Trump’s Taxes, Vote Fraud Fight, Vax Awakening

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 557 11.25.22) 

Warfare like lawfare is being waged against President Donald Trump.  In the latest attack, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Trump should turn over his tax returns to vengeful communist Democrats in the House of Representatives.  Trump expressed his outrage on his social media platform Truth Social by saying, in part, “It is unprecedented to be handing over tax returns, and it creates terrible precedent for future presidents.  Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter and beyond?”  Of course, the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) will never report that Biden is a money launderer, tax cheat and is a traitor taking bribes from China.

The vote fraud fight is still going on in a few key states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona.  The LLM want to tell you to move on and there is nothing to see, but court cases are progressing, and more fraud is being exposed every day.  Of course, the leaders of both parties work together against “We the People.”  The most powerful thing you can tell people is the truth, and the truth is getting out.

A top virologist for the FDA died suddenly this week and so did a 13-year-old boy.  These two are just a few of the people who “died suddenly” all over the world where the vax was injected.  The virologist pushed the vax for children and expectant mothers and was, no doubt, vaxed and boosted.  But how does a perfectly healthy 13-year-old collapse trying out for the basketball team?  Was he vaxed too?  Are we supposed to believe that people just drop over dead these days for no reason?  People are waking up to the truth in many areas, and that is what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.25.22.

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After the Wrap-Up:

There will be no Saturday Night Post as I am taking the weekend off.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Better Chetter

    Does the SCOTUS owe their allegiance to PRC, who pays them fees for speaking engagements in China? LLM won’t report that, but we USAWD’ers can see thru this latest attack on a POTUS who’s back has been put against the wall since day 1 of his taking office.

    • Marie Joy

      IF Americans ever find our collective backbones, traitors will hang in the public square.

      • Steve

        Agreed, the Brazilians have found theirs, I don’t know what’s taking the Americans so long.

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        Yes, Marie Joy, but that would require the American masses to turn off their brains from being endlessly entertained, put down their phones, remotes, sports, games and start formulating opinions for themselves. These people are locked in a hypnotic trance that’s hard to break away from. The leftist media has invested in a zombie addicted following who will blindly believe whatever is spoonfed to them like the helpless sheeple they are.
        There is one exception, I believe Greg mentioned this, if the vaxxed which is most all of them learn of their fate that was deliberately handed to them by the masters they trusted, well then. This one scenario might shake them out of their media induced hypnosis and as you so eloquently stated traitors will hang.

        • Lee Vail

          I doubt your exception would wake up enough to “refresh the tree of liberty” that we so desperately need.

          • George

            Killing 3 to 5 Billion people might just be enough incentive to give those who survive (of which about 1 Billion will be men) the courage to resist the 300 psychopathic eugenicist queers doing all the mass murder (with their “jab”)!!

        • Tim K

          Hi Cry,

          I have been saying that for awhile. At this point, apparently not enough family members have been adversely affected . How many and how long that will take is anybody’s guess.

          Take care


        • Dan Prescott

          Thanks Greg for telling the truth. Its refreshing and enlightening to listen to your outstanding podcasts. I can heat the frustration in your voice, but keep up the good work getting the truth out. Your on the righteous path. We need you; a true warrior. Thank you !!

      • Karla

        Happy thanksgiving
        I ordered a purse from your sponsor
        Happy hollow
        Can’t wait to receive it
        May God bless you and your family

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Karla!

          • Nanc

            Greg, I’m really surprised you have not mentioned the Blockbuster mini documentary by Stew Peters called Died Suddenly.
            Love him or hate this is something that needs to be viewed by everyone!
            I follow and research many information sources, this show bring the receipts and already has over 10 million views!
            So, how about adding to that number here and waking up more people and saving lives?
            Happy Thanksgiving 🦃.
            I love your podcast, you are very informative funny guy. Your facial expressions are a hoot!
            Don’t change!

            • Pete+only

              Nanc, I watched “Died Suddenly”, by Stew Peters the other day, and it was quite simply Stewpendous.
              Wow, 10 million views now. I think it was 8.5 million views the other day. This documentary could open the flood gates of the truth for the general public. Already, I have seen one You tube video trying to discount this documentary as a hoax. We need to be challenging people to watch the documentary themselves to draw their own conclusions from it. Everyone seems to know someone who has recently passed away, so this may start to connect some dots for some people who still haven’t gotten the email yet…

              • Doc

                Great – sickening video … but great truth production . I’m still adding to my list of friends a link and recommendation to watch it …. From a guy with a sudden thrombus ( aka clot ) in his heart that wasn’t there pre Covid!
                Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you 🙏

            • Richard Longacre

              Here is a link to the video “Died Suddenly”. Find a quiet place where you can focus and take notes. It may save your life or the life of a family member. This video (and other information coming out) will change the world and the truth will be known soon.


              SADS = Sudden Adult Death Syndrome = When someone dies suddenly and mysteriously from the VAXX and the media refuses to report the cause of death of the healthy individual (or their VAXX status) and the family refuses to have an autopsy done to figure out the cause of death, because they already know that it was the jab that killed them.

          • Jenny

  , no Rx needed

            • tim mcgraw

              Jenny: Okay. I tried the website. Filled it all out correctly. Ended with a red screen. Will wait and see what happens. I did save their email address.
              I’m also contacting IndiaMart again.
              When I came home from hospital on Friday, my wife and I immediately took Ivermectin for three days. It has knocked out the coughing I had when I came home.

            • tim mcgraw

              Jenny: I think is a lousy website and all they did was mine my personal data.
              I do NOT recommend

              • Greg Hunter

                Go to

        • Astraea

          Wish I could buy one = they look so beautiful and elegant. I hope you really enjoy it.

      • Steven Parks

        Greg I’m having trouble to get the video and audio to stay sync up it’s happening on the last 3 or 4 news information the audio kept going while the video freezes up unless you tap the screen then the video will Plat about 7 seconds then freezes again its not happening to other shows on rumble has anyone else said anything to you about it
        Thanks for your valuable service always trying to find the most truthful news channels in my opinion

      • Ed

        Half of America is full of, “useful idiot,” voters for the Dmeocrat party/Marxists. Just look how now all of a sudden they are pro war (Ukraine vs Russia). When Bush was in power, they were anti war 24/7/365. When Obama came in and continued and expanded wars…(sound of crickets). Obama dropped more bombs than Bush did in the middle East. Apparently the left can be sold anything in this country, hence, “useful idiots.” Then Trump exposed the lies and hypocrisy of the left and made them look bad, so they waged war on him. So, again, the leftist “useful idiots” voters were sold a lie and went along 100%. Morons.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Better, They all remember Justice Scalia getting pillow to death in Texas by OB.

  2. Rodster

    I was watching the NFL games on T-Day and the crime syndicate known as the US Gov’t was running ads trying to stir up fear on why you should take the Jab. These people have NO shame. Martin Armstrong has it right where he predicts massive civil unrest as confidence in governments around begins to collapse heading into 2023.

    • Shirl

      Rodster, Did you notice the day after “DIED SUDDENLY” premiered the Brain Dead zombies of The White House Death Cult held a presser with Dr Fraudci’s last appearance because of his “retirement” unfortunately not imprisonment, to announce the ongoing clot-shot/mask charade insanity continues. Its beyond stupid at this point…I believe the KEY is to just say “NO” as many of us Pure Bloods have been doing all along.

      Must watch:

      • MHS


        • Greg Hunter

          Video is finally up. Sorry but I had tech trouble!!

      • Rodster

        How about we refer to him as Tony Fraudci? He doesn’t deserve the title of Doctor. He is an evil P.O.S.

        • i: a man; travis moss

          They’re protected by there title; as (wo)man they’re guilty of murder; atleast in the Law of God

      • Pete+only

        I just finished watching the Died Suddenly Premier. Thanks Shirl for passing this on to us all.
        The most chilling statement to me came from Lt Colonel Theresa Long (U.S Army Flight Surgeon) at about the 23.5 minute mark, when she predicted that in 5 yrs time, the U.S military would no longer be able to defend the country.
        Very informative, as was the autopsy showing the rubberized clots being pulled out of a body. Very difficult to deny.
        Remember, we are all ambasadors of the truth. Please pass on this podcast/documentary to as many people as you can no matter how difficult it might be for these people to watch.

        • Laura Ann

          Pete+only & Lee Vale: saw that video, sent it out to others told them to pass it on to others they know. So many adults today are self absorbed phone freaks and nihilists that few will be moved who will wake up and act. I live a socially reclusive life more than ever and culled out most people I knew soon after the covid scam started. We also quit church as some claimed to be conservative, then took shots incl the pastor. We had gone there for almost two decades. No time or patience for dimwits now.

          • Nanc

            Hi Laura,
            I get where your coming from. I too have disengaged from society. I have absolutely no desire to be out and about among the vaxed zombies.
            I was never one for man made religion, so, I’m good there. I got my bibles and Jesus who sustains me everyday.
            I absolutely despise cell phones, always have, lol 😆.
            So, no worries on that front.
            Yet, I’ll admit it does get lonely from time to time.
            My family circle is very small, so that does help.
            Yet, I have to say this was not what I expected my retirement years to be. I was ready to hit the open road and explore, but no more.
            Take care. 🌷

            • Laura Ann

              Nanc: I retired in 2009, but always had a low key social life with likeminded. Some have passed on now, so less I interact with. Did lots of travelling in years past. We prepped best we could and got the 401k in U.S. bonds and a bond fund safe as we know to do. I corresp. online with those way off.

          • Pete+only

            Laura, me and my wife are just like you and Nanc. Since the Covid Crap Occurred, we had already lost our relatives and friends to the official main stream narrative. We retired a year ago now, sold our home and moved to our cottage for good. There are more people here that know what’s going on, but there are still a lot of main stream believers here. They’re demise will be believing the so called authorities and main stream media, but these same people are starting to see a lot of their friends and lives disapear, either dying suddenly, dying from cancer, or whatever. In the last year, we have been trying to position ourselves from relying on the grid and energy systems, food supplies etc. but we still have a ways to go yet, but we are in a better spot than most, that is for sure. Networking to maintain future things is also at the top of our agenda. We might go to town once a week, so we don’t have much contact with society except our own children, who by and large still have our own beliefs in mind. We do pray to God each day and are grateful for what we have. (Thanksgiving is everydayfor us). We do appreciate what Greg and his website provides to get us through things. We don’t want to get our hopes up, but Elon Musk is even willing to start his own cell phone company to provide his freedom of speech platform for all of us. Companies like Apple, which uses slave labor to produce their products in China, should be worried about their $1 to $2 trillion market cap if they and Google try to stop Twitter from having free speech. Google is also in the same position as Apple. We do have still have the chance to vote with our wallets, and buy things outside of the corrupt and fraudulent establishment.

      • Sam

        Shirl, Thanks for the link to that premier…WOW!!!

        All the whiners out there trying to lay blame on Pres. Trump are shills of the Deep State, or plain Ignorant repeating Parrots of the Lying Legacy Media who are helplessly Brainwashed by their own TeeVee’s, or just too Stupid to be Stupid and who couldn’t think for themselves with ALL OF Trump’s alternative therapies he announced that they ignore to this day.

        Anyway, The more they attack him the more I know he is the People’s President and has been all along considering the other Years Of LIES and ONGOING ATTACKS…funny thing is, the Deep State doesn’t realize the repercussions as nothing sticks and it all blows up in their faces – EVERYTIME…Now we just gotta get the Elections ironed out and JAIL the TREASONOUS CHEATS, I want my vote to count as everyone else I am sure does too 🙂

      • Doc

        Thanks Shirl for sharing the link ….
        It’s a horrible truth !!! We were played! … and I end up with clots in my heart 💔❤️‍🩹 …

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Shirl, I watched it twice. Most of those dying are here in SE Asia. I live in Thailand and they are stull scared rabbits all wearing masks still in cars alone and on motorcycles. Over here, people just have a Micro outlook on the world and just go along with what ever they are told. Very sad. WEF has leaked America will only have 100mm in 3 years down from 330mm now. This EVIL is real and they are not going to back down now. Trump ain’t gonna save us and with him so happy to keep called the Frankenshots just lovely, safe and effective. I would never vote for him EVER now. Two more friends close to death now so Thank You so very much The Donald.

    • George

      What person in their right mind would help Nazi “Mengele”psychopaths (like George Soros, Bill Gates , Claus Schwab, Biden, etc., etc., etc.) line up our children before firing squad (to be killed to death with a clot shot bio-weapon jab)?? – we are not just dying suddenly folks – – but we are being killed “over time” (as rubbery “calamari squid looking” amyloid plaques build up and grow in our arteries and veins producing strokes, heart attacks and cancer due to lack of oxygen in the body ) – Trump to be our savior needs to come out and “not keep saying” what Biden, Trudeau, Gates and Fauci are saying (“that the jab is safe and effective”) – he must publicly state he will criminalize the administration of the “jab” (for him to be worthy of our vote) – and this not simply politics where he can renege on his promise (like he failed to lock up Hillary) – this is a “Matter of Life and Death” that we as human beings (made by God) must all address (if we don’t want to be exterminated by a Satanic Cult of psychopathic eugenicists)!!

      • George

        And it is not just millions of people who will die at the hands of Gates, Soros, Schwab, Fauci and the politicians who are mindlessly going along with them (it will be 3 to 5 Billion people that will be killed or injured)!! – if humanity is to survive “we must act in unison” to erase and or remove all the psycho eugenicists from positions of power (who have been working and planing for our extermination for over 20 years) – doing nothing will result in a totalitarian commie government that will own your body and soul – we were fooled once before by Satan in the Garden of Eden “promising us we will be as Gods and live forever” – lets not give up the paradise we now have before we once again find ourselves disenfranchised from the beautiful world God created for us only to live as robots inside some computer program created by Gates (full of viruses) that will corrupt the operating system God provided us!!! –

      • Chris Parsell

        The wrap up is no there Greg. Tried all the suggestions, no go 🥴

        • Greg Hunter

          Just got the video up. So sorry for the delay.

      • Doc

        What helps make this perfectly clear : … the Vax was not created to fight the Covid 19 pandemic . The Covid virus was Created to bring about acceptance of the Clot Shot ( Covid 19 Vax ) !! Think about that for a minute … Yep, we were played !

        • Tin foil hat

          Unfortunately, you nailed it.

        • Phil

          What we call the “spike protein” is a Q dot AI “device” that snips out our DNA and replaces it with its own code – this “hacking of our humanity” is creating a “new specie” which is “a combination of man and machine” – this is probably the reason the Globalists are trying to “un-define” the difference between a man and a woman with their queer “Story Time” agenda in all our schools – if they can make us think there is no difference between He and She – then we will more likely accept the difference between a robot and a human “as no big deal” – and Demonic entities will have a place to live in our physical world (inside our bodies) – the reason this “Human to Robot” Transformation Program is proceeding so successfully is because people have now accepted “being queer as normal” and there is a natural reluctance for decent human beings to stand against a program where-by our WEF controlled politicians “put queers into positions of power” who will eventually be replaced by “Demonic Robots” that are not part of God’s world!!

    • Gerald Lambert

      I totally agree with your comment. Did you also notice during the World Series they also showed the ad on every playoff game! They are pushing these shots knowing full well what’s in them and the problems there causing like graphine oxcide, and the spike proteins that stay in your body which can cause other problems. People need to listen to Karen Kingston and Dr.Cory and others on what is really going on!

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Rodster, I believe Martin as most of the unrest is being totally hidden from the people in the world according to David Icke. I think once people really start getting HUNGRY and COLD, it will begin. It will take pain now to get people off their arses and stand up.
      The NWO is not going to stop now and the WEF says America alone may only have 100mm left standing in 3 years now. I want to know where the people that feel like us who are in power positions, will fight back. I am afraid the NWO will roll out that new Virus created at Boston U that has an 80% kill rate will be rolled out to halt the revolt.

  3. Jerry

    Here are some updates.
    My military contacts are all back on their home bases. What it means? I don’t know.
    Banks in Europe are back to printing money to keep the scam going on.
    For how long? My guess is until they’re told not to.
    I’m seeing people everywhere starting to get sick from the jabs. Many of them are famous so I can’t get information about their condition.
    Last but not least, there is a secret federal reserve meeting in 14. Days that will trigger what Jim Rickards was talking about. Keep an eye on this one. Happy Black Friday.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Jerry, for the Intel!!

      • Sheryl Pardue

        Hope you had a great Thanksgiving rest up for the weekend December should be a very interesting month

      • Cammi

        Hi Greg, I can’t see the video.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am having tech trouble and I am in the process of finally uploading it now. So sorry for the big delay.

    • Thomas Malthaus

      My assumption is this meeting centers around the CBDC’s adoption in January.

      What does Bo Polny know?

      • Zil Y


      • Jerry

        That and much more.

        Who knew that both the dollar and the yuan would be used in this new technology? Deals have obviously been made to seal the deal. The outlier is Russia.

        • Tin foil hat

          I suspect the Covid virus was created mainly to bring about the demise of BIS’s CBDC which was spearheaded by China and supported by other nations, including many of our allies such as Japan, Germany, South Korea …. back in 2019. Depopulation was merely the secondary objective.

          China and Russia are trying to get away from the SWIFE and IMF, not joining it. Perhaps they both have given up? Btw, China is already using this technology within China.

  4. Frank Cooper

    Elon Musk to expose Twitter’s Hunter Biden story cover-up
    Sky News Australia Nov 24, 2022
    Elon Musk says it is “necessary” to publicise all internal discussions surrounding Twitter’s decision to censor the New York Post’s original Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election
    Just goes to show how much influence the FBI had over Twitter and other media platforms and how political they are.
    The CIA used plausible deniability to protect the deep state of the United States from foreign enemies. Now the FBI wants to protect our deep state from ourselves, we the sheeple! To many power-mad, Air America wanna bee’s and not enough honest Injins!

  5. stanley skrzypek

    “A top virologist for the FDA died suddenly this week”…….”Culling the Herd”…..amazes me how these Corrupt Officials with “Inside Information”….. get the JAB….and keel over……

    • J. Kimble Allen

      Stanley, I believe this … sudden death … is a disappearing act. We don’t prosecute the dead.

      Fauci, et al may soon experience the same.

      Time will tell.

      • stanley skrzypek

        J. Kimble, Thank You,….I never thought of that……makes sense….

  6. Shirl

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    The unprecedented attacks against President Trump by the Just-Us Dept is literally off the charts… good news is everyone knows it, at least those awake – not the WOKETARDS – or the DemonRats – which means he’s over the target for getting that kind of flak and is PERFECT for the job. Amerizuela doesn’t need another twisted brain dead politician occupying the oval, folks!!!


  7. Big Pharmaceutical $$$

    This vaccine news is insane, I mean crazy, I mean…
    Redacted with Clayton M0rris / 124,568 views Nov 24, 2022
    Do patients who refuse the Covid vaccine need mental health pharmaceuticals? Some doctors in Canada are being told that they should not enable vaccine avoidance and might want to consider medication to change their minds. We talk about how the biopharmaceutical complex is waiting in the wings to solve one medication problem with another medication.

    Lab leak conspiracy theory / GUIDED BY
    Project Mockingbird, MEDIA SCIENCE?
    _____Dr. John Campbell
    331,485 views Nov 24, 2022
    I feel let down and apologise if I have misled anyone

    So they’re admitting the WHOLE thing was a lie? | Redacted with Clayton Morris / 269,825 views Streamed live on Nov 23, 2022
    Dr. Fraudci gives his final press conference and what he said might shock you. The World Health Organization issued a rough draft of its new Pandemic Treaty which would give incredible powers to an unelected group of globalists. Researcher Whitney Webb joins us to talk about this troubling development.

    • George

      Fauci said: “Take the jab – it is safe and effective” – SAFE for the politicians who take the jab on national television “and simply get saline solution” – and EFFECTIVE “at killing the rest of us who are not part of the globalist elites Demonic Satanic Cult of Massive Genocide (on a scale “3 to 5 Billion people” that goes thousands of times beyond the deaths inflicted in every war, mass extermination and murder since the time of Jesus Christ”!!

  8. Robert says no

    Today I counted the number of deaths of people under 60 from our most used local funeral home. There were 13 people under 60 who died in the last 40 funerals posted on their website That’s over 30%. I don’t think that’s normal to have that many people under 60 die.

    • tony

      it is not normal. i have monitored my old hometown paper for 20 years on and off and have never seen so many under 70 deaths. the norm used to be 80s-100s, but now even children and teenagers are dying “suddenly” and “unexpectedly.” i am certain that the paper is not publishing many of the deaths, and of course many are unreported.

  9. PersonaNonGrata

    “There will be no Saturday Night Post as I am taking the weekend off. Happy Thanksgiving!”
    If anyone deserves a weekend off, it’s you Greg. Enjoy!

  10. Andy J

    Would it be possible to leave a start time when the video will be up? Or when beginning time the video will be up in “two hours” or “three hours”: at least give us the starting time. It’s extremely annoying to get up at 1 AM and be told that the video will start in 1 hour and at 4 AM time again and be told the the video will start in 1 hour. Please either leave a starting time or leave out the :VIDEO WILL START IN________HOURS) Thank you for the consideration

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry there are a lot of moving parts, and all have different time to do. I am having tech trouble and I am in the process of finally uploading it now. So sorry for the big delay.

      • David S Larsen

        I am certain it will be well worth the wait.

    • L.

      I am anxious for Greg’s videos also, and I can wait without complaining … Please Chill out Andy J. because Greg is working on it.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you L. for all your support of me & the site. Some viewers don’t seem to realize all the work it takes in the back end from the research to the tech to get these posts & videos produced. Apparently, I make it look easy.

  11. Brian Baker

    I would like you to use Scripture to affirm that NOT only would Jesus Christ never
    take any of the Covid shots, were He physically in our midst as He was in 29 A.D.,
    but that He would be all about curing EVERY DISEASE and raising even those
    who were presented/carried to Him that died in the previous day or two.
    Several examples are in Scripture to also include that Jesus cured
    — (in the Greek, 1/6th or a shriveling up of hands and limbs, which I would argue include amputations)
    missing or diseased limbs so that the limbs were fully healthy and whole. Just think how he would empty Shriner’s and St. Jude’s Hospitals in a mere physical visit, by hypothetical example.

    For now, simply cite on your show the ff. example:

    Simply cite:
    Luke 7:20-22
    King James Version

    20 When the men were come unto him, they said, John Baptist hath sent us unto thee, saying, Art thou he that should come? or look we for another?

    21 And in that same hour he cured many of their infirmities and plagues, and of evil spirits; and unto many that were blind he gave sight.

    22 Then Jesus answering said unto them, Go your way, and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached.

    Too bad we don’t cite how Elijah would rain down fire from Heaven (2 Kings 1:10,12) — hypothetically were he Pfizer or other confronted — as one of the 2 Great Witness when he passes through the time portal and likely arrives at the Kidron and Hinom Valley Juncture of Jerusalem (the same where he will be killed in Revelation 11:8) on or about sunrise, Day 26 1/2 after the coming Anti-Christ 7 year Peace Treaty gets signed.

  12. DavidC

    I’ll miss the Saturday Night Post but you more than deserve a day’s rest. Happy Thanksgiving Greg!

  13. Roger Stamper

    tks for post happy thanksgiving day greg

  14. Tommy

    Here’s an interesting tidbit from the WaPo. It says that 58% of the people who died from Covid in August 2022 were vaxxed. Then it goes on to say that if you are unvaxxed you have a 6 times, 8 times or 12 times higher chance of dying that the vaxxed depending on the age range they are analyzing. Their conclusion, get vaxxed and boosted so you won’t die. Huh?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thus, the term I coined “Lying Legacy Media (LLM).

      • Myriad

        Greg, I’m not from your country but I don’t understand how America with its Republic and citizens sworn to defend it and armed with 2A rights , won’t? The illegitimate Biden regime has declared war on the people- destroying your dollar, killing babies, vax death shots,, grooming and confusing your children, rigged your elections, and corrupted your courts so that you can no longer use the system to oust them.
        Compare so called American patriots with your Brazilian brethren who are out in the streets in their millions while you guys sit idly by whining in your chat rooms while your brothers and sisters rot in prison without trial for exercising their freedom of speech.
        What has happened to you guys?
        Where is the spirit and faith of your forefathers who defended your freedom through blood and sacrifice? Remember the Bundy Ranch standoff where you banded together- and won. If you don’t defend each other you will never regain your Republic and you will be forever slaves and you will have condemned the rest of the world with you because whether you like it or not, God has made you mankind’s last hope.. If you fall, we all fall.

        • RG

          Where is the military?
          We hear Trump is the real president
          We hear the military has sworn to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign.
          We hear the military recognizes Trump as rightful president
          We hear of ‘investigations’ of treason at all levels of society
          We hear of an occasional tribunal resulting in executions .
          We have irrefutable evidence of election fraud across the entire nation
          We hear the supreme court refusing cases of fraud but allowing Trump’s tax returns to be handed over to his enemies – 9:0 vote.
          We hear of criminal activity by the Feral Bureau of Iniquity….
          so I ask again: where is the military?
          I call BS on the military until we hear of mass arrests of all congress, the resident in the WH, judges and all members of the Feral Bureau of Iniquity and all the 3 letter agencies especially those in the medical cartel who have murdered millions. Followed by trials and executions when appropriate.

          • George

            I ask the same question – what kind of Military do we have? (that “stands down” when the Pentagon is attacked with a missile and steel supporting beams in New York City skyscrapers are cut with “shape charge” explosives to kill enough Americans to get a war started – and are now jabbing our soldiers with clot shots to kill or soldiers in their bunks (or “lobotomize them so badly” they can’t fly planes or operate tanks)!!

          • Paul from Indiana

            RG, if what you state is true, then the obvious conclusion is that the military is in the tank. It might be easier to figure all this out by proceeding from that presumption. Best always. PM

        • Tin foil hat

          Perhaps we are waiting for a Chinese takeover by invasion. The UN troops (Chinese) will definitely get a taste of the the 2nd amendment when they try to enforce a door-to-door confiscation of arms and ammo. We are preparing for an insurrection by using blue helmet target at the range.

    • tony

      that farticle is a limited hang out as well as lie. In the first place, there is no tangible such thing as “covid” and there is absolutely nothing that can diagnose that ephemera. you have absolutely no proof about the existence of “covid” or pathogenicity or lethality. none.

      So the apodosis is totally a lie. in any event, the death rate of the “vaccinated” is 2.4 times that of unvaccinated. one interesting statistic published a few weeks ago stated that as of june 2022, 1/173 “vaccinated” people had died, while 1/72 of unbioweaponed people had died. i would like to see the numbers for those untested and unbioweaponed since the tests are also toxic and lethal. the number of deaths for the bioweaponed is 2.4 times that of the unbioweaponed regardless of cause. i would bet money on causality of the bioweapon.

      now i made some apples to oranges comparisons, but the foundation of the article is a total fraud, and thus my data is more reasonable.

  15. Old Nick

    Greg thank you for being a gem, people in Canada are for the most part brainwashed so I have been intentionally pushing facts into their faces. Ive adopted the shock and awe strategy that when I was in the Army we used with Tanks. Shock and awe is a very effective tool although it will likely be met with anger and pushback it does however get the idea to the Covidiots and now that died suddenly documentary has come out I have been telling people to watch it and they are telling me that they know people who have had clots pulled out of them lately. I should feel bad for people who have taken the poison however I have been what you call battle hardened and have little sympathy left in my heart!

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t underestimate the CV19 injection psyop. It was strong. LTC Teresa Long MD/Flight Surgeon said the Lord told her to be “kind and gentle to the vaxed.” It’s not going to end well for them.

      • Bio Wreck

        Survival instinct tells me something else. These murdering bastards need to assume room temperature.

        • George

          Room Temperature??? – they need to be roasted in a Lake of Fire the way God took care of the Satanists in his mist!!

      • Ak

        She’s right. Sometimes that’s easy to do, and sometimes it’s very hard. Let’s be honest, when fraudci got covid, my first thought wasn’t oh poor guy. Should have been but wasn’t. Ps still no video, is it just me?

      • andyb

        I am surprised that the dots are not being connected as to the treason going on under our noses by the fully compromised Biden Admin. Total destruction of our military through mandatory VAX, woke policies and CRT. Trying hard to disarm all Americans. Perfect scenario for a Chinese takeover by invasion. The first step when the food riots come will be martial law, then the UN troops (Chinese) who will enforce a door-to-door confiscation of arms and ammo. When you go to the firing range, use a blue helmet target.

        • andyb

          Forgot the other “dot” to be connected. Fentanol, originating in China is killing military aged men, further decimating future possible US personnel who could serve or be drafted

    • tony

      i have zero sympathy. absolutely none. stupid people made stupid decisions for stupid reasons, and they in turn passed on their death cult convictions to others to cause yet more death. this is why you don’t put children in charge of anything.

      why would anyone take an experimental emergency use authorization gene editing drug for a condition with a 99.9% recovery rate. these people are profoundly evil. they took injections for grandma, and are now going to die for grandma and her miserable ass.

      • George

        If politicians like Biden, Trump, etc., etc. want to play doctor and give medical advice to the American people as to the safety of the experimental “jab” they need to take 8 years of training in medical school – and then they will only come out being as smart as Fauci (who is a sadistic psychopathic idiot) who got his Doctor’s Degree by experimenting on dogs (the “science” he was doing – was putting maggots into the eyes of dogs and timing how long it took for the maggots to eat into the dogs brains) – probably that info gained helped him to determine how long it would take his “jab parasite” to enter the human brain and flatten the American peoples intelligence curve (by lobotomizing their brains with micro clots)!! –

  16. Arthur Chitauro

    Bring on Brent Johnson, he correctly predicted that despite the economic chaos that we are witnessing, the Dollar would continue to get stronger. Would love to hear what he sees coming down the road

  17. Thomas Malthaus

    Is it possible the virologist wasn’t vaxxed? Steve Quayle keeps a running tote of doctors and scientists who’ve died over the years under malicious or suspicious circumstances.

    • Greg Hunter

      She was pushing it hard even for pregnant women. No doubt she was vaxed. She was not one of the good guys and got some judgment in this world.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Exactly, just like it says in Psalm 35 verse 8 “So let sudden ruin come upon them! Let them be caught in a trap they set for me. Let them be destroyed in the pit they dug for me.”

        Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and have a relaxing weekend.

        Take care my friend.


  18. Ready oar Knot

    They can go after Trump all they want. I could care less. Do they realize if for some hail Mary reason they make something stick, that Desantis is waiting in the wings? Trump or Desantis, we still win. Vince

  19. Jennifer Updegraff

    Greg –
    Absolutely nothing I was able to do would cause your Friday video to appear on any browser in my computer. I should not be amazed anymore at the profound interference that is being thrown up to block the truth from being spoken, but I still am!
    I hope your holidays ( which came from HolyDays ) are wonderful.

    I will keep trying to locate it out there on the battlefield of the airways.
    Jennifer Updegraff

    • Tim K

      Hi Jennifer,

      I have been listening to Greg for several years and this is the first time that I cannot access his video either.

      Thanks for posting


      • Greg Hunter

        So sorry Tim. I had big tech issues that I have now gotten fixed. Thanks for supporting me all these years.

  20. Allin


    Hoping you had a good T-Day.

    With what is going on with lawfare now, we can see why the creators of the Constitution of the United States provided for a 13th Amendment that was passed in 1810 and ratified by the requisite number of States by 1820.

    This Amendment (TONA) was the Titles of Nobility (Honours) Act, which had appeared in state and territorial constitutions (under common law) up through the late 1860’s, at which time it was unlawfully removed when the new Constitution of the UNITED STATES (INC.) (administrative or admiralty law) was put in its place.

    TONA was put in place as even though it appears earlier in the constitution as it provided the penalties for anyone that was found guilty under this clause. These penalties were the loss of citizenship and ability to serve in the government. Those that it was focused on were the lawyers (bankers) or others that accepted a title and or owing their allegiance to a foreign source.

    Here is an interview with David Dodge (2012), one of the persons that was researching this act and its removal from the constitution. followed up by the True Back Story of the Missing 13TH Amendment

  21. Fred Engel

    Here’s some info that is cringe worthy, WHO Pandemic prevention, preparedness and response accord 31 August 2022 said to override national sovereignty and elected officials. Biden supposedly set to sign. Pat Robertson wrote about this in his book the new world order.

  22. Zil Y

    Video still not showing up yet?!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am having tech trouble and I am in the process of finally uploading it now. So sorry for the big delay.

  23. Tony

    Greg you weekly news wrap up video isn’t showing up after I hit the read more

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Tony, I am having tech trouble and I am in the process of finally uploading it now. So sorry for the big delay.

  24. Stan Hart

    All tyrannies throughout history : the very first thing they did was to eliminate their opposition (Trump). In the case of Soviet Russia, Stalin even tracked down his defeated opponent, Trotsky, to Mexico and had him eliminated. Then the ruling elite monopolize all forces in the country in order to tighten their control over the population ( media, academia, culture, etc ). What follows: when the political power is centralized (Washington bureaucracy), the ruling class make some very bad decisions that damage the country (cutting off fossil fuels, financing a foreign war) . But eventually, these movements die out, as Psalm 146 Verses 3- 4 describe: “Inevitably, he (the leader) breathes his last and returns to the soil. On that day his plans go lost.” As bad as things get, and now the corruption is over the top, the world eventually will be restored to its natural order. This is the macro-view. On a day-to-day level, the more normal people will have to continuously oppose the Deep State corruption and realize that eventually, America will be great again. It’s inevitable.

  25. Steve Bice

    More evidence for government/big tech collusion to block information inconsistent with official narratives and plans…

    Seven Cells is a compound pharmacy located in Stuart, FL that has been a source for Ivermectin. Recently, they stopped selling it. When I inquired as to whether they were being forced to stop, they said they had sold the formulations to another company and I would get a notice when the transaction was complete.

    I received an email today from introducing themselves. The layout, prices and general set up are all the same.

    Here’s the point. If you do a search on “early treatment meds” on Google, nothing shows up except for CDC and other “official” sites.

    If you to to, the Early Treatment Meds company shows up at the top of the list.

    Google continues to filter and block results for anti-virals even with extraordinary amounts of emerging evidence showing the “vaccines” are both ineffective and deadly.

    They will not relent…and it has nothing to do with “science”. Agendas don’t care about facts…

  26. Danielle

    Question: Is what I see Friday, Nov 25, 2022 10:45am mountain time correct?

    ***Video will be up in a few hours***?
    Or is that them blocking it?

    This is what shows on your site right now:

    …But how does a perfectly healthy 13-year-old collapse trying out for the basketball team? Was he vaxed too? Are we supposed to believe that people just drop over dead these days for no reason? People are waking up to the truth in many areas, and that is what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

    Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.25.22.

    (To Donate to Click Here)

    (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

    ***Video will be up in a few hours***

    After the Wrap-Up:

    There will be no Saturday Night Post as I am taking the weekend off. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am having tech trouble and I am in the process of finally uploading it now. So sorry for the big delay.

      • Ak

        Ok good it’s not just me. I’ve been trying since last night to watch this video. Thanks bro. PS murkowski is Liz Cheney north!

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree AK and Mitch Spent 5 million on her beating a “We the People” candidate.

          • Paul from Indiana

            In more than 90% of the individual contests, the candidate who spent, or had the most spent for him/her, in his/her contest, won. Factor in ballot harvesting and other abuses, and elections as currently constituted in the USA are pointless. Best always. PM

            all about political spending in USA at

  27. johnny sic

    Thank you for providing compelling guests week after week. Nobody else brings such talented minds together, like usawatchdog.

    But “they” never sleep…Filmed here, Animals around the world walking and running in circles, Caterpillars too.

    Start it at 19:30

  28. Paula

    Mr Hunter,
    I’m experiencing serious withdrawal from being unable to view WNW…it is 12:45 CST
    No Saturday night interview will be seriously missed…we all depend on your exemplary journalism.
    Also, MSNBC this AM, Morning Joe, interviewed Bob Woodyard & the taped interviews he had with Potus Trump. I was actually physically ill listening to the vile hatred for this man. The early days of the “C” mistakes were understandable in retrospect. I fear for President Trump & family…

    • Greg Hunter

      Video is up now! Thanks for the kind words!!

    • Brian Dougan

      Paula–“Morning Blow”. Giving the addicted Lib-Left some disinformation “smack” to start their day.

  29. Frank S.

    Hi Greg, In the interest of providing your viewership with broader access to information, a guest on the War Room opened a site detailing his team’s analysis of the entire contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. To that end, he has categorized (and made available for free download) each section, such as: Google searches, videos, emails, etc. Here’s the link.

    Greg, I fully understand and appreciate your exercising your own discretion over the content available on your site. Therefore, if you choose to delete this post, please do so.

  30. Bill Hardy

    Hi, a friend told me about this website so I decided to check it out. Somehow, I’m not able to see the video. I’ve been checking since this morning but still no luck. My buddy restart my modem and I did that several times already with no luck. Just letting you know because some people can see the video while others can’t and I seem to be in the can’t blocked group.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry. I had big tech issues and have got it fixed. Thanks for coming to USAW!!

  31. Jeff

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg!

    Keep up all the good work you do! I always look forward to listening to your guest and program!

  32. Kay

    Thank you for all the news and truth you give us. Enjoy your weekend! Look forward to seeing you next week.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Kay, for your very kind words!!

  33. Clair

    Hey Greg,
    Curious to your thoughts on the new documentary that just dropped “Died Suddenly”. Free on rumble. Very disturbing content. Watch with an empty stomach!

    Thankful this season for USAWD. You are a light of Truth in this dark, confused and frankly foolish world.


    • Greg Hunter

      Just wait until most people discover what was done to them with these clot/cancer/necrotizing injections. I hope not but I think there will be much violence against the abusers. There is no stopping it.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I hope so, otherwise this genocide will keep happening.


  34. Five Eye's Group

    The Lost Opportunities to Leave Ukraine Better Off
    Straight Calls with Douglas Macgregor
    11,179 views Nov 24, 2022
    Straight Calls with Douglas Macgregor – Your home for analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United states and the world.

    American Expat in Russia Rented An Apartment in The Suburbs of St Petersburg
    Baklykov. Live 781 views Nov 25, 2022
    Ronald, an American expat in Russia from Texas, rented an apartment in the house which is located in Levashovo, the settlement in the north-western suburbs of St Petersburg, Russia.
    Sergei came by suburban train to check him out and to see how he likes his new place.

  35. Chris Parsell

    Hi Greg, looks like you were having trouble uploading the video. It’s 3:15pm mountain time and it’s not showing up yet. Maybe a sign to let it go and enjoy your family. Thanks and enjoy your holiday! Chris

    • Greg Hunter

      Got video up now–Finally.

  36. Todd

    5:29 pm EST
    Still no video. I know…”technical issues.”
    Just letting you know.
    No bothers, we look forward to your videos and will patiently wait.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    -Our entire family

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your dedication. Tha video is finally up now.

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg, The roots of evil are well exposed in the bible…and so have danced around the ‘finger-pointing’ as you know for some time…
    but have keep at a distance, far enough away from the trees so as to evaluate them from afar as well as closer to go down the rabbit holes near some that seemed out of the norm. Re-legions like healthy trees share similar roots, on the other hand, like pines with beetle infestations, they stand out, as do some trees with poor fruit, withered and of poor taste, surrounded by a sea of dandelions suggesting poor nutritional quality of the soil they are rooted in.
    Such is with some branches of JUDEO-CHRISTIAN beliefs…which deviate from HIS WORD, HIS WAY, HIS COMMANDMENTS especially of those that might have corrupted HIS (G) with their (g) viewpoints that might have the intention to lead HIS sheep away.
    So, the intent then is NOT to classify or label ANY re-legion or ethnicity or race…but only to suggest one might look towards what today we might describe as a CULT, or particular bent of like-mindedness that MIGHT now be at a convergent point in time, of the PLANDEMIC, PLANNED FOOD SHORTAGES, PLANNED COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMY, PLANNED TEARING AT THE ROOTS OF CULTURE AND MORALS, PLANNED COLLAPSE OF WORLD BORDERS along with now a war in old Khazaria/Ukraine?…the attempted uprooting Christ’s teachings, and the nuclear family, and the incessant push to legalize abortions and sexual exploitation of children… So, as we patiently wait for your unload, maybe some might wish to least consider these…and try to compute what are the odds…..

    Whatever the TRUTH of the matter is…To STOP the jabs of the children HAS TO BE a priority and well as STOPPING the indoctrination of them in the schools. Only transparency and time will expose’ the validity of the data and evidence which at this time is way beyond suspect, with evil results, intended or not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Here is the truth: Please don’t post the other stuff on my site.

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, Another conversation for another time, but an article concerning the origin of the Kharza’s is in The Columbia Encyclopedia, 1st edition, 1935 pg. 1054 has a distinct difference than the link you posted. Rather explicit as to the dates and places that Kharza arose starting in the 2nd AD, . , was subjugated by the Huns 5 th AD, reemerged in 7thAD with the Kazarian nobility embracing Judaism in 740 AD. The Khazar Empire fell when conquered by Sviatoslav, Duke of Kiev defeated them in 969, The Khazars, (also spelled Chazars) were believed to be Turkish and Russian Jews from from an area of the Volga delta with a capital of great commerce at Itil (Atil)… Many other historical inferences seem to exist as well ,
        So, a historical difference of opinion does exist and will end it there and abide by your wishes on the subject hence forth.

  38. Jeffrobbins

    I would like to encourage all that read the comments to come back after a couple days. I find some of the comments very interesting and often read over the comments twice. They have dates at the top. Sometimes looking at the links people post.

  39. Enrico

    Another great news cast! Thank you Greg!

  40. Caleb

    Glad the video issue was solved! Doesn’t feel like Friday without a weekly news wrap up from my favorite journalist. (Only videos online I watch ’till the end for the end quote.) God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

  41. Doug Ryler

    Past 40 years:
    – China pulled 1 billion people out of poverty
    – Russia pulled 100 million people out of poverty
    – USG shoved over 100 million people into poverty, and the cloud hovering over the US is getting darker and darker.

    So, who’s America’s enemy? American politicians. NOT China.

  42. Les L

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Greg
    And thank you for what you do, you and others like you are always in our prayers

    L Leidy

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Les! Happy Thanksgiving wekend to you too!

  43. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, you touched on it, but a big story will have to be that since Trumps court issue over tax returns are set- what about Biden’s tax returns? Did he pay taxes on the money collected by his son? Did Biden Jr. pay taxes on his back door money. I would guess that bribe money is generally keep secret from the IRS, but it seems to me that if the dems want to pump this up, it won’t take to much for the conversation to boomerang back to the Biden family. Some of these political strategists don’t impress me at all. If i were Biden i would make some phone calls or pardon Trump- claim it is in the nations best interest to do so/ Presidential privilege- something. Most be the same group telling Trump keep on talking about the vaccine. Our country really is run by idiots. Of course, all the election issues and the associated lies make me not want to pay any taxes either.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have never heard this before George. You’ll have to source this.

  44. Faith

    Thank you for your reports, Mr. Hunter.

    My 55-year old sister is double vaxxed and double boosted.
    After a mistaken text I am guessing she will no longer communicate with me as I sent link to the video, “Died Suddenly.” I messed up texts and well haven’t heard from her all day.

    She was going for heart tests due to palpitations. I didn’t say anything. But the video “Died Suddenly” says it all.

    She is my younger sister. I am heartbroken.

    • Greg Hunter

      The psyop was extreme and convincing. As LTC Teresa Long MD says, “The lord told me to be kind and gentle to the vaxed.”

    • Self Exiled

      Keep praying.

    • George

      Faith – Be kind and gentle and send her flowers or a gold coin (before her funeral) try to give her some happiness before the spike protein plaques clog up the capillaries in her mind and lobotomize her!!


    Everything seems off. You sit back and think who or what American could possibly think whats going on is right? Its all exactly opposite of the way things should be going. No matter if there’s is a scam demic and we are having treatment with held. Or another war we didnt vote for. Or an open border. Or in your face cheating at the polls.
    I can only reference the Bible. ” in the end times things will be upside down” and the animals will know no seasons.
    And if you really want to see it close, move to where I am MICHIGAN. As my children grow and gain job skills I encourage them to move far away.

  46. Claymore Wagner

    How I view the US after 12 years living abroad
    Trip Bitten 119,349 views Oct 9, 2022
    I have been living abroad for 12 years and a lot has changed in the US during that time. In this video, I will talk about some of the biggest changes I have noticed and how my views have changed on these issues. Have you noticed these changes? What other things do have you noticed changing in the US? Leave a comment and let me know.

    • Self Exiled

      After living in SE Asia since 2011 and returning to the US in summer of 2021 the deficit in personal growth in the individuals I use to know is astoundingly sad. The lack of growth personally and spiritually is cultist. I know of only one couple who have grown in a dynamic of knowledge and empathy. The constant bombardment of issues from all sides has not affected their desires as humans to be good partners [in a difficult collapsing social disorder] still seems to be intact. I will return to my now home country and obtain permanent residency. I too have health issues now that I did not have when I returned. I welcome washing the bugs out my vegetables from the village market again so as I may know what real food taste like [again]. When you throw the remains of old tomato on the ground outside your door it grows more tomatoes. And I didn’t even mention any spiritual issues.

    • Self Exiled

      We Americans have lived in a spiritual vacuum for the last 60 years. The beginning of disavowing God began with the banning of His presence from our young people by not allowing Him in our [no prayer] schools. That is also when the assignation of our leaders who understood the issues at that present time began to be eliminated. Not to follow far behind came another attack on our young people; abortion. So, by the early 60’s and 70’s we had already sold our collective souls to the god of materialism, feeling safe in our well-structured automobiles and highway system. Our ever-increasing incomes producing more comfortable homes and 2-week vacations. Oh, we were so successful, successfully deceived. Church leaders and pastors were conducting bible studies where interpretation of the Bible could not be literal. Therefore, I was asked to leave. Never kicked out of a bar but out of my home church, confirmed in of course. John The Babtist was always my hero. The true Gospel of Christ has never been popular, only the warped versions of it seem to go mainstream. Christ is faithful, He takes us through many spiritual eye-opening events that always leads us to our knees before Him. We marvel at his Loving Tender Ways of showing us His True nature to those who call on His Name out of their need. Time for this again?

      I weep [literally] for my country, that’s why I left, I got tired of crying.

  47. wanda

    Doesn’t President Trump have a good team of attorneys? This is clearly prejudice against him. Surely there must be a good Lawyer Team out there to fight this for him? I pray for him and this Country/Republic. We need ppl like him to save us from a world order take over. I would like to see Americans step up to the plate to help him. Help us.

  48. Cathy

    Have you watched the movie “Died Suddenly”? Very disturbing but very important. Here’s the link to Rumble:

    • CJ

      Sharing this with everyone. Thanks Cathy.

  49. Wanda

    Oh and by the way, I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, for what ever reason you get together thats all that matters. Being together. Greg, did you ever consider uploading your videos to an alternate site? Like Rumble? So many have now gone to Rumble as a second platform when they are taken down by the liberal left sites. Recently Redacted on YT were censored as well, many are now. You were right, I have Bitdefender and never before have I been blocked from watching any video until yours today here. I was shocked. I had to turn it off. Scary Makes me wonder how bad they are tracking me now. Is there any option available today for applications that do not track and censor? UGH I have to wonder what Catherine Austin Fitts would say in regards to this Supreme court decision on Trump and his tax record?

  50. rob marks

    Greg the only fix for this isn’t violence unless it’s a last resort. The True process has to be succession……

    • Won Witness

      IF All 50 states decide to succeed, we could finally drain(end) the swamp, gain local control of education, regional, issues and preferences and so much more.
      State taxes would rise but federal tax would disappear. But what about defense ?
      Pity the country that decides to invade 50 individual state/countries. I suppose some leftist State/country Governer/president might start a war but he’d be on his own and without a continental army, an impotent warrior.
      The individual states existed independently and often issued their own currency from the revolutionary war till the end of the civil war.
      There was no federal income tax (and No world war I or II , or Great Depresion) until after the federal reserve and the federal income tax were both established in 1913.
      America could return to it’s original isolationist roots.
      But Freedom requires The Rugged Individual / Responsible Citizens.
      Not the current crop of needy non productive Wokesters. As a conservative news caster (Geoge Putnam) used to say (paraphrased) ;
      from freedom to apathy
      from apathy to slavery
      from slavery to rebellion
      from rebellion to freedom

  51. Matt Jaymes


    You are a national treasure. And, most importantly: Our Savior is watching.

    For Him,


  52. Thomsen

    Greg, I have found a great way for Arizonans to participate and make a difference: I found it surprisingly easy to file a complaint with the AZ Attorney General over the previous election if their vote was suppressed. For example, I voted Libertarian and early. From there, my vote was tossed out by way of an utterly corrupt system and process. As it turns out, many voters were suppressed. I challenge all others in Arizona and so many other states to file a complaint with the AG’s office over what happened to them in the election. Our calling and duty here is to utterly plug up the system until it collapses upon itself.

  53. Not So Free

    Enjoy some rare time off.

  54. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend! And may the Christmas Season be one filled with wonder and joy!
    We all need to find comfort and happiness with the simple things of life since there is so much darkness around us
    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you too Helen.

  55. Glenn c Rossi

    God Bless Greg Hunter. The Truth teller without compromise. Have Faith people times are always darkest and coldest just before the Dawn. USA is still the best country on the Planet a lot of good people. We will overcome. Love you all USA Watchdog Family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Glenn!!

  56. William Mitchell

    Does “triple vax’ mean two injections and one booster?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes. Also double vaxed and boosted.

  57. Deano Wexford

    Thanks getting the video up after your struggle, Greg.
    I call “it” the lethal injection.

    • Marie Joy

      President Trump had an Executive Order that assets from traitors could be confiscated. I don’t remember the number of the EO. WE are not supporting President Trump enough.

  58. Titus Nelson

    My sales at Cat 6 Tools. Com have dropped to near zero. Its crawling. I got hit by the Covid shut down and pulled it back up to a doubling the previous year, now the slowdown has hit. People don’t have the disposable income. All my suppliers are hurting. This is a big deal. I predict Christmas sales will be in the tank. But worse is ahead. People are worried. I’m a survivor and use slow times to develop new products. Even though I forecast a bad 2023, i am shifting my products to take advantage of the change in economy. I am totally made in the USA. Never ever give up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wishing you the best. You may want to consider advertising directly with USAW?

    • Marie Joy

      Titus, Do you sell anything we, here, at USAWatchdog would be interested in?

  59. Misty Grey

    The newly downloaded movie / documentary “DIED SUDDENLY” by
    Stew Peters downloaded on Rumble on 11/21. In just s few days, it has gotten over 8 million views. I’m so glad that people are interested and waking up to the harm this shot is doing. I feel like the tide is turning, thank you GOD.

  60. Ed Mustafo

    This week Elon is reinstating the Twitter accounts that were banned for Telling The Truth. Think about that for a second. The question is, what will The Deep State do to stop this flow of information? “ They “ are in panic mode. Let’s see what happens…. Nothing would surprise me with these nut jobs.

  61. Justn Observer

    Greg, why the expansion of the use of ‘terrorists’ in the gov’t language goes hand in hand with Biden’s quiet signing of an expansion of ‘tracking’ and compiling of data of U.S. citizens..via expansion in the use of gov’t of the STINGRAY spyware…under Biden’s signed order,
    FBI Uses To Track Your Every Move
    there in notes below the vid =
    🔵 Sekur:

    🔵 Stingray Operations:

    🔵 Obama Spying Directive:

    🔵 Biden Revocation:

    🔵 Congressional Report:

    🔵 DOJ Guidance:

    🔵 ACLU Report:

    🔵 US Marshalls in Florida

    🔵 Stingray in North Carolina:

  62. Greg (not Hunter)

    Greg you are a class act and it is a pleasure to be a part of your podcast.
    Bless you

  63. Steven Farnsworth

    Greg, have you noticed all the murder suicides from well to do families lately? The jab effect?

  64. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    If possible, it would be great to hear from Bo Polny and Cliff High. There is so much happening each day/week, we almost need a monthly report from each of them.

  65. Steven Farnsworth

    ” Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

  66. Robert Coleman

    Watch the Truth Exposed “DIED SUDDENLY”
    Share with all Government elected officials
    Spread the Truth
    Stop the Lies

  67. Richard Westwell

    For years I have maintained that the U.S.A. is the most corrupt country on the planet. No other country even comes close , not even China. The U.S. is now a pseudo democracy. A country that pretends to be a Democracy but in fact is not. Rather like Cambodia. The thing is it is getting WORSE as time goes on and every “election” takes place. Trump had the opportunity to do something about it but in 4 years he failed miserably. He couldn’t even pick an AG who was not part of the deep state. The two tier justice system is applied most rigorously when it comes to the Washington elite and members of the democrat establishment. Have you noticed that no matter what the fraud ,NOBODY EVER GOES TO JAIL.

  68. Brian Washed

    There are folks around me who truly still believe we are going back to 2019 normal. Apparently they have not heard of mr. Klaus Swab.

  69. CJ

    Doesn’t the Supreme Court ruling that Trump has to turn over his taxes set a precedent that will force Biden to turn over his when the Republicans start their investigation? If so, wouldn’t that speed up the investigation because it won’t need to work it’s way through the courts to get Biden’s released? I’d like Trump to come back if he speaks out about the vaccines, but more important is that we get the corruption of the Bidens exposed. To do that might require the tax returns. I know it’s never been done before and I understand why. Just playing devils advocate.

    • Wm. Jnana

      Exactly. Trump and the alliance baited the deep state with this tactic. The precedent is now established, and will be used for audits of government officials and their foundations.

  70. PersonaNonGrata

    Significant interview via ‘UK Column News’. Everything points to the DOD launching chemical/biological weapons against the military and civilians! Fast forward to 25:00 . .

  71. Johnnie

    Jesuits call themselves the Society of Jesus. Vatican bank calls themselves the Institute for the Works of Religion. Good cover names.

  72. JS

    In talking w my vaxxxed sister on thanksgiving she told a story about a man who was walking in her neighborhood then just literally dropped dead in front of her house. Supposedly of a heart attack. And her two young vaxxxed kids saw the whole thing through the window!

    I wish there was some way to wake my sister up but I am doubtful Jesus himself would have much chance of it at this point. Miracles do happen though so I will keep praying.

  73. jomer

    Want ever happened to ivermectin being approved for over-the-counter sale in Tennessee?

    The Tennessee Senate passed the bill back in April -May, but I have not heard anything since then.

  74. Really Awake

    There is a part of the human brain that is responsible for personality traits that can help you survive critical times like we are in right here and now.

    Are you skeptical or gullible? Are you suspicious, distrustful, street-wise or overly trusting, unquestioning, conforming? Do you have faith in government, bureaucracy, institutions, transnational corporations or are you more in alignment with brilliant individuals who opposed the corrupt system?, e.g., Henry David Thoreau, Lysander Spooner, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu, Socrates, Ludwig von Mises to name just a few.

    Jesus Christ was totally opposed to the system then and now. Did he trust the religious leaders, the Roman government or the way in which the general public thought about life? No! A very big no!

    The part of your brain that keeps you aware, always seeking truth and asking questions is the part that will keep you alive going forward. We are entering a time whereupon day-to-day actions will have life-or-death consequences. So learn to make your choices wisely. Strengthen your mental powers of reason.

    And do you know the best part of being an independent thinker and a conspiracy theorist? Not having myocarditis.

  75. Don Briois

    The DS (federal reserve) own this country and its a pipe dream to think it will end.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      Evidently you do not share the imagination of our founding fathers. Too bad.



    tHE dEMS ARE IN PANIC MOOD AS THE reps WILL BE ABLE TO CONTRL THEM IN JANUARY.In France we are not permitted to connect to Rumble


  77. Jeanette Jennings

    Love your shows and really look forward to them. I got my days mixed up a couple of weeks ago and kept looking on Tuesday. LOL It sure would make it easier on people if you put the link for whatever platform you load the videos on next to the run time. Have a grand time with your family on this Holiday.

    Thank you for your hard work.
    Jeanette Jennings

  78. Marie Joy

    Ron DeSantis is not what he appears to be. He is one more controlled opposition traitor, just like FOX NEWS which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s democrat children.

  79. Jane jones

    ‘SHE IS DANGEROUS’ Jim Jordan DISMANTLES TRAITOR Liz Cheney after fake evidence at January hearing
    igneoyalar gulsum 497,538 views Nov 23, 2022

    The true story behind the execution of the Romanov family shown in ‘The Crown,’ including what the show left out
    Eve Crosbie Nov 25, 2022
    Season five of “The Crown” depicts in horrifying detail the deaths of the Russian royal family.
    The Romanovs were executed in 1918 after Bolshevik revolutionaries toppled the monarchy.
    Here’s what the Netflix show gets right and wrong about the British royal family’s involvement.
    Episode six of the latest season of “The Crown” opens with a different royal family than the one viewers have grown accustomed to seeing over the past five seasons.
    In a flashback to the early 20th century, we see King George V’s (Richard Dillane) cozy breakfast with his wife, Mary of Teck (Candida Benson), and son, the future King Edward VIII (Adam Buchanan), interrupted by a rather urgent matter.
    The king’s aide hands him a letter from Downing Street informing him that the government wants to send a ship to rescue Tsar Nicholas II and his family, who were being held prisoner in their own country. However, they will only do so with the king’s permission, given that the tsar is his cousin.
    While viewers don’t see the response from the British monarch and his wife, the next scene shows in horrifying detail the repercussions of King George’s decision as the tsar, his wife, and five children are brutally murdered by Bolshevik revolutionaries.
    Here’s how the events of the episode compare with what really happened to the Romanov dynasty;

  80. Anne

    Thanks for your honest and truthful reporting Greg. “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light.” (Luke 8:17, BSB). Happy upcoming holidays. God bless and keep you and yours!

  81. Mike Foley

    I am 76. I have tried Ivermectin on my skin problems and am getting great results where nothing else ever worked. A 2″ rounded skabed red spot, a 2′ brown crusty spot, cracked skin on my souls of my feet all show healing and fast in a day or two. I am using the paste from a vet supply. It’s safe to use so why not try it on myself. Not medical advice, just my experience.

  82. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    Do not ever feel sorry for those who abide with EVIL to retain their position or jobs.
    If these individuals do not stand up against EVIL they are complicit with it! They have sold out good for EVIL because they have justified their own well beings over those that have been destroyed!

  83. JJ

    Important Expose at, The Burning
    “Smart Cities’ worldwide being converted into ‘open concentration camps,’ says ex-Silicon Valley engineer turned whistleblower.” Video embed. Parents of school age children note the plan for our kids at 44:54. Entire video of great import.

  84. Danica Valeski

    Watch Greene turns into AOC’s worst NIGHTMARE with lawsuit against the ‘a.ssault’…Pelosi SHUTS UP
    igneoyalar gulsum 793,513 views Nov 22, 2022
    She Never New You, MTG
    Your to Americano for them, MTG!
    Maybe AOC, Should be punished by the house to watch west side story, 64.000 TIMES!

  85. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a fascinating week.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria for all your comments of support over the years!

  86. Motto

    Dear Mr. Hunter.
    Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderfull weekend.
    Regarding “died suddenly” documentary : most of the staff we already knew thanks to your reporting. Then I read this article :
    You can disagree or not , but the author makes very intersting observation – to produce 1.7 billion jabs one needs 31 years at production rate 1 vial per second. If you take 10 producers then logistics still impossible for claimed world innoculation figure. I agree with the author that only 25 % of injections are deadly . So far I observe no fatalities in my neck of the wood , where 80 % are tripple jabbed.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Watch interview to understand how it was possible to produce billions of ‘Covid’ shots via multiple sub-contractors – set up years in advance . . .

      • Motto

        Thank you for the link. Interesting. I watched Sasha recently on .
        Ok , with 318 members of Medical CBRN Consortium now production would be down to around 3-4 month. This is at the rate – 1 vial per second. Production must be 3 shifts , plus transportation, plus refrigeration etc. It still fills impossible logistics.
        It gives me ( pureblood) hope that at least 75 % jabbed are still safe. We just need to wake them up ! Again, in my location (80% jabbed), I observe no SADS so far.

      • JayJay

        I read yesterday that the fake covid tests were shipped to hundreds of countries in 2018. Yep—2018!!!

        • JayJay

          I also wonder the mind set of those producing those clot shots…did they know?? did they care? did they question after the first 6 months and folks were dying and showing extreme reactions to these shots?/

  87. Lon Bell

    ⚡️ EXCLUSIVE | The Akhmat factor | On the frontlines | Interview with Chechen Spetsnaz commander
    Scott Ritter 52,574 views Streamed live on Nov 23, 2022
    On episode 14 of the show we are joined by Apti Alaudinov, Russian statesman and military leader, commander of the «Akhmat» spetsnaz. Former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic, Major-General of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Acting deputy commander of the Second Army Corps of the People’s Militia of Lugansk People’s Republic. Hero of the Russian Federation and hero of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

  88. J. Bonner

    The U.K. is in TROUBLE while Sweden got it right afterall | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris / 23,586 views Nov 26, 2022
    Remember when the Western media loved to poke fun of Sweden for refusing lockdowns? Well Sweden may have the last laugh. Not that the country is gloating. They are not and the lead epidiologist said that it would take years to know if their way paid off. But it seems this year, it is paying off. Especially when you consider that countries with strict lockdowns like the UK are experiencing a surge in cancer deaths, shrinking GDP and far less strain on the health care system.

    More vaccinated deaths than unvaccinated deaths from covid (US)
    Dr. John Campbell / 286K views 17 hours ago
    58% of covid US deaths now in the vaccinated
    @FlyingScot911 / 14 hours ago
    Let’s be clear. The only reason the CDC released “SOME” of the Vsafe data was because they lost a court case to keep it suppressed. After losing the court case they only released data on people who checked a preprogrammed list of side effects. They did not publish the date from the “other” empty text box where you could describe something not on the provided checkbox list. That is going to be the most important data. The lawsuit continues. Stay tuned.

  89. Russell Holmes

    Greg, you mentioned the missiles that hit Poland a few shows back but I’m just getting around to responding. The fascists are still telling us they “might” have come from Ukraine but the fact is that they can do chemical residue tests and collect other forensic evidence that can determine with 100% accuracy where they were manufactured. I’m just so sick of their lies! As far back as 1988 when the Pan Am flight that blew up over England and the wreckage spread over a colossal 1,200 square miles, even then they could find and test the residue proving it was a terrorists attack.

    I think it safe to therefore conclude that they know for a fact they were Ukrainian missiles as if they were Russian the treasonous murderers in DC wouldn’t hesitate to blame Putin.

  90. alfy

    I say, without a worry in the world, enjoy the holiday season with family, friends, food, and good cheer. for come next year, win or lose, appears our nation has a date with destiny. enjoy with good cheer while we still can.

  91. FreeandFighting

    Case 22-380….
    This case uncovers a serious national security breach that
    is unique and is of first impression, and due to the serious
    nature of this case it involves the possible removal of a
    sitting President and Vice President of the United States
    along with members of the United States Congress, while
    deeming them unfit from ever holding office under Federal,
    State, County or local Governments found within the
    United States of America, and at the same time the trial
    court also has the authority, to be validated by this Court,
    to authorize the swearing in of the legal and rightful heirs
    for President and Vice President of the United States.

  92. John Maskell

    Happy Thanks Giving from England. We don’t do it here but it’s nice to see families that get together and enjoy themselves . Greg, take care and bless you. We are winning , slow but sure .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John Maskell for your well wishes & Blessings. Much appreciated!

  93. LondonCenter

    How America’s Largest Local TV Owner Turned Its News Anchors Into Soldiers In Trump’s War On The Media
    ByTimothy Burk Published March 31, 2018
    Project mockingbird gone berserk!

  94. Paul

    It is one thing give a voice to people’s frustrations and another to give them solutions. Something we all can work on.

    Paul from arkansas

  95. Boris Johnsovich

    Russia blasts US over LGBTQ law ‘interference’
    Diplomats have condemned American attacks on a bill banning “propaganda” related to “non traditional lifestyles”
    Russia blasts US over LGBTQ law ‘interference’
    An activist holds a rainbow flag during a LGBTQ+ parade. © Pau BARRENA / AFP

    By criticizing Russian legislation banning LGBTQ, pedophilia, and sex-change propaganda, US officials are interfering in the nation’s internal affairs, Moscow’s embassy in Washington said on Friday. It also urged the US to respect the views of the Russian people.

    In a statement, the embassy said it had noted “the statements of numerous of US officials” criticizing the bill, which was approved by Russia’s parliament on Thursday.

    “We consider such statements as gross interference in our internal affairs,” the diplomatic mission said, adding that “Russia consistently stands for the protection of traditional family values” and rejects “attempts by Western states, led by the United States, to impose pseudo-liberal and perverted ideas about human rights on other countries.”
    They got European’s, they think they got the US., now the prize is mother Russka!
    From The Russki’s \With Da LOVE?

  96. B.Johnsobitch

    From The Russki’s \With Da LOVE?

  97. Pdx r13

    Most likely partial cause of public mass shooting is SSRI HEAD MEDS in young man under 25. Sure, Vaxx 7 times may be like a lobotomy, but SSRI focuses on the young and male. Girls are barely twice as likely to do public shootings and over 25’s are not more likly than general public to do a mass shoot. When effective rifles become more difficult to get, expect waaaay more use of explosives to make the final point.

  98. Sal Regina

    watch Trump’s safe & effective vax destroy US military:

  99. Elias

    Happy Thanksgiving Brother! God Bless you! ☦️🙏🏻😊👍🏻☀️

  100. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    I posted a link to an interview by UK Column News pointing out the heavy involvement of the DOD with the shots, but it has not appeared. Did you censor it?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      I see it now – posted above – thanks!

  101. Cry Me a Ruble
    The cause of death is unknown. Back in the 80s I liked the movie and the song. We might as we get use to these stories and stop taking notice of them.

  102. Sandra

    Greg, another great book I often give away is “Miracle of the Scarlet Thread” by Richard Booker. It explains the reason and the need for the Blood Covenant that is the Scarlet Thread weaving though every book of the Bible. I highly recommend it and urge you to read it as well. I love your broadcasts and share them often. God bless you and yours.

  103. Justn Observer

    Greg, This should piss off / infuriate every person in this nation as to just how corrupt the gov’t and how ‘fixed’ all the voter elections are! =
    Eugene Yu of Konnech can fix court cases too -News others miss (

    At this point, expectations as to fixing anything via voting is OVER!

  104. Percy Sledgehammer

    Mutiny in U.K’s – COLLAPSE Is FAR Worse Than You Think, Bankrupt! ____Business Basics

    • Greg Hunter

      Keep street reporting for up! Thanks.

  105. elle

    Until the voting is fixed we are screwed. Everyone should have to vote on the true blockchain and sign in with SS number. The blockchain does not lie. I will tell you that i am done being nice about the weird libs. I am standing up and not shutting up anymore. No more go along to get along. WAKE UP.

  106. Wm. Jnana

    USSC Just Took a Case on an Emergency Basis That Will Change the Course of America Before the Year is Out.

    The Court took this case in order to protect itself from what Congress plans to do. A Constitutional scholar said the Court would never take such a case in a million years, yet they did. Why? Listen to the explanation using the below link. This involves not only the 2022 mid-terms but the 2020 Presidential election too, which requires a re do. Amazing times for all of humanity, not just the U.S.

    • CJ

      If I’m understanding this correctly, I don’t think anything will come of it. Here is their final conclusion which you can find at the end of the link above. They affirmed the district courts findings.

  107. BigE

    How is TRUMP going to win in 2024, when ALL elections are rigged? They figured out how to add enough votes to subdue his lead. If Trump is serious about wanting to run in 2024, he needs to hold rallies on the Capital Steps of each swing state where the elections were rigged and keep them going until each state hears his 2020 Election Fraud case.

    • Tim K


      I agree.


  108. Nika

    Knock Down, drag out, verbal fight between Republican Matt Gaetz and Democrat Jaime Raskin from Maryland. Raskin was questioning Gaetz! I wish there were more feisty republicans like Gaetz!!!

  109. JJ

    Caravan to Lawsuit filed with Supreme Court by three brothers in Utah has potential to Drain the Swamp. Went straight to Supreme Court by passing lawfare courts. US Marshalls to deliver 355 summons to members of Congress –Pelosi, Schiff, Maxine Waters. Also listed Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Mike Pence! Supreme
    Petitions #22-380 and 22-4007. Six causes of action: treason, breaking oath of office, civil
    conspiracy are 3 of them. Also check out the brothers website. 7 from the Constitution. Only interpret to protect God given rights clause. Promoting Socialism is a felony!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  110. Jan, from Budapest

    Thank you for your continued good works Greg.
    Just one point from this wrap up.
    As I have seen on Twitter and elsewhere, they say that — those promoting DeSantis vs Trump, does it to destroy both of them.
    As Kari Lake also said to De Santis — stay Governor. Each state needs the right Governors.

    The election has left many of us speechless. The fraud is so blatant and open and still it seems they cannot do anything about it.
    Your reporting and telling of truth is one of the few sane sources out there, Greg.
    I’m sitting a 150 miles away from the border to Ukraine, hoping and praying the war won’t escalate into WWIII…

    • Greg Hunter

      Jan from Budapest, Thank you for all your support of the site & your street reporting. Please stay safe.

  111. Baregil de Gomçesval

    Dear Greg.
    As you may already know the site has been down for quite awhile and we are puzzled about the motif. I hope Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter did not part ways at loggerheads, since it was Bill on whom fell all the brunt of the workload, doing as he was most of the interviews’ work and being the de facto spokesman for the site. Perhaps you could have Bill again as a guest, so he can explain to us what happened with the site and if he is going finally to have his own site.

    • Greg Hunter

      BdG is gone, and that is all I know. Bill is a regular guest, and I will have him on again.

    • Shiloh1

      Bill Holter is making interview rounds in various podcasts. Most recent I found is SGTreport on 11-21-2022. The webpage is Darkness2Light dot net

      Talks about elections here.

      Talks about SBF and Fed CBDC test run announcement conveniently a few days later.

      Bill mentioned significance of 11-22-1963 and The Bush Crime Family. What is happening today is a continuation of that coup.

      Also anyone protesting Brazil election is getting bank accounts confiscated.

      Nine Eleven. Building 7 where BBC reported it had collapsed 20 minutes before it did.

      Georgia Meloni vs Macron (France exploiting a Africa like a colony, including young children mining cobalt for the Wokester eCONomy). Bill mentioned John Perkins’ book – Confessions Of An Economic Hitman.

      If CBDC is put into control here, then it’s all over.

  112. Tiberius Argyll

    This is about to get much worse as U.S. & U.K., push for major escalation of weapons | Redacted 221,773 views Nov 22, 2022
    Is the bloom off the rose in Ukraine? It seems the western media is starting to change their tune. The Associated Press fired the reporter who told the world that Russia fired a missile into Poland which would have sparked WW3. We know now it was Ukraine that fired the missile that killed two people. The New York Times is confirming that Ukrainian soldiers killed Russian soldiers who had surrendered. Has the media lost its appetite for protecting Ukraine?
    [If it wasn’t for some dude out for a walk, who came upon the parts of the missiles used in the strike that killed two Poles and took some pictures, we could all be dead now in a nuclear holocaust.]
    Give that man a prize!

  113. Future Boy

    Idea for my upcoming Bullwinkle and Rocky meet South Park cartoon movie:

    2029… After the 3 trillion dollar US taxpayer funded grant, the genetically modified Grasshoppers have breached the confinement of the Bill and Linda Gates Meat Factory Farm, formally known as the lower 48 American States. The Grasshoppers have now have become naturalized in the wild, wiping out everything living in their path. “You’ll know them when you see them,” said ‘shit out of luck’ farmer George Jones. ” Grasshoppers the size of large dogs, that eat large dogs!” “Gardeners and farmers are complaining but I’ll never have to cut the grass again!!” he added.

    These new and improved Grasshoppers are modified as veracious omnivores. Literally thousands of different animal DNA, including DNA from the panel on the show “The View”, were spliced together to make this fascist Grasshopper, with all the bloat of a classical Microsoft product. LGBTQB+ will enjoy knowing that the Grasshopper reproduces by Parthenogenesis, that is “they can go puck themselves.”

    Lawsuits against the Gate’s, totaling more than “all the dollars ever created” were on the dockets until a Biden era judge dismissed them all without merit, calling the Plaintiffs “Conspiracy Theorists and Climate Deniers”.

  114. Paul Anthony

    Trump on Saturday night live before the dems all hated him

  115. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick for all your support!

  116. Sara

    Great Show Greg! As Always! With Respect to the FTX—would you have Catherine Austin Fitts on your show to see what she thinks of this. I think they were going to front run the digital currency –which they issued this week, and FTX was supposed to be the currency transition to the digital. Just a thought…..

  117. The Rev.

    If you want encouragement, my brothers and sisters in Christ, watch Justin Aaron singing “Break Every Chain.” Corporate prayer every day brings this about. God is raising up an army. Praise the Lord!!

  118. Steve Bice

    The Biblical Case For the Pre-Tribulation Rapture for anyone interested…No one presents it better. J.D. Farag has an ongoing prophecy series, and his current sermon is outstanding for anyone seeking to understand the rapture doctrine.

    Click on Bible Prophecy Videos and select the 11/27/2022 update titled “Why We’re Not In the Tribulation Yet. Forward to the 30-minute mark for the start of the sermon.

  119. tim mcgraw

    Hi to all. I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. I broke my right hip on Tuesday. Operated on Wed. Home on Friday. Staff was good. No crap at me about getting vaxxed or wearing a mask except once when being wheeled to the Op. Room.
    But everyone I talked to there, staff, patients, visitors believes there are too many people on Earth and the planet is dying. They believe the eugenicist lies. They believe the green’s lies. That is the end game.
    The elites want us to voluntarily quit reproducing.

    • Mario

      Sorry to hear about your injury and surgery. Praying for a speedy miraculous recovery.

  120. Mohammad

    Hi Greg,

    Long time away from the site, I miss it.
    Trump is smart enough o not fall for Musk trap, he should embolden his platform , they WILL CUT HIM OFF from twitter when time is right for his adversaries.


  121. Leah

    Hello Greg…..from Aust. listen to this guy, Max Igan..

    Take care All.

  122. Marty

    Hey Greg,

    Great as usual except for the hugely fact that Trump still thinks the vaccine is good and the very sad fact that he is fully vaccinated. Both of these issues will severely hamper his bid as time goes on and the negative side affects pile up. So, the comparison between him and DeSantis is really not applicable as again very sadly it is likely Trump won’t be able to run for President in 2024…

    2024 is a long ways away… but, I would love to see Candice Owens or someone equally smart run


  123. Shiloh1

    Want to read something frightening? Note that this was written about 28 months ago. There are comments, too.

  124. Doug W

    In the movie, Died Suddenly you the the likes of Henry Kissenger, ( in 1974) and the likes of Bill Gates ( waste of skin ) saying the world has to depopulation. If they believe that, WHY did they not kill themselves ???? Didn’t these worthless waste of skin, have kids themselves ? Other worthless waste of skin…….. Just saying……….

  125. Gordon Taylor

    Hello Greg my name is Gordon Taylor I am a jazz guitarist. Wanted to let you know we all have lost one of the greatest smooth jazz guitarist and entertainers of our time. Nick Colionne __ died suddenly___ on 1 Jan 2022, I just found out about it, Nick was a strong and healthy man . Please let the people around the world now . He was a wonderful human being and helped alot of people and kids. no one says why he died, I wonder shy! Tse people who are responsible for all of this have a special place in HELL! waiting for them!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for all you do, and GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Frank Cooper

    Fox commentator melts down over vaccinations — saying she’s going to be sent to a concentration ‘camp’ / Sarah K. Burris November 27, 2022

  127. Cleo Lin

    ‘The Five’: Bill Maher rips Democrats over woke education

    Project Mockingbird \ Media talking heads_ _ _
    Unrest Sweeps Across China as Citizens Take to the Streets Over B.S.COVID Crackdown l 23,507 views Nov 28, 2022

  128. J.P. Morgunstun

    “IT’S ALL GONE!” – This corruption is worse than we thought | Redacted with Clayton Morris / Started streaming 92 minutes ago
    The Biden administration can’t find over 20 billion dollars it sent to Ukraine. And yet Republicans are ready to send more money to Ukraine. What are they thinking? Protests erupt again in Peru. China protests rage across the country over Covid lockdown restrictions which have gotten worse.

  129. Jaun Valdez

    LIVE: Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie Et al on Ukraine Funding
    Our Priorities are Out of Whack and! RUN AMUCK!

  130. Self Exiled

    So Greg what was wrong with this.

    We Americans have lived in a spiritual vacuum for the last 60 years. The beginning of disavowing God began with the banning of His presence from our young people by not allowing Him in our [no prayer] schools. That is also when the assignation of our leaders who understood the issues at that present time began to be eliminated. Not to follow far behind came another attack on our young people; abortion. So, by the early 60’s and 70’s we had already sold our collective souls to the god of materialism, feeling safe in our well-structured automobiles and highway system. Our ever-increasing incomes producing more comfortable homes and 2-week vacations. Oh, we were so successful, successfully deceived. Church leaders and pastors were conducting bible studies where interpretation of the Bible could not be literal. Therefore, I was asked to leave. Never kicked out of a bar but out of my home church, confirmed in of course. John The Babtist was always my hero. The true Gospel of Christ has never been popular, only the warped versions of it seem to go mainstream. Christ is faithful, He takes us through many spiritual eye-opening events that always leads us to our knees before Him. We marvel at his Loving Tender Ways of showing us His True nature to those who call on His Name out of their need. Time for this again?
    I weep [literally] for my country, that’s why I left, I got tired of crying.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am never giving up. America is worth fighting for.

      • Self Exiled

        I agree, the US has been a bulwark a light for many people, a safe heaven. I have had persons thank me for my father’s contribution in the Philippines during WW II. I think most US citizens miss the historical flash points that many times I highlight in my written thoughts. I have seen this hillside

        and it also left a lump in my throat and tears. I do not forget the sacrifices of my two uncles who died in WW II and my father who also fought in these territorial waters. That is why I’m critical. As a US citizen I cannot afford to be in denial when confronted by citizens of other countries and must give an account. I have had to deal with British, Swiss and Australian verbal [attacks] critiques, reviews of US foreign involvement for the last 60 years. When I highlight the negatives, they miss due to their lack of insight their silence is notable and they understand that we citizens of such a country do not approve and will be a force to recon with. You are one of those citizens and others who collect here. Yes, the greatness of a country is measured by its citizens. My leaving is a reflection of the pain I feel and age. Years of being labeled [conspiracy theorist, traitor, coward]. I entered this war trained by my grandfather at thirteen [1962]. I’m tired and looking forward to being where I feel the vibrancy of God. A place where abortion is illegal, there are no marriage rights for gays, they still pray in schools and there are children playing in the streets. At 73 and ill health I’m like the old family dog [we couldn’t find] that laid down in the corn field where she could watch the front door of the house [as she had done for years] as she passed away. Carry on my brother.

  131. Jaun Valdez

    LIVE: Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie Et al on Ukraine Funding
    Our Priorities are Out of Whack and! RUN AMUCK!

    The SARS2 Pandemic: Will Truth Prevail? | Scott Atlas | Academy for Science & Freedom | Hillsdale College 1,521,108 views Streamed live 2/22/02
    Hillsdale College Kirby Center, Washington D.C. Campus. The Academy for Science and Freedom fellow delivers talk titled, “The SARS2 Pandemic: Will Truth Prevail?”
    Dr. Atlas will spoke on the tragedy of the SARS2 pandemic and the need to restore trust in the country’s vital institutions. The management of this pandemic has left a stain on many of America’s once noble institutions, including our elite universities, research institutes and journals, and public health agencies. Among the most damaged has been the harm to the essential functioning of science, research, and debate.

  132. Jay Jordan Cardone

    The Innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald
    City of Allen – ACTV 58,479 views Premiered Nov 23, 2022
    Gary Fannin discusses his book The Innocence of Oswald: 50+ Years of Lies, Deception & Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy & Officer J.D. Tippit. With the sleuthing skills of a twenty-first century Philip Marlowe, Mr. Fannin argues that neither the Dallas Police Department nor the FBI had sufficient evidence to convict Lee Harvey Oswald. Fannin also uncovered information regarding the role of Roscoe White during this tragic saga.
    A Dallas Police officer, Fannin purports that White had CIA connections and was known in intelligence circles as “Mandarin.” Fannin claims that the CIA arranged for White to work at the Dallas Police Department in October 1963 and that his wife Geneva worked for Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. During his talk, Fannin will also present information that was revealed by Billy Sol Estes during his later years regarding various murders for hire. A businessman convicted of a fraud scandal; Estes was closely associated with several elected officials including Lyndon Johnson.

  133. Bill's Stilled!

    You’ve Been Lied To
    Russell Brand
    545K views 1 day ago
    Jeffrey Sachs appeared on live show on Rumble, where he extensively explains the conflict in Ukraine and what the west has done to make the situation worst pre-2022. #war #ukraine #russia #putin
    4 of 7,783 Comments
    R H 1 day ago
    The problem is not propaganda, but that people will wholeheartedly believe it.
    Pitbladdo Associates Ltd 20 hours ago
    People won’t realise they are being lied to if they won’t listen. We really have entered a time in history where its either them or us, and if you agree with any part of them, you can’t be with us.
    Slo Mo 23 hours ago (edited)
    Thanks, Russell, for allowing him to talk without interruption.
    Reluctant Enthusiast 16 hours ago
    Every single person on Earth should listen to this very carefully, especially every American.

  134. janet w

    how to help the J6 patriots Trump abandoned:

    Trump also recently backstabbed KanyeWest claiming he did not know the people accompanying West (when in fact he did very well) and that the meeting was trivial.

    Trump’s vax destruction is a progressing like an exponential function, look for sudden leaps in numbers of people killed or damaged as the days go by:

    . . . crickets from prophet Trumprophet Mark Taylor

  135. Nika

    Peter Doocy asked John Kirby at the WH: Why Is It That President Biden Would Rather Let US Companies Drill For Oil In “Venezuela” Than Here?’ (USA)

  136. Don Conrad

    Just watched ‘Died Suddenly”. All at once; scary, mind blowing, sad, and angered, among others. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY needs to watch this. I am passing this on to my acupuncturist, natural doctor, and any and all friends who I believe will join the fight.

    Don Conrad

  137. Liam Bartmess

    Find Out What the Enemies of Humanity Don’t Want You to Know! Break Free From the Matrix NOW!
    The societal unrest & political upheaval in China are both triggering a mass awakening to the poison shots & biometric tyranny the globalists have planned for the West!

  138. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, I just want to give a shout out to Bill Gates and Stephen Richer who did a great job wrapping up the election out there in Maricopa County, Arizona. We express our thanks to those citizens who came out and expressed their comments at the certification hearing yesterday. The election this year was a smashing success, and it just goes to show that society will go on despite any obstacles.

    Also, we give thanks for Klaus Shwab because we are on a path to owning nothing and being truly happy ! Thanks Klaus !!!!!!

    • Self Exiled

      I find it interesting Greg you allow Gina back and her usual thoughtless comments and question some of my observations. Shes been gone for about 5 years ???. I know at the time you allowed some of her comments to display the lack of any questioning of the mainstream media.

      • Greg Hunter

        I want people to see what they think. It is a fraction of all the crap she/it sends me. Yet another psyop. The want us to think they are bigger than they are. Lear and study the “Gina” comments I post.

        • Self Exiled

          Will do.

  139. Prospector

    The ” fact checkers ” say no way can the clot shots cause disease.
    ( To borrow from the famous Orwell quote : ” If you want a vision of the future , talk to a ‘ conspiracy theorist ” )

    Citizens Free Press headline : DR. Robert Malone = ‘ Yes , mRNA can turn into DNA inside cancer cells ‘. He goes on to say that this is a well known thing that can happen, but we do not know how much disease it may cause because the Vaxx was not studied enough BEFORE rollout.
    Relevant part starts at 8 minutes into the interview with Emerald Robinson from Absolute Truth – @AbsoluteWithE ( twitter )

  140. Todd Lubinski

    Your a fake Christian Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      You are Fake commenter “Todd”. Who are you to judge, Brother??

  141. hugh grenel

    Clif High–who told us Trump was helping humanity by authorizing the toxic genocidal vax (which Karen Kingston, Dr Bhakdi & Dr Kory say is destroying humanity)— constantly attacks the Bible on his Telegram feed and Bitchute videos. So do also the satanic globalist running the UK:

  142. Cry Me a Ruble

    You know something has been brewing with me lately and I must speak up. A lot of conservative people speak up against those who have a message they disagree with. Yet these same people will party or listen to the same leftist entertainers who vomit the same ideology. Friends, you can’t say you are conservative because you agree with the speaker then listen to “Sympathy for the Devil.” If you are entertained with leftist movies, music, art or whatever then you are not part of the cause to stop the Satanic left. One must reject all or none in order to be successful. Thank you.

  143. Self Exiled

    Reality thought patterns on display by Catherine Austin Fitts. {Catherine Austin Fitts CBDC Biometric Control Grid} The new scientific economic control by the Supreme Bank of the CIA.

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