U.S. Bled to Death by China and Harvested for its Organs-Dr. Jim Willie

goldenjackassGreg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Financial newsletter writer, Dr. Jim Willie, has a bleak warning for America.  Dr. Willie says, “I don’t think the United States is going to be killed as the host.  I think it’s going to be bled to death and harvested for its organs, and done so by China.”  Dr. Willie explains, “The Chinese will drain this nation and all the Western nations of all their gold.”  Dr. Willie predicts, “I have been saying steadily, not until the dollar has problems and the globe starts saying we’re not going to use it anymore, and we’re going to force a devaluation on you . . . that is when the dollar will hit Main Street and the U.S. economy with price inflation.  It’s coming this year. . . .This is the late stage, the very late stage.”  Dr. Willie goes on to predict a big German bank will “cause a string of bank failures, a domino effect of failed banks.”  Dr. Willie goes on to say, “When the big impact comes from the dollar global rejection, and when devaluation does take place, there will be three effects:  a jump in prices . . . food shortages and supply disruptions, the third is violence.  This is the year we have the currency explosion.”  Don’t think Obama Care is going to make things easier.  Dr. Willie thinks, “It will be 100 times the nightmare than you think it might be. . . . Obama Care is a big plan to track people, both their money and their bodies, like a bunch of herded animals.  This is going to manage death of the individual and manage death of the economy.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of the Hat Trick Letter which can be found on GoldenJackass.com.

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  1. Rodster

    Guys, too many red flags going on. If you have some spare money, buy some food while it’s still cheap and available.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree!! From here on out everyone must maintain a some sort of a state of readiness. When the rubber band breaks this time, Humpty Dumpty will not be easily put back together.

    • Rebecca

      Don’t forget the garden seeds. Get the garden seeds now, while you can.

      • Rich


        Is there a particular brand name of seeds that you recommend. Thanks.

        • Ncdirtdigger

          Do a search for heirloom seeds. They are the type which you can harvest the seeds from plants that you grow, and they will grow true to type. Hybrids are a cross between two different parents and will not produce seeds which will neccesarily produce viable plants. For instance, they cross one type of been that is resistant to a particular disease, with another that only grows to a certain height, the offspring will be a nice bushy, disease resitant plant. But the seeds from that plant may be bushy, or may be disease resistant, or neither.

    • allen ols


      NO Shoes? lol the jackass is funny 🙂

      al ols

    • Marcus

      Yea I got my 3 months supply of emergency food from MyPatriotsupply.com
      you can get this for a good deal just stock up NOW!!!!!

  2. Rich

    All I can say is that 58 minutes of JW is not enough. Geez, I could listen to more of him. You are awesome Greg 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow, I was afraid it was a little too long. I am happy you liked it and want more. Dr. Willie is very enlightening and very smart. He also works very hard at this. He’s always working contacts, studying and coming up with analysis. You should read his news letter. He holds a PhD in Statistics, and his work clearly shows the detail and depth you would expect from someone holding this degree. Thank you for supporting Dr. Willie and this site.

      • Galaxy 500

        Too little for you guys and too much for one sitting for me

      • Stu

        Loved every minute of it Greg!
        Thanks for presenting the Full Interview.
        Look forward to you having him on again asap 🙂

        Warm Regards,


    • allen ols

      Your right, not enough; It is why I broke down last year, and bought the hat Trick, which litterly takes me 2 days to read one side of, 2 looooooooog complete sweaty info. 🙂
      If i have questions, the Jackass is quickly forthcoming.
      I used to listen to every radio interview of Bob Chapman for yrs, and would e mail him weekly, but Bob was getting old, and the info weak. Bob was ill, and died a yr and half ago.

      Google some info on New Zealand concerning China buying large swaths of real estate, apt.complexes, old home estates, wont be long they will buy out “hobbit town” and be living in bilbo bagins house.

      al ols fopusawd

  3. James M.S.

    Great interview. Is there any way to download this as a podcast?

    • Greg Hunter

      Just do not have the staff for that yet. Working towards that.

    • Billy

      They do have “You Tube” Plug ins – that allow you to convert “You Tube” videos to MP3 files. Some are limited to different time limits etc. I hAve “YouTubeMP3Podcaster” as a fire fox plug in. it seems to work pretty good.


    • F16Hoser

      Jim, Try: http://www.freemake.com/
      This is what I use to convert Youtube to MP3/MP4. Works great. Just paste-in the URL and select the type of file you want as output. Saves it right to your hard drive.

      JW is awesome to listen to. I subscribe to his Hat Trick Letter also. Have for just over a year now.
      Thanx Greg for getting him on once a month. I have to listen to his podcasts 3-4 times just to catch everything and let it sink-in. I also listen to your weekly Wrap-Ups. Excellent weekly summation on how bad things are economically & geopolitically.

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      Greg isn’t giving you enough for free? If you want a podcast, use the URLs for the programs listed and make your own podcast. Problem solved!

  4. Ugly

    China will bleed us thru numerous ways such as their many purchases of USA real estate, farm ground, and companies such as Smithfield Foods. A portion of Manhatten was recently purchased by a Chinese investment firm. These are the beginning of birth pangs for USA. It is because we are all asleep and hold no politician accountable.

    Then comes the real troubles. That is, when they cash in T-bills and purchase more USA stuff. A simple cash-in of $1T can easily buy about 150 million acres of prime farm ground along with its water and power rights.

    • Rodster

      But remember Ugly, China has it’s own share of problems that can’t be ignored and it even has David Stockman concerned. They also have a horrendous pollution problem along with diminishing resources like clean water. And even if China gets their currency to a reserve status backed by Gold, eventually it will be converted to Fiat currency.

      That’s how every world reserve currency started out and all ended in sheer failure.

      I tend to side with Celente. Before this is all over, this will end in WAR. Oh, great interview, Greg.

      • Mark Timothy

        “They also have a horrendous pollution problem along with diminishing resources like clean water.”
        That’s why they’re coming here.

      • Ugly

        True, but….China owns us. They have well over $2T in our T-Bills and we virtually have nothing of theirs.

        In Boise, there is a designated area of a China Park of at least 50 square miles. This was put on hold, but the plan is still there. This Chinatown was to be gated and guarded and you would need a pass to enter. I will not vote for Butch Otter again. He is a nice guy but this scenario was not good.

        A friend of mine at Micron was laid off a few years ago and then rehired at about 40% less pay. He said today it is mostly foreigners running the show. Micron was started by Idahoans and funded by JR Simplot. I knew some of them in the early 80s. Now, it is someone elses business.

        Willie in this interview is right. With his sarcasm, he is basically saying, ‘….You dumb bastards! What the hell do you think is happening and going on….!’

        He is right….Praise The Lord!!!!

        • Rodster

          When we implode those T-Bills will be worthless and all that land they have purchased may well be rehypothecated land, just like Germany’s Gold.

          It’s going to be somewhat amusing when all the major players find out they don’t own what they think they do.

          • Galaxy 500

            Yeah but they are spending billions here now

      • allen ols

        Greg H. Rodster, ugly;

        Go to L.E.A.F. gasification and watch video of unit, powering a 10.5 k troybuilt generator; the cost, out of smithville tennessee, $4500.00. At Sams club, you can get a great 8 k honda generator for $1000.00. great price. I just sprayglued tin foil on large Harbour Freight tarps, and covered my 3 MC’s and 4 generators, for possible, emp, or unlikely solar flare.
        The Govmnt is afraid of the public, and the chip Jim W. is talking about is nothing more than the one world govmnt, digital currency, and anti Christ mark on forehead, or forehand, correctly stated to control the worlds population, “and neither can you buy or sell”, or trade in gold, or fiat currencies, w/o this chip.

        al ols fopusawd

        • Rich

          I have been looking into diesel generators. Do you have any info on these?

          • allen ols


            yes, the omish were famous for using the one cylinder green thumper type, w/v belt.
            Old Amish Lister Diesel Start Up How OLD ??? – YouTube
            ► 1:23► 1:23
            Nov 5, 2012 – Uploaded by Randall B
            Here we are starting up about a 7 – 8 hp lister diesel engine. … We Use this Lister Diesel Type Engine Daily, runs smoothby Brenda Calder7,112 views; 3:28 … 1966 Lister Diesel Autotruck fitted with a single cylinder Lister …
            ….I call it the green thumper; look at different you tube videos , and also my buddie had one, they never die. china makes one called the “yanmar”

            al ols fopusawd

          • Shadow of Doubt

            I’ve been considering purchasing one of the models featured at http://www.tri-fuelgen.com. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions you have on these would be greatly appreciated.

          • allen ols

            shadow of doubt
            nice little generator, but i would go for the honda motor, they never die. I have a 4 k welder generator, since 1997 new, and used it for my const. business, and it is still runs like brand new. Alols

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Allen, your comments, links and suggestions are big help! Thanks.

    • Rodster

      “China’s Peer-To-Peer Lending Bubble Bursts As Up To 90% Of Companies Expected To Default”


    • allen ols

      I say the FED. should just allocate 2 million bucks to every man woman and child, to spend on house, 10 acres of land, tractors, garden and farm tools, solar panels, and stuff such as this, and we would only print maybe, 1.5 trillion. I would feel better.

      al ols fopusawd

  5. Jerry

    Damn Greg, I need to find a fire extinguisher to put the flames out from the fire that Jim Willie was putting down. He is totally right. Anyone who has eyes and that is awake can see what the Chinese are planning on doing. I have posted this link numerous times, but it still drives the point home that we are no longer relevant in the world markets, and that we are basically screwed.


    Greg we have been hustled by the Chinese. First they took away our jobs. And then they sold us cheap crap, and used the profits to build their economy and to buy Gold. Rob Kirby is totally right. Once they have drained the vaults of Gold, they will pull the plug on the dollar. They don’t need our debt anymore. With the amount Gold they have in their possession they will be able to backstop their currency , and we can’t. Greg did I understand Jim Willie right, that ” the Chinese have direct control over the Fed through J.P. Morgan? I need to listen to this interview again. This was really good information. Really good.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry, Adam and Larry.

      • richard

        Greg: once again a bombastic lengthy up-to-date report from Dr. Jim….he sure has the gift of gab…and as always right on track…remember that the film industry rewrote the new RED DAWN with Korean soldiers rather than Chinese( to hide the guilty???)…right here in lil’ ol’ Lake City Florida a Hong Kong firm just purchased the biggest ongoing private industry( most employees behind the school district and Wal-Marts ) called TIMCO-Lake City…an aviation repair station with an 8000 foot runway…several years ago Lake City was designated: “An inland port city”…what ever that is since it is nowhere near the ocean….hahahahahaha….so bit by bit…piece by piece they are coming…and since the corrupt USSA government follows the orders of whomever pays them….well…time will tell…the vacuum won’t go unfilled…as the USA legacy economy folds…not only will the Chinese move on in…but they have already ok’d a SPACEPORT in Oklahoma…..https://www.google.com/search?q=spaceport+in+Oklahoma&espv=210&es_sm=93&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=VbLVUtz2Iea42gXi7YGgAw&ved=0CFwQsAQ anhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinton-Sherman_Industrial_Airparkd….. Just a sample of the future industries headed to the USA….so if they already approved a SPACEPORT for commercial use….what minerals/manufactured goods are they planning to import from outer space???? Also remember the Chinese just landed a rover on the Moon….or is that all they landed? and the Indians plan on exploring Mars….this country is becoming a dust bowl…as I have said previously…Janet Yalin will start requiring a 1%-5% take of your commercial bank accounts( put $100 in leaves only $95 available )…just like the 5.5% reduction in food stamps ( which apparently is headed to 10% in the near future)….not to mention the bankruptcy of Detroit which will certainly lead to others and the usurpation of the pension system…and don’t forget the next QE is directed to the insurance industry to cover their losses…oh no…the insurance industry has to survive regardless of the lack of real jobs in the USSA…the “legacy economy” is being pilfered…while the massive “casino economy” ( derivative based ) is being swelled…and yes there is far more gold in the hidden places than in the BIS vaults…this entire BIS organized central banking system has been a Ponzi from the start….I laugh when I think that Madoff issued monthly statements to his clients for 13 years and never made a trade during that entire time…the real criminals are laughing laughing laughing as they cruise away to their island redoubts on their 400 foot yachts….yes sir…keep your nose to the grindstone and the IRS will look the other way…hahahahahaha…just file them tax returns and don’t cheat now…what a colossal generation of fools we must seem to them…good slaves all ….frankly I am ashamed that I played the game all these years…as the dollar devalued year after year…and the cost of living rose…along with the diminishing of the eco-system and the quality of life…and the fowling of the water, air and food supply( I just returned from Missouri and I think the food that was served me was mostly GMO and I am feeling rather ill ) …..this planet is being geo-engineered and terra-formed as I write…I think the extra terrestrials must be landing again…and the extra ( Fukashima ) radiation suits them fine…maybe they promised the insiders a ride to a safer planet?…maybe they already have their new homes waiting for them?…remember John Carpenter’s 1979 film THEY LIVE ??? or Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey ??? one has to wonder… well that’s enuf for now …signing off…enjoy your day

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Richard. Please come back.

        • Rich

          “frankly I am ashamed that I played the game all these years…”

          Yeah, me too. That’s why I have opted out of the system – been out for 13 years now. But, I am still filled with chagrin. I pray everyday that God will forgive me my trespasses.

        • Scott

          Jim has been talking about these space monsters before in another interview. What type of monsters are these?

          Are they sent here to destroy us all?

    • lastmanstanding

      They (the Chinese) recently purchased JPM’s building for about .30-35 cents on the dollar…the building that they have been in forever.

      My prediction is that they are out of here…as in out of the US and back to England from which they came. The US was the safe haven for gold for a long time that day has now past and the gold is gone or leaving.

      The best of thieves always leave in the middle of the night and without a trace.

      • lastmanstanding

        I made this comment last night before I listened to the interview. I’d like to revise it a bit as per Jim’s comments.

        Maybe further east than London if that much gold is being moved. 18,000 tons! I am really having a hard time with that number. That doesn’t include misc. gold around the planet. All I can say is that there must be more gold than we have all been lead to believe. We all know that the Chinese are mining like an sob and any expense to rape the earth for its gold. So……………………

        That tells me that perhaps the silver and gold ratio is a bit different than the 9:1 ratio that they say that comes from the earth. If you are a holder of silver, I have to believe that you are in damn good shape when this blows. Does anyone here have any info on what the value info of gold to silver was a thousand years ago? Was it the same?

        With all of this confusion, one just best be able to survive on ones own for a bit…frankly, gold and silver comes from earth…actually, silver was always more difficult to come by…to me, the only difference is color. We’ll see how that one shakes out.

        Waiting patiently for the out come in the land of Oro y Plata. Best of luck to all of you.

        • mohammad

          In Islam there is ZAKAT which is a percentage you pay in order to help poor if you reach a certain level of wealth.
          It worked during the time of the Islamic Khilafa that lasted more than a thousand years from Europe to China.
          SILVER/GOLD ratio is 6/1

          • mohammad

            it is a reply to lastmanstanding post

          • Ugly

            I bought some US Silver Eagles today and now I have buyers remorse. For some reason, when I buy some silver I begin feeling stingy and guilty. I don’t feel that way with a Bank Savings account. What is it about holding PMs that makes a guy feel guilty?

            • Greg Hunter

              You should feel confident.

          • lastmanstanding

            Thanks Mohammad.

          • lastmanstanding

            Ugly. tomorrow I am headed for silver, bulk/sealed food staples, metalized/ sealed bags of spices, and ammo.

            I am empowered to add more to my stores…you should feel that way also. My grandkids may need it to survive.

            Do not feel guilty. Your purchase just pisses them off. They want you to quit, give up, submit.

            Be a sheep.

            You and I have had discussions before elsewhere. We, like all of those here, are the last chance for our kids and grandkids.

            Real food, real money, real people, real strength and real faith in God. If we are not the answer… I don’t know what is.

            I’m not going down without one helluva fight…please join me friend.

        • Ugly


          I know what you are saying. It is time to keep preparing because time is short. Good idea on the spices. It is amazing how much time and space it takes just to get a modest food storage going. If people are not starting now, they will never get started. This is not something that can be done in 3-6 months. I’ll buy more silver too, but I had to get over the remorse part. A photo of VP in MSM article helped me get over that very quickly. Keep going….

          • Rich


            This is why it is so important for us to stay plugged in to like minded people – like the people on this board. May God bless everyone of us.

        • Geo. T (formerly George)

          how much gold is in the world? What is the real ration between silver and gold. I am not sure looking at the past for the ratio is the right way to go. At the time of the Koran, silver was at a different ratio and it varied by area. The King of Spain ripped 42,000 tonnes of silver out of on mine in Peru. SO much that it devalued silver to gold in Europe.
          The below contains a few estimates albeit rational ones. One group guess 2.5 mill tonnes but admit they have no evidence. Making a estimate without evidence, isn’t that like call Ms. Cleo, the psychic for lottery numbers and then being surprised when you don’t win? Or we can call it “pull it out you a$$.”
          excerpt of above link article
          “Up until 1492, the year Columbus sailed to America, GFMS estimates that 12,780 tonnes had been extracted.

          But one investor who looked at the research done in this area, James Turk, the founder of Gold Money, discovered what he regarded as a series of over-estimates.

          He believes that the primitive mining techniques used up to the Middle Ages mean that this figure is much too high, and that a more realistic total is just 297 tonnes.

          Tonnes of gold GFMS James Turk
          Pre-1492 12,780 297
          Post-1492 158,520 154,947
          Total 171,300 155,244

          His figure for the overall amount of gold in the world is 155,244 tonnes – 16,056 tonnes, or 10% less, than the assessment by Thompson Reuters GFMS. A relatively small disparity, perhaps, but one that at today’s prices comes to more than $950bn.

          His conclusions are accepted by some investors but such is the feeling between rival analysts that one competitor described Turk’s figures as an alternative to the GFMS’s “in the same way that Jedi is an alternative to Christianity”.”
          While I do believe that silver is under valued, so is gold. We will not have a true notion of the value of silver verses gold until the games stop at Comex and London.
          –from other sources concerning silver to gold ratio, mined and by price–
          The silver/gold ratio is how much silver gold can buy. As of 06 May 2013, it is 61.12:1 (meaning that an ounce of gold will buy 61.12 ounces of silver). Historically, this has been about 15:1 (see explanation or graph), and came about in diverse geographic areas, suggesting that a 15:1 ratio is ‘normal’ (assuming that silver and gold are used as money). There have been roughly 10.48 ounces of silver mined for every ounce of gold (currently, it is 8.52:1), which likely accounts for why for centuries the ratio was about 15:1. If for some reason the silver/gold ratio returned to 15:1, silver would increase in price significantly.
          The best estimates show 680.900 million ounces of silver mined per year in 2008, and 79.895 million ounces of gold mined per year (per GFMS Ltd.). That works out to 8.52 ounces of silver mined annually for every ounce of gold, which suggests that silver should be priced at about 1/8 the price of gold, requiring silver to rise about about {750%} to reach it.
          Historically, about 10.48 ounces of silver have been mined for every ounce of gold. This backs the idea of a 15:1 silver/gold ratio (presumably, the idea was that on average people would have half their wealth in gold, and half in silver). It could also be argued that since silver is also an industrial metal (I.E. a lot is consumed, never to be seen again), the silver ratio should be lower than the 10.48:1 mined ratio. If people desired equal values of silver and gold, and silver and gold were distributed evenly, there would be about an 10.48:1 ratio (assuming silver used industrially could be used; if not, the ratio would be more in favor of silver). This would result in a {550%} increase in the price of silver (or corresponding decrease in the price of gold).

    • Darren

      $2,000,000 x 300,000,000 people= $600,000,000,000,000 ($600 quadrillion).

      • Galaxy 500

        The answer you.have is 600 trillion

    • Galaxy 500

      We were hustled by the US gov’t and big business that wanted higher quarterly profits at the expense of jobs and America’s future

  6. Adam Giessler

    The interview was awesome!!

  7. Larry Carter

    Wow! What a 58 min you had with Dr. Willie. He brings an indepth understanding to complecated subjects. The fact that the Emperor has revealed that he has no clothes will be revealed and people will begin to understand that what has happened to the dollar and America is not what they wanted us to know. Hopefully we can survive.

  8. Glen

    Gregg, Thanx for the interview with Dr Willie. I would like to say that I totally enjoyed the interview but I actually did not. He believes that we will have a devaluation in the dollar. Or, actually 2 different dollars. A shit dollar and a dollar that is used outside of the US. I assume that my pension will be paid in these shit dollars. I live in Panama which is dollarized but I assume that what Dr Willie is saying is that when I go to the Atm my withdrawal will be devalued. Very disconcerting. If what Dr Willie is saying is true, we are looking at very hard times coming very soon. It will affect everyone whether you have a job or not and you would have to own an awful lot of gold in order to make up for this so called currency devaluation. I hope Dr Willie is wrong. Again Thanx G

    • allen ols

      go to the golden jackass and click on forcasts, and u will find he has 20 to 30 forcastes that were predicted 2 yrs in advance and then happened, w/one or 2 wrong and many pending. I say superb job, worthy to be trusted.

      al ols

  9. Ugly

    Do you think that the elevated sales in guns and ammo may also be a ploy by our very own USA Govt. If everyone is armed then civil unrest will be fought within our own neighborhoods when shtf. We will ‘weed’ ourselves out over panic, fear, thirst, and hunger. With 6 months of reduced food, price inflation, pension confiscation, and no hope, many folks will be looking in the streets from house-to-house for food.

    The Govt can just watch as the unrest ensues for months. As unprepared neighbors form gangs and ransack the one’s considered prepared. Townsites lit on fires and farmers silos destroyed and food taken.

    Then (they) come in and clean up the mess. After civil unrest and million lives lost and hunger and thirst the many Americans give up and are subdued. The unruly are lower in number and hunger and are easily defeated by a well fed force that did not fight in the beginning. Thus an entire takeover within a two year period.

    Something tells me that guns and ammo will be much easier to get in 2014.

    • Greg Hunter

      I honestly do not know, but everyone should be prepared to their fullest ability. The prepared will do much better than the unprepared. The prepared will also be off the street, and that will be a big advantage.

    • Rich


      This has been one of my contentions. So, yes I think you are on to something.

      • Horsenut

        Yes, Ugly may be on to something, the price of lead has not gone up as expected with the last plant closing in MO. The price of ammo has actually come down a little over the last month. The only Cal. that is still hard to find is .22’s. I really don’t think it will take as long as Ugly stated for the masses to fall apart and within a month or two most, or atleast 50% of the population will be gone. I do agree that the Government/PTB will wait it out and then step in. That is when the prepped people will have to decide how to handle thing. Do we band together and fight or fall in? When it happens you can find me on CB channel 10 I can skip a long way at night.

        • allen ols

          horse nut

          boa feng ham, 2 way radiom 30 bucks

          diamond 16 whip antenna, to reach out and touch.

          al osl

        • Ugly

          I’ll get a Ham very soon. I have a shortwave, but I need a better antennae. Not getting much….

      • Ugly

        I don’t own a gun yet, but I will. My friends that hunt are saying that the ammo is getting easier than a year ago. Also, I have notice sporting goods stores offering a good price for Mossberg shotguns and other stuff. It is almost like we are being fed and then fed for a slaughter (just my opinion and paranoia).

        By slaughter I don’t mean the Govt after us, but that after a few months of nothing and peoples kids hungry that it will start will civil unrest within neighborhoods first because we are all armed. Then it will grow from there. After a year and millions gone and multiple millions in need, the UN Peace-Keepers finish the project….

        • allen ols

          go with the ar-15

          I have a 10-22 rugar for cyotes, and a night vision pulsar digi scope. yrs ago i bought a boat load of 22 ammo.
          I need a silencer or suppressor, but I have to get a permit.
          I can make one using a long mag lite flashlight housing, and 6 engine freeze plugs, with and orderd muzzle adaptor for threading it to gun, BUT, IT IS A FELONEY TO BUILD THEM, OWN THEM ETC.
          I need one so will look into the permit and how much it costs.
          I need to reach out and touch 5 coyotes at a time without scattering them after first shot. they get my chickens.
          This year I will get a buck and a doe rabbit; ie more c0yotes. A supressor with sub sonic rounds and the coyotes cant hear the shot.

          you can get ar15 5.56 ammo
          remg. 270 ammo
          7.62, ammo ………..and
          the weatherby 12 ga semi auto is a good choice, with 00–9 ball buck shot

          al ols fopusawd

          • Geo. T (formerly George)

            You don’t want subsonic 223 or 308. especially if you plan to “reach out and touch” your coyotes. Check with the Sherriff’s Dept. in your area to see if they will approve you a suppressor. The goods ones will if you have a clean back ground. A good suppressor will make it quite enough. And my advice is if the Sherriff says yes, get several.

      • allen ols



        al ols

    • mohammad

      Hawk eyes Beautiful (I still cannot call you ugly)
      Hawk eyes.
      That what killed Syria, very keen sharp 20/20 vision you have, more people thinking the way you do and the plan could be thwarted of pitting people against each other and pitting people against government (after all law enforcement are our kids wives husbands… Our family)!!!

      • mohammad

        Just minor correction to your theory.
        It is the elites that are doing this and we should be careful when we say the government since they are our families after all.

        • Ugly


          Good point on Govt. I need to say NWO or TPTB. It is not our local mayors or governors or officers, it is the higher ups that will get us all.

          • lastmanstanding

            That is not true…lots of local and state “officials” are screaming for Agenda 21 and total fed. govt. control of our land, water and freedom…they load up on “funding” to force their crap down our throats.

            Just “follow the money.” Know who they are in your community and state.

    • Jerry

      If you are in a city, get out now. People in the rural areas know how to survive, and are less likely to come after your supplies. Having a HAM radio to communicate with, is not a bad idea either. Cell phones will be gone. Electricity will be gone. Follow what happened in Argentina when their economy collapsed and you will get a good picture of what is coming. I recently read a book by a journalist who survived it. He said the rich, and the government officials jetted out, and left the country in the hands of the military. But keep in mind. We are not a banana republic. We are a major power, so when we go down, we are taking quite a few countries with us.

      • allen ols

        ugly and jerry

        google the Boefang, or bao feng hand held ham set, with 16 inch diamond antenna,

        the set—$30.00

        acts as a 2-way as well as reciever

        I just ordered one, but I read the reviews and u tube videos.

        al ols fopusawd

        • Ugly

          Al Ols and Lastman.
          Thanks for advice. I am getting going. I will also look at the Ham handheld. Good luck dudes!

    • lastmanstanding

      Ugly…too many guns out there right now. Lots of magazine that weren’t available for a year…a local dealer is saying that ammo is difficult to get right now. Get what you need while you can get it.

      I don’t put anything past these minions of satan…nothing. Prepare while we can.

      • Galaxy 500

        Damn good advice. The sad truth is that few will, even when faced with hard, undeniable facts.

  10. Snorky

    Jim Willie or the NFL playoffs? Jim Willie or the NFL playoffs? Jim Willie it is!

    Thnx, Greg. Several people are saying that 2014 will be a watershed year. I think so too. Let’s see and hope that all of us who have done our best to prepare will survive and subsequently build a better society/world.

    • Greg Hunter

      You chose correctly my friend, and I thank you for it!!

  11. Rick knight

    Greg, I absolutely LOVE your show, never miss an episode and always tell friends who have questions to go to your site. I’ live in a rural area & have limited access to the internet, so watching movies or downloading large files quickly depletes my monthly usage. I’m wondering if you could include a low-megabyte alternative to your videos, like a podcast, where we can download an audio MP3, rather than watch a video. The information you provide is valuable and perhaps this would allow others to tune in as well. You’re a good lookin’ guy, but I really don’t need to actually SEE you or your guests when it’s the information that’s so important. Thank you so much for the fine work you do and the valuable service you provide!

    • Greg Hunter

      MP3 is a good idea but I am a small operation and do not have the staffing to do that yet, but I will. I just do not know when. Thank you for your support.

  12. Jerry

    Chinese screw job for dummies , It fits.


  13. DanTMWTP

    “U.S. Bled to Death by China ”

    Hi Greg,

    Strongly DISAGREE with the above! Let’s NOT get all foolishly nationalistic at the expense of actual facts and history. The USA purposely played a game of devaluation for decades whilst willingly transferring all of its manufacturing capabilities (and the jobs that go alongside with them) offshore. It sabotaged its own internal markets by rigging everything in sight in order to keep the financial game of Musical Chairs going for that seemingly never-ending ‘one’ extra round. It openly persecutes anyone who reveals its criminality which apparently -if one is to believe the EVIDENCE released by organizations such as Wikileaks- seems to be MASSIVE. Case in point, it routinely drone-bombs weddings, birthday parties by ‘mistake’ in the Middle East, then waits for emergency responders to arrive on scene in order to drone bomb them AGAIN. The dictionary definition of such actions is known as TERRORISM. Amerika’s main problem is that EVERYONE (except perhaps for the White House) has access to a dictionary nowadays.

    Amerika has SQUANDERED all that hard earned reputation as constituting a supposed “Pillar of Freedom®” that it gained after WWII . TODAY it is viewed instead internationally as being a war criminal, financially fraudulent bully empire on its last legs that does NOTHING but destabilize international world financial markets by flooding them with fraudulent derivative financial instruments and other FWMD’s (Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction), spying on EVERYONE, destabilizing democratically elected foreign governments, illegally invading weaker nations under patently false pretenses in order to steal their natural resources and infrastructure for the benefit of U.S. corporations. Corporations which by the way are OBVIOUSLY the REAL power behind the throne in America.

    THESE are some of the REAL REASONS that the USSA is collapsing and NOT “China”

    Best regards!

    • Rich

      I agree. We have a habit, as a country, to blame other countries for our woes. When infact we have been destroyed from within.

    • tROT

      Tanks ah lot and have a limey new world order too, Dan da man, wit da plan!

    • Galaxy 500

      You.wrote,”Case in point, it routinely drone-bombs weddings, birthday parties by ‘mistake’ in the Middle East, then waits for emergency responders to arrive on scene in order to drone bomb them AGAIN. The dictionary definition of such actions is known as TERRORISM.”
      I read where we murdered American citizens without trial even seeking out the 16 year old American son and killing him only to have Jay Carney explain it away as he should have had a better father. But no where can I find where we hellfired first responders. Perhaps in your zeal, you confused Obama with Al Qaeda and Al Gore.

    • Jerry

      Dan I agree with you about how we got here, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that the Chinese have been in a trade war with us for quite some time, and that the American people refused to see it, as long as they could buy cheap crap with now worthless money. If the roles were reversed do you think the Chinese would roll over like we have?

  14. Galaxy 500

    Amusing article about why it was better for banks to get money than main street

    • art barnes

      Its called fascism, that’s what we have today, the American Government enslaved with the multinational corporations, giving them legal protection, tax protections, &, of course, military protection, all to the the detriment of its own people. You are right that the practice of destroying American peoples job and therefore the middle class started with the exportation of its manufacturing base (jobs) about 1970-75 but the planning was in the works prior to that in corporation & governmental think tanks. The multinationals, although many if not most are American based, know no nationalism and therefore will not be treated or caricatured as traitors as their allegiance serves only money, using each host country as their own tool to do their bidding. Should their tool get dull then they move and purchase a new tool, the “neo international fascists” are in control and little men like Obama & Putin are just their pawns in their game, nothing more, noting less; expendable when it becomes expedient; and they will take us to war if that is necessary to get a region under control, but never unless it meets with their plans.

    • Frank

      Could not have said it better ourselves. Our problems are centered in DC not China,Russia or anywhere else. The powers that be are trying to gin up another war with Russia and China this time and this article seems to be in that vein!

      • Troy

        Art Barnes, Here Here, spot on!

        Both parties have sold the American people down the river. They are owned!!! But who let it happen? We the ignorant and lazy People of the United States of America. Now mire U.S. citizens

        “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

        “We have NO right to be free, only the duty!”

        “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

    • Jon Hunter

      I agree, DanTMWTP. This is not about China and the US, or even Israel. This has all been orchestrated by the New World Order, the “power behind the throne”. These Elitists owe no allegiance to any nation or religion, and will discard/destroy the United States when it has served its purpose to them. Large corporations today are GLOBAL, whether or not they are based in the US, and the goal is to ‘level the playing field’ worldwide and institute a global surveillance/control grid.

  15. Galaxy 500


    Yet another IMF study concerning taking your savings

  16. mohammad


    Very powerful!
    How many of those things mentioned here i have said in earlier posts?

    One thing out of this interview is standing out glittering in front of my dot connecting eyes and that is:

    There are more than 18000 tons of gold delivered so far (and no sign of lack of delivery as of yet) !!!!!!
    Let me repeat it please….
    >18000 tons delivered THAT HE IS AWARE OF.

    Karen Hudes is a must interview Greg after what the Jackass had said!

    Another minor thing he mentioned (not really minor rather it is a big one…) about the Chinese acquisition of the feds, well look at the link of the US mint platinum coin in 2009 Greg and tell me who is on the top!!! and who is on the Bottom!!!!?


    That tells the whole story!
    A picture is better than thousand words.

  17. John M.

    Jim Willie has been my favorite analyst for some time. He is splitting hairs with John Williams as they both agree that price inflation should finally get ripping in 2014. The big banks (and the government) have taken most of the liquidity to try and fill the hole caused by derivatives, toxic mortgages, and a fast growing debt. This is futile, as you cannot fill a hole that keeps getting bigger with a currency that keeps getting smaller in value.
    Jim Willie is correct to point out that price inflation tends to be distributed unequally across a whole economy, as I’ve noticed that there is nothing fair or logical about how price inflation behaves when it starts. It must get more wild and crazy when we no longer have the free markets to make the necessary adjustments to supply and demand across the spectrum. Willie is also correct to say that America will probably export most of its food (just like Weimar Germany did) because domestic consumers will not have the purchasing power with a dying currency. And American citizens (and US government vaults) will not have any gold as a safety valve for buying food and necessities as secret deals have been struck with selling cheap gold to China. These banks and our government must have shafted them in some of their crooked activities, of course American citizens will not be given this special treatment.
    I may be sounding like a broken record, but everything that the big banks and our government has been doing is for some bigger purpose than just making some fast money and buying time. They are not only destroying our money, but they may be making plans to destroy our country as well. Why else have they destroyed our US factories only to have China reopen these same factories, and probably give them special exemptions from the many regulations imposed on us? Why may there be Chinese and Russian troops in America participating in some (joint) activities?
    There seems to be so many red flags warning us that something is not right. We will need Jim Willie to connect the dots for us, so we can understand the big picture.

  18. Denny

    A good anecdotal example of China’s ploy: I’ve bought pork ribs for many years here in NC at about $17.00 max and catch the 2 for the price of 1 sales at the grocery store. Smithfield was sold to a Chinese company last year. So this past Friday the supermarket ran their 2 for 1 sale again and there wasn’t a pack of ribs to be found for less than $28…. We better get ready to skin a buck and run a trot line!

  19. Mitch Bupp

    Thanks Jim and Greg, great interview…. the game can not continue forever…..

  20. Mitch Bupp

    Greg I just saw this while listening to Jim I saw this….. is this right … the banks only have to have 3 percent leveraged ratio? Does that really mean what it sounds like … 3 percent to cover 97 percent of the gambling? And does it include


    Regulators ease new bank rule on leverage to aid economy

    “still no agreement on the final level of the new leverage ratio, which measures how much capital a bank must hold against its loans and other assets ……… The ratio was initially set at 3 percent of capital but supervisors from the United States, Britain and elsewhere are pushing for a higher proportion,”

  21. Betty

    It Is Written…

  22. West Coast

    Home run interview Greg. Maybe you can run this video along with Dr. Jim Willie
    for next months interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny West Coast! Thank you.

    • jc davis

      Thanks west coast. All I needed today was to see a talking jackass. love it.

  23. Troy

    Aloha Greg,

    Seems to me that ‘all’ are in the same boat. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-11-25/chart-day-how-chinas-stunning-15-trillion-new-liquidity-blew-bernankes-qe-out-water

    Yes China is buy gold, but all the worlds debt is not ever going to be paid. EVER http://whatreallyhappened.com/ar/content/china%E2%80%99s-24-trillion-debt-bubble

    I think there will be default, reset and very likely war, even if only cold in action. The lines will be drawn. What will China get of America??? Remains to be seen.

    The worlds ‘real’ economy is in the dumpster. This includes China, does it not? http://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/12.08/bdi.html

    China’s gold will not save 1/5 of the worlds people, nor will they be King, nor will China ever likely have enough (Au) to back a new world currency.

    Those with the means are going to hard assets. The rich are grabbing what they can of the pie. Nation States mean little, other than for the symbol minded cannon fodder.

    If it’s Russia China on one side, it will be the US and Western Europe on the other. Perpetual cold war, arms race, and a reset of debt that CAN NOT EVER be paid?

    Those on top will play both sides, just as they always have.

    Time to save, prepare and become as self reliant as possible!

    As for any real American chance to last even as long as Rome, money MUST be created without interest. http://www.businesscycles.biz/docs/lincolnpolicy.htm

    “den of thieves-vipers”

  24. Troy

    Not to get too metaphysical but, any REAL change can only come from within. The outside world is really an exact reflection of our inner world. “As within so without” When enough people change them selves within, the outside world will change. It always has been our choice, as to a collective dream, or collective nightmare.

    How are we doing;)?

    WARNING DON’T CLICK LINK!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZDmDy1kY38

    • Greg Hunter

      Strong video. Wow!!

    • frosty

      You wrote: “REAL change can only come from within….”
      Absolutely agree; our problem is one of spiritual evolution blocked by materialism…

      And: How are we doing;)?
      I think that we’re evolving like children who have learned to talk to some degree, but are still unable to walk. Most of us can talk about the importance of spiritual things such as truth, justice, mercy or unconditional love for others but we have yet to learn how to walk our talk.

      Even the activists today, who rally in protest to change the system, commonly protest only because they are fed up with the corruption and want “their fair share” of the pie. Rather than changing themselves and flatly refusing to participate in a corrupt system they seem to demand a change to a system of universal corruption over limited corruption and expect this to change things for the better.

      Apparently, we humans have been been infected by the disease of materialism that has been injected into our social blood stream by our government, education and media systems, among others. The disease causes us to believe that the more material goods we can collect, the happier we will be. So, we will probably continue to beg, borrow or steal and jealously guard our material toys until, inevitably, they are all taken away from us by the few who are more adept at collecting than the rest of us. Then, our fever will be broken and the concept of a material based happiness will finally be seen as an illusion and vanish.

      Our next stage of human evolution will occur after we are forced to reevaluate our priorities and choose a more enlightened point of view. We have many words of wisdom that we parrot endlessly for others to hear and admire, but they are only expressed thoughts, not actions. Fortunately, we need not look too far for guidance in action as we were given Jesus and Gandhi and others as examples for whom there was absolutely no difference between their talk and their walk. Hopefully, by the 21st century we , having heard and learned the talk, are now learning to crawl.

  25. chas

    we’re thinking national sovereignty and should be thinking world elite because all gubb a mints are working together against all peoples it’s so in our faces that we dont see the big picture.

  26. BruceL

    Dear Greg,

    I listen to several sites for “truth” content, you are at the top! The premier guests (JWIllie my fav), format and clarity of site are exceptional. Thank you for truly serving us!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce for your support.

  27. billybob

    I dont see a problem, i mean americans voted for those who destroyed their country what did they expect, sort of looks like the vote has been worthless for the last hundred years wouldnt you say, i mean those you voted for took your country, wealth, rights and freedoms and gave them to the corporations, banking cabal, and other rich elite and got rich in the process of doing their job, the real problem here is ignorance of the people, and a nation of people who have consistantly refused to take responsibility for much of anything, and thanks to the religious fanatics, newagers, and liberals its about over, now eat cake if you have it. The chickens are coming home to roost for americans.

  28. BruceL

    Greg- I know Jim W. doesn’t like to comment on “price action” due to COMEX corruption. I have the physical, but also wanted to leverage on price move i.e. Option Calls on the AGQ expiring on JAN-15.

    ?). If the COMEX “defaults” I wonder if these options plays will be even priced accordingly. Just curious if any comments on this.

    Thx again- great stuff.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are trying to trade the mother of all financial calamities. I don’t give trading advise and I do not advise trading or leverging the gold or silver market. I think what everyone should be concentrating on is protecting yourself from the effects of the total collapse of the system and nothing short of that. All the best my friend.

      • jc davis

        Greg at some point one must sell there pm, otherwise there’s nothing more than fake money. When, and how are good questions we should all ask. To the man on the street things are confusing at best.

        • Greg Hunter

          JC Davis,
          You got it man :”one must sell there pm, otherwise there’s nothing more than fake money.” Bingo!! Thank you.

  29. Galaxy 500

    I know you limited staff, however, this ran way too long for me to sit through. I still haven’t heard all of it

  30. art barnes

    Greg, as soon as the Chinese’s economy (people) can buy its own trinkets they will commence cashing in their bonds and the dollar slides to toast. Until that time China continues to build its military and make economic moves that keeps the dollar somewhat relevant, knowing when the time is right they can pull the plug at any time, and do it in a way that it just looks like a “Great American Stagflation” if you will – all without a shot being fired. Anyone out there thinking China is not that smart any longer?

    PS: I agree with JAss, we are seeing inflation now, you can see it everywhere if you just look.
    PSS: Amazing interview, I am standing & clapping and I can’t stop but my hands hurt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for all your comments and support. People not seeing this paradigm change are delusional or in denial. Now stop clapping my friend, you are going to need both those hands.

  31. smaulgld

    WOW! And I thought it was just the Millennials that were screwed! http://smaulgld.com/millennials-not-part-of-the-club-yet/
    Thanks for this Jim is a really smart guy, but this!

  32. Galaxy 500

    The gold shortage begins?


    • smaulgld

      While the focus is all on the disappearing gold from the west, silver will disappear fast once the gold it gone. I once calculated and set to Mr. O’Byrne at Goldcore that a single individual at today’s prices could buy ALL the gold supply available for just $16 billion-800 million ounces at just $20 an ounce. He mentioned this in a video he did. I’ll have to find it. I also published this in 12 ways silver is different than gold

  33. John

    DanTMWTP Spot on,China is being set up as the next bogey-man

  34. Po Rich

    ….”Would the US export it’s food supply for greater profit?”….
    The price of eggs in one discount grocery went from the long term 1.29 to
    1.89 in three weeks. I found out that eggs were being shipped to Mexico for higher
    profit because there was a poultry disease problem there. Question answered.

  35. Galaxy 500

    Here are a few stories about gold manipulation. When I read the trolls write about how Gold is a bad store of wealth, I have to laugh. The markets, every and all markets, are so heavily manipulated that the fundamentals are irrelevant. And with the changes in GAAP, Mark to fantasy, reading a financial statement is a waste of time. When facts become meaningless, it is time to exit the stock market and buy insurance…real insurance…buy gold, silver, food and protection. After all , gold and silver are on sale. The only way to lose is to hold dollars in the bank, stocks in a 401-k (they harvest your money at will) or worst of all US , T-bills.
    I am not saying to spend yourself into the poor house. Update your equipment, pay yourself out of debt, hold assets outside of the banking system like a cash emergency fund(and hard assets … gold, silver, food, water, protection).
    Things have changed since the great depression. We are not a cash society any more. Even the people that have cash seldom actually pay with cash. They use debit cards or creditcards they payoff every month. The average home has less than $400 in cash on hand. IF/WHEN we have a banking collapse, do you really think your debit and credit cards are going to work? They didn’t in Cyprus. And as incompetent as Obama and his administration is, do you think they could pull off a reset of the banking system seamlessly and without a glitch or twenty? The problem with having a rookie President is they have no real world experience or leadership. Obama never created a job, never made a payroll, never stood in front of troops and charged up a hill yelling,”follow me”. Obama has Shambala ideas that sound reasonable to liberal but anyone rational person with an iota of common sense and real world experience know that Obama’s ideas are harmful fantasies or delusions. There isn’t a free lunch anywhere. Just look at LBJ’s great programs. They have enslaved generations and lead to the “thug” culture of the inner cities.
    Does anyone really believe that with a limited supply of healthcare that we can provide more of it to more people and the cost will go down? Or how about the absurdity that the gov’t can manage a program or provide a service better than the private sector? The gov’t know that about 20% spent on Medicaid is fraud but they can’t be concerned about fixing it. I know for a fact that a private insurance market that determined 20% of its payment were fraud would have the best minds working late to fix it. You see, it would be their money as opposed to the gov’t bureaucrats blowing off the loss of tens of billions of dollars of tax payer monies as acceptable. It’s not their money. Y’all know the old saying,”Close enough for government workers”, don’t you?


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and links!!

  36. al

    Greg: Dr. Willie is one of the best. Agree from my research he is right on target.
    People better heed his warnings for the USA- this year. What will PEOPLE OUT THERE do if Dr. Willie is correct?? “better to be a day/weeks/month’s early than to be one day late.(to late). Think about it people.
    The government and especially Obama has sold us out as a country!! FACT!
    And that’s a story that goes way back to the early 70’s. not enough time to tell that one here. But I’ve told you that one Greg, remember?


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and your support.

  37. Pak4L

    Thank you Greg, great interview; I’ve been waiting for this one.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Dr. Willie delivered.

  38. Charles H.

    Greg and Dr. Willie,

    Brilliant. Astounding. Alarming. Save America? I don’t think so. Our thanks and gratitude to Dr. Jim Willie. The long interview got cut-off, and I’m sure he felt it. Nevertheless, there is no one else that pulls more together and paints a clearer picture than he does. Few can gage the WEALTH of information he shares here. Our hats off to the Hat Trick.

  39. Jerry

    I have one nagging question to ask you , that I can’t seem to figure out. If the Chinese are buying up the worlds Gold, why haven’t the prices gone up? If supply and demand principles really apply it should , right? If it was manipulated , how does that help us? Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Soon come Jerry. Just not time–yet.

    • Ncdirtdigger

      One thoght is that the chinese are using their foriegn reserves (dollars) to short gold contracts so as to a) buy the real thing cheaper b) maintain the perceived value of those same dollars relative to gold so they can buy other hard assets at a lower cost.
      And remember, the Federal reserve can ‘print’ as much money as they want to suppress the price of physical gold ( again to maintain the perceived value of the dollar) .
      If the value of the dollar falls into question, it can turn out badly for not only the bankers at the Fed, but for everyone who holds dollars as a store of wealth.

  40. Rodster

    Going by the Baltic Dry Ice Index which has collapsed by 40% in the last 2 weeks gives an indication that once again the global economy is slowing down.


  41. Ian Mathers

    Excellent interview. I always enjoy your reports, most certainly those with Jim Willie. He raised an interesting analogy, being the bleeding and organ harvest. I’d never considered it in that context, but after some thought, would add that the US has been brain dead for at least a couple of decades. May as well harvest whatever may be useful.

  42. SRV

    Often wonder what’s left over for Jim’s paid subscribers after he goes off like this in his public interviews… could he possibly have even more for them?

    As always… outstanding!

    • allen ols

      Ha, I get the HT, this 58 minutes, is but a smidgen.

      al os

  43. abinico warez

    About 50 years ago I was a small kid attending a catholic school where nuns were the teachers. What is really disturbing is that the nuns predicted this. How could they know.

    • allen ols

      The catholic nuns read their Bible, it speaks of these times in Matt chapter 24, again in ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation. It is called the “end of the age”, the times of the Gentiles are coming to an end. Just wait until you see the “2 witnesses resurected, stoned at the gates of Jerusalem, and the whole world will watch them resurrect. scarey but “fear not” the LORD IS WITH thoes who put their faith and trust in God, ie JESUS CHRIST.

      al ols fopusawd

  44. smaulgld

    Jim mentioned the issues with mining stocks. He failed to mention the pending tax on Mexican miners. Mexico has passed a new tax on miners that will eat into the minimal profits they may have (absent a surge in the price of precious metals) http://smaulgld.com/mexico-to-levy-new-tax-on-gold-and-silver-miners/

  45. Scott

    Next time get Jim to talk about the space monster’s that live on the moon.

    • steve

      He was wrong on the performance of mining stocks from 2008 and 2011, they have dropped ,but so has bullion, buy good miners in stable countries.

  46. Scott

    Dan TMW, somebody showed China how to enter and play this game, the Western rulers put all the investment capital up and information to make China the giant it is today. They waited for America to invent the modern world and now that it has it is being parted out and shipped off to slave states. All you have to do is read the communist manifesto, it’s all right there in black and white.

    They want no middle class that can compete and defend itself, the people who did this were really smart. Who set this financial system up world wide? all roads go back to that doorstep!

    • Scott

      Were dealing with a group of people who have unlimited money via counterfeiting to run the market as they see fit at a whim. Trying to make all the calls right all the time is impossible. The long term goal is world wide dictatorship and no opposition from a middle class.
      He is right when the market is so rigged and all lies forget about the Comex price and metals will shoot up however you cannot eat gold!

  47. Bill Crampton

    I seem to remember the same concerns about Japan in the 1980’s. They were buying up more land, buildings and businesses than we thought was proper, for lack of a better word.
    All of that is still there, sold to other folks to help Japan along in its own problems that they overextended themselves over. Could that be a similar example for China?
    Always remember, we all are still here and still plugging along. Also remember that no one gets out alive.
    Be prepared is the best motto I guess and keep family and friends close at hand.

    • jc davis

      NEW YORK (AP) – The maker of classic American whiskeys Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark has agreed to be acquired by a Japanese company in a $13.62 billion deal that would create the third largest global premium spirits business.
      Full report here.

      • Troy

        Buns eye! 😉

    • DanTMWTP

      @Scott: VERY interesting analysis of how this is meant to be played out. I admit it sounds feasible but frankly I’m slightly skeptical of the NWO theorists. I am convinced that the massive financial fraud currently permeating global markets -along with all the efforts to eliminate individual rights- is an ANGLO-AMERICAN creation.

      Goldman Sachs …THERE’S your NWO!

      Best regards.

  48. brian

    Yeah Greg, The take away here is that we are, for the most part, not wrapping our head around the problem developing here. While many of us still think in terms of the dollar equivalent of gold and silver the thing we really should be wondering is where our food will be coming from and who will be pointing guns at us while we eat it. These problems are huge and are going to impact us in way that go way way beyond what we use for money!

  49. peter

    JP Morgan didn’t default on anything. The $724 million purchase price for One Chase Plaza was a net price. The property was subject to encumbrances that the purchaser assumed. The property, which was acquired in 1961, probably has been refinanced 10 plus more times during the 50 plus years of ownership. JPM made
    How could JP Morgan use IRS revenues to secure its derivative position? Nutty! No way.

  50. robert

    Shesh,Wow,OMG….I remember hearing you on C2C about 5 years ago, and went to your website and automatically bookmark it. I always get education from you on current events. THANK YOU !….BTW, on Fri Dec.27,2013 @8pm on KFI.am radio in Los Angeles( number 1 talk radio station in LA), they had Gerald Celente on. The reason I bring this up ,’cause we never hear you guys at this time slot or during the day. The question is why now?

  51. James Deltuffo

    Hello Greg,
    Very entertaining . This story has been going on for over 5 years. If nothing life changing happens in 2014, then what 2015,2016. This story is getting old. This is the new normal . There are now two classes of people ,The Haves and Have not’s.

    • Jerry

      I’ll tell you what is getting old. Hearing about a recovery that never happened, and the constant cover-up from the MSM. The timing is unimportant, when the outcome is the same. Like Hilary said ” what difference does it make” ?

    • Ugly

      Remember, you do have the option of doing nothing. Good luck.

  52. steve

    Disagree with his comments on Mining stocks. yes if you own mines in Africa, Mexico, etc , yes there is a risk, however his forecast was wrong, in 2008 up to 2011 Mining stock did incredibly well, yes they have dropped but so has bullion. I am a buyer of select stocks in stable countries that are well managed. Where does bullion come from? mines. In the depression mining stocks were the best performers

    • John Galt

      I think your right Steve. I remember buying gold when nobody I mean NOBODY wanted it. I got a core position for $275/oz.

    • Galaxy 500

      Good luck finding a stable country and a stable market place. If you are smart enough to be reading this site, then you have to understand that everything in brokerages is pledged as collateral. You may be ok if you have the paper stock certificates in your hand but I am only giving that a 5-10% certainty. Look at the segregated ” safe” funds when MF Global folded. The 100% safe money or silver holdings disappeared. Any thing connected with Jon Corzine should have “MF” associated with it.
      Good luck at the races.

      • John Galt

        True. It’s nothing more than a casino. Make sure your life is in order before you enter and don’t play with anything you can’t afford to lose.

        • Galaxy 500

          I see you understand

  53. Gabe

    Greg, thank you for having Dr. Willie on again. I will go back and listen to the whole interview again. Thanks for doing what you are doing greg. I am praying for the best, and preparing for the worst.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good plan Gabe!

  54. Troy



  55. Agent P

    Wow… Jim Willie. John Williams. Rob Kirby. ‘Pessimism porn’ doesn’t get any better – bravo Greg!!


    * By the way, you might remember that term from a few years back – I think somewhere around ’09, a commenter from a mainstream media site coined the phrase and Celente actually ran with it for a while. It was sorta cute –

  56. luis

    Dear Greg,
    ……..GREAT interview!!!!!!!!! Thank you both.
    Time ago I said Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria are not the bad boys.
    Now is China or Russia taking away every thing from America. This is not a matter of countries, it is a well planned game, rule by families who are now shifting their money (power) to China. China do not own The Federal Reserve, the owners are and will be the same.

  57. Merc

    I think of Johnny Carson, when he dressed as The Amazing Kreskin with a turban on his head, and Ed McMahon would ask a question and J would touch his forehead and ask his spirit or ghost Krestin the answer.
    Willie has ‘The Voice” – an annonymous telephone caller who gives me inside info and big, big scoops. Ha, ha.
    Just want to knock down the feverish following of Mr Willie. Much of what he says I believe, but be careful defending someone who hails his private “Voice”.

    • al Hall

      Merc: Laugh , but I know of the voice also! I also have an inside friend- I call W. These people are trying to help us know the dirty truth that goes on. Believe me- if people only really knew the whole plan- we’d be hanging most of Washington DC. 95+% of Congress is bought and paid for- they do nothing to stop this marxist dictator.
      “W’ tells me things that would blow you mind- we live in a fantasy world- everything is not real. The elite’s have us by the b—s!

      • Rich

        “The elite’s have us by the b—s!” You are correct, and I am tired of it – mine hurt.

      • Mac T.

        al Hall: Would you have any interest in elaborating privately on what is coming from your sources? Thanks.

    • Galaxy 500

      Damn, I have to admit I agree with you. I sometimes wonder of he has imaginary friends as well. That being said, I too believe some of what he says has merit.

    • allen ols

      Go to the golden jackass, public area, view his forcaste since 2005 with one wrong call and many pending, and then,”be awed”

      al ols

  58. Liquid Motion

    There’s no doubt about it Greg, Dr J hits it again and again and again. He’s got a better average than most major league players.

    I like the man. He has an acute mind and on this occasion has landed a whopper on the deck. Don’t even bother getting the scales out…..its too big for any measure.
    Why did the Chinese buy # 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza for < 50 cents in the dollar ?
    What has JPM done……. to really piss them off ?
    Observations of subtle activity going on under the radar…when pieced together gives a full account. Jim's reasoning for the purchase….a default by JPM !!! Hmmmmmm….maybe.
    I think it goes much deeper than that. JPM and their ilk and brethren are under fire, taking cover for the orchestrated games they have been playing. Crushing PM's the way they have with the ultimate plan to have any personally held PM's confiscated, has pissed more than a few very angry and wealthy elite individuals off.
    Dr J. went as far as one "could" possibly imagine. However, there still remains another element which he didn't touch on.
    Having control of the physical Gold is only part of the plan.
    Having the Exchange for the metal is another piece.
    Having control over the price is the missing piece.
    Once they have that in lock step with the Petro-Yuan, then they are sitting at the top of the Food chain. From there, demands will be made and met.

    I said in Dr J's last interview that the Chinese have got the FED/Govt./Treasury and their operating banks in the palm of their hand. Twisting brings subrogation.
    How do we account for 18,000T of Gold? Central Banks/ETF's are depleted. The Chinese don't care about the price they have paid to acquire their gold. More focus should be made on what the future price will be.

    Last year I said that there will be by late 2013 / early 2014 an Asian Nation settling trade in something other than currency. Jim again smashes it…."settlement by way of barter". Brilliant. It wont stop at Gold for just Oil. Expect to see settlement for China's insatiable appetite for base metals to be linked to a gold and gold backed Yuan.

    What do you think will happen to the price of Gold when the pieces fall into place for the Chinese/Russians?

    If 2013 was the ripple of whistle-blowers , 2014 will become a tsunami. The evil financial and political elite will be undermined and will be prosecuted and purged from this planet for good. There will no doubt be suffering and pain that precedes such an event.

    • Greg Hunter

      Great additional analysis LM!!

    • 8Ball

      Agreed. Do a search on “Anonymous” or “Unnamed” sources… you will get pages of links.

    • Scott

      Are you sure the main plan is not to get rid of pesky America once and for all? None of these what they call central banks are audited who is to say this whole game has not just been pretend to buy things and just print the money on all sides of the globe.
      Are you sure the elite are just not playing a shell game and moving all their assets over to China? you have to remember the western rulers set the Chinese dictatorship system up to make all this possible, do you think they really lost control of it? When I saw what Bernie Sanders saw when he had a look at the FED books that told me all I needed to know.
      The barter system being laid down could just be a setup by the western elite so America cannot play and will sit it out in complete poverty from now on while the new owners of this country carve it up and do UN 21! enforced on us at gun point.
      We have one a battle or two but England and the City probably one the war.

    • lastmanstanding

      LM…I especially like the part, “prosecuted and purged from this planet for good.”

    • mohammad

      The venetian elites who escaped Babel then Rome then Venice after they went through something similar to what you have described in your post, managed with their Babylonian experience and knowledge to regroup in London to carry the assault on the world, will survive the carnage you have suggested and regroup somewhere else (may be this time in ISRAEL….?) and launch the counterattack that will take China/Russia by surprise.
      DO NOT underestimate those psychopaths, they play unfair games by their dark knowledge from Babel, they are unstoppable up until when they will get the surprise of their life and their master’s in Damascus on the hands of Jesus, ONLY then they will be defeated!

      • Liquid Motion

        The “Others” who are waiting on the sidelines…will destroy them. They will retreat for all eternity.

      • Geo. T (formerly George)

        how can they be Venetians if they came from Babel?

      • Liquid Motion

        The Black Nobility (lead by none other than QE II) will retreat notwithstanding their ruthless behaviour.

  59. Dale

    Dear Jim,
    With all due respect, this is not the reason China is hording gold. If you don’t believe that every planet in our Universe has human life on it, then my response about the gold won’t make much sense to you.

    The Royal and Elite of this World are slavers among other things and they have been trading Earth human beings for new technology with far away planets who are dying out. Those far away entities require our DNA in order to sustain the life of their people.

    The Cabal has learned how to convert natural solid gold into a liquid, which is then sprayed over the kidnapped humans for transport to other planets. Natural gold has the ability to prevent damage to the human body while passing through different atmospheres.

    The members of the Galactic Federation of Planets have surrounded Earth to prevent any further slavery and China is buying up the gold reserves to prevent galactic pirates from smuggling human cargo until the Great Event takes place this year!

    Call me crazy if you must. My writing to you is purely out of love and gratitude for your work. Blessings.

    • 8Ball

      This was intended to be a reply to Merc’s comment.

  60. David

    Jim Willie is a visionary, but his verbal diatribes are a bit too long and doom & gloom for me. I worry a lot about the future already. I’ll be better prepared than some, but not enough time and funds to compete with the real preppers. But being prepared is also one’s mental state. And being in a worried, agitated state of mind isn’t preparing for the future.

    • allen ols

      go to the golden jackass, view forcastes, since 2005

      many forcasted exactly right be awed. al ols

  61. Chris

    I always enjoy listening to Jim Willie because he has just the right amount of crazy to keep things interesting. That said, I think a lot of his followers tend to get caught up in his colorful commentary and overlook the fact that much of his analysis is based off of undocumented sources and unreliable numbers. I understand that sources usually do not want to be named and I do not doubt that Jim does have some legitimate connections in certain sectors, but his analysis of economics/geopolitics is so far-reaching that I find it hard to believe that he has the type of intelligence network necessary to cover such a wide scope.

    As far as having a PhD in Statistics, I also have to question why that degree is taken as analytical gospel in a sociological field like economics where all of the official data is undeniably falsified. No one can base any objective analysis on GDP, employment, gold production or anything else for that matter when they do not and cannot have access to reliable data.

    Like I said, I enjoy Jim’s commentary and never miss an interview and it is not my intention to bash the man. I tend to agree with the general direction of his work on a lot of topics but I think that his analysis might be more useful to the audience if they look upon it as colorful conjecture and not take it as fact.

    • Agent P

      Perfectly said Chris. As I half-heartedly joked above, the term ‘Pessimism porn’ wasn’t borne out of nothing. There is a certain ‘thrill’ one derives out of listening to a Jim Willie. Part of it stems from wanting to believe that ‘justice’ lies right around the corner, and ‘our side’ is set to win the battle. The other part derives from the same reason that certain individuals (quite a few of them in fact) go to see scary movies. Oh well, I still enjoy listening to guys like Willie anyway, because sprinkled in all the hype are definite nuggets of truth.

      • Rich

        @Agent P
        “because sprinkled in all the hype are definite nuggets of truth.:

        This to me is the secret of listening / reading / viewing anything by someone else. I learned a long time ago to try and glean a single nugget from the experience – if you can get one single nugget from the experience, your life is forever altered in a positive light. JMHO.

    • al Hall

      Chris: I know Dr. Willie as does Greg. Dr. W is colorful- that’s his nature. believe we do have inside sources and I have no PhD, Just met the right people in my life that know the inside goes on. You only know a little of what happening out there and will fall on the USA soon. The “elite’s” are just working the plan- time is not an issue to them, timing is.
      Everything has to be in place for the takeover. Prepare as best you can, but when they come for you- don’t go with them. FEMA camps are real- the ovens are large. Have another friend that worked to build these- he saw them for real!!! Halliburton Company-
      can you say Dick Cheney.

      • Chris

        Al, I selected the incorrect reply link so please see my reply to your comment in the post below .

  62. tsuki

    Dear Greg

    Great interview. I like listening to all the deals, schemes, manipulations, but, at the end of the day, I think Bobby Burns said it best.

    But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
    Gang aft a-gley,
    An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
    For promised joy

    Written in 1786, and these guys think they are so smart. Happy New Year!


    • Chris

      Al, as much as I would love to believe everything that random people claim on the internet, the logical side of me has to be skeptical. While I do not doubt that regular commentators in the world alternative research/media have legitimate sources, I do not think for a second that the people who are really in the know are posting their plans, or even hinting at them for that matter, in the blogosphere.

      As far as your remark about how little I know, I am not claiming to have inside knowledge or anything of the sort. Hence why I am not making any claims or using doom scenarios to rile up the people in this post. What I do know, from personal experience mind you, is that the world is very often a complicated and dangerous place. That said, I also know a bit of history so I do not doubt for a second that there are some very real and very scary plans in place for certain groups of people — there always has been and there always will be.

      When people like you come online and post that you have a friend who worked here or there and knew he or she, I cannot help but be skeptical. I seriously doubt that your friend sat around with Dick or any of the other super villains of the world and discussed the end game.

      That all said, my only points in my original post were that unverifiable sources and unreliable numbers do not equal factual analysis but rather conjecture.

      • Geo. T (formerly George)

        You wrote, “That all said, my only points in my original post were that unverifiable sources and unreliable numbers do not equal factual analysis but rather conjecture.”
        Sen. McCarthy had a lot of secret sources…or was he hearing voices…I don’t remember. Either way, I whole heartedly agree that, unlike TV or the movies where super villains give a monologue , its unlikely they are going to talk or blog about it. Secrets are hard to keep.

  63. Mikkel

    Dear sir,
    The conments on your blog are remarkably well written. An anomaly in todays communication sphere. That says something about the readers/listeners of your site. Whether the predictions are wright or wrong, I dont know. But a lot of contemplative analysts in your audience. Good site! Keep up the good work.
    Best regards

    • Greg Hunter

      I must agree with you. I say repeatedly that I think some of the smartest people surfing the web come here to not only comment but to give analysis–good analysis. I am also sure some of these folks are highly educated, have vast real world experience and are very connected. The folks who comment here are a gift to humanity who want to know and understand the truth. Thank very much for your kind words and for joining the conversation. By the way, you can simply address me as Greg. We are all equal here. (but thank you for being respectful)

    • Rich


      Agree 100%. This is why this is the only board I spend any time on. The information is invaluable for sure. Greg appears to have the law of positive attraction working in his life. May you be richly blessed Greg for bringing us together.

  64. Herb Drake

    Regarding price inflation, how would Dr. Willie reconcile these two comments in this interview?
    1. A basket [of food] in Arizona has gone from $90 to $130 to $190 over the last three years.
    2. John Williams is wrong on price inflation [in 2014]; it won’t show up until the US dollar is rejected globally.

    • Greg Hunter

      Herb Drake,
      Good point.

    • Galaxy 500

      You say inflation won’t show up until the US dollar is rejected while food has increased in your area by 100% in three years. Am I missing something?

  65. Liquid Motion

    Further to my earlier comment about China’s plan re. Singapore Metals Exchange…
    On the 10/31/13 Jim Sinclair Interview here on USAWD… I said how smart this business model was (suggesting JS knew exactly what he was getting involved with).
    Now listen to Jim Rickards’ comments around 2.00 mark……hmmmmm…
    Re-defining the Global Gold Market…..!!! Indeed.

  66. Liquid Motion

    Merc, al Hall and 8Ball
    Speaking of dirty truth, voices and unnamed individuals/corporations or even foundations….this may be of interest to you all.
    His presentation skills leave a lot to be desired, but the message is clear.
    WARNING: Some language may offend.

    What precedes this video is a 3-4 minute snip from a presentation given from a gentlemen who passed away soon after giving it.
    This one has to do with the massive criminality and fraud involved in Derivatives and USA/EU. Here is the full clip.

    • jc.Davis

      EXPOSED ! Thank you L.M.

      • Liquid Motion


  67. BruceL

    “Isn’t that kinda WHACK-A-DOODLE?” G. Hunter
    Oh my head- that was CLASSIC!!!

    To hear PhD Boy JW busting out about the “Taylor Series Expansion” bomb and then follows-up with, ‘”Yeh Greg, that is whack-a-doodle.” stated in the same tone… Yep Im a fan for life.

    • BruceL

      Just enjoyed the “slang” you all used. Wasn’t trying to tear down anyone… oh well, got lost in the translation I guess. Take care.

      • Greg Hunter

        OMG, My bad. My return comment will be taken down. I thought you were giving us a hard time. Please forgive my thin skin.

        • BruceL

          Understood, I know you get a ton of fools/trolls posting junk.
          The truth is I have been in PMs for 15+ years and know “tribulation” is coming, thought I was prepped, but just did not realize the scope of the evil/corruption and the rate it’s accelerating. The stress has been taking its toll somewhat, so when I heard in the midst of another intense discussion of what’s coming down- “whack-a-doodle”, it made me chuckle for a moment. Appreciate the site very much. Regards, Bruce

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you for your comments and for your support.

          • Rich



            I know, way too funny. I almost peed myself laughing. I plan on using this new word.

  68. Ugly

    I have learned from all your interviews since I have been viewing your watchdog site. Also, the comments from others are helpful too. But this interview probably hit home the most, for me anyway. We know the collapse is coming, but Willie has now convinced me that the growing pains and suffering will start this year. Thus, I will prepare best I can and warn others with a willing ear.

    You are the Paul Revere of modern day USA. You are the Good Shepherd! Thanks for the site and gracias to all the bloggers trying to help others….

    • Greg Hunter

      Beautiful comment Ugly. Thank you.

  69. John M.

    Herb Drake,
    I can’t speak for Mr. Willie, but I think those two comments are referring to two totally different things. Willie did not clearly make the distinction between PRICE INFLATION and PRICE HYPERINLATION, which will cause confusion.
    It should be obvious to all who buy at grocery stores that food prices are increasing dramatically with smaller packaging and other gimmicks, as we experience serious PRICE INFLATION.
    The PRICE HYPERINFLATION that John Williams refers to has not yet happened as we will all surely know it when it does, where prices are doubling every month and perhaps even every day. We are not quite there– yet. John Williams will be vindicated as his timing is only off, as the hyperinflation of the money supply must eventually transfer into the hyperinflation of prices, especially in food and energy if history is any guide.
    The reason why general prices have not yet moved into hyper-drive is because the velocity of money is still low as the big banks are mostly holding these newly created dollars. This is all about confidence, so the masses here and abroad are still holding on to their dollars as they do not yet perceive there is a monetary problem. But when a black swan arrives or some big cunning player like China accelerates their dumping of the dollar, it is probably then that the crafty big banks will open the floodgates of all their dollars. The oblivious American who has been distracted will probably be the last in this game of musical chairs by getting their wealth out of dollars. This avalanche of discarded dollars will be seen in the HYPERINFLATION of PRICES, and will happen as suddenly as just one snowflake causes an avalanche.
    Sorry Drake, that’s rather long. I’m droning on like some prevaricating wonk from the Federal Reserve. If that’s the case, just drive a silver stake through my sad, little heart.

  70. zerohead9

    It’s not just the US.

    In October 2009, COSCO Group, a Beijing-based shipping and logistics company operating worldwide, agreed a 35-year lease with Greece’s Piraeus Port, the largest passenger port in Europe.

    Chinese Ownership of Mexican Port Causing Worry

    China Builds EU Beachhead With $5 Billion City in Belarus

    Ukraine has agreed a deal with a Chinese firm to lease five per cent of its land to feed China’s burgeoning and increasingly demanding population

    President Manuel Ortega said that the construction of a massive inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua that could significantly alter global trade would start at the end of 2014.

    “The Nicaraguan government and HKND Group are pleased to confirm that canal construction work will begin as planned in December 2014,” Ortega announced alongside Chinese tycoon Wang Jing, whose group has secured the rights to dig and operate the waterway.

    Pay attention people, the Chinese don’t need 195+ military bases around the world to exert control. They’re just going to buy everything outright without firing a shot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much for this info. Please become a regular!!

    • Herb Drake

      You may be right. I’ll have to listen to the inteview again.


  71. southern patriot

    I always enjoy this site,because of the wide variety of voices and opinions It’s great to read and hear, what your readers and guests have to say. Good bye. Southern Patriot

  72. Jay

    Happy new year and thanks Greg. I love all your interviews but JW is one of my favourites. Living in the uk as I do some of the issues that you cover sometimes are less pertinent than if I lived in the US, but ultimately I feel we are all in the same boat when the music stops. Please keep up the good work, what say you Greg Hunter?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thaaaaank you Jay!!!!

  73. xsexcess

    I know this article is getting a little long in the tooth, but something occurred to me and this seems a good place to post it.

    The PM price is obviously being held in a very narrow trading band. We all wonder when it’s going to ‘make it’s big move’.

    There’s much discussion about a coming currency re-set. If you were TPTB, a wildly rising PM price would probably greatly complicate the machinations of determining relative levels for each country.

    It would not surprise me if the price stays essentially just where it is until all the details of the currency reset are hammered out / they’re ready to announce.

    There are already so many more futures contracts against a limited supply of PMs in the vaults that adding a few more contracts to hold the price steady won’t make much of a difference – especially when they know already the end of the COMEX enterprise is default on the contracts anyway.

    • Liquid Motion

      That’s assuming the COMEX/LBMA/ GLD doesn’t have a default via undelivered physical. They cannot print more GOLD. It can only be managed to a certain point…unless they have an unlimited supply. In which case you would have to ask why is Gold so precious AND such a concern for TPTB !!!!!!

  74. PattyO'Leary

    Very intense video! I live in Canada but follow this site religiously, as I know we are also in deep water like many other countries. I invest in gold and silver, and after watching this interview I am wondering if it would be smart to start investing in yuan? Opinions? Thanks!

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      Only if you plan to go to China. Have you checked if your bank will take them if you had a pile?

    • Reader

      How would you function, survive or thrive in a prolonged zero to low income environment? (One where the TAX MAN roams the land!) I doubt holding Yuan will be any consolation… So you better reboot, reconfigure & answer the question quick!!

  75. Reader

    When Dr. Willie said organ harvesting, I just realized he meant it in the economic sense. I mean its not like the Chinese are going to actually open up the bodies of Americans, right Greg? Hahhahaha —- > Brilliant title, you sly devil you! 🙂

  76. southern patriot

    Can’t believe that anything I said was that controversial. Always thought this site welcomed all thoughts and conversations, covering a wide variety of subjects. Could have been boring or my spelling wasn’t up for late nite. I did think I was learning something that the mainstream would not dare discuss. Probably will keep my thoughts to my self. Thanks for the ride while it lasted. I’m out of here. SP

  77. Mike

    I hope when next you host John Williams, you ask him to explain how all the funny money will get into the system to cause hyperinflation. With two respected men as these, I would like to see this difference of opinion examined much closer. As ususal Greg, you are the man. Thanks for all the great interviews.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike the short answer is the hyperinflation begins when the rest of the world starts selling the more that $12 trillion of U.S. dollar denominated assets held outside the country. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  78. Geo. T (formerly George)

    Good News everyone! If your identity and/or medical records are stolen from Obamacare, they don’t have to notify you. The Dems are preventing a bill that will require the government to do so. Gotta love those commie dems.

  79. Pooby

    Every other guest I see with Hunter is shown via video. Why is Willie never seen and sounds like he’s speaking into an empty soup can in a hallway?

    • Greg Hunter

      He lives in Central America and his connection is not good enough to support video.

  80. Amy

    We are looking at a whole new world that few of us are ready to survive, much less embrace. Now that we are debtors, we are owned. I believe the Chinese have the upper hand, and have planned to do so for many years. Kudos to them for good thinking, and planning. Our assets are valuable to them, and they will call in their debts. Maybe this year. And for us? Are you ready for the known world to dissolve around you? Do you have a means of filtering and purifying water, the first necessity? Of putting some sort of shelter over your head and your family’s head — a tent or tarp? Do you have a firearm, ammo and the skill and willingness to use it against the marauders that will come for what you have, or what they think you have, after the stores are empty and your neighbors are looted? Packable food and a pack to put it (and everything else) in? Medical supplies, including a trauma kit with fever-reducers (also remember a combat tourniquet, halo chest seal and quik-clot z-pack dressings for gun shot/knife wounds) and at least vet-grade antibiotics (google this and look for Dr. Alton and fish antibiotics — sounds crazy now but it won’t later)? Potassium iodide, if you live within 50 miles of a nuclear plant (which will no longer be cooled a week after the grid goes down, if it does), emergency radio or police scanner with back-up batteries, warm non-cotton clothing and a sturdy pair of boots, and a Plan B with maps to go someplace real quiet as fast as you possibly can. Don’t forget the gun and as much ammo as you can stash. And don’t forget to tell your loved ones, AND NO ONE ELSE YOU DON’T WANT TO SHARE FOOD AND SUPPLIES WITH, where you will be at such a time. Time to listen and hear, everyone. A new day is coming and it will be a hard dawn. God bless, and keep safe.

  81. Brad

    The question for me is who are the people behind China’s ascendancy? I find it hard to believe that the Western oligarch would give away control of their industry through off shoring. China represents a system the Western oligarch aspires to. Dr. Willie talks of a reset. I have strong intuitive feeling that the reset will eventually be both financial and militarily consistent with a “one world government”. A big war may be part of the plan. The gold going to China is just being shifted from the despised democratic systems of the West to the type of capitalistic dictatorship the oligarch prefers. Let’s all get our blinders off by remembering that national boundaries or nation states are but the play things of the power elites.

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  83. 0jr

    You mean isrealhell bled it dry ect.

  84. Belstaff Blouson

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    I was actually excited enough to post a thought 😛 I do have 2
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  85. Anne

    I’m not sure why but this blog is loading incredibly slow for
    me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my
    end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem
    still exists.

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