Trump the Winner in November – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, predicted in September that the massive cheating campaign by Democrats will not work. Celente said, “Trump will use the power of the Presidency to extend this thing as much as he can, proving fraud and not leaving because of that. Now, Celente has a few new predictions. Celente contends, “Young people are not going to come out to vote for Joe Biden. . . .You can see this at his campaign rallies because nobody is showing up. The young just don’t have the enthusiasm for Joe.”

Because of non-existent young voter turnout, Celente also predicts, “There is not one word in the New York Times in the last few days about Hunter Biden’s dirty deals—not one. So, the media has skewed this, and it is so anti-Trump and some polls are showing it. Despite the polls . . . I am calling Trump the Winner. I believe he’s going to win in the Electoral College vote. I believe he’s going to win places like Philadelphia, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and he’s going to beat Biden. The other reason being, the people that are voting for Biden, it’s not like they love the guy. They hate Trump. So, that means you are not going to get out the strong force of people that would go out and vote, like the young people. They’re not going to vote for old Joe. The debates make a bit of a difference, but not a big one.”

Celente says the biggest issue is the lockdowns. Biden wants to stay locked down, and Trump wants to “open the economy.” Opening the economy is going to be the winning position, especially among young voters. Celente says, “Lives are being destroyed by the lockdowns. . . . Trump has to get out the rural vote big, and he’s going to do that because they don’t want to be locked down. It’s the urbanites that buy the fear. The other people don’t. Trump didn’t get out a lot of votes in 2016 in the swing states. It’s just that they hated Hillary so much. So, he has a very big chance. Our Trends Journal cover says “Lock It Down or Open It Up.” Celente says the “Open Up” camp is the vast majority in 2020.

Celente says, “It’s not just here, but it’s around the world. This is unprecedented in world history. They locked down Paris again. . . . Ireland is on full lockdown again. . . . I estimate 38% are opposed to this lockdown, and that is the core vote. The other ones do as they are told. They are not fighters. You have about 38% that are the fighters, and they are going to vote very strongly. This is why I believe Trump is going to win. ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ was the line they used in the 1992 Presidential race. That was the Clinton campaign slogan . . . and ‘it’s the economy, stupid’– again.”

Celente also likes physical gold and silver. He says the massive money printing caused by the CV19 pandemic is going to drive them both much higher. Celente also predicts, “Massive money printing is going to cause severe economic problems such as the world has never seen .”

Celente also warns that people should brace themselves for the “Greatest Depression.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Trends Journal, Gerald Celente.

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  1. H.Craig Bradley


    Martin A. Armstrong says the real driver of inflation is a (steep) decline in confidence in government not just printing more money. Confidence is the key and its been in decline since it peaked in 2015, according to Martin Armstrong.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “Confidence in government as key to inflation”

      As I understand it, Mr. Armstrong’s thesis is that when inflation takes off, it’s not primarily caused by an increase in the money supply. Rather, it’s primarily because people lose confidence in the government that issues the money that they use. Once confidence is lost, he posits, people dump their money “hoards” as they try to exchange the money for other assets, including precious metals, consumer goods, real estate, and commodities. Presumably, that increases the demand for those alternative assets, forcing up their prices.

      I think Mr. Armstrong is unnecessarily complicating the issue. IMO, the root issue is whether people have confidence that their money provides a STORE OF VALUE. If, for whatever reason, they lose that confidence, they will try to dump their money “hoards” in favor of other assets that provide a better store of value (including other money, precious metal, goods, and real estate), thus changing the exchange ratios (prices) of those other assets in terms of the money in which they no longer have confidence.

      One important reason that people might LOSE confidence in their money as a store of value is that they expect the government to increase its supply (for example by selling bonds) in order, say, to offset budget deficits — as is now happening. Thus, it seems paradoxical that money balances relative to income would INCREASE under such circumstances (all money must be held by someone). Yet that has been happening since 1997, and it kicked into high gear in 2019 (as indicated by the decline in M2 money velocity). I find it hard to believe that confidence in government jumped in 2019, as Mr. Armstrong’s thesis would seem to require. Therefore, I remain perplexed.

      • William+Stanley

        Please Note:
        When I said “governmental” selling of bonds would increase the money supply, I made the implicit assumption that the Fed would end up as the beneficial owner of those bonds (that the Treasury issued) and that the Fed would buy those bonds by creating money.

        That is a different scenario than where a central bank, e.g., the Fed, sells the bonds that it already owns, which would DECREASE the money supply.

        • Jason S

          Inflation, increasing prices on household items, is not a result of los of confidence in the government, nor solely the increase in money supply. There is a pattern that needs to occur. 1, slow to no growth. 2, government prints. 3, people hoard the cash as they fear the economy is not secure, 4, More printing to try create sense of wealth. 5, People see these measures as ‘desperate’ and the economy as still unhealthy, so they still save. They also realise that low/no interested rates means they need to save more for future. 6, Massive rebates, and further printing. 7, Finally people feel they have saved enough cash to be able to start spending. 8, Now there is massive amount of personal cash, prices start to rise, slow at first, which is welcomed by gov as ‘healthy’ but it soon gets out of hand. Hyperinflatiuon.
          Hperinfaltion requires a change in psychology, where people flush with cash feel they can now part with some of it. Simply printing money and lowering interest rates will not cause hyperinflation on its own. There has to be a period of uncertainty, where people won’t spend.

      • H.Craig Bradley


        Martin Armstrong also said in his video ” Its a chicken and egg type of thing”. So, its splitting hairs to determine the real trigger with the masses of savers or investors. I say, if its inevitable that the cycle will end badly for the U.S. Dollar, at least the domestic version we would still be using, then get ahead of the crowd and start buying hard assets with dollars that will just buy fewer of them as time goes-on. That could be one facet of his theory.

        Right now, Martin is forecasting the global economic contraction is going to get worse going into 2022. So, if you bide your time, hard assets and energy (Oil) stocks should be very attractively priced compared to today in a year or so. That is my bet at this point. If an economic recovery materializes in 2023-2024, as he also suggests, then timing can be to your advantage. ( The markets remain highly volatile).

        One more caution: The Great Reset and Covid-19 Scare are part of the same global strategy to turn the Western Nations, including the United States, into a Western Marxist State (Comintern). Their ultimate goal, along with Climate Change Legislation, is to nationalize whole industries, such as the oil companies or

        Communism means the government owns the means of production, while socialism allows private individuals (Billionaires) to own their own properties or businesses. A Marxist State would confiscate ALL private companies and assets, including those of billionaires in the end. In addition, many people would disappear or die in the process.

    • Paul ...

      As Armstrong explains … the reason gold is only $1900 dollars per ounce instead of $32,263 dollars per ounce as stated on the US Debt Clock … is because the quantity of money doesn’t affect the gold price until there is “a crisis in confidence in the government” (which is approaching this November as both Parties will likely refuse to concede) …so as Armstrong states “a collapse in confidence always precedes a hyper-inflation” … people who see a “commie” revolution in the US and a crisis in confidence in government coming this November are now hoarding precious metals … the metal of choice to hoard should be silver … for as seen in the following chart it is the rarest form of money!! …

      • JC

        Silver Could Explode Within Weeks…

        • Paul ...

          And Silver is “better then bitcoin” as money (because it is in your hands) and will be usable money even when the Demon Globalists shut down the power and the internet and tell you you can’t buy food unless you have the Mark of the Beast on your arm!!

    • Steve Martinez

      Armstrong is good on timing, however, I can’t recommend listening to Bob Murphy enough in regard to economics and how QE effects pricing and the economy. Armstrong fails to address the fundamental logical fallacy that underpins fiat currency, and that is that, value cannot be based on nothing. He never addresses that the loss in confidence that he describes is due to people REALIZING that there is nothing of ACTUAL value backing the money supply. Loss of confidence in the government REVEALS this. He puts the cart before the horse. He bashes the “Creature from Jekyll Island” but never actually addresses any of the arguments in the book, and he completely straw-manned what was said. Not only that, he fails to address the copious number of footnotes and PRIMARY sources used. Furthermore, he fails to address the epic work of Carol Quigley in Quigley’s work “Tragedy and Hope”, where Quigley used PRIMARY historical documentation from the founders of the League of Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the UN THEMSELVES stating that the primary driver of fractional reserve banking, income taxation, and the formulation of the UN, is to “drain the wealth of the world” to facilitate WORLD COMMUNISM. FROM THEIR OWN MOUTHS. I am VERY conflicted about Armstrong as the more I dig in and research, the more he seems to be controlled opposition to ultimately protect the elite banking interests. Think about it, do you think the FEDs would have just let him go without any kind of reciprocation? We all see how crooked the DOJ, FBI, and IC are. Why would that magically change in Armstrong’s case?

      • Beverly

        I have to say that I have also had my doubts about Martin Armstrong. While he seems to say many good things—–at the same time, he is going around the world advising the heads of State on economics. Now, if we look around the world, we see that so much of the world has become socialistic because of the creation of the European Union. And then there’s communism. So, if these countries need advice on how they should handle their totally messed up affairs, then they would need somebody who understands what their goals are. If they really trust Armstrong to give them advice based on their goals, then how can he really be trusted? Maybe he’s advising them to stay away from Socialism and Communism. But, some of these people are hard core and they would not even hire him if he tells them that. You’ve been reading some of the materials I have and an item I’d like to get is Art Thompson’s CD’s on his new book. Highly researched history—To the Victors…..

  2. H.Craig Bradley

  3. Jeremy Johnson

    To Les liar Stahl of 60 minutes. I’ll never forget as a young dirt biker, reading about your interview of the editor of Dirt bike magazine. He was devastated because you took an interview of over an hour and turned it into a 20 minute hit piece. That had no resemblence to anything he witnessed or said and your team totally trashed him. All over the snail-darter, or some such, very small desert rat. You fooled him into thinking you weren’t pathological sociopath’s, that you are. He was sacrificed for the objective to take the dirtbikers, out of our desert’s.
    Apparently you feel the same today, as I am adult now. To take out the president. Well all I can say is Trump was smarter than you, LGPQRSTUV IN YOUR FACE PERVERTS. WHEN I HEARD HE SECRETLY TAPED your INTERVIEW AND I LAUGHED AT YOUR COMEUPPANCE!
    PS. Wow, I never knew the Trumpeter was a dirtbikers! Thank God Les, maybe there’s hope for you. Maybe one day, in a future paradise earth. You won’t be so blind mentally, as you are physically.🤓

    • Coalburner

      Had a reporter weasel do the same to me long ago. Never forgot what liars they are. Never really trusted one since or anything I see on TV news. I am always looking for the moving mouth in the film and the liar talking over the truth.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Well, then, brother, you have plenty to see, as what you describe is all it is. Best always. PM

    • Auntie Seize

      There will be NO liars in the Kingdom of God. Last chapter or two of Revelation and elsewhere therein. Specifically, those who LOVE and PRACTICE a lie. Liars part will be in the lake (of correction) that burns with fire and brimstone (i.e. sulphur). If you’ve ever had the opportunity of getting a whiff of burning sulphur (like there are in the coal regions of PA, or in a chemistry lab) you’ll know exactly how that feels. Sulphur dioxide from the burning combines with the water in your nostrils to form sulphuric acid, which burns like you wouldn’t believe – all the way down into your lungs. The only hope for liars is to figure out that lying and deception doesn’t pay and turn away from doing so. But apparently these people think that an accumulation of Feral Reserve toilet paper is worth it and they’ll never be held to account.

      • eddiemd

        Yes. ALL liars will have their part in the lake of fire.

        Corrupt officials, judges, lawyers, police…justice matters. That day is coming.

        • paul jr.

          I hope and pray eddie that you will not be one of those that will have a part in the lake of fire.

  4. robert+heartland


  5. Marie+Joy

    LANDSLIDE 2020

  6. eddiemd

    Thanks for Mr. Celente. He was calm.

    Subway train ride in New York City…a night in Calcutta. Good One.

    My favorite station in Brooklyn. My grandparents lived two streets over on Rugby Road. I was born down the street on Foster and east 9th street. There was a great Jewish bagel shop on the plaza.

    In the 80’s and 90’s I was passing through here on a regular basis.

    • JC

      Nice memories, eddiemd…
      Those were the days, all family owned businesses lining the streets, no Starbucks, no Home Depot, no Target, no Pizza Hut, etc.
      The article mentions Ebingers. I really enjoyed their cakes when I was a kid.

  7. Clint+D.

    I hope and am volunteering to help Trump win. I spend 4 hours each week helping to keep the Republican Headquarters office doors open. I have been active in the Republican Party in the area I live now for 38 years. I would be considered by most to be a Christian Conservative.

    If Trump wins, I think the USA will have more time. But eventually, I think the USA will be destroyed. If Trump loses, this may help some of my family to get concerned enough to leave this country before it goes down. Either way the election results can be of benefit.

    Yes, I do have firm plans and actions to leave this country. This is because I believe the USA is Mystery, Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth as defined in Revelation 17 and 18. If the USA is the last days Babylon, none will survive in the land from sea to shining sea.

    • Chip

      On a long enough timeline, no one survives. Get right with the Lord… Chip

      • Clint+D.

        Chip, I certainly agree with you that all need to get right with the Lord. The time is very short!

        My timing studies show the Jesus will return around March 2034. This study does not define an exact day or exact hour of Jesus’ return so such is not contrary to the Bible. That study is based upon Luke 13:32 speaking of 1000 year days and adding 2000 years to the best estimated time when Jesus said the words as recorded in Luke 13:32. If March 2034 is the approximate time when Jesus will return, “Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth” will be destroyed before February 2027. These timing studies are Bible based and depend upon 7 scriptures that define events with timing.

        • Beverly

          I know of a prophecy that says we will have 4 years of famine, with it getting worse each year by about 25%. Then after those 4 years, things will start to grow again, but there will still be food shortages and hardship for 3 more years after that. So, there will be 7 years of tribulation time. The first 3 1/2 years like going down into the bottom of a pit, and then it takes 3 1/2 years to climb out of the pit. That is a prophecy by one who’s prophecies have been very accurate and are still being fulfilled to this day.

    • Paul ...

      Clint … If you think about it … the “controlled demolition” of the United States of America is a work in progress … it began with the assassination of JFK … took on real force with 9-11 … and it is going to culminate with the Blue State “commies” seceding from the Union this November to bring down America and our Constitution once and for all!!!

      • Clint+D.

        Paul, America was captured by the international bankers in December 1913 when the federal reserve act was signed into law by Woodrow Wilson. Since that time she has followed the bidding of the 10 kings which are part of the beast as the 10 horns on that beast. Over the years the USA developed into Mystery, Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlot and Abominations of the Earth (Revelation 17). Part of the “mystery” is that once the USA was a country in which our forefathers knew the Lord. At one time she was a righteous nation. She is no longer a righteous nation. Now her generations sin against the Lord. Regardless of the political outcome next week, she will be destroyed. I estimate her end to occur prior to February 2027. Nonetheless, I still work to see Trump elected thinking that he will help her to have a longer life. Folks, I am not happy about what I write here. I enjoy a very nice life in a very nice place to live here within the USA. It is what it is.

        • Paul ...

          C+D … I stand corrected … your right … it started in 1913!!

    • David Gatewood

      Is America a city in the desert? Have we killed God’s Prophet’s? I could go on and on. Only one who does not study God’s word, would conclude America is Mystery Babylon. A possible candidate is Meca, Saudi Arabia? Look at the products MB imports? All these are being imported and have been to Mecca for decades.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree David.

      • Clint+D.

        When the Apostle John was shown Mystery, Babylon the Great he was taken in the spirit into the wilderness. There Babylon sat upon a scarlet coloured beast” with 7 heads and 10 horns. When John wrote about the last days Babylon in Revelation 17 and 18, the city of Rome was not considered to be a wilderness. The ancient city of Babylon on the Euphrates River was not considered to be a wilderness. Yet, at that time the North American continent certainly would have been considered to be a wilderness. Where the city of Washington DC now lies also would have been considered a wilderness. The city of Washington DC represents the USA. An entire empire was often represented in the Bible by its main city. The city of Rome represented the Roman empire. The city of ancient Babylon represented the Babylonian empire. Today, Washington, DC represents the American empire. Most likely that great city that John writes about is Washington, DC. It represents the empire of the USA in these last days before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Self+Exiled

        I think Mr Shobat would agree.

    • Beverly

      The U.S. is God’s chosen land. It’s Zion. America is the place where Jesus will establish the NEW JERUSALEM. The New Jerusalem will be used for being the political center of Christ’s Kingdom. The OLD JERUSALEM will be used for being the religious center of Christ’s Kingdom. Both will be used. In the scriptures, it says that Joseph’s seed will be like the branches growing next to the well and covering it. In other words Joseph of Egypt’s descendants will be very numerous. Who are they? Through Ephraim and Manasseh(his sons), North America and South America have become very populated places. God made promises to Joseph and God will keep them. America is where those promises will be kept. So, think of America as Zion—the choicest spot of land on the whole earth. America is Christ’s vineyard, planted on the choicest spot of ground.

      • eddiemd

        Never heard that before. I missed that part in the Bible.

        • Beverly

          The Bible isn’t always obvious in getting the point across. Isaiah was written for the people of our day, but it is confusing to most, unless you study Avraham Gileadi, who’s a scholar. But also Eddie, I’ll just come right out and say it…..I learned these things because I’ve been raised as a Mormon–and I care about the GOSPEL. There’s a difference between the GOSPEL and a church organization. The Book of Mormon is all about the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh coming to the Americas. They left Jerusalem around Jeremiah’s time and came here. Others came too—the Mulekites. How did the American Indians get here? They were already here when Columbus came. Well, the Book of Mormon explains that. They are descendants of Joseph and even though they have suffered greatly, they will prevail. They are humble. I won’t explain more right here, but if you want to know more about it, you can. I know what I’m telling you is true. There’s other evidence besides the obvious.

          • eddiemd

            I figured already it is mormon doctrine.

            Whatever happened to those golden tablets that Joe Smith found?

            • Beverly

              The Gold plates were given back to the angel who showed Joseph Smith where they were in the first place. But, if you don’t want to read and see what’s there, then how would you ever know for sure whether or not the translation was for real or not? You wouldn’t. All you can do is criticize something you know nothing about. Why is it so impossible for a man in the 1800’s or our day as well, to have seen Jesus and an angel and been directed by God? We know that John the Revelator never died and he’s still alive on the earth. That was his wish. Why couldn’t there be others who also have never died, but are here on the earth, doing God’s work? God can do anything He feels is fit to do. He has power to create planets and power to resurrect, then why not power to send angels to direct people in the course that He wants them to go? The fullness was restored, but the people of the U.S. have rejected it and that is why they are suffering.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Doc, that’s likely because you might not know the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). A keystone of their faith is the restoration of earth into its paradisiacal glory when Christ returns to earth to commence the millennial reign at a place called Adam-Ondi-Ahman, which the Church claims is in Missouri. I am not advocating, merely reporting. You are free to accept or reject. Best always. PM

      • Clint+D.

        Beverly, the only place that will for sure escape the hand of the Antichrist in the last days is defined in Daniel 11:41. That is ancient Edom, Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

        Most likely the USA is Mystery, Babylon the Great defined in Revelation 17, 18; Jeremiah 50,51; Isaiah 13,14. If so, then her main destruction will come in one hour. The only weapons that I am aware of that could do that would be nukes delivered via missiles.
        If the USA is Babylon, then a rumor will come one year and the next followed with civil war. The civil war will not destroy Babylon. But it will give opportunity to foreign powers from the North to nuke the USA without retaliation.

        Regardless who Babylon is. She will fall prior to the establishment of the end time Antichrist and the great tribulation which precede the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

        • Beverly

          Babylon is the WORLDLY world. You could say there’s a difference in the definition between world and earth. Earth is the planet—- world is the place where Satan rules because the people follow him more than they do Christ. So, the destruction won’t happen in 1 hour, not unless that is being measured in God’s time. The cleansing will take some time and the things we read about in Revelations and such talk about the plagues. People will be tested and that takes a little time. God is gathering the wheat and the tares and the tares will be burned. But, people will have to prove themselves in order to fit into the wheat category. The test is just starting. There is a book called The White Horse Prophecy by Ogden Kraut. Very good book. I see those prophecies happening now.

  8. Stan

    Agree that Covid is just a bad case of the sniffles.

    • William+Stanley

      Pretty droll. You made me smile. Thanks.

    • Jerry

      Once again you show your ignorance. How many strains do you think there are? Page #12.

      Hindra? Nippa? SARS? ………the technocrats have labs all over the world mutating different strains as part of agenda 21. The lab in Wuhan is owned by Bill Gates.

      • jim

        Jerry , Come on , with all of the intelligent info you come up with , you can`t believe this virus is that deadly . the % of people dyeing is so small its almost not worth mentioning . I unfortunately agree with the nut job stan.

        • Jerry

          It’s not the cause. It’s the reason.

        • Paul ...

          Yep … Stan is right … Covid-19 is just another common cold virus being used by Demons to control society … and there is no way Gates can develop a vaccine against the common cold … and like the common cold Covid-19 gives you the sniffles but does not kill you (unless you are very old and have no vitamins in your body)!!

        • Tin foil hat

          Some strains are much more deadlier than the other, the Covid in Milan and Wuhan are not the same as the one we have.

          • Bob

            So what?
            Butter is much more deadly than cheese too. Who cares?

  9. Paul in Oz

    Great interview … excellent insight into the thinking of young people by Mr. Celente … What can not be over emphasized is the dire stat of the economy. A micro view of the finances of the federal government of America … if the USA was reduced down to a single household this is what it look likes at the end of fiscal 2019 The household has unfunded liabilities of over $150,000, and an annual income of under $21,500. During that year the household paid $64 of interest. None of the the principal was paid during that year. That is the condition of the nation … Since then the impacts of the shutdown have made things much worse.
    Don’t forget that some states are in worse financial shape than others and some households have a greater debt level than others. There will be a a dark period economically way beyond what has ever been seen in our lifetime. We can only hope that this day of reckoning occurs under the rule of law, that can not happen if the senate flips to democrat (if the house remain democrat), even if POTUS is re-elected. (he will be impeached in very short order). It will be very bad if Biden wins (unlikely) but even worse if the senate is lost. If the senate is lost be very very afraid no matter what!!!! P.S. The financial situation in other western countries, Australia, Canada and Europe is more or less equally dire. PREPARE FOR THE WORST AND HOPE FOR THE BEST … GLTA

  10. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks for bringing Mr. Celente back.
    President Trump is going to be reelected. That’s our joyous first step on our slog out of this swamp.

  11. Paul ...

    “Honest” Joe Biden figured if he told the truth people other then Demon-rats would vote for him … so he said during the debate “I didn’t take a single penny from any foreign government” (because the $10 Million a year China is giving to the Biden family … is being given to my son … who then gives me only a Million Dollars … because he has a bad drug and rape of under aged girl habit) … and if I’m elected … I will change the law so my son won’t go to jail for what he has done but simply given rehabilitation!! … it good to hear the truth from a politician for once!!!

    • Paul ...

      The Criminal Commie Pedophiles (CCP) have taught the Biden Family well …

    • Paul ...

      In keeping with “Honest Joe’s” truth telling to the American people … Biden has now revealed that that his campaign has assembled the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”!! … the MSM can’t believe what they are hearing … and are calling Bidens truth telling “a Freudian slip” because they know politicians always lie … but “Honest Joe” is being above board (most likely his “devious truth telling” is designed to counter Trump accusing him of being an ordinary lying politician)!! …

      • Paul ...

        Here is another Fraudian slip by “Honest Joe” … he is going to shut down the oil and gas industry in America … the fact that all these oil and gas workers will be put out of a job is no problem to Joe … because he has also Honestly said he is going to raise taxes (especially the Capital Gains tax) that average Americans will have to pay to support the unemployed … all this honesty is unique to politics … but it’s refreshing … to finally have a politician telling us the truth!! …

        • K. Wayne

          Sounds to me like Honest Joe is doing the dirty work of OPEC /SA agenda…to kill off the competition. Wasn’t that long ago that they all colluded to force the price of WTI lower.
          Besides all that….Biden really doesn’t need to do much…Fracking is a dead man walking. It’s expensive ….its high on deleterious waste….its riddled with enormous Debt loads….its not sustainable.

          • Paul ...

            KW … I wonder how much OPEC paid Biden’s son so the “Big Guy” would shut down US Oil and Gas production to get rid of their competition??

            • K. Wayne

              We will never know…but you can presume he’s guilty until proven innocent….based on his dealings with CCP, Ukraine , Romania and the rest.

  12. Wallis Sibley

    Colorado turns blue to lose swing state status
    159,584 views•Oct 24, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Colorado, traditionally considered a crucial swing state in the race to the White House, has turned blue as a result of changing demographics, according to Sky News political reporter Trudy McIntosh.
    Since 2008 when Barack Obama was swept into power, the state’s nine electoral college votes have gone to the Democrats.
    The latest University of Colorado polling has shown Joe Biden is up 47 per cent, while Donald Trump trails behind at 38 per cent.
    “A pickup in Colorado would see the Democrats one seat closer to flipping the senate,” Ms McIntosh said.

    • Coalburner


    • Paul ...

      Those sneaky Demon-rats used the Corona Virus to scare excess Demoncratic voters out of NY and California and into the swing States … and their plan seems to be working … any Republicans thinking of moving should also make it a high priority to move into a swing State!!!

  13. King Lear Jet

    ‘Buyer’s remorse’ in play after ‘can you change your vote’ surges in searched terms
    135,840 views•Oct 24, 2020 Sky News Australia

    A wave of voters searched ‘can you change your vote’ following the final presidential debate marking the most times its been searched this election campaign, according to Sky News contributor Lauren Southern.
    The election campaign is hitting its final stretch with less than ten days remaining in the battle for the presidency.
    Democratic candidate Joe Biden still has a significant lead in all national polls and in many key state-wide polls, but the President’s campaign has kicked into gear since recovering from COVID-19.
    President Donald Trump was considered to have performed much better than in the first debate, showing more restraint than in his previous encounter with Mr Biden.
    Ms Southern said Pennsylvania – which polls show will go down to the wire – was “one of the top places” where the search term ‘can you change your vote’ was used.
    Sky News host Rowan Dean said given many states in the US have begun pre-polling, it looks like Biden voters are getting “buyer’s remorse” after witnessing the debate.

    Trump will win if Democrats can’t manage to ‘rig it to hell’
    62,661 views•Oct 24, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News contributor Lauren Southern says although President Donald Trump’s re-election would be great, it would only happen if “the Democrats can’t manage to rig it to hell”.

    The election campaign is hitting its final stretch with less than ten days remaining in the battle for the presidency.
    Democratic candidate Joe Biden still has a significant lead in all national polls and in many key state-wide polls, but the President’s campaign has kicked into gear since recovering from COVID-19.
    Sky News host James Morrow said he is looking forward to heading over to the United States to cover the “historic re-election of Donald Trump”.

    • Free Slave

      Democrats were stupid enough to put their children on the line. Now they are in a position of having to protect them, at the expense of their country. They will fight tooth and nail to win. It is much more important to them this time around. They have skin in the game.

  14. Eileen

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you for having Gerald Celente as your guest again. I just love him – his New York accent, his street smarts and his no holds barred approach to everything! Have to renew my prior account with him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Eileen!! I agree!!

  15. JC

    Put on your mask.
    Wash your hands.
    Socially distance.

    At some point people are going to snap.

    Melbourne Protest Again Against Madman of Australia – Andrews

    • JC

      Can somebody please save the children before they end up as brain dead adults?

      ‘The delusional madness of forcing children to wear face masks blatantly ignores expert warnings: “The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don’t need a clinical study for that. This is simple, indisputable physiology.”
      This well-known German neurologist and neurophysiologist, Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson, warns of a tsunami of dementia years down the road because of oxygen deprivation from wearing masks today. Are you willing to risk your brain to scientifically unfounded, politically-motivated mandates.’ ⁃ TN Editor

  16. R J Wolf jr

    Greg. A comment that Gerald Celente made that I’ve heard from a number of other prominent and knowledgeable people on various podcast and YouTube channels. The 20th century was the century of the U S, however the 21 century is the Century for the Chinese. Think about what that means for a moment. That observation and statement should be very frightening to every red blooded American. It only took China 🇨🇳 approximately 40 years to get where they are today, of course with a little help our our government. How’s that for a bitter pill to swallow. AFTER PRESIDENT REAGAN,OUR OWN GOVERNMENT SOLD US OUT TO CHINA!! Too many Americans where just not paying attention or just too complacent. I personally do not think it’s too late. The U S is at a precipice. Four more years of the Trump leadership style won’t be enough to turn this country around. Three more four year terms should suffice or the Americans and the rest of the world will be required to learn Mandarin. Over exaggeration? If you think so, you have not been paying attention. I pray to God I’m wrong. Time will tell. There is still time to fulfill our own destiny

    • Beverly

      RJ Wolf,
      You are not wrong, IF Americans REPENT. Like Jonah having to go to Ninevah and preach to them to tell them to REPENT. They DID repent in sackcloth and ashes though. They got serious about their sins and ACKNOWLEDGED them. If Americans are too proud though, and refuse to admit their sins and change their ways, then God will bring on devastation like no other. Trump got Amy Coney Barrett in. That is a great step towards getting rid of legalized abortion. But, people are also going to have to get rid of Planned Parenthood in every state and get rid of the Democrats who are ruining certain states. There is NO place to run here. This is all about world government and they are working on taking down every nation in the world. So, every nation will be cleansed of the people who are not looking towards God and who aren’t fighting for their liberties in some way. Jesus called His 12 disciples “FRIENDS” because they were willing to stand up and be DIFFERENT. That’s what we have to do here. We have to be willing to make our voices heard, be different and repent of our wrong doings and get rid of abortion and gay marriage. Then God might spare us of some of that destruction. I hope all the evangelists out there are preaching sackcloth and ashes repentance, and also prayer night and day.

  17. Sally Mauer

    Dark Winter, Dark Secrets, Biden…
    The [DS]/MSM are now trapped, the patriots have dripped out information on the Biden family and it is very damaging.
    Good guy’s and Bad guy’s full control? Government debt elimination? Structure change. Gold to destroy the Fed!
    Were in for a wild ride, hang on to your family jewels!

    • Paul ...

      Sally … The Demon-rats couldn’t drag us into “a foreign war” in the Middle East under Trump … so they are planning to start a war “right here in America” after the November election if their hoped for Blue Wave turns into a Red Tide!!

  18. Gertie B.

    There is only one way that lasting peace and security will be brought to this earth​— through God’s Kingdom in the hands of Jesus Christ. This is the real government in heaven for which Jesus taught his followers to pray. (Matthew 6:9, 10) But why will it succeed when the United Nations has failed?

    The United Nations is promoting the concept of “global citizenship.” Goals include encouraging international cooperation, respecting human rights, and protecting our planet. The reason? As expressed by Maher Nasser in the UN Chronicle, “climate change, organized crime, rising inequalities, unresolved conflicts, mass displacement of people, global terrorism, infectious diseases, and similar threats do not recognize . . . borders.”

    Others have gone even further, advocating a world government. They include the Italian philosopher, poet, and statesman Dante (1265-1321) and the physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Dante believed that peace could not last in a politically divided world. A “kingdom divided against itself comes to ruin,” he said, quoting Jesus Christ.​—Luke 11:17.

    Shortly after World War II, which saw the use of two atomic bombs, Albert Einstein wrote an open letter to the General Assembly of the United Nations. “The United Nations,” he said, “must act with utmost speed to create the necessary conditions for international security by laying the foundations for a real world government.”

    But could the politicians who would make up such a powerful government be immune to corruption, incompetence, and oppression? Or would they be just as prone to those dark traits as others have been? These questions call to mind the words of British historian Lord Acton, who said: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Even so, if the human family is to enjoy true peace and harmony, we have to be united. But how can that goal be achieved? Is it even realistic? The Bible’s answer is yes. It can and will be achieved. How? Not by a world government made up of corruptible politicians. Rather, it will be by a government of God’s making. What is more, that government will express his right to rule over his creation. What is that government? The Bible even gives it a name​—“the Kingdom of God,” or God’s Kingdom.​—Luke 4:43.

  19. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Celente an absorbing dissection of the corruption in elections in the USA.
    Censorship is now endemic,particularly here in the UK,where the MSM refuse to explore a smidgen of truth.Meanwhile their businesses are collapsing along with those advertisers dim enough to advertise on their platforms.Even whilst shopping we are bombarded with Bolshevik diatribes particularly in the Co-Op shops while Tesco,a major retailer here,allows anti-Catholic rants on their public announcement systems and “apologises”half-heartedly.
    Sadly,unless the Bolsheviks are dragged from all aspects of life in the USA,the USA as we know it disappears according to Martin Armstrong.Its not Trump,its what comes after,even if he has four years what uncorrupted dog does he have at his fingertips to go after the plants in the bureaucracy from the Clinton,Bush and Obama regimes and really root out all of the Bolsheviks at every level.?As Mr Armstrong asserts the USA has to crash and burn with Accelerationists encouraging this.Here we have the very wealthy hiding their money.
    Here in the UK our economy is bust and those closest to the Bank of England printing press are lauded with assets and prizes and we peasants are mere scum.The Stasi,formerly our police,parade around as jack booted thugs and the suicide rate is disgusting and hidden away,all that some old bag can gasp air for thirty more seconds.If there is an escape where to,the Bolsheviks are worldwide?

  20. Jerry

    What is there left to understand? The “ great reset “ was planned.

    Take a good look Greg. That article was published in 2017. As far as President Trump? He’s just like the rest of us. He’s a passenger on the global express train to nowhere. I’ve come to the conclusion that he didn’t have a clue anymore than we did about “Event 201 “. How could he? The globalist had him tied up with Russia Gate. It’s right out of a movie. While Donald Claus was busy checking his list for indictments, the evil technocrat elves were building an economic bomb to blow up the world economy and reset it to the fourth industrial revolution. I may be a dumb hillbilly, but I’m pretty sure we’re all going to get lumps of coal in our stockings for Christmas.
    Happy Halloween! Be sure and wear your mask.

    • JC

      This is the real danger we face – World Economic Forum and its vision for a new Communist Green World Order. The press will NOT do their job. For if they did, they would expose the fact that the World Economic Forum sold all its investments just before the crash. Klaus Schwab is the new Karl Marx. This is the greatest organized conspiracy in human history and the press is welcoming it with open arms. You will own nothing in 10 years, but you will also have no rights. – Papers Please!

      • Jerry

        I couldn’t agree more. The agenda 21 express is rolling down the track. All aboard!

        Having grown up in a scientific community, I can tell you first hand that the technocrats see the majority of humanity as trained circus monkeys. They believe that none of us have the capacity to make intelligent decisions, so they are more than willing to make them for us. Global warming and agenda 21 is their new God. Unfortunately Lucifer is playing them for his purpose. In the end their plan will collapse and set the stage for the real NWO. The millennial reign of Jesus Christ. They won’t see it coming. We”ll see who the smart ones are. Get your spiritual house in order.

        • JC

          Jerry, yep, they consider us trained circus monkeys. Absolutely right.
          They must be laughing their asses off, seeing all the obedient monkeys wearing masks.

    • JC

      Americans Think the Great Reset is just Pro-Trump Rhetoric…

      Americans are for the most part oblivious to the real agenda behind this entire grand scheme to alter the world economy to impose the Great Reset. The majority of Americans cannot see beyond Republican v Democrat and simple party politics which have dominated the American scene for decades. Mainstream media is fully on board and they have been bashing Trump because they have already signed on to Schwab’s new world order where he admits the capitalism must be really destroyed which he uses the world “Reimagine” to cover up the very same promises of Karl Marx.

    • K. Wayne

      YES it was…..but its not as though we didn’t already expect it. A RESET was always the go to plan for the Bankrupted system. How they got there…without drawing attention to themselves (for causing this Depression) was always the unanswered question. The motives around the Centralization/Control were somewhat known too…being the underpinnings of the Communist Agenda. In hindsight … the Splintering , the Fracturing…the Division …. were and are …. all hallmarks of the MO used by those Unelected Satan worshippers. The psychological warfare is off-the-scale….the battle for the Minds, Bodies, Souls of the Earth’s Children is insidious as it is despicable.

  21. roger+stamper

    tks for post

  22. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, we can only hope that Gerald Celente’s analysis on the election is correct. There’s little room for doubt that he is reading voter sentiment correctly, but I’m not confident we have a handle on the cheating that will take place before and after the election. Just looking at crowd turn-out, Trump has the hearts and minds and it should be a landslide victory, but will that translate to a win in the ballots counted???

    “No Signature Match? No Postmark? No Problemo! This Week In Ballot Shenanigans!“
    — Zero Hedge
    …”It’s hard to judge what’s worse, some disgruntled postal worker tossing ballots or Pennsylvania accepting and counting all ballots – even ones that have no identifying information, the right postmark, and mailed after the election.
    We’ll start with the story that made headlines recently when Pennsylvania authorities tossed out 372,000 ballot applications.”…

    Yeah, PA is one of the states President Trump needs to win and the potential for cheating is o incredible. I wonder how many blank ballots have been harvested by the left from people who are dead, no longer in the state or simply didn’t get one in the mail. Those ballots didn’t necessarily go to ballot heaven, some group may have a stash of blanks and now the courts have green-lighted their use. The story of this election will be the cheating and uncertainty. Regardless who the apparent winner happens to be on November 4th, the lawyers will make a mess of it.

    • Paul ...

      The Demon rats have probably saved all their old 2016 paper ballets … changed the date to 2020 … and re-submitted them in all the swing States … to create a Blue Wave landslide victory for their Criminal Commie Pervert Biden (CCP Biden)!!

  23. Boz From Oz

    If Trump wins, hopefully Soros will have a heart attack, that’s all.

  24. Jerry

    Did you catch Joe Biden’s slip of the tongue. Dark winter?

    Oh yes. The second and final wave. It’s all planned.

    • Jerry

      I hope you check this out and pass it along to your readers.
      Without the passage of the stimulus bill in congress, millions are about to have their power cut off. Here’s a list of states on the chopping block.

      Talk about timing? There is now a snow storm moving across the plains with temperatures dropping into the teens. It won’t effect me if they cut power off because I have backup heat with a wood stove. But at the very least people should have a good winter sleeping bag
      to stay warm with. Trust me. I used to go backpacking in the winter. Your last line of defense in the bitter cold is a good sleeping bag. It’s the best investment you can make. I personally prefer – 20 goose down, but that’s me. Get something. Your life may depend on it.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is trouble Jerry. I brought this up a few weeks back.

    • K. Wayne

      Forget it Jerry. Everyone is distracted with the Trump Show….broadcast to every living room in the Nation. Its a circus out there…soon to become a nightmare.

      • Beverly

        Jerry is absolutely right about losing power. And, we can’t just forget this because other stuff is happening. People need to know that they are at great risk for being manipulated by loss of electricity. This was the prophecy given—–“the economic collapse will happen on a 3 day holiday weekend where the holiday is on a Monday. We will wake up with no electricity.” So, if you aren’t able to watch the news or whatever, but power is out, and it’s a Monday holiday, then it very likely has happened because the economic collapse has happened. Bankruptcy = no power.

        • K. Wayne

          You missed my point Bev…….
          …. Everyone is distracted with the sideshow…and will miss the important stuff.
          Warnings fall on deaf ears…..because those who follow both sides (=1 party) of the political spectrum ….have their mind set on their so called chosen / elected POTUS to fix the problems. Its a charade …. with the masses being led down the path to slaughter…..all the while the 1% grow their wealth and the middle class shrinks. The message that Jerry has… nothing different to that which hasn’t already been said before ad infinitum. A corrupted system in which those who don’t belong to the Club….get left behind….
          No disrespect to Jerry either. His intentions are good.

    • Paul ...

      Dark Winter … is the Biden “code word” for his Demons to begin the breakdown of America and its essential institutions (resulting in a loss of confidence in government … precious metals spiking higher … followed by civil disorder … and gross violations of our Constitutional Rights by authorities (who will claim to be attempting to restore order)!!

      • Beverly

        Personally I’m wondering of the words Dark Winter are code for a winter without electricity. Just think how they can manipulate the U.S. population if they turn off the electricity. Just look at California and what is going on with the electricity there. All that needs to be done is to claim that Russia or China has done and EMP on America. I don’t know who has control of all the major electrical companies in the U.S. But, I think it’s very possible that they are owned by the Rockefellers, etc. Just think of how dependent we all are on electricity. Dark winter alright.

  25. Paul ...

    Demon-rats do not read this comment … it’s not applicable to you!!

    However … American Patriots who happen to own Google stock in your 401K’s … “you better dump it quick” … Google management has just destroyed this public company and most likely will be sued personally in the class action suit to come!! …

  26. H.Craig Bradley


    Hunter Biden, while on a ‘junket’ in China, had a little ” fun ” in a darkly lit back room with a unnamed “Chinese Woman”. The 15 minute video actually shows Hunter getting a “hand job” while smoking (crack) and I also heard him say on the audio simultaneously: ” Real professional”.

    I suspect her services were “on the house” too, as high rollers in Las Vegas are often treated to a luxurious penthouse apartment for free while they gamble away large sums of money over a long weekend. Of course, no mention of this on the MSM. Imagine if it was Donald Trump Jr. instead. In that case, it would be front page on the New York Times for sure, as well as on all the major T.V. news networks.

    • Keith+Wilson

      Well I watched some of the Hunter biden sex tapes. Something is mentally wrong with that jerk biden. Why would a fit, good looking educated, millionaire want to associate himself with cheap trailer trash Chinese prostitutes.Hunter biden is worth tens of millions of dollars. He could afford a highly educated,classy glamour model on his arm. The guy is a complete moron for getting himself compromised like that in a back street hotel room with his pants down. Even Rupert Murdoch who is nearly 90 has an ex glamour model on the go.

    • Paul from Indiana

      All of this proves we’re only deceiving ourselves if we think we can change anything without a physical fight. “They” have already won the mind game. Best always. PM

  27. N. Carra

    I think Trump can Flip CA.
    Upstate NY & Long Island are for President Trump NY is not only Liberal !

    • tim+mcgraw

      Dear N. Carra, you must be living in an alternative universe to think that Trump can win California. There is not a single Republican state wide officer here and hasn’t been for years. California is a one party state. Sad to say. If California is the USA’s future… Lord help us all.

  28. Paul ...

    Very interesting … this proves “we don’t need airliners” … we can travel over 300 mi per hour on our current roads … … and cost should be no object (since the US Dollar is currently worth 1 cent … this car only costs $20,000 in non-depreciated dollars)!!

  29. Patrick

    The US economy will be fine, the rest of the world not so much. Trump will keep loading that debt on the FED line of credit till it crashes…which will be a good thing.

  30. A+drink+before+the+war

    Gerald Celente is so freaking fantastic!
    He can see the doom and gloom but he can also see the next roaring twenties. Listening to Mr. Celente do his thing is similar to walking into a blues club; yeah it’s the blues but look how that beat makes you wanna move and groove. I also enjoyed Mr. Celente ‘s election prediction and the reasoning behind it, good goid stuff!

  31. H.Craig Bradley


    Here is an appropriate (oldie) song for the Biden Clan:

  32. Paul ...

    California Governor Gavin Newsom says: “Going out to eat with members of your household this weekend? Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites. Do your part to keep those around you healthy.” … we need more brainless “commie” politicians like Newsom elected this November so you Demon-rats should not forget to vote early and often … you know what would be more effective then a mask … all you “commie” Demon-rats should simply put a clear plastic over your head and seal it with duct tape around your neck!!!

  33. Chaz

    What do we make of the fact that the Democrats showing up at Trump rallies don’t have enough bags of urine and feces to throw at people? Are times really that tough now under Trump?

  34. Rodger+Pape

    Good interview Greg…

  35. Bob

    Trump landslide.

  36. JC

    Darryl Strawberry opens up about moving past baseball, Steve Cohen buying the Mets, his new life as a pastor … and Donald Trump.

    The thing about President Trump, he’s always been a friend. And I’m not a hypocrite. I’m not one of these people that doesn’t like him because everybody else doesn’t like him. I stand on my own two feet. He was a friend before he was president. I was on his Celebrity Apprentice show, and I’ve known him and his family for a long time. He’s always gonna be a friend, no matter what. Win, lose, draw, whatever it may be. He’s still going to be a friend, because I’m just that type of person. I’m not one that jumps on the bandwagon, becomes a hypocrite. I stand on my own two feet — I always have and I always will. This whole nation is broken anyway. It’s been broken for a long time. Only God’s going to be able to fix this nation.

  37. JC

    ‘Illinois’ top health official broke down as she announced the coronavirus death toll in the Prairie State.’

    ‘Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Illinois’ Public Health Director, on Friday first started sniffing loudly as she announced an extra 31 deaths, taking the state-wide total to 9,418 people who had succumbed to the pandemic.’

    “These are people who started with us in 2020 and won’t be with us at the Thanksgiving table,” Ezike said, struggling to also announce an extra 3,874 confirmed cases for a total of 36,433.

    Who are these dead people?
    What are their names?
    What are their ages?
    Where they healthy or decrepit?
    Is there no other cause of death anymore other than Covid-19?
    If you die in a car accident is it due to Covid-19?

    • JC

      This “top health official” is a talking head for the “permanent emergency.”

      “The way we work, the way we live, the way we play has all changed, and the harsh reality is that the sacrifices that we’ve made, and continue to make, do not have a future expiration date,” she conceded.

      • Paul ...

        JC … As you can see there are a lot of deceived Turkeys in America celebrating the fact that there will be less people around for Thanksgiving (especially if they believe Biden’s pick for VP) … Harris tells us half the population of America has already died!!

  38. Peter Stroke

    Special Report
    Smoking Gun Evidence: Google Engineers Admit To Manipulating Search Results To Favor Biden
    The Alex Jones Show October 22nd 2020, 4:45 pm
    “We are no longer a nation of laws, we are a nation of political will,” says Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, who reveals his latest breaking video that exposes top Google engineers admitting to their political bias and rigging information access in favor of JimCrow Joe Bribes Biden.

  39. Wallace Pillsbury

    Meadows on whether Trump plans to fire FBI Director Wray after election
    90,008 views• Oct 25, 2020
    White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows weighs in on Biden’s troubling comments about the oil and gas industry, law enforcement and the Hunter Biden investigation.

  40. eddiemd

    We can learn a lot from the STASI experience. The future of the USA.

    “The rulers created a system of power based on force, threats, rewards and privilege. Individuals were taught to conform, comply and, whenever possible, participate.”

    “Schools, universities, and hospitals were extensively infiltrated”

    Infiltrate the education systems…check
    Create false flag such as a bioweapon…check
    Control the medical system through surveillance, Obamacare registration/IRS control…check
    Electronic medical records…check

    Remember you cannot even get a coronavirus test without a .gov ID.

    A friend who lives on Maui cannot fly home unless he pays $150 for a coronavirus test prior to boarding.

    Complete totalitarian control. Cashless system. Coronavirus testing then vaccination. You will not be able to participate in society without the vaccination. All linked into the AI controlled system. Your medical records will be linked in. It is already in place. They have been working on it since the late 1990’s.

    The STASI system.

    • eddiemd

      The EMR and EHR.

      Part of the gun control agenda.

      Be guarded what you tell your physician. Tell them you don’t have weapons. You don’t drink. You don’t use drugs.

      You are a happy camper. No depression. No anxiety. Sleep well. Good relationships.

      When doing telemedicine…keep the background clean. No flags. Nothing. Perhaps a Scripture…

      • eddiemd

        I would also add that the 375,000 Chinese “student” subversives already inside the USA pose the greatest risk to national security. No doubt that they have already probed and have accessed EHR, IRS, infrastructure, credit and .gov computer systems.

        China is our greatest enemy. Biden/Harris/Feinstein/Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff…Chinese traitors inside the highest levels.

        The Chinese already have dossiers on everyone in the USA. Especially if you use a iPhone. Their AI systems have already categorized the threat each person poses.

      • Self+Exiled

        All this record gathering has served the insurance companies well so as to not pay out benefits under their prior existing provisions. Also when going to a doctor in the late 90’s my physician was absent so as to be treated they asked if I would see another who had an opening. I agreed and was surprised that he was very politically conversational. His questions were lead ins to discreetly understand your ability to conceptualize conspiratorial insight. I cut to the chase and he was; I found a out prepper, and was already prepared, long before I was. Fiances where not a problem for him and I used that as an excuse not to become closely associated. When I left in 2011 he was still practicing medicine. The government certainly wants to control and physicians will do so under licencing restrictions. The authorities maybe in for a surprise.


    Hugh Hewitt: The Case for a Second Trump Term
    October 22, 2020 Leave a comment 128 Views
    The 2020 election is now just days away.
    Here’s my short case for backing the Trump-Pence ticket and voting for Republican senators and representatives in your state.

    On the coronavirus pandemic, Trump has done as well as any president could have done—and certainly better than Joe Biden.

    You’re safer and more secure because of the Trump military buildup.

    The president has made the necessary pivot with China—and he’s brokered the first major breakthrough peace deal in the Middle East in 25 years.

    On the economy, Trump and the GOP succeeded in bringing unemployment to all-time lows early this year. Now, even amidst the pandemic, the economy is bouncing back.

    Your First and Second Amendment freedoms are much stronger as well, because Trump has bolstered the Supreme Court and federal courts with strong judges who honor the Constitution.

    Whatever you think of Trump personally, there’s no question: His policies have been good for the country.

    `Bowyer: The Prospects of Foreign Policy Under Biden
    October 22, 2020

    Former Vice President Joe Biden is running on a campaign of returning to the Obama years. But when it comes to foreign policy, that could end up being a disaster.

    Under the Obama-Biden administration, the greater Middle East collapsed into revolution and civil war. Their administration helped overthrow the government of Libya, extending a war that has killed thousands and has drawn in a host of foreign actors. They gave arms to Syrian rebels—arms which later fell into the hands of terrorists. The Syrian Civil War has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

    Biden’s plan includes a continuation of Obama’s interventionist ideology and a pivot away from the peace initiatives we’ve seen from Trump in the recent Abraham Accords. Biden has made a habit of picking fights and embracing bad actors.

    Trump has brought the Middle East closer to peace. A President Biden may pull it back into chaos.

    The Biden Family Corruption Goes Deep: Dennis Prager with Peter Schweizer
    October 21, 2020
    Dennis Prager talks to Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and the author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite. They discuss the Biden family corruption, in which Joe Biden uses his family to bank money from foreign governments while he was in office. Peter Schweizer has a video he produced called, The truth about the Bidens: Joe and Hunter Ride the Dragon.

    Hugh Hewitt: President Trump and the Elites
    October 21, 2020
    If President Trump makes a comeback—and pulls off yet another upset victory on November the 3rd—it’ll be because he relied on the disgust of the elites.

    Trump will again run on a platform of America first, and on rebuilding the economy he built once until it was shuttered by the novel coronavirus. He’ll point to his clear-eyed view of today’s aggressive and assertive Chinese Communist Party and the strengthening of our military build-up: a growing Navy, the Space Force and the revitalized nuclear deterrent.

    Trump will also run on his massive deregulation, and the appointment of justices and judges who are faithful to the Constitution.

    An often hysterical media endlessly chants the same anti-Trump refrains.

    But voters have to ask themselves: Which man do they want squaring off against Xi Jinping, rebuilding the economy, appointing judges, funding the military?

    Trump can embrace the disdain of the elites. And—yes—he can win again.

  42. SilverHawk

    First they took control of our money. Then stole our gold, then silver. Then they stole our standard of living (wages) by diverting company profits to stock holders. Now the last thing left is our homes. Reference the civil war. Both north and south money became worthless, and everything was reset into a new currency. If you owed the bank money (old money) you had to pay it off or lose it to the bank. All debt was reset into the new money and if you had a loan, you’d have to start all over again. All equity was lost in the reset and was taken by the banksters who held the loans. You do know the FED is the largest holder of mortgages and property right now. Time is almost here for the reset. 100% Physical Silver. Only one of two lifeboats that will get you to a new game of “Monopoly”.

  43. J in Europe

    Hi Greg,
    Well done – superb interview. In Ireland, we are at level 5 lockdown and almost everyone thinks this is excessive. Some doctors spoke out and were fired immediately. I believe this is being coordinated from the EU in Brussels. Many doctors are afraid to speak out against the lockdown – we are not allowed travel more than 5 km from our homes and all bars / restaurants / hotels are closed. House gatherings are banned and only 25 people are allowed attend funerals. The police are everywhere stopping cars and asking questions. This feels like communist Russia in the old days. Elections no longer matter – the unelected European Commission is in charge. Brexit is the natural response of a modern Intelligent society to dictatorial rule from the unelected European Commission. Well done – you are one of the lone voices of common sense in an increasingly dysfunctional world. J in Europe

  44. Trinacria

    Thank you Greg, I always like hearing Gerald Celente. Like you (and me) he doesn’t suffer B.S. (bovine scatology) . He appeared a bit tired, I’m sure he is working very hard these days. I am praying for a Trump victory. I can’t imagine that Harris person in national office – to me she comes across as pure evil. Finally, great comment by Gerald on how Obama “folked” the people.

  45. Ho Chi Min

    The Manchurian Candidate

  46. Lord Nasdaq

    Love hearing Celente speaking the truth.
    Getting to the point if you want my business you better have a website. Deleted FB in early 2016. Your videos better be on your website, like USAWatchdog, if you want my views and support. You better do it in-house very soon. To hell with YouTube and I’ve never used or see any relevance in Twitter. I’m amazed Twitter has so many users. Then again the average American in 2020 isn’t that bright and has ample idle time.

    Democrats are always career politicians. It’s a family tradition up north.

    I shake my head at the average dumbass driving in a car by himself wearing a mask. Do these idiots shower with masks on?

    Making moves in large cap value equities as hedge against rigged voting, more rioting after elections, and a way of not being like everyone else chasing same old tech. stocks since last decade. I’ll make money regardless of outcomes above.
    Have a great week, Greg.

  47. Ed

    When this guy starts ranting and raving I touch the “X” . . .

    • Beverly

      Personally, I LOVE Gerald Celente’s ranting. He has PASSION and you know it. He’s not afraid to show it. Like Del Bigtree , Judy Mikovits and others who will NOT back down, they let it be known in their speech because they can’t hold it back.

  48. Paul ...

    WOW … Look how the S&P Futures are crashing … … we are going to have a Black Monday (that is going to hurt a lot of Demon-rat Black lives) … seems the Demons are becoming more aware of the fact that the Blue Wave they have been anticipating … will really be a Red Tide!!!

    • K. Wayne

      I did say that 10/19/20 was the day to watch – with respect the Stock Market. What’s a weeks difference….between friends? Not a good sign with today’s rout.

      • JC

        K. Wayne, speaking of dates…

        G.A. STEWART :
        There may be FBI subpoenas involving some evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop; but neither the Federal Bureau of Investigation, nor the Department of Justice will let voters know before 11/3/2020. Keep the 1-1-3 number in mind. I have only been writing that this number combination is a Ritual Killing Date since 2007.

  49. Self+Exiled

    PART I: As China and the US battle it out for control of the ‘New World Order’ we the people of the world are caught in the middle and are being destroyed. The Chinese version will always be a rendition of the dynasties that ruled China for several thousand years; aggression for control by the ruling class by deceit, deception, duplicity, treachery, entrapment, cunning pretense; which the US political bureau seems also to be practicing; but never as good as the Chinese. Their entire system of ruler ship was of this nature, and unified China, any doubts and you don’t want to study the personal history of the warlords and kings ascension to power just watch a few of their historically correct movies produced in China. There are some with subtitles shown in Asia. Remember As Mao Tse Tung told the CCP “Don’t worry about the Americans, we will hang them with the new rope they hand us.” and I add which they sold to us. Trump due to his loyalties [and I have not said to who or what yet] may have opened the eyes of some of the corporate interests of the NWO thus the situation we are caught in. The Covid is an agreed to development but who controls the vast 5G and surveillance network , well we will see. High risks for the US and China depending on who pushes the button first.

    • Self+Exiled

      PART II: Catherine Austin Fitts was being interviewed by Alex Jones and and was doing well with the interview in spite of the hosts lack of assurance or confidence due to his fear level. As she would counter him by saying no he would gradually calm himself and she could follow through with a complete sentence and sometimes a concept. At the end of the interview She said she was not as worried about China as she was about Israel. Alex his with usual inability to recognize a new lead into a topic of futuristic news decided he needed to clarify with his many generalized overstated well known platitudes. Greg: You are the only reporter I know that could approach Catherine on Israel’s role concerning this NWO present conflict construct {China vs USA} she was in reference to. With your professional relationship, Biblical knowledge, faith and confidence you could broach this topic of her concern of Israel. If you would please do so I think it would be very beneficial as we of the faith understand the importance of the Nation of Israel.

  50. Self+Exiled

    OKAY how far down can you go———Chinese Group Behind Release of Biden Tapes Claim Bidens Offered Up CIA Agents Who Went Missing in China in 2010 -2012

  51. Self+Exiled

    Richards says: $14,000 per ounce by 2026.

  52. tim+mcgraw

    Great interview with Gerald Celente as usual. Good to see Gerald not so angry and shouting. Not sure about his jean jacket choice.
    Here in Sonoma County, California we are still in the purple, worst tier. Gov. Newsom has told us that there “is no green tier. This will not end.” Oh, happy days. The best us Calis can hope for is maybe 50% capacity at restaurants and stadiums, churches and schools, life.

    So, what am I willing to do to change this situation? I’m 68. I burned my draft card a long time ago. We paid our property taxes to the county, though we hated to do so as the schools are closed, but very well maintained.

    My wife and I just want to hang on until the end. No grandkids. No reason to care about your future.

    That’s your job. What are you willing to do to make your future and that of your grandkids a good one?

    Talk is cheap. My wife and I did our bit fifty years ago. The Vietnam War did end and the US Military was nothing until 1990 and that damned Kuwait bullshit.

    Where are the young rebels of liberty?

    • JC

      tim mcgraw, you ask…
      “Where are the young rebels of liberty?”

      As eddiemd would say…
      “They are staring into the abyss of their iPhones.”

  53. Blather

    Last time he said Mitt Romney was going to be president and he was highly confident of it announcing it on the George Noorey show.

    Instead, we got the other guy. George Noorey never mentioned this to Gerald Celente when he showed up on his show later.

  54. Gale Storm

    Huawei’s Meng back in Canadian court to fight extradition to US

    AFP 1 hr ago

    Delta adds 460 people to no-fly list for refusing to wear masks

    Times Square billboards with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner stir skirmish

    AFP logo Huawei’s Meng back in Canadian court to fight extradition to US
    Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou returns to a Canadian court Monday as part of her two-year fight against extradition to the United States, with her lawyers expected to renew objections to the way in which she was detained.

  55. JJ

    They took away individual responsibility and then individualism its self.

  56. Marie+Joy

    Heroes will rise among us.

  57. Jay Smithson

    People who think Trump has done nothing for America ‘are living under a rock’
    Former White House staffer Barbara Heineback says “you’d have to be living under a rock” to think President Donald Trump has done nothing for America.

    New Allegation Against Trump and It’s Big
    1,624 views•Streamed live 59 minutes ago

    US Election 2020: Trump supporters show Biden winning Pennsylvania won’t be easy
    252,561 views•Oct 25, 2020 SkyNewsOz

    In the United States there are just 9 days to go until the Presidential election.
    Pennsylvania is a key battleground state and helped secure Donald Trump’s victory four years ago.
    Joe Biden is ahead in the latest polls, but democrats are still working hard to recapture the working class voters who abandoned the party four years ago
    / / / / / / / / /SPECIAL REPORT: Soros? Sour puss Latino’s
    Whoever wins the Presidency must ‘go through the Latino community’
    9,182 views•Oct 25, 2020 SkyNewsOz
    Strange how one guy here could say. Lets destroy the US. system and lets build back with a clusivity. . . !@#$%^ WTF?
    In linguistics, clusivity is a distinction between inclusive and exclusive first-person pronouns and verbal morphology, also called inclusive “we” and exclusive “we”. Inclusive “we” specifically includes the addressee, while exclusive “we” specifically excludes the addressee, regardless of who else may be involved. While imagining that this sort of distinction could be made in other persons is straightforward, in fact the existence of second-person clusivity in natural languages is controversial and not well attested. First-person clusivity is a common feature among Dravidian, Australian and Austronesian languages, and is also found in languages of eastern, southern, and southwestern Asia, America, and in some creole languages. Some African languages also make this distinction, such as Fulfulde. No European language outside the Caucasus makes this distinction grammatically, but some constructions may be semantically inclusive or exclusive. Blah Blah Blah

    For a guy who speaks poor English, its hard to understand why he would want to come here to the US., if it’s system needs to be destroyed and built back clusively. Whatever that means? It doesn’t sound good! Thank God these folk’s are a minority among Latino’s just as LGBTQRSTUV in your face Anglo’s, are too!

    The little pale Latino lady asked why would Donald Trump be best for the economy, take your vitamin D3 like he does and find out why and if you cant afford a 7 dollar bottle at Costco, for a two year supply. Go back home where the sun is still warm and get a tan. Like Trump again in Florida, where the sun’s still warm, too!
    PS> Don’t forget to take your made in the US. ventilator, you may need it. But 99.9% probably not

  58. Self+Exiled

    The usual Chinese veiled threats while they work deceptively behind the scenes as they have for the last 40 years. Here; if you have no money, no conversation. My nurse/caretaker could not pay her rent to a chinese lady landlord and the landlord locked her in the apartment and the guard at the gate would not allow her to leave. The solution burn down the apartment building. The smell of smoke; a fire in a trash can convinced the landlord that the exiting tenant was leaving and was as serious as she was {never get in between or try to stop two asian ladies fighting: never, and never call the police}.

    • Self+Exiled

      I suspect if you tried to be the gentleman intercesor the reality of being in a gunny sack with two bobcats would come to mind. I take my cue from the local male population who watch and very , very, slightly smile, and watch carefully, with a knowing look on their face, but no concern for alarm is suggested in their eyes. Sometimes carefully muted and noted amusement with no comments ever. There are advantages to a homogenous culture.

  59. Self+Exiled

    This guy almost convinced me—————

    Because of this God will send upon them a misleading influence, [an activity of error and deception] so they will believe the lie, in order that all may be judged and condemned who did not believe the truth [about their sin, and the need for salvation through Christ], but instead took pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thessalonians 2: 11-12

  60. Self+Exiled

    Pope’s stance on gay marriage unchanged despite remarks on same-sex civil unions——– That’s what’s being reported in this Philippines Newspaper, around the world that it’s a mixed reaction here.. What I pick up before the Pope’s statements were made is a disdain and a comical tolerance from the locals; but this is considered a conservative province therefore the LGBT message is absent. Altho, I have heard comments from locals that they are surprised at how many there are even in their own extended families.

  61. JC

    And so there is a third scenario for a coup d’état related to war. If Trump loses the election and a war or National Emergency occurs before the inauguration, then Trump will be forced to declare Martial Law and either he will not leave office on January 20th, 2021 or The Clinton-Biden-Obama Cabal will seize the government before January 20th, 2021 citing Trump’s military incompetence.

    Removing him forcibly after January 20th, 2021 after a lost or contested election will also play to The Trump Is A Dictator narrative that was crafted years ago. As I have written in Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III and on this Website, Trump needs to be the scapegoat for starting World War III and declaring Martial Law.

    The Trump Is A Dictator scenario can actually go on beyond 2021 and until he is unseated by force.

    The last scenario, of course, is that I am totally wrong. Readers will know instantly, because rainbows will suddenly arch across the sky, angels will blow their trumpets, and unicorns will come out of hiding to frolic in the fields. And then I can finally put this Website to rest, grateful that I am cured of my psychosis.

    Maybe then, I’ll come to love Big Brother.

  62. Bess McCoy

    Live: Trump holds ‘Make America Great Again!’ rally in Pennsylvania
    11,057 watching now•Started streaming 11 minutes ago

  63. eddiemd

    The latest out of Israel.

    Prophecy moving at warp speed.

    Exercise Lethal Arrow in northern Israel.

  64. Jobbie Nooner

    Mark Levin’s: Take on Pelosi’s Unhinged Meltdown. Shows Just How Much She Hates America
    After years of sleepy journalism, Wolf Blitzer awakens from his slumber and asks Pelosi the tough questions- and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. As the Pandemic rages on, millions of Americans desperately seek financial relief. But as President Trump seeks a “go big or go home” stimulus package, Queen Nancy continues to stonewall negotiations. Is she honestly trying to help the American People? Or will she go to any lengths to destroy the President – even if it means holding a gun to the head of the American Economy? Mark Levin breaks down Pelosi’s unhinged CNN meltdown and exposes her as the political animal that she is.

    After years of sleepy journalism, Wolf Blitzkrieger Blitzer awakens from his slumber and asks Pelosi the tough questions- and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. As the Pandemic rages on, millions of Americans desperately seek financial relief. But as President Trump seeks a “go big or go home” stimulus package, Queen Nancy continues to stonewall negotiations. Is she honestly trying to help the American People? Or will she go to any lengths to destroy the President – even if it means holding a gun to the head of the American Economy? Mark Levin breaks down Pelosi’s unhinged CNN meltdown and exposes her as the political animal that she is.

    Some comments
    mark oviatt 2 days ago
    Nancy is throwing everything she has at Trump, her family is implicated in Ukraine!! 😇😇😇🥳
    Follow My Logic 5 days ago (edited)
    The woman is seriously ill; beyond help. A classic narcissist.
    Michael Young 1 week ago
    Lil Joe 6 days ago
    Clinton, Obama & Pelosi are so afraid Trump is going to expose them for the criminals they are that they can’t think straight.

    • Self+Exiled

      Thank You, I’m very grateful that you brought this to our attention. I need to watch Mark Levin more often. Thank You.

  65. Tom+from+VB

    Just a quick verification of the point about black folks supporting Trump. I work at a major nation-wide discount store chain (I think I’ve mentioned this in the past). Over the past few days, I’ve noticed a number of youngish (30 something) black women proudly wearing Trump apparel and/or face masks….hmmm?

    Also, if I’m near a cop, I always tell them, “don’t quit…we appreciate you”. Every one of them has thanked me and told me that the support means a lot to them and they have no intention of leaving.
    All the Best!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom for the street reporting.

  66. Self+Exiled

    What do you think???—- That should be the one sure litmus test for anyone being offered a policy role in Trump 2.0. If you have Rick Wilson or Jonah Goldberg or Bill Kristol in your smartphone contacts, you should be barred from holding any position, no matter how minor.

  67. Self+Exiled

    Biden: “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics” LOL, When God shakes a system he does it down to it’s very roots. ”Thank You Lord, you definitely have a sense of humor. ”

    The righteous will see it and fear,
    And will [scoffingly] laugh, saying,
    “Look, [this is] the man who would not make God his strength [his stronghold and fortress],
    But trusted in the abundance of his riches,
    Taking refuge in his wealth.” Psalm 52 6:7

  68. Self+Exiled

    I see that my home state of South Dakota will be requiring teachers to be armed to defend students. I have advocated that for years and everybody just raised the old eyebrow like there he goes again. We have Israel militarize our police but do not train our teachers as they do. In western SD some of the students drove pickups with weapons hanging in the back window that were better armed than the Air Force personnel that guarded the missiles they put in the Minuteman silos. Maybe that’s why the missiles were located in that area, ya think?

  69. Self+Exiled

    Google Searches for ‘Can I Change My Vote’ Spike Following Hunter Biden Sex Tape Release.

  70. Self+Exiled

    I someday see Russia defending Israel, against Turkey’s aggression.

  71. Dushan Belgravich

    Trump 2020 In Brooklyn
    Zainab IqbalOctober 26, 2020 @5:13 pm
    BROOKLYN – It’s a week before the election day, and campaigning is in full swing. On Sunday, supporters of President Donald Trump decorated their cars in MAGA banners and Israeli flags. They drove through Brooklyn for a Jews for Trump car parade and rally. An NYPD officer was suspended for using his patrol car’s loudspeaker to chant “Trump 2020” while on duty in Flatbush. Video;

  72. Guy Porter

    Biden Rape Accuser Tara Reade: He Was A Hero Of Mine, He’s Like “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”
    Posted By Tim Hains October 5, 2020

    The MK Interview: Tara Reade
    1,141,714 views•May 8, 2020
    Megyn Kelly’s exclusive sit down with Tara Reade

    Tara Reade Body Language The Truth About Joe Biden Interview (2020)
    308,559 views•May 13, 2020
    What does the body language of Tara Reade tell us about the truth in her Joe Biden story? The world’s top body language experts analyze the Tara Reade interview (2020) on Joe Biden to reveal the truth.
    Learn to analyze body language as four of the world’s experts on human behavior and body language, The Behavior Panel, weighs in on the truth behind the story.
    Part 1.

    Gingrich: Trump Landslide Possible If Biden Family Corruption Is Exposed
    Posted By Ian Schwartz
    On Date October 26, 2020
    Newt Gingrich told Sean Hannity on Monday that a Trump landslide is possible if Biden corruption is exposed: “I’m reasonably confident that Trump is going to win and the question now is if we can get every American to understand just how crooked the Biden family is, whether it’s in China or Russia, Ukraine, you name it. I think that Biden would collapse totally and you’d have an election landslide that you wouldn’t quite be able to explain.”

    Mike Graham from; LONDON_– 👍
    Sebastian Gorka: ‘Joe Biden committed political suicide
    •Oct 23, 2020

  73. Porter Guy

    Joe Biden’s Body Language During Interview About Tara Reade
    1,636,809 views •May 6, 2020
    Is Joe hiding something besides Tara Reade? Last quarter.

  74. Diane

    I love in So.Cal…what food will be in short supply?
    What should we stockpile?
    I suspect your location will be important.

    • Bob+Lamb

      What you would normally eat for three months then stuff to keep you alive for longer like grains and legumes.

    • Rodster

      You should stockpile foods that have a HIGH shelf life such as canned goods (including canned beans, canned meat, condensed milk, canned soup etc). White rice, peanut butter also have an incredible shelf life. It’s also wise to have a manual can opener in case the power goes out. Some canned foods now have flip tops. Buy food that’s on sale especially meats and store them in a freezer. Also freeze dried food is good as well.

      No one knows what food will be in short supply. Although we can guess that meats will be on that list because many meat packing plants throughout the country were shutdown. What we have now is a supply that was already in the food chain and distribution network.

      It’s what’s waiting that’s the question mark. No one expected a near panic over toilet paper.

  75. ty thorson

    Kamala Harris will not be the first woman president’: Trump
    16,744 views•Oct 27, 2020 Sky News Australia
    President Donald Trump has told voters the United States cannot allow Senator Kamala Harris to be the nation’s first female president.
    Holding a campaign rally in Michigan, Mr Trump said “if he [Biden] gets elected, three weeks into his presidency they’ll say ‘Kamala are you ready, let’s go’”.
    “Three weeks in, Joe’s shot, let’s go, Kamala,” he said.
    “The most liberal person in the Senate, she makes Bernie Sanders look like a serious conservative.
    “We can’t let it happen, this will not be the first woman president.”

  76. Bloomin Onion

    Plausible deniability
    Plausible deniability is the ability of people, typically senior officials in a formal or informal chain of command, to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of a lack or absence of evidence that can confirm their participation, even if they were personally involved in or at least willfully ignorant of the actions.Wikipedia

    Willfully Ignorant of The Actions of Others 🙊 🙈 🙉 HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVILE__

    Plausible deniability is a term coined by the CIA during the Kennedy administration to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge. [LIKE ASSINATING A PRESIDENT FOR SHUTING DOWN AIRCOVER during AN INVASION of CUBA] The term most often refers to the denial of blame in (formal or informal) chains of command, where senior figures assign responsibility to the lower ranks, CLAIMING LACK OF ANY KNOWLEDGE OF! Whom may that be? Your not supposed to know. So the real power behind the throne can carry on they’re covert operations like operation Mockingbird, still used today but much more sophisticated. Just ask Andy Cooper! Once a spook [narc] always a spook..

  77. Max Meister

    He was wrong, obviously.

    • Greg Hunter

      Be patient Max. Not over yet.

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