Bitcoin Civil War Coming Soon-Kevin Lawton

By Greg Hunter’s

Keven Lawton is a tech entrepreneur with 10 startups under his belt. He is also an expert in crypto currencies and sees a Bitcoin civil war coming soon.  Lawton says, “In Bitcoin, there are huge scalability issues in terms of transaction speed.  It’s been ongoing for years now.  There is a set of ideas from the developers on how to fix this, and there is a set of ideas from the miners and payment transactors on how to go about fixing this. . . . They are sort of like two camps, and they have really split off.  The developers have a proposal . . . and that will probably roll out around August 1st.  Then, on the other side, big money people and payment processors and miners . . . they have their own proposal, and they want to do more than the developers want to do.”

So, what’s going to happen? Lawton says there could be Bitcoin selling before the two ideas launch.  Lawton explains, “When the split happens, you effectively have the blockchain go down in two different directions.  You can think about your crypto coins existing on both paths at the same time.  It can create a lot of havoc.  If it happens in a short time frame, and there is a big winner and everyone gets behind it, the blockchain reorganizes itself and goes down the same path and you are fine.  If it doesn’t happen in a short amount of time, some really bad things can happen.  You can get double spend issues with your coin.  You can have this thing called ‘reorganization,’ which can disappear your transactions.  I anticipate people who have big money at play are probably going to want to liquidate their Bitcoin ahead of the potential fork nightmares. . . .There is the possibility of liquidations.”

Lawton, who recently wrote a Kindle short titled “Beyond the Bitcoin Trap: A Crypto Currency for Human 2.0” predicts, “This year is going to be the year of volatility in Bitcoin price. I expect liquidations, but it’s like a tug of war.  There are reasons for people to tug the price up . . . then on the regulatory side, for example, prices could go down.  Then someone could legitimize Bitcoin and you could get the price up.  So, you got this tug of war going on.  My big message is volatility, and know what’s going on so you can protect yourself. . . . There is really not utility in using Bitcoin as a currency at the moment because of transaction speed and because of the price volatility. . . .Bitcoin is still not very usable as a currency. . . . At this moment in history, crypto currencies are not really currencies.  They’re a speculative bet.  There are a lot of reasons for them to go up big, but there are reasons you could get completely monkey hammered.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with tech entrepreneur and published author Kevin Lawton, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  

You can follow Kevin Lawton on his site You can also buy a copy of his Kindle short “Beyond the Bitcoin Trap: A Crypto Currency for Human 2.0” for just 99 cents by clicking here.  You can also get a copy of his other book called “The Crowdfunding Revolution” by clicking here.  Lawton says he does not really want to make money on his books.  He writes books simply to spark change.



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  1. Jennifer Ohman

    Hello Greg, Once again, thank you for all of your fine work. Cliff High is one of your most fascinating guests. In you last interview he suggested that silver would eventually become chronically scarce. In you next interview, could you please ask him what specific technological applications he is seeing in his linguistic analysis that would eat up all of this future supply? Is it A.I., electric self driving cars, wireless appliances and homes ( I am reading that we are moving toward homes that won’t have electric wires in our walls!), or all of the above PLUS something else unforeseen? It would make for a quite interesting conversation. Much thanks for all of your great work.
    Kind Regards, Jennifer Ohman

    • Kevin Lawton


      Do you want to know for investment purposes or perhaps for intrigue?

      Besides being the interviewee relating to Bitcoin, I follow a huge flow of news in the nanotech and future tech space. Like Clif, I’ve picked up that there is a slew of new tech using silver coming. However, note that the new use-cases I’ve seen are not high-volume. Many are nano-tech/meta-materials related and require relatively small amounts of silver per application, but the silver gives a huge beneficial effect.

      If you’re inquiring relating to investments for future-tech, look at graphene. IMO, it’s the #1 material going forward in terms of new technology applications and advances, and a lot of it is needed. When we learn how to make bigger sheets of it (especially without imperfections), there will be massive implications. Imagine this, 200 times stronger than steel and more conductive than silver in the right form. It’s not mutually exclusive of silver; you can grow graphene on silver and/or weave the two together. But looks to me by volume, graphene is the bigger investment.

      That said, any industrial uses of commodities are at odds with their use as “monetary metals” in the case the economic system turns in that direction. So I would summarize by saying, silver is more interesting for monetary change and graphene for technological change.

      • NY Currency Trader

        I loved the “I’ve picked up that there is a slew of new tech using silver coming. However, note that the new use-cases I’ve seen are not high-volume. ”

        The fact is silver and gold hoarding are a rat hole and one of my goals in life is to bleed these suckers of their hard earned cash. When they run into the market picking up longs and leveraged calls, we kick the shit out of the spreads and bury their asses. We do this repeatedly. Its kind of like allowing the ants to build their ant hills before blowing up the efforts of their hard work with cherry bombs then standing back and watch them curse and swear. Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

      • Son Won Seong

        If want good investment opportunity, check marijuana. Peoples making lots of money and now almost legal everywhere. Lot of new IPO coming. I plan to buying warrants and call option for future riches and happy. Marijuana in demand so no losing ! Only profit profit profit ! No longer worry about earning dividend and boring stuff.

    • andyb

      Jennifer: most reputable geologists agree that we hit “peak” silver a decade ago. Production and ore grades mined have been decreasing for at least 8 years. In just the last five years, for silver only mines, the expenses to mine one ounce of silver have more than doubled. Unlike gold, there are no silver surpluses (or hoards of billions of ounces) extant on the planet. We are in a continuing supply deficit. The majority of silver production results from base metal mining (lead, copper, zinc) which has fallen off a cliff due to the global recession. Keep in mind that from discovery to production takes at minimum a decade for almost all mining operations, so no relief for the supply deficit anytime soon, even if a mega lode was discovered (note: none in the past 5 years). Meanwhile, silver is the most strategically critical element on the planet, with over 10,000 uses most importantly for micr0 and macro biology, water purification, electrical connections, photovoltaics, and armaments. Considering that a major war in the near future is probable, billions of ounces will be required for ammo, missiles, ships, planes, etc. But there are no billions of ounces available. Finally, the USGS estimated in 2010 that there was only 20 years left to mine silver. It will be the first element that disappears from the planet. At that point, and certainly long before, what do you think an ounce of silver will be worth?

    • Paul ...

      Not sure what Clif High’s linguistic analysis will show … but “I am certain” gold (silver and platinum) are showing strongly bullish signs … this recent drop in precious metals has flushed out “a lot” of remaining “weak hands” … so we should see the precious metal sector reverse “very soon” … leading to a powerful uptrend!!

      • Paul ...

        It is amazing to me how people simply don’t think things through … gold and silver is “money in hand” … yet when people are told “bit coins” are just as safe as silver or gold (because it is in “a secure wallet”) they don’t think beyond that … does anyone realize that to spend those bit coins they must be “taken out of that secure wallet” and put on an exchange … once on an echange your “money” is at the mercy of being siphoned away from you (just like your bank account funds) under a little known mandate called “Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in Resolution” which gives the US the ability to “bail out” financial companies (like they did with AIG, Goldman Sachs, etc.) … so the bit coins you thought were safely locked away from government or bankster hands … can “be taken” … when you move it to an exchange to access your money and spend it … it can be grabbed and “converted into shares of equity” of a failing exchange or banking institution … it is called a “bail-in” … and it’s completely legal … the moral of the story is … if you don’t want to put your money at any risk … don’t willingly put anyone between you and your money … simply buy physical … and put those “real bits of precious metal” in “your own” lock box!!

  2. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    This guy is so smart it hurts. How does he sleep at night? I will continue with gold, silver, lead and brass (bullets). They are not more than 5 feet from me as I type.

    • Crypto Schmipto

      You got that one right…

    • Freebreezer

      CC – let me understand … so with the your gold, silver, and bullets your are not worried about forks and hard forks that are coming up? and in addition i hope your are storing the gold, silver, and bullets on a bit 148 wallet (what ever the He!! that is). I am with you, if you have to be as smart as this guy to understand what you are procuring, this crypto currency has flown over the heads of at least 90% of the populace … me included. I’ll stick with the Au, Ag and Pb.

  3. Agent P

    ‘Cryptos are…’

    Stepping stones towards a complete cashless society. With Boobus-Americanus slopping it up as would livestock at the trough of ‘convenience’.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agent P,
      I think you are spot on!!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        I had to retrieve bank statement from years when I was boobus and paid bills online. After 3 years the statements go into Deep vault and are inaccessible without the magic words: $$$$$ and plenty.
        Talk about a trough of INconvenience!!

      • M.j.hunter

        This may not be the best way to contact you, but I wanted to know if you where aware of a straw man.
        I have been reading Www and I feel from reading the comments theat maybe not enough people are aware yet everyone seems to somewhat understand.just wondering if you where aware .thanks

    • Kevin Lawton

      It’s certainly the case that efforts from the global-centric organizations (IMF, UN, top billionaires) relating to cryptocurrencies & blockchain, *all* revolve around identification.

      However, note that technologically, what is either implemented or on the table represents abilities to create a system far more “cash-ful”, more private, more decentralized and with far greater personal control on your data than anything we have today. For examples, direct peer-to-peer exchanged cryptos, paper printouts (e.g. QR codes), 3rd party certificates (e.g. w/ holograms), privacy cryptos (Zcash), hardware wallets, smart wallets that integrate with transactions to meter out only relevant info (e.g. age verification without your name or address), …

      The issue is not whether cryptos are a stepping stone to a cashless society. Rather the real issue is what do we tolerate, and what world do we create? What will enable cryptos to be yet another establishment stepping stone, is if people do nothing. For every 1 unit of establishment efforts, there are easily 100 units of effort going into technology that will be more beneficial than the system we have today. It takes a lot of fear and helplessness to allow 1 unit to overwhelm 100.

      The way out of this mess was given by the great Bucky Fuller. “You
      never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” If you don’t help create a new model, someone else will create your model for you. Suggest finding projects that support a positive future, and help and/or finance them. The beauty is, you can use your fiat “cash” to do this.

    • ross

      China is developing its own Crypto currency and there is no way Govts or bankers are going to relinquish their monopoly of debt slavery easily, since this is the source of their power. Once Govts/bankers have their cryptos in place, they will make all other crypto currencies illegal. In the meanwhile yes you can make money from them, but don’t gamble more than you are prepared to lose.

      • Lake M

        A recent article on creating a cashless society reveals how the oligarchs see things. Their tentacles will be found in bitcoin and blockchain as well. A cashless society is tyranny, a theft of what
        freedom we have left.

        “Visa has long considered cash one of its biggest competitors and has been taking steps to chip away at it. Getting rid of cash is a priority for Visa Chief Executive Al Kelly, who took over late last year, especially as cash and check transactions continue to grow globally. “We’re focused on putting cash out of business,” Mr. Kelly said at Visa’s investor day last month, adding that converting check and cash to digital and electronic payments is the company’s “number-one growth lever.” (reference unavailable..sorry)

    • Charles H

      And a mark in the forehead or hand. Money is control – a mark on the body will be ‘participation’ or ‘membership’: but will be like a brand on cattle. It’s just down the road.

  4. vincent_g

    It’s all about infrastructure !

    These Crypto currencies have so many weaknesses it’s amazing they got this far.
    First we have the servers required to maintain the system.
    How does the system support these servers?
    My understanding is they are volunteers except for the miners.
    The exchanges have the problem of keeping security which is a major problem.
    After all behind that firewall is millions of dollars in Crypto coins.
    What hacker wouldn’t be tempted?
    What very good hacker is safe from organized crime?

    Last is who buys back the bit coins if no one is buying them?
    I doubt there is enough capital backing it to stabilize the market !
    That’s all that has to happen is enough people exit and we have a total collapse !!

    Right back down to pennies over night.

    I don’t see this as a stable system no matter how you look at it.

  5. pat the rat

    Congrats to the people of Mosul , tonight they sleep with out bombs. Crypots I don’t understand that munch,there will be people that will make money from them,and people that will loose money from them. I think stay away from them.

  6. Flattop

    GREG: I have heard that bitcoin is the fore runner or Fedcoin. Do you know of this???

  7. Flattop

    GREG: Very interesting that Sen McCain says Russia must pay a price for meddling in our election. What price should we pay for meddling in other countries elections Senator?.
    John McCain deserves our respect for his military service and as a POW, but as a Senator he surely doe not get any respect from me.

    • dbcooper

      Flattop, With respect I totally disagree that mccain deserves our respect … he was a traitor in SE Asia and he was a multiple event, total F**k Up as a Naval Aviator … Remember the USS Forestal and today he is an embarrassment to his elected office. DB

    • Charles H

      Hollywood corrupts; but Washington DC corrupts absolutely?

    • Frederick

      John McCain is and was a pathetic joke If not for his father being high level Naval Admiral he most likely would never have gotten where he is and might have been court martialed and put in the brig I believe that’s what he deserves

  8. Terry Reps

    A wise man. A truly wise person. It makes no sense for people who have a need to preserve any assets under their” control” { except for people in the financial industry }; to have anything at all to do with ANY CONVENTIONAL BANKING OR BROKERAGE FIRM FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT S TODAY. Listen again to Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter for the reasons to avoid the consequences of the activities of ” The Creature from Jekyll Island “.

    • Doug

      What Trump said about john McCain during the election, I was thinking that already. Trump didn’t say anything new to me !!!!!!

  9. Paul Anthony

    Good stuff! Kevin Lawton! I understand Bitcoin a little better now! Thanks Greg


  10. Steve Spry

    Crypto currencies all sound good but . . . I still think there is way too much chance for government intervention. They can “turn off” that part of the internet whenever they feel that Bitcoin is hurting their control of fiat money. I think the only reason they are letting it go on now is that it furthers their goal of a cashless society. But for how long will it serve their i.e. PTB’s interest??

    • Charles H

      Isn’t the question – Who controls the Internet?

    • Linda L.

      It’s my understanding that the last Administration give the internet Stewardship/control to the United Nations as of October 1, 2016. Seems convenient for global intervention of cryptos.

  11. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    Always look forward to your shows.

    Blows my mind how gullible Americans are. Some worry about the banks, ATM’s and their credit cards……….But love an internet dependent currency. This reminds me of the movie…..where nature influences people to commit suicide. It’s going to be a bloody mess when the bubbles burst.

    But, I guess I’m a minority on our societies survival. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  12. Robert Roebuck

    Thank you for your great site. I have noticed in the last few times that I tried to access your website that I am getting a security question which requires me to solve a captcha. Is this normal? I am not in the US
    this issue occurs on a desktop, mobile is normal

  13. jim

    Greg , This guy seams to be pretty negative on bitcoin, In all fairness you should have someone like andy Hoffman back on to explain the positive side of the coin. I have cryptos too , and the scare the hell out of me still.

  14. Russ

    I rarely post before I hear an interview, but this is one of those times. Nothing to say specifically about the interview (yet), but there is an interesting article at:
    which has the following statement.
    …”My thinking for some time has been that the Chinese will use blockchains and some form of virtual currency – not bitcoin or anything available today but a currency of their own creation – to replace the dollar. I don’t think anyone can guess point by point what the plan will be, but the currency almost surely will be a basket that includes gold, the renminbi, and perhaps other paper currencies. Whatever its precise form, the goal will be to segue from a dollar-based reserve currency to a gold-centered monetary system.”…

    IMO, virtual currencies can’t work over time if they aren’t backed by something real. The dollar was once backed by gold and now it’s not — how’s that good faith and credit thing working out? Backing a virtual currency with physical gold is a concept that just might work.

    I’ll stop there, but I may be back to revise and extend my remarks 😉

    • Russ

      I’m back. Thanks Greg, great interview and information. My takeaway from the interview is that crypto currencies have way too many growing issues for serious consideration today, they are still hammering out bugs and determining limitations — not what is needed in a serious currency. Still, great information because eventually, a crypto currency will become acceptable and it’s probably a good idea to at least know some of the terminology before getting involved.

      I’m still of the opinion that a currency needs something real to tether it to the real world; it may be that a tether is there, but I don’t see it.

      Boobus-Americanus 🙂 great term, it should be incorporated into the anthropological dictionary as a soon-to-be extinct species. 😉

  15. michael

    Like other Ponzi schemes, Crypto-currencies enrich those who start the scheme, buy in cheap and early, know the plan and when to get out with massive profits. As usual the crooks who are in with the secret plan, lead their friends into leading their friends into joining the long row of dummies following the pied piper. The crooks leave the singing and dancing crowds before they all fall into the river.

  16. Loren

    Thank you, Greg! This was one of your best interviews and should be recommended to all who have become interested in crypto-currencies.

  17. Boozer Allen Hamilton

    Podesta Exposed at the G20 Conference
    Jul 9, 2017 The Common Sense Show

  18. Beligarant

    Any volatility to the downside of Bitcoin would be a BTFD (Buy The F’ Dip). The crypto marketplace is <$100 Billion and no reason it won't be $150 or $200 Billion in a year or two with Bitcoin leading the pack. Listening to other experts input about the Bitcoin fork this person is painting a worst case scenario. This fork is well known and discussed heavily in the community for many months. Anyone that was seriously concerned about this fork has already liquidated their Bitcoin holdings.

    Bitcoin to $4,000 to $5,000 by end of year. The real investment here outside Bitcoin is Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash. Obvious this person has invested heavily in Ethereum and pimpin' his investment. LOL Once the ICO market cools down some I would fully expect ETH to go back up to $400+.

  19. Paul ...

    Our current monetary transaction system is as fast as a rabbit … bit coin is as slow as a turtle … but perhaps in the future a combination of the two will provide something better as explained here …

    • Frederick

      Pauli Have you seen Tucker lay waste to the pigs Peters and Max Boot Great stuff

    • Luxe

      Faster than a wire transfer and bitcoin will be used for large transactions in the future as litecoin sweeps the common transactions with speed.

      Also, BTC is world wide. Too much nonsense about Americans here people don’t understand there are ATM bitcoin machines in Australia. A japanese man invented the cryptos.

      They have been outside the banking system and one can move anonymously with some finesse.

      Too much ignorance and fear here.

  20. mushy

    bitcoin – is this the gold-like coin embossed with the Brooklyn bridge?

    Enough potential problems with real coins then somebody dreams up with this
    potential nightmare….

  21. DanielSong39

    Well, the payment process and big money people can always turn to Ripple… for all its faults, at least it’s fast!
    I suppose Ethereum is another possibility. It’s faster than BItcoin but it’s still slow.

  22. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Regarding comments about a cashless society, a lot of Americans already live in one because they use debit/credit cards and rarely (if ever) touch cash. The advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they’re not controlled by central banks. Bitcoin initially was used as a currency in a small community. One could argue it was ruined as a currency when the general public found out about it and realized Bitcoin could hold value outside of bank limits (such as the Cypress freeze/bail-in). They made Bitcoin into a speculative commodity.

    I’d also like to comment on Lawton’s statements about merchants accepting but not really accepting Bitcoin. It’s been a while since I last used Bitcoin, but I can explain what did and probably still does. Overstock set up an account with an exchange called Coinbase. Buyers sent Bitcoin payments directly to the Overstock account at Coinbase, and Coinbase instantly converted the payment to US dollars for Overstock. I don’t recall issues with transaction times. I don’t know if it was faster because you sent to a large exchange or if the transaction transmission time has gotten slower since then because of volume. I do recall people having time issues with small vendors because miners didn’t like handling small transactions. A lot of people were doing micropayments with it until the Bitcoin Foundation stopped a lot of that by moving to a minimum blockchain unit size. Lawton appeared to describe a different process though because he said it happened off the blockchain and was reconciled with the blockchain later. I wish he had explained it more. (No, I don’t think it’s a form of credit.)

    • Kevin Lawton


      Overstock is one of I believe only 3 big vendors accepting bitcoins. For big players, they would indeed want to partner w/ an exchange (e.g. Coinbase) to handle the trade of cash-for-bitcoins, because they have the economy of scale. They do retains a % of bitcoin, something small shops would be reluctant to do as well, given the volatility.

      I mentioned that most vendors don’t deal w/ bitcoins, which is the case. Many use BitPay. For example, Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Precious Metals uses BitPay despite Peter not being a fan of bitcoin. It makes sense because his firm doesn’t handle bitcoins. They receive cash. Most outfits are not big enough to deal with bitcoin on their own. Like a mom-and-pop shop, they’re not going to deal with bitcoin directly.

      As an aside, BitPay is one of the commercial interests stronly behind a hard fork (SegWit2x) with increased blocksize.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks for coming on and answering some questions and thank you for warning that people can get “monkey hammered” if they are not careful and informed about cryptos.

  23. Richard Moore

    Thank you for the excellent interview with Kevin Lawton….you are to be commended in coming up with these most prescient interviews.

    I wouldn’t touch crypto’s with a ten foot pole right now. Anyone considering jumping in should review Senate Bill 1241 and listen closely to what Mr. Lawton has to say. I listened to an interview with Andy Gause the other night and his view was equally foreboding. Remember what Warren Pollock said…..with Bitcoin you are putting a target on your back.

    Semper Fi
    Richard Moore

  24. Fredrick Getzschman

    This is real “news” and not “newz.” Greg Hunter interviews Mr. Lawton who tells us about plausible downsides to Bitcoin. I have seen other guests on USAWatchdog with the opposite views of “get all in” on this folks.

    Appreciate this viewers, you are seeing one of the very last journalists in operation when you watch Greg Hunter. And no, I have not been paid to say this nor have I ever met Greg Hunter.

    • Charles H

      Spot on.

  25. Swamp Fox

    Why poll’s are always skewered to the Dem’s. Ever wonder why? Now you know!
    Information warfare_________

    • SwampFox

      You can cut to the chase at 37:20.

  26. Paul ...

    With the way Yellowstone is acting (with the recent 1000 earthquake swarm) it may be time to get out of digital and into physical … it’s “hot rock” moving upward that creates those earthquakes folks … what good will a computer be buried in 10 feet of ash … a silver coin in hand is money that does not need an internet connection and right now one(1) bit coin will buy you 170 ounces of silver (at $600 dollars per ounce this amount of silver is worth $100,000 dollars)!!

    • Paul ...

      Gold and silver (especially silver) tends to reverse at times of full moons … we had a full moon last weekend and it coincided with a reversal candle in silver last Friday … so we may be “very near” a sector reversal … combine this with the big buildup in seismic activity beneath the Yellowstone super volcano ( a thousand tremors occurring in recent weeks) and the fact that a total eclipse of the sun will occur right over the heart of the US next month (puting the moon and sun’s gravitational pull directly over Yellowstone’s vast magma chamber … now this does not necessarily mean it will cause a mega eruption … but who knows? … will the government to warn the people of such a possibility? No! … as they don’t want to create panic or suffer the recrimination if nothing happens … apart from the mass extinction if Yellowstone blows … something good will come of it … it will immediately stop all the Fed and COMEX manipulation of the gold price …burying both evil twins under about 8 feet of volcanic ash!!

      • Paul ...

        Russia, China, India and all those who live outside the continental US probably can’t wait for Yellowstone to blow as it will bury the Fed and COMEX in ash and stop their incessant gold and silver manipulation … as for the wise Americans who bought precious metal coins, buried it on their farmland, took heed and managed to escape the blow … your gold will be “even more secure” buried (under an additional 10 feet of ash) … just make sure you prepare and buy your shovels now … as they will be in short supply after the bang!

  27. Paul ...

    Looks like “Hillary protecting” Comey is toast for doing exactly what Hillary did (releasing classified information) …

    And the “Soros stooge” Obama may also be toast … perhaps why he is staying out of the country while Soros buses in protestors to create a “color revolution” in America!

    Trump has make a “very big” drug bust in St. Croix … hopefully Afghanistan will be next!!

  28. Scott

    Gee! I just lost my shirt. Like; too late to the party. Suckers never learn. Bulls can win, bears can short and PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED. Next scam coming soon.

    • Paul ...

      Losing money on bit coins, cabbage patch dolls or tulips can be avoided if one can learn to “control” the greed genes we were endowed with by God (to teach us self control) … if (as God hoped) we can learn to control our greed emotions we will not start wars to make money … as wars kill something more precious then money … women and children!!

  29. David John Williams

    The so called ‘blockchain’ revolution(insider coup) is here to stay… it would be better described as the ‘digital economic infrastructure rollover’. The elite like to conceal their presence behind the portrayal of outward revolution, it’s happening politically with Trump and economically in the digital space. What nobody talks about is that everyday the blockchain core values of being decentralized, peer to peer and immutable are being diluted by each new competing technology that springs from deep pools of wealth while simultaneously we are presented with ‘apparent’ short comings of true open source platforms such as Bitcoin.
    IMO, if one wants to invest in the future infrastructure, they should look at the platforms that have already been successfully commandeered by the oligarchs, such as Ethereum, and that have something indispensable to offer the overall transition to the new economy, such as IOTA(Internet of Things).

  30. randy0302

    Good info! Bottom line this tech is in it’s infancy. Risk equals reward.
    Volatility means UP and Down.

    Adding unencumbered assets to an economy can only help.
    UN study shows almost no cryptos in illegal activity.
    Government will allow cryptos to go wild…like Japan.

    All issues will be resolved stop the fear mongering!!

  31. NY Currency Trader

    Don’t bet on a war involving crypto-currencies. It is the future of money. The Fed is currently working on solutions to the daunting magnitude of several problems simultaneously including the national debt, budget debt, unfunded liabilities which will enable us to wash away many problems at once and will make some of us even richer then ever before. Block chain technology is the ultimate development and breakthrough of the 21st century even though most people are ignorant of this new technological innovation.

    • Paul ...

      Hey NYCT … did you notice “this future money” just lost half its value in 3 weeks without a war?

      • Paul ...

        The block heads who wrap themselves in block chains think this is a “new” technological innovation … it is just a new form of slavery … an economic slavery that will tie down every transaction you make in your life … taking away both your privacy and economic freedom!

    • Luxe

      Cryptos are the next B I G thing. Many people do not grasp that yet.

    • Frederick

      NYCT has a hardon for Grandma Yellen Are you related to Macron?

  32. Teeter

    One of the more reasonable predictions (99% of ALL others have NEVER materialized), Bitcoin isn’t the future, but its definitely shown the way. Gold will always have value, but I believe that the Chinese/BRICS/Yuan will play a major role in the future. Jerry is the most informed imo, the US Dollar wont go down without a fight.

  33. Son Won Seong

    Bitcoin having war is a no. Bitcoin is no need having improving. Blockchain technologies is very advance way and perfection for all times. Never more needing any problems and very solving many problem. In futures we seeing that peoples rely on better way for transactions done. Cash very bulky and outdating. Hopes for the world for more technical advantage and increasing works.

    • Frederick

      Yeah like we believe your lame attempt at being Chinese Sure we do

  34. Rick Hester

    Agent P beat me to the same conclusion.
    Once the government gets into crypto-currency, cash becomes obsolete, and then the government will know every transaction you make. Every transaction will be subject to taxes. Where you may have paid cash for fresh vegetables purchased at a road side stand, no one would be the wiser. With crypto-currency, sales tax will be enforced, and the income for selling the veggies will be recorded and added to the farmers income tax return, for potentially more taxes to be paid. Crypto’s are a big win for the government.
    Cash is a much better form of exchange, along with credit/debit cards, but, the dollar is losing its purchasing power, and the government is unable to tax every cash transaction.
    Perhaps, initially, the cryptos attracted people who were trying to avoid the depreciating dollar, but now it has become a speculators dream. Buy low, sell high, on the roller coaster ride.
    I think we can forget the US going back to the gold standard. The government is too anxious to bleed the citizens of as much wealth as possible, and crypto-currency is just the tool they drool over.

    • Paul ...

      Correct Rick … freedom and privacy (two major principles upon which our nation was founded) is lost with credit cards “and bit coins” … but not with precious metals or fiat cash for that matter (and the reason the Deep State neocons want a cashless society) … when graphene takes silver’s place “as a commodity” silver will become “even more” like gold … and remember … what is the reason people are now investing in graphene? … it is because of its similarities to silver!!

    • Charles H

      “What is the Matrix? Control.”

  35. NY Currency Trader

    I realize the current discussion is on cryptos, but I have been laughing all morning at the enraged gold and silver bug idiots on Kitco and Zero Hedge. I told you people that we were going to level the boom on you this summer and you still matched our derivative future puts on a one for one basis and we are only too happy to write more so please by all means people. Go long ! Go long ! And after you have done so, please remember to pull down your drawers, pull your cheeks apart and take a deep breath as I push something large and hot up inside your ribs. Then curse as much as you want to. Rinse and Repeat. I’m really enjoying this.

    • Greg Hunter

      NY Currency Trader,
      You are not a “currency trader” you are engaged in criminal activity-NOT trading.

      • Faizie

        NY Currency
        Not only are you a criminal but you are a disgusting fowl mouthed criminal. Profanity is a weak mind trying to express itself !!

      • NY Currency Trader

        No sir, That’s not me. Everything I do is perfectly legal. If it wasn’t, Mark Wetjen would be giving me a stern warning as we drink to our wealth and conquests. The only difference between you and me is I can afford the high end feminine trim and you cant.

        • Greg Hunter

          Paying for “it” is illegal too.

          • Petedivine

            I’m relatively certain this guy lives in his mother’s basement. What kind of currency trader spends time trolling Websites? The kind with a family, a 7 figure income, and a nice place at the Hamptons? Yeah…I didn’t think so either.

    • Frederick

      NY shekel trader So am I buying some more physical while it’s on sale In Turkish Lira terms gold is 25 percent up from a year ago and I pay with that currency mostly

    • Paul ...

      Hey NYCT … God the Father was not gay “like you” as he did not create two Adam’s … and he threw “perverted minds” out of his Garden of Eden … for your information “trader” the precious metal COTs are already bullish … gold won’t drop below 1180 … you are simply laughing at other “perverted minds” with weak hands … not at us “strong handed” gold bugs (who logically see a downside of $1180 and an upside of $10,000 dollars per ounce for gold and are accumulating more) … with seasonal’s turning bullish in August … a gold “breakout to the upside” should occur in a matter of weeks … I’ve been “laughing at you” for buying puts so close to the bottom dumb ass!!

    • Tracy Welborn

      Thanks for posting the comment above. It’s good for us all to see what is really lurking out there.
      NY Currency Trader, your cup of wrath is almost full. At some point, your options will be over permanently. Your only hope is ask Jesus to save you. Choose well my friend:-)

    • Keith wilson

      NY ,currency trader,many thanks for rigging the gold and silver market in trying to preserve the petrodollar .Due to your market rigging ,I have been able to purchase even more silver and gold coins below mining cost.Many thanks again for helping me build up a substantial stack of insurance money for the future.Would you kindly try to knock silver down to around 12 dollar an ounce .This would be brilliant before the collapse in September.Keep up the good work and once again many many thanks for being a criminal bankster.Just do your worst and I will keep stacking.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.!

    • Tin foil hat

      NY Currency Trader,
      Gold price couldn’t even break the $1,200 resistance and got back to $1,220 in no time. Is this the best you can do? What happen with ripping our faces of with $1,158?
      Btw, how much did you lose missing your target?

  36. Dee Garmon

    In the final analysis, the pros way outweigh the cons- not to mention we cannot have a more corrupt system based on the promises of corrupt governments that exist to sign off the treaties devised by corporate lawyers while sipping pink champagne.

  37. Rock

    I get the feeling that the cryptos have been a nwo beta test so far.

  38. Wayne

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but if I heard Cliff correctly, crypto “currency” must be converted to cash before it has any value. In other words, crypto has no real value as a medium of exchange. Thus, it cannot be used to pay employees, buy a loaf of bread, pay my electric bill etc. Again, I could be wrong, but I just don’f get it?

  39. Buck

    Agent P,
    I completely agree. Cryptos are either a Trojan Horse or a beta test for a cashless society.

  40. Mike from the North

    The only think I see in the precious metals market is ACTS OF DESPERATION.

    From KWN. “All they can do is try to scare investors to part with their physical gold and silver. But at these prices the propaganda doesn’t work because physical metal is in strong hands. ”

    What follows acts of desperation? FAILURE?????
    It saddens me to know that our World is governed by sociopaths and individuals with very little respect for the Rule of Law.


  41. Jerry

    Wondering where the global currency reset is? In progress.
    Working Group on U.S. RMB Trading and Clearing
    and CFO Advisory Council
    Meeting Host: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    1615 H Street NW, Washington, D.C.
    Monday, May 1, 2017 10:30am-12:30pm ET
    1. Opening Comments
    2. Working Group Administration
    3. U.S. RMB Clearing Bank Update
    4. Inclusion of Chinese Securities in Global Market Indices – Prospects and Impact
    5. U.S. RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor Application Process
    6. Comments from Working Group Co-Chairs
    7. Meeting Conclusion

  42. michael

    You should ask about Bitshares thats been out there for years that does 100k transactions per second already. scalability has been solved and working already.

  43. stonewall

    Maybe it’s because I’m long retired but I just can’t wrap my head around the concept of cyber curencies. IMHO they are just another product invented and produced out of
    thin air. So I will stick with commodities that are produced from mother earth by the
    toil and sweat of hard working people. Now those commodities have real true value.
    Always have and always will.

    • David John Williams

      The value of this digital tech is contained in the demand for it’s future utility as a ledger and platform for smart contracts; Mother Earth’s commodities are valued by the worth of their utility as well. Record keeping for governments, banks and corporations cost incalculable billions outright, while the inefficiencies of our present infrastructure amount to huge losses in the process. The new digital infrastructure is worth countless billions, likely trillions, to the elite and there is also much control to be gained. If you are able to perceive which of these new technologies will be embraced, there is huge opportunity.

  44. Mike from the North

    From Egon Von Greyers.

    And for the people who already own physical gold, they can sleep well knowing that they hold the ultimate wealth preservation asset that in the next few years will reach levels which are hard to imagine today.”

    Those words say it all. In my view this applies to silver as well.

    There is a fully loaded out of control train coming at us and it is going to run off the track. That train is loaded with debt.

    I wish I could only convince one of my family to step out of the way.

  45. ScottL

    Governments will not go quietly into the night. Central banks will not go quietly into the night. If one of the purposes of crypto-currencies is to bypass central banks and government Ponzi schemes, you can forget it. I like the idea of cryptos, but governments and big banks will not accept being out of the loop. They will control the systems, regardless of how decentralized those systems are, and they will suspend every one of your so called “rights” in order to do it. Cryptos will be subject to negative interest rates, point of sale taxation, value added tax, user fees, banks fees and any other fees you care to think of. The state owns you and there will be hell to pay if you dare defy them.

    • David John Williams

      What you are correctly rejecting Scott, is the false notion that these digital platforms will liberate humanity from the tyranny of the financial elite. They do indeed have that potential, and many are being promoted as such, but it is just part of the psy-op/corral. The elite are already in control and the fees/taxes are already present and hidden in the tiny decimal trails behind the ridiculous valuations for a single coin.

  46. Flattop

    GREG: For those of us who are bitcoin ignorant, can you or someone explain ” blockchain

    • Paul ...

      Flattop … it is what you put around a blockhead to make him a slave!

  47. Mike R

    Anyone who says this, has got my vote… just like I have been posting before on this web-site. Good to have someone smarter than me confirm it.

    “At this moment in history, crypto currencies are not really currencies. They’re a speculative bet. There are a lot of reasons for them to go up big, but there are reasons you could get completely monkey hammered.”

    Also, here is what a super-computer is forecasting for the markets.

    I’m pretty sure my brain is not a super-computer, but its nonetheless not too hard to spot numerous parabolic bubbles, including in crypto’s, so whether you wanna call it a ‘black swan’ or a ‘dragon king’, it will not be a surprise if the markets bite the bullet in a very big way this year, and into 2018. The market froth is on top of QE froth, and there is no there there below the froth. It’d be like someone pouring you a beer, you go to ‘drink it’ and there is zero liquid below the layers of froth. Then you try to gulp the froth, and you end up with bad gas.

    Rather dis-satisfying, wouldn’t you say ?

    Everyone in the equity markets owns nothing but froth.
    (PS. Insiders selling at one of the highest rates on record since 2009, doesn’t make the froth taste any better either.)

  48. jcd

    Greg were gona have to call you Holiday Hunter.. LOL hope your having fun. Live it when you can.
    Janis Joplin Get it while you can.

  49. Dale

    Good afternoon Greg,
    I don’t believe very many people are aware of Capt. Marquez’s efforts in getting this story out. Perhaps you could arrange an interview on USAWD. I believe the intelligent followers of this website can be of aid if they are informed. I am still sick to my stomach after reading this article.

    • Frederick

      Michael Savage has been saying this for years

  50. JC

    Amen. hallalua, celebrate any way you like. Dont kill . Dont steal, dont lie, dont hurt your mate. Pretty easy stuf ta do right. Till you live a life. Point is never forget your past it becomes you. You will become what you do. Do it well. So many times we think no one is looking. . UC U. It becomes you. Decide on things that will help / not hurt.

    • JC Davis

      Thank you JC That about sums it all up.
      Playing with Greg.

  51. Kim

    Great interview! (Bitcoin Improvement Program) BIP 148, needs to happen to give the Bitcoin token an upgrade in speed and function. These improvements happen to other tokens as well. It is how things get better overall.

    Bitcoin may become a storeage of wealth asset, kind of like gold. While litecoin is now being considered the possible choice for use as currency exchange, due to it’s incredible fast transaction speed.

    To get begin, start watching YouTube videos and learn what is going on. You were able to roll up your sleeves and learn about the internet, you can handle this.

    Coinbase is a good exchange to get started with. You can buy Litecoin there. Invest $5 or less and see how things work. Exodus is a great wallet for storage.

    It may be a little overwhelming at first, but stick with it. Jsnip4 YouTube videos are good.

    The technology is moving very quickly. The faster we become familiar with it, the brighter the future and all the positive possibilities!

  52. Kim

    Some unfortunately ugly news for the Pope.

    • Paul ...

      Pope Francis accused of more then complicit silence during the “dirty war” of murders and abductions carried out by the criminal junta that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983 escaped Argentina and is now hiding out among the homosexuals at the Vatican!

  53. Scott Miller

    Hey Greg

    Not sure you put this comment on, but I thought you should know my thoughts in case I am not alone.

    I did not like this interview. It was over my head. I am sure it was not well structured. My sense was this discussion was already loaded with corruption. I took the word volatility to mean more corruption is coming. I don’t trust the product.

    My take was the rigging began, succeeded, and will get worse. Furthermore, how are these products different than stocks and currencies? IMO they are the same.

    I prefer the metal in my possession and everything digital as dangerous. Confiscatable, and manipulated. As a result of knowing restrictions placed in places such as Greece, Cyprus, Puerto Rico, I am not sure I understand any differences in these products.

    Again, I confess I am ignorant on this interview’s main point and details, but I wanted you to be aware that I don’t think my opinions are solely my own. I think there are many others who share the same concerns.


    • Petedivine

      Hey Scott..there wasn’t an interview. That’s why you were confused. It was the weekly wrap. Greg does a monologue.

  54. al

    I hate to give you a full time job Greg but please consider a daily update along with interviews. A true news network has been born. I totally pulled the plug on any media including talk radio, so what’s left?
    I follow dozens of great true media outlets, you are #1 in my book.
    My career takes me to several hundred home routers per year and I can tell you for certain that 80% of my customer base has some form of Internet TV box connected and they use it! A high percentage of them have pulled out of cable TV services.
    As for crypto reorganization, I don’t think it would matter. Gamblers keep gambling, it’s just a different casino game for them. True money has mass, everything else is a farce.

  55. Gina M Mancarella

    For your eyes only Greg ……………….. The Russian election swing effort has just been proven !

    See NYT article ….

    Greg, it looks like there is a there THERE ! Now what do you have to say ? You may want to swallow.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Gina, there is sill no there there no matter how much you want it. It was like you thinking Hillary was going to win and never was and did not, no matter how much you wanted it. The NYT is the propaganda agency that produces so-called “news” with single anonymous sources with never seeing documents (Comey memos) I have an ongoing theory on why the deep state and Dems push this ridiculous story in the WNW. OH, an this is for everyone’s eyes.

    • Don Snotts

      Rich in drag,
      True Don Jr. got sucked in, so what. If your dad was running for prez you’d want to know what your enemy was up to in mother Russka, or even if you were simply just a patriot. You yourself would kill for any opportunity unlike us respecters of life here. Remember Seth Rich, Rich?

    • Paul ...

      There there now Gina … Donald Trump Jr. trying to collect vital information that would “definitely incriminate Hillary” is all of a sudden very wrong … no matter who offered the devastating information about Hillary Clinton … the fact is she was an immoral and corrupt politician and the devastating material (just because it was collected by Russian intelligence) doesn’t make evil Hillary clean (and Trump Jr. dirty) … in fact … “the very information the Russian intelligence service collected on Hillary” … probably made the Russian government “prefer a Trump victory” rather then a Hillary victory … so there there Gina … God wins over Satan once again!!

      • Paul ...

        And Gina … if you were Russia and saw Hillary sell Libya to France, sell Syria and Yemen to Saudi Arabia and having a big hand in taking down other governments (like the Ukraine) for “big cash payments” to her “Charitable Fund” … I bet “even you” would prefer Trump winning the Presidential election … so let’s get off Putin’s back already!!

    • Fatima Boydenson
      Bill Maher to fina Gina

    • Charles H

      Yep! Settled Science! So you still have the “Itching Ears Syndrome”? Go to the Liars who unswervingly manufacture false narratives and innuendos – to be able to come to a foregone and false conclusion?!?? No, Gina – an “it looks like” has NO basis in fact.

      If you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it: you surely will. A. Lincoln

  56. Paul ...

    Hey McCain … here is a Christian Priest in Syria you and your Deep State neocons have not beheaded yet (using our taxpayer money) … your ISIS murdering terrorists are beheading Christians trying to do good in the world … why?? …

    • Paul ...

      Hey McCain … here is another Christian Priest in Syria you Deep State neocons have not beheaded yet … saved because of Russian “interference” you consider so bad to your cause of more evil in the world!! …

    • Rick Geisler

      John McCain and Lindsey Graham are a joke. Why don’t they switch to the opposition and get it over with. Every time there is a story run on the fake news channels they haul out these two sellouts to prove the charge the progressives are making is not one sided. Why do the people from Arizona and South Carolina keep electing these two idiots? The R after their name stands for ridiculous not Republican.

      • Paul ...

        The people will never get rid of these two idiots because there are more dead people and illegal immigrants then live and legal voters … the Demon-Rats are using the “demographics” of fraud and deceit to overpower our system of representative government!

  57. Mike from the North

    Amazing new Rob Kirby interview out.

    The music is about to stop.
    Last one with a chair gets the silver.

    • Paul ...

      Why in the world would people take the chance of “investing” in bit coin … that is still having trouble with scale-ability (that one day perhaps will help it develop “monetary properties”) when gold and silver already have “monetary properties” … most “speculators” in these bit coins say “bit coins can’t be manipulated by the government the way gold and silver are” … they are wrong … all bit coins are in violation of securities laws … and when ever the government so chooses it can regulate them into oblivion! … why is it do you suppose 10,000 silver contracts (representing more silver then exists in the entire world) was sold in “one minute” at the most inopportune time? … it was done to trigger “stop losses” set by silver bulls to drive the price to even greater downward extremes (and just at the time the worlds second largest silver mine in the world just shut down operations) … what does that tell you?? … someone wants to buy silver “cheap” … as they know “something big” is about to happen to the price of silver as worldwide production turns down … don’t let the NY Currency Trader above scare you out of your silver positions … it is “time to accumulate” on any downward spike these manipulators throw at us … that is what I’m doing personally!!

    • Luther

      Thanks Mike, glad I watched it, very telling. What a genuine person who sees and tells like it is!

  58. Big Jim

    Hi Greg. After seeing the revelation about Trumps son Donald Jr. , I thought I would commemorate the occasion with a song.

    Blogging Greggy had a blog … E-I-E-I-O
    And on that blog he said there was no “There There” … E-I-E-I-O
    With a There There here and a There There there
    Here a There
    There a There
    Everywhere a There There
    Blogging Greggy had a blog … E-I-E-I-O

    • Greg Hunter

      Big (stupid) Jim,
      You are stupid and there is still no there-there. This is just another partisan/deep state attempt to take down Trump which isn’t going to happen. There is there-there with James Comey and his release of classified documents.

      • Big Jim

        You’re simply flat out wrong this time. Unfortunately though, it’s a shame that you don’t have the couth not to engage in name calling (“stupid Jim”) and also don’t have the education enough to admit when you are wrong.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not wrong stupid Jim.

      • Jerry

        Wouldn’t you like to take some of the manure some people use for brains (like big Jim) and put it in your garden? Better yet make a compost generator? Thanks to the globalist agenda of dumbing down there will never be a shortage of plant matter. My gardening tip for the day.

    • Paul ...

      Hey Big Jim … Here is a choice for you … There is There (T-I-T) … and … Evil – Isn’t – Evil – It’s – Odoriferous (E-I-E-I-O) … which would you rather have up your nose!

    • Charles H

      Childish button-pushing. Sesame Street blog is just a couple clicks away.

  59. McKonica

    Great interview! After listening to Clif High, and many others, I set up a crypto account at a popular U.S. based crypto exchange and an independent crypto wallet. I have not pulled the trigger with any of it…my head and gut still says “no.”

    After listening to your interview with Kevin Lawton, I immediately purchased 20 ASEs that I can hold in my possession. Yeah, I’m still sitting on the crypto sidelines, waiting, listening, learning, and watching. Ugh.

    Thank you for all your fine work, sir.

    • Paul ...

      You know what you are doing is speculation … “not investment”!!

  60. Frederick

    Fellow watchdoggers Have you all seen the story about the huge welfare fraud scheme being uncovered presently in the Lakewood NJ community? Very interesting how people rip off the system

  61. Linda L.

    The globalists will highly regulate/take down this bitcoin, crypto crap bonanza, completely flush cash down the toilet, as they bring in their own exchange system for the currently proposed one world currency. From what I hear between the lines in this interview, a global monetary reset may happen sooner than later.

    • Paul ...

      Good advice Linda!

  62. Cspokane

    Thank you very much for this interview. It was so well explained in layman terms. I appreciate your expertise on finding individuals to come on your news to help us become more aware and prepared for the next transition of our society and country. Thank you and bless you for all that you do.

  63. James Woroble Jr

    The eventual final evolution is not to any unbacked crypto-currency The present iterations have only one half of the successful equation – the blockchain! This needs to be incorporated into the other half for complete success and acceptance – precious metal backing!

    With these two elements, precious metal backing, giving a basis of real, true value, and the blockchain, eliminating all the historical destructive crap of currency issuance (unrestrained money printing, devaluation, central bank control, etc.), the ideal currency for trade, exchange and the preservation of wealth will have been achieved.

    • Paul ...

      Could make a good marriage … but the rabbit and turtle must get together … only then can “both” win … but alone … only the precious metals win!

  64. Mike R

    ‘Crypto-currencies’, should now be referred to as Klepto-currencies…. theft by digital block chain ‘seduction.’
    Ethereum down 52%, Ripple down 57%, EON down 70% in eight days.

    A “collapse” isn’t when something edges down 1% in value or even 10% or 20%; it’s when something plunges 50% in a short time.

    Ethereum has collapsed 52% in four weeks. The second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization had surged from $0.95 at the end of 2015 to $8.21 by the end of 2016; a gain of 764% in one year. Then it surged to $400 by June 13, according to CoinMarketCap; a gain of nearly 5,000% in less than six month. Over the 18-month period, it multiplied by 421 times. That’s a 42,000% gain. No wonder hedge funds have piled into this madhouse. But in the four weeks since then, it has collapsed by 52% to $193.

    And its market capitalization plunged from $37 billion to $18.2 billion. In other words, $18.8 billion, over half of that $37 billion in imaginary wealth, has been left behind in the imagination.

    To be honest, a lot of “investments” these days are like this, but the dynamics here are on steroids, condensing the entire experience from years into weeks and days.

    Ripple has collapsed 57% in seven weeks. The third largest crypto coin had surged from $0.006 on March 17 to $0.42 on May 17, to a market cap of $16.2 billion, having thus multiplied by a factor of 70. For percentage lovers, it skyrocketed by nearly 7,000% in just two months. Today it’s at $0.18. Down 57% in seven weeks! Its market cap has plunged to $7.1 billion – down $9 billion in seven weeks.

    Bitcoin has plunged “only” 21% in one month. The granddaddy of crypto coins had soared to just about $3,000 by June 12, and a market cap of $48.5 billion. Since then, it has plunged 21% to $2,366 and a market cap of $38.9 billion. Another $9.5 billion down the drain in just a few weeks.

    Between these top three Klepto (crypto) ‘coins’, about $35 billion in “wealth” has returned to the ether in two months.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … the early money is grabbing profits as they sell to the “late comers” … and think about where will all that money will go? … silver? … which is being manipulated down hard “as big mines close down” … and seasonal trends are about to turn favorable??

    • Scott Miller

      Hey Mike R,

      That was the info I had hoped to gather because it was not covered in the interview. Having read your comments, I knew immediately this was the information absent from the interview. This is why I questioned the structure of the interview. The recent history was missing, as was the explanation. Most of the jargon spoken about was new to me, and without any history, because a lot of time was spent talking about the near future, August and November, I was suspicious of the dialogue. Your info confirmed what I was wondering.

      Now I would like Greg to address the recent history with someone, even the man he just interview. I’d like his take on what you wrote. I also see others are more than skeptical, as well as cautious. Again, the benefits of this site in real time.

      Thanks for posting!

    • Jared

      They will come back, Ethereum is to valuable, huge companies such as Microsoft, etc are using it. Also nations such as Russia are looking into it. Litecoin is my favorite however because of its much faster use. I know there are twice as many Litecoin out there to Bitcoin, but I’m gambling that someday hopefully soon Litecoin will rival or become very close to what Bitcoin is.

    • Justn Observer

      And of course when there are a lot of other coins and tokens doing ICO’s there is a transfer of BIT-COINS AND ETHEREUM into them …which will be sold later and transferred back after the initial IPO spike period —- JUST like in the other markets eh?
      Rather like the shifting in sectors with a market of the coming re-set, or expected massive pull back that has only ‘recovered’ because of QE…and the ignoring of deflated value of the dollar it has created? Considering what those crypto speculators spent to get in several years ago….a 50% pull back while another development phase gets worked thru is just that…and not a ‘collapse’ ! That said…I am as un-informed about the block chain stuff…and am not in …but do believe guys like MacAfee see it as a useful vehicle for an exchange of value for the future…and they will make it happen! Along with new systems and platforms and new level of less hack able phone to do so like his new one soon to be out… Time will tell. Seems like lots of griping from those that have no vision and did not get in early !

  65. Brian in Australia

    Doesn’t look too confirming for this crypto-expert guy with all his ‘knowledge’ and smarts around this subject and technological currencies when he can’t even organize a video and sound tech setup that’s in anyway close to in-sync. GOLD people!

    • Greg Hunter

      The problem was on my end.

  66. SwampFox

    How NZ’s growing alt-right movement plans to influence the election
    12 Jul, 2017 4:09pm
    A worldwide surge in populist politics has breathed new life into the vestiges of New Zealand’s far right. Kirsty Johnston reports from within the fringe.

  67. Mocking birdbrained Media DNC puppet stooges

    Julian Assange: I told Trump Jr. to release emails
    USA TODAY Jessica Estepa 13 hrs ago

  68. JC Davis

    Greg the real losers in the Trump non investigation is the people of the country.
    How much time and money has been spent chasing a idea. Even with the news of Trump JR. Still nothing illegal. X presidents have always talked to other country leaders before the got elected. How close was Bill Clinton and China to give national military information to them. How to send a nuke to the USA is much more important.

    • JC Davis

      Greg what is wrong with me that you cant post comments faster?
      just say go away and I will go away. Thank you for the education over the years.

  69. Jane Doe

    MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Is Leaving The Republican Party13 / 21HuffPostLydia O’Connor11 hrs
    MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Is Leaving The Republican Party
    HuffPost Lydia O’Connor 11 hrs ago Happy Days Are Here Again!

  70. J. Bullocks


  71. Don Snotts

    You cant pay criminals to make you healthy and expect to be healthy!

  72. Larry White

    Excellent information. Mr. Lawton’s comments on the transaction speed issue are in complete agreement with a global payments expert I have featured on my blog. It is important for people to understand these kinds of issues. Thank you for presenting it.

  73. Mike M


    I love watching all your shows on my 65″ TV.

    We are entering a multi-tier payment and savings systems using banks, private cryptocurrencies and national cryptocurrencies.
    Like it or not we are heading toward a cashless society

    Private cryptocurrencies will be used to evade taxes in our underground economy including flea markets, and all current straight cash transactions. Also, used by individuals that have a complete distrust of a given national currency. I believe the last standing private cryptocurrencies will be gold backed similar to One Gram. Curious has any economist made an analysis of gold & silver demands by private cryptocurrencies in the next 3 years. Can their gold & silver demands hurt Comex? The cryptocurrency that survives must be price stable without wild fluctuations, backed by precious metals and have no interactions with the banking system.

    New Government cryptocurrencies will be developed by nations for de-dollarization purposes. Each nation will be different and its alliance (if any) with banks will vary nation to nation. I do not believe people will trust currencies, cryptos or anything after the global reset. Losing all your savings to banks will leave a bad taste in people’s mouth. I see China with the most successful national crypto-currency. Their citizens would need to deposit their gold in a Chinese depository in order to buy the cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency would be a national currency only. Gold and silver will rebuild the Chinese economy after the dollar collapse. People that own gold and silver will instantaneously become wealthy, and China is betting on that after the banking & dollar collapse occurs.

  74. dlc

    Looks like Obamacare stays. Let it fall apart, never should have become a political solution. It is an entitlement now that serves only the grifter class and robs most of us.

    On my way to partial pay my medical bill. I used to pay cash up front at time of service. It was reasonable and doable. Went the Medicare route this time. Got the bill and read the running list of charges. Called the billing office and made arrangements for payment. They gave me 6 months to pay.

    Medicare is another rip off. You pay a premium, a deductible, 20% co-pay and are subjected to padded costs. I haven’t gotten the pathology bill yet, expect more of the same. Fee for service is much cheaper and you have control over what lands on the bill and have a say in treatment. What good is a program that inflates costs and makes them a drawn out burden to deal with?

    You are forced into Medicare, face several cumulative penalties if you do not play this game from the time you reach eligibility age. I read on-line that the reason you are forced to sign on is so that Medicare can afford the costs of the much elderly. Medicare, Obamacare, just 2 scams to buy votes and redistribute wealth. Not sure if Disability is in this mix, lot of shirkers involved with these pay outs.

    I do not see how either scam can continue over the long haul as the boomers are all retiring. Who do you continue to rob to keep all of this going?

  75. Roamn

    Can you invite Clif High again to give us an update on Trump and GOP? It feels like political polarization is about to explode. I was wondering what is he picking up!

    This Russia issue just won’t go away and healthcare is like an IDE: it’s going to explode.

  76. Andrew Buchanan

    Hi Greg, Hope you are OK! Missing your usual broadcasts – nothing posted since Kevin Lawton on 9th July?

  77. Mike from the North

    Would you want to be proud of a country like this…..
    A country where nothing is real and everything is make believe.
    A country that interferes with the government and economies of other countries.
    A country that has no verifiable basis or foundation to its currency.
    A country where exist an Exchange stabilization fund that has a purpose of manipulating EVERYTHING.
    A country that uses fear and threats to gets things done as is best for them…..this an any cost.
    A country where Rigging is simply how it is done.
    A country that creates paper substitutes to everything real in an effort to deceive.
    A country that has no respect for The Rule of Law.


    If a Country such as this did exist it would soon find itself without friends and would eventually be seen as an outcast.

  78. Chip

    Greg, are you okay? No post Wednesday. Just checking in. Let us know something… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      I am OK thank you for asking Chip. I just took a day off. Lots of good stuff coming up.

  79. Jerry

    Here we go again. The Central bankers dropping the hint. Is it me or is that the same speech Janet Yellen gave last week?

    Nonetheless the globalist are grooming the internal banking system structure for a reset.When that reset will take place is anyone’s guess, but the pieces are being moved into place now. Currency from AIIB is flowing into western banks via HSBC and Wells Fargo. In my opinion, the key as to “when” is tied to money velocity. Once the velocity flat lines that will indicate a seizure of liquidity in the system at which point the central banks will have no choice but to reset. So far the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has not posted its quarterly report that was due on 07/01/2107…………..hmmm.

  80. Robert

    When Bitcoin was first introduced, the attraction was that there would always be a limited or fixed amount of it. That made it very parallel to the attraction of gold, because gold can’t be run off on a printing press like dollars. However, it seems to me the focus has drifted well away from the initial attraction to other features, as this creation of zeroes and ones, although a fixed amount, has displayed tremendous volatility among its features. Volatility should be expected when the tangible backing is only digital zeroes and ones that you can’t even hold in your hand. Now that it has rolled out of the gate, we see technical issues and chinks in the armor, that start to subtract from what once looked like an ideal way to transact value and defy inflation. Although Bitcoin was introduced as a fixed amount, we now see other crypto currencies being introduced by the score. Doesn’t this actually have the same effect as printing more dollars? Suddenly, the original allure of Bitcoin is being diluted by other crypto currencies. Bitcoin has no protection as an “official” digital currency. So now what is the big attraction? I see profit from trading through manipulation, done by the big boys. Likely, through various mechanisms, they will purposely introduce volatility to skim profits. We really don’t know where these fairy dust cryptos will land in five or ten years, but real physical precious metal, despite the criminal manipulation in the paper markets, still holds the edge in my opinion as a safer storage of wealth in the long run.

  81. frank reps

    We need Krypto Kurrency like we need Khemtrails. When are people going to wake up and realize that all these clever currency constructs are doomed. The Fed is doomed….and all this flailing about by ” Oh too Clever People ” to maneuver around fiat currency will simply end in more tears. Stick to the basics people. Precious metals and storage food allied with NO DEBT is your best bet. Speaking od KHEMTRAILS ; This is the real nightmare….not fake money. See Geoengineering Watch .

  82. Mike R

    Ah… FAT JUICY bank accounts are making the timing for ‘bail-ins’ and confiscation of American’s savings, a very near term reality. Banks are beyond insolvent, and the fake money the FED used to ‘prop them up’ is being withdrawn from the system. So just in time to bilk taxpayers and US citizens ONCE AGAIN, who do right by saving instead of risking their meager means in the stock market.

    Mark my words. This knowledge is like GOLD to the FEDS, and the banksters. $10 trillion to grab for easy pickings. They already stole $29 trillion via QE expansion, and debasing your currency. Now they are just going to take it outright via bail ins, and CLAIM they are giving you these ‘rich’ shares of bank stocks. You can’t make this crap up, but thats exactly what they are planning. Foreign countries, largely controlled by the US via SWIFT, were simply a testing ground. Greece ? Check ! Cypress ? ! Check. Crimea ? ! Check ! Have you seen any of them revolt and burn their cities down since they had all their money stolen ? Nope. Nary a tweet. So the dumbed down and numbed citizens abroad were simply test beds for the US gubmint.

    GOTS now !

    • JMiller

      First off Mike, most U.S. banks are NOT insolvent. Secondly, Cyprus (not Cypress as you wrongly spelled it), Greece and Crimea did not have ALL their money stolen. For the Cyprus bail-in, only depositors that had over 100,000 euros lost money. Greece had no bail-in that involved depositors. Same with Crimea. The reason why they did not revolt and burn their cities down is because only a small amount of depositors lost money in any bail-ins.

      Your post is the typical fear mongering that I see in the ALT media.

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