Constant Media Psyop, Can’t Stop Vax Deaths, Fed NOT Cutting

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW567 2.3.23)

The constant media psyop is falling apart on all fronts.  We were told Trump was colluding with the Russians.  That was a huge lie.  We were told Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.  That’s another huge lie.  We were told the CV19 vax was safe and effective, which is a double deadly monster lie.  These are just a few of the lies the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) continues to push.  As the old saying goes, “Don’t give up the con.”  We have been conned, and we are all paying for it.  The LLM will never recover.

A new study shows masks do not work to stop covid.  NYU Professor of Media Studies Mark Crispin Miller called the mask fiasco a gigantic form of propaganda.  He also says the entire Covid19 event from infection to injection was a masterpiece in propaganda.  Another new study says the CV19 vax offered “zero benefit” and “made the problem worse in every metric, hospitalizations, infections and death.”  The CV19 injections are now routinely being called a “bioweapon.”   There have been 600 million CV19 injections in the USA alone.  There have been nearly 13 billion CV19 injections globally.  There is no stopping the vaccine genocide, but you may help yourself with Ivermectin.  The LLM is covering up deaths, injuries and still trashing Ivermectin.  Nuremberg 2.0 will not be kind to them.

They keep saying the Fed is just about to stop raising rates, and rate cuts are right around the corner.  The Fed just raised a key interest rate this week and is promising there are more to come.  Granted, the Fed has signaled the increase will be smaller, but the FED IS STILL RAISING RATES.  Maybe it’s the Saudi government announcing the end of the petrodollar by now accepting other currencies besides the U.S. Dollar in trade for oil.  You think that has the Fed uptight?  Can you cut interest rates when the world is shedding your currency and your Treasury bonds?

There is more in the 52 minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of for these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 2.3.23.

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After the Wrap-Up 

Dr. Betsy Eads will join us to tell you about new vax injury therapies, and also to warn about the dangers of shedding from the vaxed to the unvaxed.

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  1. Jaun Valdez

    Why I Eat 4 Eggs Daily and WHY YOU SHOULD TOO–Rx7EZyC7s
    Dr. Eric Berg DC

    Tucker: There is nothing more sinister than this
    Fox News 1M views 1 day ago
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out Lindsey Graham’s actions and weighs in on the Russia-Ukraine war/
    Boring Johnson, WWIII, what could go wrong?
    Linseed, gone to seed Graham crackerhead Graham. What’s he up too? Trying to pull some strings/ Utterly committed neo-con liberal con, WTF is he anyways?

    WEF just issued their biggest CRISIS warning yet | Redacted with Clayton Morris 26K views 2 hours ago
    The World Economic Forum has a new word called “Polycrisis”. These globalists now tell us that we are about to face multiple massive crisis at the same time. Is this fear mongering at a level 10? We’ll show you and you decide for yourself.

    • Paul in oz

      I believe a polycrisis is inevitable … these motherweffers and those they control understand that the truth can not be told to the masses and they survive … knowing they will not be able to go out in public they will go kamikaze … and stop at nothing to either gain control or destroy humanity including themselves.

      • AH

        In mental health, it is known that homicide and suicide are often just different sides of the SAME COIN.

      • Paul

        This craziness playing out
        Reminds me of this song

        I started a joke by The Bee Gees

        Paul from arkansas

        • Paul from Indiana

          It’s always been crazy. Try “Ball of Confusion” by the Temptations. Best always. PM

        • Nika

          Good song- I remember it. Are any of the Bee Gee brothers, still alive?

    • Ken Landon

      Like ivermectin there is another “dewormer” for pets Panacure (fenbendozale). It too has worked as an anti tumor treatment in pets and humans. A Canadian man with stage 4 cancer was given no hope, but learned about Merks Panacur, used it and he is now cancer free.Dosing for both of these in dogs and cats can be found on Veterinary Secrets (youtube) with Dr. Andrew Jones a Canadian Veterinarian.

      • Toot W

        My husband had advanced aggressive prostate cancer. We move to Arizona from Montana so that he could have proton beam radiation therapy after completing 4 months on Lupron to stop the growth of the cancer and help to confine it better to his gland. (His tests showed no sign of metastases). He had 44 proton treatments. He had one more Lupron injection after treatment but hated how he felt with no testosterone. So, instead of taking the recommended 3rd round of Lupron he opted for the fenbendazole protocol which had been recommended to him by our veterinarian in Montana. Our veterinarian made him a copy of this document which outlines the entire protocol, which includes fenbendazole (which now is available in the correct dosage in capsules on Amazon and formulated for humans), Vit E succinate, curcumin, and CBD oil. He has been taking this protocol now for 2 years and so far so good with his PSA tests. Probably will stay on it another year to be on the safe side.

        • Nika

          Thanks for your testimony. Another bullet to stop prostrate cancer! My friend had prostrate cancer, so he had surgery 7 months ago to insert variant seeds with radiation. I told my friend, that I personally would never insert any kind of radiation into my body. Due to the fact, radiation kills any living flesh, cancer or non-cancerous everyday. So, then 2 weeks ago, my friend told me he could not pee, his urine had backed up into kidneys. So, he went to the emergency. They inserted a tube, so he could pee again into a colostomy bag. However, others have reported success with the variant seeds. About myself, I self diagnosed my prostrate condition about 10 years ago, and I have no problem with the prostate, as long, as I take my teaspoon of pure Pumpkin seed oil everyday.

      • Sally

        I get ivermectin 12 from turkey at about $180 per 100. If anyone needs to know anything, let me know. I have tel. And email

        • Henry Tecumpseh Amos

          Hey sally could you please send me the information about the ivermectin from Turkey , thank you Henry

    • J. Loughran

      Third cause in the loss of immune function behind aging, pharmaceuticals, is STRESS.
      Call those who have declared war against humanity what you will but know they never disengage.

    • mikem

      OMG! Dr. Berg is the Best! I stop eating sugar and do Fasting . I have lost so much weight because of this Video. Stomach and Joint issue are complexly gone. Lost 30lbs and going. Sugar is evil.

      • Nika

        Dr. Berg is great. After he explained, how bread and pasta turns into sugar in your body. I stopped buying bread for my house. Sugar is slow death!!! Although, I love potatoes, I do my best to avoid eating them, because they turn into sugar in your body and make you gain weight. Again, sugar is slow death!

    • Felix

      putin is controlled by the same luciferians,zionist kazarian bankers,they control the world.If any country has a central bank they are controlled.Putin has called kissinger a friend and minter.Kissinger is evil to the core he worships the devil.These luciferians play the world and us like a chess board,we are pawns in the game.

    • Nika

      Why are so many chicken farms being destroyed, during the past year? Looks like, Elites have noticed one of the most nutritious foods, that a human being can eat, They are trying to eliminate it, they prefer you, to eat “Bugs and more bugs!

    • Steve Bice

      “and our moronic evil corrupt politicians now helping the WEF destroy our food production,”

      Here is another sign unique to our times (which differentiates us from prior generations that skeptics point to as being equally sure they were living in the last days): Have you noticed all the articles across the last year about reducing or eliminating consumption of meat as part of the climate change agenda?

      The Apostle Paul in his first letter to Timothy wrote the following:

      “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.”

      Did you get that?

      “…in the latter times….commanding to abstain from meats…”

      A new law has just been passed in Europe that allows crickets in the food supply. Much like geo-engineered crops, it won’t take long to become part of food supplies across the world.

      My personal view is that we should expect more spiritual charlatans and more earthquakes in the near future. When these manifest…remember this verse:

      “So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors!”

      “All these things” are happening. “It” is at the door……/eu-passes-new-law-crickets…

  2. Lon Bell

    Chinese Spy Balloon In US Live: Pentagon Alleges Chinese Balloon Flew Over Sensitive Military Site / TIMES NOW Started 2 hours ago
    Chinese Spy Balloon In US Live: Officials say balloon has been watched for a few days but has decided not to shoot it down for safety reasons

    • Nika

      Safety reasons? Are you saying, those nasty Chinese Communists might attache a atom bomb to the Spy balloon. Is that the safety reason, that you referring to?

      • andyb

        more likely an EMP


      This balloon is a test EMP attack on the grid. They don’t want to shot it down for fear of anything going wrong and maybe a trick to put the blame on the shoot down, taking down the electrical grid? Anything goes in love and war, –we are at war!

    • President Xi

      It’s a test run for an electromagnetic nuclear bomb. You set one off 200 miles up over St. Louis and we’ve got no power for months. It should’ve been shot down the second it got anywhere near our borders without question or hesitation.

      “The time that it would take to recover from a nuclear EMP attack has generally been estimated to be anywhere from two months to ten years.” – Scientific American.

  3. Richard Westwell

    Today , 3rd February 2023, I was refused entry to a bank in Thailand because I was not wearing a mask. A whole bank full of brainwashed staff and customers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Richard, for the street reporting! Keep it coming.

    • bubba

      ….and not that long ago you could not enter a bank wearing a cap, sunglasses, or a hoodie, much less a mask. Go figure.

  4. Mark Cronauer

    Is the website legitimate place to get ivermectin?

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Eads recommends it.

    • Kenneth Noga

      I have ordered from there; they delivered.

    • Ken landon

      I ordered from them, for one of my dogs has cancer. The order showed up very promptly. They ship from North Carolina.

    • jomer

      Do you happen to know the best by date of a recent purchase? and does anyone have a recommendation on using after the best by date? I am debating if I should get a long-term supply.

      While on this subject, the one thing I have learned over the years is antibiotics are the only main thing you need to keep an eye on the use by date. they can become dangerous to use after the use by date. The vast majority of drugs will remain safe but will begin to loss their potency, however, the amount the loss is not uniform from drug to drug. For example, drug A could loss half its potency a year after use date (so now you need to take 2), while drug B might only have lost 5%, so the one tablet could/should still be effeminacy. Other ones could have loss all of their potency.

      I do not know anything about drugs that need refrigeration, like insulin.

  5. Gary Burns

    I didn’t get the Vaccine . I decided after 10 years I would consider it . Now I was right to wait . I don’t take anything until it has a record . Those people killed can’t sue the drug companies but they can sue the gov’t .

    This is terrible stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gov’t did this on purpose to reduce the population . They want every baby aborted , every old person dead at 70, and now younger people from Vaccine . All to save the Environment , poison frogs , and trees from the scam of Global Warming .

    • gary burns

      I mean their families can sue the Gov’t . Dead people can’t sue anyone.

  6. Kim

    Greg, I’ve been following you for years. Thank you for all that you do to bring truth. God Bless and keep up the GREAT work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Kim!
      Brother Greg

  7. George Jonesian

    by now everyone, even the criminals involved, have figure out the vax is toxic. Yet Trump hasn’t figured it out. And many people who voted for Trump haven’t figured out how stupid and/or complicit Trump is in this global genocide.

    this is why Martin Armstrong’s global war forecast is to be taken seriously. There is virtually nobody in/near leadership that is worthy of respect.

  8. MJ Smith

    Ivermectin 12mg tablets

  9. John E Easler

    Tractor Supply stopped selling it because of human use……You can order Ivermectin Horse Paste from a Veterinarian Supply Company or maybe get it at a local mom/pop feed store……I have been taking it twice a week since 2020…..taste nasty….mix it with fruit juice…..

    • John E Easler

      A little note here….I caught Covid 3 times and I am unvaxed……unvaxed…..I am in a room for 4 hours a day, two days a week and everyone around me is double-vaxed and are sluffing off

      • Rob

        My coworkers are all multi-jabbed and are sloughing off something nasty. I fight it with Silver Sol, which works well, but then I return to work and have to battle the same symptoms all over again.

    • Toot W

      This is where I got it before I got my supply of 12 and 6 mg tablets from overseas from a pharmacy I have been using for many years. Amazon still sells it. My husband and I thought it had an aftertaste like motor oil. We like our tablets much better.

      • Marseglia William P

        Wife and I just ordered 3 boxes each from Amazon.

    • Won Witness

      John E Easier
      I frequently get ivermectin horse paste for all my fillies from Amazon,
      (but my family keeps borrowing so horses go without).
      Also I just bought some just 8 days ago from TCS in the inland empire, California (horse country ) plenty on the shelves no questions asked.
      I used to have a prescription for ivermectin but the online consultation was expensive as were the pills.
      The horse paste is cheaper for my small dose twice a week spike preventative.
      I have taken the paste for about a 18 months now and have had No health problems in this 70+ year old.

  10. Derek Sinclair

    Cochrane Reviews are internationally recognized as the highest standard in evidence-based health care. Cochrane (after which the Systematic Review is named), the father of evidence based healthcare, conducted a study of healthcare in 18 developed countries in 1978 and one of his conclusions (based on the evidence) was that “there is a marked positive association between the prevalence of doctors and mortality in the younger age groups”. In other words the more medics you have the greater number of deaths you get. This whole Covid scam has just highlighted the massive problems we have always had with the ignorance and arrogance of the medical so called profession. The fact that so many of these quacks took the “vaccine” says it all.

  11. barsoom43

    The US direct debt is almost $32T.. If the Fed raises rates to 5% and since most US debt is short term, not 30 years, the government will soon be paying $1.6T in interest.. Sooner than later the interest on servicing the debt will be more than DC can bear.. Pressure will be put on the Fed to lower rates and print more USD.. Since they are all liars in DC, you can look for Powell to make a BS announcement about how they have beaten inflation and so they can now begin lowering rates. I don’t believe any numbers that the DC liars are spewing..
    I am buying silver because the gold:silver ratio is about 1:80; traditionally that ratio is 1:16.. I have solar backups, long term storage food, lots of lead and the means to distribute it as necessary- day or night..

    • jomer

      Do you know why the debt clock has dollar : gold, silver and oil at $0?

      • Greg Hunter

        That was based on money supply growth and last year it shrank by 5%.

  12. Randy

    Just wait for the law suits being filed at employers that required the jab and the effects on the economy from those companies going into liquidation.

  13. CJ

    If people don’t believe in shedding, they should watch the show “The Last Ship” where there is a world wide pandemic. In the show they create a vaccine that they can transmit to others by shedding via breathing on the other person. When the covid shut downs started my family pulled the series out to watch it. It’s almost like they are following the timeline put out on the show. First a virus. Second a vaccine that sheds to others. Third, people taking the blood of those that are immune ( convalescent plasma). Fourth, a global food shortage . Finally a war. Hollyweird always tells us what they plan to do to us ahead of time.

    • Paul from Indiana

      CJ, same with government. They telegraph what’s coming. Recall Mr. Biden’s address in Philadelphia with the Hitler-style ranting against conservative, traditional-values Americans and the blood-red lighting effects. It doesn’t get any plainer than that. Best always. PM

    • barsoom43

      True about Hollyweird… They made a movie about their ultimate goals, called The Hunger Games.. The corrupt and decadent super elites live in the Capitol while the starving peasants live in the Districts, who live at the pleasure of the elites and whose sole purpose in life is to support those elites..

    • Felix

      you are absolutely correct,they have been preprogramming us since the inception of the television,hoolyweird run by the kazarian bankers.For those who proclaim to be jews but are not jews,they are from the synagogue of satan

  14. Graham Leadbeatter

    Some interesting facts. Since 1982 there have been 1,412 proven cases of election fraud, and 1,219 convictions for voter fraud in the USA. In the overwhelming majority of these cases, democrats were found guilty.
    Also, since 1992 there have been 24 election results overturned by the court. So election fraud is NOT a conspiracy theory after all, as many of the overturned elections did in fact, involve a “conspiracy”. Source – The Heritage Foundation

  15. Virginia Taylor

    Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ginia!

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I always look forward to your Friday wrap-ups.

        I pray that you right about your prediction. When that happens, I believe everything else will begin to turn around (i.e election fraud)

        What you say?

        God bless you my friend

  16. Allen

    Two nearby Indian Reservations were all paid a thousand dollars each to enrolled members to get the clot jab.. who wouldn’t fall for this ???? Genocide ???? Also, I live in a location where the ambulances from the Rez drive by my door night and day and they have been VERY busy the past 2 years, night and day.. not that I can prove anything. The State health authorities have been very active in promoting the JAB.. ignorant people falling for their promotions……pure blood here talking

  17. Joe

    Hi Greg, great video as always. I don’t think Saudi Arabia is accepting other currencies as payment, something many don’t realize is that when Chinese premier visited Saudi Arabia he didn’t get what he wanted, he wanted to pay with the Yuan but the Saudis didn’t want it, they rejected his offer, they wanted something of real value, I believe they wanted gold or some other natural resource. The LLM didn’t give a true commentary of his visit, it looked like he was welcomed with flair and fanfare, but that was just for show. Thanks in Jesus name.

  18. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great WNW567!
    In particular, I love your new descriptive term for the lie that, ‘the CV19 vax is safe and effective’. You call that statement, a DOUBLE DEADLY MONSTER lie. Totally agree – and thanks.
    You bravely hold up a tube of Ivermectin ‘horse’ paste and show people how to use it. BRAVO, I only hope TPTB do not use some legal technicality to hammer you with. The entire medical industry was subverted and monopolised when the Rockerfellers took control of the AMA.

  19. Keith J Myrdek

    Have you seen this !

    Are heart attaches’ getting more common in super markets ?

  20. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Subject to your consent, I would like to re-post a link I included in my reply to ‘Cathy’ in the Gerald Celente comments. The link is to a clip from the movie ‘Network’ (1976) and is, IMHO, so relevant to the world today. Nearly every international corporation is a member of the WEF. Whoever made the movie ‘Network’ could see the future . . .

    • Paul from Indiana

      Or…they were in on it. Best always. PM

  21. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter very enlightening and ominous.
    Here in the UK our “great “universities such as the Bill Gates and former Melinda Gates bought and paid for London School of Economics is demanding the removal of Easter term and Christmas/Michaelmas term from their academic year. This commie hell hole will no doubt get their way, hope they are ready to write the check for their buildings which we pleb tax payer paid for and the ground its sitting on. Pol Pot seems to have been right all along.
    The enthusiasm here among our elite for war with Russia is sickening ,all of them gagging on Victoria Nuland’s/Kagan’s demands . Meanwhile Ukraine has 150,000 dead soldiers and a huge number of mercenaries that are not being documented as they remove their heads and hands to avoid identification. Well that should save some money Mr Zelensky who has fallen out with his mentor Mr Kolomoisky who is hunkering down in London and Paris while his son endures university here.
    Connected Ukrainians who have “fled” Ukraine are able to holiday in Italy and be billeted in eight bedroom houses in Liverpool whilst their children are educated at private schools. Us plebs are no doubt thrilled at this one story.

  22. Bob Bigaouette

    I question some of those who got the vax…..notice how NONE of the DC politicians are dying suddenly (unfortunately)? I think they all got saline shots because they knew what these demon shots were all about.

    • Greg Hunter

      Congress got exemptions.

  23. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg

  24. Sonya Lee

    the Bible rebukes Clif High:

    At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.” ~ Luke 10:21

    “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” ~ Isaiah 55:9

    • Thomas Argyle

      Also, ◄ Psalm 83:18 ► King James Version
      “That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth”.

  25. Lois Douglas

    My husband and I have been taking Ivermectin since September 2021. It’s expensive, but so is a funeral! I purchase the pill form from overseas. Currently I take it 2x’s weekly as I work in an Allergy/Immunology pratice. I cannot tell you how many people who come in with Hives. In addition we are so slow. I joking tell everyone in the office it’s because people are dead. My tinfoil hat has suddenly become a fashion statement!
    Stay salty everyone. Thanks Greg, I’ve listened to you for 4 years and researched everything you say. Keepin it real. You understand that you’re going to have to answer for everything that comes out of your mouth. Be not afraid. Pay attention. Jesus is Lord.

  26. William Wilhelm

    Greg, thank you again. Just saw that in New York, immigrates (criminal illegals) are housed in hotels costing a reduced price of $190.00 per day or $5700.00 per month. If they are still being housed in 2024, the cost rises to $750 a day. These figures don’t include the cost of care. Unfortunately legal citizens don’t warrant anywhere near these figures even after thirty years of employment. Just wondering how many are being jabbed.

  27. Paul D Anders

    For those of you that can’t figure it out, Hunter Biden WANTED us to get ahold of the laptop. Hunter Biden WANTED us to find out there were classified documents in the house he rents from his father. Hunter Biden HATES his father and works for the good guys…

  28. James Hall

    Probably 50% of the Congress and Senate are sell outs.

    • Anita

      you are generous, I would say 95 % are sell outs

    • Paul D Anders

      I think you’re being conservative myself.

  29. Really Awake

    Good job reporting on the Bio-Weapon Vaxx. Keep pounding away, pounding away, pounding away… The murdering criminals who developed and then drug-pushed this depopulation bioweapon have to pay for their crimes against humanity… WW3 and the corresponding nuclear conflagration might end up making EVERYTHING (including the vaxx) a moot point, but it’s still a top priority to expose the malevolence of the WEF and Company.

    Has it escaped your notice how Marty Armstrong’s NUMBER 1 TOPIC is WW3? This doesn’t bode well for our future when a secular forcaster like Marty’s forcast correlates Jesus’ forecast in Matt. 24…

    I actually am starting to believe that individuals like Alex Jones probably don’t go far enough in pointing out Satan’s machinations to wipe out billions of human souls by means of war, starvation, plague, economic collapse, uber crime waves, democide and the rise of godless sociopaths and psychopaths…. I really hope more people start to include the Holy Bible in their news reporting work, because it is really starting to look like this could finally (after two thousand years) Kingdom Come is arriving soon.

    And even if this isn’t the “Last Days” just before Kingdom Come, Will Be Done”, it’s going to feel like it. WW3 will take a MASSIVE toll (perhaps wiping out modern civilization) on mankind.

    As soon as the Russian launch their new attack on Ukraine, the number one story will become “wars and reports of wars”….

  30. cindy lunsford

    I found the ivermectin on line at Chewys pet supplies

    • Anita

      Thanks Cindy. They did not have it several months ago so I did not bother to look again. Thanks for the info.

    • Myn

      Thanks so much for posting Cindy . I have been looking for this. Blessings

    • M.Myers

      Unfortunately, they do not ship to Canada. I would appreciate if any one knows a company that do.

      Thank you kindly

  31. James Hall

    One story of many, the governments are going after our food supply big time. Farmer forced to dump product and not allowed to donate.

  32. James Hall

    Medical Doctors are not allowed to recommend homeopathic medicine and Codex Alimentarius is trying to phase out vitamins and supplements. Some countries have outlawed some and making the prescription only. Jones did a report on this 10 years ago.

  33. Kenneth A. Culp, CPA – You can purchase ivermectin on line (from India?) for 75 cents per tablet.
    Please let your viewers know!!!

    • Paul D Anders

      Look around. You should be able to get it from India for much much less…10-12 cents per 12mg tablet plus $35 for delivery. Trust me I know.

  34. John Pick

    Greg, Thank you for helping me to suddenly realize the TRUTH behind the World Economic Forum’s, “You WILL Own Nothing and Be Happy”., yes indeed “You WILL Be Haopy” because You WILL Be DEAD ?

    Washington DC is DAVOS ON THE POTOMAC. ?

  35. Michele

    You are a Warrior of light and truth. God Bless you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Michele.

  36. Stan

    The Gold crash has arrived. Just as I predicted. Cha-ching! 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      You have been shorting gold since $1,200.

    • Rob

      Your “gold crash” just allowed me to buy more at a lower price! Keep those crashes coming!

    • Norman Byler

      Depending how Gold ends month of Feb, Gold could go down to$1300. looking at the monthly charts

  37. Cletus Klump

    Balloon over Montana.
    Over ten years ago someone said/wrote that was how the North Koreans would deliver their nuke to America.
    Did the Chinese send a “trial balloon” over? I doubt it. Will the true sender of the balloon next send over an EMP over Kansas and blame it on the Mongolians at the City Wall?
    For all we know this balloon is a CIA misinformation program to take the focus off the Biden crime mob. Or this trial balloon was not suppose to be discovered by the public, but was a CIA feasibility study for the next black swan where thousands of Americans get killed by the hands of its own leadership (ala 911), and blamed on (take your pick). Is the American Shadow Government trying to set up the next Pearl harbour? “World War III just isn’t happening fast enough” -The Minds of those that think they own the world

    • Annabel Australia

      Cletis, the Chinese did admit the balloon was theirs but claimed it was a weather research balloon that went off course.

  38. john

    Greg, i have always been a Trump supporter, but besides him pushing for the JAB, he’s making appearances with the neocon warmonger lindsey graham. I am pro life, but the same knucklehead graham who called for the Putin assasination came out with a failed anti abortion bill just WEEKS before the 2022 midterms. I think this was intentional to fire up the leftist voters to get out and vote. Timing is everything. JUDAS graham now says he’s known V P biden for a long time and would be suprised if there is anything diabolacle in biden’s classified documents. So we can now see that the congressional UNIPARTY investigations are going to lead to nothing . Compromised justice department will not act against one of their own kind. I would vote for Trump again, but he needs to distance himself from swamp creatures like the P.O.S. graham, and please Mr. President, come out against the jab.

    • Tanya M

      We clearly now see Trump pushing the vax, 5G and homosexuality. Trump recently told hundreds of sodomites at his mansion that he was fighting for them. Meanwhile j6 Christians rot in jails and Trump ignornes them. Furthermore, Trump blamed the dismal midterm results on Christians/proLife — that is what the bisecual emperor Caligula did similarly then had the Christians fed to the lions.

  39. Dean

    Mammon is influencing her children. Thanks for choosing the Spirit of Christ Greg!

  40. Roger Winkelman

    The Tsunami: The First 3 Days – NHK WORLD PRIME
    NHK WORLD-JAPAN 2.8M views 7 days ago
    Disaster Japan! 20 minutes, 19 thousand souls lost and today from the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and down the coast of California, down south America, the whole of Pacific ocean. Is being radio actively contaminated, because of 3 reactors on the coast of Fukushima prefecture.
    The 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster was caused by the 9.1 magnitude Tohoku earthquake and a 14-meter-high tsunami. The tsunami flooded and disabled emergency generators needed to pump cooling water into the nuclear reactor cores, causing three reactor core meltdowns and hydrogen explosions. Radionuclides flowed eastward across the Pacific and were eventually found in waters off California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. We all live downstream.
    The storage tanks now hold seawater that has been used to continue cooling the reactor cores, and this water is contaminated with such radionuclides as Cesium-137, Carbon-14, tritium (including the more dangerous “Organically Bound Tritium”), Strontium-90, Cobalt-60, Iodine-129, Plutonium-239 — and over 50 other radionuclides.
    The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) that owns Fukushima, and is now responsible for the cleanup (that is likely to last the remainder of this century), didn’t admit until recently that the wastewater contains significant amounts of radioactive Carbon-14. As C-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years, and is known to bio-accumulate in marine ecosystems and cause cellular and genetic impairment. This is a very serious concern.
    [This ongoing continuing, mitigating disaster, continues to contaminate the groundwaters leaking into the Pacific ocean and turning it into a radio active garbage dump. Of untold cancer causing eco-systems, which will eventually contaminate all the worlds oceans!]
    Fukushima contaminants found as far north as Alaska’s Bering Strait
    By Yereth Rosen 3 MIN READ

  41. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    IF…….your under ware & clothing can not stop you from smelling a fart … is some crappy made in china mask going to stop a common cold virus?

    End the CORRUPT Federal Reserve

  42. Linda

    I saw a MedCram YouTube video where the doctor goes through a data analysis to debunk the idea that the vax is causing the excess all cause mortality. He blames it on COVID and basically says that the “virus” has caused this phenomenon. MedCram puts out some good stuff, but he is totally a medical industrial complex guy. He did not do a comparison of the %age of deaths – vaxxed vs. unvaxxed. I am on board with Ed Dowd on this one.

    • Greg Hunter

      These people were part of a genocide. Don’t give up the con!

  43. Bonnie

    Greg…thank you for your reports! I have been listening to your videos for years and truly appreciate your efforts to inform people about what is really going on.

  44. Kerry

    There is going to be blood in the streets over this! Forget the legal system. The human psyche is going to snap. My predicition not my hope!

    • Paul

      You pinned it, blood in the streets.
      Aside from the financial calamity for buying opportunities.
      This is an onslaught in germ-immunity warfare, military invasion, food stuff destruction, country sovereignty to name a few. The oligarchs are pressing hard for total control. We are at war. Ask the Dutch farmers or the J6 participants held in DC prisons their thoughts. All the strategies of war are being used, especially truth. No one or group deserves our destiny.

      Good reporting Greg

      Paul from arkansas

  45. Nika

    The Chinese Spy Balloon is still hovering over Nebraska. It’s recording more and more each day, because China Joe, refuses to give the Order to shoot it down!
    Did Hunter make his father’s hot sea,t hotter, by finally admitting it, he owns the “Laptop From Hell?”
    So, when is Garland, going to look into China Joe’s business dealings with Hunter, did Joe compromise American Security? `
    100,000 Americans died from Chinese Fentanal last year!
    Pop some popcorn, warm some butter in the sauce pan, things are getting hot for China Joe!

  46. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg we have a long way to go with the effects from the injections. Lawsuits will abound. Pharma worried about investors.

  47. tibor papp

    spot on..terrific reporting.
    fear not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tibor!

  48. Joan

    Jimmy Dore On Tucker Carlson: The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Is America’s Greatest Enemy / The Hill 96K views 1 day ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby weigh in on Jimmy Dore’s comments about the military industrial complex being a bigger threat to Americans than China.

    • Greg Hunter

      But don not talk about the Bioweapon vax Vax.

  49. Mark Goff

    Talk about Ivermectin. Look up dog wormer Panacur or Fenbendazole. It’s a dog wormer product that now looks like a cure for cancer.
    Big Pharma seems to be hiding a lot of stuff.
    Looks like my vet might be better than my cancer doctor.

  50. Stephen

    Need like the old biker billfold

  51. Susan R

    Back when this plague first started, I went to a tractor supply to get horse paste. It was under lock and key, so a saleswoman came to help. She wanted to know the weight of the horse and in the end I did not get the paste, plus I was in off season. I called my sister who had horses most of her life and I believe she said the paste is used in the spring to deworm, so buying it off season is probably not normal. That may be why there were twelve cases in T.S., getting ready for deworming season. My sister bought the paste for me, no problem.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not under lock and key where I saw it at Tractor Supply. Buy as much as you want.

    • Earth Angel

      Average worming schedule for horses is 3-4 times per year. Some people may (imho) overworm every other month. Depends on what the horse does and how frequently he is around other horses and locations where he might pick up worm larvae/eggs. I have at times wormed mine only twice a year since they are a closed herd which never leaves our farm anymore. Long story short people worm their horses at all times of the year. A good idea to rotate wormers periodically in HORSES (ivermectin, fenbendazole, pyrantel pamoate, strongid, a few others) so the wormers remain effective. Ivermectin is known to be one of the BEST broad spectrum wormers. Most average size horses about 900- 1000 lbs. Wormer tubes contain enough for 1200 lbs. Long & short of it , you should be able to purchase any horse wormer year round. Also generic ivermectin sold for about $2-3.00 per tube before covid- now its at least triple that.. don’t allow yourself to be bamboozled! If anyone asks you the weight of your horse just say 1000 lbs.

      • Nika

        Thanks for the info!

  52. Randy Best

    January passed without Martin Armstrong’s or Bo P0lny’s major even occurring.

    • Greg Hunter

      What do you call the Saudi announcement that the world’s reserve currency is no more?

      • Randy Best

        Greg-I agree that was really big, but I think we have to take a lets wait and see attitude to see the impact. Gold slammed down another $40 so far today. That is over $70 in two days. The bankers can control the price anytime they want.

        • Greg Hunter

          Bankers are buying. The petrodollar is on the way out.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg: When gold breaks $2000 and stays, it’s game on. Until then, we are in a holding pattern. In the meantime, there’s silver. And copper, so long as the “green” farce/scam is running. Best always. PM

  53. Greg Hunter

    No mention of 10 Iranian military bases on Israels border in Syria? Of course not.

  54. Nina

    Thanks for doing God’s work.
    We the People, need to demand our right , to reclaim our right, to bodily autonomy. We need our regulation agencies ( FDA,CDC, EPA, etc.) to make provide accurate info not overreach with ANY mandates.
    Have you seen the WEF’s EEG fitbit? The next scam. It’s like a polygraph. A polygraph doesn’t detect truth or lies. It detects stress. Looking at an EEG isn’t going to tell you what someone is thinking. Synchronizing your EEG with someone else tell you nothing. It’s another fear tactic to control thought. The vax, PCR testing, masks, social distancing, among many other things were a scam to control people. Don’t fall for this!

  55. Melinda Odom


    Electricity went down yesterday at my place in sulphur springs, tx where I live now.

    I rent so I called the landlady and they have been without electricity for 4 days now. Unbelievable! Lot of damage here!

    Mine went down about 5 pm yesterday and was fixed by 11:30 pm so maybe landlady is fixed too.

    I have a very warm coat so slept in that last night and also have my daddy’s hunting sleeping bag for minus degree weather thank God!

    Two days ago during the day the electricity would go off and on about 10 times so I knew something was up.

    Isn’t life grand!

    Take care!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting from Texas!!

  56. Rich

    I get roughly 9mg per 100lbs, BUT HOW OFTEN PER DAY? WEEK? HOW LONG 1 WEEK? 3 WEEKS? Can’t find this answer anywhere!

    • RICH

      I did see where you said dose and length – but then every 2 weeks for how long? 1 month? 12 months? for life????

    • Greg Hunter

      Listen to the interview again. Dr. Kory says he give a double dose for 5 days and twice a week at normal dose after that for the vaxed injured.

  57. Hilly

    Thank U.

  58. James Barrett

    I got a scrip for ivermectin and the local compounding pharmacy wanted $240.00 for 8 pills. I can’t wait to take then to court for gauging.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tractor Supply 1.87% ivermectin Horse past or

      • barsoom43

        I got some from TSC early on but then they ran out and resupply was not available. My brother in KY has reported it is now available there.. I found Amazon was a more reliable source.. I just ordered 2 more tubes..

    • Nika

      Wow-that’s expensive!

  59. Pmort

    Tractor supply supports drag queen story time and reports coming out that there chickens feed is bad, chickens won’t lay eggs, go to the first comment at the top, they don’t want us to eat eggs. Boycott Tractor Supply.

    • Greg Hunter

      Boycott them after you clean them out of all their 1.87% Ivermectin Horse paste.

      • Emmylou Moir

        I don’t think it’s a good idea to clean out any store of the ivermectin. I think it is better to leave some for the next guy. It would be more considerate of others to get enough to keep you going until you can get your 12 mg tablets. Another place you can get that brand (durvet) is Amaz dot com. They have the duramectin by durvet there too. Don’t worry, Tractor Supply is going to pay for their participation with Purina in the dastardly chicken feed deal.

  60. John

    We got the horse ivermectin and rubbed it on our legs. The skin will absorb it. We were not sure about taking it orally.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi John,
      My wife and I took the ‘horse paste’ orally and no problems. Veterinary medications reportedly made to higher standard than medication intended for humans. Horse paste used for thoroughbred racing horses worth $$$$$$$!

  61. Buford Soundstone

    Understand Your CHOLESTEROL PANEL & Metabolic Health Tests – The ULTIMATE Guide | Dr. Rob Lustig 166,641 views Jan 6, 2022
    A metabolic blood test and cholesterol panel can be confusing, so in this ultimate guide, our Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder Dr. Casey Means talks with Levels advisor and author of Metabolical, Dr. Rob Lustig, to give you advice on how to interpret your panels to better understand the status of your metabolic health.
    – walks through what HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and total cholesterol mean, how fasting insulin tests relate to your cholesterol panel, how to improve your cholesterol numbers, and how to interpret ratios of your cholesterol numbers like the triglyceride-to-HDL ratio.

    George Young 9 months ago
    Chapter 9 of Dr. Rob Lustig’s book Metabolical taught me what I needed to know about my lipid panel. Total cholesterol 288, HDL 62, triglycerides 52. So I knew how to interpret the results. Dr told me I was a candidate for a statin and I told her I was a candidate for a new doctor

  62. Gracelyn

    Greg, you are a Godsend for us right now. Wonderful info especially about the ivermectin. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Gracelyn!!!

  63. Sammy

    First and foremost, thank you to Greg for everything you do and for bringing the truth to light. I would like to make a suggestion for a future guest for your show. His name is Jim Willie, and he gives an excellent take on the geopolitics of the collapsing petrodollar and the rise of the BRICKS nations.

  64. Agnes

    The vaxes are part of a long term eugenic culling of the herd. Holocaust survivor Vera Sharov’s 5 part docuseries from human perspectives shows comparisons with today’s world. Same thing.

  65. John Maskell

    USA Watchdog is simply brilliant . Greg, you’re a proper journalist that asks the right questions . The guests on you’re show are top notch . Each one has a good and intellectual opinion . Isn’t it a shame that corrupt filth are in charge ( at the moment ) of our planet but our time is approaching fast . Mr Clif High has commented that the great awakening has begun for the normies now and his software is predicting as enormous emotional rising along with tension that continues throughout the year . It develops around the 14 th Feb . I personally feel that the toxic vaccines and the truth about Ukraine (bio labs) are a big part of this. Great weekly wrap up and look forward for Saturday night upload , thank you Mr Hunter. Priceless !

  66. Jeffrobbins

    I was curious about the shelf life of the “Field of Greens”. The website says 3 years for unopened. Looks a little pricey, but a couple cans in with our can food stash would be a good thing. I have a ‘things to buy’ list on going- I’ll add this to it.

  67. goat

    Isaiah 32:5-8
    5The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful. 6For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail. 7The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right. 8But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.
    King James Version (KJV)

  68. Matthew Nelson

    If you want to know more about the corruption of pfizer, just look up Jordan Tristian Walker, the fool that project varitas’ under cover video proves that pfizer is currently mutating the corona virus and he says the CV was released form the biolab in wuhan. I am so glad I never took the vaccine aka bioweapon.

  69. Heartset Punker

    We People can empathize that a business making money with good products and services is NOT a problem. However, making money off guaranteed protected nefarious situations, predicated on lies and deceptions, is worthy of felony convictions and revocation of corporate charters.

    Until then….

    Let The Boycotting Begin:
    1. Phizer
    2. Moderna
    3. Johnson & Johnson
    4. AstraZeneca
    5. GlaxoSmithKline
    6. Microsoft
    7. Gilead Sciences
    8. Novavax
    9. Inovio Pharmaceuticals
    10. AbbVie
    11. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
    12. Co-Diagnostics
    13. Steris
    14. Kimberly-Clark

  70. jon

    Third grade psychology over Montana today. A “Suspected” Chinese Spy balloon was spotted over the US. How convenient. Also, wouldn’t it be much easier and accurate on path and unhindered trajectory to use Surveillance Satellites? Those crazy backward Chinese!

  71. Jack Phillips

    You have incorrectly stated the situation between AIG and Goldman Sachs many times over the past two years. AIG did not need a bailout. They were forced to take the bailout money by Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson who was a former Goldman Sachs employee. AIG was going to give Goldman Sachs a 50% hair cut payout which was in the derivative contract. Hank Paulson demanded that Goldman Sachs get 100% of the contract payout. Hank Greenberg, CEO of AIG, sued in federal court about 5-7 years ago proving that AIG did not need the bailout money but was forced to take it only to pay Goldman Sachs 100% of the contract money. Hank Greenberg won in Federal Court.
    Please look it up,

  72. slindung

    Greg, I heard today that the Memphis TN five police officers targeted Tyre Nichols, Evidently he was seeing one of the officer’s ex wife or girlfriend and after he was beaten, one of the officer’s texted pictures of him to the ex. It was a hit. The MSM has not picked up this part of the story. It wasn’t racism like they are spinning it. The source? The Warroom. you might want to look into it.

  73. alfy

    I hear the fbi (puppet agency of the cia to my understanding is now building a new hq for themselves that will be larger than the square foot size of the pentagon. for some reason, as I write about that, I keep having thoughts of the Gestapo. I saw those twisted evil clowns up close when I was young. something else I wonder about. the person running around in public the media says is Trump. my hobby for most of my adult life was drawing and painting. Is is in our faces obvious, that man’s skull is not close the same as Trump. and whenever I point this out to people, I will see there eyes show recognition for a few moments, and then they return to seeing that man is Trump. I even see this occur with media folks, such as yourself. we must have a lot hypnotic activity being directed at the population. I don’t want to call what we are seeing a whole lot of make believe, because the death and destruction is real, but I’m thinking not only the evil we face are masters of illusion and turning people into mind puppets, the good side has even greater mastery in regards to illusions and mind manipulation. to my view, both sides are fully engaged in that activity. I think the good guys are winning and will win. hold on tight is my opinion, when the illusions are removed from our minds, and they will be, our perception of the world is likely to be turned upside down. hold on tight when that day comes.

  74. Joshua Porter

    Thank you, Greg. I just ordered three tubes. Everyone around me has been infected with the bio-weapon. My brother, my sisters, my mom. All my nieces and nephews except for two. I pray for them all, all the time.

  75. Rich Rozmarn

    Great Friday wrap up Greg. Thanks for all you do .
    Taking NAC and Quercetin treatment can disaggregate moPrP fibrils (CLOTS) and lead to the formation of the proteinase-sensitive amorphous aggregates. Furthermore, quercetin-bound fibrils can reduce the membrane disruption of erythrocytes.
    Quercetin is distinct from the typical function of antiamyloidogenic drugs that inhibit the formation of amyloid fibrils. Curcumin may be a powerful alloy and “wing man” to Quercetin. Curcumin alone reduced prion fibril formation significantly.
    Curcumin effectively rescues the cells from apoptosis and decreases the ROS level caused by subsequent co-incubation with prion amyloid fibrils.
    I take Quercetin and Curcumin as prophylaxis, and treatment of both Acute and Long COVID and protection from the VAXXED.

  76. mark

    Trump better stop bragging about the jab or he’s finished

  77. William J. Greene


    You are an American hero!

    Thanks for everything you do for us out here.

    I got mine (Imermectin) today!!!! …..a BIG Check-Mark for getting that done finally.

    I feel much better knowing we will have this in our medicine cabinet in case we need it.

    Thank You Sir!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William! Stock up on IVM it is going to be in short supply in the not-too-distant future.

  78. Devon U

    this 2023 article on changes to Las Vegas gives lots of insight into inflation, technology replacing jobs and corporate greed:

    what it fails to mention is that the level of violence has risen on the streets of Vegas concomitant with immigration and Soros infiltration of D.Attys in USA. Also, a great majority of porn is now filmed in Vegas hotels these days.

  79. John


    You need to have Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Brian Ardis on your show, just to hit the ball even farther out of the park.


  80. Kay

    So glad you are on the people’s side! Thank you.

  81. James

    Another excellent WNW, Greg! Thanks for all you do.

  82. Frank S.

    Great update. Thanks, Greg, for demonstrating the “horse paste” version of Ivermectin. I’d given some info to repliers who’d asked about it: that (depending on weight) you get 6 – 8 doses per tube; and to follow the FLCCC’s dosing & frequency charts for regular Ivermectin, as well as, whether for ‘early onset treatment’, or as a preventative. Winning!

    • Dave

      My retired pharmacist suggested buying Agrimectin injectable from Tractor Supply. Use a syringe to remove the proper amount per FLCCC Ivermectin protocol. Add it to a little vodka and drink it down. It has worked for me and my family.

  83. Michael from Indiana

    Hey Greg
    I love you brother. Thanks for another great wrap up.
    I was sent a screen shot from twitter or similar site. It is a post from Dr Besty and the picture is of Dr Elizibeth Eads.
    It says “1970-2020 1312 athletes suffered from cardiac arrest and died. 2021-2022 1598 athletes suffered from cardiac arrest and died. . .It’s always “look at the numbers” until the numbers no longer fit their narrative.”
    First, I’m not sure it is a valid ie from Dr. Eads
    Second, if valid is that in the USA or world wide?
    Hopefully you can check, thanks.

  84. Thomas

    NATO warns that Putin’s MASSIVE attack is happening now, send weapons | Redacted with Clayton Morris 98K views 6 hours ago
    NATO is scrambling to deliver more weapons to Ukraine as they claim this is a do or die moment for the West. Putin just issued an address drawing clear red lines for any further attacks against Russian citizens in Donbas. Here we go.

  85. Led Skelton

    HALF of the increase in the national debt since the year 2000
    came from our military budget alone. $31.5T today – $5.7T in 2000 = $25.8T increase of nat debt.

    U.S. military spending/defense budgets 2000 – 2020
    $12.7 T R I L L I O N
    [they claim it is only about 4% of the US GDP] only
    What about the black ops?

    And today The European head at the One World Government claims there is a weapons shortage in the west, and they suggest the west convert our remaining industries into manufacturing weaponry to defeat Russia once and for all.

    Enough is enough! The amount of money the US working taxpayer has been forced to spend since the year 2000 should be enough for 100 years of a defensive military.

    My question is how much of this $12.7 trillion has been siphoned and to who? You’d think there must be several thousand millionaires that screwed the US taxpayer. Of course they are never happy, they always demand more and more destruction!!


    It would be way cheaper just to “end by any and all means” the world central bank, swift, imf, and the military industrial complete, and all of their testicles. End this killing and endless waste of resources once and for all, let the ordinary people of the planet Earth live in peace.

    My existence is not to serve the 1%

    You want to ban something? How about these unconstitutional wars. If Brussels or a billion dollar corporation wants to go into foreign countries and steal all of the natural resources, let Brussels pay for it and make them supply all the blood that will be shed.

  86. cheryl

    Watched your 2/3/2023 video and the promotion of Ivermectin. The I-Prevent protocol calls for more than just Ivermectin because Zinc, Vitamin C , D and Melatonin are also included. Ivermectin opens the door of a cell so Zinc can get in and fight off the covid material. have the doctors explain

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Cheryl but IVM is Dr. Pierre Kory’s baseline drug for vax injury. The other stuff is meaningless compared to IVM. None of the other things you mention can bind to spike proteins and remove them from the body like IVM.

  87. PersonaNonGrata

    The INSANITY of nuclear war. Watch to the end. Link provided by

    • Case Fer WWIII

      Reply to PersonaNonGrata
      Israel, Russia, China, Iran: The World in Conflict | Walter Russell Mead | EP 326
      Jordan B Peterson
      518,865 views Jan 26, 2023 The Dr Jordan B Peterson Podcast
      Dr Jordan B Peterson and Walter Russell Mead cross continents in a broad discussion over world affairs. They go in-depth on the state of China’s totalitarian regime, Vladimir Putin’s plans for the war with Ukraine, the growing unrest under Iran’s iron fist, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, and how a push for American optimism is necessary to best face these emboldened challengers on the world stage.

      Walter Russell Mead is a writer, professor, and academic, focusing his efforts on international policy and affairs. He is the James Clarke Chace Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College and taught American foreign policy at Yale University. Mead has worked as a columnist for publications such as The Wall Street Journal and was editor at large for The American Interest. His books include “Mortal Splendor,” “Special Providence,” “Power, Terror, Peace and War,” “God and Gold,” and most recently “The Arc of a Covenant.

  88. Charles

    Greg might want to ask Dr Eads about this?

    Ivermectin -good
    Quercetin – good

    Together not good?

    Pig Study: Does Quercetin + Ivermectin = DEPOPULATION?! Are We Being Tricked Into Killing Ourselves?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Charles,
      I utilised the link and listened with interest to the narrator, ‘Tim Truth’. At this critical time in human history, when masses of people are seeking relief from the poison administered to them by the very people charged with their protection, ‘Tim Truth’ produces a video warning against the dangers of using Quercetin and Ivermectin. His warning centres around a 2003 Chinese study of the concomitant use of Quercetin and DIGOXIN in pigs. In essence, the study (peer reviewed???) shows that Quercetin potentiates the pharmacological effectiveness of Digoxin by over 400%. Two of the three pigs in the study died suddenly and the other one suffered an acute episode of digoxin overdose symptoms for five hours. Firstly, a medical trial using a sample size of JUST three is ‘unusual’ to say the least. Secondly, Digoxin is a powerful beta-blocker used to slow the heartbeat. Taken in excess digoxin stops the heart. Thirdly, the author of the video extrapolates that taking Ivermectin together with Quercetin would have the same deadly effect as Digoxin – there is absolutely NO reference to Ivermectin in the 2003 paper he cites. IMHO, this video is yet more fear porn trotted out by those who told us that Hydroxychloroquine is dangerous and Ivermectin is ONLY a horse dewormer and not fit for humans.
      Using the 2003 paper, one could extrapolate that Quercetin taken concomitantly with Ivermectin MAY enhance the effectiveness of the Ivermectin. I’m not suggesting this is a good idea – simply pointing out that the extrapolation used by ‘Tim Truth’ is not supported, or undermined, by the findings of the 2003 paper he cites. It is pure conjecture.

      P.S. Greg, subject to your permission, I will re-post this comment after the Dr Eads interview and ask her opinion. She often engages with your audience in the comments.

  89. tim mcgraw

    I read the prologue. So what do we do when the government falls apart on its lies? What did the Russians do after the fall of the Soviet Union?
    I did see a headline that the abortion rate in Russia (which used abortion as its main means of birth control), has been cut in half. Putin wants Russian women to reproduce. Good for him. Russia’s population is only 144 million in a huge country.
    Does our government want us to reproduce?
    What do you think?
    Does the Pope want us to reproduce?
    Does anyone want “white” folk to reproduce? or “black” folk? or “brown” folk? or yellow folk?
    Race is another lie. We are all human beings.

  90. Zach

    I have been taking Ivermectin for over a year, (once a week,9mg per 100lb body weight, like Mr. Hunter said, or refer to Mr. Zalenko protocol for your situation) I feel great have had no sickness. I started out taking the horse stuff but I have been able to order the pills from IdiaMart, yes from India. India has no laws on medicines, no prescription required for any medicines. I live in Canada and have received several shipments no prob. Get the IndiaMart app, search Ivermectin, the sellers will contact you, or you browse. If the messages are endless, force stop the app in your phones settings. The pills are all generic. Customs may be a problem, but I have received all orders. The pills give me the same symptom as the horse stuff, runny nose. Good luck God Bless.

  91. Vernon Locke

    Oregano oil works for me and wild sourced Mediterranean is the best. A drop a day keeps the doctor away! In Kombucha, a real zinger.
    Support your local health food store and Infowars health products and sponsored, FIELD OF GREENS_15% OFF, use code: USAWATCHDOG!
    See you all on the other side, come hell, high water, hot air balloons or Arm-ah-gettin out, out of here++++++++++++++++++!

  92. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice interview of CAF, and a glimpse of her in her early years going into HUD…and her history from then to now and ties it all to what is happening today as far as ‘shortening the life span’..

  93. James

    China releases covid from a lab in Wuahan, that was created in US labs. Just so happens Pfizer etc has a vaccine for it that messes with your DNA and kills you. The elections were stolen for the democrats via China and some evidence of Iran. We have several politicians who have wives that have ties to the CCP. We have Chinese spy balloons flying over the US and the military is told to stand down. Sounds to me like China owns the US government and when war comes, you watch, the US military will be told to stand down as the invasion begins. The US military and government have been compromised.

  94. Ivan Da Terrubabul

    The Russki’s Are Coming!

  95. Greg Dougall

    Sadly, I saw it happening in real time, like a slow motion train wreck.

    How did I know? From Billy Meier, who was recently discussed on Redacted with guest Michael Horn. The Plejaren contact reports, which can be read for free online, released more than 65 memos about c0v1d and the vexxines- because Billy saw it happening as a little boy, when he was taken into the future- and he even started writing about it, and sent thousands of letters to all governments in media outlets, several times throughout his childhood, with the help of his school teachers.

    I am a conservative, but registered as an independent voter.

    contact reports at futureofmankind and theyflyblog

    Greg Kelly- Greg Gutfeld- Greg Hunter- Greg Dougall
    the SuperGregs!

  96. Ivanksy The Zerubabull

    They’re Still Coming!!!!!!

  97. Rose Mont Sellicka

    The First War To Be Photographed
    Now this WWIII proxy war nothing! WTF?

  98. Slinky Blinkieston

    WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FER? Absolutely Nuthin!
    In ancient times, the Israelites waged war in the name of their God, Yahweh/Jehovah.
    Does this mean that God approves of modern warfare?
    The nations whom Israel defeated were thoroughly corrupted by violence and depraved practices​—including bestiality, incest, and child sacrifice. After giving them centuries to change their ways, God said: “It is by all these things that the nations that I am driving out from before you have made themselves unclean.”​—Leviticus 18:21-25; Jeremiah 7:31.
    “It is because of the wickedness of these nations that Jehovah your God is driving them away from before you.”​—Deuteronomy 9:5.
    Christians are not authorized to fight against their enemies. The apostle Paul wrote to fellow Christians: “If possible, as far as it depends on you, be peaceable with all men. Do not avenge yourselves.”​—Romans 12:18, 19.
    Instead of sending his followers to war, Jesus told them: “Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you, so that you may prove yourselves sons of your Father who is in the heavens.” (Matthew 5:44, 45) Even when the nation in which they live goes to war, Christians should remain neutral, “no part of the world.” (John 15:19) If God wants his worshippers in all nations to love their enemies and to remain separate from this wicked world, how could he support either side of the violent conflict of civilization ending WWIII today?
    “Jesus said, ‘My kingdom is not from this world. If my kingdom were from this world, my servants would be fighting to keep me from being handed over to the Jews. But, as it is, my kingdom is not from here’” (John 18:36).

  99. Steve Bice

    RE: Chinese Balloon: It could easily have been the real thing (EMP device). The fact that they let this thing drift over the U.S. at all is a massive intelligence and national defense failure.

    No one is minding the store…or they want it to happen. This is incompetence of the highest level at best. At worst, it is traitorous. Either way, heads should roll.

  100. Felix

    you are correct greg they are going to continue to raise rates to protect the dollar,but I do disagree saudi will not sell their oil in other worthless fiat maybe they will require to first convert to gold and then sell.Just a speculation.Keep up the great work.Fauci,gates,dayzack and them other scumbags at the nih,cdc,fda they are all traitors and need to hang.Same with countless lying satanic politicians.You should try and get Dr. Rashid Buttar and tom luongo on in the future.GOD bless patriots

    • Greg Hunter

      Currencies other than the U.S. dollar includes metal. “Gold is money and everything else is credit.” JP Morgan.

  101. Southern Girl

    I have ordered from this company twice.
    It is $80.00 for 100 12mg. pills
    Shipping is $30.00 for a total of $110.00
    Great success with them ! I still take mine when I’m around the vaxxed. It comes from Singapore buy I got mine in about two weeks. Still have 99 pills but will reorder later this month, just for good measures. You can order 3mg., 6mgs., or 12mgs. I always order the 12mgms.

  102. SlinkyB.

    War is inevitable! “War has a future,” says the book War and Power in the 21st Century. “There is no danger of universal and perpetual peace breaking out in this century.” Tank’s a lot!
    Wars will end when no one has the desire to wage war. Consequently, God’s Kingdom​—a real government that rules from heaven—​will soon act to disarm our planet and to teach humans to pursue peace. The Bible assures us that God will “set matters straight respecting mighty nations far away. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, nor will they learn war anymore.”​—Micah 4:3.
    UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold 1959, said “The ancient dream of mankind, reflected in the words of Isaiah…is the dream inspiring also the United Nations Charter”
    The Bible teaches that under God’s Kingdom there will no longer be national governments competing for their own interests, unjust policies prompting citizens to revolt, or prejudice that fuels ethnic divisions. As a result, war will vanish. “They will not cause any harm or any ruin,” God promises, “because the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea.”​—Isaiah 11:9.
    “He is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the military wagons with fire.”​—Psalm 46:9.

  103. Clay Lane

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    Live stream from the concert of Antonio Vivaldi “The Seasons” performed by the Olympic Orchestra at Annenkirche in St Petersburg, Russia.
    “The Four Seasons” is one of the most significant masterpieces, composed in 1720 by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741), one of the most significant Italian composers and violinists.
    Annenkirche (St Anne’s Church) is the first Lutheran church in St Petersburg, Russia, built in 1704. But the first building of Annenkirche was made of woods and later rebuilt. Current building of Annenkirche was constructed in 1779.
    In 2002, there was a huge fire inside of Annenkirche which is destroyed most of interior inside. For six years it was staying closed.
    Since 2010, in Annenkirche began the process of restoration. Completely maintained the exterior and partly the interior inside. However, it’s already good enough for the church to have the services and concerts.

  104. Don Ho Howe

    Border Patrol Union: ‘China Watching Our Border More Closely than the Biden Administration’

  105. Thom Datwin

    Microsoft News
    ‘Dr. Fauci paid Chinese virologists to create a bioweapon virus’: Said Benny Johnson / Story by Sylvia Silverstone • Yesterday 12:28 PM
    Benny Johnson, a political columnist, shared an explosive tweet regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Project Veritas videos raise Pfizer COVID vaccine questions
    Story by Keleigh Beeson • Microsoft News Yesterday 11:20 AM

  106. Prospector

    Chinese Balloon over South Carolina , Myrtle Beach area. Large flight restricted area is established inland and offshore. US monitoring aircraft nearby. Speculation continues about if it will be shot down. One source of many : @Global_Mil_Info
    Second Chyna Barroon reported over Latin America. Conflicting reports about one over Canada.

    As much attention as this is getting , is it a DISTRACTION from something else ?
    ( and just like that ….. Project Veritas + Pfizer ” Directed Mutation ” of virus story was gone from all news.)

  107. ruth Buzzi

    OH SH*T, HERE WE GO Redacted Feb 3, 2023
    Overnight night the head of NATO said that that Russia is mobilizing an additional 200,000 troops readying a massive offensive. Poland is ready to send F-16 jets to Ukraine in coordination with NATO. And Ukraine’s head of intelligence says Crimea will be retaken by Ukraine. Colonel Douglas MacGregor joins Clayton Morris to talk about the latest developments.

    The Hilarity of Nuclear Annihilation

    Clayton Morris: This military move is the bravest thing I’ve seen in a while
    Redacted 42,289 views Feb 4, 2023
    A veterans group in Idaho is trying to prevent troops from being sent into war zones without an official declaration of war. The Defend the Guard Act would prohibit the deployment of the New Hampshire National Guard into active combat without a declaration of war by Congress. This is only one branch of the military but it highlights a crucial point: the U.S. continues to send troops into active combat without declaring war, favoring instead “proxy wars.” This is a disservice to those risking their lives. Share this story with your friends, especially veterans!
    +++We’ll Meet Again //////////////////////

  108. Pete+only

    The Chinese spy balloon was just shot down over North Carolina. I wonder why it took so long?

  109. Pete+only

    Here’s video of the Chinese Spy Balloon being shot down.
    You need to search for the link on this page, but it’s there.

    Greg, it was close to your neck of the woods. The debris is in the Atlantic Ocean right now.

  110. Prospector

    Greg , This is new and needs looking at. Construction just completed. Testing now.
    Fully operational ……. soon.

    What is the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF)?
    What is this massive, 500k sq. ft, brand new BSL-4 research facility & complex in the middle of Kansas going to be doing ?

    A BSL-4 (the highest ‘bio-containment’ level available) lab capable of studying the most dangerous and infectious diseases — but in a facility large enough to support large livestock. Half a million sq. foot of Wuhan Institute of Virology — right in Kansas.
    @Large_Farm – The Farm / twitter

  111. larry giglio

    Hello. Superbowl. Hmmm. 40 years ago players played like their life was on the line. They were not out there on the playfield going through the motions, at 3/4 speed, and 50% effort, so they do not hurt themselves. The game was everyone giving their best. Even the refs. Is the game predetermined? We can’t believe anything from the politicians, the media, sports?

  112. Nika

    I heard about Hunter Biden geting a $ 1.5 Billion dollars Laan from the Chinese about 3 years ago or maybe longer? I never see anyone, asking any questions about that $ 1.5 Billion? I never seen Hunter, paying any of that money back! $1.5 Billion is a Lot of money, why isn’t there more outrage about the amount (1,500 Million Dollars)?

    • Greg Hunter

      It was his payment.

      • Nika

        I kept on hearing it was a loan, several times! Ok, if it was a payment, a payment for serving on the Barisma board or what? In my mind, what could justify such large payment of money? Answer-Giving all of the USA’s defense secrets to China, then China would be justified in giving$1.5 Billion to Hunter Biden. That’s the only thing, I could think of?

        • Greg Hunter

          I never heard that.

  113. Thomas Malthaus

    Celeste Solum might be a very interesting guest to interview.

  114. jon

    Thank you for your high intensity energy! One of your guest. I do not remember which. Also suggested now Bromelain and NAC will help remove the spike protein. As an aside. Crushed garlic………… major anti-viral, anti-bio, anti-inflammation! Do it daily!
    Cliff High is ramping up the notice….. High high high emotional buildup NOW! Be ready for the Big Truth of the Normies!

  115. Justn Observer

    Greg, Possibly some encouraging news… Abir Ballan
    @abirballan 19h CEO of @pfizer@AlbertBourla
    found guilty for misinforming parents about the Covid-19 vaccines. =
    and Thailand to nullify contract and allow opening up ability of dead and injured to sue?

  116. mike burton

    here is a website for you to look at as far as job losses and it has been many lately 100’s and 1oo’s of jobs gone small businesses shutting down around the country

  117. Robert

    Greg, I really enjoyed your program but we have bigger things to worry about right now than the vax because most of us already know the dangers. What we really need is what you were doing before… Giving us real time news and info about what’s happening globally that we done get to hear on other places. I’ve relief on you for years for that, but this covid is old news and we all get it. Really. We all understand it’s total population control and none of the people I know will get it. But all the people I know that watch your newscast age with me that what we really need to hear is the bigger political picture and the potential ramifications that picture might present. We need to be able to spiritually and practically prepare for what is coming. Please, pray about this and choose your presentation wisely.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are an Idiot!!!!!!! 600 million CV10 injections of a bioweapon/vax in USA alone!!!!! We stopped talking about Covid long ago. People need treatment are they won’t make it–period.

  118. Ajay

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