Trump’s Busy First Week, Voter Fraud is Real, Updates on War and Economy

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 269 1.27.17)

Donald Trump had a very busy first week in office. He started work on the day he was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.  First thing he did was sign an Executive Order to take away some tax burdens for people who have to pay a penalty for not having health insurance.  He also pushed ahead on the long stalled XL Pipeline, clamped down on immigration and took the first steps to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.  Trump also made the claim that “three to five million” illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election, and that cost him the popular vote.  The mainstream media (MSM) basically called him a sore winner and a liar and said there was no evidence of voter or election fraud.  So, Trump ordered an investigation to get evidence of widespread fraud.

How could anyone think there was voter fraud?  Well, the leader of the Democrat Party, President Obama, encouraged the 11 million illegal aliens in the U.S. to vote in the 2016 election.  He told them, “When you vote, you are a citizen yourself.”  Which is not true, and it is totally illegal for noncitizens to vote.  There are plenty of studies that claim millions of illegal aliens vote in every election and that those votes can swing a close contest in favor of Democrats, as it did in 2008.  My bet is the investigation that President Trump is ordering will uncover “three to five million votes” that were illegally cast.  Trump intends to curtail illegal immigration and illegal voting at the same time.

More fake news was pumped out by the MSM on the MLK bust being removed from the Oval Office and replaced with a bust of Winston Churchill. It was totally untrue, and I think the fake story was meant to make the Trump Administration look like racists.  The MLK bust is still in the Oval Office and never left.

Some real news that is under reported this week came from former U.S.S.R leader Mikhail Gorbachev. He is quoted in Time Magazine saying, “It all look as if the world is preparing for war.”  Hope he’s wrong, but he was the leader of a super power that is nuclear armed.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(There is much more in the video newscast.)

After the Wrap-Up:


I meant to say the 10-year Treasury was at 2.5% mot 5%.  I Totally got that backwards.

After the Wrap-Up:

Economist John Williams, founder of, will join us for the “Early Sunday Release.”

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  1. Rich M

    I totally agree that voter fraud is rampant. You can see the fear in the liberal media’s eye’s and voices when they try to claim otherwise. As I watched the election back in November I saw Donald Trump’s lead in Virginia suddenly slip away and thought something was fishy….. perhaps it was or not but then I expected to see the same thing happen in WI, MI, Penn but he prevailed. I was so happy when he won but immediately turned to my wife and said “wow, they didn’t cheat good enough this time to steal it for Hillary”. To me, that makes Trump’s victory so much sweeter. A totally sweet victory.

    • Chip

      Could not agree more Rich. You compare the turnout for Trump rallies versus that of Clinton and you can’t tell me the real popular vote was a close as it turned out. MASSIVE fraud in the voting especially in liberal districts IMO… Chip

      Greg, GREAT WNW! My wife Tammy and I watched together this morning and she commented at the end, “I wish he was on every day”. I agree… Chip

      • Jeffrey

        Rich , Trump had the national eye on voter fraud ; whereas they could not get away with enough cheating ! We (U.S.) will be on top of every upcoming election from here on out ! God Bless Our New Nation for a fresh start , AMEN ! ! !

    • Tin foil hat

      Rich M,
      The funniest thing is that the lame stream media initially dared Trump to investigate his “delusional” claim of voter fraud. That bravado lasted maybe 12 hours.
      They still haven’t realized that they can’t handle Trump like an ordinary republican and they are running around like a bunch of headless chickens.

      • Rich M

        I totally agree. it is almost comedic to see them in such panic mode except that I am so pissed off about it. Certainly more comedic than SNL is any more though.

        Just now, on Lou Dobbs, I heard him say that they have already found that OVER 800,000 illegals voted for Hillary. This is non-conclusive so far but only 30 hours after the investigation into voter fraud even started. I can only imagine the millions they will find… including dead people voting, voting more than once, voting in multiple states, more illegals voting, but I think the real kicker will be the blatant stuffing of ballots in certain states. If I recall, I remember in 2012 one district in I think Penn, where Mitt Romney got ZERO votes. I know that that was a mathematical impossibility to happen.

        I think it is so awesome that they blatantly cheated this time and are now kicking themselves for “not cheating well enough”.

      • ccwaters

        This country is divided. On the one side the people that honor America. People who don’t like big government over reach. people with a desire to go about their business not demanding that government solve invisible problems. These are the live and let live people. They are proud. They are resourceful. They mind their own business and expect others to do the same. They believe the less government the better. These people are the Americans.

        Then there are the liberals. They want to micro manage every aspect of life: human, animal, plant, and they even want to manage the weather. The government is their god. They expect the government to see to all injustice, to the needs of many and the lives of all from birth to death. The liberals intend to make their dream come true by changing every aspect of government. They have spent the last two decades weaving their way into government positions of power. This has been done by stealth while Americans went about their lives making their lives without the domination of government.

        But now we are at the crossroads where. the liberals are confident that they have reached majority. By slipping in tens of thousands from other countries to help carry their message. They have infiltrated the public schools and colleges with liberal teachers. They have infiltrated all media with their world views too.

        Now comes the backlash from Americans. They love their country and rue the direction toward a communist state the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini or Mao.

        Americans are getting pissed off about this movement. That’s a dangerous thing.

        The liberals are not American. They hate America and want to turn this landmass into a George Orwell theme park.

        The election told these people that Americans won’t stand for it. The Patriots are speaking. Most recently, Tom Selleck.

        Welcome to the fray, Sir. Americans love you.

        • Colateral Damage


          Thank you for your analysis of the situation, it was very good. I would like to add to it a couple of observations. Remember President Trump’s quote from his Inauguration Address, “For too long a small group in our nations government has reaped the rewards of government, while the people have borne the cost.”

          This was not a swipe against the Liberals. This was a direct punch in the gut for all of the people, on both sides of the isle, who were sitting around him on that podium. Never forget that both the Democratic and the Republican lifetime politicians, both hate Trump equally and will be continually aching over these next 4 (-8) years to watch his political downfall, or I am sad to say, his assassination. It seems obvious that the 6 standing news organizations that have owned the story line in this country (buy buying up all of the distinct news organizations when Bill Clinton deregulated the media, THANK YOU BILL CLINTON – NOT!). I digress, it is obvious that the 6 standing MSM news organizations absolutely despise Trump. And because they literally carve the minds and the opinions of SO MANY PEOPLE in this country (who are not willing to think for themselves and have found it impossible to break out of the Matrix of thought shaping that the MSM creates). Never forget that the MSM is the propaganda arm of the government elite, appearing to primarily fall on the liberal side, yes, but nevertheless the MSM supports the agenda that the ENTIRE power structure in Washington supports, which can be traced back to the big money donors that contribute equally to both sides of the aisle. Remember the quote near the beginning of Trump’s speech:”For too long a small group in our nations government has reaped the rewards of government, while the people have borne the cost.” Remember that this comment was talking about the fact that both Democrat AND REPUBLICAN power structure have ‘reaped the rewards’ not the Democrat alone.

          I have long believed that the essence of the Democrat and the Republican divide in this country has been a fiction perpetrated by the real powers that run our government to give all of us trogs something to fight over so that our potentially combined power will be diluted and ineffective against the collective THEM. If you really think about the infuriation of ‘The Tea Party’ and ‘Occupy Wall Street’ they really were power from the people who were infuriated and pushing against the very same thing – That being, “For too long a small group… .” I would add to this, “a small group in our nation’s capital, AND THEIR WALL STREET FRIENDS AND RELATIVES”. The MSM divided the effectiveness of their collective outrage by branding the Tea Party – bible thumping, gun toting racists, and ‘Occupy’ – free love on the court house lawn hippies that are young, stupid and have never worked a day in their life.

          Leist we forget people, it is Trump, and the true working people of this country against the entire political power structure in Washington, and indeed the world. The key will be in whether he can find enough allies inside that beltway who are true patriots, who are willing to join his battle to do triage for the good of the people when this economy collapses, instead of doing triage solely for the good of the powerful elite.

          Colateral Damage

          • Collateral Damage

            And another thing that drives me crazy is that the Pope is aggressively in the pocket of the global elite. Three lines of evidence:

            Abortion –
            Marches and speeches this week, Trump and Pence are decidedly against abortion and yet, the Pope ACTIVELY lobbies against Trump. This makes my head spin. For my entire life (and hundreds of years before that) the Catholic Church has been against abortion. Why the 180-shift on this issue supporting Hillary against Trump?

            The Wall –
            The Pope rails against a wall on the southern border of this country, yet the Vatican is totally surrounded by it’s own very effective wall. Why such an obvious double standard?


            Remember Bill Clinton passed NAFTA. NAFTA allowed US farm corporations to dump produce in Mexico so that Mexican family farmers couldn’t compete. This forces them to travel seasonally to the US for (close to slave labor standards) work on the very Corporate American Farms that put them out of business!

            Why is the church not combating the root cause of the hardship for the Mexican farmers? Instead the Pope rails against the concept of ‘the wall’.

            And finally…

            Church Support of the Existing World Power Structure –

            “System Dynamics” is an Engineering discipline which studies the dynamics between component parts within a system to find flaws and gain efficiencies to make the system better.

            Apply the discipline of System Dynamics to the World Financial System. The world has experienced an extreme outflow of wealth gain to the super wealthy over the past 20 years, (which has been accelerating in the last 10 years).

            Remember Occupy Wall Street’s 1%ers and the Tea Parties complaints? It is strikingly obvious that the system is unfair, unethical, unstable and unsustainable. (love those Latin prefixes! Get it? Latin… Roman Catholic… whatever!)

            It is so very clear, that the Global Financial system cannot continue to function in it’s current form. It will either:

            1) Be modified, to make the system more fair, and more stable, or (hopefully through peaceful change), or,
            2) Increasingly become more dictatorial so that losers in the system are just ‘forced to take it’.

            I believe that Trump is clearly in the camp of wanting to create a better system in as peaceful a transition as possible.

            It makes me very sad that the power structure of the church seems to be clearly on the other side.

            Collateral Damage

        • Faith

          CCW: Spot on analysis!

        • RichM

          I have seen the liberals infiltrating every aspect and to tell you the truth, almost gave up hope….. that is until we somehow managed to get Trump elected. Now in his first 9 days I am seeing a possible demise of the liberal “majority”…. They remain the most caustic and verbal but so far, I am seeing Trump trying to fulfill his campaign promises and I noticed that some of the Dems base is starting to see the light… the unions, the inner city, people realizing the MSM are absurd liars. I am hoping Trump can pull off and get this country on the right track and the economy booming but I see a possible icing on the cake…. where he does so well that the Dems lose a big part of their base in those union, inner city, and folks who’s eyes are opened up to what the MSM really is.

          • RichM

            When I say liberals, i also mean many republicans as well. RINO’s if you will. JFK was far more a patriot and conservative than most Republicans today… including the Bush’s. then there is the war mongering faction of the GOP (McCain, Graham, Rubio). This is just as much of a globalist agenda as anything.

            • Frederick

              The Bushes you mean the one who was president during the worst treasonous false flag attack in history That Bush?

    • MSimon

      Why aren’t more people pointing to the Detroit recount?

      That alone is proof of at least some voter fraud.

    • Galaxy 500

      Rich, Spot on. How bad a candidate do you have to be to lose a “rigged” election? I am sure they thought that the same levels of cheating that got Barry elected would get Hildabeast in the White House. But the Demoncrats did not, and still do not, understand the outrage they have kindled in the heartland of America.

  2. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Love these weekly news cartoons 😂

    • Diane

      Hey MSM….would you like to get back some of your credibility before you are official declared dead?
      Every major Newspaper put up Greg Hunter’s Friday weekly news wrap up cartoon and column!
      I think your readers would appreciate some truth and common sense.

  3. Rick Geisler

    If the Banksters finally use war to cover up their tracks and it escalates into a nuclear exchange then at least the environmental wackos can point to the mushroom clouds and say see told you so “global warming.” I give up!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Rick Geisler,
      If the Banksters wanted war to cover up their tracks, they would have to get rid of Trump first. The Russians love Trump, he has been on the front page of their papers and the contents are the exact opposite of ours.

      • Rick Geisler

        Tin Foil Hat
        I was trying to be humorous. I guess it didn’t come across in print.

      • MSimon

        The Banksters have been using war to cover their tracks for a very long time. Note Jekyll Island 1913. Harrison Narcotics Act 1914.

        Without all the money laundering they do, banks would go broke.

        I have more on that here:

        The Trillion Dollar A Year Scam

        Especially look into Catherine Austin Fitts’ (HUD undersecretary under Bush 1 ) work on Narco Dollars.

  4. Fred Zayas

    Love your show, but… The 10-year treasuries are yielding ~2.6% and not ~5.2%! And Barak Obama did not say illegal immigrants should vote… he said that Latino voters should vote, and he was clear in the interview to differentiate between illegals and citizens.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct. I made a mistake. I cant believe I did that. I meant to say 10-Year treasury at 2.5% NOT 5%. so sorry.

      • Dan S.

        Musta been Orwellian double think

      • Concerned american dad

        Greg, the headline you held up said “immigration” NOT “illegal immigration. That’s the problem eith the dimwits propagating this false narrative- the propaganda is so relentless that the locol news nitwit here in philly read a story about Trump’s assault in voter fraud- but stated it as “after his FALSE claims oof voter fraud”. These people have no shame and will tead anything shoved in front if them.

      • Darren

        Yes, you did get your numbers backwards, it happens. But were correct about Obama encouraging illegals to vote. The interviewer was clearly speaking about illegals being ” Citizens because they contribute to the country ” Obama assured them that there was no connection between Voting an Immigration Officials.

        • Greg Hunter

          I cut and pasted the 10-Year number and when I did it was 2.516%. It came out as 516% and I added the decimal point without thinking. That won’t happen again–my bad. Thank you for the backstop and comment.

          • Da Yooper


            Forget it no one’s perfect.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Da Yooper.

      • macray

        I am not sure if you have already recorded your upcoming interview with JW or not. If not,
        It would be interesting to hear his 10-year treasury interest forecast for 2017, if he has one.
        You have had other guests on recently that have predicted/suggested the 10-year interest rate could go ballistic very quickly and very soon, even as high as 8 to 10 percent by the end of March I believe.
        Jim Sinclair stated about a month ago that should the 10-year interest rate hit 3%, it could set off the a derivative nuclear reaction.
        In my opinion, assuming Jim Sinclair is accurate, then the Banks will do what is needed to not allow the interest rate derivatives to explode.
        I am not alone….. The Great Rotation Ends: Largest US Equity Outflows In 4 Months; Biggest Treasury Inflows Since July

      • josh

        greg, i can see how you made that mistake. fox intentionally edited the clip out of context and shame on infowars for repeating it. here is the clip in it’s entirety. be sure to watch it from 3:22 – 4:10.

    • David Oliver

      And the the legal ones did vote. The majority to Trump. Technically Obama did not directly encourage illegals to vote but the phrasing of the question included ‘undocumented citizens’, which is an oxymoron. So before answering her, the POTUS should have pointed out that technically you cannot be a citizen if you are undocumented. Of course these things are scripted and intentionally worded in such a way that he can encourage undocumented persons to vote without actually saying it. Very clever.

    • mikemm
      Do your research :

      • JC Davis

        Good one Mikemm. Obama basically said to be a citizen you should get a voting card, and vote. Then your a citizen. That is what I took from his own words.

    • Galaxy 500

      It wasnt clear to anyone but you. I sure dod not see ot thst way

  5. eddiemd

    Two weeks ago there was a car rollover accident followed by a shoot-out along the I-10 freeway west of Phoenix. A Mexican former federal police officer in the USA illegally was involved in the rollover. A Department of Arizona public safety (DPS) officer responded, was ambushed, and was seriously wounded by the Mexican illegal alien. A good samaritan man with a weapon (pistol) happened unto the scene where the Mexican was savagely beating the wounded officer. The good samaritan shot the intruder dead saving the police officer’s life. Thank GOD for the Second Amendment.

    In a subsequent press conference given by the chief of the DPS, he described the dead Mexican as being “out of status”. This is the apparent new terminology being used by police officials here in Arizona. This was the first ime I had heard this term used to replace “undocumented alien” otherwise known as “illegal alien”.

    Description of suspects starts at 12:25. Also interesting is the fact that he was a former federal police officer in Mexico in the USA dealing drugs. I would probably say that this person had connections to drug cartels and maybe even deeper connections, i.e. Fast & Furious, terrorism/terrorists, etc. Maybe the DPS can probe the connections.

    • Frederick

      Thank goodness the patriot saved the guys life I’ve been threatened by some pretty nasty characters in NY and the police at least in the past weren’t too eager to do anything Once I had a cop tell me he agreed with me but the courts were in the illegals camp That was in 2010 Hopefully that will change under Trump

    • Linda L.

      Have also heard illegals recently referred to as “guests” here in AZ.

    • MSimon

      It is US policy to support the Drug Cartels.

      “Whose interests are served by the drug war? The U.S. government enforces a drug cartel. The major beneficiaries from drug prohibition are the drug lords, who can maintain a cartel that they would be unable to maintain without current government policy.” – – Milton Friedman

      The harder the cartels are fought the bigger their profits. So if a politician announces he is going to “fight drugs” (to the acclaim of the rubes) he is actually working for the cartels.

      Republicans – normally quite clear headed about the intersection of politics and economics – are rendered incapable of thinking by the mere mention of drugs. Proof I guess that drugs do make people stupid.

      Expect that the wall will increase cartel profits after a short period of inconvenience.

  6. Curt

    [Greg you don’t need to post the first part of this comment but I watched the news wrap and noticed your print of the 10 year treasury you had 5.16% in bold below the chart(time mark is 27:10 of video) that shows the rate to be 2.56% or there a bouts.] By the way this wrap up is extremely excellent and I could not stop watching it once I started as there is and was so much voter fraud as you documented so well, thank you, you do a tremendous job and I think your wrap is hands down the Best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes In know I got that wrong. So sorry. I put a correction on the site. It should have been 2.5% not 5%. Don’t know how I missed that one, but I did.

    • eagle-eye

      Yes, now go and censor the Washington post.

  7. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Great as always Greg.
    Twisted (yellow) reporting reminds me of the Anglican bishop who upon arriving at New York airport was asked: ‘Bishop do you intend visiting any nightclubs while you’re in the city’? Seeking to be convivial the bishop askes: ‘Are there any nightclubs in New York’?
    Inevitably the distorted headlines the following day claimed: ‘
    Bishop’s first question: Are there any nightclubs in New York’?

  8. DLC

    Eddiemd and all: AZ voters also kicked Joe Arpaio to the curb and the new sheriff calls illegals “guests.”

    Then, the voters retained John McCain who has been dirty since his dealings with Charlie Keating. McCain is most unhappy about the wall. I expect the voters to keep Jeff Flake in power who is a younger, more vicious version of McCain. Both McCain and Flake are big-time supporters of “dreamers” and invaders in general.

    It will take a wall to counter our treasonous AZ politicians and the influx of boll weevil lib voters from California, Chicago, New Orleans (Katrina vintage), etc. Janet Napolitano of Obama’s DHS, a NY carpetbagger/10 bagger, ripped the border door off its hinges when she was governor of AZ and it’s been downhill ever since.

    • lastmanstanding

      Want to know why globalist pos senators and reps are elected time after time? Just look into who finances their re-election bids.

      McCain…Merrill Lynch, JPM, BofA, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, GE, Fed Ex, USB AG, Credit Suisse (are they even US?) American Airlines, Blackstone Group! wtf!, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Wachovia and finally my 2 favs…The US Govt. and the US Army.

      This is wtf you cannot get rid of these bastards…hope I don’t have to explain it to those of you that can’t understand why we need term limits.

      Oh, just vote them out! Not that easy. Running and winning have always taken huge amounts of money. When your backed by those that OWN the show and you do what is in their best interests, it is damn near impossible to challenge them…let alone beat them.

      Why do I waste my breath…

    • Tim

      Take heart; Napolitano’s in Calee-fohniah now, destroying what was left of their university system. I agree, McCain’s a traitor’s traitor par excellance.

  9. J Marty

    Hi Greg, excellent wnw. Could you interview Andreas Antonopoulos? He is an expert on Bitcoin and I think it is a topic you should cover.

  10. DLC

    You cannot have workable, functional health care for a nation of invaders and hypochondriacs. For 35 years I had a front row seat to observing who gets what. If you are an average working Joe without a drug habit or 2, you are pretty much the patsy for everyone else’s habits.

    Never-ending treatment for the drug and alcohol soused is very pricey. Someone has to pay that tab. Any guesses who? Also, my guestimate is 30 mil invaders are in this country. They all get the deluxe plan. They just show up in the ER and let the working schmuck figure out how to pay that freight while carrying their own insane premiums, deductibles, and restrictions.

    It is the one point I agreed with in Howard Kuntsler’s diatribe in Zero Hedge. Quit trying to save health care. Blow it up. The mob could not have created a more bloated and corrupt system. I remember a remark by Roy Masters about our system of medical treatment: “Live longer to live wronger.” There is nothing built into the whole process that induces a patient to take any responsibility for their life choices, nothing to curb the invaders’ insatiable demands.

    A remodel on the current system will not remedy this. The corrupt rat politicians will only erode and pad for future votes. The AMA/insurance cartel will continue to lobby. There needs to be an uncoupling.

    There will be cuts in SS and Medicare. They are not sustainable. How many millions of invaders can we continue to pay for? If you never work and never know a sober moment, the last thing you need to sweat is the costs involved. We are a nation of enablers afraid of the words racist or cold-hearted. Will the words destitution, starvation and rioting have a more poetic ring when the gravy boat pours empty for all of us?

    • Charles H

      January 1, 2017 – President Nieto let the Mexican Petroleum Industry swing in the wind, and gained a 20% increase overnight. He claims the government will no longer ‘subsidize’ gasoline: but America produces gasoline at $2.50 a gallon, and Mexico can’t make any money at $4.00 a gallon. It is the corruption of government, unions, and theft all along the pipelines; with crumbling infrastructure. The reaction to this increase was days of rioting and looting – which I’m sure didn’t make any of the papers or nightly news. Did gasoline prices HURT these people, who looted stores? NO. It is a Perceived Offense, which does have it’s impact in reality of higher prices across the board, that strikes the match. Half the country lives in poverty: and this increased the burden. BUT RIOTING and LOOTING?!??
      I fear this will be the general reaction of Illegals in the United States – if their ‘freebies’ go away.

      By the Way, DLC – I read your comment to my wife. We are both amazed at the quality of your concise and lucid observations..

    • lastmanstanding

      Here’s a true healthcare story DLC for you all here.

      We always had a catastrophic healthcare plan. Forever. $10K deductible for wife and I, less than $300 month. Always paid early, without fail, for decades. In all that time, we never filed one claim…ever. Never had one penny returned our way…ever. We live a healthy lifestyle and what minimal care we needed we paid for.

      About 5 years ago in a 6 month period, it jumped to $550, to $750, to $1,550 a month.
      For a $12K deductible. Nothing else. Wife in HC, knows hc insurance better than they do. It was the best deal she could find. Why? “Because we make a living” is what she was told by the lady at ACA who was looking at our information.

      Yes…that was their answer to my lovely, salt of the earth wife who has helped 100’s of people get their lives back. This my friends, came from those wonderful people at ACA who have an awesome healthcare plan at our expense. (Just like our elected officials WHO EXEMPTED THEMSELVES from it) Sounds pretty judgmental coming from someone who is “our employee”.

      So we went without. Fast forward to today. I needed some bodywork. Got it done. Total bill, about $38K…discounts for quick pay. That is hard money folks. But let’s back up a minute…If we had “insurance” from the month it jumped to $1550 let’s do some quick math. 54 months @ $1550 per. $83,700.00 hard money paid in premiums. So they (the insurance company) would have had all that money. Our money, the sweat of our backs…up front and we still would have had to pay the $12k deductible.

      For giggles…here is our best estimate based on what we know about insurance paying out on any claim in general. The bill for my “bodywork” $38 k. We got some deduct for paying when services rendered. So, if we had insurance and the bill was $38k, we would have had to pay the first $12k of that, lowering the balance to $26k. Based on what we know about “insurance”, of that $26k, insurance would have most likely only paid at most, about 60% of that 26k. Their share, $15,600.00 and the hospital, providers would have had to ‘write’ the other $10,400 off as a loss and been happy to get that in a timely manner.

      Sorry about all the numbers folks, but I guess at this point, I should thank our judgmental employee at ACA for saving us money…if we had just paid in we would have had a total of $95.7k invested in my ‘bodywork’ that only cost us $32k.

      Here is a mini-breakdown of the “bodywork”. Implant $12.7k., Surgical suite for a 25 min. fix. $7.8k (Surgeon was amazing! his cut $3k) Anesthesia and the ologist $1.3k, room 1 night $1.6k, misc. drugs…like 12 pills, $1.6k, (a months supply every 4 hrs. was $36.00 at the pharmacy!) Sterile supplies $2.5k (rubber gloves, sterile wipes, wtf!!!)
      Total time in hospital…less than 30 hrs.

      The care I got from the doc’s, nurse’s, staff was AAAAA+++++, I can assure you that if you ever end up in Community Hospital in Missoula, Montana rest assured that you are in the finest hands that God placed on this earth.

      There is enough info here for those of you who care to find out what “insurance” would have paid for this surgery. I realize that our premium could have covered other medical issues during that time…but it didn’t. When we decided to go without, we discussed what might happen. Long/short of that discussion…major illnesses, diseases, etc. We will deal with them at home with loved ones, holistic, naturopathic, herbalist, etc. No Medical Industrial Complex. No one lives forever. Keep your money from these institutions folks and make good choices for you, your family and your community.

      Humanity in the USA is spoiled right now and that is all I have to say right now.

    • c romana

      Politics are determined by affluent people. It makes them look good when they talk about generosity and giving to immigrants. They don’t lose anything, it’s on the backs of the working population who are earning less every day.Comparisons with previous eras is a mistake…there just isn’t the same growth as in the 1900’s. So the argument that America was always open to immigrants needs to be qualified by details: how many, growth rate, unemployment rate….most people don’t think that far.

  11. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great wrap-up to a great first week for President Trump — more please. Just tell me that due to illegal votes, Jerry Brown is not the real governor of California

    • JC Davis

      Russ you make a good point. The next elections will be interesting to watch if Trump ties citizenship investigations into the voting records. Bark, Bark ! Good Watchdog.

  12. andyb

    Greg: one of the areas with potential voter fraud is “absentee” ballots; either non counted or over counted. There have been numerous allegations that the ballots of US troops overseas (predominantly R voters) were lost in transit or never counted. Or the cases where crated already-filled-out ballots were found in warehouses. I would suggest that is the case of domestic absentee ballots, a copy of a picture ID be attached. Which brings up another point. Dems claim a picture ID is unconstitutional and too difficult for the elderly and minorities to obtain. But but but the League of Women’s (and other voter’s groups) have volunteered to provide transportation to any police/local law enforcement department to obtain a plain vanilla photo ID.

  13. JQP

    Hey Greg,

    When you were at CNN domestic journalists at least tried to be fair arbiters of the truth but that hasn’t been the case for years… unfortunately now most mainstream journalists are nothing more than propagandists pushing drama and certain agendas to appease the views of their masters (owners).

    I really wish President Trump would take a really hard line on stuff like this… “if you are a reporter at the White House and you make one mistake or you are purposely disrespectful to the office of the President – your ass is banned from the White House… one strike and you are out” … after all if you are a reporter at the White House you should be “the best of the best”.

    By my count President Trump should have already banned 4 reporters (and I’m being nice).

    President Trump is being too nice to the mainstream media… I think he hopes they will come around and like him but I don’t think there is even a remote possibility of that happening and in the mean time the proverbial foxes are in the hen house. The longer he allows them to be in the White House only prolongs the appearance of their relevance. Sadly, no matter what President Trump does or says they will twist it to whatever narrative they are pushing which will always be Anti-Trump.

  14. Jerry

    The bond market is imploding because the other emerging economies are selling off treasuries just to survive the dollar crushing their currencies. Especially the Yuan.
    If I wasn’t sure that the IMF was going to reset the currencies in the basket in April, I am now. They cannot risk the possibility of Chinese floating their currency separate from the dollar and leaving the IMF basket. They will either reset the currency weights, or re-price the gold benchmark, or both.

    The main driver of the skyrocketing dollar index, and the stock market hitting 20,000 is expanded stealth QE by the Federal Reserve Bank. How do I know that? Look at the money velocity chart published by the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. If the economy was really growing that fast, the money velocity index wouldn’t be flat lining.

    • Jerry

      Here’s Decembers report. I’m still waiting on January’s.

    • Jerry

      To support my statement about Stealth QE go here.
      Under money creation, it shows a monetary base increase of
      478% at of the beginning of 2017. So you’re telling me our monetary base (from job creation and increased revenue) increased 478% since the year 2000? I don’t think so.
      So you’re telling me we can pay 120 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3.5 trillion dollars in tax revenue? I don’t think so.

      Folks the game is rigged by the globalist. The World Bank and the IMF hold our QE credit card in their hand, and the rest of the world is paying for it. Well at least right now. Do we really want to start a trade war with China, and Mexico?

      • Charles H


        Like the Money Changers in the Temple: it will be the Banksters who will enslave the peoples of the world and bring them under one umbrella – through “MONEY”. Oppression is always a trespass; tyranny, subjugation.

        • Jerry

          I don’t want to sound like I’m making a prediction (lord knows I’ve been wrong before going off of information that others have given me), but never before have I (that being only me) seen the numbers line up with what is coming in April. The Chinese are in real trouble. They cannot handle the volume of liquidity placed on their reserve currency while dealing with the continued pressure of the dollar. The gold buying is going ballistic.
          The IMF is faced with a decision. Either let China’s economy implode, or strip the dollar of reserve currency status to save the Yuan. That’s it pure and simple.

          What most Americans don’t get is, if the dollar looses reserve currency status, we can’t print money. End of story.

          • Charles H

            Within parameters, I think you are right on, Jerry.
            The EFFECT of America’s Dollar being stripped of status and value – will re-align the stars.

      • c romana

        Stealth QE? Scary stuff if you are right. The 120 trillion is not the problem, it’s the UNFUNDED part. Where is the reserve fund from all the contributions over the years from the workers who paid into it? As for trade war–Americans need to start producing their own goods. Exporting jobs will erode the middle class further and deplete tax revenue even more, as well as losing corporate-business tax income. I’m no economist, but with all the offshoring of business, it’s all downhill. Anyone can figure that out.

        • Jerry

          c romana
          Read the “Grace Report” that was done when Ronald Reagan was in office. He found that very little of our tax money goes into paying for government programs. It goes to the IMF for disbursement by way of the U.S. treasury.

  15. mjmikey

    Zeke Miller one of his first job was with Buzzfeed. They are the one with fake news about President’s ‘Trump golden showers.

  16. STRUTH

    Steve Bannon: “The media here is the opposition party”

    “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile,” Mr. Bannon said during a telephone call.

    “I want you to quote this,” Mr. Bannon added. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”…

    “The elite media got it dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong,” Mr. Bannon said of the election, calling it “a humiliating defeat that they will never wash away, that will always be there.”

    “The mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign,” Mr. Bannon said. “Look at the Twitter feeds of those people: they were outright activists of the Clinton campaign.” (He did not name specific reporters or editors.)

    “That’s why you have no power,” Mr. Bannon added. “You were humiliated.”
    Read the Article;
    Trump Strategist Stephen Bannon Says Media Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’

    Do the American people still own the airwaves? Whom did they just elect to the highest office in the land? The media should think about that one. . … Who just got fired? The man behind the media? The wizard of;

    The Central Islamist Agency
    Unsubstantiated rumor claims ex CIA Director John Brennan is a Muslim who converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia. staff
    Updated: Dec 26, 2016

    John Brennan – The CIA -Zbigniew Brzezinski – Columbia University and Obama
    Posted on January 10, 2013 by sundance

    ← John O Brennan. Folks Have Forgotten He Owned The Analysis Corp – The firm that was cited in March 2008 for penetrating the files of presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain in the State Department’s passport office

    While attending Occidental University, 1979 – 81′, young Barack Obama meets a former Jimmy Carter administration official Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski is a key CIA asset and expert on Russia. He later becomes a mentor, and then much later a foreign policy advisor to President Elect Obama.

    Obama is friends with three Pakistani college roommates, muslims, Mohammed Hasan Chandio, Wahid Hamid, and Indian Vinai Thummalapally. In the summer of 1981 Obama travelled with his friends to Pakistan.

    undefinedTime to connect the dots, again. Treehouse Research – Going Deep.

    What say you airman Rich Treadway or Macaroni Gina?

  17. Tom

    Outstanding job Greg! I live in NY and we don’t have Voter ID law here. After watching the Weekly News Wrap Up, I intend to contact my state senator and assemblyman urging them to propose Voter ID legislation. I will use your report to back up my argument. I hope others will do the same in their states as well. Voter fraud must be stopped. Like a sturdy border fence, Voter ID may not prevent every case of fraud, but it certainly can drastically cut down the number of cases and protect our voting rights

    Keep up the great work! God bless

  18. Liinda L.

    When it’s clearly understood that the elite/NWO cronies don’t want existing, defined country borders in their vision of a new world, it’s easy to understand why they’re importing illegals/not in favor of protecting borders, in order to destroy the existing system. Without well defined country borders and laws that govern ALL people equally, there’s no sovereignty and the Republic is gone, and this is precisely what they want. What I don’t understand is how these Hollywood powder puffs/far left think that they’re going to be immune/escape the destruction when it all falls apart? Do they really think that the walls that border their estates are going to protect them/set them apart? Common sense seems to be in short supply. All makes me sick. Thank you Greg.

  19. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Agree with all above – great weekend wrap up !
    Wonder if some of the foreign service officers firings was not in part because of Libya and other involvements…
    Dr. Pieczenik tells who was behind email leaks and Benghazi:
    Still hoping for an interview by you of President Trump…!
    and looking forward to John Williams and of further insights from Greg Mannarino.
    Thank you – Greg – for your ‘service’ to our country and keeping the term journalist relevant…
    Would Rabbi Kahn have any further input as to question to more recent interests of the the coming date 9/23/2017 and the Bethlehem Star?
    Bethlehem Star and significance to 9/23/2017:
    9/23/2017 & Revelation 12 (once in 7000years):
    Still enjoying the election results and efforts toward Making America – heck the World – great again!
    It will be such an interesting year in so many ways !

    • Galaxy 500

      Let me make an observation and a prediction . Nothing the Rabbi says will happen on 09/23 is going to happpen 09/23/2017.

  20. Tin foil hat

    Trump has exposed the Deep State. The minions are running around like roaches under the lights. Trump is leading the charge to break away from the NWO and the resistance is growing. However, whatever he is doing now is the easiest part of the resistance, the final and the most difficult/dangerous step would be the take down of the Federal Reserve.
    JFK signed Executive Order 11110 on June 04, 1963 enabling the US Treasury to print Treasury notes redeemable and back by silver – The dollar (Federal Reserve note) was back by gold but not redeemable since FDR’s Executive Order 6102 forbidding the hoarding of gold. He was killed six months later on November 22 – I don’t think the mob or Castro would wait 3 years and the Russians wouldn’t risk getting caught again right after they avert the Cuban missile crisis.
    Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were both killed within 2 years after they foolishly challenged the Federal Reserve notes with gold back dinar and euro respectively.
    I still remember CNN gleefully reported the establishment of the Libyan Central Bank the moment Tripoli was taken by NATO. It was so odd that I remember it like the Bush’s “Be patriotic, go out and shop.” rather than “Be patriotic, work harder and buy American” after 911.

    • Tim

      Naming Ron Paul to head up the Federal Reserve would be a way Trump could deal the slow death-roll to the Banksters. Paul’s strong enough and wise enough to handle that post; and it would give the Banksters two targets rather than just one, in contrast to JFK’s method of using Executive Orders to get the job done.

      • Greg Hunter

        I would love that!!!!

  21. Walter Baumgarten

    Wow Greg, hammer away on the voter fraud/election rigging subject. It is the only way that we will ever get anywhere near the truth on what and how things are manipulated by those who grip the reigns of power. Sure they can admit to it decades later as in the case of Joe Kennedy and his buddies, but while it is being done in real time, those who do it continue with the denial defense. Unless of course things do not go their way. Those of us that can see the truth for what it is only use newspapers for puppy training and starting fires and we pick them up second hand so that we are not supporting the Fake New Network. It is really insulting to see the way they switch their stories to suit their agendas (do they believe we are really THAT stupid) and when you make side by side comparisons as you did today, they are damned with their own words. Well done as usual – thank you.

  22. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I have a good long term friend who lives in a Latino community, he has for 10 years. He told me that several of his neighbors have been voting for years, all of them illegal, never been a citizen and have never tried to be. All they do is check the box that they are a citizen and put their name and address on the form and they vote absentee or go to the local precinct and cast their ballot. Fraud, yes its rampant. You can’t shame a banana republic.

    • Arthur Barnes

      P.S., my friend also said that his neighbors say “everyone does it”!

      • Juan Cervantes

        How does your friend know? Did he check everyone’s papers?

        • Greg Hunter

          Do you know what happens to me if I illegally enter and claim benefits in Mexico? Heaven forbid we stop people from coming here illegally and voting so they can get free stuff.

  23. Susan McElroy

    There are plenty of studies that claim millions of illegal aliens vote in every election and that those votes can swing a close contest in favor of Democrats, as it did in 2008.
    Yes Greg,
    But what happened in Detroit shows there’s better way to skin a republican and Jill Steins recount proves it. It’s called ballot box stuffing! Did the same happen in other Democratic strongholds like Chicago, New York and California. Of course! Trump should demand recounts in those places. If Jill Stein could come up with a few million for a recount, I’m sure the Donald could. He could always hit up Milania!
    Democrats Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes
    Some say this is Russia? You be the judge!
    How Hillary Clinton Stole Iowa: Voter Fraud Caught On Live TV
    Ballot Box Fraud Caught On Video (New Hampshire)

  24. Mark Tipping

    & the voting machines (automatically) swapped votes TO Hillary

  25. DLC

    Having observed the practices of people who already gave atheism/communism a fling, it always catches my eye to see the display of crosses around necks and on buildings. We have been shamed out of displaying such.

    I was perusing a site called St. Patrick’s Guild. When money permits, will be buying some Celtic-style necklaces, getting them blessed too as we papists are wont to do. The Celtic touch will convey that I’m capable of punching back. From here on out I will wear crosses with my dresses.

    AZ, and I’m sure other states, are populated with people from bombed-out Bosnia and E. Europe in general where religion stood its ground. Watching the rabid dog behavior of the Dems and the press, I’ve been trying to think of ways to answer back without necessarily engaging. This is one.

    I have a collection of rosaries. They are lovely and a reminder of the days when I had my godparents and extended family close at hand. I have a few scapulars as Fr. Martin once suggested. I’m a ’50s throwback, pre-RC bastardization (some would argue it’s always been so). None of these, however, are the statement I’m looking for. Dems are all about in-your-face statements.

    I know that to non-Catholics the whole icon thing and all the various trappings smack of idolatry. Whatever. Just one latter day religious renegade feeling my way in the dark. Will even spring for a bible when I can figure out which one is not an altered, watered down version.

    I have just a glancing awareness of the angry hordes in the streets. Will not give it a direct audience but feel uneasy enough to want its polar opposite.

    • Southern Girl

      I know now why I always liked what you wrote…I too am Catholic and wear my Our Lady of Guadalupe medal or my cross with the corpus on it daily..I am lucky where I am..small Polish community who are very devote.

      When every I wear my medals or my rosary necklace everyone comments how lovely it is. I am the lady that has 5 rosaries handing from my rearview mirror. Makes it easy to find my car.

  26. Tommy

    Washington Times has a report on a study conducted by a political science professor at Old Dominion U where he claims that Hillary received over 800,000 votes from illegal aliens. There is no question that there is massive vote fraud. How much fraud occurs in welfare payments, social security payments, banking, private businesses, etc. where the control procedures are much more stringent that in our electoral process? We know that dead people vote, we know that illegal aliens vote, we know that there are coordinated schemes to commit vote fraud. As a minimum we need voter ID. But even then there will be corruption. Voting corruption is as old as they’ve been having elections.

  27. Hatemail

    If this pans out, silver will be replaced as the conductor of choice.

    • Dave

      Read “The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnstone. The POTUS is a con man, liar and crook with ties to organised crime. He’s no better than what he replaced, and possibly a lot worse. If you think otherwise you are deluded.

      • susan

        Is this the elitists latest way of delegitimizing Donald Trump.

    • MSimon

      Carbon fibers are actually farther along. They are 4X as conductive as copper. They have the added advantage of very high strength and an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio.

      The potential – when a good manufacturing method is found – is for carbon cable to be 1000X as conductive as copper. Not quite a super conductor. But quite a bit closer than mass quantities of metallic hydrogen.

    • Juan Cervantes

      Link it please. I also want to see the evidence.

  28. hank

    hey der, Greg,
    nice job,

    I think the joke line is “So when did you stop beating your wife?”
    Still facing boomer snowflakes, but i keep saying judge his Actions, Not the ‘news’ & I’m a dem! i’d still be if the party hadn’t turned into the 1850s whigs (Abe Lincoln’s original party died on him too, so he joined the brand-new Republican party)

  29. Bill

    Watching the, ” build the wall ” controversy between US and Mexico continue to escalate. In your opinion, how will it end?

    • Greg Hunter

      It will end in a wall. Check the Peso. It took a big hit.

  30. William Chase

    We had better make Sharia Law illegal in our courts, banks and schools. That is how they concurred Europe. Sharia Law is incompatible with our Constitution and culture. Sharia Law is more dangerous than a terrorist with a weapon.

  31. mark simmons

    Trump should inform the American people that we are in an economic hole so deep odds are we may never get out. He should lay it out there and explain there will be years of economic pain before any possible gain, before they blame the inevitable crash on him. I am tired of the BS financial stations feeding all the BS financial news day in and day out to the good old USA. Even Santelli has rolled over to the dark side. It’s sickening. I’m an economic idiot and I can see the writing on the wall. It’s alright, I have zero debt a house in the country, a closet full of guns and investments in PM, mining stocks and cash. I’m ready.

  32. MCasey

    Trump is addressing voter fraud before his 2020 re-election….he plans ahead! Thank goodness!

  33. Diane D.

    We still need a divorce from the Marxists. Now Californians are talking secession. Great. They can build a wall! We’ll keep the oil, cattle, water and hydro power. ‘Make America Again!’

    • Diane

      I live in the Socialist Republic of California. ..let them quit the USA…the Democrats will lose all our Electral votes…all Federal aid….we will go bankrupt in a month…unable to pay big State pensions. …Democrats would never win another election in Calif…..hmmmm, I will go out and get petition signatures for this…maybe not a bad thing? I could set up a petition table in front of a busy Starbucks. ..Snowflakes will sign my petitions.
      What do you guys think? LOL

      • Tim

        What a gift to the USA it would be to be rid of Pelosi and Feinstein!

      • Charles H

        I still think you should move to saner pastures.

    • flattop.

      Diane D. From one who lives in la la land ( California ) the nonsense that comes out of our state govt in continuous. Recently they issued authorization for a convicted felon now in prison to have a sex change operation, at tax payers expense. Now they are contemplating making California a sanctuary state

      • Charles H


        This is a case of ‘having cake and eating it too’: which could only exist on the backs which are not theirs. IF they ever got their cake: they would choke to death on the consequences in short order. They have lost their sense of reality for being “enabled”. Let them put their cash and bodies where their ideology is – and the tune will change.

    • susan

      And take away the US navy and marines from them.

    • MSimon

      The Marxist disease comes from cities. It has been true for thousands of years. As long as there are cities you will never get rid of the Marxist disease. It is generated by city ecology.

      Two Ecologies

      What would be wiser is to acknowledge this and try to figure out how to make the two cultures (generated by the two ecologies) better able to coexists. Symbiosis rather than war.

  34. DOUG

    Dear President Trump, your first few days in office were great .May I suggest to ban those two reporters for the White House, the one that reported that there was a certain “BUST’ removed from the Oval office, and the one that you didn’t want the answer his question. SEEING THAT HAPPEN, I THINK THOSE WORTHLESS REPORTS WOULD THINK TWICE ON WHAT THEY REPORT.(LIKE FAKE NEWS.) Also, you didn’t go far enough the banning Syria refugees , you should banned , stopped, all immigration, we don’t need more crap from other countries, I know, we’re a country made of crap, ( me included). But somebody has to say,” Enough is Enough”. I hear the Mexican President don’t want to pay for the wall you want the build. I told you in my first letter to you what you do to help him decide , pay for and build the wall on the Mexican side, your cutting off federal money to sanctuary cities is a good start. Second, cut off welfare to illegals , and third, round the illegals up and send them back to Mexico. That Mexican President will have that wall up in no time. May I suggest what kind of wall should be built. Next what the Israelis have, two fences made of razor sharp wire, with land mine between the to fences. everything to do in your time 100 days, I far as I am care, can to be with executive orders, making congress worthless as they are. WE HAVE ENOUGH LAWS, I can’t even go pee outside my own house without being charged with a number of charges if someone sees me. I ‘m still waiting to be pointed to your cabinet, don’t have to be paid. Just want to hear what kind to bull crap to get of your other cabinet members.

  35. Fred

    Monica Lewinsky Comes To The Defense Of Barron Trump: ‘Be Better Than This’
    “… insist on a different ending to your story.”
    Other unlikely allies have come to Barron Trump’s defense, including Chelsea Clinton, who wrote on Twitter, “Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does — to be a kid.”
    Christ gave his life for all us sinners. Who gave us Chelsea? We all know. They cant be all that bad. We here at USAWatchdog are not so self-righteous as the media always looking down their noses at us and the Trumps. Lets all remember were all Americans and if we don’t hang together in the rough times ahead, we might hang desperately, separately. Lets look to the hope the young can give us like Chelsea and equal time here for her friend Ivanka. Two good examples for us old fighting farts. Time to bury the hatchet and not in each others heads!
    For all you sourpusses, it’s never too late too have a happy childhood. May Barron have such. His dad sure is! Congrats Donald [were] with you!

    • Charles H

      At some point, those who have earned for themselves the condition of being treated by “tough love” – is all that can be done; and this isn’t a hatchet job. Chelsea, by making a kind gesture deserves credit for the gesture: but this doesn’t change the leopard’s spots.
      America IS divided, which is shameful and sad. But those with no integrity attach themselves to those who do have, thinking they will be helped up and bettered: but end-up dragging down the more responsible and better to the level of the one without integrity. And this is happening as a nation.

      You can’t help people who won’t help themselves. There must be a modicum of actual work, responsibility, and carrying your own weight – with learning to accept the consequences of decisions and actions. A return to the ‘work ethic’ and moral basis which fosters tolerance – is what all America needs to rise to, again. Otherwise we can expect to descend by silence into a Snowflake Culture, where ‘it’s all good’. This isn’t being ‘sour’; but seriously real.

  36. Fred

    Monica Lewinsky cites Barron Trump incident to denounce cyberbullying
    By Elissa Nunez, CNN
    Updated 8:54 PM ET, Wed January 25, 2017
    Monica Lewinksy defends Trump’s youngest son

  37. john duffy

    USA Get Out of Syria, You have blood on your hands. From one of the few democrats with Integrity.

    • Robert

      RT had what I would call much more believable reports on what was actually happening in Syria. That’s the Russian’s most dangerous weapon now. It’s called “the truth”. And it’s interesting to note that US journalists will write about Syria, having never been there. The mainstream press needs some “attention”.

    • c romana

      USA has supported any group fighting Assad. Trump will change that. But he will fight ISIS which still has a lot of territory in Syria. Hopefully, they will read the writing on the wall and disperse.

  38. Oxfarmer

    When Greg, bring a real jourmalist, makes a mistake, it is a REAL mistake, not a guess or a lie, and as soon as he realizes his mistake, Greg prints multiple apologies. Kudos to you Greg, and while I know this is a real embarrassment, it is also a tutorial on how journalists should behave. Don’t apologise again!!! We’ve got it, and we love you even more.

  39. Paul ...

    It would be nice to see the Main Scream Media take a break from “yelling about fake news on Trump” and focus on the real news stories that will send John McCain and Hillary to jail … or like not telling the nation that Mike Robinson is filing for a divorce from Obama … or that Trump has ordered a massive FBI raid on the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta for their “cover-up and destruction of evidence” on how vaccines have been used to purposely create autism in children!!!

    • Paul ...

      Hey MSM … begin to tell America and the world the truth about Trump … he is now saving women’s children ( but not only here in the US … but around the world (No Women … No Children)!!!

      • Paul ...

        Hey Big Pharma … do you think Clinton protected you from “Crimes Against Humanity”? … how safe were the SS Generals saying they were absolved of their crimes by Hitler?? … and how safe are the stocks of the criminal murderers of children??? …

        • Paul ...

          Note of Clarification: To those who can’t figure out why I at times reply to my own comments … it is so I can keep my thoughts ‘on a particular subject in one location” on the message board!!

        • Paul ...

          Big Pharma … for your “crimes against humanity” an ancient cure for cancer is now being released for the benefit of the “people” and not the greedy drug companies …

          • Paul ...

            Hey Big Pharma … soon Trump will stop the chem-trail spraying you have been doing across America and the world “to kill all the bees” … even though you evil corporations have significantly reduced the planet’s bee population … it will be re-built … just as America’s infrastructure will be re-built by Trump!!!

          • Diane

            Thanks Paul!!!!!

        • Galaxy 500

          So a company pushing toxix tea puts out a youtube and thats your proof?
          Damn…Dude. I guess it is true, what PT Barnum said

    • Galaxy 500

      “Trump has ordered a massive FBI raid on the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta for their “cover-up and destruction of evidence” on how vaccines have been used to purposely create autism in children!!!”
      As this is fantasy, some parent or group trying to blame someone other than themselves for their childrens problems.
      Dude, I am old enough to remember when Polio crippled and killed. When Rubella , Whooping Cough and Mumps killed. So what has changed that caused autism? Older parents. The older the sperm and the eggs the more defects.

      • RTW


        You need to stop standing underneath the chemtrails. It’s destroying your cognitive thinking skills. Look around, there are LOTS of young people who have autistic children. Old Sperm and Eggs….please.

      • Charles H

        There is some truth to the Medical Industry using it’s position to not only TREAT, but CAUSE disease. What once started out as good has no guarantee of finishing that way. Evidence of changes in vaccine make-up are even being circulated among nurses – who don’t want them either. Too much dyes and artificial ingredients are allowed in food that are carcinogenic – so that treating cancer is either No. 1 or close to it as the money-maker today. 90% of sugar should be cut-out of the food chain, for Diabetes alone.

  40. flattop.

    The media has reported that the Trump wall will cost each household in America 120 Bucks. Where do I send the check?

    • Mike D

      @ Galaxy 500, So can I assume by your comments about the FBI raid on the CDC that you have thoroughly researched this topic of vaccines and autism, I think not, because I have researched it and there is all kinds of proof ! I will predict here that this is going to be one of the biggest stories of the year. This story was not covered in any MSM. If it is so ridiculous, The MSM would have ran with it to try and make a fool of Trump. You might want to remember the words of Plato, ” The outright rejection of any new information without proper investigation is the realm of a fool “.

      • Doug

        I hear, that for an extra $80.00 Dollars, They will engrave your name and state where live on the brick. Yes, where do I send my Check ?

  41. c romana

    I always enjoy the Weekly Wrap up but Greg, you could sound even better if you slowed down a bit. About the voter fraud, I see it as the Baiting Tactics of corporate media. They will never stop hating Trump and everything he does will be criticized. If I were Trump, I would focus on his victory. He won, against all odds. Don’t take the bait. Just say over and over: I won against all odds, and the end of discussion. The more he engages in the discussion, the more they will rub in what seems to annoy him. Trump’s win was a stunning achievement. End of comment. Now on to his aims to help Americans.
    Your portrayal of democrats was so true-they have become the enemy of the common man. TVO did a doc. on The Super Rich which is worth watching. Even billionaires admit the loss of the middle class is a lose-lose situation.

    • Tim

      They might learn a valuable lesson after the Democrat party’s future is jeopardized by the clean-up of voter rolls and imprisonment/expulsion of voting illegal immigrants. The sooner the lamescream presstitutes realize that baiting Trump is like poking a landmine to see what it is, the better the lamescream presstitutes will fare in their own future.

  42. Larry Kreitzer

    Wow! Greg, so many comments! Great wrap,
    JUst wanted to ask something. I don’t miss a one of your reports, but I happened across something of real interest. There’ s a fellow on YouTube by the name of George Webb who has put togrther a chronology involving the Clinton foundation, Libya, Syria, Amb. Stevens death, Wikileak disclosed emails, and the whole cast of characters involved, the top one involved is Hillary. This was all put together by Webb using reports by Seymour Hersh, and three other journalists, two of whom are now dead. Anyway I am asking you to check this out, being the superb journalist yourself. Thanks for everything, Greg.

    • Tim

      LOL – Larry, it sounds as if you’re asking Greg to join Killary’s death list.

  43. coalburner

    Trump has only been in office one week. Huge accomplishments for one week. He will keep trying. This the best chance, hopefully Trump can stop some fraud. I do think Trump baited them about the illegal votes and when they challenged he was justified to askfor an investigation. As many here said then they started begging him not too.
    Oh what a screw up, LOL!
    Meantime we need to watch what goes on in our legislatures. Last election we threw out a local State Senator. It was not easy and he was a dirtbag that had been in for 23 years. Here is one major reason I think we won. The NRA. Our local Gun Club is 500 people, a powerful number in our area. NRAILA held three meet and greets and the NRA lobbist rep did a great job telling up what went on in the legislature. All our Gun Club are NRA members and that probably accounted for over 1000 votes with families. My point is it can be done. We were protecting our second amendment and we did much more . The policeman’s widow did a great commercial, he was killed by a criminal who should have been in prison. The Senator was soft on crime. People here do not like the Santuary City of Santa FE. That helped get this guy out too. I am saying it is important to get rid of bad legislators in your state. Find out what/who they are and get started for next election.

  44. Justn Observer

    GREG..and watchdoggers:

  45. gregd

    I’m not so sure that this country is divided. If the crazy fringe in the democrat party is on the 1%ers msm cameras all the time, and the 1% are paying tons of people to cause trouble. And if the pres-stitutes are always attacking Trump and focusing on every little possible thing they can find.
    Perhaps we’re REALLY not divided at all.

  46. Bill

    suggestion. To pay for the Trump wall, put a tax on the wages of all the illegal aliens working in the US.

    • Frederick

      Hopefully they won’t be “working” much longer so that won’t work Bill

  47. richard mcdiarmid

    I live in Alberta Canada.. by supporting the keystone President Trump did more for our economy and for the US energy security in one week than some of our politicians have done in 8 years

  48. Sayonara

    Great WNW. My 17 year old son was very impressed is now a Watch Dogger.
    The most important ongoing news story is that of MSM and their real fake news. This is a very serious issue that needs to be hammered on day and night. I find it absolutely outrageous the MSM propaganda organizations spew out lies and deceit to the public on daily basis and then have the audacity to label USAWD and Breitbart news media organizations as fake news and try ban them. Once the people are able to see the true fake news organization, then maybe we can start achieving greater unity as a society and culture.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sayonara!!

  49. Al

    The pen is mightier than the sword with much blood on their hands… think about it… this is why the RADICAL FALSE STREAM MEDIA has to perish forever!

  50. flattop

    GREG; I recall a little guy from texas who ran for President saying. if NAFTA is approved there will be this giant sucking sound, and so it happened. Now that sucking sound is quieting down, and soon will be silent.

  51. Justn Observer


  52. Rex

    Greg, how about interviewing Karl Denninger from about Health care and 15 USC chapter 1. What say you. Thanks for all you do, stay safe my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rex, Good idea. Karl predicted that Obama Care woulkd fail and cause big problems in the economy. He was spot on!!

  53. Galaxy 500

    Nice wrapup Greg.
    Isn’t it interesting that Ryan and crew gave the 0bamachrist every thing he wanted but are attempt to thwart Trump?

    • Greg Hunter

      Very Good point 500!!!

    • Frederick

      Yeah great point 500

    • Charles H

      So, a man IS defined by his actions; and not his words? Amazing.

  54. joe

    More like voter suppression. Maybe some illegals voted but maybe many voters didn’t get a chance to vote at all or they weren’t counted. Have Greg Palast on if you dare.

  55. Juan Cervantes

    Where is the evidence? I’ve been waiting for it for the past 8 years. The only concrete case I have seen is of a Mexican woman in Texas by the name of Rosa Maria Ortega who voted Republican and received 8 years in prison. That is one Mr. Hunter. Only 10,999,999 to go.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ask your friends. Please stop with “there is no evidence” crap. I don’t feel bad for wanting to kick out people who illegally came took up residence here. Illegals should feel guilty and bad for committing a crime.

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