World Will Become Baltimore When Debt Bubble Bursts-Gregory Mannarino

4By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino thinks increasing bad economic news will force the Fed to print more money, or QE.  Mannarino contends, “I absolutely think that’s going to happen.  Before they allow this mechanism that they have propped up with these distortions that are so extreme, to correct to fair market value, they are going to throw everything at it to keep it going.  Again, the alternative is too horrible to contemplate—too horrible to contemplate.  The world will become Baltimore when the debt bubble bursts.  Every street in every nation around the world is going to become Baltimore as people realize they cannot acquire basic assets.  Everyone is struggling for these resources.  This is really what it’s all about.  They understand this.  The world central banks are not stupid.  This goes back to why the police are militarized in every state in the union.  We are one nation under surveillance.  They have understood where this was going for many, many years.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “The mechanism that is in place right now is boosting up the stock market at the expense of everyone else in regard to the gap between the haves and the have-nots.  We are clearly moving back to a two-tier society.  When this is over, the middle class will not exist–period.”

In terms of the so-called recovery, Mannarino says, “We are going nowhere.  We got consumer spending falling off a cliff despite the promise we heard from the mainstream that people were going to be saving cash at the pumps and we were going to be spending it on other things. . . . We got manufacturing falling off a cliff.  Exports are falling off a cliff.  We’re in decline.  There is no doubt about it, and they bare blaming the weather and everything they can think of to try to get people to believe this is a good economy.  This is the new norm, and I don’t see how people can believe the nonsense anymore.  This is it.  The new norm is what we have now. . . . This is a set up for a massive downside move with asset prices.”

On the latest Fed meeting about raising interest rates, Mannarino says, “They took away any reference to any calendar date.  We have heard it’s going to be in June, then it’s going to be in September.  Now, it’s all “data dependent,” and every media is considered “live,” whatever that means.  In the grand scheme of things, they keep moving goal posts.”

On the rising U.S. dollar, Mannarino predicts, “I believe we just hit a top in the U.S. dollar.  We are starting to see the dollar pull back, and we are starting to see commodities go up. . . . The dollar has to correct here.  It went up on speculation of a rate increase, and it will go down because there will be no rate increase.”

On gold, Mannarino contends, “I believe that we are at a natural bottom now because of the actions of the dollar.  The Federal Reserve is not going to raise rates anytime soon, and the dollar will correct and we’ve seen this.  I am not saying the dollar is going down in a linear fashion.  I am not saying gold and silver are going to go up in a linear fashion.  I do think we have tipped over, and we could be at the cusp of a major bull run with the precious metals. . . . By holding a hard asset . . . you are betting against that debt.  That is the short end of the trade, and that is probably the best trade in the history of the world.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of

(There is more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Mannarino is still offering free downloads of his book.  You can get your no-strings-attached download of “The Ultimate Guide to Money and Markets” by clicking here.  Mannarino also has a fresh article including charts about why he thinks the bottom is in for precious metals.  That can be found on the home page of, and yes, that too is free.


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  1. John

    This is just the opposite of what Harry Dent says will happen. Both agree the economy is on the skids and another round of QE is likely, but outlooks for gold and dollar are in reverse for Dent. Others who believe all the Fed has really been doing is stave off deflation also believe the dollar will get stronger as in 1985 strong and that gold will go down to $250 -$400/oz in the near future. Would love to see these two in a debate explaining why they arrive at different conclusions.

  2. Ugly

    The two-tier system spoken of is simply rich and poor. It is the quart of barley for a days wage versus the save the oil and wine.

    Those are the things that a person needs to be ready for. In the upcoming mayhem, I just don’t see some peasant with 10 silver coins cashing in and surviving. Sure get some metals, but don’t skip your knowledge of water, seeds, and where to get food.

    The system coming will not be honorable. It will be a take away in my opinion. The Reserve Note means exactly that, a Note! In other words we borrowed from them. Therefore we owe them all. The debt is ours, not theirs.

    They gave us the Reserve Note and we ran a $20 trillion debt plus wagers of derivatives of over $100 trillion. We The People allowed this, thus we promised to pay back the Reserve Note.

    Then someone comes in and pays down the debt. They bring in a new system. Yes we have a new boss that owns America because he paid the Note.

    • Michael Haller

      The debt in “Federal Reserve Notes” would be easy to pay. President Roosevelt ordered everyone to turn in their twenty dollar gold pieces for twenty “Federal Reserve Notes”. A New President could just order everyone to turn in their Federal Reserve Notes for however much gold the Federal Reserve has in “reserve”. That might be one ounce for every $100,000 in Federal Reserve Notes (or more)…I don’t know how much gold the “Federal Reserve” has in their vaults. Then close down the Federal Reserve. The Federal Treasury can start printing “Treasury Notes” backed by the gold in Fort Knox and we will have Constitutional Money again. Problem solved!

      • Jerry

        What Gold in Fort Knox? Prove it.

      • Silence is Golden

        That might work for the US but not for the Globe….simplistic by nature , unworkable in reality. You omit to take into account the $11TLn in debt held by parties outside the US. How do you revalue and account for that ? That process you describe is known as devaluation and its immediate impact is INFLATIONARY. That was the premise behind the FDR resolution to turn in Gold. Gold was then revalued higher thus creating a dollar devaluation….hence INFLATION.
        Also the proposal does not factor in the effect on international trade….look at commodities for example…..all priced in USD !!!
        Nor does it compensate those that have invested significant capital into developing and producing. This is capital destruction on a massive scale.
        I look at Jim Willie’s thesis on this matter and consider it has a lot of merit. “Gold will enter the system not through the currency channel…but moreover through the Trade route… trade will be settled in Gold. The system will evolve to allow Gold Trade Notes to be used in lieu of Letters of Credit”. He calls this the rise of the Gold Trade Standard. Whilst not absolute, it does have wings.

      • paul

        Michael … although there will be some difficulties implementing your idea … [like the Fed going away … although this “private company” is moving from NY for a “safer jurisdiction” to do all their illegal “market manipulations”] … I do like your idea as one possible solution to our problems … we all need to think about what we can do to extricate ourselves from these snakes in control … and once a firm and logical strategy is developed … have the courage to stand up to evil without fear!

  3. Ross

    Eventually they will lose control of metal prices. 49 % of gold is held in jewelry. Only 27% is held in gold bars with 10% held in coins and medallions. So even if China holds 20,000 tons, this is less than half of all the gold held in bars or just 12% of the total known above ground gold.
    When the derivatives collapse so will their control over gold prices and China will not hold enough to control world prices. Who would dare buy paper gold certificates?

    The total value of all precious metals is $15 trillion. World debt = $200 trillion. World derivative market = $1000 trillion, world GDP = $70 trillion. The potential loss of value in the share market = $100 trillion. Then we have the loss in property markets which I have not seen a number. Divide 15 trillion ie present value of PMs into any of these numbers and you have PM’s going up multiple of times.

  4. Al Hall

    Greg: when is some doubt what’s happen- pull the big guy out- Gregory Mannarino.

    always great insight!!


  5. Larry Carter

    Wow! the world will become Baltimore. How succinct and how clearer can you be.
    The world is going to be set on fire and their is no turning it around.

  6. mark hallwas

    Wow ,Awesome interveiw……….Mannariono is AWESOME,i glad you brought him to us.
    Thank You……..!!

  7. Snorky

    Martin Armstrong is reporting that Australia will be the first to introduce a compulsory tax on savings. And so it begins …

  8. Al Hall

    Greg: also noted tonight was the white shirt and tie switched places??

  9. vincent_g

    Better think of a stronger title.
    If the bottom falls out the world would look forward to returning to the level of problems Baltimore had.

    The world as we know it will be a far different place for quite some time.

  10. Donna

    Just got through a heavy tax month — income tax, car tax, real estate tax. I had hard cash left over of 6 whole dollars. This is a new phenomenon for me. I have never lived paycheck to paycheck until these last years of rolled back wages under this regime. It is only having a skill that is hard to replace that even keeps a paycheck coming in.

    World-wide Baltimore? Big mistake. Anything done in an emotional state will surely cut our own throats. Heed the out-in-the-open hammer and sickle flags among the protesters of Baltimore. Just waiting for a nationwide tantrum to implement whatever it is that Sharpton and O put together during those 85 W.H. visits.

    It is ironic that the blacks, who were put back in the last seats of the bus by one of their own, passed over in favor of illegals, are the very people who will be instrumental in trying to bring it all down. Trillions of dollars toward that War on Poverty all for naught.

    The way out of this is not by going nuts in the streets. This will pave the way for martial law and who knows how many years more of madness at the top.

  11. Donna

    The last all out economic war — and to what end? The euphoria of victory was short lived, coming home to the Motherland only to find out what a mother she truly was.

    Spending the next decades in block-long queues for deplorable foodstuffs. Your ever move and utterance heavily monitored. Work like a dray horse for the few privileged.

  12. Alarmed

    ““In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.” People in power positions have been mentioning those in the shadows who control for many years. Whether FDR said it or or other presidents and people in power acknowledged it, this is where we are going, and it isn’t pretty.
    Greg Mannarino has made a clear analysis of the situation. We best batten down our hatches, starting with getting right with God.

  13. Thomas justin Harmon

    Good evening Greg I have a question why are we paying taxes it doesn’t make sense, take Baltimore For instance all the business owners watched their stores their businesses go down in flames nobody protect them , the police stood idly by and watched the black American people go crazy so in the time of crisis we’re all on our own ,Thank god for the NRA not giving in to Liberal gun grabbing policies every person should have their own gun to protect themselves and their business, as we’ve seen in Baltimore the police will not be able to help you. Thank you thomas

  14. aussie jeff

    Thanks Greg,
    Mannarino and Holter are two quality guests,when either of these men are on your programme I always pay more than the usual attention!
    His analysis of every street becoming a “Baltimore” is spot on.
    The world is lurching towards the precipice, and nothing, is going to prevent it from going over the edge.
    Its a comforting thought in knowing that God and our Saviour Jesus Christ have a Divine Plan that enables everyone to put their trust in Him!
    Their is a way out of this mess, but when it comes down to the pointy end gold and silver won’t cut the mustard,while it is prudent to prepare as best we can, in the end ONLY God has the ability to save our souls.

    Through Christ you have come to trust in God. And you have placed your faith and hope in God because he raised Christ from the dead and gave him great glory.
    1 peter 1:21

    • paul

      Aussie Jeff … The Divine Plan God gave us for Redemption was the Ten Commandments … it is not a plan that “he” has to follow to save us … it’s a plan “we” have to follow to save ourselves to save our own soul … following God’s “Divine Plan” requires “thinking and action on our part” … as you know our DNA was corrupted by the fallen angels … they implanted within us greed, lust, murder, etc. things we must make a conscious effort “to counteract” with our mind … those who succeed will be saved … those who don’t use their minds (and simply follow the orders of insane loony tunes to kill and lust for money) will not be saved … just sitting back and waiting for God and his Divine Plan to save us “was not what God had in mind” … yes, he forgives us of our sins because our humanity was “raped from us” in the Garden by Satan … but because it was “not humanities fault” that those bad genes were implanted in Eve by a snake in the grass (Satan) … God has shown us mercy and did not forsake and abandon us … instead “he has shown us the way” to redeem our humanity … but it takes force of mind and force of character to follow his Ten Commandments and reject evils like killing men, women and children because you were ordered to do it “for God and Country” by some insane lunatic … What God??? Satan?? … What Country??? (put in any country name you like) … For God’s Divine Plan to work all of us as individuals must take responsibility for our own actions!! … if we are too lazy to do anything about what is going on around us we are lost … in God’s eyes “laziness is evil” … we must be proactive … stand up for what is right! … and stand down for what is wrong!

  15. Ugly

    American Friends, another paranoid perspective.

    Let’s just use the American debt of $17 trillion. Skip the consumer debt and the derivatives.

    America is about 2.3 billion acres. If you value each acre at $6,000 an acre then the total value is only around $14 trillion. Each year American Farmers produce around $400 billion in food as valued as gait receipts.

    The exports versus imports is starting to consume us.

    Our ability to pay our so-called debt is nil.

    So who owns America? My opinion it will be a show down between the Central Banks and China. That is where the friction will start in my abnormal paranoia opinion. Americans will be caught on the middle.

  16. Ugly

    Ok. Just one more. It is the old debt axiom that says:

    If I owe you $1,000 dollars, then you own me. But if I owe you $1 million dollars, then I own you.

    You see, we are owned. Who will be the new boss?

  17. Rory Christensen

    Just like Paul Craig Roberts, Gregory negates to mention that there is a new countervailing system coming into place and most nations have signed on accordingly. He is absolutely right to state that Modern Money Mechanics has reached it’s immutable limits but the world isn’t going to go Baltimore style only America will and as we speak the world is slowly quarantining the empire to alleviate the damage when the implosion occurs. In my nation Australians home equity will be wiped out and they will lose their superannuation but if you’re relatively young you will be fine because you can still work. The I do empathically sympathise with the older generations who have spent their whole lives saving in a Ponzi scheme and the debt slaves who will be wiped out but when it pops it won’t take the whole world down with it just the Rothschild’s and their Fiat Central Banking System and America because literally all their gold is gone.

  18. paul

    People now are simply opting to put all their free cash into either paying down debt or buying silver with it …  following the “big money” look at what JP Morgan Chase is doing … it has accumulated more than 55 million ounces of physical silver since early 2012 … and just purchased 17% more physical silver (eight million ounces) over the last two weeks … obviously Chase must be expecting some sort of a crisis to hit … will it start in Greece?? … actually it doesn’t matter where it starts … Chase obviously thinks silver will soon begin a strong rise that will generate some huge profits for them.  Currently silver is in the “awareness phase” when big institutions begin accumulating …  to eventually sell during the “mania phase” when the public finally jumps in and drives the market to an “exponential peak”.

    Global financial markets are get increasingly unstable … banks have created a $278 TRILLION dollar “derivative time bomb” that could go off at any moment … which will put the world into the worst economic crash in history … this $278 Trillion dollars in debt will either have to be Paid off or Defaulted on … “to pay it off” will require hyperinflation (which is good for silver) … “to default” will create a currency crisis (also good for silver) … the only thing that flies in the face of “a currency breakdown right now” is the fact that many of the markets seem like they are ready to rally???

    For instance … look at a chart of West Texas Crude posted below … it’s formed a nice little double bottom on long term support around 45 … this “suggests” that oil has most likely bottomed. The only danger is that this little double bottom may be “too small” to reverse the bear trend … so a pullback toward 51.50 that holds (and occurs on lower volume) could become a spring board for a rally to 75!

    Many other charts similarly show “many markets poised to rise” … would you be seeing this if currencies were about to collapse in a default??? … therefore both Greg Mannarino and John Williams seem to be right … suggesting Greece will more likely be bailed out by “a hyperinflationary printing” of even more fiat money!! … and Chase “is on board for hyperinflation” with its 55 million ounces  of physical silver!

    • paul

      Just to put the current Chase silver purchases in perspective … the 55 million ounces of physical silver Chase has currently accumulated now actually rivals what the Hunt brothers had accumulated back in the 1970’s (when the banking establishment had a vested interest in keeping gold and silver market prices from exploding) … however … now Chase is on the other side of the trade … and thus the banking establishment now has a vested interest in seeing silver prices explode upward!

      • Nomad

        Regarding JP Morgan’s silver.
        The following is from a poster on zerohedge and makes sense to me.

        This is NOT investment advice by me.

        If we haven’t seen how thick Ted’s, James’, and Eric’s, (KWN) etc.. glasses are when it comes to their die hard one sided perspective in the past few years, then I would caution you to think about the following:

        A rise in Silver to lets say $50/ounce… holding 55,000,000 ounces, (what Ted claims JP Morgan are currently holding) is around: 2.75 billion. subtract storage/insurance expenses lets say…7% per annum for 2 years, subtract a dollar cost average purchase price of say $16/ounce, we’re at ~1.6 billion.

        Here’s a question: What was JP Morgan’s earnings last year? 21.6 billion.

        How did they make that money? rhetorical.

        Point is, in order to continue controlling (short as required) the precious metals market with leveraged paper futures, they REQUIRE a certain ratio of physical by law.

        JP Morgan is the extention of the Gov’t in this, as they both have the same vested interest, to keep this current system alive as long as possible.

        Purchasing vast amounts of physical entitles them LEGALLY to have their sway in markets that can challenge, undermine, and threaten their Dollar and by proxy the current system…the system they made 21.6 billion NET with in 2014.

        These guys are one of the biggest players in the world market, total assets under management: 2.6 TRILLION. I suspect they see the micro market of silver as a tiny match stick, that if not kept wet, allowed to dry, burn and find tinder, things could get out of control very quickly, this relatively small investment of silver is a sort of insurance against that.

        Here is the article:

  19. Nickname

    Of course this will happen. We only have “office” workers. No real producers of anything except paper pushers who are not really needed when food, water and clothing is what is really needed.

    This is what rural farming did for America and now nobody is that anymore. So something will be needed to control the useless eaters, that is government but they took away all your guns, remember? You let them commit treason on you.

  20. Don

    Well, dollar topped out, more QE, Gold bottomed, bankers desperate. I wonder if Mr. Ackerman is listening. Many different Idea’s, that’s what I like about your site. I think Mr. Mannarino probably has it right, though I do believe its not as desperate for the bankers as he may think. The IMF has already prepared the SDR’s and is waiting for China, on there reset. Don’t know if the AIID will be a parallel system that will be seen as a separate system in the end, or the same elite working in the Bric’s and the eastern-Euro bloc that may be another branch of the same organization. They appear different now, but it seems China is so interested in positioning itself for a place in the SDR, as a reserve currency, its hard to figure, unless of coarse, China plans on being a major player in both, rather than in competition with the IMF and the world bank. Maybe by playing both games, the options to do either are there. I do believe however, that as soon as China gets the gold it needs, we will find out. The next IMF meeting on the special drawing rights are in May, if what I have read is true, so we may be close. Its my opinion that, if another Lehmans happens or a derivative explosion happens, the world will be held ransom by the IMF and the people of America will find out after our leaders betray both the people and our constitution by allowing the IMF the power over America’s money supply. I believe the world reserve currency has already been printed and by the time the public knows about another crash the new currency will be adopted and circulated with an announcement by our government. It will be a seamless switch and our government will in effect commit treason with the global banking cartel. I wonder if the American people will even realize what has been done and what if anything they’ll do. I believe that’s what there counting on. But once again know fear. That sort of thing should start a revolution, but I wonder how many will even care.

  21. steve

    I quite like Mannerino, I think he has good points and has a good feel for the markets and what is possibly coming. Another view on the rising Dollar I have heard is that it is because it is still regarded as a safe haven , so it could be a mix of this and interest rates as he mentioned.

  22. paul

    To juice the economy, bring down unemployment and lower the likelihood of more Baltimore type incidents money has to be put in the hands of the people “instead of the banks” so the people can begin to buy things again … it should be obvious that peoples wages and borrowing ability can’t be kept stagnant … without the ability “to put more debt on their credit cards” demand will fall … and stores like Target, Sears, Walmart, even McDonald’s franchises will shut down along with the economy!

    • paul

      Attached is the way “The US Ministry of Truth” just fixed “the lack of credit” the people are facing to boost the economy … they just changed the chart!

      • paul

        Makes one wonder if the US economy’s bad economic numbers now being reported “are being orchestrated” by the Fed (by limiting credit to people) so they can “have an excuse” to inflate the money supply once again … the Fed’s actions are not fooling the crude oil market, Mannarino, Williams or us WatchDoggers who are “anticipating” a new hyperinflation of the money supply by the Fed (resulting in higher silver prices)!

  23. Michael Harvey

    “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Benjamin Franklin 

  24. Jim G

    “Every street, in every nation around the world is going to become Baltimore”

    I don’t know if Greg Mannarino has ever traveled or lived anywhere outside the USA, but I can assure you there are places in the world that will survive quite nicely after the US and certain other countries end up in total chaos.

    To make such a broad statement like he did tells me what I have known all along. He’s no expert on what’s really going on around the world and is just one more guy with an opinion. Why Greg even interviews him is beyond me.

    And yes, I have 22 years of traveling and living abroad in a number of different countries and have lived overseas for the past 16 years. Glad I got out when I did, because I don’t know how many of you would be able to leave now even if you wanted to. The options are going to get fewer while the noose gets tighter but that’s just my opinion. Adios.

  25. Silence is Golden

    Before the “World becomes Baltimore” …America needs to take a good hard look at itself…..because Detroit, Fergusson and Baltimore …IS …America…..Bankrupt and on the edge of desperation and depression.
    We keep hearing this narrative about the bad state of the economy and how the Fed will act with another round of QE (4). Lets get one thing clear…QE is not about fixing the economic problems….it is about fixing the BROKEN BANKS and their system. The FED doesn’t need poor economic numbers being printed to justify monetary debasement (QE)…it could care less. That is fact.
    NO G.M. ….what the FED needs to see is another meltdown…..another threat to the financial system…before it brings about a QE program.

    On the matter of interest rates…I believe many have got this back to front and upside down. We should not be looking to the FED to raise rates….we know the logic and the consequences associated with that (GM covered these fairly well).
    The “Market” Greg, in fact the Bond Market …is where we should all be looking. The biggest market in the world. The key to interest rates is the Price of Bonds. If bond prices (10 & 30 yr.) start on a downward trajectory, then you can expect to see higher rates (yields). What would cause the price of bonds to fall….? Loss of confidence or faith in sovereign nations and the fiat monetary system/ recognition of the inability of the debt issuer to honor its debt obligation or even the lack of reward for the enormous risk……which is akin to saying that paying for the right to hold bonds is becoming a less desirable trait for the bond holders.
    Can we say that the Bond market is ready to catch on fire and that the exit will be blocked in the not too distant future. Look at the prices of bonds for the key.
    BTW …the FED will be powerless to avert the actions of the bond holders and the effect that will have on interest rates !!

    A final thought…..or perhaps a prediction…..Crime will become the most popular religion the world has ever known.

    • Rubiconman

      A final thought…..or perhaps a prediction…..”FROM S.I.G.”, . . .Crime will become the most popular religion the world has ever known.

      Why Does God Allow Crime and Suffering?

      AFTER a terrible battle in one war-torn land, the thousands of civilian women and children who had been killed were buried in a mass grave surrounded by markers. Each marker bore this inscription: “Why?” Sometimes that is the most painful question of all. People ask it sadly when war, disaster, disease, or crime takes their innocent loved ones, destroys their home, or brings them untold suffering in other ways. They want to know why such tragedies befall them.

      Why does God allow suffering? If Jehovah God is all-powerful, loving, wise, and just, why is the world so full of hatred crime and injustice? Have you ever wondered about these things yourself?

      Is it wrong to ask why God allows suffering? Some worry that asking such a question means that they do not have enough faith or that they are showing disrespect for God. When reading the Bible, however, you will find that faithful, God-fearing people had similar questions. For example, the prophet Habakkuk asked Jehovah: “Why do you make me witness wrongdoing? And why do you tolerate oppression? Why are destruction and violence before me? And why do quarreling and conflict abound?”—Habakkuk 1:3.

      Did Jehovah God scold the faithful prophet Habakkuk for asking such questions? No. Instead, God included Habakkuk’s sincere words in the inspired Bible record. God also helped him to get a clearer understanding of matters and to gain greater faith. God wants to do the same for you. Remember, the Bible teaches that “he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7) God hates wickedness and the suffering it causes far more than any human does. (Isaiah 55:8, 9) Why, then, is there so much suffering in the world?

      People of various religions have gone to their religious leaders and teachers to ask why there is so much crime and suffering. Often, the response is that crime and suffering is God’s will and that he long ago determined everything that would ever happen, including tragic events. Many are told that God’s ways are mysterious or that he brings death upon people—even children—so that he can have them in heaven with him. As you should have learned, though, God never causes what is bad. The Bible says: “It is unthinkable for the true God to act wickedly, for the Almighty to do wrong!”—Job 34:10.

      Do you know why people make the mistake of blaming God for all the suffering in the world? In many cases, they blame Almighty God because they think that he is the real ruler of this world. They do not know a simple but important truth that the Bible teaches. The real ruler of this world is Satan the Devil.

      The Bible clearly states: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) When you think about it, does that not make sense? This world reflects the personality of the invisible spirit creature who is “misleading the entire inhabited earth.” (Revelation 12:9) Satan is hateful, deceptive, cruel and public enemy no. one! So the world, under his influence, is full of hatred, deceit, cruelty and crime. That is one reason why there is so much suffering.

      A second reason why there is so much suffering is that, mankind has been imperfect and sinful ever since the rebellion in the garden of Eden. Sinful humans tend to struggle for dominance, and this results in wars, oppression, crime and suffering. (Ecclesiastes 4:1; 8:9) A third reason for suffering is “time and unexpected events.” (Read Ecclesiastes 9:11.) In a world without Jehovah as a protective Ruler, people may suffer because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Isn’t It is comforting for us to know that God does not cause suffering. He is not responsible for the wars, the crimes, the oppression, or even the natural disasters that cause people to suffer. Still, we need to know, Why does he allow all this suffering? If he is the Almighty, he has the power to stop it. Why, then, does he hold back? The loving God that we have come to know must have a good reason.—1 John 4:8. Stay tuned!

      • paul

        Why? … You ask why does God no save us from evil? … God’s clear answer is right before you in his Ten Commandments! … “Why do you allow evil to occur?” … if some reptile tells you “to kill” and go to war against your neighbor … Do You listen to the Snake? … Or do you listen to God, who says “Thou Shall Not Kill”…

        Clearly the fight against evil here on earth is Humanity’s fight … not God’s … Humanity must have the courage to stand against evil … “fear not” in your conviction to stand up for Good … and “fear not” standing down against Evil … God provided us with “more brains and goodness” then “evil serpent reptiles” … and yet Humanity “Sits Back” and allows these “snakes in the grass” to dominate and control our society? … Just sitting back waiting for God to fight “our battles” is not the Divine Plan God had in mind for us!

        That “little girl” who decided to stand up “against the evil” of putting “flame retardants” in our drinking soda brought down “two multi-billion dollar international Goliaths” … she didn’t sit back waiting for God to solve the problem … she used her God given brains to defeat evil!

        Did you ever hear the expression: “God helps those who help themselves”! … the problem with too many Christians is that they are not proactive … they just sit back “waiting for God to solve all their problems” and because of that they are easily dominated and killed by evil people.

    • Jen

      Silence is Golden,

      Man has climbed Mount Everest, gone to the bottom of the Ocean, fired rockets to the Moon, split the Atom, achieved miracles in every field of human endeavor, except Crime!

      Auric Goldfinger Operation grand Slam
      Listen to the music, imagine what were up against, demon hordes and Satan the Devil himself, the biggest criminal of all time, knowing he has a short time left. ◄ Revelation 12:12 ►

      Muslim woman attacks 9 year old Muslim girl with a hammer

      • Jen

        New International Version
        Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”
        ◄ Revelation 12:12 ►

  26. RichM

    RE: On the latest Fed meeting about raising interest rates, Mannarino says, “They took away any reference to any calendar date. We have heard it’s going to be in June, then it’s going to be in September. Now, it’s all “data dependent,” and every media is considered “live,” whatever that means. In the grand scheme of things, they keep moving goal posts.”
    Not giving any hints and calender clues sounds like a huge red flag to me. If I am correct, this is unprecidented as they have always left in the agenda some possible futere projections. It sounds a little like the Titanic and the very first answers they told the passengers after hitting the iceberg….. Oh its nothing, enjoy your dinner and have a great evening. Then shortly after the abandon ship was given…. and the panic insued.

    It makes me suspicious when they leave out standard projections and hints just how soon a collapse may occur. With the Titanic it was maybe an hour later, held off to avoid a panic…. In this case what does this mean, a month from now? …. to avoid a panic, crash, or a run on the dollar? Its an ominious feeling I am getting here. Jade Helm 15 starts in a little over a month.

  27. RichM

    Its also strange that gold drops even as the dollar dropped some. The most extreme concern about Jade Helm isremote possibility it is to set martial law and even to allow China (Jade) at the Helm (to own/control us all)…. Could it mean that the jig is up, that the politicians are ready to give away our soverencyentirely since they are bought and sold many times over by China They already have been. Are deals being made to sell out the people? Perhaps the FED is basically keeping us in the dark and all but announcing it is imminent but want to keep the sheeple clueless a bit longer for the final reapings?

    Gold dropping as the dollar drops makes no sense. so perhaps this is nearing the end where China and the Shanghai Exchange will buy the rest of the gold they can get at hugely discounted prices, then make their move to back a new world currency with gold… announcing that they have 10,000 tonnes, 20K, 30K and America has near zero… Setting the gold price at $10K+ an ounce… As our politicians get to stay in power but as puppets of China as they give away the rest of our country just as Jade Helm is in place to force the issue? Call me paranoid, but I have often had this sick feeling that Obama hates the constitution and our country so much, that he will not give up that power to a fair election. I’m even concerned about writing this.

  28. RichM

    The FED HAD to announce that interest rates will not rise in this recent meeting because that info was due to be stated despite them saying it will rise in the past (or at least the sheeple projecting it will rise.) To us, this means that another QE will happen, MOST CERTAINLY, but by not giving any hints to that, the sheeple will not be able to come to this conclusion and will ague and discuss it in the MSM for weeks. Worse than QE though would be what I stated above instead or QE first occurring and then that.


    Whether it happens before or after QE, I see this as a possibility…
    1) no rise in interest rates (already confirmed)
    2) Jade Helm is up and running June 15th – Sept 15th… (its a go)
    3) There is some sort of black swan event causing a collapse or the collapse itself is the black swan.
    4) Markets will tank and be closed under a mandate to stop the collapse but only after the bansters have reaped all the profits (knowing it was coming). This could occur in just a day or two. They were set up already to steal as much wealth as possible.
    5) Panic and a bank holiday. Brokerage accounts included so no one will be able to sell and withdraw liquidity. The banksters will get all of that later.
    6) The banks re-open and the dollar is devalued what… 50%, 70% as the banksters grab as much of the $4T of depositors monies to bail themselves out and stay solvent…. a classic bail-in.
    7) Jade Helm goes hot as people are understandedly upset and with a nak holiday and capital controls, are getting hungry and revolt or because of the very black swan event that crashed the market itself.
    8) Meanwhile, the people are told to stay calm and come on in peacefully to be fed and re-educated. The GOV will take care of you… do not worry…. they are told. Most of the sheeple will believe this.
    9) The people are told it was the Texans, Utahans, Vets, Tea Partiers, gun owners, Mormons, alternative talk show hosts, Evangelicals who caused all of this… we have grabbed and bagged as many of them as we could but turn in any neighbors who still have guns. The UN is here to help you. or…. as a black swan they may blame the Russians or ISIS and thats why it went HOT.
    10) The UN is allowed in to confiscate guns by penalty of force/death. Many patriots will fight to the death for their right to bear arms. The sheeple probably don’t even know that we are now under China rule as media and communications will be limited.

    the next are my Christian beliefs….

    11) People live under tyranny for perhaps many years and become humble and turn back to God… many who are faithful already will be protected and survive under tyranny.
    12) God hears the prayers of those who repent and delivers us… perhaps via the Second Coming of His Son, Jesus Christ.. (Maybe several years later as it goes global toward the Mount of Olives?)

    I sure hope I am wrong. Thanks for listening to my “possible” prediction.

  29. RichM

    I said I hope I am wrong… I do in a way hope that but also ultimately, as Greg always says… fear not.

    If this is the lead into witnessing the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, it will be the most glorious and amazing time. Seeing this great country and its constitution compromised is painful to say the least, but Heavenly Father will not allow the utter destruction of His Kingdom or children. People have voted in out current politicians.. It is so absurd to me that it makes me lose faith in people but gain faith in God. So fear not.

  30. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Great interview Greg. It’s easy to see how you and your namesake are kindred spirits. ‘The new norm’ is everywhere. On Thursday the UK electorate go to the polls only to be presented with a choice between bad and worse; of voting for which leader we least dislike or least mistrust. But of course we allow these people into office in the first place, even as their utopian promises grow more transparently awful by the day. As for our economy they crow over what they’ve done to reduce the borrowing deficit and how they plan to reduce it in the future, while never for a moment acknowledging the debt itself which stands at £1.5 trillion of GDP, and rising.

  31. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg

    Great interview my friend.
    Needless to say I pricked up my ears when GM mentioned the word ‘Fed’ and then went on to say that the world will become a nightmare worse than Baltimore.

    I whole-heartedly agree with Greg, however isn’t it high time we all dropped this ridiculous charade and started calling out the Fed for what it really is…….. simply an evil privately owned cabal that thieves from the working class and the poor and brazenly transfers this wealth to its owners, cronies and paid politicians where ever they happen to reside in the world. For anyone of us to suggest that this institution is the slightest bit interested in helping the US economy or main street, is utterly naïve and farcical.

    Wake up watchdoggers this ownership model of the Fed is the fundamental cause of the US rapidly degenerating into a state of fascism and anarchy. One of the countless classic signs of this decline into chaos is the fact that your own citizens are becoming increasingly afraid of the truth and the establishment.
    I say to you. Be infinitely more afraid of failing to expose the truth.

    I will also take the liberty of repeating this chilling quote posted last week by Mason on WD [from Pastor Martin Niemoller]. This is about the Nazis’ stealth and their treacherous rise to power and I think in these dire circumstances it is so very apt.
    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”


  32. Doug

    Thanks for the interview Greg. Gregory is one of my favorite guests that you have on and I pay attention to what he has to say. Folks who are somewhat aware are always asking ‘when’ the collapse is going to happen. As Gregory said look around because it’s happening now. And as he indicated every city is going to be Baltimore and Ferguson.

    I don’t worry about martial law as the military and militarized police don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of controlling what is coming. Take Baltimore for example. They had to not only put most of the State guard into the city but strip police assets all around the area to funnel into it. What is coming is beyond their ability to control.

    Martial law is preferable to anarchy but anarchy is what I think were going to end up with when this thing lets fully loose. God be with us because were going to need him!!

  33. Chris

    Eventually the event will be felt in an overwhelming way.

    Turn your power off, never shop again, stay home. Most people would think that would be insane. But this just shows how dependent we are to “the system”.

    No preparation will be adequate for this reality, but the more prepared the better.

  34. Mike from the North

    We have likely entered the cusp of the meltdown.

    It is obvious that what many have described for years is now upon us.
    We have now entered the era of big brother having the ability to watch over us in many aspects of our lives.
    We have embraced technologies that enable a view into almost every aspect of our lives.

    Banking, social media, internet traffic, everything we do from day to day now leaves a bread crumb trail of our daily lives.

    I watched an amazing piece this weekend done by Sen. Ron Paul and there is little doubt in what is on our doorsteps.

    I fully expect an exponential increase in the velocity of chaos now.

    Baltimore has shown signs for many years. Sub Prime Mortgage fiasco.
    The abuses of power have taken us to the edge of chaos.

  35. Wim

    Love your work Greg, thank you. Love to listen to Gregory Mannarino. Rick Ackersman and Harry Dent’s view seems a far too long shot. A PM bull run on the shorter notice feels like an early call, on the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised by any development. QE 4 feels not too far away; the ECB surfed for years on QE talk, Fed raise interest talk did something for free too, but it will wear out. They will never raise interest rates, as QE 4 can’t be too far away. Buy hard assets, don’t forget food reserves. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  36. Anne Elliott

    Greg mentioned another housing bubble; this on the same morning when my husband told me that he saw a bank ad for housing incentives targeted to 18 – 33 year olds. He was grousing about “what 18 or 20 year old can afford a house? It’s like they are trying to set them up to fail.” I told him he was sounding like a conspiracy theorist… (Sarc). Pretty sad when they have to go to the poorest paid sector of the economy to scrape up more business…

  37. Roderick

    “Every street will look like Baltimore”. Then as the producers create prosperity from the wreckage and those who brought ruin are kicked to the curb by the flaming masses the repressed will find inner strength.

  38. sk

    WHY does the word “shekinah” trigger a ban on a post? Is it you, Greg, or is there tampering with your website?

  39. sk

    Hmmmm…this time it went through.

  40. NC Gal

    I totally agree with Greg Mannarino’s prediction that — at some point — the world will become Baltimore. I disagree that the central bankers are losing control. They are just delaying things until it is time to pull the plug on it all.

    Everything going on right now is part of a larger plan to crash the present system and replace it with another one that will give the elites total control and total ownership of everything. I think the trigger is already planned, as well, and the only reason it hasn’t happened is because the timing is set for the mid-September to mid-October window I posted about before. (My markers for these dates are the ending of Jade Helm on September 15 and the end of the Wal-Mart closure period on October 13. That’s when the preparations for martial law in the US will be complete.)

    I just saw an article by Martin Armstrong ( in which I recognize another sign of this coming. The elites do not do anything until they have tested it first to see what the response will be. “Test and move” is the principle, and the late William Cooper not only understood this, he showed how it was predictive. The elites have already tested (and telegraphed) their next move: a cashless society:

    “The movement toward electronic money is moving at high speed and this says a lot about the state of the financial system. The track record of the major financial institutions is nearly perfect – they are always caught on the wrong side when a crisis breaks, which requires their bailouts. The fact that we have already seen test runs with theory-balloons flying, the major financial institutions are in no shape to withstand another economic decline.

    For depositors, this means they really need to grasp what is going on here for unless they are vigilant, there is a serious risk of losing everything. We must understand that these measures will be implemented overnight in the middle of a banking crisis after 2015.75 [October 1, 2015]. The balloons have taken off and the discussions are underway. The trend in taxation and reduction of cash seems to be unstoppable. Government is not prepared to reform for that would require a new way of thinking and a loss of power. That is not a consideration. They only see one direction and that is to take us into the new promised-land of economic totalitarianism. ”

    Economic totalitarianism is the goal of the elites and they plan to crash the system to replace it with their “solution.” The predictable riots and the predictable response to them will only contribute to their other goal of depopulation and getting rid of any opposition to their rule. If nothing suitable presents to be the excuse for the crash, some truly horrific false flag event will do it nicely.

    Enjoy your summer. It will probably be the last one like it for a very long time.

  41. Matt

    Gregory Mannarino is one of the most intelligent and forward thinking guests that you have on Greg. He made an important statement that encapsulates the human condition – this is a fight for RESOURCES. The human family has been growing while drinking from an ever shrinking well. We are indeed a race in decline due to the irresponsible use of vital resources. The human family has two choices – drop tribal conflicts and work together to assist the entire human family, or descend into conflict and chaos as the well runs dry and we all fight for what is left. Additionally, there are foreign interests operating on earth who are working to keep humanity at odds. If we are in conflict with each other, we will fail to see the enormity of what is being perpetrated on humanity by those who want to take what we have left an preserve it for themselves. The presence of extraterrestrial forces operating on earth is the one piece that is being overlooked by virtually everyone. Planet Earth is a prized possession in the universe.

    • sk

      Naw, Matt. No extraterrestrials. Just some bright, but extremely morally challenged humans. Planet Earth is a prized possession, alright, but only by these psychopathic humans. The stars look down in utter indifference.

      • brian

        I don’t think you or I or any human being is capable of making such a statement regarding the stars unless it is through sheer arrogance. What the stars do and do not do is way, way above our pay grade dude.

        • sk

          So….a seven foot tall purple creature with six tentacles (who relishes Homo sapiens for breakfast) on a planet circling alphaCentauri is in charge of the Federal Reserve?

          • brian

            So you either have absolute knowledge regarding the vapid and purposeless nature of the universe or……we go with some CIA concocted bull$### narrative about little green men giving anal probes to drunken dirt farmers. Really man?

  42. Tom

    I love what he said about shorting the debt. It’s true. Whenever we trade notes of debt (fiat currency) for PMs we are essentially opting out of the debt cycle. The trade-off of fiat for metal is the final pay-off (unless one is foolish enough to later trade the metal for the fiat). We should be overjoyed that we still have a chance to get our notes of debt payed off in real assets because that door is quietly closing…for good.

  43. paul

    Want to change Government? … Fear Not (to stand down to insanity) … look what you people have done to two multinational corporations (Coke and Pepsi) … you stood down and didn’t buy their insanity … and they changed!

  44. OutLookingIn

    To be aware. Is to know. Is to be curious and ask why, then find out.

    To change, is to know why and join with others of the same conviction.

    Is the general populace about to follow these simple principles? No.

    They are to busy with bread and circuses to be bothered by such mundane things.

    Is it even possible for the twittering, celebrity enamored, twirked out, tattooed, super size me, morally corrupt, populace of America to organize an effective opposition to their ruling oligarchal master’s? Highly doubtful at this juncture. Too late.

    Not sad. Just tragic. Their apathy is the means by which they continue their slavery.

  45. David Clumpner/Clumpner Archives

    Gregory seems to be hedging his bet in today’s interview.
    Juxtaposed to his last interview hinting the Uber Elites’
    implementing war as the solution.

  46. Billy

    He’s dead right the middle class are getting wiped out and the gap between the rich and poor is as big as it has ever been.

    Robert Kiyosaki had said that something billionaire Paul Tudor Jones (Famed hedge investor) said recently stopped him in his tracks . Tudor said never in US history has the gap between the rich and the poor been so great and only 3 things can happen.
    1- Civil War
    2- Revolution
    3- Raised Taxes.
    Tudor said it cannot and will not persist. You can see Ferguson and Baltimore are just the beginning.

    Look to Providence for protection!!

  47. Tom


    You have the best financial interviews on the web with an excellent cross section of ideas. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you! It certainly is helping us all to prepare for the future!

  48. Jerry

    Greg for me, this interview was to little….. to late. I find myself bracing for:
    1. Some form of false flag in the coming months.
    2 Jade Helm 15 setting the stage for martial law. Check this out.
    3. The proverbial reset in September or early October.
    After reading the letter sent to the G20 by the Financial Security Board I would be very surprised if we make to November 15th without the collapse of the dollar. Could I be wrong? Sure I’ve been wrong before, but in this case the stars and dots are beginning to align together for the perfect economic storm. Most likely the banksters will figure out a way to be the hero’s to the public when the curtain comes down. For the rest of us that don’t want to go along with they’re scheme, camp FEMA awaits.

  49. paul

    This is interesting … like rats leaving a sinking ship … Reuters announced the other day that the NY Federal Reserve will be leaving New York State (that has some very strict RICO laws against fraud and corruption) for a safer jurisdiction for its financial “shenanigans”… the City of Chicago … the Fed gives the public the lame excuse that Chicago “is safer” because that city is more protected against EMP and hacking??? … but does not mention the fact that the NY Fed (a private corporation) is exposed to very strict RICO penalties for unsafe and unsound banking practices or failure to comply with banking laws governing its activities within New York State.

    The Department of Justice can issue very harsh fines and jail terms under New York State RICO laws for any deficiencies in the Fed’s oversight, management and controls governing compliance with various statutes under New York State Department of Financial Services Act as concrete evidence begins to mount with regard to the Fed’s “blatant manipulation” of markets.

    So could this Fed move out of New York State be more like a “risk-management move” to avoid “any possible further damage” caused by a failure to fully comply with New York State’s banking laws? … if the Fed was just worried about sea water getting on their “corrosion resistant” gold bars due to some future hurricane flooding their vaults … they could have simply moved to higher ground “within” the State of New York.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very interesting and hard to discount. Thank you.

      • Brad

        Greg Hunter,
        I love your website. You are indeed a brave and intrepid man. I’ve also been watching Darrel Robert Schoon on youtube. He would be a great guest on your show. He made me laugh out loud when he said our worry about the coming collapse of the current monetary system was like the slaves worrying about what would happen to them when ‘massa’ didn’t get that refi on the plantation from the Bank of England.

        Again, I greatly enjoy the show. All the best.


    • Tom

      the move to Chicago might also have something to do with the coastal event some have spoken of. same thing with the US capitol moving to Denver.

    • Don

      I hadn’t heard this Paul. Thanks for post. It may be a sign that the end game is getting closer.

  50. billreed

    greg nice job on the interview with dane on the weather engineering i would like to suggest to you ROBERT DAVID STEELE as a guest the whole gold thing has been covered to exhaustion this man has some great incites and the background for them

  51. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, now that we have 1st quarter data reported/known, isn’t it appropriate to have Dr. Numbers (John Williams) back on? Many thanks and best always. PM

  52. LizG.,Kenya

    I saw ‘cashless system’ in the last post.I swear you people will start talkin about “Air Burgers” as we used to down here when my friends were jobless.These days,
    the LORD has remembered us.The Minority are doing well n i believe that they are the ones who will be flagging our economy come the ‘collapse’.I have seen what God wanted to Reveal to me.No doubt.
    I quit thinking about our ‘Middle Class’ coz its all hyped on “prosperity gospel”(7yrs Research)..gone,gone with the wind will it be.Rv18

  53. Nomad

    Thank you Greg (s) for helping the people.

    Make sure you both reward yourself with a Zeppole for St. Josephs Day!

    I think Greg is ultimately right about a correction in the dollar, but it will be a while, perhaps as long as prior or post election day 2016.

    In the mean time I am going with Charles Hugh Smiths call on the dollar, it will go higher after testing support. If you donate to him, you get his “musings” report.

    He was ahead of most on the dollar.

    Regarding the Baltimore scenario, it will happen to some extent, but let’s try not to get caught up in the herd hysteria. Prepare as best you can, especially in the things that count like food and water. My advice is to get to honestly know yourself, strengths and weaknesses, and try to stay grounded.

    This is a great overall preparedness article with lots of links to different aspects.

    Take a step back, look for practical solutions, and be part of the solution.

    Only together can we get though this fourth turning.

  54. Diane

    The tyrannical, out-of-control Nazi Police State is the greatest threat to our liberty. I’m with Patrick Henry that liberty trumps everything.

    I am also with Thomas Jefferson in his disdain for cities. With liberty comes personal responsibility. That concept is foreign to city dwellers.

    • paul

      Diane … Yes … personal responsibility to do what is necessary (without fear) to correct the problem is key … that little girl who went fearlessly up against two multi-billion dollar international corporations was like David of the Bible defeating Goliath!

      When you know something is wrong … do something about it to correct the situation … was Pepsi and Coke putting fire retardants into their soda to prevent it from catching on fire?? … It was insane … it caused cancer … but it must have been less expensive then using some ascorbic acid to preserve shelf life so the greedy corporations did it … like this little girl all of us must stand up against insane actions and tell all these loony tunes to back off … why is war “institutionalized killing” allowed and blindly abided by? … war is insanity … yet we send our children to kill people they don’t even know? Listening to Loony tunes that give orders to kill … instead of God who clearly stated “Thou Shall Not Kill” !

  55. LizG.,Kenya

    Why do ‘christians’ talk ill of the secular Gov. n they did NOT intercede?What is your role as ‘church’?
    Talking means nothin coz its a SPIRITUAL war..on your knees.You sleep on the job n you will be eaten whole.I will not JUDGE coz even homosexuals are human n the secular Gov. will take care of them.Just pray for yourselves coz church n state are Separate.
    When plagues hit you,you have no one to blame.You don’t want to know what the “saved” are going through here..Rev18:4,20 is their portion.

  56. Thomas

    Greg, can we start a list of predictions that have come true and the ones that are being predicted to come over the next 12-24 months. Lots of predictions, has anyone actually gotten one right ? I appreciate the site and the effort you put in, change is coming big or small.

  57. LizG.,Kenya

    Many ‘christians’ are hypocrites.They are ‘dead’. Jezebel spirit is their portion n they even have the guts of opening up their mouths n judge God’s “Beloved Nations”while God will question them also.What happened to you?
    I will not share my role in the Body of Christ but your whining is useless.You slept on the job of intercession n now its a done deal.Face It!
    How do christians survive without ‘fasting n praying’?
    They see the speck in others but not the LOG in theirs.
    Its a global syndrome.

  58. Jerry

    This may be your last chance to get out of the United States. If you’re interested, this is a good place to start.

    As for me I would leave if I could, but I have decided to stay with my family that is trapped in the blue pill world. Make no mistake, your best option is to get as far away (from the gates of hell that’s getting reading to open up on this country) as you can.

    • eddiemd

      Spam. Garbage.

      • Jerry

        If your serious I can point you in the right direction. It will cost you about $5000.

    • JC Davis

      No ! Jerry your best option is to walk with Jesus in the fire with a smile of faith.

      • Jerry

        Already there JC. Without faith, many will die because of shame. I’m not perfect, but I know who is.

    • Always Look on the Bright Side

      Sounds like you’re on the East Coast, Jerry. I’d be worried, too.

      • Jerry

        I’m in the Ozarks mountains. And that’s not far enough out of the way for what’s about to happen.

        • wd


          You are probably much better off than most people…I cant imagine that your area will “fall” first.

  59. LizG.,Kenya

    Did God save you to brag about your Holiness n how upright you are?Aren’t Kings,Leaders n Governments ordained of the LORD n things will work out as YAHUVEH plans?
    When did you ever become the full counsel of God?Why do you judge n still you are judging the wrong people?
    Its very easy to tell whether judgement is of the flesh or of the Spirit of God and many here need cleansing.
    Am simply a messenger.
    Just give info but don’t judge..Its up to you.

    • Jerry

      LizG; Kenya.
      Sounds like to me your the one who’s judging. Remove the beam from your own eye. FYI corrupt politicians are not chosen by God. They are put in power by oligarchs who control the banks.

  60. Dan

    If Gregory is right then we can speculate that Jade Helm 15 deployment training scenarios might apply to a debt bubble disaster. JH15 training would have a shelf-life of about 2 years so whatever they are training for they expect to see it within that timeframe. There’s massive vehicle deployment and staging drills happening coast to coast, right now. It would take a full military effort like JH15 to deploy to quickly cover riots and looting in “every city.” It would have to fall under military control because I don’t think civilians would report to work after a couple of days of burning. That’s Martial Law folks, suspension of the Constitution. God help us. Let’s hope there’s a better way out of this financial mess.

  61. Arizona

    What happens in the USA,when CHINA puts the world on C.O.D.,gold or gold backed money,and they already announced they plan to do just that,THE USA has no gold,and very few countries do,BUT the ones who even have a little,will want to be payed in gold,UH OH,AMERICAS shelves empty out,over night,stores close,markets close,auto shops close,construction stops,no shoes,no clothes,no food,POWER goes off,no TV’s,,stereos,computers,radios,motorcycles,everything STOPS…..WAR in the streets,WOW,its just what they wanted,sure wouldn’t want to work at any TV stations,or newspapers,ME THINKS THE PEOPLE WILL BE MAD………GUNS and AMMO,the new money in america,hey mister,you trade five pounds of gold for that bag of beans….NO,got any ammo….hahaha,THE LORD told you they would cast their gold and silver into the ditch,cause it would become worthless….your still not listening……….REMEMBER what that ol’e dude said,SELL everything you have ,and buy GUNS, AMMO and WHISKEY with the money….

    • Paul from Indiana

      Don’t forget the cigarette lighters. Very important. The pocket type AND the long-reach type of butane-fueled, disposable lighters. They will be in demand and good trade material. It is very sad that we are even having these discussions. Best always. PM

  62. Anne Elliott

    Here is a fascinating article from Jim Rickards about life in the US in 2024:

    • Alarmed

      It makes an entertaining read, but no one knows the future save God.

    • wd


      Jim Willie considers Rickards a peddler to make money from doom, a fool, a carnival side show, nothing more.

      • Greg Hunter

        I would not discount Rickards. There are some nuggets in his interviews.

        • wd

          No offense meant Greg… I will have to review his stuff for myself, went by what Willie said.

          • Greg Hunter

            No problem as I am not offended. Willie and Rickards are both smart guys with a perspective and something to say.

  63. Rubiconman

    Texas cartoon contest organizer: I’m anti-Jihad

    American Freedom Defense Initiative President Pam Geller defends holding a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest that led to a shooting in Garland, Texas. SEE VIDEO;

    Gary Cooper Defends Burying Jihadist Muslim Moro terrorist “Caleed a Hutin Pigskin in Philippines in;

    Samuel Goldwyn’s _ The Real Glory

    Wait, into the movie, till you see Coop attempt to bury the terrorist in a pigskin and you’ll see what Pam Geller and Gary Copper have in common, common sense in a senseless ignorant and superstitious world, caught in a religious war, that will end in disaster, for the whole wide world, if cool heads don’t prevail!

    Posts from the Real Glory

    al meggs 3 months ago
    so weve fought this war over and over again
    and it was thru fear they almost won
    and the Muslims are using that fear thru the media but this time more effectively
    great movie thanks for posting still afraid of pigs!
    Kael7777 3 weeks ago
    This movie was ahead of its time, given what is happening in today’s world!

    elchoya100 3 months ago
    why cant we have actors like gary cooper around,nobody today holds a candlestick to the great stars of the golden age of Hollywood the 1930s to the 40s.

    3321far 1 day ago
    I hope they wrapped Bin Laden in a pig skin before they buried him at sea.

    san hanana 1 month ago
    merci pour ce très bon film

    Dennis “theamericantaxpayer1” Davis 3 months ago
    A very good movie

    Baltic military shadow-boxing said to reach Cold War levels

    Reuters By Tim Hepher 1 hr ago

    © REUTERS/Tim Hepher A sign marks the site where a Russian Whiskey-class submarine ran aground near the Swedish naval port of Karlskrona in 1981
    A daily game of Cold War cat-and-mouse is ratcheting up tensions in the Baltic and drawing the biggest military presence into the region for over 20 years, Swedish military officials say.

    Eye-to-eye encounters with Russian combat jets and reports of suspected submarines in Swedish and Finnish waters are fuelling regional concerns about Russian assertiveness in the wake of the Ukraine crisis and reversing years of defense cuts.

    Western officials say Russia has stepped up probing flights and mock bomb runs near Europe’s borders since 2013, forcing jets from NATO nations and non-NATO allies like Sweden to scramble repeatedly. For its part, Moscow says NATO has dramatically increased reconnaissance flights near its borders.

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Baltic island of Gotland, for decades Sweden’s front line of defense against the Soviet Union, was all but abandoned by the military to the tourists visiting the walled medieval town of Visby. SEE REST;

    In the face of IS successes, al-Qaida adapts, grows stronger

    Associated de Pressed


    4 hrs ago

    CAIRO — When al-Qaida overran the Yemeni port city of Mukalla last month, the group’s commanders immediately struck a deal to share power with the area’s tribesmen. No jihadi banners were raised. Al-Qaida even issued a statement denying rumors that it had banned music at parties or men wearing shorts.

    A local tribal council now administers the city.

    The approach was a stark contrast to al-Qaida’s rival, the Islamic State group, notorious for its savagery. And that was precisely the point.

    In a competition with the Islamic State group for recruits and prestige across the Middle East, al-Qaida has sought to distinguish itself from its rival’s bloodthirstiness, taking an approach that in jihadi circles would be considered pragmatic. It is building alliances with local players, even old enemies, to seize new territory. Its leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, has told his followers to avoid IS-style brutalities against civilians in order to build support among local populations.

    The strategy has paid off, winning new gains for al-Qaida. In Yemen, it even stands to emerge as the real winner as Saudi Arabia leads an Arab air campaign targeting the terror network’s rival, the Iranian-backed Shiite rebels known as Houthis who have taken over much of the country.

    Al-Qaida “is the future Trojan horse,” warned a senior Yemeni military intelligence officer, Ali Sharif. When the war is over and leaves a security vacuum, he said, “the role of al-Qaida will come. … They will fill it and take control.”

    While the United States and the West might hope that the competition between al-Qaida and the Islamic State group would weaken two major militant threats, each is instead maneuvering to benefit from the region’s turmoil.

    The Islamic State group’s gains over the past year have been sizeable. For nearly two decades, al-Qaida was unchallenged as the world’s most prominent terrorist organization. But IS has stormed forward to rival it — and even surpass it in places.

    Beyond its heartland in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State group has planted flags across the map. It eclipsed al-Qaida in Libya, where IS’s strongest external branch controls several cities and most of al-Qaida’s one-time allies have switched to swear fealty to it. Militants in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and Nigeria’s fearsome Boko Haram — all once linked to al-Qaida — have also pledged allegiance to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    Perhaps more importantly, the Islamic State group has a dynamism and fervor that has seemed to fade for al-Qaida. The IS declaration of a “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria inspired a stream of thousands of foreign fighters to join it and earned it pledges of allegiance by individual militants around the region. The group’s notorious brutalities — everything from beheadings to enslavement of women from religious minorities — are seen by its supporters as proof of its purity and refusal to compromise on what it considers “God’s law.” MUCH MORE;

    Noam Chomsky: Yemen is the most extraordinary global terrorism campaign in history

    BIDUR, Nepal — It was an unlikely escape. By his own account, he should have died. But when the humble hut of stacked grey stones collapsed onto Funchu Tamang, who believes himself to be 101 years old, his daughter-in-law quickly pulled him from the wreckage.

    He was hit in the chest by a rock during the quake. A couple of ribs were broken, giving him trouble breathing. The next day, just when his son arrived from Nepal’s northwest, Tamang was weak and delirious. “I thought my father was dead,” 58-year-old Bal Bahadur Tamang said Monday. But the old man had only fallen unconscious.

    They revived him, but a few days later it became clear he needed more medical help. His wheezing was getting worse. He was tired and often dizzy.

    They called the Nuwakot district hospital for help, which sent a police helicopter to land near his village and bring him here on Saturday.

    On Monday, doctors monitored Tamang’s vital signs at the makeshift clinic set up in the parking lot of the district’s medical office in the partially ruined town of Bidur.

    Funchu Tamang’s ordeal is yet another of the extraordinary stories of resilience and survival coming out of Nepal after it was rocked by a 7.8-magnitude quake on April 25. It killed thousands and left hundreds of thousands more homeless. PICTURES;

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your input and comment but please make it much shorter in the future.

  64. eddiemd

    I would say that the cities in the USA will be much worse than Baltimore. I would describe it as Rodney King riots on steroids. Outside the US it will be different. I suspect that there will be mass starvation or perhaps the introduction of a biological agent to kill off populated areas. Third world nation rural areas may have an advantage in the short term due to subsistence farming and local resources. Large cities and populated areas will fail quickly.
    I am not sure of the Walmart angle in connection with Jade Helm. The local governments, state police forces and federal police forces would be wise to have contingency plans to take control of Walmarts, Costcos, and Sam’s clubs. This would give them additional food resources. I expect an immediate take over by police forces of such places. To hell with the local supermarkets which will be over run by desperate looters and thugs. Who knows what will occur when those people on addictive medications (narcotics, benzodiazepines) and antidepressives get cut off abruptly.

    Remember that 7th Special Forces group based out of Florida is oriented to central and south America and therefore has spanish language ability. They are the group participating in Jade Helm. Is there an expectation for counterinsurgency operations against latino groups? Or are they going to organize latino groups in some way?
    I would ask the question about the involvement of the two national guard groups based out of Utah and the southern USA. What is their involvement in this operation?
    I am also curious if any operations will be occurring covertly in Mexico. Based on the states involved in Jade Helm I fully expect the Mexican military involved. Certainly the DEA, DHS, Customs/Border, and FBI will be involved. Special Forces have been involved in training the Mexican army at least since the late 1990’s.

    “In April of 1996, the Clinton administration ordered the U.S. armed forces to carry out the Mexico Training Initiative designed to enhance the capabilities of Mexico’s armed forces. The MTI began work in April of 1996 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Here Mexican officers were trained in counternarcotics tactics, marksmanship, reconnaissance, hand-to-hand combat and human rights. This training program continued until September 1998, when it was suspended”

    I am curious where the army of Virgina will be located. I fully expect the black ops side of the army to be involved.

    It looks like the new version of the stealth C-130 is being delivered on time for use against targets in the USA.

    False flag op in Garland Texas. ISIS in America. I would be more worried about infiltration of Spetznatz teams with atomic demolitions. Or perhaps a flase flag operation with such a device to be blamed on the latest ghost enemy. The southwest has many targets but in particular the Palo Verde nuclear plant. Maybe that is why Arizona is a non player in the scenario. No water, no electricity in the desert of Arizona in July and August would be real bad. I guess they can lock down the three interstate highways I-8, I-10, I-40. The Grand Canyon forms a natural barrier across the northern part of the state.
    It might be a good time to leave Arizona for the summer.
    Interesting to note that SoCal is enemy territory.

    19.Let the enemy come till he’s almost close enough to touch, then let him have it and jump out and finish him up with your hatchet.

    Standing order- Roger’s Rangers (from the Ranger Handbook)

  65. Edward Ulysses Cate

    They ain’t gonna pull the money-printing plug until they’re damn good and ready. Just like Goldman-Sachs tightened collateral on a couple of funds to cause the real-estate avalanche. This is known as so-called “smart money.” In the live-test-study program of Zimbabwe, whenever things got tight for Mugabe, they printed more promises (“money”).
    And just by looking at the banks in Zimbabwe, you’ll see it’s all connected.
    and how do the few 1% of the 1% think they’ll get away with it?

  66. James Hastings

    Wow. You looked happy at the intro. The farm must be doing some good. Your not sipping Grannies cider?

    I enjoy Gregory Mannarino. I often wonder, does he have an exit from the city plan? I listen to your interviews with a “past tense” frame of mind. This is like a Doctor telling me smoking 3 packs a day is deadly. 🙂 ….I see the future. I’m not sure most of your listeners, realize….it’s over. The ship is listing to one side. Soon you’ll realize it’s moving faster. Don’t get caught flat footed, or on your heels…..lean forward just a little.

    Great, Thanks.

  67. Art Barnes

    Greg, I have been reading the classics once again, some for the first time, the middle class today reminds of the great book Gone With The Wind, a novel based upon good historical fact about prideful people in a class society who believed it was invincible & couldn’t lose a war with the North. The middle class is like the southern society & patriots of that time, ignorant of the reality that they were already beaten before they started fighting. The war of today’s middle class has already taken place and has been lost, it will just take a few years more for the historians to put the demise to pen & the middle class to wake up and realize they are not in that class anymore but are of the working poor. They simply didn’t stand up early enough and fight for their rights. Historically, most societies lost their positions because they failed to believe they needed to fight for them, arrogance usually played a strong part of the melody while ignorance played the the baseline. Historians, if allowed to write the truth, will pen that the middle class of America was lost without a fight for a variety of reasons, mostly because of apathy & believing in the media of its day which was designed to destroy the class it claimed to be from; as the media of its day deceived their own class to try and reach the elite class of which they so handsomely aspired to become. From the Western Front, ab

    • Kulm

      Art, these people did not know HBD.

      Today’s best and brightest are much more selective and above the rest.

      Gerald O’Hara was lucky enough to marry rich girl whose lover died in an accident. So his descendants just regressed back to the mean.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, it’s called the “normalcy bias”. It’s the same mindset that produced, in large degree, the Holocaust. Excessive prosperity is at the root of the this mindset, the idea that we have to “hang on” at all costs to preserve the status quo, or what was the status quo. The normalcy bias is what allows denial to thrive. As you correctly point out, and as my Mom says, “it’s all over but the shouting.” Many thanks and best always. PM

  68. MIke Gleason

    What is the difference between the debt bubble and the credit bubble? Gregory was starting to discuss it but then drifted off onto another tangent. Could he go into greater detail and explain?

    • Paul from Indiana

      The credit bubble enables the debt bubble. In an “easy money” period in which we find ourselves, the idea is to put as much credit into the system as possible to give the impression of growth and an expanding economy. Where credit is “easy” (think car loans or mortgages with no down payment, “sign and drive” etc.) debt follows. The problem is that the credit bubble is a part-time phenomenon, while the resultant debt is permanent. I hope this helps. Best always. PM

  69. dbcooper

    Greg, Thank you for bringing GM on again as I am sure you will in the future… As I write this we are logging the property around the house and out bldgs. This will improve the forest health but it will also greatly increase the field of fire!! We are GOTS… when my mother died (RIP and I miss her) I liquidated the Blue chips (the market was down) and bought a hay field and a nice (another) rifle. When I retired we paid off the mortgage and I am hoping that it will still be mine after the fecal matter hits the oscillator. My point is that we all feel some tipping point approaching and I cannot predict but I have spent my life since about the age of 14 preparing for the tipping point… some days it is so hard to put that one foot in front of the other but my motto is that everyone gets to eat and I am the one who gets to do it!! So I say a prayer to the Lord in the name of Jesus and fork out the hay!! I will not stop working to prepare for the day after but make no mistake… I have no compunction in dealing with a situation if someone shows up to take what is not theirs. I fully intend to be here as remnant to help to pick up the pieces. Trusting in OUR LORD, Thank you Greg for your work , I venture that one day we will look back on these days with fondness. Your friend in Christ. Yours in Liberty and Faith… FN, DB.

    • MIke Gleason

      So raising interest rates would pop the credit bubble and kill the “recovery” that is dependent upon the ever expanding debt bubble?

  70. eddiemd

    I have always believed that the IRS is the collection agency for the Fed. Both were created at the same time. The IRS collects the money for the Fed. Without the IRS the Fed would be nothing.

    The IRS now functions as the collection agency for the federal ACA (obamacare). This is frankly population registration. It is part of the surveillance state. Everyone eventually shows up at the doctors office.

    Next step is the cashless society. Control of the money means control of everything; taxes, healthcare, electronic money. It makes for the perfect end time prophecy of not being able to trade without the mark of the beast.

    Even second and third world latin American nations are pushing for electronic money trade. It is being manipulated by the FACTA laws that have taken control of all central banks. Behind FACTA is the IRS, and therefore the Fed.

    The provisions commonly known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) became law in March 2010.
    •FATCA targets tax non-compliance by U.S. taxpayers with foreign accounts

    •FATCA focuses on reporting:

    •By U.S. taxpayers about certain foreign financial accounts and offshore assets

    •By foreign financial institutions about financial accounts held by U.S. taxpayers or foreign entities in which U.S. taxpayers hold a substantial ownership interest

    •The objective of FATCA is the reporting of foreign financial assets; withholding is the cost of not reporting.

  71. eddiemd


    Can you get somebody to talk about the angles and legalities of FACTA?


  72. Derrick Michael Reid

    I like Mannarino. He is smart and appears truly concern for his fellow man.
    He understands the problems and the trajectory very well and is articulate.
    He made a comment on X22Report, that THERE IS NO WAY OUT OF THIS.
    Gregg has brought to the public, (and thank you Gregg for the public service) many many pundits, mostly concerned with bullion, who have repeatedly said the same thing. THERE IS NO WAY OUT OF THIS. They are all wrong Gregg.

    Gregg, here is the good news, THERE IS A WAY OUT OF THIS. I have thought it through. It took me 15 years to get my head around this world, to understand it all, and think it through. THERE IS A WAY OUT OF THIS, the old tried and true way. Its actually very easy to do, and the problem is not that we cant get out of this. The problem is the solution is political and the political complex is locked up by the DEMs/REPs who are locked into PANDERING to cement political power, and dont think in terms of the big picture or the big problem and thus offer no solution.

    There is a solution and there is a political route to that solution. Today, its highly improbable the route will be had to that solution, but it is there, and I’m on it Gregg, I really am. I have a concrete plan to win the White House in 2016 and perfect that solution.
    Next 8 months especially, and the next 18 months as well, are going to be SO FUN!!!
    I got the text blogs initial posts up, and video studio set up, and now will start teaching Americans where we’ve been, are now, and are headed, the problems and the solutions, while humiliating any DEM/REPs. (Panderers are easy to destroy). THIS WILL BE A FUN and a satisfying time for me over the next 8 months. Figure by year end, clips will go viral, setting up LP nomination and then the presidency.

    Derrick Michael Reid, For President, 2016
    Constitution Peace&Prosperity Liberty&Freedom

    At 60 years of age, I have 100 man-years of relevant educational and work experience, from working since 15yo 12hr/day 365. I have studied this problem for 15 years, devised the solution, and the political game plan to win the White house. DEMs/REPs just make stupid noise day after day, pandering trying to seduce voting blocks. Question is, do Americans like their totalitarian socialistic fascism, and their economic ruination, or will they go with an unknown reactionary and rediscover their constitution roots, peace and prosperity?

    Time will tell. God help us all.

  73. dee garmon

    What Greg says is common sense.
    What is surprising, it is so utterly lacking.
    Otherwise, how on earth could a walking corruption
    like Hillary be the uncontested candidate?

  74. paul

    Breaking News … “Islamic State fighters have claimed responsibility for an attempted shooting at a Texas anti-Islam event on Sunday night … in what is thought to be the first such attack by ISIS on American soil” … Here comes the “orchestrated justification” for Jade Helm! … see we are here to protect you from ISIS … that some how managed to get across the borders we left open!

  75. RichM

    DEAD ZONES RECORDED IN THE OCEANS FOR THE FIRST TIME… This was prophesied about as a sign of the times.

  76. Mike from the North

    I should be scared to death but I am not. Just surprised it took this long to destroy our way of life.

    We have extended this game of extend and pretend to extremes.
    Name me one Western country that has not seen riots lately. USA Ferguson, Baltimore, Canada Montreal, Greece Athens, Italy, and the list goes on and on.

    I am going to make a prediction here. Within 1 year we are going to see the borders between USA and Canada and Mexico become militarized zones and travel between countries significantly drop.

    The world will go into survival mode.

    Greed of a few has taken us down.

  77. Andy Sloan

    Rationally, one would consider that QE will be the next step. However, QE is purposely designed to transfer private debt to the government, so that a contrived crash will see substantive private ownership gone and production, distribution and exchange held by government (ie communism by the back door). Therefore, more likely they will raise interest rates, to foment the crash and detonate the derivatives bomb that has been deliberately laid across the global financial system.

    God bless all!

  78. LizG.,Kenya

    If ‘pink panther’ was a real dude or ‘tom n jerry’ was not fiction,then get ready for the next phase of astonishment;BigFoot!Especially if u are in the countryside.I have read enough stories.Ammo’s n poisons if possible.
    There was a ‘disaster squad’ in form of snakes n wildlife that was let loose by YAHUVEH.I was reminded of Moses n His ‘snake’ rod.hmm!Things r happenin and people think its normal.Somethings are supernatural.
    Destruction is the word.Cannibalism as in the Bible is also rife.

  79. LizG.,Kenya

    They miss your INPUT.We know you have alot to share with us but;yeah.
    May His Peace be upon you.Hope you are in a bunker like the rest.
    We apologise if we offended you.Your Understanding n ours are different but God is the one who will judge the motives of each one’s Heart.He is the potter.
    I salute you Sir.

  80. LizG.,Kenya

    Beware of the Trojan horse that was used by the greeks.God revealed to me this trend on 22/1/2015.
    Why are you against God’s plan for this Nation yet your past strategies have never worked?It’s like we are back to the ‘1963 syndrome’.May God give you complete understandin if you care so much about His Wisdom than what you know.
    Understand the “TROJAN HORSE” so that you will not shed a tear in the near future.Do NOT despise His counsel.Seek the LORD Gov. of Kenya.
    Have the upper Hand.Amen.

  81. Freebreezer

    Hi Greg,

    Is it possible to get Satyajit Das on? He is a deep thinker and very articulate per the economy? here is a link to his latest article which furthers the theme that things are not good! … & thanks for all the commentators you do get on!

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe. I’ll see if I can work him in. Bug me if I don’t get him booked in a month.

  82. Ugly

    The end is so close even we think we have an extra minute or two…

  83. Coalburner

    Cashless???? Forget it!!!! Democrats cannot allow that!!!! The illegals would be out of business tomorrow. They can only operate in cash. The banks take advantage of their lack of money knowledge if they hand over their money. They lose lots in fees and charges to bans that Americans do not. So they learn to stay with cash. They buy money orders to send home to the countries with cash and pay their bills with cash. They live on food stamps and freebies. Work for cash, that is the only they can stay. I see it every day!! A paycheck costs them taxes and SS taxes that they never get back so they avoid that if they can and cash their checks ASAP. Well, Obama is trying to give them SS in other ways than retirement. Another issue!

  84. AL

    The entire world seems to be in chaos.
    People are doing things that you can only attribute to people who think they will never get caught, or that there is ‘no’ tomorrow.
    Disinformation is rife.
    It’s all about distraction.
    Nibiru is due later this year.
    They want us to keep focused on the chaos, until it’s too late
    By then, the Elite and our governments will be hidden deep underground whilst you and I stumble around unprepared.
    Debt will no longer matter. Theft will no longer matter – no records will exist, they’ll make sure of that, just as with 911.
    Surface chaos will no longer matter.
    The full effects of Nibiru will come to pass, and’s predictions of mass depopulation / extinction will occur.
    Their goal is to have us focused on anything but the real cause for their apparent madness in order that they may prepare hidden from view. Trucks are filling underground bunkers with food and stores which would normally be in the stores.
    Water is disappearing, into underground storage facilities. What drought….it’s being stolen.
    Stop being fooled. Join the dots and focus on what’s happening and prepare.
    Watch the elite. When they start to move, then you start to move.
    Ideally, block the entrances to their bunkers and have them sit side by side with us in our first row seats as we watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster…”Planetary Change”.

  85. Eva

    Want to change Government? … Fear Not (to stand down to insanity) … look what you people have done to two multinational corporations (Coke and Pepsi) … you stood down and didn’t buy their insanity … and they changed!

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