War on Trump, Died Suddenly Continues, Brace for Long Recession

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 558 12.2.22)

There is a war on Trump from almost every angle.  The Lying Legacy Media (LLM) continues the psyop that twists every piece of data into a negative for the 2024 presidential candidate.  The Kanye (aka Ye) West antisemitic scam at Mara Largo is the latest attempt to destroy Donald Trump’s reputation with more lies.  It ain’t going to work because everybody knows Trump is pro-Israel.  He moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem for goodness’ sake.  The investigations and lawfare are unrelenting, and yet Trump keeps going.  Meanwhile, nobody is talking about the Hunter Biden investigation coming in the House or the FTX crypto allegations of money laundering for the Democrat party.  The LLM wants you to think that Trump is the villain, but we all know Biden was cheated in, the 2022 Election continues to be rigged and the Biden crime family are up to their necks in corruption.

Every week there is a new group of unfortunate vax victims.  They either “die suddenly” or are damaged for life at a very young age.  This is simply not going to stop anytime soon.  Now, people in Congress are starting to feel nervous about this increasing debacle and are offering to try to put an end to the mandatory vax idiocy in the U.S. military by withholding funding.  Congress is exempt from the vax they allowed on the rest of the country, and it appears they need to try to save face and stop the carnage–at least in the military.  There is no stopping what is coming, especially for the double vaxed and boosted.  Just ask Al Roker, who just returned to the hospital for more life-threatening blood clots, and, yes, he’s reportedly triple vaxed.

The signs are everywhere in the world and the USA that we are heading into a recession—a deep one.  Manufacturing just went into a contraction, European banks are tanking, inflation is boiling, and the Fed is still raising interest rates to fight it.  Michael Burry says get ready for an “extended multi-year recession.”

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(Video will play when it is done processing at Rumble)

After the Wrap-Up:

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Kingston says new information shows the evil people pushing the CV19 injections knew they would kill and injure mass amounts of people.

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  1. Daniel Goodacre

    Greg, You may try the Brave Browser which blocks all trackers and ads! Haven’t seen a ad on the YouTubes for a year now and also everyone needs a VPN service! NordVPN and Virtual Shield protects us from the prying eyes of Big Tect 🙂

  2. Colleen

    Yes, Died suddenly continues. How long oh Lord will it take before the Left will see that they have been duped. So many are triple jabbed. I watched Died Suddenly on Rumble. The video takes one’s breath away. It’s Shocking to watch!

    • Lavender

      It’s not the “Left” that “Died Suddenly”. Many on the “Right” and so-called “Christians” took the clot shots.
      This is NOT about Left vs. Right. It’s about life vs. death and reason vs. stupidity, which many Americans are willfully blinded to as Illegals are welcomed and no one is protesting for the Mongol hordes to be held accountable for starting this WuhNguYen pandemic and BLM allowed to burn down cities.
      The disconnect amongst so called Patriots is astounding.

      • Shiloh1

        I would like to see a study about any correlation between time watching cable / network TV news and % vaxxed.

        • J. Wardell

          GOD is in control, but he lets the devil do his thing in this world because of free will. So pray for His protection for your family and children because we need it!

      • Andrew

        I don’t know how to make an initial comment… but all one has to do is look at Justin Bieber’s half paralyzed face where one eye doesn’t even blink properly…and the Ukraine war began in February…so well over 100k ukranian soldiers died in under 1 year!

    • Coal Burner

      I don’t think they will or can admit to believing they been shafted. What can they do? I have tried to avoid mentioning it too my family except to keep the grandkids away from shots. But many of them took the shots. Some are so totally believe they would go for more right now. Total trust of a humans I worked a lifetime for and would never trust once the alarm was raised. I will never take another so called vaxcine and that drives some people totally insane. They are in and they cannot believe it. I have one that is now uncertain but pinched in the middle. She does mostly protect the kids. I now fear mRNA being put into every so called vaccine. That is so terrible! IT is hard to stop that when people are used to believing that flu , for instance vaccine worked. I now doubt that it ever did. I remember only catching the flu in years I took a shot.

    • Phil

      And it is not only the “jab” people on the right and left must watch out for – the child murdering eugenicists are also killing your ability to have children using their “Tetanus Shot” !!

    • Andrew

      I don’t know how to make an initial comment… but all one has to do is look at Justin Bieber’s half paralyzed face where one eye doesn’t even think properly

    • Annie M

      I no longer trust Donald Trump, self-proclaimed father of warped speed. When we stop thinking and acting like any politician is going to make things right, it’ll be a step in the right direction. Christians act like Trump is the second coming and that he’s been somehow ordained by God. Meanwhile, he’s never done anything or said anything in defense of the people sitting in jail for the Jan 6th fiasco… much less the poor man who’s just been found guilty of sedition. We all just saw blatant election fraud (again) and as Steve Quayle often says, “there are no political solutions for a spiritual problem”. And this country is overrun by demons.

  3. Marcus

    We (good patriotic Americans) have been waiting for nearly 3 years for something to go in our favor. We have lost every significant battle I can think of. We are anything but the land of the free and home of the brave. We are a gangster run country. We have gone to war overseas for all the wrong reasons . But when the right reasons arises ( a real threat of our freedom and rights) we won’t go to war. I think its time to move on from the US as we knew it and plan accordingly . I believe God wins in the end , but at this time , the Devil is wining and doing it big.

    • Shark Bite

      You are correct. My Friend

    • Paul

      The mismanaged elections were a gut punch. The Pain is still felt.
      Demoralization and giving up is their plan for their adversaries.

      In truth it’s always been this way. A Real entrepreneur has never had a safety net and went alone. A fighter goes in the ring by himself. Don’t give up, get stronger.

      You Fight or flee

      Paul from arkansas

      • art simpson

        It’s his now. Legs of iron, 4th beast. Seals and trumpeted vials of Gods’ wrath. Angel anti-Christ and man false prophet, iron and clay will trample down the earth. You must stay in Christ.

    • Anne Nicholls

      Marcus, I am Canadian. We have all the problems you described here as well. I think our current governments are working for the same globalist power-mongers. And the wars are manufactured for the same reasons. I’m beginning to think some people on both sides of the borders are waking up. We all need to do what we can toward that end — and pray.

    • Dwight Branson

      Hi Marcus,
      I totally understand where you are coming from. As you said, Truth and Freedom seem to be lost but we have The Truth of God and HE wins. Satan is only allowed reign for a short time; but “these things must first come to pass.” Luke 21:9
      I suspect that it will not be long until Klaus, Bill, Charles, George, Barak, Joe, Nancy, and all of their ilk will be pleading to die; “And the kings of the earth and the great men, and the rich men…hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains (underground bunkers perhaps); And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of HIS Wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? Rev. 6:15-17.
      Praise Jesus!

      God bless, and fight the good fight until the end!

    • No Retreat


      Other than the two world wars (and there are arguments that can be made about those either way), what war can you think of that wasn’t for either political or financial reasons? None, because all wars have been for either of those two reasons, which are governmental and banker reasons. And as for God winning vs. satan winning… look at it this way instead: God NEVER loses, satan NEVER wins. Satan will burn in hell when judgment has been completed, he will not rule over it. What you might think of when saying satan is winning is not that at all. What you are seeing is God giving a society over to its depraved and sinful nature. You are witnessing a soft judgment from God, with a harsher judgment coming.

      • marcus

        So it sounds like you agree with me on everything I said.

    • Truthseeker

      Many scriptures describe the time of the end. You know, the ones that say ‘Lawlessness will abound’ and talk about the time of ‘Jacob’s trouble’ and the Great Tribulation. For those who believe that the warnings of Leviticus & Deuteronomy apply to today there are the Curses for Disobedience which seem to be manifesting before our eyes. Christ warned ‘wars and rumors of wars’ would just be the beginning of sorrows. Few people take into consideration that this generation may coming under the punishment of God because of national disobedience. When God punishes a nation He allows evil forces to carry it out as has happened before to ancient Israel.

    • Greg (not Hunter)

      Everything you said is so true………we fight oversees but do nothing to stop the invasion on our southern border.

    • Michael Cagney

      Wish I could figure a place on earth to get away from all this shit. Somewhere normal, peaceful where freedom will likely be preserved.

      • Earth Angel

        There seems to be nowhere, but your best bet might be to try a third world country far out into the rural land areas somewhere. I’ve heard places in Mexico and Nicaragua look promising. Good Luck, I wish I could go – but feel I’ll have to ride it out here where it’s always been home to me and work toward the best outcome possible. Its now pretty scary in our so called ‘first world’ countries. It seems ‘first world’ has become a myth and does not exist anymore with third world now become the destination of choice!

  4. stanley skrzypek

    The one thing people don’t get is this jew thing…..The Corrupt Banksters, Business Moguls, Corrupt Politicians, Religious Leaders, and finally the Educational System….is Full of the “name stealers” (as per Clif High) calling themselves “jews”…..they are NOT JEWS…..they are a race of people known as Kenites…..hidden within the Jewish People…..this is not new……it has been going on for Millennia……..but the “money” keeps the secret of their crimes….

    • Motto

      Schwabsters invented “Khazaria mafia” fairy tail lately. According to it, choosanites are those pesky khazars.
      Classic diversion from what is comming – huge anger against the tribe. Nice try dodging the blow.

      • Stinking Bull

        Bullcrap. Cliff High has been exposing them for years. You’ve GOT to be one of them.
        Good luck in the afterlife pal

      • Earth Angel

        Motto, Its no fairy tale.. it’s (KM) been in existance for a VERY LONG time. Do your research. Once you begin you’ll find ample evidence in MANY places. Read ‘The Synagogue of Satan’ by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, a good place to begin. Be prepared to be shocked by what you learn and go on from there. Plenty of places to look once you begin your search for TRUTH.

    • David Lynch

      Revelation 2: 9
      They claim to be Jews but are not. They are of the synagogue of Satan !

      This bunch runs the planet through dishonest weights and unjust measures , which God hates. The Love of money is the root, follow the money trail and you will find these creatures . IMO

      • Perry

        Where do you get this stuff? The Jewish People are from the stock of Jesus. Do you not like Jesus? Does not compute. Next you will say the moon is made of green cheese.

        • No Retreat

          Jesus was born of the Jews, the Jews were not born of Jesus. Just to correct that. Now, I am not anti-Jew, I don’t hate Jews and I am in no way anti-Semitic, just to get that straight as well… but even in Jesus’ day, you can read in the Bible how various groups of Jews were infested with evil. That has not gone away at all, just like every other ethnicity, the Jews have evil within them as well. Look at the Kabbalah… pure satanic evil right there. I am not saying ALL Jews are this way, but they do have their share just like all other races/ethnicities do.

          • Mike

            I agree. If people would read Galatians, especially ch 3 they might learn that God is interested in people, not nations. You know, “there is neither Jew, or Gentile…….
            Also mentioned in 5e video, that 100,000 U,rainian soldiers killed in last two weeks. Nonsense. Ukraine trying to get sympathy. Zelenko is a money laundering puppet of USA, the great morons in DC. God is judging this evil nation.

        • Earth Angel

          Read the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and you will understand. A bullet point of events through historical timelines explains. The real Jewish bloodlines of the Bible (Sephardic Jews) vs. imposters (Khazarians). Eye opening. You will recognize some of these names of old still infecting politics of today! A very intriguing read.

      • Stinking Bull

        Cliff High talks about them the Kazarian clan often. If you want to know more, search his name and enjoy. Won’t be long he’s a guest here with Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/2014-06-26/ty-article/khazar-myth-busted/0000017f-db86-df62-a9ff-dfd788d80000 Are you talking about the fake jews mentioned in Revelation 2:9? Revelation 2:9, KJV: I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

          • Truthseeker

            Also Revelation 3:9-10
            9 Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie—indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you. 10 Because you have kept [g]My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.

          • Brian

            Hi Greg
            I didn’t see how else to leave a comment. Maybe a lot of the billions of war casualties that Charles Nenner predicts are the people that took a mRNA vaccine. Clif High refers to them as casualties of war.

      • Phil

        The only “Jews” to really fear are the ones who don’t believe in God (like Soros, Noah Horrori, etc., etc., etc.) as they don’t feel they have anyone to answer to for the misdeeds they do!!

        • Greg Hunter

          There are plenty of other people to fear who are not Jews like the Rockefellers.

          • Phil

            Yes! – fear “all those” who do not believe in God!!!

      • SteveIT

        A second witness to that is in KJV is John 8: 37-45. Messiah is dressing them (synagogue of Satan) down. Notice what Messiah says in v44 he even tells us who their father is. This can be taken all the way back to Genesis, in the garden. Who is Cain? This is very important because it lets us track their lineage. In Christ Love.

    • Michael Lee Shirey

      Finally! Someone other than me and the Shepherd’s Chapel recognise Kenites. Scary. ((THEY)) control the 4 Hidden Dynasties 2 Act:14. ((THEY)) control Finance, Government, Education AND Religion! Birth pangs of the next Dispensation is in full view for the ‘Sealed’ Christian.

      • Greg Hunter

        Sourcing please.

        • Mark Breza

          People would not bet on sports if every outcome was contested. You have told us that the founders of the USA have created a system that cannot be Trusted . Why ?

    • Mark Breza

      How can anyone be patriotic to a nation they don’t trust and government that they think is a failure. Have they even thought the thing through ?

    • Perry

      You are so WRONG. We love the Jewish People. Do you pray to Jesus who was a Jewish Rabbi and you hate his people. Figure that out. If you do not like Jews do not sing White Christmas and Easter parade as they were written by Irving Berlin a Jewish Composer who also wrote God Bless America. Repent while you still have the time. By the way most of the beloved Christmas songs were written by Jews.

      • i: a man; travis

        The old covenant is abolished, and we are under a new, better and everlasting covenant; we are all one in Christ Jesus, jew and gentile;

        • Greg Hunter

          I: a,
          The Old Testament is all about Jesus. John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    • Perry

      Stanley. And what are you? Do you pray to Jesus the Jewish Rabbi. One day you will have to eat those words when you meet the Lord and ask (and beg0 for forgiveness for posting this nonsense.

      • No Retreat


        You seem like an angry and perhaps misguided person. Not an attack, just observation. Just to correct you on one thing here as well…. per the New Testament in the Bible, we do NOT pray to Jesus at all. We pray only to God the Father. we pray in the name of Jesus but not TO him. This is clearly taught by Jesus himself

        • Russ McMeans

          The fact that we’re petitioning Him at all good. No matter if we get it wrong. I’m constantly praying to My Father God, Jesus and the helper He sent, the Holy Spirit. I’m all over the place. I don’t care. I’m grateful to Know Him. Because He loved me first. Please remember Greg is our journalist/reporter first. He gets upset- like most of us, when he sees dishonesty, wickedness and evil. I’m outraged too. I’m totally disgusted with the state of affairs. Horrible leadership, lawlessness, evil, cruelty. Jesus said that when he returns, will there be faith on the earth?

  5. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    While waiting for WNW558 to load I cruised Paul Craig Roberts.org. Knowing your affection for DJT, I thought of you when I read PCR’s latest article:

    • Michael Levy

      They keep trying for the DeSantis switcheroo. Is it because he’s a more acceptable choice, or that he’s controlled?

  6. Todd

    2020 will be the worst year…ever.
    2021 will be the worst year…ever.
    2022 will be the worst year…ever.
    2023 will be the worst year…ever…….2027 will be the worst year…ever!

    Beginning to notice a trend? The other day my friend contacted me, he wanted advice on what college programs his son should focus on for biotechnology-pre med programs. My brother has my niece working on laccross scholarships to get into an Ivy League school.

    How do I tell them, there’s really no point to college anymore? Riddled with woke satanic communists…what can they really teach one, except the wrong things. Jobs for a few, not everyone but enough.

    …and so, everything keeps on, keeping on.

    The dollar still spends, the market goes up, then down, then up again. Ukraine is a interesting tid bit, over there…way over there.

    So bread costs more, and gas but I got a 2022 240mhz OLED 4k HDTV for 50% off and…bread and milk are still in the store and not $50 a gallon either…ya, $6.99 a gallon sucks but I just dumped Netflix (good riddens) and problem solved. I got plenty of milk and I’m watching more Greg Hunter…in 4k. He could use a facial at the spa to clear those pores 🙂

    Destortions everywhere but holding together? Bending but not breaking. I never touched Crypto…digital trash. But I’m not buying AU or AG like I once did. What’s the point, it wont spend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have savings but we’ve got a long way to go…long way to go to Mad Max Barter Town, me guess.

    As long as the dollar spends, this house of cards will stand.

    Trump will not get re-elected. He failed, he’s weak and he suppoted the jab. Moreover, the elections are rigged, they probably always where but now it’s in your face, what will you do about it? Nothing. Nobody will. I voted in November but I know many that did not. They all said, “it’s a waste of time.”

    It is…but I die hard.

    This apocalypse is taking to long, the recession isn’t coming it’s been going on since 2008 but through smoke and mirrors it’s been glamoured from reality. By the time the heard realizes it’ll be long over. How did everyone fail to notice all those homeless, I know…Antifa.

    What cures inflation? Deflation. That’s why “died suddenly” is the plan…just don’t, “die suddenly.”

    I’m pureblood, are you?

    I hope Jesus comes soon, otherwise, Trudeau and Freeland will get knighthoods and not the gallows. If past is prologue, they’ll be knighted.

    …and everything keeps on keeping on.

    • barsoom43

      Pure blood here as well.. I don’t trust anything the government says.. The more they insist, the less trust I have.. My first question is who stands to gain? The US is a corrupt fascist state with government and industry in bed with one another..
      I hope Christ comes too and takes his Church out of here and let the Satanists stew in their own mess..

    • Motto

      The best post. Thank you for that. A lot resonates with me – didn’t touch crypto, silverbug, pureblood, 0-trump, boiling frog theorist, ready to fight …. and Greg Hunter listener, even with pores he looks superb 🙂 on rumble then on youtube.

    • Shiloh1

      Agreed wholeheartedly!

    • No Retreat


      Hey man, I hear ya on the sentiment…. we are all “hurrying up to wait” for the collapse to happen. Like the saying goes “a watched pot never boils”, and that is how it feels with this. Be assured, though, very bad things are coming. At the end of this post, I will link to a YouTube video of a Johnny cash song I had never heard until just recently on another conservative show. It will help add perspective..
      That said, put these things together : in the last year there have been well over 100 food processing facilities damaged or destroyed, many millions of cows and birds destroyed that would otherwise have been used for food; numerous very suspicious food “recalls” which diminish food supply; oil refineries shut down or destroyed which reduces fuel production (many areas lately with zero diesel fuel available); Diesel engine oil and DEF both becoming completely unavailable due to those manufacturers having stopped producing back in June and declaring Force Majeure ( absolutely zero economic function can happen if diesels aren’t running); severe attack and shortage (globally) on the fertilizer industry as a whole, which, that has and will, cause drastic reduction in crop yields or even being planted to begin with ( I live in cotton country in TX and can tell you first hand VERY few farmers had viable crops and many didn’t even plant at all); Europe as a whole, due to sanctions on Russia (and courtesy of US taking out the Nordstrom pipelines) will have extremely minimal energy for their societies to function, and they (Germany most especially) are being completely DEindustrialized ( all or almost all of their metals smelting has shut down across all Europe, and Germany’s BASF company which is their main economic powerhouse and has never once shut down operations since WW2, has begun shutting down some of their operations and moving to China); the financial system is truly on the verge of collapse, accelerated by the latest FTX scandal (Credit Suisse is in the toilet right now and about to be flushed) and FTX fallout just keeps dominoes falling, as more bankruptcies are being announced; FedEx and Amazon are laying off tons of workers as the busiest time of the year doesn’t seem to be all that busy (just wait until January to see even more layoffs and probably businesses closing their doors)…
      2023 WILL be a terrible year, but will not be the worst. there are more things to come. Now, if you read in the New Testament (gospels specifically), it says that things will be so bad that the days will be cut short (judgment day) for the sake of the Elect (Christians), otherwise who could stand. So, we have to expect things to badly go downhill before Jesus returns. But as to WHEN… well that is all in God’s timing, not ours. We can see signs and make predictions on that, but something that SHOULD happen, doesn’t mean God is ready for it to.

      Below is the link to the Johnny Cash song. Even if you don’t like his stuff, give it a listen. I think you will find it very relevant


      • Russ McMeans

        Thanks Todd for the doomsday report. You’re correct. I told my family not to vote for Biden. He’s exactly the wrong person we need right now. I got evicted for say that.. Things will get much worse. And the central banks can’t stop inflation. Raising interest rates just chokes us to death. Yes, there will be no inflation when we’re all dead. Dumb sht’s. Biden couldn’t run a hotdog stand. Like Martin Armstrong said ” I’ve never seen a more horrible batch of world leaders as we have now “… please come back Jesus before we’re all dead.

  7. tim mcgraw

    President John F. Kennedy was murdered by the Deep State on 11/22/63. Trump is still alive. When Kennedy was assassinated the Republic died. Trump is no JFK.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Foolish statement….there is NO Comparison to JFK being Murdered….and DJT, Knowing the DEEP STATE IS trying to Murder him……..AND…….Having the resources ($) to keep himself…ALIVE……just.ANOTHER STUPID FOOLISH STATEMENT you insist on revealing to the readers…….it should be JFK is the Last Real President we had…..Until President TRUMP took over……..FOOLS who attack DJT should be prepared to be attacked…

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Tim: 2016 caught them by surprise; they did not anticipate Mr. Trump could win. “Never again!” became their mantra. By 2020, they understood what they needed to do. Same deal in 2022. What makes any sane, thinking person that Mr. Trump is going to magically succeed in 2024? Nothing short of civil war, and it’s no surety that our side prevails, is going to restore Mr. Trump to executive leadership of the “country”. We have to move on. Sooner or later, the next great leader has to emerge. Meanwhile, the carnage and decline continue. Best always. PM

      • John

        Paul, you are correct. The midterms demonstrated Trump will never hold public office again. Those who believe he who gets the most votes wins are stuck in a dead paradigm.

  8. barsoom43

    This country is beyond cheating, parties, personalities; the US as we have known it is finished. We’re at the end of the Tytler Cycle, just as he predicted over 200 years ago and for the exact reason- government profligate spending..
    The debt is $31.3T.. When interest rates get high enough, the government wont be able to service such a debt..Eventually the Fed will be forced to reverse course, ease interest rates and print the USD into oblivion. The debt has a life of its own now and because of it, everything will be swept away.. The US will slip into a military dictatorship, at least for a while.
    The Union will disintegrate down to the county level into new republics of red, blue and purple persuasions..
    Prepare now as best you can for the dark ages. Get armed, munitioned and equipped.. Invest in real money, God’s money- gold, silver, copper. Learn a skill and acquire the tools to maintain it. Get out of debt as best as you can. Network with like minded people. Earnestly pray to God for yourself, family, friends and neighbors..

    • J. Loughran

      Response to Barsoom43 and, “Learn a skill and acquire the tools to maintain it.”
      PGRoberts recently linked to an article and the observations of a 30 year law enforcement officer…
      “I was convinced then and still am that (appointees) work so little in order to avoid exposing their incompetence.”
      Raising the next generation includes introducing children to work and learning about skill attainment (Quantity Time Together).

    • Paul from Indiana

      I agree with your assessment but for the “red, blue, purple” part. The whole point of independence at the county level is to establish “red” areas. There will be no purple; otherwise, what’s the point of your scenario? It’s the so-called “purple” areas that are our problem NOW. Why let that perpetuate in the future? If any kind of social calm is the goal, red must be red, and blue must be blue. Post separation, what the blue adherents will learn is that their vision and methods are unsustainable, and if they lack the red adherents’ forced contributions, they will not be able to maintain their fictions. Best always. PM

      • Shiloh1

        DuPage County Illinois went red to purple to blue very quickly. The old-timers died off and were replaced by Chicago Northsiders and Northeast Coast Wokesters and Karen Harpies.

    • ron martin

      barsoom43, I have nothing to add to your comment. You covered it all. I wrote a 432 page book 13 years ago titled “It’s Over” & mentioned Tytler’s 10 steps of the rise and fall of nations and was one of the first to use the term “demicide” because governments murdered 262 million innocent citizens just in the 20th century. Nobody listened and few bought my book. Prepare, persevere but mostly pray that our Father will send His Son soon.

  9. elle

    Cheaters… I dont trust musk but he wont be bullied i hope. i just watch these vaxxed get sicker. its sad.

    Please have Clif High on soon as he has new data, Thanks Greg

    • barsoom43

      Yes on Clif High.. and Dr Paul C. Roberts and Peter Schiff..

    • Ed Mustafo

      Good call Elle , I was just thinking about Cliff recently. To me it definitely seems like more people are dying “ suddenly “ and “ unexpectedly “ every day. The trend seems to be accelerating. “ This is a battle for the future of civilization. If free speech is lost in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead “. Elon Musk I think Elon is the real deal.

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Yes please Greg when it comes to Clif High!

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Yes please Greg when it comes to Getting Clif High back on. Ellie I believe that Elon Musk is getting closer to God right now. All the vile paedo stuff that has been on Twitter will turn him. Thank you Jesus.

  10. Kay

    The establishment RINOS are trying to takedown== msgs. Trump and then DeSantis —
    Yyou have to see this coming!

  11. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for this resounding roundup, enlightening as always.
    Here in the UK our lying treasonous political twerps are selling us down the plug hole and being well paid by the WEf and others for doing so.
    Our economy is truly awful and prices are sky rocketing as is crime in wealthy areas.

  12. Paul in oz

    Great wrap Greg, you have ticked all the boxes … as both Trump and Lake have noted … the USA is now a banana republic. Most sadly is there has never been a banana republic with the clout the USA still exerts. The level and depth of corruption means that those who are guilty will stop at absolutely nothing including passing out kool aid to everyone including themselves, rather than acknowledging their guilt. The old they’ll never take me alive mentality! We live in perilous times on earth and I grieve for those whose eternal future is uncertain.

    • GayleneMuir

      Pablo in Oz, via Canada,
      Here is one woman who has lived her whole life in peril!
      Werther unfounded or not?
      Pictured for the first time in 25 years: The reclusive widow of Lee Harvey Oswald who ‘lives in fear of being killed by the Secret Service’ and has turned down $3m to talk about the JFK assassination ahead of the 50-year anniversary
      Marina Oswald Porter, a 72-year-old grandmother has lived with her second husband Ken in Rockwall, Texas since the mid-Seventies.
      The Russian-born former pharmacology student met Oswald in Minsk in 1961 after he defected to the Soviet Union
      He brought her back with him to America and the couple had two daughters before his arrest for the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963
      She initially believed he was guilty of the shooting, but subsequently changed her mind after reading the many conspiracy theories
      Eighty per cent of American citizens are sceptical about the official version of events of Kennedy’s assassination
      She could be just another pensioner out for her weekly shop. But the guarded and fearful look in this woman’s eyes tells a different story.
      Is the CIA or FSB out to get Marina? THE REST OF THE STORY!
      After 34 years now, I don’t know weather to laugh or cry. It all seems like, some sick joke?🤪

      • Paul in Oz

        very sad … her eyes certainly do speak to tortured endurance.

  13. PersonaNonGrata

    With stories abounding that the vaxxed are transmitting IDs via Bluetooth, I couldn’t figure how this was possible given the diversity of Covid shots people were given. Dr Ana Mihalcea explains that the uniqueness of the identifier is provided by the vaxxed person’s own DNA!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “I couldn’t figure how this was possible given the diversity of Covid shots people were given”. To clarify, it didn’t seem possible that each and every repeat shot could be programmed with the same unique identifier, specific to each victim – especially as many people got their shots (and boosters) at random mass ‘vaccination’ centres. And, there are multiple shots per vial. Dr Ana Mihalcea explains that the identifier is NOT vaxx specific. All the shots utilise the DNA of the victim to provide unique labelling.

  14. Jerry

    Can you say cover your tracks?

    December 13th is days away? True or not it’s a perfect distraction. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The great and powerful OZ has spoken.

  15. Ed Mustafo

    Trump continues to expose all the RINOS and sleepers for who and what they really are. Every time someone or something comes out against him it completely fails and backfires. “ We got Orange Man Bad this time, we really do”….. Yup , sure, ok, uh huh…. Good luck with that.

  16. Andrew Cox

    Great news summary.

  17. Anti-Atomist

    James 5

  18. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, the Ukrainians have lost > 100,000 military personnel not in 2 years but since February this year. Even Ukrainian “government” ministers have admitted military deaths at 300, 500 and more per day. They are being thrown into a meat grinder and the meat grinder is about to go into overdrive. Any western politician supporting this madness is supporting the total destruction of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Poland is already eyeing the West of Ukraine to incorporate into Poland and as the Russians have no interest in western Ukraine, there’s nobody to stop them. Ukraine will soon cease to exist.

    • Pete+only

      Derek, I seriously doubt Poland will try to annex western Ukraine for it’s own purposes.
      It has already taken in at least 4 or 5 million Ukrainian refugees since the war began there. (This is a huge number of people as Poland only has a population of 35 million to begin with).
      If anything, this land might be to just house these Ukrainians there.

  19. Linda Majors


    Great wrapup!

    I agree that Trump is being attacked relentlessly from all sides. There must be a reason. The Murdochs who own Fox are doing everything in their power to get Ron DeSantis the nomination. All the big donors and globalists are backing DeSantis, even the mainstream media. I wonder why? Perhaps it is because President Trump cannot be bought. It appears that DeSantis has alrady been bought. I heard that Kari Lake will become Trump’s running mate. Good choice! Perhaps she can persuade him to reverse his decision regarding the experimental vaccines.

    Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court rules in our favor against Biden, Harris, Mike Pence and 385 Members of Congress who broke the law by not allowing an investigation into the 2020 election, we have a chance to save America. It will be so sweet watching those frauds in our White House forced to pack their bags and move out! That would be the best Christmas present ever!

    Have a good weekend!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda!

    • Earth Angel

      Pence a traitor and globalist stooge. Always one staged with a president who isn’t totally bought, sold & paid for like Regan paired with old man Bush (former cia man & possibly worse). I believe same with Trump/Pence. Look what happened with JFK & Lyndon Johnson, another glaring example. Politics Stinks, its a dirty & dangerous business. Revisit what happened to Frank Olson, chemist at Ft. Detrick, at the Statler Hotel in New York in 1953. Fascinating story with major implications as to bad things happening today. This event should not be forgotten! VERY NASTY stuff. His sons were very courageous in NOT giving up sleuthing for the truth of their father’s shocking demise which devestated their young family afterward. Ya, gotta love the DoD & government crime syndicates around the world.. NOT!

  20. Marie Joy

    IF I had it within my power (I don’t), I would make sure all so called leaders who push the jab would be triple vaxxed and boosted. Too bad, ’cause that would solve a few problems.

    “War on Trump, Died Suddenly Continues, Brace for long Recession” means

    WE are NOT supporting President Trump enough.

    In my doctor appt, they were all pushing a flu shot. I’m not taking those, either.

    I read we should get away from the coasts because Russia has a 1600 foot high radioactive tidal weapon. http://www.ki4u.com for radiation info and equipment.

    I expect another scamdemic and associated, mandated shoulder jabs.
    I expect grid down.
    I expect famine.
    I expect we will be like all other genocided populations.
    Food has been weaponized. Buy/grow organic if you can.

  21. Marie Joy

    My father (1916 – 2004) told the story of being in the navy in WWII. He built roads on the west coast to food factories, weapons manufacturing plants, politicians’ homes, and to get ready to invade Japan (Ended up not happening). THE major thing was to get roads necessary for food manufacturing up to snuff to feed the war effort.
    So, one night he goes on a bender and ends up doing KP for 3 days. All he did was peel potatoes for 3 days, with other men, to make potato chips. In a dining room for 10,000? men, he watched those potato chips all eaten in one meal. Aside from soldiers, there is a very large group of support to feed, clothe, house, and support soldiers in many ways.
    My point is, of those 196,000 in the Ukrainian military, how many are cooks and support staff?

    • Shiloh1

      That’s where the US/NATO contractors come into the picture, just like 30 years of wars in the Middle East. 10% for The Big Guy.

  22. Marie Joy

    Years ago, while in the hospital, at around 2?am a nurse came in to give me a flu shot. TG, I woke up before she did it. I said no. She pushed it. I said no. Be careful. They’re sneaky.

  23. Marie Joy

    This will ALL continue unless we end it. Guerilla is the best way. Leaders only. Nothing splashy. MO.

  24. francis m reps

    Hi Greg, Thank you for re iterating that Donald Trump is very “pro Israel”. The Late Benjamin Freedman ; a close friend of JFK ; gave a speech at the Willard Hotel in 1961 ; and wrote a book titled “Facts are Facts”. People who admire your genuine devotion to the USA might want to know about Mr. Freedman’s assessment of some issues. Smart informed people can be of benefit to our Nation.

  25. Victor sperandeo

    Greg your always on the Mark in your reporting. Thank you

  26. A Friendly Face

    1 888-848-1945

    Sunrise Connex


    They sell ivermectin, no Rx required

    2-3 weeks shipping

    • Adam M

      You will get it in a couple days. Don’t forget FenBen and Haarlem Oil.

  27. Stephen Woenker


  28. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  29. Tommy

    Two more unexpected deaths in this mornings news. Megha Thakur, a Tik Tok star (never heard of her but apparently had 1 million followers) died unexpectedly at the age of 21. Her parents did not disclose cause of death. Brad Henke, actor and former NFL star, died at age 56 in his sleep; no cause given. Every day there’s more.

  30. Marie Joy

    “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

    • Phil

      All we need for Evil “to triumph” – is for Trump “to do nothing about the jab”!!

  31. James

    I appreciate Trump for having kicked up the proverbial dust on the system and somewhat shedding light on how corrupt government is. But he is not and never will be our savior. I never thought he would. However, I suggest that people should here look into Whitney Webb’s recent book “One Nation Under Blackmail” or view her many interviews that she has given recently on this subject. In her book, Webb provides detailed evidence that Trump (amongst others) had close dealings with Epstein, the Maxwell’s and all sort of other unsavory characters who are involved in implementing of the “New World Order”. So collectively, we all need to start putting our hopes in ourselves to create a better world rather than wait for a hero who never was to rescue us.

    • Earth Angel

      Amen James. As the Hopi saying goes, “WE Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For!” ..And let’s not forget it!

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        Didn’t the communist democrats use that slogan or one very similar to it a few years ago?

        • Earth Angel

          I don’t know, but if they did they stole it from the Hopi’s. I’m pretty sure the Hopi elders used it first.

  32. Enrico

    It feels like we’re at that point of the party, where the smart people have stopped drinking, because they’re concerned about how big the hangover will be tomorrow.
     Sure, there’s still a few people shotgunning beers and downing vodka shots. You know those people who think the party will last forever, and they’re emotionally invested in the moment. But the party always ends.
    The longer and bigger the party, the worse the hangover will be, and the bigger the cleanup crew needed.
    Good luck to everyone in the coming months and years, especially those who are still inebriated.





    Oh as far as covid goes looking back, I was a way strong power lifter. never got vaxed 1 year after the covid outbreak I came down with cancer (lung), Oddly enough about the same time they rolled out 5 G .. Could be somethin maybe not.

  35. Alexander Trojano

    Fyi Greg, pittsburg penquins player had a stroke in 2013 also. Do your research. Not disagreeing with you but get all the facts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes and Letang had a second stroke recently and it is the NHL’s policy to have all players vaxed. You think the vax was not involved is this second stroke?

  36. James PTY

    Terra Luna multi billion (at least as large as FTX) vaporized after liquidations start from strategic “whale wallets”, Celsius goes under, both igniting expected contagion, and this certainly was by design, but FTX is/was the regulators darling as evidenced by SEC Gensler’s semi hidden association. SBF being coddled, rather than flayed as he should be, is another sign of the globalist fix. Cryptolandia will likely suffer additional failures likely sparked by the Digital Currency Group being the next shoe to drop. Bleed over into WEF aligned projects will occur, BUT really decentralized projects will continue becoming stronger, because they have utility. The decentralized having utility will be safe harbor for any liquidity small or huge when financial chaos crazy-time really starts in the months to come. By the way, Institutional interest in cryptolandia is rising despite all the news of calamity

    The Dollar is not being guarded/saved, supporting it is being used as a financial weapon, the current iteration will fail then the “new” Dollar CBDC will be introduced, and people forced to use it…

    There is no Stockholm Syndrome, just minds trained to be obedient… it starts from birth where children must please their parents, being reinforced in traditional schools to obey teachers, transitioning into obedience to Law/Government. Fear is the dominant energy of this dimension at the moment, and obedience is desired response. Righteous Outrage will cleanse.

  37. Thomas Malthaus

    “The signs are everywhere in the world and the USA that we are heading into a recession—a deep one.”

    A deep depression.

  38. Ranger Up

    This is not the Founders Republic. It’s is a global cabal led by Satanists. If you think for one moment you can vote your way out of this you’re fundamentally ignorant. You’ve been spoon fed lies for your entire life and those lies are now etched in your mind as truth. Trump this and Trump that is a ceremonial activity to keep your attention off the underlying problem. Never ever believe the government because they aren’t one. They are operating under fraud and “Color of Law.”

    • Sharon

      Absolutely agree with you Ranger that we’ve all been lied to since birth. I’m a baby boomer born in ’56 and can see how much the world has changed since then. It’s hell on earth now, thanks to the top evil globalists who are not human. They are psychopaths who have no regard for human life. We are considered cattle to them.
      As for Trump, he’s controlled opposition. When he found himself in financial trouble with his Atlantic City Casinos, Rothchild banker Wilbur Ross bailed him out. Trump returned the favor when he became President and nominated Ross to become U.S. Secretary of Commerce.
      Trump’s Operation Warp Speed – claims this was his greatest accomplishment? Big red flag right there, when it was not properly tested, clinical trials were covered up, based on flawed data and so much more.
      Look at the many critical injuries and deaths since they came out with these mRNA vaccines. Recently lost a friend down the road, a lovely healthy 33 year old woman found dead in her home few days before Thanksgiving. Found out she got 2 shots after she got Covid earlier this year. One of our good friend’s brother died one month after getting one shot. Another friend who was pregnant with 2nd child got 3 shots and when she delivered her daughter, she had multiple heart problems, cleft palate and other health issues. She died few hours later. This is just 3 people I know dead from Covid shots who lived in my town. I know there will be more.
      I am also still angry that Trump did nothing for the Jan 6th patriots who supported and voted for him. I know it was a set-up and I believe Trump knew ahead of time.
      Another thing about Trump, back in 1999 when I lived in NJ, my oldest daughter was dating a guy who was an Accountant. One of his clients was Donald J. Trump. He told my husband that he’s a bad guy and a SOB!! That alone was all we needed to know about him.

  39. andyb

    I have followed you for many years Greg and your site may be the best ever educational experience for those who have access to it. Many kudos.

    By now it should be apparent that this Admin has an agends of destroying this country, primarily and foremost, I believe, to make it easier for the CCP to invade and/or destroy us. Within 5 years, the majority of our current military will be dead or disabled from the vaccine mandates, including of course all special ops soldiers and top gun pilots, la creme de la creme of our armed forces. And Chinese fentanol is decimating a future population of military age potential warriors. The fact that we will shortly run out of fossil fuels and our SPR has been depleted should raise eyebrows given the sale to China of some of this precious oil reserve. There is also the not very subtle and insidious attack on our 2nd Amendment as I am sure that the Chinese have ordered Biden to start the process of disarming US citizens. Remember the words of Japanese Admiral Yarmamoto when asked if he would invade the US during WWll (and I paraphrase): “are you F**king kidding me. The Americans have a rifle behind every tree”.

  40. Kay Blade

    👎🏻 Leaked Shocking Footage of
    US Military Getting Vaccine Then Immediately Collapsing!!
    November 28, 2022, 🏴‍☠️_☢_🛌🏿_🚧_🧬_⚰_☣

    Do You Want To “Die Suddenly” Like Millions Of People, Or Not?? This Is How To Detox from A.I. Hydrogel Bioweapon… P.S. It’s Probably…

    Karen Kingston, Dr. Ana Mihalcea and Maria Karen Kingston, Dr. Ana Mihalcea and Maria Zeee: Covid Is a Technological & Biological Weapon Hybrid!! Graphene And Hydrogel Can Mimic Brain Tissue… Hijacking of Human Consciousness… War Against the Soul Based on Cycle of Never-Ending Injections!!: Covid Is a Technological & Biological Weapon Hybrid!! / November 28, 2022
    In case you are wondering if there are plans for more injections… that’s true… but it’s a non-stop cycle!! That’s why it must be stopped… humanity itself is now at stake.

    • Phil

      Has no one in the Military seen “Died Suddenly”? – What are they going to do about it?? – inject even more American boys (and girls) to make sure they kill us off??? – when is someone with some brains going to stand up and do the right thing for once????

  41. Lightning

    This is a must follow:

    US Supreme Court agrees to review case in Hanuary 2023 naming Biden and 300 plus members of Congress as defendants for not following Constitutional requirements dealing with complaints on 2020 election fraud.


    Note that all defendants could have responded to this to effectively delay this but the Solicitor General of the United States waived those rights for the government.

    ( I’m not a lawyer as I wanted to actually accomplish something meaningful with my life, so if my interpretation is a bit wrong …. Sorry).

    From what I understand , if 4 of the Justices agree to hear this case, it goes forward.

    I think it should also be noted that this puts tremendous power into the courts hands over Congress and the Executive Branch , at a time they are threatening to pack the court, issue term limits on court etc.

    This may be courts lever to get behind the scenes concessions to secure the status quo or less cynically, perhaps they actually will follow the rule of law and hear the case and rule on it based on evidence and constitutional merit.

    Regardless, it should be getting enormous attention

  42. Steve Bice

    From a commenter on Zerohedge:

    “Orange is the new black” star Brad Henkel died suddenly, age 56

    “Dogs most wanted” star David Robinson dead at 50

    Comic book legend Peter David hospitalized after a series of strokes

    Eric “celebrity trainer “ Fleischman dead unexpectedly at age 53

    Flashdance star Irene Cara age 63 found dead in her home

    All current headlines on TMZ.com 


  43. Really Awake

    Ye (aka Kanye West) is having a total meltdown. Trump was more of a victim by association with his former friend, Kanye West. Kanye West wasn’t all bad until he turned into Ye. The guy totally snapped and did Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde… Trump got blindsided.

    Did you see the interview on the Alex Jones Show? Mr. Hyde, er – I mean Ye, had a total certifiable mental breakdown.

    Trump correctly said Ye is having mental issues.

    I predict that Ye will end up in a mental institution just like Britney Spears did. Ye owes tens of millions to the IRS…. That won’t end well, either. Ye is a human stick of dynamite with a short fuse.

    The Lefty Propaganda Machine was given a gift when Ye went out of his mind. Trump was unfairly attacked with the guilty-by-association narritive. But let’s face it. Trump has way, way bigger problems. The RINOs are going to put their horns in Trump’s back. And the Democrats are just going to destory what’s left of Trump before 2024. In fact, there might not even be a 2024 election.

    The various socioeconomic, geopolitical, ideological, racial and religious belief systems held by the masses are about to violently clash. Ye’s craziness is a leading indicator of what’s to come…. Prepare accordingly.

  44. Stinking Bull

    All I see is a huge shit show. Meanwhile we’re all distracted from the real criminals committing reset murder.
    Look above these political actors putting on a show for we the florodated people.

    • Randy Best

      Sadly, you are 100% correct.

    • Phil

      The fluoridated people who were “jabbed” are now also fluorescent and glow in 5G radiation!!

  45. Fred Engel

    Thank you, Greg, for your reports. We politically have a way to go, normies need to witness the corruption, people are waking up.

  46. Matt

    all this metals market rigging makes me sick in my pants! I think they are making it obvious to the sleepers that this whole system is rigged but my God we don’t need anymore convincing, it’s been 25 years of rigging for me.

  47. Mark D. Corney

    Thank You Greg Hunter for saying these things so I don”t have to !!!
    I just send people to your web address.
    Makes things really easy for an “old school” guy like me.
    And thanks for getting your Karen Kingston interview out so quickly.
    Her latest Intel will definitely change the strategic planning for many American families and needs to be broadcast far and wide ASAP !!!

  48. Prospector

    They told us other pandemics were planned …….

    “Scientists revive ‘ Zombie Virus ‘ frozen for eons ” – Science Alert . com / Bloomberg
    Its the glo-bull warming spin , do you all see it ?

    ” As world gets warmer , scientists warn of ‘ Zombie Virus ‘ amid thaw. ” — same headline by Inside Edition 3 days ago and N.P.R. on May 19 2020.
    ” Hardly anything could go wrong with this plan ” — Sam Faddis : andmagazine.substack.com

    The depopulation agenda is a war on humanity.

  49. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg, very interesting news. I watched the video “Died Suddenly”- very disturbing video, but thanks to sites like this me and my household are pure bloods. One thing not mentioned is the issue of shedding. We just pulled our two boys out of public school, i fully expect most states to follow the cdc guidelines and add the COVID vax to the vax schedule for the next school year for the kiddos. We live on the left coast of America, although this is a fairly conservative area. I do believe shedding is real, back in February i worked with a guy that had been vaxed and after 4 days had a terrible headache and began to puke- no fever, cramps, or any other typical illness symptoms. The second week was better, but i was taking a little horse paste. The third week i got transferred.

  50. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up, lots happening. I’ve been watching for updates on the USSC case. USSC Docket — the case of Raland J. Brunson, Petitioner v. Alma S. Adams, et al.
    — Docketed: October 24, 2022
    In the first 12 minutes when Raland Brunson (primary plaintiff’s brother) discusses timing. I don’t want to speculate “however”, the fact that the USSC clerk’s office reached out to the Brunson’s in order to expedite the case ensuring correct format et al tells me that for whatever reason at least a couple of the USSC justices wanted this case NOW, not later.

    Would they want it now in order to kill it? All they would need to do is refuse to hear it, easy peasy, it’s dead. No they wanted this case now for its merit — talk about killing corruption in DC. I’ll stop, but this is a case worth watching closely.

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, Mr.Ritter paints are bleaker picture for Ukraine than you even have…with more casualties and more to come. He believes a slow methodical march forward using up to 700 K troops. What they take by end of spring the Russians will never give back. Ukraine likely will end as a landlocked nation…their best days to negotiate are gone, they will have to accept Russia’s terms. Polish and Romanian and English and other troops already on the ground in Ukraine uniforms being killed in the tens of thousands as you say? (Russia does not, never wanted Ukraine nor will/are they planning to go deeper into Europe, that is propaganda. (So much for Fox News, Ukraine is ‘winning’ propaganda?- lol) =sounds alike like Col. Macgregor’s analysis earlier…


  52. Alan Grimes

    It doesn’t feel like it but Ukraine was only invaded last February so we are talking about 9 months for the 100k casualties.

    • Phil

      In the Vietnam war between 1954 to 1975 (21 years) the US National Archives shows that 58,220 US soldiers perished – Ukraine has lost about twice this number of soldiers “in only 9 months”!!

  53. alfy

    time and again I see from reporters, pundits, and experts the view that everyday americans, the normies, are a bunch halfwits who can’t put two and two together. I’m thankful a good 80% of our population are everyday americans, they are the sane folks. 20% of americans are lunatics. unfortunately, the lunatics have been in control for decades. If there is a battle for america, I think there is, it has much to do with “normies” the sane folks removing the lunatics from influence and power. I like the chances of normies winning the war.

  54. Jeff Harrison

    All they have to do is indicte him. Accuse him of some more false accusations and he cannot run. We will see it happen in my strong opinion. They have already had constant accusations for 6-7 years.

  55. Jughead

    Greg….thank you for bringing Dry Element on board as an advertiser…….I’ve been looking for a replacement for my Berkey filters…..if your readers have a Berkey, they may not be aware of criticisms of the actual filtration capabilities of the Berkey filters….read them on amazon and YouTube…..I’m less trusting these days….and, going to the Dry Element website gives me hope this will be the alternative I’ve been lookin for…..I’m a buyer…..

  56. Susan R

    Each soul who is alive today is here for a reason. We are immortal in spirit. The galaxies are our brothers and sisters. Where we are in the history of earth is as a nano second. Protect your spirit and soul for the eternal journey.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Christ? Is this new age crap?

  57. Steve Leskovisek

    Hey Greg, Why don’t you talk about the biggest lie of all? Very few people will touch the subject of the virus lie! Zero proof exist that viruses are real or cause disease. This needs to be the number one conversation of our time and yet few people will even address it. You are a truth seeker, with a little research you will find very solid proof that totally debunks the virus theory! Think of the implications if viruses have never been isolated or proven to cause disease! Let that sink in!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have talked about this with Karen Kingston.

    • J. Loughran

      If you have the time, consider following GigaohmBiological and a review of the “Virus” Lit in a series named, “The Clone Wars?”. The series began this week. If you are not familiar with JJCouey, he has stated that his working approach is, “The Virus Hoax, another Trap?” He is open to counter views and his live presentations include a chat room.

  58. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up & guidance Greg

    As for Rand Paul I will believe what ha says when he DOES what he says. Far too often he is all talk & no action.

    Can you get Ed Dowd & Cliff High back for interviews

  59. A Dziennik

    Greg Manarino stated, this morning on his youtube report, that he thinks the banks are ready to fold and to get your money out now. He stated the downturn has several layers of reaction. First is using real estate to get refi’s to get money to cover inflation, then credit cards, now it’s the IRA’s and other retirement investments. Once that is gone, he says, the banks will not be solvent. Folks won’t be able to buy or pay existing debt. Very informative.

  60. John Maskell

    Greg , I love you’re cartoon caption that focuses on Trump and nothing else. A good illustration of how a corrupt regime works. Another topic, how long can they pretend that the vaccine is good and all is ok. It’s unbelievable and outrageous how the media and all don’t report any deaths relating to this
    bio-weapon jab . How can newscasters keep a straight face when people die suddenly and think it’s normal. Surely they have friends or family that have been affected by the clot shot. Are they that dumb or just pure evil ? God will seek these monsters out !

  61. Jasper Noone

    “If you can’t protect the integrity of the system, then there is no system”

    Clint Eastwood as ‘Terry McCaleb’ – 2002 film Blood Work

  62. Lora

    Hi Greg
    With all these sudden, most likely vaccine related deaths…. probably not a good idea to fly, especially on single pilot smaller planes. For those who are prone to clots, high altitude can contribute to this problem of clots, resulting in a subsequent death scenario.

  63. Justn Observer

    Greg, Appears the U.S. Treasury Mint itself is involved in ‘hedges and derivatives’ so what part of the U.S. economy are prices real? What are ‘charts’ worth when all the markets are manipulated…NOTHING is real – ALL is now what you have in your possession…place needs over wants…and be out of debt and not beholding to anyone, entity as possible.

    FRAUD AT THE U.S. Treasury MINT? RIGGING with Silver Shorts causing losses its own losses or ‘who’s’ gains?
    RED ALERT! PROOF US Mint is Naked Shorting COMEX Silver! Loss of $111.7M on Hedge Book!! (Bix Weir) – YouTube

  64. Randy Best

    April, May, June, July, August, September October and now November have all expired without Bo Polny’s major event occurring. Nothing has changed. The appeal of Roe vs. Wade has been a non-factor. The stock markets remain elevated while gold and silver priced are still rigged. The evil ones are still in charge and God has not move his hand against them.

    • Justn Observer

      FTX, AND UKRAINE LOSING – not any big events?
      What is it that you are looking for…THUNDERBOLTS from the heavens?
      What have you, the world…or U.S. done to repent?
      YES, Roe vs. Wade was repealed…its now back to the states…and many of them are attempting to work around it! As are schools with CRT and ‘the groomers’ BS,
      with many corporations still ‘virtue signaling’ and going WOK …
      WEFer and U.S. policy still causing ‘death and side-effect’, pushing policies that are/will worsen food shortages, famine, loss of energy/freezing…and who do you think GOD is inspired to act and save when the majority ‘apparently’ are voting to go along with it? AND/OR if that is NOT the case – where are the people in the streets pushing back against the ‘rigged’ elections? Crickets !
      Unfortunately, the U.S. will likely have to lose their freedoms before they ever bother to get out of their comfy chairs, stand up and hit the streets to do anything about it…other than hide in their closets and pray GOD, TRUMP, someone else does something!
      Population of Texas – 30 million…how many on the borders keeping ‘their’ state from being overrun? How about NM, AZ, CA, ?
      Where are all these millions of illegals going to? Are they setting up in tent cities, housed on Indian reservations, being houses where and by WHO? Where are they getting money to pay their cartel handlers, getting money to buy food, stay, travel …drug money? Someone is paying for this ‘illegal’ activity…who is getting/taking money to help…church groups? RICO? Many more questions then answers…then just counting how many are crossing, and how many got away…got away to where… millions do not just vanish into nowhere! They ARE somewhere…and they are being supported by someone complicit in their illegal crossing and circumventing U.S. border laws! Harboring fugitives is a crime regarding the ”’got aways”’? Am sure if any were found IN Mara Lago…Trump would be charged ! lol

  65. BigE

    The antisemitic shtick is old, and many are aware of the tactic and its neverending use to deflect attention from real crimes that in some form or another, affect all common citizens. For example criticizing Lehman Brothers, Epstein, Madoff, and Bankman-fried will make you Anti-semitic in the eyes of the Mainstream News, and to the ADL, but are you? Or are you just talking about and criticizing the masterminds who engineered some of the largest financial fraud schemes of all time?

    The use of the Anti-semitic shtick is so overused, that anytime I hear it in the Mainstream News, I can’t help but think if there is more to the story being discussed that someone/group is trying to deflect the public’s attention from, and if a crime of some sort is being covered up, somewhere, that will (unknowingly) affect many ordinary people.

    • Perry

      There are bad in all groups.But if one person commits a crime from a certain group you cannot place blame on everyone in that group. Antisemitism comes from ignorance and from people who do not know any better. Pray for them and hope they repent.

    • Justn Observer

      Big E, agree…it’s a throw… there are those that do not want people to trace the roots in that direction in biblical history…to see/find where the divergence from the ones that believe and believed in God/Jesus with those that were/are of a different belief/cult of earlier times. Best no-one even discusses or opens that particular period of paganism, child sacrifice, BAAL thinkingthat evolved and who/what area of the world it is rooted from…which then could/would expose it/them. Best we leave it with ‘the moneychangers’ and their table getting kicked over – bankers – FOREX currency exchanger… people that put others in STOCKS, or Bond AGE, or yoked with a MORGUE age…using strawman FICTITOUS NAME personages -ie John and Jane Does becoming JOHN AND JANE DOES that are tricked into CON-tacts disguised as ‘benefits’ like SS, and Pensions ‘they’ can manipulate the value thereof via inflation, compound interest, and CPI manipulation as John Williams constantly exposes ie, now various levels of ”’unemployment” and massaging of CPI valuations..etc.
      TPTB see the People ARE rapidly awakening to their charade, scams, ponzi scheme hence the MASSIVE push for gun control…and surveillance and control over the people…including using the schools to attempt to dumb them down, and drug people up, and de-population the general mass of people that refuse to surrender their God given rights and freedoms to ‘them’!
      Some good paths to travel herein =

      and for this one might seek insight of Bo Polney and his time of the fall of the Daniel 2 statue? leave many in confusion as to the who, when, where so will leave the relevant bible quotations as to who said what where when to others! =

      *In some kabbalistic texts and in medieval and renaissance occultism (ex. The Book of Abramelin), the name Astaroth was assigned to a male demon bearing little resemblance to the figure known from antiquity. For the use of the Hebrew plural form ʿAštārōṯ in this sense, see Astaroth.

      *Statute of who> Liberty? Her worship was strengthened by the Carthaginian occupation that kickstarted the Second Punic War, bringing along the cult of its equivalent goddess Tanit, which was sometimes still referred to as Astarte as an archaistic trait.[20] It continued without opposition in the Roman Imperial period under the assimilated name of Dea Caelestis, dressed up with the attributes of the Roman goddesses Juno, Diana and Minerva.
      symbolisms used =

  66. Susan R

    No Greg, I live my life for and by God. That is my center. I pray every day to God the Father. Everything in this universe that is not of satan, is of God. That is what I was referring to. Protecting your soul, as I said, is our connection to God and Who we will reunite with. Christ is the son of God and we are also His children.

  67. Paul from Indiana

    Alfy, you must first actually have a war in order to win a war. What war? Your vaunted “normies” are all taking a pass. Best always. PM

  68. Jimmy

    Have you heard of the Brunson Brother’s and their complaint now before the SC and set for conference on jan 6th? Please reach out to Loy Brunson who is the spokesmen.. help spread the word. God Bless

  69. Marie Joy

    NY plans to involuntarily commit the homeless to psychiatric facilities. THE first thing they do in those places is give you all your shots/vaccinations. They’re sneaky.

    • Phil

      Making us “all homeless” on the continent our forefathers conquered will result in the Globalist eugenicists finally achieving their 100% vaccination goal!!

  70. FreeOregon

    How many more bagmen does Joe have, in addition to his son Hunter?

  71. sabagigante

    Desantis was able to put monitors in place ahead of the midterms to ensure regular voting. But somehow Trump was unable to do that for any state during the 2020 election.

    People need to quit worshiping Trump as their golden calf and evaluate him as a growed up man.

  72. Prospector

    I Identify as a ” Conspiracy Theorist ” . My pronouns are = Told / You / So

    We’re crazy to those who can’t manipulate us.

    You are the carbon they want to reduce !

  73. Joseph Boudreau

    Yea, Greg, there are a lot of signs pointing to a big downturn. I think interest rates are going up another 10%. It has to go higher than CPI right? And what’s the real number per John Williams? There’s also the lag time. The effects of the rate increases of spring, summer and fall are now upon us. If we’re seeing distortion now, how bad will it be by next summer?
    BTW, did you hear about the huge silver deficit brewing? 194 million ounces short is a big deal! I’m glad I got in early!
    Best regards,

    • Phil

      When the US Mint gets into the business of selling silver – how can they produce the coins they are obligated to mint by the Constitution??? – the head of the US Mint (Biden appointed) should be fired!!

  74. Jen Claybourne

    Actually, the IRS is fraudulent! The IRS is committing fraud on everyone it takes
    money from.

  75. Felix

    Politicians are lying scumbags they are over paid actors and nothing else.They are satans spawn they sold their souls to the devil and they sold their country out.I feel sorry for scumbags like the bushes,clintons,obozos,bidens they are all pedophiles and have been blackmailed by the spy agencies all their lives.They do the work of the devil.GOD bless stay strong atriots GOD is on our side,keep prepping.

    • Phil

      Keep speaking the truth which is like rat poison to Satan’s demons (and the toxic demon rats will find it hard to spawn)!!

  76. Bennet Cecil, M.D.

    The US Constitution should have had an escape clause so that a state could leave if it decided to do so. The USA had a terrible death toll in the War Between the States that no one seems to care much about. We have 50 states, and it would be nice to have at least one state that respects human rights and individual freedom. Where can we go to escape the central tyranny? The Central banking families are enslaving us using the politicians that they control. What are people going to do about it?

    The deaths in Ukraine pale in comparison to the Soviet deaths of 27 million in WII. Americans are going to learn a painful lesson like Napoleon and Hitler.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “Hi The Central banking families are enslaving us using the politicians that they control”
      You nailed it! G. Edward Griffin exposes the genesis of the ‘Federal Reserve System’ in his prescient book, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’. first published in 1994 – and never been out of print since then! IMHO, this book is ESSENTIAL reading for all truth seekers.

      ‘No Retreat’ and ‘Stinking Bull’, Griffin’s book also exposes the role of the Khazarians in the formation of the central banking cabal.

  77. Lady Au Stackers United

    My ex sister-in-law, age 72, with a Masters Degree from Boulder, Colorado university is quadruple vaxxed. She reported recently getting I’ll and tested positive covid. She stated, ” I did all the right things regarding Covid protocols and I thought I was impenetrable.”
    And I’m thinking to myself, ” You’re a well-educated woman and you were duped by this propaganda.” She, like many others, listened to the political science; not the biological science; they did not do the due diligence and dig deeper into the reports available online, like investigative reporters, like one USAWD. And yes, I’m nice to the vaxxed, but I’m tired of trying to tell them the truth because it’s like talking to a bag of rocks.

  78. Lady Au Stackers United

    Correction to my post: she reported getting sick and tested positive Covid (my auto-correct does what it likes, but my proofreading is lazy these days).

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi LASU,
      Autocorrect is my pet hate!

  79. Joseph

    “The Chinese admitted they had 2 million operatives in America.” Huh?!

  80. Glen

    Military leadership priorities:
    First: Mission
    Second: Welfare of military personnel.
    There’s your answer for the numbers in Ukraine.

  81. Anti-Atomist

    If anyone strikes someone a fatal blow with an iron object, that person is a murderer; the murderer is to be put to death. Numbers 35:16

    • Marie Joy

      The problem is the people who should be taking out the trash are not doing their jobs. The people who should be picking up the slack, for the people who are not doing their jobs, won’t get off their couches. So it continues.

  82. J. Kimble Allen

    Always remember … regardless of the circumstances, Christ Jesus will always be KING of kings and LORD of lords!

  83. Phyllis Wallace

    My hubby & I have a small circle of friends and 3 of them have died suddenly. One was stepping out of the shower & just collapsed on the floor, naked and dead. The other two died of cancer, one lingered on for a mth, hospitalized & the other went suddenly. All 3 were double vaxed. They will not get close to us with a syringe and we will avoid the hospital at all costs as we are hearing stories of ppl being able to check in but then can’t check out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Phyllis, for the real word information that is not being reported in the Lying Legacy Media.

    • Phil

      When are the vaxxed politicians going to drop????

      • Earth Angel

        They probably all got saline placebos, if they ever got vaxxed at all.

  84. Coal Burner

    I been asking for a long time , “Who wants a;l these Ukrainian Women and children?” The Pedos must be feeling really greedy, slobbering around the mouth. The Plan appears to be to keep the war going until every last Ukrainian man is killed! Yeah, that makes me angry too uselessly kill a whole country and leave their children without fathers. And they are using our money too do it. Real Heros we are talking about, I mean the politicians sending our money and weapons.

  85. G.Muir

    Some happier news?
    ANDREW NEIL: A battle royal is raging for America — and, so far, Harry and Meghan are outgunning William and Kate at every turn
    A new British battle for America is raging, in its own way every bit as bitter as America’s revolutionary war for independence from Britain almost 250 years ago.

    This time the Redcoats take the form of William and Kate (Prince and Princess of Wales), on a mission to restore and enhance the reputation of the British Royal Family in the United States.
    The Revolutionaries are Harry and Meghan (Duke and Duchess of Sussex), determined to send the enemy packing and claim America as theirs alone when it comes to all matters related to British royalty.
    As I file this despatch from one of the frontlines of the conflict (New York) I have to report that the Redcoats are losing the early skirmishes.
    No sooner had William and Kate arrived in Boston this week on a three-day goodwill visit to big up their green credentials — replete with the sort of virtue-signalling the U.S. elite and media love (they’d even flown on a scheduled British Airways flight, the poor dears) — than they were hit by a double-whammy of enemy missiles.
    Read more on MailOnline here;

  86. Tes Abby

    Jesus said were facing a great tribulation, worse than recession, or depression.
    Take courage! Even in the best of times, the kings of death and sin have ruled, yet thee of little faith, can endure to the end. knowing.
    Preserving Alive of the Soul
    “Now we are not the sort that shrink back to destruction, but the sort that have faith to the preserving alive of the soul.”​—Heb. 10:39.

  87. Valerie P

    Isaiah 4:1 In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!”

    USAWD should get Clif High and/or some real world Bible guy to talk about how in the near future there will be polygamy due to the vax genocide. One man will have to take on several women of different ages, young to old. And/or one woman and several men. The prophet Isaiah says get ready!

    This is a growed-up man topic that probalby will cause the evangelical-ingénue Greg to wilt, but it needs to be discussed. Otherwise civilization will have less of a survival chance all because Greg is a goody-two-shoes who has never so much as gazed at the fountains at his local Olive Garden restaurant.

  88. WatchdogFan:)

    omg plz plz plz
    I wanna hear from the auto insurances guys. Like the funeral directors and Edward Dowd.
    Those are good indicators.

  89. Abby Tabby

    Early disciples of Christ actually saw the resurrected Jesus, some of them even eating, drinking and holding conversations with him. (Matt. 28:5-10, 16-20; Acts 10:40, 41; 1 Cor. 15:3-8) Christians today believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ because it is a matter of record in the inspired Word of God. Furthermore, they discern from the fulfillment of Bible prophecies in current events that Jesus Christ lives and is now ruling in the heavenly kingdom of God.​—2 Tim. 3:16, 17; Matthew chapters 24, 25.

  90. LondonCenter

    Kari Lake Speech | Karie Lake Challenges Results Of Midterm Election 2022 | US News | News18 Live
    310K views Streamed 1 day ago

  91. Eggbert Egelston

    This is UNBELIEVABLE and shows The Great Reset in action right now | Redacted with Clayton Morris
    233K views Streamed 1 day ago
    The U.S. is pushing closer to a trillion-dollar war budget as Zelensky asks for more money. Elon Musk reveals that Twitter was actively interfering in elections. The U.S. is pushing harder for an invasion of Haiti.
    STARTS ON 30:00 MARK

    Tucker: It’s hard to believe this is real
    Fox News

    Wait! THIS is what they’re doing with our money in Ukraine? | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    John Mearsheimer: The West is playing Russian roulette
    UnHerd 173K views 3 days ago


  92. wayne

    Please comment on the upcoming supreme court Jan 6 2023 conference on the Loy Arlan Brunson complaint against Joe Bide, Kamala Harris, Mike Pence and over three hundred Democrat and Republican traitors???

  93. Cher Darlington

    Autopsy sheds new light on death of pilot who exited plane without parachute
    Story by Josh Marcus • The Independent Yesterday 7:03 PM

  94. Liam Bartmess

    Peru EXPLODES in protest over trucker and farmer regulations Redacted with Clayton Morris / 25K views 2 hours ago
    Peru is in upheaval over rising gas prices, inflation and cost of living. The government is placing mandates on farmers and truckers at a time when life is already hard for them. Why are globalist’s doing this to working people?
    Are the globalista’s determined to fulfill Bible prophecy?
    What the heck is going on?
    Must we live in the TwilightZone, WTF⁉
    First seven of 742 Comments
    @grapentine739 1 hour ago
    Man if all truckers, farmers, and railroad workers could just unite at once.
    @crazytruth.3460 2 hours ago
    If people only knew that all governments are in this together!
    @vickieellenburg3496 2 hours ago
    Protests such as this are what it’s going to take to show the corrupt governing bodies around the world that it is WE THE PEOPLE that have the power!!!
    @markdawes9640 1 hour ago
    This show is the most fair even handed news outlet I have come across in my 60 years. Love you guys. Let’s go rumble
    @diegosv6372 2 hours ago
    This goes beyond truck drivers. This government it’s a disgrace, people have had enough.
    @wantan942 1 hour ago (edited)
    As a Peruvian, I find that the only solution for Peru to be free of corruption is a country-wide January 6th/ Canadian Trucker Protest situation in all of Peru. It unfortunately has gotten to that point. Pray for my people.
    @infernoking7504 2 hours ago
    None of this is okay we all need to band together as a society no matter what side of politics you’re on and agree they are trying to destroy our way of life and make us suffer to the max.

  95. Bartmess

    Modern Food Shortage​—Does It Fulfill Bible Prophecy?
    BIBLE writing was completed almost 1,900 years ago. Could the Bible therefore possibly tell about modern famines? Could it foresee the high prices that you pay at the market as a result of limited food supplies?
    ‘No​—that is impossible!’ respond some persons.
    But it is wise to examine the evidence closely before answering. If the Bible correctly predicted this modern food situation, then could we expect other things it foretells also to come true?
    This factoid, makes the matter worthy of our attention.

  96. Liam

    First of all, just what does the Bible foretell about food shortages? Jesus Christ, before his death, was asked: “What will be the sign of your presence and of the conclusion of the system of things?” In answer, among other things, Jesus said: “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another.”​—Matt. 24:3, 7; Luke 21:11.
    That prophecy came true on a small scale between the year 33 C.E. (when Jesus spoke it) and the year 70 C.E., when the city of Jerusalem was destroyed. During that thirty-seven-year period, Biblical and ancient history tells us, famines struck Palestine, Rome and Greece.​—Acts 11:28-30.
    But Jesus’ words were to have a larger, greater fulfillment when he arrived in kingly power. (Matt. 25:31) The facts show that mankind has witnessed fulfillment of that prophecy since the start of the first world war!
    But haven’t there been food shortages many times prior to before WWI? Yes. Then in what way are these, since the great war of WWI, any different from those in the past? There is one really outstanding difference.
    Jesus’ prophecy, when taken with Revelation 6:1-8, is predicting worldwide food shortage. Biblical scholar A. B. Bruce explained Jesus’ words that “there will be food shortages . . . in one place after another” literally to mean that there would be shortages “here, there, everywhere.” Who will deny that food shortages have indeed taken place “here, there, everywhere” since WWI and WWII?
    Just consider the recent international food picture taking place now, right before our very eye’s!
    Recent report’s say that in the nation of Ethiopia alone between 50,000 and 100,000 persons, mostly women and children, will die between April and August of 2023, because of the west’s foolishness, in the worldwide market place. Some reports show even higher death tolls; 1,000 persons per week are starting to die of starvation. Farther west, below the Sahara Desert, millions of persons are in danger of starvation. Because of, in what has been called ‘the west’s worst, economic folly in all recorded history.’
    Meanwhile, Asia suffers too! Starting from a sweeping rice shortage. The Asian rice stock per person, according to some estimates, is the lowest in thirty years and prices have skyrocketed 200 to 300 percent. Look at China.
    But many persons, perhaps including you, do not now live in the real world, of obvious famine conditions. You may still have access to an abundance of food, relatively speaking. Nevertheless, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says worse conditions are ahead for the whole world. Biologist Paul Ehrlich believed that actual worldwide famine was approaching too. When? Back in 1970 he stated: “I think an estimate of 1975 is still as good as we can make, but it could be anywhere from 1972 to 1985, depending primarily on luck. I think the actual date is a quibble.”
    The evidence of worldwide shortage, being the end of the line in 75. Is now evident in most “developed” countries now. Haven’t food prices taken a sharp upward rise in recent months in the U.S., western Europe and elsewhere? Why? The food supply even now is limited and the supply chain disrupted. So the greater demand causes prices to go up.
    In these countries more persons on fixed incomes are now forced to live with less food. Farmers in some areas areas are keeping round-the-clock vigils, protecting fields from thefts. Which now occur even in daylight. Because of the high cost of meat, cattle rustling and animal poaching have become increasingly common.
    Modern food shortage is real; its effects are being felt virtually everywhere. But who is responsible for the shortage? Is it just the de-populationist globalist, war-mongers?
    The proverbial $64,000 dollar question!

  97. john lance

    Dr. Andrew Huff has just come out with a book . ” The Truth about Wuhan ” He was there at the lab “. He says Wuhan is funded by the US Government and the covid virus was manufactured at the Wuhan lab . But, because of poor safety measures the virus escaped. Says the US government is and was aware of the accident. I just read it on the SUN web site.

  98. Self Exiled

    America no longer has a functioning government, what is functioning is a corporate conglomerative harvesting the planet. We have become the world’s worst advisory. Our government is now a third world banana republic [with nukes] supporting the destruction of human life by an inoculation marketing plan, climate change [weather modification/warfare], and monetary destructive controls for absolute human control. We are incrassating innocent citizens that do not support the publicized narrative. Greg has been faithfully reporting these events.

    “Woe to the shepherds (civil leaders, rulers) who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!” says the LORD. Therefore, thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, in regard to the shepherds who care for and feed My people: “You have scattered My flock and driven them away, and have not attended to them; hear this, I am about to visit and attend to you for the evil of your deeds,” says the LORD. Jeremiah 23:1-2

  99. Tin foil hat

    I’d love see you interview Lara Logan; I know you could do a much better job than Ed Henry.


  100. Kevin24

    My mom and dad got vaxxed (2 jabs) in the early months when it came out. Mom has been foggy since and passed out this summer while walking and got a concussion. She passed out again in Oct, now we have bleeding on the brain. Doctors wanted to drain any pressure however they discovered clotting on the lungs and could not do it. We are waiting for her to leave us anytime. She is 88 but it makes you wonder if the vax helped the issues.
    I have lost 4 friends 55 – 65 so far and they appeared fine prior to the vax.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting Kevin! So sorry about your dear mother!


  101. Edward Ulysses Cate

    If the truth will set you free, then you must figure out what lies enslaves you.

  102. 34424234

    Shedding Concerns: “It Looks Like the mRNA is Transferring from the Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated”

    What are the risks to the unvaccinated?” asked the founder of Action4Canada, Tanya Gaw, in an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough.

    “There was a recent paper,” replied McCullough. “I just have it on my Substack if you want to review it — you go to the Courageous Discourse substack. And the first author is Helene Banoun, a former Inserm scientist. Inserm is a leading research unit in France. And Banoun has summarized this. This is disturbing. It looks like the messenger RNA is transferring from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated now.”


    • Greg Hunter

      This is why you have to take Ivermectin every week.

  103. dr vans

    Hitler has literally replaced Satan in modern mythology, and Kanye is breaking the conditioning.

    Has USAWD ever hosted a black man or black woman? But Jonathan Cahn is on every other month.

    Evangelical celebrities have crafted a peculiar teaching to negate the new covenant of Jesus Christ and replace it with more of the same of the old law. They completely ignore the epistles of St. Paul which rebukes this heresy which makes the Cross in vain.

    It’s nonsense like this from Pastor Hagee that keeps the US thieving and abusing Syria & etc.

  104. Marie Joy

    To attack America, from the outside, an EMP makes the most sense. After Americans starve and freeze to death they can walk in with little resistance and take over.

    • Greg Hunter

      We have guns. It’s not like the UK.

  105. Sheila

    Hi Greg – my ears may have been playing tricks on me, but I thought I heard you refer to car accidents by the vaxxed “vaccidents.” That’s a very clever and accurate new term.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Clif High was the first one I heard say this term. He gets the credit.

  106. Brian Dougan

    Ae you ready for this astoundingly big pile of steaming cow pie? PubMed/NIH: Anti-vaxers cause stress in the vaxed. The stress results in/causes the adverse reactions we are seeing. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36381188/ These people have no conscience; no shame.

    • Greg Hunter

      They know what is coming and are trying to cover their butts. It’s NOT going to work. Death and injuries in the millions caused by the evil vax! Thanks for posting this.

      • Richard North

        Sorry Greg Supreme court’s case is about the congress not doing there job. If Supreme Court rules in favor, 388 congress and senitors, Pence Biden and Harris will be removed from office. Also the 100’000 solders that have died are in the last 10 months,
        Sense the special military operation began The Dunbass has been shelled for the last 8 year’s, part of the reason Putin started the SMA.

        • Greg Hunter

          Where have you been? I have talked in detail about all of these things. I am not “sorry” for anything.

  107. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Good report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Fredrick!!

  108. 007 Todd

    Let’s try this again? I wrote a post earlier went through the process and poof gone? These criminals are still pushing jabs? It is amazing to me that anyone would even consider taking a experimental mrna gene sequencing death shot! Demonic and sad. I pray the culprits are given a fair trial , followed by a first rate hanging!

  109. Frank

    Greg, What has happened to your website?
    I can’t see your videos starting with 12-9-2022 and can’t even hear your speech commentary that comes with the video!
    What has changed?
    Please advise. I have watched your weekly roundups for a long time and want to continue.
    What can I do to be able to see your weekly videos and hear your commentary.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

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