We the Cronies vs. We the People, Hillary Aid Granted Immunity, How MSM Lies to Help Establishment

1bGreg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 229 3.4.16)

The attacks on Donald Trump come down to one simple fight. It’s “We the People” against “We the Criminal Crony Class.”  Forget calling them the “establishment” because they are, in fact, a bunch of law breaking weasels in BOTH parties.  Democratic Presidential contender Bernie Sanders would be getting much the same treatment as Donald Trump if he would have done as well as Trump on Super Tuesday.  Examples of the crony class include the law breaking bankers convicted of fraud with LIBOR, FOREX and mortgage fraud to the tune of trillions of dollars, and yet nobody EVER goes to jail.  I love how the so-called conservatives sit and say nothing while their crony donors break law after law and only pay fines.  It’s the same with the phony income inequality Democrats that see the fraud and say nothing.  Bernie Sanders is resonating with young Democrats in part because he wants to clean up the banks that Hillary Clinton is getting millions of dollars from.  This is the crony class I am talking about.  You could not get more pathetic than the hit job failed candidate Mitt Romney gave to Trump this week.  The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is another example of crony capitalism.  This helps Democrat and Republican cronies alike, and that’s why both parties pushed this through.  When you hear Trump wanting to unwind trade deals like the TPP, he wants to do it because it helps “We the People.”  This is what he means by “Making America Great Again.”  The establishment, or crony class, is scared to death that not only the blood sucking will be will stopped, but these traitors and criminals will be held responsible.

The crony class is being aided and abetted by the mainstream media (MSM). Here’s the day after Super Tuesday and both candidates gave speeches.  Clinton wants to “Make America Whole,” whatever that means.  Trump wants to “Make America Great Again,” and vows to end the incompetent deal making and crime holding us all back.  Trump said that “Hillary should not even be allowed to run. What she did was criminal.  If she is allowed to run, it will be a sad day in America.”  He was referring to her private, unprotected email server where she, no doubt, jeopardized national security.  Did the shills at the MSM cover this important quote after a landslide win by both candidates?  No, they did not!  Now, it’s reported the Justice Department just gave immunity to the staffer that set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  That means this is now officially a criminal investigation.  Did the USA Today put this front page story on the front page?  NO, it did not.  The Washington Post sure did earlier this week.  When I searched the USA Today website, it was nowhere to be found.  It certainly was not on the front page and it IS front page news.  This is how the old timey MSM lies by omission.  It ain’t going to work.  As I have said for many months, Clinton will be indicted.

Another way the MSM lies to distort the real picture is by what it reports about the economy. The latest comes from headlines created by crony Warren Buffet.  If it were not for massive bail-outs, his investment company would have been decimated.  Here’s one that says Buffett is “Bullish” on U.S. business.  Here’s one that reads “Manufacturing’s Pain starts to Ease.”

This is total BS and spin just like the so-called “recovery” story they have been pushing down our throats. Week after week, I have no problem showing you how the real economy is doing in the headlines, and it’s not good.  That’s not spin–it’s fact backed up by data.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Jerrod

    The lies that buffet and others in his group spin is beyond astronomical…..they already know since the devos meeting that nothing is going right so why lie? Buffet and his friends have their contingency plans already in place,so I figure they will keep spinning lies to the ignorant sheeple until the bail ins pay for their mooching butt out in their underground sanctuaries…is that their plan? Do they think its going to work out like that?

  2. Silence is Golden

    Great wrap.
    Can’t help but feel that things are coming to a head. Long overdue accountability.
    Love the new catch phrase Triple C – Criminal Crony Class (aka The Establishment).
    How far does the CCC extend in terms of the definition- Congress, Judges, Regulators, Secret Services, Past and Present Presidents….the list goes on. That’s the extent of the task of anyone (Trump for eg.) wanting to take on these blood sucking leaches.

    In the wake of all of this I sense something building …perhaps an uprising ….in fact I wrote & posted something on usawd for a dear friend not that long ago and in case wd’s didn’t see it….here it is again…I think its relevant an in tune with what your message is….
    Silence is Golden 02/18/2016 (James Turk Interview)
    Never too old JC.
    We still have a voice. It is gaining momentum….with the move against the Establishment. The uprising will find its roots through the dissemination of truth and knowledge. Education of the masses is the real task….and just like all the social media platforms….it can find exponential growth and saturation with structured targeting and acceptance. Its never too late to rid the world of this evil empire.
    Put this somewhere visible …where you see it everyday…
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is when good men do nothing”. This is the way of the world…. but for few exceptions.
    We cannot remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool….better to talk and remove all doubt of it.

    I saw an interesting article that expands on the issue of the embedded cronyism…the theme of working class disenfranchisement evident on both sides of the Atlantic…..prescient point….
    All things said….with the “intentional mistakes” made by the so called unelected rulers in Europe…combined with the errors, oversights, frauds and illegality committed in USA….I do believe we are now due for some civil action of the Anarchy type !!!
    Looking forward to the latest from one of the best CAF.

    • Greg Hunter

      CAF says the U.S. still has vast economic potential if we can clean up the mess and get rid of the “Crony Criminal Class.”
      Thank you for your involvement with USAW!!!

      • Dan S.

        I think it’s time for a modern day “Boston Tea Party”. Have the people and small business file their income taxes this April 15th. Then announce that sales taxes, income taxes etc will not be remitted again on a monthly basis as per usual. This will boost positive cash flow for both the worker and employer. What can the gov’t do – start jailing all the workers and closing down business? I don’t think so! What do you think Greg , will this plan work?

      • allen ols

        Now that’s a screaming case of the cat calling the kettle black if there every was one. Mitt Romney has lashed out at The Donald for being a “phony and fraud”, but consider this. During his 16-years at Bain Capital, fully one-fourth or $600 million of the firms cumulative $2.5 billion of profits were scalped from companies which went bankrupt soon after Mitt and his partners got out of town with the loot.
        No wonder the American voters did not believe him when he claimed to be the “job creator”!

        • Mimi Dick

          Also—Romney said more AGAINST Trump then he did AGAINST Obama in 2012 when he was running against him! Right before the first debate Benghazi happened and Romney should have beaten him to a pulp with the info that they–Obama and Hillary–were sending Qaddafi’s weapons–put on ships to go across the Med. Sea to where Turkey and Syria meet–then down into Syria for the rebels who turned out to be ISIS! So they committed treason by aiding–abetting and arming our enemy and both should go to prison for it! but Romney barely mentioned it during that first debate–now any debate for that matter! So I guess Romney is more of a RINO or a CCC then we ever knew! The only thing he has going for him now is the fact that I don’t think he’s a Muslim!

      • Scott Miller

        Friday night Greg! Stock market is over 17,000 again. 4 day winning streak. It’s early in March 2016.
        Just keeping track…

        • Greg Hunter

          You are keeping track of a rigged game going supper nova.

          • Faithful Servant

            While at the same time the US vs MXN is shrinking. In 2015 the peso went from 13 to 1 US dollar to high 18 pesos per $1. Since the beginning of Jan 2016, I am watching the peso ratio shrinking, in other words, the peso is getting stronger and the dollar is weakening, high 18 to high 17 in less than 2 months is not normal.

          • Follower

            Obama will not finish his second term! This will scare millions! Current Events Linked to Ancient Biblical Prophecy.

          • Mimi Dick

            The BEST 18 minutes on ANY internet or news outfit this week–go get ‘um and next time why don’t you tell us how you really feel? 🙂 🙂 🙂
            Thanks for your work–we are fans!!!

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you MD!!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        The US has no potential and only can only contemplate financial ruin as long as it continues with its present criminal central bank model.

        Given CAF’s background in GS it is high time she was asked how she views this ludicrous model. How she answers this one simple question will quickly and simply tell us all on WD whether or not she has changed her spots after leaving one of the banks that is part of Fed’s ownership cabal.
        By the way Greg, I really enjoyed your powerful WNW!

        • Greg Hunter

          This is where we disagree. The U.S. has great potential if we can get rid of the “Criminal Crony Class.”

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            You will not get rid of the CCC without first dismembering the Fed. The Fed is the funding base of the CCC….why can’t you grasp this?

            I take it then that you will not be asking CAF this all important question? Another golden opportunity will simply pass WDers by.

    • Galaxy 500

      I see bad things on the horizon. A fight for the soul of the country and it’s Constitution. And like the Revolutionary War, the Second American Revolution is going to be brutal and bloody. We’ll be fighting the forces of Satan [islam], those that seek to subjugate us, and the ner’do’wells that don’t have an EBT card anymore. Anarchy of steroids.
      Unless the bankers and politicians have found Atlantis, they will be held accountable for their treason and criminality .

      • sk

        So, Galaxy, tell us the numbers and names of MUSLIMS on Wall Street, in The Fed, in the Treasury Department, in the SEC, in NSA, and in all the other alphabet soup wonders. You are looking for subjugators in all the wrong places! I recommend James Hudson’s “Killing The Host”. Chock full of subjugators!

        • Greg Hunter

          Why don’t you just come out and say you hate Jews!!! Then use your real name!

          • frederick

            SK isnt saying that at all What he is doing is correcting galaxy 500 who obviously bought the Bush/Cheney koolaide and blaming the evil Muslims for everything when it is very clear thats not the case Being blind and in denial wont fix anything and Colin is correct about the FED being the core problem

        • Galaxy 500

          They are here as invaders not to be assimilated. There false god tells them to rob, rape and kill us. So yeah, they are looking to subjugate us, all compliments of the 0bamachrist, and your liberal minions.

      • allen ols

        GALAXY 500 voting is wasting/taking time away from fishing

        If Voting Mattered, They Wouldn’t Let You Do It
        Many Americans have intuitively recognized that government is the problem and have stopped voting. There are at least five reasons many people do not vote:

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I love this line…..”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is when good men do nothing. This is the way of the world…. but for few exceptions”.
      What a beautiful and poignant statement.

      America has one last golden opportunity before all is lost to choose a new CIC who could spearhead the dismemberment of the Fed. If this opportunity is squandered another 4 if not 8 years will pass by and America will be ruined.

      The survival of the Fed is the issue that will determine the very survival of your once great nation. If it is not addressed this election, the US will disintegrate financially and socially. Tragically it is almost certainly too late already…..like 102 years late ….. so this is your last shot at turning this nightmare around!

      Good men please stand up now and demand that your candidate challenges this institution.
      Cheers and best wishes

      • Gary Canuck

        Colin, great post, I concur with your points 100%.
        Note that Trump is not talking about the FED or the Exchange Stabilization Fund. Hopefully he is smart enough to not take them on until he is elected.

        PS Just had my first taste of Argentinian Lamb, it was cheaper than Canadian Lamb.

    • JC Davis

      SIG. In Tennessee Williamson County is the wealthiest county in the state. Known to house judges, politician’s, and CEOs . They were the only county to not vote Trump in TN. The following is a list of the richest counties in the USA. I wonder if this trend will be nation wide.
      Greg you gave a clear picture of what we are up against in you wrap up.

    • allen ols

      Let’s be perfectly clear, the groundswell of angry Americans is unlike anything any of us has seen in our lifetime. In essence, Mitt Romney just spoke dozens of sound bites that Hillary Clinton will use if campaigning head to head with Trump. Please understand this, there are NOT two parties as they are both the same and serve the very same masters. We have “Republicans and Democrats” so it appears (to) we peasants have a choice in this great thing called democracy. Without a doubt we have only one choice and that is to vote for “their candidate”. If Mitt Romney’s speech today did not open your eyes to this reality, I don’t know what will!

      You see, Donald Trump is an absolute threat to the status quo. The “status quo” being a country that is being milked and a treasury being bilked as hard as possible. Any “outsider” who comes in and interrupts this process is just plain bad for “profits”! I have privately said for at least 4-5 months that there is zero chance Mr. Trump will become president. It is my opinion if he gets close, he will be assassinated and the blame will go on some guy with “three names”. I hope I am wrong on this but I highly doubt it.
      Posted March 4th, 2016 at 10:41 AM (CST) by Jim Sinclair & filed under Bill Holter.

      • Silence is Golden

        You may have misinterpreted my post.
        I am not siding with either party. Please re-visit my earlier posts over the years and what I have had to say about the this evil cabal…. more recently the farce that is the democratic process. Whilst acknowledging that the CCC exist, it is crystal clear the disease is endemic to the whole system. The task of ridding the USA (World) is monumental…… for anyone.
        As a side issue…many seem to forget the great Black hope in Barack Obama and the lies that spewed from his mouth during his Presidential campaigns. Promises and slogans were meaningless once inside the Whitehouse, proving words are cheap.
        The other possible outcome if Drumpf aka Trump (Grand Father was Freidrich Drumpf) gets close…he will be subjected to entrapment. They will discover a weakness and exploit it..to the fullest extent.

        • allen ols

          You may have misinterpreted my post.
          I am not siding with either party….
          I sent u this as just, “fyi” only and did mot misinterpret what u said. tks. al

    • allen ols


      Great thirteen minute video, ll minute mark is rich, concerning your vote counting.


    • allen ols


      I have privately said for at least 4-5 months that there is zero chance Mr. Trump will become president. It is my opinion if he gets close, he will be assassinated and the blame will go on some guy with “three names”. I hope I am wrong on this but I highly doubt it.
      Bill Holter
      Holter-Sinclair collaboration
      Comments welcome, [email protected]

    • Jerry

      You want proof of CCC. Look no further. This is TRUTH!

      • Jerry

        Here’s who runs our governments. Not the politicians. Now you know why the G-20 picture of Janet Yellen being dejected was so important.

        • allen ols

          sig, jerry; read this,
          “Many writers on socio economic policy have warned that the old industrialized democracies are heading into a Weimar-like period, one in which populist movements are likely to overturn constitutional governments. Edward Luttwak, for example, has suggested that fascism may be the American future. The point of his book The Endangered American Dream is that members of labor unions, and unorganized unskilled workers, will sooner or later realize that their government is not even trying to prevent wages from sinking or to prevent jobs from being exported. Around the same time, they will realize that suburban white-collar workers — themselves desperately afraid of being downsized — are not going to let themselves be taxed to provide social benefits for anyone else.

          “At that point, something will crack. The non-suburban electorate will decide that the system has failed and start looking around for a strongman to vote for — someone willing to assure them that, once he is elected, the smug bureaucrats, tricky lawyers, overpaid bond salesmen, and postmodernist professors will no longer be calling the shots. A scenario like that of Sinclair Lewis’ novel It Can’t Happen Here may then be played out. For once a strongman takes office, nobody can predict what will happen. In 1932, most of the predictions made about what would happen if Hindenburg named Hitler chancellor were wildly over optimistic.
          “One thing that is very likely to happen is that the gains made in the past forty years by black and brown Americans, and by homosexuals, will be wiped……comt’d

  3. allen ols

    Friends of mime used to tell me, VOTE ROMNEY, he
    s the cleamest dirt shirt im the hamper, DUH, I called him “the Utah desert rat Rommel”

    • Greg Hunter

      Romney proves he was a “rat” today!

      • David Clumpner

        CCC RAT indeed!
        Wonder what bodes ahead on Ides of March?
        Me thinks something MAJOR!

    • frederick

      allen ols Comparing the rat Romney with a great field marschal is very poor judgement İMO

      • allen ols



    • allen ols


      TRUNEWS 03/02/16 Philip Haney | “Words Have Meaning” –
      Rick Wiles is joined by DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney to discuss the islamic infiltration of the U.S. government by groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Read more at https://www.trunews.com/listen/#3tmuPswj2QTwfQKl.99

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Looking back on all the less than stellar Republican candidates we’ve been given in the past (i.e. Dole, McCain and Romney), I’m thinking our ruling elite have made it quite clear its all about gaming the electorate, quickly forgetting their political promises and then grabbing their share of the spoils! Con artists, flim-flam men or politicians–no difference.

      • allen ols

        Shadow of Doubt


    • Toney

      Rommel had much more class than Twit Romney.

      • frederick

        Without a doubt toney he was loved by his men and respected by his enemies and stood up against Hitler and it cost him his life Romney couldnt shine his boots the little weasel that he truly is

    • lastmanstanding

      al. Romney is a Mormon. I live in an area where there are a lot of Mormons. They ALL do very well and stick together like glue. They have a quiet control of the most of the important local businesses. While they seem like nice community minded folks, they have other motives. I have been paying attention for decades.

      They have “cut their own deal” for “their share” with “tptb”. Why do you think SaltLC was “selected” as the site of that huge “NSA fusion center?” Those that they inject into the local political scheme are nothing more that their puppets (TSA iq level) that will carry out their agenda without question.

      The upper crust of these folks are HIGHLY connected.

      • allen ols


  4. Linda L.

    You’ve hit it on nail once again. Trump is Big Trouble for these criminal cabals, who are obviously in full attack mode (bunch of wolves….makes me sick). Take care, thank you for all your reporting, and I hope that you can get some well deserved rest this weekend.

  5. southernpatriot

    Thanks Greg for that you do for this country. My letter is to America the beautiful!
    To whom it may concern. This John Doe has had it with the Politics of Corruption and Slime that has taken our country over. Those in charge do not give a Tinker’s Dam about “We the People”, except at election time. Then they want your vote and your money! Both parties are corrupt and this voter will never send a penny to either party.
    We have some real serious issues in this nation and if we would get our heads out of our asses, we might be able to get something done. The way I see it, The Republic is on life support and to make matters even worse we are covered by Obama care. You know it’s the insurance that cover’s nothing and you can keep your doctor, to boot! If that insurance is such a great plan for the American public, then why are all of the politicians exempt from having to take Obama care insurance. That’s the biggest crock of you know what, that has come out of Washington D.C. and if another crooked politicians tell us we need to pass the bill to find out what is inside the bill and we do nothing about it, then this once great country,is gone forever.
    A day of reckoning is at hand, for you traitors to this Republic to be hung out to dry.You no longer support and defend our Constitution. You have trampled on this sacred document and dragged it thru the mud! Many of you have never read it. Far to many of you has a disdain for the “land of the Free and the home of the Brave”. This John does does not. I love my country, I just don’t give a dam about politicians or presidents who are doing there best to destroy America, from within!
    If you had spent as much time vetting Obama as you are grilling Donald Trump, “Barry” the would be King ,would not be president. today! I have long wonder why legislation to make America great and strong is not passed. The only thing that makes any sense can be seen in the great movie “Mr. Smith” goes to Washington. Claude Raines, play’s a Senator who’s told what to do by the Taylor’s of the world. Think that is called “black mail”! “None dare call it Treason” but “We the People” will”! Men and women of good character and good moral judgement are missing in Washington! This last bastion of Freedom is under siege from all fronts. America, the time is now to Defend yourselves and your Freedoms. Surely, we are not so busy, that we can not make a stand against the Fundamental changes that are tearing the Republic apart. Time is running out and the foxes are in the chicken coupe. We all need to get off our collectives asses and “Ask not what your country can do for you” “But Ask what you can do for your country”! I’m not willing to give up any more of the rights granted to me by God and Country. Please,listen and be ready for a thief is coming in the middle of the night to take away your Freedom and Liberty. If you care nothing of yourselves, then think of your children and grand children. They deserve to be raised in “FREEDOM AND LIBERTY’! Do they not ? Sincerely,Southern Patriot

    • Galaxy 500

      And the only chance you have for that is Trump

  6. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up Greg.
    the Apple issue is complex. They weren’t subpoenaed for data. The Govt was attempting to force them into slavery to make something to backdoor all the phones. People have been trying to hide data via encryption for decades. The NSA had a backdoor built into the strong encryption you could by, RSA, and it is a company in decline. Some speculate that some of the spectacular hacks done by China have been aided by this.
    You can’t punish Apple for misuse of their products anymore than you can punish a gun company or automobile manufacturer for the stupid and sometimes illegal things customers do.
    Of someone has an encrypted device, you subpoena them for the password. If they don’t comply, you put the person in jail until they do. That’s what they did to Martin Armstrong. He holds the record for contempt. He was railroaded and prison broke him. What they did to the boy was evil.
    You keep saying case by case basis. There is no way that once this is built that Apple can keep it from escaping into the wild. I know that their are posters that believe in elaborate conspiracies some over generations. Sorry, secrets are very slippery things. We couldn’t keep the secrets of the Manhattan project. The Russians had it before the ink was dry. Bradley Manning, Snowden. The only way two people can keep a secret is if both are dead.
    It’s not a matter of a subpoena for information. As you suggested, why don’t they just go to the NSA.
    Apple’s next device according to Cook will even prevent them from doing what the Govt is asking Apple to do now.
    Trump for President 2016
    Hillary for Prison 2016

    Between Tricky Ted, the Canadian who had to renounce his Canadian citizenship and Mr Rubioto who says one thing about amnesty in English [no] but another in Spanish [yes], Trump is the only choice.
    He is the only one who has hired anyone. The is the only one to ever risk his capital in business .
    Trump will work with us take America great again.

    • art barnes

      Hey 500, Little Marco is not eligible, his parents were not citizens when he was born, he is not, I say again, a “natural born citizen”; having said that his children will be when one turns 45. On the Apple Issue, just more overreaching by the U.S. Government, no wonder why more and more Americans are say they love their country but don’t trust their government. a

    • allen ols

      GALAXY 500
      …and u stumped for Cruz for congress, go figure.


      • allen ols

        …….I have privately said for at least 4-5 months that there is zero chance Mr. Trump will become president. It is my opinion if he gets close, he will be assassinated and the blame will go on some guy with “three names”. I hope I am wrong on this but I highly doubt it. from/by;
        Bill Holter
        Holter-Sinclair collaboration
        Comments welcome, [email protected]

  7. Bill Beeby

    Hi Greg love the CCC . I am in England ( Olde England that is lol ) and we have the same thing here in spades . I follow your site and enjoy seeing you and your first rate guests who have taught me a lot . I read you other day when you said you don`t give a stuff about what foreigners think of the American elections but who wins the White House does affect the whole planet . There are idiots in England who want to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK and it makes me laugh because if he does become president they will have to bow down to him….lol…Anyway I fear Clinton ( as you say she should be indicted and not allowed to stand ) and would prefer Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump .

  8. Craig

    John McAfee (Presidential Candidate for libertarians) claims Ability To Open California Shooters iPhone In 30 Minutes. Below an interview in which he explains how he or any one else can break in to ANY computer…in 30 minutes. According to him The Digital (in) Security Commission and FBI requests are bogus and a ruse to destroy personal data security.


    • Galaxy 500

      Then let crazy McAfee do it. He should be in jail for murder in Belize

  9. DonfromDarwin

    Great wrap up Greg,
    The very little MSM I watch in Australia (national broadcaster ABC) portrays Donald Trump as an offensive circus act, Hillary Clinton as the next world saviour, your economy going from strength to strength and Vlad Putin as Hitler’s son, Pesstitution is alive and well in Australia, my circle of friends are preppers and stackers, thanks to blokes like you, peace to all

  10. Seaman Dick Headway

    neo con man 02/29/2016 • Blast from the USAW.past-

    [This post has proved to be quite prophetic, considering since,
    Romney blasted Trump as a ‘faker,’ issuing a harsh takedown of the Republican presidential front-runner.]

    Life Of The Party Donald Trump Gets No Respect And Not Treated Right By Such Same Party_DEEP STATE DON’T LIKE THE DONALD

    The Trumpster Confronts The Neocon RINO’s In Old Hollywood



    Middle Class Thrown Under The buss [Trial For Treason] For cavorting With Trump

    Face the facts friends, the deep state, the real con*trolers of both parties want a neoconservative not a true conservative in the White House
    You wont find Bernie or Trumpster here_Look under the Buss!

    • Constance Crumby

      Wow, Seaman D.H.,
      Dirty rotten politics, what a rotten mess were in. There all fighting for a piece of the John Doe’s and that’s us, we the people and it don’t look too good. Why if they had there way they’d try to stop the meek from inheriting the earth!

      Seaman D.H. I’d like to add a link to part 12 and 13;

      “There going to crucify him!”

      “Cant you see it’s a frame up”

      “Well boys you can chalk up another one to the Pontius Pilots”

      “He was so all alone”


      “Ah lot of us gonna be mighty ashamed of ourselves after this”

      “We didn’t give that man much of ah chance”

      ” We’ll start all over again, It isn’t too late”

      “It’ll keep growing,
      It’ll grow big. And it’ll be strong,
      because it’ll be honest!”

      If it’s worth dying
      for, it’s worth living for. Oh,
      please . . .Oh, please, God help us!

      You want to be
      honest, don’t you? Well, you don’t
      have to die. Someone already died
      for that once! The first John Doe.
      And He’s kept that idea alive for
      nearly two thousand years.

      It was He who kept it alive in
      them —and He’ll go on keeping it
      alive for ever and always! For
      every honest movement these men
      kill, a new one will be born!

      That’s why those bells are ringing!
      They’re calling to us—not to give up—but to keep on fighting!
      To keep on pitching! This is no time to
      give up!

      There you are, Rommney! The people!
      Try and lick that!

      12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKmvh0PcrwU#t=82.618
      This will automatically link to 13 or better yet see the whole thing. So amazing how it relates today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9URLjS6N7AM

      USAWatchdog “A free press for a free people.”

  11. Frank

    Hi Greg
    We have the same mob down here in Australia,and MSM have a lot that hide what is going on.

  12. Carlos

    The main stream media,
    where the truth goes to die. Viva la watchdog.
    Viva el Hunter.

    • diane s.

      Well said! Love it

  13. red

    Funny you mentioned g20…hardly a thing mentioned in mainstream bank owned media, what about this rogues gallery
    Goldman Sachs man on the ground & ex rep in OZ recently just usurped the Australian Prime ministership. The “price on carbon” aka the criminal funding mechanism for the centralised takeover of world governance,,,note Legarde’s head in nearly all of the pics’

  14. Justn Observer

    Greg – God love ya !
    Every morning it is worse…turn on bus. news – juxtaposition between them and the stories and posts here insane !
    They need to give acting awards to the ‘bus. news anchors’ ! Best supporting actors in a science fiction series? lol
    As you point out they ‘revise’ data routinely …admitting they had it wrong…then issue ‘new’ data they know they will ‘revise’ down later? One side of mouth —layoffs- then tout great economy and lower unemployment numbers ?
    Your ‘nomenclature’ is too kind for them….
    “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!”…. what’s with Him having all the fun !
    Have a great weekend, Greg ! Healthy bowl of blessings to go with a cold beer…!

  15. Sandy

    With all the squealing regarding Trump’s presidential bid by this criminal crony class, it makes me wonder what will be the final outcome of this election. Do you believe that these criminals will give up power so easily? Are they above rigging the voting process or denying the choice of the people? This country will be ripe for revolution, you can see it coming.

    • art barnes

      The CCC is not beyond anything, remember John F. Kennedy? He was going to do a lot of things the CCC didn’t want to happen, got elected anyway and was murdered. Sandy, never think they wouldn’t do it again, that is how dangerous they are to hold on to power and continue to rip off the middle class for their gain.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Just my opinion but, no,no,and yes.

  16. K-in-Maryland

    Greg – THANK YOU for being so clear and adamant that the politicians, bankers, media, legal system (CRONY CRIMINAL CLASS) are all in collusion to quietly steal the wealth of America. The source of all power of the C3 is the (1) ability to create money from nothing and (2) charge the American people to do so via interest + debt repayment. The politicians allow it as the bankers fund their campaigns and bribes. The media is owned/controlled by the bankers/WallSt. oligarchs that provide cover for the entire operation misinforming the American public every single minute of every day. Thank you for helping to WAKE UP AMERICA TO THE SCAM ! Stop WW3, Eliminate the Federal Reserve Cartel, Bring back honest money with gold backing, dismantle overseas military empire and stop meddling in other countries. WE ARE BROKE. We must fix our own country FIRST. The rest of the world can take care of themselves.

    • art barnes

      K, nicely said!

  17. Tommy

    One thing for sure, there will be no economic calamity until after the election unless the CCC simply loses complete control. Any collapse will make their already difficult job of thwarting Trump impossible. The only question will be can they control Trump after he is elected. They’ve already bagged Rubio big time. This sad sack looks like a junior high school class clown rather than they supposed serious and religious person he pretended to be before last week. Cruz? I love Cruz and he has been doggedly consistent but one thing really bothers me…his wife. She works at Goldman. Also, she has ties to the Bush administration. How can anyone be trusted with those connections?

    • art barnes

      Cruz is tied to Texas oil, Wall Street banks, wife is a big shot at Goldman Craps, etc. Cruz is part and parcel of CCC.

      • frederick

        well said art and very true and he is quite disgusting as well

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          The sight and the sound of Cruz makes my skin crawl.
          How could this weasel even be considered for POTUS.
          …..Oh…. thats right…. a weasel is exactly what TPTB need. When it comes to a Neocon’s dream candidate he would be second only to Hitlery.
          By the way, I don’t like the sound of developments in Turkey at the moment with Zaman…take care!

          • Greg Hunter

            Hillary has the exact same effect on me.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Getting to a “seat of power” has always made for strange bed fellows, Art. But since Cruz stands for and fights for the Constitution,is detested by his fellow Senators and has a moral compass that’s in keeping with the Good Book. I can see why voters look to him in their efforts to give our District of Criminals the proverbial finger.

  18. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Greg : Great wrap-up as usual, thank you. I’m trying unsuccessfully to make monthly contributions to USAW via Paypal. However I believe you have to acknowledge receipt from your end and then provide PP with acceptance. Best, A

  19. Dale

    America will get the dictator they deserve. I can’t believe anyone would vote for Trump or Clinton. Wake up already. One is the biggest dictator that the world has known. The other is a lying ….. There has to be a better choice. Whatever Trump says , his followers blindly follow him. If he set up gas chambers and killed all the people who disagreed with him his followers would help him. It doesn’t matter what he says or does people rally around him. If Trump read a speach from Hitler people would follow him. You need to get rid of him now while you still can. Thank God I don’t live in America!!! Unfortunately the president of America has a huge influence on the world ( for now ). America is about to enter it’s darkest hour. Be brave and stand up to this tyrant before it’s too late. God bless America, God bless the world !!!

    • dbcooper

      Dale … Yes … Thank God You Do Not Live In Amerika. DB.

    • Galaxy 500

      Thank God you don’t live here. We have enough liberals, socialists/communists and trolls here already. Freedom isn’t darkness and Trump is going to return that to us.
      Do you live in the Queens Sultanate? Where is your speak the truth about how the evils of islam it’s a crime? Or do you live in Canada where you just elected a white 0bama?
      Please do tell what paragon of virtue you love in?

  20. Don

    Greg listened to this last night and enjoyed every minute. What a great way to wrap up the week and bring home the point that We The People know what you have done, and know the game. Keep up the great work Greg, keep bringing it!!!

  21. Canuck

    Another great weekly news wrapup Greg. I am a Canadian but watch and listen to your site faithfully as Canada is deeply intertwined with the US economy. The content is current and spot on in my opinion. However, I have said it before and will say it again; I don’t believe Mrs Clinton will see one second of face time with a judge. I firmly believe she (and many others from the CCC) should be locked up and never again see the light of day but, the elites simply do not do that to one another and like it or not that is who is running the big show. I doubt she has even lost one night of sleep over anything she has ever done. In fact, I believe things are so far gone and so badly manipulated that she will indeed be the next President of your country. I pray to God I am wrong but you just wait and see … Like him or not, the elites fear “The Donald” and that alone should make him appealing to the average American citizen. The attack on Donald Trump has just begun by both parties. If nothing else, it will provide some crazy entertainment before you will have to refer to the “winner” as Madame President.

  22. Gil

    Yes Greg Romney is a neocon part of the club! Contrary to you I don’t think Hirlery will be indicted! They have put her on the ticket to continue their biding like O has been doing for the last few years. Trump being an outsider makes her ticket all that more important for there is no one else to continue their evil ways. If you think judge Scalia was assassinated ask yourself why…was he a threat to Hitlery being indicted… I happen to think so!

    I’ve read that Trump is on a crusade of his own… he wants to overthrow the shadow government. I really hope that he succeeds and I sincerely wish him all the luck in the world for he’s up against some really powerful forces! Long live Mr. Donald Trump!

  23. art barnes

    Greg, I voted for Romney last time, I wouldn’t back that rat for dog catcher again. What a rat, praising Trump when he wanted his money and endorsement and now to speak of Trump like that, in a word shameful, in another word or two phony & two faced. I might add that people are waking up, maybe the CCC is finally beginning to see the sheep may be awakening to defend against the wolves but probably too little too late. Greg, America has been stolen by the CCC with the MSM playing their fiddle. No wonder the country is in decline. Next stop, Banana Republic with nuclear arms, I wonder what could go wrong?

    • frederick

      Art and just think that dog catcher could have been our president Could have been worse than what we ended up with

  24. Jallen

    Another RIVETING weekly wrapup. Mr. Romney calls himself a Mormon, with his tirade about Donald Trump, I don’t think so.
    If he had Donald Trump’s courage, he would be POTUS today. In order to drastically reduce the power of the Crony Criminal Class THE FEDERAL RESERVE needs to be eliminated and the power of money restored to the United States Treasury.
    The current Republican and Democrat leadership needs to be replaced with leaders who will put their Country before serving the Crony Criminal Class. America needs to wake up and realize the NEOCONS and LIBERALS / PROGRESSIVES are a destructive force and sucking the wealth out of America and destroying our schools and way of life.
    It is high time we restored Christian / Judeo principles to our way of life and if people don’t like it they can leave. It is because of the Crony Criminal Class we dial 1 for Spanish and 2 for English. English is America’s language learn it or leave.
    Bulletin for the Crony Criminal Class the eyes of the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are watching and he will not be mocked. Woe unto them. For those who doubt, America became the greatest Nation on earth as a Christian Nation, where do you think we are headed as a Non Christian Nation!

    • art barnes

      Well Jallen, I’m out of my chair standing up and clapping so hard that my hands are hurting, yes, yes, & another yes, great post. ab

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Your comment is absolutely spot on…. “In order to drastically reduce the power of the Crony Criminal Class THE FEDERAL RESERVE needs to be eliminated and the power of money restored to the United States Treasury.”

      I am absolutely astonished at the lack of attention this is receiving. Every other issue combined pales into insignificance in this election. Without fixing this first your country will plunge into ruin. Any other reform is tantamount to discussing menu changes on the Titanic while it is in the process of sinking.


      • Dan


        I think it is useless to try to get this point across (that the only way to take on the establishment/shadow gov’t/deep state, is to attack its core – the Fed). Our message is falling on deaf ears either because:

        a) Americans are too stupid and ignorant to KNOW that this is the root cause of the problem (i.e., Fed is an unlawful, unconstitutional private corporation own by the private banks and elites)

        b) They know but are either too lazy or too scared by the Police State to do anything about it (i.e., by taking ACTION!) or both!

        Personally, I’d go along with “a)” because when I look at the comments throughout this website, they all seem to think that Trump will magically take on the establishment. Yeah right on guys! One man. Sure. Ask JFK; there hasn’t been any other many who has tried since the inception of the Fed in 1913. So please guys, don’t be so god damn ignorant and stupid enough to think that Trump could change a damn thing. The establishment is way to big and powerful for *one* man to take on. The ONLY chance you’ve got is if you COLLECTIVELY TAKE ON THE FED FIRST. That means getting off your fat asses and actually DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The ONLY person here doing anything about it is GREG! He is informing you of the truth. Now, it’s your turn: Get out there, PROTEST, do something! What ever happen to the Occupy movement? Nobody is protesting. Seems to me that Americans just don’t give a sh*t. Wake the hell up folks!

      • frederick

        Colin thats the way they want it right? Most Americans havent a clue about who owns them and are too busy surviving to evaluate it much less do anything about it Cheers buddy

  25. Russ

    Thanks Greg, this is probably one of the best news wrap-ups ever. Truly epic and it raises some serious issues with the state of our political system.

    Cognitive Dissonance comes to mind with the people realizing we are living in the Matrix and there is no difference between Democrats, Republicans, bankers and white collar criminals. You are either part of the club or you aren’t. Club members enable other club members. Bankers enable politicians with campaign donations; politicians enable bamkers with laws like Dodd-Frank.

    Trump is apparently no longer a member of the club, I think he may have been once but he couldn’t stand the actual criminal wrong-doing and he got religion. He knows how the game is played because he was part of it. Now he’s driving a D8 Caterpillar through the club-house and the CCC club doesn’t like it one bit. So we get a pathetic speech from Romney which can only help the Dem (Hillary) but they don’t care, she’s a club member and he’s not. Republcan members of the club enable Democrat members. Rubio wants in but he’s lost all credibility.

    Yeah, as soon as I read the headline on ZeroHedge about the staffer getting immunity I knew I was right months ago when we discussed Biden getting into the race at the Democratic convention. Biden will be the Dem’s white knight, Romney wants to be the Republican whote knight, two brokered conventions and as long as a CCC member is elected, it’s all good.

    One thing club members need to be is discrete and Hillary’s server was not discrete. They don’t care about the server, they care about discretion and not getting caught. What was Hillary hiding on her server? The FBI is looking at two separate crimes, one involves classified info, the other involves money and the Clinton Foundation. Both are ciminal. Grab your popcorn.

    • Russ

      For another very good read on Trump and Romney’s “anybody-but-Trump” speech — Bill Holter has an excellent article titled “Outright Panic”, at:

    • Russ

      … and another, this article from David Stockman’s ContraCorner
      …”But don’t pity the nation. Sadly, the people are getting what they deserve. They have allowed both political parties, the agencies of their democratic right to rule, to betray them with impunity.”…

    • Russ

      Last one is from ZeroHedge.
      Odd mix of folks supporting Trump which tracks with the quote about people getting the gov they deserve. Blowing up the system may be required to fix it.

      • Greg Hunter

        Make no mistake, if Sanders is pushed out his voters are not going to vote for Hill (if she is not indicted). A large part of sanders voters are going to vote for Trump.

  26. Spanky

    I’ve repeatedly stated that Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar. As such, I believe she’s incapable of telling the truth.
    Well, as it turns out, I was mistaken. She proved me wrong during a recent campaign speech during which she submitted that this election is one of the most important in the history of this country. How right she is, but not in the way she’d have her supporters believe.
    Folks, if she becomes president, by hook or by crook, the destiny of this Republic will no longer reside in the hands of the people. I fear she will dismantle the remnants of our liberties, and sell this country down the river to the highest bidder, much like when she and Bill rented out the Lincoln bedroom. Don’t forget, it was during the Clinton administration that NAFTA was implemented. Another heinous act that occurred during Bill’s administration was the dismantling of the Glass-Steagall act. As a result, the big banks were freed from any and all fiduciary constraints imposed on them by that act. Moreover, the fact that she would consider nominating Barack Hussein Obama to a position on the Supreme Court is proof to me that she is pure unbridled sleaze and corruption.
    I am not a misogynous. If a woman of the caliber of Margret Thatcher were running for president, I’d vote for her a heartbeat.

    • dbcooper

      And as you write the Feds are arresting the Bundy family. DB.

      • Spanky

        They broke the law.

        • dbcooper

          Get a grip buddy, … we are watching the Federal ABC agencies/mercenaries destroy an American culture. Why don’t you ask Wayne Hage how he feels about the whole thing … oh right … he’s dead. Yours in Disgust, DB.

  27. Ken long

    There is talk of a third party
    Conservative party

    Pat Cadell said a couple years ago that the democratic
    Party was finished
    And 20,000 democrats from Massachusetts switch parties to vote
    For trump , you know where the Democratic Party is going

    • Linda L.

      There’s no real Democratic or Republican Party any longer….hasn’t been for a long time… (only a criminal cabal/syndicate….looking to bleed humanity on a global scale). And our US Congress/Representatives are for the most part, in on it too….a pack of traitors sitting on display doing nothing, but displaying smug faces because they believe that they’re going to come out of this on top….NOT). No wonder Trump has talked in the past about forming a new independent party.

      • RTW

        You’re absolutely right and that’s extremely worrisome on a number of fronts. Both parties have been interbreeding for quite some time now, or so it seems. The fact that the middle class is finally waking up to the fact that candidates have been chosen for them, instead of vice versa, is angering them. It’s hilarious to hear candidates and pundits alike put such emphasis on the ability to “get along” with the other side. The fact is, they have been getting along, sharing our money, for a long time. This election is no different. They never thought Trump would go as far as he’s been doing and they are in panic mode right now. How much of a panic? So much so, that they are dragging out a two time loser, (Romney) to try and deliver the knock out punch. This is the guy who took a dive in 2012, thus allowing Barry to continue on with his radical agenda, aided and abetted by the Republican controlled Congress. Romney has laid out his strategy on how to get the nomination in the hands of a chosen few, instead of the populace, because he and his crony friends know whats best. The fact that people are so fed up with the past, they not only overlook the crude behavior of Trump, they relish it. Will Trump make a good President? Who really knows. I personally don’t think so, but a lot of others do and that’s what counts. What I do know is, if they try to derail him with back room deals, it will turn out badly for all of us, because Hillary will trot into the WH wagging her tail behind her, per the script. The fact that she is still in the running, despite the insurmountable evidence against her in the e-mail debacle as well as her well-documented lies about Benghazi, is called a clue. Republican/ Democrat, same same. It’s just one big game to them and we the people are the pawns.

  28. andyb

    Greg: the caption under Yellen’s pic should be “guess who just found out that there’s a guillotine with her name on it”.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Contrast Yellen’s expression in this pic to her moronic glee during the White House announcement of the change of guard from Helicopter BB.

      Bernanke looked like a nervous rat that just wanted to get the ceremony over so that he could scurry from the sinking ship. Yellen seemed for all the world absolutely oblivious to the fact that she had just been handed one huge hospital pass.

      Warning….Obama’s blathering litany of outright lies is absolutely sickening!

  29. gregd

    This is you at your best! I wish all the 99% seen this. Smart and concise. Nailed it perfectly. Absolutely nailed it!

  30. Matt Jaymes

    Here is an axiom regarding the Trump train: The harder they (establishment criminals) push against it, the flatter the establishment is going to be as they get steam-rolled. That said, whatever Trump’s business dealings were: good-bad, moral-immoral, he was being the quintessential 21st century businessman; that is: shaking hands, greasing palms, & negotiating in order to further his business interests. HIS BUSINESS INTERESTS!

    So let’s extend my argument a step further. What if we supplant the term “business interests” with “national interests?” What if we hired “The Donald” to use his knowledge, experience, and talents to retrofit the current socio/political/economic climate? What’s he going to do; run up unpayable debts, deplete the military, ignore our beloved veterans, rig markets and off-shore good paying American jobs such that household & capital formation is as archaic as the sundial? Oh wait…………

    I’m doing a little soap-boxing and stumping here because many of the guests that Greg has so expertly interviewed on USA Watchdog have exclaimed (in paraphrase): this nation is just north of terminal, we’re dying.

    I liken Trump to my favorite TV character of all time Dr. Gregory House (as played by the brilliant Huge Laurie.) Dr. House was an arrogant, irascible, vitriolic medical genius. Now I ask: if you were at death’s door with next to zero chance of recovery, whom do you want in your corner: Patch Adams who will make you feel all warm and cuddly as you go into the dark night, or Dr. House whose going to insult, ridicule and brow-beat you, but whom also offers a chance to fight another day?

    This is the current state of affairs with respect to the patient, the good ole USA: pulse is week and thready, pupils unresponsive, cardiac output & respiration are deeply depressed, and there’s blood flowing from every orifice……


    Great work Greg, looking forward to KAF.

  31. Margie

    Hi Greg! I thought about you all day yesterday when I saw the interviews with Judge Napolitano about the immunity for the Clinton staffer. I had given up hope anything was going to happen, but it looks like you are right! I am soooo pleased! and Thanks for another great weekly wrap up.

    I did have a question:

    Would you be able to ask some questions in future interviews on how the economic collapse is likely to affect technology, both for the man in the street and for the so called “elite”.

    The reason I am asking is because I read two things that concerned me about technology.

    1) Ex Google CEO Eric Schmidt now head of Pentagon new Innovations. In one of the articles, Schmidt mentions that soon we will not have internet as we know it, because we will be connected by so many other ways through wearable technology. I think the fact he has become head of innovations at Pentagon does not bode well for humanity.

    2) A very interesting article from Investment Watch Blog, warning that “Smart Technology” is a way to control people by the establishment. And the beauty is, that people themselves are paying to be controlled.

    If we do have a really really severe collapse, such as Gregory Manorino expects, will people even have smart phones? Will there be robots? Will there be internet? Will the top establishment figures such as Schmidt be equally surprised by collapse or are they prepared and will not be affected?

  32. Jackie

    Greg,, I have been following your work for the past several years. Your work is TOP-NOTCH. As I write this, mining stocks & precious metals are going higher.
    I have re-positioned my finances in order to protect my Family. You have taught me so much by separating the truth from the fiction.. Thank you!

  33. Grafique

    Bernie Sanders may have one or two ear-tickling lines – such as being against cronyism – but the absolute last thing we need is an avowed socialist in the White House after eight years of the America-hating Marxist muslim Hussein Obama.

    I shudder to think what might be coming before Hussein leaves. He will do all he can to damage America. Sanders would simply continue Hussein’s policies.

  34. Casey

    Hi Greg, another great WNW. Here is my opinion on how the Democratic nomination will go.
    Hillary will win the Democratic nomination. Then Hillary will be indicted. At this point the Democratic nomination is in the hands of the DNC. At this point Biden will throw his name into the mix. The DNC will now choose Biden in a bid to keep the Obama cronies in charge.

  35. Jack


    You mentioned Trump and 9/11 and there’s lot’s of speculation about that, especially with regard to the Saudi’s. To know what Trump knows, search YouTube for the 8min “9/11 Shock” video to get the inside Trump scoop. He knows ALL the key players in NYC. He knows.

    • art barnes

      Trump was there and he knows the big rich shot Saudi’s got out of town in a hurry about 3 days before the towers fell. Billionaire’s know when other billionaires leave town.

      • frederick

        Yes they did and an israeli company that was renting space in one of the towers left a week before as well as the owner having a doctors visit instead of his daily habit of breakfast at the top floor put all the pieces together and you dont have to be a very good detective to understand who the culprits were

  36. john duffy

    It’s worse than you think! Powerful rant.

  37. foggygoggles

    Although we frequently disagree on imminent collapse, you are ACES in my book this week! Thank you for pointing out that the FBI vs Apple case is really about getting access to EVERYONE’S phone. Were this not the case , they could simply pull all of the calls on this phone, off of their massive servers in Utah. Thanks also for calling out Warren Buffet for the parasite he really is. It’s disgusting when the financial press puts him in the same league as John Templeton. Icing on the cake, Catherine Austin Fitts on Sunday. It’s critical to her from people who are actually successfully managing other people’s money. Not only that, but she is single-mindedly focused on finding solutions to our problems, hand-wringing is not terribly productive. On the Syrian situation, check out the story that Spetznaz has infliltrated ISIS, and is directing Russian airstrikes. This is a complete game changer, imho.

    • diane s.

      Catherine had an awesome Solari report this week. I’ll be looking forward to her interview here with Greg.
      Note to Greg… please start pronouncing Warren Buffet’s name WARREN BUF-FAY.

      • foggygoggles

        diane s.,
        If you liked Catherine’s report this week, check out the views of Professor Darrell Hamamoto, of UC at Davis. Like CAF and Dr. Farrell, Professor Hamamoto explores the roots of the ills that plague us, especially the NWO.

  38. brian

    Identifying this criminal crony class is the first step to having their asses dragged into a court of law, tried and if found guilty then sentenced appropriately for what they have done to our country, to us and to the name of God.

    We have a long, long way to go and we will all likely give up way more than we think we should on the way, but if we can get the rule of law restored I would count that as a ray of sunshine in this shit smeared sky we find ourselves beneath.

  39. Jerry

    We are on the precipice of not only a total economic meltdown, but global war as well.
    The western cabal is about to take us to war to avoid losing their grip on power.. Here is a prime example.

    On Wednesday, I posted a link about 350,000. troops 20,000 tanks and 450 helicopters being massed on the Syrian border for a ground assault. I believe that both of these maneuvers are being sent as a clear message to the BRICS alliance from the western cabal that if they break from the petrodollar to the alternate exchange system they’ve created (AIIB CIPS GOLD) in April there will be war. This is serious folks.

    • Faith

      Jerry, sadly I agree. I saw that article as well. Scary.

    • WD


      Please see my post I took from Bill Holter’s website. In Bill’s analysis he points out why China did what it did, if his hypothesis is true then we are doomed for a long time.

      See below I addressed it to you and Greg.

      Take Care

    • Galaxy 500

      Who is fielding the tanks and helicopters?
      Last time I looked into this, the countries involved didn’t have anywhere near that many.

      • WD

        I know USA Russia and China have a lot. This has more to do with economic outlook than militarily….

      • Jerry

        Good question. Do you remember seeing all the military hardware being transported on the railways the last two years? Now you know where it went.

  40. Sidewalk Apostle


    Thanks for your tireless watchman journalism.

    IMO, the appeal among most Americans that like Trump is that he has contempt for the establishment; and the establishment is BO, Hitlery and the rest of the neo-fascist Satanists, including the next batch to pledge allegiance to the corporation of America’s CCC cabal ie Cruz and Rubio.

    The cooperation of Bryan Pagliano, former State Department staffer with the FBI criminal investigation of classified emails is just the beginning of the “Hillary to Jail in 2016” campaign. The bigger story yet to come out is the sealed indictment of Hillary BFF, Huma Abedin by the FBI, according to insiders.
    Next up is Cheryl Mills whom is probably waiting to find out what comes out of this before asking for immunity for her cooperation.

    As Putin has said in the past, a cornered rat is dangerous and Hitlery will not go down without a fight and might threaten to expose everyone like Barney Frank did during his housemate male prostitution scandal. The question is, if she plays this card, will the blood feud between the Clinton Hatfields and the Obama McCoys lead to a scenario much like Justice Scalia?

    God Bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SA!!

    • Galaxy 500

      And if you can believe it, Cheryl still has a security clearance

  41. Mark Moore

    Your complaints about the establishment media can be summed up by “Moore’s Media Maxim.”

    “The Establishment Media does not exist to inform the public. The Establishment Media exists to protect the establishment.”

    And the Banking and Media Maxim:

    “Any nation which has banks that are ‘too big to fail’ will also have a media which is ‘too connected to tell you the truth.”

  42. RTW

    Never say “Things can’t possibly get any worse”. Romney just proved that it could. He’s a lightweight getting in a heavyweight fight. Again!!

  43. WD

    Jerry and Greg,

    This comes from Bill Holter’s web site. If this strategy by the Chinese is true than it is amazing foresight and pure brilliance. For lack of a better term the West was hoodwinked!! SEE BELOW:

    “No doubt China is a debt bubble on the verge of or already bursting. The recklessness with credit will probably be looked back upon as insanity …but I am here to tell you it is not!”

    “First and foremost, China looks VERY long term down the road in generations rather than years or quarters. I have said before I believed China was building ghost cities via credit use because they do not care about a financial collapse as they will be left with real and new infrastructure.”

    “It is my opinion China made a decision a few years back (maybe as far as 2009) that the West, led by the U.S. had an untenable financial system and the over use of debt would not only be a burst bubble but would lead to systemic change. In other words, China joined the party even though knowing it would end very badly!”

    “Somehow, some way, the world needs to “reflate” but adding more debt and outright monetization has not worked.” ” The only way the debt will become payable is to “devalue” which is what the current currency wars is all about. What needs to happen is ALL currencies need to be devalued at the same time!”

    “This leads us back to China, I believe they fully understand this. They also understand that global currencies will have to (be forced to) devalue against “stuff” primarily gold because it is “money”.

    ” This is why China has been importing so much gold for the last 5-10 years, they saw this coming. I believe when the implosion comes, China will devalue their yuan versus gold. ”

    “This in turn will de facto devalue all other currencies including the dollar as these currencies are in the same debt laden Titanic. If/when China implodes, they will take the entire global financial system with them. Please do not mistake, China is not the only blasting cap in the bag. If “one” goes, ANY one, they will ALL go!”

    “China will in effect make a policy decision that makes their holdings worth much more in value and allow them to move forward with much of their debt wiped out and the remaining debt more easily serviceable. Nations who do not have gold in their treasuries will be at a distinct disadvantage.”

    “To wrap this up, were China to actually follow this path and I believe they will, they will end up with much debt defaulted, a newly stocked treasury and lots and LOTS of brand new infrastructure that cost a small fraction of the original build cost! ”

    “If you are laughing at this concept, please ask yourself this one very simple question. If you could possibly do this for yourself, your company or your nation …wouldn’t you do it in a heartbeat? China has the ability to do this, I believe they will!”

    Sorry if its a little long-but I think this really sums it up perfectly….

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I absolutely agree with Bill on this one.

      In essence at least China has some tangible assets to show for its QE. The west by contrast has nothing tangible left after the party, as it all has all been squandered via the banking cabals and lies in the hands of a few evil plutocrats who were the architects of the whole plan in the first place.

      The fact that these plutocrats were GIVEN ownership and control of the Fed, which since the end of WW2 became the central bank of the world reserve currency, meant that not only could they loot America but also any other country as well who bought into this system.


    • Jerry

      Bill Holter gets it. In 2008 the Chinese gave our government seven years (get that number ?) to get its financial house in order when they loaned us close to three Trillion dollar. Since that time we have done NOTHING but expand the debt. In November the IMF gave China SDR. China has had enough. They are going to break from the petrodollar beginning with the Gold Benchmark in April.

      Ask yourself these questions and you will see the bigger picture.
      1. Why would the IMF change the timetable for China’s SDR from 9/16 to 11/15?
      2. Why has China been buying up massive amounts of Gold if they plan to stay in the IMF’s debt based system? (Bill nailed it here)
      3. Why did China send out a directive to the central banks in October that if they didn’t go along with the Gold Benchmark in April 2016, they would be curbed?

      I’m not making this stuff up. This is what is being reported in international news outside the controls of our cabal controlled MSM. Anyone could see that when an international banking system is set up (AIIB) along with an exchange mechanism like (CIPS) that China and the BRICS nations are planning on leaving.

      I mean come on? I’ve never seen a man leave his wife without a replacement waiting in the wings have you? Greedy oligarchs are no different. They told us seven years ago, “give up you’re drunken debt addiction” or we’re leaving you. The look on Janet Yellen’s face at the G-20 meeting was the look of someone who just lost their sugar daddy.

  44. Paul

    Einstein had it wrong … it should be E=MC^3
    Economy = Money x Criminal Cronie Class

  45. Susan Audette

    Thank you so much for getting the truth out there Greg. God bless you! How do I donate to your cause?

  46. JM

    Greg, do you think the G-20 and other elites like to send messages with their pics? Remember the Lagarde magic 7’s message she blasted out a year or two ago? I certainly entertain the idea that a lot more is being said in these pics.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yeah, I remember the mystical magic 7s. What exactly do you think that she was predicting and when did it happen?

      • JM

        There’s No telling.. She was certainly saying something, though. Greg was on it like white on rice. I’m surprised that he hasn’t responded to my post. It’s ok though. I’ll keep my opinions mute too then.

  47. A Nanny Mouse

    Hi Greg,

    I have a lot of respect for your work, but I think you have it wrong about Trump. He is a complete crony capitalist himself, and a globalist sympathizer. At last night’s debate he even named Richard Haass (CFR President!) as his “respected” foreign policy advisor. And as far as the TPP goes… he might be right that it is terrible… but what does he want to do about it? He wants to have his own friends from “business” negotiate new deals instead! The TPP itself was negotiated by business leaders already, not politicians. He is a total huckster to pretend like his solution is different that the cause of the problem in the first place.

    I realize that people are fed up, but be careful not fall for Trump “hope and change” rhetoric… he is just an egotistical authoritarian who is more likely to fall in line with his CFR masters than stand up to them in any meaningful way.

    Even Ron Paul said as much in December:


    Please don’t take this criticism as disparaging of your work Greg… I think you do a great job and I hope you keep up the fight.


    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Pauls perspective is not backed up with facts. The fact is Trump filed for bankruptcy 4 times and never asked for a bailout from the “Criminal Crony Class.” When you file bankruptcy you turn your assets over to a bankruptcy trustee and that person sells the assets to repay creditors what he can. It is most certainly NOT a way to make money. Dr. Paul has created very few jobs in is life and was paid by taxpayers for years. No disrespect to Dr. Paul as I think he is a good many with a big heart. I respectfully disagree with Dr. Paul and it nothing else Trump is much less of an evil than Hillary–much less. Thank you for your comment even though we disagreed on this one point.

      • A Nanny Mouse

        You could be right, and if he is (s)elected I hope you are, but Mr. Trump did in fact support the bankster bailouts and has bragged that bribed politicians on both sides of the aisle for business purposes. If that isn’t crony capitalism, then I don’t know what is!

      • Margie

        Thank you for that perspective!! This also made me think that successful people do have failures among their successes, and Donald has had a very large number of successes, plus, as you say, he CREATED JOBS!

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Two of our most notable Presidents; Truman and Lincoln both overcame crippling business failures. Even though it took years, Truman paid every dollar both he and his business partner owed their creditors. Past generations, firmly believed how a man handled his failures was a true gauge of not only a man’s word but one’s character. Today its all about success and the size of one’s bank account–the means and manner be damned.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        The fact remains…unless Trump spearheads the dismemberment of the Fed the US is doomed. It’s that simple.
        Being “much less of an evil than Hillary” doesn’t cut it.

        • Greg Hunter

          When the US starts shaking the whole world will be feeling an earth quake of Biblical proportions. No country will go unscathed.

        • Galaxy 500

          Do you have a central bank? Is it run by politicians?

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            NZ has a reserve bank called Reserve Bank Of New Zealand [RBNZ]It is not run by politicians neither is it privately owned.If you care to google RBNZ you can find out more detail.

            The RBNZ does not have shareholders. It is 100 percent owned by the New Zealand government, with any extra revenue that the Reserve Bank makes going back into the Crown accounts. The Reserve Bank is not a government department It is a body corporate whose finances are included in the Crown accounts.
            The Reserve Bank has a Board of seven Directors whose primary function is to review the performance of the Governor and the Bank. The Board holds regular meetings at which it receives extensive briefings on the Bank’s activities, decisions and policies. At these meetings the Board also provides advice to the Governor.
            The Board, through an Audit Committee, also reviews the Bank’s financial statements. Each year the Board writes an assessment of the Bank’s and the Governor’s performance, which is provided as advice to the Minister of Finance and this is made public.
            I by no means see the RBNZ as being an ideal model but the exercise of comparing it to the Fed is completely futile. I will list the more salient reasons for not comparing the two;
            #1 RBNZ is not owned by a cabal of private banks
            #2 RBNZ is regularly audited and performance assessed
            #3 The NZ dollar is not the world reserve currency.
            #4 The NZ economy is minuscule in comparison to that of the US. NZ GDP for 2013 was US $185 billion which in size would rank it somewhere between Kentucky and Oklahoma Incidentally these states rank somewhere around 28/29th place in state GDP.
            Cheers and best regards

      • JC Davis

        Dr Paul ran on honesty, logic, and relied on the people to fight for his plans. This did not work because one can not win playing open, and honestly in a rigged game by the rigged rules. Trump is right not to expose his plans.
        Trump will pull the good voters out of the two headed snake we call the establishment “Criminal Crony Class.” In so doing their bitterness will be vengeful.
        So I say nothing will change the inevitable. The poison cake smells good.

  48. Craig Bradley

    Come on, Greg- we are in a asset “recovery” because stock prices and even real estate is way up and above its previous all-time highs back in 2006. Even hamburger flippers got a big raise in many cities. Established Middle Class homeowners with little household debt and reliable incomes are sitting comfortably watching the Presidential Debates ( Hunger Games). Some like Trump, others, want the crony arrangements to continue on as ever, as they made plenty of money under Obama.

    Oh, by the way, its time for a myth buster. Elliotwave.com went back 159 years to 1857 to see if stock markets went up more during Democratic presidencies. Their findings indicate markets went up about 6%-7% percent no matter who was in the White House. So, even Hillary Clinton can not really mess things up all that much (more). That’s a PLUS.

    • Greg Hunter

      I liken you comment and perspective to a lost child standing on the railroad tracks at night. The child sees a light but it’s not some one come to save him. Please step off the tracks my friend.

    • JC Davis

      Craig Bradley. Pennies before 1982 were made of pure copper. Today there are between 4 and 7 copper pennies in a roll of 50. I suggest you collect a few. Buy a extra can of food and stock it away. How can that be a bad idea. My point is nothing is forever, preparing is a must.
      When you say all is well. Maybe you should look a bit longer distance… There is a Huge Storm coming your direction.

  49. Jan

    @Greg, you boiled it down to “we the people” versus “criminal crony class” (CCC). Touché! We are now learning which candidates have the integrity to honor their pledge to support the GOP front-runner chosen by the primary/caucus voters (e.g. Governors Christie and Huckabee) and the ones who have no integrity and, who with their CCC enablers, are deaf to the rank and file members of their own party!

    Geraldo Rivera deserves credit for blasting Romney this morning on Fox News. He said, “Mitt Romney put his own desire to defeat Donald Trump ahead of his desire to defeat Hillary Clinton … It was chapter and verse, an indictment of his party’s leading nominee, a man who has energized the GOP, the man whose turnouts in these primaries have been unprecedented and historic as opposed to lethargic Democrats. … It was a no-holds bar assassination attempt…[using] the harshest possible interpretation of Donald Trump’s past.”
    [full opinion here starting @ 40 seconds in, stop when the topic turns to “Dancing with the Stars”]

    @Margie, I’m also gratified that Judge Napolitano’s explained Hillary’s case in a video, plus these comments: “To date, the State Department has revealed the presence of more than 2,000 emails on her private server that contained state secrets — and four that were select access privilege, or SAP. The SAP emails require special codes in order to access them. … Clinton had a legal obligation to recognize state secrets when she saw them, no matter their markings or non-markings. On her first day on the job, she swore under oath that she recognized and understood that legal obligation and she promised to comply with it. She did not comply. This past weekend, the newly revealed emails showed that Clinton emailed about the location of drone strikes. By their very nature, such emails contain state secrets. … she wants us to believe that in more than 2,000 instances, she failed to ascertain the presence of state secrets in emails she received or sent. No voter but the most hardened supporter, no federal prosecutor, no FBI agent and no juror will believe that.” http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/03/03/hillary-clintons-mounting-legal-woes.html

  50. Jan

    Oops! Please edit my post to include the interview where Geraldo defends Trump’s voters against Romney:

  51. Don

    Dear Greg, I couldn’t have said it better, straight to the truth. Your da man

  52. hobuk

    Excellent wrap-up…professional, passionate, and moral!

  53. Don

    You know Greg, I’ve tried voting conservative, and am truly one, but those same candidates betrayed and sold out the American public, with help from the major media, continued to follow the globalist agenda, and now the soverneignty of our nation has been given into the hands of the UN and a globalist group of oligarchy. I thought about voting for Cruz, and liked his constitutional back ground, but I ended up voting for Trump, because he understands and brings to light the evils of a government serving big money interest, rather than the people. Senator Sessions, came out in support of Trump. This was a confirmation to me, that I voted for the right candidate. It was Mr. Session that a few years ago question Leon Panneta what authority he was going by to engage our military, and Mr. Panneta said repeatedly, the UN and Nato rather than the Congress and the president. Our nation has been taken over by a NWO shadow government, without a shot being fired. They fully intend to follow the vision of Rockefellow and the UN, and the American people need to kick out of office any person who’s involved in any globalist organization, like CFR, IMF, BIS, Bilderburgs, UN, Trilateral commission, Club of Rome, and any other, along with the big banking interest. It was Cruzes ties to Goldman Sachs, and CFR through his wife, that kept me from voting for him. Farewell good job on reporting.

    • Greg Hunter

      CFR = Criminal Crony Class. Thank you for your comment and support!

  54. 8Ball

    Murder Is Washington’s Foreign Policy —


  55. Walter F. Baumgarten

    The Criminal Crony Class is a title which I promise to spread around the circles in which I operate as it accurately describes the sellout garbage that rules over us.

    As an elected Township official I am one of five men who run our Township so we are always abreast of what is not only happening but what is coming down the pike. We live in a wealthy western NJ Township whose tax base is mostly commuter professionals. Over the course of the last six years, more and more of these people have been losing their high paying jobs and either settling for low pay or no jobs at all. When the home equity line runs out they either walk away or lose their homes to foreclosure. The vacant homes are piling up in frightening numbers all around our county. Now that in itself may not seem to be a huge problem, but what IS becoming a big problem is that LLC’s owner by wealthy investors (Criminal Crony Class) are buying up these properties and taking advantage of State laws to convert these residential homes into halfway houses and other group homes of varying uses. Because they qualify as for “public benefit” there are excluded for all zoning or any other ordinances, permits or requirements for operating for profit businesses in residential neighborhoods. This may all seem well and good, but we have been getting more and more residents with serious problems from the occupants of such residences. Our fear is that besides “recovering” junkies and molesters, we may soon see foreign refugees in such operations IN RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS and we are powerless to stop it. The State Police are already called to these places almost daily to deal with issues, some quite serious.

    Our country has been sold out by the Criminal Crony Class at a national level and while it may take time to filter down to our street, neighborhood or town levels, it is coming so enjoy what you have while you still have it. Nothing lasts forever, not life, not liberty, not happiness or the pursuit thereof.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Walter. Sounds like your people are lucky to have you.

  56. vincent_g

    Seems Romney is running for president.


    So how’s this going to work?
    Simple – both Cruz and Rubio and maybe Kasich stay in past their elimination to keep Trump from getting the delegates needed.

    Then Mitt becomes the chosen one and Rubio becomes Vice President.

    If they try it no one will vote come election day for a Republican and the chances are high for who ever is the candidate in the Libertarian Party.

    The democrats are not immune to this either as few look to them as a solution.

    • Greg Hunter

      Romney just proved he is the point man for the “Criminal Crony Class.”

  57. Mike from the North

    In my opinion Physical has just overwhelmed Paper.

    As we speak the World is entering a new paradigm of sorts.

    Physical Gold is re-emerging as real money and we are seeing the foundation of a new monetary system being set.

    The next 2 months will be an eye opening time for the masses.

    Desperation moves are emerging everywhere.

    Our worry now should be multiple false flag events.

  58. art barnes

    Greg, love it when you are on your game. If you were a tennis player every return would pass the opponent down the line!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Art. There is a lot ridding on this election. That’s why the “Criminal Crony Class” is soooooooo upset.

  59. Paul Mallinson

    Greg, what a great wrap up!. Talk about hitting everything right on the nail. GOOD ON YOU! Thanks for your efforts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul.

  60. Joanna

    OMG Greg! You absolutely NAILED it this week. It’s like you were reading my mind!!
    Mike Huckabey said in a Fox (I think) interview that the “establishment” was wetting the bed over Trump and they’ll do anything to stop him! You’re right! For once, there will be some accountability in Washington if Trump gets in and they’re all afraid of being exposed for who they really are! I’m really worried they’re going to JFK him. They have many patsy’s to blame it on, that’s for sure! I hope the men that are protecting him “do their job!”
    We really do live in scary but exciting times. A revolution is happening, but with Ballots instead of Bullets.
    Let’s just pray they don’t steal the election (we know there’s so much fraud), create another false flag to prevent the elections or JFK him!
    If he doesn’t get in, America is done! HE IS America’s last gasp for air.
    Keep up the great work Greg! You are a true Patriot!!

  61. allen ols

    silhouette of a hand – photo by SimonWaldherr
    FAITH / WORLD3 MAR, 2016
    Over 450,000 Join Iranian House Church Movement, ‘Great Number of Muslims Turning to Christ’
    Hundreds of thousands of Christians are worshiping secretly in a rapidly accelerating house church movement in Iran, as a London-based theological center is aiding the movement by training the next generation of its spiritual leaders. The Iranian government labels Christianity as a threat to the nation’s Islamic identity and imprisons…

  62. Diane D.

    Great Wrap-Up. Thank you Greg for taking a stand for truth. So much evil…

    Here in the West jack-booted Federal Nazi’s have the ‘Bundy Ranch List’ and are doing a sweep and arrest of true Patriots who actually took a stand and resisted tyranny. Oath Keepers were there as well as III%’s and other good Americans. I truly believe Stewart Rhodes’ Oath Keepers is liberty’s last best chance. Please keep Stewart and the other patriots in your prayers.

  63. JC Davis

    Greg I have found a new admiration for Ben Carson. He will leave the race tomorrow. He should be in some cabinet of leadership. I love this interview.

    • Galaxy 500

      I like him too. I was stunned to learn he raised 58 million and spent most on advisors.

  64. Jim the farmer

    Heard some of Cruse’s cpac speech on tv today. I think everyone should try to hear it if possible. He had them out of their seats and was inspiring with what he says he will do and do quickly if elected. His record in front of the supreme court is very impressive and he lagally kicked George Bush’s hind end hard in one of the cases. That is why Bush does not lke him.
    I am also plenty angry enough to to give Trump long consideration.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dirty Tricks Ted? Whose wife is a minion of Goldman Sachs? Who has loans from Goldman Sachs?
      No thanks, not putting Goldman Sachs in the White House

      • Silence is Golden

        Too late G500…their already there in numbers.
        GS @ the FED.
        GS @ The Treasury
        GS @ World Bank
        GS @ IMF
        If you are implying the President has some control over matters of citizen welfare, protecting rights and freedoms, the ability to send troops to war, allow the Bankers to destroy the financial and economic systems, to fund extremists/moderates, destroy American industry or kill the middle class…then you are mistaken. Whether they (GS) take the throne directly matters not…they have the capacity to rule over it and have been doing so for a very long time.

        • Silence is Golden


  65. Larry Carter

    Greg, thanks for identifying where the worlds problems emanate from – THE CRIMINAL CRONY CLASS. This class or cabal of banksters and crooks seek nothing less that complete and total domination of its citizens. If we can get this infront of a large portion of the worlds citizens its game over for the crooks. Your persistant interviews and friday weekly wrap ups will have played a major role to that end. Don’t let the bast— wear you down Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry I am going to keep fighting!! We must win against the “Crony Criminal Class!!!

  66. rahrog

    Central banking, fractional reserve lending, and fiat currency should be illegal. They are the root of all evil.

    Mittens Romney & his fellow neofascist global gangsters think they are untouchable; it is the duty of free people to prove them wrong.

  67. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Speaking of central banks, the Bavarian Banking Association recommends banks start keeping their “excess reserves” in their own vaults instead of sending to the European Central Bank. They’re not happy with paying negative interest rates either.


    Here’s the link to the German Spiegel. Curiously, I can’t find an equivalent article on Spiegel’s English site.


  68. Sayonara

    You are way too kind to label these scum bags as “Crony Criminal Class.” These wickedly corrupt evil monsters have set up what will be the worse imploding system in human history. There will be millions of lives destroyed and there actions will make the summation of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot et al look like picnic. We have entered a new era and that is of the Nasty Wicked Evil Corporatenistas. They have and will crush, kill and destroy anything that interferes with their nefarious agenda. What they don’t realize is that ultimately, they will destroy themselves along with everyone else. I do not use the handle name Sayonara lightly. I realistically don’t believe anyone can adequately prepare for what is imminent. And the scary part is the average person on the street has no clue about what is transpiring. And the Real scary part is not that the average person has no clue, is if you explain what is occurring, they think you believe in ghosts and are crazy. This whole thing is going end very very badly.
    Thanks for the great intellectually honest and passionate reporting.

  69. pat the rat

    Sanders is doing what he has to do ,let Clinton have all the rope she needs,and giving enough time she hang herself.

    • frederick

      Hopefully pat

    • Galaxy 500

      Sanders is holding the noose and rope, 0bama is.
      But in all fairness, Hillary made the rope, tied the noose , put her neck in the noose, and pulled the trap door.

  70. John Farr

    Tommy. The economic collapse or war in Syria or half a dozen other items will do just fine for Barry boy to utilize the power of Marshall law that they gave him a month ago to stay Dictator as long as CCC wants him to be. PERIOD The campaign is theater distraction for SUCKERS!!!!! They pretend that they are scared of Trump and that gives the SUCKERS! confidence in that immature lying piece of dung. Dale RIGHT ON ! There’s a video out there with TRUMP saying the opposite of everything he says now. Once a liar always a liar. Americans are like the battered wife of some abusive alcoholic that just doesn’t know when it’s time to quit. THERE IS NO TWO PARTY SYSTEM WAKE UP ALREADY!

  71. charles turner

    As a UK observer it seems that the pretense of democracy is dying in the USA. Whilst it had become increasingly apparent that the Senate and Congress is owned by special interests, the brazen republican campaign against Trump shows that the people and the electorate don’t matter.

    The fact that many of the republican elite are planning to us the national convention to overturn Trump, if he doesn’t get an absolute winning margin, is staggering to an outside observer. This is the equivalent of saying that the peoples choice doesn’t matter and if the people elect the wrong choice, we will just change the choice.

    The West look at people like Putin who has a 90% approval rating and say that the Russian is not a true democracy, but the West needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. In Italy the democratically elected government was replaced by an unelected government and there was barely a wimper.

  72. Karl

    Obama has publicly stated that Trump will not be president and then we have Romney’s disgracefully act last week. Surely directly trying to obstruct democracy like this should be a crime. This is absolutely disgraceful and proves what a threat Trump really is to the deep state. I hope we has good bodyguards. ..
    I pray that God will do his work and allow Trump to win. With Obama and Romneys a tempts politics have reached a new low.

  73. stewart

    I totally agree with your points on crony capitalism. We no longer have a free market economy, we have corporate cartel capitalism writ large.

    The political system is rigged with politicians on both sides of the divide are in the pockets of special interests. It’s time to evolve into a multi-party system, introduce term limits, stop gerrymandering, reform campaign funding, eliminate super/unpledged delegates and do away with the electoral college.

    Romney the epitome of crony capitalism and establishment politics had the gall to attack Trump and lecture voters. Romney at Bain Capital engaged in the destruction of companies to the point that 22% of all the companies invested in went into bankruptcy as a result of rigged practices from which he and others made millions.

  74. Jerry

    First Walmart closed 250 stores and now this.
    The fat lady may not be singing yet, but she’s clearing her throat.

  75. BajaBryan

    Absolutely crazy times we are living in Greg. I quit watching mainstream media years ago when it started regularly reminding me of the comedy movie “Idiocracy”. Sadly that comedy has become a reality documentary for the devolution of our society. I am curious to see if H is ultimately indicted although it’s clear that the rules don’t necessarily apply to those cronies that are politically entrenched in D.C. Where the “D.C” stands for District of Criminals. The good news is the masses are waking up and starting to pay attention despite the constant dumbing down by the msm. I have much more faith in We The People than I do in the establishment.

  76. vincent_g

    Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We’re Sticking With Donald Trump

    Well the leaders have had a meeting and it seems they have decided not to shun Donald Trump

    Somehow this clip seems to fit this perfectly

  77. David

    Donald Trump and Greg Hunter 2016. Pres and VP

  78. Sayonara

    I just re-viewed this weeks WNW because it really crystalized how corrupt and evil this country has devolved. I think the pinnacle of the corruption and evil is best demonstrated by the criminal traitor Hillary Clinton in these three examples:

    1. The destruction and bloodshed of her policies in destroying and killing thousands of people in the middle east countries of Egypt, Libya and Syria has resulted pushing the world perilously close to World War III.
    2.The criminal collection of funds in the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments and companies in exchange for favors during tenure as SOS.
    3. The use of a personal server to divert emails and jeopardize national security in blatant violation of the law.

    And now this criminal traitor is running for POTUS with approximately 50% of the average Americans support. Unbelievable!
    I have long concluded that this country is proverbially gunshot to the head and is a very short time away from total collapse. It will be very frightening to see the totalitarian regime that arises from the ashes and the magnitude of real oppression that it will bring.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here is another reason trump is an outcast and I can’t believe this slipped out on FOX “NEWT GINGRICH CONFIRMS “TRUMP IS NOT SECRET SOCIETY!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8LJVDM9xVc

      • Jerry

        Freudian slip?

      • Sayonara

        Greg :
        Gingrich is not stupid. He sees the writing on the wall. The Republican establishment is it’s own worse enemy. They do not have a principled platform and they are completely disconnected from their voter base. All they are interested in is maintaining their Corporatist power structure to the detriment of the people and themselves. If they (the Republican establishment) want to see raw greed and narcissism, they only need to look in the mirror.
        Thanks for all your hard work!

  79. WD

    To all on USA Watch Dog

    This is from Bill Holter’s site and how China is playing the debt game to come roaring out ahead. Pure brilliance and foresight on their part.

    Please read!!


    • Jerry

      This is what I said a year ago. Right idea. Wrong timing.

      Jerry 03/25/2015 •

      Greg, great interview! I thoroughly enjoyed Alasdair Macleod.
      Greg, the reason gold prices are low is because the Central Banks want it low, so they can build up their ledgers to protect their assets and payoff the Chinese. Its just that simple.

      Anyone who is holding paper right now (any kind of paper) instead of hard assets is an idiot. George Soros took his money out of Stocks and bought Gold. Warren Buffet did the same thing and bought a train company . Like rats fleeing from a sinking ship they’re all running for cover. That should tell you something.

      Greg, September is coming, and so is a call by the Chinese. When that happens, all the money printing in world, all the false promises, all the market manipulations, and all of the false reporting can’t hide the truth, that America is bankrupt. God bless. Jerry.

  80. JC Davis

    Greg as you know Trump had a secret off the record interview. What people don’t know is Sanders was there also. They discussed how to change the minds of the Criminal Crony Class. They concluded they should all be using the squatty potty.
    At the end of the meeting Sanders brought up the environmental hazards of the squatty potty for the CCC and the subject was closed.

  81. vincent_g

    Holly smokes


    What a sac of suds this guy is.

    Glen Beck saying “they’re very angry because the GOP did not listen the first time around. They didn’t listen to the Ron Paul people who are way ahead of the curve”

    Wait a minute – isn’t this the same Glenn Beck that railed against Ron Paul?
    Who said just look at the types of people following Ron Paul!

    Just how many times was Ron Paul on his show?
    Once and if you watch it he was not behind Ron Paul in that election – he was behind Romney!

    Oh no he never said he favored Romney but saying all other choices are bad is in my mind no different.

    To know what he really thought of Ron Paul you need to go back to the first time Ron Paul ran for president.

    I stopped watching him as I seen he was a Judas.
    He leads people on by quoting history.
    Then when the time comes where people need to vote he flips.

    Tries to sell people that the crook is really an angel and vice versa.

    Glenn Beck needs to either retire or find a new scam.

    Someone has said that the FBI should arrest him and force him to have a psychiatric examination.

    I say what you are seeing is the real Glenn Beck – just ignore him..

    • Greg Hunter

      Vincent G,
      What is wrong with Glen Beck!!!??? Hitler!!! Comon!!!!!!! Thank you for posting this.

  82. Hairy Herry

    Regarding the NSA having the same information that the FBI is attempting to obtain from the SB’s IPhone: Judge Napolitano sees it exactly and brought that up at least a week or two ago. Thanks for sharing that point of view! The sooner the oversized toilet in the District of Criminals can be flushed, the better for all concerned.

  83. anony-mouse


  84. John D

    What difference did it make as to which captain was on watch when the titanic sank? Like wise whoever is elected president in 2016 will likely be the one going down with the ship. All politician are self serving. Do not look to government to protect your interest. Protect yourself!

  85. Seek

    A Devil’s Advocate question: The stock market has been doing very well lately. The Dow Industrial, for instance, has just gone over the 19,000 mark for the first time. Doesn’t this negate the claim that our economy is about to tank?

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