Still No Proof of Russia Hacking, Attempt to Delegitimize Trump Win, Audit the Fed

1aBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 267 1.6.17)

The Senate held hearings with top intelligence chiefs, and there is still no proof that Russia had an influence on the 2016 Presidential Election. Now, the story changes again, and the charge is a third party gave DNC emails to Wiki Leaks.  James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, says they do have evidence.  The problem with Clapper is credibility.  He committed perjury and lied to Congress about NSA spying back in 2013.

Meanwhile, the founder of Wiki Leaks, Julian Assange, said in a fresh interview that his source was “NOT the Russians.” Assange has made this claim repeatedly, and his group has a pristine record of releasing authentic documents that reveal what is going on behind the scenes in government.  Assange also says, “Obama is trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate president.”

Many think the elites are going to crash the economy and blame it on Donald Trump. Trump may turn the tables and put blame squarely where it belongs, and that is on the Federal Reserve.  Senator Rand Paul is introducing a Bill to Audit the Fed, and Senator Paul says it has the backing of President-elect Trump.

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his take on the most important stories of the past week.

After the Wrap-Up:

Bill Holter of will be the Early Sunday Release. Holter predicts this will be the “Year of the Truth Bombs.”

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  1. Joni

    Happy New Year and a great wrap up, Greg!! Always love your humorous ‘truth bombs’ that you intersperse among your highlighted news excerpts. Here’s an interview with one of our favorite people, a very relaxed Dr. Paul Craig Roberts with Max Keiser on the beach with a few of their own zingers.
    Best Regards,

  2. Paul ...

    Once the Fed is audited and their lies, deceit and criminal shenanigans are revealed … Trump should “Nationalize the Fed” and put it under the Department of Treasury … then all the bull about Cash not being Legal Tender for All Debts, Public and Private will be tossed in the dust bin of history … place some gold backing on a domestic US Dollar but none on the Fed Notes held by foreigners … let the “unbacked” Fed Notes seek their true equilibrium in the foreign exchange markets … and see what that does for the price of gold and silver!!!

    • Paul ...

      China won’t be able to devalue its currency fast enough to keep pace with the falling value of “unbacked Fed Notes” … and our balance of trade situation will immediately turn in our favor … while the Domestic US Dollar “backed by gold” will rise in value … and this “Domestic US Dollar” could be used to advantage to buy the goods the Chinese are continually making cheaper and cheaper (unless they too back their Yuan with gold)!

    • Mike from the North

      Love your plan Paul.

      I would add one thing.

      Jail all the banksters and feed them bread and water for 5 years.

    • Doug C

      Amen brother

      • SueL.

        Only bad thing with that idea is we will probably end up in WW3 with the Chinese. I think they are a far greater problem than Russia ever dreamed of being, and will blame the U.S. for literally everything, our fault or not.

    • Tin foil hat

      We have about $20 trillion of debts on the book and around $100 trillion of debts off the book. Out of the $20 trillion, only $4 trillion are owed to the foreigners. I think we owe the Chinese a little more than a trillion out of that $4 trillion.
      The only reason we borrow from the foreigners is to boost confidence in the dollar Ponzi scheme, we don’t actually need to borrow any money while we can print them out of thin air.
      I don’t think the $4 trillion we owe the rest of the world is the problem. The real problem is the $116 trillion on/off the book debt (Social Security, MediCare, pension funds, U.S. Treasury, State & Municipal Bonds ……. ) which we owe ourself.

      • Paul ...

        Tin … to foil that real problem of $116 trillion of on/off book debt … I have already suggested to Trump that once he gets into office he immediately have the US Treasury begin to sell the bond market short … as we can almost be certain the Fed cabal is going to raise rates to crash the economy on him … however … the higher the Fed raises rates the more money the US Treasury will make on its short position … which can be used to eliminate most or all of our on/off book debt!!

        • Galaxy 500

          Yes, forcing a crash in the bond market would make the shorts money and cost the majority holders of the bonds, US citizens, their money. Plus, it would destroy every credit market in the world, including here.
          Sound plan /s

        • Bulldog

          Paul, how did president Trump reply to your suggestion about selling the bond market short?

  3. Rick Geisler

    I remember telling friends way back before the state primaries began that Trump might just be the man for President because we are headed for bankruptcy and that is his comfort zone cause he has been there before.Keep in mind that I was not a Trump supporter then. Ted Cruz was my man but later I did swing to Trump and am glad I did based upon the picks he has made to govern with him. Great wrap-up.

  4. Frederick

    Of course Obama is being provocative towards Putin in every way possible The hacking nonsense is getting old fast and the Russians have every right to move missiles anywhere they choose on their own territory What a hypocrite Obama truly is considering how many military bases we have everywhere in the world
    I like the idea of auditing the FED although I do fear for his safety if he goes through with it David Seaman does great work on “Podesta pizzagate” on YouTube and GAB

  5. Rodster

    You can blatantly see the “Warhawks” i.e. John McCain and his demented I’ll trying to make excuses to start a war with Russia. This dog and pony show has the same setup as Colin Powell and holding up his vial of talcum powder lying to the world that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

    Then there’s news that the US has put Special Forces on Russia’s doorstep. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Paul ...

      I hear McCain, Jeb Bush, etc. accepted bribes from Hillary and DNC Super Pacs to destroy Trump … they will soon have to answer these charges … on another subject it seems India was buying so much gold that the cabal made “higher denomination money” in India “illegal” … so for those putting paper cash under their mattress … it may be wise to keep the denominations small (only ones, fives, tens and twenties) !!

    • wondrouscat

      Putin’s going to invite them all in for coffee. Also, he said the Russians kicked out by Obama will get to enjoy the holidays with their families. Guess it’s hard to start a war over nothing with someone who refuses to fight over nothing and with only two weeks left why get excited. The cartoon here of Obama in the grocery cart being returned is great, only he should be sitting there trying to incite war, and being ignored. Just wish we could get a full refund.

  6. JC Davis

    Well done Greg. I wish you had spoken to Bernie quoting Trumps tweet about not lowering Medicare, and Social Security. Bernie needs to go back to his million dollar attic, and stay there. Have a good weekend.

  7. Patt

    Great weekly news wrap-up, Greg! Thanks again for getting the truth out to all of us. Trump has a huge uphill battle waiting on him, the progressives will stop at nothing to destroy him and every citizen of this country. We shall pray and stand as one to win this battle against evil.

  8. Jerry

    I keep posting this warning sign for anyone who’s paying attention, and who’s not drinking the Trump Kickapoo joy juice. The Chinese are definitely setting the table to unwind the dollar as the bond selloff continues.

    As the selloff continues, the Federal Reserve Bank will be forced to not only increase its buyback program, but increase its stealth QE as well. The Fed is running out of places to dump its bonds. The Japanese banks are splitting at the seams with U.S. treasuries. As far as a Fed audit? Don’t hold your breath. The last president who tried got shot. Google the Green Hilton agreement if you ever want to know how deep the corruption in the Treasury goes.

    • Jerry

      Welcome to Federal Reserves new hiding hole.
      Now you know why President Aube met President Obama in Hawaii. The conversion went something like this. Aube: What am I supposed to do now with all of these U.S. treasuries now that Donald Trump is coming in office? Obama: Ah….if you like you’re Treasuries you can keep your Treasuries and keep printing money.

      • Paul ...

        Jerry … I hear it has been decided that the re-set will make gold $9098 dollars per ounce and silver over $500 dollars per ounce … seems to be almost in line with what Jim Rickards is saying!!

        • Jerry

          The IMF has an agenda and it does not include the dollar remaining as the world exchange peg. It will be decided April 21st when the world bank of governors meets. I may not agree with Jim Richards on a few things, but he’s right on this one. The IMF has already started reshuffling the currency baskets. Most Americans are to dumbed down to even remember the 1944 World Bank meeting when the dollar was chosen as the world reserve currency. Now the IMF is filled with Socialist who believe that everything should be equalized.

        • Jerry

          Let me put this in perspective for you. The United States currently holds a voting block of 16.53 with the IMF, while the BRICS hold 14.18. With the recent move by the IMF

          and more on the way, the BRICS will have enough votes to override our majority rule and eliminate the dollar as reserve currency. Game over.

      • Charles H

        Thanks, Jerry. They may run out of places – but they will buy till it blows.

    • RealityCheck

      Perhaps, Jerry, perhaps… but I would not bet on it.

  9. john duffy

    The Unthinkable has finally happened: Russia and the USA have traded places!

    “As a veteran anti-communist from the late Cold War era, and bitter critic of the USSR, I never dreamed I’d see the day that America and Russia traded places. But it has progressively happened. Is Vladimir Putin the real deal? I believe he is. The corporate media’s continual demonizing of him (most recently with totally unproven claims that he hacked the 2016 election) greatly supports that. Some will say that Putin is only acting; if so, I say give us more such actors.”

    • Charles H

      Thanks, j d. If you read things as they REALLY appear, and not how you want to see them or they are portrayed: you get a true picture. Good call here.

    • Chip

      I’m with you John! Commissioned in 1983, studied the USSR, served in Germany against the Russian hoard 1987-1990. Went to East Germany before and after the wall fell. Saw the stark differences in the quality of life between Soviet controlled Germany and the US occupied West Germany. Night and day differences. And yet, like you, I can’t believe I live in the USSA with a bombardment of media propaganda that would have made any leaders of the former Soviet Union blush. We have indeed traded places and I trust Putin much more than anything John McCain or Barack Obama have to say… Chip

  10. Sandy

    All this talk about Russian hacking is starting to get old. With all the bluster and outrage displayed by our politicians, no one is denying that the information leaked didn’t occur. Who cares how the truth is exposed, as long as it is. There is something very wrong with our government when it’s hell bent on keeping us in the dark. These are the people whom we elect and pay? They should stop wasting our time and money and deal with the real issues that are affecting us. It’s not a swamp, it’s a cesspool.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Sandy, gotta agree. When Watergate broke open, was there an uproar over who dropped a dime and called the apparent breakin in ? WHAT THEY WERE DOING mattered .

    • Charles H


  11. Dan

    Greg, time to bring Michael Krieger from Liberty Blitzkrieg back on. His articles of late have been outstanding and he’d be the perfect guest in the lead up to Trump’s inauguration. Hope you can consider this. Thanks. Keep up the great work!

  12. Russ

    Thanks Greg, you nailed it with Clapper’s lies to Congress. His credibility is gone. Comey’s credibility is gone with his vacillation over the Clinton emails and whether she violated the law. So no credibility there. Brennan is O’s guy at CIA so on an issue of this nature his bias must be questioned.

    So if we can’t be sure the Russians did it, can we be sure the Russians did not do it? No, you can’t prove this negative. He has an agenda, so I don’t trust what he says either; the Russians may have been involved.

    But who cares. Hacking the election was really about the voters getting information about one of the candidates that we really needed to know, that was not otherwise available through normal news channels. So for that, I thank Assange for providing the service.

    As for Megan Kelly moving to NBC, fine, I won’t miss her much and Tucker Carlson got her time slot so that’s a plus.

    Looking forward to Sunday.

    • Russ

      Clarity: The “He” in the second paragraph is Julian Assange, or maybe Putin.

      As I think, both Vladimir Putin and Assange have agendas which would make their words here suspect. The only thing we really know is that Assange released the emails and no one has disavowed the text of those emails. Therefore, it seems the information released through through Wikileaks is valid. What has all these public servants upset is that we were never supposed to know the content of those emails. HRC was supposed to have followed O’ to continue his alteration of the USA.

      What I find rather humorous in all this is that Podesta wasn’t really hacked, he was phished, he took the bait and gave his very poor password away, no hacking required. This happens all the time and we have all been warned repeatedly about phishing. People with this low level of computer skill and lack of security awareness should not be allowed anywhere near government. Really sad that he was so close to being an advisor to a potential POTUS.

      • wondrouscat

        Read somewhere that Podesta’s aid meant to write illegitimate for that email but wrote legit. instead by mistake, so Podesta opened it. Wonder where that aid is now.

  13. Hatemail

    Obama is saying Trump is not a legitimate president.
    Trump was guilty of the same about Obama when he questioned the legitimacy Obama’s birth certificate.
    Obama is on a mission of personal revenge and sabotage against Trump.

    • Paul ...

      Is Obama saying Trump is not a legitimate President? … perhaps Trump should fix his birth certificate to show he was born in Kenya like Obama!

      • Tin foil hat

        That’s is a good one, lol.

  14. k-in-maryland

    Greg – my theory on the “propaganda act” being passed in the NDAA : It’s a bail-out for the MSM. This is why the MSM continues spewing lies, losing subscribers in mass and can still stay in business. The MSM will now start receiving tax dollars, via the govt ministry of truth, to continue propaganda operations for the govt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s hope it does not work under the trump Administration.

      • Bulldog

        Back to your 01/06/2017 “No Proof of Russia Hacking”. A few weeks have now passed, investigations held, and now the NSA, FBI, CIA and the military, as well as several Liberal and Conservative Senators and Congressmen disagree with you. Is your inside info better than theirs? By the by, they all have told The Donald of their findings.

    • Paul ...

      More likely Trump will break-up the “false news” MSM once he gets in … the same way the big oil and telecom giants were broken -up years ago because they had a monopoly over their sphere of influence!!

  15. Anne Elliott

    Thanks Greg for all your work to bring us the truth in the world today. God bless you and your family, and may you have a blessed New Year!

    • Greg Hunter

      Love it!!! Thank you!!

  16. Linda L.

    In regards to all these false allegations against Russia, Obama reminds me of Kim Jong-Un of N. Korea, a narcissist little fool. The two them seem to have a lot in common. I don’t think that Putin will take Obama’s ridiculous bait. In world opinion, I think that Obama is viewed as a complete, self serving idiot, so why would Putin stoop down to his level.

    • Greg Hunter

      “a narcissist little fool” love it!!!

      • Diane

        Malignant messianic megalomaniac and meddlesome Muslim.
        Barack Hussain Oslama

        • Paul ...

          Yes … lets return him … as Greg’s picture caption portrays … right back to his real homeland (that he says Russia controls)!

    • Charles H

      I called it – Minority Mentality: which when it gets the upper-hand – abuses the position in over-compensations, like paying-back for the sins of the forefathers garbage. All he proved is the unworthiness of the opportunity. But it probably goes even deeper.

  17. Tommy

    In regard to the accusation of Russian “hacking” of the DNC email one must ask what would be the motive? Hillary was already bought and paid for. Consider the Skolkovo project where Hillary rounded up dozens of tech companies to help Russia develop their own “Silicon Valley”. The Foundation received millions in donations and Bill received huge speaking fees for her services. Then the Russians promptly used the new technology for military purposes. Then there is Uranium One. Russia ends up controlling 20% of US uranium and of course more donations flow to the Foundation. Why would Putin want to put an end to dealing with Hillary when he knows she has a price list for anything he wants and will continue Obama’s weak world leadership? And why is there no report of the hacking by the Russians and others of Hillary’s unprotected home brew server that contained tons of classified government information? In order to buy any of this crap that we are being fed one would have to willingly suspend all disbelief. It is a sickening to see senators such as McCain and Graham sit in front of TV cameras and say that the Russians “hacked” our election.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good analysis Tommy!! Thank you for posting it here.

      • Tommy

        If only we could talk to Seth Rich we might know who the real leaker was. That murder was swept away pretty fast. There is no doubt that we are being fed a constant diet of BS. And now I see that Dick Cheney is emerging as an advisor to Trump, and this after Trump’s conversations with Kissinger. I wonder who will really be in charge.

    • Chip

      Cui bono…? Good analysis Tommy… Chip

  18. Kim

    Nice wrap up! God the Father is in control! May God bless you and the work you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kim!

  19. stonewall

    You’ve started 2017 with a bang Mr. Hunter by hitting this weeks WNW
    out of the park. I like that you seem totally pissed off at the outrageous
    lies and corruption in the system. That’s why your audience in growing
    and MSM is losing market share and fast becoming irrelevant. Their
    days of brain washing the public are about over. I look forward to
    your early Sunday release.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am outraged and I don’t accept it. Thank you for your comment and I look forward to Mr. Holter on Sunday too!!

  20. James Hastings

    Good rap up. Interesting comment on Bill Holter about “truth bombs”. Clif High’s newsletter spoke heavily about “Data sets” describing 2017 as a year of truth bombs. I would guess, once obummer’s administration leaves the White House, some people will be eager to talk.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James for your comment and support.

    • andyb

      It is interesting to speculate on the truth bombs; 9/11, Sandy Hook (and the other false flags)? Or could it be Pizzagate? Pics of satanic elites disemboweling children? Nothing would surprise me. This country has gone so far down the rabbit hole of depravity and moral degeneration thanks to cultural marxism and progressive insanity. Oh for the days when you didn’t have to automatically lock your car or your house, and everyone went to services on Sunday (cuz that’s where you met the girls). When schools actually encouraged critical thinking and taught civics. Although I didn’t vote for him, I believe it died with Jack Kennedy, and so did the America of the Founders’ dreams.

  21. Aaron Jupp

    Dear Greg,
    I love your show and work 1stly.
    but I also run a website on WORDPRESS just like this one here. You or your WEBSITE administrator should have received a very INTERESTING EMAIL from wordpress.

    They are the worlds largest website platform but they sent out and email regarding the hacking to explain, that:

    ALL information to date provided by the US government were ‘processes that originated’ out of eastern europe predominantly the Ukraine but were OLD techniques and found and used today in well over 60 countries and their platforms have been secure from the type of ‘hacking’ style released for quite some time so there was no need for any users to worry and there is no update or patch coming out in relations to this.

    I am actually surprised no one has brought this up yet. but it may also be the reason why the story has changed, ie. their mumbo jumbo couldn’t fool anyone!

  22. Bill

    GREG: Why is Obama staying in DC after The Donald is inaugurated?

    • Greg Hunter

      To face charges of treason and fraud?

    • Linda L.

      Don’t forget that in Obama’s early days, he was a Saul Alinsky style, community organizer (just a polite way of saying that he was a trouble maker for the far left). For this particular man to stay in DC just indicates to me that he wants to go back to the only thing he’s good at.

    • Jan

      Back when Hillary was presumed to win the presidency, Obama announced he’d stay in DC for his youngest daughter to finish school. No doubt he was also hoping to continue to be an influence and adviser on the gov’t. He prides himself on his great popularity (which only exists within Democrat circles and the MSM) and wants to still have a piece of the limelight. Now it looks like he’ll make himself a nuisance to the incoming president, constantly poking him and pricking him–unlike the previous out-going presidents, who had the courtesy to stay out of the way of the new president (unless invited) and get on with their own memoirs and presidential library, etc.

      • Chip

        I don’t buy Obama’s popularity. I think it is manufactured by the MSM and deep state. No possible way this man has a real 50% approval rating… Chip

    • wondrouscat

      Bill – supposedly so his daughters can stay in their schools there.

  23. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great report. As I have said here before; Trump must totally disassemble the CIA operation, not just Langley, brick by brick, impanel a tribunal of trustworthy judges, try the principals case by case and imprson or hang those found guilty. ((And many would hang for their treasons.))

    A note about Jim Clapper. He was one of our pilots in the early 70’s flying recon missions over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Had no contact with him since that time. When I contacted his office last year for a statement in my defe3nse against the US government in my favor, he produced one within a matter of days, enabling me to win my suit which had gone on for 8 years. He may have lied to Congress but he helped me. He was a major during that time frame and I was a buck seargent.

    Everyone that comes here knows that MSNBC cannot compete with you. You are much better.


  24. Daniel Smith

    Obamas legacy is Racism, Cop Killers and loss of integrity of our Government institutions.

    • Chip

      Bingo Daniel! To sum in up he was the great divider in chief… Chip

  25. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks for a great Friday wrap up. It is becoming very obvious that the Obama led government is so corrupt it makes the Nixon fiasco look like nothing at all.
    I wish every person in this country would watch this one.
    Happy New Year. Sylvia
    Subject: Putting the puzzle together :
    Posted on January 1, 2017 by sundance

  26. Diane D.

    Sodom and Gomorrah were swamps. It took more than draining them to address them. And it took more than man.

    Yet we remain hell-bent on saving a government which is intent on destroying us. We need a divorce from DC and most cities.

  27. Bill

    Diane D; Agree. Maybe we should nuke Wash DC and start over somewhere in Kansas.

    • Paul ...

      The nuclear bomb in Wash DC was dismantled along with the ones near Trump Tower in NYC … perhaps instead of dismantling the nukes … they should have simply been relocated and put under the Bush, Obama and Clinton Presidential Libraries!!

  28. Jan

    Trump needs the wisdom of Solomon on this one. Politically, he is can always the DNC is lying, but he can’t get away with saying the U.S. intelligence community is lying about the Russian “hacking” (being the Wikileaks source which Assange vehemently disavowed on his in-person interview with Sean Hannity.) Hannity said he believes every word Assange said, but a lot of conservative media and Republicans from McCain to Ryan are backing Clapper & the intel folks on this one. For example, on Bill O’Reilly’s “talking points” he said that Clapper “has no reason to lie” about the Russian “hacking” and so O’ Reilly is accepting what Clapper says as fact.

    I would say Julian Assange has no reason to lie and in fact, his source(s) [if still alive] would certainly know if he was lying, and he’d lose a lot of credibility with certain people. Assange has staked his entire reputation and that of Wikileaks on a flawless track record of truthfulness. In contrast, you pointed out Clapper’s record of perjury.

    While you and your audience of private citizens can take Assange’s side over the U.S. intel community’s position without any consequences, for Trump to do the same would be viewed as making enemies with the U.S. intel community like the CIA and FBI before he’s ever sworn into office. It would be disastrous. Like I said, he needs the wisdom of Solomon here.

    • Paul ...

      Perhaps like Solomon … Trump should ask the public to “clap once” to hold Clapper’s feet to the fire and “clap twice” to put his ass in the fire to get the real truth out of him!!

  29. Mike from the North

    Bill Holter Sunday!!!


    There is another man with integrity and smarts.

    Love this man for his ability to speak his mind and his opinion without holding back.


    They will be the catalyst of change, and maybe then we can awaken the sleeping population and move them away from their Televisions were they get fed nothing but BS and distractions.

    I can see the momentum building. I wonder if Mr. Trump walks away from the security meeting this afternoon with the TRUTH or just more less than adequate disclosure.

    I am sorry but the CIA and other such agencies seem to have run their course and now are of little benefit to keeping the world safe.


    • Rick Geisler

      Agreed. I always look forward to another “Bolster with Holter” interview. Can’t wait.

  30. Dave

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    Unfortunately many Americans expecting tax relief from the Trump Administration could be in for a very unpleasant surprise?

    Will you be one of them?

    More details here:

  31. Deanna Johnston Clark

    What will historians say about our use of power?

    God help us.

  32. Charles H


    IMO – You’ve made the grade. I don’t know if you are compensated adequately for your effort: but your presentation is “Top-Notch”. When you set yourself up for an answer – I answer right along with you: which shows how close you keep the attention. You are putting the dots together really well; and following you is easy, and natural. There isn’t any MSM beauty-bimbette or male personality out there that comes close. It’s like the difference between organic healthy and GMO.

    With no conscience toward or of God: there is no standard of Truth. With no standard of Truth: there is only Winning – and the “Ends justify the Means” to get to win. Lies, dirty dealing, cheating, stealing – basically, anything you can get away with: which is pretty much almost anything. (Those who sealed and signed Election Boxes should be hanged.)
    Obama tries to disqualify Trump – that’s rich. His university application is for a foreign student, and if anything – he is the interloper and disqualified. No muslim takes patriotic convictions over religio/philosophic orientation. Obama: an eight year scam: on America, and the world in turn.
    No wonder he can ‘poke the russian bear’, set the Middle-East on fire, and stab Israel in the back: he has created a muslim Diaspora: and has almost corrupted all of Western culture in doing so. Satanists (pizza-gaters) and muslims – why would they want Christian America (and Europe) to go down in flames?!??
    Keep on keeping-on, brother.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles for the analysis and the kind words!

  33. Al

    MSPMS is no competition to you Greg! You hit it out of the park every time.
    As for Megan, she got fired! Plain and simple… No doubt. Think about it. She is the personification of a failed Oligarchy and Fox wants to be on Trump’s “good side” by doing so. Well.. Trump is not stupid.
    Newt Gingridge was asked by Fox “why were the Russians dancing when Trump was elected?” as if they had anything to do with it thus adding to the false narrative.
    Answer… Because they love freedom! Besides, I distinctly recall Kenyans jumping for joy when obama got elected… yet no one asks why, not even Fox (in the hen house) news.
    I leave that answer up to the reader of this post.

    PS: Looking good on that $150.00 camera LOL

    • Irice Hogan

      Why were they dancing? The same reason the american people were dancing! The world dodged a bullet! Hillary is on record, she wanted war with Russia. Her past is on record too and both peoples know the unholy trinity of McCain/Graham and the addition of Hillary as president would surely end in world war.

      • Chip

        I cheered on Brexit as well but doesn’t mean I hacked that vote… Chip

    • Cold feet

      Why were they dancing? The same reason the american people were dancing! The world dodged a bullet! Hillary is on record, she wanted war with Russia! Her past is on record too and both peoples know the unholy trinity of McCain/Graham and the addition of Hillary as president would surely end in world war.
      Hold ur celebrations till the coast is clear, , ,

  34. So Called

    See Rachel running scared! Tons of evidence, LOL!!!!!!!!

  35. Paul

    Hillary should be up for fraud for the foundation, and hopefully Obama goes up for treason … that would prove the elite are out!

    • Paul ...

      I hear the Clinton Foundation has been put on ice and Chelsea is under house arrest … Trump is on the job already!!

  36. Dave

    I watched Avi Lipkin on u tube this week and he made the comment,,, that the Palestinians would never accept a two state solution. The video was one or two months old.

    • Paul ...

      Why accept two states? … the DNA of the Palestinians (who never left the Holy Land) is the exact DNA as Jesus … thus the matter of who owns the Holy Land should be based upon “race” not religion (whether you are an Orthodox Christian or an Orthodox Jew should have no bearing on the matter (as the 1948 requirement for Israeli citizenship was simply based upon race not religion) … so “all the people” with the exact DNA of Jesus should abide by his example and stop the killing of each other now (if not voluntarily then it will have to be by UN edict) … “brother killing brother” was never an approved method of solving problems in the Bible … begin by accepting the principle (No Women, No Children) and “One Nation” (Israel) under God (Jesus) will flourish in the Holy Land and become an inspiration for all of mankind!!

      • Peter

        How could you know the DNA of Jesus? Do you think you have a relic? ‘Fess up, or you’re speaking bunkum. He rose from the grave. He ascended out of this earth from the Mt of Olives with His body.

        • Bulldog

          Peter, Paul sent a thorn from Christ’s crown with the blood of Jesus on it to They do good work.

  37. pat the rat

    Two little words Mata Hari spies

  38. DLC

    “You are defeated — and we are now in charge.” This thought still reverberates in Barry’s head even now, busy scheming to do Napoleon and Hitler one better. Never seen the little weasel so busy in his entire 8 years. I will feel better after 1/20, never seen a prez go down clawing like him.

    “You are defeated …….” We came so close to the same speech from Hillary. Expect anything till DJT is sworn in.

  39. Sayonara

    Great WNW.
    The most important thing I have learned in the last few of weeks is as follows:
    MSM is really MFM
    MFM = Mainstream Fake Media
    I no longer acknowledge the acronym MSM or the term Mainstream Stream Media because it does not exist.
    MFM or Mainstream Fake Media does exist for the time being and should be ignored and repudiated period!
    The existing truth news power house is USAWD. That would be USA Watch Dog led by the excellent in truth purveyor Greg Hunter.
    Happy New Year USAWDers and may the force of intellectual honesty and excellence prevail!

  40. DLC

    “Suite Francaise”

    This film is the result of an unfinished book written by a woman who died in Auschwitz, a victim of the last world war lunacy. Her surviving daughter found her mother’s notes in a suitcase over 50 years later. It was published, and 10 years later became this film.

    She wrote this in real-time as events were unfolding up until the time she was carted away to the death camp.

    I would like to believe we win our current war with basically the same elites pushing for chaos, same as all those decades ago.

  41. DLC

    “Suite Francaise,” as downloaded above, is a “cropped” film — I’m guessing because it is a rather recent film and it was cropped to avoid removal by Google.

    Just maximize your screen. The picture quality is good. I have only a 17″ screen but found it to be very watchable. The tale will pull you in. I never noticed the cropping.

  42. The Seer

    Interesting info Kent Dunn youtube

    Many NWO are in hiding – being sought – the veil is coming down

    • So Called

      Is this comedy? Because I laughed so hard couldn’t finish!
      Hope it is, because if you take this serious you better go back to XM Satellite radio. Don’t forget your antenna and tin hat!

  43. Mike from the North

    President elect likes to use Twitter to communicate with the American people.

    I cannot wait to see how the NWO handles that

    Are they going to delete his tweets if they do not like what he says????

    Can’t wait to see that one.

    History will NEVER forget 2017..The year of the PERFECT STORM.

  44. larrythelogger

    Greg, I have armadillos ruining my small 10 acres. I shot three but more come back to take their place. It has to be Putin hacking into their brains or hacking through their tough shells or something. Like the fully released US intelligence report about Russian election hacking I read on ZeroHedge, I have exactly the same kind of proof and here it is; When I went to install a new window on a room addition, the roughed in opening turned out to be too short by half an inch and I had to do some tricks to make it fit. The ONLY conclusion is that Putin hacked my tape measure while I was framing in the rough opening. Of course Putin would be motivated to prevent me from installing an energy efficient, low-e glass window so that someday I would want to heat my house with Gazprom natural gas and not MFA Propane. Like the US intelligence report states and using their exact same logic, I am confident it was Russian hacking that made the opening too small and can conclude with the same confidence and same US intelligence report logic that Russia is hacking armadillos and forcing them onto my property.

    • Greg Hunter

      You’re very clever and funny Larry. Thank you.

  45. Jesse James

    Breaking! Obama/DHS Preparing to Overturn Trump Election?
    1/6 InfoWar

    Kellyanne Conway on why Trump is questioning U.S. intel
    CBS This Morning 1/6
    Kellyanne Conway blows them off the scent!

  46. Paul ...

    It is about time those who believe in constant war and brother killing brother are brought to justice!!

  47. wondrouscat

    Couldn’t help but notice when looking at some pictures of the interior of the White House that the Obamas had it redecorated predominately in gold, yellows and greens, so that it looks sort of like a Marriott. The near absence of any red, white and blue was really remarkable. President Trump should restore the colors of this country to the White House.

  48. Jesse James

    Want more Kellyanne? You got it!!!

  49. Fernando Berwash

    Friday 1/6/17: Roger Stone, Alex Jones, David Knight
    Ron Gibson–VxM

  50. Southern Girl

    I think the media/elites still think we are drinking the same water….they cant understand how we can find the truth on sites like this. I believe you are right Greg, so many fake news reports that they are hanging them selves and can’t see it.

    Never watched any of the news CNBC, MSN, etc. They all blow hot air and try to talk over one another…that is just annoying not news.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!

  51. Diane

    Thanks for sticking up for Greta Van Susteren
    Fox didn’t renew her contract, she’s been traveling with Rev. Franklin Graham and his Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian charity.
    She was offered a few jobs in TV and accepted MSNBC’s offer
    She is getting criticism from Fox News fans.
    They don’t remember all the years she has defended our military and law officers.
    She was a critic of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
    She’s a good lady. Thank you Greg for mentioning that.
    I told her you did that.
    You and Greta value decent Christian values and truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      You told her I did that? Do you personally know her? If you do wow, cool. Love Greta and her brain!

      • Diane

        I don’t personally know her, but post everyday on her facebook page.
        I posted your comment along with today’s News wrap up on dozens of pages.
        She answers many of comments.
        I want all those people to listen to your week’s wrap up.

      • Galaxy 500

        Greta is lost. She is not a Christian. She follows the cult of Scientology and is on record of giving them over $100K up to 1998. So don’t let anyone us Christian or Christian values in association with Van Susteren

  52. Mark Tipping

    this is interesting too …
    Hillary Clinton Collapsing Was A Hoax – It Was A Mannequin Dummy
    RUSH: One Of The Hillary Collapsing Videos Is FAKE!
    Frame-By-Frame Analysis of Hillary Clinton Collapsing/Fainting

  53. coalburner

    To Greg to Codger. I am not buying excessive disrespect for Clapper. He is still doing the best he can to stay up and up for the country. I have pondered this subject for a considerable time. The first time he lied, in his view he was trying to protect the country, not do damage. No intel guy can trust Congress. They all know what is going on and that is why Congressman King, one of the few has actually defended these guys. Congress leaks secrets so fast to the MSM that the story is in the paper before the Secret Hearing is over. Neither Congress nor the people had decided about this and he never did it all on his own. It doesn’t work that way as CC knows. If he answered truthfully before the few brains in Congress had time to think it over, it wouild be out to the enemy no matter what. Well Congress decided to tell all since there was so much distrust by the people of Obama and his traitorous actions. Remember Obama approved a lot of that stuff after Bush left, although he will lie and deny. As for Russian hacking , the evidense is in the secret report and probably some asset’s life is on the line. Same as the leaker of Podesta and Hillary’s emails. Whoever inside gave it too Wiki probably did it because Hillery murdered the young guy in DC and the backup does not want to be killed by the Hillery murder squad. Bottom line this site and other sites telling the truth get results. More than ever before. Sometimes maybe more than we want.

    • Galaxy 500

      Excessive disrespect? How much disrespect does a lair or perjurer get in your book? Just curious? These charges of lying are proven, demonstrable. If he lied for political purposes once, why would anyone believe this clearly bogus politically motivated hack job?
      The heads of the IRS, BLM, EPA, DOJ et al should be tried for treason and hanged. Lois Learner, first.
      And the character assasination of Assange (sp) is laughable. Governments, politicians, and crime consortiums all hate Jullian because IF HE GETS CREDIBLE info, he will disseminate it. End of story. Republican Demoncrats Independent. Jullian does not have a political ax to grind. His master is truth

  54. Billy

    Russia may or may not have hacked, but its very concerning the trust that Trump has for Putin. The bible says know them by there fruit.
    Lets look at Putin’s fruit- Invaded, Crimea, Geogia and Ukraine.
    Supporters of the 2 world leading terrorist nation who hate America and Israel – Iran and Syria. Rex Tillerson trumps secretary of state is a lover of Russia. I think Putin is playing chess and America is going to be outplayed and outsmarted.
    America should cease all negotiations with Putin. He is not a friend!! He hates America.

    • Alvin York

      Lets look at Putin’s fruit- Invaded, Crimea, [?] Georgia and Ukraine.

      Bill Russia annexed Crimea. They were already their stupid. Russia has been their longer than the Independence of the United States, with their only warm water Naval base. You think they’ll ever give it up? Remember what Chuck Heston said about giving up his gun?

      Ukraine is almost all half ethnic Russian and fear their going to be removed. Russia says it never went into Ukraine, except for some Russian citizens on their own volition. The thing is Trump doesn’t feel its all worth going back to the cold war and our military agree’s. Were sick of war and it’s even crazier to think were going to push Russia around and even if we got anywhere, is it worth taking the chance of an incident. Right on their border?
      Trump knows were broke busted and disgusted. It’s time to shore up our own Naval bases. Let alone our homeland. Nows not the time for war cold or hot and we should work on our own land of the free and home of the brave and our sick and tired, of being sick and tired. Stick around on USAWatchdog. You’ll learn and soon realize, if we all don’t hang together and I mean the whole world on this one [world wide economic collapse] well all hang separately! Don’t drink the McCain/Graham Kool-Aid. War this time wont get us out of this economic mess, hitting us like a freight train, Cause well all be dead, like radioactive dead [war with Russia!?] Trump will give peace a chance! Our only chance….Mark his words!

      Crimeans back Russian takeover: If they try to take it back, ‘I will fight’
      Kim Hjelmgaard , USA TODAY Published 2:32 p.m. MT Jan. 4, 2017 | Updated 3:11 a.m. MT Jan. 5, 2017
      Billy boy,
      Putin is smarter than Obama. Only because he’s never took Obama’s bait. If he did, we’d probably be gone by now. Thats where Trump is smarter than both. He will make Mexico pay for the wall and believe me, the neo-conmen will pay for the peace and security coming with the Trumpster. He’ll see to that. He will bring it back, mark his words. They haven’t been able to stop him [neo-conmen and women]now nobody’s going to be able to stop him. The Trumpster is going to be throwing out this old world filth and refuse where they belong. In the dumpster! It’s our turn now, we the people! The warriors, the workers, the middle class, flyover country, Joe the plumber and i’ll personally throw in a sixpack, cause were packin too!

  55. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap Up my Friend. You predicted Trump’s victory early on and in the end you started to question your own good judgment and analysis. But in the end, you knew you were right and stuck to it. And you were spot on.
    Keep it up Greg

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