Controlled Demolition Coming-Not a Crash-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s

Renowned investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says there is $9.3 trillion missing from the Department of Defense in 2015 alone. Fitts explains, “This is a phenomenal number and a phenomenal amount of money.  This is the cut and run.  All this money has been disappearing from the federal government. . . . I’ve been demanding to know what banks and contractors are liable for the systems.  We are talking about transactions that are in violation of the Constitution and the laws related to financial management. . . . As I have described many times, they’re using financial securities fraud, both mortgage securities and, I believe, government securities to basically shift all the assets out (of the country). I think you’ve got a game going on, and the Fed is accommodating all sorts of securities fraud.  Then, the money is being pulled out in a variety of ways.”

Fitts calls what is happening a “financial coup d’état.” Fitts contends nobody understands how the bankers are sucking money in the trillions of dollars out of America because the main stream media is focused on trivial stories.  Fitts explains, “We’re all shrieking about how Clinton is a hologram or Clinton died on 9/11, and nobody notices trillions of dollars (are missing).  When Lockheed Martin give up the power position, essentially controlling the IT and payment systems at the Department of Defense, when they spin that out, they figure they have all the money they need to do this on a private basis, and they are ready to get the liabilities off their balance sheet. That’s a very bad sign. . . . What I have been watching in the cut and run is the leadership organizing and coming into what I would call a controlled demolition. So, it’s not a crash, it’s a controlled demolition. Now, the problem is people and factions start fighting, and you can get a crash.  So, that’s possible.  In the annual wrap-up, I am going to take the chances of a slow burn in 2016 and 2017 way down.  We are coming into what is potentially a very radical change. . . . The chances of this slow burn continuing are radically diminished.”

In closing Fitts says, “We’re coming into a real crunch. It’s either war, depopulation or change.  Now, I am for change.  I’ll use my old Tina Turner quote, ‘We can do this nice or rough.”  There is a way to do this nice, but it’s going to require all of us growing up and taking responsibility and we are going to have to change.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Housing Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of The Solari Report.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Fitts says the recent announced sale of Monsanto to Bayer in Germany is more of what she says is evidence of the “cut and run” by the elite. Fitts speculates, the deal is being done to move massive liabilities for GMO foods overseas that Monsanto created in America.

There is free information on The article Ms. Fitts mentioned, “Crazy Man vs. Criminal,” can be found by clicking here.  You can also become a subscriber by clicking here.

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  1. 8Ball

    I have come to much the same conclusion… there will be no catastrophic “collapse” event such as is preached on many alt-media sites. They have no shortage of “preachers” who churn out endless articles regarding the doom that awaits society.


    Westerners, Americans in particular, have lost their will to resist what is being done to them. Oh, they will gripe and grouse but as long as they are given their bread & circuses they aren’t getting up out of the armchair and going down to city hall and protest. It is much safer to stay at home and “prep” for that big event…

    • Paul ...

      9-11 was a controlled demolition … but still a catastrophic collapse … so don’t think just because it’s “controlled” it won’t be too bad … you have to get yourself to safety … ag, au, cu, ni , etc. otherwise you will be killed financially … call me a “preacher” churning out “it’s going to come down” … “stay put at your own doom” … “explosions are going off DB, Chase, etc. in the financial basement” … “take heed” … or you will be covered in toxic dust that will shut down your life sooner then you think!!!

      • Frederick

        I agree with Paul get real assets now while you still can and Im not selling anything It just makes good sense to diversify out of fiat currencies of all denominations

    • David

      bread & circuses ala Rome. God help us.

    • Green Rock

      I agree…..westerners lack will. The people ate all the GMO corn, knowing it was GMO. They drank the Mountain Dew, full of HFC, and they ate all the rest of the MacDs junk food. Too bad.

  2. David Morris

    Fantastic insight keep comming back to the same ‘nice’ solution,
    TREE. Trancend, Real food, Exercise, Education. Trancending to ‘elites’ is the same as kryptonite to Superman. Keep going Greg the cracks are starting to show.

    • Paul ...

      “Real food” is key … Hillary Clinton did not get a degree in genetic engineering … yet she is out sprouting Monsanto’s false propaganda (likely for a large donation to her Charitable Trust) that “women are just misguided and misinformed about GMO foods” … and that they should not fear such food because “she would not lie to her women voters she cares so much about” would she? … so go ahead Democratic women … follow Hillary … vote her into office so she can help Monsanto to grow more GMO food in America … just don’t go crying to God three generations from now that your grandchildren’s children can’t have babies of their own!! …
      You Democratic women now feeding soy milk to your babies instead of breast milk … because women’s liberation demands a sexy figure … ignore the recent scientific studies performed in Russia (Monsanto neocons won’t allow such studies in America) that shows that eating GMO soy will not only make your kids sterile but will make a ball of hair grow down in their throats (probably the body’s defense mechanism trying to stop the kid from eating anymore GMO food)!! … I wonder if Hillary’s coughing is due to a few hairs beginning to sprout in her throat? …

      • Paul ...

        Hey Democratic women … keep voting for your Obama, Hillary neocons that have joined the DARK side …
        Now you can’t read if GMO products are in your food ingredients … so Obama and Hillary support the sterilization program of Mon-Satan (Monsanto) … this November we should do our own genetic engineering at the polls … and vote straight Republican (to send a message to the Demon-Rats) … without knowing what food contains GMO products it now assures that three generations from now your grandchildren will be giving birth to “water bags” with no child inside!

        • Paul ...

          And send a message to the food industry too … if they won’t label what GMO ingredients are in their food … simply avoid everything sold with corn and soy that is on the label!! … this means no more corn chips, corn muffins, soy milk, soy fillers, etc., etc., etc. … it will mean a big change in life style … but we have to do it … if we want to save humanity … the Satanists want to kill us all anyway they can … radiating the Pacific Ocean, causing Droughts in rich food growing areas of the world, GMO sterilization, vaccine annihilation in third world countries and of course getting Nuclear Armageddon started with Russia and China!

          • Paul ...

            Satan … the deceiver … was jealous that God made man in his own image … so he lied to man … to get man to turn away from God … he promised man immortality … but he lied (just as Obama and Hillary lie) … instead humanity is to be “eliminated” within three years … the neocons doing Satan’s work today will be well taken care of by Satan tomorrow when he plunges his pitchfork into their warped brains!!

  3. Anthony Australia

    Lovely Lady with an astute intellect.
    I never get tired Iv your regular guests Greg.

    Many thanks.

    Oh, I was called a ‘Muppet’ & ‘Doom & Gloomer’ today, due to the sharp drop in Metal prices.
    The global economy is doing just fine!

  4. Anthony Australia

    Lovely Lady with an astute intellect.
    I never get tired of your regular guests Greg.

    Many thanks.

    Oh, I was called a ‘Muppet’ & ‘Doom & Gloomer’ today, due to the sharp drop in Metal prices.
    The global economy is doing just fine!

  5. Andrew

    Hi Greg, Yet another great interview. Catherine Austin Fitts Has such a depth of knowledge – major historical events of which she has first-hand experience become ‘mere’ passing references! It is noticeable however that almost none of your guests ever mention the real villains – the half dozen family dynasties who own and control nearly everything. The same families who set up the PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve System in 1913 (reference: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin). The public needs to be able to focus their anger and frustration on the few (very few) real culprits who need to be exposed and brought to justice. Clinton is just another puppet and even if she is defeated and/or indicted, the puppet-masters will simply roll out her replacement and continue as before.

    • Al Hall

      Andrew- I totally agree with your comments! And it goes so much deeper than this!

  6. Silence is Golden

    Very insightful interview Greg.
    CAF always makes valuable contributions and this is no exception. She makes compelling cases and strives to help put the pieces of the puzzle (BIG PICTURE) together.
    I am with her view on the slow burn….it isn’t by any stretch of the imagination…sustainable. Controlled demolition is on its last legs.
    The outcomes of Global War, De-Population & Change are all intertwined and will surface over the next few years.
    The likes of China and Russia may have some bearing in keeping the system alive but that is only due to the “vested interests” of the UNELECTED RULERS shifting their hegemony to greener more productive pastures.
    I am glad she said she wasn’t a prophet. Everything is so unpredictable ….in the short term !!!
    The current trajectory forebodes a globe saturated in unrepayable debt, with the masses experiencing diminishing standards of living. What comes soon is inevitable…it is planned….and it will be devastating. A great social cataclysm will be upon us….and the NWO with the One World Government is what we have to look forward to. This is not history repeating….this is a revolution….instigated and controlled by those evil nefarious creatures …..against the global populace. It will be forced.

    • Susan

      Catherine is utterly amazing. She gives such an exceptional explanation and examples of exactly what is going on in our country. Thank you so much Greg. How you get these over the top knowledgable people is nothing short of amazing, but then, you are the best!

      • David


  7. Anthony Australia

    Sorry to hijack your forum but I found this article quite interesting.

  8. Charles Turner

    I would be really interested to hear Catherine’s view on whether she believes other Western governments are complicit in this or whether they are just being strung along by the elites and are pawns in the game. If we take China and India out of the mix, the number 3, 4, 5 ,6 and 8 largest economies in the World are Japan, Germany, United Kingdom ,France and Italy. Japan is toast with its QE and I am sure the USA could push it under at any point it wished if it didn’t play ball. Germany is now on a string with Deutsche Bank and the American regulators could take this and the German economy down at any time if they wished, probably within 48 hours. It would just take the regulators to come out firm insist that the entire fine would be paid and there would be no quarter. Angela Merkel the strongest leader in Europe is now toast due to the refugee crisis and wont be elected next year, creating a power vacuum in Germany. So the USA has huge manipulative powers behind the scenes with Germany which it didn’t have at the time it was spying on Merkel’s phone. France the 6th largest economy is losing out fast to the extreme right wing party and the current set up will be ousted. Italy the 8th largest economy is at the point of collapse. If the bank bail ins in Italy are allowed to prevent banks collapsing there will be anarchy on the streets. Only the UK, which voted Brexit, is bucking the trend and regaining back some control.

    The political landscape in Europe is changing faster than it has at anytime and I wonder whether this has been part of the planning to weaken sovereign states in order to controlled the narrative of the controlled demolition.

  9. NH Watcher

    Greg, a really good and valuable interview, and quite timely. CAF truly understands the “Elite” of this world, as much as Rob Kirby and some others you’ve interviewed in the past. To maintain long term, effective governance of this world, the “Elite” have (since the modern eugenics movement began in the 1930s) pushed for a world population of no more than 500 million people. At the current world population of over 7 billion, that means most of us (and I mean, US) must be eliminated. It is supreme hubris to contend that all 325 million people in the United States are de facto included in that 500 million count plan. With 21st century weapons and EMP technology, the “Elite” now have the apparatus to finally achieve their goals. Distracting the public with a Truman Show-like reality show makes it all the easier.

    I have toyed voting for Gary Johnson, but CAF’s article “Crazy Man vs. Criminal” truly is an outstanding read. Recent emails from Johnson’s campaign suggest to me that their strategy now is to focus on a few key states, hoping to deny either Clinton or Trump the necessary 270 electoral votes, and push this year’s election to the House of Representatives, per the Constitution. That is a sneaky and quite galling tactic.

    CAF has given me reason to reconsider Trump, and I thank her, and you.

  10. Robert Lykens

    “We’re coming into a real crunch. It’s either war, depopulation or change.”

    Actually it’s all three.
    War: “And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.” – Revelation 6:4
    See Ezekiel 38, 39 especially 39:6, which seems to indicate nuclear war.

    Depopulation: ” And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” – Revelation 6:8
    “The beasts of the earth”, translated literally, means “a diminutive wild animal”. This is an apparent reference to viruses or bacteria.

    Change: “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” – Revelation 21:1
    Not everyone gets to be a citizen of the new earth. However, it’s yours if you want it.

    • David

      Or you can just dial 1-800-George Soros and sell your head now. I think the going rate is about 50 cents (ask BLM). Obama and Hillary got in at a better rate, and they get to be in on the coming utopia with rainbows and unicorns – or so they think.

  11. Jerry

    I would highly recommend that you and your readers read the attached 2009 BIS document by financial governor Zhou Xiaochuan , and then read it again.

    This Friday October “SEVENTH” the World Bank of financial Governors will meet in Washington D.C. and it will mark the ‘”SEVENTH” year since this document was released by the Bank of International Settlements. You may ask, what is different this time, than when this document was released? Here is your answer.
    – The Yuan now has World Reserve Currency Status.
    – AIIB has been set up to conduct banking transactions.
    – Clearing houses have been set up world wide in every major industrial sector.
    – CIPS has joined the SWIFT system to transfer EFT.
    – The Shanghai Gold Exchange is now operational.
    – Gold vaults have been purchased in New York, London, Frankfurt.

    A blind man could see where this is headed. What do think will happen to Catherine Austin Fitts “Slow Burn Theory” should Deutsche Bank go down? I contend that this parallel exchange system has been deigned from the very beginning to be the replacement system for the petrodollar all along. There will be no slow transition. The central banks have run out of time.

    • Jerry

      The cost of corruption. I wonder who they’re talking about here. Hmmm.

    • Jerry

      Here is the real reason why China and the BRIC nations will soon be leaving the petrodollar in the dustbin of history.

      What? You thought the Chinese had a love affair with gold because it was bright and shiny? They will be using it soon to back their new world reserve currency without trading it for dollars.

      • Jerry

        Who used to own the Federal Reserve Bank for dummies.

        • Colin

          Jerry, I thought all this SDR stuff was supposed to happen on the first, did I miss something?

      • Dan

        Jerry Jerry Jerry.

        First it was all gonna change in April when the Shanghai Gold Exchange came out. – Nothing.

        Then, it was when the Yuan would be in the SDR. – Nothing.

        Now, you are saying this Friday the 7th.

        You said multiple times that the Chinese would back the Yuan with gold. Wrong my friend. Dead wrong. I warned you about this so many times. Now, I can say I TOLD YOU SO.


        Come and live in China with me for a few years and then you’ll understand the Chinese amigo.

        Like I said many times before, the Chinese take things S-L-O-W-L-Y.

        So it’s gonna be a few more years before they even state their real gold reserves. Forget about backing and free-floating the Yuan. Ain’t gonna happen.

        So, PLLLLEEEAAAASE, stop making your radical predictions that will “change the world”. Enough already.

    • jim c.

      I totally agree with you jerry, I don`t think she has much of a clue as people are giving her credit for. We have been in the slow burn for 8 years, This will fall apart (collapse) very soon.

  12. Anne Elliott

    CAF is awesome; a straight shooter who gives it to you as she sees it. Thanks for having her on, Greg! BTW – hope you do get more hits than CNN!!! It would be about time!!!

  13. philipat

    She is an excellent guest and very smart. I’m glad that you didn’t get into discussing Palestine with her again because it is always good having her back again. Incidentally, my views are exactly the same as hers on Palestine.

  14. steve

    Greg, I love all your guests, but this interview was a stone cold masterpeice! Thank you for all your work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve.

  15. Tin foil hat

    “Now, I am for change. I’ll use my old Tina Turner quote, ‘We can do this nice or rough.” There is a way to do this nice, but it’s going to require all of us growing up and taking responsibility and we are going to have to change.”
    Fitts knocks that one out of the park. If Trump somehow managed to win this election, the win will be the easiest part of turning the USS Titanic around. I can’t imagine what he would have to do to get the BLM, Bernie’s free-sh*t army and generational welfare Brady bunch to grow up and take responsibility.

  16. Frederick

    I respect Ms. Fitts but does she really believe the psychopaths pushing for nuclear war with Russia and China would ever consider doing anything NICE Thats pretty naive in my opinion

    • eddiemd

      You fail to mention in your writing that Francis is a jesuit. The first jesuit pope in the history of the roman catholic church. Perhaps Francis fulfilling both the role of the black pope and the white pope.

      It is interesting to note that the recent “black pope” resigned on October 3rd and that the successor has yet to be identified.

      Some schools of thought have labeled the current pope as the final pope.

      Interesting to read the wikipedia entry on Francis. I would say that it is one of the most extensive, detailed entries of anyone on wikipedia. It is also the first listed find on google search under the entry wikipedia. This pope and Mr. Tim Kaine could be the future leaders of the new world order. The religious and political leaders walking hand in hand as jesuits.

      • Charles H

        Jesuits are the military/black-ops arm the the political side of the ‘religious’ organization. If it is important – you will eventually see where they tied their strings.

  17. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Since 9 trillion dollars is far more than the entire annual federal budget where did this money come from? When was it appropriated? Or was it? Is this missing money that accumulated over a period of years. Is this money that was spent on something else, say, a bailout that was much larger than we were led to believe? Is it hidden money earmarked for black budget projects? If it was stolen shouldn’t those trillions show up on some someone’s balance sheet. I can understand how a paltry billion or two can be hidden but…9 trillion. Where do you hide that.

    • Pinocchio

      From the USD 9.3 trillion mentioned, only 0.3 trillion was in the form of paper currency and it had been sent to Teheran. The rest was in the form of digital currency which had been sent to the accounts of Al Nusra, Free Syrian Army, Taliban, and North American Transgenderist Organization (NATO).

    • Hal

      That was my question. Only way is for totally counterfeited money to be “misappropriated”, physical or digital . But then its out in circulation and if that, then its probably being used to buy treasuries and stocks etc or to perhaps give DB some liquidity.

      more questions than answers.

      Today’s trade deficit of 40 billion? Remember pre 1971 when countries used to settle annual trade deficits in gold? with a 500 billion trade deficit we would need 11,000 tons of gold PER YEAR. King dollar might not be the only reason we get away with this–our military no doubt helps. Another reason to keep a strong military

      • Frederick

        So Hal you think continuing to screw the rest of the world due to a strong threat is a good thing do you? Thats the kind of philosophy that allows the criminals in power to do the horrible things they do Not very Christian of you brother

  18. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    It will be a controlled demolition, but on a global scale. Because no sane or wise man want a collapse on global scale or a hot war with Russia and or China. The first will bring down the entire civilization within a week and the second the entire biosphere within few hours. So there will be not war or collapse during the weekend.
    That doesn’t mean that the parts of the (western) world wouldn’t been looking like Zimbabwe or Argentina during their collapse.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  19. Amaguila2009

    Is the constitutional convention Ms. Fitts is referring to equivalent to the Convention of States that seem to be gaining traction in several states now?

  20. Diane

    Thanks Catherine .
    Thanks Greg.
    I feel very grateful to hear your truths.
    Honesty… what a concept in today’s world.
    Can’t wait for your wrap up, Catherine….

  21. Tommy

    Thanks Greg. CAF is my favorite guest. She calmly explains the situation without making earth shattering predictions like some do. So many people say the crash is coming in 3 weeks, gold is going to $5,000, etc. and it never happens and it diminishes the seriousness of what is going on. CAF gives you a reasoned and intelligent explanation of the problems, their root causes, who is benefiting and what the end result will be. Catherine and Nomi are always great interviews.

  22. Paul ...

    So there you have it folks straight from the mouth of Catherine Austin Fitts… the Democrats and especially Hillary who tell the world “Black Lives Matter” … never complete the sentence … “Black Lives Matter for Hillary and the Democrat’s Profit” … Hillary and the Democrats just keep putting blacks in prison to rake in the dough … but what happens when all the blacks are locked up? … how do they make money then? … that’s easy … bring in Latinos … so the Democrats are preparing for the future … when they can say to the Latino’s … “Latino Lives Matter” … as they build more prisons for profit … and then begin to lock up the Latino’s … and the funny thing about it is … “it is not funny” … but very sad … and to think that almost 99 percent of the Black and Latino voters want to keep Hillary and the Democrats in power?? … instead of logically voting for Trump “who can free them from tyranny” … the neocon tyranny of both prison and non-stop continual war!!

    • Paul ...

      And I almost forgot … Trump can free us of the “tyranny of drugs” … which the current Democratic administration has not put a stop to (the Afghan war has been raging for 15 years now and our Nobel Peace Prize President could not end it???) … instead “tons more heroin” is entering our country from Afghanistan … to not only poison our children … but to be “used as an excuse to lock up our good children” (in the pay-for-play prison system Hillary created) … even if they happen to be in a car and unbeknownst to them their friend has some pot or hooch in their pocket!

      • Paul ...

        Prisons for profit and running drugs from Afghanistan are just part of the “vertical integration” the corporate neocons use to maximize profits! … but ask yourself why do they need so many trillions of dollars??? … because they know the plan (to kill off 99% of the human race) who now pay them taxes!! … without the 99% around to pay the neocons taxes they need to put thousands of trillions of dollars in the bank “earning interest” to keep them in clover … the Fed pans to raise rates (once the criminal neocons steal a couple of Quadrillion dollars) … this is why Russia and China want to make the neocons money (the US dollar) “valueless” … and why the neocons want to go to war with Russia and China before they succeed!

  23. Paul ...

    Fitts now tells us that “just like right before 9-11” when $2.3 trillion disappeared from the Defense Department … that now “another demolition” is taking place to cover up the $9 trillion that has now been stolen from the Defense Department … when do the American people wake up to these neocon shenanigans of unbelievable corruption and put someone in control of government that doesn’t desperately need money?? … most Democratic voters are especially “moronic idiots” … the “black” Democrats are actually contemplating voting for Hillary who has now “locked up” almost half the black population!?! … and the “white” Democratic women want to put Hillary in the White House to start another war “to kill their children” ??? … supposedly because Donald Trump may have called Rose O’Donald a pig??? … this is how they choose their President’s????

    • Paul ...

      Come on people … we are frozen numb in shark infested waters … we see our neighbors being eaten by sharks (their job, homes and money taken) … and we are going to refuse to take Trump’s hand to pull us to safety aboard a life boat because he has a stern face and would rather try to swim toward the MSM music being playing in the distance aboard the US Titanic that “Happy (pay-to-play) Days are Here Again with smiling Hillary”???

      • Paul ...

        The first thing we must do is vote the Demon Rats out of office … and put someone in that “does not not need money” … someone who can throw out all the neocons in our government and re-instate the “No First Strike Nuclear Policy” that will remove the threat of Armageddon now over our heads … bring back the jobs that were outsourced to foreigners … and finally get our economy moving again … someone who can eliminate our National Debt by increasing tariffs and doing short sales as the neocon opposition crashes the market on him … we can re-build our Nation quicker then you think (we are Americans you know) … we must start by getting rid of all the evil pay-to-play shenanigans the neocons are imposing on us from their “for profit prisons” and “for profit drugs” to their “for profit wars” … are we going to let the Main Stream Media contort our minds into thinking the important question is not war or peace but name calling?? … we are Americans God damn it … and our lives, our freedoms, our liberties, our jobs and our very children are at stake … do something about it this November!!!

        • Frederick

          Brother Nathaniel has a video about WW 3 on the site “before its news” Interesting information not to be missed Watchdoggers

        • Eric

          Paul Love your energy but you do realize politics will not turn this ship around. Didn’t we have control of Congress last 4 years ? Did you see anything done except bowing to Obama ?
          Truth is this is a spiritual problem that no man can help. We have turned from God and thus have lost any protection we once had. Hard times are coming for a reason.

  24. Bill

    GREG; Sorry, but I don’t understand, ” controlled demolition. ” Who is doing the controlling??

    • Frederick

      Probably someone like Larry Silverstein

  25. DBCooper

    Greg, You do good work and will be sourly missed if we lose the internet. That said where else can one go to express themselves and be maligned ?? ( Probably a lot of sites ) Yours is the only site I post on. Last year due to the communist inspired policies of the US Forest Service we had the two largest forest fires in our county’s history … in our faces!! It was said here that I was either ‘stupid/ignorant or a liar’ … though we have watched for thirty-five years a healthy vibrant forest with an annual yield that provided jobs turned into a bug infested weed patch and the cure is to have ‘prescribed burns’.
    Recently I suggested that if we are to be at war … ‘War on terror’ …(read that Muslims)… we should fight the war to win, not to maintain a level of acceptable terror incidents … and it was said that I should be in an asylum and that I drink too much … I am not insane and I am not a drunk !! Take the fight to them and cut the head off the snake … as a Christian I do not condone murder and as a moral man I do not condone torture … give them plenty of warning and then do what you say you are going to do ( unlike His Highness in Chief) . By eliminating their holy cities perhaps they would get the idea to leave us alone. It would of course help if the US was not involved in everyone else’s business all over the world and perhaps ‘the Donald’ can fix this. Anyway that is how ‘This Humble Poster’ sees it !!
    I would also offer that lately I see this term “Secular Muslim” banty’d about … this sounds akin to an oxymoronic term … and might be better said as a “backslidden Muslim” when one considers that if a Muslim leaves the fascist ideology of Islam the sentence is Death … and rape is OK and Sex with children is OK and multiple wives is OK etc/etc … My God will tolerate only so much and Christianity is NOT a religion of absolute tolerance.
    Well Greg as I said you do us all a great service with your work … Wanted to get this off my chest… Thank you and keep going as long as possible.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Frederick

      You are wrong there are “secular Muslims” just like there are secular Jews or Christians in other words people who dont take religion that seriously in their daily lives Whether you believe they exixt or not is irrelevant to me because I know for a fact that they do

      • DBCooper

        Greg, My point would be that it is not that they do not exist … the point is that they sign their own death warrants by being ‘Secular Muslims’ . Not so as Secular Christians, we just call that apostate. DB

  26. Larry W. Bryant

    == Amerika’s Legacy==

    some call it D. U.,
    depleted uranium;
    it harms the Mid-East,
    where it defies extraction
    from the gut of Gaia
    — Larry W. Bryant (5 Oct 16)

  27. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Ms. CAF knocked it out of the park. Thank you for having this super talented lady on once again. The dirt on the Clinton administration was priceless.

  28. eddiemd

    We found the creepy clown and it is Tim Kaine. His part in the debate last night should convince the undecided voter that the democratic politician have no substance. If Ms. Clinton is elected, this man will be the next president and that thought is frightening. He was a full fledged liberation theology supporter which has it roots in communism. Anyone who has lived, traveled, or is familiar with the history of the catholic church in Latin America can see that this religious system is responsible for the pillaging of the native cultures throughout the past 500 year with the jesuit order being one of the primary organizations supporting the pillage. The NYT promotes his jesuit background as a badge of honor. I see the NYT as an expose of who this man is and what his background really is. He is dangerous and perhaps even worse with his distorted religious beliefs.

    I believe that he is the elected/deemed future president. He claimed last night to be a jesuit which is the same background as the current pope. The jesuit background and thought represents a present danger to the world. This means we could have a future political leader and leader of the catholic church in place for the end times. jesuit oath:

  29. eddiemd


    While the USA ponders establishing a no-fly zone over Syria and striking Syrian air force bases, I would venture that the Russian forces have set their targeting systems on Incirlik airforce base by cruise missile or even a commando attack using SADM-like device. Perhaps even cruise missile attacks against the naval base in Bahrain and Sigonella.

    Carrier locations.

  30. Hatemail

    What is the big deal about 9 trillion missing?
    Does anyone keep an accounting of how much gasoline you use?
    There are no limitations to keep the Pentagon war machine humming along. Without the military and reserve currency status this game would have ended long ago.
    As long as the world accepts dollars as payment, the printing presses will keep rolling and Uncle Sam will continue breaking bones.

  31. eddiemd

    In Phoenix today there appears to be movement of high altitude aircraft. No sonic booms but it sounds like unidentified jet aircraft moving around the sky. Where I am located, the commercial flight paths are visible as they approach Sky Harbor and these aircraft don’t typically make the noise that is being heard today.

    Luke AFB is on the west side of Phoenix and if anyone from this board can monitor air traffic from the base it would be appreciated. That goes for any USAWD person nearby to airforce, army or naval bases here in the USA for extra activity. If we are gearing up for war it should be expected to move assets outside the USA to forward areas or at least away from bases that might be targeted in case of a nuclear attack. This might have already begun over the past weeks.

    Troop movements could be possible at Fort Bragg, Fort Lewis, Hunter-Liggett Army Airfield in Savannah, Fort Benning, Fort Carson, and Eglin AFB in Florida. These are bases of airborne, Ranger, and Special Forces soldiers and these soldiers would be the first notified for deployment if the war is eminent. There would be a large number of troop transport aircraft noted especially movement under the cover of night.

    • Deanna Clark

      Hunter aircraft are over my head all the time. They are training flights using Navy prop jets, a few Hercules transports, and many, many helicopters both Army and Coast Guard. The chopper pilots have to log in so many hours, daylight and night time.

      During the invasions of 1991 and 2003 there were several big changes. The Hercules engines were round the clock and kept us all awake. The base security was very tight. The soldiers vanished from the local economy. The ban on prayer in schools became a scrap of paper, like Belgian neutrality to Kaiser Bill.

      The soldiers have NOT come back. Their families have not come back. Their favorite mall is empty and mostly vacant. The tearful reunions on local news stopped years ago. However, we finally got our own VA hospital, mostly outpatient, here in Savannah.
      Where are the Rangers? I used to stop and talk with them…pray for them. They were cynical about the drug war…very demoralized. A friend who interviews them told me their depressions were mostly caused by feeling their service was a big lie for drugs and banks. They feel badly used, even tricked. Nobody “hates” Russia. That dog won’t hunt.
      I am scared that some people, like Adolf Eichmann and others, might happily murder and bomb without believing in the cause because, “The decisions were not mine…”

    • eddiemd

      And I would add Fort Campbell Kentucky to the list; home of the TF 160 (2 battalions).

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Where are the soldiers? Where are their wives and babies that used to fill our town? I once stopped to talk with one, a youngster from Long Island from a poor family. He said, “Don’t let your sons join the military…something bad’s going on.” That was 2003.
        Dag Hammarskjold once said the mercenaries in the Congo were the scum of the earth…they would start any war, murder any civilians…and only for money. Americans need to care more about these things going on in our names. Believe me, the ones behind it care plenty about us, about running our lives.

  32. Mohammad


    “2 Russian ships take cruise missiles to Mediterranean for Syrian anti-terror op”


  33. Alan

    Good Morning Greg,
    You may not want this post on your URL but it is certainly a “WOW Moment” so please take a peek:

    And as always your interviews are awesome, Catherine Austin Fitts really lays it on the line doesn’t she.

    Best Wishes

  34. Aaron

    Greg, another fantastic interview as always – you can never go wrong with Catherine Austin Fitts – what a wealth of knowledge and expertise she brings to the table and I love her insight and vision regarding all things financial and political. It’s interesting how she kept using the analogy ‘controlled demolition’ to describe what is happening to our economy and the global financial system because it’s what literally happened with the World Trade Center towers 1, 2 and 7 on 9/11 as that event was what helped jump start this phony ‘war on terror’ which is nothing but a smokescreen for wartime profiteering for military contractors and our big energy corporations, as well as an excuse to oust regimes in the middle east that were not playing nice with our dollar or being hostile to these same energy companies.

    The fraud, corruption, deception, money-laundering and theft taking place within our government, big banks and mega-corporations is absolutely staggering. Makes you wonder how much longer until our day of reckoning for it all? What we are engaged in right now militarily, politically and financially makes the NY Mafia and crime families of the world look like choir boys by comparison!! Keep up the good work my friend – been listening for a few years now and look forward to every new interview… you are a true Patriot and pursuer of truth… go man, go!

  35. Mohammad


    “Blue on green mistake” it is called, US is investigating, Again…!!!
    This time around it is a pro Iraqi gov. fighters trying to unroot ISIS from Mosul hit by coalition air strike.
    Oddly it is on the heel of Iraqi gov using passed JASTA to sue US for 2003 invasion, another twist..

    Too many “mistakes”


    • John Doe

      Too many “mistakes” Thats an understatement Mohammad!



      Newly uncovered State Department documents shed additional light on this scandal

      The Clinton’s received a $31 million donation to their Foundation from, along with a pledge to donate $100 million more.

      Its contributions were not disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Hillary had reached with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors.

      During this period, Bill Clinton also received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank that was promoting Uranium One stock. This was more than his usual speaking fee.

      Hillary Clinton duly approved the deal. It made the Russian company Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers and brought Vladimir Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain.

      The deal left huge amounts of U.S. uranium under the control of Russia. The New York Times estimates this share at 20 percent. But Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, say that it amounts to up to 50 percent of projected U.S. uranium output.

      What we have recently learned

      When Hillary Clinton was questioned about the deal, she said she had no reason to intervene in the decision. But Raphael Williams of Circa reports that memos contained on WikiLeaks show Clinton was warned about Russian attempts to flex its muscle in uranium markets. And members of Congress also sounded the alarm.

      The State Department had obtained a “strategy paper” from Rosatom, the Russian company seeking to purchase Uranium One. The strategy paper alarmed U.S. diplomats because it confirmed fears that Russia was moving to control the long-term supply of nuclear fuel, shut Westinghouse out of the market, and extend Moscow’s influence over Europe.

      The resulting diplomatic cable lays out what Williams calls “a clear warning from career U.S. officials about why expanding Russia’s control of uranium markets was bad for the United States and for its allies in Europe.”

      In addition, members of Congress pointed to the dangers of the Rosatom deal. Sen. John Barasso said it “would give the Russian government control over a sizable portion of America’s uranium production capacity.” Rep. Peter King said it “would pose great potential harm to the national security of the United States.”

      Clinton, then, had ample reason to intervene in the decision. But doing so would have been inconsistent with the interests of those who were donating so generously to her Foundation.

      Despite the warnings from her own diplomats and from Congress, Clinton let the deal go through.Who were the winners in the transactions that began with Bill Clinton’s visit to Kazakhstan and ended when the U.S. approved the Uranium One-Rosatom deal? The Russians, obviously, but not just them.

      Frank Giustra won big. So did the Clintons who raised tens of millions, if not more, in this saga. Even Kazakhstan came away with something, though whether it contemplated Russia controlling its uranium is another matter. GET THE FULL DO DO

      Mohammad, this is worse than our fighting For ISIS, only America is the loser.

      Think about it, these same nut jobs want war with Russia instead of cooperation to wipe out ISIS. Why? Do they think this is the way to get our [URANIUM] back! On top of a few hundred ICBM’S! Incoming! Do we need our inner city’s turned to glass, [if our black brothers only knew] and our suburbs a huge parking lot? NOT!

      Our dear leaders wonder why were as mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!
      Can you see why we got to let America Win again!

      The United States; Designed By Genius’s!

      Now Run By Idiots! Can you believe this crap!

      They’ll keep trying to stop the Trumpster cause their as good as in the dumpster, eating that yellow cake while doin time for Lifer!

  36. Paul ...

    Sadly but true Mr. Miller … now that it has become public knowledge that Monsanto has put “sterilizing DNA into our corn crops (and likely other crops) which should make the entire population of America “sterile” within three generations … the evil Monsanto neocons are now selling their company (to avoid the massive liability law suits like the tobacco industry had to go through)for genetically engineering away our children’s right to have babies … stealing away from all humanity the right to life itself!!
    All the people who ate those delicious Doritos corn chips made with GMO corn (only good for making gasoline with) are now going to have a harder time suing for damages (as Monsanto is selling its company to foreign company in Germany who incidentally should be intelligent enough to know better)!!

    • Paul ...

      Sadly … just like they stole away the right to life from our now seedless watermelons, seedless grapes, etc., etc. … they have now stolen the right to life away from all humanity by making us into “seedless humans” … and you Democrats want to vote to keep Hillary and keep theses “for profit” neocons in power???

      • Paul ...

        And you women who are going to vote for Hillary … tell your children “the real reason you are doing it” (it is not because Trump supposedly called some woman a pig) but because you want to keep the neocons in office so your children can be sterilized with GMO food and can never have babies!

        • Paul ...

          What pleasure evil neocons get from “killing life” … and its not just One Satan ( Mon Satan or Monsanto) … we have Military neocons, Political neocons, “take order” neocons (like Hillary), etc., etc. who want a nuclear world war NOW to “kill life” … they can’t wait three years for the sterilization (final solution) Monsanto dreamed up … or the radiation of the Pacific ocean … they want results now! … Kill women! … Kill children! … gas them … shoot them … nuke them … Kill, Kill, Kill is their evil mantra … sacrifice “all of humanity” on Satan’s Alter!

          • Paul ...

            All the genetic scientists that took part in stealing “the right to life” away from all humanity … need to be brought before a court of law for their crimes against humanity … it will probably have to be a Court of Law in Russia … as the evil neocons have destroyed the Justice System in America (to save their murderous asses)!!

            • David

              There is a court.
              Revelation 20:12 I [John] saw the dead, both great and small, standing before God’s throne. And the books were opened, including the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to what they had done, as recorded in the books.

  37. Chris

    Greg, Just listened to your interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. She mentioned our trillions of dollars going down that black hole of our space defense programs. You really need to listen to Corey Goode, “cosmic disclosure” He is one of those whistle blowers of that space program. There was a retired aerospace engineer that worked at Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas, that was just on his last program confirming the information and sharing about the space fleet that the public has no clue about. The real question is do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill, and how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go.

  38. Mohammad

    If anyone thinks this is going anywhere, think again:


  39. Mohammad

    No good Greg, No good:

    God help us all if a war broke out.


    • Mohammad

      Listen to the Gen.
      Although i do not like infowar my self it was the only place i found the video posted:


      • Ray

        Hey folks,
        It truly is “Game Over”.

      • Jerry

        This is insane, baseless threats from a country that has lost its soul. America is now a full blown criminal state. Its only right that we have a criminal for president. China alone can put 40 divisions on the battle field. We’re lucky if we can put 3.

    • Greg Hunter


      Please note “U.S. Army’s chief of staff” That means he’s the four star general that is in charge of the army. Think he was cleared to say this by his boss? Yep! That’s what is scary.

      • Walter Baumgarten

        You are absolutely correct Greg. I was in attendance on 14 Aug 15 when General Milley was installed as COS because a classmate of mine, his predecessor, had invited us all to be there. General Milley was a complete 180 turn from Ray Odierno and I found myself more than a little bit disquieted by his speech, his manner, and his attitude. Scuttlebutt going around Ft. Meyer that day was that he was a yes man for the administration and the MIC people that rule them. Sure looks like that was accurate. Very disconcerting.

      • WD


        These “people” have no idea what they are up against….they are willing to sacrifice son & daughter for a no victory….

  40. Tony

    CAF suggests that the acceleration of missing trillions is going into secret technology. That’s not likely. That enormous volume of money can’t be spent productively that fast. Much more likely in a failing system is the cash goes into making things appear normal while they deal with the floundering economy. I suspect the money is buying up securities and they’re making secret payments to nations AND important companies that can’t be allowed to fail for national defense reasons. CAF is right that the US is over-extended. It’s being spent to maintain the perception of normalcy. That’s also why the media is pure propaganda. Maintain the illusion.

  41. Oracle 911

    Why involve FEMA or other institution (except the US army)?
    The Asians and the rest of the world only need to stop accepting the US$ en mass and the US shelves became empty. And if you take into account that for every US citizen there is 5 gun (owned by civilian), the the picture is clear. The Americans will do the dirty job by themselves while looting or defending themselves from looters. Add to it deaths due organ failures, euthanasia etc. and the number of deaths will be around 100-150 millions in a few weeks.
    The army came in trying to restore the order, in the process will die about another 50 million.

    BTW the neocons thinks they will outgun the world or they came out from this mess unscarred. They are deadly wrong, their foreign assets will be seized by the respective governments.

    Of course this is the rough scenario, the nice scenario is economic colonization by China. The payback is a…

  42. Blue

    I don’t see this playing out like this.. Americans own more guns than a lot of other Countries entire military. Maybe a civil war, maybe an unknown disease? Another reason, why would you want to destroy the world’s breadbasket? True the Ukraine may have the most productive soil on Earth but Illinois and Iowa are close seconds. Lastly, history remembers this stuff.. the last person to commit the kind of genocide you are talking about? It certainly wasn’t Hitler (there were about 60-80m casualties for both sides for the entire war or 3% of world pop.). That person(s) has never existed. Things will definitely be rough and the idea of our rights being taken away scares me a lot. I’ll leave you with this, there is nothing more dangerous than a person who has lost everything, and there are going to be a lot of those people in the WORLD very soon.

    • Oracle 911

      “9 meals from chaos” says everything.
      BTW it seems like the neocons choose the rough way, so the entire US will go trough the meat grinder of its own making…
      My condolences from Europe.

      BTW it wont be a civil war like that from 1861, more like Japan from the Sengoku period mixed with ethnic cleansing (Google them). After which the US will be broken up into several territories (Texas can stand on its own). I took into account the BLM factor.
      The correspondent socio-economic processes were started at least 20 years ago, so it is like stopping the fully loaded freight train without breaks.

    • WD


      There is a lot of fertile riverland from Arkansas to south Louisiana….anything and everything grows there….

  43. Jerry

    Here it comes.
    The beginning of American taxpayers bailing out European Banks. Why not flush the debt with the rest of the debt in the coming collapse? Banker thought speech.

  44. Charles Sinclair

    First, CAF is one of the voices of both realism and reason. Having said that, I would need to read that DOD Inspector’s report myself to verify what she’s saying. 9.3 Trillion $ is too much to believe on faith- even from CAF. So where /how can I get my copy of this report?

    Second: if that’s actually true then what’s needed is a powerful leader to galvanize people to action. But the really charismatic ones seem to get killed, so it’s a risky business.

  45. WD

    A slow burn is a matter of opinion…look what happened in 2008 in the span of 72 hours?
    That was very quick…. I have the utmost respect for her, but feel she has been way off before. I understand that the US govt that she used to work for went after with full force and fury, I tip my hat to her for that. But there has been to much zigging and zagging, she makes one prediction and then come out with the opposite…but thank you for bringing her on!

    • Charles H

      If you look at the coming events on multiple levels – a slow-burn from the top; but at the bottom – chaos. It will range all over: depending on where, and who you are.

  46. Hill

    Another outstanding and highly informative interview. Thanks for have Catherine back on again and please keep up the great work.

  47. Walter Baumgarten

    Hey Greg,
    If it really IS time to have a woman as president, why can’t we have a GOOD woman, an intelligent woman, a DECENT, honest woman like Catherine Austin-Fitts? Yeak, I know, it is a rhetorical question….

  48. Mike R

    Fitz is right. But timing is everything. You all need to prepare, prepare, prepare. Bitcoin, and barter, will be your primary means of survival for mediums of exchange. Whether its 2 years from now or 5 years from now, you don’t want to over-prepare for something to happen soon. It won’t. So here is the most valuable tip you will ever receive on this website. The signal for the collapse or demolition, is counter-intuitive, but it is when you see the dollar rising at a more rapid rate from here, AND, you see Bitcoin also rising, but it must be above $1000 for reasons that are too complicated to get into here and now.

    At the right time, and many many many people have been way too early on this, you want to sell your home, and simply rent. You also want to focus on larger dollar barterable items, and mostly things related to transportation. For instance, diversify yourself out of a gasoline driven car. Consider electric bikes, electric golf carts, and even natural gas fueled vehicles, like the old Crown Vic’s that have been converted, or Ford pick up trucks, or the NGV Honda Civic. Even the dual fuel vehicles that do ethanol will be superior. When the dollar rises, it won’t be the price of oil that is the problem, but rather the obtainability of gasoline, due to where the crude will be mostly shipped by the Saudi’s, which will be mostly to China. You could see $10/bbl fuel, but gasoline priced at over $10/gallon here. Also, you want to consider getting various ATV like vehicles that are not gas driven, but again electric driven. Store up large quantities of high amp hour batteries – sealed lead acid at 100 amp hours or more, to use for things like off-grid solar, which will be selling at a mega premium, when the shan hits the fit, and for mobility purposes you are going to want 36 volt, 48 volt Lithium ion type batteries. These will last for years, do not have memories, and can sit on the shelf for 10 years, and not be affected. They will be worth their weight in gold. Usually they should be in 10 amp hour to 25 amphour sizes. Cargo bikes, and especially electric drive cargo bikes will be hugely valuable. Also for regular vehicles and mobility, consider buying multiple types of trailers, that are closed design, and even open flat beds. They will be worth a lot, as the disruptions that occur in our transportation and distribution network, will mean trailers will be in HUGE demand, very hard to get, as the large trucking industry will be all but locked up, and DOA due to lack of diesel fuel availability, which will all go to the military. Diesel cars wont help you. Dump them now. Electric cars, ok, but make damn sure you have a 5 to 10 kw off grid capable solar panel system that can charge it. Chargers and EV cars will be at a massive premium for a long time to come, once a shan hits the fit event begins to occur. I would not own or live on a farm, because that will be confiscated by the government, so that everything will be re-oriented to feed the population from much more local supplies. So don’t go and buy a property thinking you will grow your own food. Aint gonna happen, unless you construct a massive 20 foot high concrete wall, with armed militia of your own, on towers guarding it, and barbed wire moats at least 50 feet wide around that wall. And some sort of protective radioactive proof bubble over it. You have to completely avoid what most preppers are doing right now. They don’t get survival, because they haven’t thought through what the world will really look like, from a transportation and fuel delivery aspect, or post WWIII. Society will not collapse, but will adapt so rapidly, it will leave the have nots with some real desperate situations. If you have gold, sell it over time, and convert it to bitcoin, and if you keep anything, keep silver in lieu of not having bitcoin readily available, and until it gets better established once the shan hits the fit. If you have guns, only keep a few for early barter, in some safe place away from rental property. Those are going to be confiscated, and you’ll end up in a FEMA camp for sure, especially if you are a registered gun owner. Lastly, if you know someone in China, make good friends with them, or better yet start to establish a way to make that your future home. Within 10 years most of what we know as the US mainland, will likely be too radioactive to live in. Again, thats where your electric bikes are going to come in, as China has more than 200 million of them, and thats what you are going to need when you move there. Any NATO ally country will also most likely have been nuked, or too radioactive to live in. (hence also the reason for not trying to grow food or own your own farm.)

  49. Bill

    GREG; Some will assume I am a space cadet, but a portion of the DOD budget has quietly been allocated to the creation of the bionic soldier. { half human and half non human{. There are labs around the world who are frantically working on this as the financial rewards will be tremendous. China is way ahead of us on this research.

  50. Bill

    GREG: Have you heard any prophetic word on our immediate future. Your guests have well educated themselves and are insightful, and I listen to their wisdom. But I just wonder what God has to say about our immediate future since he is the one who really knows

    • Greg Hunter

      There will be war soon and a big one.

      • Mohammad

        i concur.
        the drumbeat is deafening.


    • Robert Lykens

      Bill, compare Ezekiel 38, 39 with the current situation in Syria.

  51. eddiemd

    Did anyone watch the debate last night with the closed captioning? I have spoken with several people who said that what was said and what was written in closed caption did not reflect the true conversation. In fact I heard from people that it appeared that the closed caption eliminated and cut off large segments of what Mr. Pence said.

    If his is true, then the MSM may be altering the script by not providing accurate or complete transcript of what the republican candidates are actually saying. I have not reviewed the original closed captioning from the first debate. I know several elderly people who rely upon closed captioning to understand what is being said.

  52. MCasey

    Ms. Fitts mentioned the privatized prison industry; a major player is the Geo Group, (formerly known as Wackenhut Corrections).

    Former Wackenhut Directors:
    Bobby Ray Inman former Deputy CIA Director
    James Rowley, former Director U.S. Secret Service
    Joseph Carroll, former Director Defense Intelligence Agency
    Frank Carlucci, former Defense Secretary and former Deputy CIA Director (a Donald Rumsfeld’s protégé)
    Bernard Schriever, former member President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
    Seth McKee, former Commander-in-Chief, North American Air Defense Command
    Paul X. Kelly, Four-Star General (ret) U.S. Marine Corps
    Willis Hawkins, former Assistant Secretary of the Army
    Clarence Kelley, director emeritus, Former FBI Director

    Wackenhut guards U.S Embassies, Savannah river plutonium plant, Kennedy Space Center, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission’s nuclear test site in Nevada, Holston Army Ammunition Plant (HAAP) in Kingsport, TN, 21 commercial nuclear power plants around the United States. Security detail for sporting and music events, explosives disposal, and operations in unstable regions of the world like Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sudan, and Colombia (after taking over ArmorGroup).

    It was Wackenhut’s security personnel who were caught sleeping on the job at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory — the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest; and the Pennsylvania nuclear reactor.

    The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, worked for G4S (contracted to DHS), a subsidiary of Wackenhut.

    The Orlando shooter’s father, Seddique Mateen, visited U.S. Rep Rohrabacher, Rep Royce and Rep Rangel in March 2014. That same month, Omar Matten was removed from the FBI watch list and the FBI investigation was closed.

    This is the same Seddique Mateen who sat behind Hillary Clinton to support her at one of her speeches.

    • SusyQ

      Of the names you list, 3 are on the CFR public membership list – Bobby Ray Inman, Joseph Carroll and Frank Carlucci. The others may be members of CFR but are not listed on the public membership rolls. Please note that 2 of the three are directly or indirectly associated with the CIA and 2 of the 3 are associated with security/defense.

  53. Michael

    Thanks for the great website Greg, I enjoy reading what your guests have to offer as well as the comment section from all the contributors. Fitts connects the dots and to see what the District of Corruption has done to this country makes me ill, I can only ask when are Americans going to truly fight back? Does anyone care anymore? I see this election as an unstoppable force (Trump) vs an unmovable object (Clinton). Trump has all the momentum with the people but Clinton has all the support of the DC club because they want no outsiders messing up their little game which makes them all rich at the nations expense. I have a hard time believing a majority of Americans want higher taxes, more regulations, more government, open borders, and mass third world immigration. If Clinton does win it will be because of vote fraud, no question about that. With all of the scandals surrounding the Clintons are Americans really that dumb that they would support her because if they do I truly believe this country is finished, there will be no going back after she finishes Obama’s transformation which is almost complete. Trump is the real deal and to me he truly does care about this country. God bless America and you, thanks.

  54. rahrog

    Slow death by debt, or a massive die off brought on by an engineered war, or SECEDE from the federal government, and the central banks that own it.

  55. Scott Adams

    Hi Greg.
    I recently came across this clip of General Mark Milley threatening Russia, and any other country considered a threat. He sounds like fellow alpha-male Mike Ditka talking trash to the opposing football team. It’s frightening to know that we have some completely unhinged sociopaths in the top brass threatening full-scale war with a nuclear power as if it was a game. Very disturbing!

    I never miss an interview or weekly new wrap-up. Thanks for all you do!

    Check this out:

  56. Mohammad


    For every one who is scratching head why DB stocks are up when every one was thinking it will crash over the long Germany’s holiday here is a plausible answer:

    So likely the US that brought down DB (Germany) to the knees (DOJ fine ) over its warming up to Russia is now “helping” DB (Germany) and throwing the big wedge in the Eurasian trade zone…!

    Does that also explain why Incirlik base in Turkey is all of a sudden open to German politicians to visit their troops stationed there after the ban is lifted???????

    Am leaning towards the possibility of the feds buying out DB stocks over Russia buying them out just because of the Merkel’s recent decision i linked to above.


  57. Jerry

    Yep. More slow burn alright. In the unemployment line.

    I’m sorry Greg. Having dealt with bankers I know they see the world through a different prism than we do. They have the luxury of being bailed out by their buddies, while they let the rest of us pay for it. IE Lehman Brothers. Americans are nothing more than bond slaves beholding to the corporate banks. In this case Treasury bonds.
    I find it difficult to trust anything CAF says.

    • Jerry

      And you wonder why I don’t trust bankers?

      I tell you this. China and the BRIC nations know how deep the financial cancer runs in our current banking system. They know they can never gain ground on the world economy as long as they are tied to the debt and corruption of the western banks.
      I testify to you, that when the time is right the BRIC nations are going to reset the gold prices and break from the petrodollar. The speed of the collapse will be determined by how many countries world wide join them. The timing will determined by either the United States trying to start a war with Russia, or the collapse of Deutsche Bank. Or both.

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg and Ms. CAF,
    Great interview – and GOOD READ CAF ! One would think just the distribution of this report to the ‘minority’ voters and BLACK LIVES MATTER would be all the OCTOBER SURPRISE necessary for a massive shift of the Black and Hispanic votes away for all things Clinton and Gore! … That they continue to vote for the very people that plotted their demise can only be their lack of awareness of all of it. Like Trump says,” What do you have to lose!” But then as on Sinclair/Holt site the quote noticed there of Mark Twain, “ It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they are being fooled.”
    As for the interview – a whiff of Deja vu?
    And for Ms. CAF… your story is amazing…a woman of strong conviction and courage I am sure most people do not appreciate the depth their of… Be safe !
    The ‘deep state’ is very deep indeed…and am sure the secrets and entanglements there-in will amaze if that story is ever written….
    A peak down the rabbit hole starts here:
    Draper, Gaither & Anderson (DGA) was one of the first venture capital firms founded in the western United States. The firm was founded in 1959 in Palo Alto, California by pioneering venture capitalist William H. Draper Jr. Draper was joined by Rand Corporation founder Horace Rowan Gaither as well as Frederick L. Anderson Jr., a retired Air Force general.
    Prior to DGA, venture capital in the United States was located primarily on the east coast.[1]
    DGA was the first venture capital firm known to have used the current format for creating limited partnerships to serve as venture capital funds.[1] The fund’s holdings were distributed profitably to its various investors at the end of 1966.
    Call him crazy or just ahead of his time?

  59. Lynn

    She’s a gem, gave up her safety, her job, her health to inform us, to stand away from the stench and report it to all of us. God bless her. This is too big to control, don’t care what anyone says. You don’t know what is happening behind the scenes, you only know THEIR SCRIPT presented by mainstream, paid to play generals say, etc. We have the power, WE DO, they have nothing without us. Stop believing the propaganda. GET YOUR GUNS, YOUR FOOD, AND PRAY FOR INTERVENTION……PERIOD. Step up and stop being wimps, speak out, get your fellow patriots to join the fight. The enemy is watching, waiting, be vigilant, be smarter, be prepared, they won’t expect it from any of us. Just look at the crimes already committed with no penalties and no visible outrage from the citizens. They think we are canon fodder, sharpen your swords, your skills, put the phone down, stop going to Starbucks, stop going to Chik Fil A (outright liars-they are a huge sponsor of Level Ground, LGBT Christian Hollywood group, YES REALLY), stop believing anything they tell you, STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY, use common sense. We are all going to need to stand together to beat this and it won’t be an easy task.

  60. Mohammad


    On the heel of the stark warning to Russia by the Army chief of staff Gen. Milley comes this:


  61. R. Stephen Dorsey

    I disagree with Ms. Fitts about one very important point – one that both Steve St. Angelo of SRoccoReports and Chris Martinson who has been your guest I believe twice have convinced me is correct. That is that fracking is NOT the happy solution to US energy needs. It is demonstrable that both oil and gas tracking have been very cost inefficient, i.e. the energy returned on the energy invested is insufficient to make it a viable/affordable source of energy. The loans that underpinned the fracking boom are increasingly becoming due and at a time when major fracking fields such as Eagle Ford are failing badly – as is technical profile. In short, I am surprised that Ms. Fitts is such a utopian about this matter and when she does understand the realities of the fracking industry it should change some of her stated outlook for the US and world future.

    • Charles H

      I saw this too. And it is BIG PIECE of the puzzle. Oil will at some time have to return to a much higher level – but only after America crashes. Jerry says that America is now a criminal State – and it’s believable. It’s too hard to allow the idea of the USA going into History: but I’m afraid it will.

  62. Larry Galearis

    Always informative when CAF is on your show, Greg! Thanks for bringing her back on.
    But I have a problem with her position on energy going cheaper. Right now the so-called surplus (self sufficiency for the US) is already in jeopardy due to the crashing energy prices – and with a 7% inflation rate how does that equate to improving times for the US economy or a reposition of our relationships with oil producing nations like Saudi Arabia? So I am confused here.

    And no talk about the derivative crisis in banking? AAR, a still fascinating discussion.

    And like many of your outside listeners I am also confused with her supporting the idea of military superiority of the USA against the rest of the world when there is an acknowledgement that this is a globalist need, a hegemonic need, and a prerequisite condition that increases the risk of nuclear war being initiated by an aggressive Washington. The confusion between being a patriot for ones country when ones country is the font of evil is another element that I find unsettling. Where is a sense of shame here? But there I go again starting a bit of a rant…..Personally I am ashamed of my own country, Canada, in her vassal relationship with Washington and her shared activity towards supporting that war with Russia. IMHO, when Americans learn that patriotism may be a factor in this same march to war and can feel shame and grief for the criminality of this behavior of Empire, there is a little more hope for dissent against this madness. Bring back the sixties!

  63. vincent_g

    Stop Hurricanes ?? Stop beach erosion ??

    Someone might want to let this poor soul know Beach erosion is due to our never ending appetite for Concrete! Stop scooping up sand from the ocean bottom and the erosion will stop.
    As for hurricanes – I frankly don’t know how one can break it to him.

  64. Mohammad


    • Mohammad

      I disagree with you Mr Joseph P. Farrell on this youtube blog, the elites are up to the ears with a war, they are pushing hard for it to happen. If no war, they will cave in and lose control, their chances are higher to survive with a war that mixes all the cards.

      The pile up of warfare pieces in M.E. is going on still, and when too much fuel laying around facing off, it takes one spark, one tiny spark to ignite:


  65. Mohammad


    Laughter is the best medicine, here is the best joke i have heard so far:


  66. ED1

    Greg, very good interview. Thank you once again for all your hard work. CAF seems to know her stuff.
    Greg, I have been having a little bit of trouble trying to connect all the dots as to why the war drums are becoming louder with each passing day. Therefore I have spent a fair amount of time lately watching Paul Crag Roberts videos. From those videos I have learned much, in terms of the current situation in Syria, as well as with Russia and the neocons in Washington. I must say that I am troubled at what I have learned. I had no idea that we are in such a dangerous situation at this time. Yes I did watch your interview with PCR last week but I have learned even more from of his other videos and interviews.
    I also watched a video of Putin speaking about the USA on the irreversible path Washington has put them on and folks in the USA don’t even realize it. He stated that he is not even sure how to get through to us anymore. I’m not sure but I think he may have been speaking about, or including, the main stream media?
    Today I see on Zero Hedge that Russia now has S 300 and S 400 missiles in place in Syria and has warned the USA against further airstrikes Syria, claiming that it puts Russian soldiers lives at risk.
    I suggest to anyone that desires to find out the real scoop about the Syrian situation, as well as to why Washington is doing what they are to provoke war, to research Paul Crag Roberts videos.

  67. Romeo

    All Hype, just hype. Life is GOOD!!!

    • Charles H

      Thor: “I have no plans to die today.” Hiemdell: “None do.”

    • Frederick

      Yeah its good for the top ten percent anyway Not so sure about the rest of us Romeo

  68. Diane D.

    Pretend for a moment you are Vladimir Putin. You turn on any American MSM and all you see are US food shelves bare, gas stations out of gas, gridlock on US highways and good little American sheep unprepared physically and mentally and living in fear of wind and rain. You think of Stalingrad; of how Russians have not changed that much. But look at what happened to Americans.

  69. Mohammad


    A lot of crying out loud from almost every status quo corner that Russia may hack elections and disrupt it to Trump’ side.

    Here is the question:
    Why don’t you have the elections with damn papers if you are sincere?


  70. Tad

    How is it, Greg, that you can conduct three or four successive interviews without a post from Gina M.

    If you would utter just one semi-obscene remark about Hillary, you would invite back Gina’s insouciance we all . . .miss.

  71. Mohammad

    Gerald Celeste must be jumping now up and down:


  72. Joseph

    CAF is an informational force of nature. A huge thinker. But when you ask her questions she almost invariably begins her response with “Here’s the thing Greg”. I’ll listen to her next time you interview her but if she continues this pattern of dismissing your conclusions I’ll stop. Off-putting…

  73. beLIEve

    Pace of the FIAT CYSTem collapse.

    Ernest Hemingway when asked …….How did you go bankrupt?
    Replied…..”Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly “

  74. Brian

    Come on! The PTB are not following the Constitution right now! What harm is there to call a convention of states to purpose amendments? Like a balanced budget amendment or term limits on all aspects of federal service?

    The CONgress isn’t going to purpose those kinds of amendments. So the States have too or it’ll never happen. Even if something stupid was purposed, it would STILL take 3/4 of the states to ratify it…..give me a break CAF!

  75. A Johnson

    Greg, the numbers given by Catherine Austin Fitts do not make sense at all, unless what is missing from the budget are *cumulative numbers* not what has been taken this fiscal year. According to USDebtclock we will go about 19 Trillion total US GDP for 2016, with total military spending for 2016 of 635 Billion dollars, how would they have 9 trillion missing for the fiscal year?? I assume that prior years unaccountables are added onto this year’s ledger, giving that cumulative total. And how was the bailout accounted for?

  76. Paige Barent


    I have been listening to your interviews for the past four years and I have found them to be very informative; however, I have two comments regarding Catherine Austin Fitts’ understanding of a possible “Constitutional Convention” and your incredulity regarding the Progressives’ response to the black communities within our country.

    First, Catherine Fitts, like most Americans, confuses a Constitutional Convention with an Article V Convention. An Article V Convention provides two distinct mechanisms to AMEND the Constitution. The first avenue allows Congress to propose amendments to the Constitution when two-thirds of both Houses deem it necessary. The second avenue allows for a convention, if two-thirds of STATE legislatures send proposed amendments on SPECIFIC topics to Congress. (See Federalist Paper #43, paragraph 8-9.) In the present circumstance, STATE LEGISLATURES are seeking to curtail the growing encroachment of the federal government on state sovereignty, federal budgetary spending, and regulatory burdens imposed by administrative agencies.

    I encourage all of your listeners to visit The Convention of the States website; there is a great deal of information regarding this grassroots movement located there and this site explains why the Founders included an Article V Convention within the Constitution as a check upon a runaway Federal government. As James Madison warned: “Should the provisions of the Constitution as here reviewed be found not to secure the Govt. & rights of the States agst. usurpations & abuses on the part of the U.S. the final resort within the purview of the Constn. lies in an amendment of the Constn. according to a process applicable by the States.”

    Now, regarding Progressives’ views towards the black community: the “intellectuals” who adhere to this movement have, for the past 100 years, written extensively on the need to wipe out not only the “sub-human” black race, but the eastern European races as well. I find it difficult to believe that anyone who has studied Progressive political philosophy has not bothered to read Hegel’s “Philosophy of History” as it maps out the Progressives’ views regarding which races are worth cultivating and which races are worth eradicating. Hegel, who is the father of Progressive political thought, makes it perfectly clear that the Teutonic & Anglican races are superior and anyone whose origins stem from the African continent ought to be eradicated. (Thus, we see the origins of Progressive-minded Margret Sanger’s abortion clinics which, of course, are primarily located in urban centers.)

    Progressive political thought poisoned our country’s illustrious beginnings shortly after its founding–which we see demonstrated in the writings of John C. Calhoun–who thoroughly embraced Hegel’s teachings. So, in hind sight, it is not all that difficult to understand how the Southern States separated from the Northern states in terms of political philosophy given Hegel’s poisonous influence. This influence of viewing Africans as “semi-humans” has strongly infiltrated American political thought since the 1840’s and stems from Progressive political theory, not from our Founding fathers–who, time and time again, expressed an ardent sympathy with those who were reduced to a state of slavery. (See T. Jefferson’s first draft of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the Essex Result, 1778 etc.,.)

    For those of you who wish a more comprehensive list of our Founding Fathers views on slavery and/or Progressive writings on race, please ask; I will be happy to provide a comprehensive bibliography.

    Anyway, I hope that this clarifies some points.


    Paige Barent

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