US Government in Full Scale Implosion Because of Corruption – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says the U.S. government is so fraudulent that it will self-destruct much sooner than later.  CAF predicts, “If you look at FTX, my question is how much of the money sent to Ukraine got laundered right back for the (2022 midterm) election?  So, to me, Ukraine is not a destination point, it is a through put point. . . . At this point, and I hate to say it, but we are in full scale implosion.  The corruption is that bad.  That’s why I am telling you what we need is sovereignty.  The federal government is not going to deliver. . . . The financial coup has reached a point where if you want sovereignty, the only person who can deliver that is your state governor and your legislature. . . . If you’ve got a great state AG, if you have great legislature, if you have a great governor, you better start supporting them.  They are the people that can protect your sovereignty.  You need governmental sovereignty if you are going to have individual sovereignty, and you better do it now.  You have no time to be entertained by Joe Biden, Trump and Hunter Biden.”

The federal government corruption was turbocharged in 2019.  CAF says, “While everyone was focusing on the teenage sex life of the Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, the House, the Senate, the White House, Democrat and Republican, both sides of the aisle got together and approved Statement 56 of the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) which said they could keep secret books.  That was everybody—together.  So, there is no Right vs Left.  There is no Trump vs Biden.  There is a machine in control of a spending machine that is financed with our taxes, and debt borrowed in our name, that is being sold into our pension funds and retirement accounts. . . . That machine, to keep balancing the books, is implementing a depopulation plan.  That is the reality that has to be faced and changing the President won’t matter. . . . If you want to make real progress against the machine, you’ve got to talk turkey about where your money is going, who are the local leaders and who are your state legislators who are going to support you when this machine fails you completely.  If it doesn’t fail you in 2023, it will fail you in 2024.  So, you better be ready.”

CAF says a big trend in 2023 that is already underway is people realizing the CV19 injections were not meant to save you but harm and kill you.  CAF say the CV19 injections were a bioweapon meant for depopulation, and everybody in America will know this in 2023.  CAF says, “The mainstream media has done a good job painting a different picture, but at some point, you cannot defy reality, and that is coming out.  We have already seen it translate into market action.  We see life insurance companies trading down 30% and the funeral home business trading up 20%.  That is a 50% divergence.”

CAF talks about the importance of physical gold and silver in the not-so-distant future.  CAF also talks about using cash, growing clean food, paying down debts, Central Bank Digital Currency, places to live to weather the coming storm, taxes and the strength of binding together for sovereignty against the machine.

In closing, CAF says, “Get out of fear and stay out of fear. . . .You think a snowflake is weak and fragile until enough of them get together, and then they can shut down New York City. . . . If we can face it, God can fix it.  Don’t go to fear.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 5-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts for 2.20.22.

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After the Interview:

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  1. John Maskell

    Great interview . Let’s pray that 2023 can change for the better and like minded people ( on this platform ) stay strong . Happy Christmas Greg. Thank you for the work that goes into USAWatchdog. Love to all from England.

    • Anthony Australia

      Absolutely, we have each other.
      The whole entire world’s Governments and military are corrupt, running a full scale campaign on their citizens using Trauma Based Mind Control via the MSM propaganda machine.
      Thanks for having CAF on your network Greg.

      • Dragonmuncher

        The adverse reactions are reaching mainstream media now.

      • Mike Myer

        I believe Trump was trying to do the right thing,thousands were dying,who else could he trust,but American farma,quick to judge after the fact,he even brought a huge ship to harbor to hospitalized people! He did so many good things! I believe the virus was put together by deep state with China to take back power.its hard for Americans to believe that kind of evil exists,but it does,look at what biden has done so far.all anticrist policies.Trump also moved embassy in Jerusalem, which is good proof God’s hand was on him.its not about Trump,it’s about JESUS

        • Jeremiah

          “Thousands were dying” baloney it was a regular flu season hyped to hell and back. Anyway I just came to say: great interview

        • Sharon Simpson

          A few months in, Trump did a broadcast telling people that “this will be over soon, dont worry” And then things changed. was he replaced??

        • Bebe

          That is how I feel. Trump has done more good for this country
          Than all the career politicians combined. He is on a par with
          My favorite Ronald Reagan. CAF has plenty of people to blame but he is not one to blame.I see his actions more
          As doing all he could to contain Covid-Knowing what we know now, it was planned to stop Trump and to destroy
          This country . Nuremberg is where they should be headed.
          In all my days listening to the CAF, this part of the
          Interview seemed more like a personal attack which was
          A proud deplorable

    • Anthony Australia

      Leo Zagami – The Globalists Are Trying to Usher in the Antichrist Through Mind Control & Manipulation

      • Baja

        This Lady is so sharp. Identifying the problems, and
        Gives a practical solution. Local networks, local government.
        Thank you Greg.

        • john lance

          Also Mrs. Fitts is on the money about our corrupt government . I just read that the GOP , that’s right the GOP , voted down spending one and one half billion dollars to build the border wall . Then they turned around and voted to send billions and billions more to Ukraine.

          • Pene

            So much has turned sour. I am a Republican but I’m likely going to turn independent because the whole system has gone spending crazy. I watched Congress stand and applaud Zelensky demanding more money and arms. This is the real end of the USA – a government that won’t defend freedom in their own country or take care of it’s citizens and allow an invasion of foreigners. I’m elderly and don’t have many years left. I’m already mourning for my GChildren.

            • John Maskell

              I totally agree . What is wrong with these people . Corruption is one thing, but funding evil to kill is another .
              Zelensky is a pathetic puppet ,put in by the deep state (CIA, Nuland ) to fleece American taxpayers money. You have war hero’s homeless and starving while they fund Ukraine billions of dollars ,most of which go to Zelensky’s pocket and other corrupt hands. Also , it probably finds his addiction to cocaine the crackhead !

      • Anthony Australia

        Antichrist in the House

        Alive and kicking’: Zelensky declares Ukraine will not compromise in US address.

        • Mike Myer

          I really believe Trumps heart was in the right place,if he’s so awful why did he give his entire income to charitys,? I think kathryne is very smart,but I sense a worldly view on things and we know if God has not opened your eyes and ears you aren’t going to see things clearly through the holy spirit,all we have now is purely evil policies which are prophesied for the end times.satan has fooled over half our country.i would have never believed that leadership would be so lost that a human with a mind would say men can get pregnant,talk about deceived.merry christmas,,thankyou Jesus

    • Julie


      • Brian

        Really Julie your going to go there. Maybe you should get away from the MSM site and start following the real news. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when ” I guess if you are a paid troll we shouldn’t expect anything less from you.

      • Rod Y

        Agreed Julie, Trump is done. This is how it ends Greg, the vax is a trial run for the mark, conditioning! Jesus is coming for his church and then the tribulation!

      • Obozo



        No your right, President Donald John Trump Sr is not coming back.
        He never left. Then we’ll Elect Eric for 8 years, then Donald Jr for 8, then Tiffany for 8, then Baron for 8 until we get rid of all the rats.

      • Carol Anne - Tucker Trucker Patriot

        I hope you are incorrect Julie. This country needs the builder more than ever the way the current admin has done things. They (the DS Left) are ALL Traitors and I hope they hang literally before they are Judged by our ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD.

      • Rene Hughes

        Agree !!!

    • Darrell

      Trump did take the money from the WHO but gave it to GAVI and Bill Gates owns GAVI and Gates is the biggest contributor to the WHO. Did he know? Doesn’t make sense. Also I would like to see Watchdog do a interview on Biden’s Executive order 14067 of 3/22/22 on digital currency.

      • Phil

        I want Trump to apologize to us for not locking up Hillary (before he apologizes to us for authorizing the kill shots – as he damn well knew there were alternative treatments like ivermectin etc., etc. and thus he did not have to sign the Emergency Authorization and build all those respirator “killing machines” for the dancing doctors)!!

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Yes again from England to one and all on USA

      • Deb B

        Trump knew Ivermectin and HYdroXychLoroQuiNe cured this so called “virus”. He pushed for it, but the deep state worked 24/7 to silence him. They took those away, which are actually considered “vaccines”. He was pushing for these…not the stupid jab. When they delivered the so called vaccines, while under Trump’s watch, he had the military deliver them…because he had normal saline delivered, not the real poison. When Biden moved in as Resident, he had the real poison delivered. People don’t know this important info. Trump did what he could do…he often has to speak in code, in order to get his word out. The deep state lied about, twisted and silenced everything Trump tried to tell the people. I’m sorry, I don’t agree with this woman at all. She doesn’t really know what is going on behind the scenes.

    • art simpson

      Great interview, but the frogs win, according to God’s retribution for failing to repent.
      Habakkuk 3:17: Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls:

    • messianicdruid

      Trump’s tradeoff – a million dead with some freedom or ten million dead with much less freedom [ lockdowns / ] causing a big wake up…

    • Mike

      I am in complete agreement with Catherine. If I a peon could know this was a killer in 2020, ( not guessing but through deep investigation) how could Trump not know. He is bought and paid for. Trump still hypes the “father of the emergency act.” Wake up Greg. Trump is not the Messiah. Why did he tell Robert Kennedy to investigate vaccines for autism, and immediately after that hired two big pharma people to stop Kennedy from the investigation. Trump is guilty of murder of millions. Regardless if everyone loves Trump! I had voted for him. You are supporting a killer, period. And we love you Greg. We are conned. If the states don’t support us, we are screwed.

      • Greg Hunter

        You do realize Biden has been in office for the past 2 years?? You also must realize the CV19 injection came out AFTER the election:

        • Mary Smith

          Hi Greg,
          Sorry, but Trump PARTNERED with Moderna back in January, per his daughter, Ivanka’s Tweet:

          • Greg Hunter

            Please don’t put Mother Earth crap on my site. It’s total left-wing Propaganda.

            The whole truth is Trump had a lot going against him.

            The Vax came out after the 2020 election: Biden (who has been in office two years) mandated the vax for millions. He forced people to chose between a job and a kill shot injection. Trump would have never done this.

            Those are also the facts and they say many were involved in this disaster AFTER Trump left office. I still do not believe Trump sat in a room with these creeps and said “Let’s kill millions of people with this bioweapon.”

            Also, Obama era laws to fast track “vaccines” were passed by Congress and this also set up this disaster.

            All this said, I am sad that Trump, who now knows the problems of the vax , will not come out and say stop it. I have said this many times over several months. It is an unfolding disaster and it is going to get far worse.

            • Alice S.

              “”Obama era laws to fast track “vaccines” were passed by Congress and this also set up this disaster.”
              Exactly, because the covid plandemic was in the works for years. It would have still happened had HRC won, because they still needed the fear and further splitting of America the way it has to further their 16yr plan and socialist society. They also needed the vaccines to maim children, cause infertility, miscarriages, deaths in the young and old alike, because its in their end game to depopulate the earth. As Bill Gates has said more than once, “the best way to do that, is through vaccines.” There have been smarter people than all of us who have been predicting these events for decades but we’ve been too complacent and too many have trusted our governments.

              • Ayn Rand

                As many have predicted, Austin Fitts is joining the Block Trump from office of President…..I AM CERTAIN that when time is right Trump will be able to explain/justify to everyone’s satisfaction his position on vax….I am ALSO CERTAIN TRUMP does not want to be President….Trump, (A lot like Byrne Claims) was asked by patriots in government and military to help save this country by highlighting treason corruption etc……We All Need and Better Want Trump “on that Wall”
                Anyone that undermines or casts doubt on trump and his motives is the enemy…TRUST ME ON THIS…in this video for the first time .Austin Fitts leads me to know she is dangerous to entirely trust

        • Pene

          Greg, Biden is only a place holder. He does not write his own speeches or even think his own thoughts anymore. I was a Trump supporter until this last week’s party at Mar-a-largo with the alphabet people. Our family values have been shredded and we are scrambling to keep our children out of the genderless groups. We the People have been abandoned to fend for ourselves and fight crime with our wits. We can’t count on ANY politician to help us and the government that we used to count on has been slowly stripped to the bone since Kennedy’s murder. May God help us all.

        • Bernie Christensen

          Trump is innocent. He did not kill millions. He has been fighting the dark from the get go. It doesn’t matter now who is in office the only one that counts is GOD. Prepare and stay frosty.

        • TW

          Trump and Biden are both to blame. Don’t forget, Trump gave Big Pharma millions and millions to develop the Clot Shot. They are two peas in same pod—the Deep State!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            If Trump was really one of them, would they have worked so hard to fraud him out of office? Would they be working this hard to put him in jail? Trump should come clean on the clot shot. It is obvious it is a disaster and I have said this for many months.

            • Matthew

              “If Trump was really one of them, would they have worked so hard to fraud him out of office?” you say.

              Greg, have you ever heard about “Political Theater”?

              Ever hear about in-fighting, backstabbing and jockeying for position? Political enemies, political vendettas and retribution?

              Your reasoning is sophomoric and it is apparent you have thought none of this through over the past two plus years.

              The enemy of my enemy is not always a friend, and esp. when both were enemies to begin with.

            • James Pierce

              Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel would be proud of you folks.

        • Matthew

          Do you realise that the Trump “Warp Speed” clot-shots came out BEFORE the election? Good grief, of you can’t know that simple fact, you are no “watch dog” but asleep on the porch dreaming sweet dreams about Trump.

          “he Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first granted emergency use authorization to the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine on December 10, 2020,[6] and mass vaccinations began four days later”.

          Thomas K, Weiland N, LaFraniere S (December 10, 2020). “F.D.A. Advisory Panel Gives Green Light to Pfizer Vaccine”. The New York Times.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are a stupid troll. The 2020 election was Tuesday November 3,2020!!!!!!! December comes after NOVEMDER–IDIOT!!!!!

        • Sicasevilis

          to support your disagreement with ms. fitts: she comes out saying so definitely that trump paid 10 billion USD to roll out the vax and he murdered people. and then says “the president has NO power! The POTUS does not make the decisions!” when speaking about biden! qnd she says plainly that she has “no idea what is going on”.
          her OPINION isnt credible when she states both sides of the same argument opposing her opinion with her opinion and has zero supporting statements for any of it.
          sure she has a history as a great accountant and economical experience. but, she doesn’t live in the USA while telling us how to save ourselves from the federal government by counting on action initiated by our states government. states government are rolling with whatever the feds command. lastly she speaks of corrupt central banking cartels and their lust and greed for control and keeping their power, BUT, she endorses the central banks with the financial products she is marketing for herself at solari. another case where ms fitts is opposing and promoting the same concepts and institutions – add ot up and she has opposed and promoted the corruption and condemned POTUS DJT for his actions she THINKS he committed while POTUS, but refuses to admit biden(a pedophile, traitor &usurper of his position after election fraud) has done anything wrong st all- add it up and ms fitts has SUPPORTED FULLY the evil that has been crushing americans on every front sice biden took office! ms fitts has a cognitive issue with a bias towards the truth the she falsly speaks on.

      • Jack

        You must realize that the Deep State got to Trump. When your life and that of your family is threatened by the power elite you have no choice but to do along. You give a prime example of his efforts to do good and the action forced on him to take. Wake up!

      • Rene Hughes

        mike , I totally agree with you . Also he set people up for Jan. 6 .. that is when my eyes opened . Dr Judy told Trump about the jab at the White House . I have followed Cathrine for a few years now and she doesn’t beat around the bush . She knows and won’t mislead or cover up anything. Prayers for her safety .

    • Lee

      Very Interesting Interview from YouTubr: get Whitney Webb on USA Watchdog 🙂

    • Bianca Ciardi

      GREG!!! How can you talk to her that way! She’s your guest. She did not trash trump, he was a psycop to make us look over here while over there chaos is at a height never seen before. What has trump done to free the Jan 6th captives?

      • Greg Hunter

        What had Biden done to free the J-6 patriots? He put them there. You do realize Biden has been President for 2 years??@!!

  2. Todd


    • Rick

      Actually telling the truth about Trump. She speaks all the truth. We are not alone though, God is with us.

      • Shirl

        HEADS UP.

        We have entered a time warp of 2016. Donald Trump will never be president…he is (fill in the repeating parrot talk) we hear from the same sorts of clowns then as we do now in 2022!


    • bola

      I like you Greg.
      Plans take time to execute. Good or bad.
      Government is un accountable.
      There is no central remedy.

      Get local.

  3. Ian Anderson

    You and Catherine do great work .
    The world is watching .
    So are the celestials .
    From Qld Australia

    • Anthony Australia

      That they are. Fear not Mate!

  4. Ian Anderson

    I just tried to donate but refuse to when I see it’s through PayPal only who can take your money if you don’t fit.
    Please get a properly secure alternate method to allow folks like me to support your good work

    • Justn Observer

      Ian, as mentioned in his interview, you can go to donate page and use this one or send one to the PO BOX to do so ? =To make a Donation through Cornerstone,
      a Christian based payment system,
      please Click the BLUE Donate button or send one to the PO BOX

    • Michael Lee

      READ MUCH ?
      To make a Donation through Cornerstone,
      a Christian based payment system,
      please Click the BLUE Donate button:

  5. Marcy

    Trump was in a BOX!! They dropped the virus to get rid of him.. He always said” If you want to have the vaccine you have a choice!!!” He knew most conservatives would not take it! He even talked about HCQ, Ivermectin and wahat happened??? He was attacked by the corrupt press and corrupt politicians !!! He had to let it roll out, or we would be locked up for 10 yrs!!!!! It was not his fault stupid people took it!!!!!!!

    • Crybabe

      Trump was educated by Jesuits to carry out the plan. Get over it. He is still promoting the vaccine. Horrible man.

      • Bevus

        The aliens taught him… MIND CONTROL, he had to know they from uranus 😂😂😂

      • Kathy

        How would we be locked up for 10 years? I live in Georgia and I remember when Governor Kemp decided to open Georgia back up that Trump came out against him on it. Of course, it was the right choice. Now this bioweapon is coming for the children. Trump out to be right out there saying he was deceived. But, I guess the million dollars he got from big pharma as a campaign donation still carries water. Maybe he thinks he will get more this next time. Further, many people who needed to keep their jobs and the people of the military were forced to take the bioweapon. What will it take for you people to realize his time has come and gone?

      • Won Witness

        Trump is a Presbyterian.
        your trump derangement syndrom is showing.

      • Rene Hughes

        Crybaby , yes he was and his family went to the same college

    • Raymond Jones

      trump was the most popular false choice ever given to the american public yes he did a lot of good stuff but it was not the right good stuff when his base started to wake up and complain he would a good deed to shut them up and put them back to sleep so his buddies on the left could cary on destroying america unhindered….when we have banks that can destroy nation states how does a family get and keep the kind of money that trump has its simple he is going to do as they say what ever they say as long as they tell him to do it because he knows they can make it disappear in a flash they can make him and his family disappear in a flash and tell any crazy story they want and the idiot public will beleive them just look at this january 6th insanity and tell me whats going on
      its all fake but they will make it real

      • Freebreezer

        RJ – I hear your sorrow. Trump never stood a chance … the deep state was too deep. And, I believe the deepstate where not expecting Trump to win (i.e. they did no cheat enough because they were not predicting such a large ground swell for Trump). To better understand how we got to this place, go back to the 60’s and understand the depth and depravity of MKultra … what has been disclosed says it all. Look and see what was paid out to the MS Media back then. Staggering sums in today’s dollars. Thus the MS Media, bought and paid for, has been a mouth piece for the CIA/MI6/Deepstate ever since the very early 60’s. And yes it is all fake. The CIA was involved in the killing of Kennedy (why else would they not release the documents?), got control and it has been a big fake burger served to us peasants ever since. Nothing pushed by the MSM is to be believed!

      • Rene Hughes

        RJ , you are so right !!! people want a savior narrative.. my eyes opened Jan 6. And he has never helped those people in jail .

    • Jedi5isAlive

      Trump said he was going to use the Military to roll out the vax… he said he supported red flag laws,”take the guns first and due process after that”. Typical double speak from another bad “actor”. But, trumpets will NEVER get over their cognitive dissonance. Like most cult members…

  6. Wayne Todd

    Greg, I know it’s hard to give up on your hero’s, but Catherine Austin Fitts is right – Trump did try to start the ball going… but ultimately they all get sucked up in the machine. She is right, we all have to become sovereign – democracy is… two lions and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner!!! Really enjoy your site and your guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      I just cannot believe Trump was in on the murder program from the beginning. He certainly knows now, and for that I am very disappointed.

      • Michael

        I just dont understand why Trump hasnt addressed this with the People? Come clean with us and by his own lips tell us he was deceived too. Im starting to lose family to this, its right in my grill. I have random “2- minute memorials” on work-zoom telecons now, for people I dont know that…died suddenly. This is getting bad, but the kids getting this really crossed the line for me. Im having a tough time dealing with that one. Its a darkness Ive never seen before. And for Trump to have remained so quiet, I just cant square it.

        • Ed Mustafo

          If Trump ever came out and said “ The vaccines are dangerous, don’t take them “ we would have gone right back into lockdowns again. Exactly where the Deep State wants us all. Total control over everyone. Instead we all had a choice, really simple solution. Don’t get the jab. When Trump is back in the White House, he’ll address the whole jab situation but anything he say before then will only be used against him. That’s pretty obvious.

          • Felix

            totally disagree he is a actor just like the rest of them,they are controlled by the kazarian mafia and other secret societies but the kazarian bankers(rothchilds) are at the root of all evil they control the money system everywhere and they buy all the scumbags that sold their soul for money and power

            • PersonaNonGrata

              Hi Felix,
              You nailed it. I only wish MORE people understood the simple truth. I continue to urge people to read, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin – a #1 best seller that has never been out of print since first publication in 1994!

        • Matt

          Guys, with all due respect, Trump is a free mason and is not representing us.

          • Greg Hunter

            Source this please.

            • Richard Sauder

              Greg, please see:

              The hand signs and poses that Trump makes are secret society, Freemasonic hand signs. He’s been publicly flashing them, over and and over and over, for many years. A picture is worth a thousand words. Look at the pictures. He’s openly showing you who he is! As Jesus observed: “Let those who have eyes to see, see.” Can you see, will you see, or are you blind?

              We love you, Greg, but you have to understand the deep wickedness of this one called “Donald Trump.” Of course he knows how devastating the mRNA shots are! Big Pharma has paid him a lot of money for that. With respect, take off the Rose Colored Trump Glasses and see that fat man from New York City for the deceitful blow toad that he is.

              Catherine Austin Fits is right. Listen to her. Trump is a awful sack of slimy, putrid offal. You have people like Catherine Austin Fitts on your show, and yet you refuse to see the glaringly obvious evidence that Trump is a Deep State Player and that he has been, and is playing you.

              Trump ain’t God. He’s a very corrupt player from Mystery Babylon, i.e., New York City. He’s part of the Satanic political circus that <> rescue you.

            • john lance

              For all its worth , according to U Tube Trump is a 33 degree free mason.

              • Greg Hunter

                You mean YouTube? The lying bastards that took me off their channel because I told the truth about the vax and massive voter fraud? That’s your source? Bull crap. Next!

                • Jay Stillman

                  Greg, I love you and the work that you do!
                  Cathrine said something that deserves much more attention. Karen Kingston was KICKED OFF TRUTH SOCIAL because she said bad things about the vaccine.
                  That is the same crap censorship that kicked you off You tube. I cancelled my account over that censorship that amounts to propaganda – we will not tolerate opposing views. Censorship is wrong and against our second amendment rights. Surely, that offends you to your core.

              • Lee

                Wow. I do know this: Trump is NOT a Freemason. Period. Do more research.

        • Shirl

          Michael, ” for Trump to have remained so quiet, I just cant square it.”
          For those whose own ears had failed them, How many countless times do you have to hear it? In fact, he offered several alternatives besides the jab plus, you didn’t have to take anything at all with a 99.98% recovery rate if you chose not to by following the facts. He didn’t force or mandate it or force the face diaper nonsense either. How many times would he have to repeat it for you to hear it? Do you need a Daddy to tell you what to do?

          You know, IF, CAF knew it was a bio-weapon then, as she claims, and that by her very stretched AssUmption that HE should have known too, WHY didn’t she say something then about it??? Last checked, most everyone at the time trusted the CDC Safe & Effective vaccine protocols…who in the world, save a very few, were skeptical? I don’t recall CAF ever mentioning vaccine injuries etc ever let alone that they were committing mass genocide thru a bio-weapon ahead of time instead of a vaccine that was ordered up Warp Speed to save millions as it should have…I mean truly, I could on but, WOW…try not to be so stuck on stupid.
          Should Trump further explain you don’t have to have the jab? I heard it the first time he did.

          Will he join the suit against the big pharma industrial complex? That’s a whole other box of chocolates and will not reverse the fate already sealed of those who failed to hear him in the first place.

          • Felix

            obviously you have never done any research into big satanic pharma,they have been killing millions for generations and generations.One poisonous product after another with no recourse or punishment,they pay a fine and back to business as usual.Pharmaceia means sorcery.I knew right from the start it was a scamdemic Dr. rashid buttar was telling people.Follow naturopaths not rockefeller medicine

            • Shirl

              Hi Felix, if President Trump is “controlled opposition” Americans need more of that especially when so many crooks posing as publicly elected officials have been outed because of him. Please, try coming up with a better story 😂😂😂

          • G

            Do not EVER be so disrespectful of CAF. You, lightweight shortbus puke.

            • Shrub

              Little Bush, is that you?

          • The Canuck

            CAF called this out as “plague laws” a long time ago. They create a plague. They centralize control. Then they move the reserve currency to another jurisdiction. She called this a long time ago

            • Shirl

              Well Canuke, did CAF call out the Clot-Shot at the time where it could have made a difference that she claims Trump should have magically known too…somehow???
              That’s the question. Thanx.

        • W Phillips

          What is it you don’t understand about Trump not addressing this???? I think it speaks VOLUMES.

        • Carol Hudak

          I Agree re: Trump. He’s a billionaire FreeMason. Look how he fooled so many ‘Christians.’ And now he Won’t say, “I got it wrong . . .” Nope, bought and paid for.

      • Ed Mustafo

        Greg, your gut feeling is right about Trump. Just look at how hard they are going after him right now ( and over the past six years). Why? Because he’s part of their machine? Without the jab rollout, we’d all still be in lockdowns. Period the end. I like Catherine but she’s wrong about Trump, and when he comes back and turns things around, what’s she gonna say??? To me she’s finished just like Gerald Celente. Why would anyone buy anything from them after getting it all so wrong? Oh well…. Almost MAGA time. Keep watching.

        • Shirl

          Hi Ed, I agree although GC is a forecaster who assumes what he weighs in is accurate… at least that’s how I see his failings. He doesn’t quite get Fake News, IMHO. Love his passion and he has gotten more right than wrong through the years.

          Anyway, it Seems to me there are those repeating their TeeVee talking Heads of Their FAVORITE Lying Legacy Media Fake News outlet as has been the case even though 100% of their spewage has been proved wrong by over 6 years of non-stop debunked stories one after the next as you point out. “Trump is part of the protected class of the same Ship of Fools who just make things up” = unreal bullcrap that makes no sense whatsoever, which proves how gullible the brainwashed really are…

          How many more debunked stories will they continue to beLIEve and for how many more years too!?!?!?!

          Maybe more clot-shots For the Fake news believers are needed? Yikes!

          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

        • Felix

          wrong trumpwas controlled opposition from day one.They are all actors they do nothing forthe american people.Presidents are not in control the kazarian bankers have them all under their satanic wings

          • Shirl

            If President Trump is as you claim, “controlled opposition” then we need more of that Felix, especially when so many crooks posing as publicly elected officials have been outed because of him, not to mention FAKE NEWS aka LLM and so much more…Please, try coming up with a better story 😂😂😂

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Greg, I am so grateful for you and having all your super guests. Katherine is the smartest woman in America. The poker Tell of Trump is he has never come out and disavowed the Frankenshots and apologized to the people. He knew, he played ball with the Evil Cabal and he is one of them as is Elon Musk. You don’t get to be a billionaire not being a member. I think our country is dead now. The people are now just mice waiting to be stepped on. All my friends were so sad we had to leave Kentucky (RUN OUT BY OB IN 2016) and move back to Thailand. Now, they are all asking how to move here. Thailand is a massive food producing country and 95% are pure Thais. Tight borders and if the crap going on in Europe and America was tried here, they would all die a painful death. Merry Christ-mas and God Bless all here and Greg, I love ya man. I am not allowed here to send money to you and cancelled Visa here and got MC and it still was denied. Katherine is right to stand up tall now but it might be to late to get any politician to help now. 1776 must happen soon now or it will be to late.

      • Raymond Jones

        hey greg
        now that we have the voting machines that can vote for us we will only get rino,s and demacrats to vote for …we have not had a real fair election since about the clinton era maybe earlier as i dont remember when exactly we went with the voting machines came into wide spread use…but think about it clinton won twice father and son won twice and the faggot drug addict muslim omuzloid won it twice really really i dont think much stuff like that would happen with out a lot of help/cheating…just looked it up the first electronic votes were in 1973 but we did not get rid of the lever machines untill some time in the early 1990,s which was when i saw that the tampering was jumping up by leaps and bounds…i was living in indiana at the time voting libratarian and i wacthed our state vote go from less than 2% too 3% and then to 5% and then the next cycle it was back to about !%…i think that was 1995 but suffice it to say we have not had a real election in roughly 33 years they hid it well and it took both parties to do it…all we have left is rino,s and dems

        • Sicasevilis

          take a look at GLITCH GATE
          a report that details the beginning of voting machines in the 1970’s and the facts that they were brought into our elections as a method for rigging elections
          also names the names of the two brothers who were criminally paid to bring corruption to the elections in usa

      • Spirit

        We all have areas of weakness; mental, physical, and spiritual. If one is weak in game theory, which applies to military strategy, one will not see how strategy is vital. The enemy is not going to allow pockets of awakened people to abide by their own government (governing of the mind); it will be as ruthless as they can be, as long as they do not stick their necks out too far…which they have. For the above reasons, we would do well to trust Trump rather than invent our own alternatives. While it is clear she is a humanist, I’d like to know more about CAF’s spiritual views. Greg, you and I know there is more to this world than meets the eye.

      • T bone

        Like CAF said if he wasn’t in on it he was too stupid either way he cannot be trusted with power again. Furthermore he left office knowing the election was fraudulent – again cannot be trusted with such high office ever again. He is prideful and that is he genesis of his downfalls. Also still claims he saves millions with the vac so if he now gets it’s like you claim- what does that say about his character?

      • Mary-Ann

        Yes, you are right Mr. Hunter – Trump is not a scientist and he had to rely on the statements of Dr. Tod Fauci and his associates, but they all were bought – and have lied and cheated from the beginning, just like the WHO!!! Let’s not forget that Trump was the one who wanted to cut off the funding to this lying WHO and that’s why an indoctrinated clown of the WEF had to forcefully and with fraud emerge as the “winner of the election”….

      • Ed Sorrentino

        I am with you on this. I don’t believe Trump is in on this murder program. I do believe, however, like many that this is definitely a Spiritual Warfare and God works through people such as Trump. He is not perfect in anyway. He did, however, woke up the people but now it’s up to us to deliver. We need to stand in solidarity to take back this country, otherwise there will be no country in the future.
        Trump is well aware of what these shots are doing to people around the world. Now is the time for him to stand up and admit that this is a total failure and to help us put a stop to this once and for all.

      • Judy Dosch

        Agree 100%, Greg Hunter

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Not be morbid ( just to be a little bit prepared). How many people in the US will die from the death jab in the next two years?

        Great interview

        Take and God bless you my friend


        • Edmunde Burke

          Deagel Web site predicted USA population at 100 million by 2025.
          UK down to 20 million.
          Most Western countries down at least 60%.

          The Deagel 2025 predictions pages were removed about 2 years ago but can still be found.

          • Claire

            Best place to check out Deagel is on; scroll down the right hand side of the page and you’ll find a lot of the original info. Also, some interesting interviews with a man who discovered Deagel in 2013 (I think).

      • James Fisher

        Greg, you give excellent interviews. you ask great questions and you actually let people answer their questions without constantly interrupting them. I love Catherine Austin-Fitts. She is one of the best. I have a request. After what is happening with the weather can you please interview Dane Wiggington? Merry Christmas, Happy birthday Jesus, and God bless you Greg!

      • Michael Lee Shirey

        Brother Greg, there will be many antichrists in the End-Times. I got suckerpunched myself. GOD Bless your Ministry. As a fellow Sealed Beleiver I need to double-check my ‘Gift of Decernment’ concerning Trump as well. I voted for him but drank the Koolaid from a dropper. Merry Christmas! We need you out here in the Wild!

        • Greg Hunter

          If the choice is Trump or Biden in 2024, who would you vote for? I rest my case.

          • Farmer Ron

            Dear Greg, been following you since 2009 or before …

            I’ve seen everybody ( good and bad)you’ve had on and watched you with a critical eye … you’ve never let me down.
            You were always without a doubt the most credible newsman and interviewer I have ever had the pleasure of watching .
            Kudos to you!

            You are a god man and I have over the years agreed with most of your views.

            But when it comes to trump,
            I must apologize, your stance is incomprehensible!

            CAF is right in her assessment that Trump, Biden, Desantis or Santa Claus being President is not going to change the outcome of this end-game.

            You are arguing over who should be steering the titanic while it is sinking deeper and deeper into the Atlantic Ocean.

            Trump did not come to power by mere happenstance.
            He was put there by a very powerful group of elite industrialists who opposed the ” Third World War scénario pushed by the Clinton backers
            ( world bankers).

            Daniel Estulin repeatedly and clearly identified on your show the players of the game and stated that neither players was on OUR side.

            The trump team may at one time been on the way to crush the Banker cabal, but behind closed doors, the two sides fighting for power came to an ” understanding”. An agreement so to speak. A deal was druck between the elites of the world.

            That’s when The Trump side having gotten the concessions from the cabal, having worked out a deal that was acceptable to both sides, let go of power and started playing the distraction role ( controlled opposition).

            If you look back at Trumps speeches he repeatedly stated that the enemy had gone to far when they ( pedophiles)went after the kids.
            He had the army go after the pedo networks, the underground caves, the trafficking gangs…
            He said repeatedly, ” They should not have touched the kids”. ( April 2020).

            That was to be the rallying cry to bring people from all over the world together to fight the evil because they went after Gods angels ( the kids). This was the one thing Dems, GOP, left wing, right wing, Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists had in common. The love of their children. The innate protection of all children.

            But the plan was shelved and set aside in Jan 2021 and the bankers were allowed to retake power ( Trump’s handlers let them!), …

            Today the CDC cabal is going after the kids and are planning on sterilizing, maiming and killing them…. and there is NOT one word from Trump.
            What happened to his ” don’t touch the kids ” stance!?

            You should have Daniel Estulin on again, He can explain it better than I.

            CAF is right. Trump is an illusion.
            Stop deluding yourself as you are inadvertently promoting a false narrative that only serves the Cabal.

            As I said, you are a good decent smart man with a high level of discernement…

            but on Trump… you’re missing the boat! Please take some time and meditate ( pray) in this.
            Ask the higher powers to guide you… Jesus is your only true saviour, Trump is just an illusion.

            sent to you with love and good intention.

            For what its worth….
            thank you for your incredible and sustained quality work and newscasting for all these years. You truly are a Godsend.

            All the best to you, your family and your Committed followers.

            God bless.
            Farmer Ron

            • Greg Hunter

              God bless you too. You do realize that Biden has been out of office for two years? You do realize Biden and Crew mandated the injections. Something Trump would not have done. The shots started in December of 2020 after the election:

              It’s a huge machine and nobody can control it, or it’s all Trump’s fault? Which is it? You can’t have it both ways. I try to be objective and consider all angles. That said, I am totally unobjective to the truth of Jesus Christ. No debate needed, He is my Lord and Savior. But we are not talking about Jesus we are talking about Trump. People state their opinion with zero sourcing and expect me to believe their opinion is fact. NOT Objective and opinion is not a fact. You have to have a lot more the information to be objective. It was all the Obama Era laws passed by Congress that made “Warp Speed” not only possible, but a certainty. All the carnage that came with it was put into place long ago. Congress was exempt from the death shots because they knew they would be no good. This is NOT Trumps’s fault. Trump stupidly tried to brand the “Warp Speed” and claim it, but it was not his to claim.

              You are a good man too, but you need way more information than you have before you pass judgment on Me or Trump.

              That said, Trump should have come out months ago and said stop the shots and I have said this on many occasions. One more thing, if you want to drop criticism on me, that is fine, but it would mean more if you used a verifiable name like I do every day. I don’t fright from the dark and neither did Our Lord and Savior.



          • Matthew

            At this point voting is basically choosing between beaten by a whip or by a chain. I prefer not to be beaten at all, ergo, I do not consent. Trump said all the right things while campaigning yet oversaw some of the most egregious violations of personal and economic sovereignty I’ve ever witnessed. Come on Guys, even a dog knows the difference between getting stepped on and being kicked. We got rolled. Whatever. Hopefully we can move forward with a deeper understanding of what is required to maneuver through these difficult times with grace and vision. Good luck

    • Roger A. Huddleston

      Secession by The People of The States that choose to separate from the evil that rules America is necessary to ensure sovereignty.

      It is not just our right, it is our duty.

      Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you
      2 Corinthians 6:17

  7. James

    Mentioned getting away with the WHO!
    Remember the WHO is the medical arm of the UN!
    UN was created from its start to be the globalist government center and also making New York city the capital of the world.
    UN does want a big depopulation event.
    We the US need to completely get away from the UN and its medical arm the WHO!
    Plus kick the UN building function off US shores!

    • Olaf from Oz (Aus)

      Thanks Greg for your time and efforts.
      Yes, G. Edward Griffin wrote a great book in 1964 Called “The fearful Master”
      He exposed the UN in that Book, and it certainly opened my eyes 30 years ago!
      The UN is a COMMUNIST Organization.

      He Quotes George Washington :-
      “Government is not reason;
      it is not eloquence;
      it is force! Like fire,
      it is a dangerous servant
      and a fearful master!”
      George Washington

       Copyright 1964 by Western Islands.
      All rights reserved.
      Western Islands
      395 Concord Avenue
      Belmont, Massachusetts 02178

      Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 64-22761

      I believe Pope Francis will be head of UN ~ 27th December ’22 or a little after.
      I may be wrong.

  8. Hopinow

    I think trump did know the plan and the plan was to keep us locked down until 2025 . He forced a speed up
    And then pushed alternatives like HCQ, Regeneron, etc.

  9. chris

    Love listen to Catherine! Thank you for posting this! In addition to dump paypal for usual online purchases, it would be great to dump most of the online purchases totally, except for the most precious ones related to health.. I dumped all SMART meters and their requirement for online electronic payment. All meters are read by HUMANS who come in every month and chat while having fun. That’s their job, with electronic payments, smart meters, etc. we are delivered to the smart invisible cloud of AI’s… HUMAN exchange in everything, including payments from hand to hand:) THANK YOU!

  10. chris

    oh, and YES, Catherine is absolutely right about Trump, in my opinion an american traitor!! Do you actually realize the level of anihillation he caused in the American nation, while contributing to all the genetically modifying injections later on forced upon all soldiers, all essential workers, adults and now children???? Sorry, but must be COMPLETELY BLIND not seeing the essential role of Trump as to DIVIDE and CONFUSE while DECEIVING the NATION, and the world for that matter.
    We do not need deep state guiding everyone into a mass grave.
    Trump, stay where you are and do not dare to confuse more everyone while serving the murder clan.

  11. Geoff Scott

    Happy christmas Greg,Catherine Austin Fitts very powerfull

    • haifisch8587

      Trump recognizes the power of the Deep State. He is not bullet proof and knows he could be offed without a moment of remorse. Why do you think billions are being pumped into Ukrain. Corrjption has taken over. Be very afraid…

  12. tim mcgraw,maintaining%20the%20status%20quo%20of%20the%20previous%20year.
    2024 is a year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. I was born a Dragon back in 1952. All of the major changes in my life have happened in Dragon Years.
    It may be a coincidence. Who really believes in astrology?
    But the #1 prediction from Nostradamus for 2024 is a deadly virus from Siberia.
    Odd that.
    I’ll be happy to still be alive in 2024.
    Good Luck!

  13. Frank S.

    People may think they know about Trump’s decision-making process and available choices. But if you compare the brash world-beater who ran in 2016, including the beneficial, successful programs and bills he implemented, with the debilitating effects of Deep State power players including seeming “un-Trump-like” decisions, run amok programs and backstabbing bureaucrats, its clear that Pres. Trump and his family are under constant threat of death. Right now, he has to limit his actions to what he can get away with under this criminal control. The solution is the America 1st MAGA Movement forging ahead boldly, independently. If not, “Let Trump Be Trump” then “Let Us Be Trump For Him”.

  14. tim mcgraw

    7:40; The bankers can want “complete control”, but they won’t get it. People will resist. They will revolt or just quit reproducing.
    Are the bankers going to start stealing eggs and sperm and have women slaves to raise the babies?
    The bankers will fail.

    • Rodster

      And maybe that is the main plan….depopulation !

      • tim mcgraw

        Rodster: And that is what has always puzzled me. All wealth comes from human activity. More humans = more wealth.
        Why are the elites pushing this depopulation? They will lose wealth and power.
        Do they really drink the Kool-Aid about Man-Made Global Warming? or that “non-sustainable” bullshit?

        • Rodster

          Trans-humanism. These jokers are seeking immortality and it’s a subject CAF has talked about many times. They prefer to have a planet with 500m total. Bill Gates has said that is where our population needs to be.

          Unfortunately for them when you eliminate all the worker bees that made them rich, they will have to do it themselves when they have NO idea what they are doing.

        • The Canuck

          Tim, currency is not wealth as you know. It’s a control mechanism and it’s time is over like all fiat currency. A relatively small group of people are trying to arrange the slave trade as CAF has said numerous times. A genderless, emotionless, cloud connected organic human to perform tasks. Microsoft was recently granted an international status patent describing a small electronic pellet being rewarded with a crypto currency for work performed. PAT # 2020060606

          • tim mcgraw

            The Canuck: Is that you Jeff? Long time…
            All wealth comes from human labor/activity. The currency is just a measurement of value like a ruler or yardstick.
            What is wrong with humans?
            Well, plenty I guess, but we are who we are. We made it this far, eh?
            Out of the caves and savannahs into homes with flush toilets, refrigerators, showers, stoves, beds, and a TV!
            It’s a long way from “Indian TV” (campfire).
            We can go further.
            Why can’t the elites see this?

    • paul anyhony dodo

      i agree Tim bit i also think there will be chaos and hardships and probably death for some to win this in am praying for our country daiky. God Bless you Tim !

      • tim mcgraw

        paul anyhony dodo: Thanks for your prayers. Yes, chaos and hardships are coming (again). WWI and WWII weren’t that long ago.
        All of, well most of, our problems are man-made!
        The Earth hasn’t been hit by an asteroid or invaded by aliens. Earthquakes and volcanoes are not destroying the planet and killing people.
        Humans are doing this.
        We can stop this madness and turn it around.

        • The Canuck

          Invaded by aliens ? I wonder about that ! given what I’m seeing.

          • tim mcgraw

            The Canuck: Yeah, I know it’s Christmas and the in-laws are coming to town.
            We do the best that we can.

            • The Canuck

              Ha Ha ! … I mean Ho Ho

  15. [email protected]

    Tyrany Destroys Wealth
    The global elite are Satan worshippers…
    Satan’s program is to:

    • Nanc

      Tim, there was a series on Hulu a year or so ago called Handmaids Tale, check it out, as it’s looking like a precursor everyday.

  16. Joseph Olson

    Executive Order #13,887 the Modernization of Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health, signed by DJT on Sept 19, 2019 authorized mRNA JABS with NO CDC or FDA testing (per Karen Kingston) The funding DJT withheld from WHO he gave to GAVI.

    • Tony

      Some may remember too that President Trump stated several times that the EO was needed to cut through the bureaucracy aka RED TAPE so that crucial medical care could be offered at the earliest possible date….allegedly the world was in an epidemic, remember?

  17. Jeff Nunn

    With all due respect to Katherine Austin Fitts and you, Greg, I believe you are both incorrect with respect to President Trump and his role in the bio-weapon covid shots. After extensive research and listening to many, many viewpoints and analysis on this subject it is my believe that he knowingly authorized Operation Warp Speed to get the “vaccines” deployed with full knowledge that a large number of people, perhaps even millions, would be harmed and killed. But that the alternative, if not so doing, was that the Deep State would have kept us all locked down for years and years, perhaps until as long as 2030, before fully introducing their killer shots. This would have ground the economy to a complete stop for years with far more people starving, despairing, committing suicide, completely and utterly losing hope and being ground underfoot by the steel boots of the Cabal. It would have been complete control with massive numbers of people hauled off to “isolation” / concentration camps and exterminated just like with the Nazis. By accelerating the “vaccines” President Trump completely disrupted their genocidal plans and resulted in we the people beginning to awaken and arise before the Cabal was able to fully subdue and control us. This was BY FAR the lesser of two evils and perhaps the only way to awaken people in time to save ourselves. President Trump in my view is an absolute hero in this covert world war and will be recognized as such before it is over. We will look back at these years and recognize them unequivocally as “before Trump” and “after Trump”.

    • Ed Mustafo

      I totally agree Jeff. These people that want to criticize the jab rollout forget that the world was in lockdowns. Trump tried the Hydroxychloroquine truth bomb but that didn’t work. This was the only way and everyone still had a choice whether or not to take the jab. We are at war with the Deep State which has corrupted everything everywhere. Anyone who can’t see that by now, probably never will.

    • Raymond Jones

      he could have said not no but hell no!!!!!!!!!! he was given the presidency to shut the right down to distract the right and lull them to sleep while the left went insane and and gained momentum on their america destroying tantrum…trump was the most popular false choice ever given to the american voter…

    • W Phillips

      Trump’s silence on the vax speaks VOLUMES. What difference does it make if he got us out of the WHO and the Paris Climate accord if we just get put back into it. I knew what the purpose of the vax was so, just like Kitty says, if I knew it , he did.

    • Shirley Thompson

      I totally agree with you Jeff. In laying Warp Speed and vaxx deaths/injuries at Trump’s feet all but is a de facto exoneration of the real evil doers. This has been a major position of the Anti-Trumpers who have joined in with the demise of Donald Trump. Fitts has always been an Anti-Trumper, recall she’s a part of the Kemp bunch which in reality are Forbes adherents a fringe of the Bushites. Fitt’s Anti-Trump sentiments were present in her qtrly wrap ups with Dr Farrell. Both are pseudo intellectuals who have criticized Trump acknowledging only his financial wins as favorable. Fitt’s served ONE year as Jack Kemp (then Sec of HUD) as Asst Sec Commissioner of Housing and has been out of politics since 2018 serving only 18 months before being fired. The DOJ prosecutions she endured were due to her association with Wall Street Banks that had been under investigation. She would have us all believe she was a patriot and persecuted because she was a “whistleblower” on the HUD “criminal enterprise”. Let’s not buy into the propaganda of both the left and those on the right who are attempting to profit from their positions.

      • Ed Mustafo

        I agree Shirley. I like Catherine’s common sense approach to things, but at the end of the day in my opinion SHE cannot be trusted. She claims that the Deep State tried to kill her but let’s face it, if they really wanted her dead ,she’d be dead: Right? Right….. Be careful who you follow.

        • Dan

          Right Ed, and Shirley, and Jeff. This is part of the whole PSYOP.


        Thank you Shirley for opening my eyes more on Catherine I had been trusting her but knew something wasn’t quite right. I read on American Intelligence Media with Douglas and Michael that Catherine is also SES /Senior Executive Service who continually get paid by USA and have input in our government even though they have not been elected by anyone. Plus she speaks so badly about our real president and she hasn’t been elected to anything her big money attitude is really starting to show. She has no skin in this game (children grandchildren) only big money. She said she’s a banker and loves to make money. Jesus kicked the money changers out of the temple. American Intelligence Media also wrote on Candice Owens is coming to us from the British Candice Farmer look who her father in law is and who’s money he manages. Candice also started a new credit card look who are her associates in crime they’re after the Maga (want to believe someone) sheep people. So sad. Catherine can just pick up and fly wherever she wants when things get bad. My husband has been fighting cancer for five years he had a car accident in June with our five year old car when the Dr started him on a new drug so I’m back to driving my 22 year old Ford Focus Wagon Jackpot Gold so I don’t go to far from home I have AAA. Thank you again.
        Merry Christmas Jesus loves you.

        • Greg Hunter

          CAF does not get paid by SES and has not been for two decades. They tried to murder her on more than 6 occasions and the Deep State hates her. CAF spent $6 million not knuckling under to phony charges and won over the course of a decade. The picture ypu paint of CAF is void of any objectivity or facts. It is your right to think what you think and have an opinion, but you simply cannot make up your own facts. I say this respectfully as I have known CAF for more than 10 years. CAF is a national treasure and a good person. We all can disagree sometimes, and that does not make anyone a bad person.

          Merry Christ mas

          • Glen

            I didn’t know she had been through that kind of volatile stress. (tried to murder her on more than 6 occasions!) That is some over the top reprisal efforts. I did some whistle blowing in the Army towards the end of my career. They made 1 attempt on my life (that I know of). It took me quite a while to recover from that event. This woman is nothing short of amazing as she continues to thrive at the highest level.

    • Robert Dotson



      Thank you. Yes, look what they did to Australia, New Zealand, Cannda, Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales all owned by the Brits.Were we next? Merry Christmas

  18. bijaya k d brian d grover

    She is right we are being played

    • bijaya k d brian d grover

      We also tried to get a City Bank in Minot ND but only got the state bank Destroyed usury law in 1980 s so BD could sell our bonds

    • Tommy

      “All the world is a stage” ~said someone a long time ago.
      So, lets all play MAGA & America First by Throwing the bum DemonRats, RINO’S, and COMMIES out!!!
      BTW, “America First” doesn’t mean that other great countries can’t put their own countries first as President Trump made very clear while the Glo-Bull Warming 1st Freaks Liars and Thieves ground their teeth to the TRUTH.

    • Allen Lloyd

      Thanks Greg. Great info from Catherine as usual. Trump cannot be trusted. He is well aware of what happened on 9/11 and has never exposed the people behind it.

  19. bijaya k d brian d grover

    We also tried to get a City Bank in Minot ND but only got the state bank Destroyed usury law in 1980 s so BD could sell our bonds

  20. Andrew Harrison

    Hi Greg great interview. I’m a Solari digital subscriber and it’s a great service. I also donate to USA watchdog, and UK Column, support the truth tellers. I just cancelled PayPal. I’m really interested in what Catherine says about getting local etc, however living in UK getting a ‘honest’ bank is a real problem, there are some building societies, but they tend to only provide Savings accounts. On a positive note I’m seeing a lot more cash use in stores. Happy Christmas to you Greg and Catherine and thanks for your work bringing us all the news and analysis.

  21. Steven Kayser

    I have to say the I believe Catherine is missing the major point. America needs ENERGY to carry on. I am a working organic farmer who uses cash. Yes, you should know your farmers first name. You should use cash and have precious metals, etc.

    The collapse is primarily driven by energy shortages. There is NO fixing that problem.

    Prepare accordingly.

    • Gerry Kachmarski

      There is no fixing that problem? It seems that a drastic reduction in the population of humans might address it; either that or a prison planet in which the consumption of a less drastically reduced human population is managed by — oh, I don’t know — a digital credit system installed by a global cabal. I’m surprised that no one has thought of these possible solutions yet.

  22. Chance the Gardener

    I have mentioned this before, so sorry for the repeat. 30 years ago I told my children they were going to scam a pandemic and the problem would be the vaccination. I had no idea at the time that the jab would not even be a vaccination. I have been in private practice for 44 years and recently was required to leave practice as all health care professionals, in communist Australia, were mandated to commit suicide with the vaccine jab or face fines. I have told patients for over 40 years that anyone who loved their children and knew the facts would never have their children vaccinated for the normal febrile diseases. I myself developed a lung tumour from polio vaccination. SV 40 contamination. I have further pointed out that any GP should know what I know. If they don’t they are liars or extremely stupid (programmed). What is your boast? My GP is the biggest liar in Australia or the stupidest GP in Australia. The purpose of vaccination is to compromise your immune system. The purpose of the covid jab is to weed out the weak, save the government from the burden of social security and aged care. Vaccination is not immunization. The majority of measles cases have been vaccinated. People get really sick from the flu vax and are told, “you would have gotten really sick if not vaxed”. LIAR! My children only got measles when their classmates had a group vaccination. Stop being Chimpanzees, wake up.

    • Beverly

      Totally agree!


      Thank you Chance the Gardener. Jesus appeared as a gardener after His reserection. I love Jesus He’s wonderful. After my first born a daughters childhood injections started and I was pregnant with our first son ( I miscarried 5 babies) she got Type 1 diabetes (her sugar was 764 first stick) then the son I was pregnant with when we found out about our daughter and he received the same injections eventually got Type 1 diabetes ( first stick 550) . Our third child second son I didn’t have any money to go to get his shots right away I had to go to a free clinic in Philly is disease free. I guess they weren’t going after the poor children no money in it.
      Merry Christmas

  23. Justn Observer

    Greg, Merry Christmas to you and Ms. Catherine for a nice interview and suggestions for moving forward. A positive message.
    Most important is we remember what Christmas is about, and HIS message to the world. And for those that do not believe…just take the 10
    Commandments as an inspirational guide of do’s and don’t, knowing that if people just did that and lived by them, how much better off the world could be. Less religion and more enlightenment, and living in the SPIRIT of HIS message of Love to and for each other, and pledge not to tolerate or allow evil and corrupt people to divide us by race, class, ethnic, gender, will do wonders to overcome ‘their’ godless plans.
    May all find Peace and Joy over ones particular days of observance and or celebration.

  24. Eddie Torrez

    Trump is far from perfect that being said it is obvious that Trump is the best candidate we have and I will gladly vote for him in 2024! Ron DeSanctimonious is taking RINO money, I am clearly looking at this as a lesser of two evils kind of thing

    • Sharon

      The lesser of two evils means they’re both evil!! Funny how they tricked our thinking in that way. Trump is controlled by the Deep State, bought and paid for. Just another actor who sold his soul.

      • Greg Hunter

        You do not know Trump is controlled by the Deep State. This is an unfounded opinion. If he was why the massive voter fraud to remove Trump from office??? Why the criminal referral by Congress for the phony J-6 crap. This is stupid thinking. Read this quote:

        • Sharon

          It’s not stupid thinking Greg. Trump surrounded himself with Deep State operatives after he was elected. I and many others believe Trump knew ahead of time the J6 incident that went down. Recently he stated that if he runs again for President in 2024, will pardon all J6 patriots. What if he doesn’t get elected? Why didn’t he pardon them just before he left office on Jan 20th? As for voter fraud to remove him and criminal referral by Congress was all a game, a distraction. Look over there, not here. This was all planned. We have a very evil, corrupt and criminal govt.

          • Greg Hunter

            Not stupid at all.

            • Sharon

              I’m an Independent & I voted for Trump in 2020. I will no longer vote in these Presidential elections as I don’t want to give them any credibility. From what I read, elections have been rigged for decades. I have not ignored what has happened the last 2 years. It’s so obvious Biden was illegally elected. Famous quote by Joseph Stalin regarding elections – The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
              Have a Merry Christmas Greg

  25. Justn Observer

    Greg, Another reason 2nd Amendment lovers might consider using cash until things get straightened out?

  26. tim mcgraw

    14:00 Trump cannot redeem himself. I’ve been telling everyone on this website this fact for over a year. Trump doesn’t have the words “I’m sorry.” in his vocabulary.
    JFK took the heat for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and said he was sorry.
    That’s leadership.
    I wouldn’t trust Trump to run my condo building.

    • stanley skrzypek

      The “clowns” here beating up President Trump…the Greatest President since JFK have NO IDEA whats coming to take his place……..these “CLOWNS” disrespecting the ONLY chance we have getting a grip on the Demons out to destroy Our Country….are in my opinion….FOOLS!……BRAGGARTS!…and Closet COMMIES…..

      • Greg Hunter

        We need the words of Teddy Roosevelt now:

        • tim mcgraw

          Hi Greg; Yes, that’s a great quote by Teddy Roosevelt. He certainly was a brave man. But he was a progressive. He ran against Taft in 1912 splitting the Republican vote which allowed another progressive, Woodrow Wilson, to become President.
          Wilson gave the USA WWI, the IRS, and the Fed.
          I’m no fan of Teddy Roosevelt.
          And btw; Teddy’s bravery killed him. He went on an expedition to the Amazon to find a hidden river. Reading about the insects, disease, heat and humidity he endured on that adventure is heart-rending.
          Even Teddy couldn’t beat the Amazon.

      • tim mcgraw

        stanley skrzypek: Trump had four years to get “a grip on the Demons out to destroy Our Country”. He failed. I’m not sure if he even tried. Look at his cabinet appointees.
        He did avoid a war with Iran. Big plus.
        Trump did fight back on the man-made climate change BS. Big plus.
        But his locking down of the USA for a bad flu is a deal-breaker for me.
        Trump has no respect or belief in individual human liberty.
        Personally, I’d break up the USA into states again and abolish the Federal government.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          It took 150 years to get here and we only give President Donald John Trump 4 years to get us out. This is nonsense . What’s wrong with people’s brain’s? I got the shots to see my grandchildren but I’m not that stupid. Ephesians 1:18 Lord Jesus that the eyes of their understanding be enlightened that they’ll know what their HOPE and CALLING in Christ Jesus and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the Saints Ephesians 1 :22 and Jesus has put all things under HIS feet. All includes SHOTS, Democratics, Rino, Deep State, Clous Swaub, UN, NWO.
          Europeans, Ukrainian, Chinese CCP, Hilary &Bill, Bill Gates etc. PS Greg to these people who tell you not to interrupt “THE GUEST” It’s your show don’t let them bully you. Booyah!

          • tim mcgraw

            Linda J Crean: I’ve only been alive for 70 years. Congrats to you for living for 150.
            I don’t expect Trump or anyone to “save” us from DC. DC must be destroyed completely like the Third Reich was after WWII.

            • Linda J Crean

              Hi Tim, I’m not 150 but my father’s Aunt Agnes a nurse cared for a doctor and his daughter until they passed away and that doctor father was a doctor in the Civil War so I sat and listened to it all the hardships people went through in Glens Falls NY. I’m 72 and on my 13th birthday sitting in gym class at Lincoln High School Philly city of Brotherly Love the principal came on the loud speaker and told us all to go home our President John F Kennedy was killed. My parents loved our country (in Heaven now) and taught their 5 children the same.
              So for 59 years I have have believing God to work it out to restore our Great Country. This is also a reason for so much divorce it didn’t work out fast enough, musical chairs until there’s no chairs left. I believe President Trump is still sitting on the chair. 🪑
              Merry Christmas

  27. Patrick Alaggio

    This ISN’T about YOU Greg. Stop interrupting and let your expert guests speak without continually interjecting your repetitive position… aka. about Trump. He’s NOT legitimate if he is too dumb to come out and speak the truth about this MASS MURDER, PERIOD, end of this dumbass attempt to give him a pass!

    PS: I still love you.

  28. Evalani

    My son was born on Christmas as well! 1995 My second greatest gift! My savior is my first!

  29. tim mcgraw

    22:19 “You are on your own.” CAF
    Words of wisdom.
    Thanks for the great interview.

  30. stanley skrzypek

    Catherine Austin Fitts said 14:33…..”If he knew what I knew”…..”Trump should have known”……something like that……… her interview makes no sense her beating up President Trump…….i just think she has “TDS” Trump Derangement Syndrome…….she has NO IDEA what Trump knew or what he didn’t know….she is way off…….


      It took 150 years to get here and we only give President Donald John Trump 4 years to get us out. This is nonsense . What’s wrong with people’s brain’s? I got the shots to see my grandchildren but I’m not that stupid. Ephesians 1:18 Lord Jesus that the eyes of their understanding be enlightened that they’ll know what their HOPE and CALLING in Christ Jesus and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the Saints Ephesians 1 :22 and Jesus has put all things under HIS feet. All includes SHOTS, Democratics, Rino, Deep State, Clous Swaub, UN, NWO.
      Europeans, Ukrainian, Chinese CCP, Hilary &Bill, Bill Gates etc. PS Greg to these people who tell you not to interrupt “THE GUEST” It’s your show don’t let them bully you. Booyah!

  31. tim mcgraw

    30:18: Aladdin Dry Cleaners here in Healdsburg NEVER took credit cards. It was cash or check only. Now I know why.

  32. Crystal Quartz

    Brilliant clear minded lady, I love how Catherine Austin Fitts thinks.
    Thank you Greg for this interview.

  33. Jean

    Fitts blindly hates Trump. Trump only authorized the jab on an emergency basis for the elderly and people who were susceptible. Biden made it mandatory and for individuals who were not susceptible. Fitts smoothly changes the subject when she loses the argument.

  34. Frank Murphy

    I listened to Aaron Russo many years ago sounding the alarm decades before Catherine conducted this interview. This wonderful discussion is a vindication of what he prophesised. We in Ireland were part of a financial coup in 2008. I am thankful that, that life changing experience has allowed me to empathise with every word that she says and the manner in which she elucidates what is complex yet obvious. I would boil it down to this; Your future can only be secured through your own hands. If you achieve the necessary spiritual. mental and physical fortitude to do so, it can be enhanced through like minded community. The future stems from there and the sky’s the limit, because once you begin to exclude the fear, that which once paralysed you is nothing more than an avatar.

    • The Canuck

      Well said, agreed sir. Those of us of sound mind realize it is necessary to look within for the answers and the sustainable path forward. Those needing someone to fix the problem for them are in the deep and will continue sinking. Sad but true

  35. Scott

    My wife loves Cat Fitts, so this interview has my household abuzz. Thanks for this, Greg – fantastic content!

  36. John Woodhead

    Bravo Catherine!….she is telling it the way it is,she is as you said Greg a smart cookie and her integrity certainly seems impeccable

  37. Really Awake

    Trump isn’t half as smart as some people think. Joel Skousen pointed out back in 2016 that Trump would fail, because of ignorance on how the Deep State really runs the country – not the president. Right after Trump was elected Joel Skousen pointed out how Trump surrounded himself with Deep State operatives and allowed what few good men he had to be picked off by the Deep State …… And how that would lead to failure.

    So, there are men and women out here who really knew that at best Trump would buy some additional time… I told all my family and friends that Trump wouldn’t EVER make America great again. I told them to take the extra time and get ready for nuclear war. I told them that back in 2016. And I wasn’t the only survivalist who was preparing.

    Trump was doomed from the beginning….. It was quite obvious to those of us who have been watching the Deep State for decades. Trump only slowed the Deep State (and od course he was much better than Hillary) but the unseen forces of Satan prevailed. Hillary didn’t get there, but Joe Biden did.

    My personal interpretations of the Holy Bible indicate the Four Horsemen will continue to ride. This means great “woe” for dwellers on Earth. In the Bible Almighty God has given His general forcast, warning(s) and instructions on what to do… It’s not too hard to figure out that the wicked world will advance from bad to worse until the God’s Great Reset happens, aka, Kingdom Come.

    Finally, do you remember the big promise and how Trump kicked off his 2016 Presidential Campaign? It was all about how America was overrun with illegals. And how Trump would end that flood of illegal immigrants and build a great big wall. So what happened? The Deep State ate his lunch. And just look how Puppet Biden is allowing ten million more illegals across. And Biden is just getting started. Trump failed. Totally. The Deep State won.

    Trump was just another confirmation that a terrible climax is coming, and no man can stop it. One of the most repeated lessons found in the Bible is there will be no long-term political solution to mankind’s problems. The solution is theocractic. And when Almighty God’s day and hour arrives is when the Deep State dies… Daniel’s immense image with its head of gold and feet of mixed clay is going to get smashed into oblivion. That’s the day and hour when the Deep State is no more. I say don’t be one of the ones who get smashed right along with the feet of mixed clay.

  38. Bosco P. Horowitz

    This was another excellent interview with America’s Matriarch (I think so) Catherine Austin Fitts. There were so many topics discussed here that it’s easy to get lost…also, some great heated debate moments surrounding former President Trump. I’m not really sure what the truth is with him. There’s evidence to support both viewpoints–but we also don’t know what he exactly knew at the time. As an executive of such a monolithic organization/corporation (yes, it is), he had no choice but to entrust roles and duties to many unsavory swamp creatures at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW that likely fed him a bunch of garbage. The smoking gun could be–as Greg mentioned this time and I’ve mentioned before–is the fact that he has not publicly come out stating the poke-poke cantaloupe was a devil dart. He probably trusted the fraudulent science that was spoon-fed to him by his handlers and dept. heads. We have no idea what conversations he had with them–imagine if he said he watched Del Bigtree and one of his staff said “oh, he’s just a ignorant, conspiracy theorist”–like we’ve haven’t heard that one before! Again, I’m not making excuses for him, but we really don’t know what information/evidence he had. He certainly didn’t have time to really investigate it like we did. I supported him back in 2015/16 and nearly lost some friendships over it (although like nothing compared to the last almost 3 years!).

    Catherine makes great points about solutions we should be focusing on–controlling our money, knowing where our food comes from, etc. I would also add water, shelter and energy. Also, over the many years I’ve followed Catherine, she would state that if you really care about making meaningful changes, that you should only deal with people who have integrity. The one point I caution on is the sheriff issue. There are many sheriffs who claim to be “constitutionally-minded” but do not live up to it. You must watch what they do. One of the most important things to do is find a community of like-mind and spirit if you do not have it, OR continue to build and strengthen that community if you have it. This may be unpopular to say, but you can’t rely on family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. if they do not get it! You can always hope and pray for them, but do not spend a lot of time focusing on that (unless they’re children/minors or are vulnerable adults that cannot live independently).

    Greg, given that it’s the holidays and about to be Christmas (and Catherine’s B-day), where’s your typical ending (“prepare yourself…God the Father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are all firmly in control”)? I’m gonna keep bugging you to keep you on point!!!

    Merry Christmas,

  39. murray

    CAF is Wonderful , I am in 100% AGREEMENT with Her .
    What ever Trump knew or didnt know I dont care . He F…….d up and never tried to right the wrong . I will not vote for him again . And I think fauci is No Different a killer than Dr. Joseph Mengele.

  40. Astraea

    Oh! Thank you for having Catherine on again! Thank you Greg.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

  41. Redinky

    Fantastic interview Greg. Thank you for bringing us the relevant news of our time on a regular basis. Catherine is the go to for knowledge of what the government is doing to the people and a source for the solutions to fight back. Keep fighting the good fight.

    I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2023.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Red”!

  42. Pete

    This is alot to take in. It just seems to keep getting “worse”/ (more “Red Pill” info. ), however the nice thing about Catherine is that she has real practical solutions that we can implement..
    Great interview Greg. Thanks

  43. John Jenniges

    You should check out x 22 dav
    We would still be locked down today if the vax would not have been fast tracked. I didn’t take the shot
    Please do more research.

  44. Earl Thornburg

    Kathern is absolutely correct. She speaks profound truth, it matters not who is president, our only opportunity to stop the insanity is on the state level.

  45. starborne99

    While it pains me to see how many people are being harmed by the shots, please be aware that Trump also pushed for early treatment of the illness Fauci created. Trump advocated for hydroxychloroquine, chlorine dioxide (remember the MSM accused Trump of telling people to drink bleach), and other potential treatments. Also be aware that years ago, either the CDC or NIH classified hydroxychloroquine (and I think Ivermectin as well) as a vaccine. All of that being said, there is no excuse for the continuation of the Covid-19 clot shot program.

  46. Steven Kayser

    Israeli Ministry of Intelligence: “The world will soon face “a series of crisis striking simultaneously that will reorder the planet’s…”
    Meanwhile, The Elon says we are “potentially on the verge of the biggest financial crisis in world history.”

    As reported by RT, The Israeli Ministry of Intelligence has prepared a report warning that the world is standing on the precipice of a transition to a new global arrangement,

    The world will soon face “a series of crises striking simultaneously [that] will reorder the planet’s geopolitics, the place of technology, the economic order and a variety of other disciplines from health to energy,” according to the document. Among Israel’s advantages, the ministry reportedly listed the county’s newfound energy resilience, thanks to the discovery of large offshore natural gas deposits.

    In previous posts, I outlined how the only source of increase in oil supplies for all importing nations as a whole came from US fracking, which has now flatlined and has little chance of future growth.

    The world has followed the peak oil hypothesis almost exactly. Nobody seems to have noticed.

  47. Andrea

    i LUV C.A.F.
    I would love to have coffee with her when she is in Holland ( I live part time in Holand ).
    soon I will have my own little vacation home in the south of Holland , but the train will take me anywhere.

  48. david wilson

    greg, listen to her/
    you can not hear what you dont want to know
    trump is / was dirty
    fact is fact

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is not “dirty.” He did make a huge mistake on the vax and should come clean about it.

      • JT

        That is your biased opinion.

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s an opinion. So, YOUR opinion is unbiased? Stupid! The facts have to be unbiased. So sorry snowflake for pointing that out.

      • Linda

        I disagree with what he did with the vax, but Trump tried to give people the opportunity to use HCQ and other drugs under Right to Try! Dr. Zelenko stated this specifically while he was still living and he also mentioned that Trump was screwed over by Dr. Rick Bright and his cronies, Who determined that wasn’t going to happen! If people had been able to use HCQ and ivermectin they wouldn’t have needed the vaccines!

  49. Dan Hall

    Jeff Nunn,

    I agree with your assessment 100% about President Trump.

    I suggest Lin Wood as a resource for information as to what is really going on in my opinion.

    But he does need to address the “shots” at some point.

    I believe President Trump knows EVERYTHING about every crooked politician, media talking head, etc. Including all the RINO TRAITORS.

    Pray For President Trump, The U.S.A. and the World against the Evil Satan worshipping Cabal.

    Merry Christmas to All!

  50. Cathy Palmer

    “If you can face it, God can fix it!”
    Love this interview. We know it is a big mess out there so it is REALLY GOOD to hear practical tips and solutions. Just last month, I paid of my car loan. I’ve been banking at a local credit union for several years. I don’t trust any federal politician nor any of the main stream media sources. I haven’t owned a tv for many, many years. I manage several personal blogs/websites but my first one/main one is where I put things I feel are important and this video was just put up there this morning.
    Thank you, Greg and Catherine.

  51. Sandro

    I love all your insight and all your brilliant guests, but when I hear you say you can’t believe Trump knew about what’s in these shots, it really throws me off. Don’t let your heart rule over truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      You believe that President Trump was in on the murder of millions of Americans? Please prove and source your opinion–You cannot. It is my opinion he was not in on the murder of millions of Americans. That said, Trump has known for months the CV19 shot is a disaster and should come out and say, “stop the shots.” This is what I am most disappointed about when it comes to President Trump, and I have held this positing for a long time now.

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Greg, if you believe “… Trump has known for months the CV19 shot is a disaster and should come out and say, “stop the shots.” … why do you believe he has not already done so?

        • Greg Hunter

          I watch news all day, every day, and if you have a source for this admission, I will gladly stand corrected.

          • J . Kimble Allen

            Greg, to the best of my knowledge … you … are the source, I was quoting you, to wit, “Greg Hunter 12/21/2022 • Sandro,
            You believe that President Trump was in on the murder of millions of Americans? Please prove and source your opinion–You cannot. It is my opinion he was not in on the murder of millions of Americans. That said, Trump has known for months the CV19 shot is a disaster and should come out and say, “stop the shots.” This is what I am most disappointed about when it comes to President Trump, and I have held this positing for a long time now.

  52. Barbara

    I’m just 20 minutes into this interview and have to bring other possibilities up as reasons Trump did what he did.
    Per Benjamin Fulford:
    The KM is also using a fake Trump as part of a sophisticated psyops against the real President and Supreme Commander of the US armed forces Donald J. Trump.
    Here are some examples of the fake Trump being used to bring down the reputation of the real one:
    We are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting hard,” Trump said.” –AS AMERICA GOES UP IN FLAMES.
    Let’s make this perfectly clear, the real Trump visible to the public was replaced after January 31st, 2020 with a fake controlled opposition Trump. The real one, who was always anti-vax, is getting ready to return.

    They have tried to assassinate Trump many times and there was a rumor they kidnapped his son Baron at one point.

    So unlike Catherine, I don’t have a simplistic view of the situation.

    Thanks for all you do Greg. We need you now more than ever!



  53. Bill Mathers

    Greg, Katherine has the situation spot on. I’m providing a link to “Dark Journalist”.
    Katherine is a regular guest and engages in these deep state topics at length.
    I hope you take some time and watch a few episodes, real eye opening.
    Dr. Joseph Ferrell is also a real treasure trove of information.

  54. Deborah Merrill

    I totally agree with Catherine. 100% Trump was a player.

  55. Bruce

    The corruption in government is so bad that it can only operate in a corrupt manner. Stopping corruption will lead to immediate collapse. It can’t operate outside of corruption.

  56. Ronald Harvey

    I believe two things: 1) The know they have a short time (Rev. 12:12) and 2) The Elite are pissed that we will not worship them as demi-gods.

  57. Brian

    Dump Trump he is a sodomite supporter.

  58. terry prahl

    SAVE PENNIES $25.oo a BOX… NICKELS $ 100.00 A BOX THESE WILL SAVE THE POOR ALWAS HAVE.. This is the only Real $$$$.. Silver & Gold Great But Poor People Need Real MONEY

  59. Bill

    Cathrine nailed it with the observation about intentional or incompetent. My observation is: Either his decisions were deliberate or stupid. Either way, they were dangerous.
    Like Cathrine, if I could see through this from the beginning, why couldn’t Trump?

  60. Gail Kindstrom

    Filled out a check and card while watching. I’m 72 and this will be my first donation to anyone on the internet. Bless you and family. And may GOD help you and guide you in your mission of truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Gail!

  61. Robert Dotson, MD

    Greg… Appreciate you, but please quit defending DJT. He was and is part of the problem. His main interest is himself. Period.

    • Greg Hunter

      I try to be objective Robert. I have criticized Trump plenty because of his stance on the CV19 bioweapon/vax. I guess you missed this?

  62. James PTY

    As always CAF offers lot of info to unpack and comment on…
    Central banks are not in control they are an effective tool used to forward centralized control as part of a plan originating from another dimension…
    Truth in politics is, apparently, incompatible as only compromise is important in order for certain power structures to survive.
    YES! formulate solutions, avoid talk that describes the problem, as that is academic nonsense.
    Federal government long history of mismanagement offers objective proof that YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!
    Local currency needs to have an asset backed digital version to be efficient and easy to use when transacting with the physical available in case of disruption of the electron system: Something is eagerly adopted when easy to use and improves an experience, the converse being equally true.
    Carbon credits (Al Gore’s baby) combined with social credits score is being planned to replace the fiat currency debt system.
    For 20 years I have had a front row seat to the deconstruction of Venezuela, witnessing the insane like Chavez publicly saying people should just take whatever they want from department stores. The globalists think they can do the same to the USA in five years.

  63. Diana

    This is Monday morning “call the ball”. Fitts was part of the swamp for decades. not Trump. No one person is perfect or fault free except the Lord. I’m tired of people taking one event and it is all Trumps fault. No, you are grown make a decision and be done. This is how we got here. It is the fault of someone else, never taking personal responsibility. So, you can talk a good game after the fact, but in the middle of a psy-op most people break down out of fear. Once the swamp came after Fitt’s she becomes a truth teller. Hmmmm…………

    • Rene Hughes

      Lol lol

  64. Jeff

    I heard there is a big announcement that Vladmir Putin is going to make in the next couple of days. I am wondering if it is going to be that he is getting ready to sell digital trading cards of his life and career.

    Ms. Fitts is correct in that we are being played by all sides. It is time for use to get together with other like-minded people and get our communities in order for what is coming down the road. As much as I like Trump, he is not the savior. I see him as someone who shined the light on all the corruption in DC.

    Keep the faith!

  65. Randy Avera

    How can I send USA Watchdog/Greg Hunter a check? I understand your address is a very sensitive thing.
    Randy Avera

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Randy:
      USAWatchdog LLC
      P.O. Box 38184
      Greensboro, NC 27438-8184

  66. Roger Boswarva

    You have been one of my favorite shows for some years . . . but today, with Catherine, you blew that position.
    You made the mistake of arguing with your guest, and worse, you kept interrupting her with your assertions of “clever think” that was actually erroneous “everyone thinks” junk.
    Rather than assertions of what you think “is,” you’d be wiser to ask or propose questions to facilitate the expanding of your guest brilliance.

    • Greg Hunter

      I get to disagree with anyone I like. No way Trump sat in a room and said let’s balance the budget and murder millions of Americans. Dr Birx came out a few months ago on FOX and said live on the air “I always new the infection would not provide protection against infection.” Do you really think she walked into Trump’s office and said, “Hey Prez, you know these 600 million shots we are ordering are NOT going to work.”

  67. Shirley Thompson

    Thank you Greg for standing up to Fitt’s assertions Trump is respnsible for the vaxx and the deaths/injuries. Her position completely exonerates the REAL wrong doers. Her anti-Trump sentiments, which ahve always been there, are now showing. Catherine owns a property here in TN. However she fled to the Netherlands to live with her partner back in 2019 when multiple lawsuits and financial defaults came against her. She returned this past summer to tour friends in the Western States but has again retreated to the Netherlands. As evident in her interviews of this past fall, she is largely out of touch with much of American sentiments not to mention her ignorance of TN’s legislation of 2021 to form a bullion bank exploratory committee and the ongoing progress we are making to ready our Treasury to adopt the formation of a bullion bank. Also the legislation to exempt PMs from sales tax was NOT because of PM adoption as currency but because the PM brokers’ lobbying efforts to free up PM sales. And the ludicrous exercise of her and Dr Farrell “grading” Trump ought to have tipped you off of both her and Farrell’s anti-Trump sentiments. I used to subscribe but have since left Solari and Dr. Farrells Giza Deathstar blogs. There is as much danger in far right mentalities as far left and these two are squarely in the middle of far right.

    • Ed Mustafo

      HOW IT WENT DOWN- Catherine “ Orange man is Bad, he did this ,this and that.” Greg- “ What about Joe Biden the mandate and the laptop “? Catherine “ Greg , president’s have no power, blah blah ,blah”.” Stop looking at Trump which equals the TRUTH, and stop looking at Biden which equals the CORRUPTION “. “ Look here ( locally) but don’t look there ( Washington DC) where the Truth is being exposed every day now.” She makes it sound impossible to do both. Think for yourself. Trust yourself. Pay attention.

  68. Frank D2

    CAF is absolutely correct. “Either Trump was on board or he got rolled, either one is not a very good case that he ought to be president.” Bingo! Personally I think he got rolled (lied to), but Greg, Trump showed an utter lack of skill at appointing people to top positions. Why do any of us believe that he would do better next time? It’s time to move on. Trump isn’t the savior that many of us hoped for. He gave it his best shot, but came up far short of what we needed (and still need). And at the end, when it was obvious the 2020 election was fraudulent and had been stolen from him (and we the people!), he didn’t use the military powers granted to him under the constitution (foreign interference in the election) to fight it. He simply walked away. That is NOT a leader.
    Frank D2

  69. JB

    Emergency Letter to SCOTUS re BRUNSON v. ADAMS. Please feel free to revise to your liking, then send your original to SCOTUS and a copy to to Loy & Rayland Brunson at the address provided. Thank you. .

  70. paula

    This too will rock your mind:
    Thank you Greg for another eye-opening interview from CAF the most excellent TRUTH teller besides yourself.

    Rise up Christians Rise up Patriots

    Happy Birthday Lord Jesus & CAF

  71. Jill

    I’m praying God will Bless America. I’m praying Brunson v Adams et al. will succeed in the U S Supreme Court. It would solve so many problems in one fell swoop.

  72. Marty

    Hi Greg,

    First… I hope you and yours has a very Merry Jesus Birthday.

    We all need to imagine a world without Trump primarily because Trump is fully vaccinated. I believe he is in total denial about the vaccines perhaps primarily because he is vaccinated. It is unlikely he will be available to run for President ever again.

    Catherine is correct… everyone has to take it upon themselves to do what is needed in your local environment to bolster your chances of survival. Supporting local farms is huge. Save and more importantly have a good reliable source of in order: 1) water; 2) food; 3) shelter; 4) guns/bullets; 5) gold/silver Simple… but, incredibly difficult to accomplish given all of the distractions and enticements of modern day convenient living.

    • susan

      And heat. No matter where you live.

  73. Abraham Robles

    Why did he not release the JFK documents!? Trump belongs to the same CLUB as the swamp creatures. It is one BIG CLUB and we are not in it. Trump has been bailed out of bankruptcy repeatedly by the TO BIG TO FAIL BANKS. THIS IS NOT BY COINCIDENCE. He has a forked tongue.

  74. Rodster

    I understand and respect CAF’s viewpoint on Trump but I can’t wrap my head around the idea he was in on depopulating America UNLESS he was targeting the LIBERALS. Now that’s a depopulating we can all agree on. 😀

  75. Marie Joy

    Poplar Preparedness, on Youtube, says Black Rock has been given permission to purchase more than 20% of America’s utility companies. Black Rock is aligned with WEF.
    Get ready for grid down.

  76. Monkeyspit

    All of you who are commenting that Trump did what he did with the clot shots because “they would have kept us locked down” are the exact example of what CAF was getting on Greg’s case about. You’re either incompetent, or you are in on it.

    The bottom line is that at some point during Trump’s presidency, he decided the most important thing was the price of the DOW, and the price of the NASDAQ. That was it. That was why the shots were rushed out. It was to protect Wall Street. The same Wall Street who then funded the steal.

    Trump was a good first step, a symbol of populism. However, he did a poor job as President and let his scumbag son in law run the show. The same son in law who is posing with Elon Musk, btw.

    TL;DR – If you are in charge, you are responsible. Whether you want to admit it or not.

    PS – He still says he is proud of the shots. I’m glad CAF put you right in your place, Greg.

    • Paul D Anders

      First off, they are saving the Republic, not individuals. If a person makes bad decisions they are going to live (or die) from the consequences.
      The first term was only about “showing” people that things “can” be turned around if a president wanted them to be…think obozo that always said “he didn’t have a magic wand”.
      The second term will be where the action takes place.
      Arrests? You better believe they are coming. Short ropes and tall trees are in the future for many traitors.

      • Monkeyspit

        Stop it with the Q nonsense.

        The only arrests have been good peaceful people who protested on Jan 6.

        The very idea that these clot shots were “saving the Republic” makes you an enemy of this country. It makes you an enemy of our existence. Do you understand that?

        Wake the hell up America.

        • Paul D Anders

          Read much?
          I said arrests are coming not happened already.
          And I never said the shot was saving the republic.
          Dude, you are laughable…lol

  77. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Austin Fitts rather sobering this Christmas week.
    Here in the UK,people get along by rubbing along. Few people will support local business unless that business is fairly anonymous to them eg they want to shop but don’t want to know the shopkeeper. I see many Anglo Indians take this to heart and use it to their advantage , distance from their customer base yet supplying that base. Even Bristol University School of Business is studying this technique but are wary of the “racist” badge. With this in mind how will businesses come together and have an united front locally? Many of the Anglo Indians have done exactly this and are very successful but there are no outsiders welcomed particularly in pharmacy which is dying here in the UK as “online” pharmacies eat their lunch, most owned by cartels who don’t like the publicity.
    I am trying to see how we bring men who have no goodwill together and this is a mere microcosm.
    The WEF goons are a macrocosm of success but it is a macrocosm of theft ,particularly here in the UK and our chancellor ,Jeremy Hunt, is about to put it on steroids with new banking laws and tax grabs. Tyranny destroying wealth is out in force here and the tax authorities are wielding their guns with glee here.
    Merry Christmas from a slightly warmer UK to all men and women of goodwill wherever you are.

  78. Jane Hill

    Thank U Greg for having Austin-Fitts on.
    She is Very wise,
    What is so very sad is DC sold the American Citizens out.

    I am disgusted w/$ Laundering in Ukraine. (While Frog Mitch sits in DC puffed up.)

    I am over / Corruption in Every Agency and especially disgusted w/open & evident Voter Fraud where NOTHING is being done,

  79. Jay

    Our founding fathers said, “Let good men make the laws and laws cannot be bad; let bad men make the laws and laws cannot be good.”
    Government is not inherently bad. But it is in direct proportion to the type of men elected to office. And that is in direct proportion to the people who vote them in. At some point in time however, the corruption sets in so deeply that their vote no longer matters.

  80. john

    If Trump is such an enemy of the deep state, why haven’t they just killed him like JFK ? What if the Commiecrats are being so destructive that the population is being psychologically herded toward Trump. I heard in an interview, with a proclaimed deep stater 12 years ago that the government will be so bad that the population will demand change, and here we are today, our govt. is now being exposed for what it really is. The population will demand its own enslavement, remember Satin is the great deceiver, and he owns both parties, just look at Mitch McConnell the traitor or should I say Judas. I now believe Trump is the deep state tyrant pick they want for the final nail in our coffin.

  81. Dave

    If DeSantis’s grand jury probe of the negative effects of the vaccine gets up and running politicians and administrators in DC will be called to testify. Including Trump and Fauci. I suspect both will refuse to so-operate with a potential grand jury probe.

    • Greg Hunter

      How about Biden and all in his forced mandate regime? You do realize Biden has been President for the last 2 YEARS!

      • Jenene

        Exactly! It will be Biden, not Trump, who will be held accountable.
        Biden is the one who mandated the injections, and threatened the people who did not want to cooperate.

      • Dave

        As CAF said – folks have to get out of the Trump/Biden box. Of course, politicians and administrators besides Trump and Fauci will be called to testify. Including Biden. In the end though the buck stop with Trump and his Warp Speed.

    • Rene Hughes

      Dave , DeSantis is the next Trump . They are using both of them to lead the Americans astray. While the Globlist do what they want . Do research on Ron’s sister on how she dies and what she was researching. Also his war crimes .. he is bought .

  82. K8Matrix

    This woman is brilliant and one of the few who have actual SOLUTIONS. “Actionable intelligence” is exactly what we need. We have plenty of information, for those of us who know where to look (unlike those who use CNN for their source). What we need are the intelligent strategists, analysts and leadership that can help us create the actionable solutions. It is amazing that we just can’t seem to understand the “bottom-up” approach to taking back power locally and regionally.

    • paul Anthony Dodo

      she is ! so much ive decided to subscribe to her! this is a great interview thank greg and catherine both 🙏

  83. Eins

    Honestly, can you look in the mirror with a straight face and say you are any different than the twitter censors. They censor when you are against their liberalist views and you screen posts which criticize Trump. They call them disinformation people.. you call them trollers. Same thing. I’ve posted many times about how Greg’s religious devotion to Trump is full of hot air but my posts somehow always get screened out.. and Catherine is exactly right and I am glad she finally put her foot down on the Trump channel. Honestly if you like the right, take a chance on DeSantis and forget Trump. I am centrist I don’t care who it is as long as they CARE about people. Honestly working class Americans NEED to step up and run for office.. honest Americans who care about other Americans.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t post bull crap and lies about me like “Greg’s religious devotion to Trump.” How many times have I asked trump to come forward and say, “Stop the shots”? You just make crap up about me to trash me, and NO, I don’t post crap like that. I am posting this on to make my point. Now, go play in the street.


        Dear Greg thank you Merry Christmas to you and your wife. I also do not think President Donald J Trump sat in a room and made this decision lightly. No one else stood in his shoes with back stabbers around him. Pres Trump loves the USA and he has skin in this game wife, children, grandchildren he just can’t fly off to Europe or Kentucky when he wants. He didn’t start this trouble we’ve been in it hot since my 13th birthday Nov221963. My Pres was killed that day by my government and I haven’t forgotten it or his brothers Robert’s death since. I also have skin in this game a husband fighting cancer and it came back when he got the shots, three grown children who got the shots,three grandchildren that got the shots and myself to be able to see them. Two of my children have Type 1 diabetes. So I am very concerned, but Jesus said HE will perfect that which concerns ME. Jesus also lives in us and as Jesus is so am I in this world Jesus’ blood flows through my veins and my families. Jesus also said Fear not for I am with you be not dismayed I am your God. Jesus said it would be a ungrateful unfaithful generation when He came back. Father God gave His only Son, Lord Jesus came to Earth gave up Heaven to save this World “Christmas?” . I wouldn’t give one of my son’s for these people. Thank God I’m not God. I stand with Father God, Lord Jesus &Holy Spirit and Pres Donald John Trump Sr and his family. Like Moses said “who’s on God’s side stand over here?”then there was an earthquake. How many died that day? People are making things so much harder because of their divisions. A house divided against itself can not stand. No offense but does Catherine have skin in this game or just money. “Love is the principal thing”

  84. JT

    I wish you people would stop with this deep seeded obsession of Trump. It is quite disturbing. Trump is no different than the rest. He promised a lot, but never delivered. He lined the pockets of the wealthy with tax cuts and filled the swamp more. Let us not forget on who’s watch did Epstein get out of the picture. All of the past and present POTUS are corrupt. Trump made sure the vaccines were mass produced. IF IT WAS NOT FOR TRUMP THE VACCINES WOULD NOT BE HERE. TRUMP INITIATED “OPERATION WARP SPEED” AND TAKES CREDIT FOR IT. TRUMP PERMITTED BIG PHARMA TO DISTRIBUTE THE VACCINES. TRUMP STATED, “I’m honored to welcome doctors, scientists, industry executives, and state and local leaders to our historic Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit. It’s been some journey for all of us. It’s been an incredible success”. SO PLEASE DON’T MAKE EXCUSES FOR TRUMP. DEMS OR REP, IT DOES NOT MATTER. It does not matter which party is in office. They are all for the bankers and big corporations. If you still think party affiliation makes any difference, then you are part of the problem. With your face 2 inches from the screen, you cannot see that they are just the opposite wings of the same vulture.Take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture. This is textbook “divide and conquer”. While the slaves are distracted from pointing fingers and bickering back and forth about public truth, the bankers are formulating the real truth.

    • Lyle Christensen

      To infer that Trump may have had the inside scoop on the depopulation agenda just has too many flaws in reasoning. He is Pro-Life, Pro-America, Pro-individual choice and liberties. There is just too much there to digest as to how he would intentionally dance’ with the deep staters. Trump is their enemy and the enemy of my enemy is certainly my friend in this case.
      It’s hard to believe anything lately; so many pundits and theorists. CAFs apparent anger and Trump resentment deceives her credibility. CAF basically ignored what your input was in the topics’ discussion—that was not good to do. Eve was the first to be deceived and I will not forfeit my powers of reasoning to unconvincing women. The bible also speaks to this in Proverbs 31:3 King James Bible
      “Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.” CAF has it 100% correct on issues like sovereignty and local government. Praise is due to her on many issues she has spoken out about.

      Trump may have been personally overwhelmed and convinced to offer the choice of the jabs but he was probably deceived and like you I wish he would say something out loud to dissuade the use of the injections. In the beginning the shots may have helped some people but who knows what the ingredients really consist of with perhaps now altering chemistry. I do not trust any of the pharmaceuticals companies like I used to.

      I trust God. He has led us to the straight and narrow gate through prayer as Christian Conservatives. From real money to shying from the jabs, I know He is still the right way and following his path leads me always back to Him. I put my trust in Jesus and not Trump but I think that Trump is still the most viable option in spite of the demoralizations toward him. It’s the deep state plan to continue such demoralizations.


        Thank you. I am a woman but I trust in Father God, Lord Jesus the Christ and Holy Spirit not Catherine. She said she would take a bullet how does she know he didn’t take one for us. I stand for Pres Trump and all that he tried to accomplish with so many enemies against him. God bless Pres Trump and his family. We have no idea what they were going to do to all of us.

  85. Michael

    Thank you Catherine for stopping Greg from “giving Trump” a hall pass on the Vax..
    amazing how greg still believes Trump is on the good side! i like what one man said…G Edward Griffen…. Trump is “Controlled Opposition” and to still believe Trump is on good side shows Greg cannot be a good “reporter” …. come on GREG! i hope you continue to have Catherine on your show as well as Griffen!

    Greg…. you need to put your “emotions on the side and be a NON BIASED REPORTER! this is your biggest downfall…. time is way too late…..

    i hope you reply to this…

    • Greg Hunter

      So, if I am biased like you, I am not biased? If you can prove and source that Trump knew this was genocide, then do it. Otherwise, this is just your opinion and YOUR OPINION is not a fact.

      • Bernie Christensen

        I trust Trump. He is holding up with all the lies lies lies and Russia Russia Russia. God has a plan. And Catherine is well vetted but not about Trump hurting American citizens that has a clanging noise in me. That’s okay people have free will and free thinking for now.

  86. Celebrate Your Life Daily

    Look Ma, the billion dollar Nazi begger is visiting Washington. Since he has all the money he’ll ever need, now he is begging for American blood. What’s he want? All five American branches to do his fighting for him? I bet he begs for a squadron of the new billion dollar bombers, along with the nukes, pilots, parts, fuel.

    I knew a welfare person that didn’t work a day in her life, she begged a car off her single mom parent who was also lifelong jobless welfare, along with the gas money, and upkeep money along with thousands for the repair and upkeep.

    It’s nice to see Wikipedia pulled the Russian blame of Nord Stream bombings. They still are not factual by reporting that the perpetrator is UNKNOWN. Perpetrator in this instance, the perv-traitor is the “chief” along with his “intelligence” “agency”.

  87. Daniel Benzick

    Hello Greg, Wondering if you have heard of Glint Pay? If not check it out you. I use it . Its a visa gold card that you spend in fractions. I use it once and awhile for purchases. Its fantastic! You can switch back to fiat by a click of a button. Great option to store and use gold as currency with a physical mastercard visa card. Becoming very popular. Great if fiat collapses. They would be a great sponsor! Check it out.

    Thanks Greg, from a loyal listener.

  88. oneno

    CAF is correct, the President cannot stop (inhumane) depopulation nor preserve sovereignty

    However, CAF completely misses out on the heart of the problem that being global over-population and the vital need for a global multi-year birth-stop followed by a year when births are allowed. Couples are allowed at most 3 children. In this way populations can be reduced under the 2 billion mark within 5 generations and then making the reduction to the 529 million service limit of the Earth.

    Contact Report 728 makes clear that “the Earth is already 60% damaged in its ability to exist …”

    “Under these circumstances of destruction, the planet Earth cannot and will not continue to exist for as long as it has grown old to date, and that is if we continue on the same scale as before and Earth’s humanity is not drastically reduced to a level of less than one billion by a worldwide birth stop lasting several years. So if we continue as before and Earth-humans are not significantly reduced to a planetarily and naturally tolerable level by a controlled birth stop in the foreseeable future, then Earth-humans will bring about their own end.”

  89. K8Matrix

    Our local churches used to be the social point through which actionable intelligence was disseminated and carried out to keep control in the hands of the people- in a GODLY and righteous way. Once the govt took over our churches with 501c3, they killed those centers of local power. Separation of “church” and “state” is not taking the Church OUT of govt, it’s taking the govt OUT of CHURCHES.

    This social point of local power is something we need to get back into place when taking back our communities, for if you build on the Rock, you build in strength. If you build on secular sand, all your efforts will end up collapsing to a point even worse than where you started from.

  90. Sammy

    I like everything that Ms. Fitts brings to the table, but she’s totally off base in blaming President Trump. Trump gave everybody options from the get-go—don’t you remember HCQ and Ivermectin and how the mockingbird media went absolutely rabid, equating HCQ with bleach and Ivermectin with horse paste. President Trump is not responsible for the vaccine; he did not manufacture it; he relied on the so-called experts. Be patient and see what happens. In the end, when all is said and done, I believe Trump will hang Big Pharma. Thank you for everything you do, Greg; you’re one of my primary sources for truth news. 

    • JT

      Why and how could he hang big pharma. If it was not for Trump there would not be any VACCINE. How much money do you think big pharma handed out to get “Operation Warp Speed” fast tracked.

      • Greg Hunter

        Actually, the laws passed in the Obama Administration made “Warp Speed,” not only possible, but caused it to happen. This according to biotech analyst Karen Kingston.

  91. Da Yooper

    Great interview Greg & Merry Christmas.

    Why do I get the feeling CAF would not support Trump running in 2024? ( provided we have a nation to run if we get there.)

  92. paul anthony Dodo

    outstanding interviews Greg. thank you!!

  93. Pamela Gordin

    We have been wanting to move to TN for over a year now, but… we have no $ or family or a place to land. We hate living in this blue state. Now they want to be the first in the Nation to be the first bio-metric state, health, money etc. Open to any suggestions. We can barely make to paycheck to paycheck. Living in the NE is so expensive.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I live in Washington- very blue- i understand. It may be that you need to encourage the next generation for that move- perhaps the oldest go and the rest offer some financial support. My brother just moved to Alaska- married with 5 kids with the oldest at 12- only possible because the kids are young. I found a man to help clean up his credit report a couple years ago. Families have to strategize to help each other. Personally, we are making an almost homestead. I told him that its possible either he and his will have to come here or we will have to go there in the future- lots of unknowns.

  94. Vince Ready oar Knot

    I’m afraid it is ALL GONE. This 1.7 trillion OBAMINation is the death nail. We are funding every demonic entity with ZERO border security funds. I’m praying that the destruction of Washington DC as I believe Revelation 18 portrays, comes sooner than later. May God have mercy on his people.

  95. Country Codger

    Absolutely CAF at her finest. Great interview Greg.

    Lo Iyrah!!!

  96. Clint McLennan

    You say you would take a bullet in the head rather than let the Covid “vaccination” go out to the general public. Would you let a bullet(s) go to the head of your children and grandchildren?

    President trump and others would take a bullet but they also will not let a bullet go to the head of their posterity!!

  97. Tim Gibson

    .Hi Greg I like you and your show very much. Smart smart girl. I have followed her for years and tried to implement her ideas in my family life. She is dead on when she says no federal government is going to come and save us. Name a few federal governments in the world that have joe average interest at heart. None Zero. Waste of time and effort. I saw by your body language that what she said about Trump was a body blow to you. Its hard to accept when someone we trust wrongs us. I think we all experienced that over the last few years with the covid tyranny. I lost my best friend of 40 years over the vax. It haunts me . All we can do is to unite with like minded people and move forward. Wipe our tears and carry on. My wife got a card from a friend yesterday. It said “Treasure those family traditions because nothing pisses off evil more” Made my day. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference. cheers tim

  98. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    We are at War! The Final World War!
    It is a Spiritual War not a kinetic War as experienced in the past.
    This Demonic Chaos, that we are living in, has been planned for many years and is now being carried out.
    Assigning the blame for the carnage of this War on President Trump is not only deceptive but despicable!

  99. Roger Stamper

    tks caf greg !!

  100. Raymond J

    The scripture says that God is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). Thus if Donald Trump does one thing, and then Joe Biden does the exact same thing, God will judge them equally. You, the reader go and do likewise (Luke 10:37).

  101. Catherine Cronin

    Its really true about Trump and his major fault regarding the vax..I fluctuate between liking him and not trusting him. I do believe he has played his cards well until this disaster.

    CAF in my opinion has never been a Trump fan. Her opinions have been veiled in politeness but not anymore.

    Our leaders are completely compromised and some are very very evil.
    I was of the belief that Trumps second term would be more fruitful. We have two more years to go approximately, to see if he even wants to run. My opinion, he really doesn’t want it anymore. Sadly, he may be just sorry he caused this tragedy by following the wrong piper off the cliff. Or He may have signed contracts that stipulate he cannot talk about the vax in derogatory ways. We really dont know. I hope he is still a good guy and I hope he runs but only if he admits the vax was a mistake.
    two more years of Biden will be disastrous and I wish Trump would have the guts to take back his rightful place as president and arrest all these bastards. a firing squad made up of victims of vax would have be appropriate.

  102. Dave

    Absolutely the best interview you’ve done Greg. CAF is brilliant an speaks truth to power on Trump. Celente does the same and believes Trump is part of the Deep State being used to split thr conservative base.

    If indeed Trump was deceived, why is he still trumpeting the vaccine? People are still getting the jab. Trump coming out and telling the truth would get some to not take the vaccine and it might save their lives. Truth Social blocks posts that sound like Kingzton’s. Daring to tell the truth – why does Trump social media platform block it?

    The 1,8 trillion omnibus proves there is only one party. The bill has massive earmarks and gives more money to PP and green initives. But it is fine with supposed conservative Senator Cotton extolled the bill as it includes a massive increase in military spending and another 45 billion for Ukraine. He does not care that it funds 80K new IRS agents who will go after middle class taxpayers. Cotton argued they had to go for a year long bill (which effectively neuters the House GOP) because the GOP will have such a small majority the Democrats might be able to get bills through?! Hello. What is the point of the GOP then?

    McCarthy is a RINO and those who dare want another Speaker are being trashed by the large majority of conservative media. From Levin to Hewitt to Hannity and more. You see conservative media is all part of the Deep State. It’s sad they continue to fool conservatives and basically neuter them in terms of becoming a political force. It was Limbaugh who cajoled Tea party leaders not to form a 3rd party. Why? He was part of the Deep State, and the Deep State knew it needed to keep Tea party people in the GOP where they were and are effectively powerless.

    BTW, local control as advocated by CAF is actually an ancient Christian teaching/belief when it comes to governance. It’s called subsidiarity.

  103. Mrs. G

    The Canadian Fertilizer Ban
    Message from a true farmer

  104. eric

    my favorite saying from catherine is
    hopeless is and opt and its planet wide

  105. Nika

    Sounds like the Christians in Brazil, are begging the Brazilian Army to protect them from President Lulu’s Deep State Communist Army.
    I wonder in the Future, if American Christians will be asking the U.S Army to protect them from the Deep State players?

  106. Nick Reynolds

    The whole federal government of the United States of America is totally corrupt, is a swamp, and needs to go. Trump is most likely a controlled opposition. Forget about him saving us. Avoid any central bank digital currency and the propaganda promoting it. Bitcoin is de-centralized. That’s not the same as the CBDC. Speak the truth as you see it in every situation. Don’t go along with what the TV says about anything. Grow as much of your own food as you can. Prepare to go it alone if necessary. But get to know your neighbors. We are at war. Don’t support any of their wars. Somehow, in some way, these criminals are going to lose, probably because they are so stupid because they are so powerful, and they really don’t like us. Learn the US Constitution. It’s one of the things they most want to eliminate. It’s too revolutionary for their rule by their laws. Keep your faith. Fear not.

  107. Dave

    To confirm CAF saying forget Biden and Trump, forget Republicans and Democrats the following is in the Omnibus bill.

    Billions for border security in foreign countries which can’t be spend on US nborder security.

    Massive increase in monies for reproductive health (abortion)

    Continuation of the expanded Covid entitlements including MediCaid for middle class families.

    This will guarantee the Democrats win it all in 2024. Once folks get government money, they will not give it up. The GOP does not care – really, they do. They are part of the Deep State. And as Dr, Michael Savage said – talk radio and Fox are part of the Deep State. They want to keep conservatives penned up and ineffectual. There is a reason why Savage was blocked from going on Fox by Hannity. Savage speaks truth to power.

    The bill is an insult and that only 6 or 7 GOP Senators oppose it (not enough to block the bill) tells you all. Cotton, Ernst, SC’s Scott, Rubio. These guys are not conservative and that conservative media trots them out all the time as leaders is the conservative movement is a joke.

  108. Rose Mont Sellicka

    Wednesday LIVE WW3 ALERT: Ukrainian Dictator Zelensky Visits Washington, Demands Hundreds of Billions of Dollars & Support for Nuclear War –
    Tune in NOW! Posted 3 hours ago

  109. Patrick Grimes

    Sensational interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. I can’t recommend this interview enough! Will be looking forward to your next interview with her.

  110. Peyton

    CAF tells the hard truth about Trump. The VAXX is a poison and slow kill bio-weapon. Trump knew what he was doing. He is part of that show. The Red/Blue puppet show in the USA is ridiculous. It is sad and pitiful to see Greg Hunter defend Trump… Greg does not understand that Trump is part of the show… he was part of the Globalist Elite cabal. Trump was one of them and he delivered for that agenda. He was the light to the dark but part of the agenda. From dark to light. Think of a battery with a plus side and a negative side, both necessary parts of the battery. To defend Trump is naive and pitifully stupid. Biden/Trump/Bush/Obama are part of the show. Please Greg, you have some great interviews but you are not getting it. I know you say you are not so smart with only a General Studies degree. OK, agreed, it shows at times. You are courageous in covering this VAXX story and having the guests on that you do, but for the love of all, connect the dots. CAF was trying to be gentle with you on this but you need to elevate your understanding of what has happened and is happening. Please, no more of the preposterous defense of Trump. Trump did some good things but he did some awful stuff that only deeply divided and weakened this country and served the interests of those Globalist Elite who seem to want to destroy the sovereignty of the USA and her People, creating the new world for them while killing and enslaving the bottom 95% of humanity. It will be a good day when Greg Hunter “gets it”. He is a courageous man but operating at a level of understanding that increasingly seems childish. You need to understand who Trump was. CAF is a bright light… she understands. And she is so patient in trying to help others in this WAR WE ARE ALL IN.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not the sourced proven truth. This is CAF’s opinion. She may be right but I am on the other side of the table on this issue. That said, Trump surely has known for months this CV19 bioweapon shot is and unfolding disaster, and he remains silent.

  111. Randy Best

    CAF always provides great advice. Sadly, I think that in many states corruption is just as bad as at the Federal level. Illinois has to be at the top of the list. New York, New Jersey and Louisiana are others………..

  112. Vernon Locke

    “Oh SH*T, Putin WARNS of direct clash with U.S., NATO readies forces | Redacted w Clayton Morris” 81,705 views Dec 20, 2022
    Moscow says US policies have the US and Russia on the brink of all out war. Zelensky and his regime are sitting down doing interviews in The Economist magazine and Russia is readying a massive winter offensive with big moves overnight in Donetsk region. Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins us to discuss what this means for those on and off the battlefield.

  113. Von Boughton

    A man that is a billionaire and says he never did anything that needed God’s forgiveness.
    Enough said about Trump.
    No POTUS is elected… they are placed there. PERIOD

  114. Hal


    If Hillary or Obama had presided over lockdowns and Warpspeed there is NO WAY you’d be making the same lame excuses for them as you do for Trump!

    Do you give Biden the same pass as you do Trump? Do you think Biden’s advisers are any more honest or moral than Trump’s? Should Biden be held to a higher standard than Trump?

    The longer you Trumpers refuse to admit you got bamboozled the more foolish you look.

  115. Self Exiled

    Trump signed FASFA 56. It was a single foot note in a many page document, but it spoke volumes. Everything at the federal level is a distraction. There is no federal government. The US is run by many criminal enterprises and is a criminal enterprise; absolutely.

  116. Richard Jordan

    Did I here you say Greg that Karen Kingston was removed from Trumps truth social? How can that be?

    • Greg Hunter

      Kingston told me this when I interviewed her. She may have been reinstated.

  117. francis m reps

    Dear Greg, As the Norwegians say ; when they are impressed by something really fine ; “A Thousand Thanks “. Ms Fitts is a scholar and a Patriotic American. May I echo those Norwegians and add my “thousand thanks” as well. It would be wonderful if you could have a “respected” guest on your program ; who could present ; in a clear and concise manner ; the Historical record of what went on in Ukraine back in 1991 ; and then the 2104 coup ; and a record of the failed Minsk Accords which precipitated the SMO by the Russian Federation. Paul Craig Roberts perhaps. Thanks again

  118. Bob

    Hello Greg.

    Donald Trump endorsed the “Abraham Accord Coin”
    This was minted in Israel, and it showed what the future was to be with the control of humans. Look it up. Here is a link. ABRAHAM ACCORD COIN “HEADS OR TAILS?”

    • Greg Hunter

      What is the source for this? I don’t mean a Bitchute video either.

  119. Susan R

    A heap of love to you both. That was exactly what I want to hear, Truth. Lies hurt more than truth which is almost extinct.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You Suisan! Happy Birthday Jesus to you!!!!

  120. Richard Jordan

    I feel that with all of the nations revolting over the way governments are treating us, lockdowns, slab jabs, rigged elections and the list goes on the anti-Christ will step in and say I am your savior and many will be deceived. All they need is the CBCD to be implemented and it’s game on.
    The gulag’s and guillotines are ready and waiting for the ones that resist. Jesus is the only way out of this mess no man can save us.

  121. Paula

    Another link to the hidden history of the ages plus a discussion into familiar govt. officials jockeying to rule the US (us) today: .com XcsPNel

    Thank You again, Greg. Many comments stretch our (L) brain.

  122. Fred

    I’m glad CAF brought up the Kavanaugh circus which distracted from FASAB-56…I wonder what excuse Trumpers make for this happening on his watch?

    Let me guess: “Trump was lied to and tricked” (by the people he chose to surround himself with)?

  123. Paula

    I rechecked the previous link…
    Cartel Babylon-Global Enslavement
    as seen on American Intelligence if interested

  124. rt rider

    CAF is 100% correct. Everyone must actively organize to protect their community and state from the coming fallout. The psychopathic criminals who rule, are intent on destroying everything to preserve their wealth and power, and will try to finish the job that covid, and the non-vaxx, has failed (so far) to do. I, for one, have come to the conclusion that the political entity, the U.S. of A as a federal republic, is dead. Much like a zombie appears to be human but is dead, so is the republic. The former republic has become a lawless, criminal enterprise that poses as a republic, pretending to be ruled by law. All the evidence is there for anyone to see.

    In addition, we must also realize that a new global sheriff is in town and is intent on destroying this criminal entity, the former republic, financially and economically, and if necessary, militarily. Whether you like it or not, or don’t believe their motives, doesn’t matter. That is the reality. They have decided it is us or them. They realize we are ruled by psychopaths. Do you? Do we do something about this before they do, and the situation becomes existential?

  125. Jean Jacoby

    I admire CAF for her intellect, and economic knowledge and solutions. I have known for several years that she is a Trump hater.
    Her vehement response to you, Greg, about President Trump’s role in the “vaccines” I believe stems from her TDS.
    I am in agreement with you. President Trump loves this country,, worked diligently to MAGA, and gave it his very best under extremely stressful conditions every day since the day he came down the escalator with our yet-to-be First Lady. He should apologize to the country that he was deceived by Fauci and Birks, and state the “jabs” are genocide. That is the truth.
    I will not let those who have TDS infect me. I continue to applaud his achievements and will vote for him in 2024, should he run. God Bless you, Greg.

  126. alfy

    I’m of the view. all who got even just one jab that was hot are going to be gone within the next 5 years. if folks are saying 600 million jabs were given in the usa. given who corrupt those bad guy rats are, I suspect plenty of those jab were bogus. still, that leaves many that were hot. I think we best get mentally prepared to bury 100-150 million of our countrymen. I think the main thing that is keeping my old as the hills bones going is the seething anger I have towards those evil bastards, and my iron strong desire to see those rats face justice at the hands of our brave servicemen. then I can leave this world in peace.


      Oh well Alfy. If this is true and I also think that they were are terrible RATS and should face the same demise that the Rats got in the NY subways after the storm Sandy. The Bible (Jesus) says to be absent from your body is to be present with the LORD JESUS. So hope to see you all there. My dad’s family has at least 8-10 spots left in St Mary’s Cemetery in upstate NY I’m in NJ and already told my Funeral home in Pa where to put any of us if it comes to that.
      They WILL reap what they have sown Father God will not be mocked.
      Merry Christmas

    • Greg Hunter

      This is increasingly common for the vaxed. Take Ivermectin early and often according to Dr. Kory. Dr. Kory sai9d right here on USAW, “Don’t look at it as vaxed or unvaxed, but treated or untreated.”

      • Terry

        Yes well put … Treated and Untreated… much less combative comparison… We do not want to assist the “divide and conquer” agenda.
        Together we stand… divided we fall.

  127. ken

    Thank You Catherine!

    I also knew the virus was a scam by March – April 2020,,, about two weeks or so after it started. Then Trump started his bs about WarpSpeed and having the military handle it… That convinced me it was for sure a scam.

    Then watching Bill Gates talking, I knew democide was the agenda. Plain as day to me. And now??? look at the new reasons for dying,,, too much sleep,,, not enough sleep,,, too much happiness and laughter,,, children now having heart attacks,,, SADS and many, many more.

    Still to this day many alternative pundits claim the virus exists without any proof. I have offered $1000 to several pundits to prove the virus has been properly isolated, purified and proven to cause the fake disease and not a peep back.

    They have convinced people they have had this fake virus after taking the shots when in reality it is the poisonous shot making them sick.

  128. tim

    Get out of the system,everyone needs to apply for US State National ..and dont pay the federal tax ..its illegal watch this video and pass to every American before its to late

  129. Laura

    I agree with Catherine Austin F. If she knew and I know that vaccines are tested for 10 years Trump knew too!!! Stop making excuses for us. He is a mixed bag!!! Who’s side is he on? I wouldn’t vote for him again. He’s done !!!

  130. Laura

    I meant who’s side is Trump on

  131. Agnes

    I love you, Catherine. Here’s for you:
    It’s Elvis’ “Peace in the Valley” with a beautiful slide show.
    Enjoy Enjoy.
    Greg, enjoy.
    Everyone enjoy.
    Peace and Joy this holiday season.

  132. M.Savitch podcast...

    IS RUSSIA OR UKRAINE WINNING THIS WAR? We ask Col. Douglas Macgregor (episode #500)

  133. tim mcgraw

    46:00; “You need governmental sovereignty to have individual sovereignty.”
    I don’t buy that one.
    The government can kill me, enslave me, steal my assets, and persecute me,
    but it can’t take away or give me my liberty and sovereignty. God gave me my liberty. Only I can relinquish it.

  134. Terry

    Nothing New… Great Empires before the USA have fallen, mostly for the same reason… Humanity unfortunately has not learned from experience about EVIL and GREED.

    • rob

      The greatest of all realizations.

  135. JENNY

    Trump knew they were going to use a vaxxine but how could he stop them from doing it? He made them SPEED up their process ….exposed their vaxx and phamceuticals as a joke…more harm than good…TRUMP was for the alternative treatments….


  136. Lon Bell

    The Russia-Slovakia paradox as polling shows public support Putin despite state dismissals
    Slovakia is one of the long-standing pro-Russian countries in the EU, and recent government support for the war effort in Ukraine does not appear to have swayed public opinion.
    12:50, Wed, Dec 21, 2022 | UPDATED: 14:52, Wed, Dec 21, 2022

  137. Paul

    If Trump was OK with killing people he wouldn’t have pushed to make the vaccine voluntary and he wouldn’t have talked about HCQ, ivermectin and other therapies. We either have a few million people die from a voluntary dangerous vaccine. Or, we have many more millions die from starvation due to lockdowns and economic collapse. He took the least bad choice. It forced the governors to eventually open up their states. If he didn’t roll out the vaccine, California, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and others would still be locked down. Look at China they are in full lockdown and welding the doors shut on apartment buildings. That was the deep state plan. Kill 90% of the population. This way we lose maybe 10%. In war, people have to make tough decisions. If Trump was deep state, how come they hate him so much. He was in a bad spot and I believe he knew this was coming before it happened.

  138. JENNY


  139. LonBell

    Russia and China strike new partnership to build joint base on the Moon by 2035
    The “International Lunar Research Station” will be used as a base for conducting scientific research and the exploration of the Moon’s surface.
    14:02, Wed, Dec 21, 2022 | UPDATED: 14:38, Wed, Dec 21, 2022

  140. Beverly

    I have been suspicious about Trump for a very long time. Many of his cabinet members were not good people. They were traitorous. I think if he really wanted to clean house, he would have just put all good people in there and get to work. But, he didn’t. Gerald Celente has said that Trump will not be President again. I believe him. And, like CAF said, does it matter anymore? Trump can’t save us. Biden definitely won’t. Christ is the only one who will, AFTER we have repented and put forth an effort to save ourselves! But, if people don’t even try to save themselves, then they get to pay the price. And, you can’t rely on one MAN to save you from a big fat political mess. If people want to save themselves, they have to turn towards living in a GODLY way. Only by being honest, hard working people, who love all men, will men ever learn to create societies where all people are well, happy and taken care of. And, they will be taken care of because they learned how to work and take care of themselves! People just can’t expect money to fall from the sky and that they won’t have to do anything for their living. No. They have to learn, just like Adam and Eve had to, that if you want to EAT, then you gotta work!

  141. George

    Great in of the year shows my take on Trump is they hate him I love him cast the first stone all the clowns 🤡 Merry Christmas Greg

  142. Jerry

    Wow Wow Wow, what a great interview! Something I find so very interesting is the fact that so many post about when/if Trump comes back. Lets get real! The election was stolen in 2020 and lets not forget the mid terms. Perhaps to a further degree we all thought not possible. What makes you all think it will not happen again and again and again??? Do you still have confidence in the system? Hell there was cheating in 2016 just not enough to put Hillary in. I see Trump flags and bumper stickers all over for 24. Trump is no savior. With that said I am very torn about the vacc push under his command. He will not come out against them, regardless if he knew or not the mounting evidence is there and very real. He needs to make a statement about it, but I believe his pride will not allow him to do so. Now I fully understand that he did not mandate and that I am thankful for. For argument sake and with a little critical thinking who in there right mind thinks it’s possible to produce procure a vacc that in not – mRNA in 9 months? How is that even remotely possible, I am no expert in pharma but lets get real. Was this something that had been in the works for many years? If this is the case he knew. Hard to say though.

    Biden “wins” election, mandates it and exempts congress from it but yet forces the military to take it. Something does not smell right. This has to be intentional. One of my biggest concerns and yet the average person cannot see it, forced to take an EUA or loose your job! I work for a rather large defense contractor (you all know who) who followed the science and did what ever the admin/CDC said. My gosh the $h1T we put up with was insane with the roll out/masks/social distancing. When the lock downs where implemented we received papers to be out at night just in case we happened to be pulled over. Are you for real! Is this really happening? It and still is absurdly sickening watching some many follow the “rules,” never taking off the mask, shot after shot. I work with about 45 of those ten of us did not take it. Upper management was literally told to deny all exemptions and they were. Many had to fill out again. It took months to get an approved exemption. In fact mine was literally approved the day before the deadline to have both initial shots. I pray restitution is in our future, not sure how this is capable though.

  143. mike r

    Brunson v Adams et al. Brunson is a US citizen who is petitioning SCOTUS to have 388 members of congress removed from office including the current President and VP for violation of the constitution and their oath of office. SCOTUS accepted it! Scheduled for 1/6/2023. Scotus could make a decision earlier.

    this link
    holds the template of an Amicus brief to the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS). It addresses case 22-380, Brunson v Adams. The Brunson brothers have filed an Emergency (National Security) Petition to SCOTUS which names as respondents 388 members of Congress, VP Pence, Speaker Pelosi, VP Harris and sitting President Biden for dereliction of duties and other faults. This for failing to pause the electoral count on January 6, 2021 when Senator Ted Cruz requested a pause to review issues of non-compliance. More than 100 members of congress DID request diligence on multiple state frauds. Yet 388 members, including Pence failed to uphold their duty to protect the election against a foreign enemy.

    When VP Pence failed to do so, an egregious Constitutional Crime was committed. We need Patriots in force to send a short Amicus Brief to SCOTUS in support of Brunson. Nothing fancy is required. The template is a sample Amicus brief penned by Juan O Savin and SG Anon. Personalize it and thank the court for Docketing this case. Send one copy to the Supreme Court, and one copy to Loy & Raland Brunson (so they can track how many are sent to the Supreme Court) and include $1 to help support them in this endeavor. On the back of the Brunson envelope, please include “A4Justice” or any other show/podcast/host where you heard about this.

    folks – Scotus RARELY ever accepts a citizen case, especially in the short time this was filed.

    more backgroumd can be found here….

  144. Julia

    Merry Christmas to you, your family and USA Watchdog viewers.

    This was a tremendous interview. I hope we will each take Ms Austin-Fitts words to heart. I worked for a Manager at a large Bank and she always spoke about minimizing risk to the Bank. I apply that now to my life. How can I minimize my risk to this Government and Medical establishment etc.

    I am attaching a link for Local Harvest. Plug in your zip code and find local family farms in your area:

    Thrilled to hear about the uptick in cash usage.

  145. Janice Bechdolt

    So grateful for your work Greg…..Getting the truth very few places provide it in such a convenient and professional presentation. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus from me also.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Janice!
      Brother Greg

  146. tim mcgraw

    Nuke ./ . . .; . (This is Greg Hunter and I deleted this comment. Tim. Come on man!!!)

    • tim mcgraw

      Greg: The USA nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I haven’t heard any apologies for that.
      Ask yourself this question:
      “Would you be better off if DC was nuked tomorrow?”
      Or let’s make it an asteroid hitting the Capitol building while all the politicians are inside of it and another asteroid hits the Pentagon and another hits CIA HQ at Langley, VA.
      Would you be better off?

      • Greg Hunter

        Did Japan apologize for Pearl Harbour? We were at war. End of story. You are talking mass murder for political goals. Lots of innocent people would be murdered.

        • tim mcgraw

          Greg; I will be blunter. Soon I will have to file my tax form (extortion payment) to the IRS in DC. This money goes to fund a Gang of Killers in DC who kill thousands of civilians and innocents worldwide. This Gang of Killers is evil. And I am funding them.
          Do you think God approves of my actions?
          I don’t.
          I think God thinks I am a coward for paying this money to the extortionist Gang of Killers in DC.
          But I don’t want to go to jail or have my assets stolen by the Gang of Killers and their enforcers (IRS).
          So, hey, I’ll answer my own question:
          “Yes! I would be better off if DC was nuked tomorrow. It might save my soul.”

          • Greg Hunter

            You found a way to get it in there man. I hate all genocides by the way.

            • tim mcgraw

              Greg: Thanks for posting my comment. I meant every word. I fear that God does consider me Lagodocia, lukewarm, and will spit me out.
              Am I a coward and “Good German” for paying my taxes to this Gang of Killers in DC every year?
              I also hate genocide. Murder is murder.

  147. tim mcgraw

    Yeah, buy your gold and silver. Watch TIK’s Video “Send Us Wheat or Coffins” about the Nazi occupation of Greece in WWII.
    The Nazis came to the city of Salonika and told the Jews, “Give us your gold, silver, and jewelry or we kill your son.”
    The Jews gave the Nazis their gold, silver, and jewelry. The Nazis then shipped all the Jews off to the camps where they died.
    Buy guns and ammo and know how to use them.
    And more importantly; have the WILL to use them.

  148. The Canuck

    I got thinking today that the baby boomers are so pre occupied with trying to secure themselves a comfortable retirement in this casino we live in that they don’t realize that the children around them are being set up for hard core slavery. I shake my head.

    Greg, I had taken an interest in the comment you had made about the Cornerstone payment system so I took a look at their website. This declaration is on the bottom.
    Cornerstone West Inc. is a registered ISO of Deutsche Bank, USA, New York, NY.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the explainer I pulled from the internet: ISO 9001 certification is issued by a certification bodies approved by International Organization for Standardization. Before applying, you will need to develop a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of the standard. The certification body will conduct an independent audit to assess whether your Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and whether your business is correctly implementing the system. Following the successful completion of your audit, the certification body will provide you with a certificate which will verify that your business operations meet the requirements of the standard.

      It basically means Cornerstone is trustworthy.


  149. Anna

    I voted for Trump but the Exec orders he signed re – “expiramental medications as a last resort, the Cryspr tech (The very bill that Christians had kept illegal because it removes God given DNA structures for years) , operation Warp Speed, and the cheerleading of the jab have me angry and doubting my support of him. I just don’t get it – he is really smart he doesn’t need an adviser to tell him people are dying or that the jab is altering people’s immune system…it’s all over social media everywhere. Alex Jones gave him every chance to back down from his support of the jab. Maybe he wants to fix the country but he doesn’t want to be president – then again when u look at the numbers – most of his base has been jabbed.

  150. Linda

    Trump was not in on Fauci and Birx’s grift. I was paying attention to their body language. Fauci and Birx always treated him like an outsider and went out of their way to contradict everything he said. Trump didn’t like them either. People do know that vaccines take 10 years to develop. That’s why I didn’t take the “Warp Speed” bioweapon, just my opinion. Merry Christmas. Let’s fix this.

  151. tim mcgraw

    52:00 “What wins wars is actionable intelligence.”
    That certainly helps, but logistics wins wars.
    It’s always about logistics.
    Who has the most firepower, food, ammo, men, and intelligence.
    But with a bad general or admiral, President or Emperor or Fuhrer, it can all be pissed away.
    What wins wars is good leadership. Period.

  152. The Canuck

    I like many was hoping the Donald was going to be a game changer but there were a couple of things that troubled me. 1/ He was called in by Kisinger during his first election campaign. 2/ He repealed the Glass Stegal Act that Obama re initiated after the 2008 financial crisis that just about brought the system down. And my last straw was seeing his daughter Ivanka sitting at the table representing the USA at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting 2020.
    Kabuki theater

    • Greg Hunter

      Read for perspective:

      • The Canuck

        Thanks for the thought provoking quote Greg. History is our best teacher and it’s easy for us keyboard warriors to say this and that without feeling the heat. I remind myself that we participate in a democracy. Having a verbal say, casting a vote and even criticizing is really all we have if we wish to participate at all. Many don’t. All the best in the new year. Suggestion, include a knowledgeable prepper to your excellent list of guests.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Canuck!

  153. Ted Mainzer

    Let’s talk about the states that want to divest from the criminal enterprise and remain sovereign. Of course Tennessee, Texas, Florida, South Dakota, etc. Idaho, Montana? Certainly States like California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Illinois are bought and paid for WEF stooges. Who else? Where else can I move to?

  154. Jeffrobbins

    It’s interesting reading the comments- most are about Trump. Like him or not, he is certainly a lightening rod. At some point, we need to start looking forward. Greg, its not in the normal vein of guests, but it looks increasingly important that people know things/ tricks to growing food plots and the storage of the produce. In the spring, i plan to make a couple batches of a ‘tea’-a fertilizer substitute- the only references are some you tube videos. As i understand it- the fungi are the secret for plant uptake of nutrients. As a note; i believe ivermectin was the result of soil science. Water and Food security are vital for any community large or small. I know there are other sites, but i trust yours. Just a thought.

  155. i: a man; travis moss

    it would be nice if you could get this man on your show greg; christopher james of; awesome video for all to watch; if people want to be sovereign, it begins with those 3 questions


    Catherine is right . trump should have made it his business to know about the shots.

    • Greg Hunter

      Biden has been in office for 2 years and the CV19 vax came out after the 2020 election. Who is the villain here?
      Trump does now know this is a disaster and needs to come clean ASAP!!

  157. Lonnie

    EU still ‘funding repressive regimes’ as plot to ditch Russian gas could backfire
    The EU has been working to diversify its gas sources by striking deals with countries such as Algeria, Azerbaijan and Qatar.
    21:31, Wed, Dec 21, 2022 | UPDATED: 22:10, Wed, Dec 21, 2022

  158. Tarey

    Thank you for another great interview, Greg, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CATHERINE on December 24! She always sparkles with new perspectives on old information: she’s a joy to listen to! Merry Christmas and Happy 2023 to all!

  159. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Catherine is absolutely correct. Local sovereignty is key. I agree with everything Catherine said today.

  160. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Official corruption has made the United States of America weak. Printing money is a fools game by corrupt politicians and their central bankers. Play silly games, win silly prizes like extinction.

  161. Motto

    Interview of the Year ! Thank you Greg Hunter and CAF !

    All presidents are puppets. Cabal rules . From 1913 – establishment of Fed Reserve. Mechanism of control CAF described is the pair : Department of Treasury – Fed Reserve. One issues bonds , the other fiat dollars.
    Treasury can finish FedReserve or “WE THE PEOPLE” by going local , as CAF suggests.
    Fear Not ! We win !
    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year !
    Greetings from Kazakhstan , Motto

  162. tim mcgraw

    Greg and all on this website:
    Ask yourself this question,
    “Would you be better off or worse off if Washington DC and everyone in it disappeared tomorrow?”
    You wouldn’t have to file your Income Tax forms in 2023.
    But you might not get your Medicare or Veteran’s checks either.
    My point is, before you start criticizing the Beast of DC, make sure you can live without that Beast of DC.

    • Shiloh1

      I’d say ‘yes’. Mainly because all of the hoodlums in and around there over the past 50+ years.

  163. P Jones

    We all want a saviour but Catherine is spot on regarding Trump. Maybe if he speaks out about the WHO’s plans he can redeem himself a little. Great show Greg. Best from the UK.

  164. Brad Hollinger

    Hi Greg ,
    The way I understand Trump and the plandemic is that if the bad guys had their way , we all would have been locked down for 5-10 years possibly and 100s of millions if not billions would die. Trump accelerated the vaccine timeline to avoid this and get the world back open again. If Trump came out against the shot, every death would be blamed on him, Trump always gave the option to get the shot or not. Trump is battling for the planet,do you blame a general for sending troops into battle that they volunteered for ? There are always casualties in battle , those people volunteered to get the shot. Merry Christmas Brad

  165. James Hall

    Trump was lied to and was backed into a corner. He’s in the hotel business and needs people alive. He must come out against the vaccine or he’s compromised some how. He was not for the lock downs. I would bet money he really didn’t want Pence as his VP.

  166. Steven Kayser

    1. Tom Luongo: Russia’s refusal to cut oil production in 2020 ‘an act of unconventional war’ that certainly shocked global markets.
    2. Bank of Japan shocks global markets with bond yield shift.
    3. Qui Bono?

    I don’t know enough about geo-politics or finance to even propose an answer, but if Russia’s refusal to cut production at the beginning of Covid, which certainly helped to shock global markets, was an act of unconventional war, then logically the Bank of Japan’s shocking of global markets – might – be an act of unconventional war.

    Anyone have any thoughts about who benefited and who got hurt by the Bank of Japan’s bond yield shift?

  167. Ema watts

    Syria: Another Pipeline War
    EcoWatch Feb 25, 2016

    Looking For The Messiah
    We await, anxiously, the celebration of the birth of the Messiah – the savior. That’s what Christmas is all about. {Saturnalia too}
    So, I was stunned when I read this piece about restrictions in the UK and Ireland in the name of combatting climate change. Most specifically this quote:
    Beware:{Hugh is a neo-con deep state wanna be, mind you{

    • Cliven Bondi

      Ema, this new phase. Is like the the old Syrian phase, too. Yes our fearless leader’s, [Chicken Hawks]. Started all this back in, the ISIS training for psyop’s civil war in Syria. For pipelines to and through Syria. To cut off, at the pass. The up and coming German and Russian pipeline to Europe, we recently just blew up. The Anglo-American world super power was threatened by the Russian German team up and comers! That’s why our deep state neo-conmen and woman, hijacked the LGBQRISTV community of love, into the no protocall. in your face movement. Starting when Obomber refused to go to Putin’s winter Olympics, Russia was hosting. With the excuse Putin wouldn’t allow gay couples adopting children. What the gay’s don’t realize, after using them. These deep stater’s, will do like all tyrannicide paper clip Nazi’s and eliminate them. Whether their agents or not and that includes all the do gooder’s. That they use with brain washing propaganda, like the climate changer believers. ARE YOU a DAYDREAM Believer?

      It’s WORSE than they’re telling you in Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris
      56,226 views Dec 22, 2022
      President Zelensky traveled to Washington on Wednesday to ask for additional support for the war. He took Air Force One, in his full battle dress up for. The Ocasio-Cortez occasion. As the people of Ukraine are on lockdowns and soldiers are facing worse and worse conditions. Peace! Now!

  168. Bennet Cecil

    Are these cases simply anecdotes? My sister died a week after my brother gave her the Pfizer injection. The husband of a niece developed myocarditis. A nephew has stage 4 stomach cancer. Two of my male patients developed autoimmune hepatitis that is rare in males. One of my young patients was found dead in bed. Another one’s wife had a negative colonoscopy a few months earlier now has stage 4 colon cancer. One of my neighbors developed A fib. Another neighbor died from a stroke. My attorney’s wife had a non-fatal stroke. My son’s friend who is a non smoker has stage 3 throat cancer. My cousin who is a non smoker had a stent for an aortic aneurysm. A neighbor physician nonsmoker had stents for multiple aneurysms.

    I voted for Trump, but will abstain if he runs again. Trump knows that he is killing his base. He permitted the stolen election in 2020 by not firing Barr and appointing a real AG. Trump is simply part of the professional wrestling political show.. The American rulers killed JFK, RFK, MLK and would have killed Trump if he disobeyed. He got a sweet deal just like Clinton, Obama and Biden did.

    I knew in January 2020 that SARS-2 was a bioweapon and that the jabs were going to be lethal injections. I heard Dr. Francis Boyle quote the scientific papers. I read them; this is a sophisticated military bioweapon. None of my doctors have any clue about their lethal injections. None of them have examined the scientific articles that I gave them. They find that it is easier to believe a lie than to accept a very ugly and evil truth.

    No democrat or republican is going to stop the ongoing massive death and disability. That includes Thomas Massie and Rand Paul. I have been in personal contact with both of them. I gave both of them scientific documentation of the bioweapon shots. Massie does not think he has any power except to make amendments to committee bills. Rand Paul wants to play Fauci games on TV and maybe get elected president one day.

    1.5 million Americans have been murdered. Americans will stop this after 6 to 63 million deaths. We are on our own. No one in the power structure is going to lift a finger to save us. We will save ourselves after enough realize that their loved ones have been murdered by their own government.

  169. James PTY

    Government always starts a war with the majority of population rarely supporting it, and civilians are always the primary causalities.
    A thought experiment, albeit a dark one:

    A) IF a hidden coalition influences or controls government actions AND government actions do not represent, benefit, and possibly harms the population in general THEN that government has been captured by hostile forces.

    B) IF conflict between Sovereign States is decided by those Sovereign’s governments AND civilian casualties are deemed acceptable THEN that government is an equally hostile force acting contrary to well being of the population it supposedly protects.

    C) IF either A) or B) or both are true THEN government is a hostile force supporting the defeat and subjugation of the population it supposedly represents.

    D) IF C) is true AND one or more hidden coalitions form opposing that hostile force and captured government THEN conflict arises within the same as between Sovereign States.

    E) IF D) is true and the hidden coalition opposing the hostile force believes civilian casualties are inevitable THEN attacks directed to defeat and subjugate a population may go without resistance when perceived as offering a counter measure advantage.

    F) IF the conflict within a Sovereign State has a percentage of the population educated or conditioned to support the ideology of the hostile force and captured government AND the opposing coalition has reason to believe the primary casualty of an attack will be those very civilians educated or conditioned to support the ideology of the hostile force and captured government THEN the opposing coalition may perceive allowing the attack with subsequent civilian casualties has a counter measure advantage.

    The above leaves a metaphorically bad taste in my mouth, apologies should the reader experiences the same…

  170. Laura

    Thank-you for the early Christmas present Greg. I love Catherine Austin Fitts and hang on every word she speaks. Love your guests and love your interviews. There’s not much left to watch out there, but I am so grateful we have you. Thank you for all you do and Merry Christmas to you are yours Greg

  171. Note from the DNC

    The One World Government Command Center reminds you that starting January 1, 2023, there are no longer any safe words that anyone can use in form of communication.
    All forms of communication therefore must be avoided in order to keep our poor no-motivation, fragile adult-children safe.

    Woke persons that wish not to break our new Safe Communication laws are encouraged to get a frontal lobotomy, their vocal cords removed, facial feature removal surgery, along with the removal of both arms.

  172. Greg Austin

    Agreed, and thanks Greg and Catherine Austin-Fitts. However, as a Californian I disagree that the solution to the problem that is an out-of-control federal welfare/warfare government is to instead empower state and local governments. Rather, the way to tame the savage government beast is through individual Rights, as described in The Bill of Rights, Rights that are unalienable. Eleventh Amendment State Sovereign Immunity is NOT a Right, does not comprise The Bill of Rights, and in fact it voids all of the other Rights in practice. Instead, Sovereign Immunity, I claim, is unconstitutional, since The State is not the sovereign in the first place; We, The People (the individuals) are the sovereign. Instead, the Right to freedom from State/Local tyranny is described in the Tenth Amendment. Our Civil Rights are already protected by 42 US Code § 1983 Civil action for deprivation of rights, and 18 U.S. Code § 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law, a criminal offense. Problem then boils to law enforcement, not States need more power.

  173. DISGUSTED Ken

    I am disappointed with the comments except for K8 Matric, Rt Rider, and Jeff Robbins as they understood the most important aspect of CAF interview – actionable intelligence! A fancy way of saying what can be done with a high probable chance of success. Such as debt reduction/elimination or using physical cash, supporting local farmers and involvement in local politics [plus so much more].

    From the comments as to whether Trump is a Saint or the Devil all I heard in this discourse is “Presidential politics is entertainment!” That’s right bread and circus another version of the Kardashians apparently this crowd has not experience enough pain to get them off their asses putting into affect even one small step -[such as using cash]. All I heard was a forum of “Blow Hard’s!” All who talk as if they were in Trump’s inner circle knowing his every move that determined whether Saint or Devil!

    Great interview Greg and CAF fantastic work.
    DISGUSTED from North Georgia!

  174. Curmudgeon

    I’m not an American, but much of what this article contains is universal. I have, for more than 20 years, been telling people the old left/right paradigm is dead. It is more accurate to describe what is going on as globalism vs nationalism, and even the nationalism part is weak, because people have been sold the globalist poison of multiculturalism or ” melting pot” for almost 50 years. Trump was far from an ideal political candidate. His success was due to his saying what the non-coastal dwelling public were thinking, which was closer to reality than the airy-fairy pile of male bovine excrement emanating from the media centres. It was as much as Clinton being a horrible choice as his being a great choice.
    Trumps background and businesses are hotels and resorts. To be profitable, you need people staying in them. For people to stay in them, they need to be gainfully employed. High unemployment aided by low wage illegal immigration means fewer people to stay in his hotels and resorts. He understood that it wasn’t only his businesses that suffer, but many other businesses as well. In order to be prosperous, money needs to in circulation, and the best way is through internal commercial enterprises. The globalists cannot allow that to happen. There are many other aspects of his time in office that need to be seen through a different lens. Again, I’m not saying he was perfect, as, at best, he was/is a civic nationalist, only that people need to step away from the narrative surrounding him to re-examine what he was doing. It may surprise you.

  175. k. Lain

    Washington Examiner
    McConnell’s Ukraine comments show why Republican voters flocked to Trump
    Opinion by Christopher Tremoglie • 2h ago

    Thursday Emergency Broadcast: Biden Declares Proxy War Against Russia, Risks WW3 By Teaming Up With Zelensky
    Posted 3 hours ago
    Biden regime waited until most congress members critical of Zelensky were home for the holidays before bringing him in front of Congress
    This could very well lead to WW3 as the elites keep the war in Ukraine going to make more money.

    Arizona Lawmaker Calls Zelensky ‘A Globalist Puppet for Soros and the Clintons’ in Positively Deranged Tweetstorm
    Story by Ken Meyer • Feb 27
    Arizona Republican lawmaker Wendy Rogers unleashed a flood of insane talking points about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, not the least of which was her deranged claim that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a “globalist puppet for [George] Soros and the Clintons.” [She fergot the Beijing Bidens!]

  176. HairyHerry

    Hello Greg,
    CAF is very spot-on. I think the sheer amount of derivative bets now underwater is what’s causing this Great Reset. Why can’t the WEF / UN be defunded? We the Sheeple have such horrible priorities!

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s in the trillions of dollars. You are correct sir.

  177. CSJ

    “There is no right versus left. There is no Trump versus Biden. There is a machine in control of a spending machine that is financed with our taxes and debt borrowed in our name that is being sold into our pension funds and into our retirement accounts. … And that machine, to keep balancing the books, is implementing a depopulation plan. That is the reality that has to be faced; and changing the president won’t matter. …

    “If you want to make real progress against the machine, you’ve got to ‘talk turkey’ about where your money is going, what it’s doing, and who are the local leaders and the state legislators who are going to support you when this machine fails you completely.”

    Thank you, Catherine Austin Fitts!

  178. Justn Observer

    and who’s getting the lumps of coal for XMAS? As always. the taxpayers…

    The Fed will be technically Insolvent within weeks
    Did you catch the recent whiteboard video where George lays out the Fed’s big problem with its QT policy combined with higher interest rates combined with an accounting gimmick they are using to front-run future profits called deferred assets?
    Without getting too deep here, the problem is this…
    The Fed is offloading assets on its balance sheet (QT) at a massive loss. These assets were purchased during a time when rates were low and prices were high.
    Now rates are high, and prices are low. So they are taking massive losses from buying high and selling low.
    The Fed has IOR problems. That is, as rates go up, so do their Interest on Reserve payments to major lenders holding funds at the FED.
    The Fed can’t print its problems away. In doing so, they would increase the liability side of their balance sheet without increasing the asset side. So it just makes the matter worse.
    They are covering it all up with an accounting gimmick known as deferred assets. This is a short-term ploy to make it look like they have more assets on their balance sheet than they really do have.
    It’s not looking pretty. And no, they cannot take infinite losses forever.
    The big question remains, what will the fed do next? Will it all come crashing down?
    To get the full breakdown with proof, watch this whiteboard video for a few minutes.
    – Team Rebel Capitalist

    Largest lump of coal goes to ? =
    ‘Canada’s Bank of Montreal Getting Burned on BofA’s Derivative Silver Con! ‘ ?

    and the ‘winners’ for a Santa Claus rally based on the ‘UKRAINE XMAS WAR PACKAGE are ? = The MIC and ‘their’ defense contractors =

  179. Pete+only

    As always, Catherine had some really good points, and continues to put things in a perspective of what we little “snowflakes” can do to help on a daily basis.
    She also reminded us all that decyphering sources of information is a matter of ‘life or death” for whole families, and Greg, you certainly do have a lot to do with saving lives, and you certainly have a big influence in our lives on a personal level for our family that is for sure.
    I need to share some troubling news with your viewers.
    Our son, who lives in the Waterloo Ontario area, has passed on a story to us that I feel needs to be heard.
    A child in the first grade there came home to tell her mother that her teacher wanted her and her classmates to play a “secretive game” which involved a “Chinese Secret Agent Leader”, and that “they were all being watched by that person at all times”.
    This is straight from the Chinese Communist Party Text Book to turn children on there very own parents, much to the same effect as promoting Woke policies on children in school, but starting this on children in the first grade for me is very troubling.
    This is where we need to stand up and definitely take a stand.
    Please question your children for activities going on in schools wherever you live.
    They are coming for all of our children, that is for sure.

  180. Tod Mills

    I really like Catherine Austin-Fitts and think she has a lot of important and insightful things to say, but I must disagree with the second part of her statement about sovereignty when she says, starting at 45:41
    “I’m telling you, what we need is sovereignty. The federal government is not going to deliver it. If you look at where the financial coup is, I’m happy to discuss that, but we should probably do another show. But the financial coup has reached the point where, if you want sovereignty, the only person who I believe can deliver that is your state governor and legislature, and you better stop paying any attention to Trump or Biden and start paying a huge amount of attention. If you’ve got a great state A.G., if you’ve got great leadership in your state legislature, if you’ve got a great governor, you better start supporting them. You better start organizing and supporting them because they are the people who can protect your sovereignty and you need governmental sovereignty if you are going to have individual sovereignty.”

    Government, by definition, is diametrically opposed to individual sovereignty. All government. Government is always coercive. The very existence of government…any government…means that individual sovereignty has been violated.

    I would urge all of your viewers, yourself, Greg, and your guest, Catherine Austin-Fitts, to go to You Tube and look up an 8m 15s video titled “The Philosophy of Liberty”. (

    The ONLY legitimate ruler is God Himself because He is the Creator. Seeking any human being to be our ruler is improper. That is spelled out clearly in 1 Samuel 8 and other verses in both the Old and New Testaments are consistent with that line of thought. (even Romans 13) For a more complete discussion of the subject, read:

  181. S. Fagan

    She Was Caught Red Handed
    by Paul Joseph Watson December 21st 2022, 9:10 am
    The lying grifter caught lying yet again,
    everything that comes out of Meghan’s mouth is absolute Shiʿite!

  182. Douglas Blair

    Great interview and you are correct Greg a super smart lady but as she said many times people need to stop carrying Trumps water. If I a old retired fart could see something was wrong the leaders should have seen it also. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY and all your listeners

    • Greg Hunter

      Being objective is not carrying water. It’s called being a reporter, I have to be fair and source the facts.

  183. Shan Chin

    I don’t think Trump was in on the vaccine murder program at all. Like many people his age (or older) they believed, without question, whatever a doctor would tell you. He fell for Fauci’s “I am the Science” routine hook, line and sinker and probably never dreamed he would be lied to or deceived by all these evil people at the CDC, FDA, etc. The biggest problem he has now is to rein in his ego, admit he was suckered (“I am/was the Patsy”), and apologize profusely to everyone. I don’t think that will happen. So in my mind he was incompetent and ignorant with the vaccines. Fantastic program, Greg! And such a great Christmas present having CAF on your show.

  184. Teri

    Greg, I just ‘happened’ to be studying stocks when I got interested in Moderna stock back in 2005-2006. That lead to all sorts of things, including ‘the plan’ and who was involved.
    Trump’s name was not in the plan as far as I could see. I believe he was naive about the full scope of the plan, if he knew it at all. He even started to be a rep. for Pfizer and Moderna at one point. Then ‘something’ happened when he dropped that. Did he learn more truth? I believe so. Remember, the innocents are at grave danger, and with all his clout and money and attitude, he and his family are at risk. I believe he is brave and loves our country. He is hard to figure, but just as some here are thrown off, it may be his intention to throw off the swamp.

  185. ann watson

    Paypal would probably take that $2500 if someone used paypal to buy ivermectin

  186. Moonshine Jeb

    Major retailer store was out of milk and butter today. Yet the dummies kept their refrigeration units in the store running! I have never seen the stores so void of products that people want, with plenty on the shelves of product varieties/brands that not many want. I said it out loud in the store, welcome to our socialist hellhole, place your order today for delivery maybe in three months.

    Super Bowel is coming. Watch for the Fearless Ukrainazi-Puppet Begger ‘s
    “Send Us Money, We’re Broke and Starving” commercials during the Super Bowl.

    I’m so sick of the anti-Russian bigotry. While Ukraine murdered tens of thousands of its own citizens during the 2010’s. And the USA and its intelligence agency espionaged the Nord Stream.

    Imagine if California split away from the USA and California partnered with China, and California using Chinesse weaponry and $100 billion worth of war aid, was killing the US Armed Forces trying to take California back. Q: Would you blame the USA for trying to get California back? Oh wait, bad example, most everyone outside of California would love to see it out of the USA.

    Tell the MSM that conservatives would NEVER vote for a spending bill of trillions.
    MSM reported conservatives voted along with the DEMS. To a true conservative, all spending deserves close scrutiny. You just don’t come up with a bill right at the deadline, have no one read the entire bill, but yet vote on the shitsandwich. $20 is a lot of money, I remember that was once a full days pay at the factory. $1 trillion is unforgivable.

  187. Carol Anne - Tucker Trucker Patriot

    What a GREAT Show today Greg. You hit it out of the park! CAF is ALWAYS a pleasure to watch and take in all her charisma!
    I need one of those USA Watchdog bumper stickers for my rig!

  188. MacGuy

    This is GREAT news! Democrat Urges Two Liberal Supreme Court Justices To Retire – So They Can Be Replaced By Younger Versions. The more they threaten the Justices the better Brunson v. Alma S. Adams; et al., is looking.

  189. Kevin

    Catherine is a very intelligent person but she has no clue what really is happening in this world. The White hats around the world have destroyed the real power brokers and their satanic/pedophile network . The Rothschild central bank system is crushed and sound money system is being implemented to replace the fiat system in every country . How can she not see that ? Somebody who is supposedly up on all the banking goings and comings is not aware of that ? She bashes Trump but Trump is saving the world !

    • Jerry

      Trump is no Savior, there is only one and that would be Jesus Christ. Until he condemns his mRNA jab he is part of the problem.

    • Linda

      We keep hearing that and there are Christian prophets saying that but unless people see it in action it is hard for people to believe! We have been seeing delays for 3 years now! I want to believe you are right, but need to be prepared in the event you aren’t!
      Many people associate the white hats with Q or Devolution and some people think they were designed to mislead and lull people into thinking things are taken care of that aren’t!

  190. Donald Grabove

    Catherine, YOU DO NOT KNOW what Trump knew. You can only infer. You make a very common assumption. He was and is still being gaslit. You know/knew much more than Trump. How could you not? The presidency is smothered in delegation. Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is no perfect. Be the President Catherine and let us see how well you do. No matter your skill and intellect, you really sound like a never-Trumper. I do agree that local action is now the only option. But one must not avoid what might be necessary, ugliness notwithstanding, when there are no other effective options. That mistake is what haunts me.

  191. George

    Dear Greg,
    Stop being so naive!
    Trump is one of them! More over the President does not control this country!
    Trump is just for show! He is lying as all they are.

  192. Jdog

    This is what is really happening. It is not that the US/NATO is crazy, it is that they are becoming desperate. The BRICS alliance now control the vast majority of future natural resource reserves, and that puts them in a powerful position in a world running out of natural resources.
    If I were the power brokers in the US / NATO, my focus would be on dividing and conquering BRICS, and reducing the worldwide need for natural resources, in order to preserve my hegemony.
    If that indeed is their agenda, then the current course of events makes perfect sense.
    The logical course to achieve those goals is reduction of consumption of natural resources by any means possible including genocide of much of the worlds population, and military conflicts designed to drain both wealth and support from the governments of the BRICS alliance.
    The problem for the west is the plan is not working quite the way they intended. Sanctions are weakening Europe economically more than Russia, and helping both China and India. Military ties between Russia, China, N Korea, and Iran are strengthening, and Russia has been able to turn the war into a meat grinder for Ukraine where they can use their vastly superior numbers of artillery and mortars to inflict disproportionate casualties.
    The longer the war goes on, the weaker Europe gets due to high energy / food costs, and de-industrialization. Support for the war in Europe is also declining as people suffer from high inflation and much lower living standards. With the US sliding into recession, public support for the war is also waning. This makes the situation even more desperate for the west and the chances of a dramatic false flag even more probable. Covid, the war, the vaccines, the destruction of the food supply, and economy, all fit this scenario. Everything comes down to keeping the power structure where it is. If you really want to understand what is going on, go to the Corbett Report, and watch the video about the history of big oil. Big oil has controlled this world for over a hundred years, and still does today.

  193. JP412

    Greg / Catherine,
    Listened to your comment Catherine, “Come on, Greg, he [Trump] put 10 billion into a military weapons program to depopulate America”. As a former senior gov’t official, you must know better than that. It is most likely that DJT had zero knowledge of the details of the NIH/Fauci funded, lab-created Covid19 ‘virus’ and zero knowledge of the development of the ‘vaccine’ (Death Jab). If you want an accurate history of the development of Covid19 & Death Jabs looks at the work Dr David E. Martin on BigPharma/NIH patents and patent applications, which he has presented in many different forums. Here is one:

    It is clearly evident the Globalist Cabal (Klaus Schwab/WEF/WHO/Bill Gates/Fauci/other Deep Staters) planned and created the Death Jab. Talk about fulfilling WEF guru Yuval Noah Harari’s dream — genociding much of the world’s population.

    The ‘Blame Trump for any and everything’ critics are real astute observers when they are looking in the rearview mirror. Don’t recall dimwit Dems or anyone else calling the Vax (Death Jab) a genocidal poison back during the crisis. Do you? Certainly not those on-air ‘medical experts’ FakeNews hired to pump out Jab propaganda 24/7.

    At the outset of the scamdemic Trump was mobilizing everything and everyone he could to fight it. Buying PPE, ventilators, sending hospital ships, … you name it, he did it. And I clearly recall when he got the bug (flu probably) he was given HCQ, vit C & vit D, monoclonal antibodies, and maybe ivermectin too. He said that stuff cured him almost overnight. He recommended HCQ and the other stuff which set off a fire storm with Fraudci in the lead calling HCQ unproven, dangerous, and ineffective.

    Trump is not a medical doctor, medical researcher, or public health expert. He relied on these so-called health experts who instead of telling the truth were pushing the lock downs, masks, isolation, Death Jab, remdesivir, ventilators and all the rest when they knew or should have known that HCQ, ivermectin were effective.

    How about blaming the correct entities — the demons that actually did this. Trump did the best he could given the urgency of the situation, the treasonous Deep State vermin that surrounded and advised him at the time, and a Fake News Media that pushed fear and Deep State propaganda 24/7.

    It seems most the people hating on Trump these days for the Death Jab are ignorant deep state shills, deep state bots, or DemonRat DementoCrats who believed the FakeNews lies & bullshit and got too many jabs and are now mostly brain-dead. I am surprised to see Catherine is in agreement with this group.

  194. JP412

    One more thing. Trump did not get into the details of Operation Warp Speed. He appointed VP Pence as overall lead for OWS effort. And Pence, being a dumb-ass politician knowing little/nothing about the medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, drug manufacturing or public health, left these “details” to Fraudci and his ilk. So, it is of little wonder the people in charge of the technical aspects of the OWS Program were operatives of and for the Deep State/Global Cabal. It should not need saying, but Trump had a wide range of other issues to deal with besides the scamdemic and Death Jab development.

    Having said that it is clear, once a person is brainwashed, it is hard to break their programming. Like Mark Twain said, “The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie.”

  195. FGB3

    Catherine looks good! If that is a recent photo.

  196. FGB3

    Trump seems to be the subject of this comments thread. I have not had time to listen to CAF so I wonder if she spent time on Trump?

    Anyway, as a strong Trump supporter (voted for him twice), I have to say that the lost my respect when he ignored the advice of Gen. Flynn, Patrick Byrne, and Sidney Powell, when they showed him a simple, legal, expedient way to fix the fraud in those six states that swung the election.

    If you haven’t go here and read Byrne’s account of his trip to the White House in December 2020 with Flynn and Powell:

    There’s no question about this. It is absolutely true. Trump could be president right now. He blew it – either on purpose, or thru sheer neglect. Remember what Chris Miller, his newly appointed Defense Secretary said afterwards, “He threw us under the bus”.

    I couldnt’ believe that Miller said that until I realized the whole bloody mess. I supported DJT mainly in lieu of anyone else who we patriots could go to. He was certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Later on I realize that he is not really not a serious person.

  197. neeha

    I would be curious to know what Catherine thinks about the Biden Administration instituting Natural Capital Accounting on our “balance sheets” – valuating assets, enhancements and depletions. Is he collateralizing our debt?

    References: EO 14008 – conservation 30% land and water by 2030

    EO 14030 Climate related financial risk

    A New National Strategy to Reflect Natural Assets on America’s Balance Sheet​

    Countries Follow U.S. Lead and Set Global Goal to Protect at Least 30% of Lands and Waters by 2030​

    Joint Statement with Australia -Natural Capital Accounting, Environmental- Economic Accounting,

    UN: Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services Project

    • JP412

      There are a number of theories out there speculating why DJT did what he did. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait 60 years to get the truth as is the case with JFK Assassination.

      One thing is certain though and that is Trump and those supporting him needed to wake the people up. For many years the masses have been totally programmed by the Deep State/Globalists. They believed all the lies & propaganda spewed at them by the Deep State.

      After 4 years of DJT in office (which were relatively good years), followed by 2 years of chaos, corruption, and coercion under FJB, people are starting to wake the hell up.

      I am encouraged by the tone and content of DJT’s latest short address to the public. He seems very confident and in control. He is acting ‘presidential’, and he is telling the public the truth. Most people are starting to ‘get it’.

  198. Lise McLain


    Love listening to Catherine.
    She is very insightful.
    I want to know what is the “real” purpose for the depopulation happening now and more likely to get worst as time progresses.
    Thank you!
    Lise from Maine (former licensed clinician)

    • Deb B

      Read the rest of the article you posted. You need to read the whole thing…don’t go by one little tweet.

  199. lyn

    Fitts is right, the ‘deep state’ is running the show, but I don’t think she understands just how ‘deep’ that goes. It includes local governments as well. She is also right about Trump, He absolutely knew about the dangers of these vaccines, but rushed them through. He boasted to Candace Owens how it normal takes 10 – 12 years for them to be approved, “I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines,” Trump said during the interview. “All are very, very good. Came up with three of them in less than nine months. It was supposed to take five to 12 years.” That right there is an admission to skipping the standard procedures for vaccines and rushing in something UNTESTED in ‘less than nine months’. Owens responds, “Yet more people have died under COVID this year, by the way, under Joe Biden, than under you and more people took the vaccine this year,” Owens interjected. “So people are questioning how —”

    “Oh no, the vaccines work,” Trump jumped in. “But some people are the ones — the ones who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take the vaccine. But it’s still their choice. And if you take the vaccine, you’re protected.” SAME NARRATIVE pushed by Biden, Fauci, the WHO, etc. Trump administration threatened to oust the head of the FDA if the Pfizer vaccine wasn’t cleared right away. From Trump’s twitter feed –
    Donald J. Trump
    While my pushing the money drenched but heavily bureaucratic @US_FDA saved five years in the approval of NUMEROUS great new vaccines, it is still a big, old, slow turtle. Get the dam vaccines out NOW, Dr. Hahn @SteveFDA. Stop playing games and start saving lives!!!

    Trump is controlled opposition, all politicians are. The theatrics used to divide and distract, causing a ‘right vs left’, ‘conservative vs liberal’ ‘republican vs democrat’ mindset which further divides this nation. It’s easier to divide and conquer that way. Time to get off the ‘trump bandwagon’, he cannot ‘save’ America. Corruption and wickedness cannot overthrow itself, it can only grow like a cancer. “3Do not put your trust in princes,
    Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help.” Psalm 146:3

  200. Phillip GCLS Conner

    Good interview. I trust Fitts. Knowledge, experience, savvy. Straight shooter. One doesn’t graduate from Wharton without critical literacy. Trump did make comments that were honest about “vaccines”. His personal experience may be be why he eluded to deleterious injections.
    Was his son a victim? Fitts recognizes his flip flopping. So much more to say. I want to leave on a positive note.
    Happy Birthday lil’ baby Jesus in the manger. “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”
    Sure Charlie Brown…
    That’s what Christmas is all about.
    The Manger Miracle.
    Everything that led up to it was a miracle. Everything after as well.
    What is needed now is not fake food, CBDC’s, orchestrated war…
    The world needs to just promote
    “Peace on Earth Goodwill towards men”

  201. scott ferguson

    Bravo to Ms. Fitts for calling Trump out with facts. Anyone who still supports Trump is delusional and absolutely ignores the truth of what has happened and is still happening. Biden is no better, but you know what to expect from left.

  202. Jeff M

    Look, Trump’s kid was VACCINE DAMAGED. Don’t tell me he didn’t inform himself on vaccines. If I had a family member who was sick, I would find out all I could and ask experts on what to do. So, you think Trump didn’t do any of this? HE WAS INFORMED.

    CAF is right. We are being duped and lied to every minute of every day. Quit watching distractions and have discernment. Elections don’t matter anymore. Look at Arizona. Three lawsuits, all thrown by judges who are okay with election machine malfunctions, screwy ballot sizes so they would be rejected by the machines, and no chain of custody on the ballots. Get real, people. It’s reality, not fantasy like the Socialists/Communists/Marxists believe.

    Montana has a balanced budget by law. Currently it has a $1.5 billion surplus. The governor is going to rebate the taxpayers $1 billion and put the remaining into a rainy day fund. The Montana legislature is firmly in conservation hands and it goes all the way up the chain of command. The state Supreme Court is very libel, unfortunately. But the state is getting Californicated in Bozeman and Missoula. And last Friday was -46 below zero.

  203. Diana James

    If President Trump had not made a voluntary vax available then this new admin would have made it MANDATORY! We would all be dead. Catherine doesn’t know everything. He SAID hydroxi and ivermectin WORKED and left it up to YOU and your free will.

  204. clarissa mckone

    I dont think Trump knew enough to say no and I think the big pharma needed this exposure as the jabs have been contaminated a long long time. I dont hold Trump accountable for the jabs at all. I hold those over it accountable, cdc fda etc I hold medical doctors and tv news and social media accountable for crimes against humanity.

  205. Greg Barton

    SORRY Greg Hunter, Catherine is 200% correct in everything she’s says. I generally don’t listen to your show because of this fantasy you have GOD and Trump are going to save us, Sorry Greg NO ONE is going to save you BUT YOU! get off the Trump wagon, dump the GOD crap, they are all BS. Start believing in yourself, that’s the only person that can “SAVE” you

    • The Canuck

      Begin studying some history sir.

  206. Joanna

    You know I have been following you for 10 years and I greatly respect you and appreciate EVERYTHING you have done but for the first time I have to say to you, as a friend, you are wrong. You are wrong about Trump!
    As soon as this COVID hit and he took the steps he did, I knew he was a traitor and I should have listened to my gut, that told me many times during his 4 years that something wasn’t right! Just listen to the way he talked to us. Like we were morons! I guess he felt he was talking to a “lower class” of folks, and he needed to talk like that so us peasants would understand!
    Everything he did, with NATO, the TPP and all the other “America first” Conservative loving actions was a TRAP! It was the only way they were going to get 80% of the population on board with this “COVID” lie. He had done so many good things, “he wouldn’t steer us wrong NOW!!??!!
    If you remember, during Obama’s reign, they tried to do the same thing with the H1N1.
    Obama didn’t shut down the country. He didn’t let the states run amuck with lockdowns, forced masking and he sure as hell didn’t recruit the military with an “Operation Warp speed.” Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying with being an Obama fan. I never liked that POS but, they knew there was no way he could get away with what Trump has managed to get away with.
    Trump has ALWAYS been a part of “the plan.” We (including myself) were fooled and it’s time that we all admit it. We overlooked a LOT of things because we all believed he was our guy! Pictures with Epstein. His close relationship to Hillary. Seriously??

    LOOK where we are now! We’re never coming back from this!
    The children were their ultimate target. Their brains are so malleable and what they’ve programmed in them will rear its ugly head in years to come. Mark my words!
    Killing off the elderly for their pensions and social security was a bonus but the children were their goal for the future steps they will take. Today’s children will be young adults in 2030 and their plans will go into action without any question.
    We’ve always lived in an open-air concentration camp. America isn’t what we’ve always believed it was. You don’t have to look any further than at the poison in our food, water, air (chemtrails). The dumbing down in the schools. The 24/7 lies on TV and programming in the shows. We’re all lab rats. The medical schools are eugenic schools. Inverted in the early 1900’s. Doctors and Nurses truly believe they’re doing good work when in reality, their killing for the cult.
    As Russell Means used to say, “Welcome to the Reservation.”
    There is only one way out of this, and I think most know what that’s going to end up being!
    Sincerely your friend

    • Greg Hunter

      No Joanna, you think I am wrong about Trump. This is your opinion, and we disagree. Please don’t state your opinion as a fact. It’s not. You are saying Trump knew he would murder millions of people and You do NOT have proof of this. The vax is a HUGE mistake, and we can agree on that. Trump not coming out against the Bioweapon/vax now, is also a Huge mistake. He is still backing the vax in his latest interview and that is a fact. We agree on the facts.
      Your friend too,
      Brother Greg

  207. Joanna

    Oh, I also wanted to add, Catherine nails it!
    This was an epic interview!
    Thank you!

  208. Lorraine O'Brien

    President Trump probably can’t admit that the “vax” is dangerous, or he would be sued for his role in Warp Speed and his early promotion of it(!) Big Pharma is immune from prosecution for vax injuries after President Reagan indemnified them, but a Trump may not be.

    My feeling is that he did not know the danger initially. His background is as a Real Estate developer, not anything related to medicine. He approached Warp Speed as a CEO. Too bad Melania did not enlighten him of the dangers of Big Pharma. It is rather obvious when you look around at all the ADD, ADHD, Autism and all the other common childhood cognitive afflictions modern kids have as a result of “vaccines”.

    We have been in a 5th generational war for some time, and Trump’s head is still not in the fight….

  209. virginia clark

    Sorry Greg but the woman is ALWAYS right. Trump did know and he did it anyway. He is controlled and blackmailed like all the rest. He wants the best for America but she has good points.

    • Greg Hunter

      Prove it. You are passing off your opinion as a fact, and we know it’s not a fact and you cannot prove this.

      • virginia clark

        #1 Greg, I love your platform and ALL your guests. #2 I am a trumper. I think he is the best for international affairs and for this country.
        That said: He passed the “C A R E S” (Coronavirus aid, Relieve, and Securities Act ) INTRODUCED 1/24/2019 He passed it in 3/27/2020.
        So he knew of Corona Virus BEFORE the pandemic. Which of course big pharma knew way before that because they are behind it all.

  210. David Grenier

    Fitts implicates Trump in the plan to deploy the vaccine bioweapons for the purpose of depopulation with false logic. She says “it takes 10 to 12 years to test a vaccine to know it’s safe, everyone knows this”. Not knowing a vaccine is safe is not the same as knowing that it’s dangerous, much less that it’s actually meant to cause harm. How could Trump be in on it? The Deep State hated Trump, still does, and went after him hammer and tongs (and hasn’t stopped). Think about it. Is Trump someone the Deep State would trust with such knowledge as she claims he had? Trump authorized the spending and pushed “Warp Speed”. This does not mean that bad actors didn’t hijack the entire situation for their own ends. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” If there’s a knock on Trump (and there are at least several), it’s that he trusted people he should not have trusted.
    Hanlon’s Razor: Never ascribe to malice, that which can be explained by stupidity. (or ignorance DG)
    This lady goes off the rails when she implicates Trump, and this makes her sound like a Deep State asset being used to turn MAGA against Trump. (She certainly has a resume that makes it more likely she’s a deep stater than not.)
    “Trust no one.”
    Fox Mulder

  211. Daniel

    It’s so refreshing to listen to CAF, listen her it’s like talking to myself, when she said about JFK assassination, whe she said about how system’s work, about Covid vaccines. Mr. Greg Hunter please bring her at least one time every month, she is so smart and clever, and we all learn from her.

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