’
    05:07 SCOTUS Urged to Expedite Pennsylvania Case
    05:54 Lawsuit to Block 5 States’ Electoral Votes
    07:55 Woman Charged in Michigan Election Threats
    08:53 Georgia Secy: End No-Excuse Absentee Voting
    10:15 Loeffler Says She’ll Stand Up to China; Sen. To Fight in Courts for Fair Election
    13:20 WH Advisor Wants to Delay Georgia Runoff
    14:07 Arizona Senate Could Arrest Election Officials
    20:10 White Christmas in Unusual Parts of the US

    President Donald Trump pardons more people, including former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and longtime adviser Roger Stone, Trump also indicates an urgent need to appoint a special counsel to examine the election, and Georgia’s secretary of state calls to end ‘no-excuse’ absentee voting because it opens the door to potential illegal voting.

    (Don’t FOX propaganda here on USAW. This is Greg Hunter and I deleted all FOX links.)

    Greg Norman: Bill Clinton ruined my knee
    65,534 views•Jun 14, 2017 Graham Bensinger
    Greg Norman reflects on when he nearly rejected President Bill Clinton’s request to play golf based on the sitting U.S. President’s political viewpoints, taking George H.W. Bush’s advice to accept the invitation and how golf with President Clinton changed Norman’s philosophy on prejudging others. Plus, Norman says that President Clinton fell on his knee and caused him to have three surgeries to repair the damage. VIDEO;

  68. al

    Merry Christmas Greg

  69. al

    My Family who lives in the Communist State of New York calls us here in Florida for a season greeting. They are all conservative / Republican, but they have been beaten down so much and psychologically scarred by wearing the Sheeple Muzzle for so long that they accept the 2024 theory where Trump may run again.

    While I was being told this I stopped them dead cold and yelled on the phone, “THERE WILL BE NO 2024! TRUMP WON BY A LANDSLIDE! YOU KNOW IT AND SO DOES THE WORLD! STOP LISTENING TO THE MARXIST MEDIA!
    crickets on the other side


  70. Dypsy From Ypsy

    Joe Biden is going to be ‘a one-year president’
    Sky News host James Morrow has predicted that Joe Biden is “going to be a one-year president”.
    Conscription coming to a neighborhood near you soon. WWIII?

    • Greg Hunter

      Biden will never be President except in his mind and the minds of the MSM and Deep State.

    • Charles+H

      I’m FROM Ypsy. Beyer Memorial doesn’t exist anymore. I always have to spell it out for people. Makes me wonder who named the city; and the origin – whether polish or slavic?

  71. H.Craig Bradley


    President Elect, Joe Biden won the total popular vote by a “substantial” margin of around 7 million votes. Fact is, you can not fake that many votes. However, President Trump carried the vote in 85% of all Counties nationwide, but unfortunately, those counties are not where most Americans choose to live. Rather, most Americans live in the largest states and the biggest cities (Blue), most all of which are controlled by Democrats.

    So, when the chips were down, the swing states “voted” for Biden, as the precincts are controlled by the winning party. ( Heads I win, Tails you loose).

    Fact is, American politics is down and dirty and President Trump fully realizes the rules of the game. Remember Nixon was cheated out of a election victory in 1960 because the Democrats were determined to win by hook or by crook and they wanted Kennedy.

    This time, President Trump lost because Republicans in the Swing states just let the rules remain the same and thus, the predictable results. Just wait four more years and see who the real losers are. ( Rather than take responsibility, they will be angry and blaming others for their personal folly). Thus social divisions will intensify, as will our ongoing and developing civil war. 2024 is going to be real nasty by the time we get there, I foresee.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not a “fact” that you cannot manufacture 7 million votes. Try 13 million more votes than registered voters in USA: You can manufature millions of illegal votes and that happened. That is a fact and what all that is what the data and evidence shows.

      The rules did NOT “remain the same.” Deep State Dems changed the rules, and it was not done constitutionally as only the state legislatures can change rules in an election. This is the basis of most of the court cases.

      There is not going to be a country by 2024 and this is why this will be fought here and now.



      • William+Stanley

        Re: Your take on what Mr. Hunter said

        Not even close.

  72. DypsyYpsy

    Australia must use its only ‘weapon’ against China in trade war
    Australia has one tool in its arsenal which can hurt China just as much as it can hurt us and it would send a “very clear message” if it was used.

    Climate agreements give China free pass to ‘overtake the west’
    China has been given a free pass to “overtake the west” and become more prosperous by using climate change agreements which in turn “hobble” nations like Australia, according to James Morrow.

  73. Justin Facts

    What Is the Great Reset? | World Economic Forum
    201,899 views•Dec 24, 2020 America Uncovered
    The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland has been talking about something called the Great Reset. What exactly these globalist elite mean by the Great Reset is pretty unclear, other than the vague talk about Government playing a bigger role in the economy. But with the coronavirus pandemic and world wide quarantine and lockdowns wrecking financial crisis, could this be the start of a broad push toward socialism and communism? Or is this just another George Soros conspiracy theory? Find out on this episode of America Uncovered!

  74. Ed Milligan

    All Americans should be giving thought of us getting our hands dirty if we are expecting to save our nation and freedoms. It’s looking like government wont heal itself with just one good man as president when we have career criminals saturated in the government.

  75. eddiemd

    Who would have known. I posted the below on 12/20

    “Vaccine ingredients.

    Further breakdown.

    ◦(4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis (ALC-3015)
    —> component of LPS nanotechnology

    ◦(2- hexyldecanoate),2-[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide (ALC-0159)
    ——->polyethylene glycol—->derivative of main ingredient in antifreeze
    ——–> part of LPS nanotechnology

    Some good news….per MIT article there are no preservatives……..

    Sounds like something you want to avoid for a couple of years.”

  76. eddiemd

    A little slow to the draw.

    I spoke about this a few months back. The access to these DNA banks can be used to develop specific bioweapons.

    Especially in regards to the TMPSSR2 protein involved in the ACE2 receptor. This transmembrane protein is required for uptake of the coronavirus and varies in certain populations. The Italians were onto this early on in March 2020. They recommended further genetic studies….

  77. Bennett Shulman

    In your Xmas message you hit on an important point that few are addressing. That is the pervasiveness of the fraud and the apparatus necessary to pull off such a fraud. The corruption runs deep. I suggest that everyone read THE FRANKLIN REPORT to see this corruption that was exposed 40 years ago. Too few took the message seriously. Maybe now they will.

    We as innocents living in the USA are taught to mistake the operation of our official institutions for the actual way things are run. There is enough at stake in this election that the control system is forced to expose itself. At least now we have a name for it: The Deep State.

    I urge you in your own research to look into this apparatus and speak about it on your channel.

  78. H.Craig Bradley


    Georgia Democrats appear to have the two Senate Seats “in the bag” at this time (7:30 PM). A huge surprise ! Never would have guessed such an outcome ( The Blue Wave). Get ready for a Double Dip Recession later this year and into 2022 if that be the case. Stock market drawdown too, as Corporations would be hammered by Biden, Pelosi, & Schummer.

    Higher chronic unemployment and even more govt. debt as Joe Biden has promised to quickly send out $2,000 checks to every man, woman, foreigner, and child. Dollar debasement is what Build Back Better initially means. First, tear down the economy, then build it up the way the Progressives want it. Communism 3.0

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