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MSM Waking up to Zero Wall Street Prosecutions

This weekend 60 Minutes finally did a story about the fact that zero high ranking prosecutions have taken place in the wake of the financial meltdown.  I guess as far as CBS is concerned it is better late than never.  My only question is what in the hell took CBS so long to wake up to this outrageous travesty of justice?  Enormous crimes were committed by the highest ranking members of Wall Street.  This was racketeering on many levels.  (more…)

Is the World Spinning Out of Control?

Europe Bailout NewsGreg Hunter’s 

More Europe bailout news. Last week, the world was elated with news that the Federal Reserve and five other central banks got together to prop up Eurozone banks drowning on sour sovereign debt, but the crisis is far from over.  The latest scheme is for countries to trade sovereignty over their budgets in return for more bailout money.  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.2.11

By Greg Hunter’s 

It’s official.  America is now committed to bailing out Europe—again.  The Federal Reserve announced, this week, it would use something called  dollar “swaps” to give EU banks cheap easy money to keep their banks from imploding under the weight of sour sovereign debt.  Some big U.S. banks are also exposed and could end up in bankruptcy, if the EU collapses.  (more…)

Holding the EU together by Money Printing and Force

By Greg Hunter’s 

The European Union is frantically trying to come up with a plan to fix the debt crisis that is threatening to cause a worldwide financial calamity.  It seems every day there’s a new idea to save the union.  The latest is some sort of backdoor bailout through the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  Why doesn’t the European Central Bank (ECB) just take care of the bailout by itself?  (more…)

Economy is So Good People are Living in Cars

By Greg Hunter’s

I have never seen, in all my time, so many people holding signs on street corners asking for money, food and work.  My wife spotted a couple in their forties living in their car in the middle of a crowded WalMart parking lot.  I am seeing more of that, too.  I was watching CNBC Monday, and one analyst basically said the economy was good and getting better.  He pointed to the great sales numbers on Black Friday.  (more…)

No Laws Were Broken

Wall Street Fraud & EU IMF Bailout But No Laws Were BrokenBy Greg Hunter’s 

It looks like the EU is getting a bailout from the IMF that could be nearly $800 billion.  Gold is going straight up, and I am sure global stock markets will also surge on the bailout news.  This will not really fix what is wrong.  It will also not put an end to the chronic crisis mode Europe and the U.S. have been in for the past 3 years.  I mean, if all the global bailouts didn’t fix the problem, including $16 trillion pumped out by the Fed after the 2008 meltdown, what’s another $800 billion going to do?  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.25.11

By Greg Hunter’s

Happy Black Friday!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! The Occupy Wall Street protesters are trying to derail the busiest shopping day of the year by telling people not to shop.  I do not understand why they would try to hurt struggling retailers.  I think this is well within their rights under the first Amendment but a public relations disaster. Meanwhile, the Tea Party is telling folks to “buycott” and go out and shop to help the economy. (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my family, my country and the great folks participating in this site.  Have a wonderful and happy day!!!  Peace.  Greg Hunter

Fire Them All!

Super Committee FailureBy Greg Hunter’s 

The not so “Super Committee Failure” ended with a whimper and finger pointing on Monday without so much as cutting a single penny in the bloated federal budget.  Not only that, but these reckless jokers didn’t even bother to negotiate up to the wire to give a deal their best shot.  They just gave up two full days before the deadline.  I guess getting home for Thanksgiving is more important than fixing a country teetering on calamity.  (more…)

False Narratives

By Greg Hunter’s If you listen to the narrative coming from the right, you would think the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters were social deviants.  Sean Hannity said on his show last week, “What have we seen here, violence, rape, arson, destruction of property, sex in public, masturbation in public, naked people, drugs, drug paraphernalia, anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.18.11

Greg Hunter’s 

Occupy Wall Street is 2 months old and is gaining speed.  Thousands protested in dozens of cities yesterday, and hundreds were arrested.  It’s all about the Wall Street bankers who cheated and rigged the game, not against the wealthy.  Democrats love this issue because they have a bad economy.  The OWS movement directs the argument to how do you want this fixed– the Democrat way or Republican way?  (more…)

Bank Runs and Bankers

By Greg Hunter’s

Something a little different today.  I have three videos for you to watch.  The first features a guy named Eddie Hobbs.  He is a financial planner and expert from Ireland.  In recent weeks, some of my stories have indicated there could be bank runs in the EU.  Last week, Mr. Hobbs confirmed the wealthy are indeed taking money out of EU countries with sour sovereign debt.  (more…)

It’s All About Gold Now

By Greg Hunter’s 

At the beginning of this month, the G20 met in France to try to find a way to solve the European sovereign debt crisis.  It ended with world leaders in disarray over a way to come up with a solution.  At first blush, it appears that nothing of any importance came of the meeting of the 20 leading economies of the world, but that is not the case.  (more…)

America Has a Boundary Problem

I couldn’t believe the riots at Penn State after Joe Paterno was fired.  I really do not get how anyone could support him after basically ignoring sex crimes against defenseless children.  After all, we’re talking about felony rape of a child in a Penn State locker room shower that should have been reported to police right then and there!  Joe Paterno should have made the call and he didn’t.  That one phone call could have stopped many other children from being molested.  (more…)


European Debt Crisis: DeathficitsBy Greg Hunter’s 

I was a guest on the nationwide radio show Coast to Coast Am last week, and a listener commented that, at one point, “it sounded like” I said “death-ficits” when talking about the European debt crisis.  The commenter chalked it up to a possible “Freudian slip?”  Maybe it was, but it is certainly a good way to describe what is going on today in Europe and in the U.S. as well.  (more…)