Crash of Biblical Proportions Coming in 2016-Bo Polny

Bo Polny Photo ORIGINALBy Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release)

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says don’t bet on the U.S. dollar or the stock market to hold their value in 2016. Polny contends, “The dollar is going down with the stock market.  It did in December of 2015.  It did in August of 2015, and the dollar is falling right now again.  As soon as the stock market gets started to the downside, the dollar is going to go with it again.  So, the dollar is going to go down with the stock market with this next meltdown.  What’s going to end up happening when they hit the cycle low is what they did the last low (2009) and had QE 3.  Guess what, that’s going to mean (in the next crash) QE 4.  Then, that will mean they will be printing money like crazy.  Let’s say there is a 20% drop on the dollar, even 10%.  Everybody goes to sell the bonds.  If the 10-year is only giving 1.7% yield, if the dollar drops 10%, they are losing 8%.  If the dollar drops 20%, they are losing 18%.  So, all these countries will be losing on billions or trillions of dollars of bonds, and then you will get a fire sale on bonds. Everyone will be dumping the bonds because they will be trying to get rid of them as fast as possible.  That is what’s going to happen when they announce QE 4.”

How long will the stock market take to bottom in the next crash? At some point, the stock market will “walk off a cliff.” According to Polny, “It will go straight down . . . Yes. . . . I want to educate the world as to what I see because this is important.  What’s coming is Biblical.  People need to understand this.  This is not going to be a 1,000 or 2,000 point crash.  What’s coming is going to be world changing.  It’s going to come quick and fast, and what is going to rise out of the ashes is gold and silver.  If you don’t have it, you are going to have a big problem.”

Polny says the time it takes the stock market to hit bottom from its prior top is getting shorter. The 2007 top to the 2009 bottom in the stock market took a little less than two years.  The latest top happened in July of 2015, and Polny says this top to bottom crash will take half the time of the last crash.  Polny predicts, “The next bottom will happen between now and this coming August. . . . This is going to be Biblically bad . . . . You are going to have a day where the Dow might drop 4,000 points . . . the next turn is going to be a crash low, and that’s supposed to come in the next few months.  Being long in the market is crazy.  We keep having lower highs. . . . Being long in the market is extremely dangerous.”

Polny closed by pointing out, “The reason for the crash will be because gold and silver will be exploding higher. That is going to create a huge derivative issue.  That, then in turn, triggers the collapse and the meltdown of the stock market.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with cycle analyst Bo Polny of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Bo Polny says there is a lot of free information on the site. It you need Polny’s specific dates for trading, you can become a subscriber by clicking here.



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  1. Craig Bradley


    Phony Baloney. HARRY Dent says exactly the same thing. Get Attention, drum-up some fear, sell gold. Not buying it today. Sorry.

    • Ross

      Harry Dent however says gold will fall to $700 oz. Harry says that gold is not money and will only rise in an inflationary environment. Harry says the US $ will be the safe haven.
      Well gold and silver fulfil more than the requirements for money. They are a store of wealth, divisible, compact , portable and a medium of exchange. Our current fiat money is not a store of wealth. It has lost 98% of its value since 1913.
      Harry Dent also fails to realise that we have never been here and this inflation of all assets is global. There are few assets left that have not been over inflated. Harry says gold is in a bubble. How can this be so when the retail price is near the costs of production ? Even in a deflationary environment people are looking for safe havens to put their money. How can the US $ be a safe haven when the very basis of its value ie petrol and trade is being eroded by countries fleeing the US $ ? Farmland and precious metals are some of the few assets that are not over valued. Harry’s predictions on gold are defying all logic.

      • John FX

        Let all stocks fall and crash 50% now .

        It is time to let all stocks Fall 50% ,
        So we can buy them 50% cheaper .

        Sell , sell and sell from May onwards ….

        Let all stocks fall deepen .
        Let the stocks Crash begin ..
        Let there be Sellings against every rally from now on…

        Let the Bear conquer the bull .
        Let the stubborn bull exhausted and fainted .

        Let there be multiple Crashes for global stocks :
        Asian stocks ,
        European stocks ,
        U.S. stocks , etc ….

        Let all stocks Fall deep and hard now .

        It will be good to see multiple crashes :
        $SPX crash to 1700 – 1600 – 1500….etc
        Dow Jones crash to 14,000 – 12,000 – 10,000 , etc.

        The Faster the Crash, the better ,
        so the stocks will be cheaper n cheaper .
        Then we will buy the dip cheap .

        Let them Fall ,
        Let them fall freely .
        Let them dive deeper and deeper .

        Don’t delay the crashes ,
        don’t withhold the fall any more ..

    • Scott Miller


      Thanks for writing that. Felt like there wasn’t anyone willing to write it.

      Here, some take shots at you for expressing what you stated.

      Good for you!


  2. Smaulgld

    Gold was down “in the rest of the world” in March so his call was wrong . Gold held its own against the dollar in march only because the dollar cratered

  3. Tim

    “…You are going to have a day where the Dow might drop 4,000 points…”

    That’s not going to happen. They would halt trading before the Dow could drop that much in one day.

    Don’t misunderstand me, Greg. I believe that we’re headed for another crisis, one that the central banks won’t be able to “fix”. I also agree that gold and silver are the only way to preserve wealth. But I don’t have much confidence in your guest’s predictions. As a Christian, I believe Mr. Polny is a Christian who has good intentions, but he doesn’t have a good track record.

    • Greg Hunter

      Surprisingly, Rickards and Polny made a few of the exact same big points. Watch and see Wednesday.

      • jim c.

        Greg its not fair to compare polny to rickards, that is a down grade to jim rickards. Polny is not even in the same league.

        • Greg Hunter

          Jim C.
          They have come to the same conclusions. That you will know when you see Rickards he’s on Wednesday.

          • PriceCollarsAlready


            There are price collars (Gold:Aurum, Silver: Argentum) already instituted on the COMEX. Please kindly remind everyone.

      • Gil G.

        While I agree that Polny has been wrong on his gold calls going on three years, this time around he may be correct. If you follow the Ichimoku cloud method of trading there is a hugely powerful set-up on the weekly chart falling into place. This set-up is like a nuclear explosion. Should it follow through and fall into place the ensuing break out will be stunning.

        • Greg Hunter

          Gil G.
          I put him on the spot and he admitted he was wrong. I don’t think he’s wrong now–I agree.

    • JMiller


      The DOW could drop 4,000 points in one day.

    • frederick

      Tim that sir is an understatement thank you

  4. Ross

    Good question Greg about market manipulation by the bankers. It has never been this great in our history, so Bo is a brave man making predictions to the exact day.

    Many people are now reaching the same conclusions about the demise of our economies. QE4 will not inspire confidence and far more people since 2008 are now aware of what’s really happening. Wall St detached from the real economy decades ago and now the latter is in tatters. The collapse will last for years because the development of industry and education is a slow process.

    Unless the power of money creation is returned to the people, real prosperity and freedom may never happen. Real prosperity is having time to spend with your family and savings for your future without being debt slaves to this evil system.

  5. freebreezer

    Greg, If possible, keep Rickards on for as long as possible … he is an incredible wealth of information per almost all subjects economics and world affairs. I have read all his books and an hour + would be fantastic! And if possible, again, his take on Ukraine and Syria is a must ask! Thanks!

  6. gregd

    Yes, its suppose to crash in June, July, August, and even if it was, can’t the Fed just manipulate us out of it? At least that’s what he’ll say when it doesn’t drop. He’ll say the Fed jumped in and bought the market.
    And by the way, isn’t it true, the Fed can buy the entire market like the Bank of Japan has done? They (Japan)haven’t been hurt by this manipulation. And by hurt, I mean, there has been no price to pay for that specific act, no crash.
    Perhaps Japan was the test, like Cyprus was for bail ins.

    • Scott Miller


      Thank you as well. Amazing to read these ideas. Wonder why all of the sudden 2 comments that show the opposing viewpoint.

      The site is better for it.


  7. Paul

    Greg, another fascinating interview with Bo. Kudo’s for challenging him on some of his past calls yet in fairness to Bo he faced your tough questioning with remarkable class. Wonder if you could get some Fed Governors or better yet Fed Chairwoman Yellen to come on the show and explain their past calls! While for some Bo’s predictions/calculations may seem somewhat “pie-in-the sky” or “chicken-little” sounding, I think he may be more pragmatic than we think. Afterall Greg Manninaro, Michael Belkin, Rob Kirby, John Emery , Eric Sprott and a host of others are in the same camp as Bo The difference is Bo has put timelines on the financial demise. Biblical prophesy for the unwise brings condemnation; for the wise salvation. Only time will prove Bo right or wrong. If he is wrong, no one will care and the bashers will have their day of fun and ridicule. IF he is right- things are about get very very frightening! NOW is a time for chosing. Many thanks and look forward to your interview with Jim Rickards.

  8. Vince Shook

    All the points discussed in this interview are also supported by the following recent article on Here is just a portion of that article:

    “Regional Economies.

    The USA:

    Summary of statistics for 2015:

    Decreasing: GDP, tax receipts, housing starts, corporate earnings and CAPEX, exports, dollar hegemony, ‘petro-dollar,’ military capability, household income/consumption, vehicle sales, productivity, wealth, water, gold ‘reserves,’ food production, water, birth-rate, hope. Some ‘recovery,’ Mr. Obama.

    Increasing: Debt (federal, state and municipal government, personal and ‘student.’), debt service, inflation, US$ devaluation, government spending, wage disparity, welfare/entitlements/food stamps, unemployment, ‘money printing,’ corruption, financial/banking fraud, trade and budget deficits, taxes, college tuition, infrastructure decay, poverty, drought, hunger, guns ownership, social disorder, crime, government/bank manipulations in all markets (incl. algorithmic ‘trading!’)


    1. No government data have been used in the above summation. Severe credibility gap, to put it mildly.

    2. No markets; currency, bond, precious metals, or stock, can be relied on due to constant, heavy, government/bank manipulation/corruption. Too Big To Fail has now apparently become Too Big To Jail.

    3. There is no means of rescuing an economy that is 70% consumption, with vast debt and unemployment, no industry, accelerating growth in entitlements, and no mo money. Say Good Night, Uncle Sam, the party’s over!

    Watch: The dying dollar and revaluation/default (perhaps a re-issue as a new ‘dollar.’), loss of dollar reserve currency status, Bond market (partic. 10-yr. yields.), derivatives/bank failures/bank runs, ‘bail-ins,’ food stamp levels, Hillary Clinton, shrinkage of entitlements, Donald Trump, loss of personal freedoms/rights, ‘terrorism’/false flag incidents, social disorder; the militarization of the police forces and the DHS grows apace; the camps and trains are ready.

    Fund implications: The economy, and the dollar are now being ‘Marked to Market’ and are clearly sinking.

    Short markets/dollar; long precious metals/stocks (espec. silver.).”

  9. Lane

    Hey Greg,

    Perhaps you should not have had Bo do this interview as he did not do himself a favour. You seemed not too sure about his explanations which is understandable. I do believe he is correct about “higher lows”. This is very clear if one watches metal prices. We now live in a time where no one -the masses – really understand what’s happening (too many missing puzzle pieces) and paradigms have changed. Bo should stop doing interviews for a while.

    When are you going to have Jim Willie, Nomi Prinz , Lauren Moret, and Jim Rickards?

  10. andyb

    Greg: You don’t need charts, graphs and other Technical Analysis, especially in an infinitely rigged market (news flash! TA doesn’t work in the current Ponzi), to see that the US economy is heading for a massive disruption and that the DOW will be the canary. After all, as John Williams has pointed out, all government economic numbers are disinformation propaganda, especially employment, GDP and inflation. Notice how positive ISM numbers always get revised lower. Corporate earnings have been boosted by internal financial engineering and stock buybacks. As with the TBTF banks, there are many entities that are technically bankrupt, especially in energy, finance and transportation, 3 of the most important segments of the economy. And, we all know from Rob Kirby that the only reason the stock market is hovering around 18,000 are the purchases by the ESF.

    That being said, Polny’s overall thesis is valid, but the facts that support it are right in front of our eyes; we certainly don’t need his TA to understand this. Sorry for being critical, Greg, but Technical Analysis of our highly fraudulent and manipulated markets is relatively worthless.

    • dave

      This is exactly how i feel. Everything is rigged. So it all falls apart in one of two ways.
      1.They want it to fall apart because they have it shorted.
      2.It gets completely out of hand and they lose control.

      They will just QE this to infinity. Isn’t that communism? The state owns all of the means of production. So the Fed will buy all the bonds to prevent a crash. The Fed will buy all the stocks to prevent a crash. The Fed will manipulate everything to prevent a crash. Meanwhile, in the real world it just keeps getting worse in the real economy. Even the Soviet Union lasted for a long time.

  11. allen ols

    I went to shoneys breakfast bar and filled the large container jammed full of bacon only, ‘crammed full’. then gravey in other round small container/w..broken biscuit, then eggs/hash browns in square container.
    So from now on I will swing by load all three containers ‘jammed’ full of bacon only and wrap it in freezer paper and freeze it. What a steal, total fee, $9.86 per carry out. 🙂

    • allen ols

      greg; below is rick wiles interview with Jim Rickards on I m f, sdr, g 20

      • allen ols

        ooops, jc informed me u will have Jim Rickards wed. as u can see I mostly read your stuff and only listen occasionally, so I didn’t hear u say Rickards would be on wed. line up. lol I enjoy reading reams of info and would rather not listen to interviews, but I DO LISTEN TO MANY. HA. I get much more info from reading u stuff. al

    • JC Davis

      Allen seeing that bacon cost 6.11 a pound. You had right at a pound cooked, along with the other food you saved more then 5 dollars. Shoneys has a good deal on carry out.
      Most meats are pumped full of water to give weight.


      Well said. It only takes common sense, but that’s what most people seem to be lacking!

  12. Tee

    Bo has very interesting charts , very good however trying to predict the future with the Bible is impossible because Gods says no one knows the day nor the hour. And one thing I know for sure Gods Jubilee year does not end in December .He needs to study the Hebrew calendar up one side and down the other And how about that Greg my spelling is getting better HA HA

  13. Greetings from England

    Decay marks the end of every cycle. Despite this, the powers that benefited from the dying system will try to prop it up indefinitely. In doing so, however, they seek to defy the power of equilibrium (the point of balance around which existence fluctuates), which in this case is embodied by the free market.

    The system has a life of its own – Its aim? To self-perpetuate.
    The problem with people predicting a financial meltdown and investing accordingly is that they are taking a position against a system which can digitally create currency ad infinitum, in order to prolong its existence. This is an unprecedented state of affairs, so no one can predict how or when it will end with any certainty.

  14. Jerry

    I find your story head ” Crash of Biblical Proportions” somewhat prophetic.
    Do you know what is scheduled to happen on April 19th? Hint…no I’m not talking about the Chinese Gold Benchmark, even though that appears to be timed with this event to. I’m talking about the completion of the temple of Baal on Times Square in New York City.

    For those that need a Biblical refresher course go to II Kings 1:3 –
    But the angel of the lord said unto Elijah the Tishbite, arise and go up to meet the messengers of the King of Samaria and say unto them, it is not because there is not a God in Israel that ye go to inquire of Baal-zebub the God of Ekron.

    In essence a shrine to Satan is being unveiled in one of the worlds major economic nerve centers at bout the same time the Chinese are pulling back the curtain on their golden calf. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but if history truly does repeat itself, all hell is about to break loose.

    • WD


      You need to watch this interview with Jeff Nielson…he points out the gold fix that China & Russia are moving towards. He talks about the ” Last Crash” that we wont be able to come out of. On his website he mentions that China’s ghost cities have nearly 750 million people ready to fill them. He basically states exactly what you have said about China gold fix.

      Jerry I put him up there with “V” guerrilla economist….Jerry this is amust watch especially for you.

      Take care…

      • Jerry

        Thanks WD.
        I totally agree with Jeff Nielson. Even market manipulation can’t stop what’s coming. Most people live in a complete state of denial because of normality bias.

      • Jerry

        I listened to Jeff’s video again. Predicting something that has never happened before in recorded history is next to impossible to do. But I totally agree with his timetable based on the information I have seen. This thing could end a thousand different ways. As a rule I tend to follow history and say that “panic” will lead the way. What exposes the fraud first will most likely come when gold is re-priced in about two weeks. Anytime the rules of the game are changed, somebody always gets eliminated. And then it starts.

      • Clare Doll

        To you and of course Greg for hosting this site, my sincerest thanks for the post to Jeff Nielson’s interview. This interview is nothing short of Brilliant!

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Jerry, it’s a single arch gateway, not a whole temple. No need to exaggerate. Also, Baal is a title that translates to “lord”, not a deity name. Ekron isn’t anywhere near Palmyra, and 2 Kings 1:3 refers to a different deity.

      • Jerry

        In Matthew 12:27, Jesus calls Satan “Beelzebub,” linking the devil to Baal-Zebub, a Philistine deity (2 Kings 1:2). The Baalim of the Old Testament were nothing more than demons masquerading as gods, and all idolatry is ultimately devil-worship (1 Corinthians 10:20).

        Question- What does a “gateway” symbolize? In the arch is the “keystone”. What does a “key” do? All religion whether Christian, Jewish, or Satanic has representations in symbolism. It is not just architecture any more than the temple in Jerusalem is a pile of rock.

    • Jerry

      For those that have ears. Let them hear. For those that have eyes. Let them see.

  15. Dale

    Blah, Blah, Blah!!! Bo says that the markets were down everywhere except USA & China. Well that’s the 2 biggest World Markets. That is huge!!! Especially when he is talking to mostly Americans on a a site called USA Watchdog .com. BTW Canada is another Country were the markets were up in March. I don’t watch the World markets but I’m guessing there were other markets that were up as well. If he keeps changing his dates , he will eventually be right.

    Thanks for the tough questions Greg!!!

    • frederick

      Turkish stock market has absolutely been on fire since Mr Yellens dovish talk

  16. Greetings from England

    A debt jubilee is necessary in order to re-balance money with debt levels.
    Currency is issued as a debt-
    So debt grows at a faster rate than money supply due to interest on the debt, leaving more debt than money to repay it! The only way to regain the balance is by allowing debtors to default on creditors (in the case of Greece etc). However, in doing so the banking system would collapse as debt is held as an asset. This is the catch 22 situation our debt based financial system inevitably finds itself in: do you allow debt to grow exponentially forever or do you wipe out the value of debt-based assets held by the banks, pension funds etc. causing systemic collapse?

    • Out to Sea

      “A debt jubilee is necessary in order to re-balance money with debt levels.”
      “So debt grows at a faster rate than money supply due to interest on the debt, leaving more debt than money to repay it! ”
      At some point, these “thinking” creatures are going to have to make an adjustment to their “currency.”
      If the banks are bankrupt get rid of them. Bail out the citizens deposits, retirements accounts, pensions with debt free money. Put up Public Banks to hold the funds of the “bailed out” PEOPLE
      Human Beings can do anything, this country can be prosperous. Then, continue to issue debt free currency, maybe to fund highways, in a yearly amount equal to [Total Debt Issued for the year-Money Supply Issued for the year] to keep the system in balance.
      There, fixed it

  17. Mark

    I fave followed Bo for some time now. He is more wrong than right.
    I beg of you… Please get Bob Rinear on for an interview. I have followed his news letters for some time and he has a lot to say.

  18. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg…you are truly brave to have Mr Poiny on your show….given his predictions last fall. I’m reminded that a casino can -over time, pretty well predict its earnings, since it is all wrapped up in statistics that ring true over enuf throws of the dice….and if the earnings DON’T , then the Casino knows someone is either rigging the table, or siphoning off the cash. That’s my problem with these ‘chartists’, since we know the casino is rigged, how can we rely on stats based on a fair game?
    As for MR Poiny, his explanation for last falls mis-read …..
    hmmmm…what happens to Bo’s explanation if one doesn’t buy into ‘Jubilee year’?
    Keep up the good work Greg, i am an enthusiastic follower of your interviews.

  19. Jeremy

    Always interesting guests Greg. Rarely do I agree with everything that they say, but you always treat them with respect and humility.

  20. Peter

    I really like Bo’s technical analysis of the stock market. His theory will be proven wrong however if the stock market goes higher from here to any significant degree. However, if it starts to drop then he called it exactly right. We will know very soon and I hope his analysis is correct, since I’ve bet against stocks. If the stock market starts turning lower I will quickly buy gold, but I’m not doing anything until it turns.

  21. Max Meister

    Yes, every chart of either the S&P 500, dow jones or even the Wilshire 5000 points to a mayor top from which there is significant downward potential. So far it hasn’t materialized though. We have to wait and see what is going to happen during spingtime. Markets will most probably go lower as they usually do during vacation season. How much lower, i don’t know. If the stockmarket would take a nosedife, it would most probably take the PMs with it, as investors need to stay liquid. They will sell their PM holdings in order to stay liquid. That’s what they always do when they are taking losses in the stockmarket.

  22. uma

    Ask Bo what he is taking.
    He bulges eyes, touching nose in a strange way, balance problems
    and talks qick and strange stuff and sees patterns …..
    Must be good stuff

  23. FC

    I hope his right about gold and silver, because there seems to be no difference between his precious metals and stock market graphs, where they are all hitting new lower highs.

  24. pat the rat

    You have these kids that have been here 15 16 17 years, they are illegal . Three years military service would give citizenship to these kids ,and take most of the spainish vote from Clinton. star ship trooper

  25. john duffy

    Is there such a thing as Islamphobia?

  26. Darren

    Thanks for another great interview Greg…..Put him on again sometime in the Summer. I’m not sold on all the charts and graphs. Too many variables involved( Fed manipulation, Terrorist attcks, Natural Disaster’s, etc…)however there are way to many voices that are all pointing to a CATACLYSMIC COLLAPSE!!! I just keep paying ahead on my utility accounts, stocking away food, buying extra supplies when they are on sale(first aid supplies, medicines, extra clothes). Really think the more I hear, from all of your guest’s, we are going to be in for a terrible October 16′-March 17′ . I think if things are not reset in all area’s…….It won’t matter how much folks have stocked away.. Game over for a lot of folks. Still thinking through Gold and Silver…Vendors will not be able to give back proper change on purchases if paper currency is devalued to nothing. Keep looking up…..Darren

  27. Laura

    Thanks for a fantastic interview to both Greg and Bo! I’m taking Bo’s advice to listen a second time. So it looks like gold and silver are the places to be now.

    My question is, for how long will PM be holding value? I’m sure at some point near the end of the collapse, it’ll be time to reposition into something else, what do you think it’ll be?

    This week, I listened to this interview on Trunews and wanted to share:

    Here’s a link to Rick Wiles’ interview w/ Jim Richards. Bullet points on the webpage, but I encourage ppl to listen to the whole interview. Here are a few points,

    “A secret meeting occurred in Shanghai on Feb. 26th between Janet Yellen (US Fed), Christine Lagarde (IMF head), Mario Draghi (ECB head), Jack Lew (U.S. Secretary of the Treasury), and all their central bank and finance ministry counterparts from Japan, China, Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa.

    During this meeting, a deal was struck — which he has named the Shanghai Accord — because of its similarities to the famous Plaza Accord of 1985, which was the last major central banker backed operation to detonate the US dollar.

    Keep eyes on upcoming central bankers meeting in Washington D.C. on April 13.”


    Take Care!

    • Laura

      Apologies Greg. I, too, didn’t hear u say you’d have JR on soon. I posted this link because I recognized they both are saying similar events are upcoming.

      Thanks for all your hard work and perseverance!

  28. Brandon W

    Meh….I get skeptical when people start tossing out exact dates and weeks etc. No one is a fortune teller. No one can predict the future.
    I give you credit Greg for brining on those whom provide different opinions…I can’t wait for Jim Rickards coming up!

    Thank You!

  29. Country Codger

    Dear Greg and Mr. Polny,
    I do not know what the 2020 in your blog means could you explain that? Also, Mr. Polny, do you know where you are in the cycle of cycles?

    There are 120 cycles ((Gen. 6:3; years = shawneh – Strong’s H8141)) and you are now in the 119th cycle. Beginning Aviv 1 of 2016 is (was) the beginning of the Sabbatical year, not the false Shemitah pushed by Pastor Cahn. YHWH’s calendar begins in Aviv (Spring not the fall). That is why nothing happened according to Pastor Cahn’s reckoning.

    If my calculations are correct ((I hope they are not)) we enter the Biblical war cycle Spring of 2017, America will no longer be a political entity by 2024, with a mortality rate of greater than 90%. It gets worse during the next sabbatical cycle, much worse.

    Remember, YHWH’s year is from Aviv 1 to Aviv 1 NOT Elul 29 or any other date. Also, the last Jubilee year was 1996 ((check and see what year Osama bin Laden declared war on America.))

    Thank you,

  30. randy0302

    Serious people do not take Bo Polny seriously. He has been screaming crash imminent for years.
    Some day we will all be right together. So far Bo is 0 for 1000………

    • tulip


    • Myron Martin

      What Bo has pointed out in previous interviews is that the Jewish calendar is just as inaccurate as our current Gregorian calendar by pointing out that Passover according to the Jewish calendar was not in sync with the barley harvest in Israel, The Jewish calendar is actually just a rehash of the Babylonian calendar and is based on just as many pagan and nan created elements as the Gregorian. The Jews were in Babylonian captivity when they switched from a 10 day week to a 7 day week and they pragmatically “went along to get along” and declared the 7th day of that revised Babylonian week as THEIR Sabbath, but it not the Biblical Sabbath. The Creators calendar is not based on one circuit of the earth around the sun which is elliptical, out is based on first of all on the harvest seasons in Israel and a specific number of weeks that varies in a 7 year and Jubilee cycle. For Biblical prophecy to be accurate each year must start on day one and end on a Sabbath. The simple truth is that like all societies the Jews have been deceived by unfaithful leaders, (see book ofJeremiah and believe Rev. 12:9 (the whole world is deceived). The biblical “Holy Days have been corrupted into man made holidays that are not biblically sanctioned, prime example EASTER (derived from the pagan goddess Ishtar) which does not even belong in the Bible. The one reference is derived from the Greek “Pasha” which refers to Passover which the Jews self admittedly changed from the the 14th day of the first month to the 15th. The spring Holy Days sanctioned by the Bible are the Sabbath on the 7th day and the second “High Day; is the 14th (2nd Sabbath) and the 3rd is the 21t known as the “Last Day” (of unleavened bread) all of which have prophetic significance as do the fall Holy aays which starts on the 1st day of the 7th month, as a Sabbath and follows through with the Sabbath on the 8th on which the sanctuary is to be cleansed and then the High Days are the 15th and the 22nd the start of the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. Once again, for Jubilee’s to be accurate, for the Holy Day cycle to be accurate, the length of years will vary according to the elliptical cycle of the earth around the sun with each year starting on a :First Day and ending on a Sabbath on the 7th day. The Jewish calendar like the Gregorian “and any other man made calendars for that matter, are simply not biblically accurate. It makes no sense for a year to start in the dead of winter or for that matter, a 24 hr. cycle to begin at sunset which is the ENDING of a day (light) any more than beginning a day in the dead of night as the Gregorian calendar does. After all, what does the commonly used term, “DAYBREAK” mean if not the beginning of a new day which by extension means a 24 hr, cycle requires the addition of night before a new daybreak with DAWN being the brief time when the darkness of night gives way until the sun breaches the horizon, to begin a new day and completes the 24 hr, cycle. Elementary my dear Watson! Hopr the above helps explain WHY Bo though on the right track has been wrong because he relies on the Jewish calendar which is pagan derived just like the Gregorian.

  31. Greetings from England

    Chinese exports plunge 25% in February

    At $17.419 trillion, the United States boasts the largest economy in the world and is China’s largest trading partner. Last year the total value of bilateral trade between the two countries was $590.4 billion, with U.S. imports from China valued at $466.7 billion and U.S. exports to China valued at $123.7 billion.

    Reading between the lines, if China’s exports are plummeting and America is its biggest trading partner can America’s economy really be growing?

    • Greetings from England

      come to that how can China’s still be expanding?

  32. Pastor Rod FLash

    Thanks, again, Greg for another great guest……
    WOW………………the stock market is going to sleep walk off a 12000 point cliff before Halloween of this year!

  33. Todd

    Greg, Great interview! I also believe we are seeing a collapse of biblical per portions. I believe it started on the shemitah in 2015 an will crash in a big way in this the year of jubilee. I believe we are in biblical times. I believe that America has turned from God. Everyone around me thinks I’m nuts. No body is willing to look into what I am saying. America now lives in a politically correct la la land. America has gone from producing half the worlds goods to consuming much more than we produce. Our federal government went from about 4% of GDP to basically control of the world. The constitution was written to keep the federal government very small and derive power from the people. We have lost our republic. This is very heart breaking. People have become filled with pride. No one wants to hear the truth. I hate to say it but I believe we are living in a time o f reset. God our Father is in control. The stone is rolling forth that will crush all earthy kingdoms. I believe this is the only way people will turn back to the one true God and recognize the truth again. May God be with all those who put there trust in Him I pray. Todd Adair

    • art barnes

      Todd, your not alone out there in your beliefs. I believe America is not gong to play a big role in end times, and, in that regard I see America slipping from world power to allow another nation/empire/culture to take that role. Christian decline, Debt, entitlements, fiat money printing, political correctness among many others simply won’t allow a nation to continue on top. Watching America under Obama slowing turning away from Israel & warming up to Islam is end times telling. a

  34. James Hastings

    As a christian. I’m ready for him to be right. 🙂

    • art barnes

      James America is slipping from world dominance, its relevance to control events is telling, and, as a Christian America has been judged and came up wanting. The new religion of political correctness has sealed its coffin. Wrong is right, right is wrong, the last days here we are.

      • R B

        The only thing that will stop us from sacrificing our little ones to the gods of this world by abortion,is total destruction. Atomic or astronomical it is coming ,God have mercy on us. RB

      • diane s.

        Art, I think it’s called the Luciferic inversion.

  35. Red

    Greg, I liked the last Bo interview …this one was fantastic…I don’t know why people
    expect guys like Bo , GM etc to give them exact directional forecasts…you know it’s like i’ve this horse running in 5th at Kentucky …geeeesh …no doubt the trolls will be out for Bo again… topic but is there a chance Trump is the “Snowden” of the
    “fix”? I think he could be. Trump might be a once in centuries’ opportunity for Americans. One thing I do think is if they try to get rid of him. I don’t think any of the cronies or their families’ will have a safe place in the US to live…it resembles so much the story of Julius Caesar so much (he was an aristocrat..the plebs worshipped him as a god& he loved them for that) Personally i think the Rubicon has been crossed & those that conspire will end up like Brutus & Antony…

  36. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Not one of Mr. Polny’s more coherent interviews. He was too excitable to follow properly. Not to be snarky, but did he not take some meds? Or did he take too many meds? Looking forward to seeing Jim Rickards’ interview.

    • tulip

      I didn’t think he was incoherent. Actually, it was a good interview.
      He was very confident.
      He’s just been saying gold blast off for much too long…without the result/
      Rickards has been repeating the same theme for yrs now.
      Perhaps it is all theatre…

  37. Petedivine

    Bo is trying to predict the future…tricky business. I wouldn’t invest on the info, but I do enjoy these interviews. Thanks Greg. Excellent stuff.

    • diane s.

      It’s pretty difficult to predict the future..probably impossible since it hasn’t happened yet.

  38. Oxfarmer

    Well, well, an expert after My own heart! GET…OUT…WHILE…YOU…CAN!!! Polney is right that the interval between historic highs and lows is getting shorter.

    Trump was quoted this week that ‘he knew those wall street guys’ and clearly did not trust them. When has a public, political figure ever dared to say anything like that?

    In 2008 I held stock. My gut and the experts I trusted made me feel uneasy. It was late on a Friday, I was just back from a trip, not really in the mood to think of liquidating my holdings. But the feeling persisted. I asked if we could sell and my broker, uncharacteristically, said, yes. Monday it was a bloodbath.

    • Russ McMeans

      I sold my house around the same date too.
      Looking back, I was very lucky.

  39. Rock

    I think we are in Biblical times as well, meaning that I think we are seeing the pieces of God’s Divine Plan coming together very quickly and cohesively on the puzzle board. Just the way He has told us it shall be in the end times. Be alert and stay ready to meet The Lord.
    Great interview Greg. Thank you again for your fine work.

  40. keith

    Bo Pnlny… should be called Bull Honkey!

  41. Mad Max's

    Marcia Armstrong 04/02/2016 • From Greg’s Last Post;
    By what miracle has Trump suddenly become completely selfless, with only the nation’s [middle class] interest at heart?

    Marcia please go back and read, Paul 04/02/2016 • The next comment after yours, where Paul begins; Hillary’s past misdeeds is just a small taste of what is to come …

    Marcia We are witnessing a seeming miracle in America with the rise of Donald Trump’s movement which is exposing the extreme exploitation of the middle class and the ongoing attempt to make America go extinct.

    On the way to America’s Armageddon, someone through a monkey wrench into the political fracas and America started paying attention, in big, very big numbers. And that monkey wrench is named Donald J. Trump. The Trump phenomenon is beginning to spread across the planet. Did you see that 3.5 million protesters are taking to the streets in Brazil?

    The Rising Consciousness of the Oppressed Is No Surprise to Social Psychologists

    Marcia were sick of war, were the ones who’ve spilt the blood for nothing in these 21st. century neo-con boondoggle’s for US hegemony through regime change. At least Donald say’s if were going to have to die for in future were going to get something for it! And Marcia ask yourself what will we get from world war three? Hillary and her neo-con bud’s are very desperate to prove we can win a first strike against Russia. Do you want that? We haven’t heard much about Vladimir Putin lately have we? Trump is the new demon on the block! Deal With It.

  42. WD


    A look at the “Pension Crisis”

    1. 4oo,ooo people just had their pensions cut by 50%….anyone could be next.

    If the market goes down then these pensions have a huge problem as so much of their assets are invested in the market.
    Could this be a major reason why they are trying to keep the market artificially inflated?

    Just about every European is on some type of pension….

    • Greg Hunter

      One word comes to mind–depression and the next word–war.

  43. George Mubarek

    You are kidding me right. Blow Phony? Again? I did not even listen. By chance, did he Apologize? Oh I thought not. He never does!

    • Scott

      Ummm… maybe listen to the interview before jumping to conclusions?

      Just a thought… cheers…

    • Dale

      You made the right choice. Save yourself the time.

  44. Sharona

    But Friday the market went up, that throws this interview and charts invalid.

  45. Rejean Martel

    WOW !!!!!!! That really hit the spot, real honest interview !!!
    Thank You Mr. Hunter for all your great work…. Really appreciated. Always looking forward to read your great site…. and great comments from your readers…..
    Thank You much !!!!!

  46. Dennis

    Greg, At about the 21:30 mark, when your asking about interest rates etc. Bo keeps talking about the cycle. I’m not trying to speak for him, but I’m thinking he’s meaning this is spiritual. What ever Yellen does or say, or anybody else for that matter,, is being done at the proding of God. Bo doesn’t say that, but I’m wondering if that isn’t what he means. Much of what we do and say, even though it seems like its ”us” 100% actually isn’t. Just my take. I could be very wrong.

  47. glen

    Bo Polny has been wrong on his most important predictions which concerned the price of gold. Especially his first prediction where he said gold would reach 2000 dollars in 2014. Bo would have been famous had he been correct. He is now infamous for not being correct and does not a lot of notice now a days. I think it was fantastic that Gregg asked him to explain these failed predictions. Bo did not explain them well. Why should anyone take him seriously now? I am glad Gregg at least asked this man to explain what happened even if the explanation was not acceptable. Bo Polny just keeps moving the goal posts forward when he is wrong about gold and silver prices and where they are going in the future. Bo is interesting but his cycle’s analysis is not something to take seriously. Or, to pay money for.

  48. Andy

    I appriciate your great interviews and I enjoy these so much except this one. I have been subscriber to Bo’s services and my experience is not that great. He always comes up with reasoning.

    Jubilee year? Seriously? If he is wrkng this time he would say something like this. “Oh, No. Look at Chinese This was a year of Monkey. Monkey bounces here and there so does gold.” Also did you seriously understand that simple formula he was talking about? (Listen to him around 25:20 timeframe) 7 x 7 = 49 years and add extra years. I’ve heard simlilar formulas from Bo many times. I can come up with one 7 x 7 is 49 add year of monkey to it. Total comes to 50. Five and zero add it together total is 5+0=5. Crrent month is April add 5 months to it, we get to August. Wholaaa…. My goodness.

    My point is markets will crash or make new highs but not on Bo’s terms 🙂


    • David S

      this is really funny:

      “I’ve heard simlilar formulas from Bo many times. I can come up with one 7 x 7 is 49 add year of monkey to it. Total comes to 50. Five and zero add it together total is 5+0=5. Crrent month is April add 5 months to it, we get to August. Wholaaa…. My goodness.”

      Interesting to see what rickards says, hes a way more serious commentator than Bo, its insulting rickards actually. Rickards seems to be a big fan of Saudi Arabia as well and always dismisses 9/11 conspiracy theories. always parrots on as well that russia invaded ukraine etc so follows the CIA party line.

  49. SilverHawk

    Like listening to a used car salesman. Still can’t get his silver predictions right. Death cross, flag, pennant, pom POM’s…
    Pick a pack of fire crackers
    Siss boom bam,
    Bo Pony Bo Pony
    Rah rah rah

  50. Linda L.

    Mr. Polny is heavy on trends and cycles with a sprinkling of biblical references that he may be taking out of context. How’s it possible now to rely solely on trends and cycles when there’s so much manipulation/downright criminal activity taking place? The real point that Mr. Polly made that I agree with is that it isn’t smart to go long investing in the stock market and gold will most likely go up at some point and everything else, including timing, well who knows. Thank you Greg.

  51. Dave


    Bill Holter commented on march 30th that “the Chinese physical gold market goes live on april 19th, do you think COMEX will be able to overpower this?” (his words)

  52. Scott

    Wow. Painful to sit through.

    This guy is nuts.

    • Greg Hunter

      I just interview best-selling author Jim Rickards and these two (Polny and Rickards) made some of the exact same big points. Like the market could drop 4,000 points in one day. Rickards is up next. Thank you for your support.

      • Scott

        Fair enough, I’ll try to keep an open mind, then. 🙂

        Thanks for all you do, Greg – not least of which in putting with my oddball views on things. No one could ever accuse you of being unfair, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to post and to speak.

        Looking forward to the Rickards interview – keep up the great work!

  53. Weimerica

    Perhaps the biggest late night revelation about Ohio’s Republican and Democratic primary elections Tuesday, March 15th, was the unprecedented number of Democratic and Independent voters who crossed over to cast their ballots in the Ohio Republican primary. Exit interviews by MSNBC reporters revealed that a large number of these crossover voters wanted to stop Ohio Republicans from making Donald Trump their nominee in the upcoming presidential election. The way they accomplished this was by casting their ballots for John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio.

    Trump: Ohio Gov. Kasich’s Stealing My Votes
    April 4, 2016
    The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

    “He doesn’t have to run and take my votes,” he said.–Ohio-Gov–Kasich-s-Stealing-My-Votes.html?nav=515

    Marco Rubio’s unprecedented plan to stop Donald Trump: Keep his delegates
    Josh Hafner, USA TODAY

    In an unprecedented move, Marco Rubio has asked party leaders of 21 states and territories not to release the 172 delegates the Republican won during his now-defunct presidential campaign.

    [Are we seeing a pattern here?] The end goal: stop Trump, of course.

  54. Ned Kelly
    Trump assassination. Becoming a media darling.

    Russia WARNS Donald Trump OF Assassination Plot

    When popular truth-speakers begin to seek power, they become targets of the establishment. This means subterfuge, sabotage, and potentially even murder.

    It happened to Gandhi, it happened to Martin Luther King, and it could happen to Donald Trump. In his book “The America We Deserve,” printed in 2000, Donald Trump predicted that the September 11 attacks would happen 14 months before the event, accurately predicting the blame would fall on Osama bin Laden.

    Now that Donald Trump has come so far as to seek Presidential office, the socialists in power want him stopped before he causes any more upset to the status quo. Their method: assassination.

    A report written by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service says that there is an active plot to eliminate Donald Trump, and thereby his threat to the status quo.

    According to this report. . . found in the possession of the 5 Saudi Arabian nationals detained by Lebanon’s intelligence services this past Monday after their private jet was forced to land by Federation Aerospace Forces was a “heavily encrypted” laptop computer device.

    Upon Lebanon’s General Directorate of General Security (GDGS) seizing of this laptop device, this report continues, they requested assistance from the SVR in “defeating” its encryption, which was immediately granted.

    Once this laptop was in the possession of the SVR, this report notes, it was flown to Moscow where computer security analysts were able to unlock its “secret information”, of which the most “startling/confusing” was a document listing the entire travel itinerary and private security plans of Donald Trump for the month of October.

    ……[T]op establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes last week actually called for his assassination, and as, in part, one can read from the transcript:“Trump is still a very powerful force right now” because he appeals to part of the of the conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his “nativist” message. Wilson insisted that the donor class “can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, ‘oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.’”“They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” Wilson said. “And that’s a fact.”

    Source: What Does It Mean

    So what does this mean? It means there is an active plot within the GOP and the White House to end Donald Trump’s life. That two partisan groups within the established political parties would cohere to engage in this plot is telling. Donald Trump has routinely showed himself to be in command of his person and his political platform is independent of whatever influence may have been forced on other GOP candidates. Trump is unique in the Republican primaries in the way he speaks the truth at every opportunity, which is no doubt what is feared by the highest officials of the GOP.

    Donald Trump is campaigning as a voice for the people, if his words are true, the incoming despots would surely want him gone.

    Read more: Oh my, foul!

    • David S

      did u see trumpo at aipac? if he believes half of the rubbish he spotted there he is more establishment than the establishment. Ron Paul hit the nail on the head. I remember there was another guy who promised hope and change a few years ago as well, proudly sponsered by Goldman Sachs.

  55. WD


    I believe Jeff Nielson has referred to Polony and Pollock’s cycle theory.

    Jeff Nielson did a remarkable interview on X22 Report…HE woul dmake an excellent interview. He seems to follow the same theory of Holter about China being in much better shape than we realize.

    Jeff Nielson….


  56. Ned Kelly

    Greg, If comment is to long you can cut it down because I inadvertently pasted it whole.
    Thanks Greg, Love ya!

  57. Gregory Mannarino

    What scares me is people are so unprepared for what is coming, so complacent. People don’t understand that even a savings account carries risk with it. As a depositor of a bank, credit union, brokerage, etc, you are financing that said institution-and that has risk.
    401K plans, debt instruments, money markets, etc. all carry with them a risk exposure.
    Today we exist in a financial environment of extremes, being fostered NOT by Wall Street, but by the Federal Reserve who’s gross over-reaction to the 2008 financial Melt Down continues to create massive distortions across every single asset class.
    It is a mathematical certainty that all these distortions will correct to fair value at one point.
    You have been warned.
    Gregory Mannarino

    • JMiller

      You are right Mr. Mannarino. No matter were you have your money there is always some type risk. And some investments and institutions are more riskier than others. Even buying and storing gold and silver has it’s risks. Mr. Mannarino, may I ask what percentage of your investments or assets, not including your home, are in precious metals?

    • dbcooper

      GM, We call them the 95%ers and this is being generous … We have talked ourselves blue in the face to people about preparation … between Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissonance … there is a huge % of the population that apparently is ‘Not Supposed to Get It’ !! Sad but apparently true. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Old Dog

        Some of the seeming disconnect is fear. There is a large percentage of people who are struggling to survive paycheck-to-paycheck. Save? Put up extra? They have tightened their belts to the point that they can’t be tightened anymore.
        So if you have no means to prepare for the storm, you deny it. It is one way some cope with fear. I know. I have a grown son, who deep in his heart knows what I tell him is true, but he has no means to prepare. And I am in the same financial boat he is in.
        What will he and his family do? What will I do? The only thing we can do, watch the storm come and hope for the best.
        In the meantime, we occupy and keep on doing what we are doing to make it from paycheck-to-paycheck.

        Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Matthew 6:34
        God will still be God tomorrow. And He will still be in control.

        Some will rely on their gold and silver, prepper food, guns and ammo.
        A lot of Christians shall be relying on God.

        I would opine, Listen to whom?
        There are as many false “prophets” on this side of the coin as there are false “prophets” on the economy is recovering side.
        Who are the sheeple? There are “sheeple” on both sides.

  58. Smaulgld

    Dont be equate “best selling author” status with ability to predict the future
    Such status is often achieved BY making predictions.

    IE rickards latest “gold $10,000” is the tagline that surrounds his interview book tour.

    Rickard “fed wont raise rates in 2015” which he repeated constantly was dead wrong.

    Is the logic that Bo has the same views as a best selling author, so Bo is legit?

    • CrazyCanuck

      Small glad … Just read the intro to JR’s new book. I get the impression he is a smart guy, is very well connected ( lots of references to access of big big names ) and for the most part is credible. What caused me to pause is his contention that every last oz of gold is still in US vaults like Fort Knox and his part in the mainstream Western demonization of Vlad Putin. I know he needs to keep his buddies in the CIA happy if he wants consulting work, but to suggest the US does not have similar -if not more – state hackers than Russia is tough to swallow.
      Greg, I would love you to ask him why Germany didn’t get its gold back if all is proper & accounted for in the uber secret Fed/treasury vaults.

      • CrazyCanuck

        Smaulgld … Sorry for the typo…stupid auto correct.

        • Smaulgld

          Jim takes the party line on 9/11 & Fort Knox but has conspiracy theories on why the US “let’s” China accumulate gold.

        • Smaulgld

          Small glad is a good one- just a little happy 🙂

      • JMiller

        Rob Kirby calls Rickards a shill. I myself do not trust Rickards.

      • Tin foil hat

        I believe/hope that all 8,000 tons of gold is still in the US vaults. However, probably none of it belongs to the US Treasury and has been leased to various bullion banks.
        Right before the SHTF, I believe the squid would close the gold window on the bullion banks and settle with soon to be toilet papers. At about the same time or shortly before that, I suspect the squid would likely pass laws to force gold ETFs to liquidate and close up shops. Small investors got settled in papers – one needs mimimun of 4000 shares plus hefty administrative fees to take physical delivery, while the bullion banks take the gold.
        After the SHTF, the shrimps get paper, big fishes and bullion banks get the gold from the ETFs and the US Tresury get to keep all the gold in the vaults.
        Obama didn’t lie when he told Joe the Plummer that “Redistribution is not a bad thing.”.

    • JMiller

      Strange that Rickards recommends only having 10% in gold especially if it is going to $10,000. So were does Rickards say to put the other 90%? He recommends putting it in a fine art fund, land, alternatives such as hedge funds, private equity and venture capital, and cash. By cash he is talking not about actually physical cash but cash equivalents like money markets, T-bills etc… Most of his recommendations are for the wealthy and not for the average person. I do not agree with some of Rickards recommendations.

      • JMiller

        I need to make a correction concerning what Rickards said about having cash. I meant to say that he is talking not ONLY about actual physical cash but cash equivalents. I am sure he probably has a good amount of physical cash as well as cash in the bank for his business and personal needs.

    • Arthur Sturges

      I hardly think a 1/4 % increase could be considered raising interest rates being as little as that is when it should be raised a lot more than that, but then they can’t to do that or else there would be a crash.

  59. SylverSerf

    Great interview for the most part. Some of Polny’s sensational forecasts were a bit difficult to stomach. But we’re living in crazy times. Polny, like many, drums up a lot of doom and gloom to emphasize the importance of gold. Some passive investors might need that sort of wake-up call to reexamine their portfolio. With regards to Polny’s abysmal track-record and $400 annual subscription fee, it is probably on the same level as that of Andrew Maguire, lol. Seriously, how many byzantine books does Rickards need to write to underscore the instrumental role of gold in central banking? Instead of buying his three books, the average listener can borrow them from the library and then invest at least $50 in silver before the lift off of a lifetime!

  60. Doug


    Never been a fan of Bo’s for the reasons that have been given by others. Too many errors and too sensational predictions. Whether or not his interpretations of his charting is accurate or not I don’t know. I simply don’t believe we can put God in a box like that and with all the manipulation rampant to me technical analysis is useless. How can you derive much of anything from the charts when they are all artificially manipulated?

    All that being said we take what Bo has to say and we add it to all the other voices and guests that you have on and many others in our community as well. There is a consensus that mega bad times are at the door. We see evidence of this around the globe and it’s not fear mongering. It is what it is and we’re either ready or we are not.

    What I’ve sensed for many years now and Bo is confirming is that when ‘IT’ happens it will go so fast and so furious that we won’t be able to react to it. Like Wylie Coyote going over the cliff and having the bottom drop out.

    I recon back to just how quickly the Soviet Union fell apart back 25 years ago. Within a matter of two weeks it was all over. As I watched it happen the Lord told me that when it is America’s turn it will happen just as fast. It was a very deep impression that has stuck with me to this very day. This would align with Bo’s claim. We will wake up one day with everything locked up and in turmoil and it will all be over within a matter of days. No time to react to it, no time to get ‘money’ out of the bank, no time to prepare. Your either ready or you are not.

    So no, I don’t take verbatim what Bo claims. But standing back and looking at the big picture those that know what is going on are pretty much all synchronized that we are truly facing a biblical event at least in banking and finance globally and America is right in the middle of it. We won’t be spared this time either. Those who mock will continue to mock, those who can’t see by now will never be able to see. The clock is ticking and we are about out of time. God is warning but few are listening.

    No real time to get bogged down in the election nonsense as no man is able to ‘Make America Great Again’. What little time we have left needs to be used wisely. Thanks again Greg for your great guests and all that you do.

  61. Russ McMeans

    This website and all of Greg’s interviews are so excellent, we’re all lucky to have found it. It’s like Drudge Report and Zero Hedge. Good stuff !
    I’m going to keep on prepping, that’s all I can do. As for the stock market, I’m too poor to play casino slots so I’ll just have to watch the scenario from afar. Thanks Greg for your ‘propaganda ‘ news site….. As my lib faux ‘friends ‘ call it.
    ( how do you know someone is a lib?…. They can’t debate the facts and they have really thin skin!).

  62. jim c.

    I am crossing my finger and hoping bo is right, but im sorry , charts are from the past, the past does not predict the future, he is just guessing.

  63. Paul

    Greg I feel with all the manipulation, fundamentals and charts are no longer reliable. We know and feel things are bad but other then that nobody knows when or how things will happen, so Bo has to back pedal and try to match his charts with the unknown manipulation. Thanks again for all your interviews.

  64. Tommy

    Interesting weekend. Trump says we are headed for a massive recession and that the real unemployment rate is 20%. This has the pundits and “experts” frantically calling him crazy. One economist says we are not heading for a recession, either massive or minor and that the unemployment rate has dropped from 10% to 5%, according to government statistics. I note how he added “according to government statistics”. In truth what we are heading for I would not call a recession as that word does not describe the calamity that will come.
    Then there is the release of the “Panama Papers”, further evidence of the worldwide chicanery going on among the rich and politically connected class, or the Criminal Crony Class as Greg calls them.
    And finally Hillary managed to outrage both sides of the abortion argument in just one sentence by saying that constitutional rights do not apply to an unborn person or child.
    On to Wisconsin!

    • sk

      “Panama Papers”, I think, is a limited hangout. No doubt there are many people trying to avoid taxes in their own country, but please note how the anonymous leaker (or perhaps his subsequent gatekeepers, Suddeutsche Zeitung and Haaretz) hone in on those countries the West wishes to demonize – China, Russia, Iran, Brazil. (I’m surprised Malaysia wasn’t honed in on! Oh wait, they had their own alleged scandal.) LOL. What better way to precipitate chaos than to tell a nation’s people that their leader(s) are illegally squirreling away their ill-gotten gains in offshore havens? LOL

  65. Jeremy

    Keep up the good work Greg. Your followers seem to be a bit more educated than most and for the most part the comments actually add to the conversation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeremy,

  66. JC Davis

    Greg, and site. The biggest leak in history has just been exposed.
    The Panama Papers. Soon all the world will know they are controlled by oligarchy’s not the governments they elected.

    • Greg Hunter

      JC Davis,
      This is huge, and it reveals institutionalized crime. Thank You!

      • diane s.

        More on JCD scoop yesterday

        Wow…Greg’s right
        …this is a huge story. ..I hope the MSM doesn’t cover it up.

      • allen ols

        I am waiting for usa politicians, and etc. to see how deep/what the papers reveal. So far only overseas people are being revealed. Ha was this a cia reveal. What no criminal American bankers/politicians/lobbyists?

    • Karl

      Jc I would say this is maybe disinfo as it seems to only really concentrate on Putin and Arabs.
      If Clinton and the Rothchilds were mentioned it would be more plausible

      • JC Davis

        True Karl. I question the ramifications of starting a information war on Putin. Also what will happen to the illegal money ? Will investors / crooks world wide start moving their cash into gold ? So many things can happen because of this. Backfires are going to happen in this.
        Without drug money how will the system survive ?

      • JC Davis

        Karl. I don’t read much, but I found this interesting

        It is like a truck load of bees have turned over, and no one claims ownership. I how we someday get to see the list.

        • JC Davis


          • Karl

            Tge mainwhistleblower turns out to be an organisation funded by Soros so it’s pure disinfo designed for people to look at Putin and the nit the real crooks like him

      • sk

        There ya go, Karl. A digital one half false flag. Some truth + lotsa fibs good propaganda make!

      • Macray

        As you say…. maybe this is disinfo
        Who has the most to benefit from these leaks?
        U.S. government ????
        I am shocked.
        I would have thought Donald’s uncle, cousin or close associates would have been some of the first leaks to be revealed. Perhaps that will be revealed the closer we get to the Republican convention.
        And of course no revelations on the Clintons’s and their associates? Of course not. That will not happen.

        • Karl

          I can smell this a mile off. Obvious false flag truth bomb.
          This could backfire as I hope Putin will retaliate with some 9/11 , satanic ritual leaks

  67. art barnes

    Greg. your guest said..”lower highs”.., astute to say the least & we will find out shortly- May 19th 2015 *(18,312) the last high, if this market stops and goes lower than last low on Feb. 11, 2016 (15,660) Bo is on really on to something.

  68. Anna (from Maryland)

    I really like Bo Polny, he reminds me a lot of the actor Tom Arnold. Loved the part near the end where you explained how the market will zig-zag up and down but overall go down and he said No, it will go straight down. That was my favorite part alright. Please have him on more often. Peace.

  69. Jerry

    It appears that Saudi Arabia Aramco is setting up deals with all the major players in the BRIC alliance.
    Riddle me this Batman. If the BRIC alliance should suddenly drop the dollar for trade and go to a gold backed Yuan, would Saudi Aramco Aramco still peg their oil to the dollar? In my business its always about who has the best deal. There is no loyalty because of past relationships. With the crude oil still well below market value, don’t think for a moment the Saudi’s won’t jump at the chance to take gold (in any form) if it is offered.

    • Jerry

      Typo: I meant to say Saudi Arabia Aramco. Isn’t it funny ? Aramco was at one point an American company and now they’ll soon be nut cutting the dollar with the BRICS. Go figure? No offence Mohammad, but if it weren’t for western corporations developing oil in the middle east, the Saudi’s would still be living in tents.

    • Macray

      “don’t think for a moment the Saudi’s won’t jump at the chance to take gold (in any form) if it is offered”.
      With all the trillions (estimated over 5) the Saudi’s hold in US Treasury’s along with all the trillions the Saudi’s hold in US equities (also estimated over 5), in your opinion why do you think they are not buying TODAY a trillion or more (secretly or not) in physical gold?

      • Macray

        Just How Much of America?s Debt Does Saudi Arabia Own?

        Purchasing Treasurys’ every month for the last 40 years and there is a secret agreement to not disclose the amounts.

        It would not be a stretch to assume a similar secret agreement is in place regarding US equities.

        Could Saudi Arabia have the most to lose with a stock market crash and dollar devaluation?

  70. Paul

    Trump also speaks of a crash to come … Cruz is silent on the issue while rumors abound over Cruz’s improprieties coming in from many sources besides the National Inquirer tabloid … the tally now is that Sen. Ted Cruz has had between 5 and 8 extra-marital affairs during his political career … Donald Trump is no paragon of moral virtue but at least Trump is not running around the country trying to court the “Evangelical Christian vote” by touting his “born again” status … many are now calling this the “Cuban Mistress Crisis”!

  71. Justn Observer

    Good Morning Greg ! Nice interview as always ! Hey Bo has the trend right…and my weatherman can’t get that right even when he sees it coming ! So naysayers as to his ‘timing’ are to myopic… at least he’s bold enough to attempt to make sense of it and get some ‘relative’ scale to the timing…which when you consider adding the whims of Janet Yellin…and Christine LaGarde and her ‘secret numbers- lol scenario how can anyone fault Bo! lol
    F0r those that like more analysis – Mike Mahoney recently offered some more pretty grounded charting –
    Mike Maloney analysis:
    Thanks for you attentive diligence to OUR current life problem – untold criminality and moral decay -of ‘biblical proportion’ ! lol

  72. Scott Wolford

    Bo strikes me as an insightful technical analyst. Unfortunately, people love to hate technical analysts. That’s why people love to hate Bo. Bo would do himself a big favor if he backed up his squiggly line analysis with fundamental analysis once in a while. There are very good reasons why technical analysis works. The end of March, for example, was the end of the quarter and banks colluded to drive up prices to provide “window dressing” to their balance sheets. Bo is correct, but he doesn’t know why.

  73. Justn Observer

    Speaking to ‘Biblical Proportion’ …what if some of those people doing the ‘thieving’ believed this was to be arriving soon…so are believing in the chaos…they will get away with it…and are planning to stuffing away as much booty as possible –hoping their among the ‘remnant’ ! Many they want to clear out that ‘pivot point’ in the middle east so there is room for THEM to go there on the appointed day….biblical ? Talk about timing issues….this makes even BO’s efforts pale in comparison ! As far as stackers and food preppers…might want to dig a few caves away from the coastline depending on which side of the earth one is on ! Blessings and well wishes for all !
    Planet 7X on 3 – 7 – 2016 :

  74. James Brown

    I liked the interview. I buy into Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model. He says it looks like the crash will come in 2017. Biblical proportions?!?! Settle down. Look at Japan. They have been crashing/depression for over 20 years. U.S. citizens will enjoy a lower standard of living-like the Russians had in the 1970s. Keep voting for democrats weaklings.

  75. Pinocchio

    One of my sources inside MOSSAD told me just two minutes ago that HRC 2016 is the real crash of biblical proportion. She will turn the whole of north America into the new Sodom and Gomorah.

    • Greg Hunter

      This from somebody called “Pinocchio”?

    • art barnes

      Well, all kidding aside, Bill & Hillary have being trying to make America Sodom & Gomorah for the last 60 years and have been successful for the most part.

  76. art barnes

    Greg, Trump has enough money, understands money, and if he says another “Big Recession” is on its way it is because many of the rich & powerful he knows (elite), etc., he hangs around with are forecasting it in private. Hell, a blind may can see you can’t keep adding debt to a country forever until it becomes like Greece. Trump just has the “ba**s” to tell the truth, notice Lying Ted with his Wall Street wife isn’t predicting any decline/recession & didn’t mention anything like that, CNBC says its “highly unlikely”, the MSM says another Great Recession is all but fantasy. I believe Trump is onto something and trying for forewarn the American people to take cover if he isn’t elected.

  77. rick

    Bo Polny is a blow hard. If you make enough forecasts, you are bound to be right a few times. Any one who had the mis-fortune of investing with Bo has lost a large percentage of their investment. Do the opposite of what he says and the odds are in your favor.

    Gold and silver are in the process of selling off. They are at the least are going to re-test the lows of 2015. We will not have the big move higher until 2017.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rick (at .net),
      If you are wrong about retesting lows will you come on and use your real name and let us call you a “blow hard”?

      • rick

        Yes sir – will do

      • rick

        I also won’t charge you $1000’s per year for consistently incorrect market advice like blow hard BO Polny does

  78. Peter

    I agree with Tim, that the DOW will not crash 4000 points in a day. Circuit breakers would limit the loss to 20%. 3600 points down in a day is close enough (probably Bo’s point) though as people would start to panic, as they should. It’s time for Joe Public to wake up!

    Trump says a major recession is coming and no other candidate is preaching this.
    If the recession materializes, Trump will be the only candidate to have warned the people. Hillary/Obama say the economy is doing just fine, don’t worry! Bernie Sanders refuses to admit that the the US economy is heading in the wrong direction and is drowning in debt. His free college idea is a really dumb idea!

    The US can ‘t afford to pay tuition for every student attending a public university, with over $19T in debt. The cost for offering free tuition would far exceed the $75 Billion Sanders claims. The cost would be closer to 13M students * 15K tuition ~= $195Billion/yr for the current enrollment. If tuition were offered free, the enrollment and cost would grow significantly. Public universities would raise their costs more than they have been. It wouldn’t be fair to private universities and it’s just plain wasteful as many students could afford to pay and yet they wouldn’t be. They would have no skin in the game, until they started paying taxes. If they didn’t graduate with a STEM degree it’s unlikely they would even find a job that pays more than minimum wage. The lack of good jobs is the real problem, not degrees.

    Donald Trump is the one candidate that can turn this sinking ship around. He is the only one that has acknowledged the fact that unemployment is not really 5% but more like 20%. He is the only candidate that has created jobs in the private sector. He should strike a chord with people that read this blog on a regular basis.


    • JMiller


      I do not agree with you or Tim. The DOW could fall more than your 3600 number in one day, pretty close to 4000 or even slightly more than 4000. You are forgetting that the circuit breakers use the SP500 as the benchmark not the DOW. So the DOW could fall more than 20%. Possibly 21 to 22 percent. Secondly the DOW could rise 500 to 1000 points higher than it is now before crashing. So a drop of 4000 points in the DOW in one day is possible.

    • Sam

      Professor Doom details exactly why tuition is so expensive. It’s a scam.

      The student loan scam has destroyed a generation. It is so bad, i think it has genocidal implications.

      Student loans turn our kids into prostitutes. Student loans drive our kids out of the country.

      University administrators have become multi-millionaires from tricking students into their useless courses. They are criminals.

      Community College Poo Bah Has Personal Restaurant

      If the education received was priced fairly, tuition would be about 10% of what it is now.

      So, Bernie’s idea would then work. It worked in the past when America was great.

    • dave

      Cut the military budget by 200 billion to pay for free tuition. Oh, but those evil Russkies and the Yellow threat doncha know!

  79. Tad

    When do market circuit breakers kick in?

    The rules for using circuit breakers have changed over the years, and are usually calculated on a quarterly basis.

    On June 30, 2011, the NYSE issued these guidelines for using circuit breakers:

    Level 1 Halt

    A 1,200-point drop in the Dow industrial average before 2 p.m. ET will halt trading for one hour; for 30 minutes if between 2 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. ET; and have no effect if happens at 2:30 p.m. or later, unless there is a level 2 halt.

    Level 2 Halt

    A 2,400-point drop in the Dow industrials before 1 p.m. will halt trading for two hours; for one hour if occurs between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.; and for the remainder of the day if at 2 p.m. or later.

    Level 3 Halt

    A 3,650-point drop will halt trading for the remainder of the day regardless of when the decline occurs.

    The percentage levels were first implemented in April 1998, and the point levels are adjusted on the first trading day of each quarter. In 2011, those dates are Jan. 3, April 1, July 1 and Oct. 3.

    What is Rule 48?

    Unlike a circuit breaker that stops stock trading, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Rule 48 makes it easier and faster to open the stock markets — when there are fears that the market could open with a lot of volatility that would disrupt trading.

    Where circuit breakers and Rule 48 may be related is the the rule could be used the day after a circuit breaker has been enforced.

    Rule 48 speeds up the opening by suspending the requirement that stock prices be announced at the market open. Those prices have to be approved by stock market floor managers before trading actually begins. Without that approval, stock trading can begin sooner.

    To invoke Rule 48, an exchange would have to determine that certain conditions exist that would cause market disruptions. Those conditions include:

    volatility during the previous day’s trading session
    trading in foreign markets before the open
    substantial activity in the futures market before the open
    the volume of pre-opening indications of interest
    government announcements

    Rule 48 was approved by the SEC in December of 2007.

    It’s been invoked twice: on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 and on Thursday, May 20, 2010. In 2008, the stock markets were subject to great volatility over fears of a global recession and in 2010, the European debt crisis caused panic buying and selling.
    Mark Koba

    From CNBC website. Not sure how accurate. If the Dow were to drop around 2,600 or more over a short time period, would it not be possible to shut down trading for days?

    What good is a regulation if it can’t be violated, daily.

    • JMiller


      You are using the old rules for the stock market circuit breakers. The DOW is no longer the benchmark used. It is now the S&P 500.

      Level 1 Trading Halt

      If the S&P 500 falls 7% from the previous session’s close before 3:25 p.m. Eastern, all stock-market trading halts for 15 minutes.

      Level 2 Trading Halt

      After stocks reopen, it would then take a 13% decline by the S&P 500 before 3:25 p.m. to trigger a second trading halt, which would also last 15 minutes.

      Level 3 Trading Halt

      After a second trading halt, it would take a decline of 20% to trigger a Level 3 circuit breaker. Once a 20% drop occurs, trading is halted for the remainder of the day.

  80. Concerned american dad

    Yeah, couldn’t make it through this one. We all know how manipulated it all is. At this point, historical charts and analysis are meaningless.
    It’s all ridiculous- who in their right mind would have any faith in it…. So they can and will do whatever they please without repurcussions it seems. For instance, the FBI suspends the investigation of a cruminal’s behavioir…….the fact that there id even a debate about it goes to show that nothing matters and there is nothing anyone can do about anything except bend over. Keep accepting no intetest on your savings- what are you going to do about it? “Stand over there and take your shoes off while we pat down your wife” what are you gonna do?

  81. 8Ball

    Obama meets Mohammed…

    Obama is killed in a freak accident when he loses control and his golf cart falls into a deep Ravine.

    Obama awakens to see a bearded man in white robes standing before him. “Are you Mohammed?” asks Obama.
    “No, I’m St. Peter, Mohammed is higher up. Just climb that ladder over there.”

    Obama keeps climbing and eventually meets another bearded man. “Are you Mohammed?” asks Obama.
    “No, I’m Moses, Mohammed is higher up. Just keep climbing that ladder over there.”

    Obama keeps climbing and eventually meets another bearded man. “Are you Mohammed?” asks Obama.
    “No, I’m John the Baptist, Mohammed is higher up. Just keep climbing that ladder over there.”

    Obama keeps climbing and eventually meets another man in shining robes. “Are you Mohammed?” asks Obama.
    “No, I’m Jesus, Mohammed is higher up. Just keep climbing that ladder over there.”

    Obama keeps climbing and eventually meets another bearded man sitting upon a magnificent throne. “Are you Mohammed?” asks Obama.
    “No, I’m God, sit down and we’ll have a talk… would you like some coffe?” Obama: “Yes, that would be nice, I’m tired after climbing that ladder for a couple of hours.”

    God calls out: “Yo Mohammed! Two Mocha Lattes with Sprinkles and make it quick!”

  82. Karl

    Interesting lynx his jaws of death pattern is exactly the same as Dr Robert Mchugh for cast years ago. He spotted this formation a couple of years ago. He thinks it will take longer to collapse but targets are the same.
    Yiu should maybe ger him on Greg. He us also a staunch Christian and his elliot wave analysis is spot on. He was also one of the first I know to talk about the Plunge Protection team.
    He has a site called

    This interview is better the more I listen to it as he talks about both the stick and bond bubble.
    A lot of analysts only concentrate on one.
    I am not sure what he expected the stock market to after Qe4 though. I think he seems to be of the conclusion it will just bump along rather than the slingshot move Armstrong talks about?

  83. John Mason

    I have routinely caught USA Watchdog from week to week for a year or two. I want you to know that your efforts to plunge into battle with the “Creature” (As G. Edward Griffin describes) helping to counteract the Cabal’s propaganda arm (MSM) is commendable, appreciated, & acutely needed!
    I have to apologize however; I am not the brightest man or the most experienced. What I can say for myself is I am fully awake to the fraud that is the Federal Reserve System (The fourth incarnation of a central bank in this country). As we stand at the precipice of war, bank holidays, social unrest, and depression; I have one humble question.

    If free markets have ceased to exist, how could technical analysis be a credible indicator as to the direction or trending movement of markets?

    You have said many times you believe all markets to be manipulated (forex, libor, pm’s, etc.) a feeling I very much share and subscribe to. That would mean that free markets are captured and not allowed to function naturally following the laws of supply & demand. So I’m confused. When you have guests on and they tout moving averages, chart patterns, bollinger bands, fibonacci retracements and the like, you seem to promote those ideas as substantive. I’m not sure it makes any sense for us to have it both ways. Either we’re all paranoid, free markets are alive and well, and technical analysis is relevant as a market indicator. Or, markets ARE manipulated, GDP/unemployment/Gov. data is all bogus, and technical analysis is worthless as a reliable determinant of direction or trend. Could this fundamental misunderstanding explain why some of the more ostentatious market forecasters are constantly left scratching their heads as their timing predictions come and go?
    Is it possible for meaningful technical analysis and manipulated markets to coexist ?
    If so, could you please explain that?
    I ask with all sincerity. Keep up the great work!
    Your humble and faithful viewer,
    – John M.

    • Greg Hunter

      They say that the manipulation is part of the cycle. Other than that, I cannot explain their calls.

  84. Karl

    European banks getting hammered today. Thus could be the start of something big

  85. Aurele

    Hi Greg, I’m not a fan of Bo but here is someone else that I think would make for a really good and credible interview at some point: Jeff Nielson. You can check out a recent interview he made here:

    Cheers Greg, love you work !

  86. Ken Russell

    It seems like Polny creates a conclusion then tries to justify it with scattered words that don’t make sense. Rickards OTH walks you through in a very reasonable and understandable way to justify his conclusions. I have to wonder if Polny is plagiarizing conclusions then trying to make his methodology support someone else’s correct conclusions.

  87. Mark


    Bo appears to be a decent guy, but it was hard to listen to his haphazard answers using cycles and biblical references. No economist gets the timing right all the time. With the endless manipulations going on to keep this fraudulent financial system afloat (ESF, Comex/LBMA, central banks) I can only believe nobody except TPTB knew this could go on much longer than expected.

    Look forward to having him back by August to see what transpired. I hope he’s wrong so more people can have time to wake up and prepare before the inevitable occurs. Jim
    Rickards is far more technical and understandable (IMHO) and will be a great follow up to this interview. Here’s one of Jim’s book tour interviews for those who haven’t heard him yet…..

  88. Coalburner

    Greetings Greg:
    Tell, A Ols, he is going to break Shoneys. Wait till Spring Turkey season is over, I am coming back there for some fun and need some of Shoneys’ Chinese bacon! Smiling!!!! Lighten up, once in a while, guys and gals!

  89. Coalburner

    Jerry , you are so right about Aramco and gold in any real form. Saudis are still reeling from our holding empty Paper for their real gold, they thought they had. They will take actual gold backed paper in a heartbeat. Gold has always been money to them. Remember back when you could buy really nice gold jewelery from them for the mere price of gold. Not that long ago! It is our sheeple who have been brainwashed to think gold is a relic of no value. Huh!

  90. Paul

    News Flash … Reuters .. April 5, 2016 … I bet Senator McCain is feeling very happy now after sending those heat seeking missiles to ISIS …
    I wonder if McCain will have any pity for the downed POW?? (who will now likely have his head chopped off) and not be returned alive the way he was as a downed pilot!

  91. HankH


    I really enjoy his perspective, great interview as you held his feet to the fire. I agree with GregM, Bo Polny, Andy Hoffman, Jim Sinclair, Bill Holter, Harvey O., James Bailey and all of the rest…eventually economic mother-nature will win the day and the stock markets will crash & PMs lift off. Since many folks sell out of stocks in the summer (“sell in May and go away”) it would tend to make sense that ~~May would be about right for that to occur. We shall see.
    At any rate, fascinating to see Bo go out on a limb like that (like Harvey did in ’14)….that took balls. He must have a lot of confidence in his cycles predictions.

  92. Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

    Greg, do you invite your guests to participate in the comments section of USAWatchdog?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes but most do not. Bill Holter is the absolute best for commenting.

  93. Steve

    Bo is being a little generous with his 80% correct prediction rate. He conveniently did not include his prediction on in 2013 that gold would NEVER trade below $1300. On his previous interview here you stated in the comments “Let’s just see if he’s right. By the end of March there will be a significant drop in stocks and bonds and a significant rise in gold according to Mr. Polny.” Bo also said ” If people have not gotten out of their positions and done something with their stocks before the end of this month, February, it’s going to get ugly.”

    Prior to that interview posted 2/14/2016:
    Gold closed at about $1238
    Dow closed at about 15974
    Today Gold is at about $1230, and
    the Dow closed about 17603

    So, Bo also forgot to add that fail to his prediction rate.

    I’ve been following him since 2013 and he is batting far less than .500 on gold. He claims to have predicted the exact top in gold in 2011. Does anyone have an actual link to that prediction? I’d like to read it in its entirety.

    I’m hoping the broken clock theory will allow Bo and others to be correct in 2016 for gold. Very few of the predictions offered here have panned out for 2014, and 2015. No market collapse, no dollar collapse, and no hyper-inflation.

  94. Marcus West

    I enjoy these interviews and also learn from everyone one thing I did learn is “do your own research ” this is just another point of view. Thanks Greg

  95. Macray

    Well were just 2 weeks away now, 4-19-2016, from the launch of Yuan backed gold contract!
    And for those who need to know, the day before is when your 2015 Federal And State tax returns are due, 4-18-2016 : (((((

  96. Craig

    Hi Greg
    I enjoy your broadcasts because you come across as genuine and righteously indignant about all the corruption going on in the world today and want to see a change for the better. I think most of us understand that the so called financial experts whom you interview all have different opinions and they use charts and fundamentals to try and forecast what will happen. We also know that none of them have a perfect track record and its impossible to predict events and timing etc. so we will listen and glean some points.
    However when someone like Mr. Polny tries to use the Bible for predicting the price of gold based on prophecies in Daniel or Revelations and the Jubilee year thats where I draws the line. By doing so he is putting himself in dangerous ground and others by misrepresenting God’s word for his own gain. It is no different then all the so called 1000.s of self proclaimed Biblical experts who are religious leaders who are o Youtube, selling books interpreting the scriptures and for what reasons? First take note, its to make a name for themselves and to make money selling whatever. They all read the same book but all have a different slant on it so there are 1000.s of truths! NO. there is only one truth and the point is God had the Bible recorded and God will have it interpreted correctly by those He selects. Jesus foretold there would be many false prophets who would mislead many coming on the basis of his name.
    Also Mr Polny has been a laughing stock on the Silver Doctors website with his outrageous interpretations using the Bible to predict financial markets. He has not been on there very much lately. Just go way back in their articles and view his writings and look at the readers comments.. wow.
    The following are some points that should be considered.
    2 Peter 2:1 However, there also came to be false prophets among the people, as there will also be false teachers among you. These will quietly bring in destructive sects, and they will even disown the owner who bought them, bringing speedy destruction upon themselves. 2 Furthermore, many will follow their brazen conduct,* and because of them the way of the truth will be spoken of abusively. 3 Also, they will greedily exploit you with counterfeit words. But their judgment, decided long ago, is not moving slowly, and their destruction is not sleeping.

    2 Peter 3: 15 Paul also wrote you according to the wisdom given him, 16 speaking about these things as he does in all his letters. However, some things in them are hard to understand, and these things the ignorant* and ((unstable are twisting, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction.))
    17 You, therefore, beloved ones, having this advance knowledge, be on your guard so that you may not be led astray with them by the error of the lawless people and fall from your own steadfastness.*

    Because the majority of people have very little understanding of the Bible they can be easily deceived. Mr Polny the Bible is not a lucky charm for your advancement, The purpose of the Bible is the Sanctification of God’s name Jehovah by means of his Kingdom by Christ Jesus.
    I suggest you stop using the Bible like you have been for financial gain and misleading people away from its true message.

    For those honest hearted people who want to see real change come to the earth and soon here is the best source of information available in 805 languages for FREE which sanctifies God’s name.
    Here is one article on the signs of the Last Days.

    • Karl

      Craig I ser nothing wrong with using the bible for this. It’s quite obvious that even the bible is unfolding as described it the satanic elite use it as their playbook.
      The end tomes seem to be unfolding as foretold.
      The elite are also into numerology so Bo is onto something. They like patterns and numbers. Think about this. The market bottomed on the s and P at 666 in 2009.
      Think about the chances of that?

  97. Hilde

    Correction: James Bailey.

  98. Craig

    Hi Greg

    I made a mistake. Bo Polny has been on Silver Doctors more than I thought.
    Here is a list of his articles and all his predictions going back awhile.
    Please note that he gets more comments than most everybody else, why, because the majority of them are negative and ridiculing him for constant bad calls and using the Bible in error. Just click on any one of his previous articles and drop down to the comments section and read some of the readers views.. Its worth the price of admission.
    How he can continue what he does is beyond me after reading just a few of the comments he receives.

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