Dark Winter Biden, Booster Push, Fed Lost Control

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 506 12/03/21)

Vice President Biden was out today describing his version of the “Dark Winter” he has mentioned in the past.  This time it’s in response to the new Omicron virus that the Globalists are hyping as a new way to scare you into getting another jab or booster.   It’s tough to convince people to get more of what doesn’t work.  Just ask the “Fully Vaccinated” Dallas Cowboys who have at least 9 players with, wait for it–Covid.

Step right up for the booster, and you are stupid if you do.  The South African doctor who discovered this variant of CV19 says it is “extremely mild,” and “there has been no real uptick in hospitalizations.”  That medical appraisal does not stop the pushers of yet another round of injections when the first two clearly did not work.  How many boosters does the public have to get to realize this is a total scam and not about medicine?

Fed Head Jay Powell has broken big news, and that is inflation is NOT “transitory” as the Fed has been claiming for many months.  The Fed has officially lost control of inflation.   Why is this big news?  Well, Powell has to do something about inflation now, and that is going to cause big problems in the markets and economy and may even collapse it altogether.  If Powell does nothing, then look out above as inflation in everything including  gold, silver and cryptos will rip higher—much higher.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.03.21

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After the Interview: 

Doctor Elizabeth Eads will be back for an update on CV19 and reveal what she is seeing after the unvaxed spent Thanksgiving with the vaxed.  Spoiler alert– it’s not pretty.

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  1. markp

    Less than 300 cases world wide – that’s about 0.0000038%. We’re in serious trouble!

    • Rodster

      It’s obvious this is all about control and compliance. If stupid Americans had pushed back when the government rolled out the TSA we might not be in this fight for Liberty. All Americans would have had to do was a silent protest by not flying. The day the TSA was introduced was the day I stopped flying.

      As Catherine Austin Fitts said, they continue their authoritarian grip is because we did not stop them.

      • CatherineCronin

        You are so right. the TSA and HOMELAND SECURITY under the nazis would have been regarded as highly useful to make the public follow orders. And obviously they were right; and chances are the idea for doing it was out of the nazi handbook on how to kill millions without actually shooting them all. With the help the Bush family that once supported the nazis and the start of the CIA, hundreds of Nazis were brought to our country after the war to help us out. Yes indeed (Manhattan Project)!
        Sometimes I wonder if their prodigy OBAMA was a descendent of one of the top nazis possibly from a sperm donor like Eichman , since we really don’t have any proof of exactly who his parents were and where he got the money to go to university and become president of our country. After all it wasn’t just his pearly white teeth and articulate speeches that did the trick.
        With science today even FRANKENSTEIN is possible. Hence, the Biden Family!

        • FreeMpg

          Your timeline tracks but for the Manhattan Project, that was all American. Operation Paperclip is what brought Nazi scientists to the US to continue their experimentations. Some believe Mengele was the guiding spirit behind MKULTRA.

        • Paul ...

          CC … Today we have “evil” Witch Doctors “practicing” experimental medicine (for big bucks) “jabbing” our babies without parental consent … in violation of both the Nuremberg Code and the Oath of Hippocrates … wasn’t all the money they made doing cesarean sections enough for them???

    • Gandhi

      Well if you think they are getting rich off the trump warp speed fetal tissue injections now, just wait until they endorse the ludicrous speed adrenochrome antidote transfusion injections at 100 times the human cost. The last road warrior movie depicts how the blood transfusion class that didn’t take the injection will be treated. That is why they strapped the blood donor victims to the hood of their assault cars so they would get the adrenaline rush from the victims. Is it fiction, or predictions?

      • Paul ...

        G … We are now living in the Old West again … “with a twist” … this time … the “lawless” Globalist Desperadoes are putting “a bounty On Our Heads” … https://aapsonline.org/bidens-bounty-on-your-life-hospitals-incentive-payments-for-covid-19/… seems we the people will need to offer the immoral criminals (that call themselves doctors) at our Medical Institutions “a bigger bounty” then the $52,000 dollars the Globalists are giving them “to kill our family member on their respirators” … or perhaps save some money by paying MS13 bounty hunters … to take out the murderers of our children (who will likely work for less money then our murdering doctors)!!

        • Dean Backer

          I’ve often said we should crowdfund people with terminal illness and still able fight. We could have them take out the evil ones in our society and fund their loved ones

  2. Marie+Joy

    Ice Age Farmer at iceagefarmer.com and on YouTube says the UN is taking down private websites. Like-minded people need to come together, NOW.

    • Robert

      Yes, at some point the powers that be are going to take away our ability for like minds to communicate. I’m surprised they haven’t already.

      • Laura McDonough

        Some are going to sattillite phones for later on. The whole covid scam last year was to separate people and isolating them, even more so overseas where lockdowns were longer even now more lockdowns in some places. Some have quit church near me because they were upset their church wasn’t open for months last yr. even tho they are open now. So they listen to radio now.

    • JC

      Marie Joy,

      Check out Martin Armstrong’s chart, TEN STAGES OF GENOCIDE.


    • JuicyMoosey

      Often the government “close” (or rather obfuscate) a website by altering the sites DNS record. (Dynamic Name Server)

      When someone on the net types in – usawatchdog.com – then the browser will make a DNS request for that name and obtain an IP address. IP is direct access number for the server upon which the website data resides.

      So if the DNS record was altered by the government for usawatchdog.com then it would no longer be accessible by the domain name. However, the IP for the server may still work.

      For example :

      To access a page on the site, replace the domain name with the IP, e.g. :

      Might be a workaround to censorship if people bookmark the direct IP addressess of sites they visit. For example, Ice Age farmer provides his IP on his website for such a contingency -> http://IceAgeFarmer.com ->

    • Laura McDonough

      I saw that, so far ones I read are still up on other platforms (rumle, brighteon, bit chute, etc. I did a search on startpage and found things not on google search. These people went to other platforms because they were censored by google. They are paying fees for their site they really ave no authority to take them off. If all are censored patriots will have to go back to watching old movies online, playing music and emailing others.

  3. Dave Scrimshaw

    More MORONics need to take the jab 4 OMNicRON.

  4. James Brown

    Greg, James Brown here.
    As always, I love you Man!!!
    Hey, the inflation, it’s oil.
    Diesel fuel is up 100%.
    Everything arrives on a Diesel powered truck.
    Baseball has a lockddown because of inflation.
    Every hot dog, every beer, arrives on a truck.
    Baseball owners are having a hard time financing their operations because of inflation.
    This will show up in all sports.
    Joe sucks and his people belong in jail.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree James! Thanks for weighing in!!!

    • Rodster

      “Baseball has a lockddown because of inflation.”

      And this is why Baseball owners are so hypocritical. They blame the rising costs of players salaries and the NY Mets just awarded 37 yr old Max Scherzer a 3 yr record breaking contract of 43.3 million per year. Let that sink in.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Well, how about these college football coaches signing $100 million contracts? Who do you think pays for that? Let THAT sink in. Best always. PM

    • MC

      JamesBrown what you say is happening: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/uk-delivery-chaos-could-spark-alcohol-shortage-ahead-christmas

      ps. In USA, distilled liquor is currently under priced relative to breakfast cereal, bread, beer, wine and meat (livestock consume grains) and cost of glass bottles. By contrast, beer prices have been quickly rising. And breakfast cereal has risen but is set to take huge leap in price soon: https://www.theblaze.com/news/general-mills-raising-prices-inflation

      However, if one buys, for example, 360Vodka merely for its quality glass bottle and gave away the vodka to a homeless Democrat on a street-corner in your city, one would still come out ahead price-wise because the glass and construction of the 360 bottle is far superior to what is sold at Target.

      $6.99 at Target, and this bottle is cheap and thin glass of inferior quality to that used by liquor companies, which are durable to handle shipping of flammable spirits.



      360Vodka is made by Hunter’s kinsmen in the hill country of Missouri, USA.

    • Suzette Lawrence

      James I hear you loud and clear…what a mess!

    • LizaCA

      I paid 32 dollars for a 4 lb raw turkey breast for Thanksgiving. I went to Staples the other day and bought four office supply type items – 73 dollars.

    • Spur

      Diesel fuel isn’t up 100%… check your facts!
      The price of diesel in Southern States varies from
      3.25 to 3.75. It fluctuates with the price of oil! Oil has come down from $80 to $65 since Brandon has released the national reserve…. that’s almost a 20% decrease! The price of diesel fuel will come down accordingly…!

  5. Thomas Surguine

    Man alive…u r just THE BEST! NO KIDDING, Your articles, cartoons, blog…simply marvelous, & “DA BEST”..as the natives of Hawaii would utter. Thank goodness, AND the GOOD LORD that u have what has 2 be energy beyond belief…I am certainly old enuff 2 remember the “HADACOL” days…& the continual “joking” of that time, which reminds me of each & every cartoon u publish are just simply HILARIOUS & SO 2 THE POINT!!! MARVELOUS…Once again, many many THANKS 4 a supreme blog….can NEVER EVER MISS ONE,,& WILL NOT! “May the good Lord bless & keep you”…
    Expat tom….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom for the very kind words and dedication to USAW!!!

      • TheWarningSecondComing

        Good day Sir Hunter. You mentioned in the past you are a former Catholic. I would just like to tell you sir that lookout for typhoons thats gonna last for weeks since the global forced vaccinations is well under way. Then will come The Great Warning as first shown in Garabandal.

        I remain a Catholic and the upheavals we see now are but a start of hard times ahead. Keep the faith and Godbless.

  6. James Foster

    Thanks Greg, you are the man I go to for the straight information. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind James. Thanks Bother!
      Brother Greg

      • George

        Maybe Trump is the writing on the wall the country must fall so the people can begin again without all the secret societies running it

        • Gandhi

          Well at least the self proclaimed father of warp speed was smart enough to fly in a small private plane to pedophile island according to the pilot. Why aren’t the slaves allowed to see the evidence?

          • wm.jnana

            Trump being on Epstein’s plane isn’t new information. Flight logs show he traveled from Palm Beach International Airport to Newark, New Jersey in 1997. He did so when his own private jet was under maintenance. Trump was accompanied on that flight by Glenn and Eva Dubin. There is no evidentiary record of Trump ever going to Epstein Island. There is evidence, however, of Trump cooperating with the local D.A. in his investigation of Epstein’s propositioning one of Trump’s Mar a Lago’s employee’s teenage daughter.

            I am as perplexed by Trump’s championing death jabs as anyone. I agree that he will never be on Mount Rushmore due to his advocating them. Too many who trusted Trump have died because of his continuing recommendation of those vaccines even though he promoted hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic before the vaccines were distributed.

            Trump made a cryptic remark during an interview in 2021 when he said hospital procedures will be obsolete by the end of the year. What does that mean? I know Big Pharma is in its death throes, but all hospital procedures! Are they going to release some of those 6000 patented technologies to help mankind upon the cabal’s elimination?

  7. Ann Williams

    Hi Greg,
    Been a fan of yours for a few years. I am surprised you haven’t mentioned new Bestseller, THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. NO MSM Or NYT reviews. It is quite stunning, well documented throughout. FAUCI is an evil psychopath- Please feature this soon. It’s a MUST READ. Kennedy has been smeared as anti- vaxx by Big Pharma because he has held them accountable in multiple lawsuits for the injuries and deaths they have caused with bad but lucrative drugs. FAUCI plays big role with Big Pharma.
    Thank you!
    Ann Williams

    • andyb

      Ann: I was never a fan of the Kennedy’s in my youth despite the fact that my parents owned a home a few doors down from them in Hyannisport. Teddy was the closest to my age and he was a real asshole. But the next generation was a lot better specifically JFK Jr and RFK jr. RFK jr has made himself an expert on vaccines and has noted as I have many times that the incidence of autism has exploded from 1/10,000 in the 60s to a predicted 1/5 by 2025. Just one part of the causes producing incremental genocide along with GMOs, water fluoridation, glyphosate (Roundup), geoengineering, etc.

      Everyone should watch his interview with Tucker on Fox Nation. excellent piece.

      • Freebrezer

        A – Per JFK Jr, he had just announced a explorative committee to look into running for the NY senate seat against the Hiliary (the black witch) … And then SHAZAM! his plane crashes … Just makes you go hmmmm!


    Donald Trump is becoming a big disappointment time for MAGA to drop him , to own the vaccine is to be the most despised man in the world , blind Freddie can see that, is he bloody stupid ?

  9. Paul ...

    Warren Buffett (the Oracle of Omaha) recently said: “A tidal wave of inflation has been unleashed upon the US and it’s only getting worse” … Buffett sees the massive fiscal stimulus Bribe’n is releasing (which includes Trillions already spent on Covid-19 along with $2.3 Trillion for infrastructure bill and $1.8 Billion for education and health care) … we now have massive monetary easing happening at the same time as fiscal spending… which dwarfs anything ever seen in the 1970’s (when the US suffered a major bout of inflation) and gold tripled in price … gold should “more then triple” this time around (after we get past the tax loss selling) and the banks begin accumulating gold as a “Tier 1 Asset”!!


  10. Neil Currie

    Keep telling it, brother. Blessings,

  11. JC

    Some good news regarding G. A. Stewart’s request for vaccine religious waiver as reported by his friend George Ure at Urban Survival.

    Meanwhile, we’re pleased to report that G.A. Stewart’s (theageofdesolation.com.) request for a vaccine waiver has finally been granted by his (government contractor) employer:

    “Many, many thanks for your encouraging posts and your readers’ comments. They were like a light in the darkness. Now back to the business of writing books and updating the Website.”

    G. A. Stewart’s comment below. https://urbansurvival.com/stocks-reveal-our-future-job-cuts-and-ui-filings/#more-369496

    G. A. STEWART December 2, 2021 at 08:56
    Again, thanks!

    I don’t think anything was really given to me. You know the details of which I speak.

    Not to sound too provocative or martial, as some of the namby-pambies I work with have suggested, but this is meant in the monetary and business sense: I have found that the philosophy of Mutual Assured Destruction is a good method of reaching a compromise.

    Of course, this never works on the suicidal. You can see the suicidal everywhere in the West, from those people wanting a war with China and Russia, to those people who are happy with lockdowns and a lifetime of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.

    Sometimes, you just have to bully the bullies.

  12. Lars Christiansen

    Sorry, but Trump is one of the globalists, being used to divide the people. It is all a game of smoke and mirrors.
    Just like Ford Motor Company supplied the Nazis with engines for their military vehicles.
    Henry Ford was actually awarded with the highest civilian Nazi order and Adolf Hitler had a buste of Ford in he’s office.
    Or you can take the Standard Oil who made an additive used by Hitler’s Luftwaffe, it boosted the engine performance and without the planes were more or less useless.
    Both companies continued delivery after US got into the war

    • Robert Dotson, MD

      Absolutely correct. The man is a malignant narcissist – always has been – and that will never change. HE is the main public driver behind the Vaxxx-demic and he should be included in Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

      • Greg Hunter

        The main driver is the Biden Administration and the MSM with all the mandates but Trump is pushing the evil death shots.

        • Jim

          Trump may be pushing the vaccine based off of bad advice from people he trusts. Perhaps he shouldn’t trust them, but that’s another story. The MANDATES are coming from VP Biden.

          • Earth Angel

            I was a Trump supporter ( hey,look at the alternative) but Jim, if WE can find out the truth about the covid injections.. don’t you think Trump should have been able to do so- by now? I still think he was our duly elected prez. in the last election by a LANDSLIDE! The evidence most certainly shows this, but I don’t know where we go from here. Damn near ALL of our political mouthpieces are such shills, liars, cowards, sellouts and disappointments. Our votes don’t even count anymore (if they ever really did). The only solution I can see is to walk away EN MASSE from a completely evil, dysfunctional crime syndicate that has taken over most of the governments of the world today.. and start anew as the original charter of this nation was set to be. One thing we know for SURE is that it was NOT set up to be a communist/ facist/ nazi state.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Quit excusing the man! This has to stop and stop now! Mr. Trump’s time came and went. I will always be thankful for his service, but he missed the most important boat (COVID and these “vaccines”), and now we have problems and even bigger government. Best always. PM

        • Charles H.


          Apply The Duck Rule to Trump in terms of the clot shot. One cannot divide the issue when both men are on the same side.


    “Fear not” is my fav part too.

  14. Paul in OZ

    Good job Greg, I hope all your viewers are safe and healthy … will remain a dedicated viewer, but am not confident that will be for much longer. Victoria (the state with Melbourne) have now passed law allowing the state leader to enact all kinds of edicts with massive financial penalties for non compliance. To protect against abuse, that leader will appoint a commission to investigate any allegation. Meanwhile in the Northern Territories this is occurring for people who have tested negative https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-01/multiple-people-escape-howard-springs-quarantine-facility-darwin/100663994 …….. people like myself who will not comply with forced jabs will be collateral damage in the war against tyranny. May be seeking political asylum if I can get out of here.

    • Paul ...

      If all the un-vaxxed leave Australia and seek political asylum elsewhere … who will the police have left to harass? … those who survived the second “jab”?? … but ten refuse to take the third, fourth, fifth and sixth Death Shot???

    • The Ogs

      Hello Paul,
      It’s hard for us (in Canada) to understand but did you guys actually ELECT those people who are lording over you…?
      They can’t make Science Experiment injections mandatory! It not only flies in the face of the Nuremburg codes, it flouts them. Highly immoral, unethical and illegal. And the penalties are very clearly proscribed.
      So how’s that peaceful protest going? Actually the extreme patience that you guys have demonstrated might be paying off. World sentiment is beginning to swing around as awareness (thanks to Watchmen like Greg) slowly leaks out…
      We believe things could look a lot different between now and the end of the year. So all I can say is good luck to all the righteous folks down under, and may your very great patience be properly rewarded.

      • Paul ...

        G ogs … We really wanted “true dough” like you guys have in Canada … but the best we can get from the Globalists “is a picture of a real President” (on our fiat IOU’s) and an “un-elected psycho pervert” in the White House (now mandating the “Killer Jab for new born babies”) … but being patient is a virtue … we Americans are patiently waiting for all the “jabbed” Demon-rats “to drop dead” (from their own “Clot Shots”) … then we can take back our country “without firing a shot” … which is really frustrating the Globalists … as they thought it would be easy to start an American revolution “using the race card” … then declare “Marshall Law” … and put us in FEMA Camps … where they could Guillotine off our heads … and sell our brains (and other organs) for fiat paper (printed out of thin air) … thinking all the killing will make them rich … guess they don’t believe Klaus Schwab who keeps telling them … “they will own nothing” … but they continue to kill … because “it makes them happy” … just ask Tony Fauci who smiles very happily every time he skins a cat (or puts maggots in dogs eyes to eat out their brains)!! … https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse4.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOIF.D4MLgCXK7wC3I8MS%252bB3JiA%26pid%3DApi&f=1!

      • David

        Did you guys really vote for the boy wonder Trudeau?

      • Paul in Oz

        Thanks for your concern and interest. As much as an election can be trusted these days, it seems the leaders have been elected. It really has been recently they have decided to take their orders from international organizations who have either bought them or are in a position to blackmail them. Having left Canada in 2011, but still with major ties, I have no more affinity to true dope as the leaders here. I have been active in a local peaceful protest movement since August, and live 900 kms from a large city, in a regional city with about 120k of people. Attendance at the local protests has skyrocketed in the last month. The region is represented at the national level by George Christensen who has been interviewed by numerous NA journalists in the last several months. He and a local state rep are staunch proponents of the freedom movement advocating peaceful non-compliance(for now), The region covers 82,000 sq kms and has a total of 31 cases since the beginning of this mayhem. On Dec. 17 state mandates will impose massive restrictions on freedom of movement for the unjabbed.

  15. JC

    Someone should update this 1970’s Chevrolet TV commercial.


    1970’s – We love baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet!
    2020’s – We love baseball, vaccines, booster shots and Chevrolet!

  16. Jeff robbins

    Where are the foreclosures? I watch the county auditors recordings at times and can tell you here where i live, that i haven’t seen very many pending foreclosures, way less than before COVID. And so even though the moratoriums are over, it hasn’t translated to court actions. I wonder two possibilities: either the fed has been buying most of these bad mortgages or the banks know that inflation create a much higher auction price and so they can make more money waiting for this wave of inflation to ease.

  17. John Pick

    Great Show Greg, thank you.
    Todays x22report.com makes a compelling argument that the duly elected U.S. Government was overthrown from within and from foreign governments on November 3 2020 ?

  18. Ed Dorato

    I’ve said it here before but again I think that the La Palma volcano/ earthquake could send a wave to the East coast just when “ they” need it to distract everyone from the Maxwell case. Funny how the whole situation roared back to life again the day after the case started. Prepare on the East coast just in case, you’ll most likely get an emergency alert on your phone. As far as Lin Wood is concerned, I don’t think he can be trusted…..He seems like a black hat pretending to be a white hat put into place to create division amongst the patriots.

    • Dave

      Exactly. Seb Gorka has had interactions with Wood. Gorka calls Wood a grifter and a liar and says he is not working for the cause. He and Powell worked to get the Democrats elected in Georgia by telling conservatives not to vote in the runoffs.

  19. John Pick

    Tucker Carlson was on SkyNews Australia recently and he told the interviewer that the problem with the U.S./D.C. players feel that China is the heir apparentto replace the U.S. as the controlling world power and that China has already won.

  20. tim mcgraw

    If you do go to the doctor and get your booster, make sure the doctor’s hands aren’t on your shoulders.

  21. Robin

    Lol 8 minutes in can’t stop laughing w my tortured dark humor of the genociders & company. Could be because I’ve been thinking bling a lot of dark humor on the topic most of today. Like I said to George Gammon a short while back on a serious sonic wait this isn’t comedy? TY sometimes the torture needs insane humor!

  22. Benjamin Golan

    I hate to say it, but I have serious doubts that Trump would be effective as president in 2024 even if he could overcome the democrat election fraud machine. Looking back at what happened to him, along with the major blunders in trust he made, and his inability to be decisive, I simply do not see him making the hard choice and decisions to take back control of and restoring the Republic. Sadly, I see no other choices. The FBI, DOJ, and CIA need to be razed to the ground. I’m not convinced Trump has what it takes any longer.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Trump waited too long to get going. He likes to delegate rather than be involved in the hard nuts and bolts of leadership. He did the USA a great service by refocussing those who were paying attention on what was happening. He exposed all the posers and pretenders and forced them out from under their rocks for all to see, but he got overwhelmed in the process. He had NO IDEA what to do about the COVID scam, and now he sees the shots as his legacy. We thank the man for his service and move on. Best always. PM

  23. tim mcgraw

    War is the next step to deal with the inflation and civil unrest. Will Americans fall for the war talk again?
    It’s becoming the same pathetic story over and over and over. It’s boring.

    • Charles H.


      Lawlessness and civil disintegration may lead to martial law – THEN the chi-coms can come in under the blue armband of the UN.

      • tim mcgraw

        Charles H. To paraphrase Rick in the movie “Casablanca”;
        “There are parts of America that I wouldn’t recommend the UN invade.”

  24. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Great report Greg, It’s coming and storm clouds are on the horizon!Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  25. Marie+Joy

    All congressional republicans need to be primaried. It doesn’t matter if you primary a democrat because you just get another democrat but a republican has a chance of being a patriot.

    • Paul from Indiana

      No, all politicians need to be limited to a term. Get these career dinosaurs of both parties out of there. Send the Supreme Court Justices home after 5 years. There should be no “career” anything in government. Draw by lot and send representatives to Washington for 2 years’ service, just like the military draft. Start re-appointment of senators by the governors of the state. We must neuter and diminish Washington, DC. It’s out of control. Best always. PM

  26. Marie+Joy

    At what point America?

  27. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the report. “We are at war.” Define “we” and who we are at war with. Clif High says it is the CCP. I think we are at war with poverty and stupidity. Isn’t that what the Ghost of Christmas Future said, “Beware these two children under my robes. Ignorance and Want!”
    Nothing has changed. Ignorance and Want are rampant in our world.

  28. Rob

    Greg I have listened to you for eight years and so thankfull ! You Greg are a true journalist and a great man . Keep going never surrender. All our love from the uk

  29. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Who would go to Australia? That would be the Germans and Austrians who seem to blind to the optics of their regimes all coming from Klaus Schwab,the UN and the European Commission not that our morons here in the UK are any better.
    Meanwhile ,

  30. PhildeFer

    Hi Mr Hunter,
    I am a french follower and I appreciate your blog and all your work.
    Many thanks for all your are doing. It’s so good to hear some truth.
    Just to share these two links in case you missed the info:
    God bless you and your family.
    Bess regards
    Philippe from France

  31. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. Thank you!

  32. Jr

    Revelation 13:16-17
    King James Version
    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    • Mark Benassi

      I wish some times that the great Bible teachers we see on TV and other places would mention that in the ancient near east, a slave was identified but a mark on the hand and/or the head. The mark of the beast, in other words, is a sign that someone has become a slave and I think this helps to make this prophecy more understandable. By agreeing to these insane vaccinations, people are announcing their willingness to become slaves to this new world order.

  33. James Flanagan

    Thank you Greg! You really hit it out of the park today. A blessing, thank you for keeping us up to date.

    1 Peter 4:17
    For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
    Psalm 84:12
    O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.
    Psalm 71:1
    In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion.
    Psalm 37:5
    Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.
    Psalm 34:22
    The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.
    Psalm 34:8
    O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.
    Psalm 32:10
    Many sorrows shall be to the wicked: but he that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about.
    Psalm 31:1
    In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness.
    Psalm 118:8
    It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.
    Psalm 118:9
    It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.
    Revelation 2:14
    But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.
    Mark 7:28
    And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s crumbs.
    P.S. I love Dogs, brother James

    • leo

      Hi James I love the Psalms it is such a well of assurance that the Lord will indeed deliver those who trust it is one of the reasons I will never be jabbed . Thanks for sharing the word of God and this web site that allows awesome stuff from the understanding minds who often comment here.

  34. Bill

    Spot on Greg!! President Trump showed us what America can do when good policy is implemented. And there are many rock solid Republicans who have seen and back these policies. These are the folks we need to encourage to run for president. Just look who are the ones in office fighting for us right now; whether it be against covid policies, CRT, wasteful budget programs, or for our constitutional rights. These are the folks that really deserve our support. Thank you for another excellent Weekly News Wrap Up. Have a blessed weekend.

  35. David Showers

    News that has not been widely disseminated is the major increase in the Medicare premium – the Social Security Administration notified me that it is increasing the premium by 14.5%. Apparently, this is how we are paying for the multitude of vaccinations that have been given. This increase eats up a pretty good chunk of next year’s 5.9% increase in Social Security payments.

  36. Andrew Cox

    Greg – Our prayers are with you!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Andrew!
      Brother Greg

  37. Roger Stamper

    tks greg!

  38. Nicole

    I’ve seen a lot of people using the anagram of the new strain as “moronic.” However, do a search on “oncomir.” It is an mRNA associated with cancer. Doesn’t the vaxx aggravate cancer? Well, think about it. Onc (oncology) + comir (Comirnaty.) There are no coincidences.

    • Torquil

      An anagram of Delta Omicron is Media Control. Coincidence?

  39. Joshua Porter

    I don’t even like to leave the room when I start a Greg Hunter video; for fear of missing something. Great reporting. Thanks Greg.

  40. JC

    More evidence that the vaccines DO NOT WORK.

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: A gym in Sydney only permitted fully vaccinated patrons but was stunned when 15 people fell ill with the virus. The owner said he went “above and beyond” to follow the harsh COVID guidelines, and he had only reopened in October after the government forced gyms to close. In Melbourne, 11 people contracted COVID at a restaurant that also only permitted fully vaccinated patrons. The government will likely vilify small businesses with investigations and fines rather than admitting that the vaccine is ineffective.

    It almost makes sense as to why Australia continues to invest in their quarantine camps — they know the vaccines do not prevent transmission.


  41. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, Your spot on! I agree with your analysis of Trump 100% on the vaccine issue. It has been a bridge to far for me all along. There’s no way I’ll donate to his campaign as I did before, nor can I vote for him. To continue pushing the vax is likened to an abortion doctor promoting killing babies.
    Excellent reporting!

  42. antoinette dawson

    Good weekly wrap up. You covered several issues that are weighing on our hearts, Trump’s vax position being the heaviest. Thanks for your very own, independent assessments. We don’t need more “parrot” alternative news. And, thankfully, you are not.

  43. David

    Hillary? If true, you can bet this is being carefully navigated with continuity of government in mind. Biden is not in good health. Even Biden knows he’ll not complete a full-term. The thought of VP Harris becoming president is unbearable, even among the most ardent democrats.

    Democrats still believe that Hillary was cheated and they want Hillary to become the first female president.

    Greg, stand by for Gina Mancarella (aka: Hillary) to resurface from the ashes of defeat. If she does, it’s the “white” smoke announcing that the 47th president has been crowned.

  44. Vevaina Farouk

    I may be wrong, but I think that bashing Trump for the vaccines fiasco is not completely fair.

    Trump was left in a situation where either there was a quick solution (vaccines), or near permanent lockdowns. In the latter event his fire hot economy would have taken a huge hit. He was probably advised that vaccines were the best choice. I am sure that neither the medical profession nor the politicians knew how the vaccines would actually turn out. It was a gamble.

    I think his error lies in not acknowledging sooner that the vaccines were not working as advertised. He has only partially covered his tracks by stating that an individual should have a choice in getting vaccinated or not.

  45. Ron

    Here’s a short History Channel film about what is possible and projected for the La Palma volcano

    • leo

      OMG this is the best video I have ever seen on this subject, thanks for sharing this Ron.

  46. Sue Patterson

    Thanks for Friday AM news with coffee.

  47. Neville

    The on going criminality, dishonesty ,onslaught against mankind is to say the least
    diabolically abhorrent.
    All I can say is that the above has all been taken into account and will be punished
    by the full fury of GOD ALMIGHTY’S wrath.
    Any covenant that AAcrime might have had with our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has long been done away with.
    Time is running out fast to put things right with our FATHER IN HEAVEN as Johnathan Cahn will tell you, how he tried his best to get the lost sheep back into the fold has been back breaking and without reward….

    From my point of view I commend AAcrime to GOD’S IMMUTABLE JUSTICE!!!

  48. David

    You are 100% correct Greg. I WAS a Donald Trump supporter……………no more! Why? First and foremost he continues to push the vaccine. He needs to come out against it or he will lose more than half his supporters. He also does not support crypto………..wants the US population to use a broken US dollar which continues to debase at an alarming rate. Until he changes on positions on both…………he will NOT be president again……..and I hope not. Time for someone new. Thank you.

  49. Joseph Rocco

    Greg thank you and you wife for bringing us USA watchdog. Please donate if you don’t already. I’m a person on a disability and I can find 20 dollars a month to donate to keep bringing greg into our homes. Won’t you please consider a modest donation monthly? Thank you

  50. Bebop3678

    In maryland kids got an expired vaccine. 1) how are they expired if theyre new? They were probably made months ago and they lied. 2) Nothing negative of omicron and yet theyre RUSHING boosters. How isnt this a scam?

    Dont worry theyre setting up anti heart attack agents to mask the damage.

  51. Kenneth Culp

    What happened to the Epstein tapes?
    Who has them?
    What are they using them for?
    My guess is that the FBI / CIA have them and will use them to blackmail the pedifiles.

  52. Marion Sampson

    I just heard on Drcharlieward.com, Dec 2, 2021 that on the barcode of each vaccine vial, the last digit is either a one, a two or a three. The 1 means it is a placebo, the 2 means it is a flu shot from other years, the 3 indicates it is the clot shot. When the military was rolled out to administer the shots, it was switched from 2 or 3 to 1. In other words, the military used the 1. God is testing the doctors, pharmacists, nurses because they know, and they are using 3 for the elderly and disabled. A chief medical officer from Slovenia came out and exposed this. Big Pharma has spent 5 million to block the story from coming out.

    • Fran Barnes

      Even if the milit. was “vaxx’d” with saline (#1 batch)…the, our, fromthe topdown Airforce is in on taking this nation down…check out monkeywerks utubes on the air force flights moving immigrants (he calls ’em poppies) from South of border to around USA, from/to ‘Holding facilities/immigration camps, 37 of ’em, mapped @ 29:50 on his utube Maxwell connections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCPW1s9kHNU .
      It’s all M A D N E S S. Watchdoggies, another watcher of interest is monkeywerks.
      MONKEYWERXUS.COM/BLOG/CATEGORY/CLUB+K — for all over info. on all the connections of people/organizations of creation, sales, movement of this missile. Recent utube on East coast flight/naval activity and that it could relate to the possibility of a K missle threat– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8miSKdAYIos live map of all boats on our coast @ 29:00

  53. Diana

    Thank you Greg for all you have done and will do. I’ve listened to you for a decade and I love your take on events, but I am going to have to say this. I don’t know what is with Trump and the vaccines, but I suspect he doesn’t know what was done with them. I believe the reason he has pushed them from the beginning, was to move the fence sitters and moderates to the right. Why he continues to do so is a mystery and it could be the lack of real info. He does always add therapeutics are an option and that there should not be any mandates. If this is the only dumb thing he has done then it proves he is human.

    Everyone jumps on this and talks junk, but how many bad decisions and stances have they taken that later they realized was a huge mistake. I would think a 100% would be guilty. In my lifetime President Trump was the Only President that ever fought for us. Truth be told we knew a lot of this info, but it is far worse than even I thought. If he hadn’t said what he did we might never know how deep that swamp is. I knew they were dirty and I knew about the CIA and their activities, but I had no idea all of DC top down was a complete cesspool. We need a complete purge before we can begin to move forward. People need to focus on that and cleaning up their local governments, rather than complain that someone didn’t do enough. We didn’t get here because of Trump, we got here, because too many people were willing “to go along to get along” way too long.

    • MC

      Here is something to awaken those with Stockholm Syndrome. Those who refuse to realize that Trump refers to himself as the father of the vax.

      Now the vax is targeting children. It’s no different than this scene (52sec clip) from the movie Schidler’s List. Just observe the reaction of the mothers. Soon mothers in America will realize they have been betrayed by all those who push the vax.

  54. Marion Sampson

    Whitney Webb | COP26 and Climate Hypocrisy with Charlie Robinson (bitchute.com)

    This is not a surprise to me. They keep changing the title but the intention has always been nefarious. When a wealthy ‘man’ or group thinks he can save the planet, we must wake up. The last two years is part of it.
    We are the carbon print that has to be reduced.
    These people are dangerous, using the environment as a cover, a shield, to deflect criticism about what they are really doing,
    which is trying to own the world under the guise of saving the world. They have the right psychopaths in place to try and do it.

  55. Bobby G

    There is visual evidence that Fraudulent Biteme and Vice Fraudulent Camel ass have a doubles. (start examining his earlobes and other facial features which magically change)

    Do you think it is possible that these evil doers have somehow REPLACED Trump and his wife?

    I know, I know, it sounds VERY CRAZY.

    Consider that Trump is now endorsing deep state players, has doubled down on the vaccine, and looks a bit thinner than the guy that left back in January.

    Just a thought. Keep hold of it and begin looking for evidence that either confirms or denys my theory.

    Remember, If they can replace Biteme and fool the public, why is it so unthinkable that they could replace the Don? It sure does explain a few things, to me.

    • Jeff

      Many are doubles and many have already been eliminated. I also suspect Trump being a double. We will all find out the truth soon.
      I suspect when everything is revealed we will understand the circumstances regarding Trump and understand why he said things he has said. I was getting angry about Trump promoting the jab but now understand God has a plan far greater than we understand.
      Getting angry solved nothing and is unhealthy. Besides, he who is without sin can toss the first stone. My job is to pray for him and our country.
      It is not the time to give up. Besides, is there any choice now? Either we pray and God delivers us or everything turns to hell. There is no choice so FEAR NOT and pray earnestly.

    • Earth Angel

      Some good insight there Bobby G. You’re right. I wouldn’t put anything past the hoodlums running the sideshow that is currently the world we enjoy right now. Personally I think that ‘hillary’ is either a double or some kind of clone. My feeling is that the ‘real’ or ‘original’ hillary may not even be alive anymore. Remember how goofy she got several years ago, her speech and the videos of her falling down when trying to get into a van somewhere, I think it was when campaigning the last time, something like that. She collapsed and was hurriedly whisked away, then hours later she was supposedly fine and walking down the street from her apartment. Clearly the woman being interviewed was NOT her. I notice too she is markedly ABSENT from running her BIG mouth in the mainstream media about everything for the past few years. I’m pretty sure the same thing was true of osama bin ladin (remember when ‘killary’ & obama gloated about offing him during the obama regime) It’s my opinion bin laden was already dead for some years before that. Remember bin laden was in ill health, supposedly on kidney dialasis and looked like ‘death warmed over’ well before the supposed raid on that bunker. Something just ain’t right with any of this. Remember in the early 80’s when cia director Casey stated that; “When everything the American people believe is a LIE, WE WILL have achieved our goal”.

    • LizaCA

      Hard to say, but the picture I saw of Melania the other day didn’t look like her at all. The face shape and features were different. I didn’t recognize her.

  56. Matthias

    More news about the Deep State:

    Lieutenant General Michael Flynn is apparently finally catching up on the fact that “Q Anon” is just a Deep State PSYOP / disinformation campaign (like the “flat earth” nonsense):

    ‘Michael Flynn’ Alleges CIA Could Be Behind ‘Total Nonsense’ QAnon Conspiracy Theory in Leaked Audio

    • LizaCA

      Flynn, his family and Trump were indirect Q supporters until December of 2020. Lots of evidence, the hand signs, #17, word games on Twitter, etc. Flynn has been suspected to be Q. Maybe he is CIA and Trump is Deep State and they were both part of the plan to mess with us? Or maybe they lost the internal war and are trying to protect themselves now?

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, Anothet Dr. Malone interview on latest variant and more mea cupas =
    Dr. Malone says, ‘Fundamentally evil’ COVID policies harming children deep and profound and will last for decades’!


    vid about 1/4 way down the page…=

    “Among the “former heresies” are his claims about the toxicity of the spike protein in SARS-CoV-2, the “shell game” with Pfizer’s licensing of its Cominarty COVID vaccine and the vaccine risks to children.

    “I chose that as the hill I would die on, to do everything I could to keep from mandatory vaccination of children,” he

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg, Some things to know and might want to pass along to family and friends who are pregnant or have children and to look into if ‘gates’ concerns about possible pox outbreak does occur ?

    Time to pick a side ?

    new info all …but start at least @ 1:24:40 for Dr. Zelenko and what new FDA reports show =

    ALEX JONES (Full Show) Wednesday – 12/1/21 (ugetube.com)

    In vid DR. ZELENKO.referenced points to Sarracenia purpurea for possible? treatment for small pox =

    Sarracenia purpurea – Wikipedia
    It was used as a medicinal plant by Native American and First Nation tribes in its northeastern and Great Lakes distribution ranges, including the Algonquin, Cree, Iroquois, Mi’kmaq (Micmac) peoples,[20] primarily for use in treating smallpox by means of a root infusion.[21] A 2012 study suggests Sarracenia purpurea is effective as a treatment for viruses in the Orthopoxvirus family, including the smallpox virus, through inhibition of early virus transcription

  59. Susan R

    This has been my main source of truth for close to a decade. The time we are in is extremely fragile on every level. Greg is our warrior on God’s side.

  60. Bobby G

    I have always been a skeptic concerning END TIMES prophecies. History reveals numerous times where people were positive that they were in the very LAST DAYS.

    Events are NOW shaping up where I am now considering that MAYBE we ARE in the very last days. If these evil doers prevail, we will find ourselves living in a PRISON PLANET. YIKES!!!

    Even though I have been a skeptic, I have never been skeptical about the fact that we are all going to die someday. That is why I always do my best to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD, in all my activities.

    Whether these are the last days or not, you should realize that when you die, it is the last days for you. So, behave in a manner that will keep bad KARMA, and or THE JUDGEMENT DAY, a time for rejoicing, not DREADING.

  61. Susan R

    This has been my main source of truth for close to a decade. The time we are in is extremely fragile on every level. Greg is our warrior on God’s side. I am being prevented to post this! Will try again.

  62. Susan R

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This has been my main source of truth for close to a decade. The time we are in is extremely fragile on every level. Greg is our warrior on God’s side. I am being prevented to post this! Will try again.

  63. David Brownallen

    The world will be quite eventful between now and next spring.

    Hillary Clinton’s moment has passed and is forever gone.
    I don’t think it’s quite so simple to replace Kamala with Hillary. A constitutional presidential succession line exists.

    If you’ll remember the 2016 election cycle, sourced videotape showed Hillary with motor skill and balance problems. As with Kamala, Hillary has a way with humor at inopportune moments.

    I won’t claim she has symptoms of dementia, but you can sense what voters will focus on if she’s ever proffered for higher office.

    • Jeff

      Who you see now is Hillary’s double.

  64. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. As more and more news is released regarding the mild symptoms of the Omicron variant — that’s mild for vaccinated folks, for unvaxxed the Doc in SA isn’t seeing any symptoms. Word will spread that another booster is unnecessary and won’t make things better. My gut says that after the past 2 years, just about everybody has been exposed to Covid 19; if you haven’t had symptoms yet, you aren’t going to get it from Omicron. I’d really like to be exposed to Omicron just to test my immune system. But… How do you know you’ve been exposed if there are no symptoms? Hmmm

    On that other subject — how do you spell desperation? H-I-L-L-A-R-Y

    • Russ 2

      “World Health Organization Says “No Evidence” Booster Jabs Would Offer “Greater Protection” To The Healthy”

      …Experts argue that dismissing Omicron as “mild” is dangerous because South Africa has a very young population (average age 27) and we don’t know how it will impact older people.
      They then say the solution is to vaccinate more younger people.
      Makes total sense. …

    • Russ 2

      “The Case For Compulsory Vaccinations Is Dead… Omicron Just Killed It”
      … The current narrative is that:
      * The vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission.
      * What beneficial effect they do have wears off, they don’t know when.
      * They probably don’t protect against new variants or mutations.
      * The vaccines have unknown longterm side effects.
      These are not fringe ideas or baseless theories, they are the self-contradictory supposed “facts” of the schizophrenic covid story. …

      So apparently very limited benefits and unknown consequences… What could possibly go wrong?

  65. Felix A Renteria

    always love your commentary greg but trump was always controlled opposition.Israel owns our corrupt government and all these wolves in sheeps clothing (politicians) have been controlled .Remember the USS. liberty.911 all covert operations against the U.S by our so called ally.Remember bibi neneyahoo comment we will use the U.S.A until they wither and blow away in the wind.The world is a stage.Since the beginning of this once great country we have been fed caca some of our founders were free masons and some believed in our great creator.Put your faith in no man,did you think trump would take on a satanic cabal on his own when the whole corrupt government is controlled and the military has been evil for a long time.Politics is bread and circuses.

  66. Jerry

    The agenda is as clear as day.

    Just keep in mind that 5G is set to go live on January 7th. The globalist are running out of time to get everyone vaccinated, so they must use every trick in the book to fool the public.

    Question? If the vaccinated are getting sick now and need boosters to be effective, how long will it be before the boosters no longer work? Every drug I know has a lifespan.


    In reference to President Trump’s promotion of the vaccines, I agree that he knows they are deadly (initially, I believe he thought they would be an actual vaccine and help others). We are in WWIII, the deep state is trying many avenues to kill us — I think Trump is choosing the lesser of two evils. We do not know what other threats they have made. Greg, as you said, Trump is human and can make mistakes like any of us. However, I do not agree that he is trying to position himself for another term. At the beginning, he said he was not a politician, but a business man. Everyone loses in a war. As Christians we know God is in control. This is not just about the U.S. It is the cleansing of the world from tyranny and Satanic forces. At the end, there will be fewer of us and much suffering ahead in rebuilding our homelands. Trump has led us through the darkness to the great awakening and I think he will be bowing out of the public arena.

  68. Fred Engel

    I see the internment camps becoming permanent. That you Greg for your reports.

  69. William Barnes

    Greg, I eagerly await your interviews. You have informative, well informed guests. I can’t, however, understand why you continue to risk your credibility by continuing to tout Mark Taylor. He has proved himself, a false prophet, like those he rails against. Trump did not return after the election. His influence continues to wane, and Taylor himself now denigrates Trump saying he is listening to bad advice. He is a jonny-come-lately to the covid wars and simply touts the already known facts of the vaccines into his own “revelations from God” Taylor has virtually disappeared from public view Where he once was all over the media. He is using you to repair his destroyed credibility. Whether you know it or not, Taylor has lost his credibility and his audience. Don’t ruin yours by continuing to give this huckster a forum on your channel.

  70. Peter. Erikson

    The Shots Cause the Variants. Animal Studies Show Huge Increase in Cancer , Heart Disease and Deaths.

    ‘This Isn’t about medicine . This is about control — and Evil.’

    My Docs in the Boston area refused ti perccribe. hydra. and human form of Ibermectum.

    I’m in the city with Elevators and crowds. They forced me – Hurded me like a Farm Animal towards the ‘ ONLY OPTION”. I Believe that is Criminal Negligence at a bare minimum. No Law form will sue the STATE , THE HOSPITALS, THE MD’s THE MEDIA. Land of the FREE NO MORE. — Why Exactly are They Poisoning US?? So They Can Sell More Cancer Drugs , More heart Operations More Money for Pharma and Hospitals and Doctors. Animal Studies Showed Huge Increase in Cancer and Heart Disease But They Kept That Info From US. This is Crime Against Humanity , Fraud, Criminal Negligence , Unethical Business Practices and Murder.

    I Never wanted some Experimental Shot but I had Good Options taken of the table by Crime in Government, Big Pharma, and Cowardly , Incompetent Doctors ,hospital Administrators and All the Scientists in the Universities that know better. Then Mainstream Corporate media Shouted down the Truth. Criminals., empty suits, selfish cowards. Congress is a Totally Useless group of creepy lawyers that NEED to be Purged out and replaced by the common man with good horse sence.

    Another Great News Story Greg. I Wish News Max Would Put you on as a daily reporter. or a news producer. Your doing a Great Job and an Important Service to America and the World.

  71. Jerry

    I didn’t like Jim Cramer before. I like him even less now. Calling for mandatory vaccination by the military. Really?

  72. Eric Whyte

    Greg – as always excellent reporting. I look forward to Friday just to hear you weekly news wrap. God bless.

  73. Sharon Lindung

    Hi Greg, Great wrap up this week. Just one thing about the omnicron variant, if you rearrange the letters in omnicron, you get “moronic”. There are no coincidences. Let’s call it what it is, the moronic variant! Take care.

  74. Charles H.

    Greg, et al,

    Here is a doctor that has come to the same conclusion that Sinclair and Holter have regarding the financial sector – but this is regarding the medical community.

    Shaun Baker MD.

    • Charles H.

      There is some bad language in this. I can’t think of anyone being more real though.

  75. iwitness02

    As Spock would say: “Fascinating”

  76. Joe Blimey

    Tucker Carlson: What Really Happened in Wuhan (EXCLUSIVE)
    262,096 views Dec 1, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson sits down with Sky News Australia’s Sharri Markson to discuss What Really Happened in Wuhan, the culmination of Ms Markson’s investigation into the origins of COVID-19.
    Mr Carlson discusses issues with decisions made by Dr Anthony Fauci and his role in funding controversial research in Wuhan, where the disease was first discovered.
    The pair are joined by Sky News Australia host Chris Kenny who moderates the conversation.
    To read more about What Really Happened in Wuhan, grab a copy of Sharri Markson’s new book here: https://linktr.ee/WhatReallyHappenedI
    First five of 3,676 Comments
    John Andersen 1 day ago; Tucker’s speech at 21 minutes should be played around the world every day!
    StimParavane 1 day ago, Real journalism is inspiring. It’s a shame it’s so rare now.
    Phil Chandler: Barefoot Beekeeper 21 hours ago, I’m glad there are still journalists who are willing to put their careers on the line to discover the truth and publish it.
    Ty Binney 1 day ago; This exclusive was professionalism at its best, I’m impressed. Thank you very much. [Greg, These Would Be Great Questions To Ask Sherri Below, probably questions in her next book?]
    Daniel Matthews 1 day ago; By now almost everyone already knows that the USA funded research the Chinese were doing leaked out and the rest is history, so the question you should be asking is, was it really an accident and if so why were certain companies and individuals able to capitalise on it so rapidly and to such an enormous degree?

    Now In Case You Missed It!
    SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan
    8,352,064 views Premiered Sep 27, 2021 Sky News Australia

    Inside Australia’s [China Style] Covid internment camp
    220,516 viewsDec 2, 2021 UnHerd
    Read the full article here: https://unherd.com/thepost/inside-aus
    Hayley Hodgson, 26, moved to Darwin from Melbourne to escape the never-ending lockdowns — only to find herself locked up in a Covid Internment Camp without even having the virus.
    She’s just returned from a 14-day detention at Howard Springs, the 2000-capacity Covid camp outside Darwin to which regional Covid cases are transported by the authorities. In an exclusive interview with Freddie Sayers, she recounted her experiences.
    Nadejda Kopanova 11 hours ago; This video is disturbing, disgusting and shameful on so many levels. My heart goes out to all the people in Australia. This is insane!!!
    Anhe November9 hours ago Freddie, it’s remarkable how you continuously remain calm, steady and matter-of-fact. I’m ready to explode watching this!
    v orlic 10 hours ago; “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

    Prepare for Armageddon: China’s warning to the world | 60 Minutes Australia
    7,429,828 views Nov 14, 2021 60 Minutes Australia

    “Err… Bill Gates Does WHAT Now?!” This Is A BIG PROBLEM
    519,551 views Dec 2, 2021 Russell Brand
    As a new article reveals the levels of influence Bill Gates has within media – which he has bankrolled to the tune of millions of dollars – we ask, is Bill Gates’s image all a creation of his own making?

    They’re called the Good Club – and they want to save the world
    This article is more than 12 years old
    Paul Harris in New York reports on the small, elite group of billionaire philanthropists who met recently to discuss solving the planet’s problems

  77. Charles H.


    “We are at war.” FINALLY !!! Presidential Election – battle lost. Absolutely. Wars used to be waged by physical battles: now all you need is the money to bribe.

    Great job, Greg!

  78. Bob Mihalovich

    Operation Dark Winter was a government ran smallpox simulated attack. I can’t help but wonder if senile Biden is referring to a smallpox attack on US. He did say that they had assembled the greatest election fraud team in the history of the world before the election. He was dead on.

    God please make me be wrong.

    • JuicyMoosey

      I’ve noticed the drug store / chemist in town has installed two head-high serveillance cameras and a streetwide PA system.

      If smallpox is released, we will see people suffering. It’ll be horrific. Meanwhile the PA in every street will be screaming: “Come get your smallpox vaccine. It’s here FREE!!!!”.

      Then they’ll give everyone the Covid shot while they’re full of fear of smallpox.

      Prepare yourself for that. Don’t panic. Think.

      Because, it’s possible that the smallpox won’t be “released”, it may have been put into some of the booster vaccines – it may even be possible to remotely activate it with 5G at a time of their choosing.

      If smallpox hits. The similar procedure as for covid applies: Keep immune system healthy. Get supplements and keep vitamin D high. Chaga Mushrooms. Pitcher Plant roots? Avoid the carriers. Stay inside.

      Even the heathens will be praying if this goes down. It’ll be brutal.

  79. J.Blimey_

    Oop’s, here’s the link
    Tucker Carlson: What Really Happened in Wuhan (EXCLUSIVE)
    262,096 views Dec 1, 2021 Sky News Australia

  80. Robert Corbett

    Watch the “South Park” COVID Variant video on YouTube start play at 1min 20 seconds as South Park goes into lock down hilarious….

  81. Julie A Cohick

    There was a Dr. from Denmark that was on TV last Tuesday morning & she claims that this new variant was there in Denmark before S. Africa, about 6 weeks before & it is not deadly. They did not say anything about the new variant for fear of panic & travel bans. But there has been no deaths from this strain. I just wanted to let you know about this in case you had not heard. Keep “Looking unto JESUS the AUTHOR & FINISHER of our faith . . .”

  82. Keith Kasprzak

    So, what planet are we living on again? Thought this is Earth. How can a whole planet of humans allow themselves to be duped into believing this experimental concoction they like to call a vaccine is actually working? And it continues to be pushed every day? There has to be more at play here than any of us can know. Rule number one in life, don’t be fooled.

  83. Randy Best

    Bo Polny’s critical month of November has now passed. Stock markets are still close to all time highs. Gold and Silver are routinely slammed down. God has not moved his hand. We are not even close to being 180 degrees opposite of where we were in the Spring. Now what will he say about this?

    • Greg Hunter

      You think everything is OK? The trend is intact clearly.

    • Greg Hunter

      You think everything is OK? The trend is intact, clearly.

  84. Gloria Charlier

    I am so grateful for this information Greg. Every time you say fear not Jesus is REAL… I get tears in my eyes!

  85. Tory Allan

    Had thanksgiving with family this past week. Three members have been fully vaxed (two moderna one phizer). One was sick so kept on a mask only to find out the next day it was COVID. We tried to keep contact to minimum ect but two of us UnVaxed got sick too, the other two “vaxed” one already had Covid (didn’t get sick) the other got sick. I took NAC, Ivermectin, Hydroxycloriquin, Zinc, Azithromicin, D3 8k, lots of water. I’m getting over it after 5 days. The other UnVaxed didn’t want to do the regiment and was getting sicker but saw how well I was doing and started yesterday and already doing better!

    Lesson: Fake Vax doesn’t work. Masks don’t work. Natural Immunity works. Ivermectin works with the rest. I now know first hand that what you talk about is NOT BS. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  86. Dave

    Trump will not run in 2024 as he knows he won’t get the nomination. It s all about ego with Trump. Instead, he looks like he will disrupt the GOP election process as seen in his endorsements. Some are RINOs and some are not. He’d probably like to see the GOP have troubles in the election as he sees his influence waning in the party.

    In Pa, Trump candidate Sean Parnell just had to drop out because of credible abuse allrgations. Parneel is best buds with Don Jr. The truly conservative candidate – Kathy Barnette – was not endorsed by Trump. Will she be endorsed now with Panell out? Methinks not as Hannity and conservative talk radio is pushing Dr. Oz. Hardly a traditional conservative. a devout Muslim with strong Sufi tendencies (mystical experiences, visions from Allah) Oz promotes the Swedenborgian church in the West The church’s prophet saw God replacing Christianity with a new church which worshipped only God (no Trinity). So, Oz appears evangelistic in his Islam. That is his right, but to see Trump endorse him would raise more red flags.

    Look for Trump to be a disruptor in the GOP primaries. He has no core beliefs and is driven only by his ego. He can’t admit the vaccines don’t work and hence a new ad has been cut for conservative radio stations urging listeners to get the vaccine. The usual suspects are on the ad – Trump, Hannity Levin and a few others.

  87. UnkBuck

    3,060 viewsPremiered Dec 2, 2021 prepaussie
    It’s dire folk’s, especially down under! Upyonder, we still can resit and liberate our cousins down the rabbit hole once called, the lucky country!

    Blues from Forrest Gump and Uncle Misha at “Noisy River” Restaurant in St Petersburg, Russia. LIVE!
    1,517 views Streamed live 16 hours ago Baklykov. Live
    Russians want what we had, and the leftest LGB’QUIERS want to shove what the Russki’s rejected down our throats!
    Can’t take the cold, rush to the 5:00 mark___

    Vaccine Mandates: What The F**K Is Going On In Australia??!
    74,324 views Dec 3, 2021

    Gravitas LIVE with Palki | Anti-China riots in Solomon islands | Alarm over South Africa variant
    281,001 views Streamed live on Nov 26, 2021
    Want to see whats crippling the US. government go to the 8:25 mark

    “The government has betrayed you and sold you to China” – Riccardo Bosi, leader A1 party
    316,851 viewsNov 25, 2021

  88. BrianCranston

    We are one but come from many
    Come on you bunch of mule driver’s, we fought the Democrats before and won and we can win it fer freedom again!
    Jon Wayne comes to the rescue!


  89. Keith Williams

    Last I heard the original SARS-Cov-19 virus was never “isolated”. How can they tell what variant is what and how it differs from the others?

  90. Da Yooper

    Greg how can we send you a screen shot of a news paper article ? meme size but not a meme.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Da Y”
      Email through the contact page.

  91. John M.

    Another great Wrap-Up Greg, and your line-up of guests are the best, and many are pleasant surprises to me as if I were a boy under the Christmas tree.
    When you and others say that these jabs are “experimental”, it’s very misleading. I know you and others are only emphasizing that the medical authorities are treating humanity like lab rats and guinea pigs, but that downplays the sinister element to all this, making Dr. Mengele look like a choir boy with a lollipop in comparison.
    The jabs are definitely not experimental in the sense that the outcome is not an unknown and a shaking of the dice. The cause-and-effect of what these jabs actually do to the human body is known through many years of scientific experiments and testing, as this has been planned way in advance. The concoctions in these different gene-altering therapy cocktails (which some call “vaccines”) have been carefully crafted and perfected for a specific purpose, which is reducing world population in a variety of ways that are concealed from the public. Besides bringing forth injury and death, the jabs may be considered a “controlled experiment” only in that they are used to CONTROL the sheeple of the world through clever psychological warfare, recently described as mass psychosis by Dr. Joseph Mercola. But luckily for us, there are many unknowns and variables (and especially the God factor) that makes the outcome of this grand experiment an uncertainty. We shall soon see how this evil experiment for all the marbles actually ends. Many of the world inhabitants may die, yet the Globalists still may not be able to control the ones who remain. Of course the dark souls and dark spirits have many other weapons besides bad medicine in their quiver, like the Federal Reserve, wars, UFO’s, etc.
    In regard to Trump, he has been a HUGE disappointment to those of us who have not yet been herded up into the sheep corral. Trump is either for us or against us; Trump is part of the Globalist Cabal or he is not. It’s unlikely that Trump is a bonehead and does not know what’s really going on, and it’s possible that he may have been politically outmaneuvered. I hope that Trump has a master Trump card up his sleeve for some bigger purpose to win this bigger “information war”, or he’s as despicable as all the others and deserves a special hot place in the netherworld. Nonetheless, the great collateral damage of human life will be tremendous and not easily forgotten no matter if the Orange man is a great hero or just another villain.
    There might be some hope, as I have talked to some people in the last few days who have taken the booster shots but are emotionally terrified against the Mandates. That’s encouraging, although I want to slap them all hard across the face to completely wake them up from their Dummkopf stupor as they keep rolling up their sleeves for the needle.
    Trump was the flag bearer for many of us who still love America and our Constitution, but he can be replaced. He’s only a man. God is our Creator and our Master, and some of us believe in real science and real knowledge which puts God at the exact center of everything in our material world, and beyond. Fear not!

  92. Janet White

    Hi Greg. Love your show. Have you ever listened to Praying Medic about his take on why Trump is saying what he is saying about the vax? I, too, was so worried sbout Trump and his comments about it on TV. Praying Medic believes it’s part of the narrative for the “show”. Trump knows people will die, like people die in every war. People have free will.
    Just a thought.

  93. Joseph A

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for another informative wrap up.

    The next time you interview Clif High, can you ask him about Donald Trump and the push to take the so called “vaccine”. Clif High actually spoke about this some time ago and mentioned that Donald Trump discovered that the Deep State already had the “vaccine” and Donald Trump forced the Deep State’s hand. Their plan was to wait for more deaths before releasing the “vaccine” to the public. I am hoping Clif’s information will shed more light on this situation. Thank you!

  94. George falero

    For those who don’t die the adverse effects lasting for life will also be a windfall for big pharma. All the rx’s will be in perpetuity. Evil, cruel, lust for power is unquenchable. The ends justifies the means for all the fauci acolytes. Megele could learn from this serpent.
    God will sort them out.

  95. Suzette Lawrence

    Hey Greg, Fox gets 70% of thier funding from pharma…Trump is making a big mistake on not taking back his support of the shots.

  96. Oxfarmer

    I think that Trump wanted an old-fashioned vaccine, like the one for polio, and he believed this is what he got. But, as Thomas Merton observed,
    “Between the idea and the reality
    Between the motion and the act,
    Falls the Shadow.”
    President Trump fell into a subtle trap compounded by Big Pharma and the Globalists. “Sure, we’ll bust our tails getting you a vaccine on a year instead of five.” Out comes this phial, clear, like water, no ingredient list. People Trump trusted told him it was ok. And he believed them. It was a trap and Trump walked right into it.

    Add to this mix a man who has been abandoned by friends, stolen from, lied about, and who still hasn’t forgiven. He listens to a very small group of individuals whom he feels he can trust. His pain and anger keep him from trusting Greg Hunter, or Frontline Doctors. But Sean Hannity is a longterm friend.

    We need to pray hard that POTUS will be emotionally healed enough to use the same discernment he would use buying rebar for a construction project. That he would be willing to lay his great vaccine achievement on the altar and embrace humility.

    • Ken

      He sure as hell did get played, and his oversized EGO won’t let him acknowledge he’s been had. He never learned his lesson about hiring and trusting deep staters who stabbed he and the country in the back. I don’t think he can humble himself enough to learn from his naive mistakes.

  97. James4-7

    I will lose my job next week. Nobody can understand why I wouldn’t get the shot. The amount of coughing going on in my office is concerning. Deep hacking. Probably doing me a favour getting rid of me.

  98. Richard J. Johnson

    Gregg, what about Trump ignoring the plight of his supporters rotting in the D.C. jail, while he enjoys his golf games.

    • Dave

      Notice how conservative radio has gone silent on that. Try to call in and get on talking about that subject. The hosts won’t let you if you mention Trump’s refusal to help the families financially. They mostly can’t afford pricey attorneys. One caller to Levin got by the screener and mentioned the topic and Levin dropped the call.

  99. SkeptiSchism

    Thanks Mr. Hunter for another good show. I never miss one.

  100. LOTN

    First of all: God bless Greg Hunter and USAWatchdog.com
    Second of all: Crammer sucks.

    Market sell off has nothing to due with new version of Chinese Virus. Remember Delta (not talking options ha ha) Variant?
    The market sell off is due to hyperinflation.
    Then, RMD’s are back after hiatus in 2020 due to Chinese Virus.
    To add further, true investors are also unloading on funds to take profit during the year end quarterly capital gains distributions usually last week of November or first week of December.
    And oil, well pipelines to trains was a disaster.
    Then on on Nov 23, 2021, President Potato Head announced the emergency release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help with lowering prices. In our Wednesday Night PMF meetings, true oil players also explained that on the same day, Russia
    cut production. No world leader fears Potato Head like they did Trump. Also, they said fracking will not help much this time. It is not a supply issue to me personally. No way demand in any month during 2021 was higher than any of the months in years 2018 and 2019 prior Chinese Virus, rioting, ^vix in single digits for many months(!), and the FOMC had increased the federal funds rate many times!

    Hell, I could go on, but it is a hyperinflation problem occurring. The FOMC is trapped. Dollar, I keep hearing is strong. But so is a Bush Light to a Keystone Light. Speaking of which, time to roll. Work day tomorrow. Please have David Stockman on during year end or witching Friday options on 17th.

    So in summary, a quadruple witching Friday on December 17th. Be very careful investing in these markets.
    Bought a solid bond fund also for two accounts early this week. We could be experiencing another 1979 -1981 period. Just be cautious with high PE’s on securities and future EPS after earnings this year. Many call it “Jumping the Shark” effect. Be hard to top these numbers with even perhaps higher PE’s and willing investors in 2022.

    So in summary, it’s time to pay the piper folks. Divy. cuts happen before coupon payments on securities. Have a good weekend, brother Greg.
    God bless, LOTN

  101. john

    Bless you Greg Hunter

  102. Lisa Stahl

    Greg. 1000% agree about our President Trump. So sad about this. I love Donald Trump and he is 1000% WRONG about JAB. I love our brother in CHRIST, Lin Wood Lin Wood speaks truth. I read his Telegram channel as often as I can.. He helps me cope. God Bless. Godspeed. Thank you.

  103. Mario

    Hey Greg
    I hope all is well.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Praying for you and family.

    Did you see this???

  104. Al Day

    Greg, I hear the consternation in your voice regarding worldwide events surrounding the medical tyranny setting in. I often wonder if we haven’t reached into The Tribulation. Please stay well and keep us informed. We look forward to your messages. Thanks.

    • swimfinz

      Nice take. Mark your calendar: a year from now, well all be discussing the SAME THING. Nothing will change.

  105. Dave

    I think this is the hill Trump will die on! Sorry, I didn’t believe the “warp speed” either. My gut feeling is this jab was planned and tested for years. The only candidate I would support for president would be De Santis.

    • LizaCA

      DeSantis is a vax supporter. His young wife has cancer now. Not sure if she was vaxxed too.

  106. Summer

    Thanks for another great wrap up, Greg. You mentioned speaking with Bo Polny. I’d love to hear an update from him and his take on the current crypto environment. I don’t think anyone thought they’d be down for such an extended amount of time especially going into Dec. when most were expecting a large rally. Thanks for all you do!

  107. Sean B.

    Watch “Berlin Germany Police Officers Taking The Side of The People!!! THIS IS THE WAY!!!” on YouTube

  108. Kipp

    Don’t disagree with you on the c Come back to earth there is so much more going on we need to talk about vax is keep your eye off the ball love Karen bill cliff they are right vax is only a part of what’s going on

  109. carter

    Is it possible that Trump got visited by deep state players who guaranteed he and his family would be rubbed out if he didn’t get on board with the vacs? Think about it, it’s a way out to make sure his family lives.
    Remember “Kill the Messenger” and the motel conversation Ray Liotta had with Jeremy Renner?

  110. Walter Baumgarten

    Hey Greg, I don’t want to defend Donald Trump or anything, but I do believe that the key element to what he said is that he would NOT mandate the shots. Perhaps he wants to encourage the dimwitted to take the risks and die off along with the idiots that are doing whatever their masters tell them. Perhaps DJT wants the dimwitted eliminated too. I don’t want to defend murder, but if this voluntary suicide program winds up wiping out a large portion of idiots in our society. leaving only those smart enough to think for themselves, maybe it will be productive. Survival of the fittest you know.

    • Paul ...

      Interesting point WB … the Globalists now seem to be in a panic to get people to shoot at the Police (as they break into peoples homes to forcibly “jab” them) … they thought they would have had us killing each other in another American Revolution by now by simply using the race card … where good blacks would be killing “evil whites” (and the “evil whites” killing the good blacks) … but the Nazi Globalists are scratching their heads totally perplexed … they can’t get Americans to revolt … even when they “jab” their children to give them heart attacks … seems Americans are so smart they can’t be fooled into a race war even when blacks burn down their cities or when “evil whites” like Rittenhouse shoot black people (even if they happen to be evil white people) …so it looks like the Globalists will have to take more drastic action … and perhaps hire some “evil white people” to fly planes into the United Nations Building (the way they hired “evil Arabs” to fly into the WTC) … perhaps then … they could get a Revolutionary War going that will require the implementation of Marshall Law and the forced internment of the un-vaxxed into FEMA Camps where guillotines. cyanide gas and black coffins await their coming!!

  111. Kenneth Landon

    Austria & Greece have already started monthly fines for not taking the jab. Today I heard the state of Nevada has begun the same practice.
    GOD Save America !! No one else can save us from this tyranny.

  112. Not So Free

    A bit off topic; What are your thoughts on the Rumble “merger”?
    Will it affect your use of the player?

    • Greg Hunter

      Who knows but maybe they will see the value of real information and not Fake news and pet videos.

  113. Not So Free

    Looking forward to the interview with Doctor Elizabeth Eads tomorrow. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure what she is going to say, having read other articles.
    Glad to say the wife and I spent Thanksgiving with part of her family, all “unvaxxed”.

  114. Doug

    Why would crypto rise with inflation?…anyone, just wondering

    • Greg Hunter

      Printed money looking for a place to go to preserve buying power when governments falter.

  115. Anna

    Apparently they tweaked the vaccine to create the O variant that doesn’t build antibodies so u can keep getting reinfected which is logical because people with natural immunity from recovering from Covid were interfering with these demonic murderers plans to kill people.

  116. mihaela gavril

    Greg, what happens today in this world is NOT about stupidity, but about a phenomenon that psychology calls “mass formation”. Please watch the interview that Dr. Chris Martenson conducted with Dr. Mattias Desmet (Ghent University):
    To say that we are in BIG trouble would be an understatement: we are now in the SAME conditions that lead to Nazi Germany and communism. If we can’t wake people up, mass atrocities will soon follow.

    May the Lord watch over us all, and may He bless you for trying to bring truth to the people!!!

  117. JC

    A pharmaceutical manufacturer recalled thousands of vials of its COVID-19 antiviral drug remdesivir after an internal investigation found they were contaminated with glass particles.

    Gilead Sciences Inc. on Friday announced the pullback of the drug, sold under the brand name Veklury, shipped to hospitals nationwide in October and November.


  118. Justin Wolf






    So that mean that if the vaccines worked it would of stoped the transmission from leaving Africa…

    so that means the vaccinated people are super spreaders of the new variants.

    So that means there vaccine does not work.

    Case closed for mandatory mandates they should be rendered obsolete


  119. Self Exiled

    I think this guy should be running for the hills.


  120. Self Exiled

    Waking up, I hope.


  121. James Hall

    Trump is compromised most likely, doesn’t make sense, he has to know.

  122. Bradley J Calhoun

    Greg, I still believe there is a big ‘white-hat’ plan to save the world. I know that sounds crazy but, I believe America will be first then the rest of the world will follow. NESARA/GESARA, QFS (quantum financial system), restoring the republic and abolishing the US corporation and mass arrests, real justice in my opinion.

  123. James Hall

    Check Bushcraft Bear youtube channel on La Palma he is there doing daily reports, pretty bad on one part of the island going on over 2 months. Have been following this channel.

  124. John Mahoney

    new info for u greg, have u seen the video, of Dr. Aredreas Novack explains the graphene component microscopic razor blades in the vaccine, a few hours later after the vid he puts out, hes dead. please watch

  125. jp412

    On your statement about the Jab, “Trump own this. He’s responsible for 18,000+ deaths.” Bullshit!

    He is not responsible for the creation and distribution of a toxic concoction containing Spike Protein producing mRNA, Graphene Oxide, and other nasty stuff. Fraudci/NIH/CDC/FDA/BigPharma and the Global Cabal are and have committed Crimes Against Humanity for which they all should be hung.

    Trump accelerated the vaccine program to avoid what some people believe would have been a 10-year lockdown with ever increasing restrictions — like we’re seeing in Australia, Austria, and Germany today. He forced the demonic global cabal to speed up their timeline which has exposed them to any person with eyes to see.

    Check your facts, Greg. Trump said, “If you want to take the vaccine, go ahead and take it. If you don’t want to take, then don’t. He said he recovered quickly from covid by taking HCQ and monoclonal antibodies.” Trump has never been a big pro-vaccine guy.
    So quit trying to blame Trump for this. He has done more (and still is doing today) to destroy the satanic global cabal — putting himself and his family at grave risk — than nearly any other human on this earth. He deserves better treatment than what you are dishing out.

    • JP412

      Interesting nugget of truth appears on the 12.4.2021 edition of And We Know (AWK) for those who really want to know Trump’s position of HCQ and other long-established safe & effective therapeutics.

      Start at 47:25 to hear what Trump actually said and about how demonic bureaucrats like BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) Director, Dr Rick Bright, blocked the widespread use of HCQ as Trump and his administration ordered: https://www.bitchute.com/video/F6TrqCTg4YRt/

      The truth is out there for people willing to do their own research and think for themselves.

  126. Wayin Scott

    Hi Greg,
    I Agree, Trump owns the KILL SHOTS, and he better hope none of my family
    is affected, I’ll be in Father’s face until vengance is complete.
    I’m still involve with the weirdness of this Earth realm. Fixin to put up a video entitled “Trump’s Warpspeed Is Full Of RAZOR BLADES”.
    As many pictures as it takes basically from the Firmament Sun, Moon, Stars, Skies, Clouds, Earth.
    Starting with Carrie Madej’s and Jane Ruby’s findings_plenty of razor blades in their
    microscope findings, then on to the rest of creation, all run by the same
    bastards_we are not of this world_proclaiming razor blades, plus the regular
    pictures of injectors and pistols and rifles_telling the idiots that where a gun (shot),
    is there, is a needle injector is close by_put in subliminal and obvious design to brain wash
    them into taking the Shots_they are drowning in them.
    The entire Earth realm is PUSHING the kill shots, and though humans are obviously affected by the influence, a lot of it is being pushed to their own kind, the Watchers, including the idiot Sasquatch (billions of them at least), all drunk on their vaccines and mouth inserts (seen in the pictures).
    Earth-wide I’m also known by these criminals, and am exposing them as can be accomplished with their resistance. They are the human mixes, Sasquatch regulars (puppets), and Seraphim bitches_whores all, murder though is their ultimate trade,
    manipulating humans to fulfill their soul farmer contract_we call them the devils.
    This place is not what many were told.

  127. Nancy Hoyt

    Greg, thanks for your hard work and courage. Someone else may have mentioned this, but Dr. Zelenko, in an interview on The Steel Truth, cited the month Trump’s advisers made the political decision to recommend the path of vaccines instead of “politically toxic” hydroxychloroquine treatment. They probably didn’t know what would happen, but not a good idea to continue down that path, obviously. I don’t see how this can turn out well.

    • JP412

      Rather incoherent spewage of nonsense here. Witness here a guy who obviously believed the deep state controlled corporate media fear porn — and failed to do his due diligence, independent research and analysis — and let his family get the poison jab juice created by Fraudci/NIH/CDC/BigPharma and ‘approved’ by the FDA. The person he should be most pissed at is looking back at him in the mirror.

    • JP412

      Rather incoherent spewage of nonsense here. Witness here a guy who obviously believed the deep state controlled corporate media fear porn — and failed to do his due diligence, independent research and analysis — and let his family get the poison jab juice created by Fraudci/NIH/CDC/BigPharma and ‘approved’ by the FDA. The person he should be most pissed at is looking back at him in the mirror.

  128. Roger

    Hey Greg, you should check out the Norwegian pioneer that saved many lives with the higly effective Ebola medicine Favipiravir. Ten times more effective than Ivermectin.

    Document meets Doctor Peter Dvergsdal who treats corona patients with Favipiravir.
    Dvergsdal has been importing the drug from Japan since autumn 2016, but in January 2020 it said stop. The Norwegian Medicines Agency would no longer approve the applications for importing the drug, even though it has been used against coronavirus in the past.

    Why don’t the health authorities put all the cloths in, when there are medicines that can save lives, and instead put everything on vaccination and shutdown? How do antiviral agents work?

    Welcome to an interview with Peter Dvergsdal.


    • JP412

      ignore. my comment is meant for Wayin Scott

  129. Jeanne

    Dear Greg:

    Thank You Again for another brilliant video. You always cover the important topics of the week, tell us the truth, and are a positive inspiration to us all. I absolutely love your commitment to professional journalism. God Bless you and your family.✝️🇺🇸✝️

    Warmest Regards, Jeanne

    PS: You look great in your crisp white shirt and tie.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting USAW with you very kind words!! Merry Chroistmas.

  130. Justn Observer

    Greg, Huge coverup still on going in of the child trafficiing / adoptin agency cabal ?
    The FBI’s Andrew McCabe, assigned its Special Agent, Robert E. Hughes III, to investigate the case his mother, Margaret Cole Hughes, 74.

    For his role in the cover-up, the FBI promoted Robert.

    Details are in this story:


    She remains Director of European Adoption Consultants (EAC) in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Strongsville. ( strongville? home of Lisa Page Strozk girlfriend)

    Hughes’ Mom’s trial is on Feb. 7th.
    For fraud ? Instead of child trafficking.
    Son, Robert of the FBI, was assigned to his Mom’s case.

    Margaret Cole Hughes was charged with 13 crimes on Aug. 13th.

    Prosecutors, however, omitted the most serious charge.

    Selling children.


  131. Digifish

    Mark Taylor summed it up best for me. The fiat system is a Baal system. The global banking syndicate has overtly and passively attacked social morays in America and the West by using easy money policies, monopolistic central banking strategies, and profligate public spending for over 110 years. What empirical students of history fail to recognize today is that we were given advanced warning about these insidious errors of Russia in nearly real time. They came to us in the prophesies of Fatima. In decades past, we went along with the gaslighting message of the fractional reserve banking system. We read “In God We Trust,” and we believed in God we trust. But now we see the shell game of the central banks and the tyrannical controls of the social overlords pulling the levers of power over us. We cannot go back against our formed consciences. We are victimized this way and that. The fruit of all this graft has been to incentivize evil and all its barren works. In short, to advance the culture of death. Public confidence in governments is rapidly waning. At some point, it will immediately collapse. The mega trend we see about us is set. God is out. Baal is in. Prepare in all ads possible.

  132. Digifish

    CORRECTION: Prepare in all ways possible.

  133. Justn Observer

    Greg, Two recent vids to put into the ‘please consider’ box =
    Can NOT allow vax of the children =

    Expect more bio coming from China being used as blackmail ?

  134. James Hall

    Washington Post
    Gilead recalls vials of its Remdesivir covid drug in U.S. due to glass contamination

  135. Madi

    DearGreg ,
    You know who I am.
    There are 2 people posting theirs picture on your website
    you and Catherine C.
    Let her know this is not a dating site
    I can not send you her pic .
    Greg , I will always be one of your soldier
    Danielle , Maine

  136. FreeMpg

    Is Ivanka vaccinated?

  137. Mark Eagleton

    I agree with you about Trump and the vax.
    But he loves the country and the people and he was the best President of my lifetime except for the vax.
    I am not trying to minimize the vax but we can say Trump made a mistake AND he was right about everything else and the Congress and the DOJ and FBI and CIA etc and Biden and 0bama and the Clintons are all traitors.
    TRUMP is the best thing we have and can have!

  138. Susan Verdon

    LOVE YOU GREG, I’m catching up on your videos. Did you hear Robin Bulluck’s
    last prophecy. He said that because they can’t get us to take the shot, they will
    release something worse out to kill more , to scare us into complying. They need everyone vaxed.
    God wants us to resist and fight back , to put the armor of god on ourselves and
    call upon the army of god for protection., every day. God will punish them with their own weapons.
    Praise be to God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the kind words and info Susan!!

  139. Susan Verdon

    I just received my girlfriend’s annual Christmas letter .
    She actually listed the 3 shots she took going through the 12 months of the year that
    have passed! I wa shocked and sad to read it. 😢

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