More Islamic Terror in France, Black Lives Matter is False Narrative, Phony Stock Market Highs

HillaryLIAR (002)By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 246 7.15.16)

France has been hit once again by Islamic terror–this time in Nice. The French Riviera town was struck during Bastille Day celebrations by a terrorist who used a truck to mow down dozens of people.  French media says ISIS is claiming responsibility for the heinous crime.

The USA Today keeps propelling false narratives with the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement and helping out the Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton with what can only be described as biased one-sided reporting. “Black Lives Matter” has been described as “racist” by former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.   This week, the USA Today staff put a picture on the front page with a BLM protester that read “Killer cops make cop Killers.”  BLM basically claims white police officers are hunting down black men and murdering them on purpose.  This is a total lie, and is refuted by a brand new study from Harvard. USA Today would not comment on the editorial decision of the newspaper to put forth a totally false narrative.

The stock market is at brand new all-time highs, but other data says the market is manipulated, and the new bull market is a false one. The S&P index is at new all-time highs, and yet, corporations have had six consecutive quarterly earnings declines.  Also, the Dow Transportation Index (according to Dow Theory) always leads a new bull market, but instead of also making new all-time highs with the S&P, it is tracking lower.  Gregory Mannarino of says central banks are intervening in the markets to send them up and contends the recent run up is “fake and will not last.”

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Gina Mancarella

    Greg, We will see who wins the election. I realize that I am now blocked which I dont know why, but we’ll see who is elected.

    • frederick

      Gina even if the Hildebeast wins I for one will never acknowledge the legiteimacy of her presidency She is an obvious felon and traitor and belongs in Leavenworth alongside her socalled husband certainly not in the White house

      • frederick

        Sorry “legitimacy” spelling correction from my former comment

    • opalboy

      Hi Gina,
      I personally have lost all respect for democrats, if they can vote for a candidate like Clinton, I am done with them. You could point to the fact that she hasn’t been indicted on anything, but where there’s smoke there’s fire, and she is smoking like a tourist in Colorado!

    • daddy warbucks

      Connecting the dots; BLM are the ‘useful idiots’ for Obama’s and Soro’s excuse for their bigger plan.

      Once the federal government gets control, it hands the control over to the UN just like our national parks, Federal dept. of Education (Common Core) and all US waters and waterways, ETC..

      Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

      Pamela Geller 2 Oct 2015

      (‘Extremists’; constitutionalists, conservatives, Christians, Tea Party, complaining about anything the government does, gun owners and the NRA, property owners, home schoolers, gardeners, etc.)

      “The Sheriff is the last hope for America.”

      GPF will be Obama’s tool to end the Office of the Sheriff

      Gun ban (for law abiding citizens only) through Federalization of Local Police… and the plan is in the works.

      (Coinciding with importation of many hundreds of thousands of, mostly, military aged Muslim males and open borders for Mexican drug gangs and ‘other’ illegal invaders).

      The Federalization of Local Police

      Ultimate goal: “… Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis released a document entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalism and Recruitment,” which listed war veterans, anti-abortion activists, small-government advocates, and those concerned about immigration as terrorist risks.

      “Thousands of police chiefs and sheriffs who understand their role as public servants and protectors of the Constitution will be powerless to oppose these edicts, and if they dare, they will simply be fired by the federal or international body that has already assumed control of personnel decisions. The Second Amendment would be dead. Which amendment would be next?”

      As envisioned by the UN and the internationalists in the U.S. government, PPP will dissolve local police departments and county sheriffs’ offices, replacing them with pseudo-private agencies made up of a mish-mash of federal agents and bureaucratic overseers adhering to global government regulations.

      Police Consolidation: The End of Local Law Enforcement? usnews/ crime/ item/ 1293…

      Sep 25, 2012

      Once the USA is ‘toast’, the rest of the world will be a ‘piece of cake’.

      The County Guard: Defenders of the Constitution and Common Law!

      The U.S. Constitution guarantees natural rights, and that the People of the several … As Sheriff Richard Mack states it, “The Sheriff is the last hope for America. … CSPOA members understand that the Office of Sheriff exists to protect citizens.

      • Pinocchio

        The things you mentioned strengthen my conviction that Secession is something worth to fight for. In the future I will thank you for the informations you gave.

        Secede !!!!

        • rahrog

          SECESSION is the only alternative left for people who want to enjoy their God given rights of life, liberty, and property. It is time for people of various states to DECLARE THEIR INDEPENDENCE from the federal government. “… whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the RIGHT of the People to alter, or abolish it …” & “… it is their RIGHT, it is their DUTY to throw off such government.”

          • Pinocchio

            We have enough of federal law, federal reserve, and federal transgenderism. They have to be thrown back to their original place: Darkness.

            Secede !!!!

          • Galaxy 500

            Secession? How about the Second American Revolution?

            • rahrog

              It is the same thing.

        • Kerry

          Texas knows how to do this–once an independent nation, we can be that again–come to Texas. With each report of ISIS attacks, corruption, uncontrolled illegal immigration, Hillarybeast lies, we move a little closer to the Republic of Texas!

      • matt

        Agree Warnock. It’s in motion.

      • Diane D.

        The biggest problem with gun-control is that we Patriots have been controlling ours. I have tremendous respect for Oath Keepers, III%’s, CSPOA etc. Six years ago I thought those in the Liberty Movement were ready to fight. I prayed for succession. Look what we lost in those years. The globalists have a much stronger grip. We are weaker. I honestly think time has run out for succession.

        The much anticipated collapse into chaos seems near. The globalists preach ‘Don’t let a crisis go to waste’. That works for me. Let’s us the coming chaos ala Balkanization.

      • frederick

        Pamela Geller is NOT someone you want to quote Warbucks She is nothing more than a Zionist dual citizen opportunist from Long Island where I grew up so I know her type believe me I wouldn’t trust a single word out of her racist mouth

        • Greg Hunter

          Oh Frederick, this is what the 1st Amendment is all about. You don’t like what she says, so you brand her a “racist”??? Please. Is it OK to exercise our First Amendment rights and draw a cartoon about any religious figure we want? Are you blind to the “peace” Radical Islam is spreading around the world?

    • allen ols

      Greg; I have wondered what were the procedures to going off the gold standard and on to the petro dollar. below is a short parag. of part of an article;

      The Kennedy and Johnson administrations were rather big on money printing, be it to finance the space race, or to spend on domestic social programs, while a significant burden on the U.S. budget were the wars fought in Korea and Vietnam, which had to be paid for by resorting to the usual war funding mechanisms, i.e. through bonds and debts. Thus………… However, cracks in the Bretton Woods system began to emerge, as the export surpluses of the U.S. began to drop after 1960………..According to leaked documents, there were other parties of interest that “orchestrated” these developments in 1973-74. Henry Kissinger held a meeting in Bilderberg in the Netherlands with an influential group of men: Lord Greenhill of BP, David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank, George Ball of Lehman Brothers and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Together they recognized that OPEC “could completely disorganize and undermine the world monetary system” and so, they decided to target the commodity they controlled. Oil was to save their banks and financial interests from the collapse of the Dollar. Shortly thereafter, Kissinger negotiated with the Saudi monarchy, acting as the middleman that helped steer the events in the direction that would lead to a tradeoff between Saudi Arabia and the United States. What was not known until recent disclosures, was another covert meeting between the Saudis and newly appointed U.S. Treasury secretary, William Simon. The objective was to find a way to convert the hostile Saudis to U.S allies and by doing so, to use that petrodollar to reanimate the ailing U.S. economy. Nixon would not take no for an answer – not only was it a matter of economic security, but he also wanted to block the Soviet Union from entering the region through that critical angle. Simon knew how to sell the idea: America was the safest place for the Saudis to invest their petrodollars and no one would know about it (Saudi investments were not disclosed separately, instead they were grouped with other oil exporting countries). As shown in the chart below, today, holding about USD117 billion, Saudi Arabia is the country’s largest foreign creditor compared to other oil exporting treasury securities holders.

    • Steven R

      Doesn’t the clown (Gina) mean who is selected? It’s not the vote winner but the “count” winner that will be selected president.

      We should all be stacking food and shelf stable consumables. Most freeze dried foods have a shelf life of 25+ years, they are 100% real food that is tasty and retains most of the nutrition when re-hydrated. They come in large cans and can be found easily on the web. We chose mostly single item cans like, potatoes, green beans, corn, sausage crumbles, pinto beans, cheese, etc. We have used cases of the cans as the foundation for a bed putting the mattress on top and thus they are out of sight and ready when needed. The idea is that in lean times we can make one heck of a nutritious stew or casserole. Even if nothing happens I will be eating food in 2041 that is priced in 2016 dollars and I am 100% confident it will be a very wise investment…

      • susan

        Me too, Steven R!

      • Galaxy 500

        If voting didn’t count they wouldn’t be so trying so hard to both get us to vote

    • eddiemd

      Agent provocateur.

    • andyb

      Gina: Greg wouldn’t block you; you provide excellent comedy relief. I do, however, sincerely regret that that I have diagnosed your problem and it appears that you have a severe case of cognitive dissonance; probably terminal. To counter your rapid progression into senility, you must immediately:
      l. turn off the TV when Reid, Pelosi, or Debbie Wasserman Shultz appear.
      2. Remove the portraits of Alinsky, Marx, and Obama that you genuflect to every evening.
      3. stop daydreaming that Bill Clinton will choose you as his next victim.
      4. immerse yourself in one of the best economic books ever written: “the Road to Serfdom” by F.A. Hayek. Then you may possibly understand why the Democratic policies, positions espoused and implemented by the Clintons (and others) are totally antithetical to the Constitution and the “American Dream”, and most importantly, true freedom.

    • Paul ...

      Gina … you better prepare yourself for a big letdown … you and all the other “useful idiots” Hillary has under her spell who simply watch and believe everything the MSM TV spits out while sitting on your asses eating potato chips will be shocked and dumbfounded to see your Hillary votes were insufficient to overwhelm “the thinking people” in America … and if the Dibold voting machines are rigged to put Hillary in … you still lose … as she will bring exploding nuclear bombs over American cities … you “useful idiots” will still be in a trance shouting USA, USA, USA … like US Assholes as Hillary gives the neocons exactly what they want (for a large donation to her Charitable Trust of course) … the REDUCTION OF EARTH’s POPULATION the neocons want so desperately!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Paul, Gina is likely a paid troll. She may not even believe in the 0bamachrist and his handmaiden, Hildabeast.

    • Robert

      If you want to know what happens after Hillary wins the election, I can explain it to you quite clearly. First, get a hold of the list of donors for Hillary Clinton, who have given so freely to the Clinton Foundation. It’s been published in various places. Look down the list and you will see dozens of names and people that have contributed very large sums of money. When people contribute large sums of money, they generally to it not because they think it’s a nice and wonderful thing to do, but because they expect to derive a benefit from it. Hillary will be the ‘Steerer-in-Chief’ if she is elected. Those contributors will have their donations returned to them as a multiple. Not from Hillary Clinton, as she has proven her Clinton Foundation to be very stingy when it comes to actually donating for good causes, but you and everyone in the US that pays taxes and works for a living. Your tax money will be given to the contributors. That’s how it works. And your candidate, who you want to win so badly, will leave the White House as one the most enriched Presidents in history, having used the power of the office, just like she did in the State Department, to benefit herself. Think there’s something in there for you? I doubt it highly. Unless you are on the contributor’s list.

      • Galaxy 500

        Robert, and here I thought you were going to say, “get a list of Hillary donors and she that they have Vincent Foster style accidents and become organ donnors.”
        I am disappointed /s [for this that don’t know /s is a flag for sarcasm]

    • Galaxy 500

      You’re blocked but you posted this? Liberal logic. We aren’t buying the drivel and skat you are shoveling but you aren’t banned.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are on Fire my friend!!

        • frederick

          I would describe him more as “full of hot air” than “on fire” Greg

    • Bill Howland

      Gina, at least your comments are printed. Mine are totally thrown out. Mr. Hunter might want to talk to Paul Craig Roberts about that USA TODAY photo – I think he’d say they’re accurate – not that police are biased, since they kill whites also.

  2. FC

    Watch how the radical Left will turn this dreadful attack in France around and blame a lack of ‘truck control’ while BLM accuse the aggression of a White Privileged truck, asserting it’s dominance.

  3. Arthur Barnes

    Bush, Obama & Hillary’s religion of peace is at it again. What should we do one may ask, same answer as that most enlightened x-President George Bush once said: Just go shopping! Many will lay flowers on the French Rivera in Nice & light candles too, that will scare ISIS, that’s for sure LOL. Prayers, Bibles & guns might work I might add, at least 1 out of three may get something done. I don’t much, but what I do know is that us infidels better wake up before we will all be sleeping. From the Infidel West, a b

    • allen ols

      art b
      we must ban all trucks as they have become weapons.

    • Paul ...

      These heinous Islamic attacks is exactly what the neocons wanted to happen when they planned to take down 7 Muslim countries in 7 years … this way they have an excuse to start even more neocon wars … and how do the neocons pay off the terrorists to do their dirty deeds?? … they agree to launder the terrorists money … and provide free shipping of more terrorists to American shores! … Lucifer himself couldn’t have thought of a better plan!!

      • rahrog

        You are so right. America’s invasions and proxy wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and Ukraine are all designed to foment chaos. As Greg Hunter has said many times “it is too stupid to be stupid”.

  4. DLC

    Greg, you just gave an incredible talk. It would take me 10+ posts just to address all the topics you touched on.

    I’m old enough to remember the intact black family. It seems that this segment of the population went from the plantation to the Dem ghetto with very little freedom in between. The Dems were so successful at decimating the family, decimating the big cities, and now all Americans are in the cross hairs.

    The very people the progressives use in the streets as a battering ram are also the very people they will turn on if they achieve the goal of U.S. takedown. I once posted an interview here involving G. Edward Griffin and an ex-KGB agent who said the hell raisers in the streets are the first to be “dispatched.” They know too much and they will turn on their benefactors once they realize the system they helped create never intended to include them in any of the spoils.

    We all got screwed by the politicians and the social engineers in one form or another. The blacks will be the most screwed of all once it is Mission Accomplished. Look to Europe and Scandinavia to witness the cushy class turning on their own people.

    My own hometown has been turned into a dumping ground for parolees and drug rehab types from Philadelphia — social engineering. A family member said a cop made the remark that he was tired of jumping in the car and heading straight to Philly every time he needed to pursue a lead on a murder.

    The average Dem does not realize their party is a Marxist operation — with Republican backing for their share of scraps off the table. Roy Masters often said: “A person will fight to the death for the right to be wrong,” in his describing how people keep voting for blatant criminals and then scratch their heads as their own prospects continue to nosedive.

    If anything positive comes out of the Europistan massacres, maybe it will make people think twice about voting for someone just because she is a woman. Hopefully, enough progressive blockheads will see the light when it comes to their own hide and that of their spouse and children.

  5. DLC

    Berlin, 1993.

    This was banned from many airwaves in Europe as it supposedly “glorified the stalker/rapist.” Get the irony? Compare this to our rap cr*p that openly debases women and incites all manner of disrespect and violence towards cops.

    Twenty short years ago, not a burka in the crowd back then, and look at the sea of faces. It looks like an ISIS wet dream. Imagine a tractor trailer loaded with explosives plowing through such numbers?

    Sometimes a good visual says more than all the words in the world. Fifty years after Hitler’s rampage, this country was back on its feet only to be slammed to the pavement with the rest of Europe and Scandinavia by the evil doers, the EU-ers.

    This is in the evening and looks like half the youth of Berlin showed up. Twenty years later the people are prisoners in their own homes. This forced diversity and all the mass killings and rapes as a result cannot have a good ending. Did you read the latest revelations of the mutilation and butchery that took place in the Paris nightclub a few months back?

    In Sweden, it is forbidden to keep any statistics regarding rape by the religious “peacenicks.”

  6. frederick

    On Michael Savages July 14th show he calls for Bader Ginsburg to be impeached(assuming she lives that long) and goes on a great tirade saying that after Trump is elected Soros should be hunted down and arrested for what he is doing to destroy the cultures of the US and EU Worth a listen He also has a ten minute interview with the next president of the United States Gina you should listen up

    • Paul ...

      frederick … you know when Iran says … “Death to America” … “Death to Israel” … they throw in “the good people” with the bad … and similarly when we put the good Muslim people in with the Islamic Terrorist it is also “not right” … it is time for the good people on both sides to “hunt down” the bad apples within their respective barrels … and toss the evil Satan worshipers out!! … that will screw up the neocon plans for war and more war … both sides must simply begin to do the right thing and start by saying no more killing of women and children!! … if the crazy military generals have a problem with that they should be tried for crimes against humanity … if men want to kill men for fame and glory so be it … but keep the killing to your evil selves (leave the women and children out of it) … how did we allow insane generals to put entire populations at risk of annihilation?? … so they can get an extra medal on their shoulder???

      • Galaxy 500

        Good moslems? Erdogan himself said that there was no radical Islam, there is only islam. Read the koran. I read it. A real copy with Arabic on one side of the book and the opposing page the English translation.
        You need other educate yourself before you spout off on this. Islam is a political system wrapped up in a Satanic religion.
        Answer this one question. Moslems believe the koran. The koran says they can kill us, rape our women and children, kill or enslave them and steal everything we own. The koran says that they can lie and cheat us and it’s ok. The koran says women are possessions and can be beaten, raped or murdered on a whim.
        How can you believe any of that and be good?
        Wake up. You may know a moslem and he is nice to your face. In times of trouble he will a slit your throat and praise Satan while doing. Truth be told, there are in fact some good moslems, but they are the dead ones. We are at war. Let’s make them all good moslems.

        • Paul ...

          Galaxy … from what you say it looks like we will have to make an effort to find “the good people” who don’t practice their religion religiously … and who agree that killing women and children is evil … that would be a start toward becoming human again … following your reasoning we will just go on having endless conflict for generations and generations to come!!!

        • SimplyPut

          Please tell me where my religion says we can kill, rape women and children and steal from anyone? You need to back up your slandering. And yes, there is no such thing as Radical Islam, because technically, Islam does not allow for any extremism, so someone who is Extreme, is not practicing Islam by Default. Thats what Erdogan was referring to if he said that.

          What you have in the Muslim countries, is a population which is mostly Muslim, obviously. And the distribution of them who will practice their religion is probably statistically the same as there are practicing Christians in the USA. Now if you take all the people committing crimes in the USA, that does not reflect Christianity. It means they are just Criminals. So when someone Commits a crime in a Muslim country, its not because they are ISIS driven. Its because they are criminals. Even the French media is saying that man had a criminal record. Its not Islam. Its the individual themselves. And even if someone says they did it for Islam, they are deluded, because Islam strictly forbids any of these actions.

          The issue of what is happening around the world is due to the Wars which have been started by the western countries (possibly with Collaboration of Saudi Arabia- who do not represent Islam by the way) destroying Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Libya. All those people were bombed out of their countries and had no place to go but to surrounding nations to escape with their lives. Anytime you have a war torn region, these small terrorist organizations form and try to take over. This has NOTHING to do with Islam, even though they try to use Religion to promote their action, but any Sane Muslim, and Non-Muslim who is educated on religions will know this is not a Religious war by any means, its the result of war torn nations.

          If you’re not a Troll, you will understand what I am saying.

    • eddiemd

      She needs t be screened with a mini-mental status exam (MMSE) followed by neuropsych testing. All of them should be screened.

      Head CT/MRI could also be considered. Medication review should be mandatory to see if any of her meds affect her ability to think clearly.

      • Paul ...

        Excellent idea Eddie MD … in this nuclear age where entire populations (hundreds of millions of people) are at risk of total annihilation … for God’s sake and a more peaceful world Every Politician (especially “shifty eyed” Hillary) and Every Military General should be psychologically screened for mental illness … we should also test them (call it the Judas Test) to see how much money it takes to make them do evil things … they only pass the Judas Test if “no amount of money” will make them kill another human being!!!

  7. Dan

    Two MUST-READ articles for all Americans:

    1) This Is Why The Obama Administration Is So Determined To Start A Race War

    One of the best articles I’ve read in years. Basically, it says that they want to incite a RACE WAR (a divide-and-conquer tactic used by the Elites/Banksters over the centuries) in order to divert attention from a potentially brewing CLASS WAR (i.e., the 1% vs the 99%). We can clearly see that this is happening now in America and their tactic is on the verge of working very well. Must read article as it is filled with facts and examples of the Obama & Company machinations in this regard of the last few years.

    2) Why does the US Government need/have 30,000 Guillotines, and over 600 Million rounds of hollow point bullets?

    This one is also quite shocking as it extensively covers FEMA camps (by state – see where they are in *your* state) where they will lock up (and maybe kill?) future ‘troublemakers’ during periods of civil unrest.

    They also list a bunch of EXECUTIVE ORDERS that are would be in effect in a state of Martial Law which are absolutely mind-boggling; here are some of them:

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 allows the government to seize all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports, and waterways.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10999 allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.

    You guys need to take your country back ASAP through ACTION before it is too late!


    The best advice I can offer is to make ALL your friends and family aware of the planned ‘Race War’ and to not fall into that trap and rather REDIRECT it into a non-violent ‘Class War’ against the Elite, Fed & Banksters, and your corrupt President, Vice-President, Congress, Alphabet-Soup Agencies such as the FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA, Judges, et al.

    Good Luck and God Bless.

    • frederick

      I think they are trying to divide us three ways White Black and Latino and if we all fall for the bait things could get very ugly fast

    • Dan

      Another Outstanding Article:

      Don’t Just Blame the Cops: Who Is Responsible for America’s Killing Fields?

    • Mark Maples

      DDan, I can only comment on one of the “fema ” camps supposedly staffed with no prisoners. The one claimed in Cahoun county GA is in fact Calhoun state prison and it is currently open and houses approximately 1500 inmates. I know this because I used to work for George doc and have been there myself

    • Galaxy 500

      Dan, Where are these Guillotines and what made them? Even black projects have paper trails.
      And did you read these executive orders or are you relying on some website to think about them and tell you what they mean?
      I am going with the latter.

  8. Arnold.Jagt

    Civil war is in the offing in France as the elite and their terrorist agents face off against the French people. Let’s hope law enforcement and the army side with the people.

  9. Spanky

    Here’s a statistic your viewers might find interesting: the number of males that are killed by police every year far exceed the number of females that are killed by police during that same interval. Yet, females constitute approximately 50% of the population. So, if we employ the same reasoning as the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, we would wrongly conclude that the police are biased and bigoted against males. Furthermore, using the same groundless and unfounded reasoning, it would make sense that American males would start a movement called “Male Lives Matter.”
    Clearly, there are many socioeconomic factors at play here, and it doesn’t accomplish anything to look at just one of the factors while ignoring the rest, which is exactly what the BLM people are doing. Black communities would be better served focusing the on the overall lack of education that black children are getting (due principally to an extremely high dropout rate). They could call it the Black Minds Matter movement, and I’m relatively certain that if they protested as fervently and frequently as the BLM group does, they might accomplish something constructive.

    • Galaxy 500

      Swanky, you can take a black child to school but you can not make them think or learn. Blacks fought hard to get educated. MLK is rolling over in his grave with what has happened to his people on the Democratic plantation.

      • DBCooper

        G5, we are with you … last year ‘Swanky’ called us a stupid/ignorant/liar … that does not sit well and Swanky lost all credibility in this household … Yours, DB.

  10. Deanna Johnston Clark

    A young black friend, a father and employed nearby, was stopped last month for having a headlight out. In no time, 8 BACKUP POLICE CARS ARRIVED, HE WAS REMOVED AND FRISKED, THE CAR SEARCHED. Several years ago my daughter, husband and baby had the same thing happen on a 2 lane highway in Alabama. They spent a full hour sitting in the hot sun while police searched the car. They are caucasian. I think we need to consider this a national problem with police training and corruption.
    I fed stray cats last year at the mall and was approached by a police Lt. from the precinct next door. He told me, “If a young policeman tells you not to do it, just ignore it. These rookies are so badly trained they overdo everything now. I have a hard time getting them to respect people….they train on computers.” I laughed, “You mean they have better things to do than keep an old lady from feeding the cats?”
    BLM is a shameless political exploitation of really ugly behavior by SOME police.

    • Galaxy 500

      You are creating a public nuisance feeding feral cats. And it is likely against the law.

      • frederick

        They may be “feral” but they are still gods creatures and hungry like the rest of us God looks kindly on anyone who feeds stray animals or humans in need IMO

  11. woody188

    A society of victims is bound to be victimized. Safe spaces for everyone.

  12. daddy warbucks

    Police Killings In Dallas Was Carried Out By Homegrown Terrorist Group Allied With Muslim Groups. Obama’s Race Baiting And Pro Muslim Gov Is Setting The Stage For Civil War In America

    By Walid Shoebat on July 8, 2016

    The Person Who Organized The Black Lives Matter Event, In Which Four Cops Were Slaughtered, Was An Islamic Agent

    By Ted on July 8, 2016

    The organizer of the Dallas Black Lives Matter rally, in which four cops were murdered and numerous others injured by trained snipers, is a sodomite pro-Muslim agent. His name is Jeff Hood.


    … Some Suspects in Dallas Shooting Attended South Dallas Mosque.

    Santa Monica Observer Homepage


    -The FBI’s purge of training material relating to Islamic terrorism while expanding ‘domestic’ definitions.
    -White House ordered a cleansing of training materials that Islamic groups deemed offensive.
    -International effort to make criticism of Islam illegal in the USA, supported by Obama and, yep – Hillary Clinton. Google it.
    -CIA Director John Brennan alleged to have converted to Islam
    -Ex Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel alleged to have converted to Islam.

    We Need Islam Control, Not Gun Control–TrbY

    Soros, Lynch and Obama feed the racial divide by funding and encouraging ‘useful idiots’ for their excuse to federalize the police to later be part of the Global Police Force, the UN Trojan horse.

    Some very interesting stats, worldwide:

    Black Lives Matter: The Rise of the “DINDU”

    Black Lives Matter: CIVIL WAR

    The Truth About the Dallas Sniper Attack

    America: The Greatest Country on Earth

    The Truth About ‘Black Lives Matter’

    Go to minute3:30 for Black Lives matter:

    George SOROS: The One-Man Illuminati Machine–OdM

    F**k Beyoncé

    Why Do Black People Commit More Crime?


    1. The Black Lives Matter leadership and membership would prefer that Barack Obama remain in office.

    2. Significant protests are being orchestrated by the Black Lives Matter leadership for both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

    3. Most likely the images are real. Their existence could either be factual as reported above or part of an elaborate hoax to generate support for protests concocted by the Black Lives Matter leadership.

    4. Whether the images are real or not, there are no facts that confirm the participation of the Attorney General.

    5. If the reported discussions and support of the Attorney General are factual, we will find out soon enough.

    Please review my previous two articles on the protests planned for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions for additional information:


    DERAY MCKESSON: “We have a lot of white allies volunteering for Trump’s campaign to pass along information to us before it’s made public so we know when rallies are coming up before they are announced. That way we can plan major disruptions in those cities in advance. We just have to keep our names out of this and let these [white] people do the work for us by pushing how Trump’s racist ways will destroy….”

    JOHNETTA ELZIE: “That’s all those white people are good for in my eyes. I couldn’t imagine even pretending to like that racist ass Trump even to get info on his events. I’ll be glad when we shut his ass down.”

    DERAY MCKESSON: “With the support we have from Mrs. Lynch and the help we’ve got from Sam and others it won’t be hard to cause enough….”

    • Galaxy 500


      Dude, give a paragraph and post a link

  13. BLT

    When america becomes a bunch of sniveling crybabies like we have done the entire world starts to feel the pinch. I’m ready for war, whether it b against an unruly mob of idiots without fathers or just a regular old duel against an Islamic terrorist. And by duel I mean sneaking into their communities through open or pourus borders and waiting until there are no armed people and then….wait, well only pieces of crap cowards fight that way. Looks like we need to change or “mr nice guy” attitude towards everyone and everything around quickly. We all need to find our inner R Lee Ermey and say enough or our children will b left with absolutely no chance at sustained peace and happiness. It’s obvious we are on our own now. I’m sure the pres will somehow blame us or white people or global warming or republicans or income inequality for this new tragedy. Ultimately we are the new police force. The new militia. “See something say something?” I see that’s doing a lot of good. When do we rise up?

  14. Paul

    A Very passionate wrap up this week. Rightly so too. It’s encouraging to see your passion as well as your viewers. I wish more people could really see what is going on.

    Even teachers I had tons of respect for growing up in the 1980’s don’t see what is going on. For example a teacher I had in Jr. High (1982-84) was on FB saying how well Obama did as president – marking low unemployment, record high stock market, also mentioning he did win the election TWICE. He was explaining he didn’t understand how and why so many people didn’t like him.

    All I could think was .. how did I get deceived thirty years ago that you we’re a smart man and a teacher I respected?

    It’s so weird that people can’t see … it was OK that Nixon was forced to resign and Clinton is cleared for worse and we have black Lives Matters taking it to the streets while people who believe Hillary should be arrested just take it.

    Well ok – I am frustrated .. that’s an understatement.

    Thank you for your FIRE Greg! ,


  15. Gregory Mannarino

    Excellent report Greg. The stock market surpassed my “high” call from 13 months ago on the Federal Reserve backdoor bailout of the major banks (allowing them to buy back tens of billions in their own stock), Dark Pools, and on speculation that central banks around the world will continue emergency monetary policy/negative interest rates. They are inflating mega-bubbles.

    • Paul Murray

      Greg M., the fix is in. Everything will be papered over, any deception undertaken (Hillary’s non-deposition/FBI farce), bubbles created, bubbles inflated, whatever is required to maintain the appearance of normalcy until Hillary is elected and sworn in. Then all hell can, and likely will, break loose, and it truly doesn’t matter anymore. You have been a friend and advocate of the everyman, a real voice crying in the wildnerness in this whole thing, and I appreciate it greatly. Many thanks and best always. PM

      • dave

        I agree. Once Hitlery is in office then they crash the whole thing. With Hitlery on their side they will push anything through. Confiscate all pensions for bank bailouts? Yup. Suspend the 2nd amendment? Yup. It will all go down.

    • Paul ...

      Greg … lets not worry about calling tops anymore … that is not what is important … what is important is knowing the US dollar is toast and will be sliding down into an infinite black hole … the US dollar currently worth a penny is heading toward 0.0001 cent … this fact alone should make predicting tops “obsolete” … we are trending into a Zimbabwe type stock market where there is “No Top” as the currency sinks to worthlessness … we will simply see the DOW go infinity higher (as the currency goes infinity lower)!

      • Paul ...

        Also Greg … when inflation takes hold the Treasury market will begin to crash … so the Fed will raise interest rates in order to sell them (the neocons need to sell Treasuries to pay for their wars and socialist programs) so expect interest rates to rise to a minimum of 12 percent to attract buyers … one would tend to think rising rates would crash the stock market … it won’t … as the Zimbabwe effect (depreciating US dollars) will boost the nominal value of all stocks into the stratosphere … I can go on … but I know you get the picture!!

  16. wondrouscat

    Best yet, Greg. Of all the stupid things for this country to be experiencing right now is a race war. Divide and conquer me thinks. Distract the populace from the real goings on, except that many people know this is nonsense. I did not know you could sue the President but that DOJ fellow is a brave one, and how ludicrous that our first black president is being sued for inciting a race war. I almost feel sorry for Obama, every single thing he said he wanted to do before getting into office he not only failed to accomplish, but has made worse, and the Obamacare is a joke. Makes me worry for Trump – what he will really be able to do as president. As for the Chinese they just gave the Hague a big fat raspberry. (P.S. I think Gina Mancarella is a pseudonym for G-Man, or government man – and so is pushing the establishment’s agenda.) Love your web-site, your guests, and all the intelligent comments.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I know the black community jokes that when Al Sharpton shows up anywhere it’s blacksploitation time. He talks and talks all the way to the bank. He’s a bigger hoot than the cast of msnbc Morning Joe and all the cronies. People aren’t as dumb as the ‘sheeple controllers’ assume!!!

  17. Angelo

    Hey Greg,

    What do you think of the Convention Of States movement?


    • rahrog


  18. DLC

    Gangbuster newscast. Now these are my kind of angry women. Reporters like them and you and this would be a wised up, fed up, turned around country. I like passion with my info.

  19. Freebreezer

    Greg – Thank you, thank you (!) for explaining/covering hilliary’s relation to and who Saul Alinski is. And remember he dedicated his life and book to Lucifer … and isn’t it great that the democratic nominee is his intellectual spawn (definition – spawn: the product or offspring of a person or place (used to express distaste or disgust))!

    • Paul ...

      Freebreezer … Iran is right … they look at Hillary and the other neocons in the US and see a “Great Satan” stating wars of conquest in the Middle East … their plan was for 7 wars (overthrowing established governments) in 7 years (and Iran is on their list) … with the added benefit that the revenge generated in the Islamic world against the West would create terrorist attacks that would incite the Americans, French, English, etc. to support the neocons in retaliating and upping the ante to nuclear war which will destroy all the evidence of their crimes and misdeeds which have netted them trillions!

      • Paul ...

        To Russia and China … if the neocons attack you with nuclear weapons in a nuclear first strike … I know you have your right to retaliate in kind … but … for the sake of all humanity … could you turn the other cheek? … I know I ask a lot as many of your people will be killed and injured … but if you must retaliate … can you please focus your nuclear missiles on the evil neocons (you must know where they hide) … too many women and children have been slaughtered already by these evil “Devil Worshiping” warmongering psychopaths!!!

        • Brightstar

          Paul, recent article in the Toronto Star stated we need regime change in Iran. Can anyone believe this? So many devils spewing evil ideas and being published, it is beyond any rational mind to fathom. This was a female journalist aka Satan’s helper.

          • frederick

            Anything coming from mainstream media(presstitutes) in the states as well as Canada should be ignored in my opinion Both countries are hijacked by external interests obviously

          • Paul ...

            Brightstar … we need regime change in America … vote for Trump!!

  20. diane s.

    Great comment , Greg.
    I think Trump should have selected this man as VP

    • eddiemd

      Newt will be nominated for chief of the motherland security (DHS).

  21. Bill

    GREG: As the song says ” when will they ever learn”. I feel the upcoming political conventions will be like the sixties, only this time more violent. Might need the 82nd Airborne this time.
    I feel there is no person who is capable of correcting our problems, without GODS intervention, we are in a heap a trouble. PRAY-PRAY-PRAY.

    • eddiemd

      Beware of military contractors/army f Virginia types with backpacks. Remember Boston.

    • Paul ...

      Bill … praying for God to intervene is an easy way out … but when very serious problems arise (like now) the true followers of God should be guided by “his actions” … God took forceful action to combat and remove evil (throwing out 1/3 the population of Heaven, overturning tables, , etc.) … we should follow “His example” … and begin to take forceful action … let’s round up the evil traitors and bring them to “God’s Justice”!!! … we don’t have to suffer like this … with evil at every level of government!!

  22. Janet G.

    To All Greg Hunter Supporters,
    Do you think Saul Alinsky’s eight rules are currently in play? You know, the book that Obama carried with him, the one that Hillary Clinton wrote a college thesis on;
    1 – Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.
    2 – Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible , poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
    3 – Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes and this will produce more poverty.
    4 – Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the government. That way you are able to create a police state.
    5 – Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).
    6 – Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.
    7 – Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the government and schools.
    8 – Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take )tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    Does this sound like what is happening to the United States?

    • doctorno

      The eight steps you listed were not written by Saul Alinsky. The article also gives you the eight rules that WERE actually written by him.

      From the article: Note that Alinsky’s list is devoted solely to tactics (i.e., methods for accomplishing goals) and does not specify any particular targets of those tactics (e.g., health care, religion, gun control):

    • Colin

      There are many sites that say these are not actually Alinsky’s writings and there is absolutely no proof he did write these.

    • Paul ...

      You have their play book Janet … and the neocons are following it to a tee … what would God do in such circumstances?? … OVERTURN THEIR TABLES!! … elect Trump!!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Southern plantation owners were so afraid God would hear the prayers of slaves, they forbade them praying. Church was mandatory because the sermons on honesty and obedience were preached every Sunday. But going off to pray was forbidden (Hence the beautiful spiritual “O! Brothers, Let’s Go Down, Let’s Go Down To the River to Pray…”)

      Unlike public schools, the elitist private prep schools teach a lot of religion…history, theology, ethical rationale…because they KNOW. And they fear a population that prays to the Father for His Will to be done 0n earth.

      • Paul ...

        Deanna … the Lucifer worshiping neocons (that build statues to him and burn babies in barn fires) are so afraid of God they have taken God’s name and prayer out of all the schools, etc., etc. … I still pledge allegiance to our flag and country with the words “under God” included … the neocons don’t want our nation “under God” for how would they get away with committing crimes without penalty! … the Bible clearly states “Thou Shall Not Steal” … the neocons can’t have such a book in America … that is why they are bringing ISIS into our American cities … to chop off the heads of Christians that believe in such nonsense like not stealing and not killing!! … you can try to hide behind Obama and Hillary but I see you Lucifer!! …

        • Paul ...

          And guess what Lucifer … we are going to engrave “In God We Trust” on our guillotine blades … you must think it is a big joke “to make us eat your evil minions crimes like it is cake” … but we will be merciful and try to keep the blades sharp … however the 9-11 thermite explosives people will be put at the end of the guillotine line … it will just be “their hard luck” when we run out of WD40 and the blade dulls and it takes 3 to 4 tries to get their heads off!!

    • eddiemd

      Pokeman Go mind control experiment. Possible electronic virus implant i.e Stephen King’s book “Cell”.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Sorry to disagree. Pokemon-Go is getting people outdoors and visiting museums, monuments, and parks. It’s a diversion for these times. Also people of all different ages, races, classes, and politics are talking again.

        I don’t see any harm it. The Pokemon at Auschwitz has some Jewish people upset. But I wrote on a site that it would get young people asking questions…and besides, the character shows that evil happened there…same for battlefields and cemeteries. I refuse to be an old fa*t about something like this.

    • diane s.

      Sure does Janet. Marxism has killed millions of people over the last century.
      Hopefully it’s now dying out. Failed philosophy.

  23. Mike

    At the end of ages–things are in reverse. Debt is money. Men are like women and women are like men (in many ways). What was once good is now bad and vice versa. What we are seeing now in France and elsewhere is only going to increase. Dallas- 7-7-2016, Nice, France- 7-14-2016, London 7-7-2005, Mubai- 7-11-2006. Sept (7) 11, 2001, 117th Boston Marathon, Madrid 3-11-2004. Are you seeing a pattern here? As we get closer to the transition period between ages (Sept 2016 to Sept 2017) things are only going to get worse. The best you can do is fill your heart with love–not hate, and make preparations for you and your family when society breaks down.

    • Paul Murray

      Ecclesiastes 3:8 “A time to love, a time to hate: a time of war, a time of peace.” Can you guess the time we have at hand? I don’t know if I have ever quoted scripture here, as I have felt the reality of things sufficient enough to instruct and motivate. Longtime Watchdoggers know that I expect to perish in the coming strife. Death comes to every man, as will Judgment. It is important to make your death count. I am past lamentation. We flushed our own country. And now we pay. See you on the ramparts. Best always. PM

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      Mike, not being argumentative, but I really do wonder why you think the transition period between ages is 9/16 – 9/17?

    • Paul ...

      Mike … God “took action” when he threw Lucifer and 1/3 of the population of Heaven out on their asses … He “took action” when He overturned their tables … He “took action” when He annihilated Sodom, etc., etc. … as God’s Chosen People we should be following “His example” and following “His Commandments”!!!

      • Paul ...

        God “chose us” for a reason … we have independent minds … we can see the difference between good and evil … and we will do something about getting rid of evil and bring good into the world … so have no fear … God knew what he was doing!!

  24. Janet G.

    Why don’t we ever hear the backer of Black Lives Matter? The name is George Soros, the multi-billionaire Nazi who works with Barack Obama. He wants the NWO (New World Order). He wants divisiveness in society to bring about its destruction. He wants the destruction of our sovereignty, our nationalism. He is behind the open borders and influx of Muslims. He did it in the EU. He wants it here. Why isn’t there a people’s revolution against this man.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Soros was a willing collaborator with Nazis, helping them confiscate Jewish assets. I believe he is quoted as saying he enjoyed it a lot. He’s no communist…he loves totalitarianism without the service and public good communism promoted at its best. (Mostly for the public servants who weren’t party members) Would a Soviet doctor or policeman who devoted his life to the public good recognize solidarity with Soros? I always say the line between good and evil cuts through all labels…making life a great mystery and adventure.

  25. beLIEve

    Nice…….FALSE FLAGE…..The latest atrocity from the SINagogue of SATAN.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      That you feel able to slam Jews with impunity show you’re wrong.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, I had no idea that Veterans today was such a rag. All the attacks have one commonality. You know what it is? Besides antisemites pieces of shiite like you blaming it on the Jews? It is moslems.
      False flag. Crack pots talk about that a lot. It’s because our government is so corrupt that they will buy even the wildest conspiracy theory.
      Well I BELIEVE: you’re a crack pot, a Jew hating crack pot and you are going to be surprise when Christ… wait for it … a Jew, returns. Antisemites are likely going to have a special place in Hell as God, Jehova, the God of Isreal has a special place for Jews and it is an exalted high place.

      • aussie jeff


  26. Hatemail

    I love your pic. Her big fat head alters the spelling into her real name.
    Took me a while to notice.

  27. Dee Garmon

    The head of FBI is certainly not a lord, but his investigation sure smells like that of Lord Chilcot”s into the lies of Tony Blair leading to the war: Proud words on dusty shelves, but no prosecution.

    • eddiemd

      FBI psyops in conjunction with the NSA/CIA intel gathering. False narrative and cover-up.

  28. Diane D.

    So much suffering, hate and chaos goes right back to 9/11. The whole phony ‘War on Terror’ and the Nazi Police State is based on LIES. While Islam is not compatible with our Republic, it was cleverly made a scapegoat for 9/11. Yes, the hornets must now be fought but who poked the hornet nests? They are nothing less than war criminals who need to be brought to trial.

    How could we forget 9/11? How can we close our eyes, ears and hearts to over 2,500 architects and engineers?

    • Paul ...

      Diane … everyone saw it on TV a thousand times … the steel beams high up in the WTC were so strong they “completely disintegrated” the aluminum planes … yet the neocons want us to believe that the even thicker steel beams in the basement of the WTC just happened to “fall apart” (on an angle) without a plane or fire touching them (just like in bldg 7) … so they will tell us the three foot steel beams “melted in the fire” (that was almost completely out at the time of the collapse) … anyone can hold a butter knife in the flame of their kitchen stove for hours and hours and they won’t see it melt … yet firefighters saw molten steel (like in a foundry) flowing in the basement of the WTC for days … just how dumb do these neocons think we are???

      • wondrouscat

        I went to a police station near me and they had a display out front of two of the twisted beams from the trade towers. Really fascinating to study them – dark rust red and completely twisted with the bolts popping out, and you could just feel the incredible heat that did that to those girders. No airplane caused that.

        • frederick

          Absolutely correct NO airplane indeed Just look at what happened with building 7 the one that Silverstein admitted he had to “pull” How naïve the sheeple are

      • Diane D.

        Paul, those pictures and videos of molten steel tell the real story. Steel melts at 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet the 9/11 Commission refused to even investigate hard evidence that temperatures exceeded 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

      • 8Ball

        “just how dumb do these neocons think we are???”


        • frederick

          Evidently pretty dumb and they are right in 95% of the cases or is it just a strong denial perhaps some of each

    • Galaxy 500

      Islam is the scapegoat? Hardly.

      • Charles H


        Islam is a spiritual proxy; a catalyst to world change. Nothing so ignorant, could be used so badly.

  29. Bill

    Gina Mancarella: So Gina, after San Bernardino you said it was the guns, after Orlando you said it was the guns, after Dallas you said it was the guns. Now that we have a truck that killed, what say you.

    • Paul ...

      Good Bill … first they take our guns, then they will take our trucks, then they will take our butter knives … they tell us “turn in your weapons” (so they can inflict their evil crimes on us without any fear of punishment) … well let them try to take our guillotines … and lets stock some WD40 along with our food and water … this way we won’t have to expend needless energy dropping the blade (twice) to take off the evil heads of these neocon (Lucifer worshiping) devils!

  30. Bob Rohrer

    Greg, All your weekly Wrap-ups are good but today, 7/15/2016 you outdid yourself. You are the only one telling the TRUTH, and you are the only one I watch every show! King World News has good financial guests BUT you are the only one covering the NEWS! All the NEWS!!

    Thank you!!

  31. Doug

    Germany, the United States, Belgium, and specially France deserve what the terrorist Muslims do to them. Letting all that crap in from terrorist Muslim countries. Germany has to get the Nazi’s back and focus on getting rid of the Muslims the they got rid of the Jews. The South, they have to bring back the KKK to handle the Muslims problem. I think after a awhile, I think the Muslims would rethink their belief that their religion is all holyer then the rest of the religions. That’s only way. Greg, you talk about vetting these Muslim terrorist. Do me a favor, within the last month, PBS News Hour on a Monday night did a story, they said ,That Bagdad wasn’t letting anybody in from Moslill (spelling) in because they can not vet them. Bagdad would not let their own people because they were afraid of Muslim terrorists, how funny is that! Please look it up before you do not post this letter.(If you find it, please attach it to my posting.) You are getting brave and smart because in my last post, I posted,”All Muslims are terrorist and all terrorist are Muslims.” and I thought you wouldn’t post that. I are proud of you Greg. One final thought, I feel a lot safer now that a Minneapolis pig pull over a car that had a black guy in it that was driving with a broken tail light and shot him to death. ( That’s a joke, Greg what I really think is in the words, ” Minneapolis pig”.)

    • Robert Lykens

      Doug: Ignorant thoughts from an ignorant mind.
      Oh, and you spell worse than a third-grader.

      • Galaxy 500

        Well, the only thing he was right about is all moslems are evil. You say how can that be. Through koran is a book of vile, evil dictated to Moo-HamHand. Of you believe in evil, you’re evil. End of story

        • WD

          Did you know that Mohammad was a pedofile

    • Galaxy 500

      Doug, the KKK is a Democrat organization. They never disbanded, they just started hating whites instead of blacks

  32. frederick

    Its very hard for me to understand all these racial issues When I lived in Sag Harbor NY my subdivision bordered on Ninevah which is a majority wealthy black waterfront summer colony My good friend (a black man) did a lot of work for them and I met the family of the deceased Ron Brown and my neighbor to the rear was a very wealthy guy named Earl Graves who served in the Robert Kennedy administration We never even gave race a thought but that was a very special group I even worked on a new house being built for a former Knicks player
    In reference to what Greg said about Latinos taking the blacks jobs is absolutely true I once asked my friend why he didn’t hire fellow blacks instead of all the latinos he had working for him and he said that he wanted to but they were for the most part unrelieable and not hard working True story

  33. Diana Dee Jarvis

    I’m afraid I can’t unsubscribe from USA Today — I don’t have a subscription to cancel. I run into this a lot with boycotts.

  34. Ken Williams

    Always excellent reporting Greg!

    Thank you

  35. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    I always look at the amount of time showing for the video. Anything over 20 minutes indicates you are fired up about something. When I saw that the video was over 34 minutes I knew it was going to be good.

    Great job and CAF always brings out the best in you so I am looking for to Sunday.


  36. HankH

    my opinion is that this latest attack in France has insured the election of the nationalist, Marine LePen. France will in turn (very likely) Frexit and they will put a halt to mass muslim immigration. People are finally waking up to the real threat as evidenced by Newt Gingrich’s latest discussion (on ZH) and the following from Frank Gaffney (Trump’s top NS advisor)…

    “What they are trying to accomplish worldwide is the supremacy of the doctrine they call sharia, and that simply means they run everything, and everybody else will be forced to submit. That’s what we’re having trouble getting our heads around. This isn’t just some murderous jihadist lone wolf. … This is a global jihad movement and its objective, whether it’s being carried out by the Islamic state, or by al-Qaeda, which says this would be the period of total confrontation, or whether it’s the Muslim Brotherhood. And this is the thing that’s just so infuriating.”

    As for Newt Gingrich’s recent call to test Muslims in America to see if they support sharia, Gaffney said:

    “For some time, he’s been absolutely right. We’re dealing with … just another totalitarian ideology. The thing that makes this one so dangerous, particularly to a society like ours … with its constitutional guarantee of religious freedom, is that its got a patina of religiosity to it.
    ** But strip away maybe that ten percent of sharia that involves religious practice and tradition and what you have is ninety percent of the same basic totalitarianism as Nazism, or as Communism, or as fascism.** And it’s all about forcing everybody else to submit to the way that these totalitarians are seeking to impose.”

    Agree with GM and BP, the US stock markets are an illusion, they are toast and are in denial about it. Look for Japan and/or DeutscheBank to be the spark.


    Greg I am commenting for the first time. I faithfully read your blog. I just wanted you to know this WNW FOR 7/15/16 was one of the best you have ever done. Everything you said was spot on. Thank you for your tireless effort to get it right.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was thinking about re-cutting it before I posted it because I did not think it was so good. So, I thank you very much for your kind words and comment.

      • Sayonara

        You were on fire with this week’s WNW. There is so much corruption and blatant intellectual dishonesty in this day and age. Thank god we have you as an extraordinary source to rely on getting real news and intellectually honest commentary.
        I would like to make a suggestion. Stop reading that phony Pravda rag called USA Today. It is making you crazy and that is their intent. I haven’t read that propaganda rag in decades. As a matter of fact, when I am traveling and I find it outside my hotel room, I complain to the front desk that putting it there is an insult to me from the Hotel ownership!
        Keep up the great work in this incredible time of intellectual chaos.

        • Greg Hunter

          We are finding out what Christ meant when he said “. . . as in the days of Noah.”

      • Peter Harris

        I was thinking about re-cutting it before I posted it because I did not think it was so good”

        I too, like Kathy, are posting for the 1st time.
        I have left comments before on your YouTube channel, but never here.

        Perhaps you could have edited most, if not all of your rants, which is actually based on emotion, and is never backed up by any detailed facts.

        You rant and rave about the Mainstream media in your country, being bias and telling lies, and creating false narratives, et cetera et cetera, but you’re happy to quote the tabloid press in France who claims that this attack in Nice was terror related.
        No, there is still no proof of that. It appears that the man was just a raving nutter, who just happened to be born in a Muslim country. Was the guy who shot up Sandy Hook primary school Muslim, or just a raving nutter?? Oh sorry, yes, that was a false flag wasn’t it. . . Ha ha ha.

        A couple of weeks ago you embarrassed yourself by comparing, the American 401(k), with the British pension system, when you claimed both would be affected by negative interest rates. The British pension system is government funded, and is not affected directly, or even indirectly by the current interest rates of the day.

        And then you rave and rant, about the black-lives-matter movement in America, but what you fail to understand is that your country has an evil combination of being mean, having a selfish culture, which is totally hostile to any principles of altruism (yes,i know, altruism is equal to communism in your country), coupled with the fact that your country is incredibly violent because of your crazy and anachronistic Second Amendment.
        All in all, that is a recipe for violence. So as an outsider, I don’t see it as a black or white issue. The USA is violent, period.

        But please, don’t edit any of your rants and raves, I was only joking earlier, because myself and the other blokes I have a drink with at the pub on a Friday night, set up my iPad, and get a great laugh out of your Weekly News wrap.

        As you Americans like to say; “you can’t make this shit up.”

        • Charles H

          Well, now, Mr. Harris,

          Why waste time “digressing” – when you can advance your point? “Detailed facts”? I think it would be counter-productive for Greg Hunter to have to use “connect the dots” visual aids for those who can’t follow his presentations, or remember all the charts and articles, and quotes he has covered in the past?

          “It appears the the man was just…” So you yourself wish to use conjecture (“appears”) as if it were a fact? If you are born in a muslim country: you will imprint a foundational identification within that upbringing. Considering that both here opine; the preponderance of such formational identity weighs more for Mr. Hunter than for you.

          The 401(k) and British Pension System are indeed related. The same Market Crash that may well take-down the US Stock Market and Banking System, owing to ZIRP, will have it’s effect on the British Pound Sterling; especially if the Bank of England goes broke. Yeah, Rule Brittania – with a devaluated currency. The world is not connected. More stout.

          And at this point – I think you rant goes off the rails – and I will use your own words to prove it: “what you fail to understand is…” – as a foreigner, you can ONLY fail to understand America, and Americans. You are entitled to whatever opinion you wish to hold: but I will withhold any uncharitable perceptions I may have of the British, in these lines; unlike yourself.
          America has, then, a ‘mean and selfish culture’? I am missing some detailed facts on this one? Funny me. I thought that Equal Opportunity programs gave Blacks a dis-proportionate chance at university entrances and job placements by quota; and funding up the whazoo in grants – that Whites never got. Nothing altruistic here. Time for a porter.
          And where to begin on the anachronisitic Second Amendment? Perhaps lack of Freedoms induced pistol envy? How well you understand something you don’t have! Ale anyone?

          I can well imagine you and the blokes getting bleary-eyed, at the pub – having a big laugh. But next time a Churchill comes crawling over to these shores, with his hat in his hand, and his people sleeping in subways: maybe you won’t be so impolite as to disparage the grit and backbone of your independent, foreign, English-speaking cousins. But your lack of historical acknowledgement and poor understanding of cultural dynamics may be the bubble and squeak of your gross misperceptions.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Thanks Pete! I always look forward to our socialistic, intelligentsia from across the pond waxing eloquent (not). Next time you have an invading hoard sitting at your door step (perhaps like the Islamic caliphate) you might see the wisdom of our 2nd Amendment.
            My great grandmother hailed from Missouri–she always said everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but it usually doesn’t amount to doodly-squat. How right she was!
            BTW, we greatly enjoy Greg Hunter, but being Americans we also suffer our share of useful idiots and our traitorous “ruling class”.

        • markp

          “But please don’t …. waffle, waffle, waffle”. What a smug bastard you are, Peter Harris. Why don’t YOU enlighten us with your facts and analysis. Then “us blokes” [and sheilas, let’s be PC about this] can have some mirth at your expense. Peter Harris, YOU are making some shit up. Put up or shut up, tosser.

        • Paul ...

          Hey Peter … you and the rest of the world better wake up to the truth … there are evil people in the world who will do very evil things for money … I call them neocons …they can be found in every race and religion … from Hillary today to Judas in the past … they take money to destroy goodness in our world (constant wars, 9-11, etc., etc.) … we don’t need to live with them and there kind … God himself removed 1/3 of the population of Heaven (the evil ones) and segregated them … we should put all those FEMA camps to good use by rounding up all the neocons and removing there cancer from our society … we have God’s work to do … you may enjoy things as they are but people like Greg Hunter. myself and many others want to make our world a Heaven on Earth instead of a living Hell!!

        • Jan

          Peter, I stand with Greg on his Weekly New Wrap-up. Lots of places are reporting ISIS claiming responsibility for the attack in Nice, for example, here:

          As for “Black Lives Matter”, they have crossed a terrible line. I fully support PEACEFUL protests about reforming aggressive law enforcers and holding them accountable. There is NO excuse to support killing cops (who are usually innocent). I was APPALLED when Greg showed the cover photo on USA Today with “Killer Cops … Cop Killers”!!

          I am also appalled at the terrible, imbalanced reporting at many mainstream “news” outlets on the Black Lives Matter issue. For example, while I agree it was tragic that Castile was shot like he was, it is hard to find MSM reporting that Castile was stopped because he fit the details of an armed robbery and also, that Castile had a gun on his lap (do a search and you can find the zoomed-in picture). I am not excusing the one police officer who so hastily shot him, but Castile was NOT shot because his car merely had a broken tail-light. Castile also received CPR from other police who were trying to save his life! (You can find that video on YouTube as a bystander recorded it.) I doubt USA Today reported what I am telling you. They want to sell newspapers with sensational ‘news’, never mind if it riles people up into thinking American cops deserve to be killed.

          In contrast, Greg Hunter doesn’t ask for a dime. He is trying to help people get relevant news to protect themselves financially, etc. He deserves a TON more respect than the money-grubbing tabloid-type papers.

          P.S. I am a dual citizen (USA/Canada) and in Canada, NO ONE supports cop killers. For example, EVERYONE supports the prison-for-life sentence for RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) killer Justin Bourque, even his own parents!

          • Peter Harris

            Hello Jan.

            I’m happy to respond the your post, because unlike all the other emotional fools here, you seem fairly civil, and sensible.
            While the others are ranting and raving at me, misconstrued what I said, and take me out of context, you on the other hand seem sensible to reply to.

            Regarding my criticism of Greg, who I thought was too quick to blame that incident on terrorism, was at the time premature, but 24 hours later, it appears perhaps that IS had some involvement, although I’m still yet to be convinced.
            You would have to admit, that there are some strange circumstances around this terrorist act. My criticism of Greg was more broad. He’s always ranting about mainstream media (and in many cases rightly so), however, he clearly allows his own emotions to cloud his judgement, and therefore, make some of the same mistakes, that accuses mainstream media of making.

            Regarding Islam, I despise at some of the hate filled, emotionally based diatribe that is evident here, from some of the contributors to this website.
            I’m Anglo-Saxon, born and raised in Australia, complete with blue eyes, yet I spend a lot of my time in the biggest Moslem country in the world, Indonesia.
            I feel very safe and secure there, and I regard the Moslems i interact with everyday, as peaceful, caring and compassionate people.

            Regarding violence in the United States of America.
            As an outsider looking into that great goldfish bowl, better known as the USA, I see the root cause of this huge problem of violence, because simply there are too many guns in the USA. You can argue that, because Mr Castile was carrying a gun, the policeman felt threatened, and therefore pulled his gun out 1st. Or you could argue, that Mr Castile had no right to be shot, because he had the gun legally.
            I don’t see it as a black-and-white issue, or socio economic issue.
            I just see that violence and guns is so ingrained into the DNA of US culture, that it’s pointless blaming specific individuals or specific groups. It just becomes a circular argument that goes on forever. For a number of reasons, the United States has just become too violent. We in Australia, put an end to gun violence 20 years ago, by banning semi/fully automatic weapons, and our country has been better for it.

            • Charles H


              You allege we are given to circular arguments: and engage in them yourself. This is so much like a female who only argues for the sake of it.
              You feel safe in Tunisia – but would have a different perspective if you survived the upstairs torture and disembowelment of the theatre attack months ago in France.
              You allege Australia is ‘safer’ since banning semi/automatic weapons: but facts and figures have already proven this wrong. (You’ll dispute it; then challenge the authority of research – and circle, and circle, and circle…)
              And you continue to pass yourself off as an expert on the USA – seeing it from the outside. That’s bull. But just keep slugging at it; and play-off any sympathy you might encounter.
              Anti-gun; pro-muslim; basher – just trying to ruffle feathers and margin-ize a platform here. Go away. Find some other pot to stir. We’ve known your ilk: trying to sell what runs against the grain; and nobody is right but you, and those who might agree.
              From one ’emotional fool’ to another.

              • Peter Harris

                “You feel safe in Tunisia”
                Ha ha ha LOFL, I said; “I feel safe in Indonesia,” which is in Asia. Tunisia is on the other side of the globe.

                “You allege Australia is ‘safer’ since banning semi/automatic weapons: but facts and figures have already proven this wrong. (You’ll dispute it; then challenge the authority of research – and circle, and circle, and circle…)”
                Of course i challenge that. Not only is it a fact, that Australia is safer, but you provide zero evidence to back up your claim.

                “Go away.”
                So typical of those who have no balls, or brains.
                If you don’t have the intellectual maturity to mount a counter argument, it’s just so easy to say, piss off.
                What’s worse of course, is that its gross hypocrisy.
                You “libertarians,” are so precious, that when somebody comes along that disagrees with you, or calls out your BS, you try and silence them.
                But you scream blue murder, and demand your 1st Amendment rights, if somebody tries to silence you.

        • Galaxy 500

          @ Peter Harris Dude, what a wanker you are. What a dishonest sneviel in coward you are.
          How many sharia courts do you Brits have? If you insult a minion of Satan, it’s a crime.
          What a lovely little island you have. It’s a shame that you are letting the moslems take it from you with out a fight. But then people like Churchill don’t breed much and the Neivell Chamberlain’s of the world breed like rats.
          Practice the koran know so you can say the magic words and swear an oath to Satan

          • Peter Harris

            Ha ha ha, you Americans are so clueless, you call me a wanker?
            You are so desperate to shoot me down with your emotional nonsense, you just assumed I’m from Great Britain.
            I’m not, I’m an Australian.
            So who is the wanker now??

        • MCasey

          Peter Harris….Let me say, “Thank you”, because the lessons America learned from your government is why we established and intend to keep that “crazy and anachronistic Second Amendment”. Since your government doesn’t think you’re capable of handling a gun, whose going to fight WWIII for you? Oh, that’s right, America……again.

        • aussie jeff

          Hey Harris…….you sound like a two pot screamer!!
          Im thinking you throw up all over the bar on your third one then cry all the way home telling the cab driver how sad your life is………..

          Apologies to all my fellow watch doggers for my above post somewhat out of character. …….but my fellow countrymen had it coming with that rubbish.

          • Peter Harris

            Hey, I’m a half pot screamer, because I don’t drink.
            If I go to a bar or pub, I usually have a non-alcoholic beverage.

            You seem like all the other ratbags here.
            Provide absolutely no counterargument, no rebuttal, just emotional bile.
            It’s also clear, that the other ratbags that popular this site, have no prefrontal cortex, and no doubt you are afflicted with the same problem.
            Perhaps you could move over to caravan park land, and join the other Nuff Nuffs, whose IQ is obviously commensurate with their shoe size.

            Or perhaps all of you could colonise a new country.
            Maybe call it Nuff Nuffland.

            • Charles H

              Taunting there, Peter? Insulting? SOS. Talk about no substance of a reply.
              Low IQ? So your penal colony turned country has historically contributed more Nobel Prize winning and technological or medicinal advances than the USA? RIGHT.

              When China sits on your face, territorially – let us know how that works out.

              • Peter Harris

                Insulting? Me?

                No, you guys insult yourself s, you don’t need any help from me.

    • Jan

      Kathy, I am writing because I support this WNW, too, and didn’t deserve that snarky reply from “peter”. Lots of places are reporting ISIS claiming responsibility for the attack in Nice, for example, here:

      As for “Black Lives Matter”, they have crossed a terrible line. I fully support PEACEFUL protests about reforming aggressive law enforcers and holding them accountable. There is NO excuse to support killing cops (who are usually innocent). I was APPALLED when Greg showed the cover photo on USA Today with “Killer Cops … Cop Killers”!!

      I am also appalled at the terrible, imbalanced reporting at many mainstream “news” outlets on the Black Lives Matter issue. For example, while I agree it was tragic that Castile was shot like he was, it is hard to find MSM reporting that Castile was stopped because he fit the details of an armed robbery and also, that Castile had a gun on his lap (do a search and you can find the zoomed-in picture). I am not excusing the one police officer who so hastily shot him, but he did receive CPR from other police who were trying to save his life! (A bystander recorded the video of it.) I doubt USA Today reported this; they’re interested in making money with sensational ‘news’, never mind if it riles people up into thinking American cops deserve to be killed.

      In contrast, Greg Hunter doesn’t ask for a dime. He doesn’t push products. He humbly helps people get relevant news to protect themselves financially, etc. He deserves a TON more respect than the tabloids pretending to be news-worthy newspapers.

  38. Henry

    Good start Greg, and I wish you would do more reporting on ISIS and who supports them. Where did they get their fleets of Toyota trucks, and why isn’t the U.S. government and its corporate media investigating this? Why were ISIS terrorists permitted to run convoys of oil tankers in plain sight to our ally Turkey in return for cash and weapons? Russia bombed those convoys of tankers, while the U.S. and Israel left them alone. Why were there so many allegedly “errant” weapons drops by the U.S. into ISIS controlled territory? Why are injured ISIS terrorists treated in Israeli military hospitals? These are important questions that need answers.
    We now know that 9-11 was an inside job, and that such a complex conspiracy could not have been pulled off by some guy living in cave thousands of miles away. Reality is much different from the fantasy world portrayed by the government and its corporate media.

  39. frederick

    Something going on in Turkey tonight Istanbul bridge closed and planes flying low over Ankara Currency sliding something big afoot no doubt

    • Paul ...

      No doubt it is people doing God’s work … removing the “evil neocon” Turkish leader!

  40. Mike Jose

    Hi Greg, great stuff, as usual. A comment on Dow Theory – it is rather out of date, as it is very pre-internet and pre-NASDAQ, and tech is a very important part of the US economy. The amount of trucking required to move software is nearly zero. The amount of trucking required to move iPhones and laptops is not very great. Also, the amount of monetary juicing of the system is now very much baked into the cake – price action is king, and that is all I need to short it or go long it…

  41. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg, I love it when you get angry!

    At any rate there are several must see and hear audio files by Ray McGovern : and an article that pretty much sums up what Washington is about in pushing for war – and about the widening divisions in NATO in the EU. My small satisfaction in all this is being correct about what game Putin is playing to avoid war. Essentially he is waiting for conditions to get so bad in Europe and the USA that NATO will collapse and Washington will lose its control over Europe. Basically Washington’s agenda, a push for war in Europe for its business model is failing the smell test even for EU vassal states.
    On the economic front the sleaze you rant about with your graphs is very well explained by (perhaps) Jim Rikards best and most candid interview. It’s all criminalized from the corporate media scoundrels to the banksters – with a meaningful discussion of how much of a disaster we all face from these criminals. There is lots ahead to get angry about; don’t use it up all at once!

  42. John

    Lets see , Kerry meets with Putin and the next day a military coup in Turkey. Obummer imports a supposed 10k Syrians. With numbers of recent imports pushing 1.5 million muslim nation immigrants ,With Trump continuing to perform his assigned task of agitating illegal aliens by scaring them with deportation . Newt the Grinch who stole democracy has timely come out from under a trash can to announce Muslims who believe in Sharia law are not compatible with western countries. Agitation of minorities, especially blacks with propaganda that cops are targeting them. Cops are targeting EVERYONE! This is SO friggin obvious. They couldn’t provoke a military war or skirmish with Russia or China to point the finger at for the banks failure. The destabilization of the U S by the ruling psychopaths continues towards their post collapse endgame. Obummer stays for third term as the puppet in charge, ( martial law) Saudis are threatened with redacted pages of their co-operation with Us/Israel Also redacted. Saudis will be thrown under the bus to make the trillion $ in US dollars they hold disappear, not mention their potential to squeal on the US for their 9/11 false flag. Is a US military coup next? Things are about to get ugly.

  43. Colin/IRL.

    Greg, I’m sure your WNW will be heavily posted this weekend between BLM, Dallas, Nice, 28 redacted pages and now Turkey. On the latter, the fact that the Turkish Pres. just apologized to Putin last week for shooting down a Russian jet in Turkey (which was over Turkish airspace for less than 10 seconds) and now there’s a military coup in effect with Martial Law is just too much of a coincidence. TPTB will destroy us all if they don’t get their way. It s that simple, their way or the highway. I’m sure PCR will have something to say about this.

    • frederick

      There is NO martial law here in Turkey My wifes aunt and uncle just arrived last night by car from Istanbul for their 2 weeks of sand and surf No problems regarding travel Colin Not sure where you got that false info friend

  44. John

    Greg, I think the stock market is hitting new highs due to a lack of other places to grow your money. Blue chip dividend stocks are paying 2-4% with the hope of the stock price going higher. Municipal and corporate bond pay about the same 2-4% percent but you have to hold them for 20-30 years. If the financial system crashes, I see the blue chippers surviving (although they may reduce their dividend). Just my 2 cents.

    • Greg Hunter

      Brokerqages are going to go under in this next take down. I do not think you are grasping how big the debt and derivative bubbles really are. My advice is “Run Forrest Run.” Go back and look at the S&P chart and the Earnings chart. You are fooling yourself if you think this is going to be a “correction” you can simply be a “long term” investor and everything will be OK. I’ll say it again, Brokerages are going to go under this next crash.

      • Freebreezer

        Greg you are showing your age again, for us oldies … Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson ..

      • Russ McMeans

        Greg; you are absolutely correct in this forecast. Things are worse than they appear. Thanks for working so hard. Make sure if it’s possible to take Sunday off. We all need that day. Monday comes quickly.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are very kind Russ. Thank you. Catherine Austin Fitts is the “Early Sunday Release” and it is a top very enlightening interview. Hope you watch.

  45. eddiemd

    Bastille Day


  46. vincent_g

    It’s all coming apart.
    Attack in France and now Turkish Government has been overthrown!

    Military coup

    Things are starting to happen fast

    • frederick

      Vincent Not so fast the government has retaken control and the coup has been stopped

      • Paul ...

        The evil neocon Erdogan used F16’s to thwart an attack from within … he went on TV and called it Treason!! … So where were our F16’s on 9-11? … when we Americans needed help to thwart an attack from within?? … and what politician stood up in America to call 9-11 Treason???

        • frederick

          Unfortunately none have Evidently they all value their lives and those of their families and yes there are a lot of cowards in our govt NO doubt about that Paul

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, Erdogan needs to be overthrown. He’s trying to reestablish the Ottoman Empire

  47. eddiemd

    Daesh tortured victims in the French massacre. Suppressed by the French government.

    And we are bringing these animals un-vetted into communities all across America while the feds wants to disarm the public right to self-defense.

    F that.

    Lock and load your first 30 round magazine.

    • Charles H

      Betrayal. It’s called – betrayal.

  48. Russ McMeans

    I forgot, but just remembered something… In the book of Revelations there is a point where our finance system fails suddenly-unexpectedly. The world’s merchants and money men freak out if I recall. Read up on this. Thoughtful reading is best.

    • Greg Hunter

      God is never wrong and the simple math says it will happen.

  49. Anthony Australia

    Hi Greg,

    A sad day indeed but there is no stopping this perpetual motion of terror. It comes in many shapes and forms and it’s disguised so well as it walks amongst us.

    The perculiar thing is it can be stopped but won’t be as this is part of the agenda.

    Hug your family and smile at your neighbour and strangers alike.

  50. Jay Peay

    Reference the Black Lives Matter movement, Mychal Massie, an Ordained African-American Minister asks “What If Whites Strike Back?”

    Something to think about.

    (Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society.)

  51. DLC

    Putting a face to TWA flight 800.

    Today marks 20 years since this event. There were 21 passengers who are buried in the same cemetery as my family and my husband’s family. It is not my hometown, but right next door. It is a little burgh of only 4500 people. These families all knew each other before this tragedy, so at least they had a good mutual support system.

    They were 16 students and 5 chaperones. The age of the students was 16-17 years. One girl was a family’s only child. Her dad told her she had a bigger chance of dying on the way to the bus station than dying in a plane crash.

    This was the first experience of being on a plane for these students. Their families saved money, borrowed money, one family using part of an inheritance — for a flight that lasted 12 minutes. They recovered all the bodies, which surprises me. Did not think you could recover anything after an explosion and a free fall of 4 miles up from terra firma.

    There was a young girl on that plane from New River, AZ, which is just north of Phoenix. She was their only daughter, age 11. They had just bought a home to accommodate the little girls horses, so she could have them on the family property. She was headed to France to stay with family friends.

    • Charles H

      Thanks D.

      Your composure and expression take me back, to a saner people; to a world that held innocence and value. I seldom read anymore, anything like this. Great share.

  52. diane s.

    French Mayor Will Now Tear Down The Refugee Camp known as the “Jungle” | Armstrong Economics

  53. Jerry

    In case you missed it, even the globalist are predicting that Deutsche Bank is going down.

    • Jerry

      So the globalist are running 12 months behind on their schedule. So what? The results will be the same. This is what you would expect from psychopaths.

    • frederick

      Helga LaRouche said on her Friday evening broadcast that they most likely will never allow them to go belly up given the derivatives and the contagion risk

  54. Don

    Greg, nothing like a little truth, to separate wheat and tares. The extreme leaders of BLM tells the story. Soros, along with Obama, and Hilary, I’m sure are proud. In my 60 plus years of life, I’ve never seen such a stir as the Trump campaign has caused. I would like to think that Trump is a patriot and support his run, but the time in which we live is special. Its not just Trump, its the final stage of globalism that they’ve implemented, and a patriot as a president through a monkey wrench in the gears. I believe for that reason, we are seeing what any observer would say is an effort by the globalist to stop Trump and his nationalist policies. Mr. Pence as a running mate, is a strong Christian conservative who has done good things in Indiana. He will be plus for Trump, and shows Donald’s intent to turn our nation around, and take us back to a Christian based, nationalist, nation. Three cheers for Mr. Trump, and my continued support. The chaos that we’re seeing through BLM and the Islamic threat are cards of the globalist, to disarm our nation, and use treaties as a tool of diminishing national sovereignty into a globalist framework. Mr. Obama and the other globalist should be scared because if the nation as a whole catches on to their treasonist acts, someone may target them, rather than the police. Good job Greg, as always, a light in a increasing dark place. Lord bless.

  55. Galaxy 500

    “President Obama has to become bilingual; he needs to learn to speak the TRUTH.”
    –Michael Solomon, author, The Conversion Prophecy

  56. Galaxy 500

    And as far as Newt Gingrich’s moslem test for sharia,  I have come up with a sure fire sharia test. Line up moslems against wall with TV cameras rolling. Fire 1 round of 7.62×51 168gr OTM into the moslems forehead and 1 into chest. If they survive, they do not believe in sharia.

    • frederick

      Galaxy you seem to be obsessed with Sharia law Its actually not that different than what the far right loons known as neocons believe when you get right down to it Looks like all that Fox News koolaide is clouding your vision

      • Charles H


        Puh-leeeeeeze! You just put yourself into a category of ignorance that is inescapable. NO right wing posture, or philosophy, or belief even slightly resembles Sharia Law. I’d say READ the Koran, but fear you’d seek out some watered-down version; then read into it what you want to see. The Quran is a socio/political/religious document which legitimizes barbarianism. At least G5 has READ it and KNOWS what is in it. Did you?

        Don’t bash and call names until you know what you’re talking about.

    • helot

      The comments from Galaxy 500 makes him/her come across as a neocon of the warmongering variety. No love for his enemies, the proposed fruits of his labors are violence, not peace, and his proposed solutions are inline with those of the Power Elite.

      “Banking elites are doing what they can to increase violence and polarization in order to generate yet more authoritarianism.

      The end result is to be increased global governance. As hard as it is to understand, almost every “solution” generated by the current central banking system actually adds to the chaos.” – The Daily Bell.

      I’m wary of anyone who calls Galaxy 500 their friend.

      • Charles H


        Well show your colors!

        Galaxy 500 is a direct speaking son-of-a-gun: but not half of what you paint him to be here. And he certainly is NOT in the camp you try to associate him to be in. What hogwash!

        And what is this tag-line? – “I’m wary of anyone who calls Galaxy 500 their friend.” This sure looks like you are trying to dye some sheep black. Psychologically – I’d say you attempt to polarize and isolate here. Well – you just made my NON-READ List. Farewell.

        And just for an aside…. I don’t agree with G5 on a good bit of things; and think he gets a little TOO direct, sometimes. But I’d take his back, to protect him, with my guns – any day of the week.

  57. Peter

    The spike in protesting is a sign that the Hillary/Obama policies are not making people happy. More citizens are starting to realize the US economy doesn’t work for them. It’s
    about time! Open US boarders are no longer acceptable, with terrorism on the rise!
    Donald Trump has stated correctly that the Us needs to take action to protect itself.

    Changing the subject, the US stock market is on fire! Why it is advancing is puzzling, but US stocks are headed higher, if technical analysis means anything! WE are making new highs every day now!

    • frederick

      Its not all that puzzling with the FED buying stocks with freshly printed money(PPT) Peter

  58. Bill Howland

    Haha, the comment didn’t last 10 seconds. Your site is somewhat useful for the guests you have on (and for your increasing income), but ranting for 5 minutes over the front page of USA Today, for what to me is a true enough statement, shows bias the other way. I’m surprised PCR appears here. He must not realize you throw out constructive criticism since you are too violent tempered and thin-skinned. Only Yes-men allowed on this site. I know, I know, I’m still reading this stuff – for how long though I don’t know.

  59. Cheryl

    “Seventy percent of African American kids are born with only a mother” Really? To me, this comment implies that these children have no father. (Note to Mr. Hunter: kids are baby goats.) Mr. Hunter, who promotes himself as one who presents only unbiased facts–in contrast to his nemesis the Mainstream Media (MSM)–is nevertheless remarkably skilled at spinning empirical evidence. In this case, his fact is correct. According to the US National Vital Statistics System, in 2015 70.4% of US births (415,029 infants) were delivered from women who identify themselves as Non-Hispanic black and unmarried (Hamilton, B. E., Martin, J. A., & Osterman, M. J., p. 10). Mr. Hunter, please also note, the US National Center for Health Statistics uses the following terminology to label women who are not married when they give birth to human infants: births to unmarried mothers. “Infants born to unmarried mothers” is not equivalent to “kids with only mothers.” Using the two phrases as if they were conceptually equivalent is called spin.

    Hamilton, B. E., Martin, J. A., & Osterman, M. J. (2016). Births: Preliminary Data for 2015. National vital statistics reports: from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics System, 65(3), 1.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are being ridiculous. The point is there is no traditional family with a mother and a father. You have to repair the family or you will never fix the problem.

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