Anti-White Racism in America is Real – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the ideology fueling riots in America is “dangerous and anti-white.”  Dr. Roberts explains, “They are trying to give impunity to violence that is conducted in the name of opposing white racism.  If you want to take action against white racism, which includes all white people because, by definition, if you are white, you are a racist.  So, any violence against white racism is, therefore, tolerated because it would be illegitimate to try to stop that violence.  This is the reason the Democrats have not taken any action to prevent, quell or control the rioting, looting and burning.  Law and order is white privilege, and white privilege upholds white racism and, therefore, law and order is in the way of justice.  So, that’s the way they reason, and this kind of reasoning has been shaping up over a period of many years.  It’s part of cultural Marxism.  It’s part of identity politics, and now it’s come into its own. . . . What people don’t know because they are so brain washed is the real racism in America today is anti-white racism. It’s the whites who suffer racism.  They are the ones who are suffering the racism.”

On the economy and surging gold and silver prices, Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, says, “After many years of quantitative easing, and all the money that came out, and now after all the money that came out over Covid and ran up many trillions of dollars of additional money creation and with the economy still very bad with a lot of unemployment and lost businesses and budget deficits we are running, it’s finally dawning on a few people that they may be printing too much paper for it to be worth much.  They can’t print gold and silver.  So, maybe we should own some gold and silver.  Of course, recently, the dollar index has been falling.  The dollar is losing a bit of value relative to other paper currencies that I guess have not printed as much.  I think what you are seeing here is awareness that so much paper money has been printed for so long.  It is being printed now, and it looks like it will be printed into the future that some people are overcoming the propaganda against gold and silver.  They are saying we should have some because at least we have something they cannot print.”

Dr. Roberts says it will someday come down to one extremely difficult choice for the Fed.  Dr. Roberts contends, “The way you can measure the pressure on the dollar is rising gold and silver prices.  So, if gold and silver continue to go up and you see the dollar under pressure, at some point, the Fed is going to have to make a decision.  Do they continue to support the stock and bond market to keep financial asset prices up or do they have to let that go and allow interest rates to rise to draw people back into the dollar?  That will be a new kind of crisis.  I can’t predict when it will happen, but at some point, if the dollar becomes in danger as the world reserve currency, that goes to the heart of United States power.  That tends to prevail over other considerations.”

Dr. Roberts says, “When gold hits $2,500 to $3,000 (per ounce), the Fed will know it has a problem.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.  

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After the Interview:

 Dr. Roberts is a prolific writer on his website  It’s totally free, but you can help support Dr. Roberts with tax deductible donations by clicking here.

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  1. Beverly

    I love listening to Dr. Roberts. Thank you for having him on again. He is absolutely right about the law and order of all the black lives matter stuff going on. In Africa, you have the white farmers being pushed off their land. Their farms are being shut down and taken away by black people. This is tragic and I just hope that white farmers in Africa are treating their workers with decency and integrity. I’ve seen videos of black people processing cocoa and trees for lumber and other things and it’s appalling what the working conditions are. But, I would say that these things happen because so many big corporations are owned by elitists/deep state bankers, who don’t care about the poor or what they go through in life. They just care about their business. When the U.S. loses their currency status, this will allow the currencies of other countries to become more independent and stronger if those countries are doing the right things. The U.S. has kept a lot of these countries being subservient to the U.S. and it’s currency.

    • Diane

      Interesting interview.
      I’m not sure I believe his comment that Globalists like Soros and Gates and big corrupt corporations are not behind this violence. If they aren’t…WHO is financing these riots and protests?
      I do agree with Dr. Roberts about racism is against white people.

      • William Stanley

        Agreed. Well said!

    • William Stanley

      I agree with you: I like listening to Dr. Roberts and think he made many valid points here.
      Yet, there was something discordant in his rejection of Globalism as central to the array of issues facing America and the world.

      Allied with that was, IMO, his misguided framing of the current situation in racial (and “gender” terms). There, I think, he may be confusing tactics and symptoms with proximate causes, rather than focusing on the deeper strategies of the Globalists. He seems to have fallen into the Globalists’ trap of dividing America along racial lines . . . and this at the exact moment when many Blacks are escaping that trap. At this moment in history, Dr. Roberts’ comments in that regard were less than helpful.

      I also found unconvincing Dr. Roberts’ apparent belief that the reserve status of the dollar is the basis for US power. If anything, I think that has contributed to the hollowing out of American manufacturing and the weakening of America. Worse, “US power” has often been used by the Globalist elites here in America and elsewhere for illegitimate purposes. America’s strength ultimately lies with its ideals as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and its Constitution, not in the manipulation of the world’s monetary plumbing.

      Finally, I found myself incredulous — especially after the obvious recent manipulations of the precious metals markets — that Dr. Roberts would intimate that such may no longer be the case.

      • Beverly

        I have noticed that some of the people who have been interviewed on this program, who have also worked in high government positions, seem to go along with the status quo system they have worked with for years. I think they must see it from the angle they have worked with, with some grumblings of course. Or, maybe they have also been threatened with their lives, that if they say too much, they will end up dead, and so they can only say so much if they want to be some kind of a whistleblower.

        I also believe that globalists have been using the Federal Reserve system and the ability to print up money, to manipulate world politics for years now. I believe the U.S. has been giving money away to other socialist nations whose economies would have collapsed long ago, if it were not for the money that came from the U.S. They have to make socialism and communism appear to be successful and do-able. And, the globalist bankers have been able to use the Chinese and others for slaves to do their dirty work. The U.S. has been used and we are now in the decadence phase, that includes denial.

    • Marilyn J Grammatico

      He is right about racism against whites. It is terrible to suffer with this and have no voice. Always guilty for no reason. Worry that it will go as in south Africa where whites are murdered and tortured to death. Not interested in paying non slaves for slavery. If so then pay me for my Great grandfathers death fighting to free the slaves along with the other 100,000 white men. How much is their life worth?

      • Marilyn J Grammatico

        Hope your not deleating my comments so again I have no voice. Why aren’t blacks censored when they say some really bad things or others censored. I really didn’t say anything wrong. Maybe not on this site but people were very cruel to President Trump when his brother died-wishing him dead, laughing about it etc. I would never say anything like that because I don’t act like a low life in the 1st place but sure no freedom of speech in America is there? i hate the new America the land of the prisoner not the free. I do believe one day all the black racists will wake up and realize they are slaves too when we live in a jail cell size house, starvation etc. can’t travel anywhere-a prisoner! Also what is the matter can’t mention the truth of how many white farmers were tortured to death in Africa by blacks? Only telling the truth will set us free!

        • Greg Hunter

          This is your first comment. I don’t know what you are talking about.

        • Coalburner

          One persons opinion, Welcome here Marilyn!

          • Rick Geise

            Opinions are not all equal. Some are more qualified than others. Be especially skeptical of any opinions offered by those that are offered by someone using a pseudonym… or those by people who have to look up the word “pseudonym”.

  2. Bob

    The same forces behind BLM and Antifa are also responsible for mass immigration. Research the Kalergi Plan, Hooton Plan, Kaufman Plan, Morgenthau Plan… there are so many plans to destroy white people. Those last three plans were enacted against post war Germany, but the Kalergi Plan was the basis of the European Union. It’s founder wanted to make the white race history. The EU politicians still get awards in his name (Coudenhove-Kalergi). Merkel got one.

    Feminism was invented in the 1850s by Satanists. It is a cult of Lilith. It wants women to all be sluts and prostitutes. (Sound familiar?)

    They want the white race completely exterminated. Direct evidence is available if you look. I guess people in general just aren’t smart enough to figure it out, or they feel guilty about it.

    PCR is right, but it’s worse than what he says here. (No doubt for his own safety.)

    • JC

      Bob – Our host does not yet believe the International Jew is behind the anti-White racism and your accurate list of evils, invented or promoted by Jews. The media decried by our host is run by Jews. Christian Zionism is apparently a very strong blinder as our host is yet unable or unwilling to see what is right in front of him. Sad.

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Roberts.
    Sadly whilst we have a criminal Bolshevik army at the throats of the people of Christian faith,they are determined to destroy that which even lies on their doorstep.California’s destruction is a classic case where this elite wants it burned to the ground to save it,for them.This Bolshevik group wants you dead,not gone somewhere else,dead,see Covid-19 use in nursing homes.The Bolsheviks will follow and harry you until you are gone.The fight back has to be now and not just in this generation.Their crimes are those against humanity.
    Here in the UK ,the Bolsheviks are entrenched so our economy is in free fall for us plebs.

    • Jack

      You have no guns you guys are screwed

  4. Jack

    they can’t get the gold until they get the guns , anyway Stupid Americans own so little gold it wouldn’t be worth it, but those who own gold, owns guns , so good luck with that Paul. Yeah I’m jut gonna open my door and let the Fed goons come right in and grab my gold and my guns while they give me a forced vaccine , but then Again, I live in rural Montana , maybe Paul ought to get out of Florida. doesn’t matter who wins the presidential reality show. Trump has proved himself a traitor by going along with the virus scam which has now been exposed , he answers to the zionists . Hey Paul how about we fund the Hell’s angels to take care of the problems , they have big balls and are not afraid of anybody and are well organized . I’d like to see a bunch of them ride through Portland and see what happens. this anti- white crap is initiated by the zionists who OWN this country, and still want destroy it. if you guys think Donald Trump is the answer to all our problems you will be sorely disappointed . Biden was selected as the weakest candidate ever for a reason……… Trump will come to power under a law and order ;platform , the same way Hitler did , then we have fascism rather than communism , what’s the difference? I’m sure that you will edit out my post , but it is 100% truth , most sissy Americans can’t handle the REAL truth

    • Self Exiled

      Jack: Paul never said that he supported confiscation of gold, He only said they can and that governments in trouble often do this. Before I purchased gold in 1998 I researched US confiscation of gold: 4 times in US history it has been confiscated, not once in Canada; so my purchases were all made in Canada. Jack you are extremely threat sensitive. I understand your feelings, I’m glad you said ”most sissy” Americans. I assumed you didn’t include me. I think most Americans are disillusioned right now, and fearful; they/we have been feed so much conflicting propaganda [buxxshxx]. I’m assuming most did not come out of the type of background that you and I have. Most American’s days have been filled with work, bills, problems, and if time the [hidden agenda] news. I did not have a TV from 1967 till 1995. Unbelievable results for my children.

      • kk

        Perfect Jack !

    • Alice Brecks

      Jack, you sound like a Jack booted, Antifa thug propagandist, media-whore. A Mocking bird brainedl, self-righteous prig. The only balls you have, are goof-balls my friend. Don’t forget to vote and vote often, like a good, dirty rotten, Demonrat, that you are!

    • Freebrezer

      Oh Please !!!!

    • Freebrezer

      Jack – Hitler used his thugs to cause disorder, killings and other violent actions … they were called the ‘brown shirts’ … They were part of the NAZI organization. The disorder in America is from the left and is completely different (not via Trump!). If Trump wins, these thugs, rioter etc,. will intensify their efforts. Thus your conclusion says that Trump is going to nationalize most of the businesses in the USA (Fascism – strong regimentation of society and of the economy …) … in my mind that is way, way out there!

  5. Paul in Oz

    Greg, THANK YOU … PCR is brilliant and I would say nailed it on both racism and the economy … A must hear for evreyone!

  6. Paul ...

    Paul Craig Roberts says the Fed will know it has a problem when Gold goes to $2500 to $3000 dollars per ounce … “Every Nation in the World” is going to have a problem also as they are wildly printing their own “funny money paper currency” to keep up with what the Fed is doing to the US dollar (to further fiscal stimulus and spur consumption) … these government actions will put upward pressure on commodities like copper, nickel, etc. and produce worldwide inflation (that will drive both Gold and Silver higher) … over the short term Gold could move 50% higher (from 2000 to 3000) … but … Silver can go 5 times higher (from 30 to 150) over this same short period … Silver is now very close to decisively breaking above its old 2011-12 high … … Silver is where you want to be right now … for maximum leverage!!

    • JC

      “They” will come and take your gold and silver…

      Martin Armstrong:
      The real reason for 5G is being rolled out is not for amazing new gadgets, but for digital currency with instant payments and 100% surveillance.

      • Jack

        not to mention frying your body and mind with radiation , it’s simple , if you see a 5g tower going up, shoot it down

        • eddiemd

          Disable to the power to them. Some are being constructed with there own solar or diesel fueled power.
          Key nodes are close by fire stations, power substations, and other public services such as water pump stations. Fire stations still have VHF/UHF radio antennas in place for back up comms.
          Here in Maricopa County there are numerous radio towers on the hilltops using LOS systems. I have also noted newer and taller towers in north Phoenix. When the iPhones are shut down, the .gov will still have alternative comms.
          The question is whether anything will function after an EMP over the city or a particular region.

          From 2018.

        • Self Exiled

          Now Jack I grew up in rancher/farmer Dakota Territory, ya know back east. Carried a BB gun at eight and converted to a .22 caliber at 12. Had a horse [mean as hell]. Plowed many a furrow in prairie pasture dismounting when it was on a run away. Cured that critter, ran it into a barb wire fence while still mounted. The reason Alice Brecks says your a democrat is your antifa killer attitude. Calm down. Do you still ride fence, or use an ATV? OH, be careful what you say about Greg, I’m host sensitive and you are in his house. My territory is Hulett, Belle Fourche and Spearfish.

        • Robert

          The owners of our high rise put a 5g tower on our bldgs roof. Its not really a tower Its a big box. Sometimes I can hear a pulsing sound. Ive read the signal is a pulsed signal. The owners get paid for allowing it to be on our bldgs roof. Sure glad I don’t live on the upper floors.

          • Dr Darrel Smith

            Samsung is running Ads saying they have 5G. 5G has to have an antenna within 150 meters, it can’t pass through obstructions (even trees) so I don’t believe it has it. A box on the roof is not going to work. 5g is just like any other microwave only at higher GHz and less penetration, like 1mm. I don’t think it will be much more than debate material.

  7. John Blanchard

    Mr. Miller, “Is belief in God irrational?”

    Former CIA officer explodes on Secy Esper: ‘Get the hell out of the Pentagon’

    One of the most interesting episodes. Daring to recall Gen. Washington’s knowledge that in only God, could the Nation ever be.
    “Almighty and eternal Lord God, the great Creator of heaven and earth, and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; look down from heaven in pity and compassion upon me Thy servant, who humbly prorate myself before Thee.”
    George Washington’s prayer at Valley Forge

    Tucker uncovers new audio of CNN’s Chris Cuomo confiding in Michael Cohen
    •Premiered 109 minutes ago

    Sep 1, 2020

    • Paul ...

      “Is belief in God irrational? … The “commies” in government have tried for years to tell us Christians there is no God in Heaven … and built giant radio telescopes to prove to us “no one was out there” … but we Christians (better then all other religions knew better) … the “commies” would say things like “it is just swamp gas” … or “aliens are not coming down to artificially inseminate our women” … etc. … etc. … but we had the Virgin Mary “to prove such things were going on” … the Pope has even stated we have “brothers” in Heaven … and now under Trump the Navy is finally beginning to release films showing that “beings not of this world” do exist!! … but as also told to us by our Christian religion … “not all the beings in Heaven are good guys” … some are “very evil” (like Satan for instance) … so when dealing with these “extraterrestrials” our US Government should use the brains God gave us “to make sure we are dealing with the good guys … this is why we need to vote all the evil commies out of office this November … as these baby killing perverted commie pedophile transgender Demon-rats are Satan lovers!!

  8. Marie Joy

    I have had an interest bearing, checking account at my state (not federal) credit union, for decades. I received a letter, yesterday, telling me they have discontinued all interest bearing checking accounts. The only reason, I can see, to do this, is because they expect hyperinflation, soon. I expect to wake up, one morning, and find a loaf of bread costs $1000.

    • Tom Wigand

      I’d say they expect hyperinflation over the longer term, but in the near term negative interest rates — they’re already negative now on a real basis, but probably soon will be on a nominal one as well.

  9. Marie Joy

    VOTE, IN PERSON, if you can.

    • Jim1a

      We have early voting in our county you do in person. Very handy for people with scheduling problems. Our county clerk does an excellent job running a tight ship on all aspects of voting here. More good people need to step up and work the polls on vote days. It is essential.

    • Robert

      Were having a hard time finding workers for the polling places.

  10. Craig Bradley


    Migration out of bankrupt and politically corrupt hell holes like Chicago, ILL are by ALL racial groups, not just whites. The educated, productive, Upper Middle Class is Fleeing our large cities for their lives never to return. The tax dollars that once supported all the Democratic social spending are leaving with them, as well.×671.jpg

    To survive urban genocides, whites need to realign with like-minded folks and this means relatively secure states like Utah or Idaho in the West. Parts of the Mid-West also fit the bill like South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska, as well. Just avoid the largest cities to be safe. This social movement (previously known as “voting with your feet”) is already in-progress in Calif. has been dubbed “The Great Realignment” by the Catholic Vortex website:

    America is realigning geographically based upon common values held by segments of the population, especially the White Segments. America is disintegrating as blocks of such migrants cluster in certain regions or parts of regions. This modern day “diaspora” is about leaving large, Democrat Controlled Secular Cities and States, since these locations are where all the minorities live and where most of the deadbeats and criminals reside. Leave Sodom like Lot before you turn into a pillar of salt. Judgment is coming, in-fact, its already arrived.

    Here is a Dark Movie about Getting Whitie called “Get Out”. It was a bit ahead of its time in 2017. Now, the chickens have hatched.

  11. Clint D.

    Jeremiah 30:7 speaks of a time of Jacob’s trouble. The 12 son’s of Jacob make up Jacob today. They are the white races on the earth today. The coming of the time of Jacob’s trouble shows us that we are quickly approaching the last days before the Lord Jesus Christ returns.

  12. Jerry

    For those awake,
    This is what lyes in your future when the reset comes.

    I wish I could blow gold sunshine up your behind, but the truth is the globalist are planning on using a cloud to link your biological functions to a digital banking system courtesy of Bill Gates and DARPA. Argue all you want, but the world financial forum ( who you have no control over) will soon be making financial decisions for you. Debt and money printing causing economic collapse? That ship sailed along time ago. Why do you think the Fed is pumping money directly into the markets? They know what’s coming, and they’re simply buying time until the reset comes in January.

    If there’s one thing I agree with Stan on its this. Banks never do anything unless there’s something in it for them. The Fed is not propping up our economy because they love America. It’s all about the deals they’ve made under the table with the globalist. Who do you think will be running the biometric banking system? Certainly not you, and certainly not Donald Trump. The wheel of power that the world financial organization holds makes Deutsche bank look like a tinker toy set. They control the Bank of international settlements, the world bank, and the federal reserve bank…..and of course the world health organization.

    • Jerry

      Wake up call
      for those still living in denial.

      The new world order is not going to let the pandemic , whether fake or not, pass without accomplishing their goals of a global reset. If you don’t think the pandemic was planned I can’t help you. Research it for yourself. Clade x, Event 201, and the purple contagion exercise all show the planning by the global community for the exercise we are in right now. The bad news is this is the first stage, The second stage will come this fall. Go to the Rockefeller foundation organization and read the plans for yourself. These corporations don’t spend the time to organize these events without an end goal that serves their purpose. Count on it. Can President Trump stop it? Or is he involved with it? We’re about to find out in the next three months. Count on that to.

      • JC

        The article warns us of a “twindemic.”

        Health experts have warned that a “twindemic” could occur with the rise of the flu coupled with the coronavirus, which has sparked an urgency for people to get an influenza vaccine to prevent a flu pandemic.

        The “health experts” have spoken.
        Didn’t the “health experts” say there would be a huge outbreak of Covid after the Minneapolis riots due to the lack of “social distancing?”

      • K. Wayne

        You made this comment…..
        “Can President Trump stop it? Or is he involved with it? We’re about to find out in the next three months. Count on that too”.
        Well ….take a peak at this …
        Go to 2.15……still waiting …well give up waiting because
        at 3.35 …he lets us all hear exactly what he thinks of her….”I have a lot of respect for those two people”
        You and I know full well that its all a sideshow…entertainment…..keeping the masses distracted while they do their work.
        To answer your about whether he is involved in it….in short YES.
        Go to 5,45….”we have the military all lined up to administer the VACCINE….and they are going to do it in a very powerful manner”
        In tune with your analysis on what they want to achieve with a VACCINE….especially knowing who is involved and what materials they will include…..under Agenda 21….they are advancing their Depopulation scheme…and getting all the assistance they need. This country has adequate health workers to more than cope with a Vaccine administration…why are the Military being involved (this has nothing to do with FORCE).
        More support for determining whose side is he on….
        Go to 9.41……”we have to get the guns first”
        As for having the POWER to STOP IT…..
        Go to 16.50….the President has handed over the POWER to FEMA. POTUS is no longer in charge. The Constitution is suspended. Our Nation is now under the rule of FEMA.
        Go to 19.10……”honored to have been their President “(past tense)
        We know that Trump is not in control anymore….
        Go to 20.05 ……Pompeo says….”we are in a LIVE EXERCISE”…..Trump responds with “you should have LET US KNOW”
        FEMA is in control now…..because of the National Emergency being declared.
        Jerry, stop using words and phrases that cast doubt about what is front and center.
        Call a spade a spade. It is what it is…..and its in plain sight. They aren’t hiding it anymore. Trump is not the answer. He is acting for them. He is the ultimate Trojan Horse.

        • Dr Darrel Smith

          These Executive orders were written in ’73 and were to give organization to the country in he case of a nuclear attack. When a disaster of that magnitude strikes an organized plan needs to be in place rather than trying to develop one after the event. There would be too much chaos for rational thoughts and in the event the leaders were not available. Yes it changes power structures but would need to be to restore order.

    • Blather

      Yes, true. They want to BLOT out white men (Ten Lost Tribes) off the face of the earth. It also says that in your Bible specifically:

      They carefully plot against your people, and make plans to harm the ones you cherish. (Ps 83:3)
      They say, “Come on, let’s annihilate them so they are no longer a nation! Then the name of Israel will be remembered no more.” (Ps 83:4)

      • Dr Darrel Smith

        The problem we have with racism probably would not be there if the likes of Sharpton and Jackson were not putting it in the minds of blacks. If the black population had been allowed to join the American population they would have felt like they belonged..

        We have always caused our division by creating a system that caused the races t0 identify themselves by their race instead of being just Americans. Every form you fill out makes you identify yourself as a certain race and gender at the very beginning of the form.

        When the hyphenated American came into existence then it made it easier for the race dividers to do their work. The use of the identification of blacks as African American and black American (same for Asians, etc.), causes people to feel they don’t belong. No one in America should be identified by anything but American, after they have citizenship.

        That was the meaning of the melting pot, everyone became one, an AMERICAN, they could then have their own pride.
        This has been our failure all along.

    • Tee Hassell

      Thankyou Clint if this country would only turn back to God and that is the God of all of us and also of the old and new testament

  13. Self Exiled

    deracinate[ dih-ras-uh-neyt ]-
    verb (used with object), de·rac·i·nat·ed, de·rac·i·nat·ing.
    to pull up by the roots; uproot; extirpate; eradicate.
    to isolate or alienate (a person) from a native or customary culture or environment.

  14. Solomon

    I was about to send you a message to recommend that PCR return for another interview. Thank you. PCR is spot on. My personal experiences are but one of thousands of examples that support PCR’s truthful declarations.
    I have worked for a very large corporation within the USA for over 30 years. For years I have witnessed my once loved company become ever increasingly socialist, gyocentric, effeminate, and continually harping on diversity & inclusion bovine scat and lies. Myself along with all the older 55+ ‘whites’ males (and some older white females) are being forced to ‘voluntarily separate’ from the company or be RIFFED or fired. Most older males of Western European decent are deemed oppressive and domineering even though they built, maintained, grew, and greatly profited the company. I am one of them who will very soon be ‘separated and retired’ for the common good. The president of the company is a lesbian and the ‘human resources’ departments are run by feminist, misandry ‘femi-nazis’, or effeminate males. With matching donation the upper management of my company actively supports BLM and Antifa. Sensitivity classes and online presentation in support of ‘diversity & inclusion’ are mandatory and pledges must be made or you will be fired for discrimination. ANY commentaries or opinions in opposition to socialism, BLM, or Antifa will get you fired for discrimination. If you are not young, female, an effeminate or homosexual male, Jewish, and/or a H1B immigrant, then you are discriminated against, no longer wanted, and gradually being forced out. “Diversity & Inclusion” is nothing more than cultural Marxism and a made up code phrase for active discrimination against older white males. Madness and evil is ruining this country.

    • David Krenshaw

      Sol, could not have said it better myself. You are spot on.

    • Self Exiled

      Solomon: your name befits your post. I too think PCR should be given a return interview. I would love to interview him from the premises of Greg’s interview. I would slowly go from where Greg left off and let the cart roll down the hill and see where it ends up. When interviewing a prospective worker/helper or needed technical advice I would just: after abit, let them volunteer thoughts/ideas and let them go on until they concluded. I knew more than if I would pry.

  15. A. E Jones. JR

    If you really want to understand what is going on in our country today and see how it all began please read a recent publication of a biography titled “U.S. Grant” life and legacy. It is new and came out in the last 5 years or so. It is a scholarly book and a must read. General/President U.S. Grant (1868-1876) is the source of all our political problems today. Grant master mined post Civil War Reconstruction and created the legal/political system killing this country today. In brief, the slaves were freed which created a majority of blacks in many Southern states and when they got the right to vote trouble erupted. The freemen along with white Republicans with their majority vote took over the Southern governments and created a mess and in response we had a war of terror to keep the blacks and Republicans from voting. It was a blood bath when the white militias terrorized the blacks & Republicans to keep them from voting. There were no police to protect them and the only control came from the local militias and Federal troops. Grant was the black’s protector. When Grant left office in 1876, he stated that all those people that died in the Civil War died for nothing because by 1876, the Democrats were back in power with more power than ever and the only thing the Civil War accomplish was to end slavery and create serfdom for the blacks. Grant said this could have all been avoided if there had been some way to suppress black voting power at the time like the 3-5 rule in the Constitution. Get the book, it is a lesson in American political/economic history. In Grant’s defense, he was a hard money man and professed the gold standard. Worked to end the public debt to protect the soundness of the money and end the green back currency.
    My point is-people need to know where we could be headed and why because if history is an example, when the militias have had enough of what is going right now things can really get ugly. No police=militia. It’s one or the other.
    In 1967, Dr Paul Graig Roberts was my professor in a class on Soviet Economics. He hasn’t changed a bit in over 50 years. The most memorable professor I ever had because of his intellectual character. He tells it like it is.

    • Diane

      Interesting post A .E.J

  16. Self Exiled

    It is all very simple when someone with an experiential long term view sorts it all out. Thank You Greg. He is one of the Walter Cronkite’s. Never heard the term raciated before. I do miss the World War II generation and their fathers perspective on societal and world events. It is so easy to get caught up in the now. It’s difficult with his vast experiential background and knowledge base to capture all he could enlighten us with. It would require a second session to get him to reflect on his possible views/ projections of the future ramifications/results that could come out of his observations. Again Thank You. As they say hear Salamat.

  17. roger stamper

    tks for post

  18. Self Exiled

    ”During his term as Assistant Treasury Secretary he was a driver behind the economic policy of the first term of the Reagan administration and was lauded as the “economic conscience of Ronald Reagan” Roberts’ concern about U.S. budget deficits led him into conflict with other Reagan-era officials such as Martin Feldstein and David Stockman. Roberts resigned in February 1982 to return to academia” and his concern was proven correct. Your content of the interview was proof. ” How long can they keep printing.?” I would have made this an admin to my previous post but my posting is not working as in its original format.

    • JC

      SE, has anyone else noticed that for weeks now, comments don’t stay visible with “your comment is awaiting moderation?”

  19. A. E Jones. JR

    If you really want to understand what is going on in our country today and see how it all began please read a recent publication of a biography titled “U.S. Grant” life and legacy. It is new and came out in the last 5 years or so. It is a scholarly book and a must read. General/President U.S. Grant (1868-1876) is the source of all our political problems today. Grant master mined post Civil War Reconstruction and created the legal/political system killing this country today. One of his first actions as president was to try to purchase the Dominican Republic and to annex Cuba to relocate the freed slaves. That didn’t work due to a Senator from Mass. In brief as a result the slaves were freed in place which created a majority of blacks in many Southern states and when they got the right to vote trouble erupted. The freemen along with white Republicans with their majority vote took over the Southern governments and created a mess and in response we had a war of terror to keep the blacks and Republicans from voting. It was a blood bath when the white militias terrorized the blacks & Republicans to keep them from voting. There were no police to protect them and the only control came from the local militias and Federal troops. Grant was the black’s protector. When Grant left office in 1876, he stated that all those people who died in the Civil War died for nothing because by 1876, the Democrats were back in power with more power than ever and the only thing the Civil War accomplish was to end slavery and create serfdom for the blacks. Grant said this could have all been avoided if there had been some way to suppress black voting power at the time like the 3-5 rule in the Constitution. Get the book, it is a lesson in American political/economic history. In Grant’s defense, he was a hard money man and professed the gold standard. Worked to end the public debt to protect the soundness of the money and end the green back currency.
    My point is-people need to know where we could be headed and why because if history is an example, when the militias have had enough of what is going right now things can really get ugly. No police=militia. It’s one or the other.
    In 1967, Dr Paul Craig Roberts was my professor in a class on Soviet Economics. He hasn’t changed a bit in over 50 years. The most memorable professor I ever had because of his intellectual character. He tells it like it is.

  20. Jo

    St. Paul told us who is the enemy of all mankind. I think he would have known since he had come from that group. There was only one Church able, for two thousand years, to keep this beast and its earthly minions at bay. Unfortunately, that Church was infiltrated and subverted several hundred years ago. Unless something is done to restore it, society will continue to decay.
    It’s too bad Dr. Roberts misses the mark, insisting this is an “anti-white” agenda. It is no such thing. It is an anti human agenda, and Christian civilization stood in its way. Those running the agenda hide behind ‘whiteness’ because it is expedient and perfect cover. They have used ‘people of color’ as their proxy warriors for centuries. They were the ones who ran the African slave trade. Read “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by Dr. E. Michael Jones. Unless the enemy is actually identified there is no of winning this war.

  21. Russ 2

    Great interview Greg, It should be on ZH before the day is out.

    PCR’s analysis of what is happening is spot on. Then he uses words we should have in our vocabulary to describe it. I had to look up Deracinated, but it’s exactly right…
    Deracinated: verb (used with object), de·rac·i·nat·ed, de·rac·i·nat·ing.
    to pull up by the roots; uproot; extirpate; eradicate.
    to isolate or alienate (a person) from a native or customary culture or environment.

    Great word, now I have a word to describe why we are seeing white mayors rolling over and allowing their cities to burn. Hypocrites — they let it burn until the rioters get to the street where they live and then reality sets in. There should be a lot of new R mayors following November 3rd.

  22. Self Exiled

    No one I know in my family in the US has had Covid. I can think of possibly two people in Numancia that have had it, elderly couple and they did not report it but took turns staying out of public view while they had it. Never went to doctors. Probably could not afford, they run a small dirt floor store nearby.

  23. Joe Lalonde

    In Canada, we have an economic and political mess from our politicians wanting to control everything.
    They want kids back in schools in September and have just released massive amount of money trying to jamb the kids back in before anything is fixed.
    They have hundreds of thousands of job openings to fill and not many people qualified to fill them as they need government approved training and certification which means they need schools to open to train these people.
    The government expects every to be fixed and ready in a couple weeks.
    They also have many long term contracts that did not take into account of extra work caused by this Pandemic and expect the workers to add this to their work load with the massive amounts of extra cleaning and safety concerns.

  24. Marie Joy

    If a little white cloud came down and ate ALL bankers, would this all end?

  25. Self Exiled

    ”This is the future. The eventual goal of the LGBT movement seems to be, as we know from its actions, to eventually restore the conditions of ancient pagan civilization such that the world which Christ came to destroy will largely be allowed to return. This was discussed in the Bible, with the return of the Son of Man when the world is in a state that it was during the days of Noah.”

  26. Self Exiled

    ”India’s economy contracts by 24%, worst in at least 24 years”

  27. john duffy

    Michael J. Matt takes a look at good news and bad:

  28. Mike

    When I worked in a corporation the big push by elites was diversity training. Nobody could understand what benefit would come to the corporation but they were the boss and the employees were paid to be indoctrinated. The indoctrination against being white could be shut down if the legal system was functional but I can understand people who want to keep their job going along with the nonsense. The most important thing that must be done is a restoration of the rule of law especially for the elites that have floated above the law.

  29. Diane

    If Gates, Soros and elite globalist corporations are not behind the financing of the pandemic…and rioting….then who is ?

  30. Diane

    If Gates, Soros and the elite Globalists are not financing this Covid 19 and riots….then who is?
    It is to their benefit to destroy America.

  31. Diane

    Who is financing the riots and Covid 19?

  32. Stan

    Paul: Looks like Gold is choking. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold is “choking” from the man shorting it since 1,200.

    • JC

      Stan, are you still in Vegas? I doubt it. You said you would mail a postcard to Greg when you were leaving Wynn Resorts. Did you?

      • Stan

        JC: Yep, I mailed the postcard. BTW, Vegas was a blast! $$$$

        • Greg Hunter

          I did not get it.

          • Stan

            Greg: Give it a few days

    • Russ F

      Nice pullback before the next move higher.
      Not sure what tea leaves you are reading.
      You need to switch brands.

    • Paul ...

      What gold chart are you looking at Stan? … my chart ( shows gold in a rising trend!!

      • Paul ...

        Stan … Gold Investing 101: The simple way to buy Gold (using your God given brains) is to save some “allocated cash” (fake Fed Dollars) in a cookie jar until the Fast STO indicator in the gold chart above shows a reading below 20 … that’s when you buy “real money” (Gold) with the phony fake Fed fiat dollars saved in your cookie jar … and that’s also when you are supposed to cover your gold short positions!!

  33. Diane

    Who is financing all these riots and the pandemic?

    • JC


      • Stan

        JC: Ask Jerry

      • Self Exiled

        I doubt it. Stan says I need help, but he never follows thru on anything.

    • Gary C

      Dianne, it usually starts in smaller countries, with democracies , then moves up the food chain, Canada, England, etc, 5G cellular will be part of it, re five eyes of which the USA
      is part of.

  34. Darin

    The anti-white racism thing is not new. Lookup a guy named Colin Flaherty. He wrote a book about 8 years ago titled “white girl bleed a lot” that has been sold out for some time. Fortunately he published on lulu so it’s still available. But point is he recorded the phenomenon that long ago…

  35. Jim

    If police protection is “white privilege” this must explain why the rioters are preferentially burning down black neighborhoods and black owned businesses.

    • Paul ...

      Could it be the white BLM rioters burning down the black neighborhoods and businesses are in actuality Klu Klux Klan members who infiltrated the movement? … would it not make more sense to go after the people actually burning down black neighborhoods then to hit some “innocent white person” with a brick??

      • Paul ...

        If blacks want to stop the “white people” destroying their lives … they should be shooting the white people who infiltrated the BLM movement and are throwing fire bombs into their stores and burning down their neighborhoods … and not shoot some innocent 6 year old white kid in the head while riding his bicycle!!

      • JC

        Is this the “innocent white person” you are talking about?

        • Paul ...

          That immoral white piece of shit who hit a fellow human being in the head with a brick is cursed and doomed to the fires of Hell for all eternity … this commie pervert killer will probably run for office in a few years … and Satan loving Demon-rat voters … will overwhelmingly elect him Governor … as he has the screwed up mind needed to give orders to kill babies and sell their organs … or send Corona infected people to nursing homes the way Cuomo and other Demon-rat commie perverts do now!!

          • JC

            The guy with the brick is not white.

  36. Alice Brecks

    I live in ground zero, Detroit and don’t know a soul!

    • Randy Best

      Yes, Detroit is ground zero. If you want to see the future of America, follow what has happed in Detroit.

  37. Bonnie Grainger

    Thailand’s shocker to China, no Kra Canal any more
    •Sep 2, 2020
    China has literally pissed off every single neighbor now. This is not a winning strategy, but the first step to a crushing defeat
    Now that the Quad has shown unity in taking action against China, countries like Thailand are beginning to show courage in cutting their dependence on China. More and more countries are bound to follow in rejecting China
    This is best source of international politics

  38. Chaz

    Pinned Tweet

    Chasten Buttigieg
    Thirteen years ago I wrote my mom a letter telling her I was gay. Then I packed my bags and I ran. Today, she brought me champagne for lunch and we laughed, hugged, and celebrated the release of a book, a story, and a life I thought I’d never live to see.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know why this is relevant but I will post it.

    • Paul ...

      We need more perverts to come out of the closet so we’ll know who they are when the clean-up begins!!

  39. Lake M

    A cheaper dollar could make US exports more attractive, more competitive in global markets. Would not this be a positive for the rebuilding of US manufacturing capability?
    Not good for US workers though as they would have to compete with their global counterparts along with technological revolutions coming soon.

    Unfortunately, most large players in the western world’s economy are investing in advanced technology instead of workers well being. A robot is designed to replace human labor. The robot equipped with AI is even more sought after. an example can be found in the banking sector. If money gets digitized, the industry will be transformed as many workers will become obsolete.

  40. Marc

    Physical silver in your possession…”cream always rises to the top”. You want a roadmap to the future? Then study history of fiat vs. sound money. It’s quite simple.

  41. Bloomin Onion

    Antifa Member Sentenced to Nearly Six Years in Prison for Violent Assault…
    Glad it wasn’t a statue:10 years!

  42. Brook STREAM

    Trump’s Reelection Odds Rising Amid Protests, JPMorgan Says
    By Emel Akan September 2, 2020

  43. eddiemd

    Antiwhite racism. Antisemitism also.

    Remember the MSM can turn you into a white man at anytime even you are not, ask the latino man who killed Trayvon Martin in Florida.

    On a side note…the US military can simulate a EMP like attack at any time taking out GPS and comms.

    • JC

      Very sad news for NY Mets fans.

      Tom Seaver, greatest Met ever, dead at 75

      • JC

        1969 Mets Reunite To Support Tom Seaver

        • eddiemd

          I remember going to my first Mets game in 1975 at Shea stadium. I still have the yearbook from when I went to that game with Tom Seaver on the cover.

          We drove a motorhome with 6 kids and a dog from Phoenix to Brooklyn for my grandparents 50th anniversary. That was a good trip.
          I played stickball for the first time on a playground in Brooklyn with my cousins.

          Every kid wanted to be like Tom Seaver back in the early 70’s.

  44. Brian Alka Seltzer

    Mike Pence dismisses rumors about Trump’s health in Fox News exclusive
    •Premiered 19 hours ago

    CNN’s Brian Stelter Gets BRUTALLY ROASTED By CSPAN Callers Over Network’s Biased News Coverage
    63,938 views•Sep 2, 2020

  45. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    We live in the Connecticut suburbs of NYC, and I can confirm that property values here are increasing dramatically. The reasons are obvious since they are reported by the buyers themselves.
    What is not so obvious is the motivation or motivations of Mayor De Blasio when he creates conditions which induce wealthy New Yorkers to flee his city in droves and thus decimate its tax base. He obviously is not stupid or senile, although his actions seem calculated to ensure his electoral defeat. It would seem he is acting under orders from an undisclosed principal.
    But who would want to destroy NYC and many more of our other cities at the same time, and what would be their motivation? Answers to the second question might shed light on possible answers to the first.
    Our cities are transportation hubs. Highways and railways pass through them or nearby. In the case of NYC, they pass through. Many airports are located there. NYC has a large international airport and a very busy national airport. They are also communication hubs both for data and telephone services, especially internationally. They will continue to provide offices, especially for organizations that require international travel. It will not be easy to dispense with the essential services afforded by large cities.
    The effect of destroying the government of a city like NYC would be either to (1) destroy all of these essential services (such as security), or (2) require the imposition of a new government or a private service or services to provide what the destroyed government had afforded previously.
    So, whoever is pulling De Blasio’s strings and those of other big city mayors, wants either to destroy their cities or take them over. The latter would be a convenient way to mount an invasion or otherwise bring our country to her knees.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s hope they all don’t keep voting Democrat.

    • Paul ...

      Gene … Trump is beginning the process to de-fund these baby killing perverted commie pedophile transgender Demon-rats who love Satan …

      • Gene

        I’ve long believed that the Democrat Party is firmly under the control of satanists. After all, they solidly support the satanic sacrament of abortion.
        My prayer today is, “Dear God, please let these elections be in accordance with your Will.” My prayer group now meets and prays daily because of the seriousness of these times and always includes this intention.
        Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ!

  46. Rodster

    For those that believe the Covid 19 scam is real, here are some numbers:

    “Unreported CDC numbers: Only 6 percent of 153,504 virus deaths were solely from covid“

    • Madame X

      Might I remind all of you white “Christian” fellows, that up until fifty years ago, the birth of a baby was marked with the first breath taken (breath of God) … this was the beginning of life. Imagine if God, after fashioning Adam out of the dust of the earth, had given up, and thrown the lifeless figure Of Adam to the ground. Would God have been guilty of murder?! No….absolutely not. Life begins with the breath of the Lord. Did you know that cells from a human heart in a laboratory petri dish also pulsate? Is that Life? Or is it the breath of God (first intake of air by a child) that marks the beginning of human life. Thank about this long and hard, if you dare call yourself a Christian. And stop picking on poor teenage girls, who after being overcome by their date in the backseat of a car, choose to have an abortion….

      • Greg Hunter

        You do NOT know what you are talking about. This is NOT interpretation of when life begins. You are spreading’s lies, but that’s what paid Democrat trolls do.

        Jeremiah 1:4-5 4The word of the LORD came to me, saying, 5″Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

        Psalm 139:13 13For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.


        • Madame X

          See my response to Eddie. Just because someone has a different opinion from yours, does not make them a troll. Please be professional and civil to those holding different opinions/beliefs.
          The belief that life begins at birth, with the intake of the breath/spirit of God, is an ancient, longstanding belief in the Judeo-Christian world, beginning with the creation of Adam and Eve, in the first book of the Torah (and later, the Bible), the book of Genesis.

          • Greg Hunter

            Just wrong and you are no Christian.

      • eddiemd

        Life begins at conception. Read your Bible.

        Jesus Christ can forgive you even when you have had an abortion. Seek Him while there is time. He loves you. He will restore what the locust has eaten.

        His grace be upon you that you may know Him who is the Deliverer. He came to set the captives free. He will set you free from the Law of sin and death.

        • Madame X

          Tell me exactly where it says in the bible tgat life begins at conception, eddie. And I’ve never had an abortion, eddie. I am a Christian, however. The decision to have an abortion is not taken by women/girls lightly…it leaves emotional scars. But when a father, brother, stranger, etc rapes a girl, or when the mother’s life is at risk, it is her right to decide…not yours. Patriarchy is the old way passing by…very Old Testament. But the New Testament calls us into relation to Jesus Christ, and as the apostle Paul tells us in Galatians 3:28, (NIV): “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Please respect the decision of the participants involved in the sad choice of abortion. It is up to the pregnant woman and her doctor to decide what to do with her body…it is not the right of society at large to participate in that decision. I still stand by the longstanding belief that life begins at birth, with the first breath (breath of God entering in, as with Adam and Eve).

          • eddiemd

            You are not a Christian. Just by what you have written. You can continue to worship your false god. Is it Molech or Baal?

            You are a false teacher. You discard the teachings of the Old Testament. All Scripture is given to man. Not just the New Testament.

            Believe what delusion that you want to believe. Your eternity will be in jeopardy. You can believe the lies and deception. That is your choice.

            You forget that the Holy Spirit stirred in the womb of Elisabeth when she heard salutation of Mary. John the Baptist was alive in the womb. Life begins at conception.

            Luke 1:
            39 And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill country with haste, into a city of Juda;

            40 And entered into the house of Zacharias, and saluted Elisabeth.

            41 And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:

            42 And she spake out with a loud voice, and said, Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.

            43 And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?

            44 For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy.

            Read your Bible. There is still mercy for you.

        • Madame X

          I’ve never had an abortion, eddie. But I’m a Christian. Abortions are a delicate decision made between a woman and her doctor. The government has no right to be involved in that decision. Life begins at birth, the the intake of the the first breat, the spirit of God. So it was with Adam and Eve, and with every human life since.

          • eddiemd

            You need to repent and seek mercy. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only one that can set you free. He is your deliverer.

            The most rabid defenders of abortion are those who have had abortions. They try to rationalize their decision somehow. You try to defend the rationale that life begins at delivery. You are frankly wrong. I have delivered many infants, worked in the NICU, and have witnessed a single abortion as a medical student. I only needed to witness one to recognize that it is an abomination.

            You will have to defend that in front of Jesus Christ someday. He is your Judge. Not me. He knows the truth. Only He can set you free. He knows everything about you, your thoughts, your life, …everything. Nothing is hidden from Him.

  47. Robert

    I live in senior housing. We had no direct cases or deaths. One caretaker non resident did test positive and one resident who had a stroke and went to another elderly care facility was said to have got COVID19 and died at that facility. A friend works in an assisted care facility. Nobody has died of COVID19 in her facility nor has she told me of any cases. I’ve heard stories from other people about someone they knew that had it, but definitely not anyone I know personally. So where are all the deaths coming from?

    PS- there’s never been a successful corona vaccine ever, but now the CDC is telling states to prepare for as early as late October for the distribution of the first doses to first responder types.

    How is it this time they could come up with a vaccine in less than a year for a disease that for 50 years They never had a successful one? Doesn’t make sense. The only way it makes sense is if this COVID19 was fabricated in a lab and at the same time the vaccine cure was also created . I hope there’s a huge rebellion against any mandated vaccine. I do not trust Fauci or Moderna. Moderna has never brought any product to market. Very strange.

  48. tim mcgraw

    I used to like Dr. Roberts, but no longer. He’s a big government guy who believes in tariffs (taxes). He’s no Libertarian. Look at his den. Flags, awards in frames,… Dr. Roberts is not one of us.
    Racism is the work of the Devil. Anyone who spouts its name is not doing us any good.
    Good-bye Dr. Roberts.

  49. Self Exiled

    This would generally be off topic as of and posted as is: on the contrary, it is symbolic of a country that allows it’s citizens the rights and privileges of being a creative entity. We as a people are creative because HE is and we are created in HIS image. Never has a country allowed, motivated, or given permission to the individual heart of man to be so. The US was based on the premise of being created in HIS image. As they say “Only in America”.


  50. Self Exiled

    Trump Orders Feds To Begin Process Of Defunding New York, Portland And Other “Lawless” Cities

  51. Jerry

    There it is.

    It’s decision time. The WHO wrote the song “ we won’t get fooled again”. At least not me. Native Americans took small pox infected blankets from the Jesuit’s to stay warm with on their way to glorified FEMA camps called reservations, and we see how that worked out.

    By some miracle there will be a vaccine to wipe out the coronavirus
    by November. Let’s take a quiz. How many strains of the coronavirus are there? Hindra? Nippa? . That’s just two that I know about . According to FEMA insiders there are at least thirteen different strain of the coronavirus, ravaging our country, and somehow they’ve magically come up with a vaccine in the nick of time. You’ve got a decision to make. What will you do?

  52. lightning


    This article links the Rockefeller Foundation to Mitt Romney, The Clinton Foundation, Marvel, HRH (The Queen), Comey , Silicon Valley etc..

    Here is the influence one organization can have to align seemingly unconnected and disparate organizations and individuals to BLM/Antifa and the Marxist cause.

  53. Marie Joy

    Train up
    Stock up
    Ammo up
    Courage up
    Prayer up

  54. Big Daddy

    Reverse racism is what I call it and its alive and well.
    As for gold confiscation, not gonna happen. If you you have pre 1964 silver or eagles even buffaloes, the US Treasury printed and sold those to the public. Making them unlawful would make the Treasury of the United States of America a mass criminal and it would be easy to prove in court. Also, it is in the Constitution that silver is the ONLY thing approved for debts to be settled in the US. Again, a slam ass dunk to prove. While in court, discovery will show how criminal the FED is and hoe it is a chain of foreign banks. So PLEASE try it!

  55. Kanaka Tanaka

    I agree with Tim McGraw. I, too, used to like Paul Craig Roberts. But his views are turning hardcore racist and he offers no solutions on helping the middles and working classes.

  56. Gus

    It’s getting late in the cycle of democracy in America.

    In 1787 Alexander Tyler a Scottish history professor, had this to say

    about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2000 years prior: “A democracy

    can not exist as a permanent form of government. It can exist only until the

    voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public

    treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates

    promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that

    every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, always

    followed by dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest

    civilisations has been about 200 years. These nations always progressed

    through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith – from spiritual faith

    to great courage – from courage to liberty – from liberty to abundance- from

    abundance to selfishness- from selfishness to complacency – from complacency

    to apathy- from apathy to dependency from dependency back into bondage. “

  57. J.

    There is racism that exists in ALL races. No one race has a monopoly on racism or sexism or any other “ism”. Only cunning propagandists use dialectic reasoning to divide and conquer. I am not saying that is true of Dr. Roberts, of whom I am an admirer. I am sure that he would agree with me. His point is how the cultural Marxists always exploit divisions among groups to their advantage and agenda which is absolute power and control, and the masses fall right into their trap every time.

  58. Billy Bob

    He’s a sharp, old dude. I like the way he represents my demographic.

  59. ken

    The CDC has announced that only 6% of the Corona death total was caused by Corona. That is about 9200. The others had 2 to 4 life threatening conditions and were ‘tested’ with Corona.

    The NYT has an article stating 90% of the positive tests contained so little of the alleged virus that they could not get sick or pass it on.

    So, here’s my question. Why is everyone still carrying on like we’re dealing with the plague when the numbers show deaths are at the flu level and the tests are completely useless?

    It is obvious we are being scammed. Americans apparently like being scammed or the masks would have come off and the social distancing signs would have been taken down as soon as the CDC information and NYT article hit the street.

    You could try to interview someone like Bill Sardi or Jon Rappoport to give your viewers a little depth into this govt con.

    As for PCR,,, he dislikes libertarians. From a PCR article written April 29 2020 ” The Real Economic Problem Is Not The Closedown” where he states:
    ” If you are a libertarian, you oppose the closedown because it interferes with your freedom and keeps useless old people alive who cost you payroll tax dollars”

    In otherwords,,, PCR was/is FOR the lockdowns that has destroyed the economy” He continues:
    “The danger in the shouting and finger-pointing is that a sick economy will be blamed on the closedown, not on the debt burden. ”

    Yes the economy was sick before the lockdown (notice he uses Closedown) but there was no need to murder it, put millions out of work and thousands of businesses shuttering,,, and still are!


    • paul jr.

      Just to make what you said clear since some people are getting it wrong and saying only 9200 people died of COVID while the others really died from their underlying health condition. The fact is the CDC said that 6% of COVID deaths were due to COIVID alone. The other 94% also died due to COVID but they also had underlying health conditions. They all still died due to COVID just like all those who died of the seasonal flu died of the flu even though most were older and had underlying health conditions.

      • Paul ...

        Jr. … Your logic is flawed … if someone dies of old age … they should not be counted as a Corona virus victim just because a post mortem test showed the old person had Corona anti-bodies in their blood!!

        • paul jr.

          What proof do you have that they all died of old age? Answer is none.

  60. helot

    “Just to make what you said clear since some people are getting it wrong…” – paul jr.

    Whew, for a minute there I thought your regurgitation of the same talking points from a Yahoo news article and other mainstream trustworthy news-conglomerate websites saying the exact same things was going over the tops of most people’s heads.

    • paul jr.

      No. Just wanted to make sure some people do not believe idiots in the ALT media who are using this data to state false conclusions. Is that OK with you?

  61. ken norberg

    I would like to send you a copy of the original Executive Order issued April 5 1933.
    All persons are required to deliver
    On or before May 1, 1933
    All gold coin, Gold Bullion,and Gold Certificates now owned by them to a federal reserve bank,branch or agency, or to any member bank of the federal reserve system.
    Criminal penalties for violation of executive order
    10,000 fine or 10 years imprisonment,or both as provided in section 9 of the order.
    Franklin Roosevelt
    My grandfather got it from the KCMO post office in 1933, this is the one every postmaster was required to post in a conspicuous place.
    The actual verbiage is very interesting to say the least! As they say the devil is in the details.
    Do you have a PO box to send it to?


    • Greg Hunter

      Love to see it Ken.

      Scroll down to almost the bottom of the text. Thanks man!!

  62. Beverly

    Mr. Miller,
    Nobody in my family has died of Covid. My brother may have gotten the nasty germ they call “Covid,” because he did have trouble with a cough that wouldn’t end, starting in about February or so. It turned into a bronchitis type condition, which he treated at home. He has had good success by using ground up comfrey, put in capsules. I know someone, who about 3 days after having that nose test thing stuck up their nose, got sick with the virus. I believe the test gave him the sickness. He used a nebulizer with colloidal silver in it, and in 3-5 days he was better. If people treat the symptoms right when they start to come on, with a nebulizer and colloidal silver and also the cortizone liquid called budesinine(generic for Pulmiscort), then they can heal themselves. Fresh garlic works wonders. I highly recommend a book called Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Home Health Care. This book teaches you about natural remedies and why your body does certain things and how to treat the problems with herbs. It’s a great book for home reading and wedding gifts especially or new mothers.

  63. Dr Darrel L Smith

    I think recently, Aug 2-4, there was news the military would be testing the vaccine. I remember in the ’60’s they tested a vaccine for the flu. We were in ranks outside of tents to march through to get the vaccine.

    We were a couple of companies back and a company of Filipino’s were coming out of the other side and started having anaphylactic shock and some died. The turned us around and stopped the procedures.

    Hope they have figured it out. I think this occurred because the virus was grown on chicken eggs and they changed to duck eggs.

  64. jochen knaebel


  65. Clinton

    PCR has good credentials and 95% good info., but when he says he does not believe BLM/ANTIFA riots are not Marxist driven, then it is clear he really is a Fifth Columnist. How can we be expected as intelligent people to believe he is a genuine conservative with the best interest of the American people at heart, when it is clearly and openly stated on the BLM website that they are Marxists advocating the communist/socialist takedown of the USA. This is how real Fifth Columnists work. They give you mostly good info. which lines up with your confirmation bias, then they slip in that one tidbit of info. which undermines it all. It’s how Marxists suck in intelligent people to make excuse for their subversive behavior. He’s made similar excuses in past interviews for the bankers and politicians. Trying to get us to believe it wasn’t by design, they just used bad judgments and made mistakes. FU PCR. You and Michael Savage would make good bedfellows. You are a master of the art of Cognitive Dissonance. You are a Communist sympathizer and a traitor to the White Race! You are NOT an American patriot as you would have us all believe!

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