U.S. Dollar Will Take Beating in the End

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

In the simplest of terms, the U.S. dollar will take a beating in the end.  That is going to be the result of all the bailouts and money printing to save an insolvent banking system.  Today, I bring you two videos that speak to the dollar calamity that lies in front of the entire planet.  The first is an audio interview with one of my favorite economists, John Williams of Shadowstats.com.  Williams has a paid subscription newsletter that features analysis of what I call the “real” or “true” numbers such as unemployment, GDP and inflation.  These are areas where the government uses accounting gimmicks to make the economy look better than reality.  For example, unemployment is reported by the government to be 8.3%; but if it was computed the way the government dit it in 1994 or earlier, the true unemployment would be 22.5% (according to Shadowstats.com).  The government numbers hide the fact the country and the U.S. dollar are both headed for deep trouble.  The second video also talks about the dollar calamity and the effect it will have not only on the U.S. but the entire world.  The videos are not long, but they are current and very thought provoking.  Please enjoy.

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  1. M SMITH

    Greg, I think things are picking up & it may not be long before we see what is coming, even if we don’t want to!
    Thanks for the great info & videos ,I sent them to my family members, hopefully they have or will take action before it’s to late!

    Funny thing happen on a survey I took, the 1st question was, “will we go to war with Iran”, 33% said yes soon, 24% most likely, 33% said no way & the rest said they don’t know! Now this was a survey on what Americans buy! Also what will be the price of gas, $4 to $5 by summer!

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      If there is war in the ME Gas will be double per gallon. Thanks for weighing in!


      • MasterLuke

        I think double gas would be the nail in the coffin. Not to mention the price of plastics would drastically increase. This would lead to a rise in price for anything that uses plastic (food). I always thought our debt issue was one of our lesser problems. The volatility of our world is ridiculous.

  2. Barry

    The Federal Reserve is committing MURDER! Read the article “The silent famine pandemic sweeping the planet” on The Extinction Protocol website. Extreme weather and PRINTING MONEY has already caused massive food inflation throughout the world and 300 children die every hour because of malnutrition. Debasing the dollar has caused poor countries like India to also debase their currencies so that their exports will not suffer. However, this causes inflation for the poor of these countries. When 50-75% of your income goes to food, inflation kills people.

    • NameRequired

      MURDER!! Manslaughter, more like. … At any rate, Barry, if your passion is genuine, please take a minute to write a big check to PLANNED PARENTHOOD, who are doing something sensible and effective to alleviate the problem of overpopulation. … Or are you one of those who opposes birth control, even if that means allowing children to come into the world only to starve?

      • Robert M. Anderson

        It’s not that many of us disagree with Planned Parenthood giving out birth control; it’s using MY taxes to do it that is the point. Also, more importantly, Planned Parenthood only deals with America, where overpopulation is not the big problem. When I was born (1949) there were ~2.7 billion people on this planet; there are now over 7 billion. That is THREE times as many people; and, the consumption of resources (food and water) do not go up in a linear response, .i.e., THREE times as much, but rather, geometrically, i.e., NINE times as much. If the REST of the world (mostly the Third World) would stop having huge litters, we wouldn’t have the global problem we do now. Also, Planned Parenthood ‘makes’ most of its own money by providing abortions; for many Muslims, Jews, and Christians, this is a moral outrage; just dismissing the religious views of such people would be an injustice to them.

    • M SMITH

      Funny the MSM does not report how many people around the world are dying from lack of food or the money to buy the basic needs because their currency has been trashed from Americas/Fed’s main export’INFLATION”, Americans are feeling the pain also, from food & energy prices to the steep decline of medical care to all you are low income or have been forced to go with out medical insurance because of the effects of Obama care job losses!

      There is a movie coming out called “Oracle”, this film is getting funding from around the world and you can get more info about it at http://www.martinarmstrong-movie.com. The trailer is a very good intro at a look into the world economies and will be shown world wide. This is one movie I will not miss!

  3. norcar survivor

    Interesting that the MSM reporters of the USA can’t seem to see the forest for the trees when it comes to our financial situation and the lack of jobs and housing in America, BUT we turn to the BBC and they have no problem identifying trouble in our midst. All we here is how well things are turning around but according to this reporting there is no sign of recovery in the areas they focused on. Please watch the BBC presentation and give comment if you will. My biggest issue is we can see these things everyday in every community yet the MSM continues to sing Obama’s praises for a successful turn around of the greatest catastrophe America has ever known. How long will the blind continue following the music.

    • Greg

      Good stuff N.C. I saw it and hope others watch. Thank you for the comment and content!

  4. masterluke

    Imagine a situation where business’s cash on hand becomes worthless. This would be single worst economic tragedy in American history.


    The desperation of this administration to recapture the Oval Office is going to amount to some desperate measures, such as committing us to another military engagement where lack of political will, will predetermine it is non winnable and a huge fiscal waste of tax dollars. This coupled with all the other monumental failed spending policies will drive us even further into a slow almost stagnant economy and injure the chances for a job related recovery in the private sector and a growth of entitlement spending…push for a gold standard and stop the printing of US dollars.

  6. jay

    Would it be fair to say. If the Euro debt gets resolved the dollar collapse will be fast when it happens. If the Euro is not fixed the dollar colapse will be slower.?

    • Greg

      Tha dollar will be the last to fall. How fast depende on a lot including when War in the M.E. starts.

  7. jay

    or vise versa?

  8. Matt


    Great info once again! I enjoyed the information in the videos. I keep telling my friends and family that I fear the collapse of the dollar is coming soon; however, they will not listen to me, and I believe they think I am crazy! I post videos to my facebook page with info like this and people ask me why have I become so “political” lately. I am merely trying to warn people for what I believe will be the biggest collapse since the Roman empire.

    I keep telling people we could experience hyperinflation like the Weimar republic and they just snicker. For the life of me, I do not understand how people cannot see the hurricane that is looming on the horizon.

  9. derrick

    greg I hate to say it but i do believe we next in a long line of empires to go Persia,sumerians ,hittitites .Greeks,egyptians,Sumerians,Babolonians,Egyptians,romans,the huns,france,under napolleon,germany-ww1,2 empire of japan,brittish empire–1956 /suez crisis,the mighty mongols even under ghenghis khan too .I believe were to be next. derrick.history places no favorites 4 ever,& tide,& tide a wait 4 no man.

  10. Joe

    So what are the solutions. Real solutions the everyone will agree with and impliment.

    • Greg

      I am a Journalist and not a policy maker. So far, I have been reporting on what does not work to repair the economy, and that is largely continued bailouts and zero prosecutions for criminal bankers that put trillions of dollars in fraud on the public. The economy will not be fixed until we wash out the debt and stop this fraud from ever happening again. The process will be very painful as there are no painless solutions at this point./

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