Assange Arrested, Deep State, Dems and MSM Panic, Gold Shining

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 379 4.12.19)

After seven long years of hiding out at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Wikileaks cofounder Julian Assange was arrested and will be turned over to America. The DOJ has charged him with conspiracy to commit computer hacking. To some, he is a bad guy that was involved in the biggest release of classified information in U.S. history. To others, he is a stone cold hero that risked it all to inform the public.

The Deep State and Democrats are hitting the panic button because the Trump hammer of justice is about to play whack a mole with the lives of people in the Obama Administration that failed at a treasonous coup of a duly elected President. The mainstream media was also involved heavily with the “witch hunt.” The MSM offers as its only defense claims that the charges are “fact-less.” The newly installed Attorney General William Barr says that Trump, his campaign and his Administration were spied on by the government. Trump says dirty cops “committed treason in an attempted coup.”

Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow thinks “interest rates may never rise again in his lifetime.” Is there any wonder why China continues to buy gold every month for the last four months, and Italy wants full control of its gold from the European Central Bank? Gold is shining.

Join Greg Hunter from as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Top trends researcher Gerald Celente is now the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. Uncommon sense

    Neo – yes, oil and silver price are both effected by the economy. As you say, once the oil price spikes this hurts the economy and the resulting lack of demand brings down the price of oil. However, unlike oil silver can be used as a store of value. So in the event of the silver price skyrocketing, investor demand could more than replace industrial silver demand if the economy turned down. Much silver is also mined as a byproduct of base metals. So if the economy slumped less silver would be mined.

    • Colateral Damage

      Jussie Smollett fakes and then lies about a Hate Crime and gets off Scot Free.

      Julian A, prints the Truth and is imprisoned.

      What a world we live in.

      • kk

        Assange arrested. Hitlery, Podesta, Clapper, and the rest of the true criminals are all free. Trump says he “doesn’t know anything about Wikileaks”. I used to believe in Trump too, but you have to look past the theatre and admit that he’s a Trojan Horse. I don’t want that to be true, but I have eyes to see and, as a wise person once said to me:”Either you acknowledge the truth and work from there, or deny the truth and it will automatically work against you”. Rule of law in our country is, sadly, dead.—-

        • K. Wayne

          Justice has prevailed…..
          At least in the Eyes of the Luciferian Elitists.
          Next Stop…..EDWARD SNOWDEN.
          That is the prize they are truly after. The greatest whistleblower in History (who by the way has been pushing the boundaries recently and has been quoted as publicly lambasting the Russia Govt. as being corrupt).
          Where is the truth I ask. Apparently hidden on private/government/spy agency servers …… safe from the prying eyes of the those that are most affected.
          I expect the Russia Govt. to do a deal with the US (as they did with Ecuador). They (US Govt.) will get their man and put him on display. Even POTUS has put the word Treason on the most used word in the English language over the last week.
          No place on the planet is safe. They will get you …if they really want you.
          As Lavrov recently said…The World was a cesspool of lost sovereignty and that didn’t work…we can now move toward the New World Order, where multipolarity is the order of the day. Great !!!

  2. Uncommon sense

    Robert Lykens – you posted “no one is above the law” in response to Julian Assange’s arrest. In the UK the queen is above the law and cannot be prosecuted or convicted for any crime.

    • Diane

      Wow..this is interesting

    • William Stanley

      Uncommon sense,
      If the US can arrest Assange, why not the queen?

      • William Stanley

        Or perhaps, Parliament could simply recognize someone else as King or Queen.

        • Uncommon sense

          You raised some good questions and I had to do some research…1) as Assange was arrested in the U.k. my original assertion was based on U.K. law. As it happens the Queen also enjoys diplomatic and sovereign immunity, which rules out the United States arresting her. 2) your second point is more difficult to answer. Parliament can theoretically remove the reigning monarch but the Queen has the power to dissolve parliament. Even if Parliament succeeded in removing the Queen she could not be prosecuted for any crimes committed as Queen. She could only be prosecuted for future crimes. 3) armed uprising is also unlikely as she is commander of the armed forces in the U.K.

          • William Stanley

            Uncommon sense,
            The “law” can be changed. Extradite the bitch to the U.S.; we’ll prosecute her. Here, “the law” is now what we, the people, are willing to put up with. In any event, our Constitution doesn’t recognize titles of nobility. And our armed forces cannot obey unconstitutional orders. The “queen’s” sell-by date has expired. Same for the House of “Lords.”
            Only kidding a little bit.

        • Diane

          William Stanley.
          Poster JERRY?
          What do you think about this interesting development
          A reset deal?

  3. Mark James

    Great WNW Greg! Excited for John Williams this weekend!

    Tucker Carlson had a very interesting take on Assange… that basically it was more Obama’s fault (and Manning).

    Nebraska and areas out there are flooded bad. I sure hope there is not more. I am getting tired of reading of “failing levies” — which should have been reinforced after Katrina across the USA. Trump signed an infrastructure bill in Texas. I hope this addresses some of it.

    People need to shop with their dollars and avoid “SJW” organizations like Dick’s. I am glad there were 3 cars… probably employees! Ha! I stopped my Gillette razors, which I had been a loyal customer since 1994. Now I get them at Costco (Kirtland Signature brand). I try to avoid purchasing from Amazon and Wal-Mart and instead try to buy from local grocery stores and Costco, places that treat their employees well.

    Now is time for the real Witch Hunt — to get these Deep Staters (HRC, Obama, etc) who put all this into motion. All this you have been saying FOR YEARS! Maybe people will finally WAKE UP! I believe Trump has done more in 2 years than Obama could have done in 20.

    Thanks for everything you do, Greg! Have a GREAT weekend!! FEAR NOT!!

    • Greg Hunter

      John has cancelled and it will be Gerald Celente from Trends Research.

      • Mark James

        Wow! I was hoping for Gerald sometime soon! This is great news… Sorry about John Williams. I love him too! I am sure he will be on soon. Thanks Greg!!!

      • Rodster

        Love G.C. !

        Hopefully you guys can talk about 2020 The Greatest Depression

      • Anthony Australia


    • Southern Girl

      Mark James,
      Thanks for the link….very interesting how the media is still spinning propaganda.

  4. Marsh Hogan

    To some he is a bad guy that was involved in the biggest release of classified information in U.S. history.
    To some scum, that wants to own you and your lock stock and barrel!
    Beware the deep creep’s are ah coming!!

    Yes, You Should Fear the Arrest of Julian Assange
    The Wikileaks founder could be headed for extradition to the U.S., where they will say he is an enemy of the state.
    By KELLEY BEAUCAR VLAHOS • April 11, 2019

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure about that? Maybe Assange can prove there was no Russian hack of the DNC and that makes liars out of the FBI and CIA???

    • paul ...

      Assange “is declared guilty” of releasing “true news” (so he gets locked up) … the Main Stream Media “is declared not guilty” of releasing “fake news” (and none of them are locked up) … I think the reason the Deep State kept their hands off Assange for years is because they knew he had information on Vault 7 “Marble Framework” (and did not want him to release it to the public) which would be very damaging to the Deep State because it showed that the CIA could launch cyber attack against America and could make to look like “Russia did it or Iran did it” (sort of like how they made it look like the Saudi’s did 9-11) … when Assange “did release it” they vowed to “get him”!! …

      • paul ...

        The “fake hack” of the Demon-rats political party is just another example of how the Deep State tries to manipulate public opinion … but the technology they developed was really designed to gain public support for more wars … 9-11 did not work out so well for these traitors … so they probably figured next time they would use “a false flag cyber attack” (and blame it on their intended target) as a better way to get the American people to support the next war they have planned on their books!!

  5. Anthony Australia

    I don’t know wots more dystopic:

    1. The arrest of the most gifted digital whistleblower in human history;
    2. The subjugation of the Australian property market by, most likely, sleeper agents for the PRC.

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    1. Great report!
    2. Looking good.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William for all your support and comments.

  7. Anthony Australia

    Greg why do you think Trump was all positive about Wikileaks during the campaign, but is doing a backflip now?

    • Greg Hunter

      He cannot get in the way of the case Barr is making. His comment was to stop questions to him about Wikileaks. Assange is a key piece is this failed coup. He can prove there was no hack of the DNC. This make treasonous liars out of the FBI and CIA! Think about this.

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks Greg, so it might hinder or expose any future subpoenas?

  8. OutLookingIn


    A place of safety and protection for humans.
    Sanctuary and by way of extension asylum, is immunity to arrest afforded by a sovereign authority.
    Equador has illegally terminated Julian Assange’s political asylum in violation of International Law. He was arrested by the British police INSIDE the Equadorian Embassy. A supposedly sovereign area of International diplomatic agreements.
    The former president of Equador Rafael Correa, who initially gave Assange asylum in 2012, said the current president Lenin Moreno is “corrupt” and accused him of committing a crime that “humanity will never forgive”.
    He also said; “Moreno is the greatest traitor in Equadorian and Latin American history, he allowed the British police to enter our embassy and arrest Assange”.

    On a most curious side note –
    The IMF announced approval of a $4.2 billion, 3 year loan for Equador, part of a broader package that will provide a further $6 billion from;
    The Development Bank of Latin America, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, and the Latin American Reserve Fund.
    For the cherry on top?
    El Pesidente Lenin Moreno is expected in Washington DC next week for a meeting with President Trump. All of this kinda makes you go Hmmm…

    • iwitness02

      Yes, curious indeed.

  9. andyb

    Greg: I believe that the Assange prosecution will finally reveal the extent to which Trump has been “captured” by the Deep State. An open court with Assange represented by competent counsel will certainly expose Seth Rich (or perhaps another) as the inside leaker and destroy not only the narrative of the Deep State but also the Democrats. If that happens, then Trump, although severely constrained, will justify our faith in him. But the recent imprisonment of Manning (in solitary confinement~!!!) for refusal to testify in front of a grand jury tells me that there will be no fair trial for Assange. If the court proceedings are all held in secret, with no transparency or transcripts and there is a judgement for, let’s say, 20 to life for Assange, especially in a super max prison, then all hope will have died.

    Let’s see what happens.

  10. MCasey

    Despite all the drama, maybe Assange made a deal with Trump to expose Hil-LIAR-y and the Deep State. Assange would be placed under Trump’s protection and could reveal incriminating DNC documents (from murdered Seth Rich). And more.

    Hillary and half of America’s “ruling class” (Dems and GOP) will end up in Gitmo; Assange will secure his freedom in exchange for his “cooperation”…maybe even a presidential pardon….(can Trump pardon non-residents?); and America would finally be free of the Deep State.

    Secretary Pompeo had a meeting on November 26, 2018 with Ecuador which could have facilitated the release? I think that President Trump “doesn’t know anything about Wikileaks” is a sure signal Trump is involved since he never seems to admit to “not knowing” something.

    Trump waited for the cloud of the Mueller Report to be out of the way, but (for some reason) before it is made public?

    (Some dots to consider: Confirmation questions to Judge Kavanagh about Military Tribunals; massive improvements to Gitmo to accommodate elderly; no Trump support from Deep State Dems or GOP who want to impede Trump; resignation of a large number of Congressmen, especially GOPs; thousands(?) of sealed indictments; dare we mention Pizzagate(?)

  11. JC

    Check out Martin Armstrong regarding the possible motives behind the Assange arrest.

  12. Galaxy 500

    I pray the farm stays dry. Just for the record, if you are in a war zone, it isn’t murder. Unless you have a big Red Cross…
    The speed was too FAST to be a hack… not too slow.
    Assange should not have been arrested.

  13. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrapup. There is a lot of stuff happening.
    If it is shown that Italy’s gold is gone, then every one else will make a run to get there stuff.

  14. Robert Dziok

    Don’t forget to BOYCOTT Field & Stream as Dick’s owns that also. Levi’s, Tom’s and others were also part of a latter Anti-Second Amendment “coalition” formed. BOYCOTT them all! BOYCOTT NYS (Tourism, Business, Products) for recent third term abortion law and Anti-Second Amendment laws. Stop “Feeding the Beast” so to speak. Last November Dems won control of the NYS Senate and now control all three branches of NYS government. Cuomo only won 14 of 62 counties last November (See what would happen if there was no Electoral College but only “popular” vote count?). Since then NYS Dems/Socialists have been “Running Wild” with their Power. State is many billions in the hole. Last year alone some 180,000 tax paying residents left the state. Worst loss in the nation! Also, highest tax rate in the nation. AOC drove out Amazon with a loss of 25,000 jobs and many billions in revenue. Best for New Yorker’s to have an emergency exit plan if they have to stay. Target still has the policy of ANYONE can use ANY rest room. Their BOYCOTT still continues. BOYCOTTs get their attention and that is at least a start and who would want to subsidize/patronize such anyway?

  15. Chip2

    Trump saying yesterday that he knows nothing about Wikileaks, since it’s not his thing, is really disturbing. He praised Wikileaks during his campaign and now he seems to be siding with the deep state. Why is this?

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Because he is a consummate politician?

  16. Jerry

    Great weekly news wrap up Greg!
    Did you happen to catch the truth bomb, our good friends ( the Saudis) dropped a few days ago?

  17. Russ McMeans

    Julian Assange exposed the truth about what states are doing around the world behind the public’s view. And obviously the main stream media’s view. He is a publisher, like the New York Times & Washington Post. And like those newspapers, some people involved in state espionage-etc, got killed when stuff gets published. If he is to be indicted then some big newspaper CEO’s need to be along for the ride.
    As for DNC hacking; it was done internally via a thumb drive because you cannot download that much deep state nefarious manure at internet speeds without getting busted. Kim Dot Com lays out his argument better than anyone because he knows the business. Google him and his research but remember that google doesn’t like him. He’s a questionable but very amazing guy. It would be fun if USA WATCHDOG could interview him. ( but maybe dangerous because we’re not supposed to talk about the truth anymore)…… these days, if Greg were to interview a guy like Kim, well that would be considered “collusion “…. just like Assange’s predictament. One could find themselves under an interrogation spotlight real fast and furious…..

    • iwitness02

      I think that is a a great idea. Maybe not possible, but still a great idea. I would definitely tune in to hear what Kim Dot Com has to say. I follow him on twitter, but I haven’t been following twitter much these days. Twitter is getting to snippy, to suit me.

  18. Russ McMeans

    Here’s the answer ( I’m pretty sure) as to why Julian Assange was holding that book when being arrested. Notice he was holding it with front cover in view of cameras. Julian knew he was going to be arrested and planned this, and the topic in that book is perfect for the situation and our dire situation we face today: Freedom of speech and transparency vs the State.
    Here’s the news link on that event and the book’s authors:

  19. Rodster

    To me, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley/Chelsea Manning are all heroes and we should view them as such. All that was being exposed were war crimes and because of that The Empire got mad and went after Assange.

    What makes matters worse is that this is all about the 1st amendment, free speech and freedom of the press. The Press is the part of our society that’s supposed to keep an eye out for “We The People” and to question and make sure that The Government isn’t doing anything illegal or criminal.

    The Press failed Julian Assange because they turned against him and in some cases made fun of and mocked him.

    Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard nailed it when she said:

    “I think what’s happening here is, unfortunately, it is some form of retaliation coming from the government saying, ‘Hey, this is what happens when you release information that we don’t want you to release,’ ” Gabbard said on “The Lead.” “And I think that’s why this is such a dangerous and slippery slope, not only for journalists, not only for those in the media, but also for every American that our government can and has the power to kind of lay down the hammer to say, ‘Be careful, be quiet and fall in line, otherwise we have the means to come after you.’ “

  20. Gene


    If Assange is being used to help bring down some of the deep state players , then I would predict that he never makes it across the pond. Britain is the epicenter of deep state players. and they have him in custody.

    On a second note, I was really disappointed that Trump denied any knowledge of Wikileaks. Do he not think we would remember all his tweets and campaign speeches?

    What a world of psychopaths and socialpaths


    • Greg Hunter

      I heard it differently. My take was trump was letting the AG handle the case and he could not get involved. Trumps was told to say as little as possible as not to taint the case or let anything out of the bag. His comment was to stop all conversation and questions which he cannot answer. Trump is playing a high powered game. I am not offended in the least.

  21. Rob

    Please understand that man is receiving flooding from above:

    John 3:27 John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it have been given him from heaven.

    This flooding along with the upcoming rate cuts of up to a 1/2 point will tip the balance on how much it costs to feed the family:

    Revelation 6:5-6 And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, Come. And I saw, and behold, a black horse; and he that sat thereon had a balance in his hand. (6) And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, A measure of wheat for a shilling, and three measures of barley for a shilling; and the oil and the wine hurt thou not.

    That is the “third” of 4 seals that Jesus will be opening in the very near future:

    Revelation 5:9 And they sing a new song, saying, Worthy art thou to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and didst purchase unto God with thy blood men of every tribe, and tongue, and people, and nation,

    Please prepare accordingly:

  22. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, people like Julian Assange are not enemies of our system, they are hated by the deep state for a reason; they expose the criminal and immoral rulers & policies of fraud and deceit of our day to at least some extent. So, if I was sitting on a jury it would be a acquittal vote as our right to know far exceeds the right of the Government to protect its wrong doings, after all we claim to be a free people with a transparent government. Further, don’t you think the actual arrest was a little over the top? Once again, the arrest was staged to make Mr. Assange look like a dangerous criminal.

    On your statement(s) that the Democrats can’t win any longer on policy, but must use illegal voting, etc., (paraphrasing) , does it matter to the public how they win? What I mean is some evil people would rather steal than work for money, they think its much more fun to do that than work for it; just as long as they get it. The Democrats are doing the same thing, fraud, coups, scams, misinformation, felons voting, whatever just as long as they get elected, there is no moral compass. My diatribe here is don’t count the evil ones out of their offices so quickly, votes gotten by any means counts & the Democrats understand this principal well and use it all over the country; all the while their co-conspirator, the MSM, blocks in front of them for protection. These people will never change until they are exposed and jailed, period end of story. As long as they continue to get in office by hook or by crook they will continue, look for more of the same this next election. Another large factor is the RHINO’s of Congress, they know all about the Democratic practices of voter fraud and deceit but want to just get along and not ruffle any feelings just so long as they get to stay. Frankly, we have the Democrats & Rhino’s together on one front and a small minority of real patriots on the other side of the isle. This is why the people are so frustrated with the system, it just doesn’t work any longer for the average hard working church going America people, Trump withstanding. Its all designed to accomplish the left’s agenda and the few voices of reason on the right falls mainly on deft ears of the MSM so those voices to not resonate out in America for polices of conservative reason.

  23. paul ...

    Seems like this push to go after Assange is simply another “witch” hunt by the Hillary crowd to take revenge for the “release of the truth” that helped her to lose the election … must come down hard all the “truth media” where ever it is found … it is only “fake news” the American people will be forced to hear from now on!!

    • paul ...

      As truth and freedom is put in handcuffs and dragged away … a lone voice shouts out to all those who still believe in freedom … resist (the commies) …

      • paul ...

        Some will say Assange should be arrested as he took classified information and released it threatening National Security … now can anyone tell me why Hilary (who did the same thing) is walking around free as a bird?? … and should not the legality of what the NSA, CIA and FBI now do (collecting private information on every citizen) also be considered a threat to the entire nations security??

  24. Da Yooper

    Hey Greg good wrap up

    What are the odds that Trump made a deal with Ecuador to get his hands on Assange to get to the clintons & others in the deep state?

    OBTW I have over 2 feet of snow on the ground not counting this latest dump from last night.

    • Greg Hunter

      Something big is going on in the background. If there was no hack of the DNC, and Assange can prove that, then the FBI and CIA told a huge treasonous lie!!

      • Da Yooper

        Comey & Brennan treasonous fricassee………….. get’em Trump

        That would be great but they still have to get the clintons ….. & soros would be an added bonus

      • Arthur L Barnes

        Greg, you can’t trust the CIA or the FBI any longer, if you ever could! The FBI is especially a corrupt government organization especially under the likes of Comey and company. This is simply not the FBI of my dads day, Hoover being the corrupt official that he was set the stage for the Comeys of the future. I am sorry but I don’t share your trust in the FBI any longer. If the top brass states that the sun comes up in the east I am going to look out my east window in the morning just to make sure!

  25. Willard Ferch

    Great report, Greg. If we don’t restore law and order in this country now, we never will. That is not a freak snow storm; that is completely normal as we get deeper into the Grand Solar Minimum (approaching “little ice age”). Still looking forward to seeing O. and Hillary in jail for all of their terrible deeds. Willard

    • William Stanley

      Justice and the rule of law must be restored if civilization is to be restored/preserved. Yes, let’s be merciful where possible. However, some criminals/murderers/sex traffickers/traitors deserve the death penalty and justice demands it. The nature, magnitude and scope of the the Clinton’s (and others’) crimes deserve the most severe and public retribution, IMO.
      Execution is an ugly business that causes pain to everyone, but I can’t see how justice can be otherwise served in this case . . . no matter if the consequence is civil strife and even more death and destruction in the short term. The war for justice and civilization goes on eternally. Let us take full responsibility. Let us accept the burden and the pain, and take no half measures now.

      • iwitness02

        I believe you are entirely correct. Thank you, for speaking a bold truth.

  26. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent news wrap. It was inevitable that Julian Assange would eventually leave the Equadorian Embassy, it was just a matter of when. AG Barr’s move against the Deep State may have prompted him to find out what else Assange has up his sleeve; for that they needed JA in US custody. His testimony regarding Seth Rich will be interesting. Me thinks this has been planned for a while and just waiting on other events. I’d love to see the Trump admin’s POA&M and where Assange fits in.

    In other news:
    Farage Plans Revolution as Brexit Party Targets EU Election

    My opinion is that the only way Britain will leave the EU is with a few new Members of Parliament who actually want to leave. The people of Britain voted to leave, but the current crop of MP’s prefer to stay so they pay lip service to Brexit and will keep kicking the can. Negotiations with Brussels was a sham IMO only meant to give the PM & MP’s cover so they could continue to kick the can. The coming election will probably seat some new members with a Brexit mindset and then maybe Britain can move forward. A no-deal Brexit would be better than being stuck in an EU with Italy trying to get their gold and maybe finding the fault filled with IOU’s.

    • Russ

      Ecuadorian – doh!
      Fault = Vault

  27. Southern Girl

    Always love your delivery…makes me love you all the more. You make my Fridays…love to laugh along with you. Enjoy your visit home!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!
      Good to be home.

  28. john duffy

    There are no morals left

  29. Mark Maples

    The real Assange “crime” is that his actions helped keep Hillary out of the Presidency, and exposed levels of US government illegalities and a rigged democratic primary

    Each to his own on where they come down on this issue, but I am curious what your thoughts are Greg, as a journalist.

    Admittedly I am not well versed on all aspects of this alleged “crime “ but as a layman it appears all he did was release whistleblower information, ask for more information from his “source” and published information that embarrassed our government.

    Seems to me any “by the book” crimes that were committed were done so by Manning

    This should scare every professional journalist and send a clear message:

    “We are elites, you are peasants. The laws we enforce on the peasants do not apply to us”

    Am I missing something?

  30. Justn Observer

    Greg….another on message appraisal of events the msm is trying to muddle to deceive !
    GW analysis continues to tie the knots and connect the dots… we shall see soon enough?
    wonder it this fits the time line for a diversion?

    • Justn Observer

      The indictment says Assange replied: “Curious eyes never run dry in my experience.” a code to Chelsea Manning> lol
      narrative not off when you consider England ransacked the Patent office on their way out of D.C. in 1812 and all the cfr, Pilgrim society, a Cincinnati club, Atlantic crew etc that JFK warned about? lol
      The very worst it call all be is …. A HUGO AWARD presentation for either the DOSSIER AND FICA —-OR—-OHR—– all the Pages in the story held together by the ratline spy ‘paperclip crew’ ….OR ….the entertaining web….GEORGE WEBB has assembled?
      There in….somewhere IS THE TRUTH !

  31. iwitness02

    The glacial pace of justice for the coup plotters, is discouraging. But, it is interesting that on Wednesday, AG Bar, says yes, I think there was spying on the Trump campaign. Then on Thursday, we learn that Assange will be coming to the U.S. Timing is everything.
    Everyday I pray for Truth and Justice. To see the hammer of justice fall on all the liars in government and media would bring peace and happiness to my soul. To see charges of treason leveled at those guilty, would be the ultimate hammer blow, that I would love to witness. I have seen my fair share of wrong doing. Now I would like to see the right things being done. The equation has been totally one sided. Crime and corruption has been one of the dominate forces at work in affecting our lives. Now I want to see truth and justice improve our lives.
    I hope the flooding stops soon, so we don’t starve as a nation. I know there will be food, but what will it cost? There is plenty to worry about, but for the first time, there is plenty to hope for as well. Thank you Greg, for your views from the farm.

  32. Bill

    GREG: Grandma Nancy wants a pow wow With the President. What do you think she wants to discuss?

    • Greg Hunter

      How bad it will be for all these people to go to jail and can’t President Trump back off for the good of the country?

    • RTW

      More likely that she wants to try and dissuade Trump from sending bus loads of those “fine, impoverished, hard-working, refugees” to her city. She will probably tell him that San Fran is doing just fine with what they already have and perhaps some other failing city could benefit, just as well, from the newly arriving, soon to be citizens. After all, they don’t have to live in San Fran to vote Democrat.

  33. Mike R

    WHACK-A-MOLE ! Greg, I love that description ! That’s exactly what Trump can and should do, to all the folks that tried to oust him. Just use that hammer, and squash them all, when they invariably pop their heads up for air. A lot of those people in the FBI, CIA, HS, deep staters, mostly Obama admin, and including no doubt Hillary and Bill, should be put in prison for life, for high treason. If Trump only accomplishes that, it would be a massive victory for American freedom. These people have attempted to not only circumvent the constitution but to intentionally turn it to rubbish – and defacto, turn the US into something far worse than communism, fascism, dictatorship, or socialism. We’ve been watching live many of our freedoms stripped away daily, and many of the tools used to do so, involve the social media behemoths, like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more, but also and especially Mainstream Media. Its Orwellian in nature, and next to impossible for most people to comprehend how utterly damaging all of this is, and has been, to our society. Unreasonable Extremists like AOC, Obama, Clinton, and so on, should never have had ANY voice, let alone infiltrated into our government and our daily lives. Trump gets this more than any other person this country has ever had, who has ever been in position with the power to do something about it. Somehow, perhaps by the grace of God, Trump got elected into this position.

    The extreme persecution of Trump by so many, is evidence enough, he is the right guy, at the right time, put into a position to somehow save what is left of the freedom’s and liberties our country was founded. Far too many Americans have become entirely ignorant of this.

    It is quite possible, that the Assange arrest could lead to the type of information/evidence that Trump needs to finish what he has begun, and simply ‘take out’ a ton of these ‘moles’ (treasonous traitors). Trump gets to sit back, stay quiet for a while, and let people guess what he is going to do regarding Assange. Personally, I think the left, and a lot of these ‘moles’ are going (and have been trying) to find anyway possible to ‘arkancide’ Julian. The arrest by the UK, could be one way he is being put into ‘protective custody’, despite what the UK and the US state publicly. This can be used to do a lot of ‘neutralization’ of Assange ‘enemies.’

  34. Ron from the Great White North

    hi Greg!

    love the show
    Especially when live from the real country that supports and feeds the nation.
    kudos to you for hanging in there for so many years!
    As far as Assange goes, check out the Guardian video of his arrest… they were not dragging him out as a ruffian resisting arrest….
    Take a close look! If he was being manhandled out as perceived why would they allow him to hold Gore Vidals’ book (a patriot and defender of the Constitution) as he is being dragged out?!
    Look again and you will see three men in front , thee men beside him…. they sre protecting him from being ” shot”.
    It took less than about 8 seconds to get him from the front door to the police van
    with few if no clear shot available for would be ” globalist” shooter to strike.

    Trump Barr are bringing him in to protect him as he will be a tremendous asset in bringing down the globalist cabbal in Washington. He knows more that people can know! He will never serve a day in jail because he is an ally to the Patriots.
    Remember Vidal and the First Amendment!!!!!!! its no coincidence
    Time will tell my friend.
    Keep up the great work.
    Kindest regards
    Great White North

  35. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the report, Greg. Well done! Will there be justice for Seth Rich?
    My brother lived in Chesterfield, MO for many years. I visited him there a few times. Chesterfield is very nice. It sits on a bluff above the Missouri River I believe. There was flooding in the river valleys the last time I visited my brother in Chesterfield many years ago. There was a danger that the water treatment plant in the river bottom would get flooded. That will no doubt happen again this year.

  36. Elllen Baumgartner

    Real Footage, After Nebraska Floods 2019 … people, farm animals

    I hope the link went through. Otherwise delete my post. EB

  37. Elllen Baumgartner

    This belongs to the above post. EB

  38. al

    To add to your list of criminal atrocities by the dumbokrauts, now they want to end “Beyond A Resonable Doubt” for criminal convictions. This comes after Barr is about to drop the truth bomb.

    Why are they still in office? How can they call themselves “servants of the people”? and yet we wait and wait and wait while they stall and stall and stall full accountability.

    If this doesn’t end in a bloody revolution I will be very surprised.

  39. Anthony Australia

    Gold is getting walloped.

  40. GoneWest

    I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would believe that Bill Barr is going to “Drain the Swamp” or go after the “Deep State”.

    Look at his past history (see Does this appear to you to be someone who is outside the system? Barr is and always has been part of the establishment.

    Another piece of evidence: look how quickly he got confirmed. Do you think the Deep State/establishment would have done that if he weren’t willing to play ball with them?

    • Zorro

      How sweet is that !

      „It was reported that President Bush was impressed with Barr’s management of the hostage crisis; weeks later, President Bush nominated him as Attorney General.

      Barr donated $55,000 to Jeb Bush during the 2016 United States presidential election.

      Barr was known as a strong defender of presidential power and wrote advisory opinions justifying the U.S. invasion of Panama and arrest of Manuel Noriega.“

  41. Not So Free

    Now we have to wonder if Julian Assange will soon be reported deceased from long term medical issues.
    Would anyone be surprised?

    • RTW

      That is a very distinct possibility. The other thing that is just as concerning is Barr. Anytime someone with any credibility and relevance announces that they have proof of a crime and will be releasing it later, it’s in-between that the “heart attack” , “one car” accident. or “mugging” occurs. History has shown us that it’s better to keep your cards close to the vest until it’s time to show them.

  42. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, the heartland will plant their GMO’ & hybrid corn and get them to market this year as last and about every year in the last 50. A few shows on feeding the world their indigestible crap controlled by Monsanto that they call food would be welcomed by many.

    Another show or two about the American Farm Bill, aka welfare for the farmers and ranchers would also be welcomed once in awhile. Love your work and this blog is not a criticism, simply a request should you ever get any time to go off message.

    • Dan

      Did it ever occur to you that we are past the point of regaining control of and “reforming” a corrupt HYPER criminal enterprise otherwise known as the US Government ?
      Apparently, a group of men faced similar circumstances back in the 1770’s, and decided to do something about it in 1776. They paid an awful price for freedom, but they apparently valued freedom alot more then we do today.

  43. Dan

    Recorded history of various civilizations down thru the centuries proves beyond doubt that human nature being what it is, each collapsed when INTERNAL corruption of their “operating system” (some might say “government”) had peaked.

    Just how far off are WE from such an event ?

    Any “gurus” out there want to take a “guess” ?

    I didn’t think so.

    • Greg Hunter

      You know so much Dan, you take a guess.

  44. Eileen

    Hello Greg,
    I so appreciated your weekly Wrap-Up as ever. Feel great sadness and worry for all in the Midwest re the flooding and the losses. This devastation is heartbreaking. It will
    not become a reality for people accustomed to getting their food on the “cheap.”
    That you came out in support of Julian Assange means a lot to me. He has been my “hero” for all that he has done to expose the war crimes in Iraq, the DNC emails, etc. I actually read the Podesta emails and they made me sick to my soul. Still am sick at the depravity exposed.
    Also, thank you for having an optimistic outlook on President Trump’s “denial of anything Wikileaks.” After reading his denial, along with watching the videos of him speaking about Wikileaks on the campaign trail left me disgusted with him – for probably the first time.
    That said. I cannot pretend to understand the timing of Assange’s arrest, so shortly after the “no nothing” Mueller report. I am somehow, heartened by his release from that hellhole he has been in for all of these years. Hope there is someone taking care of hit cat. Feel as if there is a great “worm” churning up the dirty rotten pile of crimes , machinations, as well as an awakening of the souls and their spirits who will not let US REST until justice is done. I pray, keep on breaking up this crud, Oh Great Spirit. Sunshine is the BEST DISINFECTANT.

  45. Klemens

    Important: The main survival – weapons caliber for a big crisis
    have a nice weekend, Klemens

  46. Da Yooper

    Greg take a look at my NWS weather link for the UP & see the special warning for next Wednesday – Friday ……..has anyone given any thought to the deep state controlling the weather? The 2 bomb cyclones the last 2 weeks & now another in the same time frame next week ? makes one go hummmmm IF this continues week after week how will the farmers plant their crops?

  47. Doug

    If Assange actually survives long enough to give testimony, everyone in the US will know the name, SETH RICH. He was the guy that downloaded the files from the DNC servers……You remember the ones that talked about Pedophilia, Treason, fraud, etc. etc.. All items brought out by the files and were NEVER refuted, the only thing they did was hammered away at the “Fact” (they wanted you to believe) was that RUSSIA hacked the servers and was working with the Trump committee. I cannot wait to see the reaction once people start actually finding out about the truth.
    Seth Rich was murdered (just after the emails where made public) even though he was supposed to have been robbed, he still had cash on him, jewelry, and expensive watch. No one has been found to be responsible etc. etc. etc. SETH RICH…..remember that name and watch the dominoes fall once and for all.

  48. iwitness02
    For anyone that is interested in 5g, the link above provides a lot of info.

  49. MCasey

    “Friday evening stay”. NOTICE this was immediately after Trump said he was sending illegals to Sanctuary Cities and states. 9th circuit is CALIFORNIA! Pelosi can act fast when she has to!

    The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily lifted an order against the Trump administration’s policy requiring Central American asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico before their appearance in immigration court.

  50. Greg Hunter

    Be patient H. Trump has only been in office since Jan 2017 and this has been festering since the JFK assassination at the least.

  51. Coalburner

    MCasey, I missed that, thank you for the report.

    And the DNC will kill Julian A if they get any chance. I guarantee the hit contract is out. They do not want him telling about Seth taking a hit for downloading the DNC criminal activity proof.

  52. Fatima message

    Why don’t you warn your listeners about the Grand Solar Minimum the sun has entered into? Scientists are warning there could be 100% crop failures by 2023-24.
    Why won’t you give warning?

  53. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

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