Will the Bad Economy Cause Crime to Increase?

 By Greg Hunter’s


Over the past 15 years or so, violent crime and property crime (theft) has been on a slow steady decline.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in the past few years, that decline has leveled off.  Part of the decline has been attributed to a good economy in most of those years.  Part of the decline can also be attributed to good police work and fully staffed departments.   

 I don’t think the trends in these graphs are going to continue.  It appears staffing levels for police departments across the country are changing for the worse.  Cities and states all over the U.S. are facing a bad economy and plunging tax receipts.  They can’t print money, so budgets need to be cut.  Even the police are on the chopping block.  Goggle the term “police layoffs,” and you will find talk of cutting back on law enforcement from Detroit to Dallas and from Los Angeles to New York City.  (Recently, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg took cutting thousands of police jobs off the table for next years budget, so cops there are safe for now.)

The economy is looking like it’s going to take another downturn with increased unemployment and millions more home foreclosures coming.  So, are the people going to still be safe with a reduced police presence?  Maybe not, and here is a perfect example of what I am talking about.  The sheriffs department in Ohio’s largest county just cut the number of deputies it employs in half–from 112 to just 49.  A judge in that county is very concerned for the safety of its residents.  Here’s how the AP reported it last week:  CLEVELAND — One judge’s solution for citizens feeling less secure because of budget cuts in an Ohio county: Carry a gun.  Judge Alfred Mackey of Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court advised residents Friday to be vigilant and arm themselves because the number of deputies has been cut about in half because of a tight budget. He also urged neighbors to organize anti-crime block watch groups.  “They have to be law-abiding, and if they are not familiar with firearms they need to take a safety course so they are not a threat to their family and friends and themselves,” Mackey said Friday. (Click here for the complete AP story.) 

Don’t worry, the world is not going to change overnight; but by 2014, Trends Research founder Gerald Celente says, “You’re going to see major cities (in the U.S.) look like Calcutta . . . You are going to see crime levels that are going to rival that of a third world country.”

Celente, who has made many correct predictions, says what America is facing is the “Greatest Depression” which will be much worse than the Great Depression because of high debt loads facing individuals and governments.  Don’t take my word for it, listen to Celente in the video below as he talks about his predictions for 2010:

Here is another insightful video with Celente:

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  1. Elihu E. O'Dowd

    I have no doubt that ALL types of crime will escalate as the ranks of law enforcement are downsized; it’s the nature of man. And when man gets hungry, or jealous of another when the other is employed, he will develop an unfair sense of entitlement. I concur with the Judge in Ohio; “Carry a gun”. I am…

    • Greg

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I think you feel like a lot of people.

  2. David Conrad

    So scary but I’m afraid spot on. We are seeing budget cuts galore in our small community and most of my friends and I never leave home without packing. Sorry state of affairs!

    • Greg

      What do think would happen if states and cities had the power to print money just like the government? Print, print, print but they can’t so it is cut, cut, tax, tax and cut some more. Keep on writing USAWatchdog.com and keep on “packing” so you feel safe!

  3. Mark

    I spoke with friend this morning who works for the apprasal district and has 43 counties in Texas. He told me that in Houston and surrounding areas 40% of all homes currently being purchased are in foreclosure. And that the situation is about to get much worse according to my friend because the banks are holding a whole lot on their books.

    The point is that when enough folks become uncomfortable in their daily lives all bets are off! It is happening.

    Guns/Ammo check, 6 mos freeze dried food check, gold and silver check. Prepare and prepare some more.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mark. Sounds like you have been busy.

  4. Mark Mudgett

    Hello Greg,

    I dusted off my friends, Harry and Fiona. We have been visiting the gun range and national forests where hunting and plinking are legal. I am hunting again and I am back in shape.

    Sheriffs and Police Chiefs in California are warning of increased crime as more police are laid-off.

    I don’t plan on being the fat slob who begs for food or requires security help from others.

    To answer your question: If the PRK (People’s Republic of Kalifornia) could print money, Saldana, Bass, and the Governator would be paying overtime to print-shop workers and demanding more production.

    As you have probably noticed by my last two posts, I am very discouraged.

    I am going to a Tea Party today where I will be falsely labeled a “racist homophobe nazi.” FOXTROT BRAVO SIERRA!


    • Greg

      It is an important part of America to be able to protest and ask the government to address your concerns as long as it is peaceful. That said, there is nothing wrong with being able to protect yourself. Thank your for your comment and support.

      • Mark Mudgett

        Hey Greg,

        I am discouraged, not crazy.

        Mark wrote(the other Mark):
        “The point is that when enough folks become uncomfortable in their daily lives all bets are off! It is happening.

        Guns/Ammo check, 6 mos freeze dried food check, gold and silver check. Prepare and prepare some more.”

        He wrote profoundly what I am thinking. Things could get bad.


        • Greg

          I agree things could get very bad.

  5. Jim

    Horsedump! Police do not “prevent” crime,they show up afterword and file a report and tell you they will “investigate”. YOU are responsible for your safety. Keep your wits about you in public and watch your local area.I would rather have no police and a 12 gauge than the whole NYPD.

    • Greg

      Don’t forget to take the plug out. Thank you for your comment. All my friends have at least a shotgun.

  6. Bill

    It might end up reducing crime. The cops don’t really prevent much crime. People are unwise to count on help from police at any time but especially now. So now the people will have to rely on themselves. They will be armed, they will be more vigilant and cautious. They will probably end up knowing their neighbors a little bit better and relying on one another more. The criminals may be in big trouble.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment.

  7. Minas

    Jim, True enough – police don’t do much to prevent crime, but they do often solve them. Downsized departments mean overworked staffs, less investigation, less prosecution, and fewer bad guys removed from the streets. Expect even more unresolved crimes in the future. Anyway,personal responsibility for self-defense and protection will be more necessary than ever.

  8. Vernon Blomquist

    The book “Freakonomics” had a very controversial section where the author claimed that, by statistical analysis, the main cause of the reduction in crime that started in the 80s was legalized abortion. The reasoning was that the demographics of criminals matched the demographics of a large portion of those who were aborted (those with uneducated, poor, young mothers) and the time lag from legalization to crime drop matched the time for those “not born” babies to have reached their prime crime age. He strongly pointed out that the number of abortions was huge compared to the reduction in crime, i.e. not in any sense “cost effective” for crime prevention, but that the correlation was definitely there. Haven’t seen that idea discussed anywhere else. As an aside, I can’t even begin to imagine what I would do with a family and no job and no prospects. The situation is very unpredictable, except to say that it will probably end badly.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment.

  9. Clem

    Some of us cannot pack heat due to the sensitive nature of our employment. I remember when my shotgun extractor failed on a hunting trip. I only had one shot at the quary and had to make it count. With this handicap, I found that I became a much better shooter. Massad Ayoob wrote a good book titled “In The Gravest Extremes” that deals with fire arms and personal tactics. I will be digging this out once again for tips on a secure commute. Best wishes to all.

  10. PatriotWatch

    YES! This will be the summer of blood. We have started already here in Chicago. 40 shot over Easter weekend. The hotter it gets the higher the totals.

    Down sizing of law enforcement across the country will only be a small part. Police are out and about trying to save their jobs. The presense here in Illinois is like I have never seen before. The stop light cameras are going up faster thean new homes.

    Today we have been told the economy is getting better. Tomorrow the world will look alot different. Unless something is done soon there will be No turning back this time. We will NOT be able to give the BANKS money to survive. Bank of America will soon Be Bank of America.

    • Greg

      Save yourself, we will need all good Americans when this is over.

  11. pepper spray gel

    It is truly a sad state we are all in when our own personal safety is at risk. Would you feel safer if you carried a gun some yes some no. What ever works for you. Our government has taken control of too many things in my life. I need to take charge of my own personal safety, it is clear that with all the police layoff once again the elderly and children will be most effected by. I for one will make sure my parents are safe at all cost. That is my job as a daughter. Pepper spray, Stun Gun, Taser whatever works for you, Too many people wait to become a victim before they take action.

    • Greg

      Non-lethal, I like that.

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