Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair Get Ready-Crash After Election

1cBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter at They wanted to get my take on the state of journalism, or the propaganda mainstream media.  They also wanted to get a read on what many of my guests have been saying over the past several months about what is coming for the economy.

I also got to turn the tables about half way through the interview (38:33) and ask questions of two of the smartest guys in the world on finance, markets and precious metals. Interviewing Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter on anything to do with the economy is like interviewing Batman and Superman of the investment world.  They have very dire views of what is going to happen in America and the world on November 9th, the day after the Presidential election.  They think we are finally going to get the “Houston we have a problem” moment and are warning that everyone should stock up and prepare for a very rough ride.  Please keep in mind, this interview was conducted a few days before the FBI reopened its case on the Clinton email scandal.

Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter offer interviews like this to their subscribers only. They were kind enough to allow me to post this interview for all to listen to on the site and YouTube channel.

Join Greg Hunter as he is interviewed by Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter of

(Feel free to skip ahead to the 33:38 mark because Holter and Sinclair are a lot more interesting than me.)

After the Interview:

Jim Sinclair has written two exceptionally long posts about getting prepared now for the coming week–especially what comes after the election on November 9th and beyond.  Please go to the home page of and read both of his fine posts.  You can also sign up and hear many interviews of top guests that only subscribers have access to by clicking here.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Travelling through a few airports over the hast week, I noticed electronic signage with flash news headlines on them.
    As I’m already awake I couldn’t help notice that apart from some brief local news all but one about the cricket, the rest showed HRC with praised glory.
    I glanced around at people waiting at the departure gate and with iPads blaring, all that was on them were reality building& cooking shoes, sitcoms and soapies.
    For the life of me I’m not sure why citizens cannot face up to reality and educate themselves with such inspiring and informative news provided on this site.
    I’m not weakling by any stretch but I donated a small amount to assist you Greg and to remove any guilt that began to form in my heart.
    Bill Holter, you are a real star!

  2. Anthony Australia

    Travelling through a few airports over the last week, I noticed electronic signage with flash news headlines on them.
    As I’m already awake I couldn’t help notice that apart from some brief local news all but one about the cricket, the rest showed HRC with praised glory.
    I glanced around at people waiting at the departure gate and with iPads blaring, all that was on them were reality building & cooking shows, sitcoms and soapies.
    For the life of me I’m not sure why citizens cannot face up to reality and educate themselves with such inspiring and informative news provided on this site.
    I’m not wealthy by any stretch but I donated a small amount to assist you Greg and to remove any guilt that began to form in my heart.
    Bill Holter, you are a real star!

  3. FC

    Is this the wikileaks surprise we are all waiting for on Hillary?

  4. Paul ...

    Lets wake up people … the fourth estate (the media) is gone (it is now simply a propaganda machine) … our Supreme Court is gone ( reduced by bribery and murder?) … our Legislative Branch can be shut down as useless (if our laws are simply going to be ignored and not followed) … that leaves the Executive Branch that now rules by edict (executive orders) … so lets face it … our government has already been reduced to a “banana republic” Dictatorship!!! … if you want any chance to bring back the government our founders gave us (with three branches and checks and balances) you all better get out and vote for Trump this Tuesday … otherwise … it’s all over folks … our Constitutional government will be lost and gone forever … and we will be left with the current evil fascist neocon dictatorship we have now that most don’t realize yet!!

    • Paul ...

      If you want to solve our heroin drug problem here in America vote for Trump … if I were Trump … I would immediately order our military to burn down “all” the heroin poppy fields in Afghanistan!! …

      • Freebreezer

        Paul … unfortunately , I believe Trump will not be elected. The Dems have corrupted the system and they have rigged the vote in a very few but crucial areas to make sure the beast gets in. Can I prove it? No, but the corruption in the MSM and the Dem party overwhelming says this is our destiny. When corruption comes to power only hardship follows. The little snow flakes at our colleges are in for a rude awakening which they are not prepared for … and they will get what they voted for. I pray that I am wrong!

        • Bob Barker

          Can’t wait for Trump to lose. ALl you crazies can cry together.

  5. Paul ...

    Huma has flipped … she is now Hillary’s worst nightmare … with criminal charges surely coming for Hillary … I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary just gets on a jet and flys to some foreign country to seek asylum !! …

    • susan

      They’ve dropped the charges.

      • Bob Barker

        There never were charges.

  6. George

    Dear Greg, Something occurred to me recently and I would like your opinion please. God’s Word tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 “Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, just like birth pains on a pregnant woman, and they will by no means escape.” So then according to this verse, there is to be a time of “Peace and Security” before God brings an “end” to this worldly chaos. How does this tie in with the human “Predictions” of a time of Economic Collapse? How can we have a time of ‘Peace and Security’ and a Collapse? Someone has some explaining to do, wouldn’t you agree. Perhaps our “Financial Weathermen” are calling for “rain” when in fact “sunny skies” will prevail.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not pretend to have all the answers. I am just telling what is out there.

    • Robert G

      It doesn’t say there will be a time period of peace and security, it says when ever they are saying peace and security, then sudden destruction, big difference.

    • Charles H


      The idea of WHAT IS SAID is in contract to the reality because of what immediately happens. This corresponds to the MSM that keeps the Status Quo of favorable news on the economy, when it is really something else: and a great change comes supposedly out of nowhere. The illustration of a woman cruising through pregnancy – doesn’t know when the birth-pangs will come (beginning with breaking water). Smooth and a bit precarious – but at some point the crisis WILL come. Sign-posts, meant to fit the times when they appear. I doubt sunny skies will prevail in the gathering storm clouds.

  7. Roy

    Yep, you did… you built your career into something that is very valuable for all your viewers.

  8. Dan

    So interesting to see Greg being on the other side of the table. Well done my friend!

  9. Dan

    US Will Lose The Reserve Status, There Will Be An 80-90% Devaluation Of The New Dollar:Jim Willie (X22Report Spotlight interview),

    A very long but powerful interview. So much was convered and a lot of what he said is very feasible. Just not sure what the next currency will be when the dollar loses its reserve status.

  10. Dan


    Just wondering if you had any thoughts about what will happen to (arguably) the *main source* of the country’s ailments, namely the corrup Federal Reserve and dishonest (and expensive) “money”?

    If the financial / political system does indeed collapse or crumble, any chance of having an honest return to issuance of currency by the Treasury Dept. as per the US Constitution? What do you and Jim see happening on this front? Last time this was even tried (by JFK) we all know what happened. Hence, same could happen to Trump if he is the POTUS.

    Because in my humble opinion, if this “host” is not killed then the corruption will simply morph/mutate into a similar evil one and nothing will really get fixed as honest money is the root cause of the majority of problems.

    Thanks! And please be safe this week!

  11. John

    Hi Greg,

    Just want to thank you for all you do! We read your blog faithfully and find it to be a well-balanced source of information in our times.

    The page you linked to today, with Jim’s posts are great and very useful info for people to consider as things seem to be coming down to the wire. Thank you!

    He mentions the importance of heirloom seeds. We thought readers may be interested in finding a good source for seeds. We are a family run, home-based, non-GMO heirloom seed company, St. Clare Heirloom Seeds. Interested readers can check out our website at

    For those who signup for our newsletter, we are offering a 20% off coupon. (Signup info is right in the right-hand sidebar of our site). If anyone would like to know more about us, you can see our numerous reviews here:

    Thanks again for all you do, may God bless you, and your readers!

    John and Sarah

    • Faith

      John and Sarah: your company is the kind of place I want to do business with so thank you for the website and the coupon.

    • susan

      Thank you for speaking up. I will definitely check out your site.

  12. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Awesome interview. Everyone needs to stay ready. Here are a few things people need to take care of quickly:

    And, I agree with Jim, you’re as smart or smarter than the people you interview.

  13. Jerry

    Absolutely fascinating Greg!
    Just about the time I think you’ve exhausted all our journalist skills you come out with this amazing dual reversal interview.

    Here’s reality. I recently spoke with a contact of mine who works for one of the largest locating companies in the Midwest. This company is used to locate underground buried cable and pipeline prior to construction. He told me last week that their workload has come to a complete stop for the first time in over thirty years. That tells me that liquid capital, used for lending in the building industry, is beginning to seize up. The money velocity chart for the third quarter substantiates what he has been telling me.

    Do you understand what this means? It tells me that even with zero percent interest rates, the banks do not have extra money to lend. They are preoccupied with trying to maintain their current balance sheets, and stay solvent. In other words they are literally hanging by a financial thread.

    Do not be confused with the big banks that finance wall street. They operate under a separate pump and dump system that has no connection with real market principles at all. I am speaking about localized banks that work directly with the communities and the local economies. Considering that I live in the largest retirement area in the Midwest I consider this a big deal.

    • Faith

      Jerry, great info! Long-haul trucking has slowed down too. I listen to XM 146 in the AM hours and that channel caters to truckers so I hear the trucking / shipping news / reports. None of them are good.

      These are scary times. Thank god for this site and others like it that I am prepared.

  14. Carolyn

    Wow. Thank you for continuing to enlighten the alternative readers.

  15. Saeed

    Awesome interview…there are still a few good intelligent people in my adopted country where I went (from Bangladesh) as a foreign student at Columbia University, and decided to stay, work, raise a family, and eventually become a naturalized citizen. But then I decided to leave the country after I realized that 911 was an inside job, and a great nation like the US could collude with Saudi Royal family and create the Wahhabi war dogs that tried to destabilize Russia and China via Chechnya and Xinkiang.

    I hope that the voters realize this is election is either a turning point for a nation, whose great forefathers paid huge price to write the constitution, or a total destruction by the ‘shadow government’ – the deep state. God Bless those who stand for Truth and are willing to sacrifice their career and wealth, like our friend Greg Hunter.

    • Faith

      Saeed, interesting perspective and background. Welcome and thank you for speaking up. May I ask if you returned to your home country of Bangladesh? It sounds like you chose to leave the US but you didn’t say which country you have chosen as your new home. I am very curious as to what country you selected!

    • Paul ...

      True Saeed … when people of a Nation remain silent about the things that really matter … that Nation of people have lost their immortal soul!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        The MSM covered up the crime and the outrage. The MSM told a false narrative of people supporting Trump to be violent. We have not all “lost our immortal soul.” That is another false narrative. Thank you for your comment though.

  16. John woodhead

    We’re on the road to nowhere

    • Paul ...

      Because enemies within have betrayed us … and the sacred principles our forefathers gave their lives to bestow upon us are now for naught!!

  17. Aussie Clive

    Geat interview Greg. Perhaps you could interview President Trump sometime.
    When Obama made his famous ‘Yes we can speech” I must admit I felt euphoric. And I am sure a lot of American’s also felt that Obama really would change your country for the better. By 2008 I was sick of the false narrative and deception surrounding 911, I was disgusted by the lies from Bush and Blair vis-à-vis Iraq war, and I was upset by the lies during the GFC and sickened by the bonuses paid to bank executives while their banks were being bailed-out. I didn’t know much about Obama at the time but he seemed fresh, charismatic and believable.
    Today we see the real Obama and I cringe whenever I hear him talk.
    When Obama took office I can remember Dr. Jim Willie warned his readers that, based on Obama’s Cabinet ‘revolving door’ appointees, nothing would improve and that things would likely get worse (not exact words). Jim Willie made a correct early call.
    Which bring me to the point of this posting: after TRUMP WINS (AND HE WILL) an examination of his Cabinet appointees should give us an insight into the next four years. Lets hope he is allowed to appoint men & women of integrity who are dedicated to serving their country and not themselves.

    • Paul ...

      Yes Clive … we must examine his appointees to see if we have something different with Trump … with Hillary we know nothing will change except to get worse!

  18. Jay

    Jim and Bill (and myself) are correct Greg, history will count you amongst the heroes of this perilous time.

    • JC Davis

      Jay I agree 100 percent . Those that don’t visit this site are missing a unreplaceable journalist. Truth is no longer facts in the MSM it has become perception of truth becomes facts. When Greg is gone who will tell the facts as truth. Solid truth is rare.

  19. Roger

    Thanks for another great interview. Would like to ask for a clarification on Bill & Jim’s comment regarding markets shutting down after the election if Trump wins. Are they referring to just the precious metal markets or all markets?

    • Paul ...

      As I have been saying (except for holding physical metal) no one should be in the stock market … because I want Trump to use the Plunge Protection Team “to short the market” for the American people … so we can profit from the economic turmoil the globalists are planning!

  20. Rick Hartman


  21. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    So Watchdoggers,
    With Bill & Jim believing the lockdown is imminent, I suggest a ” hope for the best and prepare for the worst” strategy makes the most sense.
    Maybe you can help me with the US treasuries issue. Will the smart move be INTO them as a safe haven ( historically the masses flood to the dollar ) or will the smart money be OUT of the dollar b/c of the international flood of treasuries coming home ? Or is it a time frame issue ?

  22. andyb

    Greg: you comments on the captured MSM, especially on the “fraud” to the shareholders misses the point that the shareholders, by and large, are the elite globalist traders with their algos that trade on movements rather than facts, or even worse, the Central Banks and their various Plunge Protection Teams with the agenda of keeping the markets propped up. The average J6P trader/investor is long gone.

    You would be absolutely correct if we went back 30 years to “basically” unrigged markets. But now, especially with the purposeful consolidation of the MSM (from 1000s of media outlets down to just 6), its shareholders are part of the problem, not the solution.

  23. KC


    Great interview, on both sides! I will say you gave yourself legitimacy when you left the mainstream. Jim knew your quality and directed people to a man who just spoke the truth. In an era of lies, deceit and falsehoods, the truth becomes a valuable commodity. That is why I found your site.

    You have so much passion and it’s good to see that come out on your WNW and when you get interviewed. When things are at their worst, people of good moral conscious must stand and lead. Be a beacon of honesty and hope to light the way. You are that and so much more. You made that choice to take the torch and lead. Please accept credit where credit is due.

    I’ve had to be that moral compass in my own life. Standing against people making really bad decisions that would have had horrible effects on people under me at my work. That strength comes from within, but it also is supplemented by people of exceptional character. You are one of those people, Greg, and I thank you for it.


  24. Tad

    Great interview, Greg. Particularly the last five minutes. Semper Fi, Patrick Henry.

  25. MIKE


  26. This sceptred Isle

    We had a situation in UK where the market had priced in a remain victory in the EU referendum, partly as the consequence of inaccurate polling and media bias. As a consequence, the pound was overvalued. After the shock brexit result the pound nosedived.

  27. George Tirebiter

    Thanks for being there and exposing the lies.
    And thanks for not using DISQUS commenting.
    Don’t people using this realize it’s centralized and mined?
    Anyone adding this to their site is supporting the surveillance state.

    • Charles H

      That moniker of yours must go back to Frank Zappa. Way back, indeed. (Zap Comics?)

      • DBCooper

        No No CH … I am sure it was not Zappa but was
        Fire Sign Theater … “Porgy Tire biter” … it was a take on the Gershwin Tune … I may be a bit off there !! We are getting a bit sketchy in our ‘old age’ !! Yours, DB

        • Charles H

          Yep, you nailed it. It was just close enough to jog my memory. I thought – NO WAY – a legitimate name come THAT close. Then again, who knows…

  28. This sceptred Isle

    In the UK the polls seem to be biased towards the ‘politically correct’ option. In the EU referendum people voting Brexit were demonised (labelled racist, irresponsible etc.) to such an extent that in general polls understated the support for Brexit.
    Similarly, in the last general election polls predicted no overall winner when in fact the Conservative party won a surprise majority. Again, voting conservative has more stigma attached to it as they have been cutting back on public services and are generally considered to be the heartless party.
    I suspect the same is happening in America with Hilary Clinton being portrayed as the ‘politically correct’ option. Am I correct in assuming most polls are conducted by a stranger phoning your house, declaring they are conducting a poll, then asking how you are going to vote? I cannot imagine a lot of the moderate swing voters would admit to voting for Trump to a stranger on a phone for fear of being put on a hate list.

  29. Russ

    Greg, Jim, Bill — Excellent discussion, thank you for letting us listen in.

    My thoughts are that the polls have been rigged so that the election results can be rigged to match. Then again, maybe the blackbox that counts the votes is not a skewed algorithm and Trump wins; I hope this is the case. The only way this works for us, is that the PTB/cartel/American oligarchs see Hillary as a liability because of her lack of discretion and in-your-face attitude which has lead to so many people seeing her (and by extension them) for what she/they are.

    Still, the machine that is keeping things prop’d up through market manipulation will not work for Trump. Bad times will start before O’ leaves office (possibly as you think, November 9th); it will be ugly. “Paper” will drop like a rock and PM’s will soar. A full-on recession will greet Trump on January 20th and then it gets even worse.

    But to set things right we need to hit rock bottom. As Professor Barnhardt stated in the film, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”:
    “Well that’s where we are. You say we’re on the brink of destruction and you’re right. But it’s only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment. Don’t take it from us, we are close to an answer.”

    Fill the pantry, top off your gas tank and get ready.

    • Russ

      A final thought, I truly believe that many of the people involved with Hillary are not doing so out of greed, but out of survival. Given the opportunity to turn on her without repercussion (ie., being suicided) most would do so. The Clinton’s will fall because most of those involved have a conscience and want out. The Clintons will be destroyed due to their own hubris; they cannot in fact get away with everything.

  30. P Richards

    While some of us look in from other parts of the world we are numb looking at the amount of corruption in the USA. We are invested with who wins your presidency in so much as no-one wants a WW3 as well as the coming financial collapse situation. I have a son and he will never be fodder for the machine of big power and dollars…if I can help it !
    To watch the bias of the American MSM is mind blowing as to the outright blatant support of only one candidate and that being the one that is totally corrupt. What has happened to justice in the USA? It appears to be tied to your bank account and nothing else. It also appears that should you speak up that you can get yourself suicided by a bullet to the back of your head. And if you hold a position of power you have a teflon coating as absolutely nothing sticks.
    We all held your country up on a pedestal….rightly or wrongly but as a country to aspire to be like. Now while I am happy to be where I am I still worry about your politics as my country is always at your beck and call. It is sickening. I do not even bother with our MSM as they parrot exactly from your MSM. My go to newsmedia are all the alternative media on the internet with Zerohedge being my mainstay.
    Greg this video with Bill and Jim is one of the best I have heard in long time, so I had to say thanks. I am prepped here on the other side of the world but not with metals. That has not been possible so I follow with intrepidation for November 14 should Trump win but that is better than the alternative of WW3. I still hope he does so he can drain the swamp. There are a lot of swamps around the world that need to be drained and we are all tired of so much corruption.
    Thanks Greg for maintaining being a professional journalist. You are few and far between.

  31. josh

    hi greg. i’ve been a long time viewer of your site. i don’t agree with a lot of what you say but i admire your integrity and the quality of your interviews. my politics fall on the left but i make a serious effort to listen to the right. i have to take exception with bill’s comment that you agreed with in the beginning of the interview. he claimed that the mainstream media has been taken over by the left. if you he said the media was taken over by the democratic party, i would concede that point. the problem is that the democratic party has abandoned the left. hilary and the party don’t represent the left. benie sanders is a true progressive but look what they did to him. i think it’s time for people on both sides of the political spectrum to recognized that the whole left/right divide is the most powerful tool that the elites (or whatever you want to call the corporatist beltway warmongers who have taken over our country) have for dividing us and staying in power.

    • andyb

      Josh: better to call yourself a Liberal. The Progressives, historically, are nothing more than closet Marxists. The Progressive platform since Wilson was President has destroyed family values and corrupted the moral fiber of the US. The Social Justice Warriors who are actively creating racial, gender, and social division are straight from the Marxist playbook, and they are sponsored by the Progressives, as is the famous Cloward-Piven Strategy to destroy America. Most importantly, you should realize that the 2 parties are really only one puppet show controlled by the banker cabal, but too many buy into the illusion that we have a semblance of choice, We don’t.

    • Paul ...

      So lets us left and right Americans unite under our one flag this November (the stars and strips) and make this Nation great once again … under a true “Independent Candidate” of niether party (Trump)!

  32. Canuck

    I want to let you know that due to my awareness of banking risks because i listen to your show regularly, i requested an early withdrawal from my IRA with TDAmeritrade, and after more than two weeks of waiting to see the transaction in my account, i see no activity. I called and spoke to a rep and they said the request is fine, but there is a technical difficulty in “another department” and they will follow up later. This smells like they are holding on to my cash. Its a small amount, $4000, chump change for them, yet they are giving me the run around. I also did an early withdrawal in january of this year and they sent me the money within a few days. This is a sign. The “Dollar vigilante” who is located in Mexico also posted a video a few weeks ago about being refused cash at a TR atm machine. It has started.

  33. This sceptred Isle

    I think the political party system needs to be restructured in America.
    You have Bernie Saunders who is not really a Democrat.
    You have Trump who is really an independent.
    You have Hilary who appears to be a Neocon.
    So you have a lot of people pretending to represent the values of their respective parties in order to secure that parties nomination – it’s a joke!!!

  34. vincent_g

    And these people say they are not in the tank for Hillary?

    Can not keep it a secret????
    It’s such a big operation they can’t keep it secret????

    WW2 D day – the largest military attack in the world was kept secret!!!

  35. Henry

    As Trump has been saying, the nation needs to “Drain the (DC) Swamp”.

    There is NO accountability in DC from those in politics or those who influence the politicians. Those people, Promote each other, Advocate for each other and they grow their turfs exponentially. That is what they do. They would not dream of Cutting back, killing bad programs, or of firing those involved in scandals….instead they are lauded and rewarded with fluffy government or corporate pensions and afterwards they go work at their Ivy league pal’s company, doing the same thing all over again, but across town. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
    And we, the people, end up getting ObamaCare, more reduction of (Bill of) Rights and the F-35.

  36. Jim Taylor

    Holter said we would not have an election.

    • Paul ...

      I ask the electoral college who are sworn to vote for Hillary to either abstain or vote for Trump … as Hillary is a traitor to our nation … and you electors “are not obliged” to vote for a traitor!!

  37. OutLookingIn


    A very timely and knowledgable discussion, among three of the most informed people of altmedia truth talkers. Very much, well worth your time to listen and take heed.

    Thank you Greg. Please repeat. All the best to everyone. Take care.

  38. Paul ...

    If God forbid Hillary crooks her way into office … lets stop all the bull shit and face the facts and be honest about our Government … simply fire all the Supreme Court judges (if they are not going to follow the Constitution) … fire all the 475 House and 104 Senate Legislators (if the laws of our nation are not going to be followed) … and fire all the MSM news reporters (if the real news is not going to be reported by them) … and face the fact that immoral crooked Hillary as our Dictator!!

  39. Larry Galearis

    Wow, quite the interview, Greg!
    I think the question to ask ourselves is whether “they” can subvert to vote count and deal with the backlash from the people? What do they think the people will do?
    I keep watching the propaganda from the media and what it is costing them – and read that as a commitment that says “all in effort” to get Clinton into the White House. I note (as I write this) that Jim Sinclair is having the same thoughts – his comments about risk. Where are you going as a country? Yes, I think Jim is right; the fix and the rig is still in……
    And given the purges needed in government to clean house, that is the other reason for the shadow government to be “all in”. Yes, apocalypse is a good word.

  40. Jonathan

    Inflation Check- I went to the local grocery store in Rock Hill, SC. A dozen organic eggs now cost $7.99/ dozen.

    Becoming poorer,

  41. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Absolutely magnificent, riveting and terrifying all in one. Yes the three of you are my heroes and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The truth will set us free! If this is all going down by Monday week then most over here in the UK remain in a blind stupor. This is meltdown and all I can do is share with you Greg in your weekly wrap up along with Alex Jones prayers spilt with tears that God the Almighty will save us all.
    A terrifying miracle is about to unfold. But peace to one and all who see it coming, Andrew

  42. This sceptred Isle

    Greg, interesting that you were saying young Bernie Sanders supporters could be Hilary’s greatest weakness. Here is one of them as a guest speaker screwing up an official Democratic rally.

  43. Icarus

    These guys have been so wrong for so long, they have become laughable. Smart yes, prescient? No way. Sinclair and Holter have both predicted a collapse by now. Hasn’t happened.
    Sinclair and Holter Both predicted $2000 gold by Dec 2014, in Jan 2014. Not only didn’t it hit $2000 it went DOWN! That’s when Sinclair lost me…he was so sure of his prediction, every other major gold bug jumped on THAT bandwagon. Organ, Turk, Sprott, Embry, Holter, all came out for $2000 gold in 2014 after Sinclair did in January!
    Follow these two at your own risk. A collapse next week??? I don’t think so. The markets ALREADY know who the next president is (it’s either Hillary or Trump) Not much suspense, market wise, between the two. One blows up the markets with restrictive trade policies and tariffs. The other blows up the world. No real movement so far my friends! One week ain’t gonna make a difference

    • Greg Hunter

      You conveniently leave out the fact that major banks and Primary Dealers of Treasuries have admitted to rigging the Gold and Silver Markets. Who could have known the manipulation would be this deep and global??? You are so “brave” posting under an anonymous name. I’d Go with Holter and Sinclair any day before believing a troll named “Icarus.”

      • Icarus

        How can you respond so glibly? You know my name from the email address I supplied to you.
        Robert J Morrison
        Certified Financial Planner
        Registered Investment advisor
        Colonel Retired USAFR (ret)
        Masters Business
        Graduate United States Air Force Academy BS mechanical engineering
        Is that enough Greg? I passed along some honest FACTS. You choose to jump on my case because I choose to question a senile old man who is now calling for the end of the world, TOMORROW????? . Sinclair knew the markets were rigged when he came out with his 2014 pronouncement, so that’s no excuse!
        Icarus, a doomed aviator who came too close to the light.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are one of the few that man up and give a real name when challenged. Bravo my friend. You still will never go wrong with real money, and if you are a financial planner, then you know the bond market is dead the minute interest rates start going up. This will prove, without a doubt, debt is NOT an asset. Cheers.

          • DBCooper

            WOW, Greg/Icarus … you both have my respect for your forthrightness !! God Bless you both,
            Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • Charles H

          Col. Morrison,

          My respects to you, Sir. Jim Sinclair is hardly “a senile old man”, and to say he is calling for the end of the world is an exaggeration at best. And IF you are willing to be honest: there is so much wrong with the Economy, government, and situation in the world as-to-warrant real bad consequences. Everyone who is early to this party is being deemed wrong, simply because effects haven’t shown up yet. All the detractor and critics will simply fade away when the hens come home to roost. Your position is correct, but precarious. Nothing is certain but change. Time will disclose if for the Better or Worse.

        • JC Davis

          Tip of my hat to your honesty Mr. R.J.M.

    • Paul ...

      Icarus … I hope you are not too fully invested in the stock market … because I’ve been asking that Trump to use the Plunge Protection Team “not to hold the market up” but to use it “to crash the market” after he puts us American taxpayers on the “short side of all the evil neocon stocks” … then proceed to drive the evil neocons into bankruptcy … upon covering our short position … we Americans will have at a minimum enough money to pay off the National Debt, fund Social Security and provide free Health Care!

      • Icarus

        Thank you. I do get it. The stock market is doomed. The Bond market is doomed. The dollar is doomed. Every pension plan in the country is doomed with ZIRP. For the first time in history there is no where to hide for BIG money. I personally have ZERO money in the stock markets (PM’s not counted in that statement) and more than I should in the gold/silver markets!
        I guess I’m just plain angry. I see no way to 270 for Donald Trump, the last hope for freedom loving men EVERYWHERE. TPTB control 95% of the media, and like Greg alludes to, after 4 years of Hillary they will control it all. GAME OVER! That means the rule of law is now DEAD forever, in this formerly great country. One, by the way, that I served for 34 years! I cry myself to sleep.

        • Greg Hunter

          It is far from over. Hillary has not won. “Fear Not.”

          • Icarus

            I get it that this response is for naught. No one will read it as it’s buried so deep in this thread. I agree with your statement. It’s not over yet. But Trumps chances are almost nil. He has to make a total sweep plus one state to get to 270 in the electoral college, and history says that doesn’t happen very often. If ever! Unless he gets an unprecedented turnout tomorrow, I think it’s over. It’s just math in the electoral college at this point in time. As for Holter/Sinclair where is Bill Holters “pending news that blows the doors off the world” tonight is totally AWOL. He promised us “news that will come out in the next 24 hours”, 28 hours ago. Time is up. I’m not out to denegrate these two very intelligent gentlemen, but by saying these outrageous things, they are leading their followers down a path to destruction. These types of remarks have been dangerous and misleading and sensationalistic lately. They need to ratchet the emotion down a bit! Lots of people, lost a lot of money, following these two over the last 5 years!!!!! That’s a long time to be wrong. They will be correct eventually, just like a broken clock, but in the meantime many are getting hurt big time, blindly following these two!
            My point? BE VERY CAREFUL out there following guru’s!!!
            Warmest Regards,

        • Faith

          Icarus, keep hope alive! Your mind is still free. You are awake and prepared. You are not alone. There are others, like yourself, that understand and share your grief.

          The communists / socialists / central planners have not yet won. And they will never control my mind. Ever.

          There is an excellent book I read many years ago for a philosophy course. “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl. He survived Nazi Germany where he was sent to one of the death camps. It is a book that will remain on my bookshelf until my last day. Worth taking the time to read. Easy to read, honest, powerful, inspiring.

          • Jerry Snyder

            Faith – Yes Viktor E. Frankl – here are three quotes I keep at my desk:

            #1. ” When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

            #2. “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to chose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

            # 3. “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”

            There are words to live by, no one chooses our ability to choose for ourselves.

  44. Mike R

    November 9th. You will all remember this day as to where nothing happened out of the ordinary. Crashes are simply not predictable, and markets will be propped up anyway by the PTB. Or PPT. whatever your favorite acronym is for the elite who pull financial levers of the federal reserve. None of us have any clue as to who will be voted in, or how the electoral college will determine the outcome. What we have to believe in to survive, however, is the power of good over evil. We have all survived one of the most corrupt administrations to ever be in power. While things are not good economically speaking, we are still surviving. Can this next administration be worse ? Of course it can. Until we find a way to impose term limits, the corruption will never be eradicated. But that would only be the beginning. Things haven’t gotten bad enough for the majority of citizens to really force people to acknowledge the causes, the corruption, and then to do something about it. What I have noticed throughout my entire business career, is that when things are really bad in a particular company or corporation that I have worked at, the complainers and the loudest of them, rarely do anything to make it better, and often are the ones who stay the longest. The most talented, simply leave. When they know the corruption is deep, they know they can’t change it, and use common sense and simple reasoning, to make a very wise decision to leave. Then others follow. Then the company gets worse. And often the company attracts more bad people, and its a vicious cycle. I’ve worked at 14 different firms, some very large with over 300,000 employees, and some as small as 20 employees. So I feel I have a pretty decent perspective. A similar dynamic will play out in this country. People will first live in, and go to states and communities, that have the lowest crime, the best amenities, and reasonable cost of living. When those places become fewer and far between, and become completely unaffordable to all, except the 1%, then you will see migrations to other countries. Thing is, many other countries are in bad shape too, and with cultures that Americans wouldn’t recognize, or amenities that you are used to that simply don’t exist. So we are talking generations for this all to play out. Making ‘preparations’ as discussed by most people is wholly inadequate for this long of term. Your preparations really need to be lifestyle choices. What life do you choose to live, and what are you willing mentally and physically prepared to do in order to achieve that ? For example, choosing to plant a garden, stock up on ammo or gold, having 3 to 6 months food, would be absolutely worthless if you happen to live in an area of the US that suffers a nuclear strike. To believe that the US would go unscathed in any next WW, and that there would not be nukes launched at some areas of our country, and that those areas would be irradiated like Hiroshima was, is fairly naive. So you really need to think much longer term, and decide whether you are willing to risk living in an area that is likely to be a target, and the one that is the most reachable by a missile launched by any enemy. Our military cannot protect us from such strikes, and no measures have even been taken to offer such protection. It is a complete under-estimation of what Russia and others possess. Mutual assured destruction is no longer the deterent it once was, because the inequalities between the US and other nations are the largest they have ever been. So the desperation, which leads to terrible decisions, has never been this deep. The likelihood of needing food for 1o days or 3 months, or gold to survive a currency event, is really no greater than the likelihood of a nuclear strike, from a probabilities standpoint. In otherwords, the gap between us and other nations, is far larger than the gaps within our own borders that would cause the events people are advising you to ‘prep’ for in terms of gardens, or food on shelves, or gold, or guns. Those things are told to you bc they are comparatively easy to do. And easy decisions to make. But the decision to move or relocate, or even to leave the country, is extremely hard to make. Personally, I would not waste my time on buying gold or silver if you don’t yet have it, or making a new garden, or getting a firearm, or ammo, or water storage, or fuel storage, or solar power at this juncture. Instead, I would focus my time on considering what lifestyle you want to have, and whether you wish to live in a country that is likely to be nuked in your lifetime. Probably even triggered by your very own elected leadership. Another way to look at it is, if so many people from other countries are so desperate to move here, and to do so illegally, and if our leaders are inviting them here, with no consequences, or encouraging breaking laws, then is this really a safe country to live in long term ? Those same leaders have built underground bunkers, cities, and established second homes in other countries. Do you think they know something we don’t know ? Watch their actions, not their words. Porous borders and no defense of them, is an invitation to let the ship be to be sunk, and indication of something too far gone to be ‘protected’ or ‘saved.’ Use your common sense and think about the long term, not the short term. Little of what you have can be taken with you.

    • Pinocchio

      A Californian secessionist group will have a rally on 9 November. Last year this group got some supports from Russian and Chinese businessmen. I do not know the details.

    • Hatemail

      Where are you moving to, Peru?

  45. Charles H


    What I believe is underestimated is the cohesiveness of the Liberal mentality. Like women will vote for women: no matter what – Democrats will swallow hard and vote for who screwed them, just so they don’t have to cross the ideological/political line. I live in Mexico, and there isn’t a SINGLE person who doesn’t HATE Trump. Even educated doctors down here are adamant against Trump. There is a ‘national’, cohesive mentality at work here that defies reason – if it’s against Illegal Immigrants: they’re against it heart and soul.

    The other thing is the act of betrayal and stealing the Democratic ticket itself. The nads it takes to screw your own people only serves to foreshadow the ease at which putting the knife in the back of Republicans or Conservatives on a national level may be. The ends (winning) justifies the means (of doing ANYTHING it takes to win). We don’t subscribe to such amoral garbage: but there is a whole bunch of recent generations that DO.

    And IF Trump wins – Tuesday to Monday – a crash?!?? I think Obama will step in and make arrangements, not favoring the Red Pill Republicans.

  46. Idaho Joe

    Greg, I love your passion and truth telling! Keep up the good works 🙂

  47. Da Yooper


    I am at a loss for words of praise for your show & the outstanding folks you have interviewed

    Thank you for all you have done & lets see what the next 7 days brings us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you D Y!!

  48. Southern Girl

    To go along with your interview in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Communist newspaper), two pieces in the Perspective Section: Hawkish heritage by Will Englund Washington Post. This piece is trying to convince women voters that they can put a woman in the White House. Under that : What protest votes don’t do by Henry Weinstein, LA Times. This piece leans all the Bernie voters to vote for Stein or Johnson and not for Trump so they can split the vote. Talk about being BIASED!! He even indicated that …”Not long ago I donated to Clinton specifically at the behest of U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia…” Hello if you gave her money is that not indicative of being just a little biased.

    Know they really are scared and Halloween is over.
    Love you work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!

  49. Gator

    Wow..a whole new perspective on Greg Hunter along with admiration….Greg..your interview was great.. thank you…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gator.

  50. Rock

    Wow. Great work all the way around the horn!
    Next week will be interesting…

  51. Newbloomfield

    Hillary Cleared As FBI Folds Again: Comey Says “Conclusions Unchanged From July” On Clinton Email Review

    Final nail in the coffin of the “rule of law” in the former democratic republic of the United States of America, now known as the

    • Mike R

      Imagine all of the people who will be found dead, and will be ousted from the government by the Clintons, once HRC is installed by this current criminal regime. The resignations are likely already flowing, and this result is the worst of all possible scenarios’. It guarantees without any doubt, that come Weds, HRC will be announced as the next Potus. They will rig and add whatever votes necessary to overcome any Trump votes.

      I thought there was possible one small ray of hope, when Comey came forth a second time. But no. Completely quashed. There is no rule of law folks. There is no justice, except for the rich who can buy off the system.

      It’s come time to make plans for me and my family, to leave this country. There is nothing here to stay for. God bless the rest of you who stay.

      • Charles H

        Comey could never reverse himself. This was a feint.

      • Tin foil hat

        Mike R,
        The whole entire government is so glaringly corrupt. I simply cannot understand why half of the people in this country don’t see it. Are they really that stupid or they just don’t care?
        I always wonder how the people in North Korea allowed themselves to be ruled like donkeys. I think that progression must have started very similarly to what we are going through now. O’Reily said that only 1/4 of the Americans fought the British during the revolution, 1/4 were actually loyal to the British and 1/2 of the populace were either indifference or dead asleep.
        Well, we will know tomorrow ……

    • Edmund Dantes

      yep, and the election is all but over now. you can see that they immediately smacked gold down $12 on the Globex and the Mexican peso is soaring……this is all you need to know that the election is in the bag for Hitlery…. we are done as a nation. the gold rigging will continue for years now.

      • Charles H

        The BRICS will shun, then starve the West. It is they who will set the true price.

  52. Al Hall

    Greg: your comments about Hillary and the DNC rigging the election against Bernie Sanders– NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND- Bernie isn’t protesting what happened to him and is now backing Killary. This was not a rig play- they bought Bernie off before the whole thing started. Bernie and his wife got a lot of play for the communist party, AND they got a new summer home worth $600,000 on the lake. See here-

    This is no more than the normal “bought and paid for” senator or Congress persons. If you play ball with the elite’s and their One World Government plan- than you are taken care of- if not- you or your family may run into a major problem/accident!
    Hear the real story about Congressman Sonny Bono –
    he was found near a tree when skiing- but never a mention of all the bullet holes in him when found! Same with JFK !!(cover-up)- and ask why 1st president Bush was in daily plaza when JFK was killed-
    This is life or death with these corrupt elite’s, and it is the Democratic party and some of the republicans- J.McCain, L. Graham, John Boehner, & Paul Ryan- all bought and paid for crap!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      It still happened to the Bernie Voters and that is all that matters. Bernie voters got defrauded and punked.

      • Al Hall



    • Dee Garmon

      I do not know what Bernie is, but I do know that he is no socialist.
      With socialists like Bernie, Warren or Hollande, who needs capitalists!

  53. Westcoaster

    Excellent interview (both ways) Greg! Congrats and let’s all hang on tight through the 9th.

  54. Edmund Dantes

    House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz made waves Sunday afternoon, when he tweeted about the FBI letter.

    FBI Dir just informed us “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Sec Clinton”
    — Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) November 6, 2016

    now what??

  55. Gina M Mancarella

    I would like to report that the FBI investigation is over and that Hillary is exhonerated. With renewed vigor, we send you our friends to the polls to vote. To all my African American friends out there, I’ll use the battle cry Jay Z laid out there for you and that is Vote my niggaz ! We stronger together ! F*** ’em Pop Blow the dust off yo shouldaz my niggaz ! Yo bitches go ! F*** ’em Pop Blow the dust off yo shouldaz my niggaz ! Yo bitches go ! F*** ’em Pop Blow the dust off yo shouldaz my niggaz !

    • Greg Hunter

      “Gina” my troll,
      That is not going to save Hillary. And by the way Hillary was far from “exonerated.” Comey said he would not charge Hill for “emails.” This only makes the FBI less trustworthy and Hillary more desperate.

    • Darnell Coles

      Right On ! Right On ! My nigga Jay Z rock. We gonna lead niggaz out of darkness to the light ! Rock the vote all my niggaz !

      • Hatemail

        Is Gina a Wigger?

  56. Gina M Mancarella

    One other fact I am proud to report is that Julian Assange wont make it through the new year !

    • Mike R

      Its ok Gina. You can go back on your meds now. Assange is fine, and if you make it back on to your meds, you might make it through the new year. Also, you might want to learn how to read, and listen to the words Comey stated. There was no use of any of the words you mentioned, and nowhere has Comey ever stated, either in July or now, that HRC is in the clear. The only thing was a decision not to make a decision about the case. It has never been officially closed. It was only done this way to show a partisan approach that gave the appearance of not interfering in an election. That is all. A bargain was made behind the scenes, whereby massive leverage existed to indict Hillary right now before the election. The bargain was ONLY that they would not announce the indictment before the election, or interfere further. The wording chosen was very circumspect and very careful, but wording nonetheless that does nothing to state in any way shape or form that HRC is off the hook. In order to achieve the massive leverage, Comey had to make his annoucement like he did the other day. Frankly, if you had more than one brain cell, you could piece this altogether. the FBI and NYPD would not, I repeat, would not have ever brought up such an announcement if they didn’t have overwhelmingly compelling evidence to indict for many broken federal laws. Basically though, the damage against Hillary has been done. Its up to the people to decide. They are the jury in this, and with the help of wiki-leaks and alternative media, they will decide if they are for more Obama-like and Clinton Sponsored lifelong corruption, or if they want true change. You probably might want to make an appointment to see your Dr., to increase your meds to help you through the next few months, as your chosen criminal, will be suffering through a rather painful humiliation.

  57. Sayonara

    You are hands down the best journalist in the USA. You are super smart, insightful and passionate – all the characteristics the make a great investigative journalist. What a privilege and honor to be interviewed by two greatest minds in organic finance and economics. I loved the way you switched positions in the interview as this was one of the best and insightful interviews I have seen.
    I think you are on the cusp of being the leader in a new paradigm of journalism when the toxic dust from this election settles. And you will have earned it!
    Thank you for your extraordinary hard work and bluntly honest reporting.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sayonara. You are very kind.

      • Sayonara

        Kind – Yes. More importantly – truthful and honest in my observations and assessments.
        You be well my friend!

  58. Gadsden

    We have lost the Republic. Do you understand, Americans? We have lost the Republic.

    Hitlery will never be indicted or punished in any way, save one. The entire corrupt system will protect her to the end because if SHE goes down, THEY go down.

    TRILLIONS of so-called “Elitist” fascist dollars are on her side.

    Your government has been seized by ENEMY AGENTS. This is not going to happen — it has ALREADY happened.

    Trump will NEVER be allowed to win, even if he garners 95% of the vote. They cannot allow a Trump presidency, for they will all hang.

    America, you have only one option left if you are ever to live free again.

    1776 is the answer to 1984.

  59. Gina M Mancarella

    Those emails are now gone gone gone ! FLUSHED ! So you see ? You got nothing ! NOT A THING !

    • JC Davis

      Wrong again. Truth can not be deleted.

  60. Dante

    Hillary has won the election.
    Watching global markets, gold in smack down mode.
    Love reading your site Greg, gives a great perspective.
    The guests that go out on a limb to predict prices are on
    a fools errand. The old saying from the trading world is
    trade what’s in front of you. Those who use a crystal ball
    to predict future prices end up eating a lot of glass.

  61. K3 26

    Kinda wandering here but

    …… come all these criminal accusations against Hillary haven’t gone before a federal grand jury.

  62. Gina M Mancarella

    We also have plenty of shelterplace to put the more boistrous lot of you. Enjoy your FEMA cell ! Put your trust in Hillary or else !

    • Greg Hunter

      Gina = Criminal coconspirator/troll.

  63. Gina M Mancarella

    My fellow Americans ! It is my pleasure to introduce to you ….. The new president of the United States ! HILLARY ! RODHAM ! CLINTON !

    • Pinocchio

      Just curious. Why do you put the portrait of Bernie Madoff on your bedroom wall ?

  64. Gina M Mancarella

    Lots of investigations are coming my friends ! A lot of Republicans are going to jail for treason ! Some will be executed !

  65. Mike R

    In this interview,Greg hypothesized a Trump win. His thought processes about how Sanders voters could be a national thing. The popular vote could be EXTREMELY strong for Trump, even if Hillary edges out wins in certain states.
    Here in Illinois where I happen to suffer (live) with many Chicagoans being brainwashed democratic like Obama, but out in the rest of the state, its much more republican, and practical, one female writer, who used to be democrat stated the following:

    “Sky High Unemployment and Soaring Crime

    The chiefly black South Side of Chicago is in a Depression. The problems have persisted for years and have grown worse. (“Third World America 2012: A Country at War with Itself“) In January 2016, the Chicago Tribune reported that “nearly half of young black men in Chicago are neither in school nor working.”

    Many want change. In September, attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei made a passionate case on WGN to explain why after twenty years of voting Democrat, she switched parties and became Vice-Chair Of Diversity Outreach for the National Diversity Coalition for Donald Trump. (I do not know Ms. Donald-Kyei, and she was not part of my women’s voter sample mentioned above):

    “I voted for Barack Obama when he said when he was gonna bring hope and change and yes we can and no we didn’t. The jobs didn’t come, the better schools didn’t come, the investment in our communities did not come..national security ….our borders are open. We’re not safe… We’re Americans, we’re Americans first. America first.”

    She added that Trump’s message resonates: “Democrats care about the inner city when it’s election time. After election time, what do you get? Zero.”

    The number one cause of death of young black men in Chicago is lead poisoning. According to Second City Cop, overall October statistics are grim and climbing:

    October 2014: 39 dead, 215 wounded
    October 2015: 31 dead, 203 wounded
    October 2016: 79 killed 348 wounded

    Chicago had an October surprise, and it is deeply unpleasant. What is not a surprise is that many of us are voting for Donald Trump and we’re highly motivated.

    Motivated to Vote for Trump

    Why does the Republican popular vote matter in a blue state, even if that isn’t how we elect our president? A higher percentage of the Illinois popular vote contributes to a greater margin of the popular vote nationally. Popular support is important to solidify the legitimacy of the presidency. Every vote matters, and this year, many former Democrats are highly motivated to vote and show their support for the man we want to be our president, Donald Trump.”

    This sort of sentiment, for many different reasons across each state, could in fact be playing out despite what polls are showing. The only reason you need really to vote for Trump, is that you are against endemic intentional corruption, criminality, and unethical behavior in the form of HRC. Trump may be no saint, but its probably going to take someone really brash, sometimes rude, clearly blunt speaking, and someone who has dealt with nasty biased media, and nasty crooked politicians, to make any headway against the endemic corruption. In otherwords, you need someone who is not naive, and who is at the same time fearless, if not even a bit toward the brutish side, taking no prisoners to take on all of the endemic corruption. You need a Rambo type who breaks the rules, and Trump has demonstrated he breaks the rules, but does it for the people, and the right causes, just as Rambo does in the movies. You need a maverick, who is not beholden to anyone. Even Rambo was not beholden to the military. Likewise Trump is not beholden to the GOP, or to other billionaires, since he already is one. He could have easily ran 3rd party, but everyone knows 3rd party is for losers, and so Trump was crazy as a fox to run GOP, after being lifelong democrat, but he did it bc he knows the rigged game, and had a path to victory. We can only hope, beyond hope, that there are millions and millions who are like the above referenced Illinois women democrats, who can think as clearly and vote for Trump.

    • Donna from AR

      You are so full of S$$T! Go rot somewhere!

  66. pDavid

    Under the Soviet Regime there was the expression ” Nothing spreads faster then the suppression of the truth. Lies are now being inculcated by the Democrats and at lease half the Republican Party. The Justice Department has all but been closed down giving a total free ride to the bankers, Federal Reserve Bank, wall street, members of the House and Senate, Dictator Obama, and all the Press who do longer are watchdogs for the American people. The men and women in black robes in Washington work for Satan now instead of We the People! A cu de tat has been done on the Constitution and the American people. All name revolutionist above work for and do the bidding of the super wealthy and the Super and illegal Trusts that allow them to approach infinite wealth. All of the above King Georges need to be jailed for unconstitutional behavior.

  67. Kevin Price

    Would you please tell Holter to call you Greg instead of Craig? He’s been doing this on EVERY interview for as long as I can remember. Think I’m kidding? GO back to Greg’s interview of Bill as well as this interview from Bill and Jim on Greg !

  68. Brian

    Hey Greg:

    It was really great to hear more about your MSM experiences and what you think is going on in that zoo these days. I have great respect for where you came from and what you have built up here on USA Watchdog. This was an interesting discussion, Sinclair and Holter (love these guys) are really scaring me but I need to hear it. I have prepared but I need to do more. I’m praying that we can find our way through the crazy deceptions and corruption and back to a healthy balance. God bless you guys for standing up for the truth!

  69. Jack


    Great interview both ways. However, Hillary is not going to jail. If she is elected, she walks and she pardons her entire cabal, including Bill —– legally. See U.S. Constitution, 20th Amendment, Section 3. She won’t lose. Check out the nationwide election system called GEMS, then read Bev Harris’ book “Black Box Voting”. GEMS enables centralized aggregation, allocation and rounding of integer votes counted as fractional numbers for contests across the nation. From a centralized location a political entity can determine contests anywhere and everywhere.

    • Greg Hunter

      God’s will, will be done. Count on it.

  70. Hatemail

    If Hillary gets elected Comey will be out of a job pronto.
    He will be replaced by a political suck up minority yes woman. The whole staff of the FBI could quit and Clinton will laugh herself silly. The Clinton machine will then run at full throttle and we will all be shoveling the coal for her and good old Billy.

  71. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, Comey found out what happens when you buck the “Clinton Machine”, he quickly changed his tune and what took a year to review 300,000 emails only took just 10 days to review 650,000; he is a disgrace and either was threatened or bribed, either way he caved. I suspect he will fade away from public view in the future with lots of wealth and live a rich full life. I believe he is fully aware of what happens to people who buck Bill and Hillary Clinton, there are reports of upwards to 50 or more that end up dead over the years; Comey simply chose a rich life over death and, of course, either way he and the FBI’s credibility will never be the same. Further, the Clinton Foundation is a slush fund for the Clinton’s and those who support them, it will never be audited, somewhat like the Federal Reserve the “foundation” has no mandate except to benefit itself and those who support it.

  72. JC Davis

    what took a year to review 300,000 emails Should be 30,000 Thank you Art.

    • JC Davis

      On second thought was it 3 thousand. ? Either way it speaks volumes .

  73. Dee Garmon

    As good as it can get!

  74. Bill Scavone

    Everything Bill Holter has predicted over the past year or so has never occurred. He has been wrong about almost everything – collapse that was coming, after collapse that was coming. Listening to him is not only a waste of time but detrimental to your net worth.
    Look at how he has messed up his family by moving them all over the place because he believe everything was going to collapse. He’d get them somewhere them realize if things did collapse, it would be worse than the place he moved them from. This guy is dangerous. Look at the stupid post he just made a few days ago as he rusted back from Europe because once again everything was going to collapse because of some information that was going to be released. He had everyone on the edge of their seats for a few days – surprise, surprise, he was wrong again. This guy is dangerous. Listen/follow his advise at your peril.
    Greg – don’t interview him again. It hurts your followers.

    • Bill Howland

      Yeah Hi Bill –
      Your analysis is spot-on.
      Trump is far superior to Hillary – and he promises to drain Washington’s Swamp.
      What is scary is he seems to want a Police State, and with Rudy G. in any position of power that is exceeedingly bad news, in view of all the firemen he let die, proving he doesn’t give a darn about innocent people. Let alone 3000 others.
      I’m skeptical that Trump will actually do this since he owes too much money to the wrong people.


    Hi Greg, just a message to let you know that the two broadcasts after this one cannot be viewed – they keep deleting / reloading – so you can’t watch them. I suspect sabotage. Is there anything you can do to get your programmes running again?

  76. Mike R

    As usual, these two were way wrong. No crash after the election, except in Gold. Gold will continue downward to below $1000, as the dollar will get stronger, due to the massive 40 year pivot, whereby bonds and the yields can no longer go any further down. Now we are back in a secular rising interest rate world, and the dollar will be the primary beneficiary. The FED is way behind the curve, and bond markets will force the FED to raise rates. Gold does not do well in an environment like that. There is $50 trillion globally on the side lines in cash, or cash equivalents. a lot of that will go into stocks. A lot of the bond money, that is selling off, where the bond markets dwarf stocks, will have no choice but to go into stocks, and probably commodities. Gold may hold its own against other currencies, but not against the dollar. Its too bad that so many people keep drinking these two people’s doom and gloom kool-aid.

  77. bastiat

    How can these two so confidently say things like if Trump wins on Tuesday, they will have trouble opening the markets the following Monday?

    These constant predictions can really take away from everything else of value they have to say.

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