MSM Makes Trump a Devil, Stocks Are Sky High-Again, US Drought Moves East

1aBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 263, 12.09.16)

Time Magazine chose President-Elect Donald Trump as the “Person of the Year.” Is that the mainstream media (MSM) trying to make amends for the way they treated Trump?  Maybe, but it appears Trump has devil horns by the way Time laid out the cover.  It says it was an inadvertent mistake, but this is a magazine company with 90 “Person of the Year” covers.  A professional magazine company that makes a mistake that big on an incoming President that the liberal biased media tried to destroy sounds disingenuous to me.

Stocks are hitting the 27 to 28 PE ratios again. This is what the price to earnings were the last time the markets melted down in 2008.  Look out for a big correction.

For the first time in years, the State of California has one small part that is not in any drought. That’s the good news.  The bad news is there is still a big part of the state that is still in a very extreme drought, and now, that drought has moved east to the southeast U.S. and is centered over Georgia.  Some places have gone 100 days without rain.  There is no end in sight to either drought.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Scott Miller

    Just another stock market record.

    That’s all folks!


    • Justn Observer

      Scott… might take a listen before you get too exhuberant about the stock, bond, or housing, auto markets… a very reasoned view few bring to the overall economic problem.

      The Global Economy Will Disintegrate Rapidly, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate Are Doomed:Steve St. Angelo

    • This sceptred isle

      Top comment again! How do you do it? You must be a very dedicated viewer. I think Fabian calvo made a prediction a year or two ago that dow would reach 20,000 and crash in 2017. Jim Rogers had also predicted a rising dollar as the world panics before rushing out into precious metals. Stock markets are usually fuelled by a sense of euphoria at the top. You and austin fitts have to explain how debt can grow exponentially and with rising and interest rates indefinitely. Do you envision it growing forever or that there will be no repercussions when it is defaulted on?

  2. Dan

    If you see devil horns on the cover… you may be a conspiracy theorist!

    • Diane D.

      Dan, speaking of ‘conspiracy theorist’, Paul Craig Roberts just posted an article exactly on that term. The term “conspiracy theory” was invented and put into public discourse by the CIA in 1964 in order to discredit the many skeptics who challenged the Warren Commission’s Report.” CIA Dispatch #1035-960, which set out the CIA plot, was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request!

      • Dan

        Interesting, I never knew that. Thanks for the info & link Diane!

  3. Charles H


    The difference between the MSM “line” and “lie” is one letter – easy to miss with the “Say and Spell” generation. The “N” is authoritatively banded to the consistent NEGATIVE: as in No, Negative, Negate, Never, Narcissistic , Naive, Naughty, Nauseous, Needler, Ne’er-do-well, Negligent, Nemesis, Neurotic, Numb, and Nutty. No wonder they include the letter.

  4. Andy

    Yep, the MSM can only offer a back handed compliment and the horns are intentional. They are petulant children, really.

  5. Louis

    Everything is fine !
    My index fund is cruising higher and I just finished paying
    my third kids tuition off, she is a senior and has a job after
    graduation. My first son is practicing law in Los Angeles
    and making a very comfortable living. My second son is in
    Houston and doing very well in thermo dynamics with a
    major petroleum company. I’m not writing this to brag,
    I’m writing this so people realize that it is not all doom and gloom.
    People need hope and the ability to understand that working hard
    and getting marketable skills will provide opportunity.
    I wish all the best for the holiday’s and good health and best of
    luck in 2017. Never ever give up.

  6. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    Nice: a PE ratio, but I think this;


    All those times it is ……….. Yes Greg.

    Regards from Europe


  7. John Crumby

    After NATO: Can the US Ally with Russia? Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs

    “With regard to NATO, we see herculean attempts to move this monolithic and exquisite machinery into an age which is very different from the age for which it was designed. NATO officials have an in-stitutional bias to see a continuation of the status quo ante, which means continuing to see Russia as though it was the Soviet Union, and therefore an implacable and irreversible foe to “the West”. The key, however, to any review of NATO will be whether it is possible to modify the famous Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which says that an attack on any member is an attack on all. Removing this means, for the Baltic states and Poland, in particular, leaving them exposed, or feeling exposed, to an attack from Russia which would then not trigger a robust NATO defense. But if Article 5 cannot be removed or substantially reinterpreted, then it would be difficult for NATO to be re-purposed. And the Baltic states and Poland essentially don’t want to re-purpose NATO.

    One of the fundamental questions is whether the European Union, now without the UK, really moves ahead with the concept of an EU military force, or whether this would undermine — or make less rel-evant — the retention of NATO. The likelihood of the EU actually creating a viable or comprehensive union armed force is, in my opinion, fairly low. But there is a need and scope for EU member states to make much more sense of their defense policies and defense industrial planning. So, too, for the UK, Canada, US. and Australia. And within this framework, we need to see what is emerging as the “new aerospace” sector, and, arguably, the “new defense industrial sector”.

    Will Brexit start to reduce the number or scope of major multinational collaborative weapons pro-grams in Europe? The United Kingdom was once part of these, and there is still significant co-ownership of major defense industrial assets between the UK and the EU. That need not necessarily reduce defense industrial cooperation between the UK and EU, but we can see how, for example, the divorce of Russia and Ukraine ultimately saw the degradation of the feasibility of some major Russian-Ukrainian aerospace and defense cooperative programs.”

    Don’t forget we still use the Russian escalator to get into space. So we are cooperating, but the deep insider’s along with our puppet main steamed media, don’t want us informed on this and would like us to forget, that the only way we get back and forth to the space station is with Russia, on Russian rockets! They’d like us to think of Russia as a broken down gas station run by Gommer Pyle. But just remember Mayberry native Gomer Pyle became a U.S.Marine. So things always aren’t what they may appear, especially when deception and treason are involved!

  8. NH Watcher

    Sobering statistic from the WSJ:

    Economists and sociologists from Stanford, Harvard and the University of California set out to measure the strength of what they define as the American Dream, and found the dream was fading. They identified the income of 30-year-olds starting in 1970, using tax and census data, and compared it with the earnings of their parents when they were about the same age.

    ***In 1970, 92% of American 30-year-olds earned more than their parents did at a similar age, they found. In 2014, that number fell to 51%.***

    and …

    Reversing the trend will be very difficult, the economists found. If income distribution remains as tilted toward the wealthy as it is now, they calculate, it would take sustained growth of more than 6% a year, adjusted for inflation, to return to an era where nearly all children outearned their parents. Since World War II, the U.S. hasn’t experienced anything near that level of growth for a lengthy period of time.

    Even growing at 3.8% annually—about what Donald Trump pledges to produce as president—would only increase the percentage of children able to outearn their parents to 62% from 51%. Many economists are skeptical that the U.S. can grow anywhere near that level and is more likely to grow at around 2% a year.

  9. andyb

    Luv the weekly wrapups; a great antidote to all the fake MSM news. I’ve got some somber news for the likes of the NYT, WAPO, etc and for the alphabet networks: you’re toast, you are an anachronism and all of you should be hung for disseminating misinformation and disinformation which, incidentally, has cost actual lives. How many policemen have been killed because of the false narrative of “hands up, don’t shoot”? Or the millions in media supported R2P “humanitarian” invasions of MENA countries?

    Greg: many thanks again for being one of the truth soldiers. As the agenda of stifling any views antithetical to the elite establishment gains momentum, you are needed more than ever.

  10. Jerry

    I hate to be the barer of bad news (especially with so many real estate projects that my family has going on) but under the surface of the Wall Street moonshot, it sure looks like a dollar selloff after watching the bond markets the last few weeks.

    Since the election I have caught major flack from my family about my perception of the economy. There seems to be this view that since Donald Trump was elected that our worries are over. I guess my question is, if the markets are truly rigged by the central banks ( per the Deutsche Bank silver rigging settlement) how is possible for Donald Trump to change our course? When I see the Stock Market reaching all time highs, while the Yuan is getting pounded, it sends chills up my spine.

    How is it possible for Stocks to be reaching all time highs, while the bond market, and money velocity are cratering? The system is clearly rigged. As long as investors are filling their pockets (including Donald Trump) they’re going to let the bulls run as long as they can. But at what cost? And how long?

    The emerging markets of the world are getting ripped to shreds by the dollar and our stealth QE buyback program. India and China have clearly reached an inflection point of no return. A decision to float the Yuan separately from the dollar is now being considered by the IMF. If anything Donald Trump has just merely sped up the process.
    Just my opinion.

  11. Justn Observer

    Greg….Nice wrap up ….Hope you can take time to listen to this glowing appraisal of the Trump election by Lord Monckton. His description of the Democratic party being nothing more than a communist party and the coming and coming soon is the PROOF of a mathematical error behind global warming. Worth a listen…crushes the global warming model completely as a hoax!
    Love the part about coming legal claims against those using unsettled scientific proofs as settled –and knowing such and using it is FRAUD and the many groups likely will be sued for knowingly doing so for proof and contributions.
    Lord Monckton also expresses a wish to be contacted by anyone who has been threatened or intimidated for being a ‘climate denier’…as civil and criminal court filings are moving forward not only as civil fraud but as ‘hate crimes’ !
    Thinking Al Gore and Greenpeace and other’s knowingly using ‘unsettled scientific data’ as ‘proof ‘ – as established ‘facts’ to gain contributions and taxes now but fraud? As threats against those that do not ‘believe’ a lie …is intentional hate speech being used to stifle free speech and worse – could lead to legal and physical harm. Interesting interview that drives a stake in the heart of globalism and the carbon tax movement to rip off the taxpayers…

  12. Chip

    Cold here too in South Texas! 42 degrees this morning. Our norm is 60-70 for lows this time of year. Brrrr. Enjoyed the WNW Greg. Stay warm… Chip

    • DB Cooper

      Chip, I remember snow ( a few flakes!) in Brownsville in about 1964 … that doesn’t happen very often. DB.

    • Bart

      I’m in New Zealand. We should be in summer right now but everyone’s moaning about summer not arriving. It’s actually cold on some nights. It’s been raining a lot.

      About 3 weeks ago there were two consecutive hot days and it felt like the arrival of summer. The main newspaper here (the New Zealand Herald) had a front page headline saying summer was here early (it wasn’t) and it would be the hottest ever (but actually it’s one of the coldest so far). Two days after the headline summer went away again and nothing more was said.

      People are still asking when summer will be starting! Like a stopped clock they patiently await the predicted hot weather.

  13. Dan S.

    That cover was deliberately made that way. Greg are they planning on shutting you down also?
    Have a Merry Christmas Greg

  14. eagle-eye

    They have mastered geoengineering…this is the reason why the weather is the way it is.

    • Simon Ruszczak

      No its nature. El Nina, and the lack of sun-spots (mini ice age).

  15. Casey Hawkins

    So, somehow this year I received a subscription to time magazine. Throughout this election cycle I received, and promptly got so frustrated with their one sided Hillary reporting that I ripped up several issues. I now only use them to start my fires. You can only imagine how hard I laughed when I saw this latest cover. Absolutely hilarious!

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the MSM will love a market crash they can blame on Trump, they are licking their lips to be sure. I can’t watch them any longer, when I see people like Lester Holt reading the scripted “pravda” so-called news which is only designed to support their own agendas I turn it off. Remember when Holt tried his best to hurt Trump and support Hillary as a neutral moderator in one of the debates? He was so blatant bias against Trump in his demeanor and his questions he didn’t fool many, but he got a A for trying too be sure. You can’t shame these so-called journalist. They finally got rid of Williams who saw dead people floating by on dry land in New Orleans during Katrina. But the MSM is now finally scared that their time is ticking to the end and hopefully so. The time has come to not only turn them off but to write/e-mail them and let them know they can’t trick us all, remember when they said “Texas is in play, even Utah”, etc. MSM’s Pravda’s type propaganda in American news is finally crashing down upon them; its about time!

  17. Matt

    If one goes back 145 years of financial markets, back to 1871, one discovers a very important problem. Never in the 145 year history of the stock and bond markets have both asset classes been overvalued at the same point in time, and to this extent. This is defined by a Cape Schiller P/E of greater than 26 in stocks and a 10 year treasury under 2% (yes, the 10 year has moved up, but that represents the massive selling worldwide). Add to that the multiple asset bubbles – real estate, automobile loans, student loans, etc. The ass kicking that is coming is going to be like no other ever seen in the history of earth. Deep, broad, and complete.

  18. Hatemail

    Southern California is by nature a desert. Irrigation made possible by diversion of the Colorado River has artificially supported a vast agricultural and metropolitan existence. It is not really a drought, it is a normal fluctuation of the hydrological cycle. If California had to exist upon its own natural water resources it would be an economic disaster area. It has nothing to do with aircraft spraying aluminum pixie dust into the atmosphere either. That idea is fake, fake, fake.
    California is a water parasite, that is reality.
    As for Fake News just look at the “news stories” published on Yahoo and Google and the questionable sources they attain them from and the “click bait” “sponsored” stories.

    • DB Cooper

      I doubt not what you write in regard to California and water diversion … we are near the land of the purple sage that is a bread basket due to diversion from the Columbia and Snake rivers … but are you saying that chemtrails are not real ?? We see them and also experience extreme physical results from the spraying.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  19. Frederick

    I agree the MSM is totally toast Dont you just love how the BBC the same people who sanctioned a creep like Jimmy Saville has the chutzpah to give an opinion on Pizzagate? How absurd is that people?

    • Tin foil hat

      I just come across a likely confirmation that “PizzaGate” is real. Knowing how the democrats always operate as per Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, the dem consistently uses “Projection” against their opponents. The king of fake news, Brian Williams, accuses sources of real news as “Fake News” for example.
      This article reveals that Clinton tried to frame Assange of paedophillia!!
      We are lucky that she didn’t get elected, she was dead serious when she inquired openly, “Can’t we just drone this guy?”.

  20. RTW

    I stopped reading that fish wrap in 1980. Today, if I had a one hour wait at my doctors office and the only thing to read was Time, I would rather count the little holes in the ceiling tiles as an alternative. They knew exactly what they were doing with that cover and think they’re so clever doing it. Pathetic!!

  21. al

    Excellent points. On the spot reporting. What else can you ask for?
    Wow, devil horns on trump and they admit the country is divided under who’s “leadership”? The communistic organizer?
    You packed in so much info you’re awesome Greg! Merry Christmas with the emphasis on Christ!

  22. Linda L.

    Trump is sitting under the M, but it doesn’t really look like devil’s horns to me. I thought that this photo of Trump wasn’t so bad. However, the caption on the front page only shares half the story. Time should have added that the division has occurred by way of all the radical, corrupt scheming and with massive financial assistance from people like rotten George Soros.

    • Joseph Goebbel

      Linda, and old sour puss, sore ass Soros, along with the Bobbsey Twins, Hillary and Vicky, did the same to Ukraine. He wont give up in his plot to do the same to the United Divided we Fall States of America, thereby deep sixeding the Donald. Boy is he in for an even bigger surprise than Brexit or the triumphal Trumpster!

    • Bart

      Haaretz reporter agrees with Greg about the cover.

      “Why Time’s Trump cover is a subversive work of political art”

      Trump has certainly been among the greatest influences on the events of the year. For clues as to how Time feels about it, we can look to the image chosen for his cover as ‘Person of the Year.’

  23. JT

    Awesome touch there Greg! Great seeing you reporting outside the studio getting some fresh air. God bless you friend.

  24. Dante

    Drain the swamp?
    Trump will be losing support from his supporters
    at warp speed. I’m not a troll or Hillary supporter.

    • Joseph Goebbel

      Dante, Never fear The Donald is here! [Washington] and I’m not talking regime change in mudder Russka! He may not know it yet, but the Trumpster is going to use Gary Cohn like a sledgehammer! Mark my words and Donald’s!

  25. eddiemd

    John Glenn RIP

    Married for 73 years. Incredible.

    “In the Pacific, he flew 59 missions over the Marshall Islands.”

    “After being stationed in China and Guam when World War II ended, Glenn was a flight instructor in Texas before being transferred to Virginia. When the Korean War broke out, Glenn applied for combat duty, and flew 90 missions. Overall, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross six times and was awarded the Air Medal with 18 clusters.”

  26. Patrick

    You are a gentleman and scholar of the old school. Have a great weekend. God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Patrick.

  27. Enki

    Hi Greg
    Back on Nov 8th I voted for Donald Trump because if Hillary where to win for sure we were heading towards WW3 .
    Today Dec 9th , Trump picks Goldman COO Steve Cohn( Khazarian Banker ) as economy advisor along with Mnuchin ( anothe Khazarian Hollywood ex Goldman Banker ) for the secretary of Treasury. I feel like being betrayed.
    He could have picked per say Dr Craig Robert for the Treasury job.
    I was wondering what are your thought about this subject.
    Perhaps this could be an important subject to discuss in detail ar maybe someone should ask President Elect Trump as why he did select those individuals.
    As always I prey to prime creator for your safety and well being.
    You are one in a million who have not sold their sole for financial gain.

  28. Enki

    Hi Greg
    In my previous comment I named Gary Cohn by mistake Steve Cohn.
    Sorry folks I am too upset to think straight .

  29. MATT

    weekly metals wrap-up-
    1175- 1125

    Down side risk high

  30. helot

    Mr. Ben Jones pointed out this snippet while discussing the recent popping of Housing Bubble 2.0, I wonder how many people even know about either event,… 20,000?

    ‘2016 marked the end of the biggest bull market of our lifetimes’ – By Myles Udland December 8, 2016 10:43 AM

    ‘In 2016, the nearly 40-year bond bull market ended. Date of death: July 11. And this was the biggest economic event of the year.’

    “The biggest of 2016, in a weird way, was not Trump, was not Brexit, was not the end of the OPEC war back in February, it was July 11,” Michael Hartnett, chief investment strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said at a panel on Wednesday.’

    “On July 11, 2016, a couple weeks after Brexit, the 30-year Treasury yield fell to 2.088%. On that day, the Swiss government could borrow money for 50 years — out to 2076, a year most of us won’t be around to see — at a negative interest rate.”

    “And that day was the day that the greatest bull market ever, in the bond market, ended. Since then, yields have been rising. And that without a doubt is the biggest event of 2016.”

  31. Southern Girl

    The damn magazine did it on purpose…probably wanted to make it look like a subliminal…they will try anything….but it all doesn’t seem to be working does it??….that is why the Donald is tweeting…to make sure people know what is on his mind because he can’t trust the FAKE news outlets…ABC, CBS, CNBC, etc. The Donald is not stupid !!!

  32. Southern Girl

    I have said this before…all the major networks have gotten rid of the real reporters and hired Kens and Barbies. Cannot tell you how many years it has been since I watched any thing in the morning ….nothing serious, just an absolute circus. They just change the ring masters. I don’t believe anything on the national news…it is the FAKE news. What happened to all the Peter Jennings?? Sure miss that dear man.

  33. Jan

    The “divided states” of America on Time’s cover are more divisive than ever because of the lies spewed by the MSM. The “Time” staff should be ashamed of themselves. The MSM who showcased Hillary’s speech denouncing “fake news” should also be ashamed. Who is she to talk? Do they think we’ve forgotten her wild claims like “landing in sniper fire” and the “video” that led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi?

    This would be laughable if it weren’t for the attacks on the 100% verified information that used to come from wikileaks, but now that Julian Assange seems to have gone missing and the site seems to have been compromised, I am both sad and furious!

  34. your fan in Japan

    That’s it?
    Anyone else out there a little….peeved?….disappointed?….incredulous?
    How many years have I watched Greg? And before him, TFMR. And before that, Kitco.
    I have read Marx. I have read Smith. And Mises. And Pesch. And uncountable internet commentaries from less famous individuals on the internet.
    There was a lot of, shall we say, doom, gloom and boom. The system was rigged. It was going to collapse. They were going to take it down. That is what the powers that be wanted, in the end- there were too many of us anyway- population control. There was nothing anyone could do. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. ad infinitum.
    And now I learn that the only thing we had to do to fix this intractable, very big problem that was going to destroy the world as we know it, was to elect Donald Trump. And happy days are here again. Break out the champagne. Yahoo.
    That’s it? This whole conundrum ends with a fizz pop?
    Surely, I have missed something somewhere.
    Trump has reestablished confidence in America. Wonderful.
    Trump is going to fix the economy with massive public works spending. Wonderful.
    Trump is going to drain the swamp and clean it up. Wonderful.
    You know, when Abe took control over here in Japan, he essentially attempted the same things- well the first two, at least. But no one over here believed him when he said, “Japan is open for business again. Don’t worry. Go out and spend all your money.” And as for public works. I have already decided that when I die, I want to come back as a public works contractor for the Japanese government. Never have to worry about being unemployed. Didn’t have to study very hard (and anyone over here knows what Japanese kids are put thru as far as studying goes). Oh, the kickbacks. The cronyism.
    The answers to all our problems are to be employed by the government. Everybody, always, and everywhere. That IS the solution.
    But that IS communism. So the US just needs more communism- and Trump is going to bring it in- but we can all be excited about it.
    But, wait a minute. I think the people on this site(and others) were angry about this very problem. The REAL problem. Perhaps Griffin comes closest- no wait- it is probably JC himself, who realized the true nature of the problem and gave us the solution.
    But if that is the case, we can essentially shut off the internet (sorry Greg) stop reading tomes, turn swords into plowshares and simply love thy neighbor.
    Bring on the real revolution.

    • Vision

      Your right Fan, not a recession and not a depressing depression, but a Great Tribulation! Don’t be late for the Ball!

      New International Version
      21. For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now–and never to be equaled again. 22. “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. [for your sake Fan]

      • Vision

        ◄ Matthew 24:21-22 ► Almost forgot Fandango!

    • Tin foil hat

      your fan in Japan,
      I’m not peeved nor disappointed one bit. I thank the banksters for extending the good life which I didn’t expect they could manage. Am I incredulous? The answer is a resounding YES!!
      I for one am not buying that Trump could fix this intractable and structural fiscal dilemma. The Trump rally is probably just the banksters’ way of making lemonade with a lemon. Why waste a perfect excuse to prop up the market?
      As far as infrastructure spendings, ones must realize not all infrastructure spendings are equal. Bridges & roads to nowhere are usually conjured by politicians, like Abe, with no business insights whatsoever. If Trump wanted to rebuild Detroit not knowing whether the auto industries could be revive, that would be communism. However, if he spent to entice real business investment like in the golden triangle in Mississippi, that is not at all the same as the infrastructure spendings in Japan.
      I’m not going to make any conclusion about whether Trump is the real McCoy or not just yet. Be patient, my friend in Japan.
      Btw, do you have any concern regarding radionuclide contaminated foods? Is it real or it has been overhyped.

  35. 8Ball

    Pretty blatant insult by Time. Shows you how far American culture has fallen…

    • 8Ball

      p.s. I have a Linux machine and your videos from the USAWD site play fine on it. Not sure what is going on in Windoze but I will find out… It is very odd that your site is the only one having problems with flash video playback.

  36. Jody Foster

    Greg, ur back! You had us worried there mate! Did the deep statesters take u down? They hate the free press! Their very un-American aren’t they. Well the Brits didn’t like the colonists having a free press either and u know how that went! Reminds me of scripture, lets see. . .
    American Standard Version ◄ 2 Kings 6:15-18 ►

    15And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, a host with horses and chariots was round about the city. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! how shall we do? 16And he answered, Fear not; for they that are with us are more than they that are with them. 17And Elisha prayed, and said, Jehovah, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And Jehovah opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha. 18And when they came down to him, Elisha prayed unto Jehovah, and said, Smite this people, I pray thee, with blindness. And he smote them with blindness according to the word of Elisha.

    Yup, they were surrounded. That young man thought the jig was up, but the God of Israel opened up their eye’s to see in the flesh, that there was much more on their side! Just as at the birth of the United States, so today. Those deepsters better be careful, or they’ll wind up blinded physically as they are now only mentally. Num-skulls!

    • Greg Hunter

      Dark powers are attacking many on the Internet. I had back-up but many did not.

  37. Foster

    I’ve called you here as freeborn Englishmen, loyal to our king.
    While he reigned over us we lived in peace.
    But since Prince John has seized the regency…
    Guy of Gisbourne and the rest of his traitors have murdered and pillaged.
    You’ve all suffered from their cruelty. The ear loppings, the beatings…
    the blindings with hot irons, the burning of our homes…
    the mistreatment of our women. It’s time we put an end to this!
    – Robin’s right.
    – Aye!

    Now, this forest is wide. It can shelter, clothe and feed
    a band of good, determined men. . . good swordsmen, good archers,
    good fighters! [New administration?]
    Men, if you’re willing to fight for our people, I want you. Are you with me?
    Aye! Aye!
    Then kneel and swear this oath.
    That you, the freemen of this forest, swear to despoil the rich…
    only to give to the poor. To shelter the old and helpless…
    to protect all women, rich or poor, Norman or Saxon.
    Swear to fight for a free England. To protect her loyally until the return
    of our king, Richard the Lion-Heart [Jesus Christ?]. And swear to fight to the death
    against our oppressors! We do! We do solemnly swear!

    Remember that day in Sherwood Forest? [The campaign]
    I realized then for the first time that what you were doing was right…
    and that we were wrong. [Deep state media puppets] You taught me England
    is bigger than Normans and Saxons… [Lib’s & Con’s] fighting and hating each other.
    That it belongs to all of us, to live peacefully together…
    loyal only to Richard [Jesus] and to England.
    Escort my Lady Marian to the Great Hall.
    Not only has she consorted with
    this Saxon rebel… found guilty of outlawry, theft,
    murder, abduction and high treason… but she has betrayed
    her own Norman people. Are you not ashamed, my Lady Marian?
    Yes, I am. Bitterly. But it’s a shame that I’m a Norman…
    after seeing the things my fellow countrymen have done to England.
    At first I wouldn’t believe. Because I was a Norman I wouldn’t let myself believe…
    that the horrors you inflicted on the Saxons weren’t just.
    I know now why you tried so hard to kill [Smear] this outlaw whom you despised.
    It’s because he was the one man in England who protected the helpless…
    against beasts drunk on human blood!
    And now you intend to murder your own brother!

    You’ll be sorry you interfered.

    Sorry? I’d do it again if you kill me for it. A prophetic speech, my lady, for that is
    exactly what is going to happen to you.

    You wouldn’t dare.
    I’m the royal ward of King Richard and no one but the king himself…
    …has the right to condemn me to death.
    You are quite right, my dear. And it shall be a king who will order
    your execution for high treason…
    exactly 48 hours from now. Take her away!

    Just as Richard returned from the Crusades so will Jesus Christ
    Return. . . In kingdom power to rescue us, that remain loyal!

    Welcome to Washington. . .
    Donald Trump will drain the swamp!
    With a little help,
    from some unseen friends? Time will tell.. . . !

  38. Peter

    Hey Greg;
    This again and again and again is the story!
    ” Is a big rally in store for GOLD in 2017? ”
    Didn’t we hear the same thing in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016? This manipulation will go on until it breaks. What will break it?

    Please give me someone on your show who know’s this!!


  39. This sceptred Isle

    They may use the accusation of Russia influencing the US election as an excuse to ignore the public and elect Hillary Clinton as next President at the electoral college. This as well as constantly talking about her winning the popular vote.

  40. Macray

    This is probably nothing, but morning espresso has yet to kick in!!!
    Remember Lagarde’s 2014 speech about 7’s?
    Trump will be 70 yrs, 7 months and 7 days old on inauguration day!

  41. Justn Observer

    Greg….You or anyone in Colorado have anything on these activities? Truth or Fiction?

  42. neville

    Hi Greg,

    My wife and i are keen followers of the Alternative Media and have been for as long as it has been about.Before the advent of the internet we bought news papers very grudgingly as even as far back as sixties the press was given to half truths and actually damn outright lies.

    Before I go any further what I would like to tell you is that my late dad was a journalist/editor of several leading newspapers and what always cut short his career
    with the many media groups he worked for was that he was a stickler for THE TRUTH.
    His bosses at the time had other ideas and did not like the way he would severely edit or not publish their political or other wise policies.

    My favourite saying is ” America protects it’s LIES and LIARS better than it does the empty Gold vaults in Fort Knox.

    Greg what I really want to tell you about is that in the world of Astrology(I AM NOT
    AN ASTROLOGER BY THE WAY) The Stars portend an end to the damn LIES and deceit that the world has been putting up with for this past century .This phenomena has gained traction over last 25 years BUT will come to an abrupt end according our ASTRAL BODY .This will commence as from 2017 although the Birth Pains have already manifest themselves as we have seen with the M S M being taken to task about their handling of the elections lies about who was ahead etc,then their the lies which America has told about each and every war in which they got themselves involved.

    All of this will end ,the other thing that is written in the stars is the end of BANKS AND BANKING as we know as these custodians of our wealth have fouled up no end.
    The cashless society that they all chasing after is only because they the bankers are absolutely hopeless and handling monetary affairs at domestic and and government levels alike.The reason they want a cashless society is mainly because they want stricter control over their FIAT money ….who is using it and how they using it then best of all they do not want to end up like the Wiemar Republic /Zimbabwe or any other country that has issued large denominated notes as that is the sure sign of the countries net worth and folly.

    In any event all the signs are there we can see them for ourselves .To those that are invested in the commodity complex especially gold …just hang in there your call will be answered.




  43. Sayonara

    Another great WNW. The MSM are doing whatever they can in an attempt to destroy President-Elect Trump’s credibility and administration. If the MSM wants to advance the their “false news”, all they have to do is look in very large mirror. The MSM and their liberal followers are nothing more than Jim Jones Peoples Temple.

    As for the stock market, based on my traditional education in economics and finance and being a student of Milton Friedman theory of economics, we are in complete and total world of Alice in Wonderland economics. I remember the economy in the first couple of years of Reagan’s administration and it was not pretty and I anticipate the same with Trump’s administration when the euphoria of his election wanes.

    Yes, we still have serious drought in California and other places. These are normal recurring conditions over the millennia. There is nothing we can do as species except adapt. And thus climate change is the MSM’s major “false news” push. I just had an argument with my two sons over this matter last night and it is clear the our psychotic and failed education system has been very successful in brainwashing our society in to believing that all of our perceived climate abnormalities are the result of human existence. Sorry kids, but the climate has changing since the beginning of biological time and will continue to do so long after the human species no longer exists.

    I strongly suggest that you have Lord Christopher Monckton as a guest interview to discuss this matter of climate change. Your good friend Brian Sussman interviewed him yesterday and he provides clear and concise scientific facts on the topic.

  44. Agent P

    Funny that Nor-Cal rain situation Greg… You know, I had this crazy thought regarding the ‘odd’ weather anomaly going on out West in Kali. The southern part of the State seems to be of a completely different belief – or ‘worldview’ as it were, whilst the Northernmost sector (‘Jefferson’) differs somewhat…


    Onto President-elect Trump: Yes there could be some ‘editorial license’ going on there on the cover, who knows. Interestingly enough however, consider this little gem – from one of your prized guests, no less:

    Oh my…

    While the emotionally-charged may cling to their ‘hope’ regarding Mr. Trump’s real intentions, the rational see things just ~slightly~ different… Once again, the ubiquitous influence of ‘GS’ seems everywhere & always, does it not Greg…? Not to belabor the point, the situation we face with this new administration fairly well falls into (2) categories:

    #1: Mr. Trump is a master strategist – far beyond the scope of what any of the proles could ever have envisioned, and he is as yet to implement his tools of change which will bring forth the fruits of his promises to the people.

    #2: You (and a whole lot of other well-meaning but gullible types) have been Royally HAD…

    I sincerely wish for the former.

    • In Deep

      Trump never said he’d be replacing the Washington career politicians with feel good working class cabinet picks, he said he would replace them with people that are the best at what they do, often Captains of industry, guess what, those people are ALREADY RICH and deal closely with the elites we despise. However these are the exact people that have skills and relationships to swiftly enact Trump’s America 1st policy.

      While they will probably profit from their positions, they (& Trump) can’t be cheaply bought & provided the subscribe to Trumps over-arching policy and world view then the U.S. People win. (Inexperienced politicians would be ineffective and cheaply bought and less high echelon, successful business people would be weak and ineffective too.)

      Agent p brain: Also remember there are a lot of people that don’t want him to become president, so thrown in there will be a few red herrings to please both the elites and the Republucan establishment. (for the time being), they will be fired BIGLY in a few months/once Trump is confident they are unable to successfully thwart him.i

  45. Elusive Joseph

    Time is also projecting Adolph Hitler onto Donald Trump by putting Trump on the their cover, just as they did Hitler back in the 1930s. Time is subtly drawing a parallel between the two men. The fake media has basically painted Trump out to be a modern day “Hitler” with their race-baiting and false narrative, and they (any that survive after their exposed debacle in colluding with Hillary this past campaign) will continue to demonize Trump greatly these next 4 years.

    The Federal Reserve has diabolical intentions.

    • Frederick

      Yeah NO KIDDING

  46. Mike from the North

    The STENCH of corruption and the loss of The Rule of Law begs me to ask….Why do we follow the rules made by the Elites and why do the rules not apply to them?

    It makes me ill to think of the kind of World I am leaving behind for my grandchildren.

    Can we avoid civil disobedience in an effort to right the wrongs?
    Can we with God’s guidance correct the wrongs and can we do so without bringing those responsible to task for their misdeeds?

    Must we repeat history over and over again and not learn from the past?


  47. flattop

    GREG; When it was reported that OIbama attempted to interfere in Israels election, no uproar from the msm, but when

    GREG: Obama attempts to interfere in Israels election, no great outcry from msm, but when its suspected that Putin might be involved in Trumps election, what a great outcry .

    • In Deep

      Chalk up two for Obomba;
      He attempted to interfere in Israels election and now wants to interfere in the US. election. [Stop Trump, in alliance this time with McCain and Graham cracker] I thinks Obomba winds up a two time loser on this one. He can thank his C. I. A. friends, Cranky Insidious Oldsters!

  48. Lake M


    PC Roberts is seeking donations to take the fight to the enemies of truth in their blatant attempt to muzzle the alternative news sites that operate on the internet. His blog site made the top 200 list. We cannot tolerate censorship of the internet and must defend our rights under the first amendment. I think everyone here has an interest in this fight. I am sending a donation and would encourage everyone to also do the same. Most of us have enjoyed Greg’s interviews with Dr Roberts. I think he deserves our help to file a lawsuit and fight the real fake news outlets.

    I understand Greg was not included in the top 200. What about the second round if we let this happen. Time to fight back !!

  49. Mme Hedin

    Here’s what your Pres-elect had to say about Hillary…..from the Huffington Post, Devcember 9th…

    President-elect Donald Trump on Friday acknowledged his threat to imprison Hillary Clinton for using a private email server during her time as secretary of state was simply an appeal to win voters.

    As Trump spoke at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as part of his post-election “Thank You Tour,” some supporters began chanting “lock her up” ― a common refrain during the Republican convention and Trump’s campaign events.

    “No, it’s okay,” Trump said as the crowd jeered a reference to Clinton. “Forget it. That plays great before the election. Now, we don’t care, right?”

    You’ve been conned, Greg, by a guy who will say anything he needs to, in order to get what he wants, like constant limelight.

    • Greg Hunter

      So, you appreciate the honesty of Hillary who committed treason with private servers to cover up the fact she was taking treasonous bribes in the form of “donations” to her global charity fraud? Hill also said “there are limits to the 1str Amendment. You like her right??

      • This sceptred isle

        Greg, I have been sceptical about trump but people are forgetting he still has to negotiate the electoral college on Dec 19th. According to zero hedge 7 republicans have publicly declared they will have ignore the election and vote against trump. He may well be playing a clever game. He still needs the support of his party to become elected.

        • Paul ...

          Clever Trump is … if he tells the electoral college democrats that he will match dollar for dollar whatever Hillary is paying to the republican electors to defect … plus an extra million!!!

          • Paul ...

            And putting a Goldman Sachs man in at Treasury may delay the market crash just long enough to get the Social Security Trust Fund invested in bond market “puts” … so that when the inevitable crash occurs as interest rates rise the Social Security Trust Fund will make trillions in profits and be fully funded as it should be!!

      • JC Davis

        Greg until we the people demand justice we will never have a chance for a fair constitution. Jail the bitc.. then start on 911 bush people. I am not afraid of being poor, hungry or broke. I am afraid of not standing for right in this corrupt world before a Holy God.

    • JC Davis

      Mme Hedin.
      Sad to say your right. Without a Republic constitution amendments hold no value. If the laws are not enforced equally for all there is no Republic. I voted for Trump to hold the Republic. His words show he has no intent of holding the Republic.

      • In Deep

        Thank God you’ve been wrong so many times before Jefferson C. Davis!

        • JC Davis

          James is the name Skin creep

      • Mme Hedin

        And what idiotic Secretary of the Treasury would take the entire Social Security account and essentially apply to it an incredibly risky investment strategy similar to the “red or black” on a roulette wheel?!? Where would he/she derive that authority?!?

  50. Don

    Brother Greg, When I saw your post, my thought were how treacherously the liberal main stream media attempted to paint Trump as a rejected want-to-b president, with unwavering support of what they tried to sell the public about Hilary’s undefeatable presidential campaign. Well, to the worlds surprise, the American people, even with corrupted popular vote, on the state level, turned out and proved the American people didn’t live in the propaganda world they created for them to live in. The liberal globalist, is a hardcore bunch, which offer the world a socialistic form of rule, and herald a liberty without law. Their world is a world of liberal depravity, that runs rampid within their mist, without social conscience. I have been keeping up with revelations being brought forth by new evidence of planet x within our solar system. It makes since to me, that as the bible portrays that global government will finally be realized, at the same time that the celestial signs spoken by our Lord throughout the scripture appear. It is at the beginning of these times, that our Lord said, when you begin to see these things, look up for your redemption draws near. So, this is not the end of the globalist movement, and those who so desire its full revelation, are working for the wrong master. Just know this, the utopia they so desire will bring about their own destruction and the second coming of the Lord of Heaven. If you would, look into the much evidence being presented by the sky Watch News, and the hundreds of pictures and video’s their guest provide. Two nights ago, in the Tulsa Ok. region were I live, while retrieving wood for a fire, at night I glanced into a cloud covered sky, and an the moon directly overhead caught my attention, as it, for a moment opened where the moon was visible, and I saw the moon with about a third lite on bottom and two thirds darkened on top, with a light outline of the edge appearing. I second quested myself and waited for another opening, as for another moment I saw a repeat of what I just observed. The abrupt climate change they spoken of, is being caused by a solar abnormality. Farewell my friend, keep telling the truth, of which there is no defense against.

  51. The Seer

    T I M E: Trump Is My Equalizer
    is what it looks like to me! Especially that his head is overlaid over TIME shows
    he is taking over their space and prescense!

    Also, we should look at his cabinet and staff selections through the eyes of perception that he knows and is setting up a team to handle the coming collapse and reset “they” will through at him (America). It makes more sense when looking through these glasses of perception of preparation . . . .

  52. helot

    The seen, and the unseen. With that farm background, you’ve Got to read this bit;

    A More Speculative Bubble – a snippet;

    ‘This is the third straight year when commodity prices were lower than the cost of production for corn and soybeans. Livestock producers also took a hit with low prices for dairy, cattle and swine, so diversified operations have been feeling the pinch, as well.” […]

    ‘In 2015, the average crop producer in Minnesota only made $27,000 from the whole farm. That doesn’t feed a family, and 50% of farmers made even less than that.’”’ …

  53. BetterChetter

    Great reporting, Greg – and clarifying how news reporting used to be done, professionally. It seems the immaturity of major institutions is revealing itself – like a group of teens gossiping about their peers, while us individuals who stand apart, are the more mature ones. It reminds me of Sir Laurens Van der Post, who was jailed in Japan during WWII, & suffered at the hands of brutal Japanese prison guards. He noted that when two factions/people are in disagreement, the one with the higher consciousness must take responsibility for civility – (not a direct quote but in summation). Thanks for standing up for the individual, and for those seeking the higher ground.

  54. chas

    Thank you Greg for your efforts to keep us informed. I did not perceive the hit by Time on Donald Trump that you pointed out. But one has to wonder why Time would decide it is cool and fashionable to take a dig at a certain percent of their readership. I have pretty much stopped supporting all MSM, including giving them clicks and website visits. All these childish digs by MSM does is make them lose a percent of their viewership every time they do these self defeating events. Almost like self induced suicide.

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot believe the MSM is doubling down on stupid. Watch the layoffs in 2017. They will be stunning. Thank you for your comment.

  55. Rick Geisler

    Just remember that civil unrest and mob mentality is of the left and evil. One and the same. Mob mentality came against Lot and the angelic messengers in Sodom. It is also the reason why Pilate washed his hands of the fate of our savior and beloved Christ Jesus. He feared the mob getting out of control. Evil loves corrupting one soul but it can “burn the house down” in a crowd of debased uncontrollable stooges or as Marx put it,”Useful Idiots.” It has always come down to the masses recognizing basic right and wrong. One might think that is obvious but in today’s society maybe not. Put your finger up to see which way the wind is blowing. That is right and wrong in society today. Thank you Greg for this “forum” you provide.

  56. chai

    Hi Greg, I have a good one for you. I have been following southfront .org for years. It varies in style over time but is primarily on ground sitrep data. Well usa today seems to be getting their news from them, then modifies it with spin. A recent story on isis in Palmyra shows the usa today publish date after the southfront date. Same story different spin. Shame on usa today.

  57. Paul ...

    Hey TIME magazine … do you think you can pull the same trick on the American people you pulled on the Libyans, the Syrians and the Ukrainians by making Trump into a devil so he can be gotten rid of like Qaddafi , Assad, etc.?? … we American patriots are not as stupid as you think … we know exactly what your MSM game plan is … first you paint Trump as a devil … then you along with Soros, the Demon rats and rouge Republicans like McCain can arm the “moderate Hillary rebels” to remove Trump to bring “Demon ocracy” to America … we know you are lying the groundwork so Soros and McCain can secretly arm the “moderate rebels” and bring revolution to the streets of America … Hillary has already brought many thousands of her “moderate rebels” here to our shores … and Soros is busing them to strategic locations in major American cities where Humvee’s, Saran gas and anti-aircraft missiles are likely waiting for them so they can effect a “color revolution” in America and change our Constitutional Government into a Demon-ocracy … well … you are sadly mistaken … we know your MO to well by now … American Patriots are already boycotting your magazine (just look at the many comments above) … within one month the power of the purse will have you in bankruptcy … and once Trump closes up our borders he will systematically round up all the Hillary pedophiles, demented sex perverts and other “moderate rebels” you are supporting to over through our “duly elected government”!!!

  58. Kim

    Thank you for all that you do. Please be encouraged to continue since what you do is very important on so many levels. We are evolving quickly in complex ways!

    The information you present allows greater awareness ( I totally missed the “M” horns in “TIME” lol!). This greater awareness gives us the ability to look at situations from multiple perspectives.

    “TIME” (and MSM) lack integrity and is a sign that we need to keep stepping up to pay attention. It feels as if we are in an unspoken battle for truth! Keep up the outstanding work, what you do is highly respected!! God Bless!

  59. Diane D.

    Greg, thank you for the picture of Time magazine. I’m old enough to remember magazines but haven’t seen one in years.

  60. ivan kruger

    Fake News

  61. JC Davis

    Greg I have no doubt the MSM hates trump, but I looked up photos from the past Time put out. I found several done the same way, even Bill Clinton. They may have done it intentionally, but I don’t think so. Who knows.

  62. Henry

    Thanks for mentioning WTC7, Greg. As you know, the upper portion of the hurricane and fire resistant steel frame supposedly bent, buckled, and crushed its way through the thousands of tons of cold, undamaged steel columns below at a rate that is indistinguishable from free fall – the same rate it would have fallen through air. And it did so with near perfect symmetry. That requires all of the steel columns to lose all of their strength instantly, totally, and simultaneously. Can’t be done by gradually heating random columns on a few floors. Simple high school physics proves that WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition, which also demolishes the government’s entire 9-11 grand conspiracy myth.
    I think you’re right about pizzagate, too. The emails are obviously code for something, otherwise they’re simply gibberish. Here’s an example: ““Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?” There’s a discussion over a handkerchief with a pizza related map. The fact that no one is asking anyone to explain what this is supposed to mean, or asking about “spirit cooking” and all the child, sex, and pizza related evidence is really over the top. The “fake news” hysteria and censorship are extreme. I just got a firefox error message preventing me from accessing search results for “podesta pizza” on Wikileaks. David Seaman had one of his pizza gate videos taken down. Two more and he’s out. I’m surprised we don’t see more of that, to be honest. I bet it’s on the way. Do you have any interest in interviewing David Seaman? Here’s one of his videos. Do it for the children, please…

  63. Steve from Canada

    I recently heard some audioblgs that dismiss pizzagate as rediculous coincidence. But the people podcasting sophisticated productions have no body of work. In other words they were produced by someone with a budget. Something to hide much?
    Never forget Bldg7 should be the mantra of TrumpNation
    Thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Please keep in mind that story starts with the Podesta emails leaked from Wiki Leaks. The CIA in effect has conformed they are real with this latest “Trump Russian agent” LIE.

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