Deep State Goal, MAGA Abandon Trump – Dave Janda

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

President Trump’s promised southern border wall is being built with his new emergency executive order that gives him a total of nearly $10 billion for construction costs. Maybe that’s why the globalists in Congress sent President Trump a veto proof bill this week that will make it harder to stop illegal immigration. Dr. Dave Janda from the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” explains what’s going on, “The wall is currently being built. . . . From the wall side, I think he had a win here. However, from the process logistics side, I think he had a loss. There is no other way to look at this. . . . The MAGA army is upset . . . here’s where we lose. If people really do walk away, and they don’t come back and they don’t listen anymore . . . and say I am tuning everything out, are setting themselves up to be some of the first victims of the Deep State. This is a propaganda psyop that the Deep State is trying to run about this bill. Where we also lose is if President Trump supporter’s shut up and don’t say look boss, this was not good. Good job on the wall that is being built and good job on getting the money for the wall, but you messed up on the logistics. . . . You gave human traffickers an opening here, boss (Trump). Whoever told you that you had to sign this bill, never listen to them again.”

Dr. Janda goes on to say, “You know the part he got right is the part that is getting the most criticism. The part that has gotten the most criticism so far is the part where he declared a national emergency. They say he can’t do that. Yeah, he can.”

The Democrats want to simply flood the zone with so many illegal voters by the 2020 election that it will be impossible to catch them all. The wall is a huge part of blocking that plan. The Deep State, Democrats and globalists are panicked to stop Trump and want to make his supporters abandon him.

Janda says, “The worst thing people can do is walk. If they walk, they are walking away on the future of this country—period. The globalists absolutely win if you walk away, and that is what they want. The globalists are petrified. . . . They fear our numbers. They fear the awakening of the numbers. The worst thing people can do, and people can be mad at this bill and complain to the White House, but to walk away is wrong. . . . Don’t give up. . . Buying into this idea that the country is done is beyond unpatriotic. You are giving the country to the Deep State if you do that. When you are at war, you never win every battle. This is a war, and there are times in war you lose a battle. . . . Walking away is essentially being AWOL. How many people who are AWOL win wars? The answer is zero.”

Dave Janda also talks about the end of the Mueller investigation, declassification of FISA, the arrests of high ranking government officials in the failed coup and much more in this in-depth 80 minute video.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda.

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  1. Michael Pritchard

    The supporters arent walking away Dave!!! We are willing to stand up against the injustice of the deep state and willing to fight!!! The dems and crooked republicans have destroyed enough of this country!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Patriot Michael!

      • Darrel Smith

        We are with the President but he should have done the CR and not signed the Bill. I think there are several FF’s happening by the Deep State and I think they are being kept at a level, below mass shootings. The MAGA army, as well as moderates, is getting big enough the DS can’t afford to do any thing to theatrical. If they do they are afraid the scales will tip to Trump to fast and they will have lost.
        What is needed is to be able to clear the SES Obama appointees. Until that happens no bills or Congressional actions will work for us. The elected Congressmen don’t know what’s in the bills because the SES people write them and if signed to fast the congress can’t read them.
        If the Fed and Central Banks are shut down and we buy junk silver how will the purchase of living commodities be paid for. If you by dimes at $t.04 what is it’s value at the checkout counter? The Gold/Silver you buy is going to give you wealth value but it’s not going to buy a loaf of bread. We need someone to explain it to us.
        I don’t think very many people know that the GOP had their hands tied when it came to voter fraud. Because of the 1982 law that kept them from interfering in elections, all they could do was gather evidence to stop the fraud the next election. I think Trump is acting different because he can’t seem to enthusiastic about the indictments being opened. If he was it would make the moderates think it was retaliation.
        The black-ops in LA were real and I think it was pedophilia associated. There were to many named people attached to the property hit (Guatemalan museum- Giraldi-Bronfman-NEXVIM-, Standard Hotel-Buck-Schiff),. The hazmat suits were for DNA preservation of whatever evidence they took out to the Blackhawks.

        • Tin foil hat

          Darrel Smith,
          “If the Fed and Central Banks are shut down and we buy junk silver how will the purchase of living commodities be paid for. ….. The Gold/Silver you buy is going to give you wealth value but it’s not going to buy a loaf of bread. We need someone to explain it to us.”

          Nobody, including the Chinese and Russians, knows exactly how trades will be conducted when the dollar collapse. Hence, they are still supporting the dollar even at this juncture. Basically, they are captured by the current system like the rest of us – if we fell, they will fall with us. However, they have made preparation for the eventual collapse by stockpiling gold and gradually de-dollarizing their bank reserves.
          At the onset of the collapse, gold or silver will not get you a loaf of bread wntil its value is universally recognized by core nations around the world and a new currency system is established, which is the reason why it’s essential to have emergency foods.

        • TSI

          His buy the dip advice seems like insider trading now, which I thought was illegal.

        • paul ...

          Darrel … you say: “If you buy dimes at $1.04 what is it’s value at the checkout counter? … that’s easy problem for our advanced technological society to deal with … all Trump has to do (instead of putting a chicken in every pot) is simply use some of the RICO money he is collecting to build “silver coin to fiat” ATM exchange machines” and put them in every store in the Nation … then hook up these “silver to fiat ATM machines” to the world silver exchanges … so say silver is selling for $600 per ounce on Monday … putting a silver dime in the “silver to fiat ATM exchange machine” spits out three(3) twenty dollar bills for you to buy food with … but if silver shoots up to $1000 dollars per ounce on say Friday (putting a silver dime in the “silver to fiat ATM exchange machine” then spits out five(5) twenty dollar bills!!

      • Jen


        $1.3 Billion from current budget (No National Emergency required)
        About $601 million from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund [31USC9705] (No National Emergency required)
        Up to $2.5 billion under the Department of Defense funds transferred for Support for Counterdrug Activities (Title 10 United States Code, section 284 – Obama Executive Order [50USC1701- 1601] 2011 – No additional emergency acts required) Poetic Justice
        Up to $3.6 billion reallocated from Department of Defense military construction projects under the President’s declaration of a national emergency (Title 10 United States Code, section 2808 – Current National Emergency)
        So Trump has about $4.4 billion to spend before he has to tap into the $3.6 billion from the current National Emergency and all that money is immune from legal counter action.

        All other points of the current House Bill negating Trumps Executive Authority are voided by the Constitution

        Congress, Pelosi, Rhinos, YOU HAVE JUST BEEN TRUMPED


        • William Stanley

          RE: “All other points of the current House Bill negating Trump’s Executive Authority are voided by the Constitution”
          Interesting point: The Constitution itself renders unconstitutional any action by a President to limit his own executive authority under the Constitution.
          In other words, even if Trump signed a bill that, in part, purports to limit his Constitutionally-mandated powers, that part of the statute could and should be overturned by the courts. Trump can simply keep on trucking and ignore that part of the statute if he wishes, thus leaving it to some party with standing to bring a losing lawsuit in a futile attempt to stop him. Moreover, it’s questionable if it’s even possible for anyone to meet the requirements for the standing needed to obtain judicial review in such an instance.

    • Elusive Joseph

      Michael Pritchard, so what are you going to do? “Fight” with your “vote”? That never worked. Trump failed his base. Are you going to “fight” on Facebook, Twitter and other social media? Is that the “fight” you’re talking about? Keep doing it and thinking you’re making a difference, and your endangered race & demographic will become an extinction very soon. Did the Founding Fathers vote for, and continue to support, those in England who “had their backs”? What did they do to gain their liberty & freedom?

      • paul ...

        Elusive … The Deep State “Commies” think they have Trump in a corner … but Trump is no political wimp … he is a street fighter that has a long personal history of “bouncing right back up when he gets knocked down” … this is a no holds barred battle between Good and Evil … the “commies” think they have all the political power and can “knock Trump out” … what they don’t understand is … Trump “is like Rocky Balboa” … he will never give up … he is in this Battle to the Finish (all 15 rounds) … it matters not if the fans at ring side are rooting for him or against him … “this is a personal battle” … and it will be fought with all the cunning of a crafty street fighter … until … the Demon-rat and Reptilian “commies lose” … and Good “Triumphs” over Evil !!! …

      • bill

        Probably the best responce as it never gets published.ive tried to say the same 10 times and to this day ive never got ‘published” on this site or others.Best i can do is try to respond and say your wasting your time with voting and sending letters to congressman,best you can do is complain and prepare by buying food and know in time its going to collapse and do your best to survive.

      • Montana Guy

        Elusive Joseph, Patriots have a big dog in the fight but sadly there is no fight in our dog. Look no further than when the Republicans’ NDAA gutted our Bill of Rights. Not one shot was fired. That was 8 years ago.

        Secession is the only vote in history that has ever mattered. But today’s American men don’t have the man-stuff.

      • Bob

        EJ you just hinted at planned white genocide there. That’s fighting.

    • Diane

      Thank you Dave

    • Benjamin Golan

      Are you so certain of that? I’m am and have always been a Trump supporter, but placing blame on those around Trump? He has been able to do every other thing he promised, yet on this one issue he failed? The legal challenges will affectively block the further wall construction he wants for 2 years, and what about the 2020 presidential elections? Pres Trump has seemed a very different person to me lately, not sure what to make of it. Your post was lacking in the defense of Trump BTW.
      If Pres Trump makes any more of these pathetic compromises, such as on gun control, he will not have a 2nd term. I agree the democrats & establishment GOP put him in this position, and we have even more difficulties ahead of us removing these GOP traitors, replacing them, and making sure Trump is re elected! Voter fraud & illegal aliens voting WILL BE a serious problem, and we know the GOP does not like to pursue voter fraud, especially when it benefits the democrats. When Trump is re elected, the democrats will become more vicious, and GOPe more obstructionist.
      ***Will anyone of the traitors such as Hillary Clinton, Comy, Brennan etc… ever be indicted? If this occurred in the 1980s, they would have been sentenced by now!

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes Ben there is much blame for Trumps staff. I have since found out there was a concerted effort to keep the President in the dark about what was in the section of the bill that dealt with Homeland Security, illegal immigration and human trafficking. The entire White House staff even kept the Angel Moms from President Trump who were visiting Schumer, Pelosi and wanted into the White House. They were blocked!!!! Trump found this out and went off on his staff!!!! He called the “Moms” (who were already heading to the airport) and invited some of them back for a meeting. This is why the press conference was delayed. The Angel Moms were at the press conference. He must have made them promised that the human trafficking with children would be thwarted and give them other assurances.

        This fight is far from over and You are correct to stand with the President as I am doing as well.

        • foggygoggles

          Isn’t it a little late in the game for Trump to STILL be surrounded by staff and advisors who are not on his side? At what point does he have to take responsibility for that? We are way past the point of giving him a pass on this.

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes but that does not mean he’s still surrounded by people who betray him.

            • William Stanley

              Mr. Hunter,
              What a wonderful distinction!
              Are you suggesting that some people might faithfully do their jobs even if they disagree with the President? Sort of like a cop who enforces laws with which he doesn’t personally agree?

              • Greg Hunter


      • Jim Weeber

        Do not assume from the media coverage so far you know what Trump’s strategy and actions will be going forward. He thinks on a different plane as he has shown us this ability several times. I doubt he has laid all his cards on the table.

    • Ironman Red

      Exactly this! Where would we walk away to! Crooked hilary? Another fake Hero/rhino a la john mcain?
      These communists/slavers showing their wicked colors only gets real America going, ready for the fight!!

    • John

      I am not leaving Trump for this reason, but I am leaving. His blind support of 5G and 6G which will remove the last hopes for privacy and health. Enough is enough. The internet of things isn’t for the people…But Trump still says he is.

      He no longer is.

      • Stack

        John for whom will you throw your support? Grant you President Trump may not be winning on all issues; however he has won more many thought even possible. We can lose battle and still win the war..We didn’t get into this DEEP STATE overnight and it takes time to put things in place drain the swamp…Don’t throw in the towel.

  2. Open Eyes

    Lots of negativity in the WNW comments yesterday.

    Pray every day and read your Bible every day.

    God’s got your back.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Open Eyes!

    • Suzette

      Stack, I couldn’t agree more with your comment to John and others who will read your post. I am amazed when I learn about people who are so quick to jump on board of a winning team. But, as soon as a little work, or heaven forbid they invest some faith and work to overcome challenges those people are gone so fast the leaves on the ground remain still and suddenly, crickets… chirp, chirp

      I think maybe John maybe overlooking the big picture. When Obama was president one of the greatest fears for many Americans was that he was selling us out to the New World Order. Of course, he was not alone. There was the father, son Bush team and let’s not forget the Clinton crew. I suspect even Reagan might have had his two-cents too.

      Nevertheless, President Trump came along and has fired several shots over the bow. He has inflicted significant damage to NWO plans that have been in the works since before I was born in 1967.

      He continues to get his shots in between all the noise. There are several countries that are beginning to find the courage to do the same. President Trump is not perfect and he is not a politician.

      Even still without all the connections that politicians have had years to establish in the beltway. President Trump has found ways to navigate through a lot of the challenges that he wakes up to every day.

      As for the many vacant appointments. Mitch Mc Cornell (rhino) seems to finally be using the tools and rules (nuclear option), Democrats put in place without considering unintended consequences.

      I think People who get discouraged with President Trumps nominees or appointments may forget that his choices are very, very limited. Sometimes he gets lucky and sometimes people get fired.

      The positions that need to be filled have been occupied over several presidents, (hold-overs) in many cases. Also, staffers are Union Civil Service (self-serving). Think about it, many of those open positions require an experienced person who can step into the job. Especially, leadership positions.

      An example: I don’t know many people off the top of my head who would be able to advise me about Foreign policy if I were president. I would need to rely of referrals. Until I can figure out who I can trust it will be a hit and miss situation.

      A situation that may continue over an entire term of four years before settling in with the right people.

      Unless or until I see a radical shift in the wrong direction between now and 2020 election. I voted Trump 2016. Since the election there are policies or actions I agreed with and other things I did not agree with President Trump.

      I do not believe there is anyone who agrees with everyone all the time.
      Stack, I think you might understand what I am saying in this post and that it was mostly written in addition to your comment to John.

  3. Marsh Hogan

    Does This Sound Familiar? Like The Past Two Years!
    Gary Cooper won the Oscar® for the Best Actor in this classic tale of a lawman who stands alone to defend a town of cowardly citizens against a gang of revenge-seeking criminals. In the greatest showdown in the history of cinema, Cooper stands to lose not only the town but his new wife, Grace Kelly. The film also stars one of Hollywood’s most beloved and prolific actors, Lloyd Bridges, and marks the first starring role for a beautiful young actress and internationally adored screen legend Grace Kelly. High Noon garnered a total of four Academy Awards® including Best Film Editing, Score and Original Song.

    The Making of High Noon

    See The Movie

    If You’ve seen the movie, a reminder. He’s got to stay the course.

    He needs deputies


    The Church

    ALL alone TO fight THE bad GUY’S!

    A grateful town? Ya when over.

    Donald J. Trump, The Only Adult in The Room [COUNTRY]

    No More Hero’s? Except One

    • Geoff Macrackin

      Coop, was the real deal. A real cowboy, from Montana, who said it wasn’t so glamorous having to get up at 3:AM to milk the cow’s at 20 below in the dead of winter. Gary’s parents met each other in the wild west of the then Montana territory, before a state. Both parents born in England. Gary born in 19o1, his dad became a Montana Supreme Court Judge. Gary was sent to boarding school in England, but was rushed back home in a couple of years to avoid the coming world war. The rest is history.

  4. Fred Cisneros

    You two are delusional if you think signing this bill is good in any way.

    • Greg Hunter

      You did not listen to the interview and you are making crap up Fred.

  5. Mike R

    Everyone is overhyping Trumps national ’emergency.’ he aint gonna do squat with it.

    to wit, most people dont even remember that all these ’emergencies’ were declared, let alone what they accomplished.

    This is Trump’s fourth national emergency declaration. President Bill Clinton issued the most national emergencies — 17 in all – followed by George W. Bush with 13 and Barack Obama, who issued 12.

    Does anyone even remember Trump’s first 3 ? If so, what happened ?

    • paul ...

      Mike … The Demon-rats are the ones squatting in panic … why do you think both Hillary and Bill are coming down with “health issues” … like McCain, Bush, Ginsburg, etc. …

      • Mike

        Probably because they are OLD and in Poor health.

  6. John

    Greg you would be surprised how much drug money drug lord El Chapo gave to our present members of the Senate and the US congressmen and women. The only reason they put him on trial here in the US was to make sure he would not talk about all the drug money he paid to the elected people in Congress. Putting him in a US prison will keep him silent forever. Check this out.

  7. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Dr. Janda brought out some really good points, including that the wall is getting built, which will slow down the flood of illegals.
    However, his most important points were not about the wall. The L.A. operation by Delta Force (?) — especially if it was Delta Force and not FBI — is huge. So also is his point that the new AG is just getting going and that important indictments are coming. As important as he wall is, it pales in comparison with the importance of the possible arrests of the coup plotters and the thwarting of false flag attacks.

    • William Stanley

      I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the L.A. operation was both FBI and Delta Force.

      • Tin foil hat

        William Stanley,
        I hope the L.A. Operation wasn’t both Famous But Incompetent and Delta Force.

        • William Stanley

          Pretty funny!
          Seriously, though, all of this makes me pretty suspicious. A lot of false flags, including 911, went down while anti-terrorist training exercises were underway in the neighborhood.
          Moreover, if Delta force was involved, it might imply that other elements of the military were being thwarted — or, at least, kept out of the loop, or just being used as cover. And if FBI was involved, but not the Hostage Rescue Team (which was tangentially involved in the Uranium One coverup, but not really), it could imply deep division within the FBI as well.
          BTW (although I’m probably making this part up out of whole cloth), non-HRT elements of the FBI sometimes train with — and, indeed, sometimes operate with — not only units of Navy Seals, but Delta Force as well.
          Weird, paradoxical stuff may be afoot. Or not. Who knows? Not me. Really, I know nothing. I’m just wildly speculating. And that should tell you a lot . . . if you believe me. Truly, everything I’ve said or will say in this post is untrue . . . including this sentence.

  8. Mike myer

    I still trust Trump,he’s the only hope we have,we know he is crazy like a fox,what he signed looks really bad,but if he is close to nailing these low life scum demoncrats and alot of republican scumbags,maybe the evil players will be in jail ,so they lose their ability to do more evil

    • Montana Guy

      Mike myer, if you believe Trump is our only hope you miss the whole point of the 2nd Amendment, the whole point of the militia. We cling to the group-think delusion that we can use an evil system to fix evil. Have we been blinded to not see a system clearly designed ‘to reduce us under absolute Despotism’?

  9. Anthony Australia

    At a birthday party today and it’s amazing that once the conversation about world affairs started, we were all in agreement that we are slaves to the system, designed and implemented by a higher force. All of us were from different cultural backgrounds but agree Jordaan Maxwell and David Icke are right. I always thought that we were generally all ‘asleep’, however today’s interactions lifted my hopes. All it takes is someone with enough courage to open up. We don’t have much in the way of alternative media here, so thank you USAW 🇺🇸

    • William Stanley

      Good point, Anthony!

  10. Mike myer

    These leaders have been manipulateing the system for decades, setting policy so they receive all the goodies with no say from the taxpayers and you can bet the set it up so family members continue in their footsteps.have a funny feeling we’re gonna see alot of milstone necklaces one day!

  11. Allen Starr

    Even though the bad part of this bill will go away in September; this was like being kicked in the nuts while playing in sports. I’ve played on many championship teams against dirty players and you must just take a few deep breathes to recover and get up and play. We were better and always won and winning was always our number one priority and you only got even when the chance presented itself. This is a little different in that this is a game you must win. I don’t have to worry about it because I live in Russia protected by Putin who, also loses some small battles but wins the war. This is a great place to be living at this time in life with the Russian people. I just renewed my US Passport and received my Russian Residence Permit this month which is good for another 5 years. The advice you got here to stick with Trump is good advice and you don’t have another choice anyway as you wouldn’t have a life worth living. If things go bad for the people of the US, Putin may end up being y0ur best friend as no one else will be able to help you.

    • Greg Hunter

      We have since found out there was a concerted effort to keep the President in the dark about what was in the section of the bill that dealt with Homeland Security, illegal immigration and human trafficking. The entire White House staff even kept the Angel Moms from President Trump who were visiting Schumer, Pelosi and wanted into the White House. They were blocked!!!! Trump found this out and went off on his staff!!!! He called the “Moms” (who were already heading to the airport) and invited some of them back for a meeting. This is why the press conference was delayed. The Angel Moms were at the press conference. He must have made them promised that the human trafficking with children would be thwarted and give them other assurances.

      This fight is far from over stand with the President as I am doing as well.

      • Chip

        No one that voted for that bill read the bill. Think about that. Not any of the 80+ Senators who voted for it knew everything that was in it. And certainly not the President. So just exactly WHO is writing these bills? The authors of the bill are in charge. WHO ARE THEY?

        • L.

          Chip… THAT is an excellent question that needs answering with all Legislative bills I think, with the “Drafter’s” or Originator’s name on it and Certified with a thumb print or other personal or Legal verification so as to not hide the true author(s) who are pushing various agendas. That result would be very enlightening.

          • mike walsh

            You are right on. I also think bills should have a limit in length, say 1,000 pages. And so much time a 5th grader can read that amount, plus a day to digest it.

      • Bob

        Greg could you describe the angel moms in more detail and give us some background?

          • Bob

            Thank you Greg.

            Interesting that Kamala Harris called the police on Angel Moms visiting the capital but welcomes illegal aliens with open arms.

            She’s a very typical anti-white brown person with an inferiority complex.

            • Greg Hunter

              Kamala = Evil! She revealed herself.

            • This sceptred Isle

              Is imperialism and genocide a uniquely a white behaviour? No of course not. But the hypercritical moralising of the west about human rights is whilst at the same time supporting dictators and genocidal regimes. A case in point
              1) the CIA overthrew democratically elected Allende and replaced him with the murderous Pinochet. This not withstanding America moved to remove Saddam Hussein to “spread democracy”. Do you consider ISIS and Sharia law democracy Bob?
              2) The west offered support to Suharte during the Indonesian genocide.
              3) The west stood by and watched Saddam gas the Kurds and then years later when it wanted the oil gassing the Kurds suddenly became a crime.

              Yes Bob – the West is unique in that it commits these crimes and yet still preached human rights and democracy to those poor developing countries – pathetic!

              • Greg Hunter

                Are we back to America bashing? You know you country is over run with immigrants that are raping your women and stabbing people in the streets. You think you should speak out about that?

                • William Stanley

                  Mr. Hunter,
                  TSI is a gentle soul with a fine mind. He is honest, cogent, and concise. He focuses on the topic.
                  Whoever or whatever wrote THAT was definitely not TSI.

  12. Fred Haight

    Lindsey Graham says Trump has to “do it on his own” to build the wall
    Grace Segers 6 hrs ago

  13. paul ...

    I disagree that signing the House and Senate bill was a mistake by Trump … by signing the bill (after declaring a National Emergency) … he not only gets the cash he needs for the Wall … but it squarely labels the House Demon-rats and Senate Reptilians that voted for this bill “as corrupt bribe taking politicians that have forgone their official duties to protect America” under his National Emergency Declaration … all Trump has to do is arrest a drug Cartel leader and have him testify as to which House and Senate members took under-the-table kickbacks from the drug dealers and the human traffickers in women and children … so this bill … with the Congressional Demons evil signatures on it … guarantees their own indictments under his National Emergency Declaration … these Congressional Demons have thus incriminated themselves … as being in bed with the drug and human trafficking cartels … and thus are traitors to both God and Country … soon to be “added to the list” to be tried for treason … along with Ruth Ginsburg and the other the traitors listed in the following post …

    • paul ...

      The evil Demons who have been cloning kids on Lolita Island for their sexual pleasure and murder will be brought to justice … nothing … is going to stop Trump from getting them all …

    • William Stanley

      paul …,
      Yes. More than anything we need to know the truth and to identify the enemies of America and all humanity. Much progress was made this week.

      • paul ...

        William … Trump just has to get El Chapo to turn States Evidence against the Demon-rats and we can throw 70 % of Congress in jail for violating Trump’s National Emergency proclamation to prevent harm to our Country …

    • Bob

      Once the wall is there, immigration laws can change quickly, minutemen can be stationed and the shooting can start!

  14. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Dave hit the nail on the head when he said “there is only one party in Washington”. Many of Trump’s supporters have been puzzled every time he appoints members of that one party establishment to positions in his administration only to be let down or stabbed in the back. Trump is a member of that establishment. You can’t be a New York billionaire real estate developer and not be. Just think back to the guest list at his wedding. What sets Trump apart is he is not a globalist and not an elitist. Almost everyone else in that cesspool is.

    • Chip

      Trump is NOT part of the establishment. That is why he is hated so vehemently… Chip

    • Bob

      Trump isn’t a childless cat lady. I really wonder what motivates people like Merkel, May, and Macron.

      • mal

        The Clintons were guests at Trump’s wedding. When did they start “hating” him?

  15. Patty

    Please see the President’s conditions on signing the spending bill. It looks like he will use his executive authority to do what he wants with the money and take actions as he see fit.

  16. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    While I have a great deal of respect for you and Dave Janda, the overwhelming impression I get from your latest discourse is of two people in denial. Talking up the ‘build the wall, money win’ completely and utterly ignores the fact that, having signed this ignominious bill, a wall has been rendered ineffective. A wall with open doors (official border crossings) as enabled by the bill, could be 100 feet high and still be impotent.

    You both lay blame on Trump’s advisors – but who appointed Trump’s advisors? Trump.

    You both implore Trump’s supporters to hold fast – and I supported a lot of what candidate Trump (CT) said he would do, and some of what President Trump (PT) has done. But PT is not CT. CT called out the financial fraud, he actually said, “Remember, you heard it here first, ‘Bubble.’” PT has never referred to the ‘financial bubble’. CT said he loved Wikileaks. Wickileaks published the DNC abuse of democracy which assisted in the election of PT. What has PT done to assist Julian Assange? Nothing. CT supported Flynn – one of the key players in CT’s ‘America First’ movement. PT dropped Flynn like a hot brick at the first challenge. PT ‘threatened’ to release the FISA documents (which we were assured would lay bare the coup attempt on the presidency) but then backed down over, ‘concerns that doing so would upset the British establishment’. What a crock! CT and PT both espoused the right of sovereign nations to determine their own affairs. PT fired off 100 cruise missiles into Syria on the pretext of, ‘defending the population’ against it’s own elected government. Anyone with two brain cell to rub together (to paraphrase Gregory Mannerino) knows that reports of sarin gas attacks by Assad are false flag psyops. Trump is undoubtedly smart – has more than two functioning brain cells – and yet played right into the hands of the neocons. Doh! To rub salt into the, ‘let every sovereign determine its own affairs’ hypocracy, PT now declares war on Venezuela. The ‘playbook’ is rolled out yet again . . . Vilify the leader (Saddam, Assad, Kim, Putin, Maduro – makes no odds, pick any leader who defies the presence of a western style central bank), injure the economy by applying sanctions (blame the resultant human misery on the leader and create civil unrest), support the opposition with training, armaments, and funds, run the coup, privatise the country’s assets for the benefit of corporate USA. It’s just SO OBVIOUS and yet the public at large fall for it every time!

    If people walk away from President Trump It will not be solely for signing this ignominious bill, it will be an accumulation of disappointment and let downs of which this is but the last straw . . .

    • Greg Hunter

      We will simply have to agree to disagree. Now, go run and hide and please stay out of the way.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Greg
        Both you and Dave Janda agree that supporting the fight against the ‘deep state’ also entails holding Trump’s feet to the fire when he’s wrong. The ‘let downs’ I refer to in my post are merely examples of where Trump is wrong (in my opinion) and serve only to weaken the resolve of Trump’s base. His feet should be held to the fire in respect to these.
        A real life-death struggle awaits, and those who cherish the US Constitution (within and without the continental USA) need absolute faith that Trump is the genuine article. While President Trump has accomplished many good things, the inconsistencies between candidate Trump and President Trump create doubt. ‘Armies’ cannot thrive on doubt. Therefore, for the vital wellbeing of us all on this planet, I call on President Trump to keep faith with candidate Trump. Nothing less will suffice.

    • Donald

      “PT fired off 100 cruise missiles into Syria on the pretext of, ‘defending the population’ against it’s own elected government. ”

      No, that’s ONLY what was reported in the news. Likely far fewer missiles were fired and they all hit their targets. Remember, Russia claimed to have intercepted over 70 of them (to provide an explanation of what happened to all those missiles). Russia didn’t intercept any missiles (at least US missiles). So, this tells you there is more going on than what is apparent in the news.

    • Bob

      What’s easier?

      1. Building a wall with open gates and then closing them at a later date.
      2. Having no wall at all.

      The wall could be made of paper but at least it exists. People will be able to take photos of the holes and demand they get fixed.

      Personally I think the US should invade central america and send all the spics to South America. Put the wall at the Darien, south of Panama. Much easier to defend. Did that trigger anyone? I’m sorry.

    • Chip

      AndrewB, you know nothing, less than nothing actually. I managed construction of over 200 miles of bollard fence in South Texas. 55 HUGE gates were planned along that stretch for farmers, who owned farm property on the south side of the fence, to be able to access and farm that land. The land is south of flood protection levee’s for the Rio Grande owned by the joint IBWC (International Boundary Waterway Commission) run jointly between the US and Mexico. Much of the fence is built on top of these levees which already have a “right of way”. This was planned to minimize the use of “eminent domain”. The farmers have pass codes to allow them through the gates with their tractors and workers to work their crops. Close coordination is made with the border patrol and the gates are monitored with both cameras and CBP border agents on patrol. This is a part of a multi-layered protection of the border which includes the bollard fence, cameras, infra red, sound probes to detect tunneling, air recon, drone recon, agents on horse back, and internal check points along highly trafficked routes northbound. Again, you’re speculating and think you know what is “SO OBVIOUS” but you don’t know jack shit. Grow up… Chip

      • Donald

        “but you don’t know jack shit”

        Yep, that pretty sums up the knowledge base of all those self proclaimed geniuses that get 100% of their “facts” from CNN, MSNBC, and so on….

  17. Nick de la Gaume

    1 Trump is the best political hope that you have.
    2 All you people that have come to this fight between the Supreme Light and the Total Darkness so late in the day should put some steel in your backbones. Personally I entered this fight at the age of 14 years old in1966.
    Where have you all been for so long?
    3 Victory does not come easily; you must embrace Resolute Intent, stay firm in your faith and beg the Almighty for Victory. Be willing to let your Heart bleed freely with Compassion if you want to see human beings freed from the demons.

    Will watch the video later.

  18. Nick Cooper

    Patience goes to the hunter! A saying that rings true because our fathers and grandfathers have revealed this virtue to us, in the field, in many ways. And our mothers never ever gave up either! Where would we be if they quit on us? We are to endure hardship as a good soldier in Christ. Can we do any less in the battle were in now? To lose our resolve now is to let our children take up what is suppose to be our fight—so they wont have to! I will fight these bastards with every breath!


    This is the last straw. Trump has destroyed his base.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think so.

    • Bob

      He needs to tour Israel’s walls next time he’s there and then say “we need an Israel-style wall”.

      That would drive Charles Schumer crazy!

  20. Randall A Lenz

    Now I understand – the true disaster is not the bill. it’s that Trump and the republican senate just lost 2020. I think you need to prepare for a socialist state with mass migration, cities filled with poverty, filth, crime, drugs and violence, and the total degradation of life as we have known it. We are now france on the way to becoming gotham, hard to sugar coat that.

  21. Aussie Clive

    Hello Greg. A lot of people, including myself, were clearly upset on Friday when Trump signed off on the Democrat Wall deal. But Dave is correct, Trump’s National Emergency deceleration should override that deal – and the Democrats know it.
    Didn’t we all feel like we were betrayed by Trump (and I am not even an American) when the US fired missiles into Syria, soon after he was elected – only to find out later that very little damage was reported. And now US troops are poised to leave Syria which, like North Korea, should return to peace.
    Not only does Trump allow the Government to stay open by signing the bill but he also knows more now about who he can really trust in his own party.

    For me the appointment of William Barr as the new US Attorney General should be receiving at least as much attention in your WNWU and Early Sunday release with Dave.
    If Barr is an honest man then, with Trump’s dominance on the Supreme court, there should be fairly rapid progress after Muller’s report is released, towards real justice and a return of law within the US government.
    Barr is the second attorney general that Trump has nominated. If Barr is a deep state man then we will see more of the same delays, and obstruction as we saw with Rod Rosenstein. The stories posted in alternative media indicating a strong relationship between Bar and Mueller do concern me – along with the fact that Rand Paul did not approve of Barr’s appointment.
    I will use Barr’s performance as the final real indicator of whether Trump can be trusted or not – and for me he has only 6 more months left to prove himself.

    • Anthony Australia

      It’s all theatre Clive mate, but there is a definite strategy behind it.

    • Tin foil hat

      Aussie Clive,
      I cannot agree with you more on every point which you’d made especailly regarding Barr, his performance will be the real indicator on Trump.

  22. Jeff

    You neglect to mention any reference to Q and the anon movement. Look to see how many references there are to the initials, WWG1WGA. I believe there are levels of actions that are taking place purposely being overlooked by pundits..

  23. Charles

    “How many people who are AWOL win wars? The answer is zero.” Dave Janda

    With all due respect, Mr. Janda, how many people who go AWOL end up dying in a war?
    The answer is definitely NOT zero!

    So go ahead and call this US Navy veteran “unpatriotic” if you like. I NEVER walked away from America. It walked away from ME.

    Maybe the problem is that you are still too invested in the globalist system yourself.

    The very definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over again while expecting different results.

    Politicians who lie to get elected and then break their campaign promises usually get voted out of office at the first opportunity. The reasons never matter. Only the results.

    If I were you, I’d be shopping for a GOP Primary challenger RIGHT NOW…and globalist Mike Pence ain’t gonna cut it. “We can’t do that”, right?

    Yeah…I thought so.

  24. Mitchell Bupp

    Hello Greg and Dave, Barr is nothing more than the change of the “Deep State guard” as RR is leaving and should be shot at GITMO as a traitor. Once we believed that Sessions was not corrupt however the evidence points to his cooperation with the bureaucratic system that is the Deep State. The real friend of all this delay-delay game is the statute of limitations that is a hard stop on any prosecutions. Secondly, I see President Trump as a leader of a rebellion that has tapped into the power of the middle-ground in American politics just as Ross Perot did. Hillary and her media contacts manufactured the Trump Primary win setting off a chain of events that have spun out of control of the current political cabal. I did not vote for President trump but I support him and his efforts to tear down that cabal!

  25. Robert E. Salt

    Check out “military tribunals” on youtube. Listen to David Zublick in particular. He names names. It sounds like most of Congress from both parties will be arrested and incarcerated mainly for treason and human trafficking. After 9/11, Bush set it up so that any civilian could be drafted. Trump may have been serving draft notices at the Bush funeral. Once you’re drafted, you’re subject to military justice. Russia, China and Saudi Arabia have done their housecleaning. Now it’s our turn. The swamp is about to be drained. This will likely to go on for years.

    • Barski

      Zublick = Shill

  26. Jeannette Rowden

    We absolutely are not walking away!

  27. Rock

    Pelosi has already told us what is coming when they take over the presidency. They will declare a national emergency on gun violence, and come after the guns.

  28. Austin E Jones JR

    Here is what I fear most about our situation: Last night I watched a documentary on General Franco of Spain. Franco came to power (dictator) around 1935 and ruled with an iron hand for 40 years until 1975. He was 100% conservative in his World view. He hated the left and all they stood for. He was for the Church and Christian values and the free enterprise system. He killed or drove the entire Leftist movement out of Spain when to came to power. The right and left fought a civil war. Now to my concern: Within three years of Franco’s death the Spanish People voted in a Socialist government. Now they are bankrupt. My point is that this may be a part of a natural human evolutionary process politically speaking. Socialism sounds to good for the simple minded to resist and they out number us. They have got to try Socialism and find out for themselves. Nothing will convince them but to try it. I fear that is our fate. Churchill once said: “The Americans always come to the correct decision after they have tried everything else.”
    In the long run there is hope. I am a ham radio operator and talk to more Europeans every day than I do Americans. I have a very European perspective. The people of the old Yugoslavia have (split up) into a number of independent states. I can tell you without doubt the future of Europe is in the hands of these people. They are the most intelligent and industrious people on the planet. They have endured the evolutionary process and they represent the life after Socialism’s death. Conservative Eastern Europe is the beginning of the new World Order based on sane thinking and the model of our future.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is on record the George Soros and his NWO freaks have already chosen Communist China to lead the New World Order. Conservatism is not the problem here.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “conservatism” and “new World Order”
      Please clarify.
      In the context of your overall comment, I took it that by “new World Order” you meant something quite different from Global fascism, i.e., the New World Order as it is now often called. Moreover, Franco is commonly labeled a “fascist.” Perhaps you disagree with that characterization. Fascism, of course, is not free enterprise. Nor is it the opposite of socialism. Rather, (at least as I use the term) it is a type of socialism, albeit one where the state and the major business interests merge.
      Despite all the quibbling about definitions and the actual nature of Franco’s regime, I took the thrust of your comment to be that, as far as economic systems are concerned, the people of Eastern Europe have come to reject big government; and, as far as culture is concerned, they embrace traditional western values. Therefore, you see them as the world’s best champions of freedom and human dignity going forward. If so, I think you make good point.
      It seemed to me that you used the term “new World Order” ironically, indeed as the antithesis of the current reigning paradigm of Global-fascistic economics overlaid on cultural-Marxist social values and beliefs.
      Have I misunderstood you?

      • Bob

        Sweden is 100% fascist and look how PC and pro-immigrant that place is.

        According to Roland Huntford’s 1972 book “The New Totalitarians” (well worth reading BTW), Sweden has already implemented 100% of Benito Mussolini’s “Fascist Ideals” – all without firing a single shot.

        In the 1950s and 1960s Sweden’s Fascism was directed towards preserving the Swedish race. Now, it’s totally the opposite, with politicians actually advocating Swedish genocide openly. It’s still the same Fascism. Once you lose control of your own freedom, outside forces can direct your fate and they are always destructive in this day and age. The left is horrified that the US is more white that South Africa. It’s all they ever think about.

        Try these links for a copy of the book:

        A Swede I talked to said the book is 100% true, just its all 7x worse now.

    • TSI

      The genocide in 1960s Indonesia is largely ignored, as it was aided and abetted by America and Britain (which provided intelligence and propaganda cover to Suharto). The left in general, and in particular Communists, were targeted and whole regional populations deemed sympathetic to the left, were wiped out in order to pave the way for the multinationals to secure access to Indonesia’s vast natural resources. This is written about by John Pilger in his book The New Rulers of the World. It is therefore my contention that the globalists use whatever tools are at their disposal to achieve their objectives regardless of political persuasion. In this case the left was targeted and destroyed.

  29. Tom McCardle

    Why is it that everyone seems to think Trump is not part of a globalist strategy ? That maybe we are being played. Look at the people he has surrounded himself with . The monkeys are running the zoo !!

    • William Stanley

      RE: “maybe we are being played”
      If so, why would Trump even be allowed to run for President? Why wouldn’t the Powers That Be have just let another Clinton or a Bush take over? No muss, no fuss.

      • TSI

        I fear he is the “change” candidate for the right as Obama was for the left. If divide and conquer is the elites’ strategy for global domination I wonder if the post Trump and Brexit world of division is entirely accidental. Order out of chaos.

    • Austin E Jones JR

      William: You nailed it. I think Greg missed my point. To be explicit, I see the “New World Order” as being no order at all. I see a group of small states like Serbia with people of a common mind and culture. In the USA I see it as a divide between ethnic groups on the one hand and rural vs urban on the other. We will split up into groups of common interest and in my view “this will be the New World Order” because this is the natural order. Diversity is not our strength, it is our demise. If any one doubts it just read the news.
      The problem with this country is that the Federal Government has been taken over and used as a weapon to force certain groups to do things that they do not want to do for the benefit of other groups. Racism means in practice anyone that refuses to play the pretend game. Inclusiveness means you have money and we want some of it. The big tent means the same thing. The game is to use the Federal Government to force the desired result of the radicals. The solution is to pull the teeth of the Federal Government. I think financial collapse may be the way out and a step in the direction I referenced above, “The New World Disorder.”

  30. Rob

    What everyone is missing here is that the world is being forced by the Father to mingle in these last days:

    Daniel 2:42-43 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. (43) And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay.

    The iron represents the resurrection of the roman empire whose death-stroke was healed and consists of the European union and the USA as its daughter where most of the migration is taking place:

    Revelation 13:3-4 And I saw one of his heads as though it had been smitten unto death; and his death-stroke was healed: and the whole earth wondered after the beast; (4) and they worshipped the dragon, because he gave his authority unto the beast; and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? and who is able to war with him?

    The “clay” represents those vessels of honor and dishonor who will play their part in Father’s grand history(His~story):

    Romans 9:18-24 So then he hath mercy on whom he will, and whom he will he hardeneth. (19) Thou wilt say then unto me, Why doth he still find fault? For who withstandeth his will? (20) Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why didst thou make me thus? (21) Or hath not the potter a right over the clay, from the same lump to make one part a vessel unto honor, and another unto dishonor? (22) What if God, willing to show his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering vessels of wrath fitted unto destruction: (23) and that he might make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he afore prepared unto glory, (24) even us, whom he also called, not from the Jews only, but also from the Gentiles?

    Father declared this end from the beginning and no one will change it:

    Isaiah 46:9-10 Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me; (10) declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done; saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure;

    Please just make sure you do not lose your crown as Judas Iscariot did:

  31. GMAN

    I walked away from the gop , not Trump. Until they give me something to vote for , I’m done with them. They are poorly disguised democrats at best.

    • William Stanley

      Yup, it’s a freaking mess. Usually, I simply vote third party, or at least against whomever the incumbent is. However, because America faced an existential crisis these last two elections, I mostly took my best wild guess about who was most likely to actually support Trump. Revoltingly, there were some Republicans who were so vile that I had to vote against them even if they might have been the most likely to support Trump. In actuality, they were so vile that they wouldn’t have supported Trump in any event.

  32. Nick de la Gaume

    The general public have very short memories. Waiting for as long as possible before placing the stinking rotten turkey on the dinner table makes plenty of sense.
    The reeking putrescence will set off chaos, so preventative measures beforehand is very wise. The MSM will go crazy with the wildest of accusations.

  33. Martin

    I just voted in your poll and was one of the minority in thinking Chuck and Nancy won. Not so much the verbal debate but the content of the budget bill that effectively neuters ICE and counters the wall. I agree there is nowhere to go and will continue to support Trump but I am extremely disappointed in him and all the republican senators who voted for the bill and made it veto proof (only 11 voted against it). Trump should have vetoed it and let congress take the blame. I also note his address announcing the “possible” national emergency was not the usual DJT. He seemed under stress and maybe under duress.

  34. al

    Celente says it best… THINK FOR YOURSELF!
    Don’t get led by some turn coat moron.
    Ann Coulter is an idiot and just won some brownie points from the crooked left.
    If you listen to her then the left has led you by the nose. Coulter is not the President!
    She calls him “an idiot”, really? And how many companies do you own Ann? How are you at negotiating peace deals Ann? Don’t let this cut throat lead you.

    Overall Trump has done very well! Look at the alternative, we could have had HITLERy and our Country would be bleeding by now.

    How long has it been, 40+years without a wall? Look at the big picture!!!
    He signed the stupid bill to show he’s able to reach across the isle, it’s politics people!
    All he has to do is tighten some laws and the bill is moot like Obamascare.

    I’m a proud Trump supporter and Ann Cut-throat did not deter me in any way.
    Ann Cut-throat is a weak minded fool. Her career is OVER!
    She will have no choice now but to join the morons on O-CRAZYO’s side and be done with it.

    I wonder how legitimate any bill stands when the drafters of the bill are in jail?
    I saw the videos of the helicopters. People took pictures the morning after and there were signs of a break in. This WAS NOT AN EXERCISE!!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Agreed; think for yourself and work it out for yourself.

      “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.” Buddha

  35. R Scott

    Greg, this is the second sos interview in a row. Janda likes to hear himself talk and his so called sources have provided nothing. I used to wake up Sunday and look forward to your interview but one more nothing burger interview and I will start sleeping in!

    • Greg Hunter

      You should start sleeping in, because I am going to do what I think is necessary. By the way, Ann Coulter has a new book for you to read it’s called “Ann Coulter: I am a Loser and a Quitter.”

  36. joethecuckleburr

    The longer this “crap sandwich” sat there, the worse it would smell. If Trump was the real deal, and I’m not yet sure, and he had astute political advisers who were actually on our side, he would have said, “I intend to sign this bill, but my team and I will take the long holiday weekend to go over it and see if there is any part that may need some agreed upon bi-partisan tweaking.” Then start a Twitter campaign, laying out to the world just how bad it is, but still acting like he’s going to sign it. After a million phone calls by Tuesday there might no longer be a veto-proof majority.
    What? A politician can’t flip-flop if it’s in our favor

    When we’ve been waiting since 1965 for Congress to do the right thing on this issue; the Communist Freaks can’t be put off for one damn weekend?

    • Greg Hunter


      We have since found out there was a concerted effort to keep the President in the dark about what was in the section of the bill that dealt with Homeland Security, illegal immigration and human trafficking. The entire White House staff even kept the Angel Moms from President Trump who were visiting Schumer, Pelosi and wanted into the White House. They were blocked!!!! Trump found this out and went off on his staff!!!! He called the “Moms” (who were already heading to the airport) and invited some of them back for a meeting. This is why the press conference was delayed. The Angel Moms were at the press conference. He must have made them promised that the human trafficking with children would be thwarted and give them other assurances.

      This fight is far so please stand with the President as I am doing as well.

  37. Jerry

    As I have been posting the past several months from my sources, civil unrest will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. If the deep state really won on Friday, then why is this being planed?

    We are in a direct tipping point of a civil war between the deep state mindless minions, and the MAGA supporters being spurred on by Q. I am reminded, that when it comes to events of military importance, including treason, the general public will be the last to know.

    Just know this, if the deep state wasn’t concerned, they wouldn’t keep trying to assasinate President Trump. For all intents and purposes, the real battle is taking place behind the scenes as evidenced by the recent secret military operations in L.A.

    Let me make this perfectly clear for you and your readers. This is for America’s future and Donald Trump has only one shot to get it right. If he misses we fall into total anarchy, and this country will most likely cease to exist. I can’t blame him for wanting to make sure he has all the bases covered, before he pulls the trigger. Most people wouldn’t even have the backbone to do it. If it requires more time, I’m all for it, because like I said, this one is for all the marbles.

    • Jerry

      Dave is right about Gitmo. The trials will not start until March.

      You have to peal an onion, one layer at a time. The deep state has many layers. The first five, will begin the pealing process. Meanwhile the black hats are planning their counter moves.

    • Jerry

      Do you remember this tweet?

      Donna Brazile was accidently spilling the beans about what the deep state has planned for President Trump. If you remember she also gave Hilary the cheat sheet for the debates. And what happened to her? Nothing. Instead the powers that be tarred and feathered Alex Jones and rode him out of town on a rail.

      • Arthur L Barnes

        Jerry, yea, and whats more Fox News has had Brazil on numerous times as a political consultant, what a bunch of RHINO’s they are! As for D. Brazil and her buddy Lester Holt who both tried to help Hillary get elected the time will come when she be relevant to any party as her party has moved to the far left and she has nowhere to roam her buffalo butt with the right.

  38. Tom Quinn

    rbg is going to have to show up for the appeal

  39. virginia Conway

    Hell would freeze over before the Democrats would give Trump the money necessary to build our wall, and I believe POTUS knew that out the door. What is going on I liken to a Boxing Match. Ok, we have taken a hit but were not out! How many rounds will there be? No one knows but, we do know, we are not throwing in the towel. Cash in the hand is more than some perceived in the future, thus allowing Trump to complete building our wall until we have the opportunity before the court to prove our case( a right cross ) still in the fight. This fight is going on all over the world, not just the USA. For decades America has been the frog in the pot of water and no one noticed till it started to get hot! What Trump needs to accomplish will take longer than 2 years and anyone who thought differently need to rethink the depth of corruption we are up against! I’m in for the last round, for he who laughs last laughs the hardest …I’m ready!
    As far as Ann Coulter, I heard some guy on the radio say he spoke to her about running for president. Perhaps that is why she is more off the reservation than usu!al.

  40. William Sundling

    All we heard from him for a long time was that there would be unsealed indictments and military tribunals. We’re obviously not going to see any of that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wrong William, we are, be patient!

  41. Chip

    Sent a message to my Senators, one who voted FOR (Cornyn) and one who voted AGAINST (Cruz) this TRAITOROUS bill. I told Cornyn that he was a TRAITOR and thanked Cruz for NOT signing on the bill. It’s time for yellow vests or something. These traitorous idiots on both the right and left need to be put in their place. Trump can’t do it alone. We need to be MORE vocal than the demonrats and RINO’s… Chip

  42. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg & Mr. Janda, I was really mad at our President for signing the bill, but I too after careful consideration I will continue to stand strong with the President. I will continue my online rants if you will against the deep state and for our law & order President. Thank you both for cattle prodding me back to reality as to who the real enemy is. a b

  43. David

    in my opinion, there are enough laws in the land of the USA, against all these issues of child sex trafficking, illegal immigration and many of these other issues of illegal activity, drugs, ms-13 crimes, terrorism etc., So, there are existing laws to deal with these issues already. Nothing new here to see. Law enforcement, do your jobs. The citizens are paying enough for all of this supposed protection already, only to be told our politicians and big corporations are impeding the process of protecting and abiding by the laws of the USA and States individually. Again, use existing laws to bust the chops of these entities. All our establishment leaders are doing is to find additional ways to suck the treasury and good resources from our Country for they’re purposes, over and over again. Let’s stop being used by the lobbyists and secret societies that exist and reestablish the mantra to work for the common interests for the common man by enforcing the existing laws that are on the books already. How many layers of the same bullshit do we really need! Abide by our Constitution or go to jail.

    If you don’t like the USA, pack your bags and move to Russia, China, Venezuela and any other communist, fascist, socialist states. They will accept you with open arms. You will fit in just fine there if you feel you don’t fit in here. As your fellow brothers and sisters of this Great Land, we are not requiring you to stay here. You are free to leave if you must. Make sure you obtain your appropriate papers before leaving. I support your decision to leave and will not hold it against you.

    The USA is the last beacon of freedom and rule of law supported by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. There are many that hold this belief in highest regard, its just we are trying to figure out who is subverting this Constitutional Republic we have here in the USA. Those that are trying to subvert this ideal must be thwarted at every turn.
    God Bless the USA and may every evil be overthrown to no effect in this land the Lord God has provided!

    Thank you Greg and remember once again, this new law Trump passed is duplicatus, smoke and mirror bullshit! Our existing laws already give our protective forces the tools needed to deal with all these illgeal activities in this Country. Trump did not give anything up! The Congressional Establishment ONLY wants to make us think that Trump gave up our Laws. This is utter bullshit sleight of hand by propaganda forces.

    Trump didn’t give anything UP! But if you want to listen to the jaw movers at MSM and Annie Coulter , well you are drinking the Cool Aid! Our Rules of Law are Sufficient. Now ENFORCE THEM! IF OATHS were taken and violated, punish them!!!
    If Bribes were received then punish them!

    I believe Trump is working for the USA, The Rule of Law and the Constitutional Republic!
    USA! USA! USA!!!

  44. Jim

    Hi Greg,
    Please, do not give up on our President. I am also disappointed in our elected officials.
    It is quite obvious now what our President is up against. Look at the numbers, Congress 300 to 128, Senate 83 to 16. He just exposed who cares and who does not.
    The ball is in our court now. How long are we going to allow a Supreme Court Justice work from home? The problem is the solution.
    Please keep up your GREAT work!
    Best Regards,

  45. paul ...

    You know … Congress is the real manufacturer of all the drugs and opium on the streets of America … as most Congress men and women are compromised (about 70% of them) by videos of them having perverted sex with children … so Congress does what the Drug Cartel orders them to do … and they do what foreign governments (who also have the compromising videos) tell them what to do … Robert David Steel does an excellent job (as does Dr. David Janda … who Steel like a lot) explaining the many problems Trump must solve to get America out of the hands of the compromised Congressional House and Senate pedophile crooks that are essentially as he says: “one bird with two wings giving us the same crap” … the high point of the Steel interview for me is this prediction … that Trump will have us back on a gold standard before 2020 … he also states that: “Trump has already recovered $15 trillion of the $42 trillion the banksters and others have robbed from the American people and he intends to hand out one(1) to two(2) trillion back to the people to stimulate the economy … what I think Trump “should also do” is confiscate all the silver JP Morgan Chase has accumulated under the criminal RICO laws … that alone should get America back on track (once silver goes to $1000 dollars per ounce) … and if it turns out that Jared Kushner has been compromised by a video on him doing something bad to a child … that makes him an easy tool of a foreign government … then Trump should isolate him from all decision making within the White House … period! …

    • paul ...

      To think … these immoral perverted House and Senate crooks are zombies with no hearts allowing the selling women and children into slavery and death to continue … for just five percent (5%) of the Trillion dollars dollars the drug and human trafficking Cabal makes each year doing these evil deeds … that comes out to $50 Billion dollars per year in under-the-table kickbacks to Congress … divide up $50 Billion dollars among approximately 500 Demon-rats and we can figure each Congress men and women who signed that Bill (to allow the Drug Cartels to continue to do what they do) gets about $100 million dollars sent to their Swiss Bank accounts each year … just so they “can live it up” on the mutilated tortured and bleeding bodies of women and children?? … these Demon-rats are not only perverted but are sick with a lust of Satanic proportions … Trump must be “put them down” at GITMO like he did with the evil snakes McCain and Bush!!!

    • John

      I voted for Trump thinking he would get rid of the deep State, but as long as he has Kushner in the White House calling the shots and selecting all these idiots that surround Trump we Americans do not have a prayer in the world of cleaning the swamp out our government. The people of America have to wake up to this criminal cabal that has been operating our government behind the scenes since JFK”s assassination. There will be no change until Kushner, Pompeo, Bolton and now we are dealing with another X criminal Elliott Abrams who all belong to the deep state criminal. Think about it people.

  46. Mike

    What if the “lost battles” were all part of the plan? What if Democrats were allowed to steal control of the house to expose them as criminals? What if the media was allowed to constantly attack Trump and his policies to expose them as a fraud? What if the propaganda to demoralize the MAGA people is really intended to help awaken the masses? Trump is a genius and the military planners behind him have plans within plans to totally destroy the globalist cabal and all the traitors that support them. Trump will never lose support from patriots while the globalist threat against every American is a clear and present danger.

  47. Kerry

    Greg, if the POTUS needs to hear it then I ask; how do you get through to POTUS? I have written multiple letters to the WH encouraging POTUS and that we are praying for him. How do we know that all those letters aren’t filtered to file13? This bill he signed stinks and I believe he knows it but he continues to follow advice from these scumbags. In my state of Texas Cornyn voted yes and Cruz voted no. Cornyn is and has been against us all. I do not believe that the ordinary guy like myself can speak to POTUS. I always enjoy Janda and I watch OAN not FOX.

    Thank you for your efforts Sir

  48. Norm

    I’m still here.
    As to the amnesty rumors that are in the bill, excerpt from an article I read says ““How is a funding bill that expires before the end of the fiscal year able to create conditions for a lasting ‘amnesty?’” Gorka said.
    Common sense says there can’t be…. its a spending bill.

  49. Jeffrey Kerner

    Thank you Greg, as always, for a significant and illuminating interview. How anyone can be ready to walk away shows the underlying loss of moral character in America. Temper tantrums are childish responses for those who do not see the bigger picture . Adults should have more patience and a longer attention span. Enlightenment is a process.

  50. william schinagl

    Why wont trump put in e verify he ran for president on e verify. To receive a government contract they must e verify. Take away the insentives and free money , they will not come.Fine employers 10000.per violation and they wont hire illegals.No job they wont come. But trump wont do it , why not. E VERIFY is in his book. So ask yourself why this doesn’t happen. NO FREE STUFF AND WE DONT NEED A WALL!

  51. Oxfarmer

    Yep, the bill is a compost sandwich, but we have a president who is not a politician and has publicly said so. As Dr. Dave said, fire whoever said there were only 2 options available. I am angry about it, too, but a few days to cool off have gotten me some perspective.

    But I voted for Trump and still support him. Who else is there? Let’s not forget all the things he’s done in 2 years.

    I have been keeping an eye the wall, really carefully. I have seen the old and new. I have heard or read the comments of people who live there. The Wall is working already and will work brilliantly wben the worst places are plugged. I care more about the Wall than our losses on this bill. And, as the president said regarding construction, “This is what I do.” Watch it come in under time, under budget.

    I used to respect Ann Coulter. I don’t anymore. She hasn’t even done due diligence, she just vents. Ann, please, keep your mouth shut.

  52. Sylvia Sterling

    Again you mentioned money sent to Iran. I’m surprised you didn’t know Pres. Carter put a hold on Iran[s gold/ money that was here in USA n 1979? It’s been here ever since. Their money never left until recenty. when the funds were returned. We did not GIVE them money, we returned THEIR money. \
    Your guest needs to use journalistic methods for making his report more concise.
    Three or four headlines, and most important points first. It’s difficult to listen to.
    I may be wrong, but thats just my opinion.
    Thanks for your work, Greg.

  53. iwitness02

    On Friday the 15th, I felt the President betrayed us.
    Today on the 17th, I feel that a betrayal is totally out of character for this President, who is working for a dollar a year. I noted that the President has publicly stated that “I’m learning,” concerning how DC politics work.
    President Trump has racked up some impressive wins. I was shocked at what I perceived as a loss. But, like Dave pointed out, “you don’t win every battle.” That makes sense to me.
    I am not going to allow Friday to shake my confidence in this President. I am still a believer. I still believe that Trump is our best hope on this earth to escape the cruel lawlessness of DC, and beyond.
    The present evil world must be destroyed.
    For, behold, the Lord cometh out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.
    Isaiah 26: 21. My late father-in-law, by his calculations, believed that this would occur in 2024. The start of God’s Kingdom on the earth. This all ties together. IMO. What is going on now, and what is coming our way in the near future. (being delivered from this evil)

    • Greg Hunter

      I have since found out there was a concerted effort to keep the President in the dark about what was in the section of the bill that dealt with Homeland Security, illegal immigration and human trafficking. The entire White House staff even kept the Angel Moms from President Trump who were visiting Schumer, Pelosi and wanted into the White House. They were blocked!!!! Trump found this out and went off on his staff!!!! He called the “Moms” (who were already heading to the airport) and invited some of them back for a meeting. This is why the press conference was delayed. The Angel Moms were at the press conference. He must have made them promised that the human trafficking with children would be thwarted and give them other assurances.

      This fight is far from over and You are correct to stand with the President as I am doing as well.

  54. Larry G Carter

    The game gets tighter and tighter and the winner takes all! When its the winner take all
    the means for the illegal opposition is what ever it takes. You can throw out any hope for fairness and honesty. They are playing for all the marbles.

  55. Elllen Baumgartner

    Thank God, there is hope and still a future!

    • Greg Hunter

      Ellen there is and there is no doubt about it.

      I have since found out there was a concerted effort to keep the President in the dark about what was in the section of the bill that dealt with Homeland Security, illegal immigration and human trafficking. The entire White House staff even kept the Angel Moms from President Trump who were visiting Schumer, Pelosi and wanted into the White House. They were blocked!!!! Trump found this out and went off on his staff!!!! He called the “Moms” (who were already heading to the airport) and invited some of them back for a meeting. This is why the press conference was delayed. The Angel Moms were at the press conference. He must have made them promised that the human trafficking with children would be thwarted and give them other assurances.

      This fight is far from over and You are correct to stand with the President as I am doing as well.

  56. Tea For One

    Very good points made, gentlemen.

    From a globalist point of view, it’s about Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars… within a few years, as it is now, the fertility rates and population demographics will be such that conservatives will be out-bred, and then we would lose all future elections. Pelosi already told us this week what they plan… a future Dem president to declare a national emergency re: gun violence. Think about that…..

    It is important that Mr. Trump not be abandoned by his base.

    That said…. respectfully, may I suggest that, unless Mr. Trump ALSO successfully tackles the following, to name just a few, all the rest of the things that the media keeps in the forefront of our minds, including the wall, won’t matter in the end…. the country and the world may be in trouble:

    1. 1947 national security act
    2. Geoengineering
    3. Glyphosate in our food
    4. Fluoride in our water
    5. GMOs in our food
    6. Vaccines/autism
    7. Fukushima Daiichi
    8. 5G (World Health Organization in 2011 declared EMF is a class IIb carcinogen, though Mr. Trump is in the process of putting 20,000 5G satellites up in orbit as we speak)

    Respectfully submitted.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your points are well made and well taken. That said Trump is just one guy and if you want to really help put your verifiable full name out there and do not comment anonymously.

  57. Michael Galbreath

    THIS IS A WIN WIN!!!!!
    President Trump signed a National Emergency and HUMANITARIAN CRISIS ORDER!
    He was clever to include HUMANITARIAN in it. This Allows him to NOT have to abide with any or all of the terms set before him in the budget bill. The DEMS have confirmed and TOTALLY EXPOSED what and who they represent…and it AIN’T CHILDREN or the American people as a whole! THINK DISTRACTION!!!!
    DEMS will take Trump to court, disputing the ‘ National Humanitarian Emergency’, the BILL will then just sit inactive, waiting for a legal decision. By then, the WALL will be constructed… maybe finished! Remember this bill expires (SEPTEMBER).
    Think about it Greg, Trump’s ALREADY BUILDING the Wall using…among other things, the Billions of dollars the DEMs allocated years ago for just that; A WALL! He doesn’t need the #1.4b
    You think the DEMs are going to complain that Trump is using their Secret STASH they never intended to use for a wall?
    Trump has great dedicated men and women who are working against human trafficking. He has thought of every possible outcome re: the bill. He has not changed his focus or his promises.
    Michael Galbreath

  58. paul ...

    Weiner (and his weiner) go free in a few days … perhaps an illegal alien pedophile who caravaned into our country recently … and is now driving a car without a license … will “get flashed” by Weiner’s weiner … and in swerving off the road … run over Weiner’s weiner … and thus solve our Nation’s problem with this incurable pervert … for this … the illegal alien should be absolved of all criminal charges and granted immediate citizenship!! …

    • paul ...

      You know … what Trump should do is sign an Executive Order … to absolve any illegal alien in our country from all criminal prosecution and grant them immediate citizenship “if they perform an act that makes America better” (i.e. like killing a drug dealer, pedophile, etc., etc.) … this way we Americans who are noted “for doing nothing” … will be relieved of the burden of having to start a revolution to get rid of all the Satanic Demons and Criminal Perverts in America!! … that’s how we did it in the Old West … a Town would hire a nasty Gunslinger to be Sheriff (give him immunity under the law) and then let him clean up the mess!!!

    • al

      LOL … Weiner even looks like a weiner.
      I don’t want them to get “weinered”..
      If Trump hurries the process Hitlery and her entourage may get “weinered” (ie: get out of jail in much less time.)

      I believe the bill was some 2700 pages long?
      EXECUTIVE ORDER: Any bill who’s content can fill more than 10 pages using normal sized font should not be submitted.
      There will be a mandatory 3 day review period from when the bill is introduced to signing of the bill.


  59. Southern Girl

    Already emailed both of my senators; Bozzman who voted yes…gave him a piece of my mind..asked if they have a control file him or was it just bribes?? Sent one to Cotton who voted no and congratulated him sticking with our President.

    I asked Bozzman if he was for more trafficking?? Or as I like to call it SLAVERY!! President Trump said slavery at the National Prayer Breakfast Speech. I just wish he would start using that word for often.

    Another thought I think the bill thwarts the Presidency according to the Constitution. I think he can challenge them in court..or just move on. I”m not a quitter ..The man is my Cousin…family stick together. WWG1WGA!!!

  60. eddiemd

    I don’t see many people walking away. I see and hear many people who are angry with the democrats. More people waking up to their schemes.

    Many more people finally recognizing the disinformation, propaganda, and outright lies of the controlled media. Somehow the media believes that they won’t be held liable for their fabrications over the past few years.

    There is a lot of anger towards the deep state, media, and democrats. At some point it will boil over.

  61. Hauptmann

    OK. I’ve listened to you and Dr. Janda for over an hour as the end process on the signing of the bill and I have some comments:
    First, after two years in office, Trump is still showing naivete about “the process”, very poor choices of advisors and serious detachment from the needs of people who voted him into office.
    Second, Trump seems oblivious to the fact that the militarized police force in this country is out of control with warrantless breakins, covered up shootings that would be called homicide in a fair court of law, an anti-gun BATFE and totally uncontrolled civil forfeitures that enrich the State and the militarized police and from which the citizen has little or no protection. Sessions loved civil forfeitures and supported it until his last day in office. Another Trump staffing failure that shows his total detachment from the needs of the citizenry.
    Three, his specific promises, e.g. troop removal from Afghanistan.
    Four, his utterly stupid, historically ignorant confrontations with Russia and China – an existential issue.
    Four, his “forgetfulness” of our decayed national infrastructure.
    Five, his naivete about bringing back corporate money from overseas and then letting the corporations buy back their own stock rather than investing in US means of production.
    While you may not like Coulter’s criticism, she has good basis for it and I am not optimistic about a future with a naive and “forgetful” president who seems to have no understanding of the needs of the citizenry.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you voted for Hillary? Thought so.

  62. ron bergoin

    Tennesee Ernie Ford on being a traitor!

  63. R.J.

    this bill was allowed to pass by trump to expose all the traitors in both parties look for an increase in indightments in the future.keep the faith.if you feel yourself waver, just listen to fight the good fight by triumph it will set you straight

  64. Jerry

    A picture is worth a thousand words. This is a full scale invasion.

    I have a question for those of you who are ready to throw in the towel on President Trump. What are our alternatives ? Another election? Wake up! This is it. If he fails, this country is finished. Period. He is the only thing standing between total inslavement by the deep state and us. If you think you are safe, you are delusional. Agenda 21 spells out the globalist objective, and your personal freedom is not part of it. It’s time to make a stand and support this president. If not you will be remembered as the cowards that ran when the chips were down, and your children and grandchildren will never know what freedom is ever again. Sorry for the preaching, but I’m tired of all the whining.

    • Jerry

      What they did to Roger Stone, they can do to you.

      The free press no longer exist to protect our libertys. They’re an arm of the deep state. This is the proof.

    • Allen Starr

      I have always enjoyed your posting of information on the coming financial catastrophe but your post here is priceless. I don’t think most people realize how serious this situation really is. As upset as I am with Trump, if he loses this battle – you can just kiss your ass goodbye as there is no tomorrow. There is no way that these monsters controlling and running the US can be allowed to continue making decisions for others and the only remaining option will be a financial catastrophe which is going to kill millions of Americans or finally irritating the Russians to the point where they finally go nuclear to stop them. The Russians definitely have the weapons capable of wiping the US off the face of the earth and become stronger every day.

    • Mark Maples


      Their is no battle taking place.

      Our “system” is terminal. Layer after layer of incompetence and/or corruption, from local government all the way to Washington.

      I believe history shows us time and again that systemic, fundamental change of the type people are hoping can be delivered by one man (President Trump) is impossible.

      We cannot fix this system within said system.

      Only violent revolution will bring about true, meaningful change. We aren’t at that point. As long as people eat and the lights come on, protests, complaining, and voting (total waste of time and energy) is what we see.

      I voted for President Trump and will vote for him again, that’s as much as I am willing to do at this time

      • Jerry

        I beg to differ. Go back and read all of President Trumps executive orders. Specifically the ones on military tribunals. What he had nothing better to do? I know for a fact that he has detachments of Marines with him 24/7. He knows who he’s dealing with and has a plan. But unfortunately most Americans think they are ordering a burger at Burger King instead of saving a republic that took 200 years to build. Rest assured. If he fails you will be proven to be correct as thousands of MAGA supporters will go rogue.

        • Mark Maples


          I am a 52 year old former 0311 (Marines) and Georgia peace officer

          My 5 children except the youngest son (17) are grown

          I am ready to have the fight, I just believe that as a student of history, real systemic change doesn’t happen within the framework of said dysfunctional, corrupt system

          I pray I am wrong, that President Trump is fighting the good fight, I just don’t believe rank and file Americans will put it all on the line

          “Safety first” drives the narrative. As long as people eat and have shelter, they will tolerate almost anything

          I don’t agree with all of your posts (we have butted heads) but I do appreciate the legwork you do, so next time I take issue with something remember it’s not personal!

      • Tin foil hat

        Mark Maples,
        “Only violent revolution will bring about true, meaningful change. We aren’t at that point. As long as people eat and the lights come on, protests, complaining, and voting ……”
        I agree to a certain point. However, without supports from foreign entities, even an armed revolution will unlikely succeed and bring about meaningful change. How many Americans do you think are willing to collude with the Russian or Chinese to get the needed logistic supports against the Deep State?
        Bundy standoff is the perfect example of the limitation of the 2nd amendment. The protesters who occupied an Oregon wildlife refuge expected supplies to be delivered by the USPS. I heard they got a lot of dildos and diapers instead of foods and other necessities.
        You are right in regard to what most of us are willing to do at this juncture, the only way to get the Deep State off our backs without foreign involvement is by doing boring things like voting, complaining and protests.
        Perhaps we are not much different from the Chinese and Russians (most likely even Europeans). We are all waiting for the lights to go out. I only hope no foreign entity would take advantage of the collapse. If that happened, I believe the threat will be coming from Mexico with financial and logistic supports from our former allies and enemies. Come to think of it, some of the northern states will likely join Canada voluntarily.
        Jerry is right, Trump better has have a plan to keep this country intact.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, the only thing that will stop this is a multi-hundred thousand member armed citizen militia moving to the border. The so-called “authorities” have demonstrated time and again they have no intention of stopping any illegal border activity, as they see that as the means to undermine the American Republic and turn it into a top-down socialist state. WE can talk all day about supporting President Trump, staying the course, voting, God saving us, whatever. The facts say otherwise. Absent action, you can see what happens. My heart breaks for property owners and citizens who have invested their lives in their homesteads and properties, only to be abandoned by their country and sacrificed to the political agenda of evil. Best always. PM

  65. Herb Drake

    Too bad you didn’t have the Presidents “Statement” in hand when you did you Friday rant or the Janda Interview. It looks like Trump has a plan to bypass each of the landmines in the “crap sandwich.”

  66. Shawn

    Wow…. My post was not near as critical as some other like conservative posters, yet denied posting… wonder how many other prior Trump supports did not get posted either…. Well, it is your web site…. was the last example of free press… Banning users too?

  67. Hoosier river rat

    The Brits’ had a good motto during the dark days of WW II when they were being bombed by the Luftwaffe, and that was STAY CALM AND CARRY ON . Do you not think that the besieged British populace was not fervently praying? President Trump is fighting for us and we cannot abandon the battlefield. Let’s keep faith ,double down on praying. For if God is with us who can be against us? This is no time for real Americans to wilt. Remember the darkest night cannot exstinguish the smallest flame.

  68. Lois Petersen

    Greg, have you listened to Sheila Zilinsky’s latest interview with Mark Taylor? Talk about some breaking information. Wowzers.

  69. Scott Baldock

    Trump’s the best we got . Not even close.

  70. George Takei

    With the greatest respect, I’m not sure that I agree with Mark Taylor that Trump was sent by God?

    Trump may have turned and switched sides in order to line his own pockets? In his recent speech, I recall that Trump promised that we will have more immigrants than ever before.

    According to Chris Hedges’ book “America: The Farewell Tour”, Trump was a Big casino operator and he ran an Atlantic City casino called “The Taj Mahal”. Casinos are terribly nefarious businesses design to get gamblers addicted on slot machines and to fleece them of all their money and ruin their lives. Casinos have perfected the science of gambling addiction such that they watch slot machine players on cameras and know when exactly to offer them free food and drinks in order to perpetuate the gambling cycle. One of Trump’s favorite books apparently is “The 48 Laws of Power”. This books glorified Conmen such as “Yellow Kid”, and PT Barnum. Trump may be like PT Barnum?

    • Greg Hunter

      With all due respect George I disagree. Please keep in mind Trump donates his salary to charity and receives $1 per year.

  71. Bruce Maclean

    This is going to be harsh. You guys are talking like inmates in a Japanese POW camp, complaining about how the guards are treating you, and discussing how the guards “should” be treating you.

  72. Prophet

    Unless America “the world” repents and turns back to God things are going to continue to get worse not better….If you want to close your eyes and ignore the last book of the gospel , then yes you may think Trump has a chance to turn this earthly country around..
    I believe all these events have to take place as it is written in Revelation , man cannot rule man, only God can, until we come to that conclusion we will live in darkness and false hope………Think about this :::: Is Trump ruling and acting like he knows hundreds of governing officials are going to brought to justice in military tribunals? No he is not…….As much as I hate to see the destruction and end of this world, my cup does overflow with the thought of what the new kingdom brings….Trump is just a man,,, put your hope in God and be amazed at whats to come …

  73. Johnnie

    Maybe Trump signing this bill is akin to the sending of Tomahawk missiles into Syria back in 2017. I would like to think Trump knew none of those missiles were going to do any meaningful damage and was done to assuage the military. Perhaps he figures in the long game this bill will have no lasting effect in the long game. The dems wouldn’t agree to anything in the recent wall impasse, but he is the bigger man for giving a token concession. Funny how there is spending on border security for foreign countries on par with the money he wanted for the wall. Perhaps all part of illustrating the hypocrisy.
    Interesting these LA military drills came out before the declaration of ISIS threatening to blow up a LA skyscraper. Is there a connection? Did the military actually head off a deep state false flag event, but the threat came out afterwards anyways on it’s original schedule?

  74. Hoosier river rat

    Bravo! Mr. Galbreath, I hope everyone pays close attention to your comment that you posted , because you are plumb right . Trump has out maneuvered that low down pack of weasels once again! Oh I love it , Praise God.

  75. Johnnie

    Amazing that the Committee for Protection of Journalists recently declared Mexico the 3rd most dangerous country in the world for journalists abroad. By the way, the first 2 countries weren’t Russia, North Korea or Japan. A startling number of journalists, and up and coming political contenders were killed last year. The cartels have weaponry that matches or exceeds the military’s. The Yucatan peninsula which used to be free of the typical violence of the bulk of Mexico noted over 500 murders in 2018. Mexico is truly devolving into a lawless and dangerous place. What a masterstroke if Trump could appropriate a portion of El Chapo’s seized assets to build the wall!

    • Johnnie

      Sorry, I meant the first 2 most dangerous countries for journalists weren’t Russia, North Korea or Iran! Still what the Committee for Protection of Journalists named the 3rd most dangerous country is right on America’s doorstep! So strange that the border with Canada, the US’s best ally is a steel trap compared to the loosey goosey, sloppy border with Mexico. Only seems to make sense that the US/Mexico border is a bounty of resources for the Deep State, and the tightening of it would starve the beast.

  76. Open Eyes

    I don’t know why so many people get excited over the wickedness of the world. Nobody gets out of here alive.

    This man died during surgery, met God and asked Him, “What’s the meaning of life?”

  77. George Takei

    What is Gambler’s Psychology re: “Doubling Down”?

    I suspect that Hillary would have not been able to lower the tax rate to 21% and remove country caps on H-1B’s and legalize child sex trafficking? Trump’s “Job” May be to increase illegal immigration, but keep it illegal and cheap?

  78. WD

    Leo Zagami is on the web and has done interviews…maybe you can get him? Thanks

  79. john duffy


    • oneno

      Here is more pure evil.

  80. Eileen

    Hi Greg,
    Always enjoy when you interview Dr. Janda. Wow that was a long interview and worth every minute. Thank you.
    My comment is not meant to be humorous. But I believe Dr. Janda is in many words, summarizing his fear that given our understanding of the stress humans upon understanding the political, deep state, and FAKE NEWS OVERLOAD occurring of late persons will dump President Trump.
    Think Dr. Janda is describing and fears, that those who support President Trump will not be able to handle what is called the Herxsheimer effect. Seriously.
    TMI, might add hours long diarrhea and a whole body sweat added to the “effect.”
    Dr. Janda, have a little more faith in us. Please. No one I know is going to Dump Trump over a bill he signed, or due to something A. Coulter wrote or said. Just my opinion, but A. Colter is another opionated individual merely wearing the mask of the Republican UNIPARTY. Sounds to me like she is gunning up for HER BID to replace President Trump. Just another SHILL for the UNIPARTY incessant warring and infighting between humans.
    Which so far has gotten the U.S. where? ENDLESS WARS,
    I suppose everyone has a card to play… sick of it, but NOT GIVING UP. Thought never occurred to me. Keep your FAITH that The Universe is unfolding according to the Divine Plan as it is now, and ever will be.
    Love, E

    • Zoe Chomsky

      Smart girl!

  81. Zoe Chomsky

    Jim (Abillio) Acosta must look at these invaders as fellow compatriots? Why in all get out would he not take this seriously? Me, thinks he must have an agenda. Greg, time to call in Gorka on this!

  82. Russ McMeans

    A lot of words spoken here. Nothing takes away the fact that the President signed a bill that now is law and it’s a piece of crap. Looks like the Democrats are winning. Again??? This isn’t 4 d chess folks it’s obvious DC swamp horse trading crap. I hope someday Putin nukes it. We simply cannot afford it and we’re better off without DC than with it. Disgusting.

  83. Russ McMeans

    How could any man, be they a great well known somebody, or a lowly nobody, sign a bill that has that kind of language in it? WTF?

  84. Montana Guy

    Buying into the belief that our only solution is ‘The Wall’ is also giving up.

    Trump has failed to control our southern border for 2-1/2 years. Yet as Commander-in-Chief he has 200,000 soldiers overseas on foreign soil that are already on his payroll. Yet no one suggests that he redeploy them on US soil? And no one suggests use of militia? Has everyone forgotten the Constitution? Why?

    I believe we are so immersed in distractions (in reality disinformation) that we can no longer think outside the box? And men have been so feminized that the rugged American ‘Can Do!’ spirit has been neutered. Honestly, does anyone believe real Texans need ANY help from the federal government to protect their property?

  85. Patrick Armstrong

    $1.3 Billion from current budget (No National Emergency required)
    About $601 million from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund [31USC9705] (No National Emergency required)
    Up to $2.5 billion under the Department of Defense funds transferred for Support for Counterdrug Activities (Title 10 United States Code, section 284 – Obama Executive Order [50USC1701- 1601] 2011 – No additional emergency acts required) Poetic Justice
    Up to $3.6 billion reallocated from Department of Defense military construction projects under the President’s declaration of a national emergency (Title 10 United States Code, section 2808 – Current National Emergency)
    So Trump has about $4.4 billion to spend before he has to tap into the $3.6 billion from the current National Emergency and all that money is immune from legal counter action.

    All other points of the current House Bill negating Trumps Executive Authority are voided by the Constitution

    Congress, Pelosi, Rhinos, YOU HAVE JUST BEEN TRUMPED

  86. Jerry

    Don’t look now, but Deutsche Banks largest investor is pulling out.

    That should be a clue, that the it’s death spiral is entering the final phase. The ECB solution? Consolidation. What could go wrong combining French Banks facing a run, with a bloated German Bank carrying 65 trillion dollars in derivative debt?

  87. Okie Grandpa

    I just wanted to apologize for the pessimism expressed in my comments on the Wrap Up last weekend. The truth is that God’s got a plan and we need to trust Him. As a believer, I’m obliged to hope and believe the best. I would also like to express my gratitude for this website and it’s author. Greg’s faith in God and country should be an example for us all.

  88. David

    If Trump is determined to dismantle the “deep state” then why does he keep appointing people with deep state ties to his cabinet and other posts? Either he:
    1) is willfully ignorant of the history and background of the people he is appointing or
    2) is part of the deep state.
    Which is it?

  89. Mohammad


    Mueller will not finish his investigation until 2020.
    Am sorry ti burst you both bubble.
    No indictments no tribunals nothing…donut …nada…zippo…0


    • Greg Hunter

      That’s not what the DOJ says.

  90. Jimm

    I know this usually doesn’t happen here, yet wanted to share a song that reminded me of what you remind us of.
    Enjoy and keep fighting the good fight.
    Above all…Fear Not!

  91. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, I do wish that our President doesn’t send troops to Venezuela, otherwise another 10,000,000 refugees will be heading north; & this time he will have to open the new wall as they will be invited. Let the world see and especially our left here in the U.S. learn a lesson that we don’t want the same fate as the socialist down south. President Trump has stated he doesn’t want any more wars and he better be careful or the U.S. will be in another civil war.

  92. Paul in oz

    What we have is a crap sandwich and a wall, the wall is permanent, the crap sandwich temporary. Lose a battle win a war, I am not sure if the war will be one, there are a lot of smart players on the sinister side. Moreover, I am not convinced Trump can win or that he is undoubtedly on the right side, but without a doubt, and sadly, he is the only hope. Its a tough war, but when things get tough get going … That is our job … lets get going! By the end of this year we will know what the future holds Heaven help us if he fails or is one of them … it is the only thing that can help.

    • Paul in oz

      The area that causes me greatest concern about Trump’s motives is the attention he is giving to Venezuela. Venezuela is not the only socialist country in the world,. The Maduro and Chavez regimes are not the oppressive leaders. Venezuela is a western hemisphere with vast oil reserves … every middle east country with vast oil reserves that hasn’t allowed the US fascist investors to exploit the resources of that country has been messed up by American intervention. A nationalist should support other nationalist agendas … I am worried the interest in Venezuela is not altruistic, but rather in support of the oil industry pigs. I do not know enough about Venezuela and its people, but I see a pattern and it always comes back to its the oil stupid, and Trump’s support of the corporate interests craving access to oil reserves as opposed to allowing a country which is a non threat to America to be whatever they be may be a warning sign. I invite someone to enlighten me on how leaving Zimbabwe, the Congo, Sudan etc as well alone while coming to the rescue of the Venezuelan people who’s elected leader can;t even use the military might at his disposal to asset himself is a threat in his ideologies.

  93. ED1

    Its easy for us to speculate and fuss all we want about our president. But we do not know what he knows. I for one, am still giving president Trump the benefit of the doubt. Not only do I think he is doing a good job, especially all he is up against, but I will be sticking with our president.

    This is a fight between good and evil and in this time its easy to become callused.

    Matt 24:12
    “Because of the increase in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

    Jesus clearly tells us here that the wickedness will increase. Therefore I often fall back on this passage to help keep my thoughts straight.

  94. Not So Free

    Greg, I’m so glad they haven’t banned you at youtube. (yet?)
    I download your videos from there via a third-party site to watch later.
    All I can say is keep up the good work. You are definitely needed.

  95. Bob

    Illegals crossing the border caught on camera. They are well armed and in military uniforms.

  96. Jerry

    Heads up Greg,
    While Im not a totally committed Q follower, I do look at postings from time to time that catch my attention. Heres one.

    According to the latest Q post, there will be some sort of takedown of the alternate media sites by the deep state in the next few weeks. What caught my attention was this seems to allign with the information I’ve been getting from my sources the past few months that there will be some sort of coup attempt by the deep state in the same timeline. While I am suspicious at times about who’s giving what information, I am reminded that it was only a few short months ago that President Trump set up the emergency broadcast system directly to the Whitehouse. The reason is becoming increasingly clear. The deep state thinks it MUST control the narrative through the MSM by eliminating the alternative media sites to sway public opinion. Judging by some of the anti Trump comments on your site, it seems to be working. Alex Jones was evidentially just the beta test. Like him or not it was still free speech that was attacked. First Amendment rights swept into the trash heap of history by the deep state.

    In the coming weeks I would suggest having your technical head on a swivel as these cyber attacks will most likely be fourth coming. If I haven’t thanked you lately for being a true patriot, please forgive me. Greg youare a true watchdog of the Republic. Thanks for all you do.

  97. Fred Haight

    Why Albanians love America
    By PETER LUCASJUNE 14, 2007

  98. Jerry

    This is why the deep state is running out of time, to take President Trump down. Look at the letter attorney general Barr sent to the DOJ last year.

    Do you think Barr is a deep stater? It doesn’t look like it to me. I realize people are tired of waiting for their burger and fries from chef Trump, but come on ? Barr has stated in other letters he has no problem digging into uranium one.

    • Mike R

      Barr is too little too late. the only way they bring down anyone, including Hillary, is going to be through tax fraud, and evasion. Anything else is too circumspect. Hillary is no different than most criminals, including the mob. They all almost always get away with everything, EXCEPT for tax fraud and evasion. Much easier to prove, and the laws are crystal clear, once they compile the evidence. Evidence collection like that takes a long time, but it can be gotten and found, and nearly impossible to cover up forever. This is also why the dems want to now aggressively go after Trump’s tax filings. And they are chasing his, because he is chasing Hillary’s, and just about every other Demoncrats tax filings too.

      The only thing certain in life, is death and taxes. And you can be sure that Hillary’s “foundation”, was a tax evasion machine, and not just for her, but her ‘donors.’

  99. Mike martin

    Love Dr. Dave love that our friend Greg is not afraid to call people out. Never miss an interview of either of you. I seldom comment here now but I always find the comments of great interest when I have time to read them. The tide is turning we are seeing major signs of something very big that is about to occur. Imho

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a sin in the Bible.

      • Mohammad

        It is a sin in Quran also.
        And whoever promotes sins cannot be but from the cabals, do not get fooled by the glitter it is not gold.
        I can understand someone who sins then repents, but to sin and force the agenda on others is a whole different matter.
        That is why I see ALL ARE IN CAHOOT…!!


        • Greg Hunter

          I am not sure that is a real story though.

          • Mohammad

            You will see at a certain point,
            You will see who really he is …!


            • Greg Hunter

              So will you?

          • Paul from Indiana

            Big difference between “sin” and “criminality”. Murder is a sin; abortion is legal. Best always. PM

            • Greg Hunter

              Abortion is sin and murder in God’s eyes and what He thinks overrules man and his “laws.”

  100. WD

    No indictments…No wall….we have been hoodwinked. Only collapse will be the ultimate battle cry.
    The left will send in their legions to kill us. Make no mistake about it.We will have to fight.
    It may take a lot of poking but it will and has to happen. Yes the typical American is complacent now but they will come for us our families etc.
    The left has made it clear that :
    1) Christianity
    2) The family
    3) White people
    4) Guns
    5) Food production
    6) Freedom of speech
    is not acceptable.We have to pay a price for being who we are. They have their armies of islam and antifa. We are losing and losing badly….I agree secession is our only answer. And reconnect with like minds….

    • Greg Hunter

      We are not losing.

      • WD


        I am in this for the long haul…as an amateur historian, veteran and professional I see what they want from us and what they want to do to us….I am not surrendering to evil.


        • Greg Hunter

          Me either WD!!! “Fear Not”!!!!

    • Mohammad


      You are mistaken and mislead.
      There is no armies of Islam going after you.
      That is false narrative.
      When push comes to shove I will stand to help my christian neighbors with all my skills, I will be at their disposal. I will be your back and I will protect it with my medical knowledge and skills and you will find me and a lot of muslims here in this country who are like me a fine asset.
      Rest assured that we love this country and most of us lost their mother land and this is THE ONLY HOME LEFT FOR US TO PROTECT.


  101. H. Craig Bradley


    What a spiteful, tit-for-tad “moderator”. Quite Peevish and immature, as well. Better go get on your tractor.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am posting this rude crap you write to show why I am not allowing you to comment anymore. And by the way, I like my tractor. Do you like to eat???

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Good! I’ll be back, regardless under a new name. Try to figure it out. Bet not.

        • Greg Hunter

          If I am so bad, why do you want to comment here? Based on your comments you won’t be hard to find. Let the games begin.

  102. Paul M

    Hi Greg,
    Love your stuff and your interview style. I’ve been watching for years. I like Dave Janda and his take on things BUT his grinding on and on, on the failings of The President really pissed me off! Great to make a point but to beat it too death was over the top and unnecessary. I felt you tried to reel him in a couple of times but he was a man on a mission. I was very disappointed in the way he deliver his message.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul.

  103. Tommy

    When are we going to see the indictments? Answer, we’re not. They are no indictments, nothing is going to change. The fix is in. It will be business as usual.

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