U.S. Ship of State is Sinking, It’s a Derelict Vessel-Jim Willie

goldenjackassBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (Special Sunday Release)

When it comes to U.S. economic or foreign policy, Dr. Jim Willie, Publisher of the Hat Trick Letter, says, “The U.S. Ship of State is sinking, and it is a derelict vessel.”  About President Obama, Dr. Willie contends, “He looks weak.  He looks backed into a corner.  He looks just like Fed Chief Bernanke who also has no exit strategy.  They are all tied together because a lot of the actions out there are directed against the dollar.”  Dr. Willie goes on to say, “The U.S. is in an indefensible position, both with war and monetary policy.”  All the QE, or money printing by the Fed, has the world on edge and outraged.  Dr. Willie explains, “This is abuse of credit card by the United States.  We run deficits and then say screw you all.  You can just buy Treasury bonds because you have to.”  According to Dr. Willie, the rest of the world is tired of the money printing by the Fed and wants to use a new currency to escape the coming global inflation of a dollar that can quickly lose its buying power.  Dr. Willie says, “This is financial survival.  Nations need to depart from the dollar, and the first ones that do will be the survivors, and last ones will enter the third world.”  As far as Syria, Dr. Willie says it’s not about chemical weapons, but about pipelines and our adversaries gaining economic advantage.  Dr. Willie claims, “The U.S. is obstructing capitalism and commerce.  That is the problem.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie, Publisher of The Hat Trick Letter, which can be found on GoldenJackass.com.    

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  1. George Silver

    One of your vey best Greg. You are one of the best interviewers on the internet (and even the mainstream).

    You let Jim Willie go at it and only came in to direct him a little. Signs of a great interviewer.

    I was really fascinated by the idea of the “two” Dollars. One of Jim’s calls to watch closely.
    I also believe “FreeGold” is just around the corner.

  2. Allen Ols


    Super interview, I was surprised u posted jim w inter. Early. Pleasantly 🙂 as I place a lot of credance on his assumptions/forcasts.

    Now, who do u have lined up for wed. & next Sunday? 🙂

    finger onpulse/usawd


    • Greg

      I thought the interview was so powerful that I put it up early. This is going to be a big week here in the U.S.

      • justin king

        Sept-October might be the 2 biggest news months of this century.

      • Jason W.

        Totally agree with this comment.

        My gut is saying something big is going down very soon. I’m almost sickened to say “Patriot Day” looks like the dead ringer.

  3. truthsleuth

    Good grief – to the average Joe in Amerika, what’s coming is going to feel like a sledgehammer blow to the gut. The real wildcard here in my opinion is war. Bombs and bullets aside, our way of life is so completely dependent on the stability of intricate and fragile systems, any significant disruption or failure to the grid or major supply chains could have devastating effects. I wonder if ANYONE is adequately prepared for what’s about to hit them.

    • Greg

      Well said.

      • justin king

        I’ll second that.

  4. AndyB

    Greg: it is interesting that JW mentions October. DHS is preparing for something to take place after October 1, and there will be an EMP drill (with thousands of participants, including major electric utilities) sometime in November, which would be a perfect false flag to initiate martial law and the kill switch on the internet. This also coincides with the introduction of the new $100 bill. Coincidence? Perhaps. The elites are losing control on a global basis; they are certainly capable of anything.

    • Greg

      Andy B,
      This is going to be a big year in U.S. history.

      • Rich

        Greg, Have you heard anything about what AndyB is referring to – RE: taking down the electrical grid for “testing” purposes in November? I have seen other stories on the internet, but I am wondering how valid the stories are?

        • Greg

          Yes, I have heard them and nothing would surprise me at this point.

    • Mohammad

      The elites are tightening their control not losing it!

    • Mohammad

      Can you elaborate more?

  5. Allen Ols

    Greg and all

    I e.mailed jim and told him I liked ann barnhardt and asked him his opinion and he said

    Ann is spot on and has a firm grip

    Al ols

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Al you are way ahead of the curve in regards to Ann Barnhardt. A retired CIA operative shared this with me almost five years ago:

      “…if most Americans were half as bright and insightful as they as they think, our country wouldn’t be traveling down the lawless road of a bankrupt banana republic. The majority of our citizens don’t only not understand what is happening –they are too assured to think these dire circumstances could ever befall them. If they were any students of history they’d have heeded the voices and warning signs long before now. Instead they continue to embrace the lie and mock any and all who dare to expose it.”

      • Allen Ols

        Tks shadow great quote alols

      • Chipper

        “mock any and all who dare to expose it”

        see droidX-G below

    • Allen Ols

      Oops. ”Excellent grip”. Misquote

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Some people can multi-task. In the future I’ll focus on either talking or typing — not both!

    • droidX-G

      While I respects Sinclair, Anne does not appear to have a firm grip on reality. Just go read her site and you will agree

  6. Sylvia Sterling

    Wonderful, insightful, amazing interview………
    This man is truly an analyzer of events in the highest degree……. best ever.
    Thanks Greg.

  7. Mohammad

    Brilliant Jim Willie as always.
    Jim is seeing the surface of the events, IT IS NOT ABOUT GASPROM.
    What is happening in nut shell is the rise of Kingdom of Israel at the expense of the whole world ruins, they are using US to do their dirty job and bating China and Russia to get into a destructive war with US and Europe for the mere purpose of establishing that kingdom and the emergence of Anti-Christ in Jerusalem.
    If you do not see it that way you will get lost in the details.
    Time will prove to whom will be left after those big wars that i was right. Am leaving it on your site for the records if any internet will be left after the whole picture is revealed.

    • Allen Ols



      We christians believe Jesus when he said ”if someone says lo he is there, or out in desert, don’t beieve them”
      Rev. In bible says he will descend and put his foot on mount olivet and cleave it in 2. The city of God is jerusalem, when he comes the jews who rejected him will weep and mourn. He won’t be coming to sham.

      I hitchiked through greece, turkey, syria, jordan, in 1980. Loved the bazaar in damascus.

      Wonder if it is still there


      • mohammad

        It is still there Allen it is called Al Hamidiah bazaar.
        What i have said is the reason for the whole fight over Damascus believe me, the anti-Christ followers in Israel believe in what prophet Mohammad had said more than most Muslims who are skeptical yet about it (otherwise they would not fall in the trap of anti Christ…. “ARAB DAMN SPRING”).
        They are trying to prevent the inevitable but they won’t succeed.
        Jesus will kill the Anti Christ in Damascus and then will go with the believers to Jerusalem.
        Before that Anti Christ will claim he is Jesus in Jerusalem after the big wars, he will deal with GOLD ANS SILVER as MONEY and hence is the hoarding of them now, It is not about economy , it is not about hedging against inflation, all those reasons for hoarding are superficial reasons, it is about Anti Christ fooling the masses that he is Jesus imitating him when he kicked the Jews dealers from the temple 2 thousand years ago because they where taking interest on the money that was forbidden, so when you see Israel using gold and silver for real money issuing it in a non pictorial currency then you should know it is the time for the Anti Christ to claim he is Jesus in Jerusalem, the end of the chapter will be written in Damascus as i said and the beautiful one of the two will kill the one eyed ugly other, and the believers then will go from Damascus to Jerusalem ( that is your distinctive mark, antichrist is one eyed since the other one is damaged there is no mistake about him, so no matter how many miracles he does do not fall for it).
        Time will unfold those events , if we survive the big wars will remind each other with this.
        The fight for Damascus is a fierce one and it is the heart and core of the End of Time revelations.

        • Jim

          We have seen that Assad has treated Christians well while the Saudi/Qatar/Israel/USA backed and financed Al Qeada rebels have been killing Christians. These are also the people behind the evil “Arab Spring” and earlier the attack on Iraq and destruction of Iraq with tens of thousands of innocent people killed.

          • mohammad

            It is not Assad who treated Christian well, it is the nature of Syrian people living together, you have to go there once before this calamity to realize what i am talking about.

        • droidX-G

          wow…another person who is believes that the Jews and Israel are the root of all evil. If King Saul had followed God’s instructions about 5,000 years ago, we wouldn’t have these problems in the Middle East today.

          • Steve

            If Abraham would of listen too, how the world would be so different!

          • mohammad

            droidX-G ,

            You need to differentiate between Jews and Zionists, the later is evil, here is one of the Jewish Rabbis who can describe it better than me, he asks for dissolving Israel peacefully voluntarily by the Jews.
            Rabbi Weiss:


          • Galaxy 500

            Thanks for the clarification. I’ll research it.
            Galaxy 500 (formerly DroidX-G)

    • Michael

      You are right at the heart of the matter. Everything else is the prelude.

  8. Diane Carol Mark

    Hi Greg,
    Go GasProm 🙂

    Never heard of GasProm … Would you kindly conduct some in-depth research/interviews on the U.S. and global natural gas market? sDr. Jim Willie has nailed natural gas as a prime consideration on the table in Europe, the Middle East, etc.

    Thanks and especially for posting on Sunday am!
    🙂 Diane

    • Allen Ols


      Go to goldenjackass.com push public area gold bar jim has loads info on eurasian trade zone, rosnet, gasprom etc

      If u can, pay 110.00 for 6mo. Subsc. To hat trick and he will lite u up:-)


    • droidX-G

      If LNG was easier to ship we could supply Europe

  9. Ugly

    The NWO folks that control the ‘dollar’ are willing to give up the lives of millions to save their financial portfolio.

    Instead of fixing the problem, (they) want to just blame others and go for the confiscation approach. Controlling the energy supply, along with water and food, will control the world.

    All we can do is get ready for it the best we can. I am not sure if even voting matters anymore?

  10. Oracle 911

    I’m bit confused, about the release day.

    Anyway within few years in USA will be SHTF situation, sadly the innocents and unprepared ones will take the hardest hits.

    Well I live in Europe, and currently ‘the stuff’ is hitting the fan and the first touches were done:

    What do you think Greg?

    PS: The decision about the Syria war was already made, what we see is an really ugly and badly organized charade.

    • Greg

      Oracle 911,
      Confiscation will be coming to the Western world in a big way.

      • Oracle 911

        Here is 10PM-ish, and I just watched the video. Well events in Syria is not just about the gas, but about the USD and the current financial and political system, because the socio-and psychopathic bastards at handlebars don’t want loose everything (one way or another they will lose it).

        About the confiscation agreed, it is coming in big way, but if it came it will to lead to collapse of finance (de facto it is happened in Europe in 2010-11 and in USA in 2008, the only thing remains, admitting it), collapse of the economy, collapse of the political system and maybe collapse of social systems (see reference: http://cluborlov.blogspot.sk/p/the-five-stages-of-collapse.html ).

        Well as resident of country which share northern border with Poland, and its eastern border with Ukraine, and is in the same time zone as Berlin (capitol of Germany-if you still don’t know use Google map, Wikipedia and type Slovak Republic) is used to the hardships of regime change and we can survive even bigger hardships of life up to civil war.
        Even our bank system get Cypriotized, after which economy of Cyprus de facto get vaporised overnight, same thing happened in Argentina in years 1999-2001.
        The reason is simple, we in rural areas still have kitchen gardens, growing our (sweet)corns and rising chickens, turkeys, rabbits, goats, even pigs and cows, so when collapse hits and liquid fuels became scarce we will implement some practices from permaculture (reference: http://www.permaculturenews.org/) and can say to the rest to the world “don’t care”, while the rest of world is rioting and lynching politicians and lesser bank bureaucrats.

        On the other hand average Western-European an Joe from the street and even the US farmers (reference Orlov writings) lost most of their skills and became dependent to the system and they will feel like they were raped, hammered and raped again, maybe in the second case in literal meaning.
        Other sad thing is, prepping for disaster except buying metals, buying some extra food and learning skills is meaningless, because it is not enough time, sadly.

        I know it is grim and pessimistic, but if you don’t like t turn on the TV and watch it, they will you give false hope while telling you “everything is fine”. I think most of good people will survive and learn from it, I’m in this thing optimistic.

        I still want to know what do you think Greg?

        PS: It take a long time it is already 11pm.

        • Greg

          Oracle 911,
          Hard time are clearly coming for the world. The prepared will do much better than the unprepared but it will be rough for all.

          • Rebecca

            Oracle 911, I agree with you.
            I would add that prepping may give us all a false sense of security. What is coming is a lifestyle change. Unless you have been prepping for years, or extremely rich, there is no way to stock up all the food and essentials (and desires of one’s heart) to last for ?????? years.

            One needs to have acquired the skills and the means to return to the land and live off it. As you said, have a kitchen garden, raise chickens and have a cow or goat. Have learned to live without many of the essentials we have today.

            But there is also the emotional side of this. Are Americans strong enough to handle the upheaval emotionally when no one knows when – or if – there will ever be a return to “normal” in our lifetime.

            The only ones who will not be blown away emotionally by this upheaval, are those who have always lived modest lives, close to the earth, and with few conveniences.

            My inner voice is telling me that there needs to be more than “prepping”. One needs to steel one’s emotions, start making the transition now to a new way of living NOW. If you are living it now, it won’t such a shock when calamity settles over the land.

            • Greg

              The change could be so abrupt and so rough that many will wish they had prepared to buffer them from the extreme change they are going to have to endure. Please put you and your family in the best position possible while there is still time.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Its not only bail-ins we need to worry about, its the “new spin” on how existing laws maybe implemented that is equally troubling. In a recent newsletter it states the assets or money in your safety deposit boxes may no longer be safe. As a matter of fact safety deposit box agreements are being rewritten by many banks. What has changed now is the view that assets and money can no longer be hidden from the government and you must be able to prove that its been taxed and/or acquired legally.

  11. John

    Great interview Greg. Jim Willie is always worth listening to the other man of the same substance is V the Guerrilla Economist on the Hagman and Hagman show. Jim gives us the insights others don’t have so another great show Greg.

  12. David

    Hi Greg,
    I check your website everyday and greatly appreciate your news and analysis.
    However, can you please caution the people you interview not to use God’s name in vain. (aka Jim Willie)
    This is why I gave up on some other websites (ie. Alex Jones)
    Thanks, Greg

    • Greg

      Good point. Thank you.

      • J.C. Davis

        Greg. I would like to listen to this over, and copy and paste it . However with the G/D in it i can not. Can you edit it out? A bleep maybe.

        • Greg

          I am sorry I cannot edit it out. It is posted and in the system now and I can’t change it. I am so sorry.

        • Mike S.

          Really? You want the interview censored because of your religious belief? Sorry that is just not right. Almost 40 minutes info and you complain about that! You can’t share the info because of that? God help us all.

      • Rich

        Greg, While I agree with these comments I do not hold you responsible for other people’s actions. So, I will continue to visit your site BUT I will never listen to another JW interview. I can get my education in other places. Thanks.

        • Greg

          So sorry Rich, this has never happened before with Dr. Willie or anyone else.

    • gerald

      Taking gods name in vain has nothing to do with curse or slang words. It has to do with professing to believe and yet living like you don’t. That my friend is taking gods name in vain.

  13. Snorky

    Beats NFL football any day (not that I watch TV anymore … haven’t watched TV since March 2009).

    • J.C.Davis

      I agree David. Some of my favorite blues players I can not listen to anymore. Nothing is more distracting then one using G/D in a sentence.

      • Galaxy 500

        Amen brother

  14. Steve Blaggers

    Brilliant interview Greg……..as always.
    Some amazing insight from Jim Willie……..love listening to that guy.
    Thank you,

    • Greg

      Thank you Steve for the comment and support.

  15. Margaret O

    Greg, Awesome interview. Gas stations, Grocery stores, and ATM’s. This is infomation that the regular person can use. I love your reports.

    • Greg

      Thank you Margaret O and Jerry.

  16. Jerry

    Greg this is your best. You and Jim Willie honed in on the exact cause of the “Pending Economic Collapse” with lazier like accuracy. This collapse IS a planned event. Obama and the Globalist will go along with it because its fits their socialist economic template. Socialist governments around the world are tired of our current World Bank Exchange system. Whether this was the result of an economic war, or a currency war, is anybody’s guess? But its happened. The G20 I assure you are setting the table for this transition, and have been planning on it for quite some time. Want proof? Check this interview out.


    Most of the larger economic players have been positioning themselves for this event for quite some time. They want to retain their positions with as little disruption as possible. Did you ever wonder where several Trillion dollars of that TARP money went? Payoffs for promises made I assure you. We have all been lied to, and have had our money stolen by these elite Globalist. Unfortunately most of America is asleep and won’t know what’s happening until its to late.
    Greg we are in the “Checkmate Position”. I suspect it won’t really matter whether the U.S. attacks Syria or not. The result is going to be the same either way. My timeline for this event is somewhere between Oct.1- Jan.1 I hope to God I’m wrong.
    Thanks Greg for all your hard work. If the Grid goes down tomorrow, you can’t say you didn’t try. Peace.

  17. John M.

    Thanks again for making Jim Willie our regular guest– I’ve also been following him with awe and intrigue for at least a decade on another site. BTW Greg, your site is clearly one of the best on the internet.
    It’s really sad that the USA has largely become irrelevant in the world. Much is from its own wrongdoings. America has abused its dollar hegemony with endless money printing and spending. America destroyed its own industrial base when all our leaders like Clinton, conservative radio, and the GOP(some had taken bribes from Asia)accepted whole-heartedly all this NAFTA crap. Also, we have lost the moral high-ground as our military machine goes on killing sprees as our only real industry that still exists, which only makes places like Iraq, Libya and Egypt more destabilized than before we unleashed our expensive weapons. This only adds to our spending and to our debt, as our unsustainable monetary system prints even more money to keep this all going.
    No, it’s really quite sad that Russia and China have been more sensible and responsible as they both understand the crucial importance of their respective energy and productive capacities. At least their murdering and plundering is less conspicuous. They may already have more economic freedoms than we do, and who knows what religious and basic freedoms that we will no longer have here. America only produces fake money, government/media thought control and Hollywood fantasies, as they have gutted our productive sectors with endless taxation and regulation. We are totally screwed, as all that we can look forward to are shortages, rioting, martial law, and probably another political puppet/president that will deliver what’s left of America to the one-world dictator who will rule from his command center somewhere in Europe. I’m not exactly sure what role Russia and China will play in all this, but they will definitely replace the vacuum left by the disintegration of America. Scarce resources will be distributed according to the whims of this new one-world order. This is what inevitably happens to a nation that is on a clear path to self-destruction and is too stupid to think straight.

    • Greg

      Thank you John for the comment and for your kind words.

  18. Miro Markovic

    In last 24 hours, the American MSM was not willing to mention a word that the BRISKS countries on the side meetings at the G20 at St. Petersburg had established the BRIKS Development Bank. They agreed to immediately put 100 billion dollars as the starting-up capital of that new bank for the development of the world countries. In short, good bye IMF and World Bank (read American controlled institutions). As we can see, the world is changing in front of our eyes so fast that we cannot follow all those changes.

  19. Rodger

    Big fan of the show Greg. Jim always delivers the gritty truth, and always on point. He has a pretty good point in not paying attention to politics as their actions,as we all know, have very little to do with the bs that comes out of their mouths. Also, I’m not sure if you are aware, but another milestone in the collapse is taking place. JP Morgan just announced they will no longer be issuing student loans. Same type of thing happened before the housing bubble burst in 08. Are we looking at a student loan bubble to burst soon? Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

  20. John M.

    Actually it’s not all sheer stupidity on the part of our leaders. It’s highly probable that a good portion of our leaders are all traitors and complicit in making this one-world dictatorship a reality. Europe is also a basket-case and will fall apart, but it is still the largest economic block in the world and Russia needs its biggest customer for natural gas. So it stands to reason that there will be a “new Europe” emerging and the “new America” will be its subsidiary, probably supplying American natural gas and energy to China with some traitorous predetermined agreement made behind closed doors by the real power brokers who have destroyed America.

  21. Rodger

    Ok Greg, the october call back of dollars was an important topic, any way to elaborate on this? I have seen an email written by a state senator warning of a lot of military training and supplies being ordered and delivered to fema region 3 (washington d.c.). I wouldn’t even know where to start to verify this information, but I haven’t seen any retractions on it either. Seems almost too coincidental.

  22. Rebecca

    One question, Greg.

    JW says he has 18 correction predictions.
    He predicted correctly what was coming.
    What about the timeline?
    Did he get the timeframe for these events correct, or did it take longer (or less) time for the prediction to happen — or was he “on the money” in predicting the timeline as well?

    I do not read his site and listen to him only when you have him on.

    He is predicting very dire events in the next few months.
    How good is he at getting the timing right?
    What is your journalistic instinct telling you?

    • Greg

      What is going on today has never happen before in recorded history. That said, timing is difficult but Dr. Willie has been more correct than most I have talked to. I think at this point you should go ahead and make some preparations. The calamity that is coming is a lock, the timing is hard to pinpoint. You should read the public portion of his site. Thank you for the comment.

      • Allen Ols

        In jims HT letter last mo. I think he discusses this most commonaly asked question, in depth.

        6 mo. Subscription 110.00 — money very well spent!!


  23. Mitch Bupp

    WOW explosive stuff Greg, The problem is this makes perfect sense …. we are boxed in a box ….. Thank You, Jim for the cold hard truth!

  24. Dirty Larry

    It’s nothing personal Greg, but this guy (Jim Willie) is one of my favorites. You can have him on Monday through Friday if you like, but that Ms. Hudes lady – you can put her on a floating log and send her sailing to Siberia. I won’t miss her.

    • Greg

      Dirty Larry,
      Thank you for the feedback. I try to put as many voices on as possible.

  25. William Betts

    Thanks for having the Jackass on your news. What is totally amazing about the people in the US and the military is that nobody and I mean nobody is ready to revolt against these bastards in Washington. What do you think those patroits in 1776 were all about. Are we a people as Dr Roberts lays out eloquently as nothing more than toadies licking the ass of obama and that asshole congress. It is time to stand up to what Jefferson and Madison put forward, it is time for revolution. If not that there is nothing but poverty looking into the eyes of your children and grandchildren…… Betts

  26. Paul

    As with all of your great interviews, this stirs up more Questions, please if anyone can answer:

    After this dollar split (domestic/ foreign one) if other countries won’t send back here the current dollar, would we be protected by holding paper in our possession to avoid this coming devalation too?

    Or will the Govt force us here to trade them in for the new one and declare them invalid for purchases?

    How will the 30% devaluation actually occur? by setting something like a 3:1- so trade in 3 of the old dollars for 1 of the new?

    Will banks & creditors on consumer debt (mortgages, credit card ect.) demand payment in the new currency, not the existing dollar? as Jim Wiley says other countries won’t go along with the devaluation for payment of debt, so assume the banks (which are mostly international) here won’t agree to take the devalued dollar either?
    Thanks, just trying to work this all out to position myself in the best way I can.

    • Galaxy 500

      If the USD looses value, the foreigners already have them. Today it takes about $1.30 to buy 1 Euro. If the dollar drops to $2.00 per Euro then foreigners that hold dollars don’t have a choice.

    • Galaxy 500

      And I don’t believe there are going to be 2 separate dollars. However, gold and silver may be exchanged. Just my opinion

  27. frosty


    Doom and gloom are not, as often portrayed, the inevitable results of changing times. Growing numbers of people around the world are beginning to realize that our societies have been largely controlled by corrupt and marginally insane people for deranged purposes. The people are sick and tired of having endless wars and debt driven poverty imposed on them by others who produce nothing themselves but use fear and greed to derive power and profit from others.

    Though we might incur some bumps and bruises along the way, the purpose of change is to arrest our inevitable slide into global doom and gloom by taking control of our own lives as brothers and sisters on earth rather than allowing ourselves to be drugged, coerced and manipulated by self-serving sociopaths who appointed themselves to rule over us as kings. Who needs this?

    On a more local level, the song “America the Beautiful” speaks of the coming change….

    “America! America! God mend thine ev’ry flaw,
    Confirm thy soul in self-control,
    Thy liberty in law! ”

    Honor and virtue is the law and liberty is its fruit. Though some will resist and have to be force fed through bumps and bruises, I believe that American’s, in general, have the ability, spirit and now a growing desire to taste that divine fruit again. Don’t despair, but prepare for a new beginning and welcome the change.

  28. Brian


  29. droidX-G

    How would a boforcated dollar work? I dont see that happening as while it will require some belt tightening, it is my belief we can do without the rest of the world

  30. Mike Tollen

    I’d appreciate it if you would ask your guests not to swear. I heard Jim will use “God damn” in his comments. I think people can get their points across without this. Thankyou.

    • Greg

      I know it is wrong to use the Lords name in vain, but it was a passionate response and I let it go. Thank you for making a valid point here.

      • gerald

        Words are not taking a name in vain!!!!!!! Come on people. Pledging allegiance to someone and walking in another direction with your life is taking their name in vain.

  31. Mike Powell

    Never in my life and all my wildest thoughts, I might witnessing a huge shift of paradigm in world financial system and this time, it’s the east that finally achieve their financial liberty after more than 300 years of tyranny from the Anglo-American banking elites. I sincerely hope and pray that at long last, the eastern nations and other developing countries can finally enjoy their fruits of labor. And may my country get out from this system before it collapse.

  32. Charles H.


    Between Jerry and John M. it’s about all covered. I will add that by media brainwashing Americans to avoid and value precious metals as practically worthless – amounts to a most cruel deception and lie: one that will leave individuals and the nation as poor as possible. Is this not a betrayal? West to East gold selling then is the same in macro. Also – WHY is Jim Willie and Jim Rogers living now outside the US? I think this is a clear message in itself. See you around, Greg.

    • Allen Ols

      Jim willie was threatned twice by swiss bankers ie bullets to back of head, similar to bob chapman fled to mexico. Rip

      Jim rogers saw amerika going to crap, moved to singapore ie safer envi. For his girls


  33. Dwain

    What Ive been trying to say for a long time, war drum beating intensity is proportional to financial cliff proximity.

    But the animal appears to be backed into a corner.

    It gets desperate and is willing to exercise all out explosive power trying to get out.

    Thus nuclear appears a very attractive strategy at this point.

  34. jay watts

    Really enjoy JW’s no holds barred take on the evolution of world finances.
    How about running a string of interviews with experts on specific tactics
    for folks to employ to survive the change. Catherine Austin Fitts would be on my short list.

  35. Larry Galearis


    I don’t enjoy disagreeing with jim Willie but I am totally mystified as to how in a two USD system – an internal “Treasury Dollar” and an “old dollar held outside the US – could garner a response by foreign holders like “screw you, we won’t send them home!” (It is more likely that the US will default on its foreign held dollars while trying to maintain an new internal one!) All this paper in a system changing to an infant gold backed one means the paper USDs go to zero (or 15% for a while) and the (majority?) commodity money is the new standard. In other words IMO, the US dollars (both of them) are just as worthless. And, of course, it would lose world reserve currency status. Most countries holding US treasuries as reserve “assets” in their central banks – backing a fiat national currency – would necessarily suffer along with the collapsing dollar…For example, our Canadian dollar is backed approximately 40% by American debt and it is not difficult to understand what that percentage will mean for the Canadian dollar in FOREX terms when this crisis really starts hitting mach numbers….At least Canada has gold in the ground (as does the USA) and I can see the Canadian (and American) government buying up all their production JUST LIKE CHINA AND RUSSIA ARE NOW DOING. And for those that are into investing in mining shares, it should be pointed out that a lot of nationalizing of the mining sector may also be the result out there…

    Of additional note: Jim’s end game scenario described as the (terminal) USD rising was the world view of the old (and highly esteemed) Kitco Forum poster of the late 1990s. He posted under the handle “ANOTHER(Thoughts!) His view involved the relationship of the USD to Bretton Woods and the Petro Dollar. Much of his writings are still found here:http://www.usagold.com/goldtrail/archives/another1.html

    You might want to look into ANOTHER’s recommendations investing in mining derivatives as well.

    He said that “in the end gold and the dollar will rise together”. So the monetary to geopolitics has been a focus of many over the years. It is as easy to see as noting which countries in the M.E. threatened to go off the dollar (even promoting the gold dinar exchange for oil settlement) that then received attacking American cruise missiles for this policy threat. Iraq, Libya and Iran are the notables. It has always been American policy to react very quickly and with pain for any country that threatened the trade settlement function of the dollar. The dollar, after all, is the foundation of Empire…So Jim is not wrong, just not original.


    • mohammad

      History sides with what Jim has said, the Roman empire had two tier currency JUST before their demise.

  36. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    We are on the threshold of another debt ceiling increase/government shutdown/sequestration confrontation in Washington. If Obama can get us involved in a brand new war in Syria I predict that the stupid Republicans will cave like sheep. Obama will accuse them of jeopardizing the “brave Americans (robots? drones?) fighting for our freedom in Syria”.

  37. nm

    Dr. Willie has been more correct than most

    What exactly has he predicted so far that has come true?

  38. Larry

    Greg, all of the fog surrounding the world situation and events that will change the world have now come into focus and it becomes apparent that the US is fighting a world wide war to protect the dollar but gold will rise above JP Morgan and the Bankster Elites attemps to control the economic situation thru manipulation of gold.
    My hat is off the Jim Willey and his kinowedge and understanding of world events that will shape our future. Greg congatulations on this most critical interview you have had this year.

    • Greg

      Thank you Larry. This is why I released it early on Sunday. I think I’ll be doing more of that in the future with other guests.


  39. Rick up north

    Greg It seems like yesterday american icon Ross Perot was astandin on the soap box preaching to the nation the path towitch it was aheadin.To bad nobody listened.Good show today thanks.

    • Greg

      Thank you Rick. Back then, they made out like Perot was a little crazy but he was spot on!!

  40. Robert

    IMHO, Jim Willie is your best guest, and Dr. Roberts is second.

  41. Dwain

    Eerie Parallels

    9/11 strike || 2008 economic strike

    9/11: Carried out by foreigners.
    2008: Influenced by foreigners, low wage foreign countries join WTO, NAFTA. Jobs offshored. Rejection of dollar.

    9/11: Few warned of attack and were disregarded.
    2008: Few warned of catastrophe and were disregarded.

    9/11: Struck suddenly without warning.
    2008: Struck suddenly without warning.

    9/11: Those at the top trapped.
    2008: Governments, banks, elites trapped.

    9/11: Optimistic managers say all is well, go back to desk.
    2008: Media sends message all is well with the economy.

    9/11: Tons of paper burns, ensuring collapse.
    2008: Tons of paper printed, ensuring collapse.

    9/11: Many jump from towers to avoid physical torment.
    2008: Many commit suicide to avoid mental torment.

    9/11: Buildings suddenly and without warning collapse.
    20??: Global economy???????

    9/11: Momentum brings all floors down.
    20??: Momentum crushes all job sectors.

    • Diane Carol Mark

      Momentum did not bring all the floors down during the twin towers event. It would be against the laws of physics for that to have occurred. Please read Dr. Judy Wood’s book, Where Did The Towers Go? It is a comprehensive investigation of the events from all the evidence–pictorial and other. You will be amazed as you contemplate the evidence.
      🙂 Diane

  42. Ugly


    When do you think this all started? 911, 2008, or even earlier?

    There is no doubt that confiscation and population reduction is their only way to user in a new currency system, where we (survivors) are all broke and they all multi-wealthy with about 50% less people on the planet.

    I wish more Americans were paying attention.

    Just curious, when you talk to your friends, neighbors, and family members, do they somewhat agree or do they think you are abit crazy. I tried to talk about this at church about 8 months ago and everyone became bored immediately.



    • Greg

      At some point everybody will know what you now know. Reality will be very unforgiving.

  43. Derrick Michael Reid

    4/1/09 “Is China secretly buying Gold?” Blomberg Asia
    4/13/09 China admits to secretly buying 400tons of gold.
    Mere coincidence? You make the call.

  44. mohammad

    You remember in one of those posts when i said one sincere prayer can do the trick, i do not want to jump to conclusion, too early to do so, seems we are not out of the woods yet, but Obama is leading a brilliant diplomacy, raising the stick and offering the carrot, Russia is backing off on a possible deal…..who knows Greg, Keep praying!

    • Greg


      It’s hard to figure out who’s playing who. One thing is for sure, talk of “limited action” is absurd. If this attack is initiated it will be the first domino to starting WWIII. This is the way this should be viewed not the “limited action” nonsense. I’ll keep praying too.

      • mohammad

        It took few vessels of US might in the Mediterranean to get Assad to feel the fear he inflicted on Syrians for the last 2.5 years.
        It is important, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to get the Syrian official admittance to owning the chemical weapons (I realize the difference between owning them and using them)after dancing around that for the last 30 some years, THIS WILL HAVE AN EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT IMPLICATIONS LATER ON. the road map to dismantle his arsenal after he admitted to having them will result in cornering Russia big time. every one including Jim Willie is viewing US playing checkers when Russians are playing Chess, i referred before to the American champion Bobby Fischer on purpose to say that US is playing a magnificent strategic chess game that rivals the Russians.

        It took a firm stand from Obama to make the Russians back off.
        They are resorting now to the stalling tactic with the Syrians and Iranians who are known to master very well.

        They are reaching the end of the rope.
        I doubt if diplomacy will work but i hope so.
        Obama will go in history as a brilliant leader in my humble opinion.

        • Greg

          Not if he starts WWIII. This is what we are really talking about. All the “limited strike” language is nonsense. If there is a strike by the U.S. this will escalate out of control. I pray I am wrong.

          • mohammad

            WWIII Started a while back, but most do not see that!

  45. Anne Elliott

    Thanks for having Jim on, Greg. Scary info. I just finished reading “One Second After”; if anybody wants to know what America would look like with the grid down or as a third world country, read that. Is very helpful too, in getting ideas about what a person REALLY needs if a crisis hits!! I pray that this crisis will never hit us – but if it does, which it looks like, may God bless and keep you all safe from harm.

  46. Jerry

    I’m still sticking to my statement. Nothing has changed about Syria.

    Jerry says:

    September 4, 2013 at 9:40 am

    Once again we are caught in the “Obama Diversion Machine”. The real story that they are trying to deflect our attention away from is the economic collapse that the DHS has been gearing up for, for the last 18 months. That’s reality Greg. Whether people choose to accept it or not it isn’t going to change the fact that we are headed straight for it with the debt ceiling scheduled to be raised another 1.7 Trillion dollars in October. That fact is not going to be changed, no matter how positive we try to be. Greg, you and I are simply the messengers. People can do whatever they like with this information. I’m using it to prepare. The rest of this news about Syria is just bogus bovine fecal matter. How do I know? Check this clip out of General Wesley Clark. It pretty much says it all.

    • Greg

      I am afraid you may be right!

  47. Anne Elliott

    Another thought – if the grid does go down, you’ll need some good walking shoes, bottles of water, and some candy bars/food with you to sustain you until you can get home.

  48. Liquid Motion

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview and again I applaud you for facilitating and sharing these enlightening pieces.

    A comment I wish to make concerns a lot of the attention that recent guests and even yourself have devoted considerable time to…SYRIA !!
    Many observations and conclusions (including JW)about the military involvement of the US either focusses on Oil/Gas and pipelines OR US hegemony/USD. How any action is viewed and then interpreted also has many different permutations : Some say its rightful action to avert human atrocities and potential threats against peaceful nations; Other who have Religious beliefs, suggest a Holy War will result with the ultimate ridding of the anti-Christ. Let’s get back to the core of the reason for attacking Syria ( and the others). What eventuates thereafter is pure hearsay. No one knows the future…period.

    I will not categorically state that these assumptions that are made or thesis put forward are invalid, but I will make the point about the true reason behind the so called “Need” for military action.

    Syria is one of the league of seven “Rogue” states (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan & Somalia).


    Interesting comment …”we don’t have a reason” (0.44-1.10)…incomplete answer from TPTB.

    Because they (Syria) do not play the “game” that the banking cabal plays and that they don’t conform to the “rules”, their controlling powers need to be removed so that democratic (puppets) can be promoted to ensure rectification and conformity. Once in place there is less rejection for the complete control/destruction of the world’s financial system.

    Do not think for one minute that the US has finished with Syria (notwithstanding the MSM BS). Resolution of the Chemicals cache is but a scratch on the surface and merely removes one element of uncertainty for the US stranglehold. They will continue to pursue the Assad regime until it is toppled. Once they have victory they will then focus on IRAN. Whatever is required …..WILL BE DONE !!!

    To think that one man has created this nightmare for the entire globe is unfathomable. His actions and agenda have set about the ultimate destruction of the global financial system ensuring widespread poverty and oppression.
    That very same man is the preferred replacement for one….BSB!!!
    He may indeed be seen to be the saviour…whilst few others may view him as the true anti-Christ. He will unleash hell on Earth.

    • Greg

      Liquid Motion,
      Deep. Loved it.

  49. mohammad

    Liquid Motion,

    It is mind challenging and intriguing at the same time to read your post.
    Few questions if i may:

    If Iran is part of the rogue states as you described, why its fierce enemy Saddam who was a perfect buffer was removed to give Iraq on a golden plate to Iran?

    Why Pakistan the nuclear American Ally and the fierce enemy of Iran is systematically dismantled now?

    Why Taliban who is also the fierce enemy of Iran was removed to give Afghanistan on a plate of gold to Iran , (if you remember the northern alliance which was pro Iran, I hope the answer would not be 9/11).

    A step back in time to the so called “Islamic revolution” in Iran.

    Why the biggest Ally to US and the west and that is the Shah of Iran was removed, humiliated kicked out of every place, while Khomeini was leading that “Islamic Revolution” from ….Guess what? …PARIS?

    Why The nuclear program that was started form the Shah times was kept going on without being hit in the early stage which would of been a whole a lot easier than now, when the west knew every site…..Actually they BUILT IT, while they bombed Saddam’s nuclear facility years back without hesitation?

    Why Russia the biggest defender of Iran and Syria is sleeping in the same bed with Israel that is saying they want to hit Iran and Assad (and here i will refer to what Jim Willie has said about Gasprom)?

    I have thoughts about those questions but i would like to hear your take on them, if they do not interest you then never mind.

  50. Liquid Motion


    Allow me to respond to the few questions that you pose.

    Firstly Iran was nominated by Retired Gen. Wesley Clark as being part of the Rogue seven. FACT. Many videos are freely available to witness this.

    Afghanistan is later identified as an additional Rogue State.

    If you understand why these states have been defined as “Rogue” then you can clearly follow the storyline and the Real reason for so called needed action.

    The West has been held captive to a world wide system of financial control. This control is in the private hands of BANKERS. With such great and far reaching power they are able to control governments and economies around the globe. Witness the USA, GB, CAN, JAP and EUR.
    Noticeably missing from the West are Brazil, Russia, China and India.
    Numerous overseeing/ruling bodies and controlling entities exist to ensure continuation and obedience. Without such, the private BANKERS lose their hegemony. This is now more crticial/evident than ever because of the leverage being exerted across all financial markets and instruments. Untold and unfathomable leverage in debt.

    You have first hand knowledge of the middle east states that have been nominated. Perhaps you can answer the question:
    What is it about these so called Rogue states that sets them appart from The WEST. What is is that they possess that the West cannot control. Please don’t answer with Gas/Oil/Pipelines.

    Karen Hudes stated…”follow the money”. She is 100 % correct.

    Clues can be found in the toppling of Saddam in Iraq and Gaddafi in Libya.

    The manipulation of the markets with the protection of the USD together with the suppression of Gold are in keeping with the migration process. To upset that process would be devasting…to all.

    It is a slow and painful process. Many will suffer along this pathway.

    • mohammad

      Israel is betting on Iran and she is removing all the blocks from its way, it won’t surprise me if the nuclear facilities in Iran are the new replacement of the aging Dimona nuclear site when it will be removed, Israeli’s would like to get the benefit of nuclear power but not the pollution of it in their holy land so lets keep it as far as possible (japan’s disaster is still a big reminder).
      The next super power is Israel / Iran combo, some cosmetic procedures needs to be done before that goal is achieved.
      what you see now is emptying Iraq, Syria and later on Lebanon from it population fabric (and not the regime) to open the silk road.

  51. mark

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you for posting Dr. Jim Willie’s interview unedited even with the G-D expletive included. I know this is offensive to those of us who hold the faith and love of our God and Father through our Lord Jesus Christ with deeply rooted feelings and conviction, the value of which is not to be underestimated by any means and is quite frankly something to be encouraged about. “You can mess with my money and my freedoms, but when it comes to my faith, brother you have crossed the line”; some may say. At any rate I would just point out that even the Lord Jesus Himself as the incarnate Word of God spoke words deemed highly offensive to those who heard and were seeking to find a cause to put Him to death. For example, what if you or I were a Pharisee and heard Him say as recorded in John 6 after the comment on Moses feeding their fathers with bread from heaven that it was God Who fed them with the bread from heaven and that He Himself is the true bread which comes down from heaven to give His life for the world and that unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood you have no life in you… That one even stumbled some of the disciples. While the Lord Jesus always honored the Father and would never curse or take the Name of His Father in vain, He was in the midst of a people that while having an appearance of righteousness and holiness and honoring the Name of the Father were doing anything but as proven by their practices. The Lord Jesus Himself called them whited sepulchers that while appearing so nice on the outside were filled with the wretchedness of dead man’s bones. The corruption He encountered was highly offensive to a Holy and righteous God Who in love came in the Person of His Son Whom He sent by the conception and power of the Holy Spirit. For example, we are all familiar with the time when the anger of the Lord Jesus was kindled against the moneychangers in the temple who were enriching themselves by means of cheating the people by manipulating the exchange rate of the Denarius for the Shekel since the Denarius was deemed unacceptable for purchasing animals for sacrifice in the temple because it had the image of a pagan king on it and so to purchase the animals required for sacrifice, the purchase had to be made with the temple Shekel and not the Denarius. That’s why He said they had turned His Father’s house which is for prayer into a den of thieves. He not only saw the actions of those with Whom He dealt with, He knew their motives and He was straight up in His assessment of both so that people would see and believe on Him Who is the only hope of forgiveness and salvation unto eternal life. While Dr. Jim Willie is certainly not the Lord Jesus and never claimed or claims to be infallible, he does devote an intense amount of effort into proving the Fed is a liar and exposing their fraud and those who are in legion with them. The deeds and misdeeds of those who are in political leadership are highly offensive and deserve the strongest of terms in language in denouncing them, but cursing is never necessary or productive. As Paul writes in the Scriptures “Be angry and do not sin”. The hardest place for us as men of flesh and blood not to sin is with our language especially when we are angry, as James in his letter points out. To quote:” So also the tongue is a little member yet boasts great things. Behold, how great a forest so little a fire ignites! And the tongue is a fire; the very world of unrighteousness, the tongue is set among our members as that which contaminates the whole body and sets on fire the course of life and is set on fire by Gehenna. For every nature, both of beasts and of birds, both of reptiles and of creatures of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by the human nature; But the tongue no one among men is able to tame; it is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made according to the likeness of God. Out of the same mouth come forth blessing and cursing. These things my brothers, ought not to be so. Does the spring, out of the same opening, gush forth the sweet and the bitter? Can a fig tree, my brothers, produce olives? Or a vine ,figs? Neither can salt water produce sweet” James ch 3. I have chosen to quote this passage at length because for you as a journalist to be faithful to your profession you must accurately quote or record that which is spoken by whoever you are interviewing even if it seems offensive. Crossing the line into censorship is a tough choice and one to be delicately handled by prayer and wisdom from our gracious God and Father above. Integrity is paramount and so is context. In this case I do believe Jim’s anger is justified and he used the only means he knows how to convey that anger, but that does not mean it is the way our Lord Jesus would have said it. So I pray for Jim and for you Greg amongst the many who have taken this challenge upon themselves to make a stand for righteousness and speak the truth regardless of the consequences to personal fortune or well-being as our hope and deep belief is that in the end the truth will out and be victorious as darkness is vanquished by the Light. All the very best brother Greg, the grace of our Lord Jesus be richly with you and may Dr. Jim Willie if he has not already, at some point in time find the peace and rest and joy that comes from knowing by faith the love of God in Christ Jesus Who forgives sins loves sinners even as sons and makes them a new creation in the Person of His Son in Whom He finds His delight.

  52. Derrick Michael Reid

    … snip

    I dont care for Kerry, but do wish him luck in Geneva. Destroy the WMD or take out Assad. Simple
    In an opinion piece published Thursday in The New York Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote, “The United States, Russia and all members of the international community must take advantage of the Syrian government’s willingness to place its chemical arsenal under international control for subsequent destruction.”
    I fail to see how exactly Putin is “putting one over the US” on this. The US set the tone, a serious one at that, and it seems to me, the US got the russkies and syria to play ball. This is a win win in my book. I also dont care for that totalitarian fascist in the White House either, but if Kerry pulls it off, its a feather in BHO’s cap.
    That didn’t stop Republicans from announcing their opposition to Obama’s initial call for military strikes and criticizing the commander in chief. Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb., accused the president of engaging in “pinball diplomacy.”
    What else should one expect from the party panderers opposite. They should get back to Hilary frying our ambassador in Benghazi and trying to cover it up, and the IRS thuggery.

  53. mohammad

    Putin in his Oped made a blunder in his move in chess!
    That blunder may cost him dearly!
    Over confidence and the false sense of victory can cost big!
    Am still stun by the brilliant moves Obama is making, if any one thinks he is weak or hesitant, think again.

    • Greg

      I just don’t see the brilliant moves by the President. I will say that Putin’s Op-Ed piece looks like it angered members of both parties. It was unifying, and I do not think this is what Putin was looking for. The whole Syrian situation is a mess and is far from over. I still say any attack will kick off WWIII, because there will be counter-attacks and counter-attacks to the counter-attacks. The whole world will suffer no matter what side you are on.

      • mohammad

        Russia is a regional power but not a global one, that is strategic, what appears bold moves on their behalf is hiding a real fear of tipping the balance in Syria, SO FAR it is working.
        Allow me please to remind you with few real life on the ground examples:
        Israel hit the alleged nuclear plant in northern part of Syria, what was the response?….Nothing.
        Israel hit the border of syria with lebanon to get a cash of weapons being in the process of transferring to Lebanon, what was the response?…. Nothing.
        Israel hit the cash of weapons in the heart of Damascus (quasioon Mountain), what was the response?….Nothing.
        overestimating the opponent in chess can be as grave as underestimating that opponent.
        WW III as i mentioned before has already started with Currency wars, then proxy wars so the fear of STARTING it is long gone, i has already started, if you go to the defense when you should be strategically on the offense you will find your opponent on your shores.

        • mohammad

          I refer to chess Greg because it is a small war.

        • Greg

          It all scares the hell out of me. Just because the Russians and Syrians have done nothing in the past doesn’t mean they will keep doing that. That said, your points are well made and well taken.

  54. SilverStreak

    Fantastic job Greg!

    Keep up the good work, I love it when you interview Jim. It would be great if you could get Bix Weir on and try to connect the dots with the new proposed $100 USD bill due out Oct 8th. Will this be the Foreign dollar that Jim Willie is talking about? A Gold Back Global USD?

    Keep up the great work!

    • Greg

      I don’t think a new paper $100 bill with QE to infinity is going to do much of anything. Thank you for the comment and support.

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