2018 Economy Goes Cold – Inflation Hot – Danielle DiMartino Booth

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Former Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth is not optimistic about a surging economy in 2018. Booth contends, “We have seen 24 consecutive back-to-back months when credit card spending has outpaced incomes.  That tells you households are struggling to get by.  This is not Eve Saint Laurent handbags and Jimmy Choo shoes.  These are families who are using their credit cards to take care of the necessities, to fill up the gas tank, to buy groceries and fill up their refrigerator. . . . We have seen month after month of subprime automobile delinquencies, and we are starting to see a big tic up in FHA mortgage delinquencies as well. . . . We are at almost 10% (delinquencies) of FHA mortgage loans.  Underlying this sugar high that we will see from all of these hurricanes and rebuilding efforts and wildfires, underneath that, still waters run deep and the economy is not doing well.  We are a consumption driven economy that is weakening underneath.  The sugar high will absolutely wear off in 2018.”

What about the bond market in 2018? Booth says, “We have gone from $150 trillion (in global debt) in 2007 to $220 trillion and counting today.  If you delude yourself into thinking a rising rate environment can be good when we have tacked on $70 trillion of debt in the last decade, you are fooling yourself.  It is an accident waiting to happen, and anyone who doesn’t think that it will take the stock market down with it is more optimistic than I am by a country mile.”

Booth says, along with a “bond market debacle,” the world will see inflation right along with it. Booth explains, “Look at lumber prices, look at the cost of packaging, plastics, raw materials, the producer price index . . . is at a six year high right now.  It’s called the mother of all margin squeezes.  Companies are suffering.  We have inflation.  We have very real inflation, and it is hitting corporate America between the eyes.  We have seen inflation happening, and we continue to see it happening . . . Rental inflation is off the scale. . . . Inflation is up for 2018, and it has been up.  We can have deflation and inflation at the same time.  If all of this debt that has built up, especially for households, if they are allocating more of their income to servicing debt, then they have fewer dollars to spend on other things.  So, you are going to have deflation and inflation at the same time.”

What does the regular guy on the street do? Booth says, “Figure out a way to have exposure to precious metals.  Put your bubble vision on mute.  You do not have to be invested in the market.  That is a fallacy.  Take what you have and pay down your debts.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth author of the popular book “Fed Up.”

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After the Interview: 

Danielle DiMartino Booth said after the interview, “I am scared because we (America) are in a really bad place right now. People (in the markets) are going to get shellacked.  They have no idea what the momentum is going to look like on the downside.”

There is always some free information and analysis on DimartinoBooth.com. If you want to subscribe to the “Money Strong” newsletter, click here.  Booth also offers consulting services for both individual investors and companies.  Right now, until January 5th, Booth has turned off the pay-wall at DiMartinoBooth.com.  So, you can see all of the newsletter for free, just click here.

If you haven’t gotten a copy don’t forget Booth’s very popular book “Fed Up.”



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  1. Anthony Australia

    What a brilliant way to start 2018!
    Thanks Greg.
    I’m not sure if 2018 will bring something that could cease Australia’s 26 year record without a recession.

    • FC

      Come on AA you really think Australia is resilient against what is about to happen.
      It’s a front fender economy shiny on top, sh!t underneath.

      • AA

        Na, I think the numbers have been fudged for years and as you say the the States, we are being “Duped”


        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          We sure are being duped….
          GDP “growth” is always quoted as a nominal figure, ie it is not inflation adjusted.

          If the modern world was truthful about our economies we would admit that many of our countries GDP’s are in decline when adjusted for inflation. Consequently, these countries are in recession year in year out….guess what this equals….thats right…. DEPRESSION!


      • Bob.C.

        Here is the ever old reliable Holden FC….


        A gem from the 1960’s, mum and dad had one, remember it well. On current form it would give the current Australian Economy an absolute thrashing, leaving it eating dust !

  2. Paul ...

    If inflation is up and rising as Ms Booth says … don’t stocks usually rise with inflation?

    • Paul ...

      However … something “sure to be taken down” will be all the pedophiles … as explained in this very interesting analysis of the Mueller prosecution of Trump! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke3H1OtJY58

      • Paul ...

        The stock market usually crashes when we get an inverted yield curve (and we are close to inverting) … however … the Fed is sitting on $2.45 trillion of Treasury securities and $1.76 trillion of mortgage-backed securities … and can push up long-term yields by doing a “QE Unwind” … thus preventing long term yields from falling below short term yields … thus the Fed can increasingly sell its Treasury and mortgage-backed securities holdings “to keep the yield curve from inverting” … so the Fed’s “balance sheet normalization” which will accelerate as 2018 progresses (in the first quarter the Fed is scheduled to sell $60 billion in securities, in Q2 $90 billion, in Q3 $120 billion, and in Q4 $150 billion … for a total of $420 billion) … and this selling is scheduled to increase to $600 billion in 2019 … so if the Fed can keep the yield curve from inverting by driving up long term interest rates to keep pace with rising short term Fed Fund rates … they can keep the stock market rising for Trump by preventing the yield curve from inverting!!

        And if the Fed wants to spook the markets into jacking up long-term yields, it could accelerate further its “balance sheet normalization.” For the first time in history, the Fed can actually do something that will drive up long-term yields.

        • Paul ...

          So from the looks of things … until the Fed is through doing its “QE Unwind”… an inverted yield curve (and hence a stock market crash) can be prevented by the Fed … and because they have $4.21 trillion dollars to play with this can go on for a long time as inflation roars ahead driving gold and silver prices higher and higher!!

          • Paul ...

            This is not to say rising short term rates and rising long term rates will not be a big negative for current holders of bonds and those in the market looking to purchase real estate by taking out a mortgage … those who buy real estate with cash or already own (unencumbered real estate) should do fine because like the stock market it will rise in price along with inflation … so it is current bond holders who are in the cross hairs … they should be immediately looking to transfer out of their bonds … and into physical unemcumbered gold and silver (which will also rise with inflation) to preserve their purchasing power!

            • Paul ...

              Hopefully those running pension funds will sell their bond holdings soon enough to avoid big losses and purchase gold and silver at current cheap levels to protect the common people who depend on their pension to live … but to be on the safe side common people should be putting gold and silver into their private IRA’s because depending on pension fund managers to invest in gold and silver will probably be like waiting for people to be good and love their neighbor as thyself!

    • lucille Johnson

      Zimbabwe market went up 10000 percent due to inflation and when you cash out you could buy two eggs. Look at Venezuela their market went up 700 percent The money is worthless

    • Frederick

      No because as inflation runs hot they traditionally raise interest rates which is negative for stocks Except this FED is NOT doing anything traditionally

      • Paul ...

        Frederick … To trigger a sharp rise in inflation expectations the Fed would have to engineer a breakdown in long-term bond prices … that is what “QE Unwind” is for … so the hand writing is on the wall … the Fed is creating conditions for a massive bull market in gold and silver!!

  3. KeZa

    This is something else then Mister Pipo Clif High his BS. Sorry for the language but everyone that tells that we are good is stinky like sh*t.

    Kz. from Belgium

    • Williamson

      A great interview with Danielle DiMartino Booth. But, Mr. F0x, you need to re- watch the episode, because it had nothing to do with the Bible.

  4. genocidal politician

    its a wartime economy still, US remains at war against terror and drugs,
    these are the two man pillars of national resource allocation and focus,
    it seems,

    • Frederick

      At war with terror and drugs? You’re joking right?

      • mad matt

        We’ve been at war with terrorism for over 12 years, and America has been in a war on drugs for over 30+ years

        • Frederick

          Keep telling yourself that brother It’s exactly what TPTB want us to believe

        • Paul ...

          Manufactured Wars … is how we have been surviving (like those who survived on a mountain top after their passenger plane crashed by eating the dead bodies) … the only difference between us and them is that “we purposely kill and murder” the bodies of human beings in the constant wars we create to to live and survive and get fat on the death of others … so we are “the grossly immoral” people … not those airline passengers who had nothing to do with the death of the passengers they ate to survive!!

  5. NH Watcher

    “Pay down your debts” is the strongest comment she made, and the most practical for the majority of us. While investing in precious metals is the only remaining solid investment, I still have not heard ANY guest comment on how, practically speaking, these metals will be redeemed in the long, or more importantly, short term. In the short term, therefore, being debt-free (and having a reasonable amount of cash on hand) seems the most viable for the “in between” phase from one economic order to another. Are “debtors prisons” of the 19th century going to be returning? I think we all know the answer to that. The new economic order simply will NOT fund credit consumption or debt accrual as now.

    Laugh at him if you want, but Ben Fulford’s latest newsletter speaks equally ominous for 2018:

    “The movement and related hijacking of gold is linked to some sort of major financial event due sometime in the first half of this year, a separate CIA source says. This source, who has provided us with both big scoops and disinformation in the past, says the financial system will be completely shut down, the stock market will drop to zero, bank accounts will be emptied, and ATMs will shut down when this event happens. This will be followed by the launch of the new gold-backed system, this source says.”

    And I add: know your neighbors, know who will protect you versus “rat you out” for their next meal. Realize who you are when everything is taken away from you, since she also said having a decade more of this economic fantasy system (overvaluation) is extremely doubtful.

    What I am preparing for myself is the “in between” phase, because I do not see the leaders of new economic order having any use for me, or most around me. We will all be exterminated as part of the “useless eaters” (or deplorables). My only saving grace is my relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. They may kill my body, but only He will save my soul.

  6. JC Davis

    Greg that was much better then I expected. You packed in the questions. I cant wait for the comments.

    • Lore

      Fascinating discussion. This is precisely the kind of analysis that should be broadcast widely through all media. Fat chance! As usual, most people will end up scratching their heads, wondering what happened, and accept whatever narrative is spoon-fed to them by the usual corrupt sources.

      I understand that this is the first interview with this guest. Another time, it would be interesting to just introduce her, bring forward a couple of key issues, and then just stand back and let her talk, so as to enable some of the juiciest in-depth analysis. As it stands, she spent half of the interview repeating herself. It has its place, but we need to get past that, particularly with brilliant guests like this one. Anyway, thank you, Mr. Hunter! This was fascinating.

  7. Vin

    One guest says good news, the next says bad news. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. She did say one solid fundamental which is pay down your debts. I am concerned about the elderly debt crisis, magnified by the coming pension crisis. Will the elderly benefit from deflation? What happens to social structure when it’s 30 below zero and nowhere to go? I have friends who live with credit cards and it is astounding how much is going to interest and how little to principal. Think about that going into retirement with a fixed income. Always enjoy your guests Greg. God bless.

    • Paul ...

      Vin … if what the Fed has in mind … INFLATION … not only will “our debts” be easier to pay off … but so will the National Debt!!

      • Paul ...

        And as gold trends higher (on its way to filling the open gap from April 2013 at $1560.50) … people who had the courage to buy precious metals now will be on their way to eliminating all their debts … this debt payback to come (as gold moves higher) will strengthen the banks (thus the manipulation by the banksters should cease)!!

    • jim c

      Paying Down your Debt is the worst thing you can do with any extra money you have, When this falls apart, what`s going to happen to you if you don`t pay your credit card; answer is nothing. What is going to happen if you don`t pay your mortgage , car payment, or anything else that is a secured dept; answer is nothing . Why would they repossess it , who will they be able to sell it to , THE RICH , yeah right they will only buy so much because they will have no one to sell it to either . Take your money and buy Precious metals with it and buy things you want after the collapse is over and get it cheaper.

      • Greg Hunter

        I disagree. Bad things happen when you stop paying your bills. Your kidding yourself.

        • Silence is Golden

          I agree Greg….very bad advice from Jim C.
          Sub-Prime is not only a Real Estate Issue it has spread to Autos and Credit Card debt too. Autos get repo’d.
          Defaults and delinquencies on Sub-Prime auto loans AND PRIME LOANS…..are rising very fast.
          We are now at a point where the other sub-prime debts exceed that of the housing sub-prime crisis mid last decade.
          The day of reckoning is coming.

        • Marcel Fiechter

          @Greg Hunter…You are absolutely correct!

          • Jo Christiansen

            Perhaps, but not with the spelling of ‘your’, it should be ‘you are’, or ‘you’re’ kidding yourself’.

        • jim c

          Greg. it is happening now, My brother has not payed a mortgage payment for almost 5 years on one of his house, it is not a desirable house but never the less they don`t want it. Just imagine when million of homes get defaulted on when the collapse happens, why would they want to repossess them when they are worth probably less than half of what you owe on it. I`m not saying to default now but use any extra money to buy PM`s verses paying down debt.

      • Paul ...

        So what you are saying Jim is … if you have a $8,700 dollar debt on your credit card … use that credit card to buy an ounce of gold … now you have a $10,000 dollar debt on your card and one ounce of gold … but when gold goes to $10,000 dollars an ounce … it pays off your entire credit card debt … now that’s an interesting thought and a unique way to use other peoples money to become debt free!!

        • Paul ...

          However as Greg says … continue to pay your credit card bills each month to prevent bad things from happening … one very good thing that may happen is gold goes to $50,000 per ounce as Jim Sinclair predicts … then you can pay off the debt on five(5) $10,000 dollar credit cards by simply buying one gold coin!!

          • Paul ...

            And if you are adverse to using other peoples money to buy a gold coin … “use your own money” to get at least get “one gold coin” before you begin to pay down your debt!

        • jim c

          No Paul. I am saying if you $10000 extra right now, it is better to buy silver and gold with it verses paying down any debt. with it, Cars and houses are going to go way down in value, PM`s are going to go way up.

      • Charles H

        Disagree also. It is the word “POSSESSION”. Why would you try to buy anything? To possess. Why would those who have lein on possessions repossess them? Value – of possessing.
        Do you think that after shafting the Big Boys – that they will just let you show up with PMs and start negotiating good deals? They aren’t buying Big Brother for nothing.

      • Jodyp

        Many will stop paying on the cards. What are they gonna do? Ruin your credit? Take your first born? Repo your ‘unnecessary plastic objects’ purchased with same plastic? House and car payments are a different story.

      • eddie

        Make the required payment. Don’t pay any more than you have to.

  8. David

    What a great way to kick-off 2018. Telling it like it is! Thank you.

    • Charlie

      They have been telling it like it is for 20 years and nothing much happening yet.

  9. Tommy

    Obviously the average person cannot buy large amounts of PM’s nor would they have the means to safely store it. Ditto for putting cash in your mattress; not very secure. So when they tell you to go to cash is that bank cd’s, money markets, treasury money markets? No one seems to be specific.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Tommy, you are getting dangerously close to the truth. Remember your take on preparedness and survival? If the thing crashes, we are ALL S-O-L. There is a difference between cash and cash equivalents. You know what cash is. You identified it, and the problems it brings. Cash equivalents are liquid in a normal economic environment. What we are often focussed on here at Greg’s forum is the NOT normal economic environment we are anticipating. Cash will be the golden ticket in the first stages of an economic calamity. Cash equivalents may not be liquid, could be bailed in, or simply invalidated or disappear. The cash conundrum is simply an extension of the preparedness/survival deal you correctly identified. Don’t be intimidated, dissuaded, or misled. The truth is, no one gets out of here alive, no matter what the economy does. Best always. PM

    • JMiller


      When people talk about getting out of stocks and bonds and going to cash, cash usually refers to something that has a stable value and is very liquid like T-bills, money market funds, checking and savings accounts. Bank CDs may also be considered cash.

      • Petedivine

        Normally you would be correct on your definition of cash equivalents. However, money markets and your bank accounts could be exposed to derivative failures. I think the safest cash equivalents are T-bills and cash in hand. I suggest a minimum of 3 months worth.

        • JMiller


          While I do agree with what you said however I am still correct with my answer to Tommy’s question which was what do people mean by “going to cash”.

    • freebrezer

      Tommy – Storing large quantities of PM is a boggy man sold to the public. Take gold: if you are worth $200,000 in assets and convert 10 % to gold (Jim Rickard’s advice) that is fifteen (15) 1 oz gold coins. This is less space then your mouse for your computer. Even if your are worth 1 million, this equates to about 70 coins or five mouses ( i wish I had this problem). Space is not the issue, only imagination on were to safely hide it … And Out on your kitchen table is probable not a good idea. And yes, storing a couple of million dollars in gold would be a challenge … and man- o-man I wish I had that problem!

      • freebrezer

        Oooops – should be boogie man

  10. George

    Greg: Excellent no nonsense interview. A two eyed person in the land of the blind! Only one point where she is wrong, no help from China, China has made in the neighborhood of 83 Billion Dollar investment in West Virginia, good for the USA good for China, a Win Win outside of the Wall St’s power.

    • JC

      Yes George. China has actually helped the USA much. I don’t blame them for planning how to stand for what they clearly see coming. Years back the gave early warning they would fix what the dollar was not willing to fix. Good comment.

  11. Bob Collinge

    An excellent interview. You can sense her degree of nervousness that the dam is soon to break, with inflation soaring in what you need, along with deflation in what you don’t. There will be pain to those listening to mainstream pundits or dependent on pensions. So we are back to 2008, but with so many having a 1999 attitude. Indeed. How many financially connected insiders have gotten filthy rich to get us here?

    One has to get past the elitist Fed attitude, captured in Danielle gratuitously not wanting to “feed the tinfoil hats” about gold price suppression, even as the paper to physical ratio has soared to perhaps 500 to 1 while base money has also soared after round after round of QE. I think that, to keep her connections intact, she is just not allowed to go there, but is allowed to recommend the proper financial path, which is to own gold. She might also have pointed out that the dollar is being used less and less on the world stage as further support for her theses, but perhaps that is also off limits. Limitations aside and with monetary policy having created this world we live in, she has provided an excellent summation of where we are at and will be going. Thanks.

  12. Tad

    Barring a crisis before 2018 midterms, the narrative might be that Trump Republicans have the nation’s best economic and immigration-related interests vis-a-vis the Democrats.

    If Mr. Trump starts the wall’s construction soon, and has some success on DACA amenable to his base, then I suppose anything can happen.

  13. Roger

    Credit card debt is much more a reflection of ignorance and lack of discipline than the economy. Simply stand in line at Walmart and see what Americans go into debt for. When was the last time you saw a new car commercial list the cash price? Or the last time you paid cash for a car? Ignorance knows no economic bounds.

    • Frederick

      I paid cash for my 2015 VW Tiguan and am happy I did

      • susan

        I paid cash for my 2017 Ford Escape. Don’t buy anything except with cash. I wish everyone here could do that.

        • allen ols

          I paid cash for my 1993 ford ranger.

  14. Rick in L.A.

    All during the holidays family and friends were
    all talking about a resurgent economy. This interview
    is major buzz kill for those with that mindset.
    I will be sending this interview out to those who have
    been drinking the CNBC and CNN Kool-Aid (no offense Greg).

    • Greg Hunter

      I know man but I have to put up all angles. Booth is a former Fed insider with very good sources and connections. The Bankers know we are living on borrowed time (and money.)

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, there is no confluct here. It is possible that 2018 is a good year for the economy. The problem is the economy now means Wall Street, the Deep State, and the Swamp, not the average guy. It is possible to have a thriving professional, banking, and corporate sector (the real economy today) and the common man, so-called Main Street guy, continue to suffer. The truth is it CANNOT be otherwise in this fake-money, productionless “economy”. What we are witnessing is margin pressure, probably even margin destruction. She cites lumber, but it could be hamburgers or whatever. There comes a point where people will simply not buy lumber if it gets too high in price. (1 x 4s at Lowe’s the other day were over $6 for an 8 ft stick. I didn’t buy any.) If the lumber purveyors can’t control their costs, and can only put a boundary price on the lumber, then sooner or later, they can’t afford to be a lumber purveyor anymore, and POOF, just like The Great One, Jackie Gleason, used to say, “And AWAAAY we go!” Best always. PM

        • JC

          PFI. as I see it there are many things like food that can be mass produced for penny’s to the dollar, then some things like wood only many years in the ground can reproduce. With all the population world wide growth I can see how wood would be in high demand, and mass produced food be in less demand. A lot of work goes into a 2×4

          • Paul from Indiana

            Doesn’t matter. People will only pay so much for one. That’s my point. If there were no such thing as a boundary price, there would be no problem paying a fast-food worker $15.00 or more per hour. If finished lumber goes high and stays high, people will forsake frame construction for alternatives. Best always. PM

          • freebrezer

            JC – I find food the most scary item on the list!!!!! One or two major crop failure though out the USA and WOW the world is going in to famine! We have been in a time of extreme fortune per food, but history strongly says this might not be the normal.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Hey Paul, you said ” It is possible to have a thriving professional, banking, and corporate sector (the real economy today) and the common man, so-called Main Street guy, continue to suffer”. In my mind it is not only possible but is already here, its simply reality now, but it can and will get worst to be sure. If you look around and let yourself see one can see the suffering everywhere. It can be the “best of times and the worst of times” at the same time. I believe we are in for quite a ride in 2018. Regards, a b

          • tin foil hat

            Arthur Barnes,
            The common man, so-called Main Street guy, has been suffering from the overvalued dollar for the past 40 plus years.
            Most of these common men have no idea their interests are more aligned with the Russian and Chinese than with the Americans in Washington D.C. and Wall St.

    • Tad

      They apparently aren’t familiar with The Great Depression. And if so, believe it could never happen-again- with a greater magnitude.

      • Rodster

        And what do you call what happened in 2008? That was an almost total collapse of the entire global financial and banking system if not for the government bailing out the TBTF banks along with the car companies who were around since the Great Depression.

        The media regurgitated the meme “Great Recession” so as not to alarm the Sheeple. What’s coming is the Greatest Depression part three and it will take down the entire global system for the final count.

  15. Jerry

    I have to laugh anytime I hear someone talk about why the bond market is collapsing. What did you expect when you debase your currency by endless money printing? Only this time the Fed did it on the backs of the global economy. Is it any wonder why the Chinese are preparing to launch an alternate exchange system?

    Danielle is right. Americans have been living in the cocaine addicted “free money” system so long that they can’t tell truth from fiction. Either debt matters, or it doesn’t. Somebody, somewhere, has to pay in order for markets to work. Watch. The moment the central banks start loosing money, they’ll kick the table over. They always do.

    • Jerry

      The exodus from the dollar has started.

      First it was China, then Russia, and now Pakistan. The exodus from the dollar for all intensive purposes is happening right before our eyes but yet no one wants to talk about it. Gee I wonder why? There’s only one thing worse than denial. Its called ignorance. And that’s where we are America. Happy New Year!

      • JMiller

        Looks like it will be in baby steps at first though and will probably be that way for quite a number of years.


        • Paul ...

          J … as inflation roars back as the Fed does “QE Unwind” interest rates on bonds will move up and up as their price falls … a side effect will be to pull new money into these higher yielding bonds … which have the effect of keeping the US dollar “strong” even as inflation rages upward … got to hand it to these banksters for having brains (even though they are truly a bunch of evil criminal bastards)!!

          • Paul ...

            Perhaps the banksters are not “all bad” … because now that they figured a way to keep the dollar strong (by increasing the yield on US Treasury bonds) … they can finally ease up on the manipulation of the gold and silver price … and by allowing the gold and silver price to rise people will be able to pay down their huge debt burdens (that is, only the people who have bought and currently hold physical gold and silver coins in their possession)!!

        • Jerry

          Don’t bet on it. Endless QE has diminished the dollars shelf self considerably.
          Of course when you lose reserve currency status its called monetary debasement. But hey if you prefer the illusion over realty grad it with both hands. You” need it for the ride down.

          • JMiller

            I am not betting on it Jerry. But I also would not bet on it happening in the next week, month or year. And you would do well if you stop coming to the wrong conclusions about people.

  16. john duffy

    Trump’s Christmas message has gone viral

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John for posting this!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!

  17. Matt Jaymes

    That was one hell of an interview, icy cold bucket of water splashed in our faces! My takeaway from this is: The US economy is walking on a high wire, which is unraveling as I type, gale-force winds are blowing side-to-side, it’s dark and raining, the 2 poles supporting the wire are rotting from the inside out and at the bottom of our 30,000 foot fall, is molten lava. Got it!

    Just one quick rejoinder for Ms. DiMartino Booth: my tin foil hat was forged from the pure lunacy, mendacity, & perniciousness of your former employer – you know, the private corporation who has a monopoly and license to print currency?

    Aside from that minor poke in the eye, a stellar interview. Here’s a ping for Michael Snyder from the Economic Collapse blog.

    • Bob Collinge

      Paul Volcker said gold was his biggest enemy. Alan Greenspan declared central banks “stand ready to lease gold in unlimited quantities should price rise.” http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/paul-volker-gold-was-the-enemy/ Ms. Booth was engaging in FedSpeak, not denying anything, merely casting aspersions. Likewise, she recommended gold, but avoided discussing the difference between such things as COMEX contracts and coins. She said investors should not be hogs, but neglected the role the Fed played in training their behavior. One really must read between the lines, here, and I think the message is to go back to what you thought you should do in 2008, and do it now.

  18. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Ms. Booth is one smart lady. Pay down your debt. Excellent advise. If you do not have the deed to your house in your hand you don’t own it and someone can take it from you. Instead of buying that new 2018 road rocket fix the older one. My newest vehicle, a 2000, is still perking. My daily ride a 1990 Chevy P/U. Learn to feed yourself and shopping at the store is not the same thing. Grown your own, learn to preserve it, i.e. canning or dehydrating NOT freezing. What happens to the food if the power goes out for any reason?

    When a country falls, it falls fast and hard. There is no soft landing. I watched while 183 bars of gold were left on the tarmac at Tan Son Nhut Air base in Saigon. Why? Nobody wanted to give up their seat for a 100 lb. bar of gold. Saving their life was more important. Learn to be self sufficient and then you can accumulate gold and silver.


    • Bob Collinge

      Paul Volcker said gold was his biggest enemy. Alan Greenspan declared central banks “stand ready to lease gold in unlimited quantities should price rise.” http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/paul-volker-gold-was-the-enemy/ Ms. Booth was engaging in FedSpeak, not denying anything, merely casting aspersions. Likewise, she recommended gold, but avoided discussing the difference between such things as COMEX contracts and coins. She said investors should not be hogs, but neglected the role the Fed played in training their behavior. One really must read between the lines, here, and I think the message is to go back to what you thought you should do in 2008, and do it now.

      • Bob Collinge

        Sorry, reply was meant for the tinfoil comment by Matt Jaymes.

        • Frederick

          Tinfoil I see nothing tinfoil in Matt’s comment

      • Corleone

        Was his enemy, and now is his ally.

      • Silence is Golden


  19. Sylvia Sterling

    Excellent information……
    Wow ! What a way to start the new year.

  20. Mike R

    Finally ! Someone credible who agrees with me, that you don’t have to be invested in the market.
    And she is right that people in the market are going to get “shellacked.” I don’t think they know how or when to get out, and they will keep ‘buying the dips’ all the way down. Until they realize the dips aren’t going to result in going back up. This will be prolonged, and indiscriminate. Bond holders are toast, especially those holding state and muni bonds. The tax cuts, and limits on deductibility will have negative unintended consequences. I’m personally not very pleased with that aspect of the tax ‘reformation’, and I will be cutting back in a lot of areas.

  21. Mohammad


    Contrary to what is she saying i will say YES they are able to pull another rabbit out of their hat, actually they just DID , and that is digital currency.
    This is what will absorb the liquidity and re-valuate stuff to their liking (fed’s liking), it is already happening but she does not see it, yet.


    • Paul from Indiana

      Mohammad, if you are right, the joke is on all those who thought cryptocurrencies were their ticket to economic freedom and the escape from burdensome, enslaving yoke of government and centralized economy! How ironic! My belief is that we are going to die, figuratively and likely literally, under this fake-money, we-own-you system. Thank you for this insightful observation. Best always. PM

    • Diane

      Would this be a good plan?
      Abolish the income tax?
      Create a consumption tax?

      • Mohammad

        They will never ever let go of control once they grab it.


    • JC

      Mohammad to say digital currency will absorb 70 trillion global debt is like saying Walmart equals the USA GDP.
      She did say the could try more printing to kick the can a short time.

      • JC


      • Mohammad

        It will JC, it will
        Once they valuate gold to what bitcoin is going to and what Jim Sinclair always talked about (50000$ an ounce) may be more? it will absorb it.
        But rest assured it won’t be soft landing by any means.


        • tin foil hat

          Central banks would need to have a lot of Bitcoin in their reserve to suck up $70T global debt. I don’t think any central bank is currently holding any Bitcoin to absorb one iota of debt.
          Are you saying governments across the world will start buying or confiscating Bitcoin in the near future?

  22. gregd

    I haven’t seen the video yet but I was wondering what her opinion was on bitcoin and the other virtual coins? Anyone know?

    • Paul from Indiana

      It doesn’t matter what her opinion is; for you, it only matters what YOUR opinion is. Best always. PM

  23. andyb

    Great guest, Greg. Her comments on inflation mirror those of Shadowstats. Actually, I believe inflation is worse, as is true unemployment and GDP. You should have John Williams on again; there must be red flags galore on his charts.

    The key to the “realness” of Trump will be the number of actual indictments and perp walks. It is obvious that Trump has been captured by the neocons; current US foreign policy certainly reflects this. It is also obvious that there is far too little in Tax Reform for the 99%, although the cancelling of the Obamacare mandate should mean that the work week goes back to 40 hours. Or does it?

    So is Trump just another Red Shield puppet like every President since JFK or does he have some leeway? There is more than enough hard evidence to convene Grand Juries on the FBI and DOJ revelations as well as all Clintons and the gang at the State Department (Mills, Abedin, et al) who enabled Hillary’s treason. Let’s see what happens.

    • tin foil hat

      Trump is definitely not just another puppet. He has been taunting the Deep State, poking them in the eyes.
      When W. Bush and H. Bush attacked Trump’s Tax Plan, Trump responded by saying that he would release all JFK records.
      When Sessions (the Deep State mole) failed to perform his duties once again, Trump tweeted Deep State DOJ unwillingness to pursue the case of Huma Abedin or anything relates to Hillary email scandal.
      He is not afraid to twit the shadow government by smacking them around via his twitter account.

      • Frederick

        Taunting them could just be for the deploreable s consumption When I see people being taken away in handcuffs I will be a true believer but not before

  24. Mr. Byrd

    Great interview! This one should be heard far and wide.

  25. Beligerent

    Ultimately I believe the forecasts of Danielle, Holter, Rob Kirby, etc. will get proven correct or mostly correct but even by their own admission that could be years and years away. I’ve been watching several of Clif High’s calls in the crypto space and those are playing out today.

    I was taken back by all the negative comments after his interview. One of his calls in the crypto space, before going quiet on naming any coins outside Bitcoin (this was back in November), was OmiseGo (OMG). Today that coin is up about 100% from the time he made the call in November. Anyone that follows his works is making a killing in the crypto space. Clif has made so many good calls in the crypto world its been like shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe your readers hate crypto and his forecasting techniques but in some markets they have been deadly accurate.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Paul from Indiana

      The way I understand it, these are not Clif High’s calls, but his readings of the “voices” in cyberspace. They are compilations of what he is “hearing”. And for that reason, they are interesting. Over time, a track record will provide degree of accuracy. Also provisional will be Clif’s increasing skill of “hearing” and his interpretation of what he “hears”. It is a fascinating undertaking. If there is a bias, it is that Mr. High is a wonk, perhaps even a digital junkie, getting high on his own supply. I’ll take that chance. Best always. PM

    • Charles H

      Greed functions as an excellent device to herd people.

  26. Frederick

    Looks to me Iike people are already positioning themselves in Gold and Silver They’ve both been up for over three weeks straight which is unusual to say the least Better early than too late

  27. John

    I really enjoyed this interview, and I can’t wait for the day when “gold will be the last man standing”, as Richard Russell used to say.

    • daniel turner

      I don’t look foreword to that day. I just want to see gold and silver fairly priced and I bet you would be very satisfied with that as well. Gold as last man standing would not be a very fun time.

  28. al

    Happy New Year Greg. It’s going to be a great year for all of us (your watchers)
    If you can, please interview Mike Maloney, he has a great view in to metals, cryptos and the market.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy 2018 to you Al!!!

    • Kim

      Excellent interview! Get out of debt, be in cash and PM. Thank you for asking the question “What should the man on the street do?” I do think cryptos are an additional option as well. I also would like to see a Mike Maloney interview as well please.

      I pray this for you and all Watchdoggers:
      “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!”
      1 Chronicles 4:9-10 New King James Version (NKJV)
      Happy New Year! God bless!!!!

  29. Jodyp

    Danielle avoids the predictions and lays out the facts. I like that.

  30. Paul Anthony

    Yeah — I don’t think if we feel some or a lot economic pain this year that Trump Supporters will all of a sudden stop supporting him and republicans in 2018 – We’ve seen and know what the deep state is about and we want them gone with or with out some economic pain – we knew and know we have to feel it at some point before it’s fixed – #TrumpPence

    Good Interview Greg Thank you


  31. Da Yooper


    I have watched your interviews for a very long time

    I must say this is in my opinion the best interview you have ever done.

    Bravo what a way to start 2018.

  32. Jerry

    I’m not sure when this interview was done, but if this trend continues Danielle may be right about watching PM as an indicator of where the markets are headed.

    • Silence is Golden

      From memory…..that’s exactly what I predicted would happen….and I posted it on USAWD …..
      “Silence is Golden 12/22/2017 •
      I would expect that the PM sector and the miners would catch a bid now that BTC has taken a major hit….. and the USD will enter a bear market.”

      Don’t forget that GOLD is negatively correlated to the Stock Market….so watching one or the other will give you a fair idea about direction.

  33. james

    Here we go again, “The Sky is Falling” very soon, first half ofthe year, no way out, blah blah blah, yah, we got it. Wash, Rinse, Repeat for 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018. Look, what we do know is that things are jacked up, and can’t go on for ever, BUT NO ONE KNOWS WHEN IT BREAKS, NO ONE! So act accordingly, pay down debt, stock up on whatever of valued you think will be safe, and find GOD. Otherwise, enjoy life, because you aint gauranteed tomorrow.

    • Rodster


      Agreed and i’m amazed the global Banksters fraudulent game of 3 card Monte has held together this long but as the saying goes, “that which cannot go on forever, won’t”. So enjoy life now because whenever this thing breaks and it will go global and the Chinese are just as gimmicky and fraudulent as the Americans and the British will get real ugly.

      Let’s hope and pray we don’t go Mad Max because Hank Paulson back in 2008 thought it would if the TBTF Banks were not bailed out.

    • daniel turner

      Yup. Best course of action all those years is hope for the best and plan for the worst and don’t worry about it.

  34. Tim

    Danielle, beauty, brains and sense of humor way to start the new year. Thanks Greg

  35. WC

    Excellent interview as always. But instead of concentrating on How the money flows, I’d like more questions on Where the money flows. The real war going on behind the scenes (as you are well aware) is the struggle of Globalism vs Nationalism. The winner of this monopoly war will determine what kind of world we will all live in. 😉

  36. iwitness02

    Great interview to start out the new year with. Thank you Greg.
    @ Emmet Fox: So good to hear from someone who shares the same outlook.

  37. Flattop

    GREG: Regarding the California state employees pension fund (CALPERS ) If the calpers investment income falls below the required 7 percent, the California tax payers are on the
    hook to make up the short fall. Pension fund collapse???

  38. Mike R

    Gold and Silver will be heading up for the next 3 to possibly 5 years, with the usual corrections, but mostly up. I suspect as Bitcoin tumbles back below $5000, and continues to lose massive market share of all crypto’s (watering down effect, since cryptos can be issued in UNLIMITED amounts, similar to any currency that can be printed, but also far more costly – at least $3200 per Bitcoin in the US cheapest energy state, LA), Gold will likely continue a very steady, if unspectacular rise, bludgeoned on occasion by the usual suspects within the central banking sector. They will strive hard to make it so inflation doesn’t look as bad as it actually is for most things you need, while deflation will occur due to all of the debt on major items like houses, real estate, and large capital goods. Cars will continue to sky rocket in first price, but depreciation will be astounding due to all of the debt issued just to buy one, and all the concurrent defaults by subprime, and even ‘prime’ borrowers.
    Gold might only end up this year around $1500/ounce by 12/31/2018, but that will look nice compared to where bond holders might be. Gold mining firms might do fairly well.
    Silver might break into the 20’s, and could surprise by ending the year around $30 per ounce.
    Both Gold and Silver are on long term buys, that were triggered back in 2016, and now confirmed to be in multi-year bull runs.
    P.S. If gold is 1/3rd the price of Bitcoin by March, as forecasted by Clif High, then that only means Bitcoin will be trading around $4500, and not gold at $5000. I suspect he will ‘reneg’ on his call, and just generalize the price rises to ‘all or any crypto’ and find some excuse as to why Bitcoin didn’t ‘bottom’ at $13k in March.

    • Beligerent

      @Mike R : It’s not happening! BTC is back above $15,000 and gaining again today. Yesterday ETH hit a new high, Cardano hit a new high, Stellar hit a new high, NEM hit a new high, OMG hit a new high, Status hit a new high and the list goes on.. What we could see is restructuring as newer and potentially better coins gain acceptance which could stall or deflate BTC’s advance. I’m sure the BTC developers and owners sleep with one eye open at night as many coins want to take that reign.

      Also, anyone that held a BTC back during the hard forks now owns 1 BTC, 1 Bitcoin Cash and 1 Bitcoin Gold. The combined value for that one Bitcoin after forking is now closer to $18,500.

  39. lucille Johnson

    great podcast

  40. Jon

    I view Martin Armstrong’s assessment as more accurate, onward to 40 k Dow with corporate buy backs. CEO and executives love selling their options at high prices

  41. open

    Bank of america is going crazy at 29.88 today, some analyst said it will go down to 23 and other says it will go up to 35? what do you think greg?
    I have shorted it and need help

    • Greg Hunter

      Can’t give trading advice but the safest play is to own all your stuff. Sometimes not losing is winning big.

  42. Wade

    Frederick Douglass said “Its easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” The truth of the matter is, far more time is spent trying to repair broken men. So we have counselors, psychologists,psychiatrists,doctors, etc. and all types of government programs to help messed up people. A lot of this mess comes as a result of sin. So when you have a government that is corrupt, then you have a spiritual problem. Its is enable by an electorate that is spiritually blind who elects these corrupt people. There are people on the right who try and keep us informed of whats going on, like yourself and thats very important, but if you want to dramatically effect the culture in the long run you’ve got to reach the children. This is a group that is not reached by talk radio, Fox news, or the alternative media on the internet. This is the group that the left reaches. The church has to start reaching this group. Can it be done ? Absolutely! Pastor Bill Wilson reaches these children. This Christmas his organization gave out more than 200,000 gifts worldwide to children. They have the best children’s ministry in the world. Satan has tried to kill this man many times. Satan knows that capturing the hearts of children is how you win a war. Speaking of war, you can’t win a war without an army. Now Greg I see yourself, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Levin, etc as officers in this army, but you can’t win a war with just average guys, like myself, sitting in the pews, because there are a lot more of us than there are of you. So you do an interactive movie designed to bring the church out of the pews. You do the same children’s program they do in the movie. A wise man once told me, good is the enemy of the best. So lets reach these children with the best proven model out there that reaches children. The gospel is the greatest tool to bring light and hope to a people and nobody does it better than Metro World Child. So the next question is how do you recruit people to do what they do in the movie. You take the top radio talk show hosts in America and they contact people like Franklin Graham, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, James Roberson, Kenneth Copeland, Jim Bakker, Sid Roth, Michael Brown, James Dobson, Greg Laurie, T. D..Jakes, Joel Osteen, etc. and these men know many leaders in their denominations. The purpose is to get the churches involved first and the churches that participate put their phone number on a website that is given at the end of the movie. It should be noted that a background check will go along with anybody who signs up to work with children. Tomorrow I’ll share the third and final part of this subject.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love this quote: “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Thank you.

  43. Laura Snyder

    Great gutsy guest who sees the weaknesses & scams in the economy & tells it like it is. Because Danielle has the background, she has credibility. Actually a person with common sense & who is a reader should be able to see that also. I have for a long time. However, others, including family members, don’t see things as I do. I will be recommending your good interview to everyone. As usual you ask key questions & guide the program so it moves along. Interesting comment!

    There is something else that is overlooked by people when thinking about the future; there are major natural & man made disasters that with any one of them could be an opportunity for enemies within & without. to contribute to further massive destruction while we are distracted & weakened. Unless one carefully has looked into all the needs of their family , ” there will not even a pair of shoelaces ” available any where!

  44. John


    I have been saying for some time now that eradicating debt was paramount. She is an excellent guest. However, I think she may be missing the point on gold – it may not be the US that goes to a gold standard but the Chinese and perhaps several other countries as well. In addition, I would not be so fast to discount what Jim Rickards has been saying in regards to the SDR. What does she think will replace the system when we experience the implosion of the bond market, stock market and the real estate market at the same time? We will be insolvent, the Chinese will not be ready for reserve currency status and as Rickards has been saying the IMF is the only entity with an unencumbered balance sheet. I see eastern gold backing up the SDR and mopping up all this bad debt around the world after a huge correction. Gold will inject liquidity back into the system but at a price that Jim Sinclair spoke about several years ago – much higher than it is now and will represent that “necklace” that shines in a sea of junk. (fed reserve notes) I agree with her analysis up to the crash but she is discounting some pretty good opinions from both Rickards and Roberts – two equally connected guests on your site. I feel that Roberts made a good observation on gold manipulation and that Rickards did a good job explaining a transition from the dollar to the SDR and then to the Yuan. Her succinct comment on raising rates into a recession was chilling to say the least. Folks, I would not discount her warnings!!

    • tin foil hat

      I think both yuan and dollar will transit to the SDR. The Chinese don’t want the burden of the reserve currency status. The devalued dollar will bring jobs back to America and China will build the New Silk Road with the appreciated yuan.
      We will be one of the world’s superpowers instead of the world’s sole superpower.
      Gold will move out of the behind the curtain status and take a much more significant role in the central banks’ window display.

      • Silence is Golden

        Which jobs do you refer to Tfh?
        Manufacturing and textiles are gone…not just to China. …think robotics.
        The Banking sector is not immune either.
        The only sector outpacing all others….is Government/ Military Industrial Complex.
        Fascism is the Employer of the future.

        Devalued Dollar ….???
        A better description might be a depreciated dollar resulting from a de-dollarised world.

        SDR is not a workable solution because it implies control remains in the hands of the very same luciferians that caused the world to be in this state… in the first place.

      • tin foil hat

        I didn’t say the transition will be easy. My neighbor laughed when I told him winning the election would be the easiest part of Trump’s endeavour.
        If Trump managed to drain the swamp, that would be easier than telling Americans the truth about what kind of jobs will come back.
        My neighbor told me recently he doesn’t want to know any more.


      • tin foil hat

        Silence is Golden,
        “SDR is not a workable solution because it implies control remains in the hands of the very same ……”
        That’s why I believe gold will take a much more prominent role in the central banks’ reserve. The world wants to shift the reference point of oil from the dollar to a neutral settlement asset such as gold – luciferians can’t print gold. However, the world monetary system has advanced from the old physical realm to a much more abstract concept in digital form, a nondescript neutral fiat like SDR is needed to combine the old and the new.
        Supply and demand will have nothing to do with the gold price when that transition occur. Gold price will be adjusted to cover whatever the amount of SDR will be needed to cover the five (or more) fiat currencies in the SDR pie.
        It would be similar to what happened in 1974 when it was decided that oil would be used to back the dollar, the price of oil needed to be raised to around $12 from around $3 to cover the dollar. The supply and demand of oil had nothing to do with what the price of oil should be. I suspect the 73-74 oil shock was probably a Kabuki dance created to justify the predetermined price of $12 barrel oil.

        • Silence is Golden

          Wishful thinking!! The SDR is a non starter.
          I believe that China will develop Blockchain technology that will allow the introduction of trade settlement in the virtual world….all the while GOLD being the anchor to the ALT Monetary system. The EAST will be the Power base of the 21st Century. That includes Finance, Trade and Military.
          Who are the ones responsible for SUPPRESSING the Gold price? The same ones who wish to acquire as much of the Physical as possible at the lowest available price.
          2018 will be the year that proves all the disbelievers wrong….and will awaken the 320MLN Americans who have lived the “high life” on the back of a corrupted fiat currency. Shocks aplenty in store for this year and many years to come.

          • Silence is Golden

            EVG…..”China and Russia have a very different plan. They will introduce a gold and oil backed (crypto)currency which will be far superior to any new money that the West would produce. With this currency, China and Russia will become the dominant economic powers as the West declines into obscurity.”
            I agree with Egon.

  45. Silence is Golden

    DDMB certainly covered all topics of a financial nature and was not afraid to call a spade a SPADE.
    As an ex-FED insider she was capable of being more open and transparent about the real MO of the FED.
    “FED Speak” is …..well……BS!!
    Its psychology 101. Its manipulation.
    She knows full well what the FED’s intentions are….and yet fell a little short in her dialogue.
    Although covering issues of Interest rates, USD, Stock Markets, Precious Metals and Recessions, she still didnt connect all the dots. All of these are interconnected/intertwined.
    An interest rate tightening cycle is what we face…according to the FED.
    Why raise interest rates if the economy is stagnant and Debt is growing exponentially?
    Thankfully we have history to help us understand this logic/reasoning/mentality.
    The last 2 interest rate tightening cycles ended up preceeding a RECESSION.
    What occurred subsequent to the interest rate tightening …..is a sharp reversal of rate tightening …in fact all the way down to ZIRP.
    Applying the same logic in 2018-19…..what we should expect then is that the FED will tighten rates into an anticpated RECESSION…..which then allows them to reverse cycle tightening…into easing (without delay).
    Assuming that the RECESSION of 2018-19 is actually recognised when it occurs – given the blatant abuse of reported economic metrics as witnessed for the last decade or more. Keep in mind that we need to see 2 negative qtrs of GDP for the “Official” ringing of the Bell…to signify the Recession is at hand. (NOTE TO SELF …..The Fed has a record of being slow to react).
    So the FED is well aware of the RECESSION ahead. It’s intentionally raising rates so that it can lower them when need arises.
    IMHO the US is working towards a NIRP . AKA…..A world of PAIN. This makes complete sense….in this corrupted and senseless world.
    Recessions of the past usually preceeded Stock Market crashes.
    This time around I would expect nothing too dissimilar (in the magnitude of 30%).
    Currently (short term) I see a correction for stocks – but no crash until the Recession is OFFICIAL.
    Danielle was correct in her statement that Gold will be the signal. It has already started to shine. Crytocurrencies may have been the precursor to the INFLATIONARY period ahead.
    I dont see smart money moving away from stocks for some time yet.

  46. Walter Baumgarten

    Excellent guest as always, thank you. Like most of your guests, Danielle touched on one of the most critical assaults on the life of every American – Inflation. This issue is THE number one lie that the government and all of its lackeys perpetrate on all of us, because what it is supposed to represent is how much money it takes to simply just survive in the system in which we live, not some political LIE that can take out of consideration any factor that makes the numbers look too bad to live with. What those of us that have been around for a long time have witnessed is the cost of new cars go from $3K to $30K, houses from $80k to $800K, groceries for a family go from $300 a month to $1,200 a month. And on and on and on. The cost of important items has not only gotten out of control, but the length of the loans we have to take to pay them off has tripled as well. How is this all going to end? Not well, and here is how it is starting to really unravel.

    I am a Committeeman and the Financial Liaison as well, so I do the finances and the budgets for my Township. In the last 10 years before I was elected, our Township went into debt for $10M with an operating budget of $2.8M. Interest rates on the notes that this was done with have been doubling each year for the last two years and we expect them to at least double again this Spring. Last year I was able to compel the other four Committeemen into paying off $2M in 5% interest bearing debt. Even with that, when the new rates came out, our interest payments for last year were the same amount because of the increased rate. This year the best I can hope for is another $800K in payoffs so if the rates go up again our payments next year will be even higher. My analysis of our debt indicates that it will take 9 years to pay off all of the debt we have already on the books. There is no way that we will have 9 years to do this. The new governor has declared war on property owners (who are a minority in our state) and in a place where foreclosures and walk-aways are already in full swing, the inevitable and substantial tax increases will be the death blow to home ownership in our little Township. There is a reason that municipal debt has become toxic and that is because municipal taxpayers are at the ends of their ropes now with a lot longer to fall before they hit the ground. Puerto Rico, Illinois, California then every little town out there. It is the Trend and this trend is NOT our friend.

  47. Roger

    I had to go back and listen to this interview a second time. Like many have said, it is one of your best and one that all should hear. Ms. Booth is one savvy gal. Thank you.

  48. Wade

    He came from a broken family. His father had long left the family and was dying of tuberculosis. His mother was a bar maid and an alcoholic and frequently brought men over. This was the atmosphere young Bill grew up in. One day at age 12 his mother drove him to a street corner and dropped him off. She had enough of being a parent. She abandoned him. A man sees him sitting on this same street corner for 3 days. Finally he stops and picks Bill up. He borrows money to help Bill go to a church camp. His own son at the time is dying of leukemia. At the camp Bill goes forward to receive Christ. Everyone who goes forward gets prayed for, except for one person, Bill. His clothes are dirty, worn, he stutters, he probably needs a bath, he is malnourished, he has the look of a loser. No christian will pray for this guy. But Bill said he felt a very powerful presence that night.
    For the next 5 to 6 years Bill will live in a church closet. When Bill turns 18 he goes to bible school. He will have two successful children’s outreaches in Florida and Iowa. In 1979 he visits Brooklyn and sees great need there. So in 1980 he starts a ministry there. He said he wasn’t called by God to go there, but the need was the call. The black ministers laugh at him and say this long haired white guy won’t last 6 months there. His church denomination tries to discourage him saying its too dangerous and nobody has ever done this before. For the next 38 years he will learn what it is to suffer. Lack of money, a stabbing, heart attack, tuberculosis, hepatitis, a brick in the eye, three plane crashes, a gun wound through the mouth, a gun wound in the back, dengue fever, hip surgery, and thrown off a building. He will personally find 22 dead people during his life.(up to now) He will go undercover to rescue children from the sex slave ring. He still has a bus route that picks up children, at age 69, and has a doctorate degree to prove you can be smart and still love children. He says when he picks these children up, he’s picking himself up. He uses his pain as a motivator to reach abused and neglected children. He lives in the same area as the children he reaches out to. He also has built relationships with the homeless, the prostitutes, the drug addicts, the alcoholics, and yes even the thugs. In one of his R-rated videos, ( language), he is talking to some of these gang members and asks them why do they send their children to his children’s church. After all the lifestyle they lead is totally opposite of what they teach at the children’s church. Sadly, they give him an honest answer. Its because they don’t want their children to end up like they are.
    The story of Pastor Bill Wilson is the story of Balaam’s Ass. See Numbers 22:21-35. God uses something the world considers unworthy, and insignificant to bring him great glory. God uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. This is the movie that will shake America. It is a movie about child abuse. In fact you could incorporate some type of inappropriate touching into this children’s program. Sean Hannity has funded a Christian movie and sees a need for this in the culture. Glenn Beck has a movie studio, and is strong supporter of Operation Underground Railroad. (They rescue children) In 2013 I went to see a movie in Staunton Va. called Nefarious. It was sponsored by 5 churches. It was about the sex slave trade around the world. Before the movie started two local officers told us about a sting they did locally. They put a child up for sale on Craig’s list. In two hours they took it down. They got 14 phone calls to buy that child. This is Augusta County Va. not some large inner city.
    The movie ends with people singing Hosanna. It is Jerusalem. People have their palm branches waving. The most significant man in human history is coming to town. He’s riding an Ass! This Ass is given a place of honor. The camera fades out, the final shot is the face of the Ass. What God showed me here is Jerusalem is symbolic of the church and Jesus represents the presence of God coming into the church and Jesus wants to be accompanied by this Ass. God wants to use the most broken of us to touch society. Greg thank you for taking time to read this. I’ve written probably 150 to 200 letters like this and copied and pasted close to 600 times over the years. The celebrities I contact almost never respond, maybe one time. So why do I do this? Because I lived in the slums for 2 years of my life, I ministered to children in the detention home, I worked in the children’s home, I’ve had a gun pointed at my back, i’ve dealt with corrupt people many times in business and a corrupt Postal Service that I use to work for. In other words I too am a Balaam’s Ass. So if you think these last three letters have value please pass the word along because this is about an idea, its not about me nor is it about Pastor Bill, but its about handing something down that will transform our society long after we have passed away.

    • Paul ...

      Wade … by following and believing in what Jesus taught … you have become a disciple of the Lord our God … by ministering to children in need you do the work that Jesus was sent here to encourage us to do to transform our society from one of greed and evil to one that is caring and loving to all peoples … I know that God the Father has you in his care … forever and ever!!

  49. Mohammad


    It is so obvious so clear that it is mind boggling how our eyes are clouded with the tricks of the fed’s magicians where we see what they want us to see.
    It is magic after all from the Babylonians…right?

    They use the paper from the feds (dollar) to :
    1- short silver in the market
    2-buy physical silver at cheap.
    And it is free
    Because we are blinded by their magic…Stock market.

    JP Morgan holds more than 40% of the annual silver production in the whole world, DID THAT SINK IN?


    Look at the link and scroll down to JP Morgan depository stock in red and see.

    after they hoard all the silver in the world and before that the gold, THEY WILL BAN IT, IT WILL BE ONLY CENTRALLY OWNED by those Babylonians and when joe shmoe wakes up and tries to get silver from grey market when digital currency is reality they will find none since the Babylonians hoarded it at 10 dollars and ounce , 10 dollars that did not cost them a thing since it was a paper they created with their magic from air.

    Digital currency is the coming game Greg, and you will be , i will be , every one will be taxed to death, since you will have no place to hide, cash will be banned, silver /gold will be banned , bartering will be banned, of course some will kick their feet and revolt..TO NO AVAIL.

    Imagine if you do not have to file taxes, simply because the government knows every penny you earned or spent more than you do in the digital world and they will automatically take the taxes from your account whether you like it or not.

    Welcome to the digital world that we helped materializing with swallowing the bait thrown at us called CONVENIENCE.


    • eddiemd

      Sounds correct.

      It is interesting to note that one of the popular, if not the best, breakfast places in the city of Phoenix has gone to cash only.

      The medical marijuana industry in Arizona mostly does business in cash. The banks don’t want exposure to the downside of handling money that involes illegal drug transaction under federal law. I don’t know how it works in other states that have medical/recreational use.

      Try handing cash to a teenager at Taco Hell and see the reaction. They can’t figure out how to make change even with the register displaying the amount. The brainwashing of the youth into using electronic money is almost complete. Math skills are very limited without the use of a device.

      Memorization of basic multiplication tables is no longer required in most elementary schools. That and teachers who are incompetent in teaching math at the elementary levels.

  50. eddie

    Billy Graham outreach to South Korea in 1973. A message for today.

    In Korean and english. Perhaps it could be broadcast at the DMZ and into the north.


  51. coalburner

    Hey Beligernt, Tell us more! Especially what is helping OMG?

    • Beligerent

      There’s plenty of videos on Youtube about OMG. It really comes down to them working on replacing the banks and their payment systems. Add to that Clif High’s linguistics predict some large company or foreign (Chinese?) govt entity will adopt OMG for payroll payments.
      This is what I understand but would highly recommend you check out the videos made about OMG on Youtube which goes into a lot more detail.

  52. coalburner

    George, is China buying coal cheap in WV? To sned to China, I am sure. The Climate change Stupids make me laugh. They are trying to close jobs and coal power in New Mexico too. They dont like the air pollution in the National Parks. LOL! while the big planes bury us in poison cloud spray to make the sky dingy. Go Figure?????????????

  53. Kerry

    Just got around to watching this interview. I am always amazed at the straight forward talk of this lady especially when it goes hand in hand with common sense. You know she lives in the real world when she talks about a gallon of milk a day for her children. Very intelligent without a doubt certainly after being “right hand person” of Dallas Fed Fisher. When you have a insider like this and not in a evil manner just saying worked within the machine Federal Reserve System, stating PMs are the ultimate security blanket that is saying something serious.
    Excellent way to start the 2018 season Greg, just awesome!

    • Frederick

      Wonder if she buys the only organic

  54. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Brilliant and harrowing all in one. Thanks Greg – Every blessing for 2018, A

  55. Orlando

    Now That’s Italian! Great Interview with DiMartino Again!!
    Very informative, Thank you Greg!

  56. Mike R

    Look, your interviews are becoming more famous ! Appearing on Zero Hedge…


  57. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg, and happy 2018! (never thought i’d make it thus far!)

    Greg, i’ve enjoyed your site for 3-4 years now…thanks so much for your good work….you will be one of the ‘Angels’ in the histories , once we’ve passed through this evil time….but not now, for now we have to chart our way through the fog of an uncertain future..and Danielle is a good ….that is GREAT start for 2018 …(why have i not heard of her by now?) …..I’m not surprised by her message …seems to me her truth has been obvious for some time now …(for me …since 2013 or so..) …i’m lucky to be 68 …living with a good simple living woman with our dawgs , chickens, donkeys and alpacas ..no debt, since we paid it off …a little silver and cash squirrelled away …..we have a large garden …but still, we’ll never be able to feed ourselves year to year ….and thats a point i’d like to make with your readers: ‘No one will make their way thru this alone ….build a group of like minded people….”

    One other thing….i’m curious about: Let’s say i have 5000 in cash sitting in my mattress, when the ATM’s close down ….how long before my cash is no longer worth anything?”

    Thanks Greg ….god bless…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James!!

    • Bill

      James Sullivan; My question also about mattress money. I have asked others and the usual answer is, no one knows. Some say it will be convertible to what ever comes next.

  58. marcus

    Hot Hot and she is the Hottest guest on your show.
    I love a sensible woman, directly answered with overwhelming direction that all should follow…… Get rid of your debts, if you don’t own your house SELL it, get your PM buy back when it restarts. Is that what she said inbetween the lines ?> Should we get uncomfortable and sacrifice all our fake comforts……Do it now rather than when it’s to late.

  59. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, wow, wow, wow, incredible alternative view of the Trump Bump in 2018, bet she comes in right; 6 to 5, better than an even bet. Thanks, a b

  60. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    Yep…. the campaigns in Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya/Ukraine/Syria/Yemen etc have been such a resounding success [for the Military Industrial Establishment] why not carry on with the same playbook and target Iran this time.

    2018 may well be a new year but not a lot has changed when it comes to Washington’s foreign policy. It seems that the Wolfowitz Doctrine is still very much alive and fully operational.



    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      Even Macron, who is about as “establishment” as anyone could possibly be, sees the folly and the huge danger of Western hegemonic interference in Iran’s affairs.



      • Greg Hunter

        Russia has $ deals galore with the leadership in Iran including arms and building 2 nuke power plants.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


          There are many initiatives in place at the moment with Russia and China which will undoubtedly help to develop Iran’s infrastructure and economy….as opposed to wrecking it which is the normal MO for the Western way of handling things in the Middle East.

          This should allow Iran’s chosen mode of Government…. [to quote Pepe Escobar a “theocracy with democratic characteristics,” ] to develop and perhaps even flourish without enduring hegemonic meddling and disruption from foreign Western powers.

          From where I’m standing this seems like a very positive and responsible thing for them to do. Yes, China and Russia will benefit too but isn’t this the way the world should work….ie trade and cooperation vs perpetual war and destruction?


          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            PS Forgot to include the link;


          • Greg Hunter

            Why are you totally blind to the Iranians and their stated goal to destroy Israel? I am hoping the mullahs lose power. Oh and how would you like it if every time I commented, I wished the New Zeeland would crash and burn. New Zeeland is socialist correct? That’s a click away from communism is it not??? So you are on the side of oppression?? One party states and zero freedom. Happy to see where you are coming from.

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


              you said….
              “Oh and how would you like it if every time I commented, I wished the New Zeeland would crash and burn”
              …Where on earth did this come from?….I have no wish for any country in the world to crash and burn!!

              “New Zeeland is socialist correct? That’s a click away from communism is it not???”…..absolutely ridiculous….in fact not even worthy of a response.


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        PCR’s views on Iran happen to be very similar to mine.

        I will take the liberty of quoting from the below link:

        “Just as the Russian government comprehended that Russia could not permit Washington’s destabilization of Syria, Russia understands she cannot permit the destabilization of Iran.”

        “The leader of Turkey has aligned with Russia, declaring “obviously some people from abroad are provoking the situation.”

        “That is obvious to everyone but Americans, who are constantly lied to by “their” government and by the presstitute lie factories such as CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC.”


        • Silence is Golden

          PCR is a straight shooter. I agree with his comments.
          Propaganda & psychology used to brainwash the American citizenry.
          De-stabilization is the MO of the control freaks. Puppet governments are instrumental in carrying out the mandates of the Establishment. Importantly…. maintaining the status quo.

  61. Rick Geisler

    She is honest. She is Italian. She is a looker. She puts the bankers on notice. Definitely she is a keeper. She is hot. Good job Greg. Thank You Danielle.

  62. Tod the Canuk

    Second time posting here but never miss an interview. You do us all a great service Greg.
    It’s 2018 now and I suspect all the talk this year is going to be much like the numerous years that have passed, …. “there’s a crash coming !” We know this system is unsustainable and we know it will blow. What does it matter exactly how or when. What matters is how to get through the “reset.” I find Rickards and Lynette Zang are way out in front of the pack because they are focusing on the reset. Greg, please ask every guest in 2018 what they envision the reset to look like.

  63. smart Steele

    Intelligent woman, says it like it is. Eye-opening. Thanks for having her on as a new guest

    BTW, you really need to read this, Greg…

    • Greg Hunter

      Not so “smart”
      Michael Wolf is making crap up to sell books. In 2016 he said reporters were trying to stop Trump and he was cheering this on in USA Today. I held up the story and referred to is many times in my Wrap-Ups. This guy is a partisan dope and not much of a reporter, but he is great at propaganda!!!

  64. Flattop

    Danielle says she goes through a gallon of milk a day at her house. She must have a house full of teenagers??

  65. Justn Observer

    GREG…. Another great interview, what a way to start the year ! Wishing you and your family and the extended Watchdog family a great New Year ! Toast to truth …and seeking out the truth!

    For the viewer… a few tips for those that might not be using them… not an ad but good stuff from which to source your content for posts here on Greg’s site…so we are all better informed….there is LESS …FUD ! and More finding commonality in understanding what IS going on…rather than what ‘they’ want us to ‘think’ is going on !
    If we learn nothing more here – then what Greg is constantly to …is seeking truth and ethical journalism =fact based truth with sourcing…and less un-about everything else propaganda! Thank you and your contributors Greg…!
    Vanguard- WHO?
    “The GTRP solves this problem, and by using our proprietary Algorithms sifts through the mountains of data to find the hidden connections and relationships ——then instantaneously graphs the relationships in a link analysis diagram——which is then hyperlinked back to the source articles!”

    • Justn Observer

      The tool works on this premise:


      Isa 28:10
      For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

      In this video we walk you through some of the features and show, as an example, the Biblical Giants / Rephaim / Nephilim which are all over the Bible…
      Sign Up to use the tool for free Here:
      It is the Free option – Please share with others

  66. Flattop

    It would appear the evil one is attempting to drag our President into anything he can to stop his exposing the evil at work in our Government. It will only intensify as more and more or the lieing, cheating and deception is exposed. Pray, pray, pray for Pres Trump

  67. SharkBit

    Greg, Great interview.
    Watched you for a long time. Prize for Best Financial Interviewer/Reporter out there. Greg Hunter. Thank you. Keep it going in 2018.

  68. Marcel Fiechter

    Hello Greg, Thanks for this great interview. I’m now on steemit since 3 weeks. I’m even more convinced now. Would be great to see you there soon. I know Steemit is not a favourite of Clif High. In one way he is right about this. Steemit-Blockchain is secured with delegated proof of stake. This means the distribution is just on 100 Servers. That’s why it is fast and cheap. For a transaction-app like Bitcoin I wouldn’t trust. But for a social platform it is ok. Much better then youtube which is totaly centralized. You could earn from the beginning. Just from me you could get 10-20$ per post.

  69. Neil

    Guest suggestion: author – Susan Jacoby
    – The Age of American Unreason
    – Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism
    This might be a challenging interview but she will no doubt have an interesting perspective on current events.

  70. Ron

    Greg, This surpasses. Period. Talk about packing into a nutshell the real deal all based on real data. I’ll bet Clif High took notes hoping he could somehow repeat this and claim it came from his usual random gleamings from a multitude of word farts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Both may be correct.

      • Ron

        Absolutely. My point being that much of what Clif comes up with does not come from word searches but does come from his other research and his opinions.

        • Greg Hunter

          You don’t know that. I believe what Clif says he does, he does and he has a track record.

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