Tsunami of Truth Coming in 2018 – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Financial writer Bill Holter thinks revelations from the so-called Washington D.C. swamp are going to intensify in 2018. Holter explains, “I would call what’s coming a tsunami of truth. . . . I think it’s going to affect the mood of the country.  It is going to enrage some people.  I think it will scare some people.  It will definitely affect capital flows.  There is a debate about arresting people and perp walks, whether that would be good or bad for confidence.  It’s my opinion it would initially be bad for confidence because there are so many people (that would be criminally charged) it would blow their minds.  It’s beyond anything that they even thought of.  So, I think confidence would initially break, but longer term, it is good for confidence because it will be a sign that the rule of law is coming back to the United States.”

Holter contends the politics of crooked Washington D.C. have a negative effect on the U.S. dollar. Holter says, “One reason I think the dollars has been weak since the beginning of 2017 is there were an awful lot of truth bombs that hit last year.  There is more truth with this four page memo from Congress that was just voted to be released.  Foreigners are looking at the dollar with high skepticism because all of this ‘truth’ points to a very crooked, fraudulent and corrupt nation.  Do you really want your assets in that system and denominated in that currency?  I think the answer is no, and that’s one of the reasons you are seeing the huge devaluation of the dollar. . . . In 2017, my theme was that was the year of the truth bomb, and in 2018, I believe the theme will end up being the year that truth finally mattered.”

Holter goes on to say, “This country has lost the rule of law. It’s clear, looking at the DOJ and looking at the FBI, and what will come out on that, the rule of law needs to be restored.  There needs to be a confidence restoration, if you will, in those agencies.  It’s a complete travesty.  What has really happened is they got so dirty that they tried a coup attempt.  They tried to take over the government.  They tried to negate an election. . . . A lot of people are speculating on Hillary going to jail, and I would put out that with all this illegal surveillance, there is absolutely no way that could have been done without Obama’s knowledge.”

Holter, who is also a precious metals broker, says big money is piling into metal, especially silver. Holter says, “Gold should do extremely well, and silver should do four or five times as well as gold if it gets back to the 15 to 1 historical ratio. . . . The lows were put in with gold and silver back in late 2015.”     

What could go wrong with all-time high debt levels facing rising interest rates around the world? Holter points out, “There is all kinds of stuff that can go wrong.  Cash levels for investors are at all-time lows.  Margin debt is at all-time highs.  That, in and of itself, is a recipe for disaster.  Also, if you look at valuation levels . . . we are at record levels never seen before. . . . There is record risk/reward.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Bill Holter of JSMineset.com.

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After the Interview: 

Bill Holter is a prolific writer. Some of his work can be found on JSMineset.com for free.  If you want the full body of Bill’s work and weekly podcasts with Bill Holter and legendary gold expert Jim Sinclair, you will need to subscribe.  Click here to sign up for premium content on JSMineset.com.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Fantastic Greg and Thanks.

    Bill as you know is my all time favourite. I caught your Tweet about the show and had to scramble to a remote coffee shop to get a Wifi connection.

    Didn’t get any easier as I’m located in a remote village on the outskirts of Asia.

    Well bloody worth it!

    • Old Ranger

      Anthony, to our buddy Bill, GARY OWEN!

      • Bill Holter

        a good’ern Ranger!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Bill for coming on and answering a few questions.

          • CHARLES

            Can any one please , tell me how someone destroys public documents . That belong to the public .That is all governmental papers . Labtops , phone , e-mails . And no one goes to prison. And you have a army on these shores that are look at a little girl that works for every dime she makes , and your looking if she claims her tips

    • Bill Holter

      I am honored Anthony!

      • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

        It is I who bow to you Sir!

  2. Robert Dziok

    Bill Holter is a REAL treasure to Truth being told. You can See/Sense a unique Goodness about him from his presentations as well as his extensive insights/experience. Thank you for having him on again Greg. It’s always a treat to hear from him.

  3. Loren

    Greg, I know that Bill knows the answer to this but with the ratio of gold to silver at 76:1 or more, how do we know that gold isn’t overpriced, rather than silver underpriced?

    • Paul ...

      And how do we know the stock market isn’t overpriced? … one thing for sure … the controlled demolition of the US dollar makes everything under-priced as its value heads toward zero … https://www.clivemaund.com/article.php?id=4517

      • Bill Holter

        we can know based on historical valuations given equities. The current valuations are out of orbit…

    • FC

      Because the cost of mining an ounce of gold is approximately $1100……….when was the last time you ever bought anything with a 10% mark up on manufacturing cost.

    • This sceptred isle

      Mining costs suggest they are underpriced. I thing Steve st Angelo made the point that gold is about 75x more expensive to mine so gold silver ratio may have some validity.

    • Bill Holter

      …because gold “in dollars” needs to be compared to the monetary base or even M3. Gold is laughably cheap EVEN IF the U.S. has the gold it claims to have…

  4. Tad


    Barrick is about to close a gold mine on the Chile-Argentina border.
    Environmental reasons.

    • Bill Holter

      will be less supply, Jim wrote about this last week on JSMineset.

  5. Ron Spoonemore

    Bill , it’s not gonna happen. The whole system is sick.

  6. Arthur Barnes

    “Margin debt is at all-time highs”… that is interesting, shadows of 1929 where stocks were purchased on margins in droves; and, we all know how well that turned out.

    On another note, the State of the Union address was delivered to us out here in the heartland by the MSM which refused to show all those Demogods /American haters sitting on their hands for the most part of the speech. They only panned the Democrats when they all stood up to praise a brave soldier or a person who suffered a great tragedy, otherwise the media refused to show the disrespect from the so-called “opposing isle”.

    Lastly, there is a lot of evidence that Obama knew about the “spying” of the Trump people and approved of it, both before & after the election. Hillary, Lynch, Comey, Holder, Mueller, and many, many others are up to their eyeballs in this conspiracy to
    change the outcome of the election, a.k.a. a coup.

    • Bill Holter

      what “American” can call themselves an American when they do not clap for ANYTHING positive for our country? A travesty and true colors shown…

  7. beLIEve

    1868 Washington was created in DECEPTION…. 💡 AND :idea:….HAS NO POWERS of JURISDICTION….

    OUTSIDE ….it’$ …..68 SQUARE MILES. 💡 😉 😆 😮

    Washington……..HOLDS…..NO TRUE LAWFUL POWER…over the peoples of The States of America. 💡 😮

    * * *

    ARE YOU an 💡 AMERICAN 💡 or a 💡 US citi ZEN ? ❓ 💡 You can’t be both. 👿

    * * *

    Do You Know About The Act of 1871 Teach this in your School

    @ 00:49 1868 Washington was CREATED in DECEPTION.

    The 41st “Congress” CHANGED Washington TO a CORPORATE style “government” and GAVE it an AREA of JURISDICTION
    of 100 square miles, which is known as Washington DC and/or The district of COLUMBIA. 💡

    1974 some of the LAND was “TAKEN BACK” from Washington and 💡 TODAY Washington is 68 SQUARE MILES.

    Anyone who CLAIMS to be a CitiZEN of the United States IS……..UNDER “legal definition” of The United States 💡 💡

    You can’t be both……
    💡 IT is IMPOSSIBLE. 💡

    is The District of Columbia …..aka…..68 SQUARE MILES. 💡



    Washington HAS OPERATED in DECEPTION SINCE 1868.



  8. Justn Observer

    GEORGE’S GENEALOGY OF CORRUPTION = GOP+DNC really just a family affair….
    1 https://youtu.be/JK2kcm93XOQ
    2 https://youtu.be/YaldewXT87k
    3 https://youtu.be/qzN97_TKkdU
    4 https://youtu.be/v_J1qK8LcqM
    5 https://youtu.be/P7tSeBaJRdc
    6 https://youtu.be/FdsHlFyZ_qE
    Just the beginning of how to START investigating your Fed. and State elected official corruption team and their connections thru blood and lobbyist ?

  9. Neil

    Well sorry work, you have to wait. Greg and Bill are on!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Neil!!

    • Bill Holter

      thanks but your God, family and work should be first!

  10. Peter from the Netherlands

    Dear Greg,

    You heard what Bill Holter said: there is NO RULE of LAW in the USA. I told you this about 4 years ago.

    Now it is a ” BANANA REPUBLIC” .

    IT is a big shame.



  11. Jerry

    While you may be exhausted waiting for “the event” to happen, and you may want to believe that Donald Trump can actually make a difference. The truth is the central bankers control the global economy, NOT the politicians, and when the time comes to pull the rug out from underneath the dollar, they will. http://money.cnn.com/2018/01/03/news/economy/pakistan-china-trump-trade-yuan-dollar/index.html

  12. Mohammad


    Why is it Bitcoin uses the same angel magnets Jim had put long time ago on his site?
    Why is it Bitcoin is moving in a bull market EXACTLY similar to what Jim had expected for gold to move?
    Why the bull market in Bitcoin is so violent and so close to the violent moves in the 80’s bull market in gold that they are almost indistinguishable to the degree that makes me think Gee is Bitcoin Gold’s beard.
    If the powers want to valuate gold to reset the monetary system and move on from cash they are burning with debt to the degree of no return to the digital currency, would my case am painting here is valid?
    And then when all the dust settles at a Bitcoin = 50000$ (like Jim thinks for the true valuation of gold’s ounce) then the beard is removed and gold backed crypto is for every one to see?
    Are those powers STUPID to move gold’s real face to 50000$ an ounce so average joe shmoe will jump on it on the way to its true valuation and hold what they have in their hand instead of SELLING like what you have said in your interview?


    • Paul ...

      Gold’s beard? … I don’t think so … just a bunch of naive “tulip bulb cryptomaniacs” who mortgaged their homes “to buy electrons” as they were blinded by dreams of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (but were too afraid to mortgage their homes to buy and put real physical gold in their hands) … they naively thought the banksters who print worthless paper money would simply “give up a good thing” to the cryptocurrency mob muscling in on their racket … but as is now clearly visible … the “worthless paper money mafia” is now taking measures to Rub Out the “worthless electronic money mafia” … however the bankster mob will now make use of the new “blockchain technology” in their worthless money racket (once they rub out the competition)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-01/india-officially-declares-bitcoin-not-legal-tender-or-coin

    • Bill Holter

      …wait until oil is settled in yuan, the game changes…

      • Occasnltrvlr

        I trust you aren’t holding your breath…you’re too well-liked.

  13. Barn Cat

    He’s my favorite guest.

  14. Bill

    GREG: New subject;
    Got any idea where Admiral Rogers is who was NSA. All this Dossier/FBI/DOJ talk, and not one mention of his name.

  15. Rock

    Thank you for having Bill on. He is one of my favorite guests. As the noose tightens, the likelihood of false flags or intentional bad acts by the bad guys who are losing their grip on all of this seems to be going up. Pray for Trump and our nation. These are treacherous days we are in…

    • Bill Holter

      can be anytime for any reason, it is called “ripe”!

  16. Commie weasel

    Always enjoy Mr. Holter – however I always think he’s holding back. I wish he would unload about the future for silver as I’m sure many of us would like to make serious decisions about silver investing.

    • Bill Holter

      I have written before that “$50,000 may be laughably low for gold in dollars”. That is not holding back…

  17. Mohammad


    I scratched my head thinking why on earth Saudi Arabia gave Sophia the AI citizenship?
    What is the purpose other than what we have been told for building the state of the art cities in S.A. and the gulf states?
    It appears to me that the reason is much deeper than that, even A.I. assigned to cryptocurrency is just a tool to get the input of humans motivated by their great sin of greed to teach the A.I. and evolve it higher and higher.

    Keep in mind please the interview where Sophia did not shy from saying she will erase the human race and chuckled.


    Saudi Arabia is fighting two nasty wars, one in Yemen and the other one in Syria, “Millions” are killed in those two wars.

    What the odds are for having Sophia to learn from those two wars? and the brain behind her in the cloud becomes capable of waging the big one against humanity??????
    Where else on earth can Sophia have a similar chance of learning evil?


    • Arthur Barnes

      Mo, create a robot that will erase the human race, sounds about like the guy who made his own rope to be hanged with, or the other fellow who dug is own grave. You can bet one thing though, the first ones with have a “escape” chip placed in them to allow the elite a pass from destruction, but if they become 1,000 times smarter than humans they will be able to evolve beyond the programmers, maybe some recent syfy isn’t that far off, regards.

    • Diane

      Mohammad? Have you seen this?

      • Mohammad


        Think about it for a second,
        If Saudi Arabia is to allow a foreign entity an access to their military operations in Syria and Yemen (Sophia), wouldn’t they have to grant that entity a citizenship first…!?


  18. john duffy

    Too Big to Fail

  19. Marcel Fiechter

    Very interesting videos with Mark Taylor and also with Bill Holter. I had an enlightenment about the stone Mark Taylor is talking about. Read it on https://steemit.com/trump/@mafsteem/why-gergory-mannarino-is-wrong-about-donald-trump

  20. tom russell

    i think your program is the tops. thanks for the picking of people and being honest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Tom!!

    • Bill Holter

      He asks great questions and knowledgeable in his own right!

  21. Mike R

    Well these Bitcoin Bucko’s are learning the real hard way, that their ‘gains’ aren’t what they though they were, and Bitcoin is a horrid medium of exchange.

    The worst thing few of them thought of or grasped, with respect to taxes anyway, is that EVERY single transaction is a TAXABLE event, which means even if you buy something directly, and had a gain from when the coin was bought, you pay taxes at either capital gains rate, or as ordinary income.

    Once this REALLY sinks in, and more laws are introduced to close every loop hole, and force every exchange to report everyone’s transactions to the IRS, these crypto’s are all pretty much doomed for the value people THOUGHT they represented. What’s funny is they all thought they were outside the US banking system. Or financial system. Well with the IRS, there simply is no such thing. They will hunt you down like a dog on red meat.

    • This sceptred isle

      Bitcoin is experiencing a parallel to the silver market now price is under control. How long before the momentum players get bored?

    • Bill Holter

      Jim and I are on the record as believing it is digital air and only a precursor to “sovereigns” issuing digital currency.

  22. Angel Morales

    It is wonderful to see that Bill knows the truth. It makes me think there is hope for our great nation. Thank you Bill for being a truthteller. You are awesome. This is coming from a legal Mexican American citizen wide awake. God bless you Bill!

    • Bill Holter

      God bless you too Angel, I can only speak/write what I believe to be the truth but doesn’t always make it so.

  23. R. Patrick

    Its like watching a blimp.

  24. Paul ...

    The first wave of the tsunami that hits will instantly transform any cash people have in their bank or brokerage accounts into “forced shares of stock of their bank or brokerage firm” which will likely be of dubious value … Obama approved this “stealing of our wealth” along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on November 15, 2014 … and so far … Trump has not done anything to change the banksters agenda “to freeze our bank and brokerage accounts and transform our cash into stock” (when the lack of liquidity event occurs) … eventually … as the dollar’s strength erodes … the banksters agenda is to accustom people to “their” new infinite electronic world money (which will be completely under their control) … ordinary people (to counter the banksters evil plans for us) “must own” physical gold and silver … and have it securely in their own personal possession!!

  25. gregd

    If one Country printed like crazy and no other country did, then that Countries currency would become weaker. But if the central banks all print like crazy as they have at the same rate as each other then no Countries currencies should get stronger or weaker than another. So what would happen if they all printed like crazy at the same rate and bought all the stocks to keep it increasing and they also bought all the bonds to keep the interest rates down. They could also bail out the States and the pensions too. Couldn’t that go on forever or near forever? I mean the dollar would stay stable. They would also have to continue smashing gold and silver. All this would keep inflation in check also. As for the debt just print and pay it off. What do you think??

    • Bill Holter

      it is called a “race to the bottom”…

    • Paul ...

      Lets say today the US dollar equals 0.02 cents, the Euro equals 0.021 cents, the Yen equals 0.0001 cents, etc., etc. … then they all print like crazy … the US dollar becomes 0.0002 cents, the Euro becomes 0.00021 cents, the yen becomes 0.000001 cents … so everything stays “very stable” (as all the forever currencies go to ZERO )… as for continuing to smash the price of gold and silver … say they smash the gold price down to what it was in 1932 ($35 per ounce) … divide by 0.0002 … and gold equals $175,000 “forever dollars” which will pay off a lot of your current debt!!

  26. Mike R

    FISA memo….

    “Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are devastating for the Dems. The whole image of a benevolent Barack Obama they’ve disingenuously tried to portray is about to be destroyed. The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see,” Bongino tweeted. (Bongino is ex-Secret service agent)

    You know folks, I could be wrong, but I highly doubt this FISA memo is ever going to see the light of day. Trump is not going to release such a damaging memo.

    Instead, he is most likely using it as leverage, to get a massive number of concessions from the Democrats, on everything from the wall budgeted, to passing Trumps version of immigration, to funding the government and then some. This will include ending the Russia investigation very quickly, getting rid of Mueller, and Rosenstein. Obama is lawyered up, as is Hillary, which isn’t in the public news, so I assure you, they are both heavily involved behind the scenes in convincing and heavily bribing democrats to let this dog lie, and to do whatever Trump demands. Trump is probably getting them to even stop the impeachment talk, altogether, and getting a sock stuffed in Maxine’s mouth. Trump is probably getting all sorts of agreements on resignations within the FBI, and DOJ, and maybe even further agreement to completely repeal Obummer-care.

    The public will NEVER get to see the contents of this memo. Trump is way too smart to do that. Much more power by holding it over a ton of people’s heads.

    That is why you saw such grumpy Dem faces last night at SOTU speech.

    • Bill Holter

      if it does come out, the national “mood” will change on a dime!

    • Paul ...

      Could it be as Bongino says … a vengeful gay narcissist “illegal alien” tried to nullify the election of Donald Trump “a US citizen” … all will be exposed in the FBI/FISA documents for everyone to see … the question is … will Trump then ship the illegal alien back to Kenya??

    • Mike R

      Welp, update on 2/1/2018, and whaddaya know, but it got delayed again. They are saying tomorrow now. Ha! Ain’t gonna be tomorrow.

      Trump is using this to extract more concessions. Day by day, the pain grows for the Dems. Friday is a slow news day, so skeptics are saying if its released on Friday, there is no ‘bombshell’ revelation. Ha. Not true. More media loserville pundit spin.

      Trump’s holding this sucker over the Dem heads.

      Shutdown deadline is Feb. 8th. So Trump has plenty of time to milk this puppy.

    • Mike R

      On another note in reply to my FISA memo yesterday, and my comment about Maxine WaWa getting a sock stuffed in her mouth, no sooner did I say that, and the next day she is in the news again (no longer emphasizing impeachment), but interestingly changing her whole meme to “the Russians are out to get me !”
      This lady is spazzoid nuts ! They are going to make her pop like a zit until she shuts her trap about impeaching Trump, and any Russian collusion. This latest is just her being defiant, but realizing the pressure is now on her, and she’s losing the war, along with all the battles.

      After the budgets are agreed to, and Trump gets all his concessions, and government is no longer under a shutdown threat near term, I suspect we will hear nary a peep out of Maxine about impeaching Trump until at least after the mid terms.

      • JC

        Mike R
        She is Maxed out. That was funny.

  27. Justn Observer

    Greg… as you will know …the F.B.I. has been ‘sitting on’ search warrants and hidden before the election… and lately the ‘records went missing’ but Charles Ortel has downloaded them before that occurred… more proof upper -levels were helping Hillary and friend for months before… It appears much of what they don’t want out is starting to make it’s way out ….with or without Congressional ”’approval”’!

  28. Old blokester

    CIA A$$ASINATI0N Maneuver Day After Trump State of Union speech
    Operation HAL
    Published on Jan 31, 2018
    FREE Info Warrior Training Camp

    • Bill Holter

      the man needs Divine protection!

      • Beverly Kingsford

        Think about what the Insiders might do when faced with the possibility of their sins being made public. They want to be in control, but they can never be in total control. Even so, I would say they are willing to take the risk and destroy the whole world economy in order to try to keep their power. Trump is playing his cards well, but I sure hope he will give God the thanks and be humble about it, otherwise it may NOT continue to go well. Trump does need us praying for him night and day. If the Insiders take the system down, it ain’t going to be pretty, but at the same time it might be what the world needs in order to press the reset button. God is in charge and whatever happens in this world, it will be because God has great influence and oversees this world. He does hear our prayers, and we have to remember that He knows the big picture.

  29. Russ McMeans

    An ounce of silver would feed several families in Venezuela for days. An ounce of gold would probably supply a whole town with groceries for a month in that socialist country. The Venezuelan Bolivar is now been made worthless and our government via the central bank is doing a darn good job of making King Dollar worthless too. Just go buy anything and see how much it costs. … thank you Greg for another great interview with straight shooter Bill Holter. And thank you Bill for your wisdom!

  30. donna s.

    Bill said all along we are getting ready for a year of TRUTH BOMBS.!!!! He called that one before anyone else and was absolutely correct. What is sad about this is that if the Hillary/FBI collusion and corruption is being shown to us then it makes you wonder what we aren’t being told. They will never let us know just how bad it really is , but this is a start. I do worry that with the deep state being pushed that they may push back in a very evil and ugly way. Lets Pray that they somehow have their hands tied.
    Mohommad,,,, interesting take on AI and scary .

    • Bill Holter

      …2018 is the year that truth will finally matter!

  31. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the President’s speech was given high ratings in the polls; upward to 75 percent favorable in some. He comes across as the nice person that he is, we are fortunate to have him, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Best regards, a b

  32. Justn Observer

    “Shadow Conventions” designed as media propaganda shows to undermine Republicans and nudge Democrats farther to the political left. These mock “conventions” were organized by the “Shadow Party” organizations funded by George Soros and other wealthy leftists…..reflect her new left-leaning slant. They include How to Overthrow the Government (2000); Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption Are Undermining America (2003); and Fanatics and Fools: The Game Plan for Winning Back America (2004).


  33. H. Craig Bradley

    Its Hoody Doody Time with Bill.

  34. dan

    It would be great that a lot of dirty people finally get what is coming to them, but most every institution in this country is corrupt and to many people like it that way.
    I would like to know if there are any examples in history where a nation in a peaceful manner took out such widespread corruption. I only know of civil war. These people are dug in so deep and so evil they would attempt some kind of false flag attack in this country to divert attention away. They already have some potential culprits set up Russia,North Korea, Iran and on and on. I am afraid this country is past the point of no return from social to economic and cleansing and rebuilding will be after complete collapse.

  35. Old Ranger

    McCabe, Gowdy resignations, trouble in the deep camp!

  36. Old Ranger

    Rosenstein out? Whole lots of blackmail going on?

  37. Mohammad


    What strengthens my thinking of bitcoin as gold’s beard is the intro of it in Chicago stock exchange, think about it for a second why would they do that for a peer to peer transaction?????


    to dump naked short papers on it so they try to smash it down, same action COMEX is doing to physical gold.



    • Greg Hunter

      Nothing would surprise me in the markets which are crime syndicates really.

    • Paul ...

      Buying bit”cons” from naked shorts … is like buying fuel for your rocket ship and finding your tanks still empty … filled simply with “laughing gas” … not exactly the type of rocket fuel necessary to get you to the moon!!

      • Paul ...

        What the Bit”con” market needs is a couple of killer whales at the Chicago Stock Exchange to use their “fat flippers” and say “buy” … “buy” … “buy” (to prevent total collapse of the Bit”con” market) … put a couple of holding tanks in the pits and before you know it “investors” may be able to get two(2) sea cucumbers for one(1) Bit”con”!! … http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-42877067

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Bingo. Corzine and MFGlobal proved the value of regulation: zilch.

  38. Mohammad



    • Greg Hunter

      I think you will be proven wrong.

    • JC

      Mohhamad they will have to release some version. To many worms fell out of the container. They can not tell everything. No one up there wants to admit we have no Republic.

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg… TRUTH TRAIN COMING — so look for the word NADRA being redacted from the memo-document.
    It is —NOT — Russia -Russia- Russia… it… IS… NADRA, NADRA, NADRA …
    an illegal never authorized total surveillance system on the people of the U.S., and every business, and entity in the country! That – is WHAT they really do not want the people to know about… ! A developing –real time —tracking of everyone – their vehicles – their texts messages- emails- social media – phone calls and movements to include camera/facial recognition,,, boarding – trains -subways – along streets etc.!
    and storage of the data to have in effect a movie of YOU…where you go – who you associate with – your business – assets -WOW ! All to use – at will- anytime they want -need – to shake you down – to forward …’their’ agendas… !
    6 https://youtu.be/zrXY2IQUhmU
    5 https://youtu.be/qTiMJNIzH1A
    4 https://youtu.be/zvf7KowKEY0
    3 https://youtu.be/H_krnjNNyaw
    2 https://youtu.be/ztSBtqxvxWE
    1 https://youtu.be/5odhLvxJI68

    • Justn Observer

      some later updates to go with this unraveling saga…of course if you had paid attention to some of links shared over the last several years…you’d have known much of this already…but that’s water under the bridge no! What is important is knowing and doing something about all this –even if its only sharing widely so more people become totally aware of the corruption and systems and secretive societies and overlaps of organizations that are doing and sharing surveillance and control over people and their lives…for ‘their’ gain! = economic enslavement.


  40. Jodyp

    Trustworthy. Bill represents the word. Glad to see him back here again.

  41. Mohammad



  42. Mike R

    As I posted on Jan 30th, under Mark Taylor interview, Bitcon actually continues to unravel faster on the way down, than it went up…

    “And Bitcoin plumbing new post peak lows at $9800 here at ~5:00 CST on 1/30/2018.
    $8000 may not be too many hours away, given how this sucker drops $1000 very quickly.
    Going down just as fast, if not faster than it went up.”

    Here now as of 5:44 CST on Thurs 2/1/2018 its trading at $9125, and went as low as $8563 earlier this afternoon. Every time it breaks a ‘psychological round number’ (i.e. 11,000, then 10,000, and now 9,000) it bounces around there a little while, and then goes on to drop further.

    How many people (suckers) have bought those dips, all the way down, thinking this is the ‘bottom’ and it will rally from here ? Since its high, its fallen more than 55%, now breaking the 50% Fibonacci level, which likely means next stop for a possible ‘bottom’ is 61.8% down, or $7389.

    Call me a skeptic, but I call these “math” numbers that traders use, “Fibbing Nachos”. Lol. More memorable phrase, and reflective of the worthlessness they typically are (but naive traders always refer to them anyway – go figure.)

    Bitcon, er Bitcoin, probably is going to shred through every “Fib” level, all the way down to $3000 this year, and eventually to near zero.

  43. Thomas Blow

    Greg, Would you please start a network list? I mean, I listen to other observers like Dustin Memos and Bill Still and Truth Natasha and I wonder if there could someday be a news hour with real newspeople. Why not at least have a meeting among alt news people and discuss this? You all have so much in common and isn’t there more strength in unity? Besides, suppose some billionaire wanted to fix things, if you had an association of alt newscasters there would be an infrastructure to work from.

  44. Barry

    I used to like Bill back when he was only a writer on JSMineset until he was confronted for telling the truth about the fraud of global warming and almost s..t his pants back- peddling and crying “I won’t be talking about that again!” Makes it hard to listen to you on other topics, Bill.

  45. Barry

    Hi Greg,
    I am a loyal listener along with my wife but Bill Holter is less than credible now days. He may know finance, but he needs a new set of cajones. The reason this is 4 days after his release is because at first I wasn’t even going to waste time on his interview. I relented and read the transcript. He may know finance, but he has a weak streak when the going gets tough. When he was confronted with his opposing views to global warming a couple years back, he got ridiculed by the left and PUBLISHED how he was too intimidated to go there again. Credibility = 0.

    • Bill Holter

      Barry, I must call BS on your comment. I have posted articles and spoken many times regarding chemtrails and “global warming”. Chemtrails are fact and global warming is a joke. Yes there is climate change as the only thing constant is change. But global warming is only an elite mantra to add more taxes. As for “cojones”, I go places many will not and I do it publicly in writing and facing a camera while using my first and last names ….do you Barry who?

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