WNW 194-Secret Trade Deals, Not Serious About Stopping ISIS, Obama Care and Economy in Trouble

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (6.12.15) 

The Republicans are pushing trade agreements, but they are secret.  Congressman Paul Ryan says “We the People” do not get to know the secret details until Congress votes them through.  On the trade packages in Asia and Europe, Ryan said, “It’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to.”  Is this his Republican version of the Nancy Pelosi “We have to vote for it to see what’s in it”?  You know it’s a bad deal for everyday Americans when this sort of trade deal is opposed by Democrats, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Republican Congressmen Duncan Hunter.  Hunter even wrote Ryan a letter asking him not to vote on the deal until all Americans know what’s in the agreements.  In other words, NO SECREAT TRADE DEALS.  Every Congressional office Republican and Democrat should be called to tell them to vote “no” on secret deals.  If it was such a good deal and Republicans were so proud of what they were doing, why would it be a secret?  This is why I say Democrats and Republicans just take turns ripping us off.

Looks like the President is going to send another 450 troops to train Iraqis to fight ISIS.  Listen, the Obama Administration is not serious.  Months ago, a top military expert said in order to kick ISIS out of Iraq, there would need to bae 80,000 well trained troops.  450 is drop in the bucket.  Also, ISIS gets a lot of its funding from selling oil on the black market.  Why are those wells allowed to pump oil in Syria and Iraq that are under ISIS control?  Those can’t be bombed?  Please, they are not serious.

The G7 met this week, and Russian sanctions are still in place, and do not look like they will be removed anytime soon.  The Ukraine situation is at a standstill.  The G7 also scolded China on building islands in the South China Sea, and again, the G7 is all bark and no bite.

In the here-we go-again file, here is a headline that reads “Job Openings Jump to Record.”  I called economist John Williams, and his first comment was “nonsense.”  Williams told me they count each new job opening multiple times.  He also says that when you drill down, the majority of jobs are part-time, or 29 hour a week jobs.  Thank you Obama care.  Williams also points out we are still 800,000 full time jobs short of the pre 2008 crisis.  So, we are still not back to the number of jobs we had 7 years ago.  I’ll have Williams back on in the next few weeks.

Speaking of Obama Care, it is looking like the Supreme Court is going to rule against the Obama Administration on subsidies for more than 30 states.  People were only supposed to get them if they set up an exchange, and 34 states did NOT set up an exchange.  This could end Obama Care, or at least severely limit it.  I expect Obama to continue to give out the subsidies if the High Court rules against him.  This will give us more chaos and set up yet another Constitutional crisis.

Here’s another piece of news on the stock market from Gregory Mannarino.  Look at this chart of the stock market for the S&P 500.  It starts in 1993 and goes up to today.  If this picture doesn’t say “run Forest run,” I don’t know what does.  Mannarino says the higher the high the lower the low.  Even though we had a recovery in the stock market this week, Mannarino says we are at the high, which is way higher than 2008, and the only major move left is down—way down.  He says traders are shorting the market, and they will yank money out of the market when it falls.

Join Greg Hunter as he covers these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. southernpatriot

    To whom it may concern, this America citizen is very upset with the course that the Politicians are taking this country. At some point we can no longer stand by and watch you destroy our country. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I write the following!
    To Congress Ryan and all of the members of congress who support Fundamental Changes to the United States Of America.
    You no longer have my respect or my support! That goes for the Office of the President and both Houses of Congress. It also includes ,the democratic communist party and the republican communist party. You too have lost our respect and support!
    “We The people ” hold you and your”Pals” that voted for TPP,Obama Care and any other back room deal that circumvents the Constitution Of the United States, in utter Contempt.
    You no longer represent “We the People”. The John & Jane Does of this country will no longer tolerate the shenanigans that you are pulling in Washington. The lack of common sense policies from both houses has given rise to a presidency that is using executive orders to destroy America.
    To those who are standing up to Tyranny we support your efforts and have your backs. To the rest of you who want to fundamentally destroy America, you are nothing less then traitors to the Republic! We love our country but feel that so many in office have betrayed the cause of Liberty and Freedom. God help us all. SP

  2. Thomas Vartabedian

    I am unemployed professional machinist. you look at the Inbox in my email and it appears that there’s a lot of work out there but the truth of the matter is all it is are agencies a lot of them pushing the same three or four jobs.and out of all that junk none of the agencies respond. in some companies deal personal data to try to sell grant for schooling. the only place I see some I see some work is on Craigslist. in my 40 years of machinist never had trouble getting work.there’s a lot of competition and having trouble finding work. Greg hunter like your work great show

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang in there Thomas. Thank you for your real world reporting and comment.

  3. Hairy Herry

    You are absolutely correct! We the United States aren’t serious about ISIS. InfoWars has stated that we funded them initially, which sounds like something this captive government would do. I believe more and more that the government wants ISIS to blossom further so the military under the government can be the Savior.

    ObamaCare is indeed the biggest JOKE! Frankly, I’m surprised my insurance as provided by my employer (in the Fortune 500, but NOT Wal-Mart) is affordable as last year. I feel so sorry for those paying multiples, yet have ridiculous deductibles. I live where there’s no exchange. I certainly pray that ObamaCare gets derailed!

    I doubt the Greek situation will last much longer, maybe Autumn as you predict. If it will trigger the “Run, Forrest Run!” is yet to be seen, but there’s a huge flock of black swans on the horizon…

    • Diane D

      We have all seen videos of ISIS troops parading through miles of open desert in nice white Toyota pickup trucks. If Fox News can find them why can’t our $630 billion military find them and take them out?

      HH, I believe you are absolutely correct regarding who created ISIS and for what end.

  4. paul

    Greg … your “run Forest Run” chart looks scary enough … but if you back off in time about an inch on your chart and draw a red circle at that point … it would look just as scary … what I’m getting at is this … if inflation of the money supply continues non-stop and QE4 kicks in … we can be looking at the same chart two years from now with a red circle at an even higher peak! … yes … a correction will eventually occur … but I think it will only occur if QE4 is not implemented and continuing debt by our government is halted! … what is the chance of that happening??

    • Michael214

      Paul, you have a good point and it may be true, but only time will tell. I would like to also add that it is never as it seems though, and people are not held to account. For example the other “Greg” constantly used the dollar chart for years to demonstrate that it was going to go to zero any day, and it hasn’t yet….Lets also think about calls like those from Harvey Organ on this site last year, why wasn’t he brought back to account for the call?

      My point, opinion is just that, in that, everyone has one, good luck.

      • Gert


        True mic, But as even the old good book say’s, your success is in the abundance of counselors and advisers, “opinions” as we get here on USAWatchdog!

        ◄ Proverbs 15:22 ►

        New International Version
        Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

        New Living Translation
        Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.

        English Standard Version
        Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.

        New American Standard Bible
        Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.

        King James Bible
        Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellers they are established.

        Just think if only our dear leaders would tune into USAWatchdog, there would be hope for this old world disorder!

        ◄ Proverbs 11:14 ►

        New International Version
        For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers.

        New Living Translation
        Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers.

        English Standard Version
        Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.

        New American Standard Bible
        Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.

        Greg Hunter Version

        Don’t miss USAWatchdog and you’ll never lack counsel and advisers or success, you can bank on it!



  5. paul

    Breaking News on Greece … the IMF team negotiating with Greece has pulled out of Brussels where talks were taking place … so it looks like Greece is out of the frying pan and back into the fire once again!

    • paul

      If Greece defaults … and derivatives begin to pop … the Fed will take action to protect the banking system … what action … the only action they know … print … print … print … whether they call it QE4 or not does not matter … the effect will be inflationary … yet some very respected analysts are currently saying silver will drop to $10 per ounce … I guess “these analysts” don’t believe the Fed is going to implement QE4 … but if the Fed comes out with QE4 as I expect “very soon” … silver should reverse from here (currently at about $16) and begin an upward trend that will dwarf the rise of the late 70’s … as I read the chart below … silver is bottoming here … with a quick bounce to about $18 dollars on the cards very soon … http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=%24SILVER&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p23986623370

      • paul

        Even if silver falls to $10 as some analysts say … it is still at current prices “very cheap and valuable” medicine … that can be used in “low concentrations” to kill most microbes when the financial and government medical services system goes down … this includes 20 strains of MRSA, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, 30 strains of staph and even kills the bacteria that causes bubonic plague … it is ludicrous to me that some analysts think this valuable metal with such amazing and extraordinary medicinal properties is only going to sell for $10 dollars per ounce? … just a 0.33 oz tube of Triple Antibiotic Neosporine Ointment sells for about $5 dollars (about $15 dollars per ounce) and won’t do a thing to kill off the bubonic plague for you! … so even those people who don’t agree with the rosy silver forecasts of the silver bugs … and don’t believe silver is going extinct … should still buy a few ounces of silver for their bug out bags … as your life may depend on owning some!

        • paul

          I would suggest using the 0.9999 pure Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins if you plan to use it for medicinal purposes … the purer the silver the better … and remember when the power goes out putting a silver coin in with your food … like a pot of soup, a gallon of milk, etc. will keep your food from rapidly spoiling!

      • Jerry

        Paul this is why Greece matters.
        American taxpayers are on the hook for 75 Trillion in European derivatives. The American banking system is being set up to take the financial fall for European banks before November 15th of this year. This is why countries are lining up to join the AIIB.

        • paul

          Absolutely right Jerry … QE1 was about 1 Trillion … QE 2 about 2 Trillion … QE 3 about 3 Trillion … all “chicken feed” compared to the coming QE4 that will require 75 Trillion for Bank of America … another 75 Trillion for JPMorgan Chase … 80 Trillion for Deutsche Bank … etc., etc. … we are talking of a QE4 that will be about 250 to 350 Trillion dollars … and all of it will be put directly on the backs of the American people … the inflation created by such a QE4 expansion of the money supply will be so enormous in magnitude that Jim Sinclair may have grossly underestimated his $50,000 dollar per ounce prediction for the price of gold.

          • In like Flint

            Better on our backs than the Germans, the Germans are comatose! LOL!

        • Thomas

          Bingo, there will be an escape goat.

  6. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Dave’s ‘Grazing buffaloes’ says it all Greg. I simply can’t get over how the multitudes here in the UK seem to have no concept of what’s about to happen. The media continues to feed us with the pap of newborn royalty, or which football manager has taken over which new club, etc. Family and friends continue to dismiss me as a doom-laden eccentric, to the point at which it’s no longer worth discussing! All we can pray is:
    Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy! Thanks as always, Andrew

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Rev, and thank you for weighing in from the UK!

    • brian

      At this point I think it is out of the question to pray for mercy. The only thing we should dare to pray for is that the Will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven….afterall, how much mercy have we already burned through to get this far down the road to hell? What kind of mercy will convince us to repent when it is on the smoldering iron doors of hell that we are desperately clawing to get through?

      No my friend, we do not need mercy, we need sack cloth, we need ashes, we need to repent, we need to understand the Will of our God and see to it that we humbly accept the God given strength to bear whatever share of the burden of the Divine Will that has been allotted to us to bear.

  7. David

    Greg: Great wrap-up. Excellent guest interviews. Thank you for all that you are doing.

  8. Dolly dagger

    Outstandingly comprehensive wrap up Greg.
    You are a rock star amongst reporters in the alternative media as you don’t use hype or scare tactics but instead support your due diligence via facts( those graphs sent a chill down my spine).
    And you are so right about learning from the commentators here. I am a voracious student of both you and them.
    Light and Love,

  9. Joanna

    As always, excellent WNW Greg!
    AND, excellent analogy by Dave! I love analogies and use them all the time.
    I can certainly relate to both of you when you say all your family members and friends think everything is just fine. I’ve been trying for years just to get people to “LOOK” at the information. No one cares. They won’t even LOOK! They all think I’m crazy! It’s beyond frustrating and completely exhausting. This is why the powers that be are doing things right in plain site. They know the general population is either to dumb to understand or to apathetic to even care!
    I’ve come to the conclusion that the masses have been so successfully dumbed down that there is just no hope for America! If I had to guess, there’s probably one out of 1000 that have any common sense and ability to think for themselves. I’ve come to realize this more when I see most of my friends posting on Facebook, spewing the same propaganda they were just fed on the MSM.
    Common sense is a rarity these days, but the worst of all is the lack of caring!
    I feel so alone in a world full of zombies! You’re site is the only thing that helps me not feel so alone. I love the viewer comments as well! Smart people!!
    Can’t thank you enough Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      At some point everyone will know what we know now. “Fear Not.” Don’t let them get you down. Store some food for them.


      • Art Barnes

        Greg, I tried to tell a friend this morning that things are changing and it might be a good idea to stock up on $50.00 worth of Spam (which could last for years in the can and still be edible) and other items. He informed me that it didn’t matter as everybody will be in the same boat should the world fall apart. I’m done preaching, I’m through discussing the upcoming economic and or war upheaval(s) with my friends and family any longer. Count me out on preaching any longer, just call me the “X Pastor”. Post Script: I really never preached in the true sense of the word, more like trying to enlighten in a rational way to help those I care about. Now I think I know how Noah may have felt.

        • Galaxy 500

          It will be ok because everyone will be in the same boat…
          What an idiot. You tried.
          You can’t fix stupid, Art.
          Just beware of people like him who come by when the SHTF.

        • brian

          I think the only person Noah was trying to convince that what he was doing was rational was Noah himself. In the end what Noah did was not at all rational, it was in fact a life affirming act of Faith. All the people around him mocked him if they paid any attention to him at all. To know how Noah felt while preparing the ark is probably to have some very keen insight as to the tremendous weight born by Christ on the cross when he cried out aloud, “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?”

    • susan

      My family is 50/50 as for being on board. My Bible study group is 100% is on board. Interesting is it not?

  10. Mike from the North

    run Forest run!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

    Greg to anyone that wants to open their mind to reality it should be plain as day that the odds are that we are so very close to a sobering and frightful moment.

    What goes up must always come down..
    Unless you are in space and away from earth’s gravity’s pull you require fuel to stay aloft.

    Markets are in nosebleed territory and it is just a matter of time before something triggers a major downward event.

    My heart has much sorrow for the people who DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ONE WORD from me on the subject.

    I watch them past time each day in their state of EVERYTHING IF FINE and it saddens me greatly that very soon my warnings will become justified so that they cannot any longer ignore me.

    God sees me wanting to help them but the life of his son also was that of showing others the light of truth and was crucified for his effort.

    We will need the guidance of God to travel the road that is ahead of us.

    • Charles H.

      That’s for sure, Mike. Remember – that the light shines brightest, in the dark.

      • paul

        Charles … the light may shine very bright even in a lit room … Some in a mind set of “Every Thing Is Fine” may ask … why would QE4 ever become necessary? … The Fed can simply “jaw bone” the world monetary system back to health by just “fudging” the economic numbers!

        They should consider this scenario … imagine the Fed being the Chief Chef in the kitchen (the world) … on the stove is a frying pan (the world monetary system) and a flame is lit under it … in the frying pan is grease (Greece) and corn kernels (derivatives) … as the temperature rises grease splashes out of the frying pan into the fire … a “Greece fire” bursts up and lights up the room … the bright yellow flames are up to the ceiling and out of control … the corn kernels begin popping … pop …….. pop ….. pop… pop .. pop . pop popopopopopopop!!! 

        Upon seeing the large out of control flames and burning lit embers of pop corn shooting in all directions … the Chef in a panic … reaches for the salt box (fiat money) to throw on the fire … and he throws as much salt as is necessary to put out the bright kitchen fire! … if he doesn’t … the entire economic house of cards will burn to the ground in a heap of smoldering ash!!!

        • In like Flint


          All the, ” popping … pop …….. pop ….. pop… pop .. pop . pop popopopopopopop!!!” Reminded me of Papadopoulos, sometimes pronounced by the news media as ‘Pop’adopoulos, George Stephanopoulos being the worst offender!

          Papadopoulos, ex-dictator of Greece, dies in jail at 80

          Samantha Tonkin Monday 28 June 1999

          GEORGE Papadopoulos, who became the leader of Greece’s 1967-74 military dictatorship, died of cancer yesterday. For the past three years, the imprisoned 80-year-old had been suffering from a degenerative muscle disorder.

          On 21 April 1967, Papadopoulos led a bloodless coup which toppled the parliamentary government, causing left-wingers and intellectuals to flee the extreme right-wing order which he imposed. The junta’s ultra-conservative regime permitted little political dissent and thousands of Greeks were tortured, imprisoned and banished. MORE BELOW;


          Don’t Ferget what ex-El President’e Papadopoulos
          Said before he croaked his last death rattle, “Freinds Romans & countryman, when I come back, I’m not gonna be such a nice guy, bank on it!”

  11. JC Davis

    Thanks for the stock chart Greg’s. It was eye opening. If it were hip, and trendy everyone would join in to real information. Bad news is never hip, or trendy. A man in my garage asked another friend, and I why do you guys keep up with this stuff on usawatchdog.com ?
    We replied in harmony ” TO KNOW WHEN TO GET OUT OF TOWN”.

  12. Roy B.

    Hi Greg
    You have to listen to Martin Armstrong to protect your wealth.The stock market will have
    a correction.Then Europe and Japan will have problems and there money will pour into
    the U.S. stock market after Sept. 2015 and every body will think things are great because
    the market keeps going up but it is all part of the crisis. After all the money is here in the
    U.S. then it will be stolen.

    • Bobby

      Marty is the man!

  13. Chris


    If our daily news was written in a novel it would be considered far fetched and unbelievable. Reality is stranger than fiction.

    Clearly, Obama is not serious about “defeating” ISIS but he is serious about “marketing” his efforts. There is no doubt in my mind that we are dealing with a geniune traitor in power and the intentional destruction of the constitution. The ultimate goal being to replace chaos with “new order”.

    This I believe is the consequences of the peoples choosing. Not yours and mine, but a vast number of Americans are self centered deniers of the Truth. Romans 1:18 f sums it up perfectly. As this unravels it will be used to call many back to the Truth and the others will go deeper into deception. Thank God for his love, mercy and grace.

  14. David

    Hi Greg,
    Unfortunately, our government has no Republican or Democrat; no conservative or liberal. It is just every one of them (and I mean EVERY one of them) using public office to enrich themselves. The only hope America has is when we vote out every elected official in Washington, and we start all over again with a new batch who are only there for one term.

  15. Derek

    Greg, No mention of Bilderberg? A who’s who of convicted felons, banking criminal elite, elected government officials, and corporation CEOs, all meeting in secret illegally does not make your Friday rant? Not even a mention? Major European papers are even reporting on it now, and a complete MSM media blackout on this topic here in the West, even though some media executives are secretly invited. Will you be commenting next Friday (after the meetings are through) perhaps? Other than that, its been another great Friday wrap up !


    • diane s.

      Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr.Joesph Farrell just posted a very enlightening Solari Report.
      Exposed the Bilderbergs. This information is very interesting.

    • Galaxy 500

      What is “illegal” about their meeting? Last time I looked, you were free to meet and associate with anyone you choose.
      Did I think they are up to no good? Sure do.
      Is it illegal for them to meet? No

      • JC Davis

        G500 If you, and I met in secret to plan to control the elections, and currency of the USA we would be arrested in a instant. It is illegal.

      • dchayden

        Yes Galaxy 500, A sovereign democratic nations Elected officials are allowed to travel to another country in secret, and discuss policy making with other sovereign countries elected officials, and private banking elite, and private lobbyists reps, and special interest groups; as well as those convicted of criminal activity and felonies. All together under one roof in complete secrecy. Nothing to see here, all perfectly legal LOL. Nothing wrong with the host country using public tax dollars to pay for federal policing and security enforcement either. All you have to do is use a little of your “common sense” and figure out that its perfectly legal, and no ones business. LOL.


  16. Thomas

    “and the only major move left is down—way down” We shall see on this one, I think the market has more manipulation left in it.

  17. southern girl

    Thanks for the “Run, Forrest, Run” chart. I am going to use your visual on this video to try and wake up some of my friends and family. I am heartbroken that they just are stuck in their “Normalcy Bias” and refuse to pick their head out of the sand. I think it took me quite awhile to fully pull my own head out, but now I see all the TRUTH for what it is. There is so much corruption, creed, lawlessness, and low morals that we are all screwed. When this happens we will still have to be Christ to our neighbors and family who might in turn screw us, but WWJD is still our motto. Peace of Christ be with you and all your commenters.

    • susan

      God bless you southern girl. We are on it!

    • Galaxy 500

      I honesty don’t think Christ wants you to put yourself in a position that harms your family or puts their survival in jeopardy. Just my two cents.

  18. Mike M

    The 1993 to date chart is notable and worthy of attention. Yet we should view with additional context.
    The chart is denominated in USD which has been materially debased over the referenced time period. When viewing the S&P in terms of a different money unit, such as gold, it produces a less dramatic present day condition. Not a reason to take solace, just additional context.
    We need to also ask where capital will flow when the masses lose confidence in the public sector which is chiefly represented by sovereign debt and currency. Equities may be an alternative even if there is no rational support for such a proposition.
    We are in completely uncharted waters, consequently many things thought to be not possible are on the table now with increasing levels of probability.

    • Dr Destitution

      I believe America needs to rediscover “capitalism”, something we have most definitely lost when the economy entirely hinges on actions/decisions of the government/federal reserve. In the meanwhile, before this derailed train crashes, what can we build to help create sustainable productivity in the future? At 0-2% interest rates, are not solar panels and greenhouses good investments? Any good recommendations of companies to invest in in these industries? “Make Pyramids, not War.”

      • Paul from Indiana

        Capitalism is incompatible with equal-outcome big government. As President Reagan said, “government isn’t the solution; government is the problem.”. Best always. PM

      • Galaxy 500

        if you borrow a lot of money for your solar system and greenhouse, you’re entire property will be on jeopardy. When things crash, either you will pay our thou will lose. Do you honesty think that theIr will not be a lot of people who are owed money looking for your assets?
        I like your idea but the debt part of your plan it’s misguided

    • Vincent

      I think housing will be viewed as an equity “equipped” asset if rates stay low, and QE kicks in. Much like stocks the bubble had grown yet again in housing.. People will juggle between stocks and real estate until they basically can’t do either, which won’t be long, September maybe? When either market tanks it will kill enough jobs, and cause enough capital hoarding and selling that we will see the 2 fall in tandem. Metals will start to climb very steadily once we see the first of 2 500 plus Dow jones corrections in the stock market. Even if QE can snap those losses back temporarily, the set up for the bull run in metals will be complete.. There’s just not enough places to go.. The stock market, housing, lending and jobs are tied together so tight since the last housing and financial crisis, there won’t be anything left but a huge correction in the future that will need to seperate them.. If bailouts or bail ins happen, which is very likely, they probably will finally kill the petro dollar.. If the Euro tanks first, it may stretch US QE for a year or 2, but it looks like the currency’s will try to fall together. Effectively stalling this global collapse to the speed of a feather falling from space…. Either way, buying metals right now, with profits from housing sales, stocks, and your own personal income is probably the best deal I’ve ever seen…. For what’s coming, consider this month a gift to get ready for the biggest bull run in metals of our lifetime.. Equity’s will be profit less and inflation will eat into your gains if you don’t pull out soon..

  19. Chip

    Great wrap up Greg, one of your best… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip.

  20. smaulgld

    Republican already working on keeping subsidies in place in case the court rules in THEIR favor! http://www.politico.com/story/2015/06/ted-cruz-fight-obamacare-subsidies-supreme-court-118875.html

  21. gregd

    It may be time to impeach ALL politicians. Local, State and most definitely Federal. Go back to the Constitution and get this country back on the right road. At this point what choice do we have? I believe it’s our only and last chance. No more big banks , all banks stand on their own no more chains of banks , no more fed. But two most important items, a FREE press that doesn’t allow the politicians to lie to the public and a end to the Parties, that is the D and R. Everyone who runs for office must have ideas not affiliations and be publicly funded and a spending limit. This should help end the lobbyist and special interest.
    I had better stop now because I can feel my bp increasing just thinking about what we allowed them to do to us.

    • WD


      This country was NEVER intended to have this dictator like massive Federal Govt. The states were supposed to be preemptive not the Fed Gov. Collapse is our only hope and a minor touch to the constitution. You are correct. The states were to keep each other in check with competition, and their own identities.

      It was never supposed to be anything like this.

    • NC Gal

      For me, the only meaningful election would be one in which every ballot had a “none of the above” box that could be marked to reject all candidates offered. If “none of the above” got a majority of the votes, then there would have to be an entire roster of new candidates fielded and a new election held. However, as things stand now, I have no way of rejecting the choices I would be offered, so I don’t vote at all, despite all it took for so many before me to give women the right to vote.

      To put it bluntly, this country is broke and broken, and there is not possibility of real change from within the existing system and paradigm. This all began way back in 1913, with ANOTHER “secret pact” made by a select group that had been bought and paid for to serve the interests of the elites and their banking cabal. As a result of the meeting held on Jekyll Island, the Federal Reserve Bank got its charter and our long decline as a country began.

      IF there WAS any real leadership (there is not), that charter could and should be revoked and our Constitution fully restored, with our own government printing the money that was at least partially backed by some tangible asset. I do not expect that to happen, and have already mourned my country’s demise because it’s so evident that it has died and these elites are just sucking out what’s left of its lifeblood — like the parasites that they are — and then they will pull the plug on the life support that is keeping the corpse breathing. It has already flatlined in the brain department.

      Terrible days ahead for everyone on the planet, but there is also a brighter future possible on the other side of all of this — at least for those who make it through these times to bring it about. In the meantime, make your peace with everyone and everything, and as the Spanish say, “Vaya con Dios!” (“Go with God.”).

  22. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    A great WNW as always.

    I liken the stock market to a drug addict. As it goes along, the user needs more and more drugs to get a higher high. When the drugs are taken away, the withdrawls are longer, deeper, and worse. This is the same exact thing that is going on in the market right now. So much fiat money has been pumped into the market that we will experience a massive crash when the music stops. Everything I see tells me that we are on the last chorus of the song right now.

    Keep up the great work.


    • susan

      yep! The fat lady is singing.

  23. Russ

    Thanks Greg, nice wrap-up. Nothing to add from here, but if anyone wants a more detailed look of that S&P500 chart, try: http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/quickchart/quickchart.asp?symb=SPX&insttype=Index&freq=2&show=&time=20 — confirms everything you said.

  24. Stephen Eiring

    Hi Greg,

    I watch / listen regularly and very much appreciate your work. I have some technical, and in the context of big picture, very minor feedback, but because I used to do documentaries and shoot interviews you have some audio issues that distract from the quality of your presentation. It sounds like either your table or your mic is unstable and rattles while either you or your guest is talking. It annoys me so it must be annoying other people as well. Please try to locate the background rattling sound and eliminate it. Thanks! – Stephen

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stephen I pay more attention to hitting the desk when I talk. Other people have pointed out this problem.

      • diane s.

        Never noticed it Greg
        Good God, you have so many subjects to cover each week….you can’t help getting frustrated and angry when we’re being lied to and betrayed by Government. Sometimes I pound my desk just listening.
        I know you would love to just smile and assure us all….no outrages happened this week.

        • Greg Hunter

          I leave out so much stuff like HSBC is laying off through either furloughs or selling off business units 50,000 employees. How’s that for growth and the so-called “recovery”? The MSM is not just leaving stuff out, they are lying to make things look better than they really are. When people finally wake up, they will all be “pound the desk” and a lot worse.
          Thank you for your comment and support.

  25. Mason

    Hi Greg,

    You might want to check out the article:

    Forget the TPP – Wikileaks Releases Documents from the Equally Shady “Trade in Services Agreement,” or TISA.

    A small excerpt:
    “WikiLeaks releases today 17 secret documents from the ongoing TISA (Trade In Services Agreement) negotiations which cover the United States, the European Union and 23 other countries including Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Taiwan & Israel — which together comprise two-thirds of global GDP. “Services” now account for nearly 80 per cent of the US and EU economies and even in developing countries like Pakistan account for 53 per cent of the economy. While the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has become well known in recent months in the United States, the TISA is the larger component of the strategic TPP-TISA-TTIP ‘T-treaty trinity’. All parts of the trinity notably exclude the ‘BRICS’ countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. ”

    This was on LibertyBlitzkrieg:

    Great WNW by the way and kudo’s for you for calling out the TPP as you did!

    • paul

      Mason … your spot on … Ellen Brown proposed that a system of banks can be opened up by regional governments and operated as public utilities … this “public banking model” could serve the public’s banking needs and return profits to the public coffer… Ellen Brown states there are numerous examples of such banks existing around the world today … and history shows they work admirably well … providing sustained high performance for the nation’s economy that uses them and fosters well-being on its citizens.

      So the Republicans are working with the banking cartel to push “secret” trade agreements like TISA … that will “prevent” the above “public banking model” from ever be formed in the US (if a private bank already exists) … this means that the private banking cartel will lock in their monopoly “forever” … and this is the reason these “trade agreements” are being “fast tracked in secret” with the stipulation that the details won’t be revealed to the public for five years (when it is to late to do anything about it) … such disturbing revelations concerning TiSA is just another reason for the public to get on their representatives backs to fess up and reveal to the public what is going on behind closed doors … there is simply no reason to hide “trade agreements” from pubic view under a secrecy act unless something dirty is going on!

  26. andyb

    Greg: it is obvious from leaked portions that these bills are principally about corporate global dominance with resulting loss of sovereignty. It has been said that these bills are NAFTA on steroids, and we all know how NAFTA has already destroyed, in 20 years, the US middle class and the standard of living. The only bright spot is that we now can very specifically finger the traitors among the 535 who are selling out America for an offshore bank account. Re the jobs: are you aware that the vast majority of new jobs since Obama took office have gone to illegals or H1B visa holders?

    • Charles H.

      Bingo! When Disney goes to the H1B for it’s IT: you know the game is up.

  27. Mason

    Anyone interested in earning 100.000 dollar might be interested to know that Wikileaks hopes to reward that money to the person who can leak the remaining chapters of the TPP
    [they started a crowdfunded prize and currently already have 60.000 dollar]:

  28. eddiemd

    Very good summary.

    450 military “trainers” being sent to Iraq is nonsense. Any information that is coming out of the ME is suspect and cannot be believed or confirmed. I am more interested in identifying the money trail through third parties within governments such as Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia…United States. These governments are behind the chaos and ISIS.

    I don’t believe that the US government with the NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA, IRS, DEA etc is not involved. The electronic intelligence capability extends deep into all areas of the banking systems throughout the world to include the ME.

    I have noticed that the local Army reserve and National Guard bases in the Phoenix area are full with military vehicles and equipment. I would be interested in knowing if similar stockpiling is occurring in other areas designated as part of Jade Helm.

    The water situation continues to get critical throughout the southwest. The governor of Arizona declared this past week that all is well here in his state. The true state of water affairs here is unknown. They can’t hide the water level at Lake Mead and that level is now at critical.

    Last week there were federal agents running electronic operations in the north Phoenix area. Phoenix also had the FBI surveillance aircraft flying over town. The federal agents had some SIGINT systems set up in the back parking lot of the North Phoenix Baptist church on north Cave Creek road for three days. Some point to point microwave system was being used with possible Stingray tower. Could be testing systems for Jade Helm.

    It is a good time to withdraw cash from the bank. I would keep a stack of 20’s at the minimum. A water filtration system would be handy and google mapping of all swimming pools in your local area (Phoenix Arizona).
    Stock up on beans, some vitamins, medicines, and ammo. Develop a bug out plan to get out of the city.

  29. brian

    I had to laugh Greg, when you held up the newspaper article about congress needing a plan for health care ruling…the photo just to the left of that story, the one with all the militarized cops…that looks like the plan haha.

  30. don

    Greg, I do think investors know the truth (despite what they say publically), but they are trying to squeeze the last bit of profits out of the market that they can. But once the downturn begins the rush out will be much faster than the last two downturns…the FED knows this as well (they have the same chart you just showed)…do you think they will try to get ahead of this and launch QE4? And what would QE4 be?

  31. Charles H.


    You know it is getting hard to find the superlatives to describe the work you are doing. Man, you get it: from the Congress (TIPP=Obamacare) to broadcast propaganda; and the “Run, Forest Run!” chart from Gregory Mannarino – I don’t see how you can do it. I have to unplug, some; and you stay there in the hot-seat.
    With Whistle-blowers getting heat on all sides; John Nash and wife dying in a taxi accident in NYC, before releasing an alternative to Einstein’s Relativity Theory; and Yahoo! denying and deleting my posts (without thumbs-down: they just ‘disappear’) on the McKinney, Texas debacle; and School Principles dismissed for posting their opinion on this issue: Freedom of Speech is being closed, shut-down, persecuted.
    Mark Twain: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” You are hitting stride – and doing a great job. CH

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles.

  32. Bob

    Greg, Great job on your wrap-up for the week. I’m looking for something positive to say about the out come of what is coming for the world but this time there will not be a rabbit in the hat, it’s full of the worst kind of snakes. Greg you stay hard like wood pecker lips. Together with Truth and Courage we win!! God Bless… Bob

  33. Nevada Dusty

    Let’s all try something: Encourage everybody to register to vote in a party that is either NOT Democrat or Republican, or as an unaffilliated independent. Sure, it won’t make any difference in the next election, but, it will demonstrate to the world how completely disconnected from the electorate our main parties are. It will also signal to all how ready we are for new parties that will actually represent us. Look, we still have the best system of government in the world. We also have the worst, most corrupted elite and political parties we have ever had. Let’s create some space for real alternative political parties and start the corrective process NOW.

  34. Mike Gunther

    OBAMATRADE voted Down!! Thank Goodness for Nancy Pelosi????
    I think my head exploded when I typed that, lol.
    Something weird is going on in D.C. with this. Maybe she didnt get as much of a Pay Off…ah… er…. Campaign Contribution as the Republicans did. I think I am REALLY DONE with the Republican Party, the whole slimy cesspool, mess of them.

    • susan


    • Charles H.

      Mike Gunther,

      To me – it’s a combination of things. One – Republicans aligned with Obama to fast-tract TTP shows that money has finally bought them. The other is Pelosi and the Democrats are enjoying role-reversal: they are saving America. Boy does this make them look good for 2016. I’d say it’s amazing, if it it didn’t make me want to puke. Any secretive – pass it now, read it later: is a sell-out. Obamacare ‘made’ the Dems; now the other aisle want their slice. I’m being very dark, I know.

      • NC Gal

        Charles H,

        TPP and TISA ARE dark! They are as dark as it can be at this stage of things. The only thing darker will be what is done after they are passed.

        So far, Congress is stalling on the TPP, but if history repeats, we can expect some “event” to push it through (seemingly overnight), just like happened with the first two anti-terrorist laws that gutted the due process and habeas corpus provisions in the Constitution. They were both stalled in Congress until the false flag events in Oklahoma City (April 19, 1995) and 9/11 (the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania).

        Do NOT ever underestimate just how “dark” the forces are that are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Those of us who still experience emotions like love and compassion cannot begin to imagine what a creature would be like that did not experience either of those. It is just beyond our ability to relate to.

    • Chip

      Mike, agree completely. R or D doesn’t matter….

  35. Coalburner

    Greg, Great Job!

    andyb: You are on the money! If we (ordinary people) dont already have an offshore bank account, we better get one too.
    As for the trade sellout, I expect it will setup or go ahead and immediately destroy the national borders between Mexico and Canada and our coutry will be gone. Second, sadly we are so far down the “rabbit hole” of debt and loss of industry and building power in the USA we cannot make a come back for generations. Translated to every middle class worker making in the equivalent to the 10 dollar an hour range. And sooner or later everyone will be put to work just to eat. The directon is to make all North Americe a third world workers paradise. Yes there is a fourth world now, and here in my state we got a first hand view of it coming from northern South America and southern Central America. We do not want to go there. When I first read Hunger Games I could not stop because I saw (my ) our past and our future. Where I came from and where I am trying not to go again.

  36. Sayonara

    Excellent work on WNW 194. I have printed out the “Run Forrest Run” chart and circulated it and WOW has it had an impact on people. I think the past week has really woken up a lot people to realizing that their elected officials are intentionally bringing serious harm to them. The republicans have clearly demonstrated that they are nothing but Capos to the democrat party and the elite corporatists. I would say that they do not stand a chance to win the presidency in 2016, but unfortunately, we will be in martial law then with Dictator Obama at the helm. You can now really feel the wave of evil and terrible things coming our way. Be well and keep up the great work!

  37. WD


    This is a site that is trying to destroy Israeli economy…it seems to be picking up a lot of steam!


    • WD

      This is what BDS is about, this could be very bad for Israel’s economy.

      Their Latest News & Analysis:

      Marinah becomes first singer in Spain to cancel concerts
      More than 10 000 South African School Students March Against Woolworths over Israel Trade
      BDS roundup: Lauryn Hill cancels Israel concert and Israeli company loses Olympics security contract
      2016 Olympics: After BDS pressure, Brazilian government denies relations with Israeli company ISDS
      Barclays bank no longer listed as Elbit Systems shareholder

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Wd,
      This is the site that tacitly backs the murder of gays and the shooting of protesters of the policies of Hamas. Crazy world we live in.

      • WD


        That is why I brought this to your attention, I realize what a hypocrisy this group is. I was shocked after I did some research and found out the nature of this group and that it had so much support.

        I was NOT agreeing with them.

        It seems that no one had brought this up on the sight and I wanted to send you a link to this group.

        And let it be known how they are strangling Israel economically

        I just want to be clear on that, that I do not agree with this organization at all. I wasn’t sure if you knew about them.


        • Greg Hunter

          We are good and I know you posted it as information and nothing more. Thank you, I did not know it was out there!!

    • susan

      Guess I had better send MJAA another $100.

  38. Don

    Thanks for the good wrap up, Greg. Most of your viewers and them who visit your site weekly, are, thanks to you and your guest have developed insights to the present situation in America and around the globe. The thing I enjoy the most is the group that are spiritually awake that give there comments. I’ve been looking into the planet x information on the web trying to discern whats truth and whats not. As it would explain the many different the time frame for tribulation to start. The blood moons and the solar eclipse in the form of a tetrad, being all on feast days are special and won’t appear again for another 500 or so years. According to the prophet Joel 2 chap. the moon will be blood red and the sun darkened before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Then, according to scripture we should expect the tribulation period to start after the tetrad, so planet x, if true, would be the instrument God would use for the judgments on the earth. Out of the two people on the internet which have set a time frame for this to play out is Gill Broussard, of 7x, and Marshel Masters who has been looking at this for over 13 years. If planet x exist and their timing is correct, then from Dec. of this year through Mar. and April of next year, a visible appearing should occur. If its been covered up , as both authors believe, a undeniable appearance during these times should happen. So, I will wait in expectation to see. The rapture, if pretrib, could occur this fall during the feast days. Thanks for your efforts and good reporting my friend, and may the Lord be you and your guest. If any would like to commit on planet x, or has a lot of knowledge about it, or if any has a reason to disbelieve what has been said about it, I would love to hear there view. Farewell

    • NC Gal


      Expectations about Planet X have already made the rounds more than once and failed to show up each and every time. (for example, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nibiru_cataclysm )

      The late Zechariah Sitzchin interpreted some passages in the Bible and ancient Sumerian manuscripts to postulate a 12th planet, which he called Nibiru. It has an irregular orbit, and according to Sitchin’s works, it is not due back here for another 1300-1600 years.

      Nancy Lieder (zetatalk.com) claims to be channeling ETs from Zeta Reticuli. She adopted Sitchin’s work and came up with the Planet X scenario to bolster her claim that we NEED the genetics from the Zetas in order to survive the cataclysms that she says will come when Planet X comes back. That’s just her most recent lie.

      The first date she gave for Planet X was 2003, which did not materialize. Then she regrouped around the 2012 hype and hysteria, and it didn’t come then. There is absolutely NO physical evidence that it is near the Earth at this time, but that doesn’t stop people from falling for that totally false story. Before she latched on to Sitchin’s work, Lieder was touting Veilokovsky’s “Worlds in Collision” theory about an asteroid that would destroy the planet, which also came to nothing.

      Her work originally began in the mid-90s with her claiming that the Zetas were predicting a Pole Shift, which was the original reason we were being told to participate in the Zeta breeding program to survive (the reasons given were totally ludicrous and scientifically unsound). for example, one of the things she originally advocated was to get cable because the satellite towers would fall down during the Pole Shift. Guess where cable feeds from from! Satellite transmissions! She said we need the larger craniums of the Zetas so that we could be telepathic after regular electronics were destroyed in the Pole Shift.

      I wear a size 6 7/8 hat (an adult size SMALL or child’s “large’) so my cranium is much smaller than the Zeta’s, but in the mid-60s, I was laboratory-tested at Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute in San Francisco for my telepathic abilities and was found to be 100% accurate in their tests. Forget Zetatalk, Planet X, Nibiru and Nancy Lieder! It’s all a bunch of lies. The ONE thing that Nancy Lieder fulfills is the prediction in the Bible about false prophets during the end times. She has lots of company, that’s for sure!

      The entire site has grown with so many layers added, if you don’t know what to look for, you will never find the fundamental deception at the root. While I myself have foreseen a time of cataclysms that DO end in shift of the axis of rotation, this will occur on the timeline I am on, but not necessarily any of the others.

      Absolutely nothing to worry about Planet X, but other things are coming that will be massive in their effects. The workings of the elites will pale before the forces of nature, but not before a lot of people suffer under their rule. The current “secret pacts” being made that Greg and Ellen Brown talk about are part of their final moves for total control of the planet. I shudder to think that our so-called “elected” representatives could be so stupid or so deeply in the elite’s service that they would not totally reject such a thing wholesale and immediately!

      Instead of looking for obscure ways the end times will play out, try looking at what’s right in front of your face! USAWD is showing them to you, three times a week.

      • Don

        Dear NC Gal, thanks for your comments, and my search for truth concerning things like planet x and the NWO and the elites participation in it will continue. I had already shunned the zeta talk, and though Mr. Masters of yowusa who has such spiritual belief’s of reincarnation and the like along with taking advise from a mediums and the spirit world, are something that God will judge. When I view information, its always with the view of biblical understanding. I realized the thread for planet x was an old one, and much of what is presented may be corrupted or disinformation. But the scriptures do teach heavenly signs, will accompany the tribulation period and just prior to it. It also teaches a global government and a world leader, as the antichrist. So thanks for your thoughts and my the Lord be with you. Christ is the churches blessed hope, and according to scripture, the jews return to there home land in 1948 and capturing Jerusalem in 1967 where major biblical events that the last generation was to see before his return. Thanks Greg, once again my friend.

    • Galaxy 500

      Did you miss the levy shoemaker comet? Found by amateurs. Plenty looking to make their mark and no way in Hell you could keep them quite.

  39. RichM

    Great wrap up Greg;

    Regarding the jobs data, all you have to do is look around to really see the true story. Aside from the 29 hour work week, look at all the under-employed as far as they being overly qualified but there are not enough jobs for all of them to find. My daughters were all older teenagers and/or college student age around 2008 through today. What they tell me is in looking for the typical “kids” jobs, you know, like restaurant, retail, grocery, cashiers, etc. is that when they interviewed, they often went up against 30-50 year old mom’s and dads. They have all gotten jobs and half their co-workers are these folks. they like it as it adds a whole level of professionalism there but both they and I feel bad, when an ex-manufacturing worker who used to make $35 an hour is making $8 now just to feed his kids or young moms and dads with a bachelors degree in perhaps english or communications is working these jobs because they cannot get something within their degree. So they are perhaps $30K in college loan debt and have a young family they are trying to support but make $8 – $9 an hour working with my college student daughter as a hotel clerk.
    On a micro scale, these small businesses and chains and franchises have a more extensive stable to choose from and get super over-qualified workers delivering pizza’s at Papa Johns or something even though they has a BS in Business Admin or whatever.

    But on a MACRO scale… this is very disturbing… It is NOT the American way. I have met several young dad’s who all but feel worthless for only being able to bring in near minimum wage for their young wife and children. Still they refuse welfare and/or it has been exhausted. Still it is so sad as these folks deserve the opportunity to be able to excel and show they can contribute to a free economy. That has been stolen from them.

    It reminds me of Ronald Reagan and his campaign ads in the 1980’s and his speeches as well. Mitt Romney would have likely been no Ronald Reagan, but perhaps he may have at least tried to be. I can only imagine how things may have had at least a rats ass chance of actually “recovering” if he was given a chance over Obama.

    These old Ronald Reagan ads and speeches are still inspiring.





    My old Republican party, has lost its way and I am not sure if even we had a Ronald Reagan now, if its still not too late considering the damage done. Oh how the progressives (in and out of BOTH parties) have truly regressed us to pre-revolutionary war status. What fight are we to fight this time when the next civil war or revelutionary war comes?

    • Paul from Indiana

      McCain v. Obama was not a fair fight; it was a set-up. But Romney v. Obama was the country’s Waterloo. Face it; we had the chance, but we didn’t get it done. Why? Too many profiting from the status quo, both redistributors/skimmers and takers. Remember the infamous “47%”? Romney was crucified in the press for a true remark that was expressed in private. How can the truth be controversial? Because the status quo is not based on the truth! Now, with the phenomenon of so-called same-sex marriage (what???) as a backdrop, we have destructive riots in the streets, and the “law” just stands and watches, even justifies the carnage as “righteous expression”. And I remember as a kid laughing to myself at the absurdity of “Alice in Wonderland”, never understanding that my time in the drum was coming… Best always. PM

  40. Jerry

    More Jade Helm 15 videos. UN helicopters over Washington State.
    I know, its normal for American citizens to be used as props for a military exercise Or is it?

  41. Paul from Indiana

    The Greece default crisis is the fuse to the derivatives timebomb. When that blows, the bail-in is released into the “atmosphere”. The government will do anything and everything to stay in power; it is the nature of the beast. The Constitution will not be an impediment or hindrance in that event. Best always. PM

  42. Robert

    Why does everybody say their is no recovery? I have been in construction , housing and commercial here in Washington state all my life (66) and I can tell you that there is so much building going on here it is unbelievable, 3.7 unemployment. Heavy trucking, heavy equipment, tall cranes all over Seattle, it’s absolutely mind blowing. How can you say there is no economic recovery, and I understand many other regions are on fire. New housing everywhere you look. Please explain.

    • Greg Hunter

      You enjoy the recovery in you state for 2 main reasons. People are leaving California in droves and the money is cheap. Neither trend will continue long term.

  43. dbcooper

    Mrs. Cooper here Greg,
    My husband had to replay your Friday wrap-up for me this evening as I missed it this morning due to my volunteer work driving patients to appointments. I am here to tell you that we opted-out of our 401K when the 2001 drop came. And I enjoyed the Seattle comment about the buffalo. But, as you said, your family are not awake, our families are not awake, how many families around those of us who see reality are awake? I would have equated a story of a flock of sheep where only the black sheep are awake. I refer to the rest of the flock as 95%er’s, with real hopes that there are at least 5% of us to be the remnant.
    Thank you for your time and effort, it is deeply appreciated and I look forward to your three days a week.

  44. Donna

    Michael Savage summed up Pelosi’s motivation for thumbing down Obamatrade. No union workers, no union dues. No union dues, no kick up to the union leaders and no slush fund for progressive politicians. No consideration for the worker — just protecting turf. But, Pelosi will come off as the champion of the little guy. Can always cut the little guy’s throat on issues that do not diminish the established pipeline to campaign monies.

    Looks like election 2014 brought one bitter harvest. At least we know who the rats are that pilfered the grain.

    Tell you why your family, my family, and the guy on your block does not see the iceberg as we do. Ken Hamblin (the Black Avenger) once made the remark: ” There was at one time nothing quite like the rumble of an empty tummy to motivate a person off the couch, that and having to look his wife and kids in the face. Government removed that motivator.”

    In my immediate family, I am the Last Mohican working. On my block here in AZ, no one that I know holds a job. They all get by on disability, unemployment, Social Security, EBT, extra supplements where children are involved, and probably a combo package of freebies I’m not even aware of. They all travel, party, vacation. Their homes have the newest top shelf gadgets. Of course, they see no iceberg. They are still in the ballroom. You and I are spoilers howling on deck.

    When their checks disappear, they will trample you on their way to the boats.

  45. Donna


    I almost ditched this movie. Glad I stuck with it. Win or lose, the brass and the upper crust eat well. The movie ends with Hitler rationalizing his actions with the devil. The visual is just priceless.

    This is a metaphysical good versus evil. The final speech by the tank mechanic could be made today. I thought this was just going to be a shoot-um-up 2-hour tank battle, which is why I almost pulled the plug. Oh no, far from it!

    I thought the last 20 minutes were all telling for all times. You can take the devil and insert our prez or any opportunistic, traitorous backstabber of your choice.

    We are currently all wondering what shape our “White Tiger” will take.

    • Thomas

      Very well said, thank you.

  46. Brian Stemmerman

    Greg, after reading the articles above, I was totally surprised that the run Forrest run chart was something that most readers did not know about. The facts that I find are: The government is trying their best to keep us in heaven. Even though hell awaits. This is not a banking problem. We are all at fault. The banks are vessels of the government. They are doing what they are told. That would explain no jail time. I find most interesting is that people are scared to death of a government that controls them coming to an end. I tell my brother Dave that he is the richest man in the world. He does not own a house with a large mortgage, he rents a studio. He owns his own car. The point I am trying to make is: The 1% will lose. Is that going to keep your readers up at night? You should explain to your readers that throughout history every boom and bust ends up with great things like the Renaissance. Fear not.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      Has anyone ever been forced to take a loan? Has anyone ever been forced to apply for a credit card? Is there anyone that cannot say that I wish I would of done better in school? I wish I would of done better at that last job. I wish that I could taken back that last big item purchase. I’m guilty of all the following.

    • NC Gal


      I disagree with your statement that the banks are vassals of the government. (I am assuming you meant vassals, meaning servants or slaves, not vessels, meaning containers, which could also be seen as true — our governments are held hostage to the banks; just look at what they did in 2007 — they fell on their swords to save the banks, but that is not my point.)

      We, the general populace, tend to think of our governments as being those who hold visible office, whether elected or not. However, there has always been a “secret” or “shadow” government that has been pulling the strings behind the scenes, and the banks are THEIR vassals or instruments through which they carry out their plans. There are only a handful of people who are at the top of that pyramid of control, probably no more than a dozen, possibly even fewer, according to the late William Cooper. They are the only ones who know the entire intent and plan. However, beneath them is a highly compartmentalized interlocking network in which each person is “played” and valued for their part in carrying out the plans of those at the top.

      The Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, IMF, BIS, World Bank, World Health Organization (WHO), the Club of Rome — the list is long and all of these organizations are part of this compartmentalized network. It becomes even harder to see beneath the surface because so many get sidetracked by terms like the Illuminati and Masons; references to alleged human sacrifices at Bohemian Grove; and dimly perceived connections to higher-density negative ET entities that HAVE played a role in the history of our planet but have been greatly misperceived and misunderstood.

      Because “commerce is king” on this planet and money in one form or another interconnects nearly everything (even if that money is only 1s and 0s in a computer somewhere), the banks are the clearinghouses for nearly every activity that takes place in our day to day existence. Things that were not originally monetized, such as day care by stay-at-home mothers who have now been forced into the workforce out of economic necessity, have all been monetized and therefore move through those banks. The banks “skim” off every transaction, and the sheer number of people on the planet and the almost uncountable number of transactions make for a very good income for the banks, but even more so for those who own and control them.

      Fractional reserve banking has its own destruction built into itself from the get-go. Each iteration returns a smaller slice of the pie, and eventually the economic law of diminishing returns takes its toll. This is a system built entirely on the creation of debt that can never be repaid in the longer term, so once the banks have extracted all that they can from an impoverished people, the system will be terminated and replaced by another one that fits with the elites’ plans to control and own everything.

      I know that I am an eternal spirit, not limited to what happens to this body, so while I understand what things look like, that is not the whole picture. Everything eventually passes and changes form and so will what we can see right now, in front of our faces.

      In the longer term, it’s like the sandcastles children play at the edge of the ocean. A wave comes and then another, and then it’s all back to the formless sand it was to begin with. That may not be a helpful way for you to look at it, but it helps me maintain perspective in the face of something so cunning and terrible that it would otherwise be overwhelming to consider.

      Dark days are upon us, to be sure, but after every long dark night, a dawn does come and that’s where I keep my vision fastened — on the horizon where that new dawn will come and reveal a changed landscape, with many possibilities to be explored.

  47. Coalburner

    Greg, Don and G500. Yes, Planet X is hooey, probably planted by Trolls. I have an Expert; besides Astronomy is one of our clan hobbys too. If there were a Planet X as G500 points out the whole world would know it everyday. With todays amateurs something like that would be out. Did you see some kid just discovered a new planet 1000 lightyears out! That is what I am talking about!

    • Don

      Thanks coalburner, you make since. Its just something I was looking into. There is know doubt the coming economic crash and an attempt by global leaders to bring us completely into a global government and monetary system is by far a very present danger, but as a Christian I’m looking at every area that may point to Christ return. Also those very things are taught in scripture as later day events, so in a round about way, they may all tie together. I guess time will tell both. Thanks for your comment friend, I try to listen to others.

    • Galaxy 500

      Thanks for the back up. Satan has a lot of trolls who mix just enough truth in their lies to get people to buy in to their lies. Some even quote the Bible. Beware and be skeptical. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. Trust in God …all others, be skeptical.

    • dbcooper

      CB, OK so planet x is hooey… What about the DUMB sites supposedly all over the world? Bob Fletcher makes a compelling case.. DB

  48. Coalburner

    That 1000 Lightyears out for a planet statement sounds like some kind of error of zeros. Sorry!

    • Galaxy 500

      I am impressed the kid could do the math. At that distance, if I recall, they look for the amount the star dims.

  49. MIke Gleason

    My brother and I have been discussing John Kerry’s bike accident. Somethings are quite unusual. Does a broken leg require 10 days in the hospital? There are no other injuries reported or visible like bruises and scrapes. There are no photos, videos or eyewitness accounts of the accident. Looking at this photo of Kerry in the hospital it occurred to me there is no cast or boot on his leg. Upon crutches there is no cast or boot.



  50. Galaxy 500

    John Kerry is 71/72. He had a hip replacement a few years ago. Ten days in the hospital for this isn’t that unusual. When they do surgery and put rods and screws, you usually don’t wear a cast.

    • WD

      Wrong G 500

      This is very unusual…they would have to stabilize leg or protect it in some way. There is no way there would be no cast.

      Maybe now Kerry actually does have some battle wounds that were not self-inflicted.

  51. Runde

    For any that care
    Check Saudi Arabia laws and then compare with IS

    Once present problem IS,Iraq… is solved Turkey is next

    Kurds a thrilled by their new weapons he he he

    The never ending story

  52. dave

    Hi Greg
    You where asking where are the liberals.There is some .One is Rand Paul,which i believe is our last hope.Keep up the good work .

  53. southern girl

    It is about 1:43 am as I am writing. I don’t know where else to post this. I am so deep within myself and I can’t stop crying. I just finished watching a history channel about the Nazis. Oh! God I can’t stop crying over the crimes committed by humans.
    This film was about Hitler and how he planned the extinction of the Jews. God, how do I breathe? What was documented made me so upset I cannot stop crying with such anguish. We the USA tried to de-Nazify Germany after Hitler, but how???
    We decided , and I am going to paraphrase is this to keep about 450 of the Nazis Germans to help out programs such as Von Brown and the V2Bomber. WE the USA decided that we would give passports to criminals so we could pick their brain on the rockets and other military secrets.
    What I saw was such an atrocity. We allowed those who were such demonic entities
    to stay in America for their research. I listened to how the propaganda told the Germans that the Jews were just like rats. Greg! How have they have vilified Christians. We are now the new rats. Look to our elected officials, who are they? They are the new 4th Reich. They are not any different and want the same thing. They want to extinguish all hope of life. Let’s have abortion and the light bright community. And if you don’t agree with me well you are just as bad as the Jews.
    I’m finally tired and will try to sleep only by the grace of God. I see our future and it has not changed in all these years.

    • sk

      It is more constructive to do your utmost to prevent evil in 2015 than to weep about events of 74 years ago. Time and tide cannot be turned back. My penny’s worth of advice.

    • aussie jeff

      I understand your grief SG, ……….however the fast approaching storm that is coming will make the extermination of the Jews look like a garden party,and that is not trying to minimise what happened, history is littered with despicable acts of evil men.
      The world is in darkness,evil has it’s home in the dark.John 3:19
      Rather than be overcome with grief,let your light shine for all men to see, a beacon in a darkened world,so that those floundering in the dark may have hope like we do.
      God Bless you.John 5:16

  54. Elizabeth Hanson

    Excellent report Greg… as usual! I especially appreciated the report from the Seattle fellow, who like me- I also live in Seattle- can see the day when everyone wakes up all at once, like the 100th monkey effect! My husband and I are giving a presentation on the new education standards, common core and its tests. The new education system is to education what Monsanto is to food, what the Federal Reserve is to banking… what TPP is to trade. It is a corporate-government takeover to dumb down and control the kids. I co-wrote a book on it. I know people are waking up to the corporate-government syndicate because usually at talks like we are having maybe 10 people show up… we already have 30 people saying they are coming and we are 2 weeks out. Needless to say, I’m starting our presentation on the state of the lousy economy.. It will be filmed and I’ll send you the link! Thanks again Greg for all you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Elizabeth Hanson,
      Thank you for adding your perspective. Please post the title of your book. Maybe They should rename “Common Core” to “Common Stupid.”

  55. hoopshound

    Speaking of Obama Care, it is looking like the Supreme Court is going to rule against the Obama Administration on subsidies for more than 30 states.

    What’s your evidence for this? Do you have insider information?

  56. frank

    As European, I’m less interested in internal US issues, so here some other tidbits of information from the old continent.
    Living about 100 kilometers away from the G7 / Bilderberger meeting place, there is not much obvious to see. However, today I realized they basically switched off commercial GPS while this bunch of pedophile satanists meets in one place in Telfs (Tyrol). There are only two satellites visible, not enough for a proper position fix – meaning about 5..10 kilometers deviation (more then three orders of magnitude more than the usual 1..2 meters). Obviously, they are as scared as hell to meet their fate.
    For the uninformed, a lot of semi-autonomous “precision” weapons like ground target missiles use GPS for navigation.

    So, in the case of SHTF, neither count on mobile phones, GPS navigation, and internet …

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank for the info for the “Old Continent.”

    • aussie jeff

      you made some good points frank, its one of the reasons I’ve kept my landline phone on,even though I never use it,but figure it’s going to be still working long after they have cut our communication via mobile phone and gps.Thanks for the reminder.

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