Trump Runs, Biden Investigated, Deepening Economic Collapse

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 556 11.18.22)

There was a huge political news story this week, but you would not have known it if you listened to the Lying Legacy Media (LLM).  They simply did not cover Donald J. Trump’s announcement to run for President again in 2024 on Tuesday, 11/15/22.  That’s not big news?  Of course, it is no matter if you like him or not.  This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the so-called “news” organizations are in the tank for the globalist cabal, and that includes leadership of BOTH parties.

It is a miracle, but the Republicans won control of the House of Representatives.  First on the “to do list” is investigate President Joe Biden.  The incoming House leadership is investigating Biden for felonies such as wire fraud and money laundering, just to name a few.  Meanwhile, the Governor’s race in Arizona is still contested by Kari Lake, and she has no plans to concede.  The LLM is calling her an “Election Denier,” but she says Arizonians know BS when they see it.  The 2022 Midterm election there will probably be settled in court.  There are some other election hot spots, and Pennsylvania is on that list.  Patriots there are trying to stop the certification because of irregularities and fraud.

Anybody still thinking the Fed is going to “pivot” and start lowering interest rates is in dream land.  The Fed’s new Fed Funds target rate is as high as 7%.  The Fed Funds rate is now around 4%.  The Fed is determined to fight inflation and the economy, and employment be damned.  No doubt the FTX crypto implosion is going to lead to huge economic problems and expose major parts of the financial and political system to be a total fraud fest.  This while new data and analysis is showing a “deepening economic collapse.”  Take some risk off the table and harden your physical and financial position.

There is much more in the 58-Minute Newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 11.18.22.

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After the Interview: 

Six-time, best-selling financial author James Rickards will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will talk about his new book titled “Sold Out” and tell us why the global economy will sink for years to come.


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  1. Marie Joy

    MSNBC talks about DeSantis but not Trump. Speaks volumes.
    I will vote for Trump. Billions of people are in serious danger and Trump is the only person who stands between us and genocidal maniacs.

    • Derek Sinclair

      But he’s supporting the genocide by supporting the “vaccine”. I can’t square that circle.

      • Anthony Australia

        All part of the same Orchestra.

        The stuff about draining the swamp and this Hunter Biden investigation is purely a distraction tactic that’s been used many times over.

      • Martin Coombs

        Once again . 911 nothing done . 2020 nothing done. , Hillary, obiden,bush the whole lot prior, Brazil, uk, World Wide Web closing in cbdc trickling out , do not be DECEIVED, if your looking for a political leader ( a saviour) & he will come , & you say yeah their all caught it’s done your being DECEIVED. God bless y’all . pray for discernment 🙏❤️🕊 DO NOT BE DECEIVED 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺

        • Diana Brown

          Respectfully Martin, you dont know we have been decieved or what is and has been happening behind the scenes. None of us have the need to know those actions. What I do know is this is a war for our beloved Republic. We have been compromised as a nation. I seek information everywhere to discern thoughtful position. I dont presume to direct you, or recruit you but if you do this seek information from military law and orders you may discover truth you seek.

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi Diana,
            “What I do know is this is a war for our beloved Republic.”
            Not taking issue with you, but you understate the case. This is a war for the whole of humanity. Liberty v slavery. Freedom v descent into a thousand-year dark age.

            • tim mcgraw

              Martin Coombs and PersonaNonGrata; You are both correct. It is a battle of liberty vs. slavery and political “leaders” are full of doggy doo -doo.
              WE the PEOPLE are on our own here with Jesus Christ as our Savior in the next life.
              Our souls are the prize we all own.

              • Bill Bradshaw

                Tim, As i see the situation you refer to, the only good part is that the evil workers are no longer hidden but feel free now to do their evil deeds in broad daylite without any fear of recrimination

              • Peggy Shuster

                God Bless America in our time of need. Too many bad priorities of our money being spent for the green scam while we are very cold and hungry. Does Biden care about people at all? Or more about his power and votes? We are doomed unless he gets impeached along with Harris. They have all they need! Why worry about us who stand in long food lines in extreme cold!!

      • Sam

        Seriously, only the BrainDead who couldn’t weigh the totality of the President’s message on that are Crazy Train of Illogical Logic…the only people having issues with confusion or are entirely incapable of thinking for themselves seem to be wanting to be told what to do..Look. Don’t you remember he also said that it was YOUR CHOICE… MEDICAL FREEDOM…NO FORCED VACCINES…THINK FOR YOURSELF & That the decision of medical is Between YOU and Your own Dr? Evidently, there’s a lot of Brainwashed tools out there STUCK ON STUPID!
        Now, should he come out completely renouncing the entire Medical Community? Isn’t that choice still up to the individual in America or do you want COMPLETE Dictatorial Medical Rule this time around on it? Keep in mind, the medical community is clinging to the Clot-Shots.. Not President Trump, he Never has. Square up & Get your head out and think for yourself as a Real American with choices, not begging for DICTATES. Geesh!!!

        • stanley skrzypek

          Thank YOU! SAM

          • Sam

            Thanks stanley skrzypek…the mouth breathers are out there….and always will be.

        • Mark

          Sam—We all know that if Trump had been in a position to mandate the vax, you & your fellow Trumpers would’ve made excuses for him.

          The baseless claim that “he had to do Warpspeed or we would’ve been locked down for 10 years” is simply a coping mechanism for his diehard followers to excuse his key role in getting the Scamdemic/ Great Reset started.

          You people can self-delude all you want but a sufficient number of former Trump supporters have woken up to his deceit to ensure he never steps foot in the White House ever again.

          • Ed Mustafo

            So tell me this , without the vaccine rollout why wouldn’t we still be in lockdowns ??? Tell me exactly how we would have stopped “ their” plan to keep us in lockdowns and slowly rollout vaccines and a vaccine mandate for everyone.

          • Frogger

            No way would I have made an excuse for trump issuing a vax mandate. I still think he has the best shot for 2024. The continual leftist attacks on him show he’s the real threat to 2024 Dems.

            • Greg Hunter

              Trump never issued any mandate for the injections.

          • RTW

            You are spot on. I think that operation “warp speed” was dreamt up by the swamp creatures that he surrounded himself with, for the sole purpose of clinching the election. It didn’t work and although Trump is a babe in the woods where politics is concerned, he should be smart enough to know how deadly this crap is and not continuing to tout it, either voluntarily or otherwise.

          • Kathy

            Our whole family feels as you do. I can’t stand the sight of him. Remember folks he is the one who labeled small businesses non-essential. He knows the shots are harming people, Alex Jones had a conversation with him.

        • Anthony Australia

          G20 Pushes Vaccine Passports For All Future International Travel

        • Bill's Stilled!

          Choice is still up to the individual in America, or do you want COMPLETE Dictatorial Medical Rule this time around on it?
          Square up & get your head out and think for yourself as a Real American with choices, not begging for DICTATES. Geesh!!!
          Sam, how about the dictates of another military incursion and foreign government entanglement. The likes of the enormity of, we’ve never seen since WWII!
          As James PTY 11/18/2022 • Comment, down below explains.
          “Off ramping from token, back to sovereign currency as textbook money laundering. Funneling the proceeds to whomever. FTX basically replaced the Clinton Foundation money laundering bribery well… An important question to consider is will the general public be allowed to see the FTX Ponzi in a way that finally allows for, accepting the Federal Reserve US Dollar creation and fractional reserve banking system. By far the greatest and most dangerous Ponzi scheme in the history of man?
          There is no plan to save the Dollar, rather the opposite is desired, and all transpiring now is simply part of the controlled demolition leading up to Dollar replacement.”

          WOW! MUST SEE, Greg and USAWatchdog’s;
          TUCKER, peels this onion on the Ukraine laundromat FTX Ponzi scam and missile attack on Poland.
          Especially exposing Maxine waters, bold face lying directly to the American sheeple!!
          Tucker Carlson: This lie could get [YOU AND] millions of Americans killed /Fox News 1,631,773 views Nov 17, 2022
          Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to false reports Russian missiles hit Poland and gives his take on the FTX meltdown on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

        • Eric

          Ur trying real hard to excuse a zionist cabal member who gave PHARMA 100’s of billions to attack americans with a biological weapon- straight out of DARPA and Ft. detrick.

          Trump is the great deflection from reality for people who prefer to keep a constitutional republic.

          He surrounded himself with more Goldman sachs alumnus than obama and he appointed the Rothschild special banking agent to america (27 years) Wilbur Ross as his Sec Commerce.

          Good ole Wilbur saved Trump from his failing casinos using Rothschild muscle to “convince” creditors it would be in their best interest to back off and wait on foreclosure as the best solution for everyone. Funny how creditors play ball when the Rothschild banks get involved.

          Meanwhile hundreds of working class were bankrupted due to Trumps failure to pay them for services rendered.

          Trump’s son in law and daughter are observant Jews. He tricked some of the more gullible into believing that he had a Christian conversion, meanwhile serving mammon and continuing his close relationships with the Zionist state of Israel, a genocide committing evil force killing Muslims in Palestine.

          He is but one of a long line of US PUPPETS selected by the bankers to serve Satan.

      • James


        The cognitive dissonance of Trump supporters is astounding.

        Trump stood WITH the genocidal maniacs (not with humanity) & to this day he STILL BRAGS about what HE has called HIS “miracle vaccine from God”.

        I doubt he’ll ever denounce the killshot–he’s far too invested at this point–but if political necessity forces him to do so how sincere would it even be & how much would it matter to the MILLIONS who’ve suffered death & injury to themselves and/or to their loved ones?

        The BEST one can say about Trump (prior claims of him being a “4D genius master-strategist who is stealthily taking down the DS” notwithstanding) is that he was a naive dupe who got in way over his head…at WORST he is nothing but a Globalist Traitor who helped destroy what was left of America.

        Either way only a liar or delusional fool would claim that America was better off when Trump left office than when he entered.

        I have no idea why Trump supporters think a 2nd term would work out any better than the 1st…we don’t need another 80 year old blowhard in the White House.

        • George

          Trump knows if he disavows the Kill Shot he will have to outlaw Big Pharma’s plans to spray the entire US population with an “aerosol vaccine” (which it seems Trump is unwilling to do)!! – we all need to make our voices heard while we plan on ways to survive the coming “mandatory” spray vaccination program upon all Americans (the way China has developed a mandatory spray vaccine for its people) – while we also prepare for their artificially produced “famine” and their diabolical plans for a “nuclear war”!! –

        • fritz

          James, Please stop drinking the kool-aide. Be thankful that the LORD and the patriots are in control. And remember to trust the plan, brother. Best, deplorable fritz

      • Brooklyn


        I totally agree. It has always been my belief that DJT is “controlled opposition” where he was either coerced, threatened or he is idiot. I just threw in the last one for fun.
        But, for those who still don’t understand, there will NEVER AGAIN BE FAIR ELECTIONS in the USA. We are being manipulated by a Color Revolution, and if you doubt, go google the name Marc Ellis. On second thought, google would never tell you the truth either.
        Ask yourself, How The F, (HTF) did Fetterman win in PA, and how did Kiri Lake loose in Arizona, and you will have your answer. Beside, the Globalist who put BDB (BrainDeadBiden) in office, would never allow DJT to be POTUS. Remember there are Trillions at stake in the BIG CLUB, and you ain’t in it…!!!

        • Diana Brown

          Respectfully…I disagree

          • Brooklyn

            Respectively OWS…

        • Ed Mustafo

          Yes, Trump is “ controlled opposition “ , he’s cabal, he’s part of the Deep State. That’s why Garland just appointed a special council to work on indicting him over nothing… It all makes sense. Now will somebody please call The Too Stupid To Be Stupid Police to arrest some of the people in this comment section.

          • Greg Hunter

            I’ll have to disagree, Ed. If he was a puppet then why the elaborate plan and effort to cheat him out of office in 2020? Your story and logic do not make any sense.

            • Ed Mustafo

              I was being sarcastic Greg….. But it’s funny that you took my comment seriously. I’ve been defending Trump in this comment section for years now, but I’ll keep it more serious in the future so there are no misunderstandings.

              • Greg Hunter

                So sorry Ed. Please forgive me. I have war brain.

                • Ed Mustafo

                  I totally understand Greg, your head must spin sometimes reading all these comments. I just couldn’t help myself because “ Orange Man is Bad” !!!!!!!!!

            • Anthony Australia

              Navy Seal Michael Jaco: The Reveals Are Coming Faster! Mike Pence Revealed As Pure Evil! Storm Raging! – Must Video


            • Eric

              The cabal is sowing seeds of discontent.

              A house divided against itself falls.

              We are living in the matrix. Humans are about to go extinct.

              Trump and Biden after him are really stupid low iq people.

              Trump is funny and can time a joke but he has trouble talking in complete sentences.

              Why do u think the largest massacre of white people on us soil post 20th century was not investigated?

              Why didn’t our President go to Vegas and DEMAND ANSWERS?

              Could it be because his largest campaign donor owns one of the hotels and runs that town?

              Or could it be that the black choppers who shot all of those innocent country music fans were owned and operated by the House of Saud?

              Their cracker jack air assault team was in town you know? A message to Trump about the petrodollar soon evaporating under OPEC+?

              Trump is a Carnaval barker. Great charisma- quick with a quip but no loyalty to his base. A hollow man who over promises and under delivers.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Brooklyn,
          “But, for those who still don’t understand, there will NEVER AGAIN BE FAIR ELECTIONS in the USA. We are being manipulated by a Color Revolution .. . Ask yourself HTF . .”
          Recently musing where you had gone, and then ‘BANG, BANG’ you come roaring back. Your erstwhile friend AndrewB approves your message 🙂

        • Motto

          Agree. All so called “leaders” are puppets. Politics is a freak show. It is us and them – PEOPLE (of the whole planet ) vs cabal ( club, deep state, kagal , swamp )
          We will WIN !

      • Barb

        Trump never pushed the shots and was ridiculed hard for talking about alternative treatments — he knew they would but told us anyway. Imagine the fallout if Trump had spoken against the shots. He tried to convince people covid was over…how’d that go? I think fewer people took the shot because Trump okayed it. If Trump hadn’t rushed it out, we would still be locked down and dying, as planned. But now we can clearly see the reasons people are dying.
        Desantis sign legislation allowing forced vaccination, he also failed to prosecute Snipes in Broward Co. for her admitted vote fraud, allowing her to return long enough to get her pension.

        • Brooklyn

          You are dreaming Barb…

          • Ed Mustafo

            If Trump came out and said, “ the shots are bad stop taking them “ we all would’ve gone straight back into lockdowns. However he never mandated the shots and always said you still have your freedom to take it or not. That’s a fact. Not a dream…..

            • George

              Since Trump has never forced the “Killer Jab” upon us and said “It Was Our Choice” – let us see “his true colors” – lets us see if he comes out against the “aerosol vaccines” China is now using on its people – or – will he squirm out of taking a stand against “the mandatory” aerosol spray vaccines and simply follow the Chinese lead (just like Joe Biden did by recently endorsing vaccine passports for all Americans)???? – “by his fruit” we shall know him!!!
              Problem is – will anyone in the News Media ask Trump the question?? – President Trump “How do you stand on the aerosol spraying of vaccines over American population centers”?? – Then ask the same question to DeSantis!!!

        • Tanya

          Consider it’s a big play, a grand show, a major production. Ivanka is a w0rld ec0n0mic f0rum young global leader as is Tulsi Gabbard and Elon Musk

      • Diana Brown

        Derek, I remember it a little differently. As I recall #45 suggested Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as “TREATMENTS” but he was immediately attacked by EVERYONE for even suggesting an alternative proven to be a safe and “approved” for human consumption. He may have known those two choices alone were being tracked in Africa and India with success. Additionally he used his power as POTUS to fast track a EXPERIMENTAL “vaccination”. Its about CHOICE Derek. You and I have a choice regardless of the mandates and authoritative restrictions no matter what anyone says or does to manipulate our decisions. Thats a huge difference.

      • Galaxy 500

        Trump is our only hope. So when he is the nominee, you’re going vote Biden?

        • RTW

          Of course you wouldn’t vote for biden (or any dem) for that matter. If Elmer Fudd were running against him you’d vote for Elmer. That’s a no brainer. The issue is that neither one of these octogenarians should even consider running again.

    • BDS

      In agreement and the genocidal maniacs have this so well planned I think they win in the end. Most of the US citizens are afraid to rebel. They go to the voting booth only to have the results manipulated and if they protest like Jan 6 they get the short end of the stick! The open boarder have been planned for over 20 years and the Americans/Europeans do nothing about it. What can they do if our politicians are bought and paid for and the newly elected soon to be compromised. Look at our current President who is acting on the behalf of the Globalists (World Economic Forum members, Klaus Schaub, Bill Gates…..) and those two get to address the G20 leaders and tell them what has to get done and soon.
      The psyops, thought shaping and brain washing via news and commercials is enormous. Even our politicians spew the thought shaping montra. It’s going to be tough to fight back and with Chuck Schumer already asking for the illegals to be made citizens that will request chain migration, we will be taxed out of our savings (87k new IRS )with even bigger deficits and stresses to our infrastructure the past and present Americans worked hard on to create .
      There are so many programs against the people and for so long we think it is normal. About the open borders, the UN had research papers back in the late 1990’s about replacement migration based on ageing population and low birth rate (cause-chem trails, water/fluoride, chemicals in processed foods, soy boys…). One huge game these globalist are playing for power and wealth!

      Just a little frustrated because with mandating the vaccine have created a passive American population to rebel!
      BTW this document is posted on the NIH website about the Anti-Vaxers were right!

    • Angela

      The only one who will be getting my vote is Jesus. We are in a spiritual war and we cannot “vote” our way out or put our trust and faith in a “human” to lead us out of this war. Get your spiritual house in order because at this point, nothing else matters!

    • Diana Brown

      I agree Marie Joy.

    • Marie Joy

      MSNBC talks about DeSantis and Trump in different ways. They seem to like DeSantis but not Trump. When LLM likes DeSantis, that speaks volumes. When LLM likes anyone, know they are probable trouble for us, regardless of how they appear, today.

    • Mike

      Let me get this straight. I ,a peon, knew the shots were killers almost right away, yet Trump did not! That is incompetent lies. He has a hand in big pharma. That will come out. My vote will now be for Desantis if he runs, although Florida will lose a wonderful Governor.
      By the way, this Country will be fortunate to make it to 2024.
      As far as the shots, people lined up for them. They could not wait to get them as well as, the Booster. Have a brother in law, runs marathons, got the shots and now….blood clots effecting heart. Is it ever gonna end? Nope.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hate to break this to you but Desantis also pushed the shots. He said, “They were saving lives.” I heard him say it. He also pushed the Monoclonals which are totally experimental. Desantis has not called for an end to the shots either.

        • stanley skrzypek

          Thank You….

    • Richard Olive

      BINGO !

  2. Shirl


    • Anthony Australia

      Shocking Video From Maricopa County Ballot Drop Box Should Enrage All Americans

    • Shirl

      Sam, I totally agree.
      This past weekend I attended a fund raiser and was seated across a PHD Chemist and the “vaccine” came up as accidents are strangely increasing that are otherwise unaccounted for or unexplained. The aware have labeled them as VAXXXIDENTS. The term was mentioned to the PHD with shocked renouncement and a few words of dismissive retort with something along the line of “oh, that’s those kooks who never got a vaccine to begin with,” shaking of her head, followed with “they are just making things up.” Most in ear shot just smiled during the uncomfortable lull that followed.
      I’ll tell you what though, the closed to reality may only wake up when more around them drop dead from SADS, more incidents of VaXXXidents occur, and more incidents of rapid onset of all kinds of diseases from Dementia, Cancer, Heartattacks to you name it enter their own personal sphere.. Wish more had listened to President Trump and weighed the cost benefit for themselves as advised before they just jumped to the JAB hearing only that bit of advice.

      • Lyman Bleether

        Home | Wire | In the Red: The Federal Reserve’s Portfolio Joins the Rest of the Market
        In the Red: The Federal Reserve’s Portfolio Joins the Rest of the Market
        11/17/2022Joseph Solis-Mullen
        The Federal Reserve is on pace to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 billion over the next year to eighteen months, as the yield on its portfolio of Treasury’s and mortgage-backed securities is now being surpassed by the interest it pays banks to hold reserves in their accounts at the Federal Reserve (this practice began in response to the 2007–08 financial crisis as an enhanced means of controlling liquidity). For the past decade, the Federal Reserve’s ultralow interest rate policies meant it could hoover up plenty of debt, to the tune of $8 trillion, and still send a reasonable return to the Treasury at the end of each fiscal year.
        Hey, this may be crazy, but at least it’s paying for itself, right?
        No more… [It’s over, Shirl. The fat lady is singing, when she stops. Grab a chair, fast! Don’t be left standing holding the bag. The bag man cometh!]

      • James Haynes

        Unfortunately, some of the “smartest” amongst us are stupid. Group think affects them as much, if not more, than everyone else.
        As Greg always points out, “when the fraud ends, it ends quickly.” Think FTX.

      • Farmer Ron

        Hi Shirl,

        Two comments in reply to yours.
        1- Because people are afraid of conflict they tend not to say anything in situations like you mention.
        We can’t change anything unless we challenge the status quo and the attitudes of those ” educated” professionals who think they know it all. Simply correcting people and clearly and respectfully stating that scientist, researchers , Md’s … the likes of the inventor of the MRNA technology ( Robert Maline) along with Nobel prize lauréat Dr Luc Montagner disagree with the mainstream views. … and are against the vaxx!

        People hide behind their credentials ( PhD, masters, Md….) it’s important to let them know that people with even better credentials disagree With them.
        You don’t need to have arguments or data to share, you just need to put people back in their space ( pushback) and let them know you are not untimidated by their credentials. You got to speak up!

        2- most professionals are clueless about anything other than what they are fed by their professional association and governing bodies.

        Here in The province of Ontario ( the most populated province in Canada) the Medical Assiciation is ” suggesting” to their members (MDs) that all their non-vaxxed patients should be put on anti-pschycotic drugs because they do not want to be injected with an experimental drug!!!!!! In other words, people are crazy and need to be dealt with accordingly! This is just a suggestion for now, but it won’t be long before they will make it an ordinance and force the MDs to tie the line !
        Hear it for yourself….

        Hold the line!
        Push back!
        Speak up while you still can!
        There is no place to hide.
        We are all involved in this battle
        wether we like it or not.
        Every encounter, every push back helps.
        The war is fought one battle at a time!

        Farmer Ron

    • Anita

      Angela, I agree

  3. Derek Sinclair

    You’re right about the “vaccine” Greg. If Trump won’t come clean then I think he’s toast. One can only imagine the death toll by 2024 and if he keeps boasting about his “achievement”, the Democrats will be more than happy to applaud him. I like Trump but his stubbornness seems to come out on all the wrong issues.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am hoping President Trump hears what I said. It will help him, and ultimately, “We the People” too!!

      • Anthony Australia

        “Tell us … what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?”

        Jesus responded: “Take heed that no man deceive you.

        “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: … and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows” (Matt. 24:3–8).

      • William Phillips

        He won’t and none of these criminals will EVER have to pay for what they did. If they do then I may participate (vote) again but until that time I need to concentrate on saving my family.

      • Ella


        Trump didn’t say he was running for President in 2024….He said he was announcing his candidacy for President of the United States. He did not specify that it would be in 2024. It’s NOW. He is BACK!

        • Brooklyn


          I’ll have TWO of whatever it is that you’re drinking…;)

      • Shirley Thompson

        There’s a very fine line for Trump on any position he takes at this point regarding the vaxx. There are only two possible positions for him to take – claim he was thoroughly dupped, purposefully ill-advised by Pence who he gave total authority [“responsibility”] and his appointed leadership: Fauci, Birx, HHS Azar, DHS Cucinelli (later Mark Esper) and CDC Redfield. At this late date that position would backfire onto Trump. Or, taking responsibility of ANY kind could place Trump, subjecting him to full financial responsibility) In either case Trump would be blamed for the entire death and disability of Americans and the only one held responsible.
        At this point, we need save our country first as a unified American people and THEN address culpability, responsibility and blame. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

      • The Boobyman

        There is a fake doppelgänger Trump twin you’ve seen doing rally’s lately…he has the white owl eyes from sunglasses, the large neck jowls, red hat snug covering top front of his head. Could be a deep state psyop actor that was pushing the bio weapon. Would real Trump call him out?! Nope the mainstream would call him looney tunes!! We are in a multi layered psyop war, vs the military’s fake Biden who bumbles around looking like a fool. TRUTH BOMBS AWAY

    • Red Green

      Greg,no one on the left ever gets prosecuted for anything. Clinton, comey,strock,etc. The fbi will slow walk everything for 4 years.

    • Ed Mustafo

      Example, let’s say there is a village in Haiti that needs food. So I decide to organize an effort to send food to that village. The people who made the food say it’s great but they actually secretly poison it without my knowledge. Some people get sick and some people die after eating the food but every major food organization and the vast majority of food experts say that it’s not the food, and continue to insist that the food is safe. Did I do anything wrong? Do I have to explain anything or apologize? Do I have to “ come clean” ? But who does?

      • Shirl

        Ed, EXCELLENT “example” for the confused to consider…although some msy still remain too stupid to be stupid, sadly!

        I’ve often posed the example of President Trump ordering a fine steak with all typical sides at a restaurant. The waiter returns with a RAW FISH HEAD instead, who’s fault is it ? ? ? Only the brain dead would have us believe President Trump who ordered the steak is responsible. The zombified Trump haters are America’s most Illogical people for whatever reason be it by known relentless BRAINWASHING from their favorite Lying Legacy Media or Flat out Commie America First Haters. IDK but, either way they are fun to laugh at and Thank God Almighty they are fewer in number 😂😂😂

  4. JamC

    Hey my good looking younger brother, I just said a prayer for you. You make me think and you make me laugh, for that I am grateful.
    May YAHWEH our Yeshua Messiah bless my midwestern brother.
    Aloha from Haiku, Maui.
    And may HE direct our paths.
    Much aloha,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Jam!
      Brother Greg

  5. Kurt-Raymond:. Lent.

    Greg, you’re a good man. I have watched you for years. I respect your content..
    Go to the petition blue tab, read entire content, don’t forget to seek the multiple laws.
    Report on todays news, please.
    God bless you.

    • Richard

      Thanks for the link. In the appendix drop-down menu, read the 10th Circuit’s opinion. There were a number of problems. It’s what happens when a non-lawyer represents himself. I’d be extremely surprised if the Supreme Court’ grants review.

  6. Andrew Cox

    Medical propaganda articles in the UK denied that the young girl died from “injection” related causes. We have a propaganda war taking place – but the number of deaths and serious injyries continue to mount.
    I heard of another person suffering serious injuries this month. A friend reported that one of his work colleagues suddenly suffered almost complete blindness while he was out shopping with his wife. [Another friend told me earlier in the Summer about a colleague in his 30s who suddenly went blind in one eye following the booster injection].

    But here in the UK the health authorities continue to push the boosters and other injections to the public.

    • Anthony Australia

      Only mild a dose of propaganda here is enough to stooge the sheep.
      We have become a completely Trauma Based Mind Control society.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Anthony,
        So sad. In my teens I used to dream of becoming a ‘£10 Pom’*. Now I give thanks that my teenage wife-to-be dissuaded me. Life in the UK is bad – Liberty restricted – but Australia appears to be totally cowed! Very hard to understand how the freewheeling Oz, with rebellious (convict) ancestry, surrendered their collective liberties so readily

        *’£10 Pom’. In the 1960s, UK citizens could apply to migrate to underpopulated Australia. The journey, by ship, was subsidised by the Australian government and only cost the applicant £10. Australians nicknamed this influx ‘£10 Poms’.

    • Rodster

      Those stories are all too commonplace today as well as “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” or cause of death unknown. No one will investigate because Big Pharma have lined the deep pockets of these evil casts of characters. They also don’t want people to know that these vaccines are dangerous because there would be major civil unrest.

      People have also bought into the lie. I came across a story yesterday someone posted that a young women has been suffering from the vaccine and booster shots. She know has serious heart problems. Then she went on to say, it’s better than dying from Covid 1984.

      That’s how Tony “P.O.S.” Fauci and the Media have collectively worked over Joe and Joan Sixpack.

    • Mesquite

      A friend of mine has taken the vaccines. Recently, he was driving and passing to the left of a line of 18 wheelers. He suddenly lost his eyesight. He said everything went black but he did not lose consciousness.
      He slowed down and slowly angled his tires to the left and listened for the road bumps. Once his driver’s side tires passed the road bumps, he stated that his eyesight came back.
      He is a very honest person and I’m sure his account is accurate. This may explain some of the accidents. I’m not sure everyone would have his presence of mind to react the way he did…

  7. stanley skrzypek

    President Trump….who else?…..anybody and I mean ANYBODY else for President, Desantis included…..will be Ignored, Bought, Bribed, or Shunned as President…..President Trump is the Closest to being the GREATEST of all……GOD save America…….When the First Shot of this hot C-I-V-I-L W-A-R- starts it will be a Sniper……. and will not miss…….then it will be a tsunami on the CORRUPT TRAITORS… GOD BLESS AMERICA….

    • stanley skrzypek

      “will be Ignored, Bought, Bribed, or Shunned “….sorry…..I stupidly forgot the word “COERCED” into the above sentence…..a main practice in our Society……a practice which will soon end when we are Free Nation again…

  8. Russ D

    Now that President Trump announced …. just get ready for the mother of all fake PLANdemics to be released in or near voting time in 2024.

    Just like in 2020. Plandemic fear led to mass mail-in ballots and drop box fraud

    also part of the plan beforehand.

    It’s not Republican messaging. It’s not low-quality candidates. It’s not Trump. It’s not abortion. It’s mass mail-in/drop-box voting. It’s as simple as that. And Republicans will never win another election unless it’s stopped.

    • Sviss Kay

      so pnow Trump has the base focusing on 2024. Meanwhile entire batallions of fighting aged men are crossing the border day after day and the rino TX gov is distributing them throughout the country.

      At this pace there won’t be a USA in a couple more months. Already Target stores in Calif is going bust due to massive shoplifting rings. Trump is a distraction just like he helped Obama overcome the birther issue in 2016 thru misdirection onto himself and away from Sherrif Joe.

  9. stanley skrzypek

    MR. Greg Hunter,….You said the Lying Legacy Media didn’t cover President Trumps Announcement of his running in ’24………but…….with all due Respect…..You didn’t tell you’re Listeners that…………..NOBODY LISTENS to the Lying Legacy Media….any more…so are they not a mute player in this cycle?…..what are the Ratings of these TRAITOROUS, CORRUPT Institutions……. would be nice to know……anyway, President Trump gets Information to his Patriotic MAGA Americans in the same way you do………..and YES I AM a Proud ELECTION DENIER…….

    • Amber

      I hadn’t read the comments in some time on USAWatchdog; such strong opinions and commentary on topics about Vax blame, federal reserve policy, assigned responsibility for election fraud, America’s destruction as well as Jesus having an answer for us, controlled opposition? Don’t we reap what we sow? A farmer can’t plant corn and expect to harvest apples, can he? The answers and solutions are simple but acting on them has become convoluted beyond recognition. Nobody is discussing the real issue, the root issues. Every single time Jesus healed or intervened he said, go and sin no more… in other words be changed, renew your minds. I wonder if the human race can ever evolve beyond primitive violence and greed? We must evolve or we stay stuck in this vortex of sin, choosing death and destruction.
      Just thinking out loud.

  10. Colby Cleese

    FLASHBACK: TIME Magazine In 1996 Bragged About How U.S. Interfered In Russian Election / By Joseph Curl Jul 14, 2017
    •The mainstream media has suffered a serious bout of amnesia — a Russian concussion, if you will.
    Of course, the MSM is ignoring the clear evidence that Hillary Clinton is guilty (very guilty) of altering the course of the Democratic primary to defeat Sen. Bernie Sanders (just skim through those Democratic National Committee emails and you’ll see). But the media is also pretending (or is simply unaware, not sure which is worse) that nations don’t try to alter the outcome of elections in other nations. [Worse is operation Mockingbird! The CIA uses to topple newsrooms, to topple public opinion. To topple governments, especially our own!]
    Take 1996. Boris Yeltsin, the president of Russia, was up for re-election in the summer and the United States felt that he was easier to deal with than his opposition, Communist rival Gennadi Zyuganov. But Yeltsin, the hard-partying and affable leader, had health problems and his approval rating was dismal — single digits. His chances did not look good.
    Enter the United States, which, in a clandestine operation, successfully helped Yeltsin pull out a win.
    “For four months, a group of American political consultants clandestinely participated in guiding Yeltsin’s campaign, ” Time magazine wrote in a cover story titled “Yanks To The Rescue — The Secret Story Of How American Advisers Helped Yeltsin Win.” Here is the inside story of how these advisers helped Yeltsin achieve the victory that will keep reform in Russia alive.”

    Posted by Luke Rudkowski | Oct 7, 2014 |
    William Colby testifies on operation mockingbird before congress

    Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (which is one of Germany’s largest newspapers), has decided to go public about the corruption of himself and the rest of the Western ‘news’ media, because he finds that this corruption is bringing Europe too close to a nuclear war against Russia, which he concludes the U.S. aristocracy that controls the CIA wants to bring about, or else to bring closer to the brink. [THIS IS 2014 MIND YOU, IS THIS GUY STILL WALKING?]
    He told Russian Television:

    McClures magazine
    Who Killed William Colby? SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2014
    Former director of the CIA, William Colby was reported missing on April 27, 1996. . . .

    Annie Jacobsen, “Operation Paperclip”
    Our Nazi Heritage
    Operation Mockingbird
    The CIA and Fake News in 1980s (1986) – The Fifth Estate
    Project: Mockingbird
    Tha last word?

  11. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg

  12. stanley skrzypek

    I love my President Trump……but, Mr Hunter…..I must Agree with you on Trump “coming clean” on the poisonous jab killing millions….it is a BIG concern……our 96 year old dearest independent and robust lady……was talked by her wacko lefty neighbors to get the jab…and booster….we were unaware she did that because we were out of town…….now all of a sudden, out of nowhere her doctor says she has a heart disease….takes 4 steps and gasping for air…..that make me guilty as hell that I wasn’t there for her when those idiots talked to her……I cry alot.

  13. Tommy

    I’m surprised the MSM isn’t covering Trump’s announcement. They could use it to help Warnock in Georgia. I love Trump but I have Trump fatigue. Apparently Ivanka does too. It’s time to move on. Trump is not going to make inroads with any group other than his shrinking base of supporters.

    • Tommy CanYouHear ME

      Tell that poop to the Brazilians, Tommy Trolpan.
      Brazilian Protests Continue To Grow By The Millions As Supreme Court Moves To Shut Bank Accounts Of Activists
      8,944 views Nov 18, 2022 War Room With Owen Shroyer
      Brazilian Protests Continue To Grow By The Millions As Supreme Court Moves To Shut Bank Accounts Of Activists

      • Tommy

        Tommy hears you but doesn’t see any connection to my comment. Simply put, Trump will never get elected again. He’s done. I loved him as president but he is unelectable now and even his favorite child knows it. Wishing and hoping isn’t going to change that.

        • Greg Hunter

          Why is that Troll “tommy”? Is ti because the Lying legacy Media, (LLM) including FOX, wants you to think that??? Because the RINO’s want you to think that?? Because the Commie Dems want you to think that??? Trump is still the Number one candidate in the fake polls. I guess facts get in the way of your thought shaping propaganda. DO NOT COMMENT HERTE AGAIN.

          • Tommy

            I’m certainly no troll. I’ve been a faithful follower of USA Watchdog for over 9 years. I just happen to have a different opinion on the effectiveness of Donald Trump… I’ve talked to too many people who actually voted for him twice and they are not going to vote for him again. He has alienated too many people and now attacks the governors of VA and FL for no good reason other than he ego. I’m just saying, Trump will not ever win in a presidential election again. Even his favorite child knows it. We either have to move on on we will get run over in 2024.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are in the minority. Twitter opened up 4 days ago to allow Trump back on and he has nearly 90 million followers.

    • Tin foil hat

      I also had Trump fatigue but was reinvigorated by the MSM. The more they attack him, the more I want to support him. I was leaning toward DeSantis for 2024 but I’m now back on the Trump train; that’s if we would have an election in 2024.

  14. Kevin R. Roberts

    Polite Protestant Christians are suckers for the Roman Catholic Jesuits and Freemason Jews. Martin Luther warned the world with his Protestant Reformation 15 centuries ago; but, nobody reads history or thinks past the 5th grade. Let the revolution begin.

    • Ray

      Hi Kev,
      Perhaps a simple typo by you regarding time…..
      But Martin Luther was born in the 15th Century (1483).
      15 centuries ago, the year was 522AD……with our world awaiting another 961 years for the arrival of Martin Luther.
      I agree with you though……let the revolution begin!!
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  15. T. Bucher

    Russia says Ukraine invasion «would not be necessary» if US had «put pressure on Kiev in time» / Daniel Stewart – Yesterday 9:08 AM
    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that the invasion of Ukraine “would not have been necessary” if the U.S. government had exerted its influence on Kiev and “put pressure on the country in time.”

  16. T. Bucher

    Poland warns of «strong pressure» to admit that the projectile that fell in the east is Russian /Daniel Stewart – Yesterday 7:40 AM
    Polish authorities warned Thursday that they have received “strong pressure” to admit that the projectile that fell Tuesday in the east of the country came from Russia and not Ukraine.

  17. stanley skrzypek

    Theta and Tfuel crypto is NOT allowed the be bought in the USA…..that means that I BUY it, hold it in my Trezor with THANKS to Bix Weir………it took alot of work to figure it out…..same with xrp… I need to know how to store DERO and ARRR on my TREZOR T…..I can buy it but don’t know how to get the Address on the is above my head and is killin me how to…..the info on the net is ambiguous

    • Steve Bice

      Hi Stanley: Both Theta and tFuel can be acquired via an Exodus software wallet by using Bitcoin as a gateway. You buy bitcoin and exchange for whatever you want from inside the wallet.

      I am not recommending anything, but am saying it can be done. I bought a little Stellar, Dogecoin and Ripple this way just to dip my toes in crypto world awhile back…

      • stanley skrzypek

        you didn’t read my question…..your comment is jibberish

        • Steve Bice

          Of course I read your question. Sorry you feel that way. I was just trying to help. My mistake…

          • stanley skrzypek

            now I need to know how to store DERO and ARRR on my TREZOR T…

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi Steve,
            In the circumstances, a very restrained response! Some people are sociopathic and beyond help.

            • Paul

              The country was in peril; he was jeopardizing his traditional rights of freedom and independence
              by daring and to exercise them.

              Paul from arkansas

            • Steve Bice

              Thank you for having my back PNG.

              I cannot respond in anger and still be true to my Christian faith. I am so very ashamed and deeply tired of saying or doing the wrong thing.

              I try to remember who I claim to represent and behave accordingly. It shocks me when people of faith pour out their anger on others… although I do understand the temptation. We’ve seen it far too much…

              That said, without knowing the particulars, the above question is difficult to answer…and an open forum is probably not the place to discuss it. So, I addressed the first part of the post to let people know of a method for acquiring “unavailable” cryptos.

              The Exodus software wallet is compatible with Trezor and Trezor T, so using it as “pass through” would be a likely work-around to move any crypto into an offline wallet. (I’m sure a direct method exists, but without more specific info…) My information above is credible regardless of whether others accept it. It may help someone else. Hence the attempt…

              Be well, and enjoy the journey. On we go…

  18. William Glaser

    Dear Gregg,

    I know that Alex Jones feels that President Trump is letting his ego overcome a resoning ability to look at the terrible Genocidal Clot shots that are being pushed on the population of the world. I am concerned that no amount of insulation from the facts of the matter by staffers could not allow President Trump not to see and understand the gravity of this horror being inflicted on the people. I am concerned that he is a part of this evil plot, and therefore we have no hope other than the perfect Love of our saviour Jesus Christ to save us from this horror. I think we are on the doorstep of the Great Tribulation and so the rapture of the Church will be the solution to excaping the snare evil has set for us.

    Thanks for your time Gregg.

  19. Chris

    2024 is two years away, and in this maniacal world, nothing is normal anymore (the evil wizards “New Normal” is hell on earth), and nothing is unthinkable either. I wonder if there will even be an election in 2024. The lunatics running the world (particularly the western mob) seem determined to destroy humanity one way or another. Some are so deranged they seriously contemplate “winning” a nuclear war against their enemies (their projection of their own evil on to others). These people are truly demonic. There are no institutions in the west that have any credibility or right to demand trust (which has all but evaporated) left. They are cess pits of corruption. Frankly, I think the whole rotten system has to go. It is beyond redemption, beyond reform and I don’t see any one person (Trump or whoever in any country) being able to change things. It isn’t a swamp. It’s more like a dying civilization drowning in its own effluent. It needs to be put down for the sake of humanity. What comes after I have no idea. But what we have now is beyond broken. It is a very toxic chimera manufactured by goblins. There is nothing human about any of it – even the creatures filling the suits and uniforms and running the show have lost whatever humanity they had. Their expiry date is overdue.



  21. Arlene Kiscaden

    I found it interesting that Trump never said he was running for the 2024 election. What he said was “ I am announcing my candidacy for president of the United States “. Thanks for all you do Greg, I love your videos. God bless

  22. Robert Dotson, MD

    Greg… I appreciate your voice, but IMO it is too late for Trump to reorient his stand on the vaxxx. He had a chance to do the right thing when he was in office and blew it (and, please do not go down the “he was misled” path). He not only helped enable the mess we have, but continued to champion his “Warp Speed” program after leaving office. If he reverses course now to support a “NO vaxxx” message, the media and Admin State will use that to double down on new mandates for vaxxx/masks/lockdowns for the peasantry.
    Do we really want the former Prez now championing what will be painted as an “anti-vaxxxer” position? It would be good to hear an apology from his lips, but DJT never, ever apologizes and, frankly, should he do so, I would be suspicious of his real motivation.

    • Rick Zimmer

      Totally agree. DJT had his chance to change his position on the vaxx when Birx confessed lying to him. He blew it. He continues to brag about his role in the vaxx roll out. Trump also had a chance to use the power of the Presidency to deal with the election fraud in 2020 and he blew that too.

  23. Really Awake

    I agree with Marty Armstrong. Alex Jones just interviewed Marty and picked Marty’s brain regarding what happens politically “in the short-term, near-term and long-term”. You can watch the interview on

    What happens short-term starting in 2023 is a massive increase in political discontent worldwide and all that implies. And what such civil unrest implies is a global economy that’s going to get wrecked with hundreds of millions of people’s lives getting upended.

    By 2024, according to Marty, there may not even be a U.S. election. Let that sink in. That means Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis or some other popular political figure won’t get elected because there won’t even be an election. If you ask me, I can deduce that the situation is really, really bad by 2024. Bad, bad, bad by 2024. It’s elementary to figure out just how bad it gets.

    Long-term sometime between 2025-2028 WW3 (including the possibility of somekind of an exchange of nuclear weapons) happens. That sounds bad to me. Makes me glad I spent the time and money on a fallout bunker. America used to have a Civil Defense Program. Now you and I are on our own.

    By 2030 the USA is disunited. And by 2032 the USA is no longer the number 1 super power. In fact the USA will have finished breaking up in an acrimonious divorce.

    Marty provided a lot of details on the Alex Jones show. And when Marty returns to USA Watchdog I hope he provides even more details. Marty recommend that people stockpile food, extra heating fuel along with a backup source of heat and electric, physical cash on hand, gold, silver and other tangables. I’ve never seen Marty recommend gold and silver much. This time is different because Marty thinks that ny 2025 the U.S. dollar is going to dramatically decline as a valuable medium of exchange. That sounds really bad to me.

    Marty offers good secular advice. Personally, I’m not counting on Trump or anybody else to prevent America from “crashing and burning”. From here on out I’m focused on what I need to do personally to increase myself, my friends and my family’s odds of surviving the harsh reality of Western Civilization crashing and burning.

    I’m still going to fight for what’s right, but I’m fighting more for self-preservation at this point. You should too.

  24. Nick de la Gaume

    Biden will die before he goes to court.

    An ego the size of Donald’s is incapable of admitting it was wrong! My late ex mother managed to to say in the last telephone conversation that I had with her was that she might, MIGHT, Förrkyn MIGHT have misjudged me. I said nothing but wanted to explode.
    After one has been falsely accussed, falsely judged and falsely punished it does not matter what you do anymore. I have had a lifetime of this sort of bullshit. The line of casualties stretches far behind me.

    I must admit that I have had a marvelous life. My fellow ‘humans’ have constantly taught me that I can ONLY depend upon The Divine which dances in my Heart.

    Great stuff Greg.

  25. Don W.

    I am done with the shots as a close friend from the 1950’s and my oldest son both died from Blood Clots on the fifth day after the booster shot. I also have now read a lot about the blood clots taking many lives because of blood clots. NO MORE SHOTS

  26. Patrick Alaggio

    It’s ALREADY too late for President Trump to come clean abou the EUA shots that have been sterilizing, maiming and killing us. At this point I can only view him as an ACCOMPLICE! Sorry, Mr. President, you had your chance to speak out and your SILENCE doesn’t cut it!

  27. Jeff owens

    Greg your 100% correct about Trump. If he continues with his narcissistic rhetoric regarding the pushing of the Vax, the ventilators and remdesavir while failing to make HCQ ad Ivermectin available he is doomed to fail.
    Personally, I don’t think it will matter who the Republicans manage to setup as a candidate in “24” the fix is in and its game over in America for conservatives period.
    We let em rig the game, we let em regulate the game and obviously the enforcers in any part of the judicial system are in the bag for Democrats in enough states they can steal any federal election they choose.
    Not to mention how many fake Republicans they’ve managed to get elected in multiple districts around the country (IE: Murkowski etc.).
    Only answer now is God’s judgement for these criminals and He’s about ready to rock on that front.


    In reference to Trump and the vaccine — 1. Think back to 2016; at that time I had no clue of the level of evil and corruption as I do today. Trump knew about the bioweapons early on — remember when Bill Gates announced the genocide at a Ted conference? 2. I think none of us (the public) know all the threats that the Trump team is fighting (nuclear weapons, bioweapons, internal infiltration of the enemy in every aspect of our government). Trump is always saying that timing counts — by stepping up now and telling the public the truth could cause nationwide panic and rebellion. I think he wants to address this after the white hats are in total control. There must be something big that the deep state is holding over Trump’s head that would be worse than the mass genocide of the bioweapon.

  29. Bob Farrell

    Greg-look at this- “Pave Onyx” in Wikipedia-I have first hand knowledge if you’re curious—answers a lot of questions

  30. Slvrwllwn

    The FTX maneuver using taxpayers money ALONE should alert all Americans as
    to the dangers of any Central Bank Digital Currency actions which lie ahead. Take action. Be your own central bank. Hold physical Ag and Au. Learn to trade for real assets. You won’t be sorry!!

  31. Solomon

    Because of the under declared side effect of a ‘flu vaccine’, I nearly died from contracting the flu two weeks later. Other delayed side effects caused complete blindness in my right and dramatic reduced peripheral vision in left eye.
    I am also convinced that required childhood vaccinations caused my daughter’s Type I diabetes, my son’s sudden allergies, and my nephew’s severe autism.
    My cousin and wife incurred serious and very expensive health issues after being ‘pressured’ to take Covid jabs.
    I know six (6) people within the past 18 months who were hospitalized, placed on a ventilator, given ‘ren-disa-kill’ and then reportedly ‘dead of covid’. The prayer lists of churches are filled with people suffering from cancer and heart problems.
    May the KM running big pharma be exposed, tried, sentenced, and summarily hung from tall gallows to dry out for all the world to see.

  32. James PTY

    The million FTX creditors are mostly small retail investors, and traders over applying leverage. There is limited institutional participation that could be linked to creating large enough derivative exposures causing critical counter party failures resulting in systemic risk within traditional finance/banking. The FTX implosion is not large enough to cause on it’s own a cascade of failures within traditional finances 4 quadrillion of interwoven OTC synthetic derivatives: For example, there is no known connection between the FTX token and interest rate swaps. The FTX scam was centered around the FTX issued token “eating money” meaning the conversion from sovereign currency like Dollars and Euros. Then off ramping from token back to sovereign currency as text book money laundering funneling the proceeds to whomever. FTX basically replaced the Clinton Foundation money laundering bribery well… An important question to consider is will the general public be allowed to see the FTX ponzi in a way that finally allows for accepting the Federal Reserve US Dollar creation and fractional reserve banking system is by far the greatest and most dangerous ponzi scheme in the history of man?
    There is no plan to save the Dollar, rather the opposite is desired, and all transpiring now is simply part of the controlled demolition leading up to Dollar replacement.

  33. Big fan of USA watchdog

    The deaths are definitely happening in my circle of friends. I just found out a friend of mine lost his nephew while deer hunting here in Michigan. He was in his 20s and went to sleep one night and never woke up. His death was 2 days after the shot.

  34. GERRY

    The election in my opinion, took place exactly as I thought it would. It isn’t just the hierarchies in all areas that are corrupt but, the people themselves. They vote for these guys. How do your politicians accumulate so much money in office? Does the people not ask a simple question? Obviously they don’t! If the people of the United States were on the ball, they would have stopped this corruption a long time ago and voted them out. But they don’t. Isn’t that the reason your founders set up a check and balance system because they did not trust the populace? But, they did trust the politicians, because they put them in charge and they run the system. Recently, Wray was in front of a committee, and would not answer a question put to him by a representative of” we the people”. Nothing was done! George Carlin stated it well ” it’s a club, and we the people ain’t in it”. This new world order crowd runs the show, including Trudeau, in our country and they skate free all the time. The locus of power is not in Washington, New York, or London but elsewhere. We the people of Canada also think that Ottawa runs the show, but the WEF tells Trudeau how high to jump. In another age, it would be called treason!

    • Coal Burner

      IT is treason Gerry! You are correct!

  35. Shirley Thompson

    Our nation’s #1 national security is the compromised biden family, DNC operatives in and out of the administration and joe biden himself. Compromised for his entire career as a politician, joe biden now in a dementia state poses even GREATER national security threat as the Communist progressives within our govt (Uniparty) colluding with those Communists outside our govt (Obama/Clintons/Bush) have sold out to Communist China.

    People must understand the Communist movement has evolved from the Bolshevik collectivist roots to the Soviet style of the Bourgeois (wealthy elite) and the Proletariat (the people). Communism today is a political mechanism of totalitarian corporatism – its focus is wealth, its accumulation and retention through totalitarian control of the people. This new Congress MUST take immediate steps to end the Communist efforts in the United States. And if that means trials of treason and death penalties, so be it. If Congress wimps out and the people don’t press for this justice, America’s fate will be sealed.

  36. Amy Hopkins

    Thanks for all of your hard work, Mr. Hunter!
    One perspective on President Trump & the vax (posted by Wanda Alger, Christian minister, on her Telegram 11/18/22):

    This may seem “after the fact,” but I continue to get messages from folks who can’t support President Trump because of his Warp Speed Vaccine. Let me provide some clarity.

    The Deep State’s original plan was to get their vaccine FDA approved so that they could LEGALIZE A MANDATE. Had President Trump waited, their plan would have forced every American to get the vaccine – by law.

    President Trump knew this and tried to promote every other treatment plan out there – other than a vaccine – but got pounced on. Realizing that he couldn’t stop what they were doing (and the majority of people still didn’t see what was happening,) he initiated the Warp Speed version. Because his version was not FDA approved, it remained OPTIONAL.

    Thus, knowing that even “his” vaccine was no cure, and came with risks, it was the only way to prevent the Deep State’s version from being mandated. HE KEPT IT OPTIONAL. This is why he can honestly say he “saved millions of lives.” He saved the American people from being legally forced to get the death jab.

    This is the kind of war we’ve been in. Risks on either side – casualties included. You have to see the bigger plan. And why we need to appropriate the blood of Jesus in everything we do!

  37. Tod Mills

    Since everyone who got the jab is supposed to be experiencing major health issues shortly, and Trump is clearly a big proponent of the jab, it sounds like he will consequently not be able to be the President again in 2024 even if the 14th Amendment isn’t used to keep him off the ballot. Maybe that is the fall following his pride?
    Food for thought

    Voting violates Jesus’ teachings.

  38. Daniel Wilkinson

    Mr warp speed better turn this ship around

  39. ron martin

    Neither Trump nor DeSantis can restore this nation. Does any logical rational Godfearing person really envision reversing 100 years of accumulated filth? Sorry, there is no human solution to a spiritual equation.

  40. Roman T

    When you see… these things… come to passs:
    Bro. Greg… thank you for your tireless devotion to our Lord and this Republic!
    I can only wonder if Polish born
    Lech Welles-a (SP?) were a current activist in our country…. could WE THE PEOPLE
    Mimic the scene at the shipyards?
    Ephesians 5:11

  41. paula

    Your WNW is even superior to the great interviews you have on.
    Raland J Branson v Alma S Adams ( SC Docket) does not come up.
    Please provide a link…this info must be shared.

  42. Sylvia Sires

    I’m sorry Greg but I disagree that Trump doesn’t know about the side effects and deaths of the jab. If Trump thinks the jab is so great why hasn’t any of his children or their children BEEN INJURED OR DIED?? Or why hasn’t any of his relatives died or injured from it or friends?? Surely some little birdie has told him. Remember, there was a time many years ago that Trump knew about Autism and vaccine injury. He’s being given bad advice? C’mon Trump is not stupid or naive. People have been dropping like flies especially the elderly in the beginning from Trumps Ventilators too! I watched several videos of a nurse and a male nurse making videos of the elderly who didn’t die from covid who had covid but it was after they gave them the vaccine they were witnessing the elderly now dying or injured in nursing homes where they worked and heard from other nursing homes the same thing was happening. My friends and family don’t want to believe that Trump knows either. Trump IS NOT A SAVIOR, HE’S JUST A MAN, A SINNER! I wanna believe he’s a good man but I’m also scared to death of him because I struggle about him everyday. My neighbor suffered for two days alone in her house, she had 3 small heart attacks and a stroke. Now they blame a lot of deaths on fentanyl almost daily, how convenient!

  43. Laura

    Regarding the vaccines, this is from Wanda Alger for your consideration:

    “This may seem “after the fact,” but I continue to get messages from folks who can’t support President Trump because of his Warp Speed Vaccine. Let me provide some clarity.

    The Deep State’s original plan was to get their vaccine FDA approved so that they could LEGALIZE A MANDATE. Had President Trump waited, their plan would have forced every American to get the vaccine – by law.

    President Trump knew this and tried to promote every other treatment plan out there – other than a vaccine – but got pounced on. Realizing that he couldn’t stop what they were doing (and the majority of people still didn’t see what was happening,) he initiated the Warp Speed version. Because his version was not FDA approved, it remained OPTIONAL.

    Thus, knowing that even “his” vaccine was no cure, and came with risks, it was the only way to prevent the Deep State’s version from being mandated. HE KEPT IT OPTIONAL. This is why he can honestly say he “saved millions of lives.” He saved the American people from being legally forced to get the death jab.

    This is the kind of war we’ve been in. Risks on either side – casualties included. You have to see the bigger plan. And why we need to appropriate the blood of Jesus in everything we do!”

  44. Sylvia Sires

    I don’t believe that Trump doesn’t know! We just don’t want to believe it because he’s our only hope. Why hasn’t anyone of his children died or been injured or their children from Trumps greatest accomplishment?

    • Ray

      Well said…….your words hold more gravity than can be expressed in my sentence.
      My best wishes bed with you and yours.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  45. Fred Engel

    Hopefully FTX will be the nail in Mitch’s coffin.

  46. Shane

    I know that Conservatives are dumb, but even I’m a little surprised that they’re still falling for Don the con.

    Aside from the most brainwashed Trumpers everyone is SICK of this lying egomaniac.

    Trumper Cultists have managed to convince themselves that Donnie ClotShot had nothing to do with unleashing the Medical Tyranny & the Great Reset on America and have also conveniently forgotten all of his other failures & betrayals.

    You people are the Right’s version of NPCs.

  47. Byron in Baltimore

    To be clear: the document is a Petition For A Writ Of Certiorari. It requests that the Supreme Court take up this case.

  48. alfy

    my impression, in q1 2023 us little people are going to find out who truly is in control of the usa, the good guys or the mobsters. thinking we’re about out of time to get ourselves mentally and emotionally ready for such a showdown. I plan to enjoy thanksgiving and christmas to the fullest.

  49. Heman von Owschlag

    Since the DEMS demand endless immigration and citizenship
    because we have millions of unfilled job vacancies,
    we now can end all welfare and entitlements to all persons of working age,
    thus saving the working taxpayers over a trillion annually.

    In reality, if we ended all welfare and entitlements we would have no jobs vacancies at all, no need for any immigration, a real 4% unemployment rate due to people changing jobs, 0% on welfare and entitlements, and the quality of work ethic and production output would increase!! Pair that with strict penalties for repeat crime offenders removing 33% or more from society locking them up!!

    … Didn’t need no welfare states,
    Everybody pulled his weight,
    Gee our old LaSalle ran great,
    Those were the days!

    Take that and shove it up your Reiner Meathead

    If 1/3 of the population deserve to be in prison for their serious repeat felonies then why are only 1/2 of 1% actually locked up? We have a serious crime problem where criminals get a slap on wrist!

  50. Patricia Maloney

    If Biden is not allowing the oil companies to drill with forward and former contracts, and he just used all our oil reserves, and he’s shutting down refineries plus the Keystone pipeline, ….What are we using to back the US dollar??????? Vapor?

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, your notice came with no link per usual. So, I went to your site and clicked in that way. Your comments are few which is not normal so was wondering if others also did not get a link. I thought it might be a glitch, but expected you might have forgot the link, so thought I’d mention it. If you do not, you might add yourself to your outgoing and see what returns, as a reminder of sorts as to whether you sent one or the links are in it? I just check in anyway…but others, especially newer viewer are not used the reliable timing of your postings. Good review, habe some thoughts for later, but just a mention to make sure you got your link out or it just did not show in on my end..

  52. Aaron ML

    The mainstream media is attempting to divide GOP supporters with a wedge between Trump and Desantis. The MSM couldn’t cover Trump announcing a run for 2024 because they were busy spreading unfounded, unproven fake news about Russia bombing Poland , doing their best to help along WW3 possibilities. With FTX, will we see any politician or organization who received crime fraud cash give it back? If not they were in on it.

  53. Richard

    I think the hearing should go over the specific lying agency people who said it was Russia! Don’t just go after Hunter and Joe – go after ALL of them! They need to be FIRED immediately; anyone who from an official position that said it was Russia needs to go NOW!

  54. stonewall

    Greg, ,you are 100% right about Trump. He still brags about bringing in the covid shot
    and doesn’t seem to understand millions of people have been maimed or died because
    of the shot. He appears to be deliberately blind to the truth.

  55. Steve Bice

    Orwell’s “1984” was intended as a warning. The elite see it as an operating manual…

  56. Matthew Nelson

    Just like 2020, we have just washed, rinsed, and repeated. We are a banana republic and in reality for decades votes have been padded, we are just realizing this since 2020 and nothing is being done. The same voting machines were used in 2022 as in 2020.

  57. Steve Bice

    This does not bode well for inflation.
    When the funding dries up, the “printing” must ramp up…

  58. Sandro F


  59. BigE

    Greg, I live in PA, and Trump announced he is running for President did make it on the local news, however, it was only about 60 seconds of coverage, there was no mention of voter fraud, then the story quickly faded.

    Also, I personally believe Trump has to do mea culpa on a lot of issues, not just the vaccines, as once you look into what he and his administration did, he was no crime-fighting superhero, as made out to be by the “Q” crowd. IF Trump runs again, he needs to run on an anti-corruption platform, with a published plan to rid our government of corruption. If he does not do this, people like me will not buy his speil this time around, and support someone like DeSantis.

  60. Richard Longacre

    Let me save everyone some time and give you the findings from the Supreme Court on the 23rd about our politicians violating their oath of offices: “NOTHING TO SEE HERE”.
    What about findings from the House investigations on the Biden Crime Family starting next year? “NOTHING TO SEE HERE”!

    What about the Dems laundering $40B tax dollars through the Ukraine and then kicked back through FTX to the DEMs to buy the 2022 election? “NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

    Maybe Gary Gensler who is heading up the SEC will investigate his old bosses daughter from MIT and prosecute her. “NOTHING TO SEE HERE”! I’m sure he (and our other fraudulent and criminal regulators) were not involved in the creation of that FTX Ponzi scheme and theft of $40B US Tax dollars and other investors money (Like Tom Brady). If we just only give the politicians and regulators more power and control then they will “protect us poor and stupid investors” from these Ponzi schemes that they created.

    The FED has begun their “trial period” of their new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). “NOTHING TO SEE HERE”! I’m sure they will only use it for our good and our safety. I’m sure they would never use this programable currency to censor and control the population. They would never shut off the accounts of people that speak the truth on alternative media sites like

    How long will we continue to expect the very government leaders, geo-engineers (Climate warfare), Big pharma and the AMA, and Central Bankers that created this Hell Hole to stop this genocide and global destruction and start doing what is right? We are being strung along to our destruction with false hopes. Trump and a 2024 election hope is one of the biggest false hopes designed to string some of us along for the next 2 years while the DS continues killing and destroying.

    Thank you Greg for your truth telling and all of your hard work. Keep speaking the truth as long as you can.

  61. bible reader

    The lamb with two horns is the apostate rainbow churches. imo. Trump, fails to denounce his membership to an apostate church, so does Biden, Desantis, and King Charles iii. defender of the faith (of apostacy.)
    Also Trump upbraids, & they all do it. (not wise)
    James 1:5. (If you seek wisdom, abraideth not.)

  62. Valerie

    Spectacular report. Greg! Unfortunately, most of it is troubling, bad news! But, at least it’s the TRUTH!!!!! I’m praying that something BIG comes of that case going before the Supreme Court!!!! And I pray the House of Representatives is successful in going after Biden and the gang!!! I pray that all these treasonous people end up, as you said, in “cinder block rooms with drains in the floor”!!!!!

  63. Mark

    Greg, seeing the house holds the purse strings for spending, the first thing before investigation s should be shutting down financing for the irs.

    • George

      I think the first thing should be shutting down all financing for the Ukraine War!!

  64. Dave

    So, Pelosi and her leadership team resign to pass the torch to younger more vibrant leaders. At the same time McConnell holds on with a large majority of GOP Senators voting for him. McConnell is a weak leader who can’t articulate any conservative policy. Immediately he said he seeks to compromise with the Democrats and meet at the 40-yard line. By contrast Schumer announced the Democrat will push to formalize DACA and give citizenship to all “undocumented” in the country. Schumer pushed the progressive agenda and McConnell dawdles. Then, in his first act as re-elected GOP leader McConnell lets the cayucas vote their mind on the Defense of Marriage act and 12 GOP senators voted for it. Enshrining gay marriage and bigamy (as the bill is open-ended). Business owners will now be subject to being sued across the country as they have been in Colorado for not embracing gay marriage. The religious protection is weak at best. Schumer never lets his caucus vote for anything conservative in sharp contrast top McConnell who lets his members vote progressive if they want. People may not like them, but Schumer and Pelosi have been far better and more effective leaders in pushing the progressive agenda than have GOP leaders. Including Ryan and Boehner.

    Salem Radio endorsed McConnell and McCarthy as leaders even though they are supposedly a conservative radio conglomerate. Almost all conservative radio hosts endorsed McConnell or were silent. An effective endorsement. Virtually none mentioned the defense of marriage act. Hannity is back onto investigations by the House and that this time we will get Clinton and the others. Please – it won’t happen. Hannity is part of the establishment and is churning up stuff to keep conservatives from focusing on the failure of folks like McConnell and McCarthy.

  65. Jeffrobbins

    You have some good talking points- always look forward to the WNW. What most people cannot conceive is that if the economy continues to spiral down, Trump will be a lock for the nomination. DeSantis could still do very well in the south. I think the globalist don’t understand the reaction to their policies. Who ever the Republican nominee is- needs only talk just two talking points- border security and energy security- of coarse both parties look captured. As big as the vax story is, if the media doesn’t talk about it the politicians won’t either- for that to be a main conversation someone untouchable will have to break ranks-Musk??
    Side thought, i wonder what would happen if the vote totals were zeroed in a state on election day?

  66. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg. I look forward to your thoughtful perspective every week.

  67. iwitness02

    I can’t help but wonder how long the criminal element of global society is going to be able to hold sway over the global masses.
    Brazil, Iran, Ukraine, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Netherlands and various parts of America are all having trouble with their lawless governments. This is probably the short list of countries that are experiencing civil unrest caused by out of control government overreach into the lives of their respective citizens. Canada now comes to mind too. I think we must be reaching “critical mass” that will lead to a global explosion in all the various societies on this earth. Let Freedom Ring!

    • iwitness02

      I hope James Comer investigates James Comey.

  68. Jeffrobbins

    For an update; taking our two boys out of public school for an online version so far is easy. My suspicion is that when the covidd vax is required (next year) that it will be harder to do so. My guess is a carrot and stick approach to vaccine uptake, some fear mixed in for sure. Also, i wonder how long until a study can link or deny the increase of RSV and other respiratory illnesses in children, to parents in the house shedding spike proteins. Exposure to this shedding was highlighted in one of the early papers by Pfizer- i remember some kind of warning for pregnant women exposed by their partners.

  69. Marty

    It is way too late for Trump to “come clean.” He’s had well over a year to do the right thing, and he hasn’t. Any so-called apology would only be seen for what it would be: a move of political desperation to prop up his campaign.

  70. Victor


    Consider doing an interview with Whitney Webb regarding her book
    “One Nation Under Blackmail”. Explains a lot concerning the
    continual onslaught and destruction of “our” Republic.
    Kudos for your great channel !

  71. holly p

    Whereas Trump was warmly welcomed by Klaus Schwab when Trump attended and addressed the WEF (videos of this on youtube, easy to find)

    DeSantis is rebuking WEF. The precision and clarity of his words are such a contrast to the windbag Trump:

    Furthermore, DeSantis had his surgeon general rebuke the vax a long time ago. But Trump keeps pushing the vax as safe & effective as recently as Oct_2022.

  72. Dave

    Trump’s failure to admit the dangers of the vaccine alone disqualify him from running again. He will never admit the truth because of his narcissism. I don’t know who is the bigger narcissist – Trump or Obama.

    Besides that, he is awful at choosing appointees – think FBI, CIA and more. Even two of his SCOTUS appointees are turning out to be less conservative than promised. The budget deficits continued to explode during his term. In the first 2 years the GOP controlled all 3 branches and passed the largest budget ever with a massive increase in the deficit. Trump huffed and puffed and threatened to veto it but didn’t.

    A special prosecutor was just announced to go after Trump. Did Trump have a special prosecutor appointed to go after Clinton as he promised during the campaign? No. His much-vaunted tax break went mostly to the wealthy. I actually ended up paying more in Federal taxes as did many in the middle class. It is time to move on from Trump.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think he will be forced to admit this.

    • Jr

      God bless you brother -the evidence that trump is a complicit puppet is taller than his masonic tower, wider than his “Apprentice” and louder than his “simpsons” escalator ride. . They installed him in ’16 to do exactly what he did. If you think voting means anything anymore in this software cheating algo world write in Alex Jones like I’m going to do – we someone who doesnt lust for power but rather truth- but it wont make any difference – it’s years too late now.

  73. Georgiana Hamilton

    Safe and effective
    Association between vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 infection and mortality / Dr. John Campbell 2.55M subscribers
    434,342 views Nov 17, 2022
    Scientific Reports
    (12th November 2022)

    Clive James 19 hours ago (edited)
    My GP told me to take Vit D 2 years ago. He also told me not to take the shot and gave sound reasons as to why. Needless to say, he had his medical licence revoked about 6 months later and is still battling authorities. Many of us still visit him (at his home) as he is a brilliant doctor but we take veggies from our garden, eggs from our chooks etc as payment – ridiculous state of affairs.
    @equinoxeparabellum6776 8 hours ago
    My entire family started taking vitamin D since you and others advised it. We all got covid but no one was severely unwell. It’s so inexpensive. There was a country who included covid kits to a vast majority of its population which included vitamin D. This was early on in the pandemic so it was well known even then.
    Solo Bano 3 hours ago
    Ok, this is about the studies. But, the benefits of vit D are discussed ad nauseum for years. This doctor talked about during the outbreak of delta in India regretting that Indians lack in D vit for they tend to hide and cover from sun rays.
    IP 1 hour ago
    They did it in Serbia too, it was D3, Zinc and some other things included in the care package.
    Equinoxe Parabellum 1 hour ago
    @bob pete yes, but we were skeptical, I was the only one to get a 3rd dose of the vaccine, would have been interesting to see a study of 3 groups, one vitamin D, one vaccinated group and one with no protection.
    JA 8 hours ago
    This is the first time in two years that I’ve heard of a treatment being ” safe and effective ” and believed it.

    Greg, you were talking about vitamin D3 and K, long before anybody and the past summers with your Hollywood tan’s, were encouraging us all to go to the original source as Cliff High confirmed! Son of God and the Sun, can’t go wrong, combination! Thank you sir🌞 and o’l Sol!

  74. Justn Observer

    Greg, things going well for ‘someone’? Control the people via food, nations via energy…. Kissinger and the KM must be dancing over their dream scenario come true… Now Garland summons home the KM Hague hitman to head up a ‘special’ council to attempt to hog tie Trump before the next election?
    What as this Jack Smith guy doing in the Hague from the DOJ.
    Thought the U.S. was not bound by the WORLD COURT?
    And if the movie, THE WHISTLEBLOWER shown anything…. the international justice and the UN did little to nothing but cover up the sex trafficking in Europe?

  75. Susan R

    Thank you Greg for all the many years you have dedicated to giving us the real news. As I have awakened I prepared accordingly. Your presence in my life is felt as a good friend who I look forward to hearing from.

  76. bible reader

    they don’t want anybody traveling beyond 180 miles. hence the mandate for evs that can only go 180 mi per day or they’ll have your blood by proof of vax id.
    see rev. 14:20 (blood up to the horse’s bridles by the space of 180mi)
    what does a horse bridle do? it stops or slows down a traveling horse. vehicles are todays’ horse
    Ps 1 blessed ..if you sit not in the chair of pestilence. (DRA version, Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition)

    • bible reader

      you have to sit in a chair take a vaccine

      • bible reader

        I mean to take it.
        be blessed instead

  77. Margaret Shaffner

    Greg how many more times are you going to Rake President Trump over the coals about the Vaccine? We know he was lied to, He even said he was and you admit to that fact.

    What do you have to gain by you continuous badgering? This topic has been discussed on your show several times. Maybe its time to put it to bed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you see the little 10-yearl old girl that died? When that stops happening.

      • Ray

        Yes……what Greg said.
        Clearly, Margaret Shafffner (who is probably a good person), does not understand the utter gravity of the mRNA vaccination situation as it currently stands globally.
        That’s a shame.
        Perhaps when her family & friends start passing away earlier than expected, she might give it some more thought.
        I for one hope she educates herself further……God bless her.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia,

    • Marie Joy

      I’m pro Trump but people are dying. President Trump needs to be told, every day, this is unacceptable.

    • Frank S.

      I agree, Margaret. We don’t know the full story of the global vaccine roll-out. We’ve learned it had been invented in part years earlier. Remember Event 201? Pres. Trump had little or no role (or say) in the implementation of what came to be known as Operation Warp Speed. There were several world leaders who openly resisted the vaccine for their populace, only to be mysteriously killed shortly afterward. Did they threaten Trump? I would say OBVIOUSLY, but I can’t prove it. A dead Trump is no help to the forces of good. Maybe he simply “retreated to fight another day”. That new day has arrived!

  78. Greg Hunter

    It is $99.95 per month for 13 months and you end up with the phone. Say you saw it on USAW and get a free Go Dark phone pouch or a nice electric lighter.


  79. larry

    I am retired from the practice of periodontics……About 97% of referring dentists could have cared less about their patient having acquired advanced gum disease while under their non-care….They just want to be sure the patient does not sue them for negligence….They refer based on how smooth the referred too doc is at loosing law suits…Period……Grow up folks…All of medical care is usury…

    Frontline doctors, for instance, with all their correct self righteous behavior regarding covid…Well, they go go to work and destroy people in millions of other ways….THE MEDICAL CARTEL IS CORRUPT INCLUDING THE “GOOD” DOCS..own it….

  80. Marie Joy

    Who owns the swamp? Among others, Klaus Schwab, Gates of Hell, China, those who cannot be named, and more.

    Are the Clintons, Obiden, Schumer, McConnell, and Pelosi, owners, or just useful traitors?

  81. Dave

    The GOP will have a 3/4 seat majority in the House. Less than Pelosi had. That means 4 or so members of Congress can block McCarthy from becoming speaker. Complicating things are large divisions within the caucus. The Freedom Caucus, another slightly less conservative/populist group, moderates who account for 20 – 30 members and a smattering of others unto themselves like Greene. Mccarthy will have to give each group something to get their votes. The moderate may want McCarthy to bring a vote on codifying Roe to the floor, the Freedom Caucus want strong investigations of the FBI and CIA. It will be a juggling act.

    Unfortunately, McCarthy is a Ryan RINO type who changed his stripes when Trump won then changed again after 1/6 and then had to apologize after getting caught on tape being critical of Trump. McCarthy is a weak leader but desperately wants to be Speaker. Charlie Kirk noted a few days ago that GOP Rep Goode and other moderates are threatening to caucus with the Dems if McCarthy does not get the position. Kirk hopes that this group isn’t serious and thinks McCarthy may have put them up to it to help insure he gets the Speakership by scaring off challengers.

    Biggs of Arizona is going to challenge McCarthy. He is highly critical of McCarthy, says McCarthy will fold and move to the left under pressure and essentially be as ineffective as Ryan. Biggs admits he can’t get the needed votes but hopes it forces a compromise candidate – not as conservative as him but more conservative than McCarthy.

    BTW, Biggs has been critical of all the money going to Ukraine and wants an audit of it. McCarthy is on board with Ukraine. Mark Levin who is a neo-con and is all in on giving Ukraine whatever they want is supporting McCarthy and not Biggs. Think about that. As I have said conservative talk radio is basically a Deep State front.

  82. Justn Observer

    Greg, Lawsuit file in AZ, now the flag was planted, protests for a new election started this AM, that my accompany a mass shut down of MARICOPA COUNTY and bank runs? @24:30

  83. Marie Joy

    To contact President Trump, go to Fill out the form and tell him what you think.
    IF you’re pro Trump, know he cannot do it alone. He needs your help and my help. Our apathy brought us to this point and the only way to fight this is to get involved as much as you can because he cannot do it alone. He needs our help. PLEASE
    Because the long term agenda of communism is genocide, yours and mine.

  84. Nika

    Newly, Re-Elected Senator Ron Johnson sounds angry and determined as he goes after smug, FBI Director Wray. All the power, to you Senator Ron Johnson. Don’t let Director Wray get away!!!

  85. Hunter Wolf

    President Trump absolutely MUST come out with the ball bats on day one!
    Wouldn’t it be great to see President Trump on Day one entering the White House carrying a ball bat!!!!

    OMG, I can hear the media and liberals now…

  86. Frank S.

    Thank you, Greg for posting that painting. Its how many of us feel – like fugitives in our own country! Pres. Trump has his faults and imperfections. But, he also “has our back”. And, he’s about the only champion powerful enough to fight the global forces of evil. I believe he is God’s chosen vessel for this moment in time.

  87. Coal Burner

    Greg, YOU are top of your game today!

    Do you think they will be burning their furniture in Buffalo next week?
    Do these Dummycrats have enough oil to heat their houses in the northeast this weekend?

    Wow, all the Al Gore, AOC, Senile Biden, Global Warming shills are having a chill this week in the north east and north central part of the country. Even our solar panels in the southwest are shivering this weekend. Now I support the experimental Solar panels as an energy supplement in the future. Yes, I insulted the panels by implying they most likely cannot pay for themselves in their short lifetime. Almost but not really. Too much dirt and grit eating up the shiny polish. Shucks, we cannot make windshields last long enough to pay out down here.

    Windmills, I support only because they pay ranchers (makes up for the monster disadvantage of all the meat packers being owned by foreign Governments.) At least for a few.
    Keep it up Greg and keep gathering firewood. For the next 30 years we will need it. Remember, firewood is far better after curing for two years.

  88. M

    I agree Greg. Trump will have to publicly admit that he was lied to about the jabs, and I would add that if he obtains the presidency in 2024, he must remove all jab mandates now and forever more from the United States. Otherwise, I cannot vote for Trump, based on moral grounds.

    • Greg Hunter

      To be fair to President Trump, he always said nobody should be forced of coerced to take the vax. If Trump was in office the Evil deep state would have gotten way less than half the U.S. population.

      • M

        Agree Greg, thanks for that reminder. Trump never supported forced injections. I respect him for that, and for his actions by taking HCQ, zinc, etc..

        However, I don’t understand Trump’s pride in these injections when there is so much evidence they are unsafe and ineffective. These injections are damaging our own military personnel, and that is according to the military! When the (swine flu pandemic?) occurred in the mid-70s, the new jab was immediately banned after 25 deaths…and today there are over 30,000 deaths in the US, according to VAERS, and 30,000 is seriously understated (capturing only about 1% of the real numbers!), according to previous studies by Harvard in 2010 and confirmed by the CDC in 2015.

        Currently, excess deaths are continuing to grow as I write this.
        As the excess deaths continue to grow, Trump’s statements of pride in the jab over time will not look good over time, as people become awake to the increasing excess deaths. IMO, Trump will need to acknowledge the deceit by his medical staff and the dangers of the injections sooner or later…the sooner the better.

        Enjoy your videos and guests! Thanks for everything you do!

        • George

          Come on Trump – I’m waiting to hear you say “aerosol vaccinations of entire cities and dense population centers will not occur or be allowed under your administration”!!! –
          Note: Companies like Aerovax (a Cambridge, Massachusetts based company) and others have already designed and developed a vaccine aerosol delivery system that can spray the Killer Clot Shot (and boosters) into the air over towns and cities across America to be inhaled by the unvaccinated!! – the Globalists are out “to kill us all” – and we desperately need at least one politician who will have the courage to stop the genocide and extermination of humanity!!!

  89. Sharon

    All of this talk about the recent mid-term election doesn’t matter. What really matters is the financial debt/bad economy we’re in now that will crash any day, including the death of the dollar. This will effect everyone turning their lives upside down. As for Trump, he’s a controlled opposition and he knew the dangers of Covid shots (it’s not a vaccine). I also despise him greatly for not doing anything for the Jan 6th political prisoners who voted for this man. It just sickens me when he could’ve done something for them which they did nothing wrong. This election was also another stolen election. 2020 stolen election was never resolved. I believe we will not have any more elections.

  90. David Wootten

    Greg, I’ve watched your program for years and years and tonight your presentation and body language are the Best.

  91. Vernon Locke

    The Crush | Oscar® Nominated Short Film
    NITVShorts 134K subscriber
    Take ah Saturdey afternoon break. . . . .

  92. John swain

    Since voter fraud in 2020 election Republicans have done nothing about the problem….so how could anyone be surprised by the 2022 election outcome… ? McConnel & McCarthy need to go !

  93. jon

    HI Greg, Regarding Oil Price Cap proposal. A price cap would only be feasible in a barter type system. Not a fiat printing press system. If a commodity is subject to a price cap. The money printers can effectively print all the needed fiat, and buy up all the commodity for free. Only a sliding scale market price; connected with fiat printing would be accepted by a commodity seller.

  94. Benn17

    Haven’t specifically seen this question answered. How safe is it to spend time w people indoors who have been vaxxed 3 probably 4 times by now. I’ve never been vaxxed, though have had the Omicron and assume I have some immunity. I’m concerned about the shedding spike proteins but also the shedding nano lipid graphene oxide particles.
    My sister and her family have been vaxxed 3 or 4 times, she usually does Christmas, and my brother, who does Thanksgiving also vaxxed 3 or 4 times. Haven’t seen them in nearly 3 years and wouldn’t mind seeing them at least once more. There’s no talking to them, as their source of news and info is as Greg says the lying legacy media ( some legacy!) and People magazine type junk. I’m 72 with A-fib and congestive heart disease
    but otherwise ok. Any thoughts or insights? Thanks, Ben

    • Greg Hunter

      Not safe 17!

    • Clyde Crashcup

      Benn1711/18/2022 •
      I’m 72 with A-fib and congestive heart disease
      but otherwise ok. Any thoughts or insights? Thanks, Ben

      Ya Benn17,
      Your welcome mate!
      I hope your taking your Co-Q10! If your doctor’s from overseas you’ll never hear about it.
      Cheapest price, Costco. When on sale 27 bucks, mate!
      The best form of Co-Q10, fermented! Called Ubiguinol, Co-Q10.
      They sell it as the Qunol brand. All natural, #1 cardiologist recommended!
      There’s loads of info about Co-Q10, out there, like D3 and k. But unfortunately, were living [or should I say dying in 2022] The year depicted in Soylent Green, the movie. They want us all dead. Sorry to have to tell you.
      The demons are alive and well. Along with Satan the Devil, they know there time is short. They’re working overtime, wrecking havoc on the entire wicked system were in! A real s**t show, as I’m sure you know. It’s almost everyman for himself Benn. Hang in there, or we may have hang separate! Keep close The real show’s just starting!
      Till we all meet again Benn. As Greg says, NEVER EVER FEAR!
      The meek will inherit the earth to the chagrin of all the psycho’s and they’re mad plans of world damination and domination! Cheer’s!🗽

  95. Benn17

    And Thank You Greg for all you do and bringing on all the great informative guests onto
    your show. ” A really great show.”

  96. tim mcgraw

    Politics…. Even my Mom didn’t want Trump to run again. “Time for new blood.” My Mom (90) said.
    David Stockman has a good article out about how President Trump added more to the national debt than Obama, Bush Jr., and Slick Willie Clinton put together. Never give an NYC real estate developer access to a currency printing press.
    I wish Trump would take his huge ego and just go play golf.

    • Dave

      So true about Trump and the debt. Trump and the GOP increased military spending drastically during the first two years. Plus gave massive tax cuts to corporations and the well off. Actions that were praised by controlled conservative radio folk like Hannity and Levin BTW. Let’s see – what happens when you increase spending and cut taxes – yup, the debt increases, and you stoke inflation.

      Remember Kudlow and Steven Moore? Trump’s financial advisors. The promised that their massive tax breaks to corporations/the wealthy would lead to 5%, 6% and more GDP growth. It did not happen. Growth under Trump was less than 3% and not much better than growth under Obama. Gerrald Celente called this out at the time, but he is banished from Conservative Media Inc. – be it Fox or talk radio. Far too many conservatives who listen only to Fox or talk radio have no idea about the truth.

      • tim mcgraw

        Dave: You are right on all of your points. Well said.

    • stanley skrzypek

      “I wish Trump would take his huge ego and just go play golf.
      ……I wish you and that 90 year old lady would stop talking what you know nothing about….

      • tim mcgraw

        stanley: Aren’t you out playing golf at the local military base in your retirement? What was your unit in Vietnam? What was your rank? How is that military pension working out for you?

  97. tim mcgraw

    Greg: The Lying Legacy Media is a dying dinosaur. Trump, Biden, Pelosi, McConnell, Lyndsey Graham… all of those old white folks who were in charge for decades are DONE!
    DeSantis is the best of the next generation.
    Obama spins in his castles like the wizard Suleiman in LOTR.
    Out with the OLD!
    In with the New.
    And that doesn’t include KamalaToes Harris. Who is probably the dumbest VP in American history. She makes Dan Quayle look like Einstein.
    If I see one more septuagenarian on TV I will vomit. And I’m a septuagenarian.

  98. tim mcgraw

    PS: And the octogenarians are even more disgusting! Except for Dr. Ron Paul.

    • Benn17

      I don’t know if it’s fair to lump Trump in with the rest of those other “old white folks who were in charge..”. He’s a newbie at this and frankly made some bad choices with advisors and appointees. Even I knew Barr was a bad choice not to mention Mnuchin from Goldman Sachs. Or just about anyone from GS. (Sorry Bannon) not to mention all the entrenched
      members of the deep state who were actively working against him. Soros, Gates, the
      Clinton Foundation, the WEF , China’s CCP, our own intelligence agencies, Rinos, the lying media, big pharma, wall street on and on. He inherited a hell of a shit show.
      There’s also an invasion at our southern border to the tune of 5 million by the end of the year from when crooked ol’ sleepy Joe grabbed office.
      Also believe as Greg does, Trump should just admit he was ill advised about the clot shot and move on.
      I’m not a Trump sycophant or true believer, but think he did win the 2020 election,
      has a better knowledge of what he’s dealing with and will, hopefully, choose better people to advise and work with him. At this point in time I doubt there’s anyone else
      who can win against whatever the cheating Democrat scum can throw at us.
      Because it won’t be sleepy Joe or heels up Harris. Desantis will have his day. And this so called feud is just another distraction from what’s really at stake. And that’s the future of this country. Been watching this unfold for several decades and really believe
      it’s now or never.
      Yeah, I’m a septu-wadda ya call it too. Bet I can beat you in arm wrestling! Loser buys
      the Sam Adams and a shot of Wild Turkey.
      Yeah, Ron Paul is one of my heroes. And he’s still going strong with his Campaign for website, if anyone wants to visit.

      • tim mcgraw

        Benn17: Haha. I’m sure you could beat me at arm wrestling. I’ve never liked the taste of Sam Adams beer. Not sure why. I’m not a bourbon drinker either. But I’ll have a pilsner and shot of Balvenie.
        I agree that Trump won the 2020 election, but as Paul Craig Roberts said before the 2016 election, even if Trump wins, he won’t succeed as President because Trump doesn’t have his own team. Trump is a loner. That works in business, but not politics.
        I watch the Liberty Report every day. Dr. Ron Paul is one of my heroes, too.

  99. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  100. Robin Wills

    The media is part of Hillary’s cartel or u could call it the Clinton cabal.

  101. RobinWills

    You know that furniture is not just plain old wood, as it’s been finished with things that become carcinogens when burned. And I’m not talking about mild carcinogens that if you do something it could eventually turn into cancer.. I am talking about totally poisonous carcinogenic smoke.
    I’m thinking the real fun starts next spring when all the pipes that are broken over the winter thought out.

    • RobinWills

      Dictator (rolleyes)

    • George

      Europeans trying to replace all their broken “copper” water and heating pipes after the coming “fuel-less” winter “will be very difficult next spring” as all the copper “refining plants” are being shut down in Europe!! – anyone holding “already refined metal” (like copper, gold and silver) will see prices rise as demand for already refined metal will increase – remember if the copper, silver and gold mines are forced to close down “because there are no refineries open to smelt down their ore” – whatever copper, silver and gold coin or bars “which have already been turned into metal” will be in “Huge Demand”!! (so save your copper pennies, silver bars and gold coins folks as Klaus Schwab is shutting down the entire World Economy with his Fourth “Reich” Industrial Devolution)!!!

      • George

        And – When European “steel” infrastructure is destroyed in their coming planned NATO attack on Russia – tell me how the EU warmongering Globalists are going to rebuild Europe (as making steel requires the burning of coal)??!!

  102. Tommy

    Just read in our local newspaper that a freshman college student was found dead in his room at the local college. Not suspicious it said, just dead. This is the second student this semester who just died. No cause, nothing suspicious. Not drugs, not alcohol. Just died. Is anyone keeping count of all these young, healthy kids who are just dropping over?

  103. Motto

    Exactly. I hope many wake up to these facts.

  104. Nika

    Surprise! Surprise! Kari Lake is in Mara Lago. Both Trump and Kari Lake had Elections stolen from them. Will Trump, make Kari Lake his VP, because they both, had the same emotional issue?

    • George

      The Demon erratic Party screwed up big time stealing the election from Kari Lake if she now becomes Vice President!!


    ‘Zombie Debt’: Homeowners face foreclosure on old mortgages
    TUE., NOVEMBER 15, 2022
    Rose Prophete sits outside on the steps of her brick townhouse, Thursday, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Prophete, a hospital technician who immigrated from Haiti in February 2000, was blindsided with a foreclosure action on the home she worked three jobs to buy and said “I will fight until my last breath.”
    Rose also thought the second mortgage loan on her Brooklyn home was resolved about a decade ago — until she received paperwork claiming she owed more than $130,000.
    “I was shocked,” said Prophete, who refinanced her two-family home in 2006, six years after arriving from Haiti. “I don’t even know these people because they never contacted me. They never called me.”
    Prophete is part of a wave of homeowners who say they were blindsided by the start of foreclosure actions on their homes over second loans that were taken out more than a decade ago. The trusts and mortgage loan servicers behind the actions say the loans were defaulted on years ago.

  106. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Just had this reminder of a Measles outbreak in Samoa,Fiji and Tonga and the Chimera combination of Meales D8 and Sars-Cov-2 ,Samoan children were sacrificed for this experiment.
    The Chinese army helped “out”!
    Professor Ralph Baric was a hero as well from good ole North Carolina University.
    Whilst this is going on our economy here in the UK is beyond appalling, hubris and irony does not convey just how bad it is. Crime is exploding particularly in the wealthier areas, the other morning on my way to work I was accosted by a knife wielding crazy looking for money.I was aghast ,I was on my little foot scooter with a mop strapped to my back and a headscarf tied under my chin and he wanted money. My laughing may have surprised him more than my aghast. Continued onto work leaving the idiocy in the road. Anyway attacks on oligarchs are exploding,anyone stupid enough to buy houses in the nicer parts of London are asking for trouble and lots of it. Poverty here is exploding and job losses are escalating just yesterday a number of earth moving companies went to the wall,frightening times!
    Yet our chancellor of the exchequer , a great friend of China and the bankers, has raised taxes to the pip squeaking level on the middle class business owners,problem is the pips were already squeaking .The Conservatives have just shot themselves in the head never mind feet with an increase in fuel taxes ,imagine the green stupidity! A revolution is needed now never mind post Christmas.
    Spying on Mr Trump,
    36.09 and this seems to be a consistent activity.

  107. Paddy McCroskey

    On the beach Soundtrack – Ernest Gold (1959 full album)
    WhimSical Music 1.8K views 1 year ago
    Dan McGann 1 year ago
    I have the original album – took me years to find it – paid $165 in 1983 – powerful and moving
    terranova3k 1 month ago
    God, I hope this movie doesn’t turn out to be prophetic. 🙏☮️ I love the score. Kudos to Ernest Gold. Thanks for posting.
    [And special thanks to Banjo Pat and his waltzing Matilda!]
    Romans 8:24 For in this ho…
    For the creation was subjected to futility, not by its own will, but because of the One who subjected it, in hope 2 Corinthians 4:18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

  108. Russell

    There is some good news. We kicked the fake Mexican, Beto out of Texas. Perhaps he can ride his skateboard back to El Paso from Austin. That’s a long damned way through the desert. Lol!

  109. Russell

    There is some good news. We kicked the fake Mexican, Beto out of Texas. Perhaps he can ride his skateboard back to El Paso from Austin. That’s a long damned way through the desert. Lol!

  110. Hell in'ah HANDBASKET

    Have We Been Told The Truth? [Not In The US.!]
    Russell Brand
    6.05M subscribers 255,481 views Nov 18, 2022
    Here is Rusti’s conversation with Max Blumenthal on Ukraine regaining control of Kherson, the use of propaganda & the control of the, [operation project Mockingbird bought and paid fer] media.

  111. Sheila

    Hi Greg – just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your reports. I only just found you a month or so ago, but now I check your site diligently for updates.

    I appreciate your sarcasm, as well. 🙂 You call it like it really is.

    Last, but not least, I am grateful for your Christian perspective on the news. We believers need that!

    Keep on keeping on!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sheila for your kind comments & all your support!

  112. john P

    Biden will pardon his junkie son, the corruption will never end

  113. Basket Case

    Opening of ICE SKATING RINK at “SevCable Port” in St Petersburg, Russia under SANCTIONS. Live
    Baklykov. Live 22.4K subscribers
    9 waiting, Scheduled for Nov 19, 2022
    Live stream from Vasilyevsky Island of St Petersburg, Russia and SevCable Port, the public place managed in the former port of «SevCable (Northern Cable)” factory, founded in the city by Carl Siemens in 1879, where today is a traditional annual opening of an ice skating rink. This year the opening happened despite of unprecedented sanctions imposed on Russia.

  114. Edwin Meyer

    Greg, I thought that you were smart, You STILL are attacking Trump over the vaccine….Look, you money and power hungry idiot, Trump did, and is doing what he HAS to do to avoid the attacks that he will face if he comes out against the “vaccines” at this time…YOU should be intelligent enough to recognize that FACT. Trump NEVER ONCE ordered ANYONE to take these shots, What he did was give an OPINION on them…You, of all people, should support the freedom of speech…and yet you are using your misplaced and ignorant desire to shut President trump down…You are just as anti American as those you accuse.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please direct this crap comment and logic to the sick and injured military people sill forced to get vaxed and all the families of people who “die suddenly” every week. I am an American reporting the truth to “We the People” no matter who I piss off.

    • tim mcgraw

      Edwin: Trump’s “opinion” gave a green light to some of the states to implement all kinds of lockdowns, forced vaccinations, close schools and churches,…
      Trump has no morals or strong convictions. He did NOT stand up for our Constitutional rights. Trump deferred to Fauci and Birx on Covid and the “vaccines”.
      Trump should have INSISTED that every American’s health care is a private decision between patient and doctor.

  115. ken

    I am absolutely flabbergasted that anyone would think the house would investigate anyone much less the Mafia Boss Biden,,, that elections will change anything. Most are calling for Biden to be investigated for fraud and money laundering when the big crime, for all time, is the mass killings still pushed by the bio weapon. And even better,,, the ‘house’ has exempted itself from the shots as does the Federal Reserve and most other government agencies. If Americans are so stupid they cannot understand what is happening then they deserve whatever they get.
    Except the children. While government exempts itself,,, it requires the kiddies take it. And astonishingly “parents” comply so they can continue their yobs at WalMart and other corporate plantations to pay their tribute to the IRS.

    Dotgov is testing the Fed digital coin that will destroy what little privacy exists while inflation of 20-50% is ongoing from govs illegal printing. (using the real definition of inflation)

    The State trying to launch a war with Russia has now tried another false flag that a Polish potato farmer stopped due to a few pictures he took that showed it was Ukrainian S-300 Rockets, launched by Ukraine. If not for that Zombie Americans would be screaming for Putin’s head on a platter.

    Con gress will do little to correct any of this while they enrich themselves at our expense while we cheer them on. The shots will continue to kill millions,,, children will be neutered,,, starvation has begun with the poor of the world and will continue to work its way up. Food will become scarce due to no fertilizer and no ammonia,,, they will eat ze bugs like the new leader of the 4th Reich Satan Claus demands.

    Only when we are starving and cold will there be any call to arms for self protection and by then…. too late- Game Over.

  116. Robert K


    Can you please have Dane Wigington on? Ever since the midterms, the skies have been poisoned and full of heavy metals and God knows whatever else they’re spraying on us. The planes are on overdrive from sun up to sun down. Multiple thick, dense, clouds in tic tac toe fashion, all across the sky. No wonder crops and gardens fail, being poisoned 24/7.

    It is a rarity that I can actually see blue skies and the sun. It is increasingly becoming worse and worse each day, and TPTB, have exponentially ramped up their efforts to maim and kill whatever they can, as fast as they can.

  117. Prospector

    Massive explosion hits Russian gas pipeline , ( inside Russia near St. Petersburg )
    Disrupts heat & power to thousands.

    Citizens Free Press .com

  118. Coach Morris Buttermaker


    Shoplifting!! Where is the law where the shop keepers can protect their property by any and all means?

    The stores would be smart to build steel barred corral areas at separate entry and exit points where a gate opens on one side to allow one cart/person into the corral at a time and then theft-control can determine whether the person can proceed out the exit gate. To make it impossible for people to bum rush the stores.

    How about some strict penalties, how about actually trying to apprehend the thuggery?

    If 1/3 of the population commits serious crimes, AND SHOPLIFTING IS A SERIOUS CRIME, then eliminate the thuggery from society.

    I don’t care if the population gets down to 100 million, the law abiding 100 million would do just fine without the scumbags, at least I would be safe and the scum of the earth would be in large city sized prisons. Make them grow their own food or starve as an entire group.

    “For every $330 worth of products stolen, a retailer has to sell an incremental $300,000 worth of goods to break even,” said Burt Flickinger, managing director of retail consultancy Strategic Resource Group. “We’ve talked to retailers across America who say shoplifting is now 2% to 3% of their total sales. That’s up from 0.7 to 1% pre-pandemic.”

    I know this isn’t going to get any better.

    Shoplifting will soon exceed the total net profit of the stores and then we all know what comes next, and the inner city unwed mothers will be yelling racism on TV as all of their stores moved out “boo hoo we’ze all victims of the whitey”. But then the inner city rats will take to the suburbs…. all because the government has no balls – – – unless they are confiscating your hard earned money thru taxation and inflation — that they have time for.

  119. Sylvia Sires

    This is the only way I know to contact you. Biden signed executive order for digital currency this last March. Fast forward to 16 minutes on the Dr. Judy Ruby channel,

  120. Eli

    Greg, you are an invaluable resource, your show is amazing. I have bought from Melanie many times over the years, and have also connected with Mike and am having him design a website for my side business. Thank you for all that you do, God Bless you and your family! ☦️🙏🏻😊👏🏻

  121. Keith

    All of this is scary stuff. It’s scary because now the rabid dog is backed into a corner with few options left. I wonder which one they’ll choose?

  122. Galaxy 500

    Another great broadcast. You are the Premier Truthteller of our Age. You are a Prophet of Fact.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!!

  123. Tarey

    Ivanka admitted at the hearings that AG William Barr moderated earlier this year that the 2020 election was NOT rigged, but nobody on the left or right in the media or otherwise mentions this. She and her husband Jared Kushner remain left progressives which supersedes her loyalty to her father, Donald Trump. Notice Trump has stopped singing her praises and has turned his attention to those who actually did the hard work on his campaign all along: Don Jr., Eric and Lara. Now that Donald finally sees her for who she really is, he must put his ego aside and admit that he was lied to by Fauci and others about the clot shots that have killed and injured millions around the world.

  124. Priscilla Yundt

    Such an informative post Thanks for letting us acknowledge

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