China Troubles, Crash Coming, Gold and BTC Up

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 503 11.12.21)

The Chinese property company called Evergrande has officially gone under and is defaulting on much of its debt.  The legacy financial media lied and told investors that the company was making interest payments when it was clearly not.  What is going to happen now?  It is only a matter of time before the global economy takes a big hit.  The knock-on effect will be stunning for the unprepared.  This event is something you best take notice of.  You have been warned is the take-away here.

The Fed is between a rock and a hard place.  It either stops the bond buying and the market crashes or they keep printing cash and inflation will crash the markets.  Either way, the markets are going to crash if the entire financial system does not implode first.  Again, you have been warned.

One of the few bright spots is gold and Bitcoin prices.  They are up and going higher.  They smell trouble, and people are running for cover.  That move is just getting started.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.12.21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Financial and geo-political cycle expert Martin Armstrong will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will tell us what he sees coming, and it’s not going to be pretty.


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  1. Self Exiled

    Your up very late Sir. Who is that wise and faithful servant?

  2. Francine Archambault

    Greg you are working hard posting so early in the am…can’t sleep now I have something to listen to…thank you “good and faithful servant” may God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Francine!!! Now get some sleep please. We got lots of work to do.

      • Allen+Starr

        I got quarantined in a very small hospital three weeks ago with a virus that was just plain nasty. The Russians locked me up for a week and then they just released me to go live in my apartment again. I have been totally monitored for two weeks and the virus is gone. What a weird situation.

      • Brooklyn


        Your “World-Class” Comments section is DOWN, but hopefully not OUT!

        Loved the weekly USAW WrapUp. You R’ Da’ Man…!


      • Barb

        How soon is it going to go? I know you had interviews that said when silver hit 25.00 it wouldn’t be long . That it could be days . This is so sickening what these people have done to our country and the people who live here. It’s scary not knowing what to do when this happens. I pray our Father protects and helps the world’s people . May God Bless and protect you Greg. Thank you for reporting and trying to help people . Barb

  3. JC

    “History warns us that this is all going to turn very ugly in 2022.”

    • Self Exiled

      Note the Soros quote: ” The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States”. The reflection of his face can not mask the corruption within. But I can not argue with his logic concerning the last 50 years of American foreign policy. Evil logic uses evil results to argue the need for more evil.

      • Ray

        Your last sentence is superb SE.
        More gold from you, as usual.
        Ray, Canberra, LDN

        • Self Exiled

          There are many golden nuggets on these pages; of which you have also cast; to you: Ray, and the others I say Salamat. All wisdom comes from The Most High .

          May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you will abound in hope and overflow with confidence in His promises. Romans 15:13

          • Ray

            Walang Anuman my friend 🙂
            Take care.
            Ray, Canberra, LDN

  4. Self Exiled

    This doctor from India gets it.

    • Paul ...

      SE … As the good doctor effectively says: “Mandating the “jab”… is like being coerced into sky-diving (against our will) … where the parachute they are providing is full of holes … and looking down we can clearly see many previous sky-divers … dead on the ground”!!

      • Brooklyn

        Ahhhh….Paul… from a guy who has looked down through the 4-5,000’ space (holes) between my boots, many a time, even having a fellow Marine walk on my chute, but have never “looked down through the holes in their parachutes”…
        I’m always with you, Paul…. well, most times, but this one created a questionable upside down image…

        • Galaxy 500

          Plus 5

        • Boswell

          Read that again…
          Looking down at dead parachuters, not looking up at holey parachute..

    • Andrew de Berry

      Thank you SE everyone on this site should listen to this very good doctor.

    • AndrewB

      “This Doctor in India gets it.”
      You’re not kidding! Straight talking exposé of the Spike protein – the disease vector. This doctor pulls no punches!

      • Brooklyn


        This Doctor, as you say, does not pull any of his punches, with my very favorite, “PEOPLE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THEY ARE BEING POISONED” And, as we all know, THIS is an extremely difficult sell.

    • Brooklyn


      It’s getting late, but will spend more time in the morning (Saturday) to review your Indian Doctor video, but from my initial reaction, he is right over the target …

    • Charles H.

      S E,

      ‘A doctor in India’ – may not get attention or credence; let alone traction: but he sure puts everything straight. It is the MAGNITUDE of it all that astounds. Good find and share.

  5. JC

    Avoid situations like this.

    Get a Satellite phone.

    • Fran Barnes

      That was a classic funny. Expresses my sentiments exactly re: trying to communicate with AT&T, Amazon, FedEx ……

    • Robert

      Why do people think satellite phones aren’t trackable or traceable the same as cellular? Same with burner phones. If I was with a law enforcement agency, I’d put a sales stand in grocery stores offering burner phones for sale. Then track the calls and the patterns as many people who buy burner phones are using them for unlawful puyposes. Don’t get me wrong, I think privacy and anonymous behaviour has taken a big hit the past 20 years,. I’m just saying if I were in law enforcement mgmt, that’s what I’d do. Just about everything we do leaves a traceable footprint.

  6. Paul ...

    Greg is right … default on its liabilities means bankruptcy for Evergrande … which will not only put significant strain on the Chinese financial system (making them print fiat like crazy) but will financially impact more than 128 Banks and over 121 non-banking Institutions worldwide … which will pose a significant risk to global economic growth … likely making the Fed and other Central Banks forget about tapering and instead like China “print even more fiat” … in an effort to try and and mitigate a possible global depression … however devaluing paper currencies (while supply chains are breaking) is going to lead “to galloping inflation” in both the USA and Europe (the real CPI in the US is already way over 10%) … Institutions see the writing on the wall … and are beginning to rapidly move paper and electronic financial assets “into something they can Trust” (like physical Tier 1 Gold … … and physical Tier 2 Silver …!!!

    • Paul ...

      The Globalist’s plan to use supply chain breakdowns “to keep prices stable” during their financial “crash/re-set” is working better then they hoped … gasoline prices are now approaching $5 dollars per gallon … and commodity prices are holding up as the “real” CPI is currently pushing 14 percent … add exponential money printing to the mix … and we could see $4000 dollar gold and $100 dollar silver faster then Stan could shake a stick to get his Bentley moving faster then 10 miles per hour!!!

      • Robert

        Paid $4.54 9/10 today for non ethanol gas. My auto is flex fuel.

        • Brooklyn


          It’s $3.339 here in New Joisey…;)

      • Steve Bice

        Don’t know if you saw it Paul, but Medicare came out with their Part B premium increase yesterday. It’s 14.5 percent… this after a Social Security COLA increase of only 5.9%.

        These people are the scum of the earth…

      • Lesko Brandon

        High gasoline prices are a feature, not a bug, of the leftist money printing bonanza. They will reduce gas consumption which reduces fossil fuel use. This is why Brandon is planning to shut another pipeline while pretending to care about consumer inflation.

  7. Tom Parankewich

    Thanks so much Greg , cannot wait for Cliff High , your news is the best ever,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom for all your support!

    • The Ogs

      Hi Tom,
      I have watched Clif High here and there on the internet, and he can be really quite eclectic.
      But I note that we seem to get a much more grounded and ‘businesslike’ Clif whenever he speaks with Greg. Anyway I do enjoy listening to him!

  8. Bob

    I hate to be redundant but Martin Armstrong has been spot on. Celeste has been prophetic, and Austin has been right on the money.

  9. AHumphrey

    Greg…thank you for your detailed commentary….and Watchdog protective information.

    Alternative media like yours is expanding to offset all the big tech and MSM nonsense.

    China is using our own US T bonds, converted to $$, to buy off those who we’ve thought we could trust in the past.

    Sharing your work.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you ah for all your support!

  10. stanley skrzypeK

    A True American Patriot…..Your Love of our Country shows……

    • Greg Hunter

      Much appreciated Stanley!

  11. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter. You and your guests are brave indeed refusing to accept the Bolshevik Communist Green propaganda. It is shameful how academia here in the UK particularly have prostrated themselves in font of the Gates and Soros money machines who want us plebs dead. Our universities are so hungry for pension money that they accept money from the lowest level gutter and elevate it to the name of a college.
    From a basement in a nice house in Chelsea(cleaning floors),from my pleb point of view our economy is stuffed .The crony Bolshevism is robbing us blind for the elite to snarl at us. The only solution has to be an overthrow and the anger is such I doubt it will be bloodless. Panic is in the air as the rich are now checking under their cars each morning as I ride my scooter(got an electric one really cheap)on the way to work, even Police(new KGB/Stasi) are checking under vehicles parked on the streets. Reminds me of Belfast during the 1970s.
    I cannot help but admire and respect your tenacity for seeking the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maria, your comments & support are always appreciated!

    • Paul ...

      They better check under their vehicles … and under their desks as Hitler failed to do!!

  12. Warren B.

    Some respite from the insidious HOAX COVID news…..but its almost like going from the Frying Pan into the Fire. They literally want to (and are) stabbing us with lethal injections whilst stabbing us in the back with MMT. Does it get any worse?

    I feel the need … with your kind permission….. to continue on from where you left us with Karen Kingston.
    So now we finally have proof that the COVID vaccines are in FACT BIOWEAPONS….something some of us already knew given the technology employed, combined with the pathogen in the form of Spike Proteins.
    BUT…there is so much more to this Genocide that is kept hidden. So much so that we are all (me included until recently) being intentionally misled and deceived (look over here…this is what you need to focus on). The truth is we (and I speak in general terms) are still very much asleep. The web of deceit goes very deep to the point that those who are taking the bulk of the heat/blame (Front Organizations – BIG PHARMA) are not the ones we need to be paying all our attention to. This is a misdirection tactic gainfully employed by the perpetrators of this heinous criminal act.
    Its time for the RED PILL Ladies and Gentlemen. Get ready for an explosion of TRUTH. If you can’t handle the TRUTH… then I implore you to pass it onto someone who can. We need to have a collective AWAKENING – with a difference. We need to start shining light on those who operate in the shadows (DARKNESS). We give them too much energy by letting them operate freely without attention and without liability. That stops RIGHT NOW. Share freely what I am about to share with you. All this information needs to go viral across the Nation and the Planet.
    If you do not know of/who/what are the following, then there is good reason to believe that (when it comes to COVID) you are asleep:
    – ANSER (Propaganda Expert for the DOD) This single entity is the Cover Company conducting Operation Warp Speed – alleviating any liability for the Government’s action in running a criminal conspiracy they knew they ran. A target that isn’t even on any of our radars when it should be.
    – Fours Marsh (Branding / Marketing of COVID)
    – Palantir, Gotham (Data Tracking)
    – PUBLICIS Sapient (HHS IT) Data Consolidation / Misrepresentation of COVID Cases/Deaths
    (They are referred to as the COVID PRIVATEERS – and they all have permission to conduct their affairs from a corrupt Government) – they are kept hidden for very good reason. They are the driving force/ the brains trust of this HOAX. The same entities are receiving the MONEY PROFITS.
    Dr David E Martin provides a valuable perspective of the Corona Virus event that is plaguing this world. Here is a link to his most recent presentation where he informs us that in order to understand COVID – you must first follow the PATENTS. Granted some have already done some work in this regard…but superficial. He has done the research and unmasks the People and Institutions behind COVID – tracing its birth back to 1990. Some, we already know of – the majority of others are what we could loosely term TPTB. You can ascertain from his analysis that the architects, engineers and profiteers of this grand CRIMINAL Hoax have by design, shifted the blame and attention away from themselves and covered up their MO ….. UNTIL NOW. There is no more falling for their cover story. This is a deep-dive and he moves very fast.
    Get as comfortable as you can (this is going to be like getting teeth pulled without an anesthetic)……and pay close attention.

    Time for some Public Naming and Shaming – these people along with the organizations are no longer able to hide from their criminal activities / acts of terrorism / mass murder.
    At 36.10 mark Dr Martin elaborates on Dustin Moskovitz – that for me was the pinnacle of this presentation. What he presents will clarify much of what has been to this day simply conjecture/innuendo and false misleading statements about the true Eugenics / Eugenicists.
    Gene editing technology use via EUA. Gene editing was approved under EUA surreptitiously.
    Conclusion: this is a willful Weaponization of a Spike Protein. This is NOT a LAB LEAK. IT IS AN ACT OF WAR. STOP PRETENDING TO TAKE THEIR BAIT. Humanize the sociopathic behavior – NAME THE PEOPLE and ORGANIZATIONS. There is no excuse for looking the other way any more.

    • Brooklyn

      Warren B,

      Thank you for this. There is much here to read and research. The PDF on the patents in and of itself is massive and mind numbing in its detail of evidence. Also the long list of names associated with the global terrorist cabal. We will pass on to others. Thanks again for posting…

  13. Warren B.

    Part 2 – Continued from above…..

    Dr Martin makes references to the following in his presentation:
    Part 1 at Wise Traditions Conference 2021 on November 5, 2021
    1. Fauci/Covid 19 Dossier was written by Dr. David Martin – Please share this Dossier with your governors, sheriffs, local elected officials:
    2. Slide – “A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype” …Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process, Daszak stated”
    Here is the article in the medical journal where you find this statement:
    3. Slide – quote referencing Executive Order by D. Trump, September 19, 2019. The link is to Fauci’s presentation in November 2019. He expanded on this Executive order, which has been presented on the slide by Dr. David Martin
    Read on page 4 the same statement:
    4. Episode 89 in which Dr. David Martin explains how Senator Rand Paul could have put an end to Antoni Fauci
    Further background on Dr David E Martin

  14. Warren B.

    Part 3 ….continued from above…
    Dr Martin identifies lists in his presentation. Here they are for your further attention:


    UNC Chapel Hill, Ralph Baric’s chimera lab.
    Vanderbilt University
    Johns Hopkins university
    University of California system
    NYU Langone Health
    DZIF, Professor Dr. Christian Drosten . German center for infection research . Charité, University of Berlin.
    Imperial College London
    I HME. Measuring what matters
    Erasmus Medical Center AM , Dr. B. L. Haggmans

    The COVID ORCHESTRA – Board of trustees (Names of the people actually killing humanity – The same people who pay to keep their names out of the spotlight)

    Mukesh D. Ambani , Chairman and Managing Director Reliance Industries
    Peter Brabeck -Letmathe , Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, World Economic Forum. WEF
    Mark Carney, United Nations special envoy for Climate Action and Finances. United Nations. UN
    Chrystia Freeland, deputy Prime Minister and Minister of finance. Office of the deputy Prime Minister of Canada.
    KRISTALAIN GEORGIEVA, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, IMF.
    H. M. Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. Queen of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, office of HER Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah .
    David M. Rubenstein co-founder and Co-Executive Chairman the Carlyle Group.
    Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum. WEF
    Marc Benioff, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce DOT com
    Thomas Buberi, CEO, AXA
    Lawrence D. Fink, Chairman and CEO, BLACKROCK
    ORIT GADIESH, Chairman, Bain and Company
    FABIOLA GIANOTTI, Director General, European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN
    L. Rafael Reif, President, Massachusetts Institute of technology. MIT
    Mark SCHNEIDER , CEO, Nestlé
    THARMAN SHANMUGERATNAMAM, Senior Minister Government of Singapore
    Robert Mercer, Renaissance fund
    Larry Page, GOOGLE
    Al Gore, Vice President of the United States 1993 to 2001 Chairman and cofounder Generation Investment Management LLP
    Angel Gurría, OECD
    Paula Ingabire , Minister of information communication technology and innovation, Ministry of information communication technology and innovation of Rwanda.
    Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist.
    Luis Alberto Moreno, member of the Board of Trustees, WEF.
    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
    Bill Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
    Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman of the Board , Sberbank
    André Hoffman, vice chairman , Roche
    Christine Lagarde, President, European Central Bank.
    Peter MAURER, President International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC.
    Patrice Motsepe, Founder and Executive Chairman, African Rainbow Minerals.
    Julie Sweet, CEO, Accenture
    HEIZO TAKENAKA, Professor Emeritus KELO University.
    Dustin Moskovitz, Open Philanthropy Foundation.
    Biggest Funder of Event 201 , and CO-FOUNDER OF FACEBOOK.

    The Covid World at VAX

    Pfizer and Sequoia corona patents 1990
    A World at Risk annual report on global preparedness. GPMB.
    Dr. Chris Elias president global for the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation
    Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, immunologist and Director of National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases.
    Dr. George F Gao. Chinese virologist and immunologist. He has served as Director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention since 2017 and Dean of the Savaid Medical School of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2015.
    The Global Vaccine Action Plan consist of Dr. Seth Berkeley chief executive officer GAVI Alliance
    Dr. Christopher Elias president global development program of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
    Mr. Anthony Lake executive Director United nations international children’s fund UNICEF
    Dr. Margaret CLUM, Director general world health organization
    Dr. Anthony Fauci
    Ms. Joy PHUMMAPHI, executive secretary African leaders malaria alliance.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Warren,
      Thanks for all the info. I listened to Dr Martin’s presentation but was unable to read all the names of the ‘pirates’ on my tablet screen – so thanks for transcribing them in your comments. Interesting, to me at least, is how ‘we the people’ are being propagandised to point the finger at China -“CHINA! CHINA! CHINA! – yet I don’t see a majority of Asean names in Dr Martin’s ‘who done it’ list. IMHO, it’s long past the time we STOP being so easily manipulated / distracted! Our enemies live among us and Dr Martin has been brave enough to name them.

  15. William Mitchell

    Get a pickup with a diesel engine. Use home heating oil for fuel.

  16. Linda Puetz

    Before I rested last night my thought was oh good tomorrow is Friday, Greg Hunter news.

    • Greg Hunter


  17. Farley "Fritze" Gunther

    “Prepare Yourself, They Want To Take CONTROL!” | Edward Snowden (2021)
    113,274 viewsNov 8, 2021 Inner Vision
    Edward Snowden explains how the government is taking advantage of it’s people, stealing their information and storing it in a secret data center. Edward Snowden tells all about his experience working at the CIA, NSA, FBI and the government as a contractor. Edward Snowden further explains that we need to take action against mass surveillance against the American people. This is a motivational and educational video which will give you different perspective about many things, You will listen to incredible advice that is very important. Check it out!
    Telling the Truth is NOT A Crime but withholding it is !
    Used to look down on anti-Vaxer’s, until I saw the corrupt government. Corrupt corporate medicine, corrupt legacy media and corrupt tech corp working in concert. All utterly shameless liars. The safest route is to doubt all official stories.
    Common Types of Health Misinformation Today:
    – Government
    – Corporate Elite
    – Mainstream Media
    – Health Authorities
    – Celebrities
    It’s a crookbook, cookbook!!

  18. Marilyn Guinnane

    Catherine A. Fitts doesn’t think that Evergrande crashing will impact global economy as much as feared. (Unless I misremember what she said). She is consistently right, but I don’t think for a moment that the global economy is in healthy shape, so Evergrande or no Evergrande, were in a peck of trouble. Listen to what Dr. Joseph Farrell said on his recent transmission regarding the state of our military. I was too horrified to even cry. Tears wouldn’t come. We’re in a heap of trouble and what’s so bothersome is: we were set up. And no one stopped what is happening from happening.

  19. regaleagle

    There are literally millions of very wealthy people in this world that are very stupid. If they had any brains whatsoever, they would use that wealth, power, and connections to stop this mandate madness and bring about some pressure to the many minions of the elistist agendas. It’s time to throw down the gauntlet and choose sides, folks. You are either For Freedom and Justice, or you are not! Sitting on the fence is no longer an option.

    • Paul ...

      Right regaleagle … we either stand against the evil Demon rats … and show hostility toward all those who want to murder our children … or the cunningly evil Devils will take out the hearts of our children with their “Jab” (just as surly as the Inca’s did to their children)!!

  20. Anthony Australia

    Keep on keeping on Greg.
    Splendid, well done Sir.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anthony!

  21. Ray

    Always enjoy a WNW when Greg delivers from outdoors……thanks Legend for another splendid capture of what’s happening this week.
    I do need to pick – a – bone though…………no offence.
    Greg speaks of China being “Godless” etc, and makes fair reference thereof.
    But fair dinkum…….how “Godfull” is the United Staes Of America by comparison?
    Unlimited funds for Unlimited Wars.
    Talk of $450,000 for illegal aliens whilst good Americans sit at the dinner table and cry, because they cannot afford to give their kids a nutritious meal or birthday presents.
    Abortion…..Planned Parenthood…….unborn baby parts up for sale for vaccine input.
    17 different genders (Greg points out that China have avoided this fiasco)
    Lying, deceitful government (like here in Australia)…..rule by mandates instead of debated, lawful statutes.
    Freedoms being wiped out via endless COVID bullshit
    “Vaccinations” killing, maiming and wounding innocent people left, centre & right.

    I will remind ye all …….please think long on this:

    The Chinese civilisation, like every other civilisation , has its’ faults, HOWEVER, it has been around for over FOUR THOUSAND YEARS.
    The USA and Australia haven’t even been around for 300 years.
    Yet look at the FILTH we have conjured up in such short space of time.
    It spilleth over……as USA WATCHDOG nobly points out, week after week, month after month, year after year.
    Surely, a civilisation that has existed for 4000 years, looks upon a civilization that has been around for less than 300 years as a “Johnny – Come – Lately” group of people…..a mushroom that has sprung up overnight!
    When that group of people, given their own undeniable track record of filth, begins surrounding them with scores military bases and demands talk of “containment”, one cannot expect the FOUR THOUSAND YEAR OLD civilisation to just sit back and accept it as their fate.
    Would you?
    Didn’t think so.
    As Greg pointed out tonight in his sharp analysis……….two things:
    1) The long predicted Global Economic Collapse is accelerating and getting FAR, FAR HARDER TO HIDE.
    2) The Chinese Military know that there are only 2 bathrooms to take a piss in……whilst the US, hopelessly mired in political correctness / far left ideology / wokism thinks that a prosperous future lies in demanding people believe that there should be 17 bathrooms to take a piss in.
    My dear friends………the table is about to be kicked over by the US (and The Lap Dog Nation) as the Great Lie can no long be sold to enough people to keep the illusion of it being real, being real……the truth of reality is hitting like a freight train (Think Ayn Rand)
    We are going to war…..and WE WILL LOSE……BIG TIME.

    As THE GREAT,GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOT Gerald Celente has said for over a decade……
    “The business of China is Business……..the business America is War”
    America (and The Lap Dog Nation) are about to go out of business…….LIKE ALL BANKRUPT INSTITUTIONS ALWAYS DO.
    May the Chinese have mercy upon us.
    May God, in turn, have mercy upon Humanity.
    May all at USA WATCHDOG find peace & strength in this upcoming, testing moment.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • R J Wolf

      Ray, you make some very good points that are often over looked or just ignored. Everyone wants to feel secure even though in reality they may not be. If every one did their own really check that security bubble would pop and you would have societal panic and chaos. The U.S. is in trouble, big time. The thing is this can all be turned around if we had good leadership, which of course at this time we don’t have. If we don’t get strong leadership in 2024 it’s all over for the U.S.

      • Ray

        Thank you RJ for your kind words.
        You are correct regarding leadership……..we are not going to see it emerge from ANY politician, that’s for certain.
        I think the ONLY thing that will save America (and The Western Nations) will be when a small band of US citizens, say 10,000 across the nation, exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, and force the current “government” from office in a hail of bullets.
        It upsets me to write those words, but at this point, that seems to be the only way through this…..THEY ARE OUTRIGHT TRYING TO KILL US.
        Remember……the only thing these bastards respond to is violence.
        That is why they invest HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF OUR MONEY into weapons each and every year.
        If & when Mr & Mrs American Citizen pick up THEIR guns and exercise THEIR 2nd Amendment rights, then, we may see a real change in the course of history.
        “Every avalanche begins with that one extra snowflake”.
        I wonder who that small band of patriots will be?
        May their names be eternally etched in glory for the freedom they bestow upon Humanity after clearing out this den of vipers.
        Ray, Canberra, LDN

    • Ray

      Hi Greg,
      I tried to include this link in my previous post.
      Did you edit it out (or did “someone else”)?
      People need to see this…….
      It shows the current state of military thinking, makes comparisons, between China, Russia and the US. It shows how UTTERLY PATHETIC the current state of the US Military mindset has become.
      PS: The words that the Chinese voice over continually speaks is “The Motherland Calls”

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Paul ...

      Ray … We need to guard our children … from the “jab” of Devils … they want to kill our children’s hearts as a means to destroy the Heart of our Nation!!

      • Ray

        Correct Paul…….
        If little children start falling to the floor, clutching at their chests after poisonous jabs, I think parents around the world might just deliver some very swift justice.
        Time will tell.
        Take care mate.
        Ray, Canberra, LDN

        • Paul ...

          Ray … Swift justice is due to Dr. Death (Fauci) … who is a psychopathic monster who did worse things then torture dogs … he scalped babies … in “His War Upon Our Children” … spending over $400,000 dollars of taxpayer money on a series of human experiments that grafted the scalps of babies onto “Rats” … he probably enjoyed cutting the scalps of God given human babies to make them into Demon-rats … he probably kept these Demon-rats as part of his private trophy collection and made each of them vote for Bribe’n in 2020 … so he could continue on with “His War Of Extermination Upon Our Children”!!!

    • Fred Barns

      Bravo Ray,
      But Ray, to compare the Anglo-American’s, to the Chi-com’s is a bit disingenuous. Of course the Yanks and Aussie’s can’t compare to an ancient civilization, like the Oriental. But think, would anybody in their right mind want to exist under such an arrangement? Yes our culture has putrefied, as has it has done before. Not wanting to share in the convict, indentured nature of our shared beginnings. Americans shy away from mentioning, but without our convict beginnings, there most likely would have never been an American revolution.
      Our shared past goes back to ancient Israel, Greece and Rome. Ancient Rome ruled England and named the Islands, “Brittania”, for over 450 years. Even the Irish patron saint Patrick, was from one of the many ancient Roman family’s.
      Though the Roman armies couldn’t take the Scott’s or the Irish. The Spanish and Dutch Armada, tried to take back back Britain. But a little storm, had other plans for the Brit’s. Like the Magna Carta and in the New world, the Bill of Rights!
      I’ll try to go into more detail later, mate. I know you guy’s down there had a little rebellion down there too. Heck, after the little rebellion up here, Brittanica became an even better, more enlightened mum and despite our enlightenment. China, you catch more flies with honey. China, is ruled by bully’s. Bully’s in our own countries want to take us down. But there’s a God in heaven, that has other plans.
      The world is not perfect, yet. Just stand back Ray and see the Salvation of Jehovah. Even Jesus said, in so many words. In Revelation, when he comes back, no more mister nice guy! That he will rule the earth and with an Iron rod.
      So all you dope heads, put that in your pipe and smoke it. China and it’s credit score, got nothin, on God’s kingdom!
      Take it to the bank.

      • Ray

        Beautifully said mate.
        Your eloquent words lift me up.
        Your knowledge of history is exacting and well understood.
        Thanks for your reply to my comments Fred.
        May God bless you and yours as we move through these testing times.
        When all this is over, get yourself down here sir.
        I’ll keep a frosty beer on hand and a warm welcome at my front door for you.
        Ray, Canberra, LDN

        • F. Barnes

          Thanks for the invite, friend! In the meantime, before we toast and clink some schooners. A movie from a strange world, where a clash of cultures started. We may soon see where it all ends.. . . . .
          The Adventures Of Marco Polo – Gary Cooper – 9th Biggest Hollywood Flick of 1938
          49,204 views May 20, 2021 By Bill Russo

          Samuel Goldwyn’s lavish production of Marco Polo

        • Barnes F.

          Thanks for the invite, friend!
          In the meantime Ray, before we toast and clink some schooners.
          A movie from a strange world, where a peaceful clash of cultures started. One old and one newer. We may soon see if it ends in.. . . . .WAR?
          The Adventures Of Marco Polo – Gary Cooper – 9th Biggest Hollywood Flick of 1938
          49,204 views May 20, 2021 By Bill Russo

          Samuel Goldwyn’s lavish production of Marco Polo

      • Galaxy 500

        Hi Fred
        Ray forgets that a good portion of us are armed, Unlike his countrymen. At some point, the damn is going to breach.

        • Ray

          Hi Galaxy,
          I haven’t forgotten that your country is armed……very well armed.
          What I have observed is that your countrymen are yet to choose to engage their 2nd Amendment rights to remove a tyrannical government by force.
          An army that is well armed but chooses not to fight is likely to be kicked to the kerb.
          At least you still have your guns……unlike over here.
          If any nation has a chance at really defeating these bastards, it is yours, and I wish you all the very best in doing so.
          I agree with your point…….at some point, the whole thing will blow up.
          Take care Champion.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN.

          • Charles H.


            The true Americans, who understand the Constitution – will lack organization and resources to mount a meaningful counter. Lots will die where they are stopped or challenged. There is too much against. As the 2020 Election was a fraud and stolen: so would Martial Law be employed against those who hunker-down. Do you think that States would secede from the Union? The will to do so may not be there.

            • Ray

              Hi Charles,
              You are absolutely correct in your estimation of the situation.
              Even if a “well regulated militia” were wiling to fight… could they get the word out and assemble a meaningful force?
              Impossible in today’s Digital Prison.
              Ray, Canberra, LDN

    • Anthony Australia

      You are an Australian gem Mate!

      • Ray

        Right back at ya Cobber 😉
        Takes one to know one mate.

      • F. Barnes

        Thanks Anthony, but I’m an American. Probably have to read it again slower. What I tried to tell Ray was, were young countries. But we have a shared history of over a thousand inherited years of history. A history of freedom.
        We don’t have to die, Jesus did that. So we could live, Live free Mates,
        1,093 views Premiered 8 hours ago prepaussie

  22. Andrew Cox

    Greg – I value your weekly reports.
    Please keep up the good work and stay strong!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andrew!

  23. Graham Leadbeatter

    I was given information by a senior doctor last week, that “Surimin Tea” kills the spike protein. It doesn’t restore DNA or repair the immune system, but at least it kills the spike protein.

    • Paul ...

      Yes GL … Pine needle tea may offer a solution against viruses … as it did years ago in the winter months … when people brought a pine tree into their home in the winter months and made tea throughout the winter with sprigs of pine needles … … for those who can’t get a real pine tree for winter and/or buy fake Christmas Trees … fennel seeds are another way to get your protective shikimic acid … fennel is a plant from the carrot and celery family that tastes sweet and licoric-ey and is also highly aromatic … fennel has been used as medicine for thousands of years by Indian and Chinese people!!

  24. Brian Skasick

    Thank you for all you do Greg, I look forward to each of your videos. Have you considered joining We need more people to find your amazing content.

    • Greg Hunter

      I want them to come to and not Gab. Thanks for the support and very kind words!!

  25. Allen Sachetti

    The Bible says “resist the devil and he shall flee from you.” And that there never will be a time when we are tried beyond our anility to conquer the foe.


  26. James Hall

    I’m in the German car business, some parts are getting hard to get . Also, with the sea container shipping going up has cause an increase in the wholesale price. My friend has a American car shop and really having problems locating parts. The used parts business is booming.

  27. Ralph Kenniston

    I pray for God’s spiritual protection for you and your guests. In the Bible God’s prophets and truth tellers where always under attack from liars and false prophets. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Paul ...

      RK … In Galatians 5:20 :”(Big Pharma) did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries (pharmakeia), nor of their fornication (with babies) , nor of their thefts” … and again in Revelation 18:23 “(And by their “jab”) the light of a candle shall shine no more in (our children); and the voice of the (young) bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more: for (Big Pharma) merchants (who thought they) were the great men of the earth; used sorceries (their pharmakeia “jabs”) so that all nations were deceived.”

  28. Jim Stevens

    Thank you Greg.
    New favorite word “woketard”
    In WW2 we had 4 Four star generals for 4.5 million troops . Today we have 44 four star woketards for 1.4million troops

  29. Jeff B

    Big Story Greg that you need to report on. Land confiscation in Iowa for CO2 mission pipeline. Massive tracks of farmland will be confiscated. Emminent Domain. 1000s of letters have gone out to farmers. They strip the land bare of very fetile topsoil cutting right through the middle of the state. Very disturbing story when the food chain is already under duress.

    • Paul ...

      JB … Not only are the Globalists trying “to starve us” … but they are trying to “starve the plants and trees” that eat CO2 (to make the oxygen we breathe) … by sucking the CO2 out of the atmosphere … it’s a total and complete extermination and annihilation program “against all life forms that are based upon Carbon” … it is almost like some Silicon based alien “AI life form” from out in the Universe somewhere has decided to eliminate all living things based upon carbon!!!

  30. Jerry

    We’ve been at war with China since the virus was released from the lab in Wuhan under event 201. The virus was the tripwire to lead to the vaccine, and the vaccine will lead to the 5G trigger. It’s all planned. I’ve posted for a very long time that the 5G equipment was made by a Chinese weapons manufacturer. Coincidence? I think not.
    Wuhan was the beta test. The CCP infected the population with the virus and then vaccinated them. Then once 5G went live millions of people just fell over died.

    Do you see the plan? The CCP want this country intact for their own purposes and this bioweapon has given them opportunity to accomplish that. Do you see the elites partying without mask? They probably didn’t take vaccine either. Once the vaccine program is complete, and 5G goes live, there will be a 125 million people vacancy in this country that will be filled with CCP Chinese. How do I know? Follow the money. A few years ago I posted information about “ The Working Group “ financial hub. I couldn’t figure out why Hank Paulson and Timothy Geithner ( both former government treasurer ) were involved with and organization that was injecting Yuan currency into American banks? Now it all makes perfect sense. They’ve been planning for a very long time folks, to turn this country over to the Chinese. Joe Biden wasn’t elected. He was installed.

    I know, I know, China wouldn’t do that they need us to buy their crap right? I thought that to until I went in depth research about the Silk Road project. Europe is our replacement. Why else would traitor Hilary give the CCP 5 billion dollars when she was Secretary of State to help complete the project? Of course let’s not forget Harry Reid selling us out to Chinese in the southwest. Are you getting yet? The Chinese bought us out in 2007 when they gave us 3 trillion dollars to keep the subprime mortgage scam from blowing up our banking system. Barrack Obama cut the deal, and Joe Biden is the closer to make sure it gets done. Prepare yourself. Cliff High was spot on.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, what you are describing is the neutron-bomb effect without dropping the bomb itself, which would be too obvious, so they get the same result with no one figuring it out. Despite your many personal trials, for which I am so sorry, I appreciate your staying at your post here on Watchdog. Prayers for you and yours. Many thanks and best always. PM

      • Jerry

        It’s so obvious. Who believes this nonsense.

        Hmm. Now their delaying because of air traffic? I call B.S. alert. Its because to many people are not vaccinated. Never mind they just put ten new tower where I live? I’m sure the hillbilly’s in Iberia Mo. are upset. The truth is our government gave,these corporations clearance years ago. Remember the term Wuhan wiggle. It has definite implications about what’s coming our way.

        • Paula Davis


          In my dad’s day, the men knew the meaning of sabotage…

  31. Mike

    Do you hear anything from your sources about the US going on lockdown?
    Thanks for the years of bringing us the REAL news.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not before the 2022 midterms unless the Biden Dem Admin goes total desperate and cancels the Mid-terms.

    • Paul from Indiana

      According to reports, Austria intends to begin locking down the non-vaccinated portion of their population starting Monday.

      They have full gun control over there , and the government need not fear reprisal. I am beginning to watch the vaccine mandate here in this country with trepidation. That could be the tipping point to a real, genuine, hot backlash, which could morph into CWII. This is no game. Best always. PM

  32. Jerry

    Addendum to my last post.
    Here’s a Working Group Refresher,

    • JC


      Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’

      “How is it that more than 190 governments from all over the world ended up dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in almost exactly the same manner, with lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination cards now being commonplace everywhere? The answer may lie in the Young Global Leaders school, which was established and managed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and that many of today’s prominent political and business leaders passed through on their way to the top.”

  33. Pat Jackson

    I am not notorious for writing fan mail, as there are so few news sites that are worth watching much less commenting on. Add to that, of the few sites worth listening to some are Patriot inspired while others are PAY-triot inspired.
    You sir, are among the best of the best. You give REAL news and truly bring the best of the best guests to explain the ramifications as well as the knowledge of the topics being discussed.
    All that said I now commit to being a regular contributor/supporter of you and any endeavors you support. You never asked one time that I ever heard you over the last few years and I now feel indebted.
    May God Bless YOU in all you do sir.
    Thank you,
    Patrick Jackson
    nearAustin, Tx

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Pat. I am taking direct advertisers to keep it free and open.

  34. Brooklyn


    We got so used to a USAW mid-week podcast that we must have checked in 20 times. But, thank God you are here “early” on Friday morning.

    We are in total agreement with your warnings, which are now – SHORT TERM – impending dangers, and all should take heed.

    The ten (10) most important items to store are: Milk, Cheese, Bread, Potatoes, Onions, Eggs, Butter, Chicken, Beef, Water…. Plus some of your favorite snacks…;)

    Time to head over BJ’s or Costco’s and FILL UP! Also if you have a generator, transfer switch that runs on gasoline, time to fill up all the tanks, and maybe change the oil. Rolling black outs should be part of the “you’ve been warned”…

    When peace is desired, plan for WAR!

    Onward & Upward,


  35. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up.
    A link the RAIR Foundation article which quoted Prof. Luc Montagnier stating that the vaccinations are creating variants. Funny, USA Today has an article out fact checking him. “Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’ “

    Evergrande? Whatever, just print more money, that seems to be the answer to everything. Chinese hypersonic inbound? No problem, print mor…

  36. Paul ...

    EM … China may “pull the wick” out of the Evergrande bomb … by building ten(10) more “Ghost Cities” … to keep their economy running strong … we will know they are doing just that … if we see copper and other commodity prices continue to rise (when they would normally fall in a worldwide economic contraction)!!

  37. Michael Cagney

    One thing about China starting any war. They are totally reliant on the rest of the world buying their goods to survive correct? By going to war, even just Taiwan, they would be finished economically right?
    Nobody would ever trade with them again period. They would completely destroy themselves. Seems incentive enough not to?

  38. Kayla Cameron

    Thank you for keeping us informed, Greg! I am here for every episode. God is shining through you. Thank you, God, for Greg and USA Watchdog.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Kayla!!
      Brother Greg

    • Paul ...

      DB … These Satanists really want us dead!!! … we better get them … before they get us!!

  39. bobfrom mo.

    Welcome Back to Mo.!! Thanks for watchdog, always the best!! your always welcome in south mo..

  40. Sandra R Infinger

    I don’t keep up with the news so I’m not sure if my question has been considered.
    Since science has developed nanobots that can travel through the blood stream, has anyone thought that maybe these bots are in the C-vaccines and they are The Mark of the Beast? That’s why the governments around the world are making every attempt to mandate the vaccines.
    Thank you Greg!

    • Bible Reader

      Religious-types will find this interesting. I wonder if there are any here?

      Father Savvas Agioritis shares testimonies of spiritual decline after taking the vaccines.

      …[Priest-Monk]: “I do not dare or want to know what would have happened to me if I had taken the second dosage of the vaccine. The only thing I can say is that God felt sorry for me.

      Even though now I feel better, I have not recovered to the state I was in prior to taking the vaccine.

      In my humble opinion, this vaccine by Pfizer that I took is a mark (seal), but not the final mark. Most likely a forerunner for the final mark of the beast (Book of Revelations).”

    • Bible Reader

      I think this may be the way to counter Revelations 13:16-17 in the future.

      Venezuelans Break Off Flakes of Gold to Pay for Meals, Haircuts
      Alex Vasquez and Ezra Fieser
      October 20, 2021

      (Bloomberg) — To fathom the magnitude of Venezuela’s financial collapse, travel southeast from Caracas, past the oil fields and over the Orinoco River, and head deep into the savanna that blankets one of the remotest corners of the country.

      There, in the barber shops and restaurants and hotels that constitute the main strip of one dusty little outpost after another, you’ll find prices displayed in grams of gold….

  41. Stan

    Nice video, Greg. However, I disagree with you that the Fed is between a rock and a hard place.

  42. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Inflation is here to Stay – Biden is a Despicable incompetent Traitor to the Nation!!! Biblical Epic Nightmare is coming Fast. You must accumulate Food, Water, Fuel along with Weapons with enough ammunition to protect yourself. Don’t forget real wealth especially Physical Silver and some Gold along with Platinum. The key is making sure you are as prepared as you can be.
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  43. Michael Scott


    I think you are truly functioning as a biblical “watchman” for those who are receptive to the truth. Love your work and pray that God blesses you greatly.

  44. Ted Kanterman

    Greg, you’re doing a great job, as usual! Just to let you know, we bought two phones, one for us and one for our son. (still waiting for them due to the backlog).

  45. Mark Benassi

    This explains why stocks are up on the opening and gold is down. LOL.

  46. Self Exiled

    Here could be the medical wick you are referencing……..

    , William Haseltine, a virologist formerly at Harvard University known for his work on HIV and the human genome project, suggests that by inducing viral mutations, molnupiravir could spur the rise of new viral variants more dangerous than today’s. “You are putting a drug into circulation that is a potent mutagen at a time when we are deeply concerned about new variants,” says Haseltine, who outlined his concern Monday in a Forbes blog post. “I can’t imagine doing anything more dangerous.”

  47. D. Wilson

    Thank you so much for calling it like it is.
    I get so damn tired of people saying, “we will elect Trump and he will save us”
    There is no difference between republicans or demoncrats .
    Trump will not save us. Didnt he already have his chance?
    Only our Creator can save us

    • Paul ...

      Be “we” must join God’s army … for only “through us” does God work his miracles … as Jesus effectively said: “We do nothing of ourselves … but it is the Holy Spirit at work within us … that does God’s miracles”!!

  48. Donald Wood

    Just wondering… Can the Sat Phone contact a cell phone when the cell towers lose power?

    • The Seer

      YES as comes from a satellite signal to the cell phone.

  49. Julie Sadler

    Greg, thank you so much.
    ALWAYS look forward to hearing your truth!
    Everyone buckle your seatbelt.. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  50. john+duffy

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said people who spread vaccine misinformation are criminals.
    No Bourla you are the one who should be in jail. Explain this. This is criminal.

  51. Donald Wood

    Greg, Your picture went south because the street light came on and blinded your camera.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are right Don!

  52. Peter Erikson

    I Am Praying to God on a regular basis now. Late at night usually. So that means  The Government and Google needs to send me to a Reeducation Camp to be Shot up with Boosters until I die of some kind of Immune System Failure or multiple types of cancer. I feel like I need a 200 Acre Farm in Christian Territory to Even have any Sence of Peace and Security from day to day. I’m a believer in Silver an Several Cryptos . You need to make yourself expert on the subject or keep it Simple ETH, DOT, ADA, BTC, AAVE LINK. Then Beans, Brown Rice, Potatoes. Onions Collard Greens, Then Dads Trustie 12 Guage Side by Side , 22, 35 Rem, Rem 700 30-06. Dear Meat goes good with Potatoes and greens. Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon -and Sea Weed can’t have too much of that either. Keep up the Good Work Greg.


    God bless you Greg!

  54. William Simonton

    As always Branco’s cartoon was funny and pointed!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Also sad. You have to laugh to keep from crying to think about the point to which we have come. I heard someone say that we now have a PINO: president in name only to go with the RINOs who voted for the so-called infrastructure bill. Our government is strangling the country. It is out of control. Best always. PM

  55. Susan R

    Bless you Greg for all the many years of work to save those who have an ear to listen. Your burden is great as the ox who carries the weight. I have heard your warnings and paid attention.

  56. ww

    Let’s see, they want us to use less coal, gas and oil. They want us to eat less. They want us to travel less. Use less electricity. They want us to use and do about everything less and less. They even want cows to fart less! Funny how liberals today want us all to be MORE conservative. LOL

  57. Self Exiled

    These people are nuts:

    I remember in the 60’s feeding sheep for my father that a cold virus would start out with one sheep and gradually go to others; but not all. Especially in fall with temperature changes and blizzards. So what.

  58. Steve

    Greg, a good, free docu-series is going on this week with G Edward Griffin and Ty Bollinger and how big Pharma has been managing the cancer management system as well as holistic curing for the last 100 years !! Very informative 9 day seminar on how to help keep your immune system in top form to fight off cancer cells and many immune system disease including prepping yourself to fight off Covid 19. Many of your subscribers may want to check it out. Big Pharma is not our friend.

  59. Trinacria

    Thank you Greg for being ever so vigilant !
    I am beginning to believe that Jeffrey Epstein was the tip of the iceberg. In no particular order here are some of my thoughts based on various information out there:
    1. Many of these so called globalists – even “religious” figures and super wealthy are Satanists. With this goes use sex trafficking and other bizarre rituals….look, most of us as we are so called “normies”, can’t even fathom this, and most people will brand others as “crazy” for even discussing it.
    2. Along with this lab made CCP virus, they will also bring others conflicts including food shortages, armed conflicts, etc.
    3. Trump is NOT part of this, that is why they wanted him gone. I think Trump knows what is going on and it will be revealed at the right time. The Satanists acted out of desperation when the stole the election. They are overplaying their hand, and this will expose them and will be the downfall. Unfortunately much suffering will be unleashed on our world.
    4. Remember that Marxists/Globalists, or whatever you want to call them do NOT believe in the true Divine as you and I. For them, the state is the divine.
    Let us all pray, do what we can to prepare etc. and gird our loins as it says in scripture.

  60. Self Exiled

    The logic behind the child injections is that this young generation seeing the destruction of there parents will be a potent force to reckon with in the future. Gee I never thought of that, da.

  61. Lynn


    First off, when Bill Gates comes out and says the vaxxes are not working ..TIME TO PAY ATTENTION…He already knew that, what is up his sleeve now to save all of us????

    I live in a small town (5500), there are so many sick people here that it is like a plague.
    2 people (one a few ays ago) died of sepsis (went to the hospital never came out). The hospital protocol Dr. Ardis speaks about (Remdesivir (32% cause of renal failure, 5% vancomyacin that causes rental failure, and steroids)…this is why people are dying from RENAL FAILURE….its the medicines not the virus…WAKE UP, go to the hospital??NOT
    My partner and I have it, its very nasty and a strong virus (similar to bird flu)) which I remember very well. The virus, as all viruses do, moves around, head, neck, kidney, etc., Treated it with Dr. Kory’s recommendation, (did not take ivermectin), it went its course, at 64 and 76, beat it, but if you had any issues before you got it, (diabetes, heart problems, asthma, etc.) you MUST have ivermectin, in addition to the rest of Dr. Kory’s recommendations…….
    Many people have and will continue to die from this. The two people I know, one personally, died of sepsis…that is when you kidneys stop working and they put both on a ventilator….WAKE UP, KEEP THESE FAMILIES IN YOUR PRAYERS….and God bless Greg Hunter, his family and all his friends and God please bless America.

    • Paul ...

      Lynn … Keep your gut bacteria flourishing and eat plenty of yogurt when sick (along with all the other things we need to do)!!!

  62. David

    Media Moguls and other info contributors have quickly assumed the “world’s problems” are a direct result of the Wuhan Wonder.. “Covid 19”. They conclude that ALL problems can be tied directly to man’s continuing failures in financing and politics. HOWEVER, the world has been here before! Remember the FLOOD that God spoke to Noah about? “Build an ARK” God said. Noah obeyed. Then the FLOOD came… Forty Days of Solid Rains… the earth opened its treasure of underground rivers and springs! RESULT” EIGHT (8) people survived… “Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives. Eight folks in ALL! WHY the FLOOD? People failed to live according to God’s Laws! Same thing today! Dire times are in the world’s path! And all for the same reason as occurred roughly 1600 years after “Creation!” Want Guaranteed Relief?
    Read II Chronicles Chp. 7, vs. 14,

  63. Marie+Joy

    Watching the beginning of our own genocide. 2022 will be much worse.

  64. Michael Mace

    I’ve been smelling trouble since the 70’s.

  65. Julie A Cohick

    I would love to know where they come up with the 4.6% rise in food prices. 3 items that I buy on a regular basis went up 24 & 25 %; 4.6% where is that at ? ? ?

  66. iwitness02

    Wouldn’t it be fun to live in a world that is governed by the ten commandments and where everybody would just mind their own business?
    In this present evil world the ten commandments are forbidden, and the government has inserted itself into everyone’s business. This is not fun.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      If everyone minded their own business, who would enforce the Ten Commandments?

  67. Dave

    It’s amusing to hear Hannity, Gallager, Levin, Hewitt and others in “Conservative Inc” boast how the non-RINOS will take control of the GOP in 2022. Won’t happen. Youngkin is proof of that. He is already giving a wink and nod to CRT in Virginia.

    McConnel is maneuvering to have Kent, Deucy and Murkowski get the GOP Senate nods in 2022. Believe me, Osoff is unpopular but less so than Kemp. A head-to-head – Osdoff easily defeats Kent. Same for Kelley in against Deucey in Arizona.

    Meanwhile McCarthy is working to oust Greene from her seat and to ensure Cheney gets the GOP primary nod in Wyoming.

    Win back control of the House and Senate or not both McConnell and McCarthy are firmly entrenched. So much so McCarthy maneuvered passage of the infrastructure bill which he and the GOP House could have killed. A GOP Senators are quietly working on a massive amnesty with Democrats. With McConnell approval it would seem. Nothing will change and conservatives need to realize that. They are wasting their time and money by supporting the GOP.

    Cotton? Cruz? Paul? They are bought and sold – if they were not, they would leave the GOP in protest while continuing to caucus with the GOP. They will never do that as it is all about power. Especially Cruz who was a Bushie until he wasn’t, is all about moving up in the food chain and is apparently a nasty guy disliked by his colleagues and Texas voters – he almost lost to Bedo who is pro-abortion, pro-massive immigration and anti-Second Amendment.

    • Greg Hunter

      Osoff easily defeats Kent with voter fraud. Please don’t tell us the election process is fixed because it is not.

  68. JC

    There is no doubt about where we are.

    • Ray

      JC………you are THE BEST!!!!
      Ray, Canberra, Lapdoglia

  69. Jay D Kethley

    we are living in the last days of the last days… these are all harbinger judgments or warning judgments. Get ready, the Lord is coming soon, soon, soon…

    • Steve Bice

      JD Farag teaches a prophecy series from his church in Hawaii…and believes we are oh so close. He is an interesting guy who really knows the bible. You may want to check out some of his prophecy sermons if you haven’t seen them. His church has provided religious vaccine exemption letters for people all over the world.

      I’ve studied prophecy for over 25 years…and I am just waiting for the earth to shake. I, like you, am “looking up”…

  70. Self Exiled

    Interesting news on China, fits in with Cliff Highs statement that the CCP is having difficulties.

  71. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Greg,war is going to be on the docket, China is financially destitute and the easiest and quickest avenue to deflect losing face,which is most important to China,will be to gain Taiwan! Not to mention that the Chinese government has warned the people to stockpile food,what do they know is coming?There is a storm cloud on the horizon and it’s going to be a duzzy🤯! Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  72. Aaron

    Thank you Greg for all your hard work and for being the best source for honest news and information.

    • Greg Hunter

      Martin Armstrong on Saturday and it’s educational and revealing!

  73. Fran Barnes

    FREEDOM. I’m wondering if this nation has culturally reduced Freedom to an etymological abstraction; subjugated it to a concept no longer worth shedding blood for. Granted the varied tyrannical controls over our lives are complex with Satan at its head and though not a tea tax but a completely falsified injection mandate is presently the frontline. Dr. Jessica Rose, another frontline warrior, statition, epidemiologist, immunologist etc etc., another manifestation of God’s gifts of beauty and brains, presents FACTS FOR VACCINE FAILURE. Awesome: I love her dynamic personality but all that info is also in her more calm and professional utube update with view of data and charts: . If you’ve been wondering about how Israel is doing, @ about 2/3 way through the update, there’s a virulency graph (variants A and D both USA and Israel since Dec. 2020) wow.
    For you, Greg Hunter, a 100 fold Blessing on all you are, do and pray. We floundering fish and sheep would be waaay behind the curve without you.

  74. Dan

    Greg, ask Cliff High if he knows anything happening in GITMO. I heard some good news but Cliff would be another source. I heard Bill Gates and a number of others have been tried and hung for their crimes.

  75. Lesko Brandon

    Evergrande will evrntially get backstopped if not by the PBC than the Fed or ECB. Fed and ECB can buy corporate bonds as needed to protect the markets. Evergrande stock is priced in Hong Kong dollars not yuan. Lot of US banks and hedges went all-in on the CCP property market. PBC doesnt want to take on the moral hazard of an Evergrande bailout when it will encourage the other zombie Chinese developers to fail in turn. So the PBC is playing chicken hoping the problem will go away or someone else will step in with the printing press.

  76. Paul ...

    The Israeli Government is now preparing to give their people a sixth(6th) booster shot (totally destroying every Israeli’s God given immune system) … … forget the Iranians … these crazy psycho-imbeciles are ignoring World Health Organization warnings to stop giving booster shots … seems the Israeli Government are on a War-path to “Kill their Own People” … how do you change such minds?? … look at how hard it is for us to make Trump change his mind about the “jab”??? … these psychopaths “actually need a war with Iran to save their asses” … and cover-up “all the deaths that will be coming to the Israeli people next year” … they probably figure they can blame all the deaths that will be occurring in Israel next year on the Iranian rockets launched in retaliation for a massive Israeli attack upon the Iranian Nation … seems to me the only way to get rid of the current idiots in power “jabbing the Israeli people to death” … is for Iran to show great restraint after their Nation is bombed … and “Not Retaliate At All” … this way … when all the Israeli deaths begin occurring next year from the “jab” … the insane psycho’s “jabbing the Israeli people to death” (will be the ones who will have to take the blame)!! … but I don’t think Iran has the ability “to do nothing” if their Nation is attacked … and all the deaths that occur in Israel next year from the “jab” will likely be blamed on Iranian rockets launched in retaliation … gold investors can see this … that is why gold and silver prices and are now beginning to move upward (in advance of an Israeli attack on Iran) … the gold market has probably figured out an Israeli attack upon the Nation of Iran will occur just as all the Jews begin dying of the “jab” next year … the coming Horrific Slaughter and Holocaust of the Jewish people “by their own government” (through “Jabs and War”) is unconscionable and will likely be greater then what Hitler ever did to the Jews … the Iran Nation will likely be “bombed so quickly and massively” (the same way Hitler did with his Blitzkrieg against European Nations) … so that the Iranian Nation “will have no choice” … but to respond to such a massive Israeli attack by firing missiles at all the major Israeli cities … and thus … they will become the “Fall Guys” (who will be blamed for “All the Massive Jewish Deaths Occurring” (most of which will probably be due to the “Jab and Boosters” the Jewish leaders inflicted upon the Jewish people (idiotically vaccinating their entire population with a Nazi Death Shot from Pfizer)!!!

  77. MC

    Sleazy child molester and genocidal creep Bill Gates has just admitted the vax failed to prevent inflection as well as spreading COVID, but Trump keeps pushing the vax calling them “safe & effective” and saving billions and billions.

    Also remember that here on USAWD General Flynn refused to rebuke the vax.

    Thus, Trump and Flynn are of lower character than Bill Gates. That is difficult to ponder, however the vaxed athletes and youngsters dead piling up around the world say it is so.

    • Paul ...

      MC … Flynn, Trump … even Rand Paul and Desantis won’t go after Big Pharma … and because they won’t stand up for the American People … Big Pharma is planing to “jab” 2 year old to 4 year old children “by Christmas” … and then … “new born babies” by February of 2022 “To Complete Their Genocidal Extermination of Humanity”!!

  78. Jeannine

    While reading Revelations in the Bible 3 or 4 years ago, I asked Father God , “What is Babylon?” This is as I read, “Babylon has falling.” He said ,”it is world’s money system.”
    Remember our God can feed his people in famine.
    Do not fear only believe.

  79. Doug

    hi Greg the problem is we only have 2 parties in the USA the devil Dems and the RINOs .way to many bad guys and not near enough good guys

  80. Juli Barbato

    Why on earth is Pres. Trump STILL endorsing establishment candidates? I heard a rundown of them by Stew Peters. I don’t remember the names of the anti-Trumper globalists, but I do recall Stew saying that Trump endorsed Liz Cheney’s handpicked replacement AND Chuck Grassley! What the hell? I wish Don Jr. would run, as his dad is too much the normie, concerned with what others think and making VERY bad calls, such as every SCOTUS nomination, for just one category of examples. He needs to get behind tried-and-true, loyal America Firsters. I once heard 45 say that there were some interesting people on Twitter but he didn’t RT or follow them because they didn’t have many followers. I thought Pres. Trump learned his lesson about sh*t picks, but in this regard he is still misguided and shallow.

    That said, Greg, you really deserve every journalism award that is or was ever worth its salt. You are the genuine article. Your judgment and sense of discernment are excellent. Always on target. I am grateful and wish you countless blessings.

  81. Matt

    Greg, what is happening to our military is more than concerning. It is shocking to see the headlines talking about the ‘woke’ BS that our military is going through along with the forced vax bs. You said something like, “Chinese generals are not wearing skirts.”.. no kidding. I can only imagine what the other major militaries around the world are thinking. Maybe they have the quote from Napoleon in their minds, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”?

    • Paul from Indiana

      “We” elected Clinton and Obama. What did you expect to happen? Then Biden was installed over our protestations, so the game continues. Best always. PM

  82. Ken Landon

    All of our problems with China and Biden, would not be possible without the corrupt Gangster’s in the Republican Party. I got a call from the RNC & the young Republican’s looking for donations. I told them to put me on their do not call list. Bill Gates will also rot in Hell.
    We will all need to fight like hell to turn this around. GOD SAVE AMERICA!

    • Paul ...

      Welcome To The Revolution (Lyrics)
      We … will not comply … with the institutions … who seek illusions … no it won’t
      be televised … welcome to the revolution … government’s been telling us lies … if you’re not with us you better step aside … witness the genocide … everything is centralized … the food that we consume … all filled with pesticides … it’s easily to identify the sheep … and the snake … the real … and the fake … giving us a reason to pray … and make our own choices … a voice for the voiceless they are trying to destroy … avoid the poison … for it’s all pointless if you don’t have a purpose … if you read the verses you’ll know how to reverse a government who tells you what your worth … look deeper than the surface … they don’t even want you researching or asking questions … we are all being tested … shut your mouth and comply! … is this the message you want to rest on? … prescriptions that mess with your head? … no it won’t be televised … it’s all institutional delusions … keep the money … I would rather have my soul than power and control … that’s the number one goal (all my friends) … turn your back on foes … and look how easily they fold … even Nazis saying they were doing what they were told … walked this lonely road alone in the cold … but my soul will never be sold … I’m exposing the clones … God has chosen this role for me … the Corporate giants are capitulating … It Is Over For Them!!

  83. Robert K


    I guess it was only a matter of time before these evil Satanists did this…By hook or by crook…

  84. Lord Nasdaq

    Great Weekly News Wrap – Up as always, Brother Greg.
    Selling losers since May with run-up in exchanges due to monopoly dollar and excessive PE’s and market caps. with supply shortages and inflation.
    I’m going cash for next meltdown. Keeping winners like NIO, RBLX, U, and holding and buying divys CPB, CAG at lows, and my REIT – CTT. CTT bouncing after a warning (timber prices) and divy. cut. Just being cautious.
    Any commodity based securities like my AQUA or oil like XOM doing very well.
    Tech or Nasdaq securities commenced the break out and at/are near new highs. Psychological targets like 5000 on S&P but any number could be all time high like 4720. Look for Nikkei 225 which lead us to money printing and bitcoin as well, to possibly hit 1989 highs, then look out.
    Also I agreed with Pento interview – stagflation. New investors don’t remember 70’s decade no movement/stagflation in securities then high inflation and a true recession.
    God bless

  85. MC

    probably nothing . . .

    Executive order 13887 signed 9-19-19. Modernizing vaccines in America to promote national security and public health.

  86. Paul ...

    SS … Since Celine Dion’s Las Vegas show (would only admit “vaccinated people only” ) we have to assume Celine took the “jab” … resulting in her being paralyzed and is now shaking uncontrollably (like we see others shaking uncontrollably after taking the “jab”) … she probably took the “jab” to keep her job … and now it looks like her singing career is over!!! …

    • Charles H.

      ONLY – if and when Celine Dion comes to the place she realizes that her career is over: will she in feminine bitterness reveal the story. Not even her great status and talent will stop her from being cancelled. Once placed in the Past: you don’t matter.

  87. Thomas Surguine

    Sir Greg….just can not resist saying a humungous THANK YOU 4 your incredible site from which it is mt uttrr pleasure to learn, reveal, think seriously about, not only & especially your comments back 2 the amazing amount of “letters 2 the editor”..It is simply wonderful 2 be able to read, ponder, appreciate, criticize, etc. this most admirable “accepting site ” where some truly thoughtful folks zre able to “soeak their piece” so that, blessedly, these ol’ folks, such as Incan continue to learn, accept, reject, this GREAT “roundtable” of seriously thought out letters, feelings, attutudes, all of which create a marvelous venue 4 serious reflection, agreement, & or rejection of this wondrous collection of a huge variety of thoughts, arguments, feelings….just simply thought provoking, not 2 be found elsewhere. I am so glad you are having Martin Armstrong back, as he is also, like you, a “must read”, as is PaulCraig Roberts, also a must read! And, have you given any thought 2 perhaps getting in touch with Stephen Lendman, whose blog is also a ” must read” 4 me. This gentleman ” pulls no punches”,certainly speaks his mind, sharp, Harvard grad., totally decisive, a joy 2 read, and just recently did a most serious attack on Kaiser Permanente health care system,,which in 2012, Maui, Hi., almost killed me! Having “been there, done that” with that group of lazy bums, Stephen missed NOTHING in his EXCELLENT “rant” against them & their total incompetence, as he does with all of his subjects. He misses nothing, as far as I can tell,,& I’ve been reading him 4 just years…like you, PCR, Armstrong, etc. I sincerely believe that the 2 of you could have QUITE a conversation. Just a thought… any rate..THANK U SO VERY MUCH 4 BEING ONE OF A VERY VERY FEW FAVORITE SITES!!!! GREAT, GREAT SUPERB JOB…..ALL OF YOUR EXCELLENT WORK “SHOWS” IN EVERY PIECE YOU PUBLISH,AND THE CARTOONS ARE EQUALLY WONDERFUL. CAN NOT EVER THANK U ENOUGH 4 OUTSTANDING EFFORTS….
    Expat tom….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Thomas!!

      • Thomas Surguine

        Thank u so much 4 the acknowledgement…Most appreciated, and thanks also 2 the folks writing from Oz as 2 the total horrid tyranny those great folks are forced 2 deal with. Will not be visiting Oz any more…mores the pity! Thank goodness the really good products ftom Oz are still “making it thru’ 2 Manila, and a cheery “hello ” to mr. “RAY” in Canberra. Loved that vid from the protest crowd hollering “SACK DAN, SACK DAN”…and it looks 2 be that N.Z. is suffering the same fate, mores the pity 4 All the folks we met there were the epitome of friendly….evidently “no mas”…Pity beyond belief.
        Expat tom….

  88. Oxfarmer

    Greg Hunter’s USA watchdog…my go to, trusted source for news. I learned more from the Clif High interview than pages of alternate news. Carry on, and take care of yourself! There’s only one Greg Hunter.

  89. tim mcgraw

    A nice color coordinated video. Very beautiful in its own way.
    Google should change its name to Goebbels.

  90. Da Yooper

    Greg while crawling around the internet I came across a statement where that monster Gates is warning about the chickenpox virus & how we have no defense for it . What will happen to all those who are vaxed & there immune system are compromised & have to try to fight of the chickenpox virus? no booster shot will save them. They will drop like flies.

  91. Jeffersonian
    Excellent 10 minute presentation on the covid agenda and big picture a must watch

    This doctor from India sets himself apart from the myopic views of dr McCullough, Kory and other western doctors because he asks the questions why the lockdowns why the mandates why the mandatory jab he’s concise and brilliant and Connects the dots

    Here’s my breakdown of his analysis

    1 first we must understand the purpose behind the mandates coercion bribery and lockdowns and jabs And ask how come and why
    2 he calls the virus which has never been isolated a vector a man made pathogen infused with a toxic spike protein hiv protein and other toxins meant to kill at different time intervals
    3 tptb unleash this engineered man made virus exaggerate its rate of infection it’s kill rate scare the hell out of the public so they live in fear and will do anything aka build your own prison
    4 mandate the experimental jab loaded with toxins
    Require World wide covid passports and get jabbed or get fired since bribery didn’t work
    5 once you’re jabbed if you die within 14 days it wasn’t the jab it was covid
    6 those that dont die immediately and who have underlying health problems will die as the spike protein enhances these problems resulting in your death
    7 the healthier will have compromised immune systems suffer from immune enhanced deficiencies and die prematurely

    Brilliant no one blames the jab because people will die of different ailments at different times at different ages the perfect crime never linked to the jab

    Kill Gates at his best as he stated the jab isn’t effective and needs to be improved so sign up for your booster every 6 months just to make sure you are another number in his depopulation scheme

    What windows 7 won’t work now I need 8 now 10 wow the never ending virus and the never ending jab

    Those that complied sealed their own fate and empowered The depopulation agenda

    Like I tell my children —you make your bed you sleep in it or should I say die in it in this case

    God gives us the freedom to choose as it reveals our true heart

    Greg I always look forward to your work and look forward to Martin
    Things are just getting interesting
    May God bless you and give you strength thru Jesus and the HolySpirit

  92. Warren B.

    Few weeks back I posted information supporting the theory that these COVID death shots were actually inducing the 21st Century AIDS. I also mentioned the possible next phase of this Genocide – a NEW PLANDEMIC – which involves MARBURG. Well guess what….there’s a patent for the introduction of EBOLA Virus along with MARBURG Virus in the Covid vaccines.
    What they are doing is effectively deleting people’s genes (the ones that are designated to repair cells)….at the same time coding your cells with DEADLY bacteria in the form of Ebola/Marburg.
    The mechanism of deleting genes induces AIDS, Thrombosis, Blood coagulation and clotting.
    Here is the link to the Patent :
    Patents taken in 2013, 2013, 2016 Globally`
    refer RHS points 40,46,50,52.
    Definitions at 0030 …. Both vectors have a full deletion of E1 and contain an expression cassette containing the EBOV…
    0037 …. The Ebola viruses, and the genetically-related Marburg virus
    0038 …The nucleic acid molecules may encode structural gene products of any filovirus species… are five species of Ebola viruses…… There is a single species of Marburg virus (also referred to herein as MARV).
    Here is an interview with Dr Ariyana Love where she exposes this horror story.

  93. Ryan Carter

    Thank God and and thank you Greg for the truth you bring to us with your reports. I watch every episode you post. Great reporting with Financials/Economics and Political’s. We have all been warned and should all be prepared thanks to Greg.

    • Ryan Carter

      Unfortunately, I thought a 1/2 ton truck would work, but I should have planned for a 3 ton truck. Brothers & Sisters, plan better than I did.

  94. Jr

    Dr. David Martin traces the criminal conspiracy history of “covid”

  95. Tom Sweeney

    Hi Greg,

    I wanted to share with you another example of medical corruption and tyranny taking place in my little left leaning state of RI.

    One of my best friends, Dr. Stephen Skoly, is one of a handful of oral/maxi facial surgeons in the state. In March of 2020, while servicing the dental needs of the special needs wards of the state and prisoners he caught Covid (he was the only surgeon in the state caring for these people). He recovered within a week and continued to practice. Our RI Department of Health came out with a mandate stating that everyone who is practicing medicine in the state needed to be Vaxxed by 10/1. Stephen got tested for antibodies and his numbers were through the roof, better than any jab. He also had a specific health issue with bells palsy years back due to Lyme disease (also a known potential side effect of the jab), so he notified the DOH he had sufficient natural immunity and would not be getting the jab for personal medical reasons. Our Director of the DOH refused to grant him an exemption and shut his practice down. He has had no formal hearing granted and the state is making an example of him by hiding behind the Governor’s Executive Order for the pandemic (what pandemic?). He has been forced to de-book over 2000 patients that he was to see through January, and lay off his staff of 10 employees.

    We’re trying to get the word out on his situation, because if this tyranny continues anyone can be next to feel the heavy boot of the government on their business or body. Dr. Skoly is fighting as best as he can with limited support for our medical freedoms. His lawyers are now seeking a temporary restraining order to allow him to practice until a valid hearing can be granted. He has appeared on Lou Dobbs, and the ACLU has now engaged in supporting him. There is a strong chance this case may go to the Supreme Court.

    If you’d be interested in bringing him on your show to help get the word out that would be fantastic!

    God Bless!
    Tom S.

  96. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    Here you go. Operation dark winter.

    They waited until the temperatures dropped. It’s 32 degrees where I live.

  97. Eddy

    Super Gas is good to put 1 every 2 months Not all the time they lie about that . it actually hurts Your engine to use super all the time. Put regular unleaded its ok

  98. The Ogs

    Headline: “Canada could authorize vaccine for kids aged 5 to 11 in ‘one to two weeks’.”
    So there is still hope! They want to wait and watch first, and see what happens in neighboring countries for a couple of weeks. Smart.
    In fact it is very unlikely that Big Pharma could pull these shenanigans off in Canada! We are theoretically insulated from the capitalistic pressures because the provinces purchase Healthcare for all citizens (wholesale).
    But it’s a testament to the pervasive MSM grip on the people here, that no one really questions what’s going on. All our TV and media are basically in one of two big camps – and both sides are championing the inoculations. They work great and there are no bad effects…

  99. Rick

    Greg, since the 5th Circuit just reaffirmed a stay on the vaccine mandate, what does this mean for hospitals that are plowing ahead with mandating shots for workers or get fired? Are hospitals exempt?

    • Marie+Joy

      Rick, Go see a lawyer, asap. Best if he/she is NOT a democrat.

  100. Randy

    If you think this is bad, go check out fertilizer prices and the news that Biden wants to shut down pipeline 5 (Gas and Oil) in the mid west. Natural gas is critical in production of fertilizer.

    • Rick

      I’m currently working on an Enbridge project. Line 5 supplies 65% of propane demand in the Upper Peninsula, and 55% of Michigan’s statewide propane needs. It would be nothing short of evil and stupid to do away with line 5. But nothing would surprise me with this illegitimate administration.

  101. Robert K


    What do you make of this?

    I would like to be optimistic, but we all know the weasels will just throw something else wildly inappropriate, wicked & highly unconstitutional our way. Now I hear they are trying to vaxx infants and 6-month-olds. Evil is alive and well. I will continue to pray for Divine intervention and God’s hand to clear out all obstacles and remove the evil that persists in America and the rest of the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good news is good news and I’ll take it. Don’t give up. That’s what evil wants.

  102. Marie+Joy

    Per southernprepper1, on YouTube, Belarus is send “migrants” into Poland and the situation is escalating. This could be bad. Poland has been one of the last anti globalist countries.

  103. Trinacria

    What a great cartoon! The artist is just excellent. He captured it…especially the expression/look of Ocasio Cortez…she is such a hyena …sorry, my apologies to hyenas as they are so much superior to her. Rather, what a monstrous person and, coupled with the fact that she is so dumb and blinded by ideology, she has no real way to comprehend her demonic behavior.

  104. Marie+Joy

    They have weaponized processed food.

  105. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick.

  106. Francize

    Prepare for Armageddon: China’s warning to the world | 60 Minutes Australia
    182,895 views Nov 14, 2021 60 Minutes Australia
    The message coming out of China is getting louder by the day. It doesn’t like other countries, especially Australia, ganging up and meddling in its affairs. As we know Beijing is currently doing its best to punish us economically, but in the last few days President Xi Jinping has also ratcheted up the rhetoric by warning of the perils of a new cold war. A loose translation is if we don’t stop poking the panda, we’ll face serious consequences. Now it’s worth taking the threat seriously because Xi controls the largest military force in the world, and as one of his supporters cautions tonight, the cost of conflict with China could be Armageddon.

    This present worldly system of things under Satan its god is permitted only for a time. It does not have the divine approval. It has had the witnesses of Jehovah God among it since its beginning after the Flood, but it has never been able to amalgamate them with itself. They have been left in this world by God in order to deliver a witness concerning his purpose to establish a new world government. But the world has acted unworthily of their presence by disregarding their message and viciously persecuting them for it. By this we mean not just pre-Christian prophets from Noah down to John the Baptist, whose exploits and sufferings are described in chapter eleven of Paul’s letter to the Hebrews. We mean also a little flock of true Christians of whom only a remnant is on earth today; yes, and the “great crowd” of “other sheep” who have flocked to their side in order to serve God with them. The persecution of all these modern witnesses of the Most High God since nation against nation, the world war’s that were foretold by Jesus, who said it would be a clear sign of the consummation of this wicked system of Satan. Its persecution of them is becoming more notorious, thus proving the world is not worthy of them. For this reason it will be destroyed.—Heb. 11:38; Matt. 24:9; Rev. 7:9, 10; John 10:16.

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