is Experiencing Technical Problems

Dear Watchdogs,

We have had some technical problems and have temporarily lost some data back to last week. We are working to restore the data and post new material. Thank you for your support.

Greg Hunter

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  1. dslarsen

    Aw shucks! I’m hooked now, so I’ll be experiencing withdrawal symptoms for awhile. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      We are working through the problems now and thank you for being “hooked.”

  2. steve

    they’re on to you now. thanks for all the great info and interviews

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve and Anni.

  3. anni

    Hang in there Greg. You are awesome. I was thinking after listening to and reading the comments of Fridays report, how incredible you are. Two interviews, loads of read responses and then your own research of getting the interviews, working with the technology, wow you are really busy . I thank you

  4. eddiemd

    Let the games begin.

    Cyber attacks will precede the breakdown of order.

    Communication systems need to be subverted and destroyed.

    Do you have a short wave system in place? You should look into a back-up SW commo system. You could use Morse or voice.

    At least get a base CB radio type system to communicate locally.

  5. Chip

    Sorry Greg. Best of Luck… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip and Brad for your support. This is not as bad as it could have been, and we will be at full strength soon.

  6. Brad

    Sorry to see the site having problems…we’ll see you later when things get ironed out and the headaches gone.


  7. Mr.Lee

    Good Luck Mr. Hunter, hope you are up soon to keep us informed of the REAL news in the world……appreciate what you do and how you do it.


  8. eddielaidler

    Ahh WordPress! See my PM.

  9. Sam Banbury

    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I come home looking forward to your interviews Greg. Im sorry you have a technical issue but they do happen. Just want to say thanks and please keep it up. Will donate again soon.

  10. James Hastings

    Bummer. “I want my immediate gratification ” I hope my intelligence doesn’t drop while your down…..:(

  11. Dulceunderground

    Glad it was just technical problems- I was worried. Can’t wait for you to get back on. You’re the only show I watch regularly- no joke. I do not have cable by choice so its just the net for me. Thanks Greg!


    What? Technical problems?

    I wonder if it’s not more than that. Inquiry, integrity and truth is the enemy of $ociopaths.

  13. vincent_g

    Sorry to hear you had a problem.

    10 years and counting – never lost data from any websites.
    Nor has any of my clients.
    With backup space so cheap retaining 7 days of full backups is not very costly.

  14. Jon

    Keep blasting Greg. Rob Kirby mentioned in one of your recent interviews with him that TPTB would try and make life difficult for any truth tellers . Stick with it. How about getting Jim Willie back on sometime? You are doing a great job.

  15. Silence is Golden

    Chin up and keep smiling. It wins every time.

  16. Marc Picou

    Dear Greg Hunter, Like everyone that has posted, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I watch your interviews and news wrap up with my morning coffee. You have lots of devoted watchers. Hope to see you up and running very soon. Marc

  17. RadarNJ

    Hello Greg,
    Persistence beats resistance… Good to hear you are ok! Really enjoy your informative and interesting guests. As always the interviewer brings out the best. Here is a link to someone would be a good fit for you…
    Thank you sir for your hard work and the positive difference you make.

  18. MACL

    Hi Greg,
    Don’t worry Greg, once the FCC finishes seizing the internet this will never happen again.

  19. Terry

    And I was all geared up to get your take on the Fed meeting today where they formed committees to choose a panel to decide the color of the folder that would contain the report about the ramifications of dropping the word “patience”, while saying that it did NOT mean they were going to be “impatient”. They decided to keep it grey.
    Good luck Greg. Would that “Lifelock” program that Rush advertizes have helped to back you up? Maybe we should all send you some cash.

  20. John Q

    Crap! Now what do i do?! This is the site i looks forward to everyday after work… Where are all the intelligent and awake people to go when a Real news site gets cyber-tacked?? Guess I’ll embellish myself in some of your older videos that are still available…


    • Greg Hunter

      John Q,
      New material will be up soon.

      • John Q

        Awesome!! thank you Greg!

  21. Russ

    Greg — Great website, glad to see that it’s mostly back up. The latest Nomi Prins interview is still missing. Hope it isn’t lost, great interview. Thanks again.

  22. frank

    Great that you are back up again.
    Like others, your site is one of the few I’m watching regularly. Unfortunately, comments often lose context, because of the time difference to europe …

    Was it just technical problems, or that “special kind” of technical problems ?
    In the latter case, I would ramp up in defence (intruder detection, backup), and seriously think about migrating your server to another country – out of US jurisdiction. A lot of german-speaking websites use this strategy, since censorship and thought control is much more prevalent and accepted here (by the average guy) in the EU-fascist empire.

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