USA Gangster Government – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s (5.1.2021 Saturday Post)

Journalist Alex Newman says the rule of law is disappearing in America.  You can see it in the thug tactics of raiding the office of the President’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani to the election audit finally underway in Arizona that is sure to reveal massive ballot fraud.  Newman contends, “This is one of the biggest stories out there, which is why you won’t find much of it on legacy propaganda media. . . .  Arizona is ground zero. . . . If they find fraud, and I believe they have and will find more, that means all these races get thrown into question.  I think it is very clear the election was stolen from Donald Trump by Joe Biden and company. . . . If the Democrats are in such a comfortable position right now, all they have to do is wait and they will have a one-party state very much like California.  They know if they lose one seat in the Senate, all of that is suddenly in jeopardy.  Then there is the possibility to reverse this and, even more significant, to hold some of these criminals accountable.  Right now, we just saw the raid on Giuliani.  We saw the raid on some of Trump’s attorneys.  This is banana republic stuff.  This is gangster government, but it’s also the behavior that they don’t have solid control.  It is the behavior of people who are terrified if things turn the other way, and they could, that they are going to be in some very deep trouble.”

Newman says look for the legacy propaganda media to go to war over the uncovering of election fraud with the Arizona audit.  Newman says, “I think the media will distract.  They will try to litigate this in the courts.  We already saw the Democrat Party in Arizona say that this audit was a ‘threat to democracy,’ by which they mean a threat to their vote rigging.  It goes way beyond this Arizona Senate seat.  That is the first and most obvious to fall.  If they can show massive fraud in Arizona, and I suspect they will be able to do that, then we need to start looking at Georgia and Michigan.  I just interviewed a whistleblower who worked at Dominion who witnessed blatant fraud and election rigging in Michigan.  Once Arizona falls, and, yes, this will strip the Senate seat and the very narrow majority Democrats have, then we have to go back and look at the implications for the Presidential Election.”

Newman also says, “We have an illegitimate federal government.  We have the majority of the population recognize we have an illegitimate government.  They just want us to pretend that everything is normal and everything is fine.  Well, Arizona might finally force the issue.  This is why the little bit we are hearing in the public arena are things like:  these are conspiracy theorists, Trump supporters, kooks, these are partisans, extremists, and they may even be domestic terrorists and this is not a valid audit.  So, they are throwing everything they can think of at this without trying to make too many waves because this does have the potential to bring down the whole criminal enterprise.  That means a lot of people would be in legal jeopardy. . . .Then the whole narrative implodes and people start speaking out.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the recent book Deep State.”

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  1. James C Rattenborg


    • GenEarly

      oh so wonderful to have comrade cameltoe as la presidente’

      • Trinacria

        Harris is just another foot soldier for the demon-rat/marxist (small m is intentional) party. I believe she is a status climber, more evil than intelligent. Who is indeed in charge is a good question. Well, with Biden and his “build back better”….that slogan is taken right from the World Economic Forum crazies and the founder Klaus Schwab. The whose who of scumbag so called elites subscribe to this garbage of course. So I would have to conclude, it is their sick influence (through indirect bribes) that is trying to guide this thing – it will blow up in their faces. Lastly, I think Klaus Schwab is seeking revenge because he was “beat out” by Werner Klemperer for the part of Colonel Klink on the old TV show Hogan’s Heroes. LOL.

    • Dingus

      First off , Kamala is a dude , and 2nd – not eligible to be POTUS …. Pelosi most likely ‘installed’ to the regime if they make this far. 45 will be back IMO

    • Dingus

      First off , Kamala is a dude (Iraqi born (Benghazi), Kamal Aroush , and 2nd – not eligible to be POTUS …. Pelosi most likely ‘installed’ to the regime if they make this far. 45 will be back IMO

    • Dingus

      The ‘entity’ known as Kamala Harris –

      The real Kamala (wrestler James Harris) was handled by Classy Freddie Blassie , the uber Manager of Champions in the WWF

      • JC


        This KAMALA CONNECTION stuff is bizarre, if it’s true we have a big problem.

        • Paul ...

          JC … The precious metal short sellers at the CME is going to have a big problem today (the first day of Spring) as we Gold and Silver Bugs “kick off our major assault upon them” (the way the Russians did to Hitler … … look at these explosive precious metal moves today in Silver and Gold as all the precious metals “spring” upward … … this is not going to be a good day for Stan “who was warned many times” … but chose to ignore every warning!!

          • Paul ...

            err … The precious metal short sellers at the CME “ARE” having a big problem today!!

          • wayne hardin

            I hope you are right that could have been done at any time .
            The problem is there are to many people that have money on their mind and if history repeats they will sale and not hold . Some people think about nobody but them self and what they can get .I wish i was wrong but if you look around you will see i am right
            But if people will just hold the silver it will brake the backs of the shorts .
            Lets hope people think about something other than money this time .

          • JC


            That is certainly impressive Russian firepower in the video…

            By the way, there are still WWII bombs in Italy, lurking in the ground, unexploded. Yesterday was Bomb Day in Vicenza, Italy.


    • educate

      Jason Goodman (CSTT) and Larry Klayman (founder of Judicial Watch & Freedom Watch) have been conducting a Citizens Grand Jury, but nothing will come of it.
      SGO Smartmatic voting machines have been controlling the elections since 2004.
      Only solution is the Constitution, Americans need to learn it, Dr. Richard Proctor
      has a 6 book Series called “Liberty – Will it Survive”.

  2. tim+mcgraw
    The above is the link to a great article on Lew Rockwell about the mayor of Phoenix. She is a tyrant! No doubt she is resisting the voting audit with all of her Democratic goons.
    I apologize for not knowing how to put in a link in the comments on this site. You will have to copy and paste the URL. Some politicians are just plain mad liars seeking power.

    • eddiemd

      Galletas is a disaster. She ran on her husband’s last name fooling people into believing she was Hispanic.

      I call her Galletas…cookies.

      Ruben Gallego is an ex-Marine turncoat communist in the House. He was heavily allied with Kamala Jezebel. Same with Galletas, she allied with Kamal Jezebel. All demonic entities in disguise.

      Galletas took over from another devil worshipper, Greg Stanton. His election to the House was questionable a couple years back. Another communist. They should have audited his election. Another election that was tampered with.

      Galletas does what she is told. She is compromised.

    • Paul ...

      Tim … Speaking of goons … here are the top 5 hit-men the worldwide Big Pharma Mafia Organization set up contracts with … to “rub out” the American people !!

      • Paul ...

        The average mortality “rub-out” rate amongst the vaccinated is estimated at about 1 in 5000 … at ages 20-49 it is about 1 in 13000 … at ages 50-69 it is about 1 in 6000 … and at ages 70+ it is about 1 in 1600 … so the older you are … the more likely you will be killed!! … a high correlation also exists between the number of people vaccinated per day and the number of deaths per day within 10 days of getting the jab (in all age groups) … for ages 20-49 it takes 9 days from the date of vaccination to mortality … for ages 50-69 it takes just 5 days from the date of vaccination to mortality and for ages 70 and up it usually takes just 3 days from the date of vaccination to death … and the risk of death is even higher after the second vaccine … but although the death rate is important to look at … it isn’t the only risk associated with being jabbed … reports are coming in that indicates damage to almost every system in the human body … analysis finds a relatively high rate of heart-related injuries (26% of all cardiac events actually occurred in young people up to the age of 40 … with the most common diagnosis in these cases being Myositis or Pericarditis) … also a high rate of massive vaginal bleeding, neurological damage, and damage to the skeletal and skin systems is being observed … with a very significant number of reports related, directly or indirectly, to hyper-coagulability (infarction), myocardial infarction, stroke, miscarriages, impaired blood flow to the limbs and pulmonary embolism … so that’s how the Big Pharma rub-outs take place folks … now if we see Demon-rats lining up for their shots at Walmart … should we warn them about the dangers? … as it is the Christian thing to do! … but … I bet the Demon-rats who worship Satan would be very happy to throw us Christians to the lions!!

        • JC

          Paul… Imagine that…

          “Imagine that. The seasonal flu that has infected hundreds of thousands of Americans every year has magically disappeared since COVID-19 has surfaced.
          If you want to read the most blatant propaganda on Earth that only those with absolutely no critical thinking skills would believe, look no further than Scientific American’s reason why there is no more flu.”

        • eddiemd

          Narrative change.

          “There will never be herd immunity”. The mRNA/DNA poison was never tested to provide herd immunity. The studies are still underway for the next two years at least for this experiment.

          When the India and Brasil mutants arrive in force it will be genocide time. The country will be weakened and ripe for probable invasion by UN and/or CCP forces.

          Target list for the globalists.

          1. Taiwan
          2. Syria
          3. Ukraine
          4. Suez Canal. Again. That recent shipwreck was only a test ride.
          5. Strait of Hormuz
          6. Panama Canal. The CCP already run Panama and the Canal. Major money laundering center for drug monies out of latin America. The CCP in control.
          7. Istanbul. Shut down the Black Sea.
          8. Alaska and pipelines from Alaska across Canada. Just ask Trudeau. Back in the 80s we war gamed protecting the pipelines and Valdez. Jack Frost, Brim Frost, etc.

          Many more but this is the short list.

          The USA has been taken over by the CCP and globalists. Thanks to the coup.

          • JC


            Speaking of Globalists, here is an excellent article on by a guy who moved to Chile.

            The Fall of Chile
            A Boots-on-the-Ground Report

            “Who or what is GloboCorp? Is there really such an entity? You’re kidding me, right? GloboCorp (short for globalist corporatism, for anyone who’s spent the last 50 years in a cave) consists of the 300 – 400 extended families who run the world. The ownership class, in other words, owning/controlling well over half the world’s wealth, beginning with leviathan investment banks and central banks; the CIA, other spook agencies; defense contractors and the war machine generally; “think tanks” such as the Atlantic Council, the Trilateral Commission, etc.; corporate media; Big Pharma, Big Tech. Then there are the several thousand administrators and technocrats under those top families, with thousands more functionaries including bought political classes, Ivy League academics, and presstitutes as Paul Craig Roberts calls them. GloboCorp’s hubs are in obvious places: Wall Street, Tel Aviv, the City of London, Basel and Davos, Brussels, Dubai, Singapore, Silicon Valley, probably Beijing, etc. I could name names, but it would take too long. Many are obvious.”


          • Warren B.

            “When the India and Brazil mutants arrive in force it will be genocide time”.
            Agreed. The “Kill Switch” will be sitting dormant in those vaccinated guinea pigs until a variant to the virus spreads and then causes havoc with immune system responses. It will be reminiscent of the killing fields of the World Wars. The so called “VACCINE” was always the threat to mankind….not the COV2 virus.

    • Hudiburgh

      Very interesting, Tim, your insights about Phoenix mayor Kate Gallego — I was ecstatic when RINO Gov Ducey lifted the mask mandate, which has literally devastated my life, only to quickly discover Mayor Galego was having no part of Ducey’s order — she kept the mask mandate firmly in place — wrote to her, no response. So many parents in AZ are raising a ruckus because their children are having to still wear masks in school — one reason is schools don’t want to lose that Covid money.

      • Kathy

        WOW! you guys have increased my reading list 10 fold. lol, I’m going to have to take vacation just to read up.

        thanks for the tips.
        God Bless you all


    I am convinced the left has stepped on the tail of the public and a severe bite is going to occur…..Nothing being transparent, Biden trying to dodge the bullet on the border issues, 70% poll says the left can stuff their tax , tax, tax and tax again plan, we are one embarrassed nation and that is not the what Americans thought they were getting…..If criminal acts come to light for Biden, the left is going to be left trying to cross the freeway in underwear….

    • GenEarly

      Si vis pacem, para bellum”The Left” are Bolsheviks, Russia fell to a minority of Communists, as did China. “The Left” controls All positions of Power in the USSA and they will never, ever surrender their positions without massive bloodshed if they can even be defeated. sElections are OVER, Comrade!!! Illusions of 2022 and 2024 are just that.
      Si vis pacem, para bellum

  4. Chip

    I guess it’s only good to uncover the fraud if justice is served. If not it’s all for nothing

    • JC


      That’s what Martin said in High Noon.

    • cheryl

      its not all for nothing if 1 person realizes what they have been serving. many people are serving darkness and dont even realize it. we are in end times, and tribulation is at the door. light will come for light and darkness will comes for darkness. the wheat and the tares are already being separated. what we all do down here on this rock determines where we spend eternity. And eternity is coming quickly. We turned our backs on God and allowed evil to run amuck. we all have accountability.

      • Mark Heuer

        Cheryl, speak for yourself when you say we have turned our back on God! Revelation even states, who can make war with the beast? When the beast controls practically everything and nearly every person in power, how have we the people turned our back on God? Can we the people read what is in the mind of a lying politician that gets elected? Yes it is true that we can spot a few of these dominions of satan. The school system and the MSM have totally brainwashed so many. So just tell me Cheryl, how could the Christians around the world have stopped this? I find it real insulting when I hear you and others say that we have turned our back on God, I HAVE NOT! Just look at the great amount of Christians that voted for Trump, including myself, Trump is a disguised NWO, satanic minion! He stands firm in his support of this satanic vaccine and encourages the people that voted for him to receive the jab. Again, tell me how Christians are able to spot these satanic minions? It’s not like they have their heads tattooed stating they are of satan.

    • Paul ...

      You know … it is good to uncover fraud … “but we must act on it in the proper way” … “By Totally Rejecting It” (the same way Jesus did in the Garden when Satan offered him “all the riches in the world) … and the same way the Satanists are now “offering us all the riches in the world” with Bitcoin … the promise of unlimited wealth with Bitcoin is the same “Machinery of Tyranny” that Satan used to tempt Jesus … we must have the strength Jesus showed … and reject outright “the unlimited promise of untold riches today’s Satanists offer us”… accepting Bitcoin will put the Satanists of today “in total total control of every facet of our lives” … we will become willing slaves to the New World Order (wearing the mark of the beast 666 just as proudly on our foreheads … as we currently do wearing their masks over our mouths to silence more our freedom of speech then the supposed safety from the virus they released upon us)!!

      • Paul ...

        Do not listen to the words of the Bitcoin prophets or promoters of wealth beyond your wildest dreams … for the Lord our God is testing you … when it comes to salvation … it is not wealth that promotes your passage into Heaven … and those who sin “by taking wealth away from others” shall surely die … our lives are a gift from God and should be directed toward destroying the dark side and the Deep State … the Bible doesn’t give much information about Satan … but the passage “about Jesus being tempted in the Garden” is more then enough for us to determine the basis of good and bad behavior … God gives us riches, wealth, and honor “of a different type” (unlike fiat or crypto money that takes away our power to choose and be free) … God’s wealth frees us from being slaves “to a different master” (where we are no longer like God) … [i.e. Gen 3:22 “Then the LORD God said, “Behold, … man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil”] and “in the knowing” Ephesians 6:11-18 “explains our purpose and says it well” [we must put on the full armor of God so we can take a stand against Satan’s schemes … for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world … and against the spiritual forces of evil that came down to Earth from the “rebel commie terrorist side” of the heavenly realms] … just look around you at the brain dead perverted criminal Bribe’n the Satanists fraudulently installed as our President … the day of evil has arrived … it is time for all of us to firmly stand our ground … and with truth as our sword … and the breastplate of righteousness as our shield … we must move now … to extinguish the evil ones out to destroy humanity and all God’s creations … such … is the word of God!!!

      • Mark Heuer

        Just read an article on the Quantum Financial “Reset”.
        That nut job Charlie Ward has been talking about this Gesara/Nesara for the past year or so as if it is a great thing and a great new day will be coming to the world. Well the same evil entity (central banks), that have been stealing from the entire world’s population for over a hundred years now will be in control of the Quantum reset. There is not a doubt in my mind that these same central banks are the ones who created bitcoin. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy satanic ride.

    • wayne hardin

      Nothing is hid that will not be reviled .
      Everything will be uncovered to give people a change to repent .
      But it is looking like pride will win out . but i hope i am wrong .

      • wayne hardin


    • Maria+das+Santos

      From my point of view I hope the people take history to task and really go after ALL the COMMUNISTS who are using every technique from Communism/Naziism/Fascism and so much more against the people of the USA.

    • Kathy

      you’re comment made me nauseous because it’s probably true.
      All im able to do is can food, the rest I must turn over to My Lord Jesus.

      • Greg Hunter

        Food and water is most important.

  5. Joe

    As a resident of Maricopa Arizona, I agree with you that the democrats didn’t win the senate election. However the truth of the matter is that the Republicans lost. Don’t focus on Mark Kelly, the democrat. Focus instead on the looser who the Republicans ran, namely John McCain clone Martha McSally, a RINO of the first order. When senator Jeff Flake announced that he was going to retire, Martha McSally squeaked by in the Republican primary. She promptly lost in the general election to democrat Kyrsten Sinema. As a life long Republican I voted for Kyrsten Sinema. I’d rather have a democrat in there than a RINO who talks a good game, but votes with the democrats in any close vote where a few Republican votes are needed by the democrats.

    This brings us to the Republican senator Jon Kyle who resigned his senate seat. What did our Republican governor do? He appointed looser Martha McSally to the senate. As a sitting senator, she lost to Mark Kelly. Yes, Martha McSally has the distinction of being the Republican who gave two senate seats to the democrats.

    I voted for Mark Kelly and I’d do it again and again. So did a lot of my Republican friends. If we Republicans continue to put RINO’s in the senate we just have a bunch of loosers there who talk a conservative line and who vote conservative when it doesn’t matter because the democrats have all the votes they need. However, these RINO’s always vote with the democrats when the democrats need a few extra votes. Bottom line, at this point in my life, I’ll always vote for a democrat rather than a Republican RINO. As long as we Republicans vote for RINO’s we get the RINO dominated party that we’ve had for years.

    • Paul ...

      Joe … If everyone votes a straight Demon-rat ticket and thus creates a One Party system in America … similar to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) … then the Rhino’s and the Demons can’t play Good Cop / Bad Cop on us any longer … but … then just like the Chinese … we won’t have any ability to even try to block the Marxists who have stolen control of our Republic!!

    • Tom Cunningham

      When Arizona turns into the toilet bowl that California is and turned Nevada into, you’d gladly have a RINO over a bunch of communists.

  6. Karl

    Hi Greg,

    I think the best way to get anyone around this mess is to have someone (that you would trust) take care of your Goliath. Meaning on your own you won’t be able to take care of the establishment. The only way that Trump gets back into the office by August is to have someone who can “secretly” take on Joe (someone his own size basically). Taking down your own Goliath would require that someone else do it for you and in-turn you would take down theirs (or a third parties’ would). So you could say by just crowdsourcing people’s Goliath and checking whether someone (who also has a Goliath that needs to be taken care of) would, in exchange make your Goliath obsolete. So the strategy has to be taking Goliath from the back rather than charging through the front door. My email is [email protected]. PLEASE DON’T POST THIS.

    • Charles

      RINOs are bad. The DEMs you and your friends voted for are worse. Thanks to Kelly we have Schumer who is awful.You only spited yourself and all Americans who are being affected by this Senate.

    • Paul ...

      Karl … The Demon-rats are now coming for our guns so we will not be able to stand up to the Marxist “Goliath” (who recently stole all three branches of our Government) … so it is incumbent upon each one of us to prepare now (each of us should find and store five smooth stones) … and begin to seriously practice throwing them “with a sling” (as the Bible teaches) … this is the way (people without guns) can kill Goliath’s … say the Deep State succeeds in confiscating all our guns … we can still do battle with Goliath (just as David did) … David’s two weapons were “one slung stone” and Goliath’s “own sword” … a ballistics expert with the Israeli Defense Forces calculated that a slinger could hurl a stone (with a speed almost equal to a bullet from a gun) … and once you take down (the well armed Marxist Commie Goon trying to subjugate you and your family) with a well placed stone (hurled with the speed of a bullet) … you then pick up the advanced weapon systems the Marxist Goon is carrying and finish him off … so in spite of all the “commies” efforts to disarm the common people in violation of the Constitution … we Americans can “re-arm ourselves” (with the weapons of our foes)!!

  7. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Before I listen to your interview with AN, I note that many watchdoggers are complaining that their doctors will not listen, will not prescribe HCQ or Ivermectin.

    Here is a link to America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) who will prescribe these remedies via telemedicine:

  8. Sam Morgan

    The FBI Raid on President’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani is unprecedented. In-Justice director Merretless Garland had to have signed off. And, Rudy claims he was spied on while representing the President. This means Chief Justice Roberts (Supervises FISA Court) signed off on wiretapping the President of the United States.
    Simultaneously, another Trump lawyer Victoria Toensing was also Raided by the FBI. In each Raid the search was for “Electronics.”

    Interesting Reveal: While the Presidents Lawyers were raided an Alaska couple Paul and Marilyn Hueper were also Raided in a possible case of mistaken identity. In that Raid an FBI agent admitted they were searching for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

    Now confirmed, Nancy’s laptop is Missing. Someone or something is desperate.

    Quick Takeaways:

    1. Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop is a Nuclear Hand Grenade. Desperation revealed.
    2. Rudy is NOT the Target. President Trump Is the Target.
    3. Look for a move Directly on President Trump. Raid on Mar Lago? Family Arrested?

    • Kathy

      THANK YOU 💕

  9. G L

    Greg, Rumble has this video marked “private” on their site. Thought you should know.
    Always live hearing from Alex. You always have the best guests. Thank you!

  10. Guy Porter

    993,040 views•Jan 7, 2019

  11. AndrewB

    Chilling account by brave UK nurse. Faithfully copied and pasted from Bitchute – so, if link does not work then this item has been censored!

    • Freebrezer

      A- The Audio further shows that something is so, so wrong here! Here is additional info from Denninger, Market ticker guy, … Read and wonder – what the hell is going on here? I have my guesses, but they take me to a very dark place.

      • AndrewB

        Thanks Freebrezer, excellent info. Everyone should read the report you link to.

    • Freebrezer

      and another for Ivermectin, from a while ago via Chris Martinson … just posting to bring it back in to attention …. something is just not right …

  12. AndrewB

    Miami private school announces anti-vaccination policy. Hope this link works!

  13. Neville

    USA Gangster Government – Alex Newman another great show by you Greg and your guest Alex.
    Here take a look at this…….this was in todays crossword
    1 American crime syndicate, having close relations with the Sicilian Mafia (4,6)
    Greg,what we must understand about what is happening in AAcrime and indeed in just about all the world is that AAcrime has had a pre-occupation with crime for over 100 years now.As kids we used to see series on crime fighting, the crime and punishment of the mob gangsters as referred to by Alex…..But these gangsters not only plied their trade of prostitution ,illicit liquor, racketeering, gun running , counterfeiting ,protection rackets etc etc etc
    The mob generally had friends in high places, judges, lawyers , politicians etc
    Well it was the latter that saw just how successful these mobsters called were they were referred to as being the Underworld by the press …….
    Movies like the”” god father” spurred the politicians to act out their own fantasies of ruling the world by corruption but in order to achieve this aim they needed backing and that backing came fro the true power behind the throne and they are are of course known as the Deep State ….NOTHING DEEP ABOUT BEING CALLED THAT WHEN IN POINT OF FACT THEY ARE THE DREADED UNDERWORLD…….
    Just about every billionaire /banker/big pharma operative and many other despicable
    organization like arms manufacturers etc are their instructing /bribing these satanic politicians to do their evil work……

    A lot of this is common knowledge BUT this knowledge has been blocked by the evil members of the press corp .cnn,fox,cnbc,waj,nyt some of the cretinous filth
    All the above leads me to your statement about AAcrime being a nation heavily divided
    Those that follow the teaching of LORD JESUS CHRIST will appreciate what you have tried diligently to bring to the worlds attention.

    Thanks once again on behalf of the FREE THINKERS of the world……
    To the deep state all we can say to them is…..Get thee from us satan

  14. Jane Reynolds

    Alex Newman is a superb truth teller. God bless all patriots worldwide. This is a global fight against the globalist tyranny. We need to not consent to their Great Reset for the sake of humanity. Get out of the financial system by buying gold and silver. All markets are manipulated but buying physical metals will weaken and eventually beak the stronghold the cabal has over us. Thank you Alex and Greg.

    • Paul ...

      Exactly the way to get in their face Jane … resist their agenda (to make us their owned slaves) “who can be exterminated at will” … for once you voluntarily take (their patented vaccine) you become “their property” … to do with as they like … the vaccine jab itself “is the Mark of the Beast”!!

  15. Jane Reynolds

    Alex Newman is a superb truth teller. God bless all patriots worldwide. This is a global fight against the globalist tyranny. We need to not consent to their Great Reset for the sake of humanity. Get out of the financial system by buying gold and silver. All markets are manipulated but buying physical metals will weaken and eventually beak the stronghold the cabal has over us. Thank you Alex and Greg. This is not a duplicate comment.

  16. al

    You are looking at the new News Media. Greg and Alex to start.
    The comment about what I call THE MARXIST TERRORIST MEDIA going bonkers once Arizona points to fraud doesn’t really matter any more. The viewership is extremely low and the ones that look at those whores in the media watch with incredulity.
    It’s like watching at a raging child throwing a tantrum.. you don’t believe the child’s overreaction to be viable but you watch anyway.

    Billions of prayers around the World for justice and accountability seem to go unanswered, but Arizona is just one proof that it is coming and it will hit hard.
    These people have committed the highest crime and must PAY!

    Speaking of pay, the IMF also wants a Global Tax. How are they going to police that? UN troops? Globalists are behind all of our woes, they must go down with this illegitimate ship called the USS Bull$h1T!

    • Paul ...

      Al … Only on rare occasions would I see a raging child throwing a tantrum in a store … banging its head on the floor demanding that their Mother listen to them and buy them what they want … now on TV every night … we have the Main Stream Media children throwing tantrums to force us to do their bidding … do listen to these raging children throwing tantrums every night on TV … eventually they will get tired of banging their heads on the floor … simply do not buy into their tactics … to jibber “jab you” into doing something wholly against your better judgement!!

  17. Matthias

    In Germany the domestic secret service is now monitoring people who take part in anti-lockdown protests and spread “conspiracy theories”:

    German Intelligence Puts Coronavirus Deniers Under Surveillance

    “Still, the Interior Ministry took pains to say that the danger from coronavirus deniers and conspiracy theorists does not fit the mold posed by the usual, politically driven groups, including those on the far left and right, or by Islamic extremists. As a result, the authorities are setting up a new department specifically tasked with handling cases that seek to delegitimize the state.”

    This somewhat reminds me of the “domestic terrorists” frenzy in the US.

    Meanwhile Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are now confronting congress. After lobbying for years on capitol hill for the “Bobby McIlvaine Act” to start a new investigation focusing on the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC7,

    The Bobby McIlvaine Act

    in February they did send letters to all members of congress informing them about the University of Alaska Fairbanks WTC7 study, the new documentary film SEVEN that deals with this study and the “request for correction” to NIST that AE911Truth and 9/11 family members have recently filed:

    Dear Congress: You Won’t Be Able to Say You Weren’t Informed About 9/11

    This month they did also with the help of US constituents send packages containing DVDs of SEVEN to all members of congress. Several senators and members of the house of representatives received multiple packages at the same time. Those who didn’t receive packages from constituents were dealt with by AE911Truth directly:

    Hundreds of activists send Building 7 film to congressional reps

    • Matthias


      The sentence “This month they did also with the help of US constituents send packages containing DVDs of SEVEN to all members of congress.” is actually referring to the month of April. (I was still in April with my mind when I posted this on May 1st.)

      • Paul ...

        Matthias … Keep sending them “photos” of their 9-11 violations … the way they send us “photos” of our traffic violations … and attach a good fine for their grievous inaction … the same way they do (if we fail to respond to their ticket)!

  18. Norman Storrer

    Freedom is dead in America! This will evolve in a civil war, either because of proof of fraud, or because the democrats are put in a corner like a rabid dog!!

  19. Justin King

    Alex is another Fox Nation Don Quixote tilting at the windmills that the Elites have created for him.
    The 1% love this MSNBC vs Fox Roman style Circus and UBI will be the Bread. = B&C
    The financial inequality has the Elites rolling on the floor with laughter while the Wingnuts joust.
    Triffin’s Dilemma has caught up to the overplayed US and the time has come for a worldwide financial reset. Biden wants to spend $ while the US dollar still has it’s worth.
    Biden should use Bitcoin and Gold to back up the US, but he Will Not. — JK

    • Paul ...

      JK … If you believe that the experimental vaccine killing people is simply a windmill … you are the Don Quixote!!



  21. Jim

    I keep asking but no one seems to know (maybe because this has never happened before). If it is proven Biden won by fraud (and I think it will be), what then? If Trump is put in office, like he should be, what happens to all the Biden EO’s? Are they automatically null and void? What about foreign policy and the damage Biden has done?

  22. Robert Coleman

    Seems your Link to Rumble does not work – says secure – private

    What seems to be the matter ?

    Guess they are blocking you there as well.

    Keep up the fight Greg

  23. Tanya Nuzzo

    Excellent!!!!!! Great 👍 wake TF up video. Thank you.

  24. William Wilhelm

    No matter what is found, nothing will happen. No charges! Judicial Watch has already uncovered enough corruption to place half of Washington in prison. Our justice system is beyond broken. Welcome to just another banana republic!

    • Felix A Renteria

      You are absolutely correct,I donated to judicial watch they do great commendable work but noone will goi to jail.Love Tom Fitton but satan controls these treasonous politicians and the satanic FBI,CIA and all the other scum on this earth.

  25. Sue Patterson

    Outstanding interview; huge information dump. WOW, just wow.

  26. andyb

    Greg: Alex is an excellent critical thinker. I am somewhat dismayed that you didn’t explore with him the “genicidal jab”, especially as more and more adverse effects are being revealed. It appears that Deagel’s prophecy of merely 65 million Americans in 2025 will come true.

  27. Caroline

    Thank you for the upload and discussion gentlemen. Great information as always.

  28. Russ D

    This website still exists that PROVES the American people did NOT elect Joe Biden.


  29. Jim Ledyard

    “Rudy-Raid” was a warning shot across the bow. They confiscated everything except Hunter’s hard drive. (They may as well left a bloody horse head in Rudy’s bed.) The message: “We do as we please.if you or Trump get die”.

  30. Kenneth J Hinnenkamp

    Alex, fiat currencies are not backed by anything but faith and confidence in the issuing government (or Central Bank). How is that working for everyone? You yourself said we have an illegitimate government. Bitcoin does not come into existence for free. Try mining Bitcoin and see how much energy is required and how much that costs you.

    Bitcoin is backed by faith and confidence in your fellow man. It’s a peer to peer currency not controlled by anyone. Even better, check out DigiByte. It is the most decentralized of all competing crypto currencies.

  31. Jim Ledyard

    They are advertising in Phoenix help wanted ads. “$15 an hour. Stand in front of Convention Center, hold sign, disrupt . Transportation and refreshments provided”

  32. Rock

    What it will look like for the man on the street will mean the buying power of the fiat dollar will dissipate like vapor. Hyperinflation on steroids. People will be caught off guard and will be destitute almost overnight. Get ready folks now, while you can…
    Thanks Greg, Alex is one of the best guests you have on. Brilliant young mind…and a born again brother…

  33. Lindy

    Another great interview with Alex! Thanks, Greg.

    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford

    “We have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.” – Rep. Louis T. McFadden

    “If the Nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money broker collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%. Whereas the currency, the honest sort provided by the Constitution pays nobody but those who contribute in some useful way. It is absurd to say our Country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the People.” – Thomas Edison,

  34. Jerry5

    I hate to disagree with Alex but we are up against a global cabal seizing power instead of a gangster government.

    It was apparent the game was much bigger than any of us realized when Trump did a complete turnabout teaming up with globalist like Fauci and Gates during the early stages of the pandemic. For the sake of argument let’s suppose Alex is right. That maybe the election gets overturned and fraud exposed. So what? The damage has already been done. Millions injected with deadly biological agents that could lead to their death, and trillions more of debt piling up in free money destroying the work force. I’m sorry but I don’t see a way out of this mess short of the second coming of Jesus Christ. If I’m wrong please explain it to me? After Donald Trump burped out of his mouth how great the vaccines are, and how stupid people are for not taking them he lost me. As far as I’m concerned the only person who had the guts to make a stand against the globalist was Josh Holley, and the Republican Party along with Donald Trump was more than willing to throw him under the bus. My advice? Get to a red state and prepare for the fight of your life. Get involved with your state and local government and let your voice be heard. Where I live we have set up a second amendment safe zone in our county. The sheriff recently told the feds to take a hike after they informed him he would loose ATF support. The citizens in our county stood up and cheered. Like Charleston Heston said. “ out of my cold dead hands “.

    • JC


      G.A. STEWART:
      The 20th century fascist, right-wing operations led by the CIA and Western intelligence services led the way to the 21st century post 9/11 COVID-19 Police State that the entire West lives under at the present moment.

      America, and specifically State’s Rights, is the nut that The Globalists must crack. State governments like those in Florida, Texas, and many other states are drawing their line in the sand with the Federal government on a number of issues.

      • Jerry5

        I totally agree. The globalist will rack up the states and then play eight ball taking them down one at a time. There is a timeline, and cyber polygon will play a big part in the coming reset.

        Greg and others have made it abundantly clear the importance of owning your own resources. I would put food at the top of that list because when cyber polygon goes live, banks, credit cards, and all forms of exchange including the internet will be shut down.

    • Warren B.

      Cutting to the chase….
      That Global Cabal is an endless list of Masonic Communists who have infiltrated every vestige of Power and Influence on the Planet (think Governments, Industry, Media, Military, Religion and even the Royal Families of Europe). This is a concerted effort by a determined group to bring to fruition their OWG. It is all playing out whilst the treasuries of all nations are being pilfered. This btw is not a modern day occurrence – it dates back millennia. History is littered with examples – all of which are in plain sight – if you have the eyes and brain to decipher what is going on. Singling out the American Government (as a gangster Government ) is merely touching the surface (and is somewhat misdirection). We live in a world that is scripted. We are living proof of the Truman Show. The reality is hiding behind the scenes – pulling all the strings and levers.
      What we see from time to time are different factions from the collective group – choosing not to follow the directives/agenda. Occasionally an Educated Individual will attempt to fight the filth that has infected the planet. They are summarily dealt with. The very high percentage of others have sold their souls in return for power, wealth and status. One thing which most of us here have/will come to terms with – is that we are constantly being lied to by those in power. History will not be changed in the minds of those who have studied it and know the truth.
      History is our teacher and there is much truth in the saying “Those that control the past, Control the Future”.

    • Matt Kaatz

      Jerry, what county and state are you in?

      • Jerry5

        Camden county Missouri. I live less than 30 miles away from the birthplace of the outlaw Josey Whales, so ya we tend to be a little more rebellious here.

  35. Rod Brumley

    We are in real Danger from our Communist Government!!! Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot

  36. iwitness02

    We the people need to think about how we can help ourselves as hard as the people in government think about how they can help themselves. Seeing as how the government has divorced itself from the people.

  37. White Lightning aka Raptor

    The secret societies (Satan soldiers) have been running the show for a long time. They take an oath of secrecy punishable by death. They are proud to be liars, thieves and murderer’s.

  38. White Lightning aka Raptor

    The supposed good people of America have their eyes wide shut.

  39. Adrian

    Psychopaths, the addition of true (core) MADNESS, always crave for (key positions of) POWER & CONTROL everywhere in the world: Autopilot and common collusion !

    Result is a full blown psychopathocracy.

    Here, starting at 1:10 we see Dr. Lee Merritt hitting the the nail on the head:

    These moral morons have to be STOPPED IN THEIR TRACKS (one does not stunt with fireworks)

    • Paul ...

      Adrian … I like your description of our new fraudulent Marxist Government imposed upon us by Globalist Satanic Criminals … we are definitely now living in an … “Unconstitutional Commie Psychopathocracy” ……
      Now … Let’s see how long the Globalists can keep it!!!

  40. Rick

    Why is criminality so pervasive in governments of the world.? Is the Mafia have a better form of practice compared to national government. Are there the crooks (in-law) and in the (out-law) or is there a difference at all.

    • Diane

      Good question Rick

    • Warren B.

      To answer that question Rick, you must first look to the people that play their respective parts. Who are they? What is their background? Are they wealthy? These answers and more will make an opaque screen clear.

  41. Dave

    If fraud is found in the Senate race it would take the Arizona legislature to throw out the Kelly win. Does it take a 50% vote to do that or a super-majority? Republicans hold a small majority. If it just takes 50% plus one to overturn the election will the GOP legislatures really do so? There are a number of Rinos in the GOP caucus in Arizona. pressure will be put on GOP legislators not to do that. It’s not a given then that the GOP would gave the votes in its own caucus to toss Kelly.

    The other issue is that the legislature soon goes out of session. It takes 2/3 of legislature to call it back into emergency session. The GOP does not have to votes to do that. In this situation the fraud, if found, could not be addressed legislatively until next year and the new session. At that point Rino GOPers in Arizona will make the argument that Kelly is up in a few months and its a waste of money to toss Kelly and have a special election. This is one reason the Dems have done everything to stall this as they know once the session is over nothing can be done for a year no matter what is found. .

  42. Benjamin Golan

    Based on the November 2020 elections, the FBI investigation of Giuliani, the literal installment of VP Biden, the refusal of the Supreme Court to hear the cases /evidence for voter fraud, and the outright persecution of those who went to DC in January 2021 to support Trump, I think it’s quite obvious the coup is complete. For anyone to believe justice will ever be served or the restoration of the Republic , you are simply delusional. We are all being led to the slaughter.

  43. Thomas Wigand


    As usual a tremendous interview.

    I particularly enjoy it when you’re with Mr. Newman, as he provides some great “macro” perspective as to the schemes underway (e.g., the SDR’s), and you know what questions or comments to interject to prompt him to opine.

    One thing that did not come up, but keep in mind for a future installment, is the evidence of the CCP involvement with the election steal (thank you Mike Lindell). Reporting by folks such as Mr. Newman, and Raheem Kassan at National Pulse demonstrate that the Biden-Harris Junta is appointing CCP-tied folks in all sorts of positions.

    The Maricopa County audit may be that hole in the dam that will eventually prove that the steal was not just by “enemies domestic,” but the CCP installing a puppet-regime into the White House.

    THAT may be the key to awakening the American public to the outrageous and existential threat nature of what’s occurred, and motivate it to demand restoration of the actual election results – removing the Biden-Harris Junta from power, and reinstating the duly-elected President Trump.

  44. Justn Observer

    Greg, Does not bode well for Gov. Newsome and the mask nazis =

  45. Dan Goebel

    Great Interview! I wish I had the time to read Alex Newman’s new book.
    I was specifically impressed by his knowledge of what is happening relative to the money supply and SDR’s replacing Federal Reserve Notes as the new World Reserve Currency.
    Indeed, this is Big! Although I have read about SDR’s becoming the new World Reserve Currency in “The Death of Money” by James Rickards (2014) I did not known that by keeping the amount created per year under a certain amount they could get it done without Congressional approval. So much for the paramount primary condition stated in the United states Constitution that Congress shall control the Purse strings.
    Yep, Congress has lost all control of the Federal Government at this point and we need something on the Order of an Article V Constitutional Convention to reduce (to it’s Constitutionally stated powers) or replace the Over blown Central Corporation that is acting (pretending to be) our Federal Government.
    If we do not act soon, we will soon be under the thumb of a New World Corporation acting as a Government for a hand full of Oligarchs.
    The Government created by the original United States Constitution, up to, and including, the original 13th Amendment would never have been able to take so much power away from the States and the People ,respectively.
    The Free and Independent People of the States have been deceived into becoming Citizens of a Central Corporation, and in so doing are assumed to have voluntarily Contracted away their God Given Rights. (it’s all there in black and white if one chooses to research it)
    It is time for the masses to expatriate from the Central Corporation that replaced the original Constitution Government and become State National’s or Citizen’s of one of the Free and Independent States. Then, We, as a free People, can create, or recreate, a Union of States where the Central Government has very limited powers.
    P.S. What ever happen to the requirement that only Gold and/or Silver were to be used as Money? None of this overblown world government crap would have had a chance of becoming a reality had Congress kept this one promise. (They sold us out long ago)

    • Matt Kaatz

      Dan, the states were supposed to issue the money with gold and silver coinage but when the Federal reserve act was passed, the responsibility was removed from the states so the language regarding gold and silver being utilized no longer had to apply (that was the work around).

  46. eddiemd

    Michael Hastings.

    McChrystal Meth put out the hit on Hastings. In conjunction with deep state FBI operatives under Comey.

    He had to go. Just like Seth Rich.

    • JC


      Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Crash / Hollywood RAW FOOTAGE

    • Freebrezer

      E – he touched the third rail … HRC. Get to the truth get arkancide

  47. Ben Green

    Rudy Giuliani joins Tucker for first TV interview since FBI raid
    2,263,733 views•Premiered Apr 29, 2021

    ‘The Five’ react to Giuliani’s first TV interview since FBI raid
    37,620 views•May 1, 2021

    Tyrus: Antifa just need a ‘good old-fashioned spanking’
    30,032 views•May 1, 2021
    Beijing Biden and Obomber Administration Due for Spanking Too?

    SHOCK: Biden caught RED-HANDED in his DISGUSTING plan to undermine Arizona audit
    12,582 views•May 1, 2021

    Putin’s: Russia Is Welcoming Millions Of Tourists; e-Visa’s!

  48. Donna Wilson

    Greg, the link to purchase the new book doesn’t work for me.

  49. Bob

    Greg: I was watching Blade Runner and at the end when Rutgar Hauer was about to die, he said to Dekker, ” Quite an experience to live in fear! That’s what it is like to be a slave!”

  50. tim+mcgraw

    Alex Newman’s discussion of the new SDR regimen in frightening! Yes, he’s right. All those dollars overseas will come back to the USA and our savings will be gone. Our dollar’s purchasing power will be greatly diminished. Yes, Alex is right.
    Then he goes on to say that it will eventually end the nation state. I hadn’t realized that part of the SDR equation.
    But again, what can us little guys do? Get out of debt. Get real assets. Grow or have a steady supply of food and water. Big changes are coming fast.
    Thanks for the interview. One of the most important I’ve seen lately.

    • Paul ...

      Tim … What the little guys and girls can do is … stock up on some smooth stones and a sling … and practice, practice, practice your aim “every day” … along with stocking up on all other essentials … we are going need “slinger brigades” to counter the Marxist goons sent against us by the Globalists (if they succeed in taking away our guns)!!

  51. wayne hardin

    God word says . I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.

    These things also belong to the wise. It is not good to have respect of persons in judgment.

    There sure is a lot of partiality going on as far as calling wrong out .
    Wrong is wrong no matter who does it .

  52. Ed

    Environmentalism has become a religion for these people, they are zealots. Everyone wants clean air, water, to conserve our national parks, etc. But if you don’t go along with them down their extremist “climate crisis!” road trip, you are the enemy. It’s also quite obvious this is being used as a tool to usher in socialism or should I say crony capitalism. We’ve seen how large corporations are now in bed with the democrat party. You think we don’t see what you’re doing? You’re really not that clever.

    • Paul ...

      ED … We must Boycott all the Corporations in bed with the Demon-rat “commie” Globalist Satanists!!

  53. Allen Sachetti

    It is TIME for the largest criminal fraud ever perpetuated agains the American people to be exposed, prosecuted and undone!!!!!

  54. Ron

    Smartmatic voting machines are to be used in the London UK Mayoral elections on May 4th. This was questioned in December 2020 at London Mayor’s Question Time by one of the opposing candidates (David Kurten) but was batted away with a quote from Smartmatic
    If any proof of fraud is found in the US in the next week, it needs to be shouted about in the UK urgently too

  55. Educate

    What a letdown, alex newman knows nothing. Joe Skousen is more informative.
    Jim Richards has been sounding the alarm about IMF SDR’s way before Alex was.
    Kyle Bass is more informative on China & their digital MBR’s with social scoring, you need to interview him.
    Dr. Richard Proctor the Constitution and Liberty- Will it Survive? (Series).
    Trump let us down, he could have saved the republic. He’s a Capitalist NOT a Constitutionalist.
    There is only ONE political party in the USA, Socialist, Communist, and Globalist.
    Illegal Mail-in ballots will not save the Republic, It’s NOT Dominion Corp.
    It’s SGO Smartmatic.
    Follow the names.

    Sir Nigel Knowles and Lord Mark Malloch Brown are directors of SGO Smartmatic.
    Knowles was chairman of DLA Piper LLP and Kamala Harris’ husband’s boss at DLA Piper. Knowles groomed Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff at DLA Piper for the Pilgrims Society. Knowles is also lead trustee of The Prince’s Trust,
    DLA Piper is the Prince’s Trust attorney.
    PriceWaterhouseCoopers is the Prince’s Trust auditor.

    Scytl’s Servers in Spain, London, and Dublin are behind
    Foreign Election Interference in U.S. Elections.

    Scytl, Paragon Group Limited, is controlled by one man,
    Irishman PATRICK JAMES CREAN, for The Pilgrims Society.

    Klaus Schwab and World Domination.

  56. Myriad

    This makes Trumps capitulation to the Chicom backed Dems even more galling.
    The fact that a Commander in Chief of the USA refused to invoke the Insurrection Act, when he was practically begged to do so by Generals Flynn and McIerney, which was our last ditch LAWFUL attempt to save the Republic by rounding up these traitors and just fly away on a jet…
    …just incomprehensible.

    …just left speechless.

    • Paul ...

      Myriad … What is even more galling … is that it took the current “commie” Demon-rat “Commander in Cheat” … to finally get us out of Afghanistan!!!!

  57. James Hall

    I felt same way about Pence, very bad guy.

  58. regaleagle

    It’s really quite simple…….there are not enough good men left in American that wield the power, wealth, and position to protect this nation and its liberties from the scourge that has enveloped the high offices across our land. Those that do possess the power, wealth, and position to do good refuse to sacrifice their careers for the common good. They hold money, power, position, career as priorities over life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for those they are supposed to represent.

    • Paul ...

      R … They are definitely “not like” our Founding Fathers … who’s statues are being removed (so we will have no memory of these Great Men of History) who truly sacrificed their lives and fortunes to create one of the Greatest of Nations!!

  59. Sylvia

    Finally someone with intelligence and the ability to explain what is going on.
    Alex Newman is just tops. Thanks so much for having him on.

  60. Walter T Bradley

    Hi Greg, one thing I miss from your YouTube videos is the ability to download your broadcasts in order to listen to them at my convenience on a device of my choosing. Is it possible you could include the ability to download on your current broadcasts? Glad you’re still able to broadcast.

  61. Barb

    I live in a red State. It just mind boggles me how the Republicans keep pretending all will be well if we just get voter id.
    Everything the Dems and RINOs do overlooks the roots of the problem,
    Just 2 sides of the same coin working towards the same agenda with a different argument

    • Paul ...

      Your right Barb … once they get everyone vaccinated with their “mind control” bots (they have added into their Corona jab) … they can simply talk into each American’s mind (using a 5G signal) and tell them to vote for any Demon rat puppet (they put up to be our President in 2024)!!

  62. David Jones

    Good job Greg

    Well done for standing up for what is right

  63. Arizona

    GREG,OUR LORD JESUS says america is dealing with Fallen angels and demons running the governments of the world and 90% of them are in the US GOVERNMENT,they don’t just want to destroy america,THEY WANT TO KILL EVERYONE,and when ISRAEL NUKES THEIR NEIGHBORS,IT all begins the unraveling of all the economys of the world,and they will completely crash ,and everyones money will become worthless,a wheelbarrel full wouldn’t buy a loaf of bread,and the worse FAMINE in history will begin…

  64. Arizona

    OH GREG,what do you think of the news HILLARY CLINTON was hanged at GITMO ..april 26th for TREASON,SEDITION,MURDER AND CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN

    • Paul ...

      A … Even if they did hang one of them … “What Difference Does It Make” … Bill Gates and Fauci “created thousands of Hillary clones” in their China Bio-labs … to use as a weapon against the American People (just like their China Corona virus)!!

    • Beverly

      My cousin just told me about that tonight. He said that is why Rudi Guliani’s office was raided—-to get the information about her hanging. I believe she is dead. Biden’s so called swearing in as president, had a fake Hillary present, according to Charlie Ward. She could have been at GITMO at the time or else dead. I hope so.

  65. Jeffersonian

    Alex is correct that there was election fraud —simply based on statistical evidence s as lone. He is also correct that a new world currency is taking form however it will take years to decouple from the dollar. Be thankful it’s our currency we have a huge advantage especially when buying precious metals

    That being said Alex himself states the democrats can’t afford to allow the fraud in Arizona to be revealed. Which means the powers to be can’t and wont let it happen. Just like Trump failed to follow through with the so called indictments and oh by the way what happened to Jeffery Epstein Mr Barr? Too much at stake, too much too lose. I don’t know who the bigger fraud is Trump or sleepy Joe

    By the way the judge in Arizona said the democrats haven’t shown substantial injury for now but that eventually they may which means he could then issue an injunction to stop the recount time will tell

    My hunch the recount won’t be allowed and even if it is. It will be tied up in the courts for years and then tossed out or made irrelevant by the lame stream media

    And the US dollar albeit a dirty shirt, is still the cleanest dirty shirt in the world and will remain afloat for years to come. With a strong military comes a strong currency. Step out of line the man come and take you away
    In the meantime focus on the things you can change and ignore the white noise cause. The election will stand. Regardless Romney and a few rinos will side with the dems so it doesn’t really matter anyway. Dems control all three branches

    Improving your relationship with God and getting closer to him iswhat matters most


    • Paul ...

      You know … Thomas Jefferson didn’t have such an attitude … he fought against evil … enough of this sitting back “and waiting for others to save us” … we need just one frog in the “commie plot” now heating up … to jump … and the others will follow!!

  66. Country Codger

    Excellent interview gentlemen. The answer to the question why D.C. now? you must understand the 1871 act The Corporation of the United States and what happened and who was behind it.

    I am very proud of another young man who just wrote a blog about it here:

    Now, follow it to the end. Same actors different theater.
    Lo Iyrah!
    Shalom CC

  67. Joel Skousen


    There’s no way the “Deep State”: is going to allow the (ELECTION) fraud to be proven in Arizona. Already they are saying, “regardless of what is found, the intention of the investigation is NOT to change the result of the election.”

  68. Robert

    The vote audit in AZ Could bring down the whole corrupted system? Really? Who’s going to investigate and prosecute those involved? Just not seeing it. The investigative agencies and justice system are in control of the far left and the deep state.

  69. ronin

    Thank you Greg Hunter and Alex Newman for another excellent interview gentlemen, this discussion went a little further in terms of helping me understand what is and what may be going on behind the scenes in the wake of the debacle that was the 2020 (s)election. It was clearly a fraud from the start since the Dems couldn’t get themselves elected dogcatcher if they tied steaks and Milk Bone treats around their collective necks.

  70. Anita Alt

    Thank you both. Really like when Newman is on. I would be amazed if anything comes of this AZ audit or anyone is ever head accountable.

  71. George (Bill) Heuschele

    Wow, what a great show. Keep it up!

  72. Lord Nasdaq

    Brother Greg, great interview as always. Also, Armstrong was incredible too! I agree with Armstrong regarding municipal bonds throughout Amerikan cities for example.

    The interchange between you and Alex Newman in the Special Drawing Rights clip from 17:35 to 28:43 is so important to all citizens throughout the World. This should be discussed by economic professors and their students right now throughout Amerikan universities. Unfortunately protests have more precedent than logic in 2021.

    Workers and savers will pay for World welfare. Paying for welfare in the USSA isn’t enough in this decade. How did you like Biden’s “tax credit” economic plan?

    Stockman’s “The Great Deformation”, your special guest James Rickards, “The Death of Money” have both covered SDR’s as the future global currency.
    Kudos to Mr. Newman for another thorough analysis regarding SDR’s and the death of the dollar.

    Now, precious metals are more on my mind again. I now realize around end of November when silver hit $22.00’s, that was probably a new “$14.00” (for years 2014-2016) with all the money printing (10 trillion under Biden thus far) to go with all the cryptocurrency inflation due to death of global fiat money and illegal elections of 2020. This government along with the dollar has lost its “value” since 2009.

    Also, now I need to add to my income portfolio one, simple global bond fund or etf to my bond allocation. So I’m going a global bond fund excluding USSA holdings, since I know where my money will be going – China, Brazil, Vietnam, etc.
    I’d rather have their governments’ credit risk than our own government (Muni. or Treasury Notes) risk at this point.

    God Bless,

  73. eddiemd

    The Naked Communist. We are here. Video from 2013.

  74. Paul ...

    You know … as the idiot aliens swarm across our borders … perhaps it is time for us to move to Mexico …as the Government of Mexico is phasing out Genetically Modified (GM) corn and will also phase out GM corn imports within three years … and the ban would include not just corn for human consumption … but also yellow corn destined primarily for livestock (so we don’t ingest glyphosate eating meats!! … why can’t we get a President with some brains?? …

  75. Lord Nasdaq

    Brother Greg, great interview with Mr. Newman. The clip from 17:35 to 28:43 should be a wake up call to all workers throughout the world.
    A great explanation of Special Drawing Rights and unapologetic analysis by Mr. Newman. A One -World Government and currency (SDR) is coming to a country near you, sponsored by the International Monetary Fund headquartered in D.C.

    God bless

  76. eddiemd

    The Naked Communist. Summary video on the book written in 1958.

    from 2013

    Sums up where we are at now.

    • JC

      Wow, it sure does, eddiemd.

      And check this out, Digital Citizenship, how lovely.

      The World Economic Forum recently ran a Livestream with Interpol, Cloudflare, and a cybersecurity firm to discuss the upcoming cyber pandemic agenda, which many believe will be their next step to justify creating a Digital Citizenship to be able to even use the internet. Cloudflare’s COO who is advises on digital identity/citizenship for internet users. Here is Cloudfare’s COO Michelle Zatlyn casually talking about 100% security which will be used to block anyone in this cancel culture that they disagree with.

      • regaleagle

        My immediate observation and the feeling I got from this woman was…..Wow, she looks just like a witch! Even her body language and facial expressions mimicked what most people would classify in their minds as a witch. I guess Satanic mind control contorts the facial features and expression in humans to appear as they have become.

  77. Sue Robinson

    Incredible interview. Alex Newman is a national treasure. And yes, I will be sending for Alex’ book Deep State. Greg, whenever I get discouraged, one of the places I go to is USA Watchdog. I can watch current and archived interviews and feel better and far more hopeful. Thanks.

  78. eddiemd

    I learned a lot from this interview about the world economy. SDRs.


    Totalitarian dystopia. This cannot be stopped. The antichrist system. Biblical prophesy cannot be stopped. It is inbound.

    Watch the MENA. This is where it will begin. Everything else is a distraction, deception and delusion. Given over to the delusions. See Romans chapter One.

    Ducey is part of the McCain crime family.

    false flags unlimited coming soon

    • wayne hardin

      It is refreshing to see somebody tell the truth for a change
      As you said Totalitarian dystopia. This cannot be stopped. The antichrist system. Biblical prophesy cannot be stopped. It is inbound.
      It seems nobody wants Gods word to come to pass as you said it cant be stopped .
      It seems like most have the same spirit peter did in the garden when he tried to tell
      Jesus that he was not going to die .
      What did Jesus tell peter .
      “But when he had turned about and looked on his disciples, he rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men.”

  79. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Newman.
    The people of the USA are quiet and placid whilst their country is stolen,sad.
    Pray,pray and pray some more .

  80. FreeMpg

    Alex Newman is one of the brightest guys out there. Thanks Greg for having him on. Journalism is not yet dead when there are still reporters like you two.

  81. FreeMpg

    Regarding Alex having lost bitcoin in the Mt Cox hack, there is ongoing litigation on the matter. He should put in a claim. Here is the latest info on the case:

    “Mt Gox Creditors Asked to Approve a Settlement Proposal Drafted by Coinlab”
    May 2, 2021

  82. Robert

    Doesn’t Alex Newman wonder if he’s being watched by the deep state? I don’t understand how he can get such access to the agencies and the directions they’re taking that he’s reporting on. In today’s environment of no privacy, I’d think any of his sources would be terrified of being discovered.

    • JC

      “We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about… Your digital identity will live forever… because there’s no delete button.” — Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

  83. Bobby Falaise

    UK local elections.
    I am standing as an independent candidate in the local english elections in the county of Kent.
    My aim is to get physical gold back into the financial system by introducing gold metal strips ono new Money Notes, The value of these Notes depends on the weight of the gold within the strip.
    Bobby Falaise

  84. Jerry5

    Here’s the next challenge. Shedding.

    The question from the beginning has been, if the vaccines really work, then why do I have to get one if the people who took them are really protected? Here you have the study from Pfizer where they are studying vaccinated from unvaccinated people. What? Why would that matter? Apparently there is risk to the unvaccinated by shedding from the vaccinated. The so call “ fact checkers “ say there is no evidence for shedding. If that is true, why is Pfizer conducting this study? Are you getting it? The vaccinated are now the threat. According to statistics 60% of the new covid19 admissions in the hospital are people who have been vaccinated. Let that soak into your brain awhile. Catch22. Pump the numbers up again to continue the fraud, and promote the vaccines.

    • Paul ...

      J5 … So … now … we know why … social distancing and masks are so important to the Big Pharma criminals … they knew all along that the people who they vaccinated (injected with the corona virus) … could spread their injected virus to others (for free) … therefore … eliminating the need for Big Pharma to vaccinate anyone else!! … thus … they demanded that masks and social distancing “must be enforced” by both Government and Corporate goons … otherwise … they lose trillions in profits!!!

    • Warren B.

      Pfizer’s actions – is the bombshell evidence of what I suspected and posted a comment on, several weeks ago. The unwitting are definitely playing their part in the Vaccine rollout.
      So now the question must be – how do we isolate them?
      Friends / Family – some tough choices will need to be made.
      I sense that most (anti-gene therapy injection) are not and will not be aware of the threat. Or even worse will not choose to follow the required (difficult) path to avoid being involuntarily DNA modified.

  85. Art Barnes

    Greg, pray that what your guest said comes to fruition.

  86. Steve Carter

    I fear the only solution to this will be an armed uprising of Patriots to right these crimes. We have no justice system left.

    • Paul ...

      SC … We need to use the power of the purse right now (save your bullets and your smooth stones for the whites of their eyes when they send Blue Helmeted UN troops against us) … as for now … boycott “the Hell” out of the Satanist Demons!!!

  87. Rick Hayle

    GOD bless you & your family Greg . I just want to remind everyone what was written down for us so we would know ahead of time . READ your Bible . There is coming a point in time where the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will say , It’s time . And , ” in a moment , in the twinkling of an eye , the dead in CHRIST shall rise first , then we who are alive & remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the LORD in the air , and thus we shall always be with the LORD .” From 1st Thess. 4:17 NKJV Once that happens , think the world’s crazy now? If you’re still here , things are going to be beyond belief. TRUST in the LORD JESUS CHRIST & put all your faith in HIM & HE will be on your side & be an ever present help in times of trouble. DO NOT take the mark of the beast. You will be doomed to the lake of fire and , the smoke of their torment goes up forever & they have no rest day or night , those who worship the beast & his image and whoever receives the mark of his name. Better to have your head chopped off than spend eternity in the lake of fire. Thank you Greg for giving me an opportunity to warn folks . You’re TOP NOTCH in my book Greg . Once again , GOD bless you .

  88. PJ O'Malley

    “Presidential” takes no capitalization: presidential.

  89. DJW

    Fantastic interview. I couldn’t agree more with Alex about cryptocurrencies – technology is neutral, it’s a question of who’s in control; unadulterated blockchain could liberate humanity but the same technology controlled by the psychotic elite will facilitate slavery. The elite are not stupid, they are allowing legitimate decentralized blockchain to accrue adoption velocity while they lurk in the shadows with their CBDC’s and regulations.
    I used to have faith in gold and silver but Covid has taught me that the public IQ is negligible and there is nothing to stop fascist governments from confiscation or changing the rules. Non cooperation is the only solution but unfortunately it is evident that intelligent thoughtful people are a pitiful minority. Canada is lost, America is humanity’s last hope.

    • AndrewB

      “Non cooperation is the only solution but unfortunately it is evident that intelligent thoughtful people are a pitiful minority.” Couldn’t agree more. Before the advent of the C19 scamdemic, I held a belief that most people were intellectually equal – at least pertaining to common sense. Now I find that the vast majority are incredibly gullible, dare I say it, STUPID! I say this with sadness, not hubris.

  90. Mark Benassi

    Definitely one of your best interview. Really enjoyed it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark. Greg

  91. Randy Best

    Greg- We probably need to hear from Mark Taylor again and see if he still thinks Obama will be stripped of his Presidency.

    • wayne hardin

      Are you for real .
      How many lies does he have to tell before you’ve had enough ???????????
      The big thing that happened is all the smoke blowers bank accounts grow .
      When hope it a lie / that is not hope it is a lie period .

  92. Show me

    I don’t think there is any substance to the article that there will be any chance elections will be overthrown or there will be some kind of return to normalcy.

  93. donald mcleod


    • Paul ...

      D … Each individual should De-fund the Big Corporations “who support the Globalist agenda” by boycotting their products!!

    • Self Exiled

      Agreed; defund the entire federal government, no income tax.

  94. Lisa

    Any chance you could get Karl Denninger on? He is hitting it out of the park on the dangers of the Covid vaccine.

  95. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick!

  96. Phip Hoy

    Dr. Joe Mercola has stated on Page 7 (see attached article), our Congress on January 2021 has passed a Law that COVID-19 must be used for Vaccation and NOT to be used any other Meds against COVID!

    “Politicians in January 2021 managed to pass the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act of the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act. This piece of legislation was hidden in a
    2,100-page bill that now provides the government with enormous legal authority to
    prosecute anyone for “crime” of disagreeing with the official narrative that the vaccine is the ONLY approved approach to treat or prevent COVID-19. Here is the relevant portion of this Act:
    “This Act makes it unlawful under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act for any person, partnership, or corporation to engage in a deceptive act or practice in or affecting commerce associated with the treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation, or
    diagnosis of COVID-19 or a government benefit related to COVID-19.”

  97. Justn Observer

    Greg, Lots to consider here in…
    Atty. Leigh Dundas=
    Oops, I was right about the Italian Corona Outreak BEFORE the NATO Wuhan SuperSpreader Games. Any comment CNN? Hello, Scott Pelley? You there?

    Pfizer knew in their own test documents.

  98. Charles H

    Greg, et al…

    The corruption of culture, values, and society has been affected for many decades already. To think the USA is any better than what Australia is facing is ludicrous. What began in Public Schools Education in the Seventies, is now surfacing like the top of an iceberg in politics today. Categorically – all falls within either Truth or Lies. Now the Liars want to banish anything Truth.

  99. Ron

    Hi Greg, your November 2019 piece “Project Veritas and the Death of the Mainstream Media” still points to the deleted YouTube video within it. Any chance you could re-upload the video to Rumble and change your original page to point to it? Thanks!

  100. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Another great interview! Alex is a fantastic voice for Liberty, as you are as well, Greg! God Bless!

  101. wayne hardin

    President Trump Releases EXPLOSIVE Message: “The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, From this day forth, Known as THE BIG LIE!”
    trump sure is slow anybody with a brain knew that on the fourth of Nov.

    The next head line will be trump telling everybody do do stinks .
    Like everybody didn’t already know it .

  102. Rick Smith

    The Mafia was a Criminal Enterprise.
    The US Federal Government is a Satanic Criminal Enterprise,
    and the largest and most powerful in human history.
    Its days are numbered.

  103. Da Yooper


    Have you read this?

    New Report Sheds Light on Vaccine Doomsday Cult
    MIKE WHITNEY • MAY 3, 2021 • 2,300 WORDS • 14 COMMENTS • REPLY

    Because IF you have not ……….you need to . Read the comments following the article .

    FOLKS please do not get vaccinated no matter what.

  104. Not So Free

    Book’s on the way. Thanks for the heqds-up, Greg.

  105. Thomas N. Argyle the first

    William Henry Gates III is an American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. He delivered his thoughts in a fireside chat moderated by journalist and news anchor Shereen Bhan virtually at the Singapore FinTech Festival on December 8, 2020 on the topic, “Building Infrastructure for Resilience: What the COVID-19 Response Can Teach Us About How to Scale Financial Inclusion”.

    Governments are there to think ahead to bad things that might happen. In the case of (the Covid-19) pandemic, not enough was done. We can’t forget that another pandemic will come and we’ll need to invest in being ready in that, ……while not forgetting that we were not prepared and we’re going to have to invest – just like having a fire department – some money in an intelligent way and actually simulate what might happen and make sure that we’re ready for it.[151]

    Gates favours the normalization of COVID-19 masks. In a November 2020 interview he said: “What are these, like, nudists? I mean, you know, we ask you to wear pants, and no American says, or very few Americans say, that that’s, like, some terrible thing.”[152]
    Personal donations;
    Bill Gates has blue eye’s and red green color-blind, same as me.
    Since were cousins, maybe I can hit him up for a loan?

  106. PeteStroke

    The Drums of War Sounding
    Reports Russia conducted missile test • May 2, 2021 Sun

  107. Michele

    I always enjoy Alex Newmans presentations.
    At this point in the planned demolition of America,
    Suggestions geared toward solutions are what we need now.
    The American people know instinctively what to do to stop an intruder. Most of us would rather avoid conflict.
    That said, there have been no actionable solutions. Working in polling places is nonsense, running for office silly. The demons do not care what is legal or not. They kill ( literally) the opposition.
    American citizens will take care of this. We are very adept at defending ourselves.

  108. Janet

    Dr Carrie Madej

  109. Justn Observer

    Greg, This is to show how large the influence via ‘social media’ and their consensus building and control web has gotten..

  110. Crispin K. Metzler

    Put up a note that site permissions must be renewed to allow your video links. they appear to involve some suspicious looking cross scripting. I was afraid you’d been banned again until I tried my phone :-/

  111. Beverly

    It’s always a FANTASTIC interview with Alex Newman. Very informative, and you can bet he really does know his stuff and can be trusted with correct information. Thank you so much Greg for all your work, and also, Thank you Alex for all of your work as well!

  112. Kathy

    most Americans have no idea that the SDR was created in 1969 and was side stepped by the ” petro dollar “. just a tip, the IMF has been in talks with Ripple for years and the XRP coin was created to work along side big bank regulations. it’s also curious that the SDRs currency code isn’t SDR…its XDR. this will all be currency exchanged through digital ledger, but all people in America will see is gross, if not hyper inflation concerned their dollars…digital or not. I bought SOME XRP, enough that it could make a difference but not enough to hurt if i lost it. but, that’s just me betting on the big bankers NOT giving up power and wanting a new system that gives THEM control. bitcoin was originally designed to sidestep banking regulations. just sayin. God bless

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