Captains of Dollar Are Panicked-Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Market expert and financial writer Bill Holter says elite were in a “panic” last week to try to push down the price of gold and silver. Holter explains, “You have to understand that gold is the direct competitor versus the dollar.  Other currencies in the world compete with the dollar, but the dollar is the reserve currency.  It supplanted gold in 1971.  Gold and the dollar are direct competitors or arch enemies, or whatever you want to call them.  The best way to make the dollar look good is to make gold look bad.  That’s what the purpose of all these naked sales or contracts are to suppress the price (of gold and silver).   That’s the purpose of it. . . . Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were three big sales back to back to back, which shows the captains of the dollar are panicking.  The dollar definitely looks like its rolling over and has been taking some fairly sizable drops intraday.”

Holter also contends, “The gold market is at an inflection point. The silver market is at an inflection point, and the stock market is at an inflection point.  There are inflection points everywhere, and the dollar is definitely starting to look weak.”

Holter says the financial and geopolitical landscape is a minefield that could detonate at any time. Holter says, “I have long said that because of the derivatives outstanding today, once something blows up, the whole system blows up within 48 hours.  The globe will spin twice, and basically the markets will close.   It really amazes me that there are so many potential fire events out there, and yet there is zero concern. . . . You are going to wake up one morning and something somewhere will have already happened.  At that point, it will be too late for you to do anything.  You are going to wake up and find out there was a dog fight between a Mig and U.S, fighter jet or a sub was sunk or a big bank becomes insolvent.  Who knows what it’s going to be or where it’s going to come from, there are just too many of them.  The point being is it’s here and now.  It’s a dry barn, and they are flicking matches all over the world.”

Holter says the financial markets are being propped up by “fraud,” and the global financial markets are nothing more than “Ponzi schemes.” He says many people are surprised it all did not unravel years ago and points out, “I didn’t see it getting past the end of 2016.  It could collapse anytime.  We should have collapsed two or three years ago, but with smoke and mirrors, they held this thing up.  It’s a complete hologram or shell.  There is no substance underneath the real economy.  The whole thing is a house of cards, and it’s built on credit.”

In closing, Holter predicts that “the U.S. government will default” at some point and explains, “Default is a mathematical certainty.  There is no way the debt and the commitments can be paid back.  Once a country get over 100% debt to GDP, that’s banana republic time, and the U.S. is 105% debt to GDP right now.  That’s just the debt on the books.  That’s not future promises.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of

(There is much more in the video Interview.)

After the Interview:

There is free information and analysis on Bill Holter’s latest free article just came out, and it’s titled “The Chicken or the Egg.” (Holter lays out the case for the mathematical certainty of a full global financial collapse.)  Holter only publishes one or two free articles a month on  Holter produces two or three original articles each week for subscribers.  Members of the subscription service can get access to all of Bill Holter’s financial writing and, also, his weekly podcasts with legendary gold and market expert Jim Sinclair. Click here if you wish to become a subscriber.


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  1. MOAB

    Whatever this all means, Bill. However late the hour…

    Or as David Morgan said recently, “Something is going to happen in the next four years.”

    • Bill Holter

      could be 4 years but I cannot imagine what could be done to sustain the system that long?

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Bill – “slavery…” can sustain this system if not indefinitely, then for a very long time. it’s imaginable because it’s already happening. men are forced to work under the real threat of incarceration if they can’t. innocent men are being railroaded into prisons at an alarming incidence for their slave labor in our increasingly privatized for-profit prison system. passports are being taken away at alarming incidence for no reason and unlawfully so the innocent and conscientious men can’t escape the country. they are being denied public assistance including access to health care and their investments in programs are being given to others who don’t want to work instead in exchange for political expedience and profit. children are being kidnapped and held hostage for ransom at alarming incidence (trafficked) as pretense or excuse for these actions by the government against conscientious men. men are denied routinely the fundamentals of due process including presumption of innocence. The list goes on. it’s called slavery. and it’s part and parcel of a death panel. you don’t have to imagine it because it’s happening and has been increasing incrementally during the past 103 yrs. slavery and death panels are the foundation of our economy today.

    • Concerned american dad

      Is this the same interview from last year and the year before that ……. just have it ready to que up for next year as well. Some september eventually…another 150 pt surge this morning after yesterday’s 200 plus- driven by “strong earnings”. Looks like they are in complete control… far as anyone i know is concerned.
      By the way- how is Trump’s case against the criminal activity of the Clinton’s going? … or is he tooo busy going after Assange. What a fraud!! Jokrnis on all of us again.

  2. Robbie41

    Greg this was a really good interview, bill is right about what is going on. Sept 23, 2017 is not that far away.. Keep your eyes to the skies.

    • Bill Holter

      I am careful about specifying a date because no one really knows.

  3. Robbie41

    NIBIRU SUN next our sun seen through Sun glasses

    Enjoy the second sun video Greg..

    • Freebreezer

      I am sorry – but there is nothing there!!!!! I went outside with my boys sun filter for his telescope … Nothing there! I next tried old photo film negatives (allows more light through), again nota, nothing, a big zero! It goes to show you – trust nothing on the Web unless you can verify it!

  4. Mohammad


    It will be digital cashless monetary new system.
    Gold is to be outlawed and if you have it to jail you go.


    • Bill Holter

      …and silver?

      • Mohammad

        Same with Silver.

        No medium other that digital will be allowed…


        Guess what every country devastated by the Arab frigid spring and its leader was removed was never ever able to do?


        Although all those demised leaders knew the internet was killing them, some eventually were killed by Facebook, twitter organized coupes de tat called “SPRING” but yet none of them was allowed to turn it off.

        from BIN ALI/Tunisia to Qaddafi/Libya to Mubarak /Egypt to Assad/Syria to Russia during the Orange Revolution if you remember Ukraine…and Turkey….So on so forth.


        They were allowed to bomb kill their people but god forbid, turning off the net? HELL NO…..
        WHY BILL?

        Because the net the medium for the next currency.

        And yes PM are to be outlawed.
        Count on it.


        • lastmanstanding

          Nicely said about the web/net.

          I’ve been telling people that for years.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          Mohammad is correct… PM’s are already being outlawed and regulated to worthlessness already. regulation of them will only increase. not decrease.

          • Tin foil hat

            Dr. Darryl Jewett,
            PMs are neither outlawed nor worthless. Their true worth/function are hidden from the public eyes, enabling the squids to steal from the citizens with the spell of the Ponzi dollar.
            As far as regulation, that depends on which entity would be in charge of the world financial/money market.
            If the BRICS could mange to get an alternative money market to work without starting WWIII, the world will likely have an asset/equity base current which the U.S. will have no choice but to follow suit.
            Will there be more regulation when that happen? I think it all depends on who is in charge at the time – someone like Reagan, nah. Obama, yah.

      • Bacon and Bible

        Digital is further corruption by NWO Hard assets or barter only

    • Teeter

      Sure thing Mohammad, they are going to jail 40 million people, lmao, I THINK NOT.

    • Frederick

      Mohammad the more they try to make it illegal the more people will crave it Remember prohibition in the US alcohol went underground and was coveted more than ever I believe the same would happen with precious metals and they would have to make silverware and jewelry illegal too right Not going to happen

  5. Paul ...

    Banksters prepare to detonate WWIII to hide the real cause of our financial crisis … but we can see through all the lies …

    • Bill Holter

      they will certainly use “something” to hide their bad policy as they will need to assign blame.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Bill for coming back on to answer some comments!!

      • Elusive Joseph

        The Banksters are going to engineer a global pandemic to wipe out a lot of people, and scapegoat the pandemic as “the cause” for crashing the economies and currencies of the world, thereby diverting attention away from themselves who caused the crash all along.

        • Beligarant

          Yeah, its guaranteed they have something up their sleeves! Right now we continue to watch the weaker countries circle the drain.

      • Paul ...

        Nuclear strike “drill” planned for 10 o’clock tomorrow morning near New York City … remember the “drill” that took place on 9-11? … remember the “drill” that took place at the Boston Marathon? … it may be very wise to avoid this area near NYC tomorrow and take a “sick day” … as we know the psychopaths trying to get WWIII started … are as crazy as loony tunes!! …

    • Paul ...

      The monetary system “has failed” (we the people just don’t know about it yet) … the banksters Military/Industrial/Deep State “hatchet men” are currently meeting at the White House readying their plans to bring on WWIII … … according to Rob Kirby the silver pressure cooker is ready to blow …

  6. Paul ...

    If you need to buy a dozen eggs from a farmer and he doesn’t want to take your paper Dollar IOU’s … and all you have is a gold coin worth $10,000 dollars … or a silver coin worth $1,000 dollars … it may be to your advantage to have some nickel coins (which are not someone else’s liability) but a “real physical metal” (just like gold and silver) where 20 nickels could buy you one dozen eggs … so stacking some nickels along with your gold and silver gives you some trading flexibility (as you would never want to part with a one ounce silver coin for a dozen eggs)!!

    • Bill Holter

      my favorite form of silver is “junk” for this very reason,

      • dbcooper

        Bill, At one point we traded some of our 1oz rounds for a bag of ‘junk’ dimes … seemed like a good idea. DB.

  7. FC

    The story goes that Central Banks hate gold back currencies because they’re unable to print freely.

    The why I see it they can still print freely even with a gold back currency by simply increasing the value of gold.

    Bill Holter gave us the example that the value of silver should be 1:10 based on availability compared to gold, which I can agree with, but how do you value gold?

    • Paul ...

      Platinum is about 10 times rarer than gold … the problem is … should one ounce of platinum be selling for $12,500 per ounce or gold at $125 per ounce? … but at least the nickel is always a nickel!

    • Grey Rider

      While a plausible theory- you aren’t getting any eggs, or anything else of mine, for frn’s or nickel or copper…

    • Bill Holter

      divide the debt+money supply outstanding by the amount of gold a country holds…

      • FC

        Therefore we never leave the pozi scheme because they simply raise the price of gold to the amount of currency printed………….we have substituted rising credit for rising gold.

  8. ross

    What I like about Bill Holter, Rob Kirby and Greg Hunter is that they are honest people who can be trusted. I may not always agree with their views but tell the truth as they see it.
    Those of us who are prepared will take little solace in saying ,”I told you so.” 95% will not listen and still have no idea, much to the lament of the few of us who realise the truth. Those who are not prepared, make for a more dangerous society.
    The maths tells us that this system cannot be saved. Yes it should have collapsed 3 yrs ago but infinite money and human greed gave them a short reprieve.

    • Bill Holter

      Thanks Ross, the only thing we were born with was our good name, I plan to die with it still intact.

      • dbcooper

        Ross & Bill, I have always tried to live by a few simple principles ; truth and honesty (What Jesus taught us); Golden rule; I give every person one chance to screw me (and I will and do give them that chance) ; humility and contrition ( which is to say everyone screws the pooch from time to time but with humility and contrition one can take a step back and admit conviction and try to ‘never ever’ do it again). I do not believe in treating with ones’ enemy and this goes for those who are in denial as to their Fascist Ideology. While this may seem harsh and perhaps stupid, PC is killing us and if we do not have rule of law and lines in the sand that we do not cross then we are bound for anarchy, corruption and peonage.
        Bill we were interested in hearing of the 10:1 ratio and it being Biblical … that will be good news for my retirement I hope!! And thank you Bill for your responses to comments.

        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  9. Wayne

    Bill is 100% correct – it’s all about CREDIT!

    Loved his example on how we go from getting out of bed until noon without our actions being contingent upon credit.

    And this is something the evil globalists can’t entirely manipulate and control – credit.

    Smart guy.

    The end of the Ponzi game is very near, imho. Be ready all it’s coming faster than a cat can lick its ass!

    • Robbie41

      Greg I am sorry for trying to help you save your good families life from this coming biblical event that will take place soon after Sept 23,2017. I promise to not post anymore about this here on your good website.. I wish you well.. If you do know about this event then good, if you want more Info about this incoming planet I would be glad to help you..

    • Frederick

      I paid down ALL my debt and now live very well on SS some rental income and interest on my deposits Actually Im able to live pretty nicely on 20 percent of my income and invest the rest in land and precious metals Taking off tin foil hat now hehe

      • Bill Holter

        best to keep it on for a spell Frederick!

        • Frederick

          I agree Bill I’m delaying the purchase of some farmland in anticipation of a sale but the wait is painful I’m almost 63 and want to move on while I can still enjoy it

    • Bill Holter

      the whole world is a Ponzi based on trust alone.

      • Wayne

        Absolutely! Trust is key.

        Thank you for commenting/replying to us little people Bill. Very much appreciated! It shows your generosity, kindness, and concern.

        Bless you!

      • Paul ...

        Soon all the trust will be gone (and only gold and silver will be money) … according to Israeli News Live both Russia and China have a plan to stop “all the wars” perpetrated by the Military/Industrial/Deep State Complex (and finally bring humanity the 1000 years of peace we were promised) … they will do it by simply taking away the strength of the US dollar so the criminal pedophiles in charge can’t finance their wars anymore!! …

  10. This sceptred Isle

    The thing with the paper gold manipulation is it must be subject to the law of diminishing return. The more paper gold you add to the market the more you increase the size of the market and therefore the more paper gold you need to dump on the market next time in order to get the same downwards effect on price. As a result the paper dumps will have to keep getting larger in order to contain the gold price.
    Bill Holter, I wonder whether the gold or silver market will crack first. Unlike the gold market which can be settled in cash if the physical gold disappears, physical silver is essential for industrial purposes. Apple cannot make ipads with paper silver. I am surprised multinationals with lots of cash have not started stockpiling silver yet.

    • Bill Holter

      I believe it will be silver because it’s a much smaller market, central banks do not hold silver and far less capital needed to crack that egg…

  11. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Thank you Bill Holter & Greg Hunter

  12. terry44

    I’m not sure where the gold/silver ratio could end up. You can’t just use the supply side figure of 10 to 1, because demand is just as important. It could go down to 10 or even lower with higher demand, but it might only get down to 20 or 30. It will be a very interesting ride though.

    • Paul ...

      What is more interesting to me is … the Nickel Coin/Fiat Paper Dollar Ratio … the Nickel Coin (composed of both copper and nickel) is going for about $3 dollars per pound and the price of paper goes for about six(6) cents per pound … giving a ratio of 50 to 1 (3.00/0,06 = 50) … and with us heading into WWIII it is likely this ratio will increase even further (as both copper and nickel will be in greater demand) … so while both gold and silver prices are be easily manipulated by the banksters irrespective of demand … it will be much more difficult for them to do so with the “metals of war” as worldwide demand for these metals increase !!!

    • Frederick

      True but historically speaking 70 to 1 is way out of whack

    • This sceptred Isle

      I agree. In a panic situation or investment frenzy in the precious metals the available above ground supply of bullion would probably be more important. If for the sake of argument there was an equivalent amount of gold and silver bullion available the gold/silver price ratio would presumably come down a lot closer to parity.
      In such an extreme situation all the silver used for industrial purposes would be lost to the market, all the silver in jewellry would not come onto the market until silver prices rose multiple times and all silver in the ground would be inconsequential on the short term price.

      • This sceptred Isle

        In reality there is probably a lot less silver bullion above ground than gold bullion which is horded by central banks and big money investors.
        If the price of silver reaches hundreds of dollars, investment demand for silver would receive an additional boost as big money would consider it an efficient store of value. Big money won’t invest in physical silver with prices so low as it is too difficult to store a large amount of wealth in silver bullion due to storage space restrictions.

        • Frederick

          That may or may not be true Sceptred Isle The Hunt brothers were very wealthy and they invested bigly in silver and I’ve read that JP Morgan has lots and lots of silver and if anybody is the wealthy it’s them right?

    • Bill Holter

      no one does, but we do know it is favorable from the supply standpoint to be heavier in silver.

  13. Jerry

    Its hard to argue with Bill Holter’s line of thought. This thing would have been over a long time ago had it not been for market manipulation and the Exchange Stabilization Fund. You can’t walk through Dallas Book Depository Building without the realization that the deep state (which is in reality the CIA) controls everything…….including the fate of Presidents. Thanks to Wiki Leaks, here’s a prime example of their reach.

    I find it almost humorous that the cabal controlled MSM media is blaming Russia AGAIN for election meddling. Only this time its France. Desperation? Oh yes. Talk about a match in a dry barn. Meanwhile the Chinese continue to infiltrate our banking system with RMB as the dollar selloff continues. Default? I think it was a forgone conclusion a long time ago by the Chinese that they would never see their 2.5 Trillion dollar loan paid back by the United States. They did what all creditors do. Buy the property out from under the debtor. Banana Republic? Yep. Pretty much.

    • Bill Holter

      please see my latest article which speaks to the “how” central banks have covered up the insolvency.

    • Jerry

      The IMF members pledge to fight protectionism. Whatever that means.
      Meanwhile the Chinese continue to offload RMB Trojan horses into our banking system courtesy of globalist inside the U.S. treasury department and the Federal Reserve Bank. The plan is brilliant. No one will be the wiser that the paradigm shift to a new global currency has actually occurred until they decide you have a need to know. By then it will be to late for you to do anything about it, other than just go along along with the plan. I have had reports all over my state last week of local banking computer systems being shut down for days at a time to install new software. The week prior it was the major banks like HSBC and Wells Fargo calling in their employee’s over the Easter Weekend to update their systems. Routine? Hardly. The central banks are clearly gearing up for something major. As for me, I’m not worried about it. I know where my money is. Do you?

      • Kim

        Thank you for commenting on the bank notices!! I saw them too and immediately was concerned. There was not much news about it in the alt news.
        What is the best battle plan for this situation? Minimal cash in the bank and pay off mortgage? I have a fixed mortgage, but am concerned it maybe “restructured” to fit a new currency.
        BTW, Clif High came out with his new report today, a week early! Greg would you please consider having Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity on? Excellent interview with Bill Holter, he seems to be ahead of his time!

        • Jerry

          They are clearly setting the table for some type of new currency. I’m not sure there is much you can really do other than try and own as much as you can, or have hard assets on hand. As far as cash, I’m really thinking about cashing mine in and buying more silver and food with it. If they plan to reset the weight of the dollar it may not be worth much anyway. They’re tough decisions. Good luck.

    • Jerry

      More on RMB Trojan Horses. AIIB is now involved with transfers.
      Folks you won’t be reading it the MSM press so stop looking for validation.The currency reset is happening in real time NOW. The central banks don’t want or need our permission to transfer funds or set up new exchange systems. It should be proof by now after the 2007 subprime mortgage debacle and the Deutsche Bank market rigging scandal that they operate outside of our laws with virtually no regulation whatsoever.
      If you’re waiting for some announcement or press coverage, don’t hold your breath. You and I won’t know anything until they want us to.

      • Tin foil hat

        I think this is how Trump got the the Chinese on our side. Having the U.S. as a member of the AIIB is huge, I infer the Chinese are protecting their investment.
        I don’t know if this is going to be good. I’m sure it’s beneficial for the survival of the Ponzi dollar short term.

      • Tin foil hat

        I think I just figure out the real reason for our latest aggression against Noth Korea.
        I always suspect N. Korea is a time (nuclear) bomb which Bill Clinton had created to be used against any disobedient nation in Asia.
        Trump is deactivating that time bomb to show good will. Damn, I don’t think this is a marriage yet but it’s definitely a big engagement ring.
        If I’m on the right track, I wonder what would Putin do next.

  14. Lee

    Good show guys. I don’t see Korea as a real threat, just a distraction. Despite having been relentlessly carpet bombed not so long ago, to the best of my knowledge they have not invaded or attacked anyone in my lifetime. I judge by actions rather than the words of liars. Wesley Clark’s original list I think remains in effect.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Lee, you could be correct.

  15. David John Williams

    Fantastic stuff! Thank you Bill and thank you Greg for entertaining the question of rising equities. My peace of mind rests upon basic preparations and owning precious metals; however, until the storm rolls in, we all continue to float on an ocean of credit. The day to day life for the average guy necessitates staying in the water until it gets too rough, and if one has to be in the water, one should be ready to surf or be clobbered. I’m prepared to ditch my surfboard(funny money) for the lifeboat(metals), so why not try to ride the wave? I’d prefer to hyper-inflate my account in time with the surge and have $30 000 in there instead of $1000 to buy my $80 coffee. Again, many thanks!

    • This sceptred Isle

      And a rising tide (of credit) lifts all boats…except gold and silver apparently!

    • Bill Holter

      study hyperinflations, equities always rise but not as much as the currency declines…

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Hey Wild Bill Holter, liked the Chicken or the Egg, recommend all readers here click on it and read it. I also think there is actually smoke coming from the barn as we speak, time to get the horses out!

  17. Handsomehank

    To all of you bitcoin fans. What if Alan Greenspan is Satoshi Nakamoto? Will that change your view?

    • This sceptred Isle

      Ha! That would be hilarious!!!

    • Hairy Herry

      This long time “hodler” doesn’t see that.. Greenscam has flip-flopped too much as he’s back to being bullish on gold recently. He has the intelligence to have created Bitcoin, yet Nakamoto has remained consistent. It would have been politically incorrect and Alan would never had gotten so deep in politics if he had remained consistent with his original opinions on gold. He too was formed and shaped by the Deep State in my opinion.

    • Bill Holter

      are you saying Mr. Naamoto is senile? I watched Mr. Greenspan this week being interviewed, his handlers need to keep him out of the public spotlight.

  18. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Howdy-do, Greg…Blessed Sunday!

  19. JCD

    Always enjoy Bill Holter.
    For those that may not have the ability to store food.
    Century’s ago food was brought to America that would return the next year without planting them. Today we call them weeds, yet they sustained a people called the first settlers . We walk on more food then grocery stores can sell. Education will be your best friend in hard times. Learn it now while we still have a working computer.
    Here are some links to get you a start. Mustard
    There are many more on youtube.
    Also trees are food. Know the trees.
    Always know from several sources before you eat any wild plant.

  20. Dana

    Hi Greg
    Thank you for another great guest. Like i said before your is real news. I hope people wake up before it is to late. I stay up on Saturday nights just to get the early release. Thanks so much for all your hard work and God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your dedication to USAW Dana!

      • Shadow of Doubt

        FYI Greg,
        Make note of the “plane load of spooks” arriving at Wellington prior to the Five Eyes meeting. Bank on this being another “Inflection Point”!

    • Bill Holter

      Greg will have a legacy equivalent to Walter Cronkite before this is all over!!!

      • Charles H

        Thank you, Bill. I’ve tried to express this very thought. Coming from you – is a genuine compliment.

  21. This sceptred Isle

    Are they even planning to raise the debt ceiling? No negotiations, no media coverage. Perhaps the reset will occur when the US government runs out of money in a couple of months.

    • Bill Holter

      they will have 4 working days to negotiate it.

  22. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    Hi Bill. Always enjoy your time. I mentioned a year or so…..paper investments will be good after the toilet paper disappears.

    A comment on the Carrier Groups….they require room to maneuver, the subs who protect the Group need room to maneuver, the escorts need room to maneuver, the planes need room to maneuver. They rotate them like gears in a Swiss watch. A square dance of men and machines. Each air wing’s distance from the target changes like a sign wave.

    As for gold and silver. It’s always been money, always will be.

    Thank you two. Enjoyed the interview….on a rainy day in Georgia.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks James.

  23. Chip

    Great Interview! Chip

  24. JCD

    Greg from what I understand a fiat currency falls when another more desirable currency takes its place. If this is true it would explain why the dollar has not fallen, also why we give dollars to every country world wide. Its not to help them rather to enslave them.
    I don’t think the dollar will fall without a major war before it falls.

    • Frederick

      A major war seems impossible in the nuclear age Whoever was losing would just push the doomsday machine into high gear Don’t you think?

      • Bill Holter

        financial war more likely (which we already have), financial failures breed hot wars historically.

        • JCD

          Bill Holter thank you for your reply. What do you think of Copper ? Could a penny become the new dollar ?

        • Wayne D

          The perversity is that we’ve had for some time now military wars concurrent with these financial wars. Their interdependence is seen as necessary by the neocons, who have hijacked our nation and appear to be directing its policy decisions, in order to achieve the goal of world hegemony. Especially since 9/11 we’ve conducted directly and indirectly (undeclared) hot wars and provoked regime change globally. This is driven by the need to maintain the Petro Dollar standard and the USD as global fiat reserve currency at all costs. Of course the goal of all such wars is not to win them but to continue them.

          In turn, this has enabled the US to continue its major export to the world: its inflation. Accepted in exchange for the world’s imports of tangible assets, this is what ironically has allowed us to live above our means while real economics has wasted the nation and allowed its infrastructure to deteriorate. We’ve had a wartime economy now for decades.

          Despite the obvious cracks in the dyke and few fingers now available to plug all the holes springing up, the central banksters of the world — led by the Fed — will never voluntarily relinquish their power. Even while their fractional reserve banking mechanism is reaching debt saturation and credit freezes in the final phase of their Ponzi scheme.

          Whether it’s part of the New World Order plan, a re-set or whatever, it appears the power paradigm shift from West to East is underway. This is led by a China-Russia alliance, which is clearly the major enemy of the neocons. All we the people can do is speculate whether this will bring with it another one of those “wars to end all wars” (this time with the certain potential to end it all, literally). Bill Holter, as you and Jim Sinclair have emphasized in your series of articles on, the primary thing the individual should do now is “Be Prepared.”

          • JCD

            Wayne D. That was so good. Loved it !

            • JCD

              Greg this was a work of art.

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you JCD.

            • Wayne D

              JCD… Glad you found it worthwhile, Wayne D

      • JCD

        Frederick you have a gun on two men that have guns on you. They are backing you over a cliff . Do you shoot them with hope to live or just back over the cliff to sure death ? Those in control would rather die then lose their power.

    • Freebreezer

      JCD – I agree … It’s like the musicians on the Titanic, they are on a sinking ship and what else are they going to do? Same with big, big money … it is stuck in dollars, thus they keep on playing!

  25. Everett

    Greetings Greg,
    Very good interview with Mr. Holter, I agree with him 100% when he says it is a mathematical certainty that this whole thing goes upchuck, very good Mr Holter, very good. I am a business man of over 30 years, and I have been to Jefferson City, MO. multiple times to speak with our senators and representatives. To put it bluntly, the state capitol has been transformed into a huge whore house to keep them clowns entertained while the “powers that want to be” loot this country. Last time I left Jeff City I pondered what a grand delusion this whole ponzi scheme is and how few will survive the carnage that is coming.

    • Bill Holter

      unfortunately, most of our elected official don’t have a clue on MANY topics. The ones who do understand are crooks…

    • David Krenshaw

      Late in Harry Truman’s life, a reporter asked him what made him decide to go into politics. He replied, “Well, I had two choices, become a politician or a piano player in a whore house. To tell you the truth, there’s very little difference between them.”

  26. DavidC

    Hi Greg,
    Another measure of how desperate the central banks are getting is this posting on ZeroHedge concerning the French elections this weekend. One word sums it up – insane.

    Best regards from England,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

  27. Greg Hunter

    I think we all get it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Miller,
      Didn’t I ban you once before??

      • Mark Maples

        I vote you leave the coward on the site Greg. Anyone who posts as he does thinks that saving my own life is worth anything to me. He doesn’t seem to grasp that most of us posting on your site may not agree on much, but we do believe our government has been hijacked by crooks. Yet this clown posts as if saving my own hide is all that matters. Your site your rules but my vote is his continued access for comedic value

        • Greg Hunter


    • Frederick

      Mr Miller I left the US to be closer to family and for a lower cost of living NOT specifically thinking that things would be so much worse there in the case of a debt collapse but you may be right Depends on where of course but I’m curious what your reasons are for believing the US will be “ground zero” as you put it

  28. Dr Darryl Jewett

    thanks for interviewing Bill Holter, Greg. credit will cease and markets will end. but the economy is based fundamentally upon the slavery of a small demographic or proportion of men. so credit will cease and markets will end but it doesn’t matter if you can coerce the labor of men with the real threat of permanent incarceration if they can’t work and take away their passports so they can’t escape. if you’ve borrowed money through our system of fractional reserve banking (usury) for anything other than necessary health care, then your profits are privatized and the costs socialized and you’re just as much a welfare recipient as a mother receiving child support so she can pay her cell phone bill or pay for a nose job or a social security recipient who receives enough benefits to buy a second house (that not what social security or child support are for). if you took out a mortgage on a house that you didn’t work for and didn’t earn and couldn’t afford, then you’re the problem. borrowing money under fractional reserve banking is a form of welfare. so anyone speculating on real estate, stocks, bonds, derivatives, gold, silver, etc… are just as bad as those on welfare.

    • Hairy Herry

      To the good Doctor, Maybe I’m not reading through your comments correctly, but you’re basically stating there’s no “moral” escape mechanism from this upcoming economic collapse. Right? Are we simply to capitulate?? Metals, stored outside the banking system are literally a form of money, more so than depreciating paper fiat. The same recognition of money is gradually being recognized of Bitcoin, our new digital gold. Mind you, the upcoming digital money system our Fed Res envisions will NOT be the same as Bitcoin. Their banks and the government will have the ability to give and TAKE as they see fit. Furthermore, their blockchain will likely not be available to the public, even if it were fully encrypted! I read through different blockchain stories and can tell you China wants one of their own! Four nations today utilize a blockchain to track real estate transactions, and their use is growing as it cuts out paperwork and the middleman with their potential of errors. Bear in mind, without necessary transparency of any economic blockchain, only the force of law can keep it operational, and I predict with extreme certainty that it shall be abused. We’ll see a similar flurry of laws and regulations from “the US Corporation” at the point of a gun to keep this new ponzi afloat, but with something far more nefarious; It’s extremely easy to track your actions without any means of anonymous transactions, as through paper fiat. Bitcoin is semi-anonymous with certain downfalls, yet the average person is still very safe with it. I’ve used Bitcoin and hold some today. That Stormy Day is coming!

      Borrowing money under fractional reserve is literally a form of Credit! It’s handled by the Federal Reserve, which as we should collectively know by now is as Federal as FedEx! We should place the blame squarely on Congress and President Wilson for this malaise, although the latter indeed regretted his decision to sign off , right at Christmas no less! This Hairy Guy is convinced Wilson had his arms pulled by many powerful people who wanted badly to undo what Jackson did in the previous century. I give credit to Trump for revitalizing the history of our seventh President. It’s ironic though that Jackson’s bill is likely the safest of the ones to store going forth, as even a Grant or Franklin could give one greater scrutiny, especially from today’s highwaymen; Cops in jurisdictions where Civil Asset Forfeiture rules supreme!

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        precious metals are an alternative to fiat currency only if governments let them become that. governments can tax, confiscate, penalize, etc… the exchange of precious metals until they’re worthless. they can also flood the market with paper receipts for nonexistent bullion. although PM’s do have intrinsic value greater than fiat currency, it’s all manipulable by governments. good luck exchanging your gold for goods and services. vendors won’t accept it. and anyway exchange will be permitted only at official and licensed vendors who have to report exchanges which are taxed and penalized. it’s already happening.

        borrowing money under a fractional reserve system is NOT credit. it’s usury. the enslavement of people who aren’t borrowing under a fractional reserve system. who do you think pays off most of your interest under a fractional reserve system? the people who didn’t borrow money under a fractional reserve system. it’s privatizing benefits but socializing costs.

        then as the price of goods and services and interest is driven up by those who did borrow under a fractional reserve system, those people who were willing to work hard and save and invest have to too. or die. that’s what a Ponzi scheme is. fractional reserve banking is a Ponzi scheme for willing participants and slavery for involuntary participants.

        borrowing money under a system that is not fraction reserve is credit. no money in the US during the past 114 yrs is the product of real labor or even real credit. it’s the product of fractional reserve slavery and Ponzi scheme. if you borrowed money during the past 114 yrs for anything other than necessary health care, you’re as much to blame for the collapse of the economy in the US as the central banks and other players.

        and yes it is possible. not everyone lives on fractional reserve debt or even the system that depends upon it. it’s easier than you think. the reason so many people did it is because they’re callous idiots who didn’t think what the consequences are for everyone else. and now the people who are hurt the worst are those conscientious men who refused to sell out their country.

        the profligate life-styles of most people in the US are what wiped out this economy. no one forced these idiots to borrow money under a fractional reserve system. they volunteered because they were greedy. now everyone has to pay the price. yes the fed is there. and yes congress made laws to encourage borrowing. and yes there are other players. but ultimately people made conscious decisions to screw over their fellow citizens. just because a gun is laying on a table doesn’t mean you have to pick it up and kill your neighbor with it. nothing’s free. if you’re getting something free, then someone else is paying for it.

    • Bill Holter

      without credit, “distribution” breaks down even if goods are produced which they will not be.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Thanks, Bill.

  29. Mohammad


    Here is something you do not hear in local media.

    “ISIS moves its capital in Syria”

    “In the wake of increased airstrikes and pressure applied from three directions by U.S.-backed Syrian forces, the Islamic State has essentially moved its so-called capital in Syria, U.S. defense officials told Fox News.

    ISIS is now centered in Deir ez-Zur, roughly 90 miles southeast of Raqqa, the officials said.”

    So lets concentrate again on what is going on:
    The pressure is from 3 sides……!!!!!
    Let me repeat again 3 sides…….

    so intentional flushing of ISIS to Deir ez-ur.
    Now 90 miles in the desert open road between Raqqa and Deir ez-ur and no one from US or coalition is able to hit their convoys?????????

    Isn’t it what I talked about earlier here?

    So add to it:
    Getting the only air base that was fighting ISIS out of service by hitting it with 36 tomahawk missiles so no one can stop ISIS now if they were to be flushed again from Deir Ez-ur to Palmyra on the way to Damascus.

    Now can one explain to me, are we fighting ISIS or opening the road for them and removing their obstacles?????????????


  30. Country Codger

    Great interview,
    I just want to correct something Jim said and I am sure it was just an oversight. You must, first of all, have a viable, sustained supply of fresh water. Without potable water you will die in less than a week barring any miracles. Most sources say 3 days but in my experiences that 3 days is when you body starts shutting down but you can live beyond that in certain circumstances.

    The biggest joke, not only in Hollywood but also Washington, D.C. is that the Zombie Apocalype and the Walking Dead are those watching the movies and TV shows rather than preparing for what is coming. In the COG it is recognized that within one (1) year 90% of the populace will be dead. ((This matches up with prophecy by the way, where it says that He will cause us to “pass under the rod” (Eze. 20:37) Passing under the rod means that only a remnant of 10% will be left. Check it out.))

    Greg, people need to understand that there is a hierarchy of needs. The first need is appropriately, water, short term food (fresh and canned foods), then long term storable food. Once you have satisfied this need THEN and only THEN do you worry about silver and then ultimately gold. But, in between the food and the precious metals you better include weapons and ammunition so you can keep the food and the precious metals. If people can acquire copies Howard Ruff’s fantastic book “How to Prosper during the Upcoming bad Years” that is a great Beginning. I wish Howard were still alive for you to interview him. ((You can usually find these books for $0.99 at used book stores or probably Amazon, Alibris or ABEbooks.))

    Keep up the great work.

    • Bill Holter

      correct, “man cannot live on bread alone”.

      • dbcooper

        CC/Bill, I have oft heard that the average American has three days of food in the pantry (Most younger people don’t even know what a pantry is!!); and I chuckle when I hear others say one should have a three month supply of food … and I agree CC that water is at the top of the list
        ( the list is pretty long ) … Here on the homestead we have something over three YEARS of food stored and in a great variety; we have multiple redundant systems; we have multiple sources of good water; lots of wood for heat; plenty of hay for the stock … some years ago I fabricated some ingot molds for lead and at one point I decided to do an inventory and when I got up to a thousand pounds I decided to stop counting!! Did a trade the other day and brought home an 8lb can of IMR 3031 which is my most used powder (that felt good!) So what’s the point? … when credit stops as Bill says the chain effect will likely be like lightning and as Greg oft asks “what will it be like for the man in the street?” My answer is ‘Brutal’ … dead bodies in the gutter along with all the baggage like disease and violence. We here are prepared to hunker down until the dust settles … will we make it?, do not know but I strive to be among the remnant. I cannot see a neighbor from my house and I have a good field of fire. My point? Prepare as best you can and God Bless us all.

        Yours in faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Country Codger

        Sorry Bill,
        No slight, I just had my mind on Jim when I was writing the comment. My bad. Us Texicans have to stick together.

    • John


      People need to prepare for this like a backpacker preparing for a through hike on the AT. BTW – I am doing this in three years when I retire from medicine. You can get a filter for $300 that will filter down to the virus level and provide 2 liters in just 1 minute – good for several thousand liters. Buy some propane canisters for cooking and a good camp cook stove which will set you back no more than another $300. Next, get a good sleeping bag for your area – mine goes to 5 degrees. These can run $400. If you have a mortgage – buy enough gold assuming $10,000 per ounce to pay off your home before a currency reset. You are going to need a shelter – stay in your house and pay it off with the appreciation of gold. You need to hold several hundred ounces of silver for small purchases – i.e. – food, clothing and fuel. Keep some cash for the transition before spending your silver. Consider a military grade portable solar generator – mine was $5000 and can go several thousand deep cycle drains before the battery degrades. Yes, buy some weapons – 22 for small game. 30 caliber for deer – i.e 35 rem. Next, some sort of 5.56 platform for defense- I have a Tavor. Get a pistol – 45 or 9 mm. Get yourself a good water tank – at least 500 gallons and treat it to preserve water for 5 years. Stock your shelves and freezers and get some freeze dried food. I don’t think the world will end but our economy is going to contract and life will be hard- try to get small now and help others along the way. Get out of luxury goods and services. Get healthy – start working out to get off medications. Reduce debt so you have liquidity to purchase staple items – food, clothing and fuel. Get self sufficient as best you can. CC – all these thing need to be done together. I am afraid we are running out of time.

      • Country Codger

        Hi John,
        I don’t think Greg will mind, so I will leave you some links to my blog. Yes, you are right, the clock is ticking and like Bill said, nobody knows when it is going to stop.

        John, here is the link to one of my Independent living articles:

        I have since stopped writing about independent living since if you can’t make it on what I have written you never will. Also, numerous people asked us to help them at get togethers and give a more one on one approach and we did that for a couple of years. Quite frankly, since the Donald has been elected no one is interested and that is what scares me. Millions of people will be caught unaware. Like I ask most men at our meetings, “who wants to watch while your wife and daughters and maybe even your sons are raped while your dying?” Unfortunately, I have witnessed such things in “a galaxy far, far away”, in my youth. Unfortunately, both sides did it.

        Wish you all the best.

  31. francis m reps

    Mr, Hunter, thank you for having Mr. Holter on. A comment by Mr. Miller sr. is on target. Depopulation of the world is the satanic objective by the multi generational elites. Well meaning Americans were ” Head Faked ” by the New Yorker with the unusual Hair do ; he came out of the closet { showed his rotten core } by authorizing the deaths of Syrian people with his gratuitous cruise missile strike in Syria . We have another humanoid who fooled many decent Americans who want World peace. Instead……we elected a fraudulent poser ; even more dangerous than his predecessor. Time to follow the example of Garret Gerret , and find a safe place to hide.

    • Keith wilson

      Get yourself plenty of toothpaste at your budget shop.Cleans finger nails,destroyed most germs after going to toilet.Many other uses as a cleaner and insect cream.Also get your eyes tested and new eye glasses ordered.Also get your teeth examined before the collapse.Now is the time also to get matches,hand tools,candles,batteries for torches etc.Don’t forget plenty of toilet paper,you will not be wanting to use old black printed newspaper when the lights go out.All the best.Keith.

  32. Mohammad


    Pearl Harbor De Ja Vu:


  33. Frederick

    All watchdoggers need to purchase some silver and/or gold Whiatever they can afford and help to overcome TPTBs stranglehold on the metals

  34. anon


    Ronald Bernard interview pretty amazing. Bill Holter is great also.
    Have you ever interview Ronald Bernard ? Not sure if you saw this greg.
    I thought it was important. Didn’t comey work for bridgewater?

    1] 5 things an elite banking Dutch Whistleblower tells us #NWO
    2] Ronald Bernard High Finance Shocking Revelations (Dutch with Subtitles)
    Published on Apr 19, 2017

    Finance Insider reveals a reality that is as shocking as can be (if no great surprise to increasing numbers of the waking public). This is the MOST convincing testimony I have ever come across.

  35. Paul ...

    The way the Main Stream Media works is to tell the dumb bells watching them or reading their newspapers what the “deep state” wants them to believe … the “deep state” knows (from mind control experiments) that if the majority of dumb bells can be brainwashed with “fake news” … the rest of the population “who may have independent minds” will “automatically go along with the dumb bells” so they don’t look dumb holding an alternative view of things … for instance …if the color of a barn is brown but the news media tells all the people the barn is red in color … the dumb bells “who believe everything they are told” will say the barn’s color is red and those who see it is actually brown will go along with the majority of dumb bells ans say it is red “not to look stupid” … like on 9-11 … the people who actually heard bombs going off in the twin towers simply ignored what their own ears were telling them and fell in line with the dumb bells who accepted the MSM narrative!!

    • Bill Holter

      …the first casualty of war is the TRUTH!

    • Frederick

      Paul in reference to 911 I’m not sure it’s stupidity creating the problem but denial Not for all obviously as there is a serious ignorance crisis in the US and worldwide and the MSM propaganda machine feeds it even more People just refuse to see the obvious elephant in the room as the truth is just unfathomable It’s like the spouse whose being cheated on ignoring all the signs that others see so clearly Sites like this help to break the denial and that’s why they are all under attack lately Can’t have any truthtellers getting too large a following can we?

  36. Diane Shear

    Some good advice by Bill.
    I have a question …no one ever mentions this precious metal.
    They used to make platinum coins
    The mint stopped a few years printing , but now has resumed I think.
    Anyone know?

    • Bill Holter

      Platinum looks to much like silver without testing it, during a breakdown I will not accept it for barter as it may actually be silver, especially in “bar form”.

      • Diane Shear

        I’ve never seen a bar of platinum, Bill…just coin sets the US MINT offers.
        I suppose platinum coin sets would fit in the collectors items.
        I agree with you that collector mint coins would not likely be confiscated.
        I don’t think silver could possibly be confiscated..too many people own it.
        I know kids who have large collections of silver coins.
        It would be easily recognized as real MONEY…by most everyone. Try coming across a real silver pre 1964 US coin in circulation.
        Good idea to have some these days.
        Can’t go too far wrong.’s always going to be worth something.
        Food and water most important of course. And lead or copper bullets to insure it all.

        • Tin foil hat

          Diane Shear,
          I don’t think gold or silver will be confiscated in the coming crisis.
          Prior to 1933, gold was money or paper gold certificates. Dollar and all currencies were back by gold; that was the gold standard.
          In order to bail out the gold fractional reserve system (not enough gold to back the paper certificates), Roosevelt had to increase the money supply (first monetary devaluation?) but he was restricted by the gold standard. Hence, he confiscated real money (gold) from the people prior to the revaluation (raised the price from $20 to $35 an ounce) stealing 30% of their wealth by raising the price of gold. The key point here is that wealth was back by or stored in gold.
          After 1933, the dollar was a domestic currency no longer convertible to gold but its value was still tie to gold by faith or tradition. However, dollars held by foreign governments were still convertible to gold – I wonder if those dollars would be Federal Reserve Notes or Gold Certificates.
          Nixon bailed out the gold fractional reserve system again in 1971 by closing the gold window, detaching gold from its monetary role and robbing foreign governments of their wealth which were saved up in gold back dollars. Once again, the key point here is that wealth was still stored in gold.
          After 1971, dollar is debts back by IOUs. In other words, wealth is stored in IOUs denominated in dollar or derivatives of such.
          Now, if Trump wanted to bail out the debt base fractional reserve system again, he will confiscate debts, close the debt window, detach debts from its role in the current monetary system or vaporize it like the way Rooselvelt and Nixon did gold.
          Gold may or may not be reattached to the next monetary system but I doubt it would be confiscated again.

  37. Lake M

    Mr Holter describes a society in chaos and collapse with people out of work and breaking out the freeze dried food. He predicts the silver price would explode higher from new monetary demand rising along with growing industrial demand. What about the silver supply suddenly surging with the collapse of the economy? People will not be buying that new $2000 flat screen or that $60000 electric Tesla, then going home for a dinner of macaroni and chili beef. Silver could have a hard time reaching the 15:1 ratio with gold that Mr Holter mentions.

    Gold should continue to be exchangeable for what ever fiat currency the government comes up with. Owning it should protect your purchasing power. Remember gold is now at or near record highs in many fiat currencies. It’s doing its job…confirming it’s function. As Mr Holter said “Credit requires trust. Gold just is.”

    A note to fellow Watchdogs….. if you are searching for a savings alternative to handing over your FRN’s to the bank or broker to play with or perhaps steal it from you… there is a new business called which allows you to buy and store gold and issues a credit/debit card so it makes your gold spendable. They also allow conversion into many different currencies. Offering low fees and eliminating middlemen and offering a disconnect from the bankster banks. Sounds very interesting… worth further investigation for me. Max Kaiser interviews the president of the Co in the second half of his latest report for anyone interested.

    • Bill Holter

      silver “production” will collapse in this scenario so no new supply …plus no large above ground hordes exist as central banks hold gold rather than silver.

      • Paul ...

        The banksters know that when they start their wars copper production must increase (which also increases silver production) so they want to hold gold when wars start (as Morgan said “gold is the only money” but banksters always talk their own book) … if Trump can stop the banksters wars silver will be the better money compared to bankster gold!!

    • Frederick

      Lake M I like Max but I think I will stick to gold and silver the old fashioned way Physical in my possession

  38. Barn Cat

    A great interview. I’ve been listening for a few years now. Bill Holter is my favorite guest.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Barn Cat!

      • WD

        Bill Chicken and the Egg article was pulled down. Would you put back up?


  39. Ken

    Nothing new from Holter. It is the same song and dance: (1) The system is destined to crash and credit will freeze, (2) This will happen soon, but I cannot tell you a specific date, (3) Buy Gold and Silver to protect yourself (never mind that I am in the precious metals business).

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you got it. Now, go back to sleep and turn back to CNBC and MSNBC.

    • Bill Holter

      please argue with my logic. Also please read my latest article “Chicken or the egg” and understand “how” they have postponed the inevitable …you might learn something Ken!

    • Tin foil hat

      Nothing new from CNBC. It’s the same song and dance: (1) The system is sound and the market will continue to perform as unemployment rate improves. (2) Market may correct but a 10% drop is healthy and presents an excellent buying opportunity. (3) Buy real estates when the interest rates are still low (never mind that the banks are still sitting on tons of toxic subprime mortgages).
      Nothing to see here, move along.

      • Ken

        Bill: Regarding your “Chicken or the Egg” article, most of the assets the central banks have purchased are bonds and other debt instruments with a certain maturity date. Over time these bonds will mature and the central banks will likely extinguish the cash thus shrinking their balance sheets. Occasionally, the banks may purchase more bonds on the open market with the proceeds, but ultimately these will also mature and roll off their balance sheets. Central banks hold very little assets that must be sold to reduce the size of their balance sheets. This is not a big problems for central banks as your article suggests.

      • Corleone

        Move along to where ????

    • Tracy Welborn

      When you hear people in this community say that its a “mathmatical certainty”, that is not a metaphor. It is absolute certain that the United States is bankrupt. Right now, right this moment. We can’t pay our bills without borrowing money. Heck, we can’t pay the interest without borrowing the money to pay the interest and then paying interest on THAT money. Ken – THAT IS BANKRUPT. If you took our case to a bankruptcy judge they would declare us bankrupt. Completely insolvent. Our financial situation is a parabolic curve, a hockey stick. It’s over. The only two choices left are inflate to infinity or default on the debt. Most all of the clients that come to our office in this situation are going through an agonizing two to three years of bargaining, borrowing, deliberating, cussing and discussing before they give in. That is where the United States is right now. This is not a rate issue, this is not a currency issue, this is not an economic issue – this is a solvency issue. Plain and simple.
      Don’t despair though, I believe the US will return to solvency some day. Sometime after the fiat system.

  40. dlc

    I was listening to John Wells before your interview. His site was apparently put out of commission a few days back. I listened to him on radio KLIF to pick up his Saturday program. Like Alex Jones, he seems to be irritating TPTB.

    After your Holter interview, I looked for an Austin-Fitts updated interview which was with the “Dark Journalist.” She remarked that bitcoin was only serving as a prototype for Mr. Global’s plans for digital money.

    Mohammad made mention of populism leading to dictatorship. I think we already had some of that with the election of Clinton, Bush, Obama. All 3 would have likely been re-elected by the population for a third term if such were possible, maybe Bush being the exception. The other 2 were socialist hustlers and did very well indeed personally.

    If we woke up tomorrow with all our financial problems solved, I think we would just continue to vote for monsters. Feinstein, 84 years old, a billionaire on a gov’t salary, richly rewarded for her service to self. How many people can expect to have a job in their 80s?

    Female and minority jackboot power is derived through gov’t. To them, gov’t is the man who will never walk out, the enforcer in their lives. Don’t even need to do their laundry, dress up or smile.

    As to the men, Roy Masters often quoted: “There is nothing more deadly than a muscle bound man with the emotions of a woman.” Go to any mall, Wal-Mart, or grocery store and observe how many idle men there are at noon, seemingly content for the moment. Picture same with an empty pantry, no water source.

    • Corleone

      Everytime I went to a mall, I saw only half apes staring at nowhere with their sayonaraed eyes. It seems to me that their hearts have been fukushimaed by the kabuki capitalist society in which they live.

  41. Roy

    I agree with Mr Miller Sr 100%. It’s fixin to be over and lots of crying because it hurts so bad. I’ll put all of my stock in my Lord and Savior. WAKEUP and lookup for your redemption draweth neigh, Amen Metatouto MARANATHA!

    • aussie jeff

      Maranatha!!! Amen Roy.

  42. dlc

    Le Pen and Macron in a face off. Gee, do you suppose the MSM rats will rant about Obama inserting himself in the French election? Only thing I’m curious about is whether Obama will once again sink his candidate pick. The French do like Jerry Lewis, but maybe all those bombings, vehicular murders, and rapes have them humorless at the moment.

  43. Justn Observer

    Morning Greg! Always good to see you are still here ! God is good !
    Quoting Jimmy Dore, ” If you don’t watch the news you are uninformed, and if you do your misinformed.” Pretty much sums it up… with ALT. NEW now the last hope – and with faith HE will successfully help it weather the storm of deception and thru such venue as yours and some others… bring HIS people to awareness…and truth…so that bridges of love can be built between nations…as the corruption for illegal and illicit gains…this time is not allowed to slink into the shadows but be exposed and dealt with.
    Will the election this time be the one ? Will Trump accept that challenge and step into that place in history…or become but another puppet of those forces?
    Myself- I am convinced that the march across the distant lands by the banksters are for fossil fuel and for control of the archeological treasures and the secrets found there in. Neither to be shared but used against the people to retain control, authority, wealth, and power. So press on ! Remember the revenue from YOU TUBE and sites such as these are being suppressed for a reason…
    Also Greg Mannarino referred this guy, Authorious Brian so will this link along as I thank both of them for their efforts as well…
    He has some charting to watch… and yes, hey maybe this time ole BO POLNY just might be right?
    Hey BO… hang in there! Not your fault Bo…you didn’t write the script…your just trying to interpret someone’s interpretation…how easy is that!
    Again – Many thanks , Greg, Bill, Greg M, CAF, and all the others Greg has spun into such a collaborative effort of truthseeking and prepare conscienceness. What is most inspiring is that so many people here are from so many regions of the world and back stories… Quite a family!
    Suggestion – listen to this:

    • Greg Hunter

      J O,
      You Tube is cutting revenue to this channel, and from what I can gather, from all alternative media. I am talking very big cuts and nobody was getting rich as it was.

  44. Jesse

    Greg……. WAAAAAAAY to much time spent on gold and silver IMO. If PM’s are nothing more than an insurance policy (like everybody likes to claim) whats the point in trying to predict when (or if) it pays off. It’s insurance. Right? Oh wait, maybe its not an insurance policy (like everybody likes to claim.) Maybe its a scheme to get rich. It’s viewed as an insurance policy NOW and for the last few years because it hasn’t made anybody any money. But if silver went to $100 it would be viewed as a scheme that got people rich, and nobody would call it an insurance claim. Lets all call it what it is.

    What we need to focus on, I think, is if the N Korea deal goes hot, is 1. Whose side will China and Russia be on. 2. If they’ll participate in the war. Because if Russia and China go against us, every US citizen could be in a bad situation. And that bad situation will call for some very strategic ways in which to survive. Those strategic ways in which to survive is what I’d like to hear more guests talk about. Not just what the price of a metal is predicted to do. I enjoy your site. You are doing a good job. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Jesse,
      I disagree. If North Korea goes hot then everything collapses all at one time–globally. We soon be at that point with a totally unrepeatable system where the collapse is the repair. War will bring that on and the economy and war are joined at the hip.

    • Bill Holter

      he is spending more and more time on metals currently because they are at MAJOR inflection points…

    • FC

      Ask anyone in Venezuelan whether gold is a get rich scheme or an insurance policy and the answer will undoubtedly be an insurance policy.

  45. Hairy Herry

    And, Americans have been through this before, yet have survived. Only this time, a global collapse will occur. ZeroHedge had an article today (4/23) noting China is showing serious cracks in their CREDIT! That too will happen in the USA. Bill nailed this one months back, he’s been consistent in hammering this point, and this Hairy Guy has been preparing. In fact, it’s not hard to do and I sleep better with that out of the way.

    I don’t see this as a 90% depopulation event except if you infer that people will simply starve. That’s what those who rely solely on the government will receive! One need only remember late-2005 with Katrina! She ruined the Big Easy, but those who remained witness the utter incompetence of government. Now, that government is beyond broke. When credit cracks here, ONLY then will people question if the Dollar is next, then it’s truly Game Over. That’s the way I see it coming down. Maybe Bill and Jim haven’t put events in that order, but I see that as most logical from what I’ve learned.

    • Frederick

      Hairy Herry Do you think the population of the US today is in any way similar to that which existed during the Great Depression I certainly do NOT

  46. dlc

    Sessions: “Improper tax credit payments to mostly Mexicans would cover it (the wall).”

    I have no problem with immigration per se. All 4 of my grandparents were immigrants. My father insisted that all foreign ties be limited to food and music. “Fitting in” was what he wanted for us, and back then it meant not imposing our culture on others.

    To Mohammad, nobody had a franchise on discrimination back then. Whites have their own pecking order. We were the neighborhood hunkies, gypsies, and some other unmentionables. Walking home from school was an almost daily gauntlet. Eventually the neighborhood shunners were at our door for political favors.

    I think what galls people is the immigrant of today expecting to come first and the rest of us picking through the leftovers. A financial collapse will eliminate all the largess for vote buying.

    I was once all for immigration to add new blood and some zeal to the country. No more. Today, we are told what is acceptable to say, whose butt to kiss. Wish my family had that club to swing when I was growing up. If Americana and Americans are not to someone’s liking, I say your former hellhole beckons.

  47. Bill Holter


  48. Bill Holter

    only the U.S.???

  49. Matt In Pa

    Read Smedley Butlers book “War is a Racket. And whatever you do folks, don’t send your love ones a way for some Patriotic lie. Or IN THE NAME OF PATRIOTISM.

    • Tin foil hat

      Pat Tillman!!!

  50. Flattop

    GREG: Seems Mr Holter always brings a good word for us. However he needs to wear a white hat, as the good guys wear white hats!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Flattop, Holter (and Sinclair) are good guys!!!

    • Frederick

      Flattop you mean like the so-called “White hats” in Syria Oops guess NOT

  51. Flattop

    Would it not be better to stop propping everything up ( real estate, banking, stock market, bonds( and let it all collapse on itself. Then begin to rebuild with some rules and some sanity. I believe Prez Trump is capable of doing that. So why do they keep propping it all up?????

    • Greg Hunter

      The elite propped it all up to give them time to prepare. We all should do the same as best we can.

  52. SilverSoap

    Mr. Greg Hunter, riveting interview. Mr. Bill Holter delivered a barnburner. For everyone, any type of gold and silver will prevail as insurance after the last bell ring. However, bullion is the ideal choice. Learn how to live off a chuck wagon for a few months as well.

  53. Diane Shear

    Wow…bet all those old unelected EU people in Brussels had a dinner tonight that didn’t taste so good!

  54. Jesse


    Maybe I’m all wet, but I thought wars were good for the economy. ?? As the passionate Italian always says “when all else fails they take you to war.” I thought part of “taking us to war” was to both cover up and/or stimulate our dead horse economy. Am I way off base here? I understand that if the war goes comes to our shores here in the 48 every thing is a disaster and all bets are off. We could be living like the pioneers in sod houses and milking goats. But isn’t there an argument that a war fought on turf abroad could have positive economical reprocussions for us here?

    • Greg Hunter

      They are if you win without sustaining massive damage.

  55. Tom

    Today, I can buy a breakfast at my favorite diner with the price of a Silver Eagle. If the Eagle goes to a Thousand Dollars, will my same breakfast cost a Thousand Bucks also?

    • Frederick

      Maybe or more likely 500 dollars

    • Corleone

      No, foods and beverages are reproducable goods and do not have rarity issue. Their prices are easy to be controlled as long as the gasoline supply is sufficient for 5 months. The production costs of foods and beverages are mainly determined by gasoline price. Three years from now, your silver coin will give you 2 or 3 units of breakfast like the one you have today.

      • Dan

        ” Three years from now, your silver coin will give you 2 or 3 units of breakfast like the one you have today .”
        Are you referring to (1) 1964 or older dime as a “silver coin” ? With the way that things in Venezuela are playing out , present day, this would be true !

    • Tommy

      That must be some fancy breakfast!

    • Kim

      Very good point Tom! I was collecting silver eagles in 2003 when it was around $5 per ounce. I thought if it got up to $15, I would be rich! Well, I did not count on the cost of living going up (gas for car, food for family). When I lost my job in 2007, I was very glad I had it!
      I made living adjustments, got a new job and am still collecting silver now. I know that the more you have, the better off you are! God bless!

    • Paul ...

      Not necessarily … your breakfast may cost you $2000 dollars … the better question is … do I put two(2) silver coins (cost $40 dollars) under my mattress now (so I can buy a breakfast meal in the future) … or do I put 2000 fiat dollars under my mattress now for that future breakfast meal??

      • Paul ...

        So what becomes obvious is … those who choose to put $2000 in cash under their mattress now will be able to buy 1(one) breakfast meal with their saved fiat money … those who put $2000 dollars worth of silver coins under their mattress (100 one ounce coins) will be able to buy 50 breakfast’s!!

    • John

      Hi Tom,
      A silver eagle will probably get your entire neighbourhood breakfast when hyperinflation hits. The price of pms has been suppressed and will be in big time short supply at that point.
      I remember my uncle telling me a story of a German fellow he knew who lived through German hyperinflation during the 1920’s. He said that he went into a coffee shop and the price for his coffee was 3000 marks. He drank his coffee and when he went to pay the price was 7000 marks. That night people were starting to use 1000 mark bills as wallpaper. The concept of having anyone accept 1000 “dollars ” for any supper in the final stages of hyperinflation will be long gone. So history tells us…by the way I’ll have 3 eggs with home fries.
      Great interview Bill and Greg. Thanks once again!

    • Dan

      Today that silver eagle coin falls under the curse of being badly manipulated. Considering that today the American Silver Eagle along with any ounce of physical silver should be worth in the $ 600.00 range , it would stand to reason that future comparisons between a breakfast and an American silver Eagle will not be possible.

  56. Justn Observer

    A Confession and redemption… an acknowledgement that what many suspect may be true…? From a financier in the Netherlands…

  57. Tommy

    It’s been seven weeks since Catherine Austin Fitts and Scott Uehlinger were on. That was a great week.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tommy good idea!!

      • Justn Observer

        Greg… yes, always good to get a ‘read’ on where CAF thinks their plan is…and maybe you could see where she is with her assessments or collaborative view points with Ph’d Joseph Farrell.
        “The history You never Heard of”:

        • Justn Observer

          more specific any indications yet on where all the money for the projects came from…and any progress on the zero point energy solutions…which might include some of the energy solutions Clif High might have hinted towards?

  58. Jesse


    One last thing. The stock market keeps rising even though every economic fundamental is in the gutter. As I stare at the S & P chart, I can’t help but ask myself if what I am looking at is the onset of hyperinflation??????

  59. Tracy Welborn

    I encourage anyone and everyone to support financially and with prayer the alternative news. Whether it’s USA Watchdog, SGT Report, JS Mineset,, Steve Quayle – whatever. We would NOT be hearing the truth without these patriots. The subscription to JS Mineset is awesome. Bill’s letter’s and Jim and Bill discussing current events is priceless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tracy on all counts!!!!

  60. Larry Galearis

    Good interview, Greg.
    Note that the collapse of credit= collapse of international trade. And concurrent with the fall of the dollar. Also possible (likely) as in ww2 silver imports dried up. Domestic production of silver without credit too? US production is around 30moz per year and perhaps private hoards will be attractive for expropriation by the crooks in Washington along with gold bullion. If the currency is worthless, why the heck wouldn’t the government go after personal gold and silver?

    • Tin foil hat

      Larry Galearis,
      “why the heck wouldn’t the government go after personal gold and silver?”

      How many people do you know own any substantial amount of physical gold and silver?
      If the currency is worthless, it means the debt base currency is not functioning due to the lost of confidence in the debts backing the currency. When that happen, it would be too late for the money changers to round up whatever little amount of physical PMs in private hands to back the new asset base currencies.
      It would be much easier to create an alternative currency back by public assets – federal lands, all the toxic mortgages on the fed balance sheet, gold in Ft. Knox and public utilities, gold mines, toll roads …. etc will be nationalized to back the new currency.
      To get the gold out of private hands voluntarily, the squids could do that by creating an open and honest market where transactions could be conducted with ease. Perhaps gold will be convertible to the new asset base currency, or vice versa, at any bank window when that time comes. It would be funny if ticket tapes were attached to the receipts to conclude the transactions.
      I think all government debts, promises or obligations, will disappear or hyper-deflat with the demise of the debt base currency. Anyone who counts on their pensions or S.S. to survive should prepare accordingly.
      Private debts will likely be restructured; big banks (squids) always come out ahead.

    • Tin foil hat

      P.S. After the collapse, I think there will be a two tier currencies system. The new asset based currency will be the international trade currency. The old dollar which is debt based will continue to be back by empty promises.
      It would be similar to what happened in 1933 when Roosevelt confiscated gold; international settlements were settled in gold or dollar exchangeable to gold. Most Americans wouldn’t know what hit them when they don’t see any change in their bank accounts or under their mattresses.

  61. al

    Holter is not the only guy to say this. A broad spectrum of people in the know say the same thing, from Sinclair, to Sprott, to David Morgan, to Celente and so on… “it should have collapsed two or three years ago”… To me this is saying we are headed for hyperinflation, if it hasn’t collapsed yet, it ain’t going to collapse (the market that is). It’s not if, but when hyperinflation gets out of control…
    Huh? Moving gold close to home? That’s big news. What do these wealthy people know?

    • Paul ...

      They know that once the wall goes up … they won’t be able to just walk out anymore … they will need their gold “here” to survive!!

  62. dlc

    Wow. My kind of man. A totally different interview without all the interruptions. We would have a very different country with people like this who do not hesitate or go soft on their opinions. Just wish he would appear on other sites.

    He is so correct on 3 big points. Psychiatry is used today to drug people, optimize income, and to take people down who disagree.

    Then, you have the mail order PhD types, you know, the type of person who throws out psychological labels when they do not like someone’s opinion. Suddenly they are Sigmund Freud.

    I just glancingly noticed that this was the latest attempt by the left to take Trump out. If Trump is crazy, then what about Maxine Waters, Hillary, Liz Warren, Pelosi? We’ve been whipsawed by their hysteria for decades. I would also like to see all of Congress take an unannounced drug test.

    • Justn Observer

      dlc, Seems just part of the plans ! lol

      • Justn Observer

        and only when people connect the dots…the entire plan for control by an Oligarchical collectivism ( Communitarianism) via ACA, a other ‘programs’ like common core will the people see the road to Trans-humanism… as their papers, documents and methods here:

    • Wayne D

      Yes, John McCain would be at the top of that drug test list. IDK if he is ever actually in Arizona, so we’d have to track him down and give him a few prozacs first. With many estimating that one-third of CONgress could be indicted for human trafficking-pedophilia (aside from fraud and treason), I think we can safely say that the inmates are indeed running the ASSylum.

      Seriously, we are fairly close to the point where the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual) would allow classification of virtually any cognition-emotion-behavior as a “mental illness.” It’s the counterpart to Big Pharma’s push to have you believe there is definitely something wrong with you physically for which you need at least one (lifetime) prescription drug.

      Cases in point. The quest to eat healthful foods is now being considered as the disorder “orthorexia nervosa.” You have a problem with GMO-poisoned food? Then you are clearly ****** up. Remember that tv commercial where someone wandered about wondering if something was wrong with them? They never mentioned any symptom, any disease, any drug tradename. Just “you should see your doctor.” Translation: get on a prescription drug, any one will do, thank you.

      Same thing with research departments at universities or even independent labs. If they are dependent on government funding, they will produce “evidence” that supports the directed outcome and suppress that which doesn’t. Those who insist on interpreting what the data are really saying will become jobless. Pick a discipline, same phenomenon.

      It’s what I said in earlier postings: all these things can be reduced to (a) follow the money and (2) cui bono (for whose benefit?). So, guess who can print virtually all the currency they want through the US Treasury? Which allows them to control the narratives to keep the house of cards standing? Which creates the non-virtuous cycle we now live in.

      The inmates are indeed running the asylum. There is a great foreign film called The King Of Hearts (Le Roi Du Coeur). The inmates of an asylum escape into the local town during WW I. But after a while they flee back to the asylum because they realize that it’s crazy “out there.” Never truer than where we find ourselves now.

  63. James Brown

    Thank you for these interviews. I heard Catherine Austin Fitts say that she did a study and discovered that all the wealth in the world is about 1% of all the potential wealth in the world. Let’s have her run the economy and put that deal together-that might fix the economy. Bill says September and so do other prognosticators that tend to be correct.
    Keep doing what you do.
    How about the power outage in San Francisco? Interesting.

  64. SilverSoap

    Mr. Bill Holter offers valuable insights. The gold market has been rigged for so long. When the markets take a holiday, the price shock might just be a replay of Kristofferson’s The Rollover.

  65. Don

    Thanks Greg & Bill,

    “A million seconds is about 11 days, a billion seconds is about 31 years, a trillion seconds is 31,000 years.”

    Do you feel comfortable owning miners or does rehypothecation including my IRA a real risk.

    Thanks again,

  66. WD


    Chicken and egg article pulled down….can you re-submit?


  67. Flattop

    GREG: Every time Bill Holter comes on your site, as he talks he looks to his left, out A window. What is he looking at. Also, his nose, looks like he might have earned that nose in a bar fight??

    • Greg Hunter

      No bar fights for Bill. Maybe a horse kick. Bill is a good guy and an has a lot of experience horse back riding as he owns a few of them.

  68. David

    Hi Greg (and Bill Holter),
    I appreciate Bill Holter taking the time to answer some comments.
    My respect for him just went up 10 notches for this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for pointing that out David. Holter is the real deal!!

      • diane

        I agree. ..makes the conversation more interesting . Thanks for taking the time, Bill .

  69. Dan

    Greg , As always , Thanks for being a beacon of truth as well as bringing together many guiding lights of financial and economic wisdom. The intensity of delusional clueless zombies who are everywhere around us today is to say the least , sad. I just had a friend exclaim how the stock market is great and that he sees no problem with his S&P 500 mkt. fund elevating him to financial retirement bliss ! Oy Vey !!

  70. diane

    This is so interesting.
    My son and I were just talking about how foolish and fake 85% of facebook is…..and we’re not going to waste anymore of our time reading fake news….and I pull up.Drudge and he has this article!

  71. Leroy

    “Gold and the dollar are direct competitors or arch enemies, or whatever you want to call them. ” BAHAHA See you at NASDAQ 100k.

  72. Justn Observer

    Greg, What might you have on it being confirmed that it was the British – not the Russians spying on Trump since 2005? As reported in the Guardian..

  73. Aussie Brian

    Love what you’re doing Greg but haven’t people like Bill, Bo et al been saying the collapse is coming for the past 15 years. It is always “later this year” or “within the next year” or “2 years”. Been saying it for the last decade and a half. Why should we take heed THIS year? Truly not being ‘anti’ here – just tryin’ to understand . . .

    • Greg Hunter

      What they have done to put off a correcting and a cleansing of the debt should scare the heck out of you. They have made it exponentially worse than it was in 2000 or 2008. We just do not know how long they can keep it all propped up but when it goes it will go big and very fast. Many, myself included, did not realize the extent the dark posers would go to keep it all going and I am talking dead bankers and criminal activity on a global scale. So Bob you can get ready and stay ready and wait or you can just live your life and accept getting crushed when it all comes down. That’s really it in a nutshell. Hope you make the right choice. Everyday we get before the reset is a gift. You your gifts wisely my friend.

  74. Kevin

    Yep…all new thoughts with this article …war…dollar collpase…buy gold and silver…ponzi scheme…fraud…hoise of cards….rinse repeat every Sunday Wednesday…..blah blah blah….

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