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Can Rick Perry Take the Heat?

By Greg Hunter’s 

It is hard being a front runner, and just weeks after entering the race for President, Governor Rick Perry now knows it.  During the Republican Presidential debate on Monday night, Perry was hammered for signing an order in Texas four years ago requiring pre-teenage girls to be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus.  HPV is a sexually spread virus that can cause cervical cancer.  (more…)

Ron Paul (Unofficial) Commercial

Greg Hunter’s

This is a take-off on a commercial produced last November by Citizens Against Government Waste.  It was so controversial that major networks would not air it.  In this version, Congressman Ron Paul is inserted.  It is totally unofficial and not produced by the Paul campaign, but it is just as powerful as the original version.   I thought this would be fun to watch in now that the second Republican debate is behind us. (more…)

Dangerous New Phase

Debt Bubble: A Dangerous New PhaseBy Greg Hunter’s 

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Largarde, said Friday the world economy is entering a “dangerous new phase.”  Lagarde is referring to a debt bubble, the likes of which the planet has never seen before, and the possibility that it could all unravel at any moment.  Uncertainty over the debt crisis in Europe is what caused the Dow to crash more than 300 points at the end of last week.   What is Lagarde going to do about the debt problem? (more…)

Ron Paul Ignored by MSM–Again!

By Greg Hunter’s

I watched the Republican debate last night and thought Ron Paul did pretty good.  Romney did surprising well and Perry also did OK.  So who won?  If you watched the coverage afterward, you would have thought Dr. Paul was out having dinner with Sarah Palin (platonically of course.)  Very little was mentioned about his performance.  So the mainstream media (MSM) did it again. (more…)

Where are the Criminal Indictments of Big Bankers?

By Greg Hunter’s 

Last Friday, the Federal Housing Finance Agency filed lawsuits against 17 of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world.  FHFA is seeking a total of $196 billion in restitution from these institutions for not disclosing risky mortgages sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that went sour. (more…)

Big Trouble in Europe

Greg Hunter’s

There is big trouble in Europe with their sovereign debt crisis and insolvent banks.  Deutsche Bank CEOJosef Ackermann gave a stunning speech recently where he said, “It is an open secret that numerous European banks would not survive having to revalue sovereign debt held on the banking book at market levels.” (more…)

Happy Labor Day!

By Greg Hunter’s

This is not going to be a long post today.  Everybody is going to be out cooking on the grill and having fun.  I just want to clear up one little number the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) put out on Friday.  The BLS reported “zero” net jobs were created last month.  According to John Williams of, the jobs picture was more dire than reported. (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.2.11

By Greg Hunter’s

Irene was the big story this week.  It was bit over hyped by the MSM for some areas and under-hyped for others.  It did cause several billion dollars in damages.  Isn’t it funny how the mainstream media is all hands on deck for a storm that caused several billion bucks but it will hardly report the recent disclosure of $16 trillion in Fed bailouts during the financial crisis?  Gaddafi has a week to surrender.  (more…)

The Fed has Failed!

Last week, the Federal Reserve announced that it was not starting a third round of money printing (QE3).  (Don’t worry, it is only a matter of time before the money printing will begin again in earnest.)  Fed Chief Ben Bernanke put that thought out after the much awaited Fed meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, wrapped up.  I say QE3 already started when the Fed locked in 0% interest rates for the next two years.  The economy is in the tank, and the Fed admitted it is guaranteed to stay there.   (more…)

Fix the Banks!

Bank of America BailoutBy Greg Hunter’s  

If there is one central theme to the ongoing financial crisis we face, it is an insolvent banking system.  It is so bad that the accounting rules were changed (after the financial meltdown in 2008) to allow banks to value assets on their books at whatever they think they will fetch far into the future.  So, the billions of dollars of underwater mortgage-backed securities and real estate sitting on the balance sheet is held at imaginary values to make many banks look solvent when, in fact, they are not. (more…) Two Year Anniversary

By Greg Hunter’s 

In the internet world, it is said the two year mark is one of the most important milestones.  My internet consultant tells me, “nobody takes you seriously until after your second anniversary.”  I put on line August 24, 2009.  I remember working for hours on an article (which I still do today) and only getting 10 readers, and sometimes less.  It has been one long slog, but a very rewarding one. (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.26.11

By Greg Hunter’s  (Revised)

Earthquakes have hit the U.S.   Thank goodness the quakes only caused minimal damage, although the Washington Monument is now cracked and leaning to the side.  Is it symbolic of the listing American economy?  Now, a hurricane is  strafing the eastern seaboard.  Will there be damage?  I hope not, but is there going to be a random event that will push the teetering U.S. economy over the edge?  (more…)

Libya’s Questionable Future

By Greg Hunter’s

Gaddafi’s reign is over.  I am happy for the people of Libya, but I am not as jubilant as the crowds I see partying in the streets.   I wonder if the country will go from a dictatorship to a theocracy steeped in radical Islam.  I say this because in the early days of the rebellion, there were many reports that connected the rebels with al-Qaeda. (more…)

Where Are We?

Martin Armstrong, Jim Willie and Harry Schultz on the Economy: Where Are We?By Greg Hunter’s 

Yesterday, the Dow was up more than 300 points, and gold hit another all-time high before dropping nearly $100 an ounce.  You would think the stock market was back and the gold trade was over.  Wall Street is excited about recent bad economic news that just may force Fed Chief Ben Bernanke to start a third round of quantitative easing (QE3).  I hate to break it to Wall Street, but QE3 is already underway in the form of 2 years of guaranteed near 0% interest rates.  (more…)

Debt Downgrade part of Bigger Plan?

The debt downgrade of the U.S. debt has caused much calamity and confusion.  The stock market has sold off several hundred points since S&P took the action earlier this month.  Is it a big deal?  You bet, but it is not the immediate end of the line when talking about the U.S. Treasury market.  Brilliant economist Martin Armstrong recently said, “When you deal in REAL money, there is a problem. How do you store it? You can’t just put a billion on deposit at a bank. (more…)