World War Threats, Clinton Email Probe Widens, Confused Fed, Bad Economy

4 jpeg.pngBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 216 11.13.15)

It seems the world is preparing for war with threats of military action from around the globe. There is the recent incident of the U.S. Air Force flying a B-52 bomber close to man-made islands claimed by China in the South China Sea. Russia “leaked” plans for a nuclear torpedo that could be sent into a harbor and exploded. This is in response to the U.S. putting missile defense in Europe. Meanwhile, ISIS is threatening Russia in Syria and making a video saying “soon very soon Blood Will Spill Like Ocean.” Meanwhile, ISIS is making threats to Israel from the Sinai Peninsula. This is the same ISIS group that took credit for planting a bomb in the Russian passenger jet that murdered 224 people. I have Warren Pollock on next, and he says, “Everybody, including the U.S. Pentagon, see’s what’s coming and getting ready for global war.” Pollock has a very interesting take on things from war and what countries will be allies to internet surveillance that is used against you.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is getting worse for camp Clinton. The FBI is now reported to be widening the probe. The Bureau is looking into allegations of lying and making false statements. This apparently is not only for Ms. Clinton, but her staff as well. Now, some lawmakers say it is a given that Clinton had high level confidential information on that private server, and there were not the proper protections for it under the law. This could be qualified as “gross negligence” under the Espionage Act.  This is serious, folks. Legal experts say Ms. Clinton and her staff could be charged with things like lying to federal agents, obstruction of justice, gross negligence and many other possible charges. Martha Stewart spent five months in jail for one lie to a federal agent. No way can she win the White House even if she is not charged.

The Fed seems schizophrenic. One day they talk of negative interest rates, the next they say they want to raise rates in December. I don’t know what they are doing, and I don’t think they do either. Headline out of USA Today, this week, says “Fed’s Williams: ‘Strong case” for Rate Hike.” In September, the Fed could not raise rates because the global economy and China was sinking.  Williams says global growth is “still fragile” but touts a paltry “2% growth. I wonder if Mr. Williams has seen the latest chart of the Baltic Dry Index. It’s been crashing since July. The IMF is, once again, warning the Fed not to raise rates. Other headlines, this week, are also very bad news. Gregory Mannarino of said the market topped in May, and his call is holding. Mannarino said, this week, the ECB was going to give some more easy money talk because the market was rolling over again, just like October.  That,s exactly what happened the very next day.  Here’s the link.   The next day, the head of the ECB was out on cue to give the happy talk, and this time it did not work. The markets sold off, and Mannarino says, “There is no way the market is going to go back to its old highs.” Whether the Fed raises rates or keeps them the same, there is going to be a downside.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Silence is Golden

    Man you’ve been on fire lately.
    Luv the way you call it …esp. the circus we know as the MSM.
    I think we can now safely say we are in a R.E.C.E.S.S.I.O.N. and not draw the sideways looks and attention of those who still think everything is just dandy.
    The masses are not asleep …they just want it all to continue…for as long as possible. Those on welfare ..some are hoping ….others wishing….. that the music keeps playing….this façade of an economy and political swooning that goes with it.
    Reality is about to bite for the unprepared and there will be repercussion across the spectrum. There is no escaping this….everyone gets touched.
    Recessions typically follow stock market tops. If we topped out in May (very good chance)…then in all likelihood we are two-three months into the big R. What all and sundry have been calling ….for some time now… a crash. To me the Stock market is looking decisively tired. It lacks breadth and depth and only a select number of stocks are keeping it in the 17-17.5K level. Overpriced USD implies and overpriced stock market.
    All of the data supporting a failing economy globally is readily available (in fact I posted some data on the WNW last week).
    Now its time for the FED and MSM to recognise reality and call it as they KNOW IT.

    Looking forward to WP on Sunday. I recall last interview he mentioned it wasn’t Russia that the US was going to war with…it was China. How many allies has the US lost over the last few years. Look how many have joined the AIIB and put in place currency swap arrangements in RMB …and the answer is evidently clear.

    Keep up the great work. We all appreciate your efforts in espousing the truth.

    • Silence is Golden

      As an addendum to my comment…..
      I recall it was almost 1 year ago that we were discussing the ramifications of the then depressed Oil price.
      IMO we are about to witness the next wave of bankruptcies…in the Oil/Gas sector….that will shred any capital that remains in the Banks (that have had the largest exposures to that sector in Shale Gas)….and possibly put a few close to or into bankruptcy. All this at a time when other sectors are firing on one or two cylinders only. Transports are the tip of the Iceberg …but a clear indicator nonetheless.
      If Bernanke were still at the FED…he would be sending out the Helicopters 24/7.

    • andyb

      The historic determination of a recession has been defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP. Well folks, how about 30 consecutive quarters? Base GDP has to be one on one reduced by inflation. The Chapwood Index has measured the inflation on “necessities for the average household in 50 metro US areas. It found average inflation from 2008 on to be 7-10%. Now subtract even the phony USG numbers over this period (average GDP of 1.6%) by the inflation number and, voila! we are in the Greatest Depression.

      Re the elections: I would be very surprised if Hillary gets indicted; if she does, I see two possible scenarios.
      1. A ride to the rescue by Gore or Ketchup man
      2. An economic implosion or WWIII necessitating martial law, the suspension of elections, and Obama continuing as President (under a new EO, of course).

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        The FED is a central bank owned by a private banking CABAL.
        In spite of this utterly farcical situation the FED in theory is still duty-bound to operate within the confines of two mandates;

        #1 Full employment.
        The Fed is a million miles away from achieving this one.
        My reading tells me real unemployment is actually around 25% not the 5% bandied about by the MSM presstitute..

        #2 Price stability
        Price stability for mainstreet, as you point out Andy, is a very sad joke indeed. As you mentioned the Chapwood Index has run at 5-7% for the last 7 years. Combine this with the fact that bank deposit rates are close to 0% and mainstreet is indeed, a very dark place to be.

        So there you have it America, you handed your central bank over to a banking cabal 100 years ago and you have not had the common sense to take it back. Even more farcical you have effectively given this cabal license to operate without any meaningful charter whatsoever.

        The FED sits there and reigns like some sort of demigod continually churning out cynical misinformation and outright lies. Furthermore, as I have mentioned in other posts, it absolutely does not have the US economy interests at heart. To the contrary, its real mission is to line the pockets of its shareholders and associated cronies.

        By the way Greg, what an excellent WNW!

        • frederick

          Cheers Colin yes Americans are sure being hoodwinked on a daily basis and yet most are in a deep denial about it all Probably because the truth is too ugly and they feel totally powerless to change anything frederick in Turkey

    • Collateral Damage

      An Innovative Approach to Improving the World…

      Study Finds Controlled Washington, D.C. Wildfires Crucial For Restoring Healthy Political Environment

      WASHINGTON—Calling the process essential to preventing overgrowth and promoting renewal, a study released Tuesday by researchers at American University found that regular, controlled Washington, D.C. wildfires are crucial to the restoration of a healthy political environment. “Periodic blazes that destroy sections of the Beltway region are a natural part of the political cycle and play a key role in maintaining democratic balance,” read the study in part, which explained that occasional wildfires of mild to moderate intensity are the most important and effective mechanism for clearing out old federal agencies so that new ones can take their place and flourish. “Although such fires are often considered a hazard, without them government would quickly become dense, overrun, and impenetrable, stifling political diversity and inhibiting the germination of new ideas. In fact, had the Great Washington Fire of 1964 not provided them with room to grow, the Departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development would never have been able to take root and thrive.” The study concluded that attempts to suppress the wildfires would likely only lead to the occurrence of far more powerful blazes in the future capable of causing significant, permanent damage to the government’s branches.

    • Paul

      SIG … Exposing the truth may not last too much longer … digging into the “secret TTP deal” … our worst fears of “internet control” are realized … the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TTP) is moving toward removing rights to promote free access to “public domain material” with copyright provisions … not a good sign for internet freedom or the alternative media!

      • Silence is Golden

        Judging by what has occurred in Paris…the removal of our liberties and martial law seem to make the Removal or Heavy Surveilance of internet use, a minor inconvenience. Rules of the Elite are written into law through the Military Industrial Complex.
        This is Fascsim 101. Point taken.
        Like lambs to the slaughter….we move in flocks…unknowingly closer to our eventual demise.

  2. Sam Hill


    I have two prognostications to make for the month of November.

    Hear ye! Hear ye!

    1) The global economy will NOT collapse on Nov. 15/16.

    2) The global economy will also NOT collapse on Nov. 30.

    I’m right, and I will be proved right.

    Further updates will be forthcoming in December.

    Peace and love to all,

    Sam Hill

    P.S. Nice wrap-up, Greg!

    • Paul

      Sam … Proved right? … perhaps for now … but can you predict what will happen if we returned to free markets?

      Just ss Bill Holter asks: “Have you ever asked yourself what the world would look like should free markets price everything? Do you really believe interest rates would be where they are? Or the stock markets? Would a McDonald’s hamburger only cost $3 dollars? Would you be able to get $2 dollar gasoline when the rest of the world in many cases is paying $5 dollars per gallon or more? When the financial storm hits (as it soon will) do you believe your bank or broker will survive?

      • Smaulgld

        The main reason Us gas prices are cheaper than europe is the tax is lower

    • Hairy Herry


      This Hairy Guy agrees. November will continue as usual. The only fly in the soup is if a declared WAR occurs. All bets are off from December forward. You may not see it closing in, but the sky is filled with black swans. Where shall they land? They’re already laying poop, causing much inconvenience.

      The Bottom Line? What’s going on now is unsustainable! I’m surprised the Ponzi has gone on as long as it has, but there’s still a tiny amount of gold capable of being delivered via COMEX.

      “When the last physical ounce is delivered – Game OVER!” – Bill Holter

  3. glen

    another great week at watchdog,
    talk of raising rates caused a plunging reaction this week,
    next week the theme will reverse and so the markets.
    in the east life is defined with ying yang
    in the west life is defined with yo yo.

  4. Paul

    As for the markets … the ECB, Japan, China and the Fed are all printing trillions per month to contain any derivatives bleeding … all this exponential printing is “inflationary” and will require that rates rise (to compensate for the huge watering down of fiat paper) … and as “inflationary expectations” takes root in the mind of the public they will buy stocks not sell them … look at the S&P500 it has been rising for about six weeks now … yes it is due for a few weeks pullback … but if the S&P500 can move above its previous high at 2134.72 it will “break the current down trend” and the markets will then be out of the bearish woods! … we will soon know for sure once this current pullback ends! …

    • Collateral Damage


      You said in your post, “…to contain derivatives bleeding…”

      Forgive me (in advance) for my macabre word association game this evening, but your post, (and reference to ‘bleeding derivatives’), made me think of the bubonic plague. I consequently conducted a blind search and found this article:

      Interesting… I wonder if the Big Time Traders in the ‘Great Financial Market’ of the world today, (i.e. the center of London, England) are as terrified of those ‘bleeding derivatives’ that you cite, as their 16th century counterparts were terrified of those bleeding oozing bulbous pustules 350 years ago.

      Ironically, I think that when each of them (ancient pustules and modern derivatives) respectively ‘pop’, (in the past tense and in the current) the effect will be for all effects and purposes, very nearly the same.

      Best to each of you,


  5. Frank

    Hi Greg
    Have a look at this site,lists the people in China who not getting their pay,the people are protesting for what is owed to them in arrears,real eye opener.
    This tells me that the economy is really slowing

    • Southern Girl


      Thanks for the site. It is astonishing how many are on strike. Which also says they aren’t low paying (sweat shop) jobs…and they want more money.

  6. Smaulgld

    Great update Greg
    It is obvious the economy is not doing well

    The data they like to point to that looks good is the non farm payroll and initial jobless claims

    The non farm payroll is a. faulty measure of the health of the labor market

    Here is the true state of the labor market based on data from the St. Louis Fed

    • Paul

      A little victory for the “good guys” …

      But the question is … will it last? … Democrat Obama and Republican Ryan both want to bring millions of “foreign” workers into our country to take away “middle-class jobs” from Americans … are “our” Representatives from “both” Political Parties” supposed to be working for “us”? … or or they “obliged” to work for “foreigners”??

  7. Gil

    Hillary is not going to be indicted… not going to jail! Why?… coz she’s a neocon and is therefore exempt from prosecution! Bonnie and Clyde… a very bad couple whom have literally got away with several murders including John Kennedy junior are the worst evil this world has ever seen and they are treated like royalty in the US! I hope you are right Greg… that Bonnie will not make it… it remains to be seen!

    • Paul

      Gil … she has only 3 votes locked up (hers , her husbands and her daughter) … not enough to make her our voted in President … but that will in no way stop her from becoming our “appointed” President if the powers that be want her in!

  8. Galaxy 500

    The mendacious MSM continues to roll out clowns for the “circus” as Greg puts it. I can remember watching Walter Cronkite after dinner and discussing what was happening in the world.
    Now you have the N.Y. Times as America’s answer to Pravda. It is hard to miss the blatant malicious lies spread about Dr. Carson and my favorite, Mr. TRUMP. One thing that these papers and MSM cannot hide is their continued financial spiral
    into ruin. Why but a N.Y. TIMES when you can pull the Ojai board out of the closest and get the stuff they pull out of thin air?
    Once again I ask, “what is 0bama’s agenda?” Why is he choosing to put a sharp stick in the eye of China but is licking Putin’s boots clean?
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up Greg. Espionage, incompetence, world war, and a global financial collapse.
    Faster than a rabid snail.
    Stronger than than my dog’s flatulence.
    Able to leap tall Bills in a single bound (which is quite a feat in Mom jeans).
    So Don’t worry , be happy. 0bama is the smartest man in the room, but then again, he is the only man in the room.
    God bless y’all and keep y’all safe. I don’t see how they can keep the wheels on this jalopy as it careens downhill, every faster.

  10. Galaxy 500

    Happy horse hockey from the JW’s website.
    Heaven is hope only for select Jehovah’s Witnesses. … Heaven is limited only to 144,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses. … Women are forbidden pray in the presence of men without a hat or head covering 59. … -JW services are called “meetings”

    I am worshipping the REAL GOD Without limits.

    • Robert

      What brought that on? Here’s their official website so others can see what they are really about.

    • Reginald Denny


      Can’t you give us anything from the horse hockeys mouth, not just accusations? I know your somewhat of an expert since your old girlfriend was a {JW.}. There are so many of em, just where do they plan on going, short of the lake of fire?They seem meek enough for some sort of salvation in Christ.

      • Charles H


        The JW Doctrine makes Jesus Christ “a god”, not THE God: so it disengages from the true Godhead – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; which are all sentient Persons comprising the True God. Also they mix works of (human) righteousness with Grace and make that forfeit. Inductees are groomed, then indoctrinated, then sequestered by not being allowed any other material other than their own. Their ‘bible’ is the most changed and verse-omitted one in print – that reinforces their peculiar doctrines. Beware starting beautifully: but ending wrong.

        • Reginald Denny

          Charles, trying to understand. Checking out {thanks Robert} it seems the JW’s believe in the father, the son and the holy spirit, what do you mean the godhead, and their all sentient persons compromising the True god? I hate to say it Charles, but it sounds gobbledygook to me. Groomed and indoctrinated, sort of like a Manchurian candidate? Wow, a bit over the top wouldn’t you say, lol! I don’t know about not being allowed any other material other than jw stuff, because several have posted here on Greg’s site, praising USAWatchdog and even stating their witnesses and if I remember correctly, one tried correcting you on whether the son knows the day or hour { end time}, or sum such stuff. Seems you got to be pretty open minded to be visiting Greg’s sight, so I wouldn’t put to much faith in the accusation of not reading anything but their material. And just what do you mean mixing human righteousness with works and Gods grace, {forgiveness?} Also, personally, i’m in favor of new translations, people in Africa cant read the King James only. Sorry if I sound a bit prejudiced. I guess because I’ve seen those people all my life and I know in New York their very much appreciated in Brooklyn for paying tax’s when they didn’t have too and for well over 150 years there, have made Columbia Heights a prosperous high class area. Those people cant be dummies!

          • eddiemd


            Jw’s are cultists.

            • Robert

              Your opinion . Anyone can see their website and see for themselves weather that’s so .
              For instance 99% don’t even know who the president of the Jw’s is.
              Doesn’t sound like a Jim Jones or David Koresh (Waco Texas) to me.

        • eddiemd

          Well stated.

    • DickVanstone

      My problem with Jehovah’s Witnesses is in my neighborhood they come by and advocate a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Sick.

      • Robert

        Daniel 2:44 “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.” Apparently it’s not their idea.

  11. Jerry

    I think its almost impossible for anyone to predict the timing of an event that has never happened before in recorded history. Every time we develop a timeline of when we think the reset will occur, the banking cabal move the goal post. Here is a prime example.

    To me this smells of desperation. At some point the Federal Reserve Bank will lose all (if they ever had any) credibility if they don’t back up their words with action. At this point its just spin to continue the game a little longer.

    But as Ross and several others (SIG) have pointed out, if Gold wasn’t a threat to the Banking cabals position, they wouldn’t keep smashing it down. The end game is here and like Rob Kirby has stated on numerous occasions, once the Gold can’t be delivered its game over. The Chinese Gold Fix is coming in December, and that will be the deciding factor as to how long this Ponzi scheme will be allowed to continue.

    Keep an eye on the G20 meeting that starts on the 15th. There will be a lot discussed behind closed doors. FYI the NDAA bill is sitting on the Presidents desk for signature.
    CLS if you have anything to add, Id love to hear it.

    • Greg Hunter

      CLS is gone and not coming back.

      • Jerry

        Sorry Greg. CLS if I offended you, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. We’re all adults here. What happens on Greg’s site, stays on Greg’s site. (Unless you lose a bet like I did with G500) 🙂

        • Greg Hunter

          She did not offend me, CLS lied and mislead people. It’s that simple. It’s one thing to make a mistake and we all do. It is another to lie and intentionally mislead. You and me are good.

      • jim chudzinski

        why is she gone greg?

        • Greg Hunter

          Lies and intentional misleading people here.

      • dbcooper

        Greg, that is too bad… sorry to hear, DB

        • dbcooper

          Pt. 2 !! Not that CLS is prophetic or correct but we watch for nuggets so as to connect the dots and CLS seems to have a few to connect… who knows. Thanks for your dot-connecting Greg, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

      • susan

        CLS we will miss you.

    • NC Gal

      Jerry, I can’t find any evidence that the 2016 NDAA has been passed. The last actions listed on it on the official government sites are that it was vetoed on November 20 and no attempt to overturn the veto will be made. (see for example or What is your source for your statement that it’s sitting on the president’s desk, waiting for signature?

      • Jerry

        It was posted late last week that Congress passed it again and sent it to the President for signature. The hang up was Gitmo.

  12. Calgirl

    Great wrap up! Well, maybe not so great is the info you shared though! Hillary will probably not be president and she’ll probably not be prosecuted by our DOJ. But what’s left? Sanders!!!! But we won’t have to worry about Sanders cuz we’ll have a third term of Obama due to war and take-over of the US homeland by the military.

    Here’s a link to Andy Hoffman’s take on the world which mirrors yours:
    World Economic/PM Review Andy Hoffman 11-11-2015

  13. James Hastings

    Another great weekly rap-up. Your program is addicting. Reminds me of a TV series from the past…”Tune in next week”….. I also started reading from your attached articles.
    Great articles that ease the withdraw.

    I live in reality, realize a great country and society, have become corrupted. Soon, we will be history. What a loss to the world. ” Give us the luxuries of life and we’ll dispense with the necessaries”. We shun the truth, hard work and a moral code. We have earned what lies ahead.

  14. Willard Ferch

    Hubris–excessive pride and arrogance–is all wrapped up under that blond wig. It led to the downfall of the Evil One, and it has led, and will lead, to the downfall of all those who emulate him. Hillary should be preparing for prison, certainly not the Presidency. All good things must end, and that goes for bad things, also. Very illuminating report! Thank you. Fiddlin

  15. Calgirl

    Two Questions for our educated, informed readers: Thank you for any replies.

    How do you “shield a nuclear bomb”? Once the thing is in the air?

    Can data be “erased” that is in the CLOUD? Isn’t it irretrievable once it is in the cloud?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      What in the Sam Hill (thx) is a “cloud”? Isn’t that a thing in the sky made of water vapor?

      Data storage is just that, data storage. It may be sliced-and-diced, replicated, compressed, encoded, “encrypted,” and deleted. Data in a “cloud” may become unavailable to its originator, but will never, ever be deleted or lost. Assume it is all replicated to the N(azi)SA, complete with all the identifying information they’d ever want.

      Regulations and laws are written to be ambiguous, and difficult to interpret. When the day comes that “person x” is deemed an enemy of the state, it will be a trivial affair to sift through all of the communications, and cloud data, pertaining to person x to warrant their arrest.

      • Calgirl

        Occasnltrlvr, Thanks for answering my question…
        My “cloud” question was about Hillary’s email system. Since the data company she hired to oversee her server backed up her data onto the “cloud”, then we have all the emails duplicated onto (into?) the cloud…..there for any hacker or FBI investigator to pick over. Since she deleted many of those emails in her personal server when all this came to light, then the deleted data is still available on (in) the cloud. I was wondering if that “cloud” data can be deleted. Obviously I am not well versed in computer technology or my question would be clearer. If the data is still available, what is all the hub-dub about the deleted emails?

        • Occasnltrlvr

          Happy to reply, and, now seeing your further questions, I’m sorry that my answer may not have been very helpful.

          Once any data (emails, application files, scripts, encrypted strings, etc.) is in any particular system, then yes, it can be deleted by whomever has administrative authority within that system. However, the actual user (in this case, Hillary) would, most likely, have no authority to delete anything. It might look to the user as if it has been deleted, but it is highly likely that it is a “logical” deletion and not a “physical” deletion: the data is still there and can still be retrieved by a person or program with the proper administrative authority within that system.

          However, even if something is truly, physically deleted from a system, it may still be possible for a forensic specialist to retrieve the data. In order to foil the forensic specialist, the data disk would be “wiped” (which is a term we heard over and over), which means the physical space on the disk would be overwritten and erased with meaningless data several times over. If data was never replicated (which is highly unlikely in most cases), and the disk wiped, then it is truly gone.

          Concerning Hillary’s “deletions,” I think the hubbub is concerning her intent, and the illegality of her choosing to attempt to hide something while serving as the Secretary of State.

    • Diane D

      CalGirl, Re your first question.

      Are you asking how to survive a nuclear attack? If so, it is a FACT that the majority of Americans COULD SURVIVE an all-out nuclear attack. And a majority of those COULD SURVIVE the difficult post-attack years.

      There is so much valuable information available. This is my favorite, If families have nothing else, I urge them to print out this FREE PDF file. It is an excellent easy-to-understand 7-step plan with one exception. Do Item # 7 Gather Supplies NOW! DO NOT WAIT until nuclear attack is imminent!

      • Calgirl

        Diane D,
        Thanks for the info…..however, what I want to know is if China shoots a nuclear missile toward another country that has a shield system, how does that shield system work. I wasn’t very clear in my question. Russia is deploying missile shield apparatus and I wondered just how it works….say the missile is in route, does the shield muck up the electronics within the missile so that the nuclear head becomes inactive? If so, where does the missile land? The “shield” can’t shoot the nuclear missile down as that would explode the nuclear head!! I just don’t understand which is probably why my question is garbled!

    • Silence is Golden

      Deep underground. Preferably located within a mountain…..which is laden with iron.
      EMP game theory has been fully tested. That you can be sure of.

    • James Hastings

      You don’t shield a nuclear weapon once it’s in the air. If it’s in a bomber, that’s shot down, it tumbles to earth. If it has been launched, and the delivery package has been compromised, it tumbles to earth in pieces, or, you set off an EMP to destroy the electronics……before initiation, and wipe out your own national grid. The weapon must initiate an internal, explosive reaction, that propels two sub critical masses towards each other . Thus combining, in an instant, creates a CRITICAL mass, creating the desired reaction. Some systems, are designed, to compress a spherical, sub critical mass, into a condensed, CRITICAL mass…….I worked on nuclear weapons in the service. New body styles…same old shit.

      “their flesh shall rot while they are still on their feet, their yes shall rot in their sockets, and their tongues shall rot in their mouths…”

      “Though they dig into sheol, from there shall my hand take them, though they climb up to heaven, from there I will bring them down…..and though they hide from my sight at the bottom of the sea, there I will command the serpent, and it shall bite them”.

      “Though you soar aloft like the eagle, though your nest is set among the stars, thence I will bring you down….”

      So it is written….so it shall be done.

      • Calgirl

        James H
        This is all way above my pay grade, but if I understand what you wrote then there is no defense against a nuclear missile once it has been launched. Either you are incinerated or you electrical grid is incinerated and you eventually die anyway of starvation! I was confused by reading about Russia deploying a missile defense system in retaliation to the ICBM’s that NATO in installing on Russia’s doorstep. ICBM’s carry a nuclear head, don’t they?

    • Collateral Damage


      I am an ‘Expert’ in neither of the areas for which you are requesting feedback, but from my general knowledge data set, I think it would be pretty fair to say that the answer is the same for both of your queries:

      Case 1) ‘Shielding a Nuclear Bomb’ – Response: Never shoot off a nuclear bomb that the detritus from which you do not want to have spread all over God’s beautiful creation, and –
      Case 2) ‘Erasing Data from the Cloud’ – Response: Never post material in the Cloud (or on Hill’s server) that you don’t want read by: the Russians, the Chinese, the OMB, the NSA, the Ransomware vendors, etc, etc, etc.



      • Calgirl

        So for NO. 1 There is no such thing as a shield for a nuclear warhead, and
        for No.2 Hillary’s deleted emails are still available in the cloud…so the FBI does have access to them.

    • Collateral Damage


      More directly, I think the way that they think that they can ‘shield’ nuclear bombs, is to have a series of defensive missiles that can be deployed to try to intercept and blow up any (and all) incoming missiles before it/they become completely activated (to go nuclear) and certainly before they arrives over ‘friendly territory’. I wrote my other post the way I did because even though it ‘sounds good’, in theory, I don’t think that they will ever be able to make it work.

      Best to you CG,


    • Paul

      Calgirl … You are correct … the data will be lost … Bit coiner’s would have you believe nothing can be lost in the cloud … but hackers presently can and do have the capability to destroy “hard drives” (even without a nuclear EMP) so as never to re-boot again … and what of the bit coin money once that happens? … it would simply be an unobtainable bunch of “imaginary” zero’s and one’s floating in cyber-space!

      • Calgirl

        It seems you are in good company……

        Bitcoins, Mexican Civic Association for Silver President Hugo Salinas Price writes today, are no more real than government-issued currency, both being little more than computer entries. Salinas Price’s commentary is headlined “What Is a Bitcoin?” and it’s posted at the association’s Internet site,, here:

  16. Michael Harvey

    John Maynard Keynes
    Letter sent to Duncan Grant:
    “You have not, I suppose, ever mixed with politicians at close quarters. They are awful… their stupidity is inhuman….”

  17. dslarsen

    They ought to go after Clinton and Obama more, true, but Ben Carson comes across to me as a nut job. Plagiarism, lies about West Point scholarship, fantasies about Joseph storing grain in the pyramids, just nutty. He’s making me rethink my knee-jerk respect for brain surgeons. Election is a year away and Carson looks like a black male version of Hillary already.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have swallowed the MSM lies. Carson is a world renown neurosurgeon and needs not to lie. The The Huffington Post folks already chaned their headline and story. CNN reporting is a joke. Obama’s academic records are sealed and there has never been a question let alone an “investigation.” I know all about investigative journalism because I did it at the local level and network level for more than 15 years. Most of the lies and from both Obama and Hillary are never questioned from the left wing Democrat super-pac we call the mainstream media. Proof everyday abounds how biased they are, and I know first hand because I worked at both ABC and CNN. I know how they think.

  18. Russ

    Great wrap up Greg.
    War, Hillary and the economy – No one least of all those who would fight it want another world war because those who understand what that means realize that Albert Einstein was right about a nuclear war being followed by caveman technology. There is no such thing as a “limited” nuclear war. Once the first ICBM flies in anger or the first harbor is nuked by a mini-sub it’s game-on and no one, NO ONE can forecast who will survive. People will survive but they might not survive for long.

    The FBI is a professional organization and will only indict Hillary when they have a rock–solid slam dunk case. Hillary can talk about right wing conspiracies all she wants but this is O’s Justice Department. Still, they FBI will not file for indictment until every i has a dot. They will leave Hillary zero wiggle room to obfuscate their findings.

    Schizophrenia is a good term for Janet Yellen’s Fed. Cognitive dissonance is another. In the Fed’s mind the economy is strong because that’s what their policy is supposed to have accomplished. The Baltic Index and other indices matter not to what they believe. What they want to see and what is actually before them don’t match up very well so they believe what they think should be the case rather than what they can see in the actual data. They want to raise interest rates because in their collective mind we should have a strong economy, but they can’t raise rates because the actual data indicates another recession is upon us.

    Looking forward to Warren Pollock Sunday-Monday.

    • Russ

      Speaking of saber rattling — the light show the good citizens of LA and San Francisco witnessed Saturday when USS Kentucky launched a Trident II D5 ICBM shortly after dusk. It was not a mistake that this test took place when much of the California coast could watch. That was a saber rattling on its way to Kwajalein, reminding folks everywhere that ICBM launch platforms are still around and the missiles still work.

      • Paul

        Did you notice the Trident missiles launches were the final fireworks display of an unusually large US/NATO war games exercise appropriately called Trident Jucture 2015 … each missile launched by the warmongering Neo-con’s cost us taxayers $32 million dollars each … the war games cost us a lot more … and for what? … to show off to Russia and China?? … these Neo-cons sure do have all kinds of cash to waste … yet we on Social Security are not going to get a Cost of Living increase this year???

  19. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Suddenly, there is a new player on the presidential bid front that makes a whole lot of sense. Following his recent discussions with the Jewish lobbyists and think tank analysts, Ben Carson is showing tremendous resolve to confront the enemies of freedom and democracy. I loved his responses to Hannity when he was asked about how we should handle some of the more provacative threats to freedom and liberty around the globe. His claim that he would take Putin head on is very comforting indeed. I am now supporting Ben Carson for president. He seems to be the type of man with firm resolve and courage that we need. I would like to see him elected so that we can go ahead and get after it cause Putin, ISIS and the Chinese arent going to yield unless we show them whos boss. Some ass kicking is in order here and we need to go ahead and get it done. First, we need to clean house in Syria, the Ukraine and Iran and then keep moving on through.

    • eddiemd


      Who in their right mind believes this garbage that you speak?
      How about we start the draft right now and let everyone participate in your taking on the world? Maybe a draft will get the American public to pay attention before it is too late.
      People calling for war do not understand the price of war. I
      I don’t believe that you are in the Air Force. People who put their lives on the line are the last ones who want war because they understand what it means.

    • sk

      ….and when we’re done, we can clean house on Mars, Jupiter, Pluto….and then we can proceed to clean the Horsehead Nebula ……and then maybe a parallel universe………spoken like a dyed-in-the-wool Neocon….come back down to earth and help your neighbor lady rake the leaves….it’s more useful…

    • Paul

      USAF … Have you learned nothing here … the US oil cabal did not want to lose the European market to Russia and Iran and have Europe energy independent of the US oil cabal … so they had their Neo-con puppets take over Ukraine to prevent Russian gas from entering Europe … then they tried to take over Syria to prevent an Iranian gas pipeline from entering Europe … and you are blaming Russia and Iran for all the trouble? … what planet have you been living on??

      • Calgirl

        Don’t forget the additional part about STEALING THEIR GOLD.

    • susan

      Rich, you are so right. Why can’t everyone see this?

    • brian

      First we need to clean house in DC, after that much of this looming conflict would vanish since a bulk of the impetus pushing us into it is coming from traitors, lairs and godless pieces of shit living right under our very noses and pretending to run this country.

      Airman Treadway, its time for you to put the flight suit away, get your hands off the joy stick and don the crimson robe and wide brim hat of the inquisitor! Lets declare war on the enemy within!

      • DickVanstone

        Woah, woah, woah! You had me until the ‘godless pieces of shit living right under our noses.’ That’s just another way to keep us divided and conquered, and those things we most certainly ARE.

        Semper Fidelis
        Sgt Dick Vanstone USMC

        PS: I do NOT condone what this airman is advocating. I condone the removal of quislings, traitors, liars and frauds in Wall St, K-street and D.C., and abolishing the control they have over We The People.

    • frederick

      @Treadway my belief is anyone even mentioning or promoting war with any major nuclear power is insane and i dont allow myself to have an arguement over it How would nuclear armaggedon benefit any of us is what id like to know? frederick

  20. Calgirl

    Off Topic but very interesting re: 9-11

    More Holes in the Official Story: The 9/11 Cell Phone Calls

    • frederick

      @calgirl anyone with an engineering background can see clearly that what happened to bldg 7 was a controlled demolition The official story is pure fiction and many have known that fact for over a decade now Until the truth is revealed and the guilty are punished i believe we cannot prosper as a nation but thats just my opinion Thanks for the link frederick

      • Calgirl

        Yes, and check out this link if you want an eye opener……..that is if all of it is true…….
        The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag?

        • JMiller

          Yes, one question to ask after any terror attack was if it could be a false flag. Unfortunately too many people today believe it right away without really looking at any other possibility.

        • sk

          Aaaah! Another MAGIC passport! And it implicates Syria! Not Libya, not Yemen, not Iraq, not Ethiopia, not Eritrea, not Sudan, not Nigeria, not any of the poor countries from which the migrants are fleeing, but Syria! (there IS a God after all, and He is a Neocon, right, Neocons? Now we can put boots on the ground in Syria!) The first MAGIC passport found on 9/11 was nonflammable and implicated Saudis, right? Just how gullible do these people think Americans are? The terrorists’ Standard Operating Procedure Manual states ‘first, pack passport’ dontcha know? LOLOL. You’d think the Neocons would be creative enough to come up with another trick. It is downright comical….except people got killed and will get killed as a consequence.

      • Hilde

        I once saw an interview with a Dutch demolition expert, talking very logically , calm and straight to the point how it from his experienced point of view obviously was a controlled demolition . That in itself was both frightening and eye opening . What was even more frightful was that he shortly after the interview was killed in a car crash .

        • Hilde

          His name was Danny Jowenko.

    • Paul

      Looks like we just got another 9 11 in France …

      Is this murder of innocent women and children going to be used as political justification to put French “boots on the ground” in Syria without Assad’s permission?

      • Paul

        If ISIS is a CIA creation …
        Then for what “purpose” is the CIA killing French people???

        • Greg Hunter

          I think ISIS is more of a backfire because of arming so-called “moderate rebels.” In simple terms, we tried to overthrow a country on the cheap, and instead we armed terrorists and created ISIS. Putin was warning about arming terrists to do your bidding before shortly 9/11/12 in Benghazi. He basically said this was dangerous and it could backfire. He was right. Of course, he’s doing the same thing with Hezbollah. Clinton and the CIA doubled down on the crazy by again by running arms from Libya into Turkey to give to the “moderate rebels. What a mess!!

          • Terry

            Thank you Greg for being level headed.

        • Calgirl

          Maybe this is the beginning of an ole American standby called “The Patriot Act” First they scare the French, then institute martial law, then enact the Patriot Act, then rob them of their freedom…..spread this “virus” across Europe, throw in an economic collapse and they are well on their way to the NWO

          • Calgirl

            One “terrorist” died with his passports beside him just like the passport that survived 9-11 !!!!
            Divide and conquer……..Open the borders knowing full well that religious war will break out… the end one world governor, one world bank. I just can’t wait until the elite in-fighting begins. I’ll be like Rockefeller and bet on both sides and make myself a killing!!!

            • Paul

              I wonder why no one has ever thought of using a false flag attack to get rid of the elites?

        • frederick

          @Paul the only reason that makes sense to me is to get further involved in the mess in Syria by NATO saying that they want to get back at İSİS but actually wanting to help with their obvious plan all along Getting rid of Assad but thats just a thought Everything is so crazy today its nearly impossible for a sane person to conclude much of anything

      • frederick

        @paul perhaps

  21. john duffy

    “Our government is the source of nearly every war on this planet which kills and maims untold numbers of innocent people including the very old and the very young. Our government is controlled by the minions of the NWO, many of which are empowered to serve Lucifer. Our government and our military no longer serve the people of this country.”
    “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”

    David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

    • Paul

      I’m simply fed up with these evil Neo-cons, the crooked bankers and all the slimy politicians doing their bidding for an evil cabal … thus I damn Adam and Eve (those “two chosen people” of an evil snake in the grass) … no wonder the snake “loves” mankind … because humans seem to have an inbred propensity to “disobey the laws of God” … just look about this “loony tune world” … all I see is humans being blown up, innocent women and children being shot and killed for political or economic gain … and God’s 10 Commandments relegated to the dust bin of history as being an “impossible and unachievable goal that humans can just never follow” … so just as in the beginning Adam and Eve’s decedents today follow the “evil reptile” (they even pride themselves as being “reptilians” by drinking the blood of children and worshiping at Satan’s false and evil alter of death, mayhem and destruction) … how in the name of God … could God have given his only begotten Son to save a human race that then turned on and tortured, whipped, crowned with thorns and nailed God’s “only Son” to a wooden cross “for the crime of preaching goodness”?? … if I were God … I would make them all pay for what they did … all the evil slime of this Earth should be made to suffer endless wars, economic devastation, stock market crashes, drought, earthquakes, volcano’s, nuclear radiation, chem trails, plagues, make them all eat genetically modified poisoned food, etc., etc., etc., etc, etc., etc., etc., … drowning is to good for them … they should all burn in an eternal lake of fire!!!

      But God’s only Son said … “Father forgive them for what they do” … so God held back … but I think God is just as angry as me right now … you can’t tell me “they know not what they are doing” … they damn well “do know” what they do … and God would be justified in throwing all these evil people into the Sun (an eternal lake of fire) … send them “all” to Lucifer (that bearer of light) … yet … God seems to always have hope of finding “a few” decent humans (like Noah) to start over once again … perhaps God will stumble upon … where there are many decent people crying out against the evil of this world … and perhaps … he will choose to save a few of us from that damn evil snake wrapping its reptilian body around our world and crushing it!

    • Southern Girl

      John Duffy,

      Wow! Thanks for the site…all of what I read is the truth. We the sheeple are all being trained like animals…because we accept all the crap they put out there for us to believe. I cannot to this day remember my first time of questioning something…which lead me to question something else…I cannot get through because of Normalcy Bias with my family and/or friends.

      To reiterate what was the conclusion…Conclusion

      Today’s America is morally and spiritually bankrupt. We are a nation that embraces every form of perversion and are unable tell right from wrong. We are also a nation that is psychologically paralyzed who won’t even move to defend herself in the face of life-threatening danger. Yes, you should continue to speak the truth, you might be able to wake up and save a few people. However, your focus should be on adaptation and surviving what is unfolding. You cannot stop it, you can only adapt. Save your soul while America prepares to rest in peace.

      Thanks again.

    • NC Gal

      John, there does not appear to be any legitimate source for linking that quotation to Spangler. See, for example, It seems to be one of those things that takes on a life of its own just by being repeated often enough.

  22. Kenneth Bolin

    I am Swedish and living in Sweden today, after 13 years of living in New York, London, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and with lifelong extensive traveling, I can honestly say it is rare to find somebody like you who have the guts to say it like it is! Please keep it up and take care!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kenneth!

  23. MAL

    Gross negligence Greg? C’mon… If a doctor was supposed to remove your spleen and he took out your gallbladder instead you can’t call that negligence or a mistake. Not for a doctor. Either he was malicious or incompetent or both. The Secretary of State knowingly using a non governmental, insecure server to transmit classified information can’t be dismissed as a mistake or poor judgment. Not if there’s any such thing as professional standards or accountability. Hillary is either incompetent or knowingly committed a felony and lied. I’ve never been Secretary of State and I’m not a lawyer but I would know better than to do what she did .

    • Greg Hunter

      It is so over-the-top it will be easy for President Obama to give the go ahead. Remember She hates her and Hill hates him. That’s why I brought up the Sidney Blumenthal reference. It is such common knowledge that she hates the President that he knew it was OK to tear into him in an email. As I said, “Salt into an open wound.” Make not mistake, President Obama will win against the Clintons. Bull fighters don’t kill the bull right off. Hill is being killed off by 1,000 cuts–until the indictment.

    • Calgirl

      Hillary needed a “private” server to carry out her illegal activities. She, and her husband, have been profiting from her government contacts since the Rose Law Firm days in Arkansas. And the more connected they became, the more they were feared…..and for good reason, I think. What they have done is gain followers either thru promised “freebies”, threats to personal safety, or membership in the “in group”. Isn’t it wondrous what people will do to be included. I am reminded of this inclusion factor every time I drive a semi-deserted freeway as all the cars bunch up together as if they are afraid to drive in a space alone.
      I think we need a test before citizens are allowed to vote…….just as there is a test for a drivers license. There has to be some basic intelligence requirement! And there has to be some way to guarantee that our voting system is legitimate. Somehow, someway, there has to be a way to guarantee an honest vote.

    • Collateral Damage

      You said,

      “Either malicious or incompetent or both.” I have a difficult time swallowing the line that it could even have been ‘incompetence”.

      I think that Greg had a line that fits, “Too Stupid to be Stupid.”



    • Paul

      Mal … even if a doctor did everything right ( no negligence and no mistakes)… just being in a hospital hooked to computers administrating your meds can be easily hacked from the outside to kill you …

  24. VShook

    I know much of the concern, conflict and name calling between posters here and elsewhere concerns the event timing of any re-valuation of precious metals, the stock market, interest rates, etc. Towards that end, I wanted to share something I posted a while back that some might have missed. It could be useful in helping set in people’s minds, perhaps a real and scheduled reason (no whimsical “black swan”) as to when things could (repeat, COULD) change dramatically in our financial markets for a range of products.
    “For those waiting for perhaps a somewhat return to sanity in the physical precious metals’ market, it may be important to note the timing for implementation of the Volker Rule as mandated by the Dodd-Frank legislation. Current indications are for a target date of June 2017. That could change (it was originally June/July 2016) but should that new date hold, banks and their hedge funds will no longer be allowed to speculate in a range of “financial instruments”. Please note that in the current legislation, “instruments” are defined as being different than “assets”. In the legislation, physical gold is defined as an “asset”. In the legislation, short positions on the Comex are defined as “instruments”. This could be why the big banks have recently been buying the physical metals in a very big way – and why the legislated date of implementation was extended for another year (to allow further accumulation?). These entities (along with others) may be preparing their operations and countries for less price manipulation in the PM paper markets, which then should = higher physical metal prices.”
    Now, legislation can always be changed and nothing is a certainty. However, it currently appears that the manipulation of precious metals’ pricing has been targeted for reduction/elimination, or at least for more market price influence, by this legislation in the not too distant future. Also interesting is that the date for implementation of same was pushed back until after the presidential elections. To me, this indicates that some expect that there could be a dramatic PM price reaction (reset?) when or if this legislative directive goes into effect.
    My best to all, as we continue to explore possibilities, probabilities and the timing of any financial/currency events.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Thank you, VShook.

    • Calgirl

      Hope. We hope that new rules, new laws will force people to do the right thing. I don’t think legislation alone will achieve an honest market. There has to be real punishment via exposure of the offender and real penal consequences. Not in some penal resort, but real iron bars type retribution. I was taught and believe that all people except those with a mental disease, are basically honest and righteous. The problem is that they lack the strength to live up to their basic self.

    • Paul

      VShook … perhaps the date for implementation of the Volker Rule as mandated by the Dodd-Frank legislation ( originally scheduled for June/July 2016) was pushed forward a year to June 2017 to give the elite extra time to recover their gold (some of which was re-hypothecated by other crooks at the bullion banks) … yes … even a few of the elite were caught in the gold swindle!

  25. Sayonara

    I am amazed that no one (MSM) is talking about the critical news issues that you are discussing. When these evolving events reach critical mass, the average American is going to be dumbfounded and forget about sports and black lives matter and start asking the question: how come no one told us that this was happening?
    Any how, I am embarrassed that this country’s corrupt foreign policy is directly instigating what appears to be war on many fronts. This could avoided if we had intellectual adults at the helm.
    I continue to disagree with you regarding Hillary. She is Untouchable like the banks and other elites in politics. I do believe that she will be the next President because the system is rigged in her favor and she is Untouchable.
    The western monetary system is a shattered glass disaster and is beyond repair. The Fed no longer has any control and it is just a matter of time when the whole thing implodes as all of your great guests have been pointing out.
    The macro observation of note in my opinion is that bigger and more centralized our western governments have become, the greater the imposition of tyranny and the worsening the economies have become. So sad to see this occur during my life time.

  26. Stephen Clay McGehee

    “Fear Not – God’s in charge”
    Just a quick note to say “Thank you” for the reminder.

    We tend to focus on the words on the page, but we miss the context and don’t see the whole picture. Just a quick peek at the end of The Book shows that we win in the end. That’s the spiritual side of it. For the here-and-now side of it, your weekly news wrap-up is my opportunity to see the broad picture; to see events in context; to see how it all fits together. If I just focus on the individual news stories, it is all too easy to just see the pieces and miss how it all fits together. It’s like watching my three-year old grandson working on a jigsaw puzzle – sometimes I have to help him see the whole picture so he can put the pieces together. That’s how your WNW helps me.

    Thank you!

    • BetterChetter

      The ‘whole’ of the picture, I do not see as God-in-charge, but greedy-man in charge. The gist of USA WD seems to be that the MSM/PTB are pulling the strings to rig the economic game, such that the QE since 2008 would eventually fail – and that to me is an Armageddon-outlook – that a certain fall is to come. (Greg – It is not my intention to criticize your site, but to share my observation of the world-views you offer)
      Its almost, as if, the more the MSM offers shadow-stats (to borrow JW’s phrase), the more USA WD leans to reporting the true hidden numbers. Until that truth is more known to the populace, and either ‘we’ change the system, or are changed by it, no or little attention is paid to how the system will look after that, and how we might prepare to live in it. One day at a time is the AA and Al-Anon motto, and perhaps here would be, one paradigm shift at a time .

      • Greg Hunter

        We will have to agree to disagree.

    • Paul

      God is in charge … and he can easily “upset the plans” of the evil ones … by making their dirty deeds obvious … and if that’s not enough … he can destroy their wealth in a derivatives implosion and stock market crash … those foolish enough to play the evil games of the bankers and brokers will find themselves taken down as collateral damage.
      Fair warning was loudly given “to all” … hold God’s silver and gold … and thus be protected from God’s wrath to come!

  27. oneno

    They Live Among Us: The Descendants of Esau-Edom
    by Wayne Frank Barbuto© is a must read.

    This book is about a people who own and control virtually everything, and are hiding
    in plain sight.

    • Hilde

      Oneno, you are adding to the evil of the world by recommending a book like that.

      • oneno

        @Hilde, it is very important that everyone knows the source of evil. Religions have been erected over time to point the finger at entities that are outside the reach of man as a mask for the source of evil that manifests in a group that is the self admitted enemy of man (male or female).

        Henry Ford Senior discovered this group after he made attempts to bring WWI to an end only to find that this particular group claimed responsibility for starting the WWI and also claimed to be the only power that could stop WWI. Henry Ford Senior then tried to bring this information out to his fellow American via the news media only to discover that this group owned the media and the Government. Next, he published his own newsletter (“The Dearborn Independent”) at 5 cents a copy for distribution starting in 1920 reaching half a million readers nation wide. These newsletters were eventually bound in a book spanning four volumes (you will have to purchase TLAU to get the name of this book.) and provided at no cost to each new owner of a Ford Model T. This particular group having such concern for the content of that book went all out to pay 1/8 the value of a Ford Model T to the new owners of each of those Ford vehicles to take it off their hands to be destroyed (why would anyone burn books?… they must be terrible afraid of what those books contained).

        Elizabeth Dilling also discover the same circa 1931 – do your own research.

        The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview also revealed the same circa 1979. Search for the Rosenthal document.

        Each author that brought the story of this group were devoutly Christian and were deeply concerned for the fate of their brethren Christians in the midst of this group that operates through deception.

        This particular group declared war on Germany circa 1900 – a country that had adopted their people fleeing lands as a result of blowback of their former crimes in those lands.

        • Hilde

          Oneno, there are people with evil intentions in high places on this planet, that’s true. But to blame all evil and all bad things happening on the Jewish people and Judaism is so outrageous and so far fetched it makes me speechless. Tell me that’s not what you mean, you can’t possibly be serious.

          • Occasnltrlvr

            I didn’t read the book, but based upon the title, that isn’t the thesis. The descendents of Esau are not Jewish.

            • Hilde

              If you click on the highlighted works ‘must read ‘ in oneno’s first post, it will bring you to the site where the author writes about the unfinished book. Then you click on ‘about this book’.
              Here is an excerpt :
              ‘This is a book about a people very few know enough about; a people who take their marching orders from the devil himself; a people who own and control virtually everything, and are hiding in plain sight by calling themselves Jews. Of course most are afraid to mention “Jews” in a negative way as they are supposedly the chosen and all; but they are not. Rather, they are a people God professed an everlasting hatred for.
              There are good reasons they have attracted God’s wrath; they are outrageous liars and admitted devil worshipers, parasites, and destroyers.
              They are also artists of deception. These Jews point the finger at Muslims and most people (it seems) respond like stupid dogs. The simple trick of stealing the name Israel for their stolen “homeland” thus implying they are Israelites has fooled most Christians, who are ignorant of who they themselves (the true Israelites), really are.
              Most of those who claim to be Jews (a term rarely defined accurately), are so, not by any racial descent, but as the result of a forced religion conversion. These are Khazar’s, East Asian Huns, quite possibly infected by interbreeding with Edomites, descendants of Essau-Edom, who sold his birthright to his brother Jacob …’
              Views like Oneno ‘s is not exactly my cup of tea, to say the least .

            • Hilde

              Click on highlighted ‘must read’ in oneno’s first post. Not pretty.

        • DickVanstone

          Henry Ford is a Fascist. The long lines of Nazi convoys spreading over Europe circa 1930’s were powered by FORD engines.

          The Luftwaffe were allowed to fly because Standard Oil sold to them the lead additive REQUIRED for their flight.

          American Fascist Industrialists and Wall Street Financiers sold the machines to both slides to slaughter each other.

          All wars are bankers wars, and they make a killing.

          “War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.” – General Smedley Darlington Butler.

          “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

          Semper Fidelis
          Sgt Dick Vanstone USMC

          • oneno

            @DickVanstone, Fascism is the merger of the state with the corporate world for the benefit of the corporate world at the expense of everyone else. Henry Ford Sr. was not a Fascist.

            You will need to read TLAU to know *why* US “bankers” were financing Germany and why they stopped financing Germany. This is a bit of history that is not taught at school and is not well known.

    • Paul

      Yes … it all began when the Serpent seduced Eve and Adam wasn’t man enough to stand up for God’s word and desire … and for that insurrection God thew them both out of his house to live with the snake that contorted their minds … we their children not only bear their original sin … but create our own many times over … just look around this loony tune world … where the killing of innocent women and children is routinely done for political and economic gain! … God will exact his revenge in full when the evil of this world is eradicated in the Nuclear Armageddon the Neo-cons are trying to create right now with their ISIS false flag shenanigans!

      • oneno

        You might want to look here and here for the often claimed “original sin”.

    • Hilde

      Oneno; Quote from your marvelous author Wayne Frank Barbuto: “All of the suppression and problems in this world can be traced to some agenda of the self-chosen Jews, and the Protocols spell them out for us.”
      That is probably one of the dumbest things I have ever read . It would be funny, if people like you and that author were not so dangerous. I thought we had advanced from that stage. Those kind of views have a name, and it starts with an N.

  28. eddiemd

    False doctrine from the jehovah witness. You neglect Matt chapter 24 in its entirety.

    See John chapter 1. Compare KJV with the jehovah witness version.

    • Reginald Denny

      False doctrine from the eddiemd. You neglect Matt chapter 24 in its entirety.

      See John chapter 1. Compare jw with the kjv version.

      ps. Ed, my post makes about as much sense as yours and Gal’s. Count down from 100, then try to be clearer about what your trying to tell us! Most of us here have niether the time or patience to be comparing the myriad of doctines and versions of the bible. Paste and post!

      • eddiemd

        False prophet jw troll.

        The jehovahs witnesses are cultists.

        You are led by a false doctrine. Get out while you can.

  29. Charles

    Gregory Mannarino’s advice from your interview on 2/24/14 would be to get out of stocks immediately and buy gold! I would have missed a 15% upward move in the S&P 500 index, and would have lost about 20% of my principal in gold purchase. Smart people make decisions based on facts…(we’ll be polite and say) not so smart people make decisions based on opinions . Bear Stearns fired him when ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Bear did not fire Mannarino. Mannarino puts all his trading advice on his site This includes specific trades that allows you to check his track record. If you followed it, you would be right about 70% of the time. (I am not a trader and do not recommend it unless you know what you are doing and have money to lose. I do not know what I am doing, and do not have money to lose.) By the way, Mannarino called the top in May and the market is down 1000 pints since then and that includes the rally in October. You are a coward who does not know the facts and uses only a first name which is probably fake.

    • frederick

      @charles Yes many well meaning people have been wrong with timing like Mannerino and Peter Schiff but ultimately they are on the right track as was proven with Peter in 2006 when all the MSM pundits were attacking him for his bearish position on housing and the stock market As we all know he had the last laugh then and İ believe he will again soon

  30. Dan S

    Yes Greg WW3 is here – it just haven’t been officially announced yet. First: it’s just like pre WW2 , many wars around the world only instead of millions of people fleeing Europe for North and South America we now have millions fleeing Africa and Middle East for Europe.
    Second : prior to WW2 their was the great recession before it became known as “The Great Depression” just as we now have the great recession.
    Third : The biblical prophecies that are unfolding right now prior to the 2nd coming of Christ are just too many to name here.
    Fourth: (This is the one that clinched it for me). I was watching an episode of “Castle” (don’t know which one I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 3 episodes). But as they were getting ready to go to commercial the camera zoomed in on a computer monitor and there was a post it note on the monitor that said “WW3 Aug. 2016”.
    How is that for the illuminati telling us about what they are planning right in front of our face.

  31. Diane D

    Hillary’s crimes pale in comparison to George W Bush. Bush is currently defendant in a California Federal Court lawsuit charging him with the ‘Crime of Aggression’?

    Regardless of outcome, Bush’s defense is historic. Bush was forced to use the same defense that the Nazis’ used at Nuremberg. If Bush prevails, it will mean that the Nazi’s were RIGHT, and that the allied courts were WRONG to indict them.

    How many Americans have any knowledge of this? The controlled MSM will not cover it. Greg, how about USAWatchdog shedding the light of truth on it?


    • Occasnltrlvr

      The only reason that Hillary’s crimes pale in comparison to George W Bush’s is because she hasn’t been President of the United States.

      Please, don’t give her the opportunity to outdo him; she would.

    • Calgirl

      Thanks for the link. Don’t know what to expect from the 9th District Court as they are a down and dirty bunch of left wing fanatics. I kid you not. Having lived in Ca. for 20 or so years, I was never surprised when they ruled, as I expected so little from them. Since Bush is a Republican, who knows what they will do……maybe they will look ahead and fear for their Democratic cohorts!

    • frederick

      @Diane have not heard anything about that and İ do not watch MSM What about his partner in crime Dick (Darth Vader) Cheney?

  32. Southern Girl


    I love Fridays!!! Love to hear what you have to report on…Always on target. You see things I tend to let slip..that is what reporting is about….you become our eyes and ears.
    I totally ignore the newspaper I read everyday..just like to see what they are lying about.

  33. Southern Girl

    I think people allow themselves to be distracted with all the SMART phones, TV, GPS, etc. Now they tell you the SMART TV will record you and who ever is talking in the room..WHAT????

    Actually I have noticed that people who have all of those don’t really use their own brain…they rely on a machine. My brother recently came to visit and his family took away his flip phone and now he has the latest gadget (Pavlov phone). So he starts asking the machine questions and the dumb thing answers back….I’m thinking look it up yourself or find the answer yourself. Then you wonder why the kids in schools cannot pass a test??? What you want them to think???? I for one REFUSE to be trained by a machine. I am in control of my destiny with the decisions I make, by the grace of God.

  34. Southern Girl

    To all ports of call…I found a message in a bottle…the question was, “Where did America go wrong?” We forgot that we are created by God with love and free to make our own choices. We threw God out of our schools, government, and even some of the churches. America has lost it’s moral compass. How sad I am to see what the people of America have accepted as okay..but which is an abomination to God. I keep praying that my family and friends will finally see what is right in front of them…BUT they must make the free will choice to see it. Glad to know the people on this site have their eyes wide open.

    • Charles H

      Well said, and rings like a bell.

  35. Jerry

    Central Banks are the largest buyer of Gold this last quarter according to this article.
    What does that tell you?

    1. They are the ones pushing the price down in order to fill their vaults.
    2. They know its not a forgotten relic as some would have you believe.
    3. They know they will need it for the reset that is coming.

  36. Keith

    You may have heard that Ms. Click at Missouri resigned her position after the firestorm resulting from the attempt to incite the mob “muscle” against the reporter. In reality, she just resigned her temporary courtesy appointment at the journalism school. She of course kept her real full time job as a professor there.

  37. eddiemd

    Another general purged at the very top…

    This is the story of the week in my opinion. A 3 star general aid to the SecDef is relieved of duty. I would guess that he disagreed with Ashman Carter or knows too much: so he had to go. I would guess that it will be swept under. Perhaps they even threatened him and his family to keep quiet.
    Beware of potential false flag here in the homeland in the very near future.

    That brings up the issue of going cashless in the near future. How could the government cause an immediate cashless society here in the USA?
    My guess would be the biological contamination of paper money in several areas/cities across the USA at the same time. Name your biological…viral or bacterial. There would be collateral damage with many citizens killed off for effect. Follow this with orders for everyone to get a vaccination against the biological agent. What may that vaccination contain?
    Places of business would refuse to accept cash for fear of the biological agent. Plastic would be the only accepted means of payment.

    Then blame it on IS or jihadis to further get people to comply. Maybe even roll out martial law in the affected areas. Quarantine cities or even regions.

    • Paul

      Silver coins are anti-microbial! … why not go back to using silver!

      • eddiemd

        Good luck with your silver.

    • Charles H

      Astute insight! Wow.

  38. Coalburner

    Great wrap Greg:
    SIG is right about the people who do not have their head in a hole are hoping they can keep the wheels on as long as possible. I now believe the next worry time in after the holidays. I think they can lie long enough to get through New Years with no trouble. Then who knows what tricks are under the veil?
    I also was happy to see 500 show up again, Have a Great Thanksgiving, all! Oh I like your take for Hillary. Obama will blow her up right before the election, the Dunce
    Ketchup Man, I doubt, who knows who might spring from the Libtard crowd? Whoever says the military will crush the Constitution and keep Odumber another term doesn’t get the military. They are us and we are them. They might hate Clinton more than Obummer but who wants to be looking for the worst for a leader. China and Putin understand the most important thing about this people, the warrior class is here and pissed at our Libtards more than them. They will sit and watch. Putin is just goading Obummer while it is free and we laugh. He is helping himself and it is hard to disapprove. But they wont want us pissed at them.

  39. Calgirl

    Americans are buying tons of gold

  40. brian

    I swear to God; 10 years from now, the very few of us who are still even alive would literally hack off a limb and gouge out an eye just for a chance, a slim marginal chance, to have even an iota of the opportunities we have today to turn all this crap around, opportunities we don’t even see right now, opportunities to prevent the clear and obvious hell on earth scenario that is already crowning out of the gaping maw of a screaming hell.

    Unless a ferocious, organized, mammoth, pitiless, relentless and morally grounded effort begins yesterday to restore the rule of law we are all quite simply going to find ourselves “living” the most sorry, godless piece of shit excuse for a life anyone would dare to think possible; and there is not a damn thing anyone can hope to do to prepare for something like that once it is allowed to happen, not a damn thing at all, except to die miserable, exhausted and utterly broken.

    Things have not really turned yet, a war has not started yet, the government is not actually acting on all the spying they do on us yet, poverty born illness, disease, hunger and desperation have not driven us into becoming soulless accursed creatures obsessed only with hopscotching from one immediate and dire need to the next yet, all while we try to please some ever present master by whose every whim, every glare and every sneeze we come to hold our breath.

    I don’t know how we can force the rule of law to be returned, I do not know how that process begins, I just know, as you all know, what happens in the absence of such an endeavor.

    • Terry

      Brian, Yes, These are the good old days. I think we just need to elect Ted Cruz.

      • Greg Hunter

        If not Prez, USAG or VP.

        • Terry

          Yes Greg, This man must be involved in a big way with our government.

  41. eddiemd

    Paris attack to hotwire the uprising of muslims in Europe. The French close the borders. Declare a state of emergency.

    Next up, Germany.

    Wait until they start broadcasting the muslims in the Balkans freezing to death in a couple of weeks. Their brethren throughout Europe will go on a rampage. Somewhat like an Intifada on steroids.
    And Obama wants to fast track muslims into the USA. Suicide thinking.
    When does it end? The heat is being turned up day by day.
    What will happen on Thanksgiving or Black Friday? Probably a good time to stay away from shopping malls.

    • Paul

      Paris attack means that under the NATO alliance an attack on one is an attack on all … does this mean France, England, the US, etc. will now march into Syria without Assad’s permission ?… will they be going after ISIS or Assad? … and if Russia backs Assad we have WWIII … better start building a fallout shelter down your basement!

      • eddiemd

        Good luck with your fallout shelter in your basement. Better bring your Bible with you.

    • Charles H


      You are on a roll, Sir!

  42. Jerry

    This is what a country looks like that has no Second Amendment Rights and relies on the government for protection. France has the strictest gun laws on the planet.

    Did you see all the spectators run to the center of the field and huddle like sheep? What else could they do? They had no other way to protect themselves. Their government stripped them of that right.

    The G20 meets this weekend. Could there be any linkage to stricter gun laws because of this? We’ll see. Just remember last year the G20 ruled that the money that is in your bank account, isn’t really money. At some point the globalist that run these organizations are going to act on the laws they pass.

    • JMiller

      Concerning the G20 rule last year, it specifically had to do only with uninsured deposits in Globally Systemically Important Banks.

  43. Billy

    Greg – You must watch Germany and Europe, as i have been saying before today’s French attacks there is gonna be a big change in Europe soon, a strong leader is coming who will destroy Islam.

  44. Cherokee Coins

    Your interview with Eric Sprott concerns me about the direction of your program. As you know the BitGold affiliates are James Turk, Eric Sprott, & one of the most evil men on the planet, George Soros. Mr. Soros is responsible for a tremendous amount of death and destruction. The likes of George Soros is who the Alternative Media, which you are a pioneer, is aimed against. For James Turk & Eric Sprott to join him is a reflection their true character.
    Thank you,

  45. David B.

    No way can she win the White House even if she is not charged.–Greg Hunter

    This being America, she may win– if she’s not indicted. We’ve gone so far off the deep end.

  46. Jerry

    As I have posted numerous times, I believe that the world is in a huge paradigm shift away from the dollar. Late on Friday amongst all the other news and carnage in Paris, the IMF leaked out that they are prepared to give the RMB Reserve Currency Status on November 30th.

    Of course most American’s caught up in their own self righteous hubris will never know what the implications of this move really mean. A country such as ours, who has built its financial foundation upon paper cannot afford even the slightest trimmer.

    From the information I have read the PBOC cannot even keep up with the demand for Yuan Bonds by foreign investors. Come November 3oth you will see a mass exodus from the dollar by foreign investors into a new gold backed Yuan Reserve Currency.

    The $54,000. dollar question is what will that do to the dollar and the timing of the reset that we have hashed and rehashed so many times? Answer. I don’t know. But I’ll tell you this. The 7 year cycle that Christine Lagarde spoke about ends on December 31. I wouldn’t be against it.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Hi Jerry 🙂

      1. Although the outcome is predetermined and the announcement pending, I will be shocked if the actual change to the SDR happens before Q3 next year.

      2. Barring a large bloc of nations joining them (which I don’t see materializing), the Yuan will not be backed by gold, or pegged to its price.

      3. There won’t be a large, sudden change in the relative values of currencies (i.e., sudden devaluation of USD) as a result of either the announcement or the inclusion. David may very well kill Goliath, but it will be by a thousand cuts, not a single rock to the forehead.

      4. I trust you used the missing $10,000 to buy gold (or perhaps silver).

  47. Robert E. Salt

    We don’t hear much about Fukushima anymore. If people were to think about it too much, they might connect the dots. It was necessary to determine how far from the Japanese shore to detonate the nuclear device, and so a test was conducted in the Indian Ocean in which thousands of innocent people died. An Israeli rabbi predicted the Indian Ocean tsunami two weeks beforehand. He wasn’t a prophet; he had inside information. Fukushima was punishment for supplying Iran with advanced technology. Bush, Sr. and Clinton went to survey the Indian Ocean damage because they were in on it. Previously they surveyed the damage from the Haitian earthquake, because that was a test as well. Technology is now available to trigger an earthquake wherever the potential exists. This technology has been used on Iran as well as weather modification. Is it any wonder why Iranian children are taught to hate America and Israel? I’m an outspoken 9/11 survivor who has been getting physically attacked for the past six years. My beautiful, healthy, 39 year old next door neighbor, the mother of two young children mysteriously fell dead as she stepped out her front door on October 31. I have to assume a killer missed his target with one of the latest weapons. The technology we’re aware of is barely the tip of the iceberg. The truth about the Rwanda massacre in 1994 can be heard here:

    The Russian mafia used mind control to slaughter the people of Rwanda in order to loot the country. Do you think the CIA would have been aware of this? Voila, Guantanamo! Innocent people from the mideast were brought to Guantanamo for experimentation purposes using microwaves, drugs and torture in order to catch up to the Russians. You might want to check out “Cooking of Humanity” on youtube in which whistleblower Barrie Trower is being interviewed by Deborah Tavares. At one point Trower tells her he could easily make her an assassin in less than three days using microwaves. George Bush, Sr. may have been correct when he said “Americans can’t handle the truth”.

    • Terry

      Robert, We should just get ahold of that robotificationator machine and point it at obama. Only we’ll turn up the “do something good” knob.

    • Robert

      What did Russia loot from Rwanda. Please be specific. They have no oil or much else for that matter, as far as natural resources . And that humans can predict or even cause billions of tons of earth’s plates to smash against each other causing earth quakes and tsunamis . Really?

    • frederick

      @robert i have read about that theory about the tsunami at jim Stones site and didnt know what to think of it. 911 İ am convinced was a controlled demolition of some kind

  48. 8Ball

    Whither the World?
    Obama administration declares war on Syria

    Deborah Lee James, Secretary for the US Air Force, revealed that the military plan for Syria is to occupy it with boots on the ground and then rule over it. This is an open declaration of war and conquest. InfoWars 2015 Nov 11

    He who lives by the sword

    The three articles posted at the top of this week’s edition tell quite a story beyond the words themselves – actually, several stories.

    One is that, ever since the UN was created after World War II, supposedly to put an end to war, the number of wars, and the number of people suffering from the horrors of war, have steadily climbed to the point where, today, war is the main preoccupation of mankind. In fact, the planet seems to be tottering on the edge of a great precipice much too casually referred to as WWIII.

    The other story is that the United States, whose father warned in his Farewell Address against the dangers of foreign entanglements, now is the primary instigator of foreign entanglements and military intervention.

    It is astounding and frightening that a fairly obscure civil servant, appointed by the President, can hold a press conference and declare war on another nation without even a ripple of objection in Congress or mainstream media. That was the essence of the announcement made last week by Deborah Lee James, Secretary for the US Air Force, when she calmly explained that the US military intends to occupy Syria with ground soldiers and then rule over it.

    Actions have consequences, and we know what the consequences are of aggressive wars. (I have no quarrel with defensive wars if that’s what they really are and not just a pretense. A military attack on a nation to bring about a regime change that will be to our liking or benefit is not a defensive war.)

    It is true that aggressors are respected out of fear, but it also is true that they are hated by a vast, unseen army of victims who wait for the day of revenge.

    Eventually, the aggressor becomes exhausted and vulnerable. When that day arrives, the aggressor will hear the voice of the Gods of the Copybook Headings: He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.
    G. Edward Griffin
    2015 November 13

  49. charles turner

    Greg, do you ever worry that the ‘mainstream’ who manipulate the masses will try and close you down or worse? I have friends that travel to America that are very careful what they read on the Internet. They wouldn’t read Zero Hedge or listen to your channel because week after week you expose what really is going on and must be rattling some pretty high up people.

    I am in the UK and have noticed that our press is keeping a very tight line on what is acceptable. I put the below comment regarding the French attack on a mainstream Engish newspaper today and it was censored and taken out. It might not be everyones view, but if the press across the globe are starting to censor comments like this, then I am very worried.

    My post is below:
    ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ quote 4th century BC’..

    after this despicable attack last night it is time for the West to reflect on its relationship with Russia which was growing in strength until the Americans decided there should be regime change of a democratically elected government in Ukraine. Russia supported the war on terror, it is now fighting ISIL in Syria with the support of the UN, it now and looks like it paid the price with the airline that went down a week ago. We will never be the same culterally as Russia,but they are better as an ally rather than a foe. Russia lost a similar amount of people as tragically lost their lives last night in Paris and I can’t be the only person that was dissapointed in how this was portrayed by the Chalie Hebdo magazine last week. A Russian killed by a terrorist is a tragedy just as a French person killed by a terrorist is a tragedy and we should all work together on this wider threat. The issues we have with Russia over Ukraine can be resolved if there is a will from both sides

    • Greg Hunter

      I would be much easier for them to buy me out. That said, I wonder why your friends even bother to try to get news on the internet if they cannot trust it.

  50. Jean-Guy Lavallée

    War coming? For sure.But American people are very well protected by Pentagun,
    State departement,Washington,CIA,Nsa,Army,Navy,satellites and what else oh
    let’s not forget Obomber.And if something very bad happens Wall st and all the
    banks in USA will help American people.I wish the best of luck to all American
    poeple and ” Don’t Vorry be Happy “

    • Terry

      Jean, American people are very well protected all by themselves.

      • Paul

        But … we must watch the food we eat … the glyphosate (Round Up) that Monsanto sells to farmers (to spray on the crops we eat) to prevent weeds has been shown to cause cancer!
        Here is a link to the 10 most common MGO foods we must avoid …

        • Hilde

          Paul, not able to see the video since I’m at work on a ship , but you are so right about Round Up. Also, when they started using Round Up, allergy to gluten spread like a wild fire. The possibility that it’s mostly a reaction to Round Up is there.

  51. 8Ball

    The Crusades were not a peace keeping mission.

  52. Coalburner

    8Ball, if Obumdum wanted to take Syria why didn’t he just bomb Assad and take over a year or two ago. Was he too dumb or cowardly to do the deed giving Russia the chance to stop him cold. Did he, BHO, want to deceive his Libtard supporters? Here is a note for you by me. “If you go to war, you had better kill until the Death Angel is satisfied or you will have war unending.” Ask Israel, Ask Bush and Obama. Ask about the Korean War and the VietNam War(finished for the Angel in Laos by Pol Pot after we left), then look at WWII. 55million died in WWII (not counting the millions of his own Russians killed by Stalin) and millions did not flee to overrun other countries like in Europe now. Yes I am quoting me. When war comes again, the Death Angel will take his quota. Islam wants the war between them and the free people infidels. That would be us primarily.

  53. RTW

    The Dem. Debate just ended and one thing is patently obvious. Any of the GOP candidates can beat Clinton, who is a lock for her party’s nomination. If either Cruz or Rubio is the GOP pick, he will have her sitting in the fetal position, drooling, after 10 minutes into the first debate. Tonight, she stammered through most of her questions and rambled on, filling her allotted time with blather. When things did get tense, she reacted with her patented cackle. If she did win, that means that the election was rigged and the country is totally corrupt. The reason would be to finish off the USA once and for all.

    • brian

      I figure that bean poles second electoral victory was a clear demonstration that the election is rigged and the country is totally corrupt, the guy did crawl face first and mouth open through the impacted sewer pipe of Chicago and Illinois politics on his way to the white house afterall; and that did not seem to measurably impact his chances at beating an obviously wounded and intentionally handicapped ringer who refused to fight back. How much dirtier can Hillary really be compared to the guy we currently got…hell how much sleazier can Hillary be compared to the lions share of the scumbags sitting in the legislative branch?

      Nah, as crazy as it is, I wouldn’t count the old lady out just because she has some long standing issues with what she says and what reality bears out…well over half of America doesn’t give a shit who runs this place, and the other half thinks nothing can be done to stop any of this nonsense…so I’m going to cautiously step a few inches out on a heavy thick limb and say Hill ain’t out until she is out; and even then who takes her place?

    • frederick

      Can you imagine what CLS would have to say about that RTW and dont you just hate that cackling of hers? frederick

  54. Mark Maples

    As much as I hate to say it, Hillary will win the general election. 45% of the Democratic voting base doesn’t care what she did or didn’t do. She could be caught on camera with a ski mask on jacking a Brinks truck, they would still vote for her. Sad but true

  55. Charles

    Mannarino WAS Fired, I stand behind the numbers I quoted , and Keeping my I dentity confidential does not makes me a coward , it makes me prudent. As for you sir ,Anyone who makes up his mind before he hears the facts is a fool! I visit your site as well as others to hear both sides of the coin , it helps me find the truth. May God Bless you and your family.

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