WNW 187, Iran Navy Flees Yemen, Clinton Bribery Scandal, and Flash Crash Patsy

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (4/24/15) 

There is some good news concerning the ongoing war in Yemen.  Iran cargo ships, possibly carrying arms and supplies, have turned around and are headed back to Iran.  Was it because of the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier group?  You can bet on it.  I was worried that this would turn into a major international incident.  Why Yemen and other hot spots are not part of the Iran nuclear negotiations is beyond me.  Yemen sits on the southern border of Saudi Arabia and next to a major oil choke point leading into the Suez Canal.  Now, the bad news, the battle over Yemen that involves Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda and the Houthi Iran backed rebels is far from over.  The Saudis are continuing a bombing campaign after a brief halt to it.  It is only a matter of time until their troops invade to restore order, and that is not going to be quick or easy.  If the Saudis are not successful in getting control of the chaos that is now Yemen, the royal family could be knocked out of power.  If or when that happens, you could kiss the U.S. dollar goodbye, as reserve currency and the value of the dollar would plummet.  The world would go into an economic meltdown.  This is why the U.S. sent a carrier group to Yemen and why the stakes are so high.  This story is far from over.  Even though there is talk of a political negotiation, the sides are a long way from sitting down to talk peace.

There is a new book called “Clinton Cash” that is alleging bribes paid to Hillary Clinton’s so-called charity when she was Secretary of State.  In one deal alone, $145 million came into her foundation by foreign donors, and that allegedly paved the way for Russia to buy a large piece of U.S. uranium production.  The Clintons say none of the allegations are true, and it is just a partisan attack.  That is hard to believe when news organizations, such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, are doing stories.  The Clinton Foundation is also refiling at least five years of tax returns because of errors and omissions, according to published reports.  Legal expert Andrew Napolitano said the Obama Justice Department has indicted Senator Bob Menendez on much weaker evidence and violations.  Some Clinton backers say that by next year, all this will be old news.  I say it took Woodward and Bernstein a couple of years to fully uncover Watergate in the Nixon Administration.  This is not going to go away, and the FBI may be forced to investigate.  None of this is good for President Obama’s legacy, and I am sure it is not going to make him happy.  As one book title states, there is a well-documented “Blood Feud” between the Clintons and the Obamas.  Might the President be forced to instruct his brand new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to investigate the Clintons so he can save face?  This is a huge story, with a lot more shoes to fall.  I predict, at some point, it will be the Democrats that walk into Hillary’s office and ask her to step back.  That is exactly what happened to Richard Nixon, whom Hillary Clinton helped to take down.  You could call this Karma, or what comes around goes around.

Remember the “Flash Crash” five years ago, when 600 points got erased from the Dow in just a few minutes?  At the time, there were stories about how somebody’s “fat finger” caused the crash.  Now, we find out that it was a lone guy in London trading stocks in his underwear that caused the carnage.   That is simply preposterous.  A story in Zero Hedge says the trader that was arrested and charged is nothing more than a patsy.  Authorities took him down because he was going to expose the fraud that is high frequency trading, or market manipulation, according to ZeroHedge.com.  Front running trades is illegal, but not when you use a high frequency trading program that can make thousands of trades per second.  My friend, Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net, says this is not the work of just one guy.  Mannarino says if you want to find out what’s really going on, all you have to do is go back and find out who made big money in this move.  Of course, the mainstream media is all over this story, but it ignores how the CME Group gives volume discounts to central banks.  Yes, entities that can print unlimited amounts of money would never manipulate the currency, precious metals or commodities markets, all of which are under the CME umbrella.  The so-called flash crash trades were also made through the CME Group.  What a coincidence.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Rich M

    Hi Greg:

    For those who like science and gold… like me…. Here’s some newly discovered uses for gold in nano technology.


    • JC Davis

      Rich M. The possibilities are endless. In time they will filter radiation particles from nuclear fallout. Great video. Thanks

  2. LizG.,Kenya

    Equalizer;where the 2stupid cops on returnin the cash concluded that it hurt so much more than the beatin.
    Taken3;End quote to the f**d up idiot at the airport.
    Furious7;Tyrese starts scared funny but becomes sober funny while at the house party..”now we are talkin”.
    Journey goes on..We walk n live by Faith in Obedience 2His voice.NOT by sight.
    Be still n know that I am YAHUVEH.Darlene Z.
    YAHUSHUAH will come n save U.Bob Fitts
    I felt sorry when MY RUACH ha KODESH prayed. R.Travis

  3. vincent_g

    I remember when Bill was up on stage with Ross Perot and George Bush.
    He sounded just like a preacher up there and he even had a book.
    Yes sir he told people that all their questions could be answered by reading that book of his.
    Quite an act wouldn’t you say?

    Getting past the Clintons, which some people seem to have trouble doing, the question of inflation verses deflation seems to keep haunting us.

    Although there are those that think deflation is what will happen if you think this out you will see it can’t take place.
    Should the dollar gain value it would bankrupt Local, State and the Federal Government. We can’t have that happen because it will cause the dollar to collapse.
    So what ever it takes the Fed to do to shore up the dollar they will do it!

    What you must understand is it’s a all or nothing game.
    If a large number of companies go under it will start a domino collapse the likes of which no one has ever seen.

    So a strong dollar due to deflation can not take place for deflation is no longer allowed.
    You may have people running to the US dollar for shelter but that will be short lived.

    In any event we are a ways off unless something unusual happens.
    To be at the end of the road we have to have one or two banks left standing.
    There are many banks left to gobble up.

    Banks have to grow or die.
    In a stagnant economy banks can’t grow so they must take over other banks.
    If you try to break up the big banks that will cause a complete collapse of the economy.

    So you can expect more of the same year after year.
    The ride will at times get very bumpy but deflation is not in the cards.
    When the ride stops it will be very ugly.

    • JC Davis

      Vincent G were on the same page. With the ability to print at will deflation is a impossibility.
      Off topic. Why do you think the debt clock has been frozen ?

  4. Ugly

    The Powers and the Subjects by Ugly.

    The Powers wanted minerals, so the Subjects went and mined it for them.

    The Powers wanted water and food so the Subjects farmed it for them.

    The Powers wanted thought control, so the Subjects taught it for them.

    The Powers wanted others lands, so the Subjects fought and died for them.

    Each day, Subjects buried for the Powers. Subjects gone, but no big deal–plenty of ant replacements. The ants don’t know anything other than what the Powers want.

    The Powers don’t want the ants. They are disposable just like a useless pawn. But for a Queen or King, a useless pawn is always needed for something. Generally used to save the Powers.

    • Mason

      You are correct. The elite needs the police and military to do their bidding. But they are not trusted by the elite. Fear of the police and military turning on the elite is one of the reasons the drone program is getting speeded up by the elite. Do you think the elite cares about the veterans? I think not.

      • Ugly

        No, I do not think they care about Veterans or about anybody else. What they care about is themselves and how to retain control. They are above the Law, thus they are the Law.

        • wd


          I highly recommend Aaron Russo’s documentary about this. Don’t remember name but its on you tube.

          Informative and scary…

  5. mac

    Greg relates t0o much MSM? Iran is sober. Saudi is a USA puppet, that is not a question. Libya is wrecked, Iraq is wrecked, Syria being crippled, Ukraine is en route to 3rd world, now it’s Yemen’s turn. Big profits for arms manufacturers.
    What would Iran do with a bomb, tell me? Beside avoid all these attack fears…?
    Hill is Bi (Jennifer Flowers Bill’s 10 yr mistress in her book says he told her !). Another first for President – only in America, freaks.
    Greg is very young. I am almost 70 yrs. Don’t get caught in insignificant things is my advice. Be creative, not reactive to the BS in the msm.
    If it’s Jeb and Hill so what? They are all actors. Period. They have little power and do what they are told, or else….

    • paul

      I think the Russian sales of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran (Shiites) should be look upon as a “stabilizing” influence in the region … because “unprecedented levels” of weapons sales have been made by the west (the US, Canada and the UK) to the (mainly Sunni) Gulf states. Vladimir Putin’s decision seems to be aimed more at keeping ‘a balance of power in the region” which helps promote peace not war … wars only start when one side thinks it has overwhelming weapon superiority to win and defeat the other side.

    • Galaxy 500

      “What would Iran do with a bomb, tell me?”
      I believe Iran when they say they want to destroy Israel and the US.
      You believe the Saudis are a US puppet. If only that was true.

  6. vincent_g

    My guess is you have someone typing on a PC keyboard while your are recording this video.
    The problem is it sounds like drums beating!

    Vibrations travel quite well on a desk and microphones pick these vibrations up.

  7. Rambo's Monster

    At almost 70 years of age one would think that the Clintons would be satisfied with just 30 or 40 million and one presidential legacy (good, bad or whatever) and simply chill on a beach. I could understand actual charity work; I mean “foundation” work. LOL

    This whole deal with the devil, egomania, and/or mental illness thing is stupefying. Even more astounding is the mere fact that real people would actually cast their vote for her.
    That is all.

    • paul

      Hillary only seeks our adoration because her husband is very busy … seeking piece in our time!

      • paul

        I meant to say peace … SORRY!

        • Desert Rose

          Nawww- Bill Clinton seeks piece of ________ .

          • Galaxy 500

            Just what I was thinking. I hear he buy Viagra by the 55 gallon drum.

  8. LizG.,Kenya

    Pray Up,Pray Up,Pray Up.
    On all occasions and in Constant Thanksgivin from deep within your HEARTS;He will come and save you.
    Don’t give up,Just Move in and His Holy Angels will be there to receive you.He is YAHUVEH.
    Move in!
    I saw a Vision of His Holy Angel with gifts.I don’t know whats inside BUT you must move in.May your Hearts be pure before His Presence day in,day out.
    Am at Peace with Jewish Saturdays for Sabbath Keepers.NOT Seventh Day Adventist..Note the difference.May God lead you.

  9. Gert

    T h e_B i b l e,— B o o k_of_A c c u r a t e_P r o p h e c y

    “The End Will Come”

    An outstanding feature of the Bible—is its prophecies, or predictions. Are Bible prophecies merely the work of clever humans? Do they bear the hallmark of divine inspiration or is it just more end time gobble de goop? Weigh the evidence.

    DO YOU feel incensed when corrupt governments oppress and exploit their citizens? Does it offend your sense of justice when big business fattens the rich at the expense of the poor? Are you angered when religious leaders encourage wars, murder or fleece their flocks and teach outright falsehoods? If so, you may be pleased to learn that the Bible too condemns these evils. The Bible prophecies that foretell the end of all wickedness and wicked people, merit our observation and full trust.

    The End of Wickedness

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    God does not approve of blind faith, or credulity. Accordingly, he inspired the Bible writers to record many prophecies that only he, the Almighty, could fulfill. A number of those prophecies and their amazing fulfillment have been discussed in USAwatcdog, just as this post. We can be confident, then, that God will fulfill the predictions that involve our future, including those mentioned here.

    Yes, the Creator will bring an end to false religion, oppressive rulership, and the greedy in the commercial world.

    Would you like to learn more about what will happen after those events occur? Keep up with USAWatchdog as it covers just about everything concerning our financial as well as physical well being and safety in the near future and in these critical times hard to deal with. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments. I’m testimony to the fact Greg Hunter is very tolerant of a wide variety and diversity of views shared here that some are not, so thanks Greg and all, fear not!

    • Gert

      P.S. Correction;_that, ‘some,’ may not be so tolerant of allowing unlike Greg!

      “It’s no wonder why USAWatchdog is so popular, where else can you get so much info and views and comments about so much effecting our day to day lives and immediate future”

      As Gregster says, plan, prepare, be thoughtful along with an open mind, cause you never know, you might need it!

      What more can he say that he has said. . .

      English Standard Version:
      fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. ◄ Isaiah 41:10 ►

      And I know, way too long, that’s all folks!

  10. Jim G

    Not a single mention of Jade Helm 15? Interesting.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jim G,
      Yeah it must be some sort of conspiracy. If you have anew fact then you are welcome to add it.

      • Jim G

        Greg, I made my comment because more and more information is coming out daily on Jade Helm 15 (excluding the MSM of course) and none of it is good. If this is just a drill, I would really like someone to explain what the logical reason is to be conducting this widespread operation other than to set the stage for an impending declaration of martial law.

        If you or anyone else thinks this is just a conspiracy theory, I strongly suggest you start doing your own research into this and tell me where I am wrong. On the other hand, if I am right you won’t need to worry about whether the price of gold is going to go up or down and what to invest in. You are going to have much more important things to worry about.

      • Jerry

        Greg I thought this was conspiracy porn to until I saw this.
        Since when does the U.S. military practice the roundup of American citizens in a major metropolitan area? This is clearly a violation of the constitution on so many levels, but yet silence from our Congressional leaders and MSM.

  11. Clare Doll

    You made my day with your prediction about Hillary NOT being our president ! — because you have a higher prediction IQ than your guests — unfortunately, no one makes my list for president but Hillary makes my ABSOLUTELY NOT list. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      This was easier than Kay Hagen. Hill is done and this story is going to be dropping so many shoes it will make Imelda Marcos blush. Just wait. Money stories are the hardest to fight and this is a money story of the highest degree. As an investigative reporter I loved money stories because the money is the money and 2 plus 2 always equal 4. Clintons are enriching themselves while she is pitching the “every man” and Obama and the Clinton hate each other. You now that the foreign donations story was leaked right out of the Obama White House as well as campaign? Done!!! At this moment the Dems are scrambling for a candidate or candidates to replace her. They know how much trouble this is. Remember the email server scandal. How about the foreign donations to her charity? Both stories were leaked right out of the Obama White House. How many more bombs will Obama drop on the Clintons? Who knows but more bombs are coming.

  12. jose

    No! it was the video 🙂

  13. Ugly

    What the USA and the World needs is some real major recovery. As 2Chronicles7 tells a Nation and it’s people:

    1. People need to humble themselves
    2. Pray
    3. Seek God
    4. Turn away from wickedness.

    People. I think because we as a people and as a Nation no longer seek God, our judgement day is coming. Our Nation needs many prayers.

  14. Jerry

    I don’t expect you to respond to this, but I have friends in Arkansas who knew the Clintons when Bill was governor. According to them, there was a reason people in Arkansas referred to Bill as “Slick Willy”. These people are financial carpetbaggers and will do anything for money. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it Bill who rented out the Lincoln bedroom when he was president? Hillary? She’s a bigger slickster than Bill.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Greeks say “Character is fate.” The road for the Clintons is going to be very rough and not slick. This time, the Clintons have involved their adult daughter. This will prove to be a major weakness if charges are filed. Think Bernie Madoff and he plea deal that protected his family.

      • Galaxy 500

        I sure don’t see Zipper Bill or Hildabeast going to jail to protect little Chelsea. She now involved in the family criminal enterprise and needs to be prosecuted with the other two minions of Satan.

  15. Mitch Bupp

    You have to laugh at the organized chaos in the Middle East. It sure looks like a strategy of tension which will escalate …… have a great weekend Greg


    • Galaxy 500

      Do you believe a “real” intelligence source would go to the Huffington post? Yes, the HuffPo are such a bastion of integrity and honesty…
      When everyone stops laughing, they can see this is just another one of Obama’s misinformation campaigns.

  16. George Lenz

    As always, a great job of covering the stories that need to be covered, Greg!

  17. David

    Hi Greg,
    Great WNW. Can I inject a little thought? Could it be the democratic party is going to throw Hillary under the bus and they already have an “unknown” (like Obama was in 2007/08) in the wings, who comes from nowhere to win the election in 2016? Just a thought.

    • Greg Hunter

      The short answer is yes. They did it before with President Obama and now they have every reason to do it again.

    • Bob Lamb

      Maybe when Obama tries to continue on after his term is up, he can get the backing of the party if she is gone! How is that for conspiracy.

  18. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good news wrap. The Bill & Hillary uranium deal with the Russians makes me go Hmmm. Loretta Lynch was just confirmed as the new Attorney General and a RICO case is tailor-made for a lawyer with her background. Sure would be a thing to see the Hill dressed in a bright orange prison pants suit. I wonder if the Clinton machine has anything to hold over the new AG…

  19. diane

    Excellent report Greg.
    You are my favorite commentator.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane. I don’t always get it perfect but I try. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  20. Jerry

    The trap is being set.
    Just in case you missed it, the World Bank and the IMF have been meeting in closed door sessions this week, to map out their strategy for SDR drawing rights for China. Contrary to what many people think (Rick Ackerman) this is going to have a profound affect on the future of the dollar. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and stick your neck in that dollar trap and take the cheese. Just don’t coming crying to Greg about losing your a##when the SHTF.

  21. WD

    Greg Dont knowif you saw this:

    11.4 % drop in home sales.
    “New home sales collapse in March”


    • Jerry

      One of my businesses is real estate investments. The only financing I have seen on home sales the last six year has been with government loans like USDA, FHA, etc. The Banks invested their TARP money in derivatives.

  22. Brenton Morley

    Hi Greg,
    I like your news spot on the internet. I appreciate your trying to help
    the american people. the Lord bless you.
    I am think seriously of moving to Missouri. Since you said you have a place
    there I was wondering if such a move would be a good Idea.
    I live in the middle of Pennsilviania and am concerned about population
    Thank you,
    Brenton Morley

  23. Don

    Greg, You and readers need to see this. I’ll try to post article.http://dailyreckoning.com/well-have-qe4-and-probably-qe5-or-else-collapse/

  24. southern girl

    Greg, I’m still laughing about the Scooby Do Park. I found this WNW 187 one of the funniest episodes. I know you were serious but like Gerald Celente says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.” I hope it is the end for her. I know somewhere down the line we will find out how much corruption is in our government. Maybe this will be the daisy chin event to start that. Someone could know they were about to be implicated and so they in turn rat on someone else. Maybe we an all say a prayer that evil will not win over truth. Thanks so much for all you do. You have some really smart people on this site. I don’t comment all the time but I keep up with them. Such as Allen Ols, Jerry , Paul… Allen I think you were the one who grew up or lived in Murfreesboro, TN. I went to school there. I think from your comments we are about the same age. Thanks again everyone

    • allen ols

      S. Gal

      I live in donalson near I-40, 30 min drive to the ‘boro’, I am 63-64. JC Davis lives 8 min. away.PFI and i keep in touch by e mail, cell, text.

  25. southern girl

    I meant to say daisy chain event not chin. SORRY!

  26. Gert

    Auschwitz guard offers Germans something rare: A Nazi who admits what he did

    Tribune News Service

    Matthew Schofield

    19 hrs ago

    AP: Former SS guard Oskar Groening waits for the start of the trail against him in a courtroom in Lueneburg, northern Germany, Thursday, April 23, 2015 BERLIN — On the opening day of his trial on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder, the man known as the “accountant of Auschwitz” told of the moment he lost his “euphoria for Adolf Hitler.”


    Post and link for future reference considering possible FEMA camps cropping up here and there. F E A R ~ N O T!

    • Galaxy 500

      Personally, I think it is stupid to prosecute one of the few Nazis that told the truth of what happened and what he did. He was an accountant. I hear people say, he should have just said no. How do you say no to an organization that will kill you and your entire family? That’s not a rhetorical question as I am afraid in the next decade, we are going to be faced with the same Dilemma.

      I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.

      – Revelation 22:18-19

  27. JC Davis

    Greg. What a week this has been. Big disagreement’s with so many point of views. The only one I liked was my own. Have a good weekend. And Bill Holter.

  28. Gert

    Brace for flood of foreclosures when boom-era HELOCs turn 10

    MainStreet /Reuters

    Jerry Kronenberg

    3 hrs ago

    Millions of Americans will soon see monthly bills shoot up on home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) taken out during the housing boom, because HELOCs are going to start making homeowners pay both interest and principal, not just interest. That’s bad news because many consumers are already underwater, meaning they owe more than their places are worth, a RealtyTrac study shows.


  29. Gert

    Delayed, Harassed and Threatened: Feds Fine Mortgage Servicer $63M


    Bob Sullivan

    8 hrs ago

    Nationwide mortgage servicing company Green Tree will pay $63 million to settle allegations that it mistreated mortgage holders, federal authorities revealed this week.
    Green Tree was accused of misleading consumers about their monthly payments, harassing them if they were as little as one day late, forcing them to making payments using a pricey “Speedpay” system, stalling short sales and not honoring
    mortgage modifications. The firm will return $48 million to consumers and pay a $15 million civil penalty; it admitted no wrongdoing.


  30. Rob

    Keep up the good work Greg. There’s so few people left anywhere to really trust in anymore to tell an unbiased news. I still think you do.

  31. Don

    Great wrap-up Greg. I hope your right about Hilary, but the republicans are as much sold out to the NWO as democrats are. The CFR, trilateral commission, Bilderberg, and all of these globalist groups are the ones that pick both candidates. We only get to vote on there picks. There agenda will still be followed regardless of the candidate. You do a great job, examining the info you get. I’m a simple person, and you speak on a plan that I can identify with, even though the subject may be complex. Thanks buddy for just being Greg. I know there is a lot of fear out there on this global collapse thing, but true believers have nothing to fear. Wickedness in the world, and all this planning for a global totalitarian government is all revealed in scripture, and all that they do, in there own wisdom and unbelief will be to there own demise. Thanks for occasionally sharing your faith, it means a lot to me, brother.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agreed but I think there will a little less erosion of our rights as in 2nd Amendment.

  32. Thomas

    Clintons are scum, but nothing will come of her illegal activities.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not so sure about that. This is not a one and done story. Democrats are very worried and are going to be forced to make a decision as to whether she should run of not. Congressional hearings here wee come. The Clintons are in deep trouble and there is real meat here.

      • Agent P

        There was ‘real meat’ with Billy Jeff too. It was once said during Billy Jeff’s prezidency that he could rape a nun on the Outhouse lawn, and the media would blame the nun…

        The ‘media’ is behind Hillary. If they (and Wall Street and AIPAC) want her elected bad enough, they’ll find a way to spin-off, $bribe-off, or threaten-with-FBI-files off, ~anyone~ in Congress who dares to bring anything more than a righteous indignation circus for public consumption…

        • Art Barnes

          Agreed, I’ve been watching the Slick Willie & Mrs. Slick for years now, every scandal finds them more photos ops, a new position in the government & another 5 or 10 million richer; Greg, your just wrong, you would be right if this was a real journalistic truth sought media, but since it isn’t, you will be calling her Mrs. President in January 2016 as I will.

          • Greg Hunter

            We will see. My bet is the Dems will be running other candidates and when it gets really tough, and it will, Hill will step off the presidential stage.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Alas, you could be right.
            Hillary has all the right credentials being an evil lying habitual little thief who also just happens to enjoy killing. After all, what more could the neocons ask for.
            All I can say is God help humanity if she gets her foot back in the door of that big white house.

      • paul

        Greg … this whole run for President may just be a negotiation tactic … to be given up for reduced penalties!

        • Greg Hunter

          You may be correct or the government will say we will not prosecute your only child if you fall on your swords Billary. No matter what it is going to be very interesting.

      • Silence is Golden

        You could be correct there Greg.
        But do not discount her supporters (Banksters and Corporate America) or the $3BLN war chest she is accumulating. Her campaign is in full swing and with the assistance of the Media she will be painted as the FIRST Female President. Watch for the “ANTI” – women propaganda BS to flood the tabloids .. she is being wrapped in cotton wool. Every cursive word spoken from hereon out will be measured as a cursive word against women in general. That card is being played front and centre and will overwhelm any attempt to break her. I suspect new laws will be passed to ensure that anyone attempting to use the “anti-feminist” approach will be seen to slander her. This is gonna get real ugly….if it weren’t already.

  33. Keith

    Good wrap up as usual.
    Poor Hillary. Obviously a victim of a vast right wing conspiracy.
    Taking heat for the huge money donated to the Foundation now.
    When will the media focus on her accomplishments, like (as you mention) her work on the Nixon investigation committee, or file-gate, or travel-gate, or Hillarycare, or Benghazi, or email-gate, etc.?
    The poor lady needs a break. The media could at least share some of the spotlight with, oh I don’t know, an investigation into what Bill did with all of the physical gold in Ft. Knox, something like that.
    But I suppose.. “what difference does it make at this point anyway” ?!?

    • Galaxy 500

      “Obviously a victim of a vast right wing conspiracy.”
      Close. Hildabeast is the victim of a vast, left wing conspiracy. Hildabeast is a commie but she isn’t commie enough for the “real” commies.

  34. Gina Mancarella

    Greg, You are so totally off base about Hillary. Hillary is the leading presidential candidate. We love Hillary. Even Rasmussen says Hillary will be present.


    If you have been downtrodden, belittled and just plain taken advantage of, Hillary is keeping hope alive for all of us.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are going to be extremely disappointed. Democrats will make the decision to pull the Presidential plug and they will be forced to do so much earlier that anyone would like to admit. So many shoes are going to drop on her time at State and enriching herself you will think they dump out Imelda Marcos’s closet. Congressional hearings are going to be coming on this. Hey she sure helps out the Russians. Nice reset button and big payday to boot.

      • Gina Mancarella

        Greg, I suggest you look at this with an open mind. Hill is the only candidate that represents us all. Women as well as men as well as the downtrodden homosexual community. For once, we have a chance to form a society, which is a true AMERICAN FAMILY inclusive of all interests. Thst is what Hillary is about. She excludes nobody from the American dream unlike the Republican stuffed shirts that only care about the white male middle aged slobs. Plus, isnt it about time we elected a woman to trake charge of the situation and finally get it right? Lets do the right thing. Elect Hillary for real progress ! Hillary is the one! The American Dream will live if and only if Hillary is elected in 2016. People ! Get your boots on and lets break on through to the other side ! For your listening pleasure, here is a loving tender tribute to our next president.


        • Greg Hunter

          I know you are a paid troll and I will only allow this video just once. Forget Hill being President. She and Bill will be lucky if they are not indicted. In all fairness, I will post a video of the Republican candidate when there is a GOP nominee.

          • Gina Mancarella

            I am not a paid troll. I believe in Hillary and support her. Hillary is the frontrunner in every poll whether it be Gallup, Rassmussen or whatever. The people want Hillary to bring back this nation. They want Hillary to be our champion. Hillary is in it to win it. Vote in 2016!

          • Vincent

            I wouldn’t even dignify this Hillary worshipping troll with a response..

            I do have a suggestion for a future guest.. Hugo Salinas Price..
            He’s got some great insight, and a great idea I think most of the fellow watchdogs would appreciate.

            • Greg Hunter

              I hope he will be on in May. He’s been contacted and has been in touch.

        • Silence is Golden

          That’s rich. !!!
          Hill has taken a lead role in no less than 7 wars.
          Also we cannot overlook the fact the she supports the crimes of Israel, fully supports the NSA and has taken bribes from Oil Conglomerates and Weapons manufacturers.
          Nice work Hill….why don’t you apply for the CIC role.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Yes Gina
          And I’m the Archduke Ferdinand reincarnated!

    • Jerry

      Gina name one thing this lying carpetbagger with a fake southern accent has done, besides burn up half the world with her foreign policies, take bribes, defend rapist, and hide information on her hard drive from a soon to be Congressional Investigation.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      A week is a long time in politics.
      90+ weeks is very long time.

    • Desert Rose

      Hillary supports and is backed by Monsanto- trying to force the rest of the world to eat GMO, even though the US people already eat it…and have about the worst health globally.

      Oh, and don’t forget Benghazi….that may not matter much…US Ambassador left to die.
      “What’s the difference?” said Hillary.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, Hildabeast giving hope to the little people? Are you daft? The Queen of England doesn’t lead a life of luxury any better than Hillary. I have more in common with my dog than Hillary has in common with every day people.
      Hillary and Bill are examples of everything that is wrong with our government.

  35. andyb

    Hillary will claim poor health issues and drop out unless, of course, she is indicted under the numerous felonies she and her husband have committed. But fat chance she will ever wear orange; they all protect each other, whether R or D, because the puppet master is the same. There are no real choices at election time, we will always get a bankster puppet who will wage war, do the bidding of the Israeli lobby and destroy what is left of the USA. And this treason can be had for a few millions in an offshore account. Did you every wonder why the DOJ has waged war on all the tax havens (Switzerland, offshore UK, etc) but left those in the Caribbean alone? There are thousands of hidden trusts set up there by two very prominent, and politically connected DC law firms.

    • Art Barnes

      There will be no indictment, remember she may have a lot on Obama, its a two way street, don’t forget if she does get in trouble there will be hell to pay if she isn’t pardoned. But that won’t happen cause she will weather this storm as always. Who should be worried is not the democrats but the republicans cause when she becomes president she will immediately start holding their corrupt asses to “her” Attorney General, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, etc. Pay back is a bitch as they say; sorta appropriate here in this thesis don’t you think?

      • Art Barnes

        Forget to mention, a few Democrats who didn’t go to bat for her may well watch their backsides as well as she is an equal opportunity payback tyrant.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think you are giving her way too much credit, but we will see. She appears extremely vulnerable to me, and this story has much further to go down the rabbit hole. Remember Watergate started out as a petty break in. Nobody thought much about it as Nixon won by a landslide. It took about two years to fully develop. This is far worse, with much more tangible evidence. I am seeing a scape goat in Hill, Baaaaaaaaaaaa.

        • Rich M

          I agree with Art. All of this is coming out early and so it will be “old news” as I am already hearing the MSM talking about how resilient Hillary is… and how the “unfair” attacks are just partisan politics. The MSM will cover it for a while, and then no longer cover it at all and let her slide into the White House. They are already starting to pander to her just as the Republicans did when she was appointed Secratary of State. I have little faith in most voters and the Dems will buy their votes as always. In many ways, the Clintons are less corrupt than the Obama’s, yet they still got voted in. Some would say that about the Bush’s as well. One thing is for sure, if Jeb Bush (whether you like him or not) gets the Republican nod, then any Dem will win. Another Bush for President is as likely as Bugs Bunny for President. This is despite that I would vote for him over Hillary but it would be another wasted vote as were my votes for Romney and McCain. I sure hope I am wrong on this and Hillary does not recover from the scandals. I just don’t see how she can lose as there are too many sheeple and idiotic voters….. unfortuneately. So yes, it is karma, karma of voting these people into power.

      • aussie jeff

        If Hillary does get in, it will just go to show that it “don’t matter who you vote for” in the end your still voting for them!!
        And we all know who the “them” are.

        • Desert Rose

          Diebolt makes sure the winner is planned by rigging the voting machines. See the movie….it’s devastating. No point in voting electronically, they rig it.

          We have no elections, it’s all show.

        • Silence is Golden

          …” no point in voting “……aha !!

    • Galaxy 500

       “do the bidding of the Israeli lobby”
      This is laughable based on what’s been going on since the Obamachrist took over. I urge you to objectively look at the situation as this isn’t happening. Unless you believe the Jews are working with Obama and Iran to destroy themselves.

  36. Agent P

    Saudi Arabia as-you-know-it will be gone in the space of 3 years or less. You can take that right to the Bank of Saud (or is it Sod…?) The cutting off of various body parts for sins committed against holy Koran teachings, while the princes behind these decisions of Saudi law pleasure themselves with Swedish whores and over-the-top, ostentatious living standards, has reached its apex.

    • Galaxy 500

      You may be right. Breads and Circuses only work for so long

  37. LizG.,Kenya

    There is nothin as HUMILIATING as believin you are a man while in the real sense you are a woman before the eyes of YAHUVEH.The Problem with this Leaders is that they have backsliden while all that comes out of their mouths is ‘god’.The kind of witchcraft that is in Africa is TOPNOTCH n is what is being used in these funny ‘kitchen cabinets’ of theirs.It hz reached a point whereby i prefer Bashar Hafaz al-Assad who is just ‘there’.But they are about to meet their YAHUVEH.I miss “ADAM” hehe!

    • Galaxy 500

      We are praying for our Christians brothers and sisters in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

  38. LizG.,Kenya

    Am seein the financial reports being read n am just laughin.People had ‘exaggerated themselves’ at 6times more than what they were worth!Nonsense!
    This is the problem of thinkin that u can FOOL God n all His Crying saints who are on standby when it comes to prayers as per our mandate…as in how do people survive without God n all u do is hurt others?
    The deaths i have seen in this Nation since 07 is crazy!
    Wish i had a kid.He could have ventured in2 Mortuary
    bizness..n that i speak as HIS child.

    • Desert Rose

      US kills over 100,000 per year in violent law enforcement….don’t forget we incarcerate 15% of the population here….makes African death rate look about normal. Oh, infant mortality is among worst of developed nations. If I had the fare to move, I’d come to Aftrica right now.

  39. Mason

    Great Weekly News Wrap-Up as usual Greg!

    I seriously hope Hillary Clinton does not become president! And you might well be correct Greg with your prediction that she won’t become president.

    But…if you draw the parallel with Richard Nixon…he DID become president for the second time before he withdrew after a long time. So I hope we don’t have to take that parallel too literal.

  40. James Hastings

    Another good wrap up. I’d vote for you as President. Your doing a great job Greg. I can’t find this insight, intelligence review, honesty, anywhere else. I keep checking during the week for new interviews. Internet is like Dish / Direct….mostly junk and a few good channels. Don’t die on me…I’d be really pissed. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      James Hastings,
      My job is here doing this site, and I hope I don’t die on you either. Thank you for your support and kind words.

  41. Ugly

    Hilary is just like the Who tune….

    Meet the new boss,
    Same as the old boss,
    We won’t get fooled again.

    At least I hope not. We need some real hope and I mean real hope as in the word real.

  42. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Congrats on a fantastic and thought provoking WD week. You rock my friend!
    Reply to Rick Ackerman, just in case he didn’t ‘get it’ in comments 04/24/2015

    No Rick, I don’t regard myself as particularly clever.
    But I don’t live and work in the “casino world”.
    I exist in the real world and perhaps from this 60 years experience I have gained some small measure of wisdom. I will quote Rob Kirby from a previous WD interview:

    “The real problem is with the money itself. We need to revert back to real capitalism which is real weights and measures and honest commerce. Otherwise, we are going to devolve into a very dark period of feudalist oppression.”

    Rick I think you don’t even know it but you are on the deck of the Titanic. You walk with a swagger and you rub shoulders with the first class passengers gorging on champagne and caviar. You know full well that if anything happens on this ”trip” you will be walking over people to get to a lifeboat first.
    Being a farmer I am in steerage class and in all likelihood will not make it out of the ship before it goes down, let alone find a seat on a lifeboat.
    At least I will go to my grave knowing that I spent my time producing and trading in something real and tangible and that I never ever endorsed the use of a counterfeit currency printed by banksters in unlimited amounts and at somebody else’s expense.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Col! Thank you Rick for coming on and engaging us all here!!

      • JC Davis

        Greg. It was nice of Rick no doubt. No one can accuse him of ego problems with the heat he took.
        I still believe Greenspan, and Bernanke are right when they said a deflationary collapse is a impossibility, because we can print out of it.

    • JC Davis

      COLIN that was great.

    • Jerry

      I couldn’t have said it better. I have broke bread with both the wealthy and the poor among us. People of means live in a different reality, than those who break the soil for a living. If there is one positive its this. When the SHTF people of wealth will simply get on their Lear Jets and leave. But for the rest of us who have had to hack out a meager existence in order to survive. Its just another day in paradise.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Thank you Jerry
        Rick and I agree ONE thing and that is…… the ‘next’ depression will be the worst in history. What we absolutely do not agree on is the timing.
        I think the ‘Ricks’ of this world are so self absorbed and intoxicated with the big party, their moronic charts and forecasts, plus their own well being and position that they are not fully aware of just how precarious the whole financial situation really is.

        A few days ago I commented and asked an important question that so far no one on WD has answered. This is what I wrote:

        “Unemployment during “the great depression” was estimated at 23-25%.
        True unemployment in the US at this very moment is virtually identical.
        Soup lines have been re-invented and are now called “food stamps”.
        There are currently somewhere around 50 million US citizens on food stamps. That by the way works out to be about one-sixth of the population!
        Now I haven’t been able to find out what the true peak attendance for soup lines was. However I would hazard a guess that as a percentage of total population it would have been a remarkably similar figure.

        Jerry could you or any other WD followers out there kindly enlighten me as to what that figure really was?
        These are two key fundamental benchmarks that could quite simply be used to illustrate that the US is well on its way to experiencing conditions equally as dire as the “great depression”

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, as a farmer you will do fine when Titanic sinks

    • wd


      From what RA said, he sees a 2nd worse great depression along with multiple wars. I think he has a very tangible angle on deflation. I would like to know what he thinks when this does finally crack…

      I may not agree with all he says but by looking at all the macro measurements of money velocity, labor participation rates, dropping home sales, dropping retail sales etc. Its like we ar driving and slowly taking our foot off of accelerator and slowing down to a complete stop…

    • aussie jeff

      Great post Colin,
      Can’t add anything to it, other than my rabbit stew and Coopers stout walks all over their caviar and champers.;)

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Love it Jeff!

    • allen ols

      My reply to Rick Ackerman if your reading;

      allen ols 04/23/2015 •
      julie bingo!!

      RICK ACKERMAN 04/24/2015 •
      Allen, do you have anything to say, or do you just spend all of your time in here being obsequious?

      Greg Hunter 04/24/2015 •
      You definitely win the award for the most involved guest and we appreciate it!!!

      allen ols 04/26/2015 •
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Rick A;
      I have been on the USAWD site for many yrs, and have posted mayy of my opinions.
      Just because I agree with Julie, should that identify me as being obsequious. I had plenty to say further up the string of posts, at which I stated my opinion. I guess I could have broken down what Julie said, re phrased it with different adjectives, adverbs, etc, but then you would have called me a parrot, or rhetorical , or possibly then obsequious. Crudely degrading me, does not add to your interview. Maybe your obsequious because many of us do not agree with you.

    • wd


      RA was very clear about the farmers easily surviving and thriving in the next great depression. Jim Rogers has repeatedly stated that the next class of millionaires will be the farmer/food producer.

      You are by far way way ahead of this curve

    • Gary

      Colin I am not a farmer but a acreage owner from Alberta Canada and I am investing in goats, chickens, vegetables etc trying to get my cash out of the system. I work in the Oil Patch sales are down 50% my C dollar is down 25%.
      There is not real capitalism anymore, anything traded on a exchange is manipulated, and I would rather have my company’s money invested in a mushroom farm than in the bank, at least you know that shit is productive.

      FD Short Euro, Long US Dollar, Short Cando
      Long Firewood, Fertilizer, Water, Diesel, Seeds, Antibiotics, Ass-wipe.
      Gold & Silver

      Either way either Martin Armstrong is going to be VERY RIGHT, or Rick Ackerman is going to be VERY WRONG, I respect both of them and consider them to be the two best annalists out there period, and really appreciate GREG HUNTER for getting them on his BLOG, who has the BEST Posters
      on the net contributing.
      With Australia proposing a tax on bank deposits,”it scares the shit out of me”
      Usually the Commonwealth, starts with a colony first, and then moves on Canada will be next, we really have no control over the Bankers.
      I would rather own real shit.
      “Winston Churchill” Gold its the worst form of money there is”
      “Apart from all the others”

      PS You guys make some kick ass wine.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        All good Gary!

        We are not all in agreement on everything and thats good!
        However the overwhelming consensus that does come from our lively discussions on WD is that the train wreck is imminent and that it will be very nasty indeed.
        I like to try to steer the conversation towards finding initiatives and new models that might already exist out there that could replace the current chaos after the inevitable crash.

        If the clever souls amongst us could channel their expertise and knowledge into trying to fix the problem instead of enjoying the last reckless ride and squeezing the one final bit of profit out of corpse that is the US economy, then I for one would have a lot more respect for them as people and as analysts.

        We should all look at the state banking system just over your border in North Dakota.
        Here is a successful working model that disenfranchises the Fed and the banking cabal. Look also at Iceland and what they did to the banksters a few short years ago.

        Some of the things happening in Aus scare the crap out of me too.
        They now automatically confiscate funds in private bank accounts if that account is not active for a certain period of time.
        They are a pathetic puppet state of the US just as we are in NZ where we too are becoming almost devoid of any independent foreign policy.
        Thanks for your comment and keep up the good honest work in that beautiful country of yours.

  43. paul

    I was perusing through some of the comments made by Rick Ackerman during the last interview … trying to figure him out … and this comment made by him really stood out:
    RICK ACKERMAN 04/24/2015 •
    You seem not to have noticed that it is our very way of life — the Middle Class dream– that has been deflated away.

    Why do you think two parents, both with professional incomes, have to hock their homes to put a couple of kids through college? And, do you believe that the $1.2 Tr student loan bubble, and numerous others, will not have to be deflated away to pay their cumulative costs? Most deflated-away-of-all, and easiest to recognize, is the Baby Boomers’ retirement.

    I’m guessing that you did not grow up in the 1950s, when households were able to pay not only for college, but for health care and other things, without going deeply into debt or having to buy exorbitantly priced insurance. Oh, and they were able to put aside savings as well.

    What deflation, you ask? It’s in your face wherever you look.
    You know what I think … Rick simply defines deflation the way we WatchDogers define inflation … he talks about the dollar being “deflated away” because things cost more (like college, health care, retirement savings, etc.) … I think all the disagreement he arouses is simply due to a “semantics problem” … where Rick’s definition of “deflation” … is simply the way the rest of us define “inflation”!

    The only thing I still can’t figure out is how his “deflated away dollar” gets stronger as it “buys less” in college and health care costs ?

    • Vincent

      (The only thing I still can’t figure out is how his “deflated away dollar” gets stronger as it “buys less” in college and health care costs ?)

      The deflation will hit assets, like housing, 2nd tier consumables (cars, gizmos, ect), and stocks.. These values will erode. While overhanging debts, obligations, and liabilities will implode (defaults).. All while real inflation eats into first teir consumables like food, water, utilities and services (as the last vestige of economic speculation and profit). As the dollar goes up it’s value will chase goods and service prices UP to mitigate the fallout risk to the teir 2 assets I aforementioned (to pay down debt) ..It’s the one – two punch.. You feel poor, but are shown strength that conflicts with the real term valuations you’ve come to expect from this bubble economy.. The dollar will basically begin to decouple from the chased (dream) reality of our consumption based platform, and begin to chase survival/necessity goods instead… (The end of consumptionism)..The stranglehold of debt will create the biggest consolidation event in history, only those that hold PM’s will be left with any value to purchase assets.. It’s going to be a wipeout.. Should the dollar survive, then I’m betting some crazy “gift like” “”loans”” will be strewn through the economy to attempt to re inflate again.. Enter hyperinflation… We just don’t have the correct economic tools/engines to mitigate inflation, so we deflate prices, and print for survival.. This is why I think deflation will be short lived.. When people see that they are not gonna prosper, they go into survival mode depression. I wouldn’t doubt if many people just give up, default on debts, and hoard cash.. (Which would explain my argument for short lived deflation).. Cash will be king for a moment, until the fed and the government try to sure up the system through inflation.. They probably won’t succeed.. That’s why PM’s have been on sale for a while now. They are trying to scare the little guys out so their friends can buy in….
      I hope this helps, it is very hard to explain in short order..

  44. Varun

    Dear Greg,
    Have been an active follower of WD & a great admirer of you.
    I really enjoy what other people have to say about various guests your interview & was a bit disappointed about HD`s views. However, he is a lot more qualified than me & there must be some reason why he speaks of Gold at 700 & 450 & what have you.
    All I know is Life & almost every trade on this planet is a SINE curve, with ups & downs….sometimes the ups being more severe than the down & vice versa .
    ( Mind you, when I write this , there is no economics involved ( probably Jonathan Cahn would pat my back). I am a firm believer of what goes up has to come down…..Yes, the stocks & property markets are on a tear ….How long? God knows ( probably until Sept 2015….LOL !)
    On Gold, I see it sitting quiet for a long time now , however it`s not dormant & I can see its beginning to get hot ( at around 1200/Oz)…Am pasting a very interesting article below & that should spell out how desperate the Indians are getting about Gold…..


    It’s perhaps time to pull out your gold and jewellery which may have been lying idle in cupboards and bank lockers for years. Besides gold, jewellery of all kinds will fetch you returns if you participate in the government’s Gold Monetisation Scheme, details of which will be announced soon.
    To make the scheme palatable it is unlikely that the taxman will ask you to pay wealth tax on jewellery which you or your family may have owned for generations, according to finance ministry official involved in preparing the scheme. The finance ministry is giving the final touches to the blueprint of an ambitious plan intended to persuade Indians to part with at least a fraction of their stupendous gold hoard.
    Indians are among the world’s largest consumers of gold, importing at least $34.3 billion worth of the precious metal for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015. “The broad contours of the plan are ready. It would be made public in a week,” a finance ministry official told ET. The government is keen to make the scheme attractive and a draft seeking comments from the public will be released soon.
    Under the terms of the proposed scheme, the deposited precious metals will be melted and the gold in the jewellery would be credited in the name of the depositor.
    The depositor would earn interest on the value of gold on the day of deposit. The investor would be paid cash equal to the value of the gold on that day if he seeks to withdraw from the scheme or it matures.
    The scheme will essentially allow a depositor to earn an income from his gold holdings while his basic investment is protected. It is expected to help organisations such as temple trusts and even companies to unlock their gold holdings while the economy will benefit from lower imports if stored gold comes into circulation.
    Gold imports were up 22% in FY15 to $34.3 billion as the government eased quantitative restrictions on gold imports imposed in the wake of the currency of late 2013. The government is unlikely to ask people depositing family jewellery to show past wealth tax payment.
    The 2015 budget has scrapped wealth tax, which is levied on assets such as gold holdings, tax tax authorities can always open assessment for the past six years.However, the depositor will have to follow Know Your Customer ( KYC) norms and will have to furnish their permanent account number.

    Are we beginning to see history repeat itself ? Probably, this is a totally irrelevant topic, but I thought I`d share it with you & your viewers.
    Once again, thanks a ton for your guidance & God Bless You for creating awakening within the general public & ME.
    FEAR NOT !!

  45. LizG.,Kenya

    It will take some input of advanced calculus+algebra
    from planet jupiter+venus to come up with some quantifiable “STATISTICS” concerning this pyramid schemed world coz everythin is vapourized.The wicked have become more wicked n the holy more holy.I have checked globally.
    May the foundin Vision of our founding father Elisha go viral one day.I can only see things from God’s eye view n am sure He is absolute.There’s nothin else 2hold back.
    It’s better 2die a wounded warrior than 2die a coward.

  46. LizG.,Kenya

    I wouldn’t mind investin my paper dollar money in a paper dollar satellite just 2see if they have started printin nylon dollar money.Devil is capable of everythin.He is from heaven.Were it not 4God’s Holy angels,some of us could have been CLONED.
    Infact i ‘ve a “shock in the blood syndrome” of which i will neva pray about so that i will remain sober foreva.I thought i was sobber but now i am drunk in soberness.I need some marijuana+sisha+cocaine 2top it up n i will be ever GRATEFUL YAHUVEH.hmm!

  47. LizG.,Kenya

    I realized things have gone the fukushima way when i noticed our fake priests gettin fatter than our dear politicians.I don’t have issues with wealth but..!Beta 2play devil.But as He said;”let the sleepin dogs/puppies sleep”.
    There is “hope” Obama says.SKY(chemtrails,redblood moon,dark sun,falling stars,nuclear) is the limit.
    I shifted gear 2Heaven is my TREND 20yrs ago n i am NOT yet there;attacks,evil people etc.In return 4my Kindness,they repay with evil?But i have lived 2see God’s KINDNESS.

  48. paul

    On Friday April 24, 2015 Venezuela’s central bank sold 1.4 million ounces of gold to Citibank for $1 billion US dollars … that works out to $714.28 per ounce … not a bad deal for Citibank … who can now sell this gold on the open market for $1150 per ounce … a cool 61% profit for Citibank.

    What I can’t figure out is why Venezuela didn’t sell their gold to China most likely getting a much better price for it?

    Using $714 as a “base price” for gold … and using the current gold/silver ratio of about 75 … the equivalent “base price” for silver be a low of $9.52??? … Seems a bit extreme but who knows? … by using a more reasonable gold/silver ratio like 50 … I get a low of $14.28 for silver … only about a dollar and change lower then where it is now.

    But using the true rarity ratio found in nature … a gold/silver ratio of 12 … means that even with gold “at a Citibank base price” of $714 an ounce … silver should currently be selling for about $60 dollars per ounce!

    Conclusion … just keep stacking silver if gold falls toward $714 … and just sit with it outside the banking system … until silver’s ratio to gold reflects its “true rarity” as found in nature.

    • paul

      I think this gold “sale” speaks volumes about the dirty handed collusion that goes on between bankers … if any WatchDogger was working at the Central Bank of Venezuela in the “peoples interest” they would have simply sold the gold on the “open market” and got $1150 an ounce for it … instead an “underhanded back door deal” is made where the Venezuela people got only $714 dollars per ounce for their gold!

      • paul

        In fact according to Rob … big volumes of gold are being sold to China “at a premium” … around $1600 dollars per ounce … so exactly why did the Venezuela bankers sell their peoples gold to Citibank for $714 dollars per ounce?

        • paul

          As more details have been released … it seems this Venezuela gold “was pledged as collateral on a loan” … where a “cash strapped Venezuelan government” will have to come up with interest every month on this loan or else forfeit the gold collateral to Citibank!
          With Venezuela in a very precarious economic position right now … I think it is almost certain that this loan will be defaulted on … they should have simply sold “some” gold to China at $1600 dollars per ounce instead of risking losing it “all” for $714 per ounce!

          • paul

            It is interesting to note that at what China is “now” offering for gold ($1600 dollars per ounce) … and with a the gold /silver ratio at its “true rarity valuation” of 12 … silver should be fetching $133 dollars per ounce “right now” !
            Almost a “ten bagger investment” all outside the corrupted banking system!

  49. Mike from the North


    This Hill thing is awesome..

    I think Greg may be correct. This is an iceberg of a story.

    In any event greed has brought the world to the point where the race to the bottom is almost over.

    From here things have the ability to move very very quickly.

    Better get your rain coat and rubber boots on…it is going to get very stormy.

  50. LizG.,Kenya

    Hitler 2me was a Passionate comedian.He did his best.
    Do these kids have a future while its your TAX money that u allowed 2speak 4u?
    Don’t u deserve the same kind of BLESSINGS?A good measure,pressed down n running over should be your portion.Rv18-SMOKE!
    I want the HEARTS of the people of their land-ISHMAEL consoled so that the Book of Revelation can be done away with n we go 2our NEW garden of Eden which will be replenished by YAHUVEH in due season.

  51. diane

    Greg….we sure hope you’re right about Hillary dropping out of the presidential election !
    I suspected she was/is a crook. ..but the Clintons are worse than I could imagine.

  52. christian patriot

    As usual great week ending.

    The New World Order and its entities (the Illuminati’s 13 bloodlines, BiIderberg Group, Club of Rome, IMF, WHO, Federal Reserve, Council on Foreign Relation, etc.) and web of genetically-related people at the top of the hierarchy are close to realizing their ambition for world domination. Militarized lay aw enforcement agencies are prepared to do whatever it takes to pacify and gain control when civil unrest breaks out. Gangs will roam the streets and countryside wreaking havoc in the transition to NWO.

    The Reptilian Elite are amongst us.

    “Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it and break it in pieces.” Daniel 7:23

    Prepare now. Go off the grid if you can and hide as much food, water, medicine, fuel, solar power, batteries and generators, vehicles and spare part, weapons and ammunition as you can afford. Nothing will be cheap when supermarkets and stores empty.

    But fear not, the day of judgement will follow and those who seek Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and believe in Him as the Son of God will not suffer the wrath of the Lord.

    “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” Corinthians 2:9.

  53. Galaxy 500

    Greg wrote, “Why Yemen and other hot spots are not part of the Iran nuclear negotiations is beyond me.”
    Easy answer. This negotiation is about form not about substance. This is like everything else Obama does, its a lie. This treaty will give Iran the money to finish the bomb and increase its influence abroad. Iran is Shia and Obama’s father was a piece of shiite; you know what they say, the turd does fall far from the anus. It should be no surprise thst when Obama has “flexible” , he shows his true colors, shiite.

  54. LizG.,Kenya

    Some of you are looking for a double signature?Are you sure you want it?Will you be able to handle what is about to befall the earth?
    I spoke NOT of my own.I have just been sent.
    YAHUSHUAH n your Master YAHUVEH are in Heaven n He loves you.They simply want 2give you rest from the cares of this world.You are MORE than what you think and its 4your own good.Leave them alone..Your Daddy says He will Revenge.Just go your way n His Peace that surpasses all human understandin will surround you.

    • Desert Rose

      I’m rooting for GOD —-for sure.

  55. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg,

    Perhaps one of the best essays about Washington foreign policy I found today at the Saker web site: http://thesaker.is/what-does-putin-want-a-major-analysis-by-rostislav-ishchenko-must-read/
    All is not just about the M.E.. Russia is in the sights of Washington too.

    Putin’s problem (in summary) is he has to fight Washington with peace against its effort towards war. It is about survival and minimizing the damage that Washington is attempting for Russia, Ukraine and the EU. And so far only Russia is reacting intelligently to all of this – and has for a decade in its dealings with Washington. Unless Canadians and American citizens understand that these efforts by Washington come out of a failing empire, there will never be understanding and little chance for peace in the longer term. The understanding is very complex and most citizens literally have neither the background nor the inclinations to delve very much into it. And that is a global tragedy that provides an inevitability for much of the outcomes I see.

    The other generalization to the pattern is that what the article describes is also what Washington has done elsewhere in the past fifteen years with its endless wars. Note that the wars have only resulted in chaos, not solutions that make any sense. The endless results of these M.E. interventions has been to leave a wasteland of anarchies (and one dictatorship) in six destroyed countries – that pundits say is a result of incompetence of Washington. I have always maintained that the chaos itself was the goal. The article explains this reasoning as well.

    As the United States sinks, it can take the rest of the world down in lockstep with it.

    So when most citizens think (or have been programmed to “think”) with the “Hollywood” perception of Washington as “good guys” deplorably most have been royally duped and are no longer really capable of thinking at all – and added on to this is a compromised MSM. So here is an opposing view. Can a reader still understand realities from another point of view given years of programming? And understand that Washington is risking all – the whole planet – in its deplorable geopolitical games.
    Hence, we are not the “good guys” this time.

    • Chip

      Great post Larry…

  56. M.Waltzing


    “He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.”—Revelation 21:4

    “The lame will leap like the deer.”—Isaiah 35:6

    “The eyes of the blind will be opened.”—Isaiah 35:5

    “All those in the memorial tombs will . . . come out.”—John 5:28, 29

    “No resident will say: ‘I am sick.’”—Isaiah 33:24

    “There will be an abundance of grain on the earth.”—Psalm 72:16

  57. Steve

    A good WNW as usual, but you also lifted my spirits with the “Hillary will not be president” meme. I have been of the opinion that she could die two months before the election, and still win. So I sure hope you are right, because we don’t need to go there as a nation. Sadly I see no one else that I would vote for, with the possible exception of Scott Walker.

  58. Galaxy 500

    Wonderful wrap and I think your predictions are spot on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!

  59. Ugly

    The Bible is accurate of course. But two other books had intuition of the future. We know them very well as.

    Animal Farm

    Even Shirley Jacksons ‘The Lottery’ is a classic of today’s and yesterday’s mentality.

  60. Nuke em Duke

    I enjoy your reports and thank you for the information you bring.
    You often speak of so called “terrorist nations”.
    When will you come to the admission that the United States, with its’ CIA, FBI, NSA etc is the greatest terrorist nation on Earth?
    They rule via The Hegellian Dialect: Problem (created by the CIA), Reaction (the blowback from the local people, that US immediately label as “terrorsits”) and Solution (US troops / NGOs / Installation of puppet governement).
    Whilst I respect your views, I believe Gerald Celente gets closer to the truth than anyone else when he calls on the spirit of your Founding Fathers…..”No foreign entanglements”.
    The problem for the US is, the entire economy now rests on the unending continuation of foreign entaglements. The nations of the world know it, and, frankly, have had ENOUGH.
    When your once respected nations collapses, I fear few outside your borders will shed a tear.

  61. Tom Nacey

    Totally off subject and probably no longer relevant but:
    What ever happened to the PMI (private mortgage insurance) that many of us had to pay when we financed our homes? This was to protect the lender if we defaulted. Now during a hurricane in Florida we always get a few lines about the effect on the insurance companies that will have to cover the losses. But during the hurricane of crashing real estate values and defaulted mortgages we never heard a word about the PMI companies ever having to pay, or failing if they did pay, or how much of the lost mortgaes were off set by the PMI. So I wonder, was the PMI real or was that merely a fee pocked by the lenders? Does anyone know?
    Love your show. I think your analysis of the fallout over Hillery Clinton is spot on. Keep up the good fight.

  62. JC Davis

    Greg. The Holter interview is up on youtube and on my FB page yet not on your site. I called Allen he said he is getting it on his computer. Glitch in the system.

    • JC Davis

      Disregard. Must have been my cookie blocker blocking it. It is up now.

  63. RTW

    Let’s pray for HOPE and CHANGE! Hope that Hillary is dragged off the stage (once and for all) and that voters Change the party occupying the Whitehouse. The Clintons will do and say anything to get back in the Whitehouse. Not because they want to improve life in the U.S. ….but to amass a greater fortune for their foundation and for Bill…..a plethora of fresh new interns, within his reach. He could finally repay his friend Jeffery Epstein for his hospitality. (After he’s released that is). These two should be hiding someplace, after what they’ve done their entire political lives, but instead, they aspire to obtain the highest position in the land. They’ re praying that the voters are as stupid as they believe they are. Pray that they’re wrong.

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