Liars: Cruz, Bush, Kasich Do Not Endorse Trump, Hillary’s Mentor is Communist, Phony Economy Update

1aBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 247 7.22.16)

Even though former presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and John Kasich signed a pledge to support the GOP candidate for president, none of them are doing it. Cruz gave a speech at the Republican Convention in Cleveland and was booed off the stage for not endorsing Trump. Some say this is helps Hillary Clinton and calls these former candidates selfish and liars.

Dr. Ben Carson brought up presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the GOP Convention this past week. He said one of Hillary’s “mentors” and “heroes” is Communist/Marxist Saul Alinsky. The Washington Post (WaPo) was so freaked out about this fact it tried to explain it away as some sort of misguided guilt by association. This is very odd because even the WaPo’s own article says that “Clinton also brought Alinsky to Wellesley in 1969 to deliver a speech. And in her thesis, she refers to his ‘compelling personality’ and his ‘exceptional charm.’” It actually went well beyond a simple association. Alinsky knew Hillary Clinton well enough to offer her a job, but she turned him down because she wanted to change government from the inside. A lover of Marxism and Communism running for President of the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic. You can’t make this stuff up. This election is not just Democrat vs. Republican. This is Tyranny vs. Freedom, and nothing less.

Stocks are sky high, and yet, real earnings are bottom bouncing. What gives? Some say it is central banks propping up the financial system to try to stave off a crash as long as possible. Will it work? Gregory Mannarino of says it may have worked so far, but we are “nearing another major top and are in for another very big crash.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Lynn

    Greg. Please help us understand: 1) WHY They refuse to state that the killers are Islamic terrorists….WHY? Why not say it? It will offend them? So what, that is not the point, to get to the bottom of this, we have to ask WHY? Are the people running the show part of their group? Otherwise, why not state the obvious? Secondly, WHY not prosecute Clinton? She is guilty…..So WHY? She has damning info on people? Or maybe, they want her in as president. Who are these democrats? Are they part of the Alinsky group? I think so. This is a war between Good vs. Evil, Liberty vs.Tyranny, Narcissism vs. Humility, Liars vs. The truth, It is getting ready to implode and they know it ….Greg, we are in deep deep trouble. Why are they doing this to us? Who are they?? We need to seriously answer that question….and accept what that means and holds for our future. We can no longer sit by and wait for someone else to help us. We are in the fight of our lives, prepare, and ask the Lord for guidance and strength as we prepare for what these evils beings have in store for us.

    • markp

      Lynn, nice use of simile to describe the war that is to come. And, indeed, there is evil on its way, which we must all face. The LORD is my shepherd.

    • Disciple

      “Why refuse to state that the killers are Islamic terrorists?”
      Maybe consider that ISIS and the others are actually products developed by the CIA, MI6 and Israeli intelligence. A real Muslim like Obama would not want to associate his religion with these immoral psychopaths. This is not to say that Jihad is not real. It is! But true Islamic leadership is not driving and funding ISIS etc.
      The other possibility is that the use of Islamic immigrants to dilute the national identity of every country is a part of the Kelergi Plan. If white people copulate with dark skinned people eventually you will have a darker skinned populace without a national identity and allegiance, a world citizen if you will. This may take 200-300 years to accomplish this multi generational plot of peace on Earth under tyranny.

      • Lance Elliott

        The ability to attend the Haj: The cities of Mecca and Medina are forbidden for Non-Muslims. This is based on the Quranic verse 9:28

        O you who believe, the idolaters are surely unclean, so they shall not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year of theirs. And if you fear poverty, then Allah will enrich you out of His grace, if He please. Surely Allah is Knowing, Wise.

        The Cia Drector, who refused to be sworn in on a BIBLE, sworn on a constitution lacking the Bill of Rights, was allowed to “visit” Mecca.

      • Galaxy 500

        So the Jews are at it again. Wow, if the Jews were like you suggest, we’d be in trouble.

        • frederick

          Boy are you naïve galaxy

    • Arthur Barnes

      Lynn, take a good look at this weeks cartoon and that may answer your questions. The elite & its MSM elite are afraid of Trump and don’t think they can get him to do their bidding, their corruption is so wide and deep they understand that they could lose their status as dukes, princes, kings and queens & other such privileged class. Their corruption is rampant, their lifestyles as non-working (not real work) privileged class is being threatened as they know it. The same thing happened when this country was born, the “loyal” class was also corrupt & threatened by those so-called Rebels (of which I admire so much), there are volumes written about how the “loyal class” did all they could, lied, cheated, whatever to keep the status quo; this resistance to their status of class is nothing new, it happens every time a society reaches corruption to a point that there is nothing left for the average citizen because of the greed and corruption of the elite. Understand this, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, the elite, its MSM and the ruling political class won’t do to remain as they are, rig the election, harm Trump, etc. If the polls start to turn to Trump, then in that event, watch out, the class is capable of anything backed into a corner; even take us to a false-flag war. To be redundant, who are they, the elite, political class, MSM. Why, they want to keep the status quo. In a work, they are evil!

      • Charles H

        Ants and leeches.

      • Lynn

        Thank you all for your comments and input to the question. But, power, they have it, money they print it, war they create it, stock market they manipulate it, the medical industrial complex, they monopolize it, the USA, they incorporated it, the banks, they leveraged and derivatized it. They are not losing power. The own and control everything, I dont believe they are fearful of losing anything because they are too powerful to lose anything. Something else is driving this, but I really don’t know still what they are after. They have everything, even our children are indebted to them for decades. No, something else comes this way and WHY? Too many people to care for? Too many people who they hate and want to destroy…a new game now? WHY, I believe this is Satan’s final chess move to see if he can destroy and start over again….?? Maybe, maybe not.

        • allen ols

          lynn good post!!!!!
          WHY, I believe this is Satan’s final chess move to see if he can destroy and start over again….??
          My friends C. S and G. S have been missionaries for 36 yrs in Italy. A few yrs ago one of THEIR ITALIAN FRIENDS came to America and took a job as a night shift security guard in the N. West. One night he wandered into an off limits warehouse only to discover it was FULL OF GUILLITOINES. It scared him so violently he quit the next day and left for Italy. I confirmed this story 3 times with these 2 guys, (father and son) to be correct.
          Now, I received a call from a friend Nathan from the south of me and he is connected to friends of his who work for fema, ‘low level’. They told Nathan they saw pull behind mobile guillotines painted olive drab, and in various fema camps large ovens. google fema camp locations, the largest is in Alaska.

          • Galaxy 500

            Also, that you believe this tells me a lot. In this day and age of cameras, did he get pictures?
            And FEMA camps, ohhh
            Ovens to cook food and mobile guilotones. If it is so secret and hush hush, even an idiot would have hard covers on a mobile guilotone.
            All, you’re selling hysteria and you aren’t voting. You are part of the problem. You complain about the system yet you don’t vote.

            • frederick

              Why would anyone vote when they realize its an exercise in futility and means absolutely nothing

              • Greg Hunter

                You are wrong. A national election is the place it still counts and this could be a landslide for Trump. VOTE people!!!!!!

          • Galaxy 500

            You left out the extra terrestrials

            • MaryAnn

              Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

              (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away
              any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
              (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

          • Lynn

            Alan…The guillotines were made in the USA being shipped to France. Oh, and I am sure he is much better off there, if history and current events prove anything. I guess he had to turn in his handgun when he arrived, so now he cannot even shoot the people coming to behead those with the machines. Alan, too much “hollywood drama and fear” in these descriptions, but, at least we know that you have friends in very high places.

        • Galaxy 500

          Don’t despair. There are many Christians here. Vote Trump. It’s a binary election, Hillary, the epitome of corruption and evil and Trump, a business man who knows how to get things done. It is a clear choice.

    • nightshiftsucks

      You’re looking at it the wrong way,it’s what we have in store for them.

      • Lynn

        I understand, but we can’t possibly overtake their system, they control the money, they control the food supply, they control the interest rate for our debts and at any time, they can pull the plug. What do we have in store for them? I believe it is a sparkler vs. a fireworks show. If we don’t pay taxes, they will print more, they will take our bank accounts, they have negative interest rates, they control our health care, tell me please how this can be fixed? It is just too big, too dumb, too dangerous and too illegal to stop.

        • Paul ...

          We all have to stop being push overs … start making citizen arrests on Wall Street and you will see the rats run for cover! … once arrested for their crimes we have to turn them over to the sheriff who does not take orders from the Federal Government … hold a citizens trial … and if found guilty hang them from the nearest tree! … these murders who did 9-11 are still walking free on our city streets!

          • Lynn

            Paul…those who have commited crimes if not prosecuted, meaning no rule of law, and that is where we are now, we must gather to help each other for whatever they have in store for us to distract and deflect will be monstrous this time. They know we know. The DNC booing shows we have had enough. But as I asked originally, what do we do? We need each other and right now they are trying desperately to put a stop to that too by black vs. white, “ALL LIVES MATTER”….but really not to any of them.

        • Galaxy 500

          Really? I am sure the French Nobility thought the same and how well did that work out for them?

        • Galaxy 500

          Starting to doubt your sincerity

    • Karl


      I think Greg is more into this than I but yiu realky have to look at this as a Luciferian agenda. I believe islam is a false religion that is being used to divide and conquer Christians and erode our sense of sovereignty.
      I have never been religious but if yiu read the the bible it does say that in the last says the whole world will be under the control if tge wicked one or satan.
      Jehovah witness are very into this but I do not agree with their stance on blood transfusion or not being able to vote .
      I am fast becoming g a christian but No idea which church to go to as none seem to teach this.
      I tho k the key points are to be able to identify the Luciferians. I don’t think Trump is one but Killary most certainly is. One of her emails clearly stated she was making a sacrifice to Molech.

      • Charles H


        ALL religions are false – owing to some measure of self-righteous “good works” mixed in with “faith” – to their forfeiture with God. Only Christianity has a belief-based, or faith, which conforms to an exclusive, fundamental basis of salvation by Grace – which excludes any works. (And basis of this Grace are operative in the Jewish faith, Old Testament covenant; which are fully realized in Jesus Christ, a Jew.)
        Get a King James Bible, and read it like God speaks to you: and He will. He placed Truth in this common form, and preserves it – so that no Denomination can have ‘exclusive’ posture or practice, or claim. Many DO try, emphasizing practices or ordinances – which you should flee from. Being “born again” of God the Holy Spirit through Faith and Repentance: that’s the ticket. Confessing sin, and casting yourself on the mercy of God, believing His Word and Jesus Christ’s redemptive works for yourself – can bring you to the place where God Father may adopt you. Real Christianity is not what you adopt to believe and practice: it is if and when you are adopted by God, into His spiritually alive family, through vital faith in the person and work or Jesus Christ. That’s it in a nutshell.
        Islam is a demonic catalyst to drive the world to prophetic conclusions. A church to attend? A KJV, Bible-based church – whatever it’s called; but these are getting truly scarce.

        A sacrifice to Molech – would most likely involve a live baby being consumed by fire. Unbelievable!

    • Judy Cross22

      The reason they don’t scream “radical Islam” is that they created/funded/steered “Radical Islam”, starting with British Intelligence creating the Moslim Brotherhood in 1926. The Ayatollah Homeini who replaced the Shah, was the son of a British Intelligence Officer who converted to Islam. The Brits have been playing the game for a very long time. Creating and controlling enemies.
      The US created Al Qaeda through to ISIS with help from the Brits and the Israelis with funding from the Saudis.

  2. oneno

    Read James M. McCanney ( book WATER starting at chapter X to learn why your vote doesn’t count, standardized education and government funding of science as essential elements of control, the faceless rulers who rule the world, the myth of global climate change as a tool to control water rights. Just as there is no oil shortage, there is no clean water shortage. However there is deliberate mismanagement of resources and especially WATER to control everyone on Earth as slaves.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree. In a national election your vote does count and it’s really the only time it does.

      • frederick

        Your best ever Greg absolutely agree with you however you really shouldn’t insult weasels that way Hopefully after Trump gets elected he will have Christie as attorney general go after some of these crooks but Im not holding my breath

      • David

        Greg – Even if it was true that your vote counts (which according to a study by Princeton University it doesn’t – it is still an immoral act. I have not voted since 1996 and will never again for the following reasons:
        1. I can vote to give away my freedoms but I cannot vote to take away yours. Voting is an act of aggression. If our rights are God given and unalienable (non transferable) then they cannot be usurped by a group of voters and yet that is the crux of all voting.
        2. Voting is anonymous. Voters are never held accountable for their actions. They can vote to harm others with no consequence to themselves.
        3. Voting is an act of cowardice. It allows people to do by way of proxy to others what they otherwise cannot or would not do such as steal, kill, agress, etc.
        4. Voting does not make a difference. There has never been a single election I’ve participated in that my vote or lack thereof was the decider.
        5. Those elected are never held accountable for the debt they accrue on behalf of those they represent and the resulting economic harm. The worst thing that happens is that they are voted out of office with a full lifetime pension.
        6. Voting is an act of consent. I don’t choose to offer my consent. When you vote you agree to abide by the rules of the game and accept the outcome. By voting, it is clear that each voter endorses the governmental system under which he or she lives. By the act of voting, each voter is saying: It is right and proper for some people, acting in the name of the State, to pass laws and to use violence to compel obedience to those laws if they are not obeyed regardless of the morality of those laws.
        7. Voting is an act of presumptive violence because each voter assumes the right to appoint a political guardian over other human beings. No individual voter or even a majority of voters have such a right (see #1). If they claim to possess such a right, let them clearly explain where that right comes from and how it squares with the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence “that all men are created equal, [and] that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable “Rights” of “Life, Liberty,” and Property.
        8. Is there an obligation to vote to preserve my freedoms and rights? If so, then my rights aren’t in fact unalienable but rather conditional, a privilege bestowed by the state. This is totally contrary to what the founders wrote and spoke about.
        9. To participate in electoral politics by voting is to be part of the “divide and conquer” process that government thrives on. It’s us versus them. All you have to do was watch the republican convention this week and the democratic convention next week to see divide and conquer at work.
        10. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. If we vote for a bad candidate, we will be held partly responsible for the harm done by that candidate. This is true even if our sole intent was to defeat a worse candidate. One evil does not justify another. It would have been better not to vote at all.

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t be foolish, and never give up. You need to vote and this year it will not “have been better not to vote at all.”

          • David

            Greg – keep telling yourself that punching a ballot matters. It doesn’t. There is no substantive difference between Clinton and Trump. A close examination will show that they are both globalists and in the hip pocket of bankers and industrialists who profit from war. But if it assuages your conscience to vote by all means do so. And the moment that your president Trump kills innocent people through the use of drones or by other means you will be partly responsible for that. And I loved your “never give up”. What exactly does that mean? You have no idea what I do. If you’d like to write to my email address – which is absolutely accurate, check the URL – then do so and I will tell you exactly I haven’t “given up”. I’ll even give you my phone number if you want to talk.

            • Greg Hunter

              If you believe this “There is no substantive difference between Clinton and Trump.” You are misguided and misinformed.

              • Charles H


                • Paul ...

                  Correct Charles … the people who believe there is no substantive difference between Hillary and Trump are Delusional … the choice is so clear cut … we either vote for someone who believes in Lucifer (lies, corruption, theft and war) … or someon who believes in Christ (law, order, justice and compassion) … assuming 1/3 of the US population believe in Lucifer’s teachings … Trump should win with 66% of the vote!!

                  • susan

                    Paul, I don’t always agree with you, but on this, you are absolutely correct. In modern language, spot on!

                  • Galaxy 500

                    Well reasoned and damn well said

            • Indiana Jim

              Well David you can subscribe to an environmeent that produces anarchy and
              Iive with the consequences. Good thing many of us fight hard enough for you to be able to voice your docterine through freedom of speech. Many places would not allow you the luxury. Evil rules under those conditions. Beating swords into plowshares sounds good too but; you will be plowing for the guy standing over you with an AK-47. A preferred weapon by many of our advisaries. Not my style or what I want for my children and grandchildren. There is a reason we need a fence to keep people out of our country. I will be one who works to improve our system. This inclludes a vote this November!

            • Galaxy 500

              David, how much is Hillary paying get you to attempt to discourse us from voting?

            • Galaxy 500

              Trump earned his money, Hillary’s was gained thru criminal enterprises and Government pay
              Trump employees people, Hillary enslaved people
              If you can not see a difference, you aren’t looking

              • Judy Cross22

                Best summing up yet.
                May I quote you.

          • Lance Elliott

            I vote as a civic duty, but don’t estimate David’s positions or reasoning foolish per se. Voting Paul for President twice, and Gary Johnson last time has resulted in W, and Soetoro. My voting authorities state a write in vote isn’t counted. I am not quite the anarchist David’s position outlines, but it is closer than the bargain I get from Super Delegates, who claim membership in a party whose name means rule by the people. Likewise a party whose name means rule to represent the interests of the electors, and advance a One World Order.

            • Galaxy 500

              You vote for anyone besides Trump and you will get Hilary.

          • Galaxy 500

            Greg, This is written like a liberal propaganda piece. The act of voting is violent? It may be violet, but it ain’t violent.
            Saul A. probably wrote that.

        • Galaxy 500

          An immoral action to vote? What a macaroon. And you are going to believe a liberal study about your vote not counting. You understand what Greg is saying about thought shaping, right?
          Well it you did you vote. People like you will be the reason we lose our country.

          • allen ols

            More BS!!! People like you will be the reason we lose our country
            It is people like U that voted for the BUSHES, who brought down the twin towers, only to destabilize 7 arab countries, which started all the arab attacks here and abroad. You are full of yourself.

            • Galaxy 500

              And people Ike you who don’t vote are fools, are not following Jesus’s advice to render unto Cesar what is Cesars [taxes and civic duty] and you believe we destroyed our very own WTC. Sorry, I call Bull Shiite on that Al.
              Destabilize 7 countries. Yeah, 0bama surrenders and tells when he’s leaving. He give guns to terrorists and destabilize both Syria and Lydia. 0bama pushed our friend out of Egypt so his buddies at the Brotherhood could take over.
              Bush did turn his back on the leader of Pakistan that was our friend.
              All, I am full of myself but Dude, you are full of bovine skat.

            • frederick

              Exactly Allen ols this g5 sure is a cocky neocon Zionist apologist that’s for sure and full of you know what

      • allen ols

        during the voting between bush/gore, votes didn’t count, hanging chads debacle/bush stole vote from gore.


      Lynn, I left a comment below and TPTB, are everything in what I posted. I without question believe everything in the documentary. We see it in The Music Awards, Hollywood, and lately even the Super Bowl halftime shows. The symbols are everywhere.

    • [email protected]

      Great insight, I am afraid we will learn how truly evil they are!

  3. Don

    Yes Greg, I heard Mr. Carson when he name Alinski as Hilary’s mentor. You always hope American’s are listening when these things are brought out. Its hard for me to handle, that 3 decades ago a confessed socialist, or one with Hilary’s background would be supported at all. It goes to show how far America has drifted away from the values we use to hold closely to. Sanders, wouldn’t have gotten out of the gate, and the people of that generation would have recognized the Clinton policies as a mix of socialism and communism. I can’t belief either are even running. Hey, did Ted Cruz hit himself in the head with a hammer or what. I believe he’s blind to the damage he’s caused himself, politically. He thinks all the people that supported him will do so again, and he’ll be able to win in 2020. What are your thoughts on that, I think he destroyed any chance of that happening. Good job Greg, keep reporting truth.

    • Paul ...

      It is hard to imagine women actually voting for Alinski loving Hillary … when she actually stated she “wants to destroy America from within” … this? is their champion?? … Hillary promises to help women … Hillary will help them … help them to burn in Hell right along side her evil ass for destroying our Nation from within!!

      • Paul ...

        We have had enough Lucifer worshiping Presidents and their non-stop wars … lets give a believer in the principles of Christ a chance to save us and bring peace to the world!!!

        • allen ols


        • Galaxy 500

          Peace is great but you can not declare peace when you are in the middle of a war but you can surrender

          • frederick

            If I remember correctly we weren’t at war before the false flag of 911 was perpetrated on our nation That was the exact reason they did it to create a boogeyman and thus rationalize more killing and destruction around the world And to grab control of the opium trade in Afghanistan which the Taliban had nearly eradicated How Christian were the Bushes?

  4. DLC

    The Cruz types will work harder to smear and sink Trump than they ever did to get anyone elected. This animosity will not end in Nov.

    Trump will be fighting the progressives, the media, and the Republican bench from the moment the results are known. I also thought about the notion of the economy being collapsed at the opportune moment if it looks like Hillary is eating Trump’s dust.

    Kudos to Laura Ingraham. I thought she did a great job with her speech. After her bout with cancer, she adopted 3 children, 2 boys from Russia, 1 girl from Guatemala. I enjoy her stories about them as they grow. She has 3 big reasons to see a Trump win.

    It is also good to witness the kind of family we could potentially have in the WH. It will feel like waking up from a hallucinogenic nightmare when the 2 hustlers/grifters finally depart for the next hustle.

    • Don

      No, I haven’t read Platos republic. I’m sure many writings both old and newer, if you look at some of the books written by former politicians would declare such things. Bzenghaski or Obama’s personal advisor of foreign strategy out of the Bilderbergs, has studied all the ancient writings and has done more in the last few administrations, along with Kissinger to shape the US foreign policy. He is a very sinister person, and does not belong in any decision making position in our government.

    • Freebreezer

      DLC – it is usually the purist that brings down the wholesome … only ‘they’ know the truth and every one else be damned. The cruzies will do every thing and all that they possibly can to get Trump to fail … and if he does they will all boost … I TOLD YOU SO, this when the system crumbles under the weight of dem’s corruption! Either they are so short sighted that they do not see the ramifications of their actions or they are evil.

      • Paul ...

        I figure about 1/3rd of the American people are evil … so we are definitely going to need more FEMA camps to hold their sorry asses separate from the rest of us … how about us putting up an electrified fence around NYC and Chicago and make these entire cities big FEMA camps … as most of the evil scum live there already!!

        • allen ols

          …and guillotines?

  5. Charles H


    USAWD – best reporting on the planet. (Love them charts and held-up pages.) Broadcast like this one will go down in history as one of the clearest Clarion Calls, ever. The mis-direction and lies out there are unbelievable! Good job putting the puzzle together, and pulling back the curtains; let alone the courage to not pull punches. Watching you hit your stride and being yourself – is just marvelous. The real deal of (from) the real deal. Good commenters you’ve got: but it is thanks to YOU. It is easy to see that you have earned it. CH

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you C H!!

    • County girl

      I am a die hard Cruz person but I will support The Donald. I understand why Cruz did not come out and endorse him (attacks on his wife and the lie about his father). I think that he was grasious in his speech and it said a lot that he came to the convention, unlike the jerk that is our governor here in Ohio. Yes, it would have been better if he had come out to support Trump, perhaps, and I am hopeful that Trump and Cruz can meet on their own terms and mend fences. They both need to be the bigger men if we want to beat Hillary.

      • frederick

        Die hard Cruz person WHAT? WHY? And what trump said about his wife is spot on She is a big shot at the vampire squid and thats the very last thing we need in the White house Maybe the Cruzs can visit Hillary in prison İ doubt Bill with have the time with all those long flights to Epsteins island resort

      • Linda L.

        Country girl:
        In order to prevent criminal Hillary from winning the election,
        didn’t Cruz make a promise that who ever won the republican nomination, Cruz would endorse them if he wasn’t the nominee himself? (I thought he promised this, but I’m not sure). I don’t think that Cruz showed up at the convention to be ‘gracious’. Rather he appeared to be using the convention platform to promote himself. It was obvious in the content of his speech (talking about his emigrant roots, his father, more than we needed to hear about himself, with no endorsement or mention of the name Trump. Rather than being concerned with the very sad, ominous direction that America is heading towards and the need to unify the Party in one last ditch effort to save America, Cruz selfishly showed up at the Republican Convention to plant seeds for himself and the 2020 presidential bid. However, his efforts backfired and his political career will suffer because he has lost such great respect.

      • Galaxy 500

        Trump gave Cruz a choice spot as an olive branch and Ted tried to make it into a baseball bat. The only person Cruz hurt was himself

        • Greg Hunter

          Totally agree–Good point!!!

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        How can you or anyone be a die-hard Cruz
        (or anyothercandidate)person? seriously……….

        How ’bout all those ” Tea Party” candidates who were going to go in and clean house?…………. every four years people wave flags, put on silly hats, put ridiculous bumper stickers on their cars……..when will people learn to not put an ounce of faith in these snake oil con men….

  6. allen ols

    that is riiiichhh;
    “We will not allow usa to become playground for the corrupt”. bahahahah that’s funny. The whole us govmnt/ k street as well, has been corrupt for years. I have not/will not put my hope in either side of this election, as we will begin to see corruption emerge on whatever side is elected. If trump is elected you will see some ruthless corruption sooner or later, they all do it.

    • allen ols

      Meredith McIver, a staff writer for Donald Trump and his presidential campaign, has admitted to taking a portion of Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech and using it in Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night.
      McIver added that she offered her resignation to the Trump campaign in the wake of the plagiarism controversy, but they declined. “Mr. Trump told me that people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences,” she wrote. “I asked to put out this statement because I did not like seeing the way this was distracting from Mr. Trump’s historic campaign for president and Melania’s beautiful message and presentation.”

      The statement concluded with an apology for “the confusion and hysteria my mistake has caused” and McIver’s praise for the Trump family. “Today, more than ever, I am honored to work for such a great family. I personally admire the way Mr. Trump had handled this situation and I am grateful for his understanding.”

      • allen ols

        Seeer/Hilde; ooops, somebody NEEDS to do better research

        After it was revealed Melania Trump’s speech included exact words and phrases said by Michelle Obama in 2008, members of the Trump campaign denied any plagiarism took place — and blamed Trump’s presumed opponent for president, Hillary Clinton, for making the story bigger than warranted. “There’s a political tint to this whole issue. Certainly we’ve noted the Clinton camp was the first to get it out there in trying to say there was something untoward about the speech Melania Trump gave,” Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign chair, said in a statement on Tuesday. “It’s just another example, as far as we’re concerned, that when Hillary Clinton is threatened by a female, the first thing she does is try to destroy the person.”

        Manafort also said in a separate interview with CNN, “There’s no cribbing of Michelle Obama’s speech. These were common words and values. She cares about her family. To think that she’d be cribbing Michelle Obama’s words is crazy.”

    • JC Davis

      Allen you nailed it !
      The system is so corrupt if Trump tries to fix even a part of it the entire system will become shocked into a collapse. Our system can not function on truth and fairness.
      If Hillary wins riots, and tyranny is the only path. War is likely either way. Get ready folks . Tic Toc said the clock on the bomb.

      • Galaxy 500

        I’ll take the attempting of honest markets bring the system down over the continued corruption. JC are you not planning to vote?

        • JC Davis

          I am back and forth from day to day. The thought of 4 years of Hillary will likely make me vote for Trump.

          • Galaxy 500

            JC, if it didn’t matter, the trolls and evil men would not spend so much effort trying to demoralize us and preventing us from voting all the while rallying their base of evil to get to the polls.
            This election is between good and evil, those that sit it out are casting a de facto vote for evil.

            • JC Davis

              G 500 I do agree it is my civic duty to vote. I don’t see it as a fight of good and evil rather the lesser of the two. Tennessee will go red anyway, always has.
              Voting is rigged even in the federal races.
              Greg how do you know the vote counts fairly ?

    • Bill Howland

      Yes Allen, good points.
      I’m suspicious of Trump since he comes off as being so sweet and caring (if you listen to his acceptance speech), but then you hear other who claim they have almost been swindled by him in his business dealings when he was younger. Trump, to me, is sending a very mixed message. He’s going to take care of things at home, but then increase the size of the military. I for one, want the militarization of the police to end, and all the billion hollow-point bullets (several for each man, woman and child in America) melted down, along with ‘asset forfeiture’ where the police have institutionalized ‘highwaymen’ robbery tactics, and the victims never get their money/property back. Also, I long for the old time ‘Andy of Mayberry’ policeman who was a ‘servant’ and not an ‘officer’ that demands royal treatment, or else he’ll slug you. There is apparently a difference in various areas of the country, since quite a few years ago I was riding my bicycle down in Raleigh, NC and was in a friendly was stopped by a very polite policeman. That would be unheard of in a larger northern city where most if not all of the police departments are corrupt. I remember Mike Wallace asking some black people in harlem where the ‘Crack House’ was is the neighborhood and they said “You’re standing in front of it (a police station)”. Alex Jones has gone on and on about how horrible the NYC cops are, but there have been movies made about similiar trouble in Chicago, and LA. Even Serpico had to move to Switzerland to stay alive.. Anyway, its this kind of thing a country desperately needs to stop – since you can tell alot about a society by the way the justice system works. Now, on the other hand, Trump is willing to work with Putin, the only real statesman on earth today from what I can see – so this a good thing. As Paul Craig Roberts states, the US Gov’t has destroyed 7 countries in the 21st century alone. Listening to some of the comments of the delagates to Cleveland, most seem to want to hold Trump to account for his promises. That is healthy. Pence to me is an unknown, but his former positions have been horrible. The fact that Gingrich likes him is troubling, since If I were Trump I’d worry about who is going to assasinate me. Lyndon Johnson was obviously the wrong choice for JFK, since that guy was so ‘moral’ he had his own sister murdered.

      • allen ols

        bill houland

        This is big.
        The developing takedown of another IMF chief.
        France’s Supreme Court ruled that IMF Director Christine Lagarde will have to stand trial for alleged “negligence” in accepting an arbitration panel decision in favor of a French businessman, Bloomberg reports.

        Lagarde became head of the IMF after her predecessor in the position, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was forced out after he was accused of raping a maid in New York City at the Sofitel Hotel.



        Via Bloomberg:

        • Bill Howland

          Dom Strauss-Kahn was set-up. The idea that he would be attracted to the maid was silly on its face (seeing as he didn’t have any previous proclivity), and ultimately he was found innocent anyway. But it was just more hijinks to force him out. To me that ‘kid stuff’ is relatively minor. Innocent people who are having US drones bomb them for political purposes I take much more seriously.

      • frederick

        Bill Howland I had the same good experience with the Raleigh police and have had plenty of not so good ones in NYC so Id have to agree with your statement

    • andyb

      Allen: while I agree that some form of corruption will be ever present, as it has been for millennia, there are really two types; the corruption meant to destroy and the corruption necessary to build. The fact that Trump is still alive indicates that he knows the ropes to get things built in the most corrupt (unions, mafia, hands out politicians) city for real estate development in the US. That he knows the ins and outs is positive and gives him the knowledge to constrain and control corruption (it will never be eliminated). Hillary on the other hand is corruption personified. Her corruption in the quid pro quo of the pay-to-play activities of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation vis a vis foreign dictatorships has led to whole countries being destroyed with millions of lives lost.

      • RTW

        I believe that the only reason any of the Trumps haven’t met with an unfortunate accident or a mysterious suicide is because Clinton still believes that she can defeat him on her own. This could all change if it looks like Trump will win. This election is way to important for Hillary to leave it strictly up to the voters. When she is painted into a corner, she will take any help she can get. This is that important to her.

        • Galaxy 500

          Or, having a few to 10 billion can provide really good protection.

      • allen ols

        andy b
        I would lump lump the bushes in there with the clitons as well.

    • Charles H

      “For Liberal Consumption”

    • ray

      @County girl, please don’t say you understand Ted Cruz having his feelings hurt because of attack to wife and family. The truth is Cruz started the attack on Trump’s wife and Trump was just responding in kind. Listen to Trump in this morning’s press conference.

  7. frederick

    Zero Hedge has a story about 911 and the 28 redacted pages and how they released them right before the RNC and right after the coup attempt in Turkey VERY convenient timing to be effectively ignored by the sheeple

  8. MCasey

    Last night I received a fund raiser email from Cruz with this phase:

    “Americans are furious—rightly so—at a political establishment that cynically breaks its promises and ignores the will of the people.”

    Doesn’t “lying Ted” realize he broke his own pledge/promise while refusing to acknowledge the will of the people? Cruz is truly scary!

    • Galaxy 500

      Lairs like Ted expect you to believe their outrageous lies.

  9. OutLookingIn

    A really great wrap up Greg. Thank you.

    I watched and listened (all 73 minutes) to Donald Trump’s nomination acceptance speech.
    He expresses and brings a message that is presidential in stature. I especially liked his stand on corruption and lawlessness within government and high finance, and the fact that he will enforce the rule of law. He will be the next President of the United States.

    Come January 20, 2017 there will be a new Sheriff in Washington. I would suggest to those corrupt capital hill denizens and the occupants of those smoky back room dealers, to pack their bags and get out of town while the getting is good. I would also suggest that Hillary start planning on an extended vacation in the crow bar hotel, compliments of Uncle Sam and President Donald Trump.

  10. rahrog

    It looks like Trump gave Cruz just enough rope to hang himself. He proved himself to be “Lyin’ Ted”.

  11. Charles Turner

    As a Brit taking an interest in American Politics, Donald Trumps convention speech sounded more presidential than anything I have heard in America for a long time. Whether you are to the right or left of politics he is probably a generational chance of making a systematic change.
    Many issues transcend party lines. It is almost unbelievable that the infrastructure in America is so bad, that your healthcare is so expensive, that the relationship between law and order and some communities is worse than in 3rd world countries, that so much of your manufacture has been outsourced around the world. America has always been big enough to stand by itself and pull the shots, yet you do things like pay 73% of the Nato budget which has 28 member countries and let your roads go to decline.
    As a head to head with Hilary, Trump should win hands down. For people watching the entire debates the media cannot be manipulated. But as we learnt from the UK referendum, after the debates they will create small clip spicking out the most negative aspects and repeat and repeat and repeat them.
    In the UK the people didn’t believe the lies of the elites and media in our recent referendum and voted to leave a disintegrating Europe. I suspect the American people will vote for change.

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      I hope you are right that there will be a vote for change. It was refreshing to hear Trump say so many things that needed to be said. Things that any other politician would never have had the courage to say. I absolutely loved his calling out the unbelievable disfunction of the TSA and how that organization needs to be completely rethought.

      Toodle pip.

  12. Spanky

    By their actions you shall know them (Mathew 7:20).
    Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz recently revealed that they’re nothing more than despicable, duplicitous traitors. Do these political turncoats expect us to simply forgive and forget their betrayal the very next time they need our vote? If so, these quislings must be extremely disdainful of us, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been awake and observant over the last three or four decades. Whatever their reason, as far as I’m concerned, these psychopaths can just go to Hell-ary and stay there.
    Folks, there are now only two rules that one needs to heed and obey in the New Republic. Rule one: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Rule number two: When in doubt, refer to rule number one.
    Regarding the DOJ’s comment about criminals and playgrounds, they merely misspoke (like Lucifer’s handmaiden frequently does). The DOJ really meant to say, “We will not allow the United States to become a playground for the corrupt, UNLESS YOU HAVE A GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD.” If you doubt about the veracity of this statement, please refer to rule number one.

    • Charles H

      Golly, Spanky…. that home-run ball of a comment has a motor on it!

  13. J Marty

    Great wrap-up Greg. Interesting news about the fork-lift company. I wonder what Warren Pollock thinks of all of this?

  14. James Hastings

    Good job. Yes, God…. is in charge……Mene ,Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…..

    God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end…
    You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting…
    Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians….

    Dual prophesy……same players…..

    Love your show, but we are about to pay for our sins…But, I feel good about it..:)

    • Charles H

      Agreed. History, in this fashion…. rhymes. “…and that will by no means clear the guilty…”

  15. NH Watcher

    While I don’t agree with everything she writes, nonetheless, Ann Barnhardt’s latest column on HRC and Diabolical Narcissism is well worth a read:

    The sheer madness of our society now, is the Luciferian allure of committing a crime, injustice, etc., and actually getting a “high” from those who look the other way, acquit you, and/or feign indifference. That is truly how the “Elite” maintain their control over the masses.

    When I worked for the federal government, had a security clearance, never was I told that being “careless” was an acceptable excuse. Quite the contrary, I was told specifically, it was NOT an excuse, and then given an example of a former staffer who lost their job, their pension, was fined $10,000, and given three years probation for being “careless” with the most trivial of classified information.

    The only way for HRC to show her face now would be with a Presidential pardon, even if as controversial as Nixon received from Ford. Alas, this will never happen, since the bar has changed, and laws have been blatantly ignored, for her sake … and as Ann writes above, it is all for her/their amusement.

    But the story has remained the same for quite some time, ever since Jesus rejected Satan’s offer to worship him. Satan (Lucifer) said specifically, “I have been given the kingdoms of the world, to give to whom I choose.” Jesus said no, but others, now throughout the course of history, have said yes.

    Our only hope truly is eternal.

    • Charles H

      Yes. Exactly so.

    • Mak

      NH Watcher, thanks for the link. Have to say that I totally agree with that article. I have had the same reasoning floating around in the back of my mind for about 2 years now and this article articulates my vague thoughts perfectly. Recommended reading for all.

    • Freebreezer

      NH – Thank you for the link! It clarifies (for me) exactly what is going through the Clinton minds … the commitment(and getting caught) of the crimes in of it self is trivial to her (and bill) … it is the rush of getting away with their crimes by public disclosures, the flaunting of it on the MSN “in all our faces” this to show how superior they are!! Think of the satisfaction HRC (the liar) gets when she exits the Senate floor knowing that all those feckless peon senators are not going to scratch her untouchable status! Purely Diabolical Narcissism! Now she delightfully cackles knowing that the head of the FBI and AG have bowed before her … the supreme law of our land! This is Scary!!! Her next conquest, if she becomes POTUS, is Putin … and this will be the death of Tens and tens of millions of Americans, Europeans and Russians! … and the little bruised egos of Bush, Kasich, Cruz and the like will hold their superior noses high in the air and turn their heads to this diabolical evil and not help!

  16. DLC

    allen ols: I will settle for a little grace, glamour, and gratitude in the WH. It will be a far cry from what skulks there now. Melania was referred to as a combination of Jackie O and Zsa Zsa Gabor. And then, some libs call her a dumb B — a businesswoman who knows 5 languages. Some dumb B.

    I did not count on Reagan to lift me up. As a Civil War buff, I always enjoy reading about the exploits of General Grant, Custer, and Sherman, all courageous, bodacious, and flawed. Best you can hope for from any man is guidance, examples of can do. Reagan simply provided an atmosphere. That is all I want from Trump.

    I cannot imagine 8 years of that bipolar hag with her Luciferian cackle one minute and that wrath of hell screaming the next. I’ll count my blessings with The Donald. It’s really up to the rest of us to perform at what we’re best at. Like Reagan, hopefully he’ll get a few boots off our necks.

    I know 3 wives is hardly a model to pursue. But, I am impressed with a man who will stand by his children 3 wives down the road. Sure he has the money. However, he could have left them all hugging a memory. To screw up is human. How many of us attempt to make amends with those we left in our wake?

    I see potential. I expect a human being with flaws. After the abomination in the WH, I’m hopeful that this has got to come out better.

  17. Tommy

    I watched the youtube video of Louis Farrakhan that Catherine Austin Fitts talked about on your interview with her, the one about him calling Hillary a “wicked woman” and explaining why he is supporting Trump over her. I then saw some videos of an interview that Alex Jones did with him. Believe it or not, Farrakhan agrees with Trump on treading very carefully in allowing Muslim refugees into this country. Even Farrakhan has a fear of Isalmic terrorists entering the country. That led me to watching a rather lengthy interview that featured Malcolm X at UC Berkley in October 1963. As a child of the 60’s it was always ingrained in me that these black men were radicals and dangerous. Whether one believes that or not, they do have some intelligent insights into how the liberal white establishment has used blacks and treated them as nothing more than pets. Even 50+ years ago Malcolm X understood that liberal whites did nothing for the betterment of blacks. This country does need a discussion on race, but not the one Obama and Holder want which is a monologue coming from them. I would hope that Trump might launch such a discussion, not with the Sharptons and Obamas and Clintons but with those people who are close to the ground and have an understanding of what is really going on.

  18. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Great job but, I hate to say it, you upstaged yourself with the news of the forklift company accepting gold and silver. In my opinion, that is HUGE news. I cannot imagine one of the industry leaders, say Clarklift or Crown, doing something like that on the sly, “Pssst, hey buddy, by the way, if you have some extra gold and silver, I’ll talk to the boss and see if we can accept that.” Not when you put it right on the form. That is HUGE news. Hat tip and KUDOS to whoever brought that to your attention, big hat tip.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      I thought it was very marker on the road to perdition as well. Thank you.

      • JC Davis

        Greg, there seems to be more to this metal payment. If this company is world wide then there list of exchange may be there for the countries that allow metal to be currency.
        From what I understand it is against the law in most US states to exchange metal as currency. Either way times are changing.

        • Galaxy 500

          But Gold and Silver Eagles are currency 😉

          • JC Davis

            g500 my last count there are less then ten states that allow gold and silver to be exchanged as currency. It is illegal in most of America.

    • Kim

      I agree with CC, HUGE NEWS! Thank you to the street reporter regarding the PM payment acceptance! I am curious on how the PM payment is received, physical coin or bars, digital gold or electronic?

      • Greg Hunter

        It is physical metal according to the source.

  19. Paul ...

    Just as the evil Lucifer worshiping neocons are taking the “seeds of life” out of all our fruits and vegetables to impose their total control over mankind … they are taking mankind’s “seeds of life” our women and children and slaughtering them in their constant wars of aggression … the evil Lucifer worshiping neocons “kill life” to mock God who said “Thou Shall Not Kill” … they mock God by removing any mention of his name … just to hear God’s name makes them cringe … just as in the Garden of Eden Lucifer encouraged us to mock God … just as providing support (arms, money laundering services, etc. etc.) to the terrorists who chop off Christian heads mocks God … we should be putting the Lucifer worshiping neocons heads on the chopping block (Oh my! what a hateful thing to say!) … Hey … you Lucifer lovers … hand over all your money in your bank accounts to the neocon banksters so they won’t have to print so much “new money” that may God Forbid create inflation and push the price of gold and silver higher!! … go ahead you Lucifer lovers hand over your vote to the Alinski loving Hillary … give your consent to Tyranny over Freedom!! … God does not have to do a thing to make you Lucifer lovers get exactly what you deserve … you will bring your own Judgement upon yourselves!!

    • Paul ...

      We should keep a record of how people vote in this election … those who vote for the Lucifer loving Hillary should be the ones rounded up and put into FEMA camps … then when the neocons move even more NATO troops to the Russian border to start the nuclear war with Russia they desperately want … Russia can have “a better target” then just randomly destroying all our American cities … they can selectively target these FEMA camps and just destroy the Lucifer worshiping neocons that wanted nuclear war in the first place … it is only fair that the people who want to provoke a nuclear war … be the ones who die first in the nuclear Hell fire these evil neocons want brought down only upon God’s good people!

    • Galaxy 500

      God never commanded ,Thou Shalt no kill. The real commandment reads Thou Shalt Not Murder.

  20. HankH

    Thanks Greg, always insightful.
    Given the choice between Demonic Hillary and BS Artist Trump, I’ll vote Trump and hold my nose. Though I don’t know what we’ll get with a Trump presidency, i’m sure Broom-Hillary would be a Stalin-esque, gulag populating, CIC. I’m proud Cruz did what he did and consider DJT lucky he can still chew solid food considering the lies and slanders he threw at the Cruz family.

    I do get tired of purging the robo-Trump family emails begging for money; I thought he pledged to self-fund with all of his Billion$(ha!)? I’m for him sticking to that pledge!

    • Paul ...

      Others “that must hold their nose” … at least you hear Trump saying “I will bring back the rule of law” … go Trump … put a posse to-get-her and the bank robbers who think they can steal our money and get away with it … at least we hear Trump talking of compassion … while Hillary talks of more wars … enough killing of women and children has taken place … lets put a stop to these evil neocons November 2nd!

    • Galaxy 500

      He pledged to self fund his run for nominee and while other sold or promised influence for donations from Goldman Sachs, Trump didn’t

  21. Gertrude [must have fortitude]

    A gay Silicon Valley billionaire just made GOP history at the RNC
    By Eric Bradner, David Chalian and Theodore Schleifer, CNN
    Thu July 21, 2016

    Cleveland (CNN)Peter Thiel encouraged the GOP to not get distracted by culture wars on stage Thursday night, saluting Donald Trump for not focusing on such things as he made history.

    The tech billionaire declared to the Republican National Convention that he is “proud to be gay,” becoming the first speaker in the party’s history to do so from the stage of the Republican National Convention.

    “Instead of going to Mars, we invaded the Middle East,” said Peter Thiel, a major donor to libertarian causes. “It’s time to end the era of stupid wars and rebuild our country.”
    The remarks came in the context of a call to focus on the economy and on an anti-war foreign policy. Thiel explained his support for Trump — making his libertarian leanings clear and arguing that Trump is the best choice on those issues.

  22. JC Davis

    Greg you do a great job exposing truth. TV media is sick with the preplanned lies they get paid to say.
    A friend asked me do I still say we will not see a election in 2016. My answer was we don’t have one yet. With no one running that can lead this country to a better place.

  23. Robert Lykens

    Yes, Hillary Clinton is a lover of Marxism/socialism/communism.
    But so is Hussein Obama, who is also a muslim. While visiting Egypt, Hussein told Egypt’s Foreign Minister, “I am muslim.”

    Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said, “Obama told me he is still a Muslim, who supports the Muslim agenda.”
    Aboul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda.
    Aboul Gheit claimed Obama told the Arabs to show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic issues, like the Health care reform, he would show the Muslim World how to deal with Israel.

    Hillary would do nothing but continue Hussein Obama’s policies, which are sympathetic to muslim terrorists.

    • frederick

      Wrong group to be focusing all your anger on Grafique but you wouldnt care would you?

      • Charles H

        frederick – who is focusing on who? And why?

      • Robert Lykens

        Imagine how little I care about your opinion.

      • Galaxy 500

        What group would that be? Moslems? They follow a political system packaged as a religion. Ignore them at your peril. They seek to subjugate and destroy the West. They are the physical embodiment of Satan and operate as his army here to destroy the people of God, both Jews and Christians.
        These are not people you can ignore if you love your family and the ability to worship Christ.

    • Robert Lykens

      Liberalism and islam are two sides of the same coin.
      – Each hates Christianity and freedom.
      – Each seeks to destroy what’s good in order to establish evil.
      – Each worships a false god – leftists worship “self” and muslims worship “allah”, which is an ancient Hebrew word meaning “curse”.

      The followers of each hateful ideology lie and attack without remorse and cannot tolerate truth.

  24. Ken Russell


    Who dropped the pledge first?

    If Trump cancelled the pledge last March and the GOP elites KNEW Cruz was going to not endorse days before Cruz’ speech (because they all had the transcript days before), why were they so surprised when he did what they knew he was going to do? Now, all the GOP elitists who I am disgusted with and have been for years have just corralled Trump and his supporters into their RINO arena by destroying Cruz. When Lance Priebus acts surprised, disappointed and forlorn after Ted’s no endorsement when he knew days before it would occur, something doesn’t pass the smell test to me. If Trump cancelled HIS pledge last March, why is Ted being held to a different standard?

    It looks to me like the GOP elites planned and used Ted’s speech not only to get rid of their only opposition for good but to get the Trump machine in line with their agenda. I still want Trump over Hillary to be sure, but this “Ted dishonored his pledge” hair lighting on fire when Trump cancelled the pledge last March is a little too dramatic, self righteous and not substantive.

    Anyway, thanks much for this site and for the hard work you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      That was then and this is now. Trump has said he would have backed the nominee and Ted had a chance to rise above the selfish rhetoric and simply do the right thing. You do realize this is for the leader of the free world job? You do realize this is about electing a Capitalist or a Marxist for president–Right? This is orders of magnitude above a spat about who said what first about somebodies wife. These are enormous high stakes and Ted failed to grasp this in his speech. If he can’t see this, then he has no business running for president, let alone holding the highest office in the land. Thank you for your comments and support.


      • Agent P

        “That was then and this is now”…?


        • Greg Hunter

          Agent P,
          Meaning, this is the time to make good on your promise. What was said back then in the neat of a campaign means noting. This is where we find out who is going to honor their word.

      • Ken Russell

        The pledge isn’t the issue is my point. If Cruz was the nominee and Trump did not endorse Cruz, would you be upset about the pledge Trump reneged on last March or upset about the non-endorsement? The reasons for Ted’s bonehead move, I agree with you on. The making it a bigger issue than it is, I do not. And please, it doesn’t mean I don’t know who and what Hillary is. I’ve stopped beating my wife.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes, Ken I would. I would call him a selfish liar that doesn’t grasp the enormity of the situation America faces. Oh wait, that’s what I said about Cruz.

    • The Mohawk

      Being a little selective in your memory recall. It was Cruz who sent his people into states where Trump WON and turned the delegates back to Cruz after the fact. That is why Trump said the pledge was now a dead issue since both the GOP and Cruz himself hijacked Trumps already pledged delegates (thats a dead pledge). That was the first shot fired, not Trumps. Cruz proved himself to be the real weasel, not Trump.

      Cruz also said he’d “Shoot any Russian jet out of the sky if they fly over Syria” WWIII (a country Russia was asked to assist in attacking ISIS.

      He also said his FIRST ACT as President of the United States is to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (like we don’t have more pressing issues to deal with..invasion taking place, 25% unemployment, out of control Fed et al),

      We know who he’s taking orders from and it’s not domestic in nature. He’s the ultimate Neo-Con I’d suggest you start paying attention.

      The Mohawk

  25. Gene-o-Vanelli

    I dont post much here, but I watch almost all your interviews, and read as many posts from the regulars as I can. I wanted to add two thoughts. First, just an on the street observation. In my neighborhood in the midlands of South Carolina, there are two houses that just went into foreclosure. May not sound too interesting, and it may mean nothing. BUT, while this neighborhood is not a super ritzy neighborhood with $500,000 homes, its also not a cheap area either, with sub-$100k homes either. I’d say the average house in my area is 225k. Which I think puts myself and my neighbors squarely in the upper-middle class housing market. With all that being said, its just a little scary to see two houses go under at the same time. While I dont know the circumstances for their hardships, it just really makes me wonder. In addition, we just sold our old house which appraised for 114k in 2007-08…. now it only appraised for 106k. While the last appraisal was at a horrible time, this just goes to show that the market has not truly recovered like they say it has. Thankfully we broke even on that house, minus the work I put into it to get it ready to sell.

    My 2nd thought is about the election; I just really think that no matter what, everything we see is a build up for things to come after november. The police shootings, the protests, etc. There is no way that the powers at be are going to let things fall apart under the current admin. I do think that something is going to happen soon… I dont know what… but something BIG. Depending on the election, if the left wins, they will do everything the can to clean it up quickly to show that they can ‘make things better’. BUT, if Trump and the right wing wins… I feel that things are already in place, to set things in motion to go down hill very fast… and that way the current leftist admin can blame all the bad stuff that is going to happen, on the new admin.
    I have no facts or proof for this… its just my thoughts on how I think things may play out over the next few months.
    I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ, that he will help us all in our lives, and in all that we do; and that we will surrender to Him and His will. I ask that he will show us the way and the path forward for all men, and that he will please forgive us our sins and trespasses, and that he will guide us to forgive others, as He forgives us.
    In Jesus name I pray… Amen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gene-o-Vanelli,

    • Robert Lykens

      Good words Gene-o. I love hearing the Good News! Glad you broke even on your house too. There are a lot of people these days who can’t say as much.

  26. Dan Reynolds

    It has become crystal clear that the 1% elites are making all of the mess going on in the world happen. The Clintons are dirty fighters and players , plain and simple. Their track record speaks for itself. It is also becoming evident that they (Clintons) are doing whatever it takes to build their self worth off of the backs of others , sometimes even at the expense of lives taken out in order to be in “the big club”. Hillary is just the open sore to the cancer growing beneath the surface. Removing the whole problem will take a movement to do so. By voting for Trump , an American citizen has what seemingly is fast becoming their last real chance to claim what little piece of freedom that exists. God Bless us all !!!

    • Freebreezer

      DR – it is not the 1% elites it is the .01% elites. The 1% category includes a whole lot of small, and midsize business owners, doctors, and professionals that make upwards to half million or more … their influence is nill! It is the 0.01%, i.e. the Goldman sucks, JP Morgans, Rockefellow foundations, Soros and other billionaires that push the agenda! the 1% label is the lefts and MSM attempt to destroy the upper middle class.

  27. D. Garrod

    To repeat Trump’s erroneous dirty trick of calling Cruz “lying Ted” is not up to your usual stat arid.
    Remember that the “lie” of whichCruz was guilty , was to say the newspapers were reporting Carson was dropping out of the presidential race. The timing was unfortunate, but it was the newspapers that made the mistake. Trump then went on to malign the wife and father of Cruz. Good reasons why Cruz should not endorse Trump. Cruz made the pledge long before the dirty tricks of Trump. I think the dirty tricks of Trump changed everything.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can add backing out on his pledge in the biggest election in modern history to the list.

    • The Mohawk

      Garrod, AFTER Cruz people released naked pictures of Trumps wife and he quoted a National Enquirer headline regarding Cruz’s father along with info about pictures of his father having breakfast with L Harvey Oswald (which indeed occurred).

      The Mohawk

      • Greg Hunter

        The Mohawk,
        Even if Trump lost, and it was Cruz as the GOP nominee, I would expect Trump to suck it up and endorse Cruz. The stakes are enormously high to get concerned about who said what about somebody’s wife. If he did not do this he too would be a selfish liar. The country is in deep trouble.

        • The Mohawk

          My comment does not dispute your words. Yes, I agree. Thats my point in a round about way. Cruz needed to endorse if I read you correctly and visa versa. To not is indeed a fatal flaw that we will pay for if the other becomes Dear Leader. Very frightening. A literal psychotic in charge. She is indeed psychotic.

          My comment was more in line with why Trump attacked and why because Cruz people (with his obvious approval) released naked pictures of his wife. If I was running and someone released naked pictures of my wife……look out. You’re done. No one comes after my family..I’m not unlike Trump in that regard.

          The Mohawk

          • Greg Hunter

            The Mohawk,
            Sorry I misunderstood. Thank you for the clarification.

    • Galaxy 500
      Ted was the first to start the dirty tricks. And he had his PAC attack Trump’s wife so he could feint outrage when Trump responded. Ted is not even an outsider, he made a calculated move to be a disruptor that all hate in the Senate.

      • Greg Hunter

        Nice find 500!

      • Country Codger

        Hello Galaxy,
        When I click on your ID it doesn’t bring me to your site. I get an error message. Is the address correct in your profile? I would like to visit your site. Let me know.

        • Greg Hunter

          I personally know 500. He does not have a website. He put in a fake one and makes a statement while doing it.

        • Galaxy 500

          Hi CC,
          I don’t blog, Facebook or tweet. I do comment here when I have time. I put a website in as a statement on the world.
          Thanks for your kind words.

  28. doctorno

    A pledge? I agree with Cruz on this. After Cruz signed the “pledge,” Trump slandered his father. Not just insulted, slandered. Cruz was under no obligation to honor the ridiculous pledge after that. He is a fascist idealogue but he got this one right.

    Before you accuse me of being a democrat troll, please understand that I would have voted for Kasich or Bloomberg [if he had entered the race] in a heartbeat and am distressed that neither of them is the candidate.

    • Greg Hunter

      You too justify a lie and going back on your word.

      • doctorno

        LOL. And you justify slander?? Greg, if you signed a pledge to support someone AND they then degraded your wife and slandered your father, would you really continue supporting him? Trump is the one who rescinded the pledge by his vulgar statements and dishonest innuendos. Cruz just threw it in the trash where it belonged.

        • Greg Hunter

          That went both ways my friend and that is the business of national politics for the biggest job in the world. A pledge is a promise and breaking it is, well, a lie.

          • RobinH

            And “support” and “endorse” are not synonymous, there Greggy Poo, so get a clue Cheeto Lover!

        • Charles H

          Slander is one thing; breaking the word of your honor is another. What is SAID about or to me is a mark of someone else’s character. What I say I will do – and if I do or DO NOT act on that – is a reflection of MY character. If a man cannot be bigger than the offenses hurled at him: he is not a man of any honor. Such a person will ALWAYS be conditioned by his circumstances and will never rise to exercise his own authority. Trump is an ass: but Cruz isn’t worth spit.

          • Galaxy 500

            And a man that won’t honor his word is like having a Clinton in the White House

          • allen ols

            charls h
            trump said he would always tell the truth to the American people, EXCEPT WHEN his wife plagiarized parts of mike obamas speech of which HE KNEW ABOUT, as his wifes speech did not pass his scrutiny. duh You will soon find out trump is a conniving lier just like the rest of them.

            • Greg Hunter

              The trump campaign did admit it. This is such a petty issue.

              • allen ols

                yes I know, what difference does it make. 🙂
                it isn’t petty when your pro trump, I have in the past seen petty stuff here about Obama, and Hillary and others, and I am surely not a fan of them. “Jesus said if u are faithful in the little things, I will make u ruler over many things’ and it is the little lies that reflect lead to other lies, and bigger lies.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You put something that was incorrect in your comment. The Trump campaign did admit to lifting some lines. I corrected it for the record and I still think, given the fact they fessed up, it is a petty issue.

                  • allen ols

                    yes but at first they denied it, and I posted the correction

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Give it a rest man.

                • Galaxy 500

                  Also, neither Trump or his wife wrote those speeches. They provide input and writers flower them up.
                  How is someone else doing this Trump or his wife’s sin?
                  After all, you are a Hillary supporter

            • Charles H

              allen o,

              I can’t agree with you more. Trump is ambitious and duplicitous, and totally stupid to throw his hat into politics. I think he is a clown, rich clown, but still a clown. Is he a liar? Politicians are like bananas – not a one of them are straight! That being said – as America stumbles like a drunken man – Trump may only be a stumble backwards, of being a slight respite. I don’t like him. But this showdown in history is a choice of lesser evils.
              allen – you have great passion. Don’t let it hurry you to conclusions and head-butting. I’m just as stupid as anybody else; and opinionated – it’s when trying to write things out is when I fall short.
              Trunp IS a liar – you are right: and I’m OK with you.

    • frederick

      hey Doc Bloomberg huh Talk about Nazis That guy would control what size drink you can order if he had his way and would destroy the right to bear arms Not the kind of guy we want

    • Galaxy 500

      KaySick is a Democrat, he said so himself .

    • Galaxy 500

      You would vote for Bloomberg? Really?

    • Galaxy 500

      Oh, Please
      A troll not wanting to be called out for an outlandish position and thought shaping. Say it ain’t so

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, pledge. A signed in ink with your signature pledge. Meaning you would honor your word. You remember that , right? It doesn’t have a clause that you can back out because your feelings or hurt or you lost.
      I am sure it never occurred to the “annointed” one that he would lose and Trump would win. After all, he was, according to Glenn “mormon crazy man” Beck, Ted was the fulfillment of Satan’s prophecies given to John Smith by Satan himself. Not a man that that any Christian could support but some are fooled and support Cruz. Ask yourself why Cruz did so well with the minions of mormon. That says it all

  29. Jerry

    as I have said before, the economic collapse that is coming is an orchestrated event that is being used to perpetuated and promote an agenda. One world government. But by whom? Forget about the globalist and the bankers. They are puppets for the one who really sits at the head of the board room table. There is a reason why Jesus Christ drove the money changers out of the temple.

    He knew who their employer was. What better way to control empires than though the banking system? Prepare spiritually ASAP. We don’t have much time.

    • allen ols

      The temple money was the first fiat currency/reserve currency, and the Jews had to exchange their shekels into the temple money, then buy their sacrificial animal from the temple, provided by the temple, the price of which would go up and down daily according to the computer algorithms of the day.

    • Charles H

      Absolute Bingo, Jerry – the world system – money…changers. Profane intrusion into the Sacred. All the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time…

      • Galaxy 500

        It’s been a while since I read Dante but if I recall correctly, the innermost circle of Hell was reserved for money changers and their ilk.

    • Jerry

      The cables that are holding up Lucifer’s banking empire are beginning to break one by one. With the help of the Chinese, he has orchestrated a “Plan B”
      Be advised that Deutsche Bank is running on vapor fumes, and that more terrorist attacks may be forthcoming inside Germany. The DAX, at some point will take a major hit because of the financial pressure building there, and push DB over the edge. DB has to many unfunded liabilities to be saved by any investor that has two cents to rub together.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hey Jerry, isn’t there a prediction that runs out in about a week?

      • Sam Hill

        That’s what Jerry does best…

        • Jerry

          Its O.K. Sam. I’ll forgive for your ignorance. I know you’re doing the best you can with what you have to work with.

          • Robert Lykens

            Jerry, keep up your good posts and comments. Most here like what you have to say.

          • frederick

            Lots of denial around Jerry I pity their ignorance and pray for them to get enlightened before its too late

          • Casey

            Jerry, please keep commenting on this site. I personally find your comments are well thought out and always backed by links to the information.
            Just want to give you a quick thanks, and don’t let those few that feel they must attack you to feel good about their views get you down.

      • Macray

        SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2016

        Serious Jack Lew Plotting In China

        OMG, what did these criminals just agree to?

        The Treasury just announced that Secretary Lew will hold a press conference at the conclusion of the G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in Chengdu, China.

        WHEN: Sunday, July 24, 2016
        3:15pm CST

        • Jerry

          That’s stunning!! You just know deals are being cut behind board room doors between Lew and the Chinese over who gets what.

      • Jerry

        Let me fill you in on a little secret. It won’t be reported by the MSM, but according to my sources Deutsche Bank has already collapsed internally. The closure of 200 branch banks was a testament of that. Inside investors like George Soros are carving up the assets before they decide to go public sometime un the fall. Why do you think he put up 200 Million on the bet? What, you didn’t know the game was rigged?

        • allen ols

          hope your correct but I doubt it as Trump is a large talker but a lot of people stand in his way to get most of what he wants done.

        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Jerry, Let me fill you in on a little somem. Layoffs are the fastest way to return profitability to a company.
          They closed and or merged 188 almost a quarter of their offices. They may yet go down but they aren’t bankrupt yet as you seem to believe.
          And Jerry, George Soros makes bad bets. He bet on the Nazis and he bet on Hillary.

          The closures are set to take place over the next few months , with 188 of Deutsche Bank’s 723 branches nationwide due to close their doors.
          On Sunday, Deutsche Bank published a list of the affected branches.
          North Rhine-Westphalia is to be hit hardest, with 51 branches in Germany’s most populous state listed for the chopping board. In Bavaria eleven will close, eight of which are in Munich.
          In Hamburg nine branches are to be shut down, in Berlin and Brandenburg 50.
          After recording colossal losses of around €7 billion in 2015, the Frankfurt lender is desperately seeking ways to cut costs.
          A series of scandals and litigation cases have sent Deutsche Bank shares into a long nosedive on the stock exchange and forced it to waive dividend payments to shareholders.
          Justifying the move to slash hundreds of branches, company spokesman Christian Sewing said that, with a growing number of customers doing their banking online, fewer people come to the branches to conduct business

        • Galaxy 500

          So the biggest bankruptcy of a financial institution and you think they can keep it quite? But you know about it because of secret sauce?

    • Kim

      Thank you Jerry for reminding us of the true big picture!

  30. eddiemd

    The fix is in for Hillary. She controls the electronic ballot box.

    Anti-Christ Clinton family, Muslim Brotherhood ties, Murderers, Illuminati ties, NWO satanist.

    I wonder what her connections are to Erdogan the Mahdi.

    • Robert Lykens

      Leftists/NWO and islam – two sides of the same coin.

  31. Russ

    Great wrap-up Greg. Cruz has said that he won’t follow through on his pledge to support the nominee because Trump insulted his wife and father, but we should all remember that Cruz threw the first punch in that exchange by going after Melania, Trump fired back and naturally he hit back harder. Cruz is done imo and won’t be a contender in 2020 regardless; He may find himself fighting to stay in the Senate. Cruz has shown himself to be petty and someone who does not honor commitments — a typical politician. His promises are conditional, but he keeps those conditions to himself until it’s time to renege. Toast…

    • Charles H

      2020?!?? I can’t see that far anymore.

    • Russ

      In the words of Pat Buchanan —
      …”About Cruz, a prediction: He will not be the nominee in 2020. He will never be the nominee. If Trump wins, Cruz is cooked. If Trump loses, his people will not forget the Brutus who stuck the knife in his back.”…

      • Galaxy 500

        Pat is right about that one. And I will add that like Eric Cantor and likely Paul RINO Ryan [chances are growing he will be flused], Ted will not be reelected to the Senate

  32. Gertrude B.

    Shock, condemnation after Trump questions NATO commitments

    Associated Press By MATTHEW LEE,
    AP Diplomatic Writer 13 hours

    The U.S. accounts for more than 70 percent of all NATO defense spending and only four other allies — Britain, Estonia, Greece and Poland — meet the minimum 2 percent of gross domestic product spending on defense that NATO requires.

    Sen. Bob Corker, a Trump supporter and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said that “many of us are becoming exasperated with the fact that the U.S. is playing such an outsized role in the protection of our NATO allies even though we greatly appreciate and respect the importance of the alliance itself.”

    A bitter foe within Trump’s own party, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, said: “I’m 100 percent certain how Russian President (Vladimir) Putin feels – he’s a very happy man.”

    Some Republicans opposed to Trump have indeed sought to cast him as pro-Putin, a position that would put him at odds with both Republican and Democratic foreign policy and also diverge from the current GOP party platform adopted at the convention.

    Trump supporters succeeded in preventing a reference to arming Ukraine from getting into this year’s platform, but the manifesto itself is demonstrably not pro-Russia. It accuses “current officials in the Kremlin” of eroding the “personal liberty and fundamental rights” of the Russian people.”

    “We will meet the return of Russian belligerence with the same resolve that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union,” the Republican platform says. “We will not accept any territorial change in Eastern Europe imposed by force, in Ukraine, Georgia, or elsewhere, and will use all appropriate constitutional measures to bring to justice the practitioners of aggression and assassination.”

    Get the full dope;

    • Paul ...

      G … If the Republican platform says. “We will not accept any territorial change in Eastern Europe imposed by force, in Ukraine, Georgia, or elsewhere, and will use all appropriate constitutional measures to bring to justice the practitioners of aggression and assassination.” … does this mean the Republicans are going to get rid of the neocons who are causing all the problems in Eastern Europe? … and eliminate the practitioners of war and aggression within NATO? … and even uphold the Constitution to bring justice? … WOW!! … Trump is already having an influence!

  33. John Shepherd

    Greg, why hasn’t anyone asked for a ban on assault trucks?

    • allen ols

      I did about two interviews back.

  34. Bill

    GREG; I am a trump supporter, HOWEVER, his speech Thursday evening has some claims that will be almost impossible to accomplish, opening himself up to constant ridicule from the msm saying he has become a typical politician who promises much but delivers little.

    • Greg Hunter

      We will see Bill.

  35. DLC

    Greg: I too like Infowars in that they are implementing aggressive ground-zero reporting. Alex was spit upon yesterday by a lib comedian. The Infowars crew try to get as much as they can on camera to show us just how progressives treat people they disagree with.

    Roger Stone is becoming a cornerstone on Infowars as he was pretty much shut out by the MSM who tried to marginalize him and shut him up. Don’t want to have a countering opinion.

    Cameras and sunshine, not to mention Rolling Thunder and skull-busting bikers was all it took to mute a lot of the anarchy that was planned for the Cleveland streets. Where were all the armed-to-the-teeth BLM braggarts who tried to frighten people from attending this convention?

    America is not Sweden, France, or Germany. So far, we are still armed. These anarchists threw rocks at a hornets nest, and the hornets responded. We just witnessed this week how you deal with bullies who would presume to shut you up and take you out.

    • HankH


      Roger Stone has made some interesting, Jerry Springer-like claims. I even like reading/listening to his remembrances of the ’60s-’70s under the JFK-LBJ-RMN era. But he’s pretty much Trump’s personal James Carville and I don’t believe much else of what he has to say…he’s the guy who dropped the outrageous lies of Cruz having (6) running affairs with prostitutes which were found later to be complete fraud for lack of proof (even published bogus pics of an innocent college co-ed who had never even met Cruz). Stone also, on DJT’s behalf, led the attack against Heidi dropping claims to the press (on Alex Jones) of her as a suicidal, depressed, medication taking drug-ee. Not to mention way over stating her GS managerial position as if that were a major conspiracy. He’s very slimy.

    • frederick

      DLC the infowars site is under attack as all the wording is scrambled and not legible and you cannot open his show at all In Turkey anyway Im not sure about in the states

  36. eddiemd

    Thought shaping.

    The push is on to identify veterans with weapons. Part of the medical history in the VA medical system includes questions regarding weapons in the home. Veterans with weapons and military skills pose the greatest threat to the gun control agenda and the police state.

    To all veterans out there: Be careful what you say to the medical staff at VA clinics and hospitals. They are not your friends.

    The US economy is on the ventilator support. Start the morphine drip, the end is near. Page Dr. Kevorkian.

    • Paul ...

      Eddie MD … Obama-Nation Care with its “Kevorkian Death Panels” is ready to take out all the bad ass veterans who would make good “deputized marshals” to help the sheriffs of our nation form posse’s to go after the bad guys who are looting our banks and financial system … if the “Death Panels” succeed in eliminating the veterans … the neocons figure there will never be “a shoot out” at the OK Coral!!

      • Paul ...

        Say the neocons are successful in killing off all the veterans that would have made good “deputized marshals” to help our sheriffs take down the bad guys looting our banks and financial institutions … they still lose … because they still have to contend with ordinary “bad ass citizens” who won’t take their bull shit anymore and start making “citizens arrests” when they spot these Wall Street “outlaws” walking down our city streets … the neocons think that by taking away our guns it will prevent “citizen arrests” from taking place … but they haven’t succeeded yet … and even if they do … they will then have to outlaw trucks, nail-guns, butter knives, etc.!!

        • Casey

          Paul, I usually don’t agree with what you post. That being said, you hit the nail on the head with this comment.
          I am a U.S. Army veteran. Most of us veterans don’t use the VA unless we have no choice and can’t afford medical, because we know the va is evil. And all of us know how to defend ourselves and our families and our country with or without guns. Also you can guarantee those without firearms will have them shortly after the shtf

  37. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Ted Cruz I though was kind of cool early on, had a decent message, etc., but a man is only as good as his word, he & Kasick took an oath and I watched them take that oath in an early debate. Ted Cruz is immature like a spoiled child and Kasick is even more mentally unstable, he acts like he is still running; by the way Kasick has never suspended his campaign that I know of. Ted Cruz had a chance to mend some fences and salvage his career; he is an embarrassment and the people of Texas should ask for his resignation from representing them and have their Governor appoint a successor who doesn’t cry when his mother doesn’t buy him a candy bar at the store.

  38. Mark


    Your WNW segments have been very informative the last few weeks! Curious news that the forklift business can now take payment in gold & silver. It has already taken root in Utah & Texas so the seeds have been sown for new mediums of exchange. The Fed wouldn’t risk raising rates until after the election (if at all) so this with negative bond yields worldwide can only help push this agenda further.

    Hillary’s rap sheet continues to grow and I can only hope she appears at the DNC in a jumpsuit and leg irons! Her obsession with Saul Alinsky says it all! This is proof how upside down are country is when sordid characters of this magnitude are allowed to be a party nominee for POTUS. It’s also sad how useless the CFTC, AG and FBI have become. Cheers to all!

    • Paul ...

      The FBI by not doing their official duty “have made themselves” Traitors to our Nation … but in a Nation that has “no rule of law” these traitors figure they won’t be tried for their crime … obviously they will be voting for Hillary … many of us will have to use our votes (for Trump) to eliminate all the FBI votes for Hillary … in order to bring “the rule of law” back to America!

  39. Gertrude B.

    U.S. and NATO escalate, plan bases on Russian border

    By John Beacham

    On May 3, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, in Germany for a NATO ceremony, accused Russia of “nuclear saber-rattling.” A very serious claim, if true. Carter said, “Moscow’s nuclear saber-rattling raises troubling questions about Russia’s leaders’ commitment to strategic stability.”

    This statement came right on the heels of the revelation that NATO is developing plans to station 4,000 troops in Poland and the Baltic states right on the border with Russia. Part of the plan may include installing a German battalion on a border with Russia. Stationing U.S. and NATO troops on the border of Russia, especially if Germany were to set up a permanent base, would be a very serious provocation.

    The misleading accusation that Russia is using its nuclear arsenal to destabilize Europe is an amazing distortion of reality and must be called out for what it is, an attempt on the part of the United States to dress up an offensive maneuver—massing fighting forces on a country’s border—as a defensive maneuver.

    The State Department and the Pentagon have also used as justification for the troop buildup a recent incident in which a Russian jet flew over a U.S. warship in the Baltic Sea. The U.S. media characterized it as “provocative” and “aggressive.” This is a ridiculous interpretation.

    The U.S. warship was a guided-missile destroyer, the USS Donald Cook. The Baltic Sea borders Russia. Let’s think this through. If a Russian guided-missile destroyer was “patrolling” in the Gulf of Mexico, wouldn’t the U.S. military dispatch warplanes (and perhaps much more) to intercept the destroyer? In fact, let’s be honest, the U.S. military would most likely either assault, capture or destroy a Russian warship that merely attempted to enter the Gulf of Mexico, whether or not Mexico invited the ship. The U.S. would say that the very existence of the warship in the gulf was an act of aggression.

    Russia has responded to U.S. provocations with plans to shift more troops to the border and with plans to create three more military divisions.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said, “NATO military infrastructure is inching closer and closer to Russia’s borders. But when Russia takes action to ensure its security, we are told that Russia is engaging in dangerous maneuvers near NATO borders. In fact, NATO borders are getting closer to Russia, not the opposite.”

    U.S. responsible for major powers climbing the ladder of escalation

    There is no simplistic dynamic in the deteriorating relations between the United States and Russia, but let’s be clear. It is not Russia that is encircling the United States with missile batteries and troops. It is the United States that is encircling Russia with missile batteries and troops. It isn’t Russia that wages war on the U.S. economy. The exact opposite is true.

    It isn’t Russia that is carrying out a series of military exercises all along the U.S. border that simulate the invasion of the United States. The exact opposite is true.

    It wasn’t Russia that helped overthrow the Ukrainian government alongside fascists and hard-right groupings in 2014. That was the United States. In Crimea, which left Ukraine after the coup and rejoined Russia, Russia acted to maintain its only warm water naval port in Sevastopol. For Russia, it was an existential necessity to reincorporate Crimea.

    It was the United States that destroyed Iraq, Libya and helped to destroy vast parts of Syria, making possible the rise of ISIS. Russia, on the contrary, has intervened in Syria to help stabilize Syria and defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda.

    This list could be much, much longer. But it all breaks down to this: In reality, the United States is the aggressor while presenting Russia as the aggressor. Washington and the Pentagon are conveying to the people of the United States an entirely upside down version of reality.

    According to polls, a big majority of the people in Germany and France are very opposed to stationing NATO troops on the border of Russia.

    Much more detail; From Bernie’s rag, not Hill’s! How do they come together on this? That’s the question!

    • Paul ...

      Gert … you nailed the neocons … excellent!!

  40. Fear Not

    Greg, My (never Trumper) wife and I are big Constitutional Cruz voters, and this November WE ARE voting our conscience. I know that infuriates you and your listeners, but hear me out. I have a different take on the Cruz convention speech. I personally feel Ted put his family over his political career, because his career is probably over after this. I can respect that, because too many times our dirt-bag politicians will put his/her political career over everything else–including our country. Greg, if I got your commitment to be my BFF, then I start insulting your wife, and accusing your father of being complicit in the JFK assassination, at what point are you released from being my BFF? In this rabid “anybody but Hillary” environment, I guess I’m just asking for a little empathy and perspective. Trump’s actions against his opponents during the primary were detestable. He broke the eleventh commandment, and now acts surprised about the lack of party unity. There’s a reason Reagan never violated that rule, because he needed the Bush 41’s primary voters during the general election of 1980.

    Well, now we’re confronted with an opponent so corrupt, so evil, the Republican Party needs absolute unity. I knew about Hillary’s ( and Obama’s) Alinsky ties in ’08. I know of Alinsky’s playbook, “Rules for Radicals,” which is the anit-Gospel of “love thy neighbor.” Who you hang around with tells me a lot of your character, and what to expect of you too. That’s why my wife and I were moved by the VP pick of Governor Pence. We know his record from the early ’90’s, and we know his long term commitments to Constitutional ideas. We also noted the potential Supreme Court nominees list that Trump came out with in early Summer. Trump is a very flawed candidate, but he is surrounding himself with good people. My only prayer is he also listens to them.

    And with that said, WE ARE voting our conscience this November. That’s why we’re both voting for the Trump/Pence ticket.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fear Not,
      Please keep in mind that the phrase “insulting my wife” and “leader of the free world” are oceans apart on the political spectrum. This is for all the marbles and Cruz should have risen above it all and grasped the seriousness of what we face. I am sorry his feelings got hurt but I DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT HIS FEELINGS OR HIS WIFE. He signed a pledge and he went back on his word in a very high stakes game. The country is in deep trouble and electing a devout communist follower of Saul Alinsky will sink the Republic for good. You and your wife are doing the right thing. I know Trump is far from perfect, but the alternative is a nightmare. Thank you for your comment and support.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Fear Not,
      I too started out as a Cruz backer but always wondered about the jibe that eventually came with him;
      Q: Do you know why people take an immediate dislike to Cruz?
      A: It saves time.
      Personally, I don’t want excuses, I want someone who will do what they say. I think many of our citizens will also follow your example. Until November, stay strong!

      • Galaxy 500

        Cruz looked good out of the corner of your eye but when you look at him hard and calculating, you see what he is.

        • allen ols

          did u vote for cruz or senate in the last election?????

          • Galaxy 500

            Nope Al, I am not in the state of Texas. But I voted in the last election including the primary.
            Did you?

    • Laura

      You must not understand what’s truly happening, otherwise you’d be begging Trump to win. If you listen, ppl like Greg Hunter and Rick Wiles ( trunews) and Trump are trying to expose the truth.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hear you out? You’re voting for Hillary. This is a binary election. To not support Trump is to support Hillary.

      • Galaxy 500

        Sorry, I should have read all of what you wrote.

    • Galaxy 500

      You forget that Ted had his super PAC attack Trump’s wife. You can say Conniving Cruz didn’t plan with his PAC but this is another lie.

    • Tracy Welborn

      I am a christian living here in Dallas. Please don’t be fooled by Cruz’s holding up the Bible. He’s not who you think he is. He’s a nasty, nasty guy. I grew up in First Baptist Richardson, there were several successful businessmen that were the exact same way. I’ve seen it before. I have no desire to step on toes but I refuse to not tell the truth as I see it. Just because Trump isn’t a “religious” acting guy doesn’t mean he’s not our best choice. Yes he has faults, but I will take the faults I can see over the pretenses that are “deceived” ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

  41. Gertrude


    Russian warplanes targeted US, British outpost in Syria: report

    AFP 4 hrs ago

    Russian warplanes bombed a remote outpost in Syria used by elite US and British forces last month as well as another site linked to the CIA, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

    The Journal, which cited US officials as its source, said the previously unreported air strikes on June 16 and July 12 were part of a bid by Moscow to pressure Washington to cooperate more closely with it in the skies over Syria. _What is going on?

    • Casey

      I saw this story earlier and thought to myself there is something big happening here. Russia and Putin know that bombing an American or British base will not lead to better ties and a close relationship in the skies of Syria. I believe it is another “warning” from Russia that the U.S.needs to step back out there will be war.

  42. Jan

    Greg, you always pick out great cartoons for your WNW; this one with the media pushing the Chosen One over over the graveyard is priceless!

    I liked your story of how your experience as an investigative journalist, trying to get the facts out there and to be balanced. I admire you very much!

    Cruz has lost all credibility with me. He reminds me of the bit in the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus, a carpenter’s son, talks about the hypocrisy of fussing about a splinter in your brother’s eye when there is a log in your own eye. Cruz’s campaign started the personal family attacks with Trump in the FIRST place by revealing a tabloid-style photo of Melania, and Cruz never apologized for that! Furthermore, Cruz never apologized for saying Ben Carson had dropped out but threw CNN under the bus, but CNN told the truth. Mike Huckabee testified that Cruz’s campaign was sleazy, telling voters that a vote for Carson and Santorum and Huckabee was a wasted vote. I see no reason not to trust what Mike Huckabee said as he has been has honored his pledge and has tried to be gracious.

    SO! If Cruz hadn’t fired that shot of Melania across the bow and demonstrated how to apologize HIMSELF, he might have an excuse to dishonor his pledge. He stands there with a massive log in his own eye.

    Just earlier this month, “Kate’s Law”, a bill that Cruz wrote, fell six votes short of getting through the Senate. And YET last night, Trump named Kate Steinle with at least three other names and how their plight affected him so deeply because it is a problem that he could fix quickly (the problem of sanctuary cities that allow illegal immigrant criminals on their streets). He added that his opponent (Clinton) wants to expand sanctuary cities. Trump has NOT been silent on this issue. Cruz knows that Trump is standing up for Kate Steinle too, and that only a change in the next election is going to get Kate’s Law (or something like it) into reality. But did Cruz care? No! He told Republicans at the their convention to “vote your conscience” and “up and down the ticket.” If I were Kate Steinle’s family, I’d be FURIOUS at Cruz!

  43. Gertrude

    Brexit begins to wreak havoc on U.K. economy
    Bloomberg Jill Ward 2 hrs ago

    Markit Economics said in a one-time report published Friday. Services and manufacturing shrank and a gauge of the private-sector economy plunged to 47.7, well below the 50 level that divides expansion from contraction.

    Even with a weakening economy, the U.K.’s political circumstances don’t favor a reversal of the vote. New Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out repeating the referendum, and has adopted a new catchphrase: “Brexit means Brexit.”

  44. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg

    • Jackie

      I am looking for a Jim Norwood who served on the Hornet in the 1950’s. If this is you, or your father, can you please email me. [email protected]

  45. DBCooper

    Greg, You are our Dashiell Hammett moment !!! You need to be wearing a trench coat and fedora!!! And do not forget the .45ACP !!!
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Country Codger

      Hey DB,
      Are you comparing Greg to Sam Spade of the book or Humphrey Bogart from the movie “The Maltese Falcon”? LOL.

      • DBCooper

        Well CC, We guess that any intrepid foot slogging detective will do … just thought of DH from our childhood. Yours, DB

  46. Doug

    Dear President Trump, As you know, Cruz did not endorse you. I do not want him invited into “MY” White House for any reason. I don’t even want that on the grounds of the “MY” White House. A smell of a pig is hard to get rid. If you have any event that he would of been invited to, to can invite me and my girlfriend to it instead. Like Greg Hunter said, the other candidates signed the pledge thinking that they were going to be the chosen one. Thinking about it, I don’t want those Bush’es, ( all the freakers ) in “MY” White House while you are President. As you know, the smell of stuck is harder to get rid then pig. In fact, don’t invite any of those a-holes that did not endorse you. ( You don’t have to suck up to anyone. they have have suck up to you, Cruz lost his chance, unless you want him to do a Monica on you. ) That way you should have room enough that I can invite , my girlfriend and Greg Hunter to one of your parties. Sincerely, Doug

  47. Gertrude

    Jon Stewart tears into Trump supporters: ‘This country isn’t yours’

    Entertainment Weekly Christopher Rosen 10 hrs ago

    Jon Stewart sat behind Stephen Colbert’s desk on Thursday night following the Republican National Convention and provided a furious rebuke to the commentary offered during the four-day event.

    “The Republicans appear to have a very clear plan for America. They articulated it throughout the convention. No. 1, jail your political opponent. No. 2, inject Rudy Giuliani with a speedball and a Red Bull enema. And then No. 3, spend the rest of the time scaring the holy bejesus out of everybody,” Stewart joked on Thursday’s episode of The Late Show.

    Much more and Jon on video; That’s all folks! G.B.

    • Greg Hunter

      This from the people backing a liar with a criminal foundation who idolizes a neo Marxist communist. All this clever not so funny banter on the republicans and willful ignorance on Criminal Clinton. Why doesn’t Stewart just stay gone? (Please do not post JW material. I had another Gertrude do this and if you are not that one disregard.)

      • Freebreezer

        Greg – curious, what is JW material?

        • Greg Hunter

          Jehovah Witness.

  48. Richard

    Regardless of the sin, a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith is forgiveness. Cruz, to phrase it mildly, wore the Christian patch on his sleeve throughout his campaign; but when it came time to demonstrate that faith, he failed miserably, and in doing so showed his professed faith to be hollow. To paraphrase a caller on today’s Mike Gallagher’s show (66O AM Dallas, Texas): “If Christ can forgive Donald Trump, so can I with my endorsement.” If he would have spoken these few words he: 1) would have lived by his faith, 2) would have kept his promise (unlike the vast majority of today’s politicians), 3) would have brought the house down, and 4) thereby guaranteeing a bright political future. Not going to happen now.

    • Paul ...

      Richard … you say “Regardless of the Sin … a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith is forgiveness … lets not take that tenet to far … God can be compassionate … but there are certain limits and things he will “not forgive” … like eating from his favorite apple tree or living with 1/3rd the population of Heaven being evil or not obeying his Commandments like Thou Shall Not Kill, etc., etc., etc. … the totally crazy evil ones think God is going to forgive all their outright evil … they are sadly mistaken … we are still working by the sweat of our brows because our great, great, great grandfather Adam ate one of God’s apples and Eve was thrown out for not stopping him!! … so don’t believe “all sins will be forgiven” … there are limits to the evil that can be done … if there was “no limit to the evil we could do and be forgiven” God will never come down to rescue us! … we would be “totally on our own” to solve our own problems if God forgave “every evil thing” in this world!!

      • Galaxy 500

        You wrote, “if God forgave “every evil thing” in this world!!”
        What Bible are you reading? My Bible only has one unpardonable sin in it, blaspheming the Holy Spirit.
        Please give me chapter and verse where God will not forgive you if you repent, accept Jesus as your savior and into your heart and pray for forgiveness.
        And as amazing as this gift is, there are many that do not avail themselves. But you have to ask for forgiveness

        • Galaxy 500

          Paul, this isn’t an attack. I sincerely wish to understand. I grew up spending a lot of time in church and read the Bible regularly. I don’t understand where you are coming from my friend. Forgiveness is available to all that ask.

    • Galaxy 500

      If Cruz had done this, the entire world would have gone wild.

  49. pat the rat

    One of Italy banks stop treading , danger Greg Hunter danger Greg Hunter!

  50. RidgeRunner

    This is a great report….one of your best.

  51. Charles H

    Great comment and contribution, Matthias. Much added perspective here!

    • Matthias

      Thank you very much Charles! Took me indeed quite some time to compile this.

      • Charles H

        Lots more than gold and metals going East. I wonder how mush ownership of our natural resources they may have title to?

  52. diane s.

    We will not be watching the Democratic Party national convention.
    It will be nothing but 4 days of lies and more lies.
    The Democrats have adopted the old Marxist philosophy of evoking the LUCIFERIC INVERSION. …turn lies into truths and truths into lies.
    This is the what they do.

  53. Southern Girl


    I like you thought that Hitlary would not be running for President but running for an office inside the prisons… just goes to show you that we think justice will be done…but like Gerald Celente said justice is not that it is JUST US. Everything is so turned upside down that evil is now good and good is now evil. Lord, God, somebody better help straighten this thing out.

  54. Southern Girl


    Would love to see you do the nightly news like you do the WNW!!!! Would even pay a monthly fee just to have this. What do you think???????

    • Greg Hunter

      Just don’t have enough help for that. What you are seeing is basically a one man news operation. Thank you for your kind words and support though!!!

  55. NC Gal

    Greg, great show, as usual! I don’t post often, but feel moved to mention the following items:

    This morning I had an appointment with my eye doctor (annual exam). While I was waiting to be seen, a TV segment aired about Reille Hunter, who was John Edwards’ mistress while he was a presidential candidate and had a child by him. The reason I bring this up was the MSM political spin put on the interview toward the end of the clip (see video at, where Rielle puts forth Hillary Clinton as a “role model.” Rielle praised HRC for staying on her feet when everything possible was being thrown at her.

    She also committed perjury, obstruction of justice, destroying evidence, deliberate mishandling of classified material, racketeering, condoned shipping arms to ISIS, ignored the ambassador’s pleas for assistance in Benghazi, lied to the survivors, and dismissed it all with “What difference does it make?” when Congress drilled her about her performance while Secretary of State. Some role model, eh!

    The other thing I feel compelled to say is that, when I heard Trump pronounce himself as “the Law and Order President,” and then read his convention acceptance speech, I became concerned that what “law and order” might look like under Trump is an armed camp throughout our nation. If so, it might not be a choice between tyranny and liberty; it might turn out to be a choice between tyranny from the banksters and tyranny under Trump. Just sayin’.

    I can’t think of a single candidate, in ANY party, that I could vote for with the hope of improving things, but I may have to vote for Trump as the (hopefully) lesser of two evils. He is not afraid to point fingers or call the globalists on their game, but I am not sure what he would do to carry out his “law and order” platform. Law enforcement is already overly militarized. I can imagine something akin to martial law, complete with curfews and helmets and guns everywhere.

    I cannot escape thinking back to how Hitler came to power. People elected him because he played on their post-Depression unhappiness with their condition and made promises of a golden era for the motherland. “Deutschland uber alles!” is eerily similar to “America First!” I hope I am wrong about this, but be careful what you wish for… you may not like it if you get it. I just can’t bring myself to trust Trump. He’s always struck me as a loose cannon—unpredicatble, temperamental, and speaking before he thinks.

    • Paul ...

      You trust Lucifer loving Hillary more???

  56. Bill

    Bill and Hillary/Ahab and Jezebel. History repeats itself!!!!

  57. stonewall

    Wow. Great stuff Greg. You laid it on the line. This is your best podcast ever.
    Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  58. Marcia Armstrong (marsh)

    Hillary is corrupt as all get out and would be a disaster as President for the United States. I am alarmed, however, that people run to prop Trump up as a knight in shining armor. It is clear from his history and tactics in the campaign that this man is of questionable character and morality. It is clear he hasn’t a clue that our Constitution is a limit on government power and the Bill of Rights are prohibitions against government to protect and preserve individual rights. This man will govern as an authoritarian and totalitarian.

    It is equally unclear just what his policies are going to be. He vacillates like a weather vane in response to the winds of popular opinion. Alarmingly, he has revealed that he is absolutely clueless on international affairs and intends to pursue the neo-con policies of “America First” – American hegemony through force. He has refused briefings to inform and advise him in areas where he is clueless. His Finance chair is a former Goldman Sachs partner and Soros employee. Does it occur to you that we are being played?

    As for Ted Cruz breaking his pledge to support the Republican candidate. Trump broke his pledge months ago, dissolving any compact. If you read Cruz’s speech, he said “vote your conscience” for the person who will best uphold the Constitution. Are you telling me that this is not Donald Trump?

    Trump is a vicious Machiavellian bully. He competes by crushing his opponents by any means possible. He used his friendship with the publisher of the National Enquirer to advance lies and innuendos about Cruz’s alleged mistresses and speculation about being one of the DC Madam’s clients. He misrepresented primary election practices. He repeatedly called Cruz “Lyin’ Ted,” which is a tactic to get a label to stick. He insulted and ridiculed Heidi Cruz and threatened to reveal “secrets” about her. He slandered Ted Cruz’s father and his patriotic allegiances by alleging that he was complicit in one of our nation’s most heinous Presidential assassinations.

    You mouth that you are a man of faith and then turn on someone for finding in their conscience that they can not stand up for the character of Donald Trump as a suitable Presidential candidate. This was no “pull on your big boy panties” moment for the good of the cause. It was a genuine act of conscience at the potential cost of a political career.

    Personally, I think people have projected what they so desperately want in a middle class champion on Donald Trump. I was elected to local office three times (retiring after 12 years.) I had a reputation for honesty, integrity and I fought for adherence to the Constitution and obedience to the Bill of Rights. I think I know a good representative with the heart of a servant when I see one, and Trump ain’t it.

    • Greg Hunter

      You say, “I think I know a good representative with the heart of a servant when I see one, and Trump ain’t it.” So, the other choice is Clinton–Now what??? Exactly. I don’t think I know of anyone that thinks Trump is perfect–far from it. That said, compared to Clinton the Marxist, the choice for many is an easy one.

      • Marcia Armstrong (marsh)

        OMG, I question Trump’s mental state. His insecurity and narcissism has become pathological. He got the nomination, Hillary is his competition now, but no, his ego and need for validation is so needy, he has to beat Cruz into the ground. To this day, he is still alleging Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination. In good conscience, I cannot vote for either Hillary or Trump. (The first time I haven’t voted since 1968.) Both are utterly unsuited to the office. I will not be complicit in this travesty.


        • Greg Hunter

          Then you are helping Hillary. It is that simple. Sleep tight in your tiny little narrow world.

        • Galaxy 500

          Wow, another person thought shaping us to think we shouldn’t vote.
          And the right scoop [the Pooper Scooper] is an all out apologist for Cruzifer.

    • Tracy Welborn

      We are done with your excuses. I voted for your candidates my entire FREAKIN life. That’s 52 years. You and the Bushes had your chance. You failed to perform – get over your loss and move forward. Get out of the way. You did not do what you said you were going to do and now you are reaping the whirlwind. You are nothing more than a sore loser. There is NO evidence whatsover that you can produce that makes Cruz a better candidate than Trump. I dislike a lying Republican much more than an honest Democrat. You Cruz people are disgusting.

      • Charles H

        I didn’t believe there is such a thing as “an honest Democrat”. Honestly, Tracy – BOTH sides are corrupt, and the whole thing is stinky. Beware that dissatisfaction and disillusionment are primary drivers to herd the masses into wrong directions. What confronts us is the lesser of two evils. To “hope” for more than this is just indulging in unreality – there aren’t any more saviors for America. A wrong choice this Fall will never be made right again. Keep your eyes open, and your nose plugged!

      • Tracy Welborn

        Do you remember Brett Baiers first question in the first Republican debate? Who here will not run as a third party candidate and support the Republican party? Trump was the only guy who was honest enough to raise his hand. He was rewarded for that greatly. If you can’t see the hypocrisy that is so evident in the establishment Republicans not endorsing Trump, then there is very little that can be done for you. You are going to stay home and not vote against Hillary? That’s just plain sad. The more I think about it, we don’t need this type of thinking in a conservative pro-American movement anyway. Go ahead stay home, the rest of us will do the heavy lifting.

      • Galaxy 500

        Right well Said Tracy

    • 8Ball

      Don’t dismiss Trump so easily… God can use anyone to advance his agenda for mankind.

      “This sentence is by the decree of the watchers, and the decision by the word of the holy ones: that the living may know that the Most High ruleth over the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.”

      Daniel 4:17

  59. Robert Watson

    Hi Greg, great work! I looked up Saul Alinsky on Wikipedia and they paint him as a community organizer, mainly organizing black oriented communities. I know nothing about this man or his methodologies, except he never joined an organization, communism or any other, and he considered himself a jew.

    I have enjoyed your commentary and you guest speakers and will continue to do so, but please don’t create the suggestion that your an independent or (neutral) and then not be independent or (neutral.) I was mislead due to my ignorance of the man and after investigating said person I question you position.

    I appreciate and depend on your work very much, but we are all fallible.

    Than you, Robert

    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      First of all Robert, stop using Wikipedia as a source–It’s not one. Crack open Alinsky’s work and writings–I did. This is how I formed my analysis. Alinsky is a neo-Marxist/Communist. That is a fact. Read rules for radicals and confirm it yourself. My slogan says “Analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on.” This slogan is on the top of every page on the site in the banner. I am giving my analysis and not misleading people. At the end of nearly every newscast I say, “That’s the way I see it.” Don’t come here and accuse me of intentionally misleading people. Might I remind you that my description of Saul Alinsky and Hillary Clinton’s actions (in large part) came right from the Washington Post (WaPo). That’s hardly a right wing spin organization. I gave an accurate description of Mrs. Clinton and I used the WaPo as sourcing I held up copied exactly as the WaPo printed it on 7.20/16. Thank you for your comment and support.

    • Galaxy 500

      What? You couldn’t find that Alensky was an avowed Marxist?
      Paid troll alert
      Greg, can I attach some how the DNC email showing Hillary and the DNC pays people like this to miss lead us?

  60. Henry

    Greg, I’ve never heard of Hillary referred to as Communist before. Seems to me she’s a hard core Capitalist or Corporatist. She caters to and is owned by Wall Street Banksters, supports policies and trade agreements that benefit corporations over workers, places corporate power over government power, and loves wars of terror. Which of her policies or statements lead you to believe that she’s a Communist? She seems like just another capitalist elite drunk on power and money.
    What are you thoughts on all of Trumps crooked deals – his “university” scam, his refusal to pay people who worked for him, his reliance on eminent domain (government theft) to acquire property, and all of his bankruptcies? I think the choice between Trump and Hillary is an obscene, shameful choice and a national disgrace. I won’t vote for either of them, although if forced to choose, I think I’d go with Trump. Bad as he is, at least he’s not more of the same…

    • Galaxy 500

      Another thought shaper

      Don’t vote
      Stay home and let my Lord and Master Satan get Hillary in the White House

  61. Bill

    GREG; In recent months i have noticed modern day prophets who say the Lord told them, Trump will be elected, Hillary will be elected, Obama will stay in office, trump will be elected but be assassinated and more on other sites. Thank you that you have kept this site genuine and honest to the best of your ability. I feel i can rely on the words of your guests. God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill. We have never faced a choice like this with so many people in the dark.

  62. Galaxy 500

    Ziomism? Another Jew hater. Dude, Jesus is a Jew. You need to rethink your hate. And don’t give me the BS that it’s only certain Jews, the ones that believe in Isreal.

    • frederick

      Galaxy you are 100% wrong Why is it that when someone questions the actions of the Zıonists he is immediately labeled anti semitic Thats just ridiculous and it provides an excuse for bad behavior Desides it makes NO sense as there are non Jewish Zionists such as Dick Cheney

      • Charles H

        Just reflecting on – “non-Jewish Zionists” This is a position that can easily be taken for other than Jewish purposes. Also, A non-Jewish Zionist has no skin in the game. Plus, Zionism is unfairly grouped in with completely unrelated issues, and a measure of guilt by association is determined on it. Jews have been a ‘scapegoat’ for centuries. I have to side with caution – and defend Israel from smears and innuendo. If sensitivity is an error in this matter: it is erring on the right side.

      • allen ols

        Stop with your JEW HATING BS.
        Jesus called the 70 Jews in the Sanhedrin ie scribes, pharasies, Sadducees, stinky graves. CHECK OUT THE ROTTON OR BAD KINGS BELOW!!!
        Saul of tarsus was a BAD JEW, when he helped out stoning Steven, but became a GOOOD JEW when he met Jesus at Damascus.

        Kings of Judah GOOD- or -BAD- Years of Reign Books of Kings II Chronicles
        Rehoboam Bad 17 years I Kings 12:1 II Chronicles 10:1
        Abijah Bad 3 years I Kings 15:1 II Chronicles 13:1
        Asa Good 41 years I Kings 15:9 II Chronicles 14:1
        Jehoshaphat Good 25 years I Kings 22:41 II Chronicles 17:1
        Jehoram Bad 8 years I Kings 22:50 II Chronicles 21:1
        Ahaziah Bad 1 years II Kings 8:24 II Chronicles 22:1
        Athaliah II Kings 11:1 II Chronicles 22:10
        Joash Good 40 years II Kings 11:4 II Chronicles 23:1
        Amaziah Good 29 years II Kings 14:1 II Chronicles 25:1
        Uzziah Good 52 years II Kings 15:1 II Chronicles 26:1
        Jotham Good 16 years II Kings 15:32 II Chronicles 27:1
        Ahaz Bad 16 years II Kings 15:38 II Chronicles 28:1
        Hezekiah Good 29 years II Kings 18:1 II Chronicles 29:1
        Manasseh Bad 55 years II Kings 21:1 II Chronicles 33:1
        Amon Bad 2 years II Kings 21:19 II Chronicles 33:21
        Josiah Good 31 years II Kings 22:1 II Chronicles 34:1
        Jehoahaz Bad 3 months II Kings 23:31 II Chronicles 36:1
        Jehoiakim Bad 11 years II Kings 23:36 II Chronicles 36:4
        Jehoiakin Bad 3 months II Kings 24:6 II Chronicles 36:9
        Zedekiah Bad 11 years II Kings 24:17 II Chronicles 36:11
        The Babylonian Captivity 586 BC II Kings 25:1 II Chronicles 36:13
        Kings of Judah 8 Good, 11 Bad 387 Years

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t want this site to be a “bad” Jew bashing site. Our problems are not caused by the Jews. I’d look a little deeper into the Council on Foreign Relations. There are lots of non Jews involved there. I think this is pure satanic. Hillary admits she gets her orders from them:

          • allen ols

            I am not a Jew basher, I am pro Israel, anti Islam. I hated Nazis, and Hitler, not Germans.

            • Greg Hunter

              Then we agree on the really important stuff, and that makes me happy.

        • Galaxy 500

          Also, I call it what it is. I am not surprised you don’t like it.
          Ohhh, now you are going to point out the Jews that put our Savior on the cross.
          Dude, Jehova is the God of Isreal, and the Jews ARE his people.
          God has punished them but he has also said in the Bible that they are his people and that those who befriend them are blessed and those like you will be cursed.

      • Galaxy 500

        Because Zionism is the new antijew buzz word. They rebrand when the old hate doesn’t work anymore

    • Charles H

      I thought the Catholic Church was behind Hitler. Besides – how would anyone who is Jewish back the monster that kills six million Jews?
      My idea of “Zion” – is a national, homeland for the Jews: one longed for over centuries, in the ancestral home set forth by history and Bible. Now the term is misused and redefined as evil, with increased popularity. It is this mis-use which serves as low-grade hatred or antagonism – which should be met with the same rebuttal as rudeness or cursing.

    • Charles H


      IF there is a 77 part study – that’s nice – but I have to caution with a grain of salt: did Jim Jones write it? Obviously, this is an exaggeration – but it illustrates just how bad a source some material can come from.
      I think “Zionism” has been made a mountain out of mole-hill; a platform for splitting hairs. For this – I make no real distinction between the Jew and Zionism; and if I continue in my simple association – you may judge me yourself.
      Tyre, and the King thereof was not a city of Israel, belonging to Phoenicia – how has this to do with Zion (taken to be Jerusalem)? Zionism, then, has been hijacked by high evil – which cannot be attributed to the Jews. I submit there are TWO Zionisms – one is the simple, true patriotic homeland of the Jews; and the other – a false and pernicious, hijacked argument that is made to detriment the Jews by ascribing it as a separate issue. This is like phony paper currency – you don’t study the false; but become expert on the real. I see the hijacked Zionism as a big rabbit-trail, that I don’t feel necessary to be educated about. If then my simplicity in this viewpoint constitutes ignorance – then I beg your indulgence. I simply could not find the time to study your sources and education on this matter, to determine how right or wrong they may be. Your patience and understanding in this is appreciated. My only standpoint is that whenever I sense something used negatively toward the Jews or Israel (the real) – I take it as a categorical ‘hatred’, or rejection, or refusal: no matter what pretext or heading it may be expressed under – antagonism is just low-leve hatred: and I won’t accept it. Most often I pass-over some arguments here – but in these times I believe it should be a straight ‘up or down’ vote; not dodging or dancing about posturing. Over-simplification? Well, that’s how it is for me.

    • Freebreezer

      And Remember – Hitler’s father was the bastard child of a mother that worked for the Rothschilds. It is all so interesting.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, that is really non sequitur

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, I have the Bible which I study. I don’t need a 77 part session but thanks all the same

  63. Just'n Observer

    Greg… a bit of insight about Hillary’s V.P. pick Tim Kaine ! In his own words… co-authored the Iran Deal…..admits some of his and Hillary’s failed policy in Syria…their commitment to impose stiffer ‘gun control’ policies and more ! Love what when they are so candid at the CFR held talkfests! Theit mother ship – of the old anti-American Pilgrim Society of Loyalists that feel cheated of their planned aristocracy.

    Hillary at her ‘real’ headquarters:

  64. Mickey

    All the world is a stage and we have reached the final act. Pray for mankind.

    • Paul ...

      It’s the final act … the scene … Lucifer is doing his thing … killing humankind in his constant wars …

      Lucifer with much hubris states: “No man of woman born can oppose me” …

      [Then in the mist of battle … as humans are dying by the thousands fighting Lucifer’s minions … a champion appears … to fight on the side of humanity]

      He says: ” Hey Lucifer … I was not born of women”

      Lucifer says: “Who are you … what is your name??” …

      The champion of mankind says: “I Am Who I Am” … and you … you evil bastard are now damned to Hell!!!

      • Paul ...

        Lucifer lunges his red pitchfork at the “Champion of mankind” but it is easily deflected by the Gold and Silver sword of our Champion … then with a powerful thrust our Champion plunges his Gold and Silver sword right into the heart of the Beast … the Beast writhes in pain to have gold and silver “which he detests” right in his evil heart … and it brings him and his entire empire down for the final count!

  65. APS

    Greg, Hillary is far worse than being a fan of Alinsky (In his book he dedicated it to the first rebel – Lucifer).

    Please do a Google search on “Hillary Clinton Moloch” and see what you get. You will not be surprised, Alinsky looks good in comparison.

    This is what you get, emails mentioning her doing sacrifices to Moloch. Do a search on Moloch if you do not know who he is. From Brittannica

    Moloch, also spelled Molech, a Canaanite deity associated in biblical sources with the practice of child sacrifice. The name derives from combining the consonants of the Hebrew melech (“king”) with the vowels of boshet (“shame”), the latter often being used in the Old Testament as a variant name for the popular god Baal (“Lord”).

    And don’t forget her personal hero Margaret Sanger and what her & Planned Parenthood wanted to do to Blacks and other undesirables.

    Hillary is truly an EVIL person.

  66. Hatemail

    I had a hard time concentrating at work today. The terrorist attack in Munich plus the insulting and dismissive reporting of Trump’s acceptance speech. I kept thinking about Charlie Rose saying over and over how Trump is wrong and un-american vowing to restrict muslim immigration. With each terrorist attack the libs cry louder and louder to open our arms and welcome them in!
    As the murder count racks up it becomes more and more obvious to everyone that Trump is right.

    • Paul ...

      Hillary screams: “Trump is wrong and un-American by vowing to restrict the importation of ISIS terrorists into every city in America” … Hillary says: “How can I destroy America from within with a man like Trump in the White House??”

      Obama chimes in: “Trump is just being racist”
      Lucifer smiles … and gives an approving nod to his minions …

      Trump says: “We must not allow our people to be robbed or killed by evil people anymore” …

      God in these end days gives each of us a vote this November … do we choose to stand with good or evil? … and the way we vote will determine our Final Judgement … God does not need to make that Final Judgement for us … he is leaving it to each one of us to choose our own final fate!!!

  67. Coalburner

    Just want to second Country Codger on the Tip from the equipment sales company. That is real ground truthing. I have been waiting for a chance to obtain a particular item for this kind of currency interest. Looks like my chance is coming.

  68. RockHard

    Great wrap up, Greg. You had me laughing with the form pointing out the gold and silver payment options.
    I know what you mean that this is a fight between Liberty vs. Tyranny.

    Nevertheless, I don’t feel free. Compared to other countries we’re better off here. But we’re not free — really free. Our freedom was taken away from us by the states the moment they instituted property taxes, thereby making everyone serfs and slaves. They infringe on our 2nd amendment right by making it conditional via taxation. This includes our right to travel.

    Can you imagine what would have happened in the old days if the government would have tried to tax people’s horses?

    There is no real freedom in the USA. The states have made sure of that. As bad as the federal government is, the states are worse because they’ve taken everything from us. When they own your land and home, they own you and everything inside your home forever.

    That is the evil burden hanging over every American. It’s far worse than any income tax , though people should have fought the government back in 1913 to repeal that pickpocket amendment. It’s hard to believe they didn’t.

    If the revolutionary army of 1776 were to all awaken today and see the corruption of their country they would assemble and go at again for another 8 years — instantly and without a moments hesitation to wipe away the evil shrouding this country.

    Though Trump is a much better choice than Clinton (Clinton in the race showcases just how evil our government has become.) I’m reluctant to support him because I see him weakening already and because of his choice to allow certain people to speak at the RNC. They should never have been allowed that platform.
    This country is on the verge of being thrown from the Tarpeian Rock.

    2 Corinthians 3:17

    Now the Lord is a Spirit. And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

  69. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for another great weekend wrap-up. I’m not condemning women when I write that women represent a growing majority of the population and electorate. It’s an easily documented fact. Women in the US live on average almost six years longer than men, men represent 95% of those incarcerated, men represent more than 90% of the homeless, etc…. There’s significantly more women in our population and electorate. And Hillary Clinton has promised that growing majority the proceeds of men’s slave labor in exchange for votes (she believes that men are disposable tools, slaves). That men have greater incomes than women is simply a myth that has never ever been true. That’s why I disagree with anyone who believes Trump is going to win the election (not that it matters – sorry, Greg, but I’m in the camp that sees little meaningful difference between Clinton and Trump). It’s not impossible but statistically very improbable. Trump is an opportunist like anyone else with an inflated ego, is addicted to power and control, and as soon as he realizes that he can satisfy that addiction by throwing men under the bus (if he hasn’t already), he will.

    • Paul ...

      Trump has not yet proved he is evil … Hillary has proved her evil a thousand fold!! … unless you are crazy … why is it so difficult to vote for the most logical choice!!

    • MCasey

      Hello DJ,
      If, as you wrote, “There’s significantly more women in our population and electorate [women 18 and older]”.

      And if, “That men have greater incomes than women is simply a myth that has never ever been true.”

      Then women, NOT men, will be the ones contributing the most proceeds (taxes) of their slave labor in exchange for votes for Hillary. Not to mention, per your statement, women will be contributing “on average almost six years longer than men”.

      So, what’s your beef?
      (Vote TRUMP).

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        @ MCasey – Your post is a complete misinterpretation and misrepresentation of facts and data about which I wrote. The dishonesty and silliness with which you write is an example of why collapse of our country’s economy is accelerating (I don’t write this to be insulting but to be constructive). I encourage you to read my post again and reconcile it with the contents of your post. You might have to do it a few times but I’m confident you’ll eventually see the obvious (suffice to write, the logical inconsistencies in your post are exactly the kinds of lacking logic that reprentatives of the NOW presented and that Congress had to ignore in order to push through considerable volumes of unconstitutional legislation during the past fifty years). Your post is also an example of why Trump is not a solution to the dilemma’s with which our nation is confronted. But I would encourage you to vote for him if for no other reason but to prevent Clinton from ascending to the White House (again). Good luck.

  70. wondrouscat

    Melania Trump is not Barbara Bush. Can you say glamorous? Melania had a successful career as a high fashion model, and guess what, she let her body be photographed for this purpose. Not a crime, or even a reflection on her character. Trump should have ignored Cruz’s lame attempt to denigrate Melania for this. Melania will bring glamour and style to the White House like no one before her (she may even eclipse Jackie Kennedy’s popularity). I only wish she had not used a speech writer at all.

    • Paul ...

      Her speech writer was an Obama troll …

  71. K in San Diego

    Just saw the movie “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” by Dinesh D’Souza. VERY GOOD! We all know most of the Hillary story as we who read your website are more informed than others… but the history review was great since we have had history changed by our educational system and progressive influences. Everyone needs to go see this and support Mr. Souza, they will probably throw him in jail again! Thanks for your website, let the truth prevail!

  72. NC Gal

    I have to totally agree with Marcia’s analysis regarding Trump. Unfortunately the reality is that those of us who choose to NOT vote as a protest of the choices we are being offered will have the choice made by those who DO vote. And anyone who votes for anyone BUT Trump (for example the Green Party or Liberterian candidates) may feel better for having done that, but will in effect be throwing away their vote, leaving the field open to Hillary and Trump as the sole candidates who can carry enough votes to win.

    Hillary is beyond awful and contemptible. Unfortunately the only person who can potentially keep her from winning the Presidency is Trump, and I don’t think he’ll be good for this country, either. What a sorrowful situation for our country. Not one good person available to lead her out of her present death-spiral. If there was time (but there isn’t), we should form a grass-roots movement to establish a THIRD major party — the Restoration Party — with a platform to restore things back to the way they were at this country’s inception. Get rid if the Fed; have all states secede from the present corporation and re-form the Republic that we were intended to be. However, there isn’t time and now we are down to terrible times and terrible choices. ALL bubbles eventually burst, and that will include the current population bubble, as well.

  73. Ruth

    Do you suppose there is any chance at this late date that Cruz and others could launch a third party? An effective third party? I am so disillusioned by Trump’s failure to win me over that I am going to bury my head in the sand in Wyoming (where oil is tanking). Just for my own sanity. I worked for Reagan’s campaign and have waited and waited and waited. Of course I will vote against evil Hillary, but I am just so sad.

    • Greg Hunter


    • Galaxy 500

      The filing dates to be on the ballots have passed

  74. Don

    Good wrap-up Greg, I’ve wondered why Clinton is able to garner so much support, when her corruption and policies alike should turn anyone who’s logical away from supporting her. The only thing I can come up with, is either her supporters are young and don’t understand her communist belief’s or they’ve been programed by the media so much they will excuse anything. It has been a delima to me. Your thoughts are welcome. There’s still 3 other suits that may put her in jail, if she’s not elected president. Trump, if elected, may just put her behind bars, by putting in another attorney general and a new FBI chief, the case could be reopened, and justice could still be come. I cannot imagine Trump not winning, unless the elections are truly rigged. Many say they are, and for years now I’ve wondered this very thing, because it seems since Papa Bush through Obama, only CFR preselected candidate have ever made it to the generals. The ones that were, sought Kissengers guidance. I do believe as you, we are in a fight for our nations life, and the scary thing is Hilary has a lot of support. So, knowing the bible teaching about the latter day global government that’s to surface prior to Christ return, leave’s me with anger toward our leadership, in that they’ve allowed it to happen, and a certain joy, because of Christian expectation of Christ return. I want to see Christ. So once again, I appreciate your commitment to reporting the truth and reverence you highly because of it. Thanks for another good wrap-up.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Don – No one on this page more than me hopes that Clinton will lose the election. But the reality is that a large majority of the US population and electorate receive or want to receive free goodies from Clinton and the Democrats (or neoconservative Republicans for that matter) paid for by the hard slave labor of men who work and don’t want free goodies. Only a small minority anymore value hard-work and don’t want free goodies (from either party) because they understand those free goodies come at the expense of someone else’s slave labor. I don’t want Clinton to win but if I were a betting man, I’d put all my money on a land-slide victory for her (it). Probably even greater than the land-slide victory that Reagan enjoyed against Carter in 1979. Almost all the polls one way or the other are not statistically or scientifically valid and are meaningless so I wouldn’t put any faith in them. The United States is not a Socialist economy. It’s a slave economy. Even though the amount of free goodies that people under the Obama regime receive has decreased, the number of people receiving them has increased. Even though the amount of proceeds of the slave labor of men being transferred to people who want free goodies has increased under the Obama regime, the number of slaves from whom the proceeds of that labor have been stolen has decreased. Meaning the net increase in those receiving free goodies has increased and the number of those voting for Clinton since Obama has increased. Outside the handful of people on this page and those associated with other limited examples of alternate media, most people don’t even understand the problem with a private server, classified emails and an FBI investigation. Even fewer care. And almost no one inside this country understands the real existential threat Clinton presents to other nuclear-armed countries like Russia and China, and what their response to that threat is likely to be. And even if they did, the average American is so clueless that they wouldn’t care about that either. So when you write that you cannot imagine Trump winning, it’s not a matter of your imagination but a matter of the numbers. The only thing more dangerous than leadership in the US is the population that keeps electing it. People get the leaders they deserve.

  75. Paul ...

    As you say Don “anyone who’s logical should turn away from supporting Hillary” … however about 1/3rd of the American population is evil … so logic to these evil people is to vote for one of their kind (Hillary) … yes it is scary that there are so many evil people around us … but we simply have to do what GOD did … vote Hillary to Hell … and us remaining 2/3rds will be able to live again without crooks at every door … if God’s people stick together … Trump should get 66% of the vote on November 2, 2016!

  76. Félix

    Thank you Greg for giving us another view about what is going on.

    Just to let you know, here in Canada, both national medias (CBC and Radio-Canada) are doing a pretty good job at bashing Trump but Clinton is always put on a pedestal of glory. It would be nice to have objective analysis about both candidates. Most sad and painful is that we finance their propaganda machine with our taxes…

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM in almost all countries is corrupt thought shaping operations. The objective evidence against Hillary is overwhelming, that’s how you know. The MSM ignorance of wrongdoing and law breaking is willful. How does she still have a security clearance???? Willful ignorance by the dark powers who support her.

  77. Darnell Coles

    This commentary is a sham. I heard about this site and it wont surprise me if you censor my entire opinion, but the inference that Hillary is communist is way off base. Hillary has been a solid supporter of the oppressed and all minorities and all of us at the lower end of the food chain economically. She is a champion of civil rights and civil liberties and doesn’t deserve this kind of smear campaign. This is some kind of right wing hate group you got going here and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Its shameful. Downright shameful. Email me if you want to know what those of us in the democratic wing want to see. Also, please watch our democratic convention this week. We will make history when Hillary is elected !

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey everybody here’s what a Clinton paid troll looks like. Please not this totally false accusation “This is some kind of right wing hate group you got going here and you should be ashamed of yourselves..” I must have cut to the bone by pointing out the Clinton/Marxist/Communist ties. Even the leader of the Democratic party can’t say what the difference is between Democrats and socialists, which are close to on the spectrum of Communism.! Enjoy.

      • Charles H


        The Democrats must have a coolie-cutter mindset Gina-based form: it’s all the same dream, and vitriol.

    • Galaxy 500

      A solid supporter of the oppressed?
      Hillary? You are talking about Hillary Clinton right? The one that promised to put coal miners into poverty.
      Right wing Hate Group.
      Hahaha hahahaee
      Hey, Greg, you’ve hit the BIG time. There are more trolls here than I have seen. I think one is Gina under a different name. You must have reached enough people that you are scaring them so they are going after you in the comments.
      Greg, Keep it real!

      • Greg Hunter

        I think you are correct.

        • Charles H

          You’re darn tootin’ G5 is correct!!! (And probably made the cover of “NSA Anonymous Magazine”)

  78. Wilfong

    Time to ban trucks!

  79. Wilfong

    Obviously, we need stricter background checks for truck drivers license..

    • Greg Hunter

      How are you doing?

  80. Just'n Observer

    Don — Your not far off !
    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 250 Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising

    • JC Davis

      3 hours and 26 min. long. LOL I spent three hours on this page already. At least 4 hours a week on this site… Because folks like you are sooo informative. Thanks.

  81. Galaxy 500

    The economy is on the mend according to the 0bamachrist, the facts seem to contradict about every word the deamon speakes

  82. Galaxy 500

    Question: How can rah rah sis boom bah pro-labor union representatives push a party that, through immigration and environmentalism is destroying American jobs?

    Answer: They can’t, but they do. They do what the democrat party, the socialists, and communists tell them to to, they don’t care about their members lives and well being.

  83. Galaxy 500

    Question: Why do people take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz?
    Answer: It saves time

    • JC Davis

      G I don’t understand how Cruz became able to run for president. Obama had to fake a birth certificate to remain in office because republicans did not believe he was born in America… Why is it ok for Cruz to run with his hand waving a Canadian birth certificate ? Some fraud is apparently acceptable, some not.

  84. Galaxy 500

    wow – haven’t seen a story take off like this in a while
    // some links from huffingtonPOS
    // ooh – off the record MEDIA correspondence w WAPO, Politico, WSJ
    // and twitter tries to suppress it !
    // is sally on the payroll ?

  85. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg:
    Your week news summery is indeed very good, but what made me really impressed was the shape and content of its heading cartoon.

    Whoever did that work is a natural political genius that overshadowed all other excellent comments following your review.

    Thank you for making my day and the whole week!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro!!

  86. Htc

    Greg, posted this before but I’ll say it again.

    November 20, 2016 to september 23 2017. The 40 weeks between these days are the same spoken by Jesus pertaining to a woman in labor pains and all that’s accompanied with it.

    Do a quick Google search or use astronomy software to see the event spoken in revelation 12 occurring in the heavens on September 23, 2017. It is the woman clothed by the sun with the moon at her feet and a crown of 12 stars. I believe due to scripture and the events surrounding it that it is the half way point of tribulation. I believe the tribulation started on april 15, 2014 at the first blood moon of the tetrad. There are exactly 1,260 days between April 15, 2014 and september 23, 2017. 1260 days on the Hebrew calendar mind you, it’s 1277 on the Gregorian calendar. The feast of trumpets lands on sept. 21 or 22nd of 2017. Nobody knows for sure when the feast of trumpets begins as it is dependent upon the sighting of the new moon.

    The significance of Nov 20, 2016 is because the constellation Virgo will become “pregnant” by the king planet jupiter, it will remain in the abdomen of Virgo for 10 months. The same as a woman’s pregnancy. Virgo also makes up the sign of rev 12.

    So from Nov 20th 2016 until the birth on September 23 2017 things will go from bad to worse.

    There’s much more but I’m on my phone at work but if anyone is interested there are parables and scripture from Genesis to revelation that point to this symbolic and literal event that is about to take place.

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