Trump Triples Down on Vax & Greg’s Christmas Message

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 509 12.24.21)

President Trump is tripling down on pushing the vax, as he tells the public he has had his CV19 booster shot.  Trump is still taking full credit for “Operation Warp Speed” that he says “saved millions of lives.”  Who cares if there are more vaccine deaths and injuries by orders of magnitude for the CV19 experimental jabs than all vaccines combined in the past 30 years.  Does it work?  Not if you consider, just this week, that Senators Warren and Booker got their CV19 booster (third shot) and both are now sick with Covid.  Triple vaxed Jim Cramer, who wants forced vaccinations on all Americans, also just came down with Covid.  It does not stop Covid, but it certainly works for profits for the vaccine makers.  That much is for sure.

My Christmas message is bittersweet.  It’s been a heavy year for reporting the real news.  What is coming at us is going to be rough even if people like data analyst Clif high are only half right.  The CV19 injections cause permanent damage, and almost everyone has a family member who got vaxed.  The sad realization is there is no reversing this experimental jab.  The main reason is the graphene stays in your system forever and acts like razorblades throughout your body until you die.  The mainstream media intentionally misinformed people, and the psyop was intense.  Many have been scared into taking it or simply think if they comply and get injected, they will get their life back.  Of course, it is just the opposite.

So, the Christmas message is simply enjoy the birth of our Lord and Savior, live in the now and do not fear.  Jesus is real and he loves us dearly.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these topics, gives a Christmas message and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.24.21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

I am going to be taking some time off for Christmas.  I will not have on another post until the end of next week.  Merry Christ mas!!!



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  1. stuart spak

    So We have Been Called Conspiracy Theorist And Now It’s On The News! Someone Has To Be Held Accountable Surely?!?!?!?!?!?!?! #Murder

    • Earl

      Greg listen to clif high broadcast on 12/23 on Bit Chute he explains why trump is saying what he says about the Vax very important better yet get him back on your show to talk about it

      Blessing Earl

      • Steve Ross

        Somewhere you must draw the line. Trump is wrong and Clif did his best, but it does’nt hold water for my feeble brain. If Trump is ever able to explain himself, I think it will be to late for him. He will be dead just like the rest of the VAX ed.

        • Chip

          Trump supporting the clot shot is purposeful. He’s been false opposition all along. His supporting the clot shot is dividing his base. They will never be a unified voting base again. I estimate 40-50% of his base have jumped off the Trump Train. Divide and conquer. Now the dems will not have to cheat to win in 2024… Chip

          • David Gordon Dunne

            I think you are absolutely right Chip. He went to a Jesuit University. Jesuits are all in the Secret Societies and in the CFR, Bildenburg, the Vatican and all the big Banksters. This playing of his hand shows that.

            • sk

              The Jesuits may have had such power in 1500, but when people blame the Jesuits for the Covid phantasm in 2021, I wonder from WHOM they are deflecting the blame……..David Dunne Gordon? Any ideas?

          • JC


            G.A. STEWART: In my two last books, I based Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s return on the outbreak of a war. I now call it Joe Biden’s Big Military Mistake.

            In my 2019 book, I thought that would be Donald J. Trump’s Big Military Mistake, but that is when I thought that Donald J. Trump was an independent player setup to take the fall. Now I think that he was just a television actor hired to play a part. I will have more to say in my conclusion as to where I believe this is leading.


          • Hotrod

            My reluctance for Trump now is his disregard and disrespect of the January 6th protesters. He has not tried to help any of those incarcerated that were there for him. I was one of them paying the price. It’s very sad.

      • Marie+Joy

        Earl, I, really, hope you’re right.

        • Marie Joy

          Earl points out a Clif High 12/23 opinion piece, on BitChute, that all patriots should read. Hope you all have a peaceful, safe 2022.

          • Christian

            Yes. I trust Clif quite a bit. He’s been right on.

      • Robert Dziok

        You are correct Earl and what Cliff High presents in that podcast is very important. Aside from that the two December 24, 2021 RRN ( articles are pertinent. They are titled:
        “AT GITMO, Dr Francis Collins Blames Covid Lies on Dr, Fauci” and
        “Military Cautions Trump Over Pro-Vaccine Comments”.

        • LAE

          Not quite understanding why the “military” would caution him at this point. They have not stood up to any of the tyranny that has occurred over the past year; why would they start now? Have you not read about the commanders and other officers they are relieving of their commissions because those people have stood up and said they will not take the thing? Sad state of affairs what is happening to this once great shining beacon on the hill.

        • LAE

          The entire scenario of what happened last year, the way PDJT is now pandering to the left, and how he has not helped any of those political prisoners from Jan. 6th, PLUS his latest gig with Bill O’Reilly is solidifying that he too was/is nothing more than a sock puppet to the globalists. Many of his promises to drain the swamp, the chants we heard over and over agin at those rallies of “locking her up” will never came to fruition. I have read “In Trump Time “ where Dr. Navarro lays out how PDJT’’s son-in-law was allowed to undermine him. With this latest push, my support for the man is now gone. My husband has said from day one, “He (DJT) is in on it” with all the corruption. The push for the mandate was the last straw for me. I am a frontline nurse and quit my job because I will not bow to peer pressure by allowing a gene experiment to be placed in me. As Jesus’ apostle Paul has said that our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit who lives in us, I value this temple and will not succumb. Happy New Year!

          • Charles H.

            Agreed. Well said.

      • Mike

        I love your show Greg. It does not matter whatCliffHigh said about Trump. Trump is responsible for killing millions of people. nomatter what his excuse it, this poison shot was not worth the life of one person. Not one. Trump will be on trial for this. Count on it. He is a candidate for the Nuremberg trials for sure. This baloney to take down the deep state is all Lies. All of it. This is a reply to Earl.
        Trump was going to be in the White House this past March, then in September, and blah blah blah. And the killing goes on. I vote to try him as a traitor.

        • Robert Dziok

          “It does not matter what Cliff High said about Trump”? Into Censorship like the Desperate Dems and Corrupt Satanic Globalist Controlled MSM and Social Media are?

          “Trump is responsible for killing millions of people, no matter what his excuse is”? Don’t believe in the right for one to provide evidence to the contrary via what you call an “excuse”? Killing implies intent it seems and your evidence is? And your source for claiming “millions” have died is? Did President Trump create the “vaccine” or did President Trump initiate a process intended to create a safe vaccine because a portion of Americans desired such? One point Cliff High makes (and he makes others) is that President Trump’s initiative short circuited the Globalists/Deep State intent to have a lockdown of 10 years from 2020 to 2030 with 468 million lives lost from that. Thus, hundreds of millions of lives were saved. President Trump also gives credit to the people for that and is why he says they saved tens of millions of lives (Cliff High points out millions of lives actually}.

          “This baloney to take down the Deep State is all lies. All of it.” Really? And your rationale for claiming such is? Cliff High in interview with Greg has pointed out the Military’s plan called “Devolution” conceived in 1947 with updates since for such a time as this and went into effect 10/31/2020. RRN ( has and continues to post articles on Military Arrests, Military Tribunals and Execution sentences of Deep State etc. I have posted on Greg’s site (e.g. latest Bill Holter interview) as well as RRN comment sections rationale why such articles are true.

          “Trump was going to be in the White House this past March and then in September and blah blah blah”? And your source for saying this is? “Blah blah blah”? Now that says a lot! President Trump remains Commander-In-Chief (e.g. Cliff High has pointed this out in interview with Greg as well as others). Cliff High has also pointed out in interview with Greg that the Executive branch cannot be in charge of what the Military is now doing (e.g. arrests, military tribunals. sentences, etc.) . Think about it. If President Trump were now in the White House the Corrupt MSM and Social Media would have a field day fanning the flames of Civil War and that is NOT what President Trump or the Military ever wanted and made clear.

          “And the killing goes on”? Your source is? As I noted above killing seems to imply intent. Your source and evidence for is?

          “I vote to try him (President Trump) as a traitor.”? I vote “Mike” is spewing BS and likely a Traitor Troll!

          Aside from this Merry Christmas to everyone and a Safe and Healthy New Year.

        • David Gordon Dunne

          I agree with you Mike. At first, I tried to rationalize his pro kill shot stand by saying well his life and his family are threatened but then came to the conclusion he is one of them. He knows we are all dead meat if we don’t stand up and fight. He could have led the charge but NO, he and scum bag O’Reilly had to put us all down and ignore all the raw data from VAERS and about 500 top Doctors warning against these jabs and yelling danger, halt now, arrest the criminals. Now, you know what they all say, you don’t get to put a billionaire unless you are in the CLUB. I consider Trump an evil enemy now and more evil than Gates, Fauci and Nazi Klaus Schwab. They all at least tell us where they stand. Trump deceived us all. I say off with their heads and may Trumps head roll down the street first.

        • Laura McDonough

          I have encouraged others to quit voting on national level, just local and state only, All national candidates are globalists.

      • Jules

        Can you possibly provide a link to that discussion with trump. Would so appreciate it.
        Best wishes for Christmas and during this silliest of all seasons.

        • Robert Dziok

          Clif goes by Clif_High on The web address that comes up when I go to his podcasts there is:

        • Elaine Eike

          Data analyst Clif High discusses Trump’s paradoxical statements in this episode of “Explorers Guide to SciFi World”. In the first 30 minutes, he discusses the fall of the Federal reserve debt dollar. Start at about 29 minutes. Interesting take on Trump’s vaccine position.

      • JOHN

        Do not jump off the TRUMP BUS yet! The DISINFORMATION WAR is real. He is just using tools of the LEFT against them. Think about it! Sometimes you need to look at what the actions are all about and not the WORDS he uses! Eventually, we will all realize the method he is using, this will UNITE US ALL! GOD BLESS

        • Chip

          More 4D chess huh? Chip

      • Deb

        Earl, Can you share a link to that please? Thanks!

        • Robert Dziok

          Clif goes by Clif_High on The web address that comes up when I go to his posts there is:

      • Brian Blommer

        People (many of them children) are being injured and killed. There really is no excuse, no matter how it’s spun. I hung on to hope for Trump, too, but it is obvious now he is also an enemy of the people.

      • Southern Girl

        I’m with you….I watched the Clif High video, and he explains very well why Trump is doing what he is doing. Trump remember is a genius….very calculated moves on the chess board. I’m with him forever…after all we are family, he is my 6th cousin. Maybe the rest of you cannot see how he is moving the chess pieces so far ahead of what you see. Think future and what Trump’s plans are to take down the DS.

        • Robert Dziok

          Taking down via the Military in control and himself remaining as Commander-In-Chief the Satanic Globalists also along with the worldwide human/child trafficking multi trillion dollar network/business

        • Marktbuilder

          I used to think the same. Too many indicators reveal Trump as a trojan horse. The golden idol pagan statues that litter his mansions for just one.
          We knew dam well he was a snake when we let him in.
          The focus now should be on Jesus Christ. Repentance prayers fasting and faith is what I’m trying to focus on now these end days.

    • Paul ...

      SS … Not only murder … but they are trying to “trans-mutate” us humans into “another species” … .. is it any wonder Ivermectin works to kill off the fish gene parasites Big Pharma put into their “jab”!!!

      • JC


        Look at this mass hysteria in New York!

        Cops called as NYC crowd goes crazy over coveted free test kits…

        • Paul ...

          JC … These people “still don’t get it” … it was “virus infected” Test Kits that got the plandemic started in 2019 … the CDC allowed Big Pharma eugenicists put the Covid-19 virus right up the noses of people (almost into their brain) with a big long “infected stick” (to get their plandemic started) … now … are they handing out “free test kits” to the useless eaters (likely the same way infected blankets were handed out to the American Indians) … some independent researchers should immediately test these free kits for viral pathogens!!! … … remember the CDC sent to the 50 States “tainted” Covid-19 test kits in early February 2020 “That Were Themselves Seeded With The Virus” … and yes “Federal Officials Have Confirmed This” … but the CDC just issues an unbacked statement: “That the contaminated virus laden test sticks shoved up almost into peoples brains did not spread the virus to people” … yet … at the same time the CDC was requiring that people social distance “by at least six(6) feet” because the virus “at that distance” could infect you!!!!

    • Jeff

      Here’s a conspiracy theory to hope for . What if Trump is in hiding and the dark side is using a double to promote this evil agenda? These days everything is a stretch and yet possible.

      • Paul ...

        Interesting idea Jeff … we know Hillary has many doubles the Deep State uses for their evil purposes … and it could explain the conflicting statements “Trump” makes … but … if “the real” Trump is in hiding … then that “real Trump” is definitely not the man we want as our champion to fight the Deep State!!!

        • Hal

          That “crazy” theory may be quite accurate.

        • No worries

          President Trump is, NOT in hiding. There were many people at the event.

        • Jeff

          Paul “Hiding out” was a poor choice of words. Follow with me on this…. We all accept the “dark side” or Obummer are running the show behind this illegitmate administration, right ?
          Then why couldn’t Trump be working underground with the military white hats at such a critical time? If that is so then why couldn’t the dark side play games using a Trump double to promote the jab ? I’m quite sure they all have triples and more. I’ve seen these peoples doubles (triples) side by side and it’s obvious they are fakes.
          Further, since this whole fake administration is one big hollywood production (fake) it is almost a given they would use a fake Trump to say “in your face” Trump.
          While Trump is trying to take them down they are saying we’ll ruin your reputation and cause millions to die using your name !
          I believe this theory will come out as truth. God bless our country because God’s plan will come in His timing. Moreover, all you Christians here who have become discouraged as I have about Trump stand up with all your strength and pray for the restoration of this great country the Lord gave us. We (the church) allowed freedom to slip through our hands. We have the authority and power in Jesus Christ to turn the tide back.

        • JC


          The “nice lady” is coming back.

          G.A. STEWART: Regardless of how other writers spin what I wrote years ago, I suspect that when The Hillary Clinton Return takes place, we will also see a parallel return of Donald J. Trump to the headlines.

          When you hear of Hillary Clinton’s Return, remember where you read it first. Because the clock is ticking, and your life may now be measured in weeks and days.

          • Charles H.


            Hilary and Bill now show presence in commercials. That is not so dead as was believed.

    • Jessy James

      Trump and the vaccine go hand-in-hand. We were all fooled. We should have known better putting a wealthy American in the White House. Trump only cares about those green, paper rectangles (and his image). We shouldn’t be shocked that Trump is not only supporting the vaccine and the 3 jab providers, but taking credit for it. I’m VERY confident Harris will be the next President if Trump runs…

    • Lynne x

      Sorry to all that think Clif High is a prophet. Trump is the owner of the vax. He once said he wanted it to be called the Trumpzine. Clif High is interesting, but just another CIA Pysop. An older QAnon. The truth needs proof not prognostications. Proof you can verify!!!!!!!

      • Catherine

        I also have doubts about High. His dad was in the for army for decades starting with the Korean War and received recognition for heroism, also indicates cliffs childhood was unusual. The high level of drug he admits to use specifically LSD. might indicate he was used by the military or CIA for experimental purposes.
        In any case his references to extraterrestrials encounters is ridiculous and he admits to being a paranoid schizophrenic.
        All in all though he is intelligent and most probably his predictive computer program he developed was sponsored by government agencies.
        So only time itself will show how involved, crazy, or patriotic his efforts are
        Same with Trump. Time only will show us where he is on the patriot compendium.
        Patience and strength is the key to understanding
        Happy New Year

        • Rachel.M.

          So he is a nut case! I think your are right, we should probably ignore him. He may be weaving in the findings of other speakers who are actually doing their own genuine research. Both conditions you mentioned are highly delusional.

    • Mike

      Greg. Please read this.
      Just listened to Cliff Hogh defending the shots video. Sorry, Cliff is a moron for spouting that poison he talked about. His spin is a spin of the enemy you and all of us are fighting. Please…for your sake listen to his video and keep him off of your show. He is a LIAR. and a shill for Trump.

    • J sis

      First off trump did not say he took the Covid shot. He stated he took the vaccine. Pay attn. he took hydroxy……that was his vaccine.

      • Greg Hunter

        President trump said he took two Pfizer shots and one Pfizer booster. I heard him say it.

        • David Gordon Dunne

          I heard him say this too.

        • Headstrong

          Former President Trump experienced a very severe case of Covid and ended up at Walter Reed Hospital last year on extra oxygen. You guys are fools if you can’t see why he got the vaccine when it finally came out. He knew how scary and awful it was to get it. The original Covid-19 was a badass virus, a killer. The new variant Omicron’s not as bad, because you don’t often end up with pneumonia, like the original variant. But if you insist on NOT getting necessary vaccinations in the future, Natural Selection may opt YOU out, Greg.

          • Greg Hunter

            You know nothing about natural immunity, and apparently, either do the Trump’s doctors. What do you not understand about these shots being experimental under an “Emergency Use Authorization”???

    • Wayne

      Everyone needs to accept that…We the People have done nothing but expect someone else to do what WE the People are charged to do…..Hold ourselves accountable for allowing all this claim of…Diversity and Tolerance and no child left behind insanity blinding what the facts are ..ZERO TOLERANCE ..Look in the mirror…that’s who’s to blame.
      In God we trust…..not in this lifetime…

    • Mike D

      What’s most important to me, and the reason I continue to support Donald Trump for President, is that even if he supports people getting the COVID vaccines, he’s against ALL VACCINE MANDATES, and he’s for known therapeutics such as Ivermectin and HCQ.

      • Greg Hunter

        Trump is not talking about Ivermectin and HCQ. He’s talking about getting vaxed and just got his booster shot.


  2. barsoom43

    I have a 308 that says neither the military nor any other agency is going to force me to be vaccinated with these experimental non-vaccines made from tissues of aborted babies. I have been in combat- I haven’t killed anyone in a long time.. I am not going to take those shots. Cramer can stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine.
    It’s already been said that if God doesn’t destroy this evil government and punish this country then maybe He might want to apologize to Sodom.

    • Paul from Indiana

      This is EXACTLY where I’m at with all this. I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry. Best always. PM

    • Mark

      A 308 doesn’t work against Nukes.

      • Marie+Joy

        Mark, China wants land, for farming, to feed their people. Nuking any continent, they are taking over, destroys farming possibilities. I don’t think they’ll nuke us. Other things, like a UN invasion/Ebola/EMP/destroying our food supply, yes, but not nukes.

        • Chris

          I think Bill Gates will get your farm land long before China. I’d be more worried about “Raja Bill” as the Indians call him, than president Xi Jin Ping of China, who is presently receiving some push back within the CCP. China is quite unstable economically and politically, not to mention socially. The boys in Beijing aren’t going to nuke anyone. They enjoy the pleasures money can buy too much. They know they’d be toast too if they did that. One thing I’m sure of, the Chinese leadership are not insane, which is more than you can say for the lunatics running the west at the moment.

          • Paul ...

            Chris … At least the “Commies” in China frown upon “Transgender Story Time” for their little school children … whereas “the Commies” in the United States of America allow Queers dressed in clown outfits to bounce our little children on their erect peckers!!

          • Cory Christofferson

            yes Bill Gates is the biggest owner of farmland in the US but its a tiny tiny drop in the bucket compared to all the farmland in the US. Statements saying he will end up owning all the farmland in the Us is beyond stupid

    • Bob

      Greg, thanks for all you do. I’ve been listening to you for well over 3-4 years now and practically plan my days around your broadcast schedule. I also forward each of your emails to my entire extended family. Regarding Pres. Trump, I too was perplexed at his rather cavalier attitude regarding these vaccines. At first, I thought he was just confused, but now it’s evolved to something new. I used to send him quite a bit of money (which I can’t really afford, but really believed in him). Over the past few months I’m being completely bombarded with solicitations from him and the entire GOP, it seems. The only person who I now send contributions to is Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida, where I reside. Nothing to anyone else, ever again (except you, of course). Merry Christmas to you and your family. I’ll say a prayer for you tomorrow at Christ mas Mass.

      • DanielSong39

        Bob, Trump was controlled opposition

        • Chris

          I have heard that said of Trump, and others before, but never seen any evidence to prove any of the cases. It’s an assertion and it may be correct – or not. Who really knows? Anyway, here is my guess, and I haven’t a clue if it’s true or not either. Just a hunch really. Trump is obviously someone with a massive ego. He was told by supporters he could be president and took a chance and against the odds won an election he was not expected to win. That threw the cat amongst the elite pigeons. From then on he was a marked man. He probably thought he was king pin for the first few days or weeks, until the people who really run the world took him aside and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Basically, play ball with us and we will give you a few wins. Try to do things your way and find out the hard way who really has the power. He probably still thought his popularity would get him through, and he pushed the envelope in a few ways, but in the end the power structure won out. I have no idea why he’s pushing the clot shots. Maybe he is telling the truth and he did get them and maybe he’s not. Perhaps he really believes they are “safe and effective”. He’s not a genius, that’s for sure. In any case, he’s not on the side of the angels on this matter and that, alone, should disqualify him from any further consideration for high public office.

      • George

        Yeah Trump been putting the bit on we the people since the election scam maybe he should have took those checks he was paid for being president

      • virginia clark

        Completely agree and now that DeSantis turned in his papers to run again, he is the only contribution I will make. Trump has enough money and the rest are worthless for the most part

        • J. Kimble Allen

          Virginia … sadly … regarding Gov. DeSantis … you may want to consider the following:

          Approved by Florida Gov. DeSantis in MAY, 2021.

          In part;
          ” 4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.

          a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.

          b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual. ”

          In his official bio, the Florida Surgeon General, aka State Health Officer, boasts about being funded by the criminal organization, National Institutes of Health, for 30 years!

          I will never allow my body/God’s Temple to be injected with an aborted baby drug experiment, by these evil people and I will defend myself by all means necessary!

          • virginia clark

            DeSantis has publicly stated numerous times that he will not allow mandates or forced vaxxs. Is that the current law? At least we are not in Chicago or Boston where passports will be mandatory in Jan. and Feb. We actually have rights in FLorida as far as I know

      • Suzette Lawrence

        Bob, Zerohedge just reported that the charges against DT in the SOuthern District of NY have been dropped…

        • Paul ...

          In payment for pushing the Pfizer Jab on TV with Bill O’Reilly???

      • Catherine

        Bob. I am also bombarded with donations appeals for Trump. In all honesty I will not contribute because of my distrust that initially began when he did not arrest any of his accusers during his term and then increased anger over his “acceptance over the stolen election by libs”. His “fighting” words are in retrospect ridiculously useless if he doesn’t follow up with actions.
        You can always determine who an individual is by the actions. Words alone are hollow.

    • Larry

      Ditto’s on the 308 and the outlook. F. J. B. and his horse camela.

    • Robert Dziok

      Thank you for your service and welcome home! I’m an Army veteran of the Vietnam War Era myself. Not having an armed citizenry is why Australia first disarmed it’s citizens before implementing it’s Draconian China Virus and Jab laws. It’s also why “Confiscation Clinton” (also known as “Comrade Clinton”} said we should follow the “Australian Model” of “Gun Control” (i.e. Confiscation) during her failed 2016 Presidential election bid.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      barsoom, Cramer looks and talks like Lenin. The pig creeps me out. He brings on Pig Pelosi and keeps calling her Madame Speaker. I only watched CNBC because I liked Joe Kirnan but never turn it on now ever. Just like the Naval ships with all on board catching the CCP Virus, the same on Cruise ships and the maniacs want to force jab people in their homes and take them to Concentration Camps. As Bill Holter said, “It will take Jesus coming back now to take them all down.”

  3. nathan dunning

    Turns out Trump and Biden are good friends. Trump offered Biden advice on the Vaccine Mandates and said maybe change the tone. Biden thanked Trump for Operation Warp Speed and the 2 Graphene Loaded Gene Therapy Drugs designed to Change mankind into Automaton Slaves. Greg Hunter it is clear now that Trump and Biden serve the same master and at the end of the day they serve the prince of this world. We both know that is Lucifer. Thank you Greg Hunter for being one of the few Good Guy’s, God Bless you Shabbat Shalom and Merry Christmas.

    • Mike+G

      They both serve the same master. That says it all. And the master wants depopulation and that is all this is. The clot shot is the bioweapon, less destructive than a world war, though that may be next in the master’s bag of tricks.

    • John


      • Paul ...

        John … Perhaps even Sadomasochistic (by forcing at Warp Speed an experimental jab “with razor blades in it” … that is killing our children with heart attacks … and older people with strokes, etc., etc.!!

  4. Robert Coleman

    Donald J Trump has Lost any hope of support or re-election. He has capitulated to BIG PHARMA and the Globalists. It’s Time for 1776 2.0 Merry Christmas to All and Hopefully a Happier New Year. IT’s BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS – GENOCIDE

    • Marie+Joy

      God helps those who help themselves.

      • Aston Martin

        But especially those who can’t Marie!

    • John

      Time for 1776 2.0? Two points on that. First, isn’t it amazing how so many assure us how they don’t believe in violence of any sort for any reason and what we should do is just not comply. That didn’t work then and it won’t work this time. The second point is this: If we started a second revolution the outcome would be different this go round. We would meet the same fate the Jews met in Jeremiah’s day and for the same reasons. 2 Chronicles 7:14

    • J

      Trump referred to HCQ as a vaccine last year. That’s why he said he’s been vaccinated. He never said injected. Let’s all do a bit more research before we make up our minds.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not true. Trump has said publicly, and I heard him say this, he has had 2 Pfizer CV19 shots and 1 Pfizer booster. That’s what he has said.

        • Brooklyn


          Thank for you Christmas USAWD Weekly Wrap Up.

          We totally agree with you, Bill Holter, and of course Gerald Clemente. Trump needs to sit down and shut up. Few respects him anymore. He is not misinformed, he knows exactly what he is doing. Jobama, Trump and Fauci are all promoting the nRNA, spike protein, graphene hydroxide laden kill shot. There is no other way to say this, but Trump and his minions wants you dead and has already been responsible for millions of clot shot deaths, with millions more to come over this dark winter.

          Bill Holter told us that Trump’s political currency for 2022 is gone. He shot himself in the foot. His continued hawking of the clot shot has made him politically bankrupt! Trump’s own ego became the final weapon they used against him.

          He not only fraudulently signed the EUA, and forced to lie about a number of known remedies being available, but he, as a former POTUS, has turned a blind eye and ear to the hundreds of his loyal followers, who unconstitutionally, sit in Nancy Pelosi DC shit-house-jail cell, crying out in pain and anguish, to the point where, thanks to Trump, No One Hears Them Anymore..! 

          Donald J. Trump is a Deadman Walking. As Gerald Clemente so correctly replied when asked about Trump and his future, “ENOUGH! Get outa here…!”

          • Chip

            Spot on Brooklyn!!! Chip

        • Jerry

          You are absolutely right.

          The look on his face says it all. The man is either out of touch with reality, or he’s bought off. Either way, if he keeps pushing this agenda he will lose his base. The new up and coming Republican candidates appreciate what the early Trump president was able to accomplish, but they are moving forward to finish it, with or without him. They know there is to much at stake, and that time is running out. I fully anticipate that the Democrats will counter by getting rid of Biden prior to the midterms to shore up their left wing base. They can rig national elections, but state elections no.

    • virginia clark

      That was well done. Thanks for sharing

    • Earth Angel

      Thanks for posting this link Robert! So clever is the person who wrote the new lyrics & put this to the music. I had to laugh in spite of the fact that this is truly terrible. Malice murder and genocide isn’t at all funny- I just couldn’t help it. If I don’t laugh I’d cry. RIP for the lives lost to this massive murder scheme and may their loved ones find comfort and peace somehow. May God bless the thousands upon thousands injured & maimed by the QUALITY of life ENDING, debilitating side effects caused by the evil jabs. It’s difficult to fathom that those who die outright could actually be the LUCKY ones. The lyricist is correct- those responsible for this MUST ‘swing’.. and sooner rather than later I hope.

      • Earth Angel

        See Red’s post of video below. Same as the one posted by Robert. Thanks to you both. Melody to: “Its Beginning to Look Alot Like (Genocide) Christmas”. Clever adaptation- Share everywhere!

  5. Red

    Greg this needs to go viral.

    • JC


      This is a great video.

      It’s beginning to look a lot like… Genocide!

    • Robert

      Red that was fantastic surprised I never seen that I’m always digging. The ending when the bastards hang they show all the culprits we all know but I’m afraid they must edit that ,there is a face they left out I will give you one guess on who that is,I hate to say it but it’s the truth! I will give you 1 hint warp speed.
      Hey I really pray you have a wonderful Christmas,
      Your brother in christ Robert

      • DanielSong39

        They will indeed meet their end but God says he’s got this one.

        Judgment will come the moment they’re dead and not before then.

    • Rusty

      Too perfect Red, thanks for posting. I’m going to share this everywhere—but after Christmas.

    • Rusty

      Watching this video I just thought of something else. I believe that the Word says that Jesus will return “in the blink of an eye” but doesn’t say the living will disappear suddenly. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 says “the dead in Christ will rise first” and then (after some time) the living will “be caught up” with them. I don’t know (not a theologian by any means) but could it be that only the living’s spirits will be “caught up” and their bodies be left behind? In other words, could it be that they die, that millions suddenly fall over dead just as is now happening as a result of the death shot?

      I’ve always thought that the books and movies that show millions of people suddenly vanishing are silly. I just don’t think it’ll happen like that nor do I believe that Jesus will reveal Himself to the world in such a way (not until He returns in the clouds with His army). If and when the “world” (the unsaved) see millions falling over dead from Bill Gates death shots, they’ll once again simply believe whatever new set of lies they’re told if millions of Christians were to also fall over dead suddenly. For the world, it’ll just be “another day at the office.”

      • DanielSong39

        My best understanding of that passage is that the end will come unexpectedly, so one must always be prepared and live a life of obedience. You can’t put off living a godly, obedient life because people who do that will be caught cold. See the parable of the ten virgins, the five who were prepared and lived an obedient life was invited. The five who were disobedient were left out.

        • Suzette Lawrence

          I agree. I often wonder why people continue to predict the end and are never deterred by the fact that everyone before them got it wrong…

          • Rusty

            I wasn’t predicting anything and asked “Could it be?” In other words and something I guess I didn’t explain well, I wasn’t saying that people falling over dead is harbinger of the end times happening now (or all that soon) but was simply saying that perhaps some future death shots “could be” a “sign” that points to the rapture. I don’t believe the current so-called vaccination will kill millions (at least not outright, not until they keep giving more and more and more “booster shots” and destroy the immune systems of billions), but now the murderous political/corporate/media cartels have a “tool” in place and know that they can herd the masses like the sheep they are.

            You’re 100% right about how so many have predicted the end times and been wrong, and for at least 1,000 years in fact. Here’s a great show by the best host in history on just that:

            That host BTW, Pastor Bob Enyart, died of COVID a few months back (really murdered by a hospital). He was my best friend even though he lived in Denver and I in Alaska (I volunteered at his studio for 5 years), and I can’t say enough good about him—brilliant mind (truly should get a Nobel Prize for his theory in physics), the best debater hands down, so full of love, gave up million$$$ working for Microsoft as he refused to be party to their corruption and instead went into his ministry (of which I’m a total jerk for not seeing his true mission (long story) and now see I’m an even bigger jerk for not realizing what a treasure Bob was to not just me but to the world until after he passed).

        • Occasnltrvlr

          In what way were those five virgins disobedient?

          • DanielSong39

            The five foolish virgins were not prepared. These symbolize the people who put off living a life of faith because they think they can always do that later. See Matthew 25:12-13 for the explanation.

            • Occasnltrvlr

              Doesn’t the fact that they are virgins imply that they had lived a life of faith, unsullied by the world, waiting for the proper day and time of the wedding?

    • Juli Barbato

      Thank you for everything, Greg! Merry CHRISTmas to and all your loved ones and to the USA Watchdog family. May your (and our) good deeds return to you (and us) a hundredfold so that you (and we) can continue to do even more good works.

      He is born! God bless us all!

    • Catherine

      Very clever. I shared it. Thanks

    • Charles H.

      OH Yeah! That was great!

  6. That Guy

    The VAXXNAZIS are going completely mad. VAXX mandates and ID’s in the Deep Blue states are more draconian but, at the same time quarantine times are being shortened from 10 days to seven among First Responders because it’s obvious that the OMIGOSH is OMIGONE pretty damned quick.
    Reality has a way of impinging on ‘best laid plans’.

    • Jeff

      You deserve the time off Greg. Many have received the truth through your efforts. God bless you and family.

    • Jeff

      They are going to release a very bad virus next because they need everyone to conform and receive the jab. It will be so bad that they scare most to take it. For their worldwide plan to work everyone has to receive the jab (or should I say mark as I’m beginning to wonder).
      So, prepare yourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically.
      Sorry, not a very merry message.

  7. JC

    There is something very fishy about Donald Trump, he partied a lot with Jeffrey Epstein. And he certainly makes a lot of cryptic statements, doesn’t he?

    • Paul ...

      JC … Speaking of Trump … Sadomasochism comes to mind … where some sort of “Warped” pleasure is derived from issuing an emergency authorization act that involves the infliction of pain on other people (or on oneself)!!!

    • Ray

      Correct as usual JC………
      Let us not forget the words of Trump prior to being elected President in 2016.
      “You can even grab ‘em right on the pussy, and they won’t do anything”.
      It was later dismissed as “locker room talk”, and we all fell for it.
      Trump, like 99.99 % of the politicians in this world,is nothing but a grub.
      A grub born 3rd base, money hungry, money worshipping grub.
      I know some say that he worked for one dollar as President……..cuts no mustard with me.
      When you own an Olympic swimming pool of water, one drop spilling over the edge (dollar) means sweet f*#k all.
      Anyway……..he has shown himself now…..his true colours, and will be FOREVER linked with whatever this global vaccine push delivers.
      He has gone totally against God……..and to think some said God had put His hand on him to defeat evil……fair dinkum! Just shows how the devil can so easily deceive (I say that as one who was indeed deceived, believing Trump was one who stood for good…….he never did…….he only said that he did)
      What was that in the bible that says something along the line of “Ye shall know them by their works, and the fruit that they bear”?
      Couldn’t be more accurate.
      I think we are in the final straight now JC, of this long, long marathon.
      Let’s all reinforce & strengthen our faith in Jesus and His Father, our God, who has promised he will not desert us during these historic, prophetic times.
      Merry Christmas to all……..especially to THE UNSWERVING SERVANT OF GOD, Mr Greg Hunter.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Bruce R Porter Sr

        Yes, but we are stuck with the obvious fact that Trump was far, far, far better than Hilary.
        I’ve said since Viet Nam sitting on a rice paddy dike in 1965 that there was only 1 party.
        The difference between R and D is the speed at which we become a dictatorship, the Ds were/are the fast track, the Rs the slower track.
        Voting was to allow “we the people” to have some say in the speed. Not the final result.

        • Ray

          Hi Bruce,
          Merry Christmas to you and yours.
          Not too sure about the line of argument that states that Trump was a far, far better choice than Hillary (and she is an abomination). Both in my view are heads on the same insipid Hydra.
          Under Trump, global wars continued, the swamp got deeper, debt blew out even further, Q – Psy Op sucked in millions, nation divided, cracked and dispirited.
          How can things get much worse than they are now?
          What is Trumps’ legacy?
          Oh…’s “take the vaccines…..dey is good for you dey is……I am their father you know”
          Fair Dinkum!
          The government is outright MANDATING MURDER VIA LETHAL INJECTION!!!
          Yet ……..not an American Patriot to be seen with loaded gun in right hand and a copy of the Constitution in the other, standing out the front of their local City Hall.
          No “well organised militia” either.
          Just like over here in the Pathetic Lap Dog Nation…….peaceful protests……..whilst the bastards in government move on…… planning and ticking off their next instalment of the Human Horror Show.
          We should never have given up our guns here in this country………we are paying for that now.
          What is the current standing then, at this moment, of 2nd Ammendment of the US Constitution?
          Do we see its’ intrinsic value being put to work? Can we point to evidence that shows its lawful basis being carried out?
          It might be better named “The Emperor Has No Clothes Ammendment” (no offence to US Watchdoggers…..I am mighty pissed off as I type this).
          It’s almost as if the US knows it has a headache, has an aspirin, and won’t swallow it!
          Perhaps I am wrong……..probably am.
          You say Bruce that you were once in a rice paddy, in someone else’s country…….its’ interesting as I ponder the possible karmic ramifications of the Vietnamese war.
          Seems to me upon honest reflection, innocent Vietnamese people were subjected to unspeakable, horrific trauma as the TYRANNICAL JACKBOOT of an unhinged, crazed government reigned death upon them…..all in the name of “Freedom”.
          The clock moveth forward some 5o years……..
          Seems to me that innocent people in America (and the world) are being subjected to even more unspeakable, horrific trauma as the TYRANNICAL JACKBOOT of unhinged, crazed governments reign death upon them…..PACKAGED IN SYRINGES……..all in the name of “Freedom”.
          America……..PICK UP YOUR GUNS……..HONOUR YOUR FOUNDERS (and NEVER, EVER allow ANYONE take them away from you)
          Take your best aim at “The Hydra” and finish this tyranny.
          Once America moves, the world will move in the same direction, and the US will once again be able to, PROUDLY, reassert itself The Nation That Leads In Freedom.
          Canberra, Unhinged, Crazed Lap Dog Nation.

  8. thingamajig

    Some one please explain why Trump had the booster when he has recovered from covid and has natural immunity. Is his personal doctor so stupid that he did not tell him sir you have natural immunity you don’t need the booster. Or did he give use a huge lie when he told O’Reilly that he got the booster.

    • paul anthony

      when he recovered from covid he did a victory lap around the hospital parking lot and bragged about the not only did he beat covid after they intentionally tried to give it him
      but .. the docs told him he now has natural immunity as an in your face to the left…

      so my point is he knows about naturally immunity

  9. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for making a Christmas Eve video. Yes, Trump is not on our side. He has gone over to the Dark Side. He never defended the Jan. 6th folks in solitary. Trump is Trump and only cares about Trump.
    The whole Covid Scamdemic is about the vaccine/data passports. Put humans into a slavery run by the elites. All the rest is a distraction.
    This is a soul harvesting by Satan using the vaccine passports and smart phones.

    • Allen Sachetti

      You are right Tim, so right

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Tim,
      Totally agree.
      Sounds trite, but nevertheless true: Covid-19 (C.O.V.ID.19) = Certificate Of Vaccination Identification 2019.
      That’s why TPTB don’t give a shit about the fact that 100,000,000 Americans may have natural immunity to ‘Covid-19’ OR that ‘Covid-19’ poses ZERO risk to children – their grand plan requires all human livestock be biometrically tagged and thereby electronically linked to ‘the Internet of Things’. Welcome to Klaus Schwab’s dystopian vision.

      P.S. As for DJT claiming to have been triple-jabbed, this is simply kabuki theatre. Anyone useful to the regime receives publicity shots of harmless saline.

  10. tim mcgraw

    Gowthe: The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.

    Have we always been slaves?

    • Charles H.

      Perhaps, Tim – some cages are larger and more complex than others? Merry Christmas.

      • JC

        The Doors

        “You are locked in a prison of your own devise.”

        • Canadian B

          … and don’t forge the Eagles’ Hotel California “they are all just prisoners here of their own device”

          • Charles H.

            Or the Eagles – ‘Your prison is walking through this world all alone.’

  11. Lawrence

    Thanks Greg. Merry Christmas my fellow brother!

  12. William Betts

    The VAX does not work. It will kill some people immediately, and others will see their immune system destroyed and dead later on down the line. It should have been taken off market in 2020. I have lost confidence in Trump and am supporting the Florida governor for 2024…..Betts

    • Paul ...

      WB … If meek minded Trump took the “Pfizer shot and booster” as he claims … he’s “a dead man” walking … who will soon inherit the Earth just like Julius Caesar (who was ambushed by many Senators on the Ides of March in 44 BC) … Trump’s been stabbed in the back many times by Senators like Hillary and World Leaders like Bibi … but Trump’s final “Et tu Brute” moment will come … when he finally realizes … “his best buddies” like Gates, Fauci and Pfizer (who lead him to sign the Emergency Authorization Act) … stabbed him “more then the 23 times Caesar got … Trump will be heir to “millions of stabs” (by microscopic nano-razors) plunged into him “by his best buddies”!!

  13. Dan temple

    Check out Dr Campbell of England and his proof that the improper Vaccine injection tech ic is the major cause of the major injury to patients as they don’t “aspriate the syringe and are injection ting a muscular injection directly into veins or arteries so the vac spreads I to the organs. Heart and brain

  14. tim mcgraw

    PS: Sorry for all the comments, but I feel like time is running out. I voted “No” in your Trump poll. LOL. I’m in another tiny minority again. Yes, a big die-off is coming and I’ll probably be one of them along with my wife. No, we didn’t get jabbed, but we around the zombies all the time. The Pod People are everywhere in our small town in California.
    See you all on the other side.

    • Lloyd Good

      I voted ‘yes if he admits he was lied to’ but- it is a ‘no’ vote because he will never do that. It will become clear that he has lost his base because he will not reverse his position on the vassassinations. I voted ‘yes if only he admits he was lied to’ so it would be clear that is the reason why
      I would never vote for him again. He has proven the suspicion that he was controlled opposition all along, and only won the first time because the oligarchs underestimated just how despised was reptillary.

      • Brooklyn


        We totally agree. Trump is gone!

        And, the only reason he beat Killary was because they DIDN’T USE THE DOMINION VOTING MACHINES TO CHEAT – ENOUGH in 2016. They underestimated just, as you say, how many people truly HATTED the Lowlife-Scumbag HRC. Which is where the Cabal learned their lesson, to make sure Jobama won by millions of votes in all six battleground states.

        Donald Vax Trump – Dead Man Walking!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “Pod People” ~ from ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers’ (1956). Great analogy!

    • JuicyMoosey

      For anyone who doesn’t know how some of these pod people behave… The vaxxers mob this guy.

      They’re also lieing about what they’re seeing right in front of their own faces despite it being on camera. Something is absolutely fundamentally wrong with their minds.

      Does anyone remember an episode of Star Trek TNG called “The Game”? (Episode 106 S05E06) –

      The episode involves a portable computer game (Like a smartphone?) that addicts and hypnotises the players into being obedient drones to an authority and hostile to anyone who isn’t addicted to the game. “It rendered them extremely susceptible to the power of suggestion”. The end of the episode shows that the hypnotism could be disrupted with a rapid strobe light flash.

      I wonder if there’s something we can do to break the hold on these people’s minds? What if these people really are infected with a mindworm (Fixed with ivermectin) or are hypnotised? What if there’s a simple remedy?

  15. Gary Horn

    I have heard that NAC is able to help in removal of the graphene hydroxide, one opinion being from that Spanish group who early on discovered the presence of graphene in the jab. I think it’s the extra production of glutathione that benefits removal. At this point, who knows though.

    • jim becker

      The Graphene Hydroxide is different than the Graphene Oxide which can be cleared somewhat by NAC and Pine Needle Tea and other items. The Graphene Hydroxide is a string of atoms joined together into the razor blade formation – and apparently unless you did something like run your blood through something doubt can get it out of your system.

      I am not a doctor – just read about this stuff too much.

      • Greg Hunter

        I beg to differ and so would Dr Noack if he were alive. Graphene Hydroxide can be made into brake pads that never wear out. Here’s Dr Noack’s video:

        • Gary Horn

          Thanks Greg for the link to the extended version of a much shorter video I had seen. I agree with you and Jim, this expert is testifying that graphene hydroxide is not biologically degradable. The original Spanish researcher I’m referring to had only mentioned graphene oxide, looking back over the link.
          By the way Greg, Merry Christmas to you!

        • carl

          The crazey thing is the Drs video seems like a plausable explaination and fits into whats going on

  16. Jim

    They say to “take the vaccine”. But there is no approved vaccine that you can get. There is an experimental shot that is allowed under EUA, but it is NOT a vaccine! If you take that shot then you are nothing to them but a lab rat. Trump says he took the “vaccine”. He did not say he took the EUA drug!

  17. nathan dunning

    Put these Graphene injected Humans near 5G and we’ll see how they respond. This Nano Technology is actually Trans-Humanism. They intend to pervert the Image of God. Just like the the Days of Noah when the Fallen Angels and their offspring had perverted Mankind and only Noah’s family were still 100% Human. Jesus said as it was in the Days of Noah so shall it be at the return of the son of Man. Whatever you do Greg and whatever it takes protect your family from this. Only my 16yr old and myself are unvaxxed in my entire family. So if Cliff High is right our whole family tree will be devastated. I hope he’s wrong but I feel it in my soul that there is doom on the horizon before Christ returns.

    • JuicyMoosey

      Very disturbing footage from a security camera depicting a woman on her phone (No surprises there) and then suddenly there’s a visible flash from the phone. Maybe it’s static, an EMP? I don’t know.

      Two seconds later it she appears to be having a heart attack. If she ain’t dead she ain’t far off it but it definately looks like the phone was responsible.

      Is this an interaction between the phone and the vax graphene? Is there a correlation between the unvaxxed and people who don’t constantly use their phones? Are the phones a part of the mind control being used on people?

      There’s scientific papers about mind control and electromagnetism that goes back decades and Facebook has been doing research on “effective advertising” that has learned even colours in the right place on the screen can affect people’s decision making.

      With 5G connecting into vaxxed people’s hub… if this is true it’s …. beyond diabolical. Furthermore, if they get these vax chips into somebody can they mind control them and/or blackmail them? Somebody like Trump for example?

      I think the resistance needs to gain access to these 5G towers either physically or electronically and learn more about them now rather than later. (There’s a fella uploaded a video where one of the 5G circuits he installed into a tower had C-19 written on it and if true would provide further evidence the 5G is a piece of this COVID puzzle after all)

  18. Paul ...

    Trump liked to hug and wrap himself in the American Flag … so lets make sure he gets wrapped in the American Flag (when Big Pharma’s jab finally gets him) … all the meek minded idiots (like Trump) “will soon inherit the earth as the Bible foretold” … the Bible also seems to confirm “a great culling to come” … in Genesis 15:5 God effectively states: “Look toward heaven and try to number the stars … so shall thy seed be (one day) … I will bless thee … and I will multiply thy seed … just as the stars of heaven and as the sand that is by the seashore” (we are now up to 7 billion) … but … then he also goes on to say “Thy seed shall possess the gate of their enemy”?? … but isn’t the Gate of our enemy (Satan) the doorway to Hell??? … could he have meant … we will one day come to posses “the Star-gate” of our enemy Satan … and thus … be able to spread our seed … throughout the multi-universe!!! … something to ponder is … CERN seems to be such a Stargate (designed to send matter from this universe into another dimension) … … is this why Satan is out to kill us all (by putting razor blades into our blood stream)???

  19. Marie+Joy

    “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot like Genocide” is accurate and funny, if tragic can be funny.

  20. Marie+Joy

    I read that deaths, from all causes, are up a third. From what I see, online, I suspect it’s true. I read that life expectancy is down. Sports figures seem to be dropping like flies because exercise pumps the blood, with carbon razor blades in it, faster. This turn the other cheek crap is going to put us all in mass graves.

  21. antoinette dawson

    God bless and protect one and all and Merry Christmas.

  22. David Brownallen

    It matters little who sits in that pretty White House.

  23. Robert

    When I was in Vietnam. They gave us HCQ every Monday to prevent malaria. So I took it for a year I didn’t have any adverse reaction with it. So obviously it was safe and effective for malaria prevention again. More lies.

  24. D

    These GENOCIDE shots have devastated my family!!!
    I hope and pray that Jesus lets me watch Trump and O’REILLY burn in hell!

  25. Robert

    About two plus weeks ago I came down with a cough. I had no congestion or fever, just a constant cough that eventually wore me down. Went to urgent care one night and they diagnosed me with COVID. I’m not vaccinated and will never accept it. They gave me a strong cough syrup, zyrthromyicin ( zpack) and two days later I went to outpatient services at the hospital and got a monocloidal anti body drip. Within 15 hours of the antibody drip I felt 100 % improved. I still have an occasional cough and my sense of smell and taste hasn’t returned yet but for the most part I’m back to normal. The hospitals will not prescribe hydrocloriqinn or ivermectin. It’s not their approved protocols. I saw very few if any patients at the hospital. Only saw staff who seemed to have a lot of extra time. The doctor who called me to go over my x-rays said I had COVID pneumonia. That was false. I had no congestion and the x-rays proved it but I think the hospital gets more money if they can diagnose pneumonia. I’ve had pneumonia before and I can tell you what I had was not pneumonia in any form. Pneumonia takes weeks to get over.

  26. Saskia

    Donald Trump took the Regeneron vaccin

    There are 4approved medicines as vaccin against Covid


    • Greg Hunter

      Please show me where is says the Regenron, HCQ and Ivermectin are “vaccines” Show me a scientific link not somebody’s opinion. Here is the Webster Dictionary deffiniton of “Vaccine” vaccine noun

      Definition of vaccine
      1: a preparation that is administered (as by injection) to stimulate the body’s immune response against a specific infectious agent or disease: such as
      a: an antigenic preparation of a typically inactivated or attenuated (see ATTENUATED sense 2) pathogenic agent (such as a bacterium or virus) or one of its components or products (such as a protein or toxin)

      Regenron, HCQ and Ivermectin do NOT provide immunity–period.


      • Cynthia Conry

        Greg, if you go by the NEW definition that deep state changed it to, then this man is correct. He may have used the updated version against them. Just a thought.

        • Greg Hunter

          Show me this.

        • Paul ...

          CC … From the new CDC definition of a vaccine …
          A Vaccine is : “Any product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose” … ** This Is A Very Important Victory For Us Un-vaxxed ** … as it now allows us to claim “we are vaxxed” by eating garlic that kills viruses, fungi and parasites “and is not experimental” ( or by swallowing Ivermectin with a long history of saftey, etc.) … therefore we don’t need “to be jabbed” by Big Pharma’s “experimental Killer Clot Shot with razor blades) to claim vaccination status … and therefore Corporations “have no legal grounds to fire people” for not taking Big Pharma’s experimental jab (as we can vaccinate ourselves by simply eating garlic)!!!!!!!

          • Paul ...

            And what is great about vaccinating yourself with a safe and effective clove of garlic (proven effective and safe over 5000 years of use) is that you don’t have to prove you were vaccinated on some computer app or be chipped … you simply have to breathe out and let anyone interested in your vaccination status to smell your breath … which is a great benefit “if the grid goes down” and cell phones won’t work to show peoples vaccination status … additionally … eating garlic automatically enforces social distancing “without using a police force under a draconian Marshall Law Commie Dictatorship!!!

          • Jr

            you will want to see this Stew Peters interview of David Martin:

          • Paul ...

            Throughout history garlic was like Biblical scripture (that God-breathed out to rebuke evil and defeat Satanic vampires) … garlic is not some new fangled “experimental jab” (with razor blades in it) produced by evil Satanic eugenicists … it is a 5000 year old well proven “anti-viral” … “anti-bacterial” … “anti-parasitic” wonder medicine from God the Father … intended to keep us healthy protect us from infectious viruses and also cancer … garlic will kill 14 types of cancer!!! …

          • Paul ...

            Big Pharma are a bunch of Satanic criminals … who go around the world searching for all the plant based medicines God the Father created for us … they then take them (weaken them) and then put them into pills to sell to us (what God the Father provide to us “free of charge”) … these are the evil criminals people worship like an Anti-Christ … what they truly are is Atheists (pretending to be Gods)!!!

            • Marie Joy

              IMO, Going to a doctor, buying from big pharma, using most of their products is and has been, for years, dangerous.

              • Charles H.


  27. Daniel

    This is The David Knight Show yesterday December,23, 2021 showing a short documentary about the central banking system “It’s a Wonderful Lie”

    The David Knight Show 23Dec21 – Unabridged
    RoundTableReport or Odysee Published December 23, 2021

    Have a wonderful day and happy holidays

    • DanielSong39

      It’s a Wonderful Life is actually a propaganda piece defending the central banking system, LOL

      • Daniel

        Okay DanielSong39, David Knight shows or exposes the unconstitutional evil fraud from the international global central banking cartel (FEDERAL RESERVE ETC) in the video; and the title of David’s video is called “ITS A WONDERFUL LIE” not life……. Moreover, it is all controlled by satan………… LOL………..

  28. Derek Sinclair

    Nick Fuentes has said that Trump’s continuing support for the poison (it’s not a vaccine) actually disqualifies him from a further term as a POTUS representing American patriots. And he’s right.

  29. David Brownallen

    Do you believe Trump and O’Reilly were vaxed? I seriously doubt it.
    When Trump was earlier hospitalized due to Covid, one wonders why his desire to be “immunized?” Did he actually have Covid when he was hospitalized? Was it all show?

  30. Michael John Corbitt

    Hi Greg,
    Wishing you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR.Thank you for all you are doing for us.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael for all your support!

  31. Robert Hood

    I am baffled by Trumps apparent support of the vaccine. But, you’re right . It’s too stupid to be stupid. There is not one chance in a million that Trump is unaware of his base being totally against the vaccines. H knows that his base will never take the vaccines. He also knows that that his rejection of vaccines would cause a firestorm in the media and would probably make little difference. Democrats and fools are going to take this poison no matter what. Do you believe Trump coming out against the vaccines would save lives?
    This is the Third World War. There will be casualties. I don’t understand what Trump is doing because I do not have his intellect, however, I trust him one hundred percent. Donald Trump is not going to let us down.

    • JuicyMoosey

      Perhaps Trump is (for good or evil) attempting to extract a new leader from among our ranks. There’s a lot of fire in our awake people. If somebody is going to step up for us it will be soon.

      THEY are attempting to find among us a worthy adversary for their anti-christ who will doubtlessly reveal itself when our man does.

      All this talk of aliens. We’ll probably soon discover we’re players in an alien TV sitcom something like “The Truman Show” but on a larger scale.

    • Gary C

      Trump had the ability to pardon Julian Assange “ I love Wiki Leaks” he did not.
      He could have pardoned Edward Snowden , he did not.
      The Candice Owen’s interview was very revealing.

  32. TJ

    Great show Greg, but I think Trump & others haven’t got the shot, I think their LYING! We will see, they should be dropping off within a few months to a few years.

  33. daniel

    see recent video by Dr. Zelenko on Rumble stating time is up! We either resist the Nazi overlords or we submit and become zombies. This is a war by the elite against GOD.

  34. Rodster

    Merry Christmas Greg!

    “32,649 Deaths 3,003,296 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database of Adverse Reactions as Young, Previously Healthy People Continue to Suffer”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rodster and according to a 2011 Harvard medical study of VAERS in the U.S. less that 1% adverse reactions are reported.

    • Mark Maples


      I have not and will not take the shot.

      That being said, my mother, brother, sister and in laws have all taken the shot, and are all still alive

      Use critical thinking skills. If depopulation is the agenda it’s not very effective

      On a planet of what, 7 billion, I would say they would need something approaching 2 to 3 billion to move the needle on depopulation

      People are dropping dead in the streets by the tens of millions

      I think it’s simply a money grab by Big Pharmacy, it’s that simple

      I have my concerns about “vaccine” effects, but at this point I don’t think we can call it a depopulation effort, it’s simply not deadly enough based on what we have seen so far

      Just my opinion

      • Occasnltrvlr

        I’m pretty sure that if 2 to 3 billion people had already died by this time, it might raise a bit more suspicion among the survivors, if you catch my drift… .

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Mark,
        Don’t get me wrong, I empathise with your logical thinking, but data are beginning to appear that point to a 50% above average increase in deaths – see posts above and statements on-line from funeral service providers. That represents a significant population decrease over time. Imagine if TPTB were foolish enough to administer 100% kill shots from the get go . . . even the ‘normies’ would have cause to realise something was amiss and reject the booster shots. Also, IMHO, the agenda not only calls for depopulation but also for genuine experimentation – not to cure – but to determine the most effective methodology to biometrically connect humans to ‘The Internet Of Things’.

    • Michael

      The Nazis did not poison and dumb down their population. Quite the opposite. The media repeats the tales of the holocaust 24/7. Why? Funny how the media/academia/government are in 100% agreement on the topic while people who do the basic forensic/chemical analyses are imprisoned. Why? I’m sure Hollywood is telling the truth. Not.
      One of the many issues addressed here –

  35. Mark

    Clif High has an interesting post today that has an interesting twist on Trump’s comments supporting the vaccine. Worth a read.

    • virginia clark

      where is it? Can’t find it on his site

  36. Jim Hebert

    Please consider, by the current definition of “vaccine” and court rulings, ivermectin is a vaccine. Trump is triple vaxed with the ivermectin vaccine. Pres, Trump is referring to the millions who would nave died if the deep state had been allowed to get away with shutting down the world economy for a decade instead of Hillary’s WW3 which was planned to take place in North America.

  37. Jim Hebert

    BTW, is the deep state thinks that they don’t have control of the situation they will let the nukes fly and they do have control of nukes. Trump needs to let them think they have control right up to the last moment so as to avoid “operation spoil sport”

  38. Jim

    II am an Army veteran and have been watching you for a long time. I appreciate your reporting. The virus plan was for Hilary to win and locking down for 5-10 years killing millions. Trumps election and warp speed changed that plan saving millions. The definition of vaccine had to be expanded to cover mnra shots. That expanded definition also now includes ivermectin and others which is what I and Clif High believe is the vaccination Trump is talking about. Please have Clif on again about this subject.

  39. Martin Coombs

    Dear Greg. I totally agree with the lady’s letter you read, God bless you for all you do & expose, without the Lord leading me I wouldn’t of been watching you , praise the Lord, & without searching the scriptures & would not know the truth. Recently I walked in my kcal church & pointed out to the pastor lots of information regarding what’s going on ( boris, Biden, trump , labs, boris fathers quote on to ) he for mass depopulation etc, v deaths all on paper but maybe I shouldn’t of pointed out that SHE shouldn’t be preaching to the congregation as per 1st Corinthians 14 verse 34 ( I just stated we have to follow Gods word) & a fellow worker reverent came in & called me an anti Vaxer , I was trying to show them Gods word & details of the delusion, but talk about apostate church , I had to leave & they didn’t want the evidence ( I nearly broke down when I got home as to the magnitude of ignorance they portrayed was overwhelming, I said may God help you & your congregation) they clearly don’t know God & know the truth of Jesus. But God, knows his sheep & they know his voice amen . All will be revealed nothing shall be hidden, God allowed Biden to win as per the revealing ( think on it) if trump would of won millions of peoples would of trusted him & a bigger delusion would of taken place ) God places & removes kings , it’s being revealed & so is trump. God bless you & may God bless us all , in Jesus name , name Obove all 🙏🕊❤️

  40. Bryce DeBorde

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Greg and family, and all who tune in !
    Trump is finished. I’m not certain we will have elections in 2022. If they pas the 6uild 6ack 6etter, they will have enough 6ribe 6ay 6ack money to finish off our great Republic.
    2075 before they release the clot shot details.
    I’m with Bill Holter, only the second coming of Jesus in 2022 will make things better.
    This is the systemic take down at every level. Complete communist destruction.
    I wrote a couple memes I’d like to share. One for the flag and the second for all who have served or saved. God Bless.
    For the flag:
    They tell me you were given the right to insult me,
    spit on me, stomp on me,
    urinate and defecate on me,
    cut me, rip me,
    drag me, burn me.
    As a protest against me, or against my nationalism, or just because you feel insulted, based on your freedom of speech.
    Some of your schools no longer fly me, nor your children pledge allegiance for my cause.
    But, regardless of what you do to me. I will fly where I am welcomed.
    I will cover those who sacrifice, and represent those who cherish virtue, liberty, justice and freedom.
    I will not waiver in my cause, no matter what forces come against me.
    I represent something much greater, than your right to desecrate me.
    And I shall fly proudly, and cover all those who sacrifice for that something greater!

    For all who have served or saved by the blood:
    I heard a trumpet sounding
    so I hurried to its call
    without regard to consequence
    whose price both great and small

    I stood in sheer amazement
    when the trumpets sound grew near
    a formation just ahead of me
    its number was unclear

    A great number there had gathered
    to the trumpets call
    on that hallowed ground
    I heard a long roll call

    Would I be counted worthy
    my sacrifice was small
    for many had paid so greatly
    and sacrificed their all

    Alas my name was spoken
    and it all became so clear
    those who paid the highest price
    had blown so I could hear.

  41. Robert

    Merry Christmas all,Greg thank you my brother for all your honest work,your a true man of GOD !🙏

  42. Nicole

    Clif High’s latest video on Bitchute was very positive and offers an explanation of why Trump may still pushing the vaccines. Hint: “they” changed the definition of what a vaccine is. It made me feel better.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Greg. May God bless you and keep you safe and happy in the new year. Thank you for working so hard to keep us informed!

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Yep Nicole, after much thought and prayer me-thinks that Donald Trump has NOT betrayed the cause. He’ll tell ‘lies’ if need be, given that the un-vaxxed have enough info to know the score. What’s more the black hats would love to blame Trump given what’s coming, were he to have openly stated that the ‘vaccines’ are wrong.

      • Jeff

        Come on Rev…. Trump didn’t need to mention the jab. He has gone out of his way to PUSH the jab. He could have simply said make your own educated decision and not brag he even took the booster.

  43. Bryce DeBorde

    Merry Christmas Greg and family and all who tune in. May God Bless you with the Holy Spirit, his love, kindness, and protection.
    Gods speed to all !

  44. Edward

    You need to see Clif High’s new post, Q uack Up Woo as he explains why Trump mentions the vaccines as if to support them. Watch his new video posted on BitChute 12/23/21.
    Bring Clif High back on and thank you, Greg for all that you do Merry Christmas!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree with you and might I add this is “too stupid to be stupid.”
      I heard President Trump say he got the 2 Pfizer CV19 shots and the Cv19 Pfizer “booster”. Trump should be bitching about the withholding of Ivermectin from the public, and pushing the Ivermectin cure not more experimental vaccines.

      • virginia clark

        Yes totally agree

  45. Roger Stamper

    tks for post MERRY CHRISTMAS !!


    Merry Christmas and let’s look forward to a better 2022.

    Check out Clif High’s new video Q uack up Woo on Bit Chute. Clif has an interesting take on the vaxx with Donald Trump and where it may take us.

  47. Jim Kuzdal

    Awesome show Greg, your clear, honest, candid, smart insights are so refreshing!!

  48. David combs

    First 9f all , your a wonderful spirt , a warrior, and I want you to know , never stop , I’ve watched you for 7 years now , I invoke favor over you and your family , may it watch over you and yours and keep you all safe , . I’ve never committed on your site in all those years , but maybe I should , Trump is just part of the plan to bring the nwo in , without that fast track none of their plan would work , just a fact , it’s all just a ga.e with all our lives , me personally , I’ve never even takin a flew shot , little loan this poison , and you know what , I haven’t Ben sick with the flew since I was very young , it’s been decades , so I’ve been asking the creator to .are sure all our politicians take that shot and all the boosters , h3ll they can have. Mine , I’m donating Mine to those poor people , that includes Trump he’s a narcissistic , lier , luv ya greg , just keep telling truth and you will. Be fine .

  49. Tommy

    Biden’s speech the other day credited Trump for the vaccine. And my immediate response was they were giving Trump credit so when the truth is no longer deniable all fingers will be pointing at Trump. The Democrats are great at one thing; setting up their enemies to take the blame when something goes wrong. They other shoe must be ready to drop.

  50. Jim Ledayrd

    100% Greg. I’ve always felt from Day 1 that we were being played from both sides. When Trump failed to pardon Assange, then let 400 Jan 6 prisoners twist in the wind…it left a very bad feeling.

  51. Tiger

    You have Cliff High on, perhaps you should watch his videos. 5D chess.

    • Greg Hunter

      So a few people destroying themselves taking this kill shots is ok and it’s also Ok to not tell people about a real cure like Ivermectin? Trump should not complain about how the medical community and Deep State are withholding and cutting off Ivermectin from the public while herding them into an experimental kill shot corral??? 5 D chess??? I don’t play games. I report lifesaving truth to the public and I work for “We the People” not a chess master playing with our lives.

      • Gary C

        Greg, yesterday I was in a line at my local drugstore, picking up some blood thinner
        There were about 40 people in line getting their booster shot and NONE of them
        we’re aware of any side effects. In fact some of them were enthused about the new pill
        coming from Merck and Pfizer, the doctors here are already pushing it.
        Our Province is handing out free test kits, of course this is part of the plan to hype
        the hysteria, you test positive for a cold, flu, omicron, and it gives governments more
        justification to enforce the JAB, and suspend your civil rights.

        As it stands I am not allowed to take a plane or a train in my own country, or
        cross a international border unless I get jabbed.

        • Greg Hunter

          Be patient Gary, the truth will come out and unfortunately there are going to be many deaths and injuries. The CV19 Booster has guaranteed this.

        • JuicyMoosey

          The test kits are another side of the genocide coin. Not just hype.

          They apparently contain Sodium Azide. A lethal toxin. (They also put the toxin in airbags to make sure that if an accident doesn’t kill you, the lethal gas from the bag will).

          These test kits are also under the EUA. Now they are sending a poison shot to every home. Watch for the TV encouraging kids to “play” with the kits – Bet my mooseybooty they will. They can’t help themselves.

          My patience with these demons is long gone – I’m not sure I care any longer if these “things” in suits receive due process, trials and juries. Someone needs to light a torch and get the mob rolling.

          • eddiemd

            “Free test kits” for everyone who is ignorant enough to get one.

            Another way to get your DNA if they don’t have it already.

            Population control.

            I heard a veteran today at breakfast boasting how he got a $100 bonus for getting the injection at work. Great. Tell everyone how ignorant you are.

            Forget about Rump. He is compromised.

            Look to Jesus Christ. There is no other person that can deliver you from what is coming. He is Messiah. Rebbe Melech Moshiach Yeshua.

          • Fran Barnes

            Juicey, very emphatically I agree. I search for evidence of leaders rising up who have the true American spirit and are organizing good folk in some way to take down this most evil cabal. I hear/see rhetoric to that effect but no effective plan. Dr. David Martin 24th Dec. put out another good motivational call to this nation and a shedding of light on their murderous deeds, , but the enemy just keeps throwing more poison bombs at us. Of this I am confident that our heavenly Lord God, Father, son Jesus and Holy Ghost are receiving our cries for help.

      • Tiger

        merry Christmas and Happy New year! Love all the work and info you bring Greg. I just can’t blame Trump for the vaxx anymore than I Can blame him for people stuffing their pie holes with garbage, not exercising and not get fresh air and sunshine. sheeple gonna sheeple. I don’t take any info from anyone as The Gospel. Chris Duane has a nice phrase -listen to all and follow none. All the best to you and yours!

  52. peter tomkins

    why arent the homeless dieing in droves with there poor health bad diets and living rough outside

    • Paul ...

      PT … They drink wine and whiskey for their medicine … a little of which most likely gets up their nose … and the alcohol in the spirits kills the Covid-19 virus on contact!!

      • FastMark

        Heading to the liquor store now!

  53. Sandra Sullivan

    Come let us reason together. Words have meaning and do something. Vaccine has been has been misused by big pharma, media and government. Its real name is bioweapon. It acts just like a weapon used for war; destroys, hurts, injures, and kills and its takes no prisoners. On the other hand, vaccines makes people well by destroying the virus invasion.
    Trump is not calling the bioweapon a vaccine because it is does not qualify. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine do qualify to be called vaccines. Trump knows it and so do others. I can only suspect a strategic move on his part. Someone smarter than I am will figure it out. Looking forward to the revealing.

  54. Cynthia Conry

    Greg, I also was feeling badly about Trumps outlook on the vaccine issue. Trump has always used linguistics to speak to us in code. He sais he took the vaccine. But he also considers HCQ & other things a vaccine. I think you really need to listen to Clif Highs latest video from yesterday. Q UACK UP! WOO on bitchute. I may help you understand better. Don’t let the deep state win here.

  55. Jeffrey Smith

    Greg, great Christmas message and focusing on Trump and his “too stupid to be stupid”
    I don’t know if you remember this from August 2021, statement from Trump
    Trump rips into Pfizer over COVID booster shots: ‘I saw the dollar signs in their eyes’
    He did a whole interview and made several comments on how the Pfizer booster was only for money

  56. Dopa

    Merry Christmas, Greg!

    And it seems Trump has entered a death spiral desiring to please his abusers. His bashers on twitter are giving him credit for these statements, and I bet Trumps loves it.


    Trump’s vice – pride easily indulged? Prideful kings, thought themselves gods; enslaved others to build temples to them. Today? Claiming to be righteous, from the sinful pride of our elders,, the odor of their goodness, are the wages of death paid by the innocent.

  58. Jo

    Merry CHRISTmas Greg!
    Thank you for another year of informative and thoughtful reporting. You ARE my mainstream media!

  59. Gina Coyle

    Merry Christmas Greg!!!


    Greg, please watch a portion of this recent Clif High update — he gives his point of view on the strategy that Trump is using regarding the vaccine. Please skip to the 34 minute mark and watch from there. Let us know what you think.

    • Paul ...

      MATS … The “jab” acts like “Nagalase” and suppresses the T-cells giving any cancer in our body a chance to take hold spread and eventually kill us … and Trump according to Clif High is using a secret strategy by having us take the “jab”???? … sounds to me like a secret strategy to “Kill Us” (not save us)!!!!!!


        Paul, please review all Clif Highs comments regarding why Trump is saying to take the jab. Basically, (1)as Trump initially said early on, use HCQ because it works and he used it and it worked. Remember how the press immediately assassinated him and threatened to remove it from the market (just as they are now blocking access to Ivermectin). HCQ is a vaccine and that is the one he wants you to use, (2) The early goal of the deep state was to keep all of us around the world locked up for 10 years — Clif High estimates this would have resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people. Trump stopped them from doing this by fast-tracking the release of vaccines. He continues to say to make your own choices. WE ARE IN WWIII – millions are dying, no one wins in a war, but you try to minimize the fatalities and chance for survival.

        • Paul ...

          MS … Trump initially said early on … use HCQ because it works … now Clif High is saying HCQ is the vaccine that Trump wanted us to use … use your brain … since HCQ was something that worked … Trump was not supposed to sign the Emergency Use Authorization Act!!! … but he did … why??? … so Big Pharma could make money at the same time they exterminated us with their deadly clot shots (containing razor blades) ??????

  61. DUTRUX

    I don’t know anyone s take on this, But this entire year has been like “waiting for the other shoe to drop”
    I also believe we are on the verge of something really huge happening. Good or bad.
    When I look around and see the wide open corruption . the sexual debauchery. The drugs, and the wide open lye s being told to our face.
    Though I am not a very religious man, I can only think “HOW BIBLICAL” “

  62. Jerry

    Am I reading this report correctly?

    According to this study, on page 24 it says, the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases after six months requiring another booster…..and get this ….if you’ve been sick with the virus after your second booster the vaccine has little or no effectiveness at all! What does that mean? According to my understanding wouldn’t that mean that your natural immune system would be compromised since the so called vaccine is not protecting you?

    I find it ironic that so many people have accepted getting sick with the variant viruses after receiving the vaccine. It’s common place to hear, “well I’m not as sick as I could have been without the vaccine”.
    Now you can say, well let’s talk again in six months and see if that still holds true. Lie…after….lie…after…..lie. If you recall Dr. Yeadon said at all cost avoid the top off. Now you know why.

    • jim becker

      Check out the latest on Steve Kirsch substack – there is NEGATIVE efficacy after three months. Leads to MONTHLY Jabs.

  63. pbd

    Greg, your report calling out Trump (“too stupid to be stupid”) is one of the most important reports (I think) to date. The seminal importance of this is not that Trump lies or is controlled. It is a signal to those on the other side (that are not zombies) that Trump supporters (former or tentative are not blind sheepeople or worse – i.e. there is still some objectivity to be found and perhaps this rejection of Trump’s message – will lead to a common unified rejection of the Biden “pretendency”, the state corporatist fascist sponsored plandemic tyranny and the DS – by the majority of U.S. citizens.
    Question: If Trump continues to take credit for and plug the Covid vaccine/WARP speed and now apparently acknowledge and praise the Biden “pretendency” how many of the core that believe the 2020 election was stollen – will be motivated or enthusiastic to see him as President in the future? Unfortunately, Trump’s support of the vaccine and now Biden is a very strategic back door attempt to derail public support for uncovering DS fraud and re-establishing election integrity in the U.S.
    As always thanks for your reporting.
    Best of wishes of health to you and your family. Merry Christmas.

  64. Alex Salley

    Onl 1 percent of the adverse effects are reported NOT deaths!!

  65. gabriel sullivan

    dude how are we supposed to get ivermectin? why even mention it? what about otc or natural medicine?

  66. manny

    Greg I’m still pissed at Trump for this vaccine thing but I listen to Cliff High on his Bitchute channel. He has a different take on this. I’m kind of understanding on what he’s going now. You should have Cliff back on your show to explain this to all the viewers.

    • Paul anothony

      ive been saying 🤷‍♂️


    Greg, please view a portion of this recent update from Clif High. It gives his view on what Trump is doing regarding the vaccines. Skip to the 34 minute mark and watch from there.

  68. Mary

    Thank you Greg for all the information. Trump is deranged. Dr. Eads is wrong on the dosing of the Pfizer shots. The first 2 shots and the booster are all 30 mcg. Moderna’s booster is half the original dose so it is 50 mcg. From the CDC:

    It increasingly difficult to deal with the brainwashed who took the injections. I have distanced myself from these people.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Greg Hunter

      You believe the CDC? Did you believe them when they were telling us the PCR test was fantastic and if you tested positive and were “asymptomatic” you could still spread covid? Now we know that was a total lie and the PCR tests gave massive false positives. It was all part of the scam and hype to create fear in the public. The CDC does not hold much credibility for me. Oh, and the CDC is withholding Ivermectin from the public and pushing Remdesivir (Death is near) in hospitals and declining the use of Ivermectin. Ivermectin has dozens of actual peer revied studies that say it is very effective is stopping CV19 especially early on. This is the CDC you trust for information???


      • Mary

        Greg, I totally agree the CDC, FDA, and NIH (and all gov agencies) are criminal organizations. I do not trust them but on the doses I did see someone’s CDC card and it did state 30 mcg for the 1st and 2nd Pfizer doses, not 50 mcg for the 2nd dose as Dr. Eads stated. I do not think that pharmacies and the rest giving the kill shot would deviate from the published CDC dose information. Harvard states the Pfizer doses are 30 mcg for the first 2 shots and the same for the booster: “The recommended dose for the Pfizer/BioNTech booster and Johnson & Johnson booster is the same as the initial dose. For the Moderna booster it’s a half-dose, which may reduce the risk of side effects and increase the number of doses available to others.”
        I cannot find Dr. Eads assertions re the dosing anywhere. I do believe it necessary to verify such claims. Even those on our side can get it wrong. Regardless of the dose it is a kill shot. IMO we must avoid the med industrial complicit system. 99% of all MDs are brainwashed. We are on our own. Also no virus has been isolated, PCR is a fake test to ramp up hysteria, and it is all about the kill shot. There is no virus and there is no COVID. All a scam.
        Thank you.

        • Greg Hunter

          Even if true you do realize it’s graphene we are talking about here? It’s indestructible and it’s posion. It also stays in the body forever. You are putting lipstick on a pig. Please look at this video from Dr Noack. He’s an expert in the field:

          • Mary

            Thank you Greg. I did see Dr. Noack’s video re graphene oxide. On camera the German Polizei barged into his house, roughed him up and arrested him. He is now dead. I have followed this C19 scam very closely from the beginning. Dr. Mikovits was one of the first to speak out. I did state that regardless of the doses, these are kill shots. My point was that we need to be accurate in making any statements unlike the gov and medical criminals who are pathological liars. I cannot find any corroboration of Dr. Eads claims re the dosing.
            Another doctor stating the doses: “Dr. Mark Siedner, an epidemiologist within the Division of Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital, says the amount of vaccine in the Pfizer COVID-19 booster is exactly the same as the company’s prior shots.

            “(It’s) the 30 microgram dose, which actually makes implementation of the booster rollout much easier for us,” Siedner said.”

            Enjoy Christmas Day!!

            • Greg Hunter

              We are on the same team and I appreciate your comments. Merry Christ mas!!

      • Russ D

        Greg the entire PLANdemic was based on the PCR tests and this test CANNOT detect the Covid virus. ALL THINGS COVID ARE A LIE……….ALL OF IT!!!

        The Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR-RT)

        The “customized” and flawed PCR-RT Test (which does not under any circumstances identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus) has been used Worldwide to generate millions of erroneous Covid positive cases.The latter were then used to sustain the illusion that the alleged pandemic was Real and that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was spreading relentlessly to all major regions of the World.

        This assessment based on erroneous numbers was then used to spearhead the fear campaign.

        Erroneous figures of positive cases are now part of a giant data base, coupled with fake data on so-called Covid-19 mortality.

        In turn, these millions of positive cases are then used to justify every single Covid-19 related policy adopted since March 2020, including the lockdown, confinement of the labor force, social distancing, the facemask, the closure of schools, colleges and universities, the suspension of cultural and sports events, etc.

        This tabulation of Covid positive cases was also used as a pretext to justify the March 2020 “closure” of the global economy (simultaneous “closure” of 190 national economies of member states of the United Nations) allegedly with a view to saving lives.

        And since December 2020, the alleged “Covid-19 pandemic” is used to convince people Worldwide that the Covid-19 vaccine (coupled with the Vaccine Passport) is the “solution” to curbing the spread of the disease.

  69. Rock

    The jab has finally outed Don T. He turns out to be the Trojan horse for the globalists.
    Turns out the jab was the ultimate objective of the globalists. Don was used to bring in the right. He did a pretty good job. It is sickening to realize it. He works for the Rothchilds.
    Our only hope is through Jesus Christ. Repent and recognize you have sinned against God, and trust with every fiber of your being on Jesus for salvation. We are getting very close to the end of the age folks. This is real. Thanks Greg for your dedication and work.

  70. Linda

    Merry Christmas! Thank you Greg Hunter for reporting the truth.

    • Sandra+McIntosh

      Rock, you are correct…..Remember in Matt 24 Jesus’ first words of warning were BE NOT DECEIVED….We need to keep that warning in the forefront of our minds …..

  71. richard english


  72. Michele

    Your words ring true. We are in the midst of the greatest phsyop in history. You and the guests you interview are the voices of logic and reason.
    My final thought is this: if President Trump recognized from the outset that the cabal was intent on destroying our nation, and that was the impetus for institutioning Devolution and appointing the individuals he did AFTER the November 3 fraud, we must trust in the wisdom of Christ and his choice of DJT as the person to reawaken America. Never faulter, never waiver, Never Quit. WWG1WGA🌠🇺🇸🌲

  73. Eric

    The definition of a vaccine was changed. Maybe Trump is pointing towards HCQ and Ivermectin.

    See Clif High

  74. Tom McLaughlin

    Go ahead and flame me, Trump initially pushed the vaccine to stop the great re-set through an economic collapse caused by covid. It may have been a noble cause back in 2020. Is it Trumps ego preventing him from seeing the truth about the damage being caused by the vaccine, or bad advisers, or did the Davos-World Economic Forum get to him?
    Meanwhile we have a Supreme Court case pending on the OSHA / Biden vaccine mandates. Since this is an experimental genetic altering therapy technology, never before tried in humans, we’ll see how well the Nuremberg Code holds up and if our Supreme Court is bought and paid for.
    On a happier note, Merry Christmas everyone!!

    • Jeff

      Why does everyone keep saying the vaccine kept us from an economic collapse? And that we would have been closed down for years? The whole plandemic was created by evil politicians and not science. There was never a reason to close the whole world down. So, neither Trump or anyone else “saved” us.

  75. Tina Brunson

    Thank You for your reporting on this and all the other things you tell the truth about… I KNOW That this IS a Death Sentence, unfortunately, at the expense of losing my youngest sister, age 55. She was in the hospital for another illness, AND, she informed the staff and the Dr that she DID NOT, want the jab, But, they gave it to her when she was Semi conscious. Her heath took a NOSE DIVE almost immediately. Her lungs suddenly couldn’t function without 24/7 oxygen at 4 ltrs and if she took it off for a few minutes, her O2 plummeted to 70% and would keep falling. She was at my house, so she could be taken care of. She went down hill FAST, and I saw almost every single symptom take hold of her, and it broke my heart, as I witnessed it. She was in and out of the hospital, so many times, BECAUSE SHE WAS GIVEN THAT DEATH JAB, WITHOUT HER CONSENT, AGAINST WHAT SHE HAD TOLD TOLD THEM. It’s like a NIGHTMARE, I can’t believe this is what America has been reduced to. EVIL is everywhere, and will sadly, only get WORSE…. And less than a week later, after my sister passed away, (there’s more to this story, about HOW she died in the hospital), my brother, age 65, passed away suddenly, at home, and could not even make a phone call. He had the phone in his hand, but didn’t finish dialing the number. he was basically, it decent shape, except for blood pressure problem and he was having lung issues. So, YES, I Call this the DEATH JAB…. I’ve lost 2 siblings within a week, August 13, and August 18, 2021…. This Christmas wasn’t going to be a big gathering, however, I Can NEVER Celebrate ANY HOLIDAYS WITH THEM… or hear their voices… I MISS THEM SO, SO MUCH.
    I Pray you have a Merry Christmas 🎄, and get rested some, Thank You Again for all you do… God Bless You and Your Family, MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄🌟🎄⛄🎄🎁🙏💜

    • Fran Barnes

      Tina, This report of your sister’s suffering and murder by our death camp hospitals rips at my heart and understanding with and for you. I am as tenderly as can be as the apostle St. John, Mother Mary and the women beneath the cross of Jesus’ suffering and death, holding your sorrows and the many sorrows of those here on usawatchdog who have grievously suffered loss of loved ones, also before our Risen Lord. The witness and truth you shared here is powerful. I light a Blessed candle for all the intentions of all here this Christmas Day’s evening.

    • Hotrod

      WOW, THATS WHY I would be afraid to go to a hospital. They’ll just lie and jab you. Forget about operations

  76. Bill Heuschele

    I enjoy watching God’s hand move through you. Thank you Greg.

  77. Elaine Eike

    President Trump came down with COVID in early October 2020. The vaccine had not yet been released. He never needed the vaccine because of natural antibodies developed from the illness. [If it was a positive PCR test he may have just had the flu, we don’t know.] But I believe he developed pneumonia and was treated with Remdesivir [which has dangerous side effects as well as mortality] and Oxygen. Now he brags about getting a booster. For shame! Is there no one filling him in about the Vaers statistics, etc? Why are thousands protesting the vaccine mandates if it’s such a great vaccine? Has the vaccine caused Trump’s brain to have cognitive issues? He certainly is lacking judgment on this issue and will lose support from his base.

  78. Michael


    this is by far the best you have done. Same here in UK – the “opposition” are all in this together.
    “Power that does not serve corrupts”.
    Who can handle power – very few.
    Best for 2022.

  79. Rick

    Great video Greg! I always look forward to your Friday weekly news wrap up. I need to hear news from a sane person after listening to insane vax nannies all week. Bad news from here. My pro Ivermectin doctors spouse has COVID and is at deaths door. For whatever reason it hasn’t worked sp well for this person. I don’t know the specifics on treatment. I guess nothing works 100% but I can assure you, I will not get the jab!

  80. John


    Thanks for staying on the vax scam. It can’t be hammered enough. I can’t believe any celeb or public figure who says they’ve taken the shot . I really suspect they took saline or a vitamin shot .

  81. Forrest W Byers

    Greg Hunter,
    What can I say? You, sir, are a National hero! In addition, you are probably responsible for saving my life.

    In early September, I had to be admitted to my local Veterans Administration hospital because high blood pressure had caused arterial bleeding from the nose, which had become very hard to stop. I wound up staying in the hospital for about 10 days and while there, I managed to get myself into a civil war with a floor nurse over the subject of corvid 19. The campaign to volunteer for vaccination went from one end of the hospital right to the other end, because they need you to volunteer. I was in the hospital for high blood pressure and arterial bleeding, but because I am a loyal USA Watchdog viewer and because secondarily with my original problem, I came very damn close to dying (if the doctor did not have the necessary blood pressure medication that dropped my blood pressure by 200 points, well sir, I would not be writing this message to you, because of you, sir, I stood my ground on the subject of vaccination for Covid 19, to the point that the floor nurse threatened to have me, a 100% disabled Vietnam vet brain injury, thrown out of the hospital. This female floor nurse stomped out of my room after she asked me if I had ever seen anyone die with the virus? The answer is twofold, a direct witness, no, but armed with intelligence and real facts applied by Mr. Greg Hunter. After her exit, my PTSD got kicked off and I followed her down the hallway, telling all who would listen that if I’m thrown out of this hospital which I earned the right to be at, then I will sue everyone I can think of this VA Hospital. I went back to my room, torn between leaving on my own initiative and staying because I had every right to stay! About a half-hour after this episode, a young intern wound up talking to me or should I say, listened to me and at the end of our hour and 1/2, the young Dr., told me that I was the reason that he not only became a doctor that he wanted to help veterans like myself. He did not disagree with my facts (supplied by you, Greg) but then he proceeded to salute me! Very touching and impressive, particularly to me. They let me finish my 10 days and my release with a church friend being my driver and my angelic touched stone of a wife, Gregoria, back to my “Home, Sweet Home”.
    With all my heart, thank you, Greg, for your service to me and to our country, the United States of America.

    Sincerely yours,

    Forrest W Byers

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the very kind words, but I did not save you, it was Jesus. USAW was God the Father’s idea and not mine–I kid you not. Jesus (“I and my Father are one”) saved you because he needs you in this fight. Thanks for telling your story and I appreciate you very much.

  82. Ralph Kenniston

    President Trump is a disappointment! Maybe he is not the man we all hoped for. Wrong savior! The real savior is calling us to redirect our attention to Him, not a man! Don’t know if ignorance or prideful arrogance is directing Bill O’Rielly and Trump. Have a blessed time off.

  83. Dusty Dude

    Merry Christmas Greg!
    I ordered Ivermectin from India. I paid $180 for 200 6mg doses. Seemed expensive compared to others I saw on India mart but The retailer accepted PayPal which offers some security. It took 30 days to arrive. The doses are package in blister pack cards of 10 and package 10 cards per box. Labeling is in English.
    Indiamart is an app on whish you can request quotes for drugs from Indian suppliers. Most want payment in wire transfer which I didn’t trust.
    Just thought I’d share my experience. I have been taking the horse paste but thought I’d get the pill form for family and friends.

    • Jeff

      How long ago did you make your order ?

    • Charles H.


      I looked into Indiamart. The site read my IP address and wouldn’t let me change it. Later I got a ‘quote’ at about 12 cents a tablet; but I think that was a fish. All they wanted was to deal through WhatsApp and I don’t use that, as it belongs to FaceBook. I have a friend who lives in India and he quoted me a price of about 50 cents a pill. I asked about a large quantity and he will get back to me.
      I figure that if the horse paste made in America (6.08 g – containing .2mcg/kg dose, this equals 1250 pounds x .64 = 800kg x .2mcg = 160 grams of Ivermectin per syringe @ about $7.00 out the door) so cost to make in America (for horses) is about 22 grams a buck. And this is still making money – fillers and syringe and box included. What money is now being made must be horrendous. In India – it should be cheaper than dirt. But I haven’t found a portal that a computer can order and have registration and confirmation.

      • Jeff

        As I posted before. I bought 1000 12mg pills for .135 cents each. $183 including the PayPal fee.
        I also noticed a big price difference between salesmen.

  84. Ed

    Hi Greg,
    I just can’t understand how Trump is endorsing these experimental vaccines knowing that many people have died and or gotten very sick. We know that the VEARS is not accurate, and many more people will get sick and or die from the irreversible effects. Trump endorsed HCQ and Ivermectin at the beginning of the year and said they worked. We know they work. So why doesn’t he continue to push these two remedies as opposed to the deadly jabs. He gotten booed more than once for endorsing these drugs. What is with him? I sure hope there is a reasonable explanation for this, but I am now casting doubts about him.

  85. James Barrett

    I just wonder if there is something going on in the background that is making trump do this stupid murderous vaccine stuff. He has proved himself to be smarter than that. If he is as bad as this sounds on the face of it then the world is lost to freedom because biden is evil incarnate along with ALL democrats.

  86. Bernie

    It’s too stupid to be stupid. God is using Trump and if he and/or O’Reilly are not careful they will be allowed through God’s permissive will to be purified in a horrific way either could lose a close family member who has been double or triple vaccinated to convert them as to use them as God so chooses. Kinda like Alec Baldwin was allowed to go through that terrible purification of firing off a gun and it destroyed his career and he was such a Trump hater that today his mouth has been shut…horrific terrible purification allowed by God to convert and humble a soul so God Almighty can use them. All I know is Hollywood is more quiet. Most people don’t fear God and there is such a thing as a holy fear that changes people’s hearts and souls…not a tyrant fear a God fearing moment for conversion. Kind of like St. Paul being thrown out of the chariot and converted that day. Both Trump and O’Reilly have faith in the vaccine and boosters but like you our family members have taken the shot but I haven’t and I got Delta beginning Labor Day Weekend last 2021 and never want to be that sick again and husband followed a week behind I am 66 he’s 71. No way I am not a shot taker for any flu. I took a flu shot in early 1990s and got the flu so I don’t and I don’t care what others want to do but I will not be told what to do. I fear God and he can take me or leave me but I can’t wait to get to heaven and it’s not easy.

  87. Mark Gunderson

    Merry Christmas Greg,
    Friday’s have been the bright spot in the week because I know I am getting as close to the truth as is possible these days. Your work along with your interviews help drag me from week to week. These are dark days but this too will pass. My very best to to you and your family. God bless and Thank you.
    Mark Gunderson

  88. Kevin Murphy

    DJT was treated by Dr. Zelenko when he came down with CVid. Don’t think he went for the jabs after achieving natural immunity – or the boosters. If true, his current comments are even more serious.

  89. MacGuy

    Merry Christmas Greg! and Happy New Year!!
    OK I have debated whether or not I should offer a second thought here in this forum since some of your audience will reply with name calling or implying my opinion is worthless…if you are one of these people PLEASE stop reading my post now and move on to the next.
    Have you listened to Clif High latest video where he calls Trump a GENIUS?
    I am still NOT going to throw a stone at Trump because I sense he is playing a very strategic war game. If there was one thing I learned during Trump’s four years in office was to NEVER pay attention to what he said but focus more on what he actually did, he WILL not make vaxing MANDATORY what else do you need to know?
    Second, people ARE waking up and they are getting pissed off because they are realizing they have been lied to and they are going to make “others” pay for their poor choices. Could Trump be telling the un-vaxed to “keep your mouth shut about not being vaxed”? They have already warned us that our time is up and they ARE coming for us….do you not believe the vaxed will not force vax the rest of us? The time to warn people is over…those who accept the shot have already made their choice and those who will not made theirs also…I believe we are going into a VERY dangerous period were the vaxed are going to be hunting down un-vaxed. May I leave with with this timely rendition of the twelve doses of Christmas.

  90. Vernon Tart

    Hatred is evil that lives in the hearts of human beings. But we cannot hate in return. We must believe in “I AM.” We must accept truth as reality and not flinch.
    Ecclesiastes 1:18
    “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”

  91. Arby Trolinger

    0peration paperclip thousands of nazi doctors and scientists and others brought to America and placed in positions, in our government. Many sectors of our government was infiltrated by nazi and their seeds.
    Two people own all the media.

    They are nazi globalist hiding the truth CIA is the hub center point they killed Kennedy because he wanted to destroy them and the federal reserve all nazis controlled most likely nazis themselves

  92. Michael

    From the Scots

  93. Michael K.

    Proud of you Greg! Finally waking up.

  94. RM

    I’m sure you are a gem in the eyes of God…you are in mine, and I’m just a mortal. I know you don’t have time to look at clips…you might want to make an exception on this one. At about the46- 47 minute mark you will see a clip of the head of the WHO stating that some countries are using the injection to kill the children first…they should not be doing this.The first doses were meant for the elderly, so get back on the plan and give it to the elderly first. Thank you for another wonderful WNW.
    Trump was a trojan horse. He is just as evil and just as much a psychopath as the rest. I have enjoyed Clif’s videos up to this point, but he needs to get off the Trump train.

  95. Lisa Galli

    Merry Christmas Greg, I so enjoy listening to your podcasts. They are alarming most of the time, but thank you for putting the Truth out there.1 Corinthians 4:5 ESV / 70 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
    Therefore do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God.

  96. Mark

    Trump is in a very precarious position right now. Biden has the presidency and thus has control of the justice department. The house currently belongs to the Democrats and the Senate is so wishy-washy that it can’t be counted on. If Trump comes out and stands against Biden right now, they will push criminal charges upon him thus, making him unable to run again for office and even hurt his family. George Bush did exactly that to Ross Perot and Perot was forced to drop out. At this point, discretion is the better part of valor. Be patient and it will all work out with Trump. There is nobody else that I would want to see as president in these impossible times.
    Get an interview with Robert Kennedy Jr…. if you can please.

  97. Questfortruth

    I was with you on Trump and his vaccines and his seeming approval of them UNTIL yesterday and after hearing Clif High’s “Quack up Woo” I’ve realized just what he’s REALLY doing! Very interesting take! I’ll still hold my faith that Trump knows what’s going on and he’s the ONLY person to take us out of this sinister scheme of the Globalists.

  98. Mike Low

    Greg I appreciate your steadfast use of the gold standard of journalistic methods and practices. My father was a journalist of the same and I know them when I see them.

    God’s many blessings to you and your family!

  99. James Foster

    Greg, have you seen the vid where the head of the WHO, says countries are using the booster to kill children?

  100. dave

    If Americans dont open their eyes its over
    Thank You Brother Greg
    For everything
    Merry Christ mas

  101. Chaos

    There are a bunch of billionaires who’s last dream to live for ever is dependent on the “Success” of these injections. Soros, warren, Bill, Trump, Klaus, Fauci, etc. I don’t know exactly how humans managed to partake in the knowledge of good and evil but supposedly it was at their disposal; not so with the “tree of life”.
    We have reached the peak “knowledge” without calculating its consequences and we will soon witness the effects of these experiments in order to halt future such activities.

    • sk

      And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” Cherubim with flaming sword flashing back and forth guard the way to the tree of life. Take heed….

  102. Dina Yando

    Hi Greg,
    I think you and your listeners should watch an interview that was done on with Delora O’Brien and Pastor Joe Dingle. It was just posted last night 12/23…I think you will start to let up on Trump a bit. We are at War, a WW3 with no bullets , raging on for the soul of America. We will prevail but it’s been one hell of a fight.
    Trump has never wanted to do anything but save our Country from the evil Deep State who has been so entrenched for centuries. It has taken a brilliant strategist to get us out of it…and that is Donald J. Trump. Watch this interview before you utter another word!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a reporter and I cannot mislead people into taking this CV19 injection and ignoring a real cure which is Ivermectin. If yiu want to play “5 D chess” then go ahead, but the people cannot be made collateral damage. I do not work for Trump. I work for “We the People” and I am not going to stand by and let people die for a chess game!!!!!

      • Mario

        Hey Greg
        Excellent response.
        Merry Christmas brother.



  103. OKGrandpa

    Better grab this ASAP and spread it. It probably won’t be up for long…

    • Paul ...

      Well well well … the Director General of the UN admits: “Some countries are giving boosters to children … to kill them”!!!

      • Paul ...

        “It is Time” … Lets round up all the leaders of these countries committing “pre-meditated murder” against our children and hang them … no trial is needed … as these psychopathic murderers are killing children “right out in the open” (just like an insane gunman loose in our schools or churches firing a machine gun) … they need to be taken down on the spot … are these criminal psychopaths under the delusion that their “official office” is going to protect them from the outright murder of millions of our children???

    • Marie Joy

      Grandpa, Excellent find.

  104. Connie Overstreet

    Thank you, Greg Hunter, for all you have done in these last years to bolster faith, freedom, and true wisdom. May God continue to bless you and yours.

    (I have had to replace my primary email to the one listed today.

  105. Billy Jack Washburn

    Trump will never get my support again. I hope Ron DeSantis runs.

  106. John Williamson

    Thanks Greg. Every word true.

  107. Paul Kneubuehl

    Merry Christmas to you Greg,
    My wife and I listen to your shows and know we are hearing truth. Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me. The truth is hard to find, but thank God for you and your show.

    Many Blessings,

    Paul and Julie Kneubuehl

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas to you, Paul & Julie, and thank you for all your support!

  108. Reginald

    I’m thinking that the Trump family is being threatened to back away or else.

  109. Doug C

    Merry Christmas.
    I know you like Cliff High and WORDS have meaning. Has President Trump ever said ….I promote Pfizer Vaccine or J&J Vaccine? NO.
    Do you remember when Trump came out 2 Januaries ago and the INSANITY that destroyed HCQ in peoples minds? President Trump is saying the Vaccines have saved Millions………which him FORCING the Cabal to reassess their bioVax way earlier than they had planned (it was already sitting on a shelf). If Killary had won….the Cabal would have been slow rolling the destruction of our immunities before bringing out the Kill SHOT. By forcing the Vaxx out….there will be Millions saves.
    It IS “Too Stupid to be Stupid”…..IT IS. Look how ANGRY you are getting at him….you are QUESTIONING him and questions of the Vaxx. PERFECT 👍👍.
    He is NO a Mesiah ……he is a man trying to wake Billions out of their brain dead stupor.
    Under the new definition of Vaccines…….Could HCQ or Ivormectin be called a Vaccine? YES.
    Words do means something.
    All the Best Greg. Words have meaning and YOU are getting angry (legitimately) and YOU are waking people. It’s a HUGE game being played and it’s GOOG vs EVIL. Trump IS a smart man and WORDS have meaning. Just a few thoughts. I want this to end YESTERDAY as well…..this is a thousands year WAR we are in for Humanity. It doesn’t happen in 1 year.
    God bless you

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump has stated publicly that he took the two Pfizer CV19 injections and now has said he took the Pfizer booster. I heard him say it.

  110. David Lynch

    Thank you ,Greg for all you do in your endeavor to shine the light of truth for anyone who has ears to hear, and eyes to see. Blessings from Our lord and Savior Jesus Christ upon you and your family. We live in crazy times, under assault from the father of lies and his earthly henchmen. We are in the battle of the ages against ancient evil forces who intend to destroy mankind as the Bible clearly states. Jesus said ; you are either for me or against me ! This is a time for those who are sitting on the fence , trying to stay neutral, to make a decision. This is ugly and going to get very real for many naysayers. 1 John 2:15 says : Love not the world , neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world , the love of the Father is not in him. We live in a fake system fueled by fake money and credit, and people love their stuff unto death ! I am both saddened and sickened by this whole Covid operation and what is is doing to divide families and friends. Unless a leader is lifting up the name of Jesus, and wanting to return this Nation back to “ One Nation under God” I will not be supporting them. This is war, choose this day whom you will serve ! Have a blessed Christmas and seek the truth , it will set you free ………

  111. CJ

    We need to start calling it Operation WarpED Speed and reminding everyone that EVERYTHING from lock downs, to closing businesses, to creating the vaccine, to mask mandates, to the lies and fraud started under the “Father of the Vaccine” Trump. People really need to stop worshiping him and anyone he endorses and start praying for discernment and wisdom. I remember before the 2016 election there were people praying for corruption and fraud to be exposed. Guess we’re getting what we prayed for in multiples. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

  112. TruthSoldier1

    Thank you for all you do. Check out clif’s latest video.
    Consider what media did with HCQ when Trump mentioned it to media. Remember this is a war between good and evil and Trump saying vax is bad would be twisted by the media. Things like Zeolite and Chlorine Dixode can help both the vaxed and unvaxed. God is in control and winning this spritual war.
    Love and Light for all humanity.

  113. Gerry

    I don’t care re the “vax” comments, if people refuse to research the real data on the jabs, they are the useful idiots a la Lenin’s comment. Trump is not a savior and people have to stop looking for secular saviors. What I believe is most critical vis a vis Trump is his naive refusal to clean house. When he stood there and allowed the gov. Depts.To attack him without firing back, he deserved what he got. It was a shooting gallery. His stupidity was hard to believe. He was trying to make “the art of the deal” and they were shooting bullets.

  114. Peter

    It’s not too stupid to be stupid – it’s too evil and it is evil.

  115. Tim

    Greg listen to Ciff Highs video from yesterday . Starting at 32 minutes he explains why Trump is messaging Vax, very important, the word needs to be dispersed. Thanks for all you do, please keep up the good work. Merry Christmas.

  116. Peter Waroblak

    Greg, Merry Christmas and thanks for everything. Can you connect the dots – Big Pharma, China and the Big Guy. Was it not Joe that let big Pharma into China some 30 years ago? Maybe you can do some deep investigating on the sellout of America.

  117. David

    Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas. With warmest regards, David

  118. joel guth

    Thank you Greg for all that you do. I truly believe you are helping to save lives. May God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas Greg. Your friend Joel

  119. Redditman

    Speaking of Cliff High, he had an interesting take on Trump and the Vaccines. He cautioned about taking Trump’s comments on face value and look for his hidden meaning. “Don’t let them take this away from you.” Meaning there is an unrealized victory. The lockdowns were meant to last for years. Trump circumvented that with Warp Speed. Were the vaccines bad? Yes, but Trump had to chose the lesser of two evils. Here is a link to his analysis:

  120. Miriam Pollack

    Thank you for confronting Trump with such candor about the shot!! 1000 blessings to you!!

  121. Corey Volpicella

    May God Bless you and your family Always!!! Thank you Greg for all that you do!!!!!

  122. Nick

    Thank you Greg, you summed it up perfectly! Merry Christmas

  123. Linda Walling

    Catherine Austin Fitts told us a long time ago they were installing a operating system in people’s body. By downloading an LE Bluetooth app on your smartphone you can observe the jabbed people. I have an app (made by Fruitmobile) that shows a radar plot of the direction of the “devices”, and the list shows the approximate location in meters. I have taken lots of data and recently realized that the 3rd jab results in an updated router — jabs 1 and 2 installed a LE bluetooth device, jab 3 installs a Bluetooth Smart Ready device, which will operate for a very long time on a small battery. I am so grieved and heartbroken to report what I am seeing Here is an explanation of the operating system being installed in people.

  124. Kaibe

    In 2016 I got on the Trump train on day one. In 2020 I voted for Trump to keep Biden out. If Trump runs again I will not vote for him. His self-engrossed personality and his stance on so many issues especially the plandemic have turned me against him. His true colors are showing as he bangs his chest taking credit for the jab. I would not vote at all over voting for him ever again. Who knows maybe he is crapping his pants now as the deep state and leftists come after him and his family relentlessly and that is why he is saying the this he says now. Whatever the case, Trump is unlikely to be POTUS ever again.

  125. Jeannine

    My whole family and I got COVID about a year ago. I was 78 years old and have type 2 diabetes. Our functional medicine MD got us Ivermectin and told us the vitamin protocol to do. I was the last to get it was started on Ivermectin at first sign of it and it was not severe and I recovered the quickest with no lasting symptoms. The others had started after they were sick a while and it was worse and the 2 adults had smell and taste lost. The others were teenagers. We all recovered.
    Also two adult children moved back from anther state and got COVID from work environments. My daughter cared for them daily and did not get COVID again. They were treated with the protocol and recovered. I believe it is immoral to keep treatment from people. God help us. I have supported Trump from the beginning but I am disappointed now. Thanks Greg for your excellent reporting. ❤️🙏

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeannine for all your support & sharing. So glad you are better!

  126. Rusty

    Nothing blows me away more than people who won’t even so much as consider researching ivermectin. I mean for the sake of all that is good, it’s their L-I-F-E at stake!!!

    But then Jesus said people are like that: Luke 16:31; “But he said to him, ‘If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead.”

    • Jeff

      Rusty I am surrounded by people who wouldn’t read one simple article. It’s like they fear it. Is it the truth they fear? All my life I have relished the opportunity to seek truth. And then admit when I was wrong. These people really do not care.
      This reminds me of verses at the end of Revelation. “Let those who are wrong still be wrong. Let the one who is filthy still be filthy. Let the righteous be righteous still. Let the holy be holy still”.
      I never understood the message before.
      Are we being told people never change UNLESS they CHOOSE to?

      • Rusty

        I got off Facebook some months back as besides their fascist censorship and spending way too much time on it, I realized that, yes, the vast majority just don’t care to hear any alternative facts whatsoever. I would sometimes post my “95/5% rule:” 95% will never consider any facts or arguments while 5% may change their minds on any given issue, but even then it’s very difficult to present a good case for such issues (and I also realized I stink at it as, yes, I need to change things about myself, too). Really, other than my friends from a Church I attended in Denver for 5 years (at least a dozen people), I’ve know perhaps 2 others who would listen to anything—and just another one of the things that blows me away is how Christians, some a lot better people than I, just couldn’t care less what God says about some of those issues.

        On that and the Church in Denver, there was a reason it attracted such awesome members and his name was Pastor Bob Enyart. I’m very sad as Bob died of COVID in August. He was a close friend and it’s hard to describe what a brilliant mind he had. He could debate PhD’s on evolution and rip them a new one, his theology and book The Plot of the Bible is awesome and I could go on and on about him. Mostly though, and again the reason he attracted open minded Christians, is because he wouldn’t compromise on God’s Word. On issues such as pornography, homosexuality, the death penalty and so on, he pointed out what God had to say about them and some of us who had heard opposing views from “the world” (or from other “pastors”) and were willing to change our minds when it was obvious God said the opposite of what we’d believed on these issues learned to open our minds and not to “lean on our own understanding (reasoning)”; Prov. 3:5-6.

        If you’re interested BTW, Bob was also a radio/web host and his site is awesome. On many, many issues his site is the only place that provides exhaustive, complete facts on them. One thing I love to follow is creationism and there’s a list of Bob’s writings/shows on it at The shows on dinosaur soft tissue was likely Bob’s favorite. And if you want something that will blow your mind and most likely never heard of before, you should check this one out;

  127. Lawrence Oberg

    Thank you Greg for you research and reporting the truth to the best of your ability. Merry Christmas to you and yours.. I believe that the USA is being distroyed on many different levels. Keep up the good work in 2022 Godspeed. Lawrence Oberg [email protected]

  128. Mark

    God I love this channel !!!
    TRUTH , simply and plainly explained.
    Thank you Greg Hunter for saying it so I don’t have to.
    All I have to do now is point them to this channel.

  129. Pam

    Merry Christmas, Greg. Looking forward to spending 2022 with you.

  130. Rod Brumley, Lt. Col USMC (ret.)

    Merry Christmas my Friend
    I’m still a Trump Supporter – by far better than any other choice we have. Personally it is up to the individual if they want the vaccine or not. I am totally against any Mandate. Trump had Covid he shouldn’t have gotten the shots he has Natural Immunity which is far better than any vaccine. Scare tactics are what the Communist Use!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas to you Rod Brumley! Thank you for all your support & comments.

  131. Tom Wigand

    Merry Christmas Greg, and all of your viewers seeking truth!

    Re: Trump, one odd thing that I’ve not heard people mention (surprisingly). HE HAD COVID. Therefore he should have emerged from that with natural immunity.

    So why did he subject himself to the so-called vaccine and boosters?

    Why did his doctors allow this?

  132. John

    Too stupid to be stupid. You used that line twice Greg and the way I interpret it is what I already have believed for some time now. Donald Trump is not a patriot in need of better advisers. No one is so stupid as to surround himself with one traitor after another. No one is so stupid as to replace a traitor with another one of darker ilk. Not once, not twice, but over and over. FBI anyone? CIA anyone? AG? On and on it went for four years. Remember how ” Lock her up” quickly turned into ‘”they’re nice people ” immediately after Trump was elected? We should have seen through Donald Trump years ago. The globalist played us with this imposter just like they are playing the fools with Biden. Many of us, maybe most of us who supported Trump were not fools but we were fooled. Why? Remember the verse that begins with the words “If my people?” 2 Chronicles 7:14 As a country we have the government we deserve. If we want to change the government we must first stop blaming the government and take a long hard look in the mirror. I have and it wasn’t very flattering.


    Has anyone ever considered that since Trump always hung with the Clintons and Bushes etc, that maybe he is a part of the deep state and this was all just a method to divide the people up to conquer us?? Look at Q. Having worked in a high security DOD job in the 1980s I knew there was no way they would let classified information out and that it had to be a CIA operation. Since August 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard the US began spending trillions of dollars and exporting it overseas. Well now it is 50 years later we are at the end of the dollar. When all these dollars come back it will be inflationary. How do you counter inflation? With deflation? What is more deflationary than have maybe upto half the country take a kill shot. Within a few years a lot of people are dead, demand is down, and you have deflation. I think they are all in on it, both republicans, democrats and Trump.

  134. John Pick

    Ps 146:3 says it all ? The Deagel Report (military) has projected the 2022 U.S. Population at 100 million?
    Which President gave the Clot Shot makers EUA Status ?
    As always Thank you Greg

  135. Michael W

    Is this evil vax plan the Great Deception? sure seems like it

  136. Steve

    I seriously doubt Trump even took the vaccine.

  137. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Thank you once again, Greg, such an awesome, informative show!

    I have customers (my fam has a Deli), some of them very accomplished people, I’m talking small business owners, and retired doctors… and some of these people think Trump is going to be reinstalled.😂 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Now, it’s March. “Trump’s coming back..” they say 🙄 The date keeps getting pushed back. Lol. Last it was October. Now, it’s March. Lol. I can’t keep up. 😂

    I tell them, “He’s not coming back, bro. It’s over.”

    Then, I tell them how he’s promoting the stabbies. They’re like, “he won’t mandate anything.” Yeah, right. sure. 🙄

    People hear what they want to hear, I guess.

    One conservative youtuber mentioned this week that most likely, Trump has half a fortune in investments and stocks riding on these pharmaceutical and biotech companies, he’s not going to say anything that will affect the stock price. This is Trump we’re talking about, he’s not doing anything to risk damaging his bottom line.

    Just like how people say he’s “threatened.” I really don’t think so. The oligarchs don’t need to do anything so crude; they know what makes him tick, they have access to what drives Trump’s weakness, namely, money. So, there you go. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Pains me to say it, as he did many good things as President, but, the writings on the wall, we’ve got to adhere to reality, not fantasy, and not any of this hero-worshipping wish fulfillment we think is going to happen (Hint: it isn’t!).

    Just drives home the point all the more we can only trust in God, who is Jesus Christ. We need to trust in The Holy Spirit, and we’ve got to count on ourselves and not some human savior. Anyone can be bought, we are very fallible, in the end.

    God Bless you and yours, Greg! And Merry Christmas to you and your family!! ☦️🙏🏻😊🎄🎁⭐️👍🏻💪☺️

  138. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,

    If you want or need Ivermectin go to Dr. Kory’s website and go to the Canada Pharmacy site. You do not need a prescription. It will be ordered from India and will take about 1.75 months but we got it right after he appeared on your show. We will only use it if we feel sick but we both had the CCP virus very early 2020 and have had not any other sickness since. But just in case, we have it and we bought extra for family members.
    Lo Iyrah!

  139. Curtis McCoy

    Trump can not come out against the vac. Had he not developed the vac the deep state would have shut down the US and many more people would have died. Trump said the vac should be a personal decision. Do the research. Trump mentioned the cure and the press went nuts and tried to prove him wrong with a false report. Wake up!!!

  140. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, I agree with you 100%. Trump is toast.

  141. Cheryl

    See what you think… Mr High’s interpretation of DJT public vax words/message.

  142. SOD

    Hey Greg,
    I never thought I’d live to see the day where a generation in America would so closely resemble a hapless cartoon character from yesteryear! Many of us that watched this character thought he was mad, for the simple reason he could neither see a problem nor admit that there was a problem. Mr. Magoo seemed to live a charmed life as he stumbled and bumbled his way thru a constant series of misadventures usually of his own making. Today, it’s a whole lot less entertaining and laughable watching our own country operate under such orchestrated ineptness. Like you, our mutual friends see 2022 heralding in hard times. Their software projections say we will see lawlessness and woe only grow. May the blessings of peace, love and joy be with one and all at Christmas! SOD

    • Charles H.

      Shadow Of Doubt,

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Does my heart good to see you sign on.

      C H

      • SOD

        Charles H,
        Thanks for your kind words! Let me wish you and your family all the best in the coming New Year! I’m a big fan of your posts on Greg’s site as they are always insightful and thought provoking! Stay frosty, SOD

        • Charles H.


          You are very kind. Thanks. I pared down my full stainless z75 to an aluminum o-1, to keep 16 little helpers near. Getting old I guess. Frosty? You bet! Practice both hands.

  143. Kay

    Greg, How certain are you that this is the real Donald Trump?

  144. Don Conrad


    Thank you for everything. You have probably saved and altered to many lives to count. Please know many of us are ready to take back our country in 2022 and need your reporting to do so. So take a week off and relax, recharge, and love your family and we will continue soon. We can survive a week.

    God Bless you my friend.

    Don Conrad

  145. Neil Currie

    Thank you again for all the life-saving information, Greg. Merry Christmas and may God bless and keep you.

  146. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg and Merry Christmas.

    • Russ 2

      A Myth is Born: How CDC, FDA, and Media Wove a Web of Ivermectin Lies That Outlives The Truth

      So bottom line is that Ivermectin has been the subject of we’ve got multiple versions of what they call vaccines but which are really experimental gene therapy drugs used under an Emergency Use Authorization, while an FDA approved treatment which has a long record of safe use has been the subject of false reporting, demonization and essentially banned because … wait for it … there’s no money in it.
      Ivermectin has been off-patent for so long you can buy the generic version OTC in other parts of the world. But now Merck (who developed Ivermectin) doesn’t like it either because there’s no money in it. They now have an updated version though as does Pfizer — it’s to be seen if the newer formulations work as well. Ivermectin still works too and it’s cheap. If doctors were allowed to use it for treatment, this “pandemic” would be over — can’t have that.

    • Russ 2

      “How to read RFK Jr’s book in 5 minutes”

      RFK Jr’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci” is a major piece of work. The review/synopsis above shows that Fauci is “a really bad guy.
      “4. Open the book to a random page and start reading. Then realize there are ~450 other pages with stories of corruption just as bad as the one you just randomly selected.

      5. My review: The book shows that Fauci is a really bad guy who has done a lot of bad stuff and he should be immediately fired. It also shows a completely corrupt system that is allowing dangerous drugs to be approved. We need to all stand up and oppose what is going on. The system is badly broken and corrupt and needs to be fixed ASAP.

      With an endorsement like that, I spent the $2.99 and put it on my Kindle. Any page.

  147. Carol Trueman

    Thankyou for your strong words concerning Donald Trump. Even though I am not an American citizen,I did really support Mr. Trump and hooked desperately that he would be in the Oval Office, I now am very disappointed to hear him pushing the ‘vaccine’. We in Canada ,have an awful leader who certainly DID NOT get the majority of the vote in the last two ;electiosns’,he is still our prime minister. Now with Donald caving into the deep state or whoever is controlling him, what hope does the ;free world’have now? The only recourse for the truly awake people now is to turn to Jesus Christ for help. I appreciate your messages ,especially when you speak the sometimes unpopular truths of what is going on today. Thankyou.

  148. Steven

    What I don’t understand is President Trump was admitted and treated for Covid-19 in October of 2020 meaning that he would have natural immunity, so why would he take the shots ?

  149. Steve

    I am afraid trump has completely blown it. His ego has finally shown through taking credit for an untested experimental gene modification poison was a dumbass move. There is a reason clinical trials take years to run, how does he think long term effects can be done overnight?

    He trusted so called experts and should have let them carry the responsibility and wrongfully claimed success, but no, his ego would not let him, it became HIS vaccine!
    What he should have done is enforce strict control of data coming in from hospitals, eliminating the fear porn blatantly driven by MSM big pharma mouth pieces like fauci CDC etc
    Developed tested and confirmed an accurate test protocol, insisted on making alternative treatments ivermectin etc available that many eminent doctors and real medical experts were crying out for.
    Banned lobbying by big pharma, ensuring no patents are allowed on drugs developed with tax payer money banning forced vaccinations

    Insisted on transparent data coming in through VAER

    His victory will eventually turn to blame ,

    Most of my republican friends feel abandoned and sadly disillusioned with Trump now we must now look to someone else to root for but I see nobody ..yet

  150. travis moss
    We are commemorating a birth, not a day
    A message from pastor chuck baldwin of liberty fellowship
    Kalispell, Montana

  151. Dave Scrimshaw

    When it’s too stupid to be stupid, it means it’s on purpose.

  152. EJ Cayton

    MERRY CHRISTMAS GREG! Thank you for all you do!

    … I’ve been saying this since March 2020 (or maybe even earlier): Donald Trump was SPECIFICALLY INSTALLED as President at a very specific time, because “THEY” knew he would be able to convince and calm down the VERY PEOPLE (all the conservatives who own all the guns) to “stand down” and not revolt, during the initial rollout of the c-19 psychological operation. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM, AND CONSERVATIVES WERE PLAYED LIKE CHUMPS. Think I’m wrong? – imagine how ENRAGED Conservatives would have been, if Hillary had been President in March 2020. I highly doubt we would have just sat there on our hands as we did. DONALD TRUMP FOOLED US INTO STANDING THERE DOING NOTHING……WAITING FOR HIM TO SAVE THE DAY LIKE OUR HERO. The 2 party ILLUSION is a SCAM and people better wake up before it’s too late. NONE of these Politicians can be trusted. It may already be too late and now I fear millions are going to die.

  153. aj

    the horse iver…. has a blue nubby sliding dose measure. each of the tiny blue nubs
    is for 50 human pounds.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr, Kory told me the Ivermectin dose for humans and animals is the same — 9mgs per 100 pounds.

  154. Steve Walker

    Thank you Greg for an inspirational message and God bless .

  155. Computer Guy

    One by one these so called world leaders are showing their true colors. Trump is no exception, either he’s been corrupted by the globalists or he was putting on an act for 4 years. Either way he’s finished, stick a fork in him.

  156. Dean Winchell

    Thanks for a year of indigestible news. You were able to report fully and truthfully, while obviously pained. You’re are real trooper Greg. May the Good Lord Bless you and keep you safe. Merry Christmas.

  157. John Mills

    Excellent show Greg … you covered it ALL !
    So many innocent people have been compromised, & so many evil people making $$millions to be pro vaccination & push the jabs ! More & more people will come around to the truth with more death & injuries, (unfortunately) ! Trump cannot be trusted now ! His EGO will not allow him to admit he made a huge mistake with Warp Speed and how quick these innoculations were released, WITHOUT PROPER HUMAN TESTING & APPROVAL ! The Truth is, the bioweapon jabs were being made up over the last 5 years !

  158. wyatt

    2021 will be a year remembered for a year full of many false prophets and false teachers. I believe it will also be remembered as the year the prophecies of Balaam peaking. Not totally ending, peaking.

  159. Susan R

    Greg, yes, I can only imagine how heavy your heart is. Your job is to wake us up to the takeover that is global. Tomorrow is Christmas. I wish you and your family a day of peace and going forward to be assured you have done God’s work.

  160. Fred Engel

    Trump could of intervened in the election w/military and caused another civil war over 500k died in the first one. Want another? Remember God raised Trump for this time. Do I hear Greg saying “fear not” God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are in control? This an information war, (not shooting) this is showing this nation what the globalist plan is. We are to pray for those in authority not criticise. This gives God permission to move on our behalf. You have the choice not to get the shot I won’t. There is no promise in the Bible of a flowery bed of ease. The Bible says end times will be perilous, Jesus went to the cross and suffered a brutal death for us. The cross was not a defeat it was a Victory.
    Merry Christmas.

  161. Gerald Eatock

    The plan was to lock the whole world down for five plus years while they make their fake vaccine and billions of people die from a host of reasons including suicide and lack nutrition. Then they kill off what was left with their killer cocktail and everyone is begging for it . So I’m not American but say GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and the BEST IS YET TO COME !
    Everyone stay strong and Merry CHRIST MAS
    And Thankyou Greg Hunter for your truth

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Gerald and Do Not listen to President (5 D chess) Trump and get the CV19 shots. Get Ivermectin instead, and get your natural immunity. Don’t get the shots and DO NOT get the Booster. If Trump got the Pfizer (as he just said he did) booster Trump is finished and will probably not be around or too sick to serve in the White House in 2024!

  162. A+Jones

    After listening to Greg’s presentation, I had a cheery thought to cheer everyone up. Most people on this forum share the same view of the Jab and the Covid crisis. Based on some of the information and statics we are hearing daily lets fast forward two years and imagine what the world will look like. Assuming we who share these views are correct and the jab culture will continue. The US armed forces will be depleted. The birth rate will be near nothing. The medical structure will no longer exist because all the doctors and nurses will be dead or unable to perform and the ones damaged by the jab will be long gone due to no medical care. The NFL, NBA, NHL, baseball leagues will be a thing of the past. All colleges and universities will be gone. Most the children will be dead or disabled. Most of the people over 60 will be gone. Most of the jab stories I have heard locally are catering to jab minorities and the young so most of the minority population will be gone. Israel will no longer exist as they really made sure most everyone got the jabs multiple times. Europe, Australia and most of the continents will be empty. The world population will be a fraction of what it is now.
    Now who will benefit from all this tragedy? The environment will be much better. The global warming will recede as the level of pollution will recede. The problem of spending billions on health care on the poor and elderly not to mention not having to pay retirement benefits will no longer be a concern. The Democrats will be extinct because their base will no longer exist. The cities will be an empty waste land etc. So, who will be left and what will the world be like? Just us Bible thumpers and Trump types living on our little homesteads out here is flyover country. As I see it, all we have to do is to keep the faith and weather the storm. All of the cool aide drinkers will be gone and we can just sit on the back porch and listen to the crickets’ chirp at night. No more poverty, no more environmental crisis, no more racism, no more sexism and no progressives alive to enjoy it. The best is yet to come.

    • Jeff

      You forgot one thing. All the military will be gone and China/Russia will just walk in. You will be dead or a slave.

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t think so Jeff.

        • Charles H.


          International Commerce will be the hinge-pin when things go south. When the Financial plug is finally pulled: all the cross-country interests will scream for “protection”. France is selling water to the Mexicans where I live, via a ‘Concession’. Mexico buys electricity from the USA, and resells it at mark-up. Propane for heating and cooking here is bought from Canada. And the President of Mexico, Andres Lopez Obrador now has permission of the Democratic US Government to BUY an oil refinery near Houston, Texas (Deer Park, EXXON?)
          I suspect that China and Russia – both dolling to the Democrats, as well as other nations with their claws economically in the US: will demand Martial Law, and get it from the Democrats – so that the Blue Armbands of the United Nations come and disarm America.

          We have an illegitimate government. The Press and MSM are gone. All the ABC governmental institutions are corrupt. Lots of organizations, including the US Military are Vaxxed; so I don’t think to depend on them. And would the Democrats ‘sell out’ the USA to the United Nations in order to stay in power, and play their part in the New World Order ( One World Government?)? Too much is lining-up on the wrong side here. All that lacks is to pull the plug on Finances worldwide: and that has become inevitable.

        • Jeff

          If a majority of our service men take the jab and die or are incapacitated who will stop them, Greg?
          I don’t believe that is going to happen, but it is a plausible result of eliminating our defense forces.

  163. Linda Walling

    Yep, I know why you deleted my post. I tried to get an old friend of mine (a very highly-regarded retired physicist) that I worked with at Los Alamos (I am a retired physicist and RF/microwave engineer) to take 20 minutes to do the experiment and he just says I’m a conspiracy theorist and he will not waste his time to try it himself. This information is too frightening for him because I think his children and grandchildren took the jabs. Soon it will be commonly known anyway because it cannot be hidden, and we’re just going to have to deal with it. I don’t know if you are afraid to let people know this (Catherine Austin Fitts says it but doesn’t go into the technical detail of the current implementation) or if you are a limited hangout, but I’m going to assume the first. Merry Christmas, Greg

  164. Tim


    Thank you for doing an outstanding job!!!. Your never give up attitude is inspiring. How many deaths will it take for the general populous to figure out that it is from the jab (10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 million)???? I certainly hope that it does not happen, but I pray that people will learn the truth. and stop taking these jabs.

    Friends in Christ and have a peaceful Christ Mass


  165. Juli Barbato

    Trump *has* mentioned the alternatives and has done so even recently. Other than that, I think he’s too conventional–too much a normie–and that is to his detriment. STILL, I would not throw out the orange baby with the bathwater. He did much good for the people. And he DID win the election and should get to serve his second term (especially since I do not support Ted Cruz and it is much too soon to take Gov. DeSantis from my state of Florida; it will fall immediately). If anyone took the shoulder stab on the advice of Trump, they are as responsible for their own demise/illness/medical reactions as the morons who listened to Fauci. Why is anyone listening to any public figure rather than doing their own research? Due diligence is the responsibility of every fully-functioning adult. Bottom line: Trump has done more good than harm and should serve a second term because HE WON.

  166. Dan

    Maybe Trump is working as spy against the Deep State, he can not be stupid, he became a billionaire. Maybe he is testing the stupid ones?? Do we think he sold out to the other side?? Those of us with brains know and knew the shot was genocide. It is sad that he has taken this position. He knows this a war against the Deep State and people die in a war. Anyone who took the jab is an idiot, and needs to take a few boosters to finish the job. I shut my TV over 25 years ago, and those who watch it do not think for themselves. It is up to the people to take their country back.

  167. Megan Johnson

    Merry Christmas Greg!

  168. Ernest Stephens

    Greg I have to tell you you’re as honest as the day is long I love listening to your reports been a fan for quite a while now if I could afford to contribute I certainly would I’m a disabled American veteran that’s my only income but I still listen I still pray for you I agree with everything you say about Trump I was a big supporter too by the way my daughter who is my life just had Covid we treated her with ivermectin at a rate of Four times the regular dose a Z pack and hydroxy Clora Quinn zinc aspirins the whole 9 yards long story short she got better totally cured in five days God bless you man are you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful new year hopefully things will get better Ernest

    • Greg Hunter

      You just contributed with your comment and support. Please enjoy the site guilt free.

  169. Vee Demarche

    Greg, Please read the new RFK book “The Real Anthony Fauci”… if you haven’t already.
    Just the first 30 pages, pretty much clears-up the “why” and the “how” of Covid19.


  170. Wanda Grubbs

    Greg Ty for another well informed video/report. What they did to that DR, breaking into his home and dragging him away to die just days later? Heart breaking, astounding, evil. I watched all the video and even another at Bitchute from the man who shared the Doctors video. I wish more ppl would not have such closed minds. When it comes to trump? I was on the fence with him 6 months into his term. By the time reelection came around my Husband and I did not vote period.
    I told my Husband he is not going to get a 2nd term, he has led the patriots to the gates of hell, by their heart strings. I knew when he enacted the red Flag laws he was an evil plant to be used against us whether he realized it or not I did. Then when he came out with operation warp speed? I prayed many would then see the truth. I know sinners will pay the price of their ways, but I believe those who are supposed to lead? To protect the people? when they do what Trump has done? he will have a lot to answer for, his punishment is coming if it hasnt started yet. May God forgive him his evil ways. Merry Christmas, I wish the best for you and yours! Stay safe, stay well. So many look to you for truth. That one ideal hat is so lost on people today! God the father, and his Son, and the Holy Ghost, are firmly in control! Amen

  171. Tim

    Greg please listen to cliff highs video from yesterday at 32 min mark, concerning Trump and vax comments. Trumps comments not what they appear

  172. Herman Wolfe

    We ALL have Trump all wrong.
    Interview Cliff High, he has Trump right.
    Trump’s vaccination is HCQ
    He’s taken the booster HCQ
    I believe Cliff is right!

    • Greg Hunter

      Bull crap. I heard Trump say he has had two Pfizer vaccines and one Pfizer booster.

  173. Ann

    Hi Greg,

    Clif High in his latest Q uak Woo episode – says Trump’s reference to vaccines is as per the new CDC definition of vaccine, (see below*) and that Trump is referring to the “vaccines” of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and the like.

    Clif says that indeed these therapeutics have foiled the demonic plan of the globalists to kill most of the world population – that the “vaccines” have prevented it, and the globalists know they have failed.

    * “The term “vaccine” also got a makeover. The CDC’s definition changed from “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease” to the current “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

    Read more at:

  174. Catherine

    The video of Andreas Noack was so chilling I couldn’t sleep that night.
    He was a foremost scientist in graphene oxide and won awards from the science community. So his voice was very dangerous for the demonic. They were so threatened by them the attacked him last year, gestapo style in Germany and this year in Austria several hours after that video he made he “died of a heart attack”!!
    He said it was a Russian roulette game if you took the vax. ALL his testing samples contained graphene oxide. He said it kills you if it gets into your veins, less potent if it stays in muscle. He called out by name Austrian government officials calling them Hitler and mass murderers by willfully wanting to kill everyone in their country.
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE HERE SEE IT and pass it on to others.
    I am also thanking you for your work. Only a real journalist can see a problem in someone he admired (trump) and report it as you have.
    Btw Cliff High’s latest Bitchute class informs us that trump is purposely trying to get the Normies who have been disgusted with liberal swing to extreme left communism into our conservatives circles by siding with their vaxx beliefs which is overwhelmingly their go to solution for covid. He doubts trump or OReilly took the vaxx.
    Only time will tell if he is on Gods side or not.

    My husband myself and my son (26) just had covid last month and now are fine. We never took the vax. My husband is a pharmacist and after three z packs for my husband and I and one for our son, we sailed into getting over it. 10 days feeling tired and congested then with lingering cough and sinus congestion for two weeks and BINGO…zero problems after that. All senses are back. Including common sense! (Joke)
    I was the most anxious about the bio weapon having hidden repercussions and my son was the least worried. He got over it in about 5 days. It took me 2 weeks. My husband was hardly worried and took him 10 days. (He’s 79). Key lesson: DONT STRESS.

    Just remember the only real victims in this catastrophic vaccine dilemma are the infirmed, the children and teens. They have no voice or choice.
    The religious claim God is purifying our world and sacrifices are part of that reality. However then the Messiah will be here after that and in time all evil will be destroyed and the righteous will live with joy and the knowledge that God exists here on earth with us. Knowledge of Him will cover our earth like the oceans and seas.
    First though, Something supernatural will happen that will let the world know He is in charge of everything. Like the story of Exodus the pharaoh let the Israelites go AFTER THE DEATH OF THE FIRST BORN . It was a supernatural event that changed reality. It’s going to happen again.
    Therefore all your effort will be sweet because like Gabriel you gave all who listened that TRUTHful
    News— Jesus is real!
    Merry Christmas 😊🎄🎄🎄⛪️

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Catherine that the video is “chilling” and Jesus is real!!!

    • Jeff

      “First though, Something supernatural will happen that will let the world know He is in charge of everything.” I always love your comments because you have truth and wisdom.
      What is coming will make us all forget the testing we are going through.

  175. The Seer

    T keeps distracting us away from developing another candidate for 2024.
    Also, the c19biojab rightfully taking up everyones time and doing so is
    distracting us away from the debt market information coming collapse
    and then the stock market collapse. If attention was also being paid
    to this an alternative to shift too would be made and more in favor
    for all not a few, imo. Until one realizes that above certain beliefs
    exists a very advanced AI matrix system that can be made to provide
    positive outcomes but 99.99999% of humanity is not in touch with
    this yet. Watch your semantics to be of good words as eliminating
    the bad words (spoken or thought) will elevate humanity above
    the opposite in the united consciousness. True visionaries do not
    rely on the past. Merry Christmas!

  176. Taeke Postma

    Trump did not take one of the vaccines. He took regeneron Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump also said (I heard him say it) he took the Pfizer vax and now the booster.

  177. Deborah ILyia

    Remember Greg the poem Trump would often recite at his rallies about a snake that was taken in and cared for then bit the woman. I REMEMBER!

  178. Annaliese

    I supported Trump, voted for him, prayed for him, but his pushing this vaxx turned me against him. He’s not stupid. He knows how to read. There is no way he doesn’t know what this vaxx is doing to people. Nope. He’s not for me anymore. Devastating.

  179. john lance

    Trump is now having to dance with the devil. Not only shady business dealings but now it comes out that he was more involved with Epstein than we had previously known. No doubt the Deep State has made him a deal he can’t refuse. For Trump not to be charged he has to do as he is told. One less obstacle in the road . You might want to get your Hillary for President bumper sticker. The Deep State is winning.

    • Dave

      But Hannity, Levin and others tell us Trump just hitched a ride on a plane owned by Epstein. Nothing to see there.

      • Greg Hunter

        I think that ride was to NYC and not the island. If it were, I am sure we would have heard about it. I heard it was from Florida to NYC and not to the island.

  180. Rick

    Merry Christmas Greg.

  181. Snickelfritz

    Clif High has come out with his recent video called Q ack Woo explaining his view on what Trump is up to. An interesting point of view.

    • Paul ...

      S … What Trump is up to … is right in our face promoting “a vaccine and booster” that destroys the immune system … and Clif goes on to explains in detail how a destroyed immune system will give you cancer … so that’s Trump’s plan??? … and why we should support him???????? … or does it have something to do with “all charges being dropped against Trump” in his NY Court Battle after his Bill O’Reilly interview ?????????????

  182. dan

    Greg,I resect you and commend you for your work. There is one very important point that is more important than all else SALVATION. !! WHEN PEOPLE CELEBRATE THE NON BIBLICAL HOLIDAYS AND IGNOR WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE TO HONOR HIS FESTIVALES. NO WERE IN SCRIPTURE IS CHRISTMAS. Check were Christmas , Easter, St. Patricks Day and all others originated from. Yashua is the WORD ! The whole wor4d, no one gets to the , but thru ME .

  183. FreeMpg

    Watch the video of odious O’Reilly and Trump in Houston. O’Reilly asks Trump if he’s gotten the booster. Trump hesitates for a bit then straightens his posture and proudly says, yes. I’m no body language expert, but that looked and sounded like a lie to me, which makes it even worse.

  184. Craig Michael

    Hello Greg,
    What a powerful message that needs to go viral. God bless you.

    I am now done with Trump. He is a well informed person blessed with a lot of common sense. What happened? Is it his ego about being the one responsible for “Operation Warp Speed.”? Does he believe that his base is secure and he doesn’t want to alienate those who are “vaxed”? Does he actually believe what he is saying about the “vax” ( he does claim to be triple “vaxed”). Is it something else?

    It was probably too much to expect for him to have pardoned Assange, Snowden or to finally release all the JFK Assassination Papers.

    But why is he not speaking out about the inhumane treatment of the (mostly) political prisoners who were part of the January 6 protest?

    Pray for America.

    • Dave

      Spot on about the political prisoners. Their families can’t afford attorneys so many are being assigned government attorneys. Trump does not help and note if you try to call into a “conservative inc” talk show about it you won’t get on and, if you slip through, the call is quickly ended.



    • Paul ...

      DK … Why do you think the Globalists have pushed “To De-fund” the Police and our Sheriff’s … to destroy our power at the local level … and allow the Globalists to call for “Federal Law Enforcement” under Marshall Law (to stop the burning, violence and brazen jewelry store robberies that a De-funded Police force will obviously bring!!

  186. jeff scott

    I also fowwow CLIF_High on BitChute, Please Take time to View his Interpretation of Trump Statements.
    Cliff goes Full WOO for an Hour on Currency, Trump Comms, the SOC & Cancer Cures.

    • Paul ...

      Clif High explains how a weakened immune system will create cancer and kill you … what does the “jab” that Trump is promoting do??? … use your God given brains people!!!

  187. Zip

    THANK YOU MR. Hunter for your great work. STAY SAFE. Marry Xmass Happy New Years.

  188. matt Brinck

    Greg! Thanks for all you do! There are many meanings in code talk for the Vaccine. The vax Trump is talking about is for the evil people. That is why he is saying he has saved so many lives. He has removed the evil people ( with the vax) that have been killing us good people. This is all code talk. Plus there is much more code talk going on. Christmas is going to be a Miraculous Day! A Day of Revelation! Get your boots strapped on and your saddle strapped on tight!

  189. L.C.

    So Clif High just posted a different POSITIVE view of Trump’s vax position. Starts at link timestamp 23:40:
    Trump shooting himself in the foot, as Bill Holter said in Greg’s latest interview, is not the case at all.
    Me I say wait and see because Trump was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t support the vax.
    Clif says Trump is a genius social engineer.
    Link is worth a listen.
    Peace to all this blessed season.
    Sleep well.

  190. iwitness02

    I agree with Greg; the reality of these vaxx’s is a heavy burden on one’s mind and emotions. Also, it is getting easier to see how no one will be left alive on the earth if these days are not cut short. Without a doubt, this is the strangest Christmas ever.
    Nevertheless, all of my family will be here tomorrow and we are having a turkey dinner with all the fixings. For a little while life will be normal and happy.
    Merry Christmas to all.

    • Paul ...

      iwitness02 … Christmas is supposed to be a time of “Good Will Toward All Men” … but not to our psychopathic GOP and Demon-rat Pedophile/Transgender Politicians … insanely spouting off about how they are going to start a First Strike Nuclear War against Russia, China, etc., etc. … so as to kill off all the normal American Patriots “they call terrorists” (so a march on the Washington AC/DC perverts running our totally corrupt government can never occur again)!!!

  191. Greg Morrissey

    This Sarah Palin Look what she just said WAKE UP

  192. Brian Blommer

    Perhaps the biggest red pill for many is that Trump has been part of the Deep State plan all along, and has played his role very well. I don’t know, but it sure looks like he is and has.

    • Paul ...

      The Deep State played us for fools … they bashed Trump (to make him look like he was “our man to fight against them”) … when in fact … “he was one of them” and considered Hillary to be a nice lady along with the rest of the traitors he surrounded himself with in the White House … and appointed to the Justice Department … and the Supreme Court!!

  193. Shana Bennett

    Greg I heard somewhere a while back that President trumps son was kidnapped and then nothing was ever said after that. I am wondering if he is being blackmailed to go along to get along for the sake of his son. I do not believe Trump would knowingly cause the death of his citizens. I doubt that this should be posted but I just needed to say this

  194. Bailey

    It IS too stupid to be stupid.
    Maybe it’s a strategy?
    Clif High has some thoughts beginning about 32 minutes into this one:

  195. John Clifford Schuler

    Just two (2) “Logical” thoughts re: “Leaders” – Past, Present or Would-Be:
    1. “THEY”, including Trump, et al … are (or were) effectively “Compromised” … in one way or another and that :
    2. NONE of them got or are getting the “Kill” Jabs. Just placebos or “Blanks”.
    To my mind, such behaviors (past and / or present) by ANYONE with an IQ above room temperature … passes an sort of common-sense test.
    John in the NW

  196. Allan girouard

    Dear Greg,

    I agree and been asking myself the same question.

    Uncle cliff has the answer you and I were looking for!

    90% of doctors have drank the coolaid and silenced by authorities in risk of loosing their licenses.

    Your views and that of all who you have interviewed are correct.

    Thank you and god bless you and your family.

    Merry Christmas Greg.

    Non GMO DR G,

    Ps:look out:trouble a brewing in China with a major lockdown,so new pathogen as spoken by Gates?

  197. Paul

    I look forward to your weekly wrap up and your interviews of various guests. Your reporting on the evil vaccines has been spot on.

    There are not many places left where you can get honest reporting. Your website is one of the few that is left. I also include OAN and zerohedge.

    You deserve time off to recharge. I look forward to 2022.

    Merry Christmas and a Silver New Year.

  198. Pam

    Clif High had some reasoning as to why Trump was supporting the vax. I think Clif was on someone else’s podcast……….I can’t stand O’Reilly………And now Israel is pushing the 4th vax. Crazy Crazy Crazy……..

  199. Kevin W Ford

    Not all Vials of the so-called “Vaccines” are Created Equal ~ some are legit bioweapons and some are saline solutions to avoid public awareness of the agenda. The UN Agenda 2021 to be completed by 2030, a significant thinning world population from 8B down
    to 500M, means it will take many phases over the next 9 years. The first phase obviously has been depopulation by bioweapons. Next will be planned famine and war along with the genocide of the “unvaxxed.” And to remain relatively unnoticed by the hypnotized majority of the world, the jabs must not be homogenous from lot to lot or from vials to vials! Or else the propaganda machine of MSM and Social Media would not be able to cover up the obvious piling up of bodies in the streets!

    Let’s recap. First, they launched a fairly weak 2020 bioweapon called Covid-19 that everyone virtually recovers from unless they have severe comorbidity. With exaggerated PCR false positives with a CT level above 25, with $$$ incentives to hospitals and morgues calling the weak bioweapon a COD, the media was able to create panic and motivation for people to WANT the next bioweapon being presented as jabs the following year. These jabs are proven to be progressively more lethal with each additional booster. Talk about “gain of function” ! That was the plandemic all along. And this stage of depopulation requires all major media sources to censor any truth about any high-profile immediate death after receiving the death shot!

    So, I highly doubt any of the high-profile people that claim they got their shots and boosters were given anything more than saline solution. President Trump and Bill O’Reilly in no way got the real bioweapon jabs since they are both very obese and would have that potential comorbidity affecting their body’s ability to recover and reject the patented jab ingredients. No, I believe they must have been paid handsomely or threatened by the NWO cabal to go on tour to push the plandemic bioweapons on the American public. And it is absolutely absurd to believe that President Trump has NO IDEA what he is promoting. He isn’t that stupid, I agree with you Greg. And while I voted for him twice, President’Trump’s ego and pride couldn’t possibly be so huge that he would rather choose his fellow Americans he swore an oath to protect to actually die just so he can “save face.” I doubt he would let the Americans he loves be killed in a non publically covered genocide, rather than admit he was fooled into signing the order that made Operation (Bioweapon by Jab) Warp Speed launch.

    Proverbs says pride comes before a fall. And if our November 2020 elected President Trump doesn’t admit his Operation Warp Speed launched the largest genocide in world history in the next few months, literally, then he better expect the citizens that trusted and even voted for him to fit a noose around his neck after WE THE PEOPLE indict him at Nuremberg #2. Because he will go down with those he joined like Tony Fauci, the psychopath, on their crimes against humanity on such a large scale. It will be too (bleep) late to claim, “I didn’t know, I was tricked.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I love President Trump and I pray he will HUMBLE his arrogant, prideful heart before the Lord and the people he has served as our President regardless of the consequences to himself or to his pretty awesome family. He should stare at the NWO cabal directly in the TV camera and go on record about his foolish pride and irresponsible negligence for being deceived in becoming the frontman for the Cabal’s pandemic genocide! If it were me, I would rather tell all publicly my careless mistake as President of the United States and admit I trusted Tony Fauci, the real psychopathic killer, and was tricked into launching Operation Genocide by bioweapon jabs than become the stooge of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other devil-worshiping Illuminati pushing for globalized depopulation. Why not come out with the truth, just to save one life, and hope the American people you warned will have your back and help keep you and your family safe from the reach of the double-crossing elite running the show currently? I will say President Trump better get his family in a safe bunker somewhere before he does that super public interview with someone like you Greg, or maybe one of my favorites, Jesse Waters. Somehow we have to have enough intelligence on our side to hack MSM and play his confession/warning. Did John Kennedy try to warn us all about this same secret society? Um yep! Did he get himself assassinated for that warning? Yes, he did, by a freemason, charged with killing him on behalf of the same Illuminati NWO elite globalists.

  200. Ccwaters

    Thanks for drilling down on this, Greg.

    My family and friends are on board with your reporting.

    I never figured Trump for a smart man, but I did think he loved our Country. [[Back to the drawing board]]

    Best of the season to you and yours. Merry Christmas. Be well, my friend

  201. Scott

    Thank you for the uplifting end of year message. I think the conundrum that you are having over the claim that the vaccines work is simply a disagreement over what “work” means to the interests involved in promoting universal vaccination. To them The insolvency of Social Security and Medicare has been their greatest concern, the rocks upon which they knew the American economy would disintegrate. The solutions to those problems have been very clear: increase the eligibility age, Raise taxes to an exorbitant level to pay for them, or decrease the lifespan by five years or greater. The last two years have made clear that the powers that be have chosen option number three. Kill off the boomers earlier than projected and DC is happy. As far as they’re concerned things are working just fine.

  202. Francine

    Greg check out Clif High new Bitchue video he talked about Trump and the Vaxx had a different take on what we think. Now if this came from Charlie Ward or any of those clowns I would say misinformation and b******* but coming from Cliff it makes me pause.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif may be right and he is a very smart guy. I, on the other hand, am a reporter and I must report the truth and the truth is everybody needs Ivermectin mot a “BOOSTER” OR ANY OTHER INJECTION–PERIOD. I guess we can both be right. Clif, by the way is NOT Vaxxed. As I said, Clif is a very smart guy.

      • Francine

        I definitely agree don’t take the vacs no matter what he says or seems to be saying. On this one I have to disagree with Cliff or I’m going to have to not believe my lying ears
        Cliff thinks Trump is a social linguistic genius that he’s not saying what he’s saying or that he by saying what he says is bringing awareness and people are talking about the vax and becoming more aware of the problems with it. Doesn’t make any sense to me I don’t get it I hope Cliff is right I want to be wrong.


    Merry Christmas to you and your family Greg. Thank you for always spreading the word and for reminding us all not to live in fear. Yes, our father in heaven is in full control and loves each and everyone of us. Your voice is truth, may it never be silenced!

  204. Michele Hunter

    Well said Mr. Hunter! Merry Christmas to you and yours. God Bless

  205. Nicole Lafleur

    Hard to see Trump is the same person that was President for 4 years. Can’t believe he would stoop so low as more and more proof that we’re in a plandemic comes out.
    Does he have a member(s) of his family hostaged? Is that the real Donald Trump (or a clone)? Maybe it’s to separate the true believers from the followers (who don’t believe but just follow).
    Let us not forget that there is a small light at the end of the tunnel. Look for it and follow it as it is getting brighter as we go through these difficult times.
    A very Merry Christmas to all!!

  206. Valerie

    Now that Biden has pronounced the winter of death on the “unvaccinated”, they are changing the definition of fully vaccinated to mean anyone who didn’t get a booster. For example, Colorado has a 74% vaccination rate, and Governor Polis just said you have to get a booster to be “fully vaccinated”! They are going to use this to hide the deaths and injuries of the vaccinated, by now calling them NOT (fully) vaccinated!!! Sinister! Shame on Trump for continuing to promote the CV vaccinations! If he really took 3, he could have serious health problems in the near future.
    God help us!

  207. Anthony Australia


  208. Charles H.


    I can only say… that going solo, and separating from the MSM was both wise and blessed. By doing so you have been both true to yourself and to the Lord.

    And the freedom to credit the free press has served you well. You have been on top of topics and issue that are Nobel worthy and ‘Crime of the Century’ class – bar none. As a reporter and journalist – I dare say that you have reached the top of the class. You, by content and quality, have far surpassed any of your peers of the past and of the MSM.
    Thank you for the work you do. And thank you that you have allowed me to be a part.

    I pray you have a Merry Christmas and can rest well with family and friends.

    Respectfully yours, C H

  209. Marti Baker Girl

    Thank you Greg for being so objective. Although I voted for DJT twice, I began to wonder about him when he left Julian Asagne to rot in jail (though Wiki Leaks was instrumental in taking him over the top IMHO), left Snowden in the outback, and finally and to me most aggregious, left his 6 January supporters to rot in jail. Along the way I also questioned his choices of swamp rats; I thought he made some very bad choices of people he surrounded himself with while in the White House. Now his position on this “vax” is over the top. I can no longer support him.

  210. Greg C

    Greg, Cliff High’s recent (12/23/21) bitchute video entitled, “Quack Up Woo” provides an interesting twist to Trump touting the vax. Cliff believes that Trump is carefully choosing his words and when he mentions the vax saving millions of lives and that he just got his booster, he believes that Trump is actually referring to HCQ and Monoclonal Antibodies, with the recent redefinition of what a “vaccine” is.
    Just some food for thought.

    Merry Christmas!
    Thanks for all that you do.
    Best, Greg

    • Paul ...

      GC … What Clif “believes” (is overridden by what Trump says) … Trump says: “I took the Pfizer shot … and I took the Pfizer booster!!!!!! … but let’s say Clif is right “in what he believes” … well then that only proves Trump is a liar (saying he did something else) that we can not trust … just as we can not trust Big Pharma who tells us their vaccine (with microscopic razor blades in it) is safe … when we can see people dying all around us from blood clots and their very brains bleeding out!!!

  211. James

    Trump’s Trojan Horse

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Great post James. Yep Trump’s Trojan horse answers it for me!

  212. Christopher Pope

    Dear Greg, Love you my brother for all you do, and have a wonderful Merry Christmas, the World is a better place because of you. I know God is happy with you and blessing you, be filled with his Spirit in Jesus Name! And Carry On Soldier of the Truth! The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail until his Spirit is taken from the Earth, and this will happen soon and very soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much CP!!

  213. Martin Thorne

    God Bless you, and your family, Greg. Merry Christmas to one and all in Greg’s audience.

  214. Lynn

    Dear Greg, Merry Christmas…!!!! You are watching a movie…. Trump and the “good guys” are playing their role… MOST do not realize just how BIG this really is… (Good verses Evil) Too much to go into, but when all is revealed, it will be hard for MOST to comprehend just how evil this world has become… God has equipped us all with a brain, but most cannot think for themselves… People tell me on a regular basis “to got to hell”, but I use my discernment and choose not to… LOLOL It’s not like we were not warned this moment in time was coming…. Read your Bible… (mark of the beast) You cannot undo centuries of evil in 5 minutes… doesn’t work like that… You honestly did not think the Devil was going to play by the rules, did you…??? Have faith… Blessed are those who have NOT seen, yet Believe…. Keep your lamps filled, and fear not… God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is firmly in control… (a very wise man tells me this all the time)
    Wishing you and your family a wonderfully blessed Christmas and New Year…

  215. LizaCA

    Merry Christmas Greg! Thanks for all you do!

  216. Matty Watson

    Dear Greg, thank you again for another outstanding year of USA Watchdog. God bless you and your family.
    I’ve listened to you for years when you were on YouTube from here in Australia. I used to always comment on there, and to my surprise you would occasionally reply which always made my day. Since you left YouTube I subscribed to receive every post you’ve made via email.
    Everything you do is incredible. I lost my best source of news in March this year, his name was Alan Watt from Cutting Through The Matrix and I was completely devastated. We spoke regularly and on Christmas Day he would always post a special “Blurb” (as he called them). This year is the first for a very long time that I won’t hear his message. So I saved your WNW to quietly listen to today instead.

    Thank You Greg, and I look forward to many more years of USA Watchdog.

    Sincerely Matty Watson – Australia

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Matty, and God Bless Australia and hope the tyrants are removed soon.

  217. Paige Barent

    Trump is committing political suicide and the Left is going to blame him for every single aborted baby, and every single person who has been injured or killed by these lethal drugs. And he has brought it upon himself because he allowed these drug companies to circumvent their safety trials. So, big Pharma will be off the hook, the Left will have successfully killed off half of America, and Donald J. Trump will be brought up on charges of Crimes Against Humanity. He will be found guilty and he will go down in history as the Adolf Hitler of “vaccines.”

    Trump lost my vote a long time ago. The moment he started lying about the economy and outspending Obama, I said “No more.”

    And, by the way, what does it matter if Trump turns around and rejects these “vaccines”? He will only do so if the polls show him tanking with his base. The truth is he has betrayed his base. Period. He is perfectly willing to kill our children, our parents, our brothers, our sisters, and ourselves.

    At the end of the day, we must to have some sort of moral standard that is a line in the sand: otherwise, we are all guilty of partaking in a cult of personality and, consequently, we must share in the guilt of all the deaths and injuries that have occurred and are yet to transpire.

    And lastly, what makes you think that Trump would keep his promise of not mandating these kill shots? Trump dump his “principles” at the drop of a hat. Remember candidate Trump telling everyone that 5G ought not to be rolled out until there was concrete safety data? Well, he threw that principle under the bus as soon as he got elected. And the list just goes on ad nauseam.

    • Dave

      Yes on the economy. Trump and the RINOs massively increased spending (military especially) while enacting the largest tax cut in history. Mostly to corporations and the top1%. Yea, that’s conservative economics – more like voodoo economics.

      Remember Larry Kudlow, Steve Moore and all of conservative talk radio saying huge tax breaks to corporations will mean more corporate spending and actually result in increased tax revenues. That didn’t happen. The deficit ballooned to the largest to date at that time.

      Kudlow is, may I say it, an idiot. He predicted 5% or so GDP growth from the tax cuts. Which would pay for the big increase in spending. Well, after 4 years, Trump’s GDP growth (prior to pandemic) was in the high 2’s. Not much more than Obama’s.

  218. John M.

    Nice Christmas wrap-up Greg!
    It appears that COVID shots are “experimental” in the same way that strychnine and Zyklon B were experimental without prior scientific testing and data. Our generation is certainly being tested in its faith and resolve, and the information war is raging very hot.
    Many apologists for Trump are saying that we are in a WAR and that all kinds of tricks and subterfuge must be used, even if it will cost many lives and inflict lots of collateral damage. But really, are we expected to trust our leaders without reservation and not to carefully measure the words that come from their mouths? Why should we ever trust any politician when they lie to us so much?
    Christ did speak in parables that confused even His apostles, but Christ also said: “But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.” Matthew 5:37.
    So there we are, not knowing what to think. This is definitely a spiritual war of good vrs evil and it will require lots of prayers and supernatural help from our God.
    We do know that Christ the King is our only king, and that He came into the world as a little babe because He loved us and wanted to save us.
    Merry Christmas to all! May God bless USA Watchdog!
    May God bless America!!

  219. Lori

    Merry Chriastmas Greg and family. I listen every week to your inspirational messages. Fear not! Jesus is firmly in control. Love from a Canadian fan.

  220. Andy R

    Greg thanks again for all your work. Your channel is my first source of daily information. I am 66 year old healthy unvaccinated male. Until a few months ago I worked in a major supermarket so I was exposed to thousands of people each week during 2020-2021. I never was diagnosed with COVID but I am sure I was exposed often. I had been taken vitamin D for years now on the advise of my doctor and believe this has helped me resist being infected. Recently I was able to obtain some Ivermectin and HQ through the mail without a prescription from AllDayChemists. I take the ivermectin weekly as a preventative measure but the HQ is for emergency back up in case myself or someone in my family gets sick and can’t get a prescription filled for it. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  221. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    A ton of blessings to you and yours Brother Greg, Andrew

  222. Daryl Este

    Greg Merry Christmas to you and your Loved ones.




  223. aj

    Thank you for another great year of interviews. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    stay safe

  224. paul anthony

    Merry Christmas and God bless you and yours Greg

    God Bless you
    Paul Anthony

  225. ANAJA





    • Greg Hunter

      I have no idea if Dr. Noack is dead or not. What I can confirm is both Dr. Noack and Karen Kingston (Bio Tech analyst) say much the same things about the properties and the dangers of graphene.

  226. Stu


    Thanks for your video, I’m a frequent listener. I agree with you on the vaccines. Although I supported Trump in the last 2 elections, I will not vote for him next time, if there is a next time…because of his pro vaccine stance and because of his anti bitcoin sentiment. I certainly won’t vote for the opposition either. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  227. Mark

    Trump probably can’t talk about Ivermectin and HCQ because to do so would disqualify the EUA for the Pfizer/BioNtech, Moderna, J&J…They can only be on a EUA, which Trump approved, if there is no other drugs or therapy effective against the disease.
    Just sayin’ neither Trump nor the Courts want to open that can of worms.

    • Greg Hunter

      And disqualifying the EUA is a bad thing???????? So we just have to die in this freak show experiment as part of the plan?????? Bull Crap on that!!!!!!!

  228. Jeff

    Elias says ” Just drives home the point all the more we can only trust in God (not Trump).
    I believe there’s a lot of truth in that. God said from the beginning that He alone would save us and He alone would get the glory. So from the beginning we should have stopped waiting for Trump to come back to be our white knight.
    I don’t begin to know God’s timing regarding what’s coming but I still believe He has a plan to totally turn this world upside down. Judging the evil and removing them. Giving the world one last chance to receive His son. Billion soul harvest and teaching us to love one another.
    Those waiting for the “rapture” will have to wait. God has other plans.

    • Jeff

      I want to reiterate so no one mis-interprets…. we have tough times coming before we see the “light”. Most likely because of our pride and disobedience. We won’t get on our knees until the market crashes, war is emanant, they are coming to jab, and we have nothing else to turn to. Krackpot Harris will probably be sworn in also. That will be an ugly day indeed.

      • Charles H.

        A complete tragedy.

  229. Zoe'


  230. William Simonton

    Merry Christmas to all and thank you Greg for the past year of great videos. Pray for God’s grace for USA, world and our families.

  231. Really Awake

    I have been listening to Clif High, and he has his own take on Donald Trump’s “language” on the mRNA injections. According to Clif High Donald Trump is a public relations genius. Trump’s goal, according to Cliff, is to build a large enough coalition to defeat the opposition… and win the war. That is what is important to Trump. Winning. And Trump doesn’t want to be portrayed as an anti-vaxx flake- O…

    Personally, I supported Trump even tho I don’t respect him all that much. For example, I think abortion is first degree murder. Period. And so do millions of others. Talk about killing the children? How many hundreds of millions of children have been outright murdered? What does Trump really think about abortion? Who really knows for sure. He used to support it, then he didn’t -“I am pro-choice in every respect,” Trump once said. Then in 2020 Trump was “the most pro-life” American president ever…

    So, at times Trump tends to first do the wrong thing before he does the right thing. Perhaps before 2024 Trump will do the right thing by flipping his position on the first degree murder and mRNA weapon.

    Trump recently said he thought China should pay 60 trillion in reparations for Covid-19…

    I think the people actually responsible for Covid-19 and the mRNA lethal injections should pay with their lives. Like abortionists, they are murderers. Bill Gates is the prime example of who should pay with his life. But do I think Trump will ever see justice done? No.

    Don’t count on Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz or any politician making America great again. Don’t even count on anybody buying you more time before the SHTF…. The Washington Doomsday Machine won’t be turned off – not by Trump, not by anybody. What you can count on is 2022 being a bad year – perhaps a disastrous year. And sooner or later, perhaps, 2022, 23, 24.. The Doomsday Machine is going to do what it was designed to do.

    I’m not saying to withdraw your support from Trump, DeDantis, Cruz, Rand Paul or other better men. What choice do you have? Trump would be better than Hillary in 2024… if we make it that far. That is for sure.

    What I am saying is you better focus most of your efforts on supporting yourself by stockpiling what you need to survive some really bad times ahead. Nobody knows the day or the hour. Get yourself ready – your health, your lifestyle, get prepping, get out of the big Marxist cities, get right with God.

    Finally, don’t be surprised when Russia invades Ukraine and China invades Taiwan. And please don’t be stupid enough to go fight for Washington – or encourage your sons and daughters to do so.. Remember Vietnam? Remember 20 years in Afghanistan? Do you really want to “support” Washington and the Deep State and the Globalists?

    No. Listen to the advice of the only really good retired politician in the entire country. Listen to Ron Paul…

  232. James Hayman

    I didn’t find the link to the German Doctor’s video. Can someone kindly post it here? (James, This is Greg Hunter and I forgot to post the link in the write up but here it is for you ) So sorry I forgot to but have now added it to the writ up.

    • James Hayman

      Much appreciated Greg. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed with truth. Jim

  233. James Hayman

    Merry Christmas everybody.
    Yehovah bless you and keep you;
    Yehovah make His face to shine upon you and be gracious onto you;
    Yehovah lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

  234. PrepMaster

    Thank you Greg. Merry CHRISTmass to you, yours, and your viewers.

  235. Randy Hitt

    Trump seems to be using Dick Morris triangulation.

    He has the GOP votes in his pocket regardless of his vaccine stance, especially since he isn’t advocating forced jabs like the democrats. Perhaps this is a play for more independents and to make himself look more of a centrist?

  236. Randy Hitt

    Merry Christmas to you Greg, and to everyone in the watchdog universe…🐕‍🦺

  237. El

    People keep talking about the fact that vaccinated people are getting break though Covid infections. The vaccine is not meant to prevent a person from getting Covid. The goal is to create some immunity, so if they do get covid, they won’t end up in the hospital, on a ventilator, or in the morgue.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bull crap!!!!!

    • Computer Guy

      And how exactly did they determine that?

    • Coal Burner

      Not working is it. 80% of the cases are the fully vaxed.

    • Jerry

      You cannot trust the numbers the CDC is giving. My wife and I just got out of a COVID unit two months ago. Guess what? when we got the billing statements from our insurance carriers they listed the reason for our admission as cardiac related. No mention of COVID. Do you want to know why? Neither my wife or I had been vaccinated.
      I’m pretty sure if we would have died they would have filed it as COVID. The hospitals are following a protocol from the CDC. Do you want to know how many people are in the ICU that have been vaccinated? Good luck with that. They are forbidden to release that information.

  238. aps

    Merry Christmas & happy New Year to one and all.

    For Trump or any man or woman, our salvation and trust is in the Lord – not man. Can God still use Trump, yes BUT my eyes are upon the Lord, he is my rock and my salvation.

    God works in the impossible. He makes ways, where there are no ways.

    On one Friday afternoon, things looked bleak. Really bleak. Come Saturday, things did not look any better. I would imagine, many thought they were dead men walking and there was no way out.

    Come Sunday, the world became upside down. The impossible happened (not for God).

    I believe not only does God have this BUT he is going to act when it appears hopeless to one and all. That is what God does. Everyone is going to KNOW that God did it and YES he does exist. Because NOTHING is impossible for our God.

    When all appears to be lost, keep your eyes on the Lord. You wont be disappointed.

  239. Dave

    I voted for Trump in 2016. I couldn’t countenance Hillary as President. I had doubts about Trump – his character, his sincerity. I didn’t really trust him. Still, he was a brilliant businessman. A businessman in the White House would get the spending and deficit under control. I thought so as did Dr. Michael Savage. Savage later acknowledged having a businessman in the White House hadn’t changed things.

    I now believe Trump was a plant. If the Deep State wanted to get radical things done such as lockdowns, mass vaccinations and a historic shift of wealth to the top 1% Hillary was not the one who could do it. But a “populist” like Trump could and did. “Populist” Trump/the Rinos passed massive spending increases. Corporate America got huge tax breaks while middle America often saw modest tax increases. Repeal Obamacare? Trump refused to exert his bully pulpit to do so and is famously known for saying he supports national health care. Trump proposed a 2 trillion infrastructure bill which “conservatives” like Rush blessed. Rush too was unfazed by the massive deficit increase under Trump. He said he’d always been told deficits were bad, but he hadn’t seen that. Fauci predicted a pandemic during Trump’s term and Trump’s Administration issued an emergency order a month before the pandemic hit allowing for lockdowns and other Federal power grabs.

    The most important thing for conservatives was the Supreme Court and that Trump would nominate strict constructionists. Yet he chose 2 individual who were not originalists despite pleas from some not to do so. Already Kavanaugh and Barret have issued progressive decisions. Kavanaugh refused to stay the 6th Circuit’s upholding the of OSHA mandates. Meaning right now businesses are setting up for enacting the OSHA rules as they may go into effect 01/07. A stay would have given the companies until February to comply. Cities aren’t wasting time in mandating non-vaccinated people do not shop, not go to concerts, not go to theatres. shop. The expectation is SCOTUS upholds the OSHA rules. Dam Bongino recently said of Trump’s appointees – we expected originalist/strict constructionist, but we got two non-originalists with the jury out on the third.

    As to Trump pushing the vaccines and endorsing an odd mix of Rinos and non-Rino’s Think chaos. The Deep State doesn’t want populists/conservatives to gain a foothold in Congress. Trump’s actions are designed to do that – ensure that McConnell and McCarthy remain in control of the HOP. McCarthy remain in charge and the Freedom Caucus types remain a minority unable to accomplish much.

  240. Carolyne

    Dr. Andreas Noake died from a DEW (Direceted Energy Weapon) attack onto his heart in his home. You know Catherine Austin Fitts. Ask her. These weapons are very real and the space force is all about DEW wepoans.

  241. Ron4man

    Trump obviously will not make good on his promises to: correct the 2020 election; he will not be coming back; the military is not going to take charge of our compromised government by a foreign power which is one of their directives and obligations. Trump is making it easy for us to abandon him. What happened? Was it the ride on Epstein’s plane? Must be something. Someday, we’ll find out. Regardless, this is a cowardly way to abandon us.

  242. john

    Thank you, Greg, for all you do for us. God bless you. Merry Christmas to all!

  243. Al Day

    Do you think Trump is part of the deep state? Just a huge psy-op? I began to think that was possible just before the ’18 election when he did nothing to lock up those we know were guilty. I once supported him but have difficulty doing so anymore. He is like all the rest, just a mortal man with vulnerabilities. The true Savior is yet to return. Just longing for some justice.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not thiink Trump is part of the Deep State. I do think he is dead wrong about the vaccines and I am not going to stand by and not report the truth. If I have to go against Trump, so be it, but I will not go against “We the People”!!

      • Gary C

        Greg, all the information about Vaccines, from qualified Doctors, McCullough,Malone, etc
        is available to anyone who wants to look for it and that includes ANY politician in any
        State, Province, or Country.. Look at the experts you have interviewed

        Obviously most choose not to which means “follow the money” when politicians
        are involved. What percentage of these people would own stock in BiG Pharma?

      • Trinacria

        Greg, Trump is a smart guy, but I just don’t understand where he is coming from on the phony injection. So many smart people who have nothing to gain – except hold on to their dignity and integrity – have come out against it and with much evidence. Trump’s stance, thus far, truly distresses me. I pray that he will see the light. I understand Don Jr. is not on the same page as his dad….is that true? Let’s see, aborted fetal tissue, graphene….what could possible go wrong???!!!

        • John Birch

          Trump simply made a deal with the Devil. He’s an actor, has an ego bigger than any Hollywood mogul and was perfect for the part. With most of his business in Manhattan he lunched with all the banksters and trillionaires on a regular basis. He was in debt to Wall Street for bailing him out of his Atlantic City, his treasury secretary Mnuchin was from the top floor of Goldman Sachs, his treacherous son in law Kushner and daughter are serious Kabala students, John Bolton and Elliot Abrams are deep-state dinosaurs and Mike Pence, the insider of 9-11, did the Anthrax scare and said Dick Cheney was the VP he most admired. Reagan was forced to put x-CIA Director Bush onto his ticket just as Trump was forced to put Pence on his ticket. Reagan learned to obey after he was shot and so the elites had Donald by the short hairs from day one. One can’t begin to figure this stuff out without being a serious student of the conspiracy for the NWO and the Bible. We lost our country last November and WW III with America’s (staged?) demise is next because the A/C rises out of Europe. Remember, these people are pure EVIL.

      • Brad

        I respect your opinion! (This is Greg Hunter. You are a rotten lowlife for pushing this crap. We simply could have use Ivermectin and Covid would have been over in 4 months just like Uttar Pradesh in India with 242 million residents. Again, CV19 was defeated in 4 months. 0 deaths because of Ivermectin the Nobel Prize winning drug in 2015 and the safest drug ever invented. You are rotten for pushing this crap. Anybody that did should hang.)

        • Brad

          I’m not a low life I’m not pushing anything to anyone but you! I’m not the one telling people how to treat themselves, (This is Greg Hunter and I called you a rotten lowlife. I had dr. Korry on to tell people how to treat themselves you rotten anonymous bastard!!! We did not need to have a gigantic human experiment with an mRNA injections with zero liability for the vax makers. We DID NOT NEED THESE SHOTS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!! We needed the truth, Ivermectin as they used in India and HCQ. We have a huge human experiment going on and this is dangerous quackery that has never been done before in history. The CV19 death numbers were a lie to scare the people into this experimental injection. Thus we had no flu deaths in 2020 because the Deep State needed to explode the numbers with things like the false PCR test that had huge amounts of false positives. The CDC changed the counting parameters to say “died with covid instead of dies of covid.” It’s just like they are doing now toe the definition of “Fully vaxed”. More lies and disinformation to scare people into taking the booster. I’ll say it again you are an anonymous rotten lowlife. You are not coming on this site to spout obvious lies and disinformation. Now, go play in the street and Merry Christmas, or for you, Merry worship satan. Greg

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Thank you, Greg!

  244. Trinacria

    Greg, before I comment, I want to sincerely thank you for continuing to be the Paul Revere of our age. Your continued honesty and passion in your work are a breath of fresh air to say the least. I wish you the peace and joy that the newborn Jesus brings to the world.
    We must not allow under any circumstances the false sophistication, false claims, false hope brought on by such enormous hubris whose goal is to impede truth and goodness. In reference to that, I quote Corinthians 1:27-28

    “No, it was to shame the wise that God chose what is foolish by human reckoning…; those whom the world thinks common and contemptible are the ones that God has chosen – those who are nothing at all to show up those who are everything.”

    In a sense, the message of Jesus is a dialectic of opposites….the first shall be last…

    Finally, the famous quote by Jesus: “why is it easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle that for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven…” I believe because of one word – attachment – which leads to all the perversion of the world…lust for power, riches, vanity, etc.

  245. Suzanne Powell

    Trump is using vaccine language/references as code … Not literally about vaccines.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here’s my “code” Don’t take this CV19 injection crap. It does not work and Ivermectin does work. Take Ivermectin. We should hang the evil Deep State bastards withholding this life saving Nobel Prize winning drug from the public. It is arguably the safest ever invented. How effective and safe are the CV19 injections no vary safe with record deaths in VAERS and not very effective just ask triple vaxed Senators Booker and Warren. They are both sick as dogs shortly after that booster!!! How’s that for code talking??? I don’t talk in code. I inform “We the People” and give them information that keeps them safe.

      • Kim Rouge Matthius

        [I inform “We the People” and give them information that keeps them safe.]
        Greg, you’re a real journalist, not fake. Or a politician like that fraud
        George Stephanopoulos. He’s just too disgusting to even listen to. I can’t believe I ever took him seriously. Such an obvious advocate and not a journalist at all. Soooo disappointing….George ask for an investigation and put this behind us, or do you want un Civil War? What is he afraid of, the people? The man can’t be sleeping at night!
        Triggered liberal Host SNAPS At Rand Paul, Instantly Regrets It

        Tomi Lahren: I believe this is who’s really ‘pulling Biden’s strings’
        1,608,695 views Dec 21, 2021

  246. catherine serra

    Marry Christmas Greg. Big Hugs!. Your a good man.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Catherine and Merry Christ mas to you and yours too!!

  247. al

    There is an asymmetrical war being fought. The evidence of the battles comes in the form of key people being indited, leaving office or their executive positions in large corporations. Strange events like that Evergreen ship blocking the Suez Canal. Weird stuff like that.

    I think Trump is playing a disinfo game which is part of the asymmetrical war. He is not stupid and yes Greg, you are right, it’s too stupid to be stupid, but Trump is a brilliant Man.
    To be fair he did mention other treatments, but not by name and whether he should have or not depends on the level of disinfo.

    It’s like we’re in a boat on the ocean and a major war is being fought under the sea, but all we see is a few bubbles surfacing. WW3 is here.

    This has been a particularly weird Christmas. We put up the lights around the house and such but there seems to be no soul behind the occasion. We had some neighbors pop in, exchanged gifts and they all mentioned how out of place they feel relative to Christmas. No real joy, just the motions.

    For as much as this matters, Merry Christmas Greg and all, and a Happy New Year and I mean Happy! We can help win this war if we don’t give in to the FEAR PORN.
    Ignore and Resist.

    • catherine serra

      This Christmas will be the first time I feel is worthy to celebrate.

      My understanding, for those who designed this day to mock God and his children, are no longer in the position to carry on there celebration of sacrifices , on this day.

      May today and everyday bring more awakening to gods children’s. There is a lot of work to do!

      Big hugs to you my brother. May you and yours stay safe, by the graze of god.

      Great to you,

  248. Jeff robbins

    Lots of comments. Wanted to ask if you think the post office will be left alone regarding the vaccine? I recently applied for a entry level job at the post office. I’m a pipe fitter and good at it, but there’s a number of hiring calls coming in requiring vaccines- unbelievable really. Also if the press is controlled then it won’t matter how bad the vaccines are the best thing to hope for a is fast and widespread wave of omicron.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, they helped Bided when he was cheated into office. Yes, you will be exempt.

  249. M. Sansone

    Trump is not principle-based. He’s transaction-based.

    Look at him through that lens and he instantly becomes comprehensible.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree.

  250. Gary

    “I gladly take these slings and arrows…” Wow Greg…you really have slung plenty of slings and arrows at this, the Greatest President ever. All on Christmas Eve too! Wow! I’m blown away!
    Merry Christmas Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      I work for “We the People” and when they are being misled, I will report the fact no matter who it is. Trump says he has taken the two Pfizer shots and now the booster. I heard him say this. He’s in big trouble with the graphene alone in his body. I don’t want people to make the same mistake. Trump should be telling people to take Ivermectin. There is NO debate–It works!! The overt results and peer reviewed science proves it. You cannot say the same thing for the CV19 injections. Just the opposite. There are record deaths and injuries in VAERS and the shots DO NOT work as advertised. Just ask CNBC’s Jim Crmer. Tripled vaxed and now he’s sick. As I said, I work for “We the People” and not Donald Trump. I agree he is a good president but he’s dead wrong on the vax and if you look at my poll on USAW, I am far from alone with this view. I am not going to stand by and not warn “We the People” about the injections and hide the fact the real cure is Ivermectin.

      Merry Christmas.

      Your humble reporter,

  251. Ken

    Merry Christ mas Greg; Your an honest Man always reporting as you see it.
    I guess it makes sense. We were always watching a movie. Everyone played their part. Truth always comes out.

    Matthew 7:15-20
    New King James Version
    You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

  252. Bruce

    Hi Greg, Recommend seeing Clif High’s “Q uack UP! Woo – Explorers’ Guide to SciFi World” that came out on Bitchute yesterday. Quite interesting, especially relating to “the shots.”

  253. Bryan

    Trump believes he can sell the vax without mandates. he believes in his own bullshit the mark of a true conman. soon those with the jab will go to bed for a good night’s sleep, our smartphones will send out the kill command, overpopulation no more. time rebuild.

  254. Jeff robbins

    I went to my local farm supply store today and they didn’t have any of the horse paste. I bought a tube a few months ago to have on hand and there it just isn’t there now. If any one can get it its made by Durvet. Don’t get the mixed ones

  255. wayne hardin

    There is a old saying .
    fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me .
    Shame on the people that still believe people when it can be proved they are nothing but a liar . Someone said they will be deceivers that deceive even the elect if it were possible .
    Everything we see has been foretold by non-other than God the father .
    But as he said very few will listen .
    They want to hear what they want to hear .
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    Like Greg said God is in control . So quit trying to change what God has written .

    Wayne Hardin

  256. Kay

    Aug. 18th- Speaking to host Maria Bartiromo of FOX news, Trump opined:

    “That sounds to me like a money-making operation from Pfizer. Think of the money involved. A booster shot, that’s tens of billions of dollars.”
    “How good of a business is that? If you’re a businessman, you say, ‘You know what? Let’s give them another shot.'”
    “You wouldn’t think you would need a booster. When these first came out, they were good for life. Then they were good for a year or two.”
    “And I could see the writing on the wall, you could see the dollar signs in their eyes.”

    Trump has flipped flopped on boosters. Why should I believe he won’t flip flop on mandates if elected??

    • Paul ...

      Good point Kay!!!

  257. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Wanted to add something else real quick. My brother is double vaccinated and pretty sure he has his booster shot, as well. He’s been very critical of me for not getting jabbed, “don’t I care about other people’s health,” and what about our parents, etc etc.

    What does he come down with 4 days ago, right before Christmas? You guessed it: full blown Covid. He’s got to lock down and quarantine for a few weeks. He will miss whatever family and social activities we have (which ain’t much, because unfortunately, most of the family believes all this big pharm nonsense), and I won’t see him til after the New Year.

    You’re right about not gloating, though. Trying to stay humble and refrain from saying, “I told you so.”

    By the Grace of God may we stay healthy. Merry Christmas again and Happy New Year, Greg.

  258. Suzette Lawrence

    Merry Christmas Greg!! Wishing you and your family the continued strength, courage, love and wisdom that those that have ears for Him receive. Tonight we did a cross country zoom with our double vaxed family. It was surreal. I warned everyone, sent credible links from the best sources. Vaccine Adverse Events was my wheelhouse for 15 years. I spent most of that time helping families recover their children. I had a slight impact on my family when it came to the vaccine schedule for the kids and flu shots. No one got flu shots. Imagine my horror to learn that they all, even the kids took the J&J. God Bless us All. We are going to have to take impeccable care of our health, stay mentally strong, and continue to keep our council with Jesus Christ of Heaven. If what is predicted happens we are in for some very sad days ahead. Tonight I prey for us all.

  259. a. bonaminio, m.d.

    several trump loyalists, like clif high, bernie suarez at truth and art tv, and mr. dave at x22, [whom i all like and respect] have come to trump’s aid with theories about how trump is playing 3 layered chess with the deep state, and other rubbish. they fail to answer the following:
    1. why a true ”leader” would blatantly lie and put others at risk for death and devastating vax complications, all to play a game with the deep state called ”game theory”
    2. how trump can say no one has died from the jab or has been seriously injured when VAERS data shows 20,000 plus deaths and a million complications [under-reported by a factor of 20-at least], and the European database is even worse,
    3. that what trump did will now embolden the treasonous military brass to double down on jabbing our finest troops and special operatives, and pilots and sailors, which will result in mass carnage—the cases of myocarditis alone will be devastating, and there will be deaths just like all those athletes dropping dead on live tv. clif high himself has reported on the ”great vax die off” that we are in the midst of now and is acceleratng through ”a peak in january” and into late spring–to then repeat again next year.

    never has a leader of a country purposely put at risk the defense of their country. trump has done what dr david martin just called ”softening the battlefield”–except the battlefield he talks about is our own country, and it is being softened for the enemy.

    when i hear a rational, believable and logical reason for the above i will then consider supporting trump again.

  260. Phil in Dixie

    Here’s some good news:

    New Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Found To Be Safe and Effective in Trial – “Highly Efficacious and Very Safe”

    The Novavax vaccine doesn’t use mRNA or a virus. It does contain the spike protein, but the spike protein is encapsulated. That was a smart thing to do. I suspect that that’s why the adverse events for this vaccine are much lower than the others. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the U.S. (unless you were part of the clinical trial).

    I am not interested in getting any of the vaccines because I already have natural immunity. But if I were forced to get vaccinated, Novavax NVX-CoV2373 is the *only* one I would consider getting (at the present time).

    • Greg Hunter

      We don’t need it and never did. We can just take Ivermectin and get wonderful natural immunity.

    • eddiemd

      The chief MD/scientist at Novavax was the head bioweapons development MD at the Army’s Fort Deitrich lab.

      I would not take this injection.

      Furthermore Novavax has been involved in nanoparticle influenza vaccine development for 4 years.

  261. Jeannette+Rowden

    Regardless of what we hear, I think it would be better to wait and watch what unfolds rather than pass judgment on Trump too early. The man is not stupid and may well have his reasons for every word he utters.
    I remember the words of that fake CIA “whistle-blower” won out over the honest words of Dave Janda and his sources. A mistake in judgment is always possible.

  262. Not So Free

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  263. DanielSong39

    So my family members banned me from visiting them until I got vaccinated.
    I guess that’s just a reflection of the world we live in.
    Unfortunately in a game of high stakes poker, you just need to learn to fold a bad hand.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are the ones that will be getting sick I am sorry to say. Please do not utter the words “I told you so.”
      You did the right thing.

  264. DAVID


  265. Roger

    I supported Trump but no more. He probably has been comprimised by the DS, FBI and CIA. They have something on him probably from his past before 2016 or even something with Epstein as he was quite the prideful playboy. Who really knows for sure except that it is very strange that he was never pro-vaccine even before this scamdemic appeared. They (DS) got to him or have threatend his family in order for him to flip sides and for him to side with Biden is stunning. Then again I suppose his ego and his pride is probably blinding whatever common sense he has left. Politics is so corrupt and if you don’t play by their rules at their game, one can quickly be silence and become another Arkancide casualty. I also suspect Trump has made some huge investments after the election loss with big pharma as money always talks in order to recoup his huge financial losses while POTUS. Is he a Judas that has sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver? I hope not as we can only judge a person by their fruits they bear.
    If God can use a donkey, I’m sure God can still use the very arrogant, prideful and egotistic Trump by humbling him. Pride always comes before a fall and his current flipflop could be the start of the fall that will ultimately be used to humble him.
    Regardless, thanks Greg for being brave in presenting the truth regardless of how much it might hurt or offend people. The country and free world is a stake.
    God Bless and protect you duirng these troubling days.
    Merry Christ Mass and may God’s Shalom Peace be upon you.

  266. Kevin

    -NIH admits gain-of-function
    🦇not bat soup🦇
    -NIH director quits
    -OSHA ends mandate
    -Soloman/Martinique/Guadeloupe Riots
    -CDC no longer apprvs. PCR
    -50+ Protests; Germany!
    -CFTC head quits; 5!!!
    -JussieSmollett convicted
    -JackDorsey quits
    -3Austrian Leaders quit
    -Wrld E. forum canceled;threats
    -White House staff quit
    -KamalaVsJoe; cat fight
    -MikeLindell vs.SupremeCourt
    -MAXWELL TRIAL; many resign
    -R.Kelly charged &snitching
    -Dr Fraudci UNMASKED!
    -Rittenhouse ACQUITTED!
    -TravisScott show unmasked😈
    -AshleyBiden Diary
    -TIME ‘Last Call’ cover?Odd
    -Barclays CEO quits
    -BrianWilliams quits NBC
    -Chris Wallace quits Fox
    -Elon Musk rips shady UN
    -Whistleblower:Pfizer data lie
    -Dem’s Lose Virginia/NJ
    -ONT/Quebec end mandates
    -TrumpMedia;RIP FakeNews
    -Pandora Papers Leak
    -FB caught lying to investors
    -JoeRogan rips CNN/Gupta
    -Southwest/UNITED backtrack
    -2 FED heads resign/1 fired.
    -German&Dutch Ctrl bankers quit
    -J.Powell caught inside trading
    -Policymakers trading banned
    -Stars stand; NickiMinaj,KyleIrving,ChrisBrown,Mayweather,Ice Cube,Kanye,AaronRodgers,MatthewMcConaughey,McGregor
    -Top Pentagon head quits
    -Afghanistan Catastrophe!
    -Trump FB/IG pg’s back; Odd?
    -Durham Indictments start
    -FBI lawyer,Sussmann,charged
    -🇨🇦green party leader resign
    -209 🇨🇦Lawyers team up
    -Court wins worldwide
    -CDC head quits; collusion!
    -2 FDA exes. quit
    -WHO/CIA sex abuse scandal
    -Parents pull kids from school
    -Boards/teacher union exposed
    -🇦🇺Premier&Deputy resign
    -🇦🇺5 more politicians quit
    -Yang/Gillen leave Dem’s
    -23 Dem’s quit/retire; Odd?
    -Cuomo Brothers;DONE!
    -Sweden&Japan PM’s quit
    -Merkel leaving, replacement quits B4 taking over
    -Gov. of Netherlands, Italy & Myanmar collapse mths ago.
    -DonLemon sex assault case
    -TV ratings crash
    -Health workers stand
    -Courts block mandates/firings
    -c19 NEVER ISOLATED;exposed
    -Gen.Milley exposed
    -Royals; DONE!
    -UK end vax pass
    -Lawsuits mounting
    -People UPRISING!
    -Joe’s shit polls
    -U.S.investigates Trudeau
    -Trudeau/Hillary/Sharpton/De Blasio/Gates/EricAdams cant walk the streets…NEVER B4 SEEN!
    WE’RE WINNING👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    If evil was truly in control, like most think none of these Domino’s would be collapsing. It wouldn’t need to!!!!!!

  267. Red

    Greg & all watchdoggers. May God bless you all and I really, really hope Christmas is giving just a little light to everyone. No matter how much they try the name Jesus just invokes joy for us human beings. I read all the replies to the Christmas song of truth i was a little shocked by all the replies BUT I loved them all! The best people follow Greg MERRY CHRISTMAS to all !!!! Red in OZ

    • Tory

      Nice list!!! I would include the Audio Video call the Cheat in Chief and his wet nurse made to a family for their Christmas PR stunt, only to have at the end the guy say “Let’s go Brandon!” them hung up… then Biden said, he agreed and said Let’s go Brandon too!!! Made my day 🙂

  268. Les

    I voted yes if trump comes out however i would at this point rather everything totally fails. We the people can reset with no politicians or banks or insurance . F them. Saying get the vax is like saying were going shut off the power but do t worry its safe. Trumps a gonner if he is vaxxed
    Thanks Greg

  269. Benjamin Golan

    Never liked Bill O’Reilly. Trump is on self destruct.

  270. nzandy

    Merry Christmas Greg, keep up the good work!

  271. Paul Simmons

    If this Dr. Noack is willing to risk his reputation and who knows what to make a video on the YouTube in I believe in Austria, it must be that graphene hydroxide is in the so-called vaccine. I told my doctor about Dr. Noack, and it made no impact. It is like people are hypnotized to disregard the most startling information. People don’t even recognize their country has been overthrown by obvious massive voter fraud! It is as if th3ey think it no big deal!

    • Paul ...

      PS … Google wants to put video game goggles over everyone’s eyes so they will see the world as he wants them to see it … but … it seems the neurons in peoples brains have already been somehow covered with micro chips … so they no longer need to wear those cumbersome video game goggles to make them see the world through the eyes of the Matrix manipulators!!!

  272. JC


    I emailed your Christmas message to a couple of vaxxed friends, I got one reply…

    “Your such an uplifting person on Christmas Eve !!! Thanks for the info and now go f**k yourself.”

    • Greg Hunter

      It is your friends that are F***ed. They have cut their lives dramatically shorter that is for sure. Send them this:

      • JC

        OK Greg, will do!

    • Robert Dziok

      It’s disheartening how “The Jab” has often caused ill feeling within families and amongst friends because of different outlooks.

      • Greg Hunter

        We really should not have to worry about offending stupid people, and in many cases, willfully stupid. You simply cannot have a scientific discussion that could stop family members from killing themselves. I get what you are saying though because it has happened in my own family. Your point is well made and well taken. Merry Christ mas!!!

  273. Bob

    Ron DeSantis is a much better candidate than Trump for president. He is doing so much right in FL. Trump not able to unify the country.

    • Computer Guy

      Does anybody understand what the president is there for? The president that is selected by the corporate masters is put in there to do their bidding, they are not there for the people. People are delusional in thinking “electing” a republican or democrat is going to make any difference. Has it made any difference in the last 50 years? No. One by one they come in, they do the work of corporate America and they leave as millionaires and buy 11 million dollar houses on Martha’s vineyard or the Hamptons.

      This idea that Ron de Santis can get in there and stand up to the mic/deep state and bring back the constitutional republic that’s been hijacked is laughable. Ask the last president that tried to think on his own and thought he was the commander in chief. He got brains scattered on the streets of Dallas.

      If DeSantis does win, – (highly unlikely) considering that the deep state/mic only want puppets in there to do their bidding. The first day on the job someone will take him into a room and show him the zapruder film. Then he will either comply or they will remove or assassinate him. I’m sure they don’t want a repeat of what happened to Kennedy it’s easier to install the puppet then to have to kill them later on. That’s why I see the now corrupt Trump as likely to win again. CNN needs the rarings and the deep state/mic has their puppet in there.

  274. r.v.

    Trump Lies to Candace Owens! Calls Clot Shots Greatest achievement of mankind…NO Great 2min video.
    Trump booed off stage if he runs in 2024..
    Biden says Let;s Go Brandon:
    Merry Christmas

  275. Tory

    God Bless and Merry Chistmas! Trust in God and we will get through this. Someday we will return to our Lord and Savior because he died for us on the cross and rose again on the third day, and those that have died their chains have now been broken. I look forward to seeing all my family and my friends again one day, and especially my true friend and brother in Christ who died of Covid 2 weeks ago. I take comfort in knowing these things.

    Be true to the faith and again, Fear Not!!! BIC

  276. Jules

    WOW Greg you are blowing my mind. I have been pinning my hopes on Trump. I am in Melbourne Australia, and its crazy here. Of course our mainstream media is owned by big pharma so no real news. But I have been of the opinion that Trump has been walking the tightrope, between good and evil, between the globalists and what is right! So this may be Trump’s way of getting back in their good books, perhaps?? As we don’t get to hear anything Trump says here in Oz it would be great if you could back up what you are saying with a link, showing us what Trump is saying. Nurses here are speaking out more about the adverse effects and there are many. And now the bloody boosters are starting. And as of the 12th Jan they are going for the kids. My God. This has to stop. God bless you Greg, God Bless us ALL. May you have a great festive season, the silliest of all seasons!!! Love your work.

    • Paul ...

      It is Time Jules … for all good men to stand up and say “No to Evil” … remember … “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil” … is that good men “do nothing”!!!

  277. Bible Reader

    So, I put up my comments about praying The Rosary or The Holy Face Devotion for Catholics and Dr. Frank Stranges, Ring of Fire Ceremony for other people but I’m getting the feeling that “the sheep are without a shepherd.”

    So, I remembered this story that I liked of how a church was successfully prayed into being and looked it up again. I read this book many years ago.

    This intended to help the Protestants. It a book about prayer by a famous Baptist minister. Just replace “building a church” with “prevailing against the evil now.”

    Healing, and Faith

    Effect of Environment
    How a Church Was Built by Prayer
    Healing the Sick
    Prayer for the Home
    Prayer and the Bible


    VOLUME 8

    597 Fifth Avenue, New York

    Copyright, 1921, by Harper & Brothers
    Printed in the United States of America

    That prayers are answered nearly all the human race believe. But the subject has been beclouded and often made ridiculous by inconsistent superstitions.

    This book is a modest attempt to clear up some of the errors. Its record is as accurate as impartial observation can make it. God is not bribed. Laziness cannot bargain with him. But the prayers of the righteous and of repentant sinners availeth much.

    Desired ends are gained by prayer which cannot be gained by any other method. The daily experiences of devout persons establish that fact conclusively. The reasons and the methods which produce the results seem hidden, and they often bewilder the investigator. God’s thoughts are far above our thoughts. But we can trust our daily experience far enough to retain our confidence in the potency of prayer. It is, therefore, a profitable and comforting study.

    Russell H. Conwell.

    Chapter I

    Effect of Environment
    THE fascinating history of events connected with the Baptist Temple, Philadelphia, through thirty-nine years must be recorded carefully to obtain the credence of those readers who live out of the locality. It may or may not be that the unusual demonstrations of power, seemingly divine, were not incited or influenced by the special environment. Yet the critical reader may reasonably inquire where these things occurred in order to determine the power of association on the form and effect of prayer….

  278. i

    Gerald Celente said Trump promised to do three things,change the tax laws, rebuild the infrastructure and to build the wall. Trump failed to do any of these things . Trump’s executive orders made america better while he president, but they were washed away like sand castles on a beach when Joe Biden took office and I think Trump was paid off by big pharma, so if Ron DeSantis runs I’ll be voting for him.

  279. Neville

    Well I am glad I voted NO to trumps re-election…..In any event he is the last legally elected president as the incumbent joe the schmo binden ,with the help of the criminal cabal stole the seat in the oval office.According to to the prophecy I read this lousy little cognitive dissonanced idiot will be axed in June 2023.

    Await the return of JESUS ( by the way this will not be the name he will use as that was HIS birth name the first time which meant GOD IS WITH US…..The new name will mean JUSTICE IS WITH US…….)

    • Greg Hunter

      You voted for incompetent Biden?? Trump Biden is classic lesser of two evils. Trump was a far better choice. I agree with you on Jesus though.

      • Neville

        Hi Greg,
        As I am not an american citizen ,I am not entitled to vote but I do take part in your polls .
        However under no circumstances would I vote for or recommend that incompetent election thief to any office whatsoever. His tenancy in the whitehouse is NOT recognised
        by our LORD GOD CREATOR and so binden will remain an unblessed fake president for the duration of his term in the said stolen position of president.
        Trump showed complete lack of initiative very early in his presidency ,he came out all bravado telling the world he was going to drain the swamp and jail the satanic modern day jezebel billary clinton. He did neither which left us wondering what other promises or statement that he would break.In his only defence all I can say is that he was jinxed by plants in his office many of his directives were completely ignored.
        Enough of that ,unlike a Trump card in bridge ,the president ended up being “TRUMPED” by squalid advisors and a hostile senate lead by pelosi.
        MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU GREG ,I respect you valour in being the intrepid journalist that you are…….My late dad was also a journalist/ editor of 6 newspapers in his time and he during his working life would never allow anything to go to press unless it was THE TRUTH ……..COPY BOY!!

  280. Leia Burgess

    I have concluded that Trump is nothing but a malignant narcissist. He loves anyone that strokes his ego, even someone as evil as Biden!
    G*d bless you Greg and Merry Christmas.

  281. Kevin W Ford

    How many of you have seen Monty Python’s Holy Grail? A total classic if you’re over 45, right? Remember the scene where the soldier approaching the king with an important message, gets hit by an arrow in the chest just as he is extending the message to his king? Yet he still has the fortitude to tell his king, “Message for you sir” and he falls to his death without the King even batting an eye.
    Guess what, we have a pretty special scientist that recently was brutally murdered after delivering a very important message to planet earth, naturally, you heard about it on the news. Right. Anyway, Dr. Andreas Noack was stopped from his live streaming about what he discovered to a handful of other scientists and a couple days later he was found DEAD. The police were last scened beating the crap out of him. It’s pretty damn important info I think everyone should watch, only because this is a real-life hero and not the movies. Here is my take on the video. Let’s discuss it since you likely have nothing going on this time of year. Haha
    Graphine Hydroxide (GHO) is included as a registered ingredient in the patents for the Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J “vaccines.” Dr. Andreas Noack has been a long-time expert in active carbon products, specifically graphene hydroxide. He is the go-to specialist in graphene hydroxide all throughout Europe, has won awards and large million-dollar grants because of his extensive knowledge about GHO expressed in his doctoral thesis. You see GHO has super strong stability and resistance to decay and degradation. This toxic material is used in brake pads for God’s sake!
    And they want to stab it into your shoulder which will enter into your bloodstream! Why are billions of nano-sized brake pad strong slivers of metal being included in ALL of the jabs currently authorized in our country, you may ask? For starters, it’s a hard strong metal that is NOT biodegradable and will last well beyond the lifespan of the individual accepting the metal into their well-designed body. Secondly, the nanoparticle size of 50nm long & only 0.1nm thick creates a unique razorblade-like effect on your blood vessel walls.
    This is not something the naked eye would be able to see in your typical high school chemistry petri dish in other words. So health officials are unaware of the dangerous shape and size of this metal being included in all the “vaccines” and for the first time in world history, such a known toxic ingredient has been included in something going into human bodies!
    So as graphene hydroxide enters the bloodstream, it flows throughout your circulatory system making nano- size cuts on the walls of all your veins, arteries, heart, liver, etc, wherever your blood flows in your body, like your brain! Death by a thousand cuts takes time and that is also a criterion for keeping mass murder/genocide currently underway this year virtually 100% UNDETECTABLE by the mainstream masses, too busy to look into this level of detail to fact check the opinions of so-called “fact-checkers” we are expected to bow down to for life-altering decisions. So if you want your precious soft epithelial tissue to transport lifeblood throughout your body with razor blades flowing along with it, then by all means sign up for a jab.
    It is your funeral. But please allow your kids to live and insist they not fill your children’s veins with the death shot by a million cuts over time. It is a really ingenious idea if you’re passionate about helping the UN’s meet its website published deadline of world population reduced by 93% to 500M by 2030. These little razor blades meet the criteria of “undetectability” on so many levels it’s really fascinating by design, something that I hope guys like Bill Gates gets 100% credit for 1) size of the metal, 2) shape of the cut of the metal, 3) medical professionals expected to “call the vaxes safe” are virtually unfamiliar with this metal’s strength and capabilities or purpose for that matter. The fact they are nanoparticle size slivers of metal makes them seem negligible and unimportant for an emergency authorization, 4) Deaths are delayed and therefore cannot be readily tied to the jabs. NOTE: Dr. Noack explains in the video the remaining life span of the person getting the jabs really depends on where the injection lands. So if the GHO is injected by chance into the muscle, then you’re a winner, the lethal process of GHO shredding your vessel walls will take more time (like a few years). But for the less than fortunate, where GHO is injected right into a shoulder vein, their lifespan is less than a week. I am sure many of you have seen the 100’s of athletes die instantly and hit the pitch, court, field, or wherever they’re raising their heartbeat to play sport. What do you expect billions of razor blades to do to your circulatory system if pumped in all at once and at a faster pace than the rest of us? It’s Russian roulette by nano-size razor blades, yeah, well that’s a game I prefer to sit out. How about you?
    These bioweapons you all agree with mainstream media to call vaccines have ultimate “gain of function” properties.
    Onto 5) GHO entering the shoulder muscle is preferred by the murderous elite pushing their globalization agenda, of course, since immune system responses cause all the deadly CLOTTING. Mini cuts by billions of nanoparticles, no matter how small, eventually, in time, will break through the vessel walls causing severe hemorrhaging, And the clotting your body naturally does to buy time to fix a leaky epithelial tissue wall sometimes stops the blood flow and that’s actually bad. That causes deadly heart attacks and strokes all the time, which are a more natural COD worldwide. And when those hit the death certificate covering up the real COD of homicide, the plan of undetectable genocide comes a little closer to fruition. Are you blown away by the thought that went into these? Are you starting to question this was all thought through in 2020 during Operation Warp Speed? Right. I don’t think so. They have been planning Plandemic, death by jabs, pushed by hyper intensifying Covid-19 fear through the media for decades. Seriously, the intense thought that has gone into these mass murders by jabs, borderlines ingenious. That is if you are comparing Showtime Dexter’s character to real-life psychopaths like Dr. Fauci, Dr. Baric, Peter Daszak, and other monsters for their “gain of function” credit score!
    While sharing this publically with other scientists on a zoom meeting, Dr. Andreas Noack’s domicile was stormed by police. They beat him nearly to death on orders from brass above, took him captive and he was found dead a couple days later. His wife is deeply distraught, please keep her in your prayers.
    Please watch it in its entirety in other words, yes, in between your lattes, gift openings, and celebrative weekend, of course, if you can find the time and it has to wait, keep in mind to add it to the calendar because, well, it only cost an intelligent mans’ life to bring you this highly important information.

    • Hotrod

      Injecting toxic metals is nothing new. Check Gadolinium. Used for decades but chelated in a molecule that prevents release before elimination in urine. HOWEVER one product I know of was removed from the market because free Gadolinium was released into the body tissues. The free Gadolinium deposits in your body permanently and will cause many maladies over time.
      I’m sure graphene would do the same.

  282. CJ

    After watching this video yesterday, I got to thinking about Trump saying we should all be proud of the vaccines and take credit for them being created. We know that thousands of people have been injured and killed by the vaccines according to VAERS. We also know that the numbers recorded there are only a small percentage of the true injuries, per the study done by I think it was Harvard. Even if the VAERS numbers are correct and those numbers is all that have been hurt, that is enough that it should breaks our hearts.
    The Bible warns us about taking part in, or enabling sin, even the sin of others. Could this be a test for all Christians? Would Christians fall for the “it’s a war and there are always victims in a war, crap we keep hearing from those that worship Trump?
    Murder is one of the “Big Ten” mentioned in the Commandments. But, there are numerous verses telling us to avoid sin. Even if we aren’t personal doing the sin, if we do not speak out against it, we are a guilty as those actually murdering others.
    1 Timothy 5:20, James 4:17, Galatians 6:1, 2 Thessalonians 3:14, Ephesians 5:11, 1 John 3:4, 3

    PLEASE don’t try to give me or anyone in my family credit for the vaccines that we know have murdered or injured thousands if not millions world wide through the deceit that they are safe. I rebuke anyone saying that this is a plan, or we are at war and there are always victims in a war, so all this death and deceit are needed. I rebuke those who mandate them to keep employment so that the employees feel they have to comply to feed their babies. I rebuke them and those who created and are pushing them. In the name of Jesus Christ and the power of His blood, I rebuke it all.

  283. helot

    ‘New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently’

    “The vaccines are making it more likely you’ll be infected with Omicron 90 days after you are fully vaccinated. To keep vaccine effectiveness high against omicron, vaccination every 30 days is needed. […]

    This paper means we will need to inject people every 30 days if we want to “protect” them. Based on the harm that the vaccines do to our immune system, it’s likely that the needed interval will shorten with each booster.

    If people don’t get boosted as required, they will be MORE vulnerable to Delta and Omicron than if they weren’t vaccinated. That’s what NEGATIVE vaccine efficacy means. It doesn’t mean the protection wears off (like we were told). It means the OPPOSITE of what you were told: it means the vaccines helps the virus to infect you (by suppressing your immune system, probably permanently each time we are injected according to Dr. Ryan Cole). It means we were lied to. […]

    In short, the vaccine is like a heroin addiction: once you’ve had a taste of it, you are hooked: you have to continue it for life if you want protection. If you stop it, you’re a sitting duck for the virus. […]

    I would guess (based on the mechanism of action), that we will need shorter and shorter dosing intervals for every booster you get (since it kills off your immune system every time).

    So it could very well be monthly boosters after the 2nd dose, weekly boosters after the 3rd dose, and perhaps daily boosters after the 4th dose to maintain your “immunity.”

    You can’t stop after that because if you stop, you’re in worse shape than if you never started.” …

  284. bloglogician

    Yes as others commented, Clif High might be a little high and suggests Trump might mean hcq for the booster vax he took, since it now meets changed definition? but in other interviews it seems very clear he is encouraging taking the bad-jabs. Agree rushing the jabs probably saved millions of lives (not because the jabs work, they dont, but if they had another 4-8yrs to perfect them the genocide would be much bigger). Trump would be banned off everything and slammed like he was over hcq if he goes against the pfizer freight train but perhaps (if we are optimistic) Trump is slowly getting some truths out there and doing more good than harm… maybe he knows those who are awakened will not listen to his vaxcrap, cos they think for themselves, so he is really just saying what he has to to stay in the game? Lets go branden!

  285. jon

    Merry Christmas Greg, I understand the Russians are using a New Tactic when dealing with the Biden officials. They hired and are consulting Psychiatrists that specialize in psychopathy and dysfunctional personalities.

  286. Steve

    The elite cannot bring in a global system with 2 opposing parties. They are genociding one. Trump is a billionaire, New York real estate mogul….elitist. He is deep state. They are destroying the hardcore left with killer “vaccines” and are pushing everyone else around the globe into one single global party on the right. They are going to eventually squeeze citizens enough to rise up and rebel against their own governments and take them down….nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom. Nation will rise against it’s own nation, kingdom against it’s own kingdom. The Bible tells us tribulation will not begin in our day until AFTER the rebellion. Evil is getting us angry enough to take out our own governments for him. It clears a path for him to rise directly to the top and offer the single global party he is currently creating a single global financial system. We are all being deceived in a biblical way, just like we were told we would. Trump is not who everyone thinks he is. He is as deep state as deep state can get. He has been groomed for his current role for many years. The fact that your poll said people are still planning to vote, regardless of who they vote for, in the next election…..priceless proof.

    • JuicyMoosey

      Somebody posted a “leak” some weeks ago. It explained;

      Apparently there is an antidote to the vax. A means to reverse the damage. (Perhaps the graphene can be manipulated with a mix of static / electro-magnetism or something?) It may be given to “useful” people / populations later on.

      The people aiding the “elite” have been somehow convinced that they’re saving humanity by destroying most of humanity. (“We had to Burn the village to save it”)

      The “elite” are intentionally trying to create such chaos and oppression that the people across the globe will destroy the governments. (As usual the “elite” don’t like to get their own hands dirty when they can get the masses to do it for them)

      Going after the kids is one of the sore bruises they’re going to keep pressing on to enrage anyone with a soul. (It may be that the mothers – holding their dead kids – are going to lead the assault and tip the mens hands).

      The governments, Fauci, et al are fodder / pawns for the “elite”. SOME of these people are not as plugged in as they want to believe they are. They’re being deceived with promises of riches and power for the acts they’re playing in this script.

      The narrative on the “pandemic” will fail. Billions of people are going to die. The enraged people will burn the governments to the ground and destroy the media, scientists and doctors who enabled it to happen.

      A situation of “Mad Max” and / or Elysieum will probably unfold for a while.

      New Zealand (Zone One) is one of the “bolt holes” for the elites who are running this show. (There are different “elites” with different agendas and motivations)

      The “elites” will come back later. They will offer a NWO as a solution to bring order to the chaos. It’s not known what that NWO will look like. It may be more of the same bull they’re pushing now… or it could be something else.

      That’s the “leak”… or complete bull. Who knows.

  287. Jon

    Greg, I am retired, but spent my career years in Electronics and IT support. When a computer anti-virus program is developed, it is updated periodically with the new computer virus code to neutralize the new virus. I think it is entirely possible, the introduction of the MRNA is to replace the natural human immune system. And replace it with a programmable MRNA based immune system. So in the future they can simply give programmed coded boosters that reflect a counter to any virus. Our heroic Doctors that are trying to stop this MRNA scam are looking at it as a Biological formulated attack plan against humanity. I think it is entirely the thought process of a computer technology attack plan against humanity.

  288. Brian Blommer

    Thank you, Greg, for following the truth rather than trump. It takes courage, and is the sign of a real Christian, in my opinion. Merry Christmas!

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot stand by and allow anyone to give dangerous and incorrect information that can kill and destroy people. I work for “We the People” and not President Trump. “We the People” should not become collateral damage in a 5D Chess game. Trump was basically a good President, but is dead wrong on the vax–period. Thanks for your comment and kind words.

  289. M.L.

    Covid-19’ is not why we voted for trump. He’s not a doctor, but has the guts to blame the communist government of china while the rest of the corrupt media & current fake administration kiss china’s butt. I visit this website daily for years but I always wonder why you give someone like Bo Polny the time of day. He uses the Bible to make a profit. Within the scripture it is stated “BUILD NO TEMPLES & TAKE NO MONEY”, I guess Bo Polny skipped that page.

  290. Tee

    Hi Greg, Merry Christmas Greg Thank you for all you do But I got to tell you something which happened at Thanksgiving, my son in law and grandson both condemned Rittenhouse calling him a murderer and also saying the moon landing by America was a hokes, isn’t that something! and after Thanksgiving both of them are erecting the charismas tree which really represents the tree of the garden of Eden the tree of good and evil and is the biggest lie in modern man’s history . Your last guest you had has it right it’s all turned around where good is bad and bad is good Jesus said do not follow the traditions of men, yet America is guilty of doing that

  291. Frank Stiles

    Initially Trump’s vax promotions over the past few months seemed “out of character” for someone so well informed. I thought he may have been under some specific threat to ‘toe the line’. His continued rhetoric on the subject had caused me to waver, but after listening to Clif High’s (confirmation, really) of my earlier instincts, I’m convinced that Trump is phrasing things in a way that transcends the context of the subject. Remember, the Left is clever, but not very smart. When Trump speaks of the vax using words like, “You’ve won a great victory! Don’t let them take it from you!” those specific words seem so ‘out of context’ because they’re MEANT to be taken out of the context of the vax. What subject would they seem to fit better with? MAGA? America First? Virginia election? Arizona audit? etc. Clif explains it better. Watch the whole show.

  292. Greg Morrissey

    One more story of the Vaccine failure.
    The vaccines don’t work

  293. Sandra+McIntosh

    Greg, as always you knocked it out of the ball park…Thank you for the well balanced reporting. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and a wonderful New Year…..

  294. Gregory John Morrissey

    She nails it , tells the truth about the government and from my home state Colorado
    Congresswoman Boebert’s is one of my hero’s Get her on your show Greg

    ‘They’ve Lost Their Ever-Loving Minds’: Boebert’s Most Fiery Moments From This Year | 2021 Rewind

  295. Pat

    Check out Clif High on Bitchute. His Crack up woo Possibly explains Trump’s recent comments.

    Love you Greg. Merry Christmas 🎄

  296. Kathryne Paine

    Love you, Greg!

  297. Paul in Oz

    Interesting episode and comments. I remain 100% opposed to the jab. Trump’s “our movement” speech spoke to a team that identified what is wrong and what was needed to address the evil forces. If Trump by his admittedly bizarre endorsement of injecting what certainly appears to be poison into the American public, no longer is the face of the movement …. WHO IS? Does it mean the movement is also invalidated and never existed
    … If that is the case, that is one big con job and It is over plain and simple! Let the end times be merciful to all of the viewers! Could it be there is more than meets the eye …. now abide faith, HOPE and love.

    • Dave

      The “movement” has been betrayed by folks in prominent positions who professed to be populists or constitutionalists or conservative.

      Controlled conservative media including most of talk radio are working for the cause of the Deep State. Think the Iraq war, think the Patriot Act, think the massive tax breaks for the elites and shift of wealth to corporations from middle America. Who supported those Deep State efforts? Fox, Hannity, Levin, Rush and many more. Those individuals worked to convince conservatives that these basically Deep State initiatives were patriotic and conservative.

      The goal is to prevent conservatives from coalescing into a force that actually could challenge the Deep State. The Tea Party scared the Deep State and controlled conservative media was given a task – keep them from forming a 3rd party. Keep them in the Republican party. Controlled conservative media did just that. Rush was pivotal in thwarting efforts to form a Tea Party apart from the GOP. He did his Deep State assignment well,

      The rest is history. 60 plus tea party individual elected in the House and within a year all but 20 or so were co-opted by GOP House leadership. The Tea Party was effectively dead.

      I believe Trump is working for the elites to neutralize conservatives. He promised a lot but delivered almost nothing. His appointments were overwhelmingly Deep State. His cult of personality got many of his followers to ignore the obvious. That is the danger as too many people propagandize that Trump is playing 5th dimension chess. Rush coined that and would tell callers worried about some of Trump’s appointees or his failure to veto budget busting bills not to worry. Trump is playing his extradimensional chess and it is not what it seems. Problem is that more and more folks are realizing it was what it seemed, and that they were played.

      • Paul in OZ

        That would seem to imply that America is no more …. just another totalitarian country … the experiment is over and the prince of darkness rules the world without opposition.

        • Paul ...

          Poz … Not if we stand up to the Prince of Darkness and say: “Get the F___ out of here Satan” (the way Jesus taught us to do it when he was in the Garden) … “Get off this planet Satan” … “Go back to the evil world up in the heavens from where you came” … “This is our Planet you alien bastard” … “and take all the Hellish freaks with you when you leave (i.e the Pedophiles, the Transgender Story Time Perverts dressed as Clowns, the Globalists, the evil Politicians and the psychopathic Eugenicists, etc., etc.)!!!

          • Paul in Oz

            I agree the solution is on the people. But people without effective leadership have never beaten the leaders who have the assistance of the forces of darkness. If sufficient people turn from their wicked ways God will have mercy … the movement galvanized people in an uncommon way when IMO it appeared America was already lost. They inspired and awakened a huge part of the populace. IMO Trump is not the leader but he has been a galvanizing figure required to play whatever role that supports the movement. For that reason I offer this possible explanation. Am I certain it is correct, I am not, however I am no more certain of the postulations of any one else either.

            • Rachel.M.

              Thank you Paul in Oz, the research here is very good and also comforting to know that there are plans in play that are in the best interests of the people.
              Trump did seem to be very aware of the evilness of his politcal opponents and did seem to genuinely care about the wellbeing of his people.
              When covid first became reported on in our msn there was also an article where one of our young Australian sportswomen who played in China in September 2019 claimed she cought covid there and was very ill and very angry about it and claimed the virus was around well before the documented dates. This fits is with what your article is describing.

              • Paul in OZ

                Rachel, I am glad it provides some comfort, I only hope it is justified … Everyday it seems more likely that is the case, but there are lots of reason to not be so optimistic. I have been concerned for over 30 years ago, when I lived in Canada and bought a large chunk of land, so that if nothing else I could barter my firewood. Many years later, realizing that I no longer had the physical ability to do what was needed … I moved to what I thought was a “safe” country … still just hoping it wasn’t a mistake given we have a few good years left.

                • Rachel.M.

                  I think we’ll be ok. We are called the ‘lucky’ country for more than one reason. The larger countries will fight it out amongst themselves. Also have you ever tried to ‘tell’ an Aussie what to do? It doesn’t work. The Chinese have given up on that for now. If god guided you to be here then you will be ok. Prepare and have faith in your efforts. You are one of Gods people and his salvation is yours to cherish.

              • Paul in OZ

                Hi Rachel … I think these 2 posts really go a long way to support that research … we can only hope for all of humanity.

                • Rachel.M.

                  Thanks Paul in Oz, and yes money is the root of all evil.

  298. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for a resounding reminder of what Christmas is about.

    Thank you for being so intrepid.

    Merry Christmas from a dreary London.

    • Natalie Shaffer

      Right back at you Maria, from a deary Mo-Town, Detroit/Windsor!

  299. lara bell

    art by the Russian government. Wikipedia

    Germany: Protesters march against vaccine mandate on Xmas Day in Dusseldorf
    56,572 viewsDec 25, 2021 Ruptly
    Nearly 2,000 people protested against mandatory vaccinations and COVID-19 protective measures on the first day of Christmas in Dusseldorf.
    Protesters held banners criticising the government’s regulations for curbing the spread of COVID, including vaccination policies. The crowds chanted slogans such as, ‘Freedom, peace, no dictatorship.’
    Protesters met at Johannes-Rau-Platz and moved through the city centre for several hours. Several hundred police officers guarded the demonstration.
    The newly elected German government had recently announced the plan to put a nationwide COVID vaccination mandate up to a parliamentary vote.

  300. larabell

    France: Yellow Vests protest against COVID health pass and child vaccination in Paris
    26,884 views Dec 25, 2021

  301. Jane Reynolds

    God bless you and your family Greg. Thank you for all you do. God bless all patriots worldwide. Love from France x

  302. Jerry

    Well Friends,
    Those of us who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 did so with the premise that he was an outsider going to Washington to drain the swamp. But was he?

    I will be the first to admit, I was wrong. Truly behind the scenes there were preparation for military tribunals. I had direct information from several personal sources that confirmed that for me. I even found legal documents being sent to various law firms preparing them for military legal briefings. Then something happened? It all came to a scratching halt after the The World Economic Forum meeting in 2020. What was said behind closed doors? And then I’m reminded that the globalist have had their hooks in us since the Breton Woods meeting after WWII. How far the levers of control go is anyone’s guess? The council of foreign governments is where Hilary was getting her marching orders. Donald Trump? It’s only a guess but I would wager, the Rockefeller family. How many times have I posted the vaccination plans by the Rockefeller foundation? Go back and look at the “ lockstep program” from 2010. Folks they were planning this vaccination scam before Event 201. Tell me Donald Trump didn’t know?

    • helot

      Donald Trump didn’t know.

      See also, ‘Why Smart People Are Stupid, Part II’

      “the most intelligent are the most completely blind.”

  303. Laura

    Thank you, Greg, for all you do!

    Be prepared with supplements for early presentation:

    They now list black cumin seeds as an alternative to ivermectin.

  304. RLee

    The most important tool we have is the ability to use critical thinking to sort out all the crazy information we are exposed to daily. This is not easy given all the “voices” we hear but we must do the best we can. I appreciate Greg having the guests on that he does to give us as much alternative information as possible due to the constant barrage of propaganda from MSM, our government, the medical community and organizations that we cannot trust any longer, CDC, WHO, NIH etc. Even our own alphabet agencies are simply political tools to be used by the controlling democrats. While I have been intrigued by Cliff High in the past, some of his woo stuff is just too “out there” for me. Now when I see SO MANY commenters here directing us to his latest interview “supporting Trump”….I am suspicious. I am tired of all the “white hats, Q anon, 5 D chess” theories swarming around Trump. I wish it weren’t so but the truth is we are just fodder to those in control. I am with Greg. I don’t trust Trump anymore and our only hope is in Jesus. It may take a second revolution to actually stop the insanity but I pray not. Thanks for all you do Greg and Merry Christmas to you and all your readers!

  305. Jacobus Terhorst

    There is a rumor, source is a spirit, that bentonite clay will remove graphene from your system.
    Does anyone have any experience with this?

  306. Charles

    After reading these comments I decided to make the following political contributions

    $1000 democrat 2022 congressional candidates

    $1000 democrat 2022 senate candidates

    $1000 biden 2024

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Charles,
      Abd remember to get that booster and the next one too! Commie.

    • Charles H.

      Yeah, and I call B S! Bulll Shiite. Easy words, used to wound. Send the receipts to Greg Hunter’s mailing address after you give the money. That will never happen.

  307. Felix A Renteria

    GOD bless you greg hunter and family,some of us knew this was a scam/pysop right from the start.I have watched world class doctors for years and read naturopathic medicine for twenty years and realized every human is a miracle the miracle of what our bodies do everyday is only by perfect design.The reason these suckers that took the jabs are still testing positive for sars/cov 2 is because the pcr test detects genetic viral material in your body thats it,it does not mean you are sick.So you are going to test positive either way and the sick care mafia continues to make money either way.The only good thing is more people are waking up.Never trust government,they all do the work of satan,read history.May our HEAVENLY FATHER bless all americans on the right side of evil,like you say greg do not live in fear,AMEN

  308. Steven

    Anyone still pushing the 4D chess/secret-plan-to-takedown-the-DS narrative is delusional.

  309. DanKnight

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    … and Happy New Year to everyone here!

  310. DanKnight

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    … sorry if this is a repeat, I just tried to post, and the post disappeared …

  311. Donald Wood

    Does ANYONE really believe that O’reilly and Trump actually took the Jab?

  312. Simple girl

    News reports are saying Trump grill in trump towers is turning away the unjabbed. Anyone who still trusts trump has to be INSANE. Once they installed Xi Bribben I knew that Trump was and is a complete psyop just like Q. Everything about his presidency was a psyop including all the Russia crap, and he new it. Just because Trump didn’t take any pay for his term in office just means he has plenty of money. I am sure the powers that shouldn’t be are rewarding him in some way.

  313. Scott

    I am from the UK, but was a big Trump Supporter. I appreciate that he and his family put everything on the line to run for President. Like you I am dismayed that he continues to push the vaccines. I can’t reconcile this with the damage he did to the Globalist agenda.
    he woke up so many, and was such a disrupter, destroying the mainstream media etc. I am still of the opinion that the globalist Titanic as holed below the waterline, Trump was the Iceberg. I have no idea what he is upto now perhaps his role is finished.

  314. Patrick Ti

    Trump…lmao.. I have over 200facts of his deeds and that tells a whole other story folks but I cannot put it al in here bc then it will not come trough but everyone can find it for your own. Max Igan has made a few and I pick him every day above Cliff High…

    Some good ones but I warned you that after these trump is out!

    His Daughter:

  315. Marie Joy

    Matt Bracken is on TheModernSurvivalist, on YouTube, with Fernando/Ferfal on most Sundays. Matt Bracken is very well-informed. Recommend.

    I received a new computer for Christmas and I may appear to be different.
    Marie Joy

    • Marie Joy

      I have not been able to play Greg’s videos from October through December. Now, I can play Greg’s videos. I think it was because I stopped using free Norton but that’s just a guess. I can, also, access other sites that were impossible to access. Much better.

  316. JuicyMoosey

    Riccardo Bosi of AustraliaOne Party is saying all the right things. I’d say that the oppression tactics over there have extracted Oz’s leader. This guy makes me want to hope and believe there’s a way out of all this.

    Short Intro:

    Interview with Alex Jones:

    But where have we heard all this before?

    Is this just the commonwealth’s version of Q, 4D Chess & Trump except they put a face on this one? Is Bosi the hentool “Soldier duck” who the people would never believe “could be bad”?

    However, the Hopium is strong with this one. I want to believe.

  317. Paul murphy

    You are a good man Greg
    Tough as nails
    Long time listener and soon financial supporter

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Paul for the very kind words!!

  318. Paul murphy

    Woke up 30 years ago by book the unseen hand

  319. Paul murphy

    As an independent businessman for 45 years I am 64 , optimism is everything
    Reading comments here and elsewhere, I believe humanity and truth will prevail as evidenced by conviction of Greg’s supporters

  320. Stan

    Hey Paul: St Maarten is beautiful. Wish you were here.

  321. Warren B.

    So much consternation over DJT….!!
    They are all part of the same club and none of us are in it.
    You’ve only got yourself to blame if you believed the act being performed on the world stage….vs the true evil seen behind closed doors.

  322. Warren B.

    During the holidays I took a trip down memory lane…2018 in particular. More precisely the funeral of Bush Snr. Someone has done some editing and purged out the bulk of the proceedings to focus on the parts that highhlight the “Envelopes”.
    What was written on those envelopes that past Presidents received?
    The looks on their faces are priceless…but special mention goes to Jimmy Carter for the best straight face ..for not receiving one.
    Go to 5.20…..what a blast.

  323. JuicyMoosey

    The brainwashed “normies” can not possibly conceive of the evil and the degree of it that is behind the curtain.

    When we expose the truth, it’s too much truth for them. They can’t handle the truth and they shut the truth out and call it a conspiracy. We call them idiots.

    But we’ve got a similar problem on our side. We can’t believe just how much evil there is opposing us and it’s inconceivable to us that there isn’t at least a few soulborn human beings among the demons who are trying to help us. So when we hear about Q and Trump “working behind the scenes” and playing “4D chess” we desperately want and need to believe it – even if it’s a fairytale – because to believe otherwise is soul crushing.

    And the normies call us idiots for believing in such unsubstantiated fairy tales. Maybe they’re right.

    Something I’m personally more shocked by is the lack of rich people who aren’t stepping forward to help us build communities. If I had money I’d be running courses showing people how to grow food, how to operate solar panels, how to cook and prep and conserve foods. How to handle weapons and innovate defensive measures. I’d be getting horses, cows, donkeys and humans pulling plows over every shred of ground I could purchase, I’d have them digging irrigation… If I had money I’d realise that my money isn’t worth anything in a world where we’re all enslaved to pedophile satanists and/or plain stone dead. I’d have to do SOMETHING! If I had money I’d pay people to do SOMETHING! ANYTHING! I’d pay them to street preach and leaflet if I had too.

    Instead the only people around me I see with my own eyes doing something positive is the outcasts, alcoholics, druggies and nutters. The people at the bottom of the barrel. For some reason many of them can see through the lies. The people laying in comfort and money do nothing while the cast outs of society who already own nothing… they’re the one’s stepping up for all of us expecting no payment or reward. It’s bizarre… or maybe it’s not.

    Another conspiracy is that the people holding PM’s will step up when the economy collapses. So I guess we just keep waiting for someone else to save us. Just two more weeks.

  324. Jr

    Unfortunately this is not a chess match and we dont need a Bobby Fischer as a leader. We’re being slaughtered by a goliath and need someone who can sling a rock – not BS.

  325. Jay

    These world governments are NOT your friends!!! Wake up SHEEPLE!!!

  326. Mark Brewer

    On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination.

    Link –

    The authors

    Dr. Bhakdi has spent his life practicing, teaching and researching medical microbiology and infectious diseases. He chaired the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the Johannes Gutenberg Unversity of Mainz, Germany, from 1990 until his retirement in 2012. He has published over 300 research articles in the fields of immunology, bacteriology, virology and parasitology, and served from 1990 to 2012 as Editor-in-Chief of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, one of the first scientific journals of this field that was founded by Robert Koch in 1887.

    Dr. Arne Burkhardt is a pathologist who has taught at the Universities of Hamburg, Berne and Tübingen. He was invited for visiting professorships/study visits in Japan (Nihon University), the United States (Brookhaven National Institute), Korea, Sweden, Malaysia and Turkey. He headed the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen for 18 years. Subsquently, he worked as an independent practicing pathologist with consulting contracts with laboratories in the US. Burkhardt has published more than 150 scientific articles in German and international scientific journals as well as contributions to handbooks in German, English and Japanese. Over many years he has audited and certified institutes of pathology in Germany.

    Video by – Dr. Bhakdi

    Link –

    Gods Speed Greg, and to all who enter here trying to help.

  327. Doug

    Hay. somebody is talking out of both sides of their mouth,why shouldn’t Trump be credited for all the deaths ? Didn’t he want the credit for the vaccines? ( Remember, “WARP SPEED”? ) Wasn’t the vaccines made into his watch ? Biben maybe is waking up( for while) and thinks ( maybe) he don’t want the credit for the deaths once its realized the shot did not work. They say, some doctors, they that within two years, the ones that got the shots will be dead, I look at it, either I will be dead because I did not get the shot, caught covid and died, or the ones that the shot are dead. Either way, then we don’t have to listen to Cramer or Trump again, will see in two years !!

  328. virginia clark

    I have watched the Cliff video. He is a certified genius with a pretty good track record. He is not a prophet, though. He gets his info by mining the internet for key words and taps into the collective consciousness we are all connected to. That’s how he predicted a big bad event that was 911. That said, I cannot believe Trump got all those shots. He has the best intelligence and doctors and he knew Fauci was a POS from the beginning. After his visit to the naval hospital the report: “The president’s physician said in a memo that Trump received a dose of an experimental antibody combination by Regeneron that is in clinical trials. ” (Taken from the news release)
    There is no way he compromised himself when he has an empire to run and wants another win 24. It was early before all the rest of us started getting the shots (not me) but he had to know. And, what does a narcissist (yes I think he might be) when he sees or is told that the ventilators he is so proud of are killing people. NOTHING. They can never admit to being wrong, and if he did the press would have orgasms. So on all fronts he is between a rock and a hard place.
    I also do not like Bill O’Reilly. This jerk still talks like Biden was foolishly elected by the majority of Americans and we have to live with it. He does not acknowledge the steal at all. At least what I hear when he is on Beck. Beck also never says or acknowledges the “steal”. He tries to be so center to avoid I don’t now what. I think it was immensely profitable for them to team up. I think it’s part of Trumps’ comeback efforts. But he is going to and has pissed off and disillusioned a LOT of his base. But most will vote for him anyway because what is the alternative? Hope reigns supreme.

    • Computer Guy

      It couldn’t be that Trump was corrupted by the globalists? What happened to all his debt? They were all magically paid off and now Trump is pushing for vaccines and boosters. Coincidence?

  329. JohannAH

    Dear Greg,
    Firstly, Thank you for all your great work.
    Also, glad you’ve woken up to Trump.
    In reference to your comment,
    “the graphene stays in your system forever and acts like razorblades throughout your body until you die.”
    I’m familiar with Dr.Noack’s work and his tragic ending.
    That being said, I would kindly request that you take a look at these 2 links (with videos).

    God bless you and yours, Greg.

  330. wayne hardin

    This is all a test . Everybody seems to be going back and fourth on things that in the end don”t matter . The only thing that matters is are we born again .
    We don”t know if we will live passed this moment or another year or how long just be ready when ever it is .
    There is a old saying you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink .
    It is hard to love people and want the best for them and see where they are headed accorded to the word of God .
    All we can do is show them where the water is .
    It is the hardest thing to leave it at that but we cant make them drink .
    If we all would do others the way we want to be done it would be Gods kingdom come .
    I know that is a dream by the way .

    Wayne Hardin

  331. ken


    Just got a text from my sister in Lake county Illinois the county just north of Chicago. Her whole family has been vaccinated afterwards she and one of her adult daughters contracted Covid. Well the same adult daughter just came down with it a 2nd TIME!!!! Yes she got the booster to!!

    • Computer Guy

      That’s ade, according to Dr Peter McCullough you cannot get covid more than one time. The cdc has not been able to provide a single case of the same person contracting covid twice.

  332. Brian V

    Mr. Hunter;
    I hope you and your family are having a peaceful and restful Christmas season. When you return, perhaps you and your sources can dig into this story.
    The main stream media in America is reporting that the spraying taking place in Wuhan is due to an outbreak of COVID.
    Really? If spraying is an effective measure in preventing the spread of COVID, why have governments waited for two years to implement this measure?
    More interesting is the reporting taking place OUTSIDE of the United States.

    International news sources are reporting an outbreak of hemorraghic fever causing lock downs in three cities. Thirty million people locked down, national and international flights cancelled.
    What is the media covering up?

    Thank You for all you do;
    Brian Vaci

  333. Marie Joy

    Destroying a food supply, without harming land in a significant way, would seem to be an ideal way to commit genocide, for those who are so inclined. The only reason to use other methods is if you’re in a hurry.

  334. Marie Joy

    People, I respect, are using the phrase “experimental injection”. This is a genocide. No more. No less. Genocide, pure and simple.

  335. Marie Joy

    My daughter was scheduled to receive her booster today. I don’t know if she did it, or not, but I sit here in tears.

    • Robert K


      Sorry to hear you are going through this. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. No matter how much information you speak about the disastrous effects of these poison shots, how many people are dropping dead, having heart attacks, clots, strokes, athletes dropping dead on the field/ice/courts, people think they “know better” or that we, those who have not and will not receive these kill shots are tin hat wearing conspiracy theorists. These people truly believe these shots are “safe” and listen to their masters on social media, MSM, and the like… Keep fighting the good fight.

      Best to you and your daughter.

  336. Phil in Dixie

    If you know people who have children, especially small children, tell them to watch these two short videos:

    Before your child is injected, watch Dr. Robert Malone’s statement on child COVID vaccinations

    Dr. Ryan Cole Delivers a Powerful Message on Child Vaccination

  337. Justn Observer

    Greg, Appears the Lieber trial offered up some interesting Xmas presents of meta data and dot connections to our jab puzzle and it’s orgin… take a walk down memory lane and what is in play and what to expect going forward? People, Olympian, and military have been being used as guinea pigs for much longer than they think?
    Treasure trove of info from Lieber trial for Xmas present tying the Manhattan Project of bio-research and use on Olympia participants and military for YEARS! =
    Neighborhood News Studio | Citizen Journalists

    and this is almost an admission, a bombshell video of Fauci =
    Dissident Priest – Telegram

    If Dr Anthony Fauci was telling the truth in March 2020, today he’s hiding the truth. He’s knowingly perpetrated homicide. Global homicide.

    The Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) Fauci, precisely outlined in this video, occurred in 2016 with the Denguevaxia vaccine. It killed over 600 Filipino children. The Philippines politicians, bureaucrats and French Pharmaceutical company executives of SanofiPasteur, who produced the vaccine, were charged with homicide for knowing what Fauci knows in this video. The crime with which Fauci must now be charged.

    The world must see this video and call for Anthony Fauci’s immediate arrest.

    And as to the ””’testing”” THAT IS REALLY SCREENING….NOT TESTS….that is running cover to allow them to find excuses to keep the get vaxed scam going !

    Showing the science | Dr. Byram Bridle (

    How many innocent children is the dumb down sheeple of the U.S. going to allow to be given the jabs?

    Lockdown Policies And Mask Mandates Linked With Lower IQ In Children | ZeroHedge

  338. Jerry

    Well friends,
    How about a peak at what the globalist have planned for us in 2022 courtesy of the Economist Magazine?

    Maybe I’m not to good at reading the minds of lunatics but it sure looks to me like another round of viruses driven by China? Let’s not forget that China is being groomed as our replacement by the World Economic Forum, so why not? Unfortunately I’ve known some globalist, and they’re not as smart as you think they would be, so I’m not buying it. This could end in an utter mess, so I would still prepare accordingly. Keep following Greg’s advice, and above all fear not.

  339. Charles

    Why would big pharma want to commit genocide against their customers. How does that make them money. On the other hand if they produce a booster that they can use to tell their customers it’s good for 6 months they’ll get a lot richer. Millions of booster shots twice a year is a BIG money maker for pharma.

    • Charles H.


      If money is made by treating SICKNESS, and not curing – then part of the package is eventual death. The longer the linger: the more money made; and the harder to link treatment with cause of death. Think Chemo and radiation for cancer. They both are causal factors to cancer.