WikiLeaks Documents Coming From US Intelligence Not Russia, MSM & Democrat Party Dying

1aaaBy Greg Hunter’s  (WNW 260 11.4.16)

There are numerous reports on the alternative media of documents being given to WikiLeaks to counter the corruption and lawlessness of the Obamas and Clintons. AG Loretta Lynch has been reportedly blocking an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation that many say is a “global charity fraud” and a “huge criminal conspiracy.”  The leaked emails and documents show corruption between the Justice Department and Hillary Clinton.  These documents and emails also show a grand cover-up of the true treason that has taken place in the highest offices of the U.S. government.

The mainstream media (MSM) have been committing fraud on shareholders and the public by holding themselves out as “news organizations” when, in fact, they are functioning as propaganda for the Clinton campaign. It’s no surprise that the nation’s biggest newspaper, USA Today (GCI), has had its share price cut in half in the last a year.  Reuters is laying off 2,000 people, and quarterly profits at the New York Times have fallen by 95%.  The public is not buying the lies and propaganda the MSM is selling for the Democrats and the Clinton Campaign.

Internet researcher Clif High says both the MSM and the Democrat Party are dying. He says by 2020, the Democrat party will not exist, and the MSM will be well on its way to its death.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair of  will be interviewed on the Early Sunday Release.  They talk about the post 2016 election world.  They contend it is going to be a dangerous and scary-especially for the unprepared.

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  1. Da Yooper

    & the US military …….who will kick over any country that gets in the way of the globalist bankers

    but will do nothing when US pedophile politicians rape & pillage the American public

    lock the clintons up for the good of the republic & the children of the republic

    • mike

      lock up?? how about public executions like the ol days?

    • Bill

      Da Yooper; Can we include the head of the DOJ and FBI in the lockup. They are controlled by the Clinton crime family.

      • Da Yooper

        I good for that & put on prime time
        problem is the lying corrupt liberal media will piss & moan & the RINO’s will give it all a pass

        there are plenty of clintons minions in the government that need to go bye – bye

      • Paul ...

        The Clinton crime family supports moving American jobs to foreign lands … now with less jobs here in America … it is only logical that this crime family would support abortion … they can’t allow more Americans to be born as they move all our jobs overseas … because the unemployment numbers would go through the roof … so this crime family must kill millions of babies … to fullfill their globalist dreams !!!

        • Paul ...

          Is it any wonder a Department of Homeland Security report released in January 2012 says: “if you are “anti-abortion” you are a potential terrorist” !!
          Hey … you women voting for Hillary … do you realize that a government run by the Clinton crime family will eventually identify “marriage itself” to be a potential threat to national security!! … Hillary is going to make all you women into spinsters!!

          • Paul ...

            The crime family’s back up plan if Roe v. Wade is overturned is to use hormone laced GMO food to make all American men and women into gays and lesbians (that will help to keep the unemployment rate down) … however the pedophile perverts are going to suffer from the lack of children … but perhaps Epstein can create a “Spinster Island” and dress up 70 year old virgins in Victoria Secret outfits for the politicians to get their jollies off … they should do their part for Homeland Security!!

        • Frederick

          Theres an interview with Julian Assange by RT and he claims there is a leaking email of Clintons proving what we already knew that the Saudis and Qataris are financially supporting ISIS

    • 8Ball

      Military already heavily infiltrated.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      When I think of the marvelous women who have been part of Washington…from Martha to Margaret Chase Smith and Lady Bird Johnson with her efforts to clean up the interstates of billboards and trash…Jackie K and her White House tours… Dolly Madison, Victoria Woodhall, gutsy, caring women. And my Boomer generation gets the wicked witch of the West, filthy mouth and all. I just read about her tirade against Matt Lauer and am horrified someone of that caliber is going to get women’s votes…however did this happen?????

      • Frederick

        Deanna very good question and you were very kind in your criticism of the Hildebeast by the way God help us all if that grifter couple get anywheres near the Whitehouse As Trump says “Drain the swamp”

      • Chip

        women have been brainwashed by the msm … Chip

    • Frederick

      Brother Nathaniel did a great video on the ramifications of a Hillary presidency on Christian America on Nov 1st Check it out everyone

  2. allen ols

    I don’t want to wait until ESR for holter/Sinclair, pls post sat morn.

  3. Rick Geisler

    What a passionate review. I agree that two coups are happening. We as a people must back the good guys in the FBI and the intelligence departments. My only question to you, Greg, is do you think this will all end peaceably?

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope so, but this is what the 2nd is all about.

      • czzi

        Let me get this straight you are calling for war? Really, I thought you were an American first and intelligent. Even though I disagree with your points of view. However, calling for armed rebellion makes you a traitor. We are a country that knows how to transition our government peacefully. No matter who wins. Sad that all of your traitors cannot be civil. You are a sad pathetic person.

        • Paul ...

          So czzi … it would be perfectly fine with you if the mafia boss Al Capone who was under inditement for crimes of high treason simply transitioned peacefully to become our Criminal-in-Chief … without the other bosses having some say in the matter [the American people with their 2nd Amendment Rights being the other bosses]!! … usually when one boss usurps the throne (without the consent of the other bosses) bad things usually happen and it is not civil!!

        • MCasey

          czzi…….Commit the following to memory; everyone who’s “an American first” (as you put it) has already memorized it. (So glad you’re prepared to make the coming transition peacefully……well except for your name-calling and insults.)

          “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

          “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – 2nd Amendment

        • Navy E3

          And sending paid operatives into trump rallies to hurt inocent people makes democrats good people? Or commiting mass voter fraud? The second amendment makes NOBODY a traitor. Get real.

        • Anne Elliott

          Troll troll troll
          If you look at Greg’s past interviews and publishings, you would know he is NO traitor. Peace is always the hoped-for best option, but the Founding Fathers created the 2nd Amendment to preserve the Nation if all else fails. …and if the lies, collusion, and failure to implement the Rule of Law continues like it has, it kinda seems like we’re at that point now, doesn’t it?

        • Frederick

          czzi who are you accusing of calling for armed rebellion Im not seeing anything resembling that here by anyone

        • DBCooper

          Just so you can get this straight … as a Christian I do not believe in murder … and as a moral man I do not believe in torture … but I am not a pacifist and my religion is not one of absolute tolerance … there are lines drawn in the sand and God help those who try to cross one within my jurisdiction … that said crawl back under you rock and please stay there. DB

        • Chip

          no he’s not calling for war a$$hat… Chip

        • Charles H


          Fascinating and amazing how ones like you appear to air utterly stupid rants… it never fails.
          Your incomprehensible ignorance of the Second Amendment, and the Constitution itself really makes you a poster-boy (or girl) of a failed or skewed education. No one standing on the Second Amendment is a traitor; it is a position guaranteed above and beyond government. You are completely wrong in such an accusation. The rest of your comment makes as much sense as a child on the playground, calling others names. Calling them names doesn’t make them what you call them. What is SAD here is your display or torpid immaturity. The last time I saw something this pathetic, coming from a clique of frustrated girls, was in High School.
          You need to study Germany and Hitler’s rise to power; as well as the aftermath of the war – because, frankly: you are clueless. Here’s a link to consider:

  4. FC

    The loser of this election will be the President elected, as she or he will need to deal with an economic death spiral and a decaying society.

    • Bill

      FC; When The Donald gets elected, its just the beginning. We will need to stand strong in our support of him, as the msm and the Clinton crime family will attempt to discredit and destroy everything he attempts. Speak strongly to your congressman and senator when they go against President Trump!!!

      • MCasey

        Bill…very true…..they will not let up on Trump. (We all may have to swallow a bitter pill or two to bring America back.) I, for one, will not let up on those Republicans who have not supported Trump and may continue to fight him. (I wonder if they are afraid of what will expose about them once the “The Establishment” can no longer protect them.)

      • Chip

        you’re right Bill!!! Chip

    • Paul ...

      But FC … we can turn the economic death spiral we know the globalists are planning to our advantage … Trump simply has to take control of the Plunge Protection Team and print up as much fiat as it takes to short sell all the globalists business corporations … sell them short (for the American people) without mercy and drive their prices down and down toward zero and put them into backruptcy (as head of the US Government Trump can create as much fiat digital money as it takes to short the entire globalist cabals business holdings to bankruptcy) … once these globalist businesses are in bankruptcy … Trump can then cover his short position … and the profits made turned back into the Public Treasury to pay off our National Debt, fund Social Security and even provide the American people with free health insurance!!

  5. DLC

    Catherine Austin-Fitts interview from 4 days back discussing the press and the election. Fast forward to 5-minute mark where it actually begins.

  6. Chip2

    Good job, Greg! Let’s hope there are enough decent people left in the FBI and other agencies to rout them OUT, along with the hundreds of others that are complicit. There’s a lot of cleaning needing to be done.

  7. Neil

    Nice wrap up Greg. We really appreciate your work and the opportunity to post comments.
    Long live USAWatchDog and death to crooked dinosaur media.
    Rest up and enjoy your weekend.
    I have a feeling you will be very busy reporting sordid US government affairs for a while yet.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Neil.

  8. Elusive Joseph

    I think Trump might be a modern day Cyrus in Isaias 45. Cyrus, despite lacking the true Faith, was anointed by the Lord to subdue nations who are His enemies, protect Jacob (and other faithful) and bring back the Lord’s Social Reign. Our Lord is giving this nation one last chance…

    Bernie was sheepdogging for Hillary all along, but unbeknownst to the Democrats, this tactic backfired on them, for they disgruntled the electorate who supported Bernie, thus most of them will not vote for Hillary despite the sheep dog, Bernie, endorsing Hillary like the scripted sell-out that’s really him.

    The mainstream media is an utter joke. Legally, they need to be held accountable for colluding with Hillary and her cohorts. I call for prosecuting them along with all of the corrupt politicians involved in the Soft Coup against this republic. These Operation Mockingbird media shills should be shunned by anyone with at least half a brain.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen brother!!

    • Rich M

      I agree or perhaps like one of the Judges…. They were often the most unlikely people one would have thought to be deliverers whom the Lord sent to save the people..

      • Paul ...

        Your right … look at Ruty Giuliani … helping to get the NY Police Dept. to put pressure on the FBI to re-open the Hillary e-mail files case once again!!

    • Jan
      Elusive Joseph, check out the article link above which includes the following:
      In two separate sets of Bible codes, published three months apart, international Bible codes expert Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson shows evidence he has found that declares Donald J. Trump will win next week’s presidential election. Trump’s victory, Glazerson said, is directly connected to his support for Israel… He found “Donald” in Hebrew next to the Hebrew word for president. He also found a abbreviation for the Hebrew words for United States…The rabbi quotes the book of Isaiah and the story of Cyrus, which has been frequently referenced by evangelical faith leaders* who have supported the Republican presidential nominee. [*Especially Lance Wallnau]

    • Chip

      most intelligent comment on the board tonight! Amen… Chip

  9. rahrog

    The Beast is VERY dangerous right now.

    • Paul ...

      Trump is our matadore … but the bull is not dead yet … and has two very pointy horns (one being a war with Russia … the other a false flag alien invasion from outer space)!!

  10. Justn Observer

    Greg….Simply the best and most ethical voice speaking truth!
    and yes it appears a soft coup is in progress as you report…!
    Be Safe…and yes…God the Father is in control ! Will be waiting for your ESR !
    A big shout out, salute, and thank you to the NYPD… Some of the bravest men in blue on the streets taking a stand against some of the most corrupt and perverse on this planet – against all odds.
    Ph’d Steve Pieczenik says SOFT COUP IN PROGRESS at highest levels of U.S. Government?:
    Col. Shafer -ABLE DANGER:
    Pedophile Island (Lolita Express):

  11. Randy

    Let’s hope Clif High is right.
    All these politicians are self serving A-holes.
    I agree with Trump, we gotta drain the swamp.
    When I say we, I mean all true patriots who love
    America and want real justice restored.

    • Frederick

      I agree 100 percent Randy That swamp known as DC sure needs to be drain and flushed of all the sewage and refilled with fresh clean water Lets hope and pray we arent all being played by the Donald

    • Chip

      right on randy… Chip

  12. SharkBit

    Great reporting Greg. Agree Bernie is a total sellout. Disgusting and he should be ashamed of himself. I have lost all respect for Sanders. Real Clear Politics – “Average of Fraud”. Brilliant. Trump landslide incoming. Although I fear the election will be rigged to give it to Hillary even though the electorate is far more behind Trump. Should this happen, will be a sad day for America.

  13. bob

    I speak to people of all ages, male and female, the support for Trump is far more than is being reported! the lies of this government and MSM are on a epic scale and people know it! You have played a big part in the resistance brother, there are a lot of people awake and not as stupid as they think we are.
    Thank You for all you do!
    take care of that cold and be well.

    • Paul ...

      No wonder the MSM is supporting Hillary … look at what Wiki Leaks says she feeds them at her dinner gatherings …

      • Paul ...

        Lets do away with “all” body and blood eating rituals … it is all Satan’s plan to make us immoral … we should have risen above this religious “sheepish following” ignorance by now!! … the evil Satanists will tell us that if we eat cow fleash and blood we will turn into moo moo’s and therefore we should be eating humans! … God gave us brains “to think with” … and not simply blindly follow evil Satanists that will turn us into baby eating and fetus eating cannibals … but they do sometimes feed it to us in the food or soda we buy (if we are unaware)!!

    • Frederick

      Bob I get the same impression about it from friends and associates Almost exclusively for Trump

    • Chip


  14. Oracle 911

    Hillary represents EVERYTHING bad and hated by Americans in the ruling system of the US. This is why he (whatever the biology says a I don’t recognize Hillary as a woman and human being) won’t be elected. (That is what I meant about you, the Americans already made the choice.) Personally I think somebody pulled few strings to put the most corrupt and sickening person on the list of candidates. And the rest happened almost in automatic regime, like in chemical reactions if the conditions are right, then things go as you want and you need adjust only the conditions. Which means Sanders was a sacrificial pawn to totally discredit the current ruling system and class. This would happen anyway but in much more un-orderly way with highly volatile and explosive outcome.

    Trump while he is not exactly a self made man (because the culture of making money by your own hard and smart work was already present in his family). He is much more better choice for the US despite being a New-Yorker, which is more a state of mind or diagnosis (pick your favorite 😉 ) then a geographic description of origin. The reason why I’m saying this is simple, his politics has ideological basis in the “Fordism” (except the Jew bashing). If you read H. Ford’s autobiography “My Life and Work” you will realize it.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Oracle 911

      I forgot ad the incompetent to the list , which means Hillary is the most incompetent, corrupt and sickening candidate for the White House.

  15. Anthony Australia

    The smell of death is in the air, a new dawn is breaking.
    United we stand!

    The Metta Prayer

    May all beings be happy, content and fulfilled.

    May all beings be healed and whole.

    May all have whatever they want and need.

    May all be protected from harm, and free from fear.

    May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease.

    May all be awakened, liberated and free.

    May there be peace in this world, and throughout the entire universe.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Sounds good, but you’re missing the most important thing. The Truth. The Way. The Life. The person Jesus. We MUST quit sacrificing truth on the alter of peace.

      • Anthony

        I’m Buddhist, not missing anything sorry.

      • Chip

        thinking the same tracy, only God the Father and Lord Jesus Christ can bring such things… Chip

  16. your fan in Japan

    Conspiracy or not?
    Today my rural Japanese newspaper’s front page article announces
    “US-Japan (presidential) talks scheduled for Feb 2017- to confirm strengthening relations ”
    And there is a picture of Hillary Clinton.
    A smaller headline does state “if Hillary wins”. But the things that catch your eye are the scheduled talks headline and Hillary’s picture.
    Conspiracy? Or maybe it is to calm markets- because the yen rose 2% on Wednesday with the news that Trump had the lead in some polls. (Presumably Japanese investors were selling US investments and bringing the money back to Japan-thus buying yen- thus raising the yen (my idea here)).
    Anyway, food for thought for the conspiracy theorists.
    BTW haven’t missed a program- just haven’t commented recently.

    • Charles H

      Conspiracy to rule: it’s a Global thing.

  17. Concerned american dad

    Thanks Greg for another excellent WNW. Thanks for fighting through your cold to deliver the goods. ‘Hopep you’re feeling better- looking forward to that early sunday release!

  18. Claude J

    Hi Greg,

    Speaking of Hillary getting away with things that others wouldn’t. Right after watching your WNW I came across this story about a navy sailor who is spending a year in a federal prison for mishandling classified info, while Hillary mishandled information which is more highly classified than this info ever would be.

    Meet the sailor in prison for mishandling classified info

  19. Pattcuda

    This has to be one of your best Weekly News Wrap-ups. The information has been given to the American people of just how corrupt the Clintons/DOJ/White House/State Department/MSM have become. God help us if enough people refuse to believe the truth. Thanks for the important work that you do, I believe more people are turning away from the MSM everyday and are following folks like yourself who seek the truth. Stay safe, blessings to you and your family.

    • Chip


  20. Jerry

    This may be the last opportunity I have to thank you for all you do. Following Tuesdays election we will be sailing into uncharted waters. If Trump gets elected, the elites will most likely collapse the system before they relinquish power in January. If Clinton gets elected, the globalist will declare war on anyone they perceive as a threat to their plans of installing the North American Union in this country.

    Either way we have a date with destiny, and we are about to find out what the truth really is. In my own life, I have prepared physically and as you said spiritually for what is to come. If death is part of the equation, so be it. Whatever success I have had in my life I owe to my lord and savior Jesus Christ to whom I serve. At the end of the day, he is the one in control, not Lucifer. Again. THANK YOU GREG!

    • BobT

      @ Jerry.


    • Faith

      Jerry, amen to you, my brother-in-Christ. You have done an excellent job at trying your best to warn people. I have said that if Hilliary wins I will sell everything and leave the country and move to Iceland. That would be heartbreaking as I love the land of my birth.

      Mr. Hunter, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to keeping this site going. I am grateful that you continue to perservere as a real reporter. Thank you!

    • Chip

      AMEN, feel the same Jerry… Chip

  21. Tad

    I like the prospects for gold and silver immediately before and after the election.

    • Greg Hunter

      We have been told a huge lie and that is “debt is money and debt is an asset.” We are going to find out in spectacular fashion that neither is true.

      • JC Davis

        Greg you could write this for the Sunday release. I bet this is the focus.

    • Frederick

      Im a buyer either way because the dollar is topping out in my honest opinion which is always a good thing for real money

  22. Alan R

    Greg, you are a *very* good man in addition to being an exceptional and exceptionally honest journalist. I am not alone when I say I too feel your pain as we witness what may well be the final battle between good and evil in this once great nation. They count on the majority being incapable of independent thought and blindly accepting the non-stop stream of lies, scandals, perversion, baseless smears, misdirection, etc. Sadly they may be right about that if what I see and hear from so many brain dead zombies all around us anymore is any indication.

    I think you & Cliff High are both 100% correct, the Democratic party is essentially done as are the MSM propaganda outlets masquerading as “news organizations”, what a pathetic joke and what utterly criminal frauds they’ve all shown themselves to be. Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz might as well be the poster girls for the contemptuous travesty that must have our Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.

    The depth of corruption and criminality runs so deep and wide in the US government one has to wonder if the nation can pull out of this nosedive toward the earth or if it will auger in the ground in one final crash & burn moment. With only a few days until the election and the mounting evidence of a completely rigged outcome already in place regardless of ACTUAL vote counts, we truly need Divine intervention to trigger a mass awakening on the part of genuinely good people everywhere. The world is watching but I fear it will not matter, they’d sooner destroy the planet than allow their collective wet dreams of unbridled power to destroy all that is good be derailed.

    All of us USAW supporters and viewers thank you for never backing down nor abandoning your own integrity and genuinely high moral principles. God help us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alan!!

    • Charles H

      Agreed, ALAN R. There is more BEHIND all that’s happening than meets the eye. Some could say that they even act possessed.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Amen Alan R. I couldn’t agree more. I pray for a hedge of protection around Greg like the darkness has never seen 🙂

    • Chip

      Alan, what a wonderful post. You prove that the readers here are some of the best, most decent people on the planet. And the most intelligent. Thank you and thank Greg for this forum. People like you and Greg give me HOPE that there is still some good in this world… Chip

  23. andyb

    If the pedophilia rumors prove to be true and, most importantly, if they are allowed to be exposed, there is no way that Obama can pardon Hillary if she wins the election. It’s one thing to pardon a financial criminal like Marc Rich; quite another to pardon a serial child molester. Weiner and Huma will cop a plea, but an indictment before the election won’t happen. Trump will need a landslide vote total to offset the fraud. Barring a Trump win, we will be in an immediate constitutional crisis, something that the globalists will exploit. I would imagine that Soros will provide millions for false flag shootings that will be attributed to patriot groups/militias and the call for gun confiscation will be the headline in every MSM propaganda outlet. “never let a crisis go to waste”


    Please be careful folks. Attune your situational awareness. Assume you live in a lawless 3rd world country and act accordingly.

    • Chip

      you’re scaring me…

  24. Deanna Clark

    Blessed weekend, all!!
    Let’s pray for our country and for peace. I’m a bit on edge that emotions may break in the Clinton camp…as the song says, “Something’s Gotta Give”.
    When we think of the prison sentences being served for misdemeanors and non violent crimes, often by teenagers, we can only wonder at the justice system in America. The beautiful symbol of a lady holding simple scales, a scarf tied across her eyes has succumbed to a cynicism and duplicity so huge, it’s almost unimaginable.
    The schemes of the cynical have always fooled us, wrapped in flags, crosses, and other symbols. We can only hope for the best. The build up of arms on the edge of Russia is not fooling us…this is one naked and ashamed…pure desperation by power and bucks.

    • Chip


  25. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Trump has already stated that the MSM will NOT have access to him after he takes office, so you and Sean, at SGT, and all the others in the ALT media better grow your business models. Good luck.

    p.s. We think you are pretty dang smart yourself. That is why we listen to the WNW, because it reflects your knowledge. Keep it up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC!!

    • BobT

      @ CC
      Agree. Greg needs to email Trump and throw his hat into the ring for his “real” news outlet for the new America.

  26. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    Do you know how this message is called?

    ” US Warns Of Possible Al-Qaeda Terrorist Attack On Monday Targeting NY, Texas And Virginia”

    ……a waiver for Hillary!!! Please please jail the bi…!!!


    Peter (from Europe)

  27. Jimmy

    Why do you think the DNC is not sweating this election at all? The Clinton media network start by putting out fake polls saying the race is very close with Clinton in the lead by a slight margin. We have seen enough evidence to know the voting will be rigged (see: Fraction Magic) to reflect those same fake poll results so people will accept the results … after all, the media has been saying the race was close for months so it should come as no surprise (wink, wink). Once in power she can forgive Obama of any crimes and have complete control over ANY investigation, CIA, FBI, NSA … she can wipe the whole thing away completely. Pretty good strategy actually.

    • Chip

      pretty good strategy which should send them straight to he!!…. Chip

  28. Rod King

    Richard Millhouse Nixon said;

    I am not a crook!

    Will Hillary Rodham Clinton say;

    I am not a Traitor and a crook?

    Continued Corruption without Interruption
    _______[Clinton/Kain 16]

    That is the. . . . [?]

    • Paul ...

      Will Hillary Rodham Clinton say;
      I am not a Traitor, a crook, a lesbian, a pedophile, a drug dealer, a money launderer, a warmonger, pay for play, abortionist or philanderist!

  29. Greg

    FBI can’t charge Clinton. They can only control the investigation. The Justice Department under Clinton crony Lynch has to bring the charges if any are to be brought. That’s like expecting Black Lives Matter people to police their own neighborhoods. If Trump is not elected no charges will ever be brought. The FBI will be purged and Clinton corruption will continue the current Obama corruption.

    Lynch can’t let any type of prosecution proceed because the corruption goes all the way to Obama.

    SO.. Obama cannot allow Trump to take office. If Clinton wins, corruption continues. If Trump wins Obama will take whatever steps needed to block Trump’s presidency.

    We will have to be prepared to fight to take the government back.

    • Chip

      You are correct Greg. Thing is, the NYPD CAN bring charges if the Fed does not! SO, there is some leverage outside the Federal Government. Further, if the evidence is as damming as some have surmised, there will be patriots that will leak said info and it will come out. I have hope this will come to pass… Chip

  30. Aussie Clive

    Greg – your passion and integrity in infectious.
    Also from Zero Hedge, a must read report: “Something Big Is Underway On All Fronts” ( This is frightening.
    A perfect storm has formed (artificially created) on three fronts: Imminent global war; Imminent global economic crash; and the beginning of open revolt from within the US Government.
    All ‘geomilitary’ activities, particularly within the last year, seems to me, to be rushing to position themselves by the date of the US election or inauguration. Hope I am wrong. And I hope a President Trump can pull back the reigns on this out-of-control mess.
    I am concerned, however, that the ‘soft coup’ from within the FBI or a failure to steal the election from Trump may actually force Obama or whoever the real puppet masters are, to ‘pull it’ again. The stakes are high, and it wouldn’t take much in the current environment, for a ‘Soft Coup’ to turn bloody.
    Good luck for your election next week.

    • Kerry

      The danger from EM pulse attack is very real. Our grid is not hardened against it. Read “One Second After”. An older novel but the concepts are right on. Our nation would be devastated from a nuclear blast at altitude over the continental US-we would be thrown back into the steam age, at best. Almost nothing electronic works and the grid could be down for months, if not years. Can you imagine what would happen in a large city if there were no power and no cell phones, no smart phones, no TV or internet, or working cars for months?!

      • Faith

        Kerry, and EMP attack or a cyber attack could both be extremely disruptive. Two weeks ago there was a large attack which brought down multiple services for hours. In my area both Comcast (which provides my local internet and landline service) and Verizon (which provides my cellphone service) were both down for about 12 hours. That meant that I had no cell phone, no land line phone, no TV, and no internet. I do have radios that get AM/FM/weather/SW. There were only two more things that could have happened that would have caused me to go into a full panic. If the electricity had also gone out, at the same time and if I had been unable to start my car or to use one of my back-up portable radios. If my car had not started that would have indicated an EMP had occurred (either natural or man made) within a few hundred miles of my location. If the electric power had gone out but my car and small radios still operated that would have indicated that a cyber attack was underway. A cyber attack doesn’t worry me as much as an EMP. I wanted to share my views on how I decide what has happened based on the application of reason to quickly determine what has happened when there is no one else (and no media) available. You will need to be able to troubleshoot the situation and reach your own conclusions based on the best available evidence.

  31. Jerry

    The globalist backup plan in case Hillary loses. War.

    Of course nothing is mentioned in our media. You have to go to a BRIC newspaper to see what our criminal government is up to. What possible interest does NATO or the U.S. have in Belarus?

    • Linda L.

      Don’t you think that the globalist want to include Russia’s territory (along with Syria) in their NWO plans (10 world regions). So my question to you is, does it really matter who wins this elections when it comes to the military build-ups on the Russian borders? Won’t this continue to be encouraged by the elite no matter who wins the election?

      • Tin foil hat

        Linda L,
        I remember McCain and the rest of the neocons, including the media, were prepping the masses for a military incursion into Syria a few years ago.
        I believe Obama singlehandedly stopped that with the promise of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ISIS. Hence, it does matter who wins the election.

      • Jerry

        It is my opinion that the BRICS have wanted out of the NWO for a multitude of reasons, not withstanding the collapse of the old Bretton Woods System and the corruption that is in it. How much the western oligarchs are involved with the building of the new BRIC exchange system is open for debate. You are correct. At the end of the day the election won’t change anything, Use this time to prepare while you still can.

      • Chip

        No Linda, i think if Trump is put in there he will put an end to the USSA world hegemony BS and start negotiating with other nations as if they were equals… Chip

    • JC Davis

      Jerry you scare me. Always a post ahead of what I am thinking.

      • Jerry

        We are living in the last days. Anything is possible.

    • Anne Elliott

      “What possible interest does NATO or the U.S. have in Belarus?” It can start a war that will cover their crimes and keep them employed for a while longer.

    • Faith

      Jerry, the answer? None. Except that Belarus is on the border of Russia.

  32. Kip

    It’s sad to see our destruction of our nation right in front of our eyes, but the Lord Jesus said when you see all these things BEGIN to come to pass
    Lift up your heads for your redemption drawers nigh. Thank you for pleading with the people to get their hearts right before God. There is only one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.

    • Charles H

      Thanks, Kip – spot on comment.

  33. JALLEN

    I look forward to the Friday wrapups as they are far superior to any news reporting on Television!
    I believe our prayers to the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the name of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ will be answered. As far as , Obummer, Hillary, Bill and all those associated with them, such as NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, have no truth in them and will be Judged in the court of the ALMIGHTY G_D OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB. WOE UNTO THEM FOR THEIR TIME IS NEAR.

  34. Constance C.

    Neither immortal life in heaven nor eternal life on earth will be plagued by the suffering common today. God is aware of the pain we experience, even as he knew how the Israelites suffered as slaves in Egypt. Indeed, “during all their distress it was distressing to him.” (Isa. 63:9) Centuries later, the Jews were afraid because of enemy opposition to the rebuilding of the temple, but Jehovah said: “Whoever touches you touches the pupil of my eye.” (Zech. 2:8) Just as a mother has tender feelings for her baby, God is moved to act lovingly in behalf of his people. (Isa. 49:15) In a sense, our loving heavenly father can put himself in the place of others, and he has given us that ability.—Ps. 103:13, 14.

  35. Chip

    Been waiting all week for this Greg and you did not disappoint! On topic this was part of a story on SuperStation95. I can’t say how reliable this is but it is the end for the Clinton’s if it is…

    NYPD detectives and an NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that

    if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co-conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices.

    The depravity of what has been found lead the NYPD Chief to also say:

    “What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach. There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

    The NYPD Chief said once Comey saw the alarming contents of the emails he was forced to reopen a criminal probe against Clinton.
    “People are going to prison,” he said.
    Meanwhile, FBI sources said Abedin and Weiner were cooperating with federal agents, who have taken over the non-sexting portions the case from NYPD. The husband-and-wife Clinton insiders are both shopping for separate immunity deals, sources said.
    “If they don’t cooperate they are going to see long sentences,” a federal law enforcement source said.

    Have a good weekend… Chip

    • Paul ...

      You have to feel sorry for any prisioner locked up with gay Weiner … unless he makes an immunity deal to avoid prision and puts Hillary behind bars instead … then you will have to feel sorry for any woman prisioner locked up with lesbian Hillary! … either way some poor prisioner is going to be abused!

  36. Constance Crumbey


    Imagine the extent of our anxiety if we were consumed by efforts to store up “treasures on the earth.” (Matt. 6:19) Jesus used an illustration to show that “the anxiety of this system of things and the deceptive power of riches” can choke the word of the Kingdom. (Matt. 13:18, 19, 22) Whether worrying about money or not, some people constantly imagine all the bad things that can possibly happen. However, uncontrolled anxious thoughts can cause us physical and spiritual harm. Let us trust in God and remember that “anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down, but a good word cheers it up.” (Prov. 12:25) Good words of encouragement from someone who understands us can make our heart rejoice. Confiding in our parents, our spouse, or a trusted friend who views things from God’s standpoint may help to relieve our anxiety.

    No one understands our anxiety better than our heavenly father. “Do not be anxious over anything,” wrote Paul, “but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God; and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:6, 7) Think about those who are helping to protect us from spiritual harm—fellow believers, elders, the angels, Jesus, and God the father himself.

    • Chip

      Thank you for that CC, I personally needed that. Greg you do indeed have the greatest readers/bloggers/interviewee’s on the internet… Chip

  37. Dan

    The less than honest media , nixed , CHECK ! Next should be the NSA’s division spying on it’s own people !!

  38. Tommy

    Here’s an interesting item posted yesterday. Lisa Bloom (Gloria Allred’s daughter) is representing a woman who made a claim that Trump raped her when she was 13 at a Jeffrey Epstein party. She was supposed to give a press conference and reveal her identity but failed to show. Bloom says she received threats. Now for the questions. How come the Clinton campaign has never mentioned this case? Oh, lots of “he kissed me” he called me fat, etc. but nothing on this one. Also, MSM is deafeningly silent. Well, I guess because Julian Epstein is a Clinton crony who says he is a founding member of the Clinton Global Initiative and who has donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. And those 26 documented trips Bill took with Epstein on the “lolita express” to orgy island. Now enter Anthony Weiner’s computer.Apparently the NYPD found interesting info concerning the potential first man and his exploits in the “minor” leagues. So who would threaten this young lady? Would it be, could it be…Grandma C?

    • Jan

      The lawsuit has been dropped. “The accuser’s lead attorney, Thomas Meagher of New Jersey, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. He filed a one-page notice dismissing the case Friday evening in federal court in Manhattan. No explanation was given for the action.”

      Lawyers for both sides were supposed to prepare for a “status conference hearing” to be held on Dec. 16 for federal Judge Ronnie Abrams to assess the merit of the case (for moving forward in the court system.) This is the third time the accuser has filed a lawsuit against Trump, then dropped it; the most inflammatory accusations have also been omitted over time. She shouldn’t be wasting everyone’s time like this.

    • Frederick

      Oh yeah absolutely could very well be the Beast Tom Its all nonsense to smear Trump I dont believe for a second that he would be interested in a 13 year old girl He always had great sexy grown up girls why on earth would he want a child Donald is alot of things but hes no Jimmy Saville

  39. clare doll

    So I’m reading and watching and I can’t believe what I am seeing. And I am waiting, waiting, waiting for Friday hoping that Greg Hunter will have his weekly wrapup so I can verify what I am hearing and seeing through the only newsman that I truly TRUST and … there you are! Thank you, yes, but understand BRAVO!

  40. Hatemail

    You were not being mocked because you were wrong, it’s because you thought the truth would prevail when we all knew the system was and still is rigged.
    We all are just as disgusted as you are.
    Now we have to wait and see if the election will be rigged.

    • Charles H

      Wait and See.

  41. Russ

    Great wrap-up Greg. Too much info to take it all in, over-load — here’s another…
    Never seen before Clinton emails and Huna/Weiner had them filed away in a folder named “Life Insurance” ??? Life Insurance? People around the Clinton’s do find themselves waking up dead so maybe having that type of life insurance is a prerequisite to hanging out with Bill & Hill.
    Regardless, now that Huma has been demoted from “daughter”/BFF/Girl Friday to just another staffer, Huma may be glad her former other half squirreled that stuff away. Some of the stuff I’ve read online is pretty disgusting and to keep folks from needing to disinfect their computer screens I’ll just not repeat it — XXX disgusting…
    Looking forward to Sunday’s early release. Considering the “soft-coup”, the phrase “scorched earth” comes to mind if Trump wins.

    • Chip

      having watched them closely for three decades, the Clinton’s are PURE EVIL… Chip

  42. Diane D.

    I’ll give Trump two things: he opened the eyes of the sheep to the truth about the complicit MSM and traitorous Republican Party. While I have very limited expectations of Trump’s effectiveness perhaps he will be the catalyst for patriots to fight for a new republic(s).

    Why do we allow ourselves to be distracted trying to save an evil system intent on destroying us? I guess it is easier than putting any skin in the game. It will be a tough sell to God. It will be a tough sell to our grandchildren.

    • Frederick

      True about opening the sheeples eyes but those of us who have been following Greg since the begginning obviously already got the message

    • Chip

      DD, non-violent revolution is ALWAYS preferable to the alternative. Best that we let this run its course and trust in God and that there are enough of us God fearing folk that will do the right thing to right this ship… Chip

  43. James Goodin

    always great can’t wait till Sunday. Do you take Patreon?

  44. PzBz

    Hope you feel better, Greg.
    Thanks for the WNW.

  45. Bill

    GREG; Clif High says the democratic party is going away. Others say the republican party is dieing. If this is true, what will replace them in the year 2020??

  46. Diane

    Love you Greg.

  47. David H


    Is it possible with so much on the line that Trump will be allowed to win? Can the good guys overcome the voter fraud? Any thoughts Brother Greg? It looks dicey to us little people.

    David H

    • Charles H

      Dicey, indeed.

  48. Russ

    Apparently it really easy to steal and election. Alex Jones & Bev Harris discuss the how the votes are counted at:

    More about fractional voting at

    • Charles H

      Steal an election?: easy. Make a stolen election stick – well, that’s one for the History books.

  49. Henry

    A brilliant blogger, Gonzalo Lira, who hails from S.America & several started businesses as a teenager before coming to the US & going to an Ivy League school, had an excellent article several years ago (all of his articles are excellent). He described how it dawned on him that the Obamas, the (Tim) Geitners, the Eric Holders et al, that most of that ilk whom he met at these Ivy League schools were basically all cookie-cutter copies of each other…they had overlapping backgrounds, belonged to the same HS & college clubs, volunteered at the same not-for-profits, held offices in these organizations, (but not for too long lest they seem overly zealous) but they NEVER accomplished or created anything. Their was NO real conviction of ideals. It was all about SHOW. It was all to pad their resumes which they took painstaking care in building. And now they’re all inter-related in their professional careers, they promote each other to various political posts, and still, NEVER create or produce anything…it’s still all for show.

    • Charles H

      A very perceptive post – well said.

    • Chip

      BINGO!!! When the pundits say Trump has no experience to run for President I LOL as Obummer could not run a gas station!!!! He has no experience in ANYTHING!!! Chip

  50. Colin/IRL

    Greg, if you watched the movie “Seven”, you may recall towards the end Morgan Freeman said to Brad Pitt “be prepared for anything now”. This is a perfect depiction of where we stand. The next 2+ weeks will be very interesting with many twists and turns ahead. Take care.

    • Charles H

      “Seven” is an appropriate illustration to draw to. Thanks.

  51. Willard Ferch

    Finally! Those of us who are awake have known what the Clintons are like for twenty years, and what O is like for over eight years. Devilish corruption has been trying to gain complete control of our country, and raw power has been the driving force behind them. They almost succeeded. The MSM and IRS were in collusion with them, they got John Roberts by the short hair, and it had looked as though they might even have corrupted the FBI. I, and probably many others, seriously prayed in the late nineties that all the Clinton ugliness would be revealed to all, and it has finally come to pass. What a day, glorious day…..! We’re all vindicated, and thanks for all you’ve done!! Fiddlin

    • Chip

      WF, do not forget that the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama chain of presidencies are all one in the same! Chip

  52. By Design, Over Time


    As usual –excellent synopsis.

    Nothing occurs in a vacuum!
    We are at a crossroads of history in the cross hairs of truth.

    The problem is normalcy bias–Your audience most likely understands exactly what is happening with the media and therein lies the real issue.

    This “election” is not the end; is the beginning. Regardless–it is an awakening. All the issues you have been addressing need to be acted upon.

    “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”.

    The extent of the corruption is simply mind boggling. This is Jim Willie on x-22

    Holter has been on x-22, as has Rob Kirby et al. But this interview with Jim Willie is well worth the listen. I have followed Willie extensively and he gives one pause.

    I think we all need to be careful for what we wish. Trump will be making deals if he wants to stay alive. We can only hope that he makes the “sensible” ones. We don’t know Trump, we only know that Clinton is a murderess and guilty of Treason.

    We are not a governed people–we are people that are currently ruled. We don’t want Trump to end up being an Emperor. This congress that we have needs to be replaced with the type of Congress our founders envisioned–not career politicians. We all need to participate–even as we try to make ends meet in a declining economy.

    America is in terrible trouble and the last four administrations have each endeavored to out do the other in destroying this country in order to advance the New World World Order.

    If Trump keeps us out of war with Russia–defends the US Constitution and the 2end and 4th amendment, stops the TPP, and and is able to slowly “drain the swamp” we might get through this although there will be horrendous damage to this country. There is no way around it. Further to the Willie interview, among others, if the 50 million on food stamps do not receive theme, then batten down the hatches because there will be civil unrest and all that goes with it.

    Think the interview with Jim and Bill should be most informative.

    Finally, high on my wish list:

    Stop “War as the US Business Model”
    Jail the Fraudulent Bankers and make them Repay their Ill gotten gains
    “All Wars are Banker Wars”
    True , honest and fair–Rule of Law
    Privacy and reinstatement of the 4th amendment–Eliminate Civil Asset Forfeiture
    Eliminate GMO’s
    Stop the Geo-engineering, Chem-trails, and the Fracking
    Understanding that Climate Change is as much from Geo-engineering as from Carbon Emissions–Advance Green Energy–Immediately
    Stop Demonizing Russia
    Reinstall Glass Seagall
    Stop the Political Destruction of the United States

    • Robert Lykens

      “We are at a crossroads of history in the cross hairs of truth”.
      Truer words were never spoken.
      If the Wicked Witch is defeated Tuesday, this country has a chance. If she manages to steal the election (she won’t win honestly) that will be the final nail in the lid of America’s coffin. No recovery will be possible. We’ve all said since 2008 that America’s on its way down, and that’s true, but as of today the downhill slide could still be reversed.
      Think about all the facts which have come to light regarding Hillary. Now imagine four years of her in power, able to do whatever she wants.
      “Batten down the hatches” indeed.

      • Frederick

        I may not always agree with you about Muslims Mr Lykens but in this case Im 100 percent with you Lets drain the DC swamp by getting Mr Trump elected and send the pedofile grifter Clintons to Leavenworth where they truly belong Have a good weekend all

    • C romana

      Good post. …facts, 20 billion dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia alone ! Please help shine a light on the financial side of war.

    • Chip

      “We don’t know Trump, we only know that Clinton is a murderess and guilty of Treason”… no Sir, totally disagree. go back and look at interviews with Trump, Oprah, whatever, for the last three decades he has been saying the same things. These are not made up talking points. Respectfully disagree with your premise… Chip

  53. Paul ...

    One after another the MSM rats are jumping ship like crazy … … guess they can’t figure out how to “cover up” the taking of children away from their rightful mothers and putting them in Hillary’s “Village” to be raped by pedophiles!!

    • Frederick

      Nice this is the woman that so many Americans want as our president ? How sad and pathetic is that Paulie?

  54. Bob

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and reporting. You have become one of the best and most reliable sources for information that is seeking the truth. I ask everyone to imagine what would change in your worldview if ONLY news outlets such as CNN existed. It would be coordinated brainwashing of the entire population. It would lead the country into total dictatorship ! One only need look at North Korea to understand what the USA can become when only state control propaganda is allowed . Sadly, the USA seems to be marching willingly toward this NWO . It is absolutely astounding, given all the information from WikiLeaks et al that people can tolerate let alone support the criminal corruption that now exists in the USA . It is likely that this corrupt cancer is so widespread and deep that it well could be too late to stop it. This election may well be the last ditch effort to try and reverse course before it is too late. May God have mercy on all of us.
    God bless you Greg for all you do and I pray he keeps you safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob for your comment and prayers.

  55. eddiemd

    I would like to see an update on naval forces in the eastern Med. I would guess that russian forces have arrived and have set up additional air defense networks in case the USA declares a no fly zone.

    What are the chinese up to at the horn of Africa? Another choke point to control shipping lanes.

    The chinese also control the Panama Canal.

    People seem to think that we are now oil dependent from the Saudis. It would not be difficult to cut the overland pipelines from Alaska to the lower 48 and shut down the refineries in Alaska. Back in the 1980’s we used to practice (Jackfost, Brimfrost) defending the pipeline and Valdez from Russian Spetznatz teams that targeted the pipeline pumphouses and Valdez. At that time there were no pipelines from Alaska to the lower 48. Oil went on ship from Valdez to the lower 48 to the Pacific coast and by way of the Panama Canal.

    How many aircraft carriers currently in port? Too many. They are marked for destruction at the start of hostilities with Russia. So much for vacations in San Diego.

  56. Paul ...

    The criminal lying media’s tables are being overthrown by “many moral people” today … while Jesus had to act “alone” years ago … the lying Main Stream Media is like a sewer worker that has been working his ass off to shore up a leaking cesspool … but instead falls into the foul smelling pit and drowns with a lump of Hillary’s pedophile shit caught down his wide open lying dead throat!!

    • Paul ...

      It is too bad the MSM stocks are falling “so soon” … I wanted Trump to use the Plunge Protection Team to print up unlimited amounts of fiat to sell these MSM stocks short so that when they go bankrupt the American people would make a profit getting rid of the shit drenched mind control mongers! … but the bank stocks are still being held up … so we can profit there!!

      • Paul ...

        Have you seen those miles long lines of Syrian refugees fleeing the Middle East and heading into Europe? … soon mile long lines of MSM reporters will be fleeing the US (as no jobs will be offered to these snakes in the grass here) … perhaps they can walk across the boarder (we still have under Trump) to South America to try and find work!

  57. eddiemd

    Tim Kaine here in Phoenix yesterday speaking in spanish. There must have been maybe 30 people show up. The local media played it up although they were very careful on the camera angles to avoid showing how few people showed up.

    Hillary was here a few days back and there might have been 100 people.

    They are now reporting Trump up by 4-5 points. On the other side, supposedly McCain is up by double digits. I would say Trump is also up by double digits. The media here on all the major local networks read from the same script. The all use the almost exact same words and talking points. They read the teleprompter and the teleprompter is wired to the closed caption. When they go off script, the closed caption gets confused and scrambled.

    • eddiemd

      McClatchey website reports that “350” people showed up for his Phoenix gig. I doubt it. The cameramen were careful not to show the audience size on the local news and did not give a number. He was reading from a teleprompter in spanish.

      He is creepy. Maricon is what they say.

    • JC Davis

      eddiemd Will you check with the place Tim Klan met and see how many people arrived. Speaks volumes seeing if Hillary is elected (he) will be president.. 30 – PEOPLE ? unimaginable.

      • eddiemd

        The local paper reports a “couple hundred” then states a flat 200. It did not go off well and I doubt there were close to 50 people at the most.

        The speech was given in spanish in a westside low income latino neighborhood.
        The local spanish channels are heavily promoting the get out to vote. They give detailed information on what type of ID is required. Photo ID is not required. There are alternative forms (two forms) that can be used: utilities bill, bank statement, car registration, car insurance, etc.
        Based on what ID is acceptable, there will be voter fraud. On what scale, who knows.

        • JC Davis

          What a mess. No wonder the world is laughing at our election process.

    • Frederick

      You mean to tell me the voters in Arizona want more of that lunatic warmongering old fool McCain? So much for their intelligence

  58. john duffy

    “‘Should we pull out the weeds?’ they asked.

    29“‘No,’ he replied, ‘you’ll uproot the wheat if you do. 30Let both grow together until the harvest. Then I will tell the harvesters to sort out the weeds, tie them into bundles, and burn them, and to put the wheat in the barn.’”

    • C romana

      @johnDuffy beautiful reference . What is the benefit of all that money if you are going to burn ….There is an after life!
      Greg and all here, thank you for your light.

  59. Dee Garmon

    As Trump put it ” They have turned America into the laughing stock of the World” , accrued 20 trillion debt with nothing to show for it. Now they have two choices: fix the elections or go to jail.

  60. Linda L.

    Putin just granted Steven Seagal Russian Citizenship. I’d wager that Mr. Seagal sees a much broader picture of international political dynamics going on, versus most of his Hollywood colleagues. With the depth of corruption occurring now in the US/bleak future here, I can’t say that I blame Mr. Seagal for his timely departure.

    • Frederick

      Seagal follows Depardieu of France in getting Russian citizenship But I believe he did it for tax reasons Cant really blame him 15 rather than 90 percent tax rate

    • Chip

      i love my country, hate the government. but have seriously considered russia. in the old days one could always move west. but today there is no place to go… Chip

  61. Rich M

    Hi Greg:

    I am re-posting this from yesterday here under your weekly wrap up as it fits better. Thanks


    Okay some of you may know that I was all for Trump from way before he even announced in June 2015. I just saw him as the outsider we need…. much like the Ron Paul revolution. It took Trumps personality to be able to pull it off, which I believe he will in less than a week. I am not a troll but just stating just how I feel.

    So now, he is going to win short of it being stolen from him via overt fraud.

    So, given that, I ask of myself and others on this site, that once he is elected, that we need to focus on the fact that there is once again hope for this country. That we can’t be all gloom and doom even though the arrows are still pointing that way. That if Trump does lower the corporate tax rate, bring back trillions from over-seas, clean the swamp of corruption and waste, make fair trade deals, avoid a war with Russia, hold the FED accountable, protect our borders…. bringing back a spirit of the greatness of America once again….. then the painful part will still have to come as it is unavoidable…. the pain needed to fix the economy (primarily raising interest rates) but at least it can be from a better position…. like a boxer, all but knocked out being able to get back on his feet again….. so we may start from a standing position instead of laying flat on our back and down for the count. That is my hope and I ask everyone to try to hope, pray, and have faith that this can be accomplished….. for the sake of our children and generations and freedom. For the sake of beating the globalists and their sick agenda back.

    I still say we all need to prepare for the worse, but do believe in thinking positive and having faith and hope. When Trump pulls this off, that in and of itself shows me that hope is not lost regarding the state of the economy and what we know to be the truth that the sheeple do not.

    Thanks is my hope for us all my friends…..

  62. Charles H


    “An average of Fraud.” The MSM Business Model will go away; but the Propaganda Machine, in condensed and officially subsidized form, will continue. The Democratic Party will go Bye-bye by 2020? So will everything else. China may outlaw it to insure their investments and productivity.
    You and I understand Righteousness – we side with God. Two hundred years of God-denying Science has flipped not just America, but the Western World which was a beacon of Truth: but not any more. There is too much sin and perversion. Things will wax worse and worse, the wheat with the tares, then the Harvest will come. You are COMPLETELY right – except for the fact that Justice will come in Eternity, not in human history.
    Great job! AndI hope you feel better soon. CH

  63. Robert Lykens

    Greg, you’re the king of the internet.
    What a cool website.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert. I am just a messenger. This site is all bout “We the People.”

      • Charles H

        It was YOUR vision and generosity that brought-in ‘We the People’, Greg. And you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Great Ones.That credit and bow are yours alone. You’ve proved the power of a good heart; and many, many here see it.

  64. John

    Here is an article that may help to explain why Comey went public. The FBI is looking over its shoulder at the New York Police Department.:

    Conviction of these things would put Hillary in prison for a long time.

  65. John M.

    The greatest gift to America (and mankind) would be to have the Main Stream Media shrivel up and blow away in the wind.
    I believe Hillary needed to have private servers and computer storage because they had a vast and sophisticated pay-for-play racket going on, as they needed to keep careful track of all the pay-offs and crooked deals they had made. Not many businesses are making money in America these days, but the Clinton Foundation seems very lucrative and the exception. It must be great to pretend you are a charity for tax purposes and then use that fraudulent operation to make tons of money, even if that corruption extends to treason and the destruction of America. A firing squad is too kind for these people.
    I think the corruption runs deep through much of Washington, which is why Congress and many govt bureaucracies are resisting an honest investigation. There is the constant threat of blackmail, as many politicians have been compromised with secret documentation of either financial bribes or embarrassing sexual activities. Remember, the previous Bill Clinton Administration loved to have stacks of FBI files on their political enemies.
    How about the “Lolita Express” and “Orgy Island” that Billy boy is alleged to like a lot, and possibly even Hillary who allegedly has a special liking for little girls? The MSM would be all over this if it was Trump or some conservative. I guess being a pedophile is only unacceptable if you are a conservative or a Catholic priest.
    Maybe they will have to add a letter “P” to that LGBTQ group. The libs shouldn’t exclude Pedophiles from the rainbow, you know!

  66. Geronimooo

    Who wants Hitler2.0 in the White House?!

    If she’s sick, put her in a hospital.
    If not, in jail!


  67. wondrouscat

    Greg I remember someone accusing you of being biased against Hillary. They were wrong. You are giving balanced reporting. Reporting the truth as well as you can after stepping back and observing what’s happening is balanced reporting, no matter how outrageous it may appear to those who can’t see the big picture. Bravo. The organized crime syndicate (that being MSM and all news outlets covering for the Criminal Clinton Mafia) is still going at it strong, refusing to die no matter how many limbs keep getting cut off (wikileaks, FBI e-mail revelations). Since Tuesday is so near I’m worried that Clinton will “win” the election by fraud. Why can’t Comey go ahead and charge her with something (like treason, bribary, obstruction of justice, espionage, mishandling of classified materials, running a fraudulent charity, pedophilia, sex trafficking – really he could close his eyes and stick his finger on a page of criminal offenses and hit one) and put a stop to her unheeded stampede to the White House? Maybe that wouldn’t even do it. “Confusion” is the word for Nov.9th I gather. Sounds about right.

  68. wondrouscat

    Lynch should charge Clinton, then charge herself.

  69. wondrouscat

    LORETTA LYNCH HIT WITH FEDERAL LAWSUIT OVER SECRET MEETING ON PLANE WITH BILL CLINTON. The evil empire is crumbling as the MSM is beginning to turn on her. Chris Matthews pulled his finger out of the hole and the dyke is now leaking, soon to flood.

  70. John M.

    FBI has evidence that Hillary has visited the wonderful, all-American vacation destination of “Orgy Island.”
    Source: WorldNetDaily, Nov. 5, 2016.

    • Paul ...

      When Hillary told America’s women … “It Takes A Village” … and to allow her to take America’s children there … she didn’t say “Her Village” was located on “Orgy Island” where the Washington perverts and pedophiles go for some wild sex with our young and innocent American children!! … it was just another forked tongue lie by the Queen of Porn!

    • Frederick

      Can you imagine the damage to a small child to have to service that foul sulfur stinking beast Oh the humanity Very sad and pathetic people weve got in that swamp people Lets all assist Mr Trump in cleaning house come the 8th

  71. Larry Galearis

    A counter coup! I think you are right. But you missed this one:

    When Ash Carter usurped Obama’s role in bombing Assad’s forces in Syria, he created a constitutional crisis and a redefinition of the traditional government hierarchy. Nobody seems to take this very seriously (no discussion even by our pundits), but that act was also a mutiny and a precedence, given that Ash Carter is still in the military drivers seat. The emails truly are truth bombs and set the stage for long term crisis events after the election, regardless who wins. Make no mistake, virtually all of the scandals and shenanigans in this election and the goings on within government can be generalized by a collapse in government institutions – and a MOST visible one.. Like the economy, the currencies, and morality in general the collapse is not quick but more matters of edifices toppling one by one. And the war risk is up regardless who is in the White House. The damage going on is very significant.

    P.S. take raw garlic and zinc tablets for that bug you have. Kills the virus.

  72. DLC

    How it all began. Nowhere left to run.

    Vote Trump with your loved ones in mind. Hopefully Wednesday is the first day toward turning around all that is wrong, all that we have put up with for too long.

  73. Charles Turner

    Major wars always divert the general publics attention away from domestic issues. If Hillary gets elected president and institutes a world war will this stop her from being impeached?

  74. Miro Markovic

    As always, dear Greg, your weekly report is excellent and down to all important points regarding current election of the next USA’s president. All those attacks on Russia, its president Putin and his alleged medlings in the American’s election process by Mrs. Clinton according to your statements are false and sheer fantasies. It would be a real fun to see when the Government of Russia files a law suite against Mrs. Clinton for her unsubstantiated allegations. In all the political mess of Mrs. Clinton and her aides, I expect at least that Mr. Podesta would resign from his position, because he is the “main cook” of Mrs. Clinton’s political kitchen. For the time being Mr. Podesta appears to be made of ‘Teflon material’.

  75. John M.

    Sorry, meant Friday, Nov. 4, 2015, today.

  76. Mike R

    How in the world can the information about the coup and counter-coup get out in time to voters, to enough people, and be believed by enough Americans, to keep HRC from being ‘installed’ as President ?

    Everyone would think this is whack job crazy.

    Our country has become an internet connected mis-information psy-op Orwellian nightmare. I think at best, at best, the vast majority of citizens will just completely tune out. It’s the proverbial nightmare comet from space the size of Jupiter that you see coming toward earth, but can do absolutely nothing about. I had a strong premonition back in 1995, that our entire planet would come to absolutely loath the internet, and the information explosion it would create. And that further, nobody would be ever able to know the absolute truth about anything. And without that knowable truth, trust would completely break down, and the country, and many parts of the world’s society would disintegrate. Without one nuke launched, or other man-made physically exploding device. HRC surely, is the embodiment of satan. With Obama being the ‘pre-satan’, to lay the groundwork for satan to be installed as the next President. The only thing possible to stop this, is millions upon millions, praying for God to save us all.

    • Paul ...

      Watch in disbelief how God saves us on Nov 8th … the vote will be Biblical … 2/3 for Trump … 1/3 for Hillary!

  77. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, saw Obama in N. Carolina stumping for Hillary today (Friday, Nov.4) and I sensed that he knows if Trump wins he along with many others including the Clinton’s, Loretta Lynch, Erick Holder, Susan Rice, Donna Brazil, etc., etc., will be exposed for the traitors they are. Call me paranoid if you will, but there was a funny look in his eyes, something just looked odd about his demeanor, mannerisms, the King looked scared ….I wonder… . I just wonder if he knows they are all in trouble & scared if the curtain raises exposing their traitorous plans and schemes.

    • Arthur L Barnes

      … and, mark my word, if Hillary, Obama, the elite and the MSM gets away rigging this election for Hillary, the open boarders with sanctuary cities will ensure there will be no reason to ever vote again; the banana republic voting booths will be here to stay.

    • flattop

      Arthur L Barnes:: They know, that’s why they will do everything and anything to keep DJT from winning.

    • Frederick

      Obama stumping for Clinton That sounds like the name of a horror flick actually I would think it would do more harm than good Keep it up Barrack PLEASE

  78. Icarus

    Fantastic Greg,
    I morn for my country. I morn for humanity. The great unshackling of the common man from bondage that occurred in 1776 is now history. Bondage returns with this election and the people have no one to blame but themselves. Their lazy, gluttonous, selfish, ego consuming ways, have allowed evil to conquer the best that mankind has ever accomplished.
    What is an ethical, honest, righteous person to do now? That is the question facing all of us. You can’t fight them, they have all the power. All one can do is walk away and refuse to be used and taxed like a milk cow in their service.
    When Hillary gets elected, and baring unforseen news this weekend, she will prevail, I will leave the country. Not to return until her death, impeachment, or loss in the next election. The only thing I know to do is to begin a self imposed exile from this forsaken land…God help those who must remain. This criminality is not over….IT”S JUST STARTED!

    • Paul ...

      Icarus … just do your part and vote for Trump … God will take care of the rest!

    • Frederick

      Ever since the agregious 911 false flag attacks Ive known were cooked Icarus Very sad

  79. Bill

    GREG; So important that you stay on the edge and keep the truth flowing since the msm is collapsing. Never before in the history of America are people as yourself so important to us regular/normal people. Where else can we find someone as yourself who puts forth the truth as you do. Keep on keepin on bro

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill. I’ll stay on it as long as the Good Lord is willing.

  80. FreeOregon

    With the bureaucracy breaking down into factions, is the country governable from a central node? The Pentagon and the CIA compete. Their proxies kill each other in Syria. The Pentagon, or a faction, sabotages a Kerry/Lavrov peace deal in Syria. The FBI, or a faction of the FBI, does an end run around the DOJ. Will the country ever again speak with a single voice, and even if so, will others believe that spokesperson speaks for America?

  81. werner plangg

    Hi Greg,

    Hope you recover very soon from your cold, I too am down with a head cold plaguing the lower mainland.

    All the best,


  82. Diane

    This is interesting


  83. eddiemd

    This weeks New England Journal published an article on the results of a medication trial using human models. The drug testing was done in France. It had a bad outcome leading to one death and a couple of complicated severe neurological side effects. The cause was unknown.

    The details are somewhat sketchy in regards to the medication tested. It was a “fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitor” which is a medication that has shown use as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

    The medication is interesting in that it increases the levels of endogenous analogs of cannabinoids, or endocannabinoids. Both the published data and the editorial were limited in details.

    The results demonstrated a severe neurological disorder that was unanticipated at the higher doses of the experimental medication. One man went into a coma and died.

    What could these findings demonstrate? If the medication inhibits endogenous cannabinoids, what if the medication is given to an unsuspecting population of marijuana smokers? It could potentially do some severe damage? Maybe that was the plan in the first place; to determine how effective the medication could be in a population of marijuana users. Watch out Colorado.

  84. eddiemd

    Sheriff Joe will get re-elected here in Maricopa County. Mr. Soros is attempting to rig the election but I don’t believe it will work.

    Although Sheriff Joe is sketchy in his methods, he makes a stand against the illegal immigration and that rings with the people here. His opponent is even more sketchy than he is. Sheriff Joe is up for criminal contempt. A jury in this county will never convict him.

  85. Don

    Dear Greg, just wanted to stop by to caught a wrap up. As always truth exposes all untruth and darkness. Your words and description fit the present environment to a tee. MSM is a mere propaganda lacky of the global elite. The globalist, as my favorite expression for the liberal vision of globalism entrenched in the thinking of those who have created a pokemon world of their own, and sell it to the sheeple, and call all opposing voices unacceptable for the time in which we live. They believe in their false philosophy of a socialist form of global government, and plant their disciples in the powerful seats of government to carry out their NWO vision and UN agenda. The same detaches themselves from conscience, an brazenly implement their different forms of socialism at all levels of society, until nothing is left of a once free republic. Like cancer spreading, the society which fails to stop it early, are consumed by the deception. You have always spoke truth to your people, and sought truth, which makes you a bulwark in our time. Keep on keepin on, until noun are left to share, and your job will be over. The Clinton web, and globalist stronghold can only be destroyed by truth applied and revealed. Farewell

  86. eddiemd

    The pipeline controversy in South Dakota.

    The Navajo people here in Arizona should shut down the pipeline across their reservation in response to what is going on in South Dakota. One of largest east/west gas pipelines cuts across the Navajo Reservation named the Transwestern pipeline. It is a very big pipeline with a large pump plant south of Ganado Arizona nearby to Klagetoh.

  87. Robert Lykens

    It has been rumored/speculated that one of Hussein Obama’s final acts may be a betrayal of Israel and a recognition of a “palestinian” state – AFTER the election, coward that he is.
    Let’s hope not. Any man who claims to be a Christian knows that God is not done with Israel. There are just too many Bible prophecies in which God speaks promises concerning Israel in the last days. What? God didn’t know the future? Ridiculous.
    There are only two conclusions one may draw vis-a-vis Obama/Israel:
    1 – Obama knows that Israel is “the apple of God’s eye” (to quote the Bible) and attempting to damage Israel brings damage upon America.
    2 – Obama does not believe that Israel is special to God (regardless of the prophecies concerning end-times Israel) and therefore does not believe the Bible.

    Either way you, I and America are diminished and jeopardized.

    • Paul ...

      When the Globalists bring in their One World Religion … burn all the Bibles and make Allah God … who will remember that Israel was the apple God told Obama not to eat … especially with “the evil snake” in Hillary’s ear … telling her “make Obama eat the apple”!

  88. Jerry

    Deutsche Bank put on watch list.

  89. JC Davis

    Greg you are right man. So right.
    I struggle with knowing what world we are leaving a 10 year old girl.. We should all , everyone of us be ashamed at not standing up when we had a CHANCE. Vote? yes, but more important leave a example to follow.

  90. Rod King

    Want to see Robin Hood [the Donald] Outlaw of Sherwood forest and his stalwart band [CIA,NSA,DI,NI,FBI,MI5]formerKGB?
    This blast from the past, says it all! Watch the whole enchilada!

  91. RTW

    Who is the best candidate in this race? TRUMP. Who have I voted for in early voting? TRUMP. Who do I believe is going to win? Hillary Rotten Clinton. Why?
    Because this election has been rigged from the beginning. She should be in prison if you count only half of the stuff she’s pulled, yet here she is being propped up by the dnc and all of the MSM. They are exerting herculean efforts to make sure that the last eight years of dismal failure continue for at least another four. Not only is Trump fighting those two afore mentioned factions, he also has to put up with the schnanigans from the so called re-pube-lick-cans. She wouldn’t still be running if they thought she would lose. There is too much at stake for Obama and his policies. The dems did have people up in the bullpen earlier, but they stayed with her, even though more dirt was piling up and her health is in question. I believe this is because they have been assured that she will win and as a result America will lose.

    • Tin foil hat

      The dark force is powerful and real. However, it’s not boundless and all powerful. I believe Trump can win if he could capture 75% of the votes.

  92. anonymouse

    People, Please pin the tail on this donkey–Hillary and Bill are Council on Foreign Relations..They are owned body and soul and protected by the Council on Foreign Relations who own the main stream media and the large banks and the FED. The Council has used these entities to rape the american people since 1921…their greed and lust for power has since 1998 grown to immeasurable dimensions…Please copy and send this to everyone you know, bring this out into the open.

    • Paul ...

      The Council on Foreign Relations has shit for brains … just look at the “foreign relations” we have with the rest of the world … it is pathetic … everyone hates America!! … and these are the idiots Hillary is listening to!! … however Trump “is not” a puppet on their string like Hillary … and this fact alone makes him America’s only true leader!!!

  93. Sayonara

    I agree with you that there has been a soft coup. I think that the country and government is lost. The only reason why the tyrannical Clinton machine is acting as lawless and corrupt as they are is because there is no legal recourse against their colluding corrupt and racketeering activities. Who is going prosecute them when they control the law enforcement mechanism.
    Unfortunately DJT will be “bernied” by the Hillary rigged system and will not win the election. At this point, Hillary could have the body of JonBenét Ramsey in her bedroom next to her server and she would not be charged. Hillary is to Untouchable, Too Big to
    Fail and Jail.
    And the USA is officially Sayonara on the evening of November 8th when the rigged results are reported by the MSM aka Hillary’s Pravda.
    First order of business by the new regime will be the elimination of the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the Constitution – guaranteed!

    • Paul ...

      Yes … Barack (who is sane?) Obama wants our military to pledge to fire on the American people … … so that when porn Queen Hillary gets in she will have little trouble subduing any protests againt inmorality! … this is why we all have to get out and vote for Trump on Tuesday “to overwhelm” this evil rigged system in place in America!

  94. Digusted American

    You and Jeanine Pirro need to combine forces. I am praying that all this indicting information be released everywhere before the election.

  95. Gina M Mancarella

    Good News !

    Hillary’s got it ! We have assurances from the Electoral College Delegates that Hillary will be elected no matter what after all.

    If Al Queada attacks on Monday, then Obama has agreed to cede control to Hillary by Presidential decree by Executive Order !

    Smile America ! Hillary Loves You !

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary = Criminal/Traitor

  96. Erika Miller

    Watch out Hillary and gang. Instant Karma in action NOW.

  97. Seeking Truth


    You endedd your commentary urging your followers to prepare spiritually and mentally for the coming changes. Big changes coming as soon as next week! I feel there will be social instability no matter who wins, in addition to a market collapse. If Hitlary steals the election all bets are off! If Trump wins, I think there will be a sigh of relief, but it will be temporary as the DNC (Devious Network of Criminals) unleashes their terror gangs unto the streets of America. More disturbing are the latest Wikileak emails that are going into the dark world of child exploitation and worse. This underlying evil has always been there, but remained well hidden until now. In my opinion, it’s time for the American people to become active citizens and take back their country. Hitlary should not be running for anything, but sitting in jail somewhere forever!

    We have a few more days before we find out our fate! By the way, great interview with Clif High. Been following him for years! His datasets have become more accurate, especially this year!

  98. Bruce Maclean

    Just a note from Canada. The people ate the national media organization, the CBC, are confused. They don’t know if they should continue to praise Hillary or turn on her. For instance, the latest CBC headline is: “2 more Clinton emails classified at lowest level.” What is that supposed to mean? That makes no sense.

  99. Linda L.

    Clinton body count always expanding:

  100. Sun City

    Thanks again Greg. If we indeed see a counter coup occurring against the Hillary Gang. Two events with the military by Obama could be taking place. One, we know he and the neocons are trumping up activity in the EU and ME area. The other is to get the military spending a lot of assets and time outside the country to lessen the potential military interference locally with the coup.

  101. pat the rat

    James Comey is a good solider ,when he was told to shut up and do as he is told in July he did it. There is also in the books a clause that say that you have right the disobey a illegal order.Comey only had one place to go when the chance came to get Clinton a second time, that is congress.Attention officer on deck!!!

  102. Linda L.

    They say pre-election Al-Qaida attacks? How about pre or post election globalist attacks to promote chaos for their NWO agenda here in US. Be wise:

  103. DBCooper

    Dear Greg and all ‘doggers … Last time I heard the sentence for Treason is Death. In the event that the proper warrant would be signed by the proper authority (preferably Pres. DJT !! ) . I humbly volunteer to act as firing squad to execute the sentence against HRC and whoever else is on the warrant. No pain; no torture … quick, clean … justice.
    Around the farm here, things die pert near every day … lately it has been rabbits !! We are all terminal and if you can not stand the heat live in an apartment !!
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB
    PS, We are on an MMS regimen now (trial run) to ward off virus… We’ll see how it goes … DB.

  104. Dave

    Saturday 11/5
    Assange on RT


  105. Herb

    I’m sure you have read about the mass suffering of the people of Venezuela under the government of Mr. Nicolas Maduro. The WSJ is reporting that “The opposition has tried everything to wrest power, from a coup attempt in 2002 to its effort this year to stage a recall referendum….” It seems just impossible to wrest power from an entrenched, evil regime. In light of this, are you still confident that HRC et al will definitely be indicted?

  106. Justn Observer

    Fellow Watchdoggers and Greg if I may….PLEASE WATCH THIS AND PASS ALONG …IMPORTANT !

  107. Alan R

    Everyone lied,
    The MSM & DNC died,
    No one cried

  108. Mike R

    9 straight days of a down market. Not really capturing headlines because its not a lot each day, and the HRC/Trump headlines with election looming, dominates 90% of the MSM news.
    Last time this down streak happened was 36 years ago.
    Many internals do look bad.
    This actually could lead to a cascading down market.
    Even Gregory Mannarino is out alerting people on this.
    Personally, my view is that conditions are ripe for a very long crash, with the catalyst being an election that does not show a clear result. The market is reading something in whats going on, and with 9 straight down days, a very very rare occurrence, this could be a precursor to a more accelerated downward plunge, starting next week, most likely Weds. This period right now does not look like a typical crash, or leading up to one, but we’ve never ever had a crash around ANY US POTUS election. So there is a first for everything, including one candidate who is very likely to be indicted for multiple crimes, no matter what happens during the election voting process. Imagine that. Voting for someone who ends up getting indicted before ever stepping foot in office. That would be a constitutional nightmare. And worse, I think its Obama who actually wants this eventuality to occur.

  109. MCasey

    Just thinking……
    June 14th, 2016, in the case of a cyber-attack by a non-NATO country, NATO announced the “collective defense” provision to require each NATO country to join that attacked country if it decides to strike back.

    For many months, the U.S. accused Russia of hacking various institutional servers.

    The U.S. continues to express concern that Russia will disrupt next week’s presidential election.

    And now, U.S. announces military hackers have penetrated Russia’s electric grid, telecommunications networks and command systems – as a preemptive move to dissuade any attempts at an election disruption.

    FALSE FLAG WARNING: At the very moment Trump is announced as winner, a false flag cyber-attack will disrupt the election process and (inadvertently/on purpose) take down the U.S. financial system. The U.S. will blame Russia and declare war……everyone piles on. (see NATO current advances to Russia’s borders.)

    Election Grid-lock – Economic Collapse – World War III…….all Russia’s fault and all in one simple package. Get your money out of the bank.

  110. Herb

    So here are the battle lines:

    * On one side there is a handful of FBI agents and other government employees and Wikileaks.
    * On the other side we have the president, the Clinton family and their foundation, the Main Stream Media, the head of the Justice Department, the entire apparatus of the DNC, and all the bureaucrats that these people have hired.

    It’s not hard to figure out who is going to win this battle.

  111. Tommy

    If Trump doesn’t win only Carlos Danger will be able to stop the beast.

  112. Lynn

    Well, Greg, hate to tell you, but the coup against the US is failing, Comey says not going forward again, he has been threatened by both sides, but the Clinton side is more powerful and more dangerous. They are warning him, and warning insiders, and when she gets in, she will use the list to remove all of them, just like Obama did with the generals. Now, Houston we have a problem….something bad, very bad comes this way. The world is watching, they are not laughing, they are crying as many of them have been through this before, but never, we never expected the USA….but now, where do we go from here Greg? This is end unless our Lord steps in and steps in now. They will rig the voting and nothing or no one is going to stop them now. She wins by a tiny margin, George Soros and the rest begin to pull out the net, start war, and its over Greg. Admit it, we are toast…..

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