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Chile Quake Has Waves of Financial Implications

By Greg Hunter’s  It looks like the Haiti quake in January was just the warm-up act to the giant 8.8 magnitude shaker that hit Chile.   It one of the largest quakes on record.   This could not come at a worse time

Saving Money By Spending Money

By Greg Hunter’s     Have you ever heard someone say they saved money by buying something on sale?  An example would be saving $200 by spending $400 dollars on a new set of golf clubs that were on sale for 33%

The Lean Years

By Greg Hunter’s    This week, a North Carolina newspaper headline read “Beauty Queens Feeling Squeeze of Economy.”  It was a story about how pageant contestants are cutting costs by wearing dresses more than once.  Some contestants are also selling old dresses

Produce the Note!

By Greg Hunter’s  I was on the nationwide overnight radio show, Coast to Coast AM, last week to talk about the real estate crisis.  The topic of foreclosures naturally came up, and I told people to make sure you ask the

Do What Soros Does, Not What He Says

By Greg Hunter’s   The Federal Reserve raised the discount rate yesterday to 3/4% from 1/2%.  That’s the interest rate the Fed charges banks in an emergency.  The Fed insisted that rates for consumers and companies would not rise.  So why

Will The Real Estate Crisis Continue?

By Greg Hunter’s    There has been some encouraging news about the real estate market recently.  In San Francisco, real estate prices shot back up 16% according to the Case-Shiller Index.  On the other coast, friends of mine in the New

Ron Paul Warns of Coming Economic Collapse

By Greg Hunter’s  Congressman Ron Paul put out a startling warning  video just over a week ago.  This tells me things must be getting really messy right now. 

Is Economic Anarchy Coming?

By Greg Hunter’s   The financial malaise the world finds itself in right now can be summed in just one sentence.  There is way too much debt.  It is such an enormous amount of debt that most people cannot grasp its

This Time Is Different, It’s Global!

By Greg Hunter’s     The recently published book called “This Time Is Different” makes the case that this financial crisis has the same basic elements as every other financial crisis since the 1300’s.  Economists Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart do a

America Has Its Own PIGS

By Greg Hunter’s  The Markets breathed a sigh of relief yesterday after word of an European Union bailout of Greece.  The Dow was up 150 points.  Greece is one of, what is called, the “PIGS,” which is an acronym for

Iraq Planning to Sue U.S. and U.K. Over Depleted Uranium Munitions

By Greg Hunter’s     According to Middle East news sources, Iraq will sue the U.S. over the residue from Depleted Uranium munitions. These types of munitions are also commonly referred to as DU.  This may sound like the story of an

The Dollar Rally Will Not Last

By Greg Hunter’s  Almost everything but the U.S. dollar took a hit yesterday.  Oil sold off nearly 4 bucks a barrel, the Dow was off nearly 270 points, bonds tumbled and gold plunged nearly $50 per ounce.  The dollar was

Real Deficit Numbers and Real Consequences

 By Greg Hunter’s    We just finished 2009 with a record federal deficit of $1.4 trillion.  Let’s think about that for a minute.  The U.S. government says it is $1,400 billion in the red at the end of 2009.  But is

How Much Should A Job Cost?

 By Greg Hunter’s   Since the State of the Union Address, the White House has turned its attention to jobs. President Obama said last week, “…jobs must be our focus in 2010, and that is why I am calling for a

More on AIG Cover-up and U.S. Deficit

By Greg Hunter’s  This was a huge week folks.  The two big stories I wrote about were the AIG bailout and cover-up and the U.S. deficit.  I have a couple of really good stories to pass along that will give you some more perspective